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Kennedy Leads By 14% in LA

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Polling for the US Senate race in Louisiana seems somewhat sparse these days. South Media & Opinion Research has put out a new poll showing Republican John Kennedy up by double digits.

John Kennedy (R) 52%
Foster Campbell (D) 38%

This poll was done November 28-30 among 500 likely voters.

Democrat Morgan Leads GOP Candidates in FL Gov Race

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

The 2018 polls are starting to roll in. We have a new poll from Gravis Marketing that shows John Morgan, who apparently was a large part of the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Florida, ahead of potential Republican candidates in the race for Governor.

John Morgan (D) 41%
Jeff Atwater (R) 34%

John Morgan (D) 45%
Pam Bondi (R) 35%

John Morgan (D) 39%
Adam Putnam (R) 35%

This poll was done November 22-25 among 3250 registered voters. It is worth noting in the final poll from Gravis for the state of Florida in this most recent election released one day before the election tended to lean too heavy towards the Democrats. Gravis claimed Hillary Clinton was ahead of Donald Trump by a 46%-45% margin (Trump won 49%-48%) and Marco Rubio was ahead of Patrick Murphy by a 47%-46% margin (Rubio ended up winning 52%-44%).

Manchin Leads Senate Race in WV

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

It looks like if Republicans hope to pick off the US Senate seat in West Virginia, they need to hope Joe Manchin decides to either switch parties or decide against running for re-election. The numbers from Harper Polling.

Joe Manchin (D-inc) 51%
Evan Jenkins (R) 39%

Joe Manchin (D-inc) 57%
Patrick Morrisey (R) 35%

Joe Manchin (D-inc) 54%
David McKinley (R) 34%

Joe Manchin (D-inc) 58%
Alex Mooney (R) 28%

Evan Jenkins (R) 43%
Carte Goodwin (D-inc) 31%

Patrick Morrisey (R) 43%
Carte Goodwin (D-inc) 39%

David McKinley (R) 42%
Carte Goodwin (D-inc) 36%

Carte Goodwin (D-inc) 41%
Alex Mooney (R) 31%

This poll was done November 16-17 among 500 likely voters.

Sunday Morning Thread

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

I see our new four-year-old President-Elect is back at it again this morning with this hour-long Twitter rant:

2016 Week 12 NFL Picks

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Before we get to this week’s picks, a quick look back at how I did in Week 11.

Carolina beat New Orleans
N.Y. Giants beat Chicago
Minnesota beat Arizona
Dallas beat Baltimore
Indianapolis beat Tennessee
Buffalo beat Cincinnati
Pittsburgh beat Cleveland
Detroit beat Jacksonville
Washington Beat Green Bay
Seattle beat Philadelphia
New England beat San Francisco
Oakland beat Houston

Kansas City lost to Tampa Bay
L.A. Rams lost to Miami

A 12-2 week bring my season record to 94-67 and moved me back up into 6th place among the so-called experts at ESPN.

KC Joyner 99-62
Matt Bowen 97-64
Mike Golic 97-64
Seth Wickersham 97-64
Kevin Seifert 96-65
ME 94-67
Merrill Hoge 93-68
Adam Caplan 93-68
Ron Jaworski 93-68
Dan Graziano 92-69

Now without further ado, The Hedgehog Report picks for Week 12 of the NFL season.

Minnesota at Detroit
Washington at Dallas
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
N.Y. Giants at Cleveland
San Francisco at Miami
L.A. Rams at New Orleans
Tennessee at Chicago
Jacksonville at Buffalo
Arizona at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Baltimore
San Diego at Houston
Seattle at Tampa Bay
Carolina at Oakland
New England at N.Y. Jets
Kansas City at Denver
Green Bay at Philadelphia

Finally back to the full 16-game week.

Donald Trump Becoming More Favorable Since Election

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The problem with websites like this one that focus on election polls is once it is over, there isn’t much to talk about it. We have seen a few polls showing Donald Trump becoming more favorable since Election Day. Here are the three most recent polls that have come out showing Trump nearly at break even after spending almost the entire election season with unfavorable ratings above 60%.

Quinnipiac 44% 46%
CNN/ORC 47% 50%
Politico/Morning Consult 46% 46%

Republicans Dominate US Senate Race in Louisiana

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

The 2016 election is still not done as we still have the US Senate seat in Louisiana to decide and we have a new poll from The Trafalgar Group showing Republicans poised to take this seat.

John Kennedy (R) 58%
Foster Campbell (D) 35%

This poll was done November 14-17 among 2200 likely voters.

2016 Week 11 NFL Picks

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Before we get to this week’s picks, a quick look at hw I did last week with my picks.

Baltimore beat Cleveland
Houston beat Jacksonville
Tampa Bay beat Chicago
Arizona beat San Francisco
Dallas beat Pittsburgh
N.Y. Giants beat Cincinnati

Carolina lost to Kansas City
N.Y. Jets lost to LA Rams
Atlanta lost to Philadelphia
Green Bay lost to Tennessee
Minnesota lost to Washington
New Orleans lost to Denver
San Diego lost to Miami
New England lost to Seattle

Another bad week drops me to dead last among the so-called ESPN experts.

KC Joyner 90-57
Matt Bowen 88-59
Mike Golic 86-61
Seth Wickersham 86-61
Kevin Seifert 85-62
Dan Graziano 85-62
Merrill Hoge 83-64
Adam Caplan 83-64
ME 82-65
Ron Jaworski 82-65

Now without further ado, The Hedgehog Report picks for Week 11 of the 2016 NFL season.

New Orleans at Carolina
Chicago at N.Y. Giants
Arizona at Minnesota
Baltimore at Dallas
Tennessee at Indianapolis
Buffalo at Cincinnati
Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Jacksonville at Detroit
Tampa Bay at Kansas City
Miami at L.A. Rams
Philadelphia at Seattle
New England at San Francisco
Houston at Oakland

Open Thread

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

I got nothing right now….

Is Trump The Legitimate Winner?

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

It is somewhat humorous to use polling post-election to look at where things stands after the disaster the polling industry just had on November 8th, but it is all we have. Today we have two new polls showing how the public views the legitimacy of the Donald Trump election. Gallup, which purposely stayed away from horse race polling after their failure in 2012, came out with a poll showing 84% of the public viewing the election of Donald Trump as legitimate. Not surprisingly, those not accepting the results seem to be exclusively Hillary Clinton supporters.

Now that Donald Trump has been declared the winner and will be inaugurated in January, will you accept him as the legitimate president, or not?
National adults
Yes, accept 84%
No, do not 15%

Trump Voters
Yes, accept 100%
No, do not 0%

Clinton Voters
Yes, accept 76%
No, do not 23%

This poll was done November 9th, the day after the election. Meanwhile, ABC News and The Washington Post show a slightly higher number of voters saying the results are not legitimate.

Do you accept the election of Donald Trump as legitimate, or do you think Donald Trump is not the legitimate winner?
National adults
Yes, accept 74%
No, do not 18%

Trump Voters
Yes, accept 99%
No, do not 1%

Clinton Voters
Yes, accept 58%
No, do not 33%

Apparently the Washington Post has found a Trump voter that doesn’t see the election results as legitimate. This poll was done for a longer period after the election, November 9-11. Of course the humor in all this is the amount of grief the left gave Trump pre-election for saying he would not accept the results as somehow a threat to the country itself.