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Nelson Leads By 4% in FL

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Its a snowy day in the Northeast, but that did not stop Gravis Marketing from releasing a new poll for the state of Florida showing Bill nelson holding onto a 4% lead in his bid for re-election while Republicans will be hoping John Morgan runs a spirited campaign for Governor as an Independent.

Bill Nelson (D-inc) 44%
Rick Scott (R) 40%


Adam Putnam (R) 34%
Andrew Gillum (D) 28%

Adam Putnam (R) 28%
Andrew Gillum (D) 23%
John Morgan (I) 16%

Adam Putnam (R) 34%
Gwen Graham (D) 32%

Adam Putnam (R) 29%
Gwen Graham (D) 22%
John Morgan (I) 17%

Gwen Graham (D) 33%
Ron DeSanstis (R) 30%

Andrew Gillum (D) 33%
Richard Corcoran (R) 26%

Richard Corcoran (R) 25%
Andrew Gillum (D) 23%
John Morgan (I) 17%

Gwen Graham (D) 32%
Richard Corcoran (R) 28%

Richard Corcoran (R) 26%
Gwen Graham (D) 21%
John Morgan (I) 16%

Andrew Gillum (D) 33%
Ron Desantis (R) 26%

This poll took forever to get completed, being done February 26th through March 19th among 2312 likely voters.

Hogan Dominates Dems in MD

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

About the only positive Republicans can possibly take out of last night is how badly Monmouth University botched their final poll. Monmouth claimed the Democrat Conor Lamb would win by 6% and get at least 51% of the vote. Regardless of the final outcome, it is safe to say Monmouth’s poll was heavily skewed to the left.

We have new polling for my home state of Maryland from some outfit I have never heard of, Burton Research and Strategies, as reported by Maryland Matters showing Larry Hogan with an overwhelming lead over the top two Democrats.

Larry Hogan (R-inc) 54%
Rushern Baker (D) 29%

Larry Hogan (R-inc) 57%
Kevin Kamenetz (D) 26%

This poll was done March 4-11 among likely voters. the article indicates this is a “Republican polling” company, so take that into account.

Election Night Thread PA-18

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

The polls close at 8pm.

Lamb Now Leads by 6% in PA-18

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Just getting around to this poll from Monmouth University that was released earlier today showing the Democrat Conor Lamb opening up a 6% lead in his bid to take the open Republican seat in Pennsylvania.

Conor Lamb (D) 51%
Rick Saccone (R) 45%

This poll was done Mach 8-11 among 372 likely voters.

Dem Leads by 4% in PA Special Election

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Only a few days left in the special election in Pennsylvania and the Democratic candidate now holds a 4% lead in his bid to take a US House seat from Republicans. The poll comes from RABA Research.

Conor Lamb (D) 48%
Rick Saccone (R) 44%

This poll was done Mach 6-8 among 707 likely voters.

Kaine Cruising to Re-Election in VA

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

It is almost sad how bad the Republican Party has gotten in the state of Virginia and to dd to the “fun”, their leading candidate for the nomination for the US Senate is a man who sole issue in his political life appears to be making sure the confederate flag is flown as often as possible. Here are the results of the latest poll from Christopher Newport University.

Tim Kaine (D-inc) 56%
Nick Freitas (R) 33%

Tim Kaine (D-inc) 56%
E.W. Jackson (R) 32%

Tim Kaine (D-inc) 56%
Corey Stewart (R) 32%

Corey Stewart 16%
E.W. Jackson 7%
Nick Freitas 6%
Ivan Raiklin 1%

This poll was done February 5-28 among registered voters.

Dem Leads in PA Special Election by 3%

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Trouble for Republicans in next week’s special election for a vacant US House seat according to a new poll from Emerson College.

Conor Lamb (D) 48%
Rick Saccone (D) 45%

This poll was done March 1-3 among 474 likely voters.

Hogan Leads Top Three Dems By Double Digits in MD

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Contrary to what I said yesterday, Mason-Dixon Polling did do the head-to-head match ups for the gubernatorial race in my home state and it shows our Republican Governor holding a double-digit lead over the top three Democrats.

Larry Hogan (R-inc) 51%
Rushern Baker (D) 36%

Larry Hogan (R-inc) 50%
Ben Jealous (D) 33%

Larry Hogan (R-inc) 49%
Kevin Kamenetz (D) 34%

This poll was done February 20-22 among 625 registered voters. There is an ability to win as a Republican even in a blue state despite Donald Trump being the face of the party.

Baker Leads Dem Field in MD

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Mason-Dixon Polling has put out a new poll for the Democratic primary race in Maryland and it shows what most other polls have shown, Rushern Baker leading the field.

Rushern Baker 26%
Kevin Kamenetz 15%
Ben Jealous 14%
Richard Madaleno 4%
Krishanti Vignarajah 3%
Jim Shea 3%
Alec Ross 2%
Ralph Jaffe 1%

This poll was done February 20-24 among 500 registered Democratic voters. It does not appear they did a head-to-head poll for the General Election.

Nelson Leads Scott By 4% in FL

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Quinnipiac University released a poll earlier today showing current US Senator Bill Nelson with a 45 lead over current Governor Rick Scott in Scott’s bid to take Nelson’s seat.

US SENATE – FLORIDA (Quinnipiac)
Bill Nelson (D-inc) 46%
Rick Scott (R) 42%

This poll was done February 23-26 among 1156 registered voters.