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Guadango Trails By 16% in NJ

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

We have what I believe is the first public poll for the New Jersey gubernatorial race this year and it shows Republicans are going to have a hard time holding this seat even with their sitting Lt. Governor Kim Guadango as the nominee.

Phil Murphy (D) 45%
Kim Guadango (R )29%

This poll was done January 6-30 among 1240 registered voters. It probably doesn’t help Guadango that Chris Christie has sunk to a job approval rating of 17%.

DeWine Leads GOP Field in OH, Trump Collapses In Latest Ras Poll

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Governor John Kasich is on his way out and a new primary poll for the Republican side in Ohio from The Tarrance Group shows Mike DeWine in the lead.

Mike DeWine 47%
Jon Husted 18%
Mary Taylor 10%
Jim Renacci 4%

This poll was done January 23-26 among 800 likely Republican voters.

I am sure US Senator Jeff Flake in Arizona is watching these numbers showing how unpopular Donald Trump currently is in Arizona very closely.

By the way, all those Trump acolytes who were pushing Rasmussen Reports showing Trump with a supposed 59% job approval a mere five days ago are now dealing with the same pollster showing an 8% drop since then.

Approve 51%
Disapprove 49%

Here are the trends showing the collapse in just five days.

UT: Huntsman Leads Hatch By 14% in Senate Primary Race

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

A new poll from The Salt Lake Tribune and The Hinckley Institute shows Orrin Hatch would be crushed in a hypothetical primary against Jon Huntsman in the state of Utah.

Jon Huntsman 49%
Orrin Hatch (inc) 35%

This poll was done January 9-16 among registered voters. Hatch has been a US Senator for seven terms.

Democrats Lead Primaries for Gov and Senate in CA

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll for the state of California that shows how a gaggle of candidates stand for both the gubernatorial and US Senatorial jungle primaries. As everyone knows by now, the top two advance to the General Election and hopefully Republicans will be able to get at least one into that race unlike what happened this past year.

Gavin Newsom (D) 25%
Kevin Faulconer (R) 20%
Eric Garcetti (D) 13%
Ashley Swearengin (R) 12%
Antonio Villaraigosa (D) 9%
Tom Steyer (D) 4%
Alex Padilla (D) 3%
John Chiang (D) 2%

Xavier Becerra (D) 21%
Kevin Faulconer (R) 18%
Ashley Swearengin (R) 13%
Brad Sherman (D) 11%
Eric Swalwell (D) 5%
Kevin de Leon (D) 4%

This poll was done January 17-18 among 882 registered voters.

Ras: Trump At 55% Job Approval

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Rasmussen Reports gives us our first post-inauguration job approval poll for Donald Trump and they are claiming voters giving Trump a positive 55% job approval after the first three days.

Approve 55%
Disapprove 44%

This poll was done January 20-22 among 1500 likely voters.

Open Thread Saturday

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Watching Donald Trump whining about the size of the Inauguration crowd size in the face of the clearly much larger crowds that showed up in Washington DC (never mind the large crowds elsewhere) while standing in front of the Memorial Wall at the CIA is just cringe-worthy….

Still fascinating to me the members of the Republican Party has completely sold its soul to blindly support this guy no matter what he does…and we are only one day into this fiasco….

On the flip side for the Democrats, the problem for them is showing up in January reminds everyone they didn’t show up in November when it would have actually mattered….

UPDATE: The Sean Spicer Press Statement and the Iraqi Information Minister…which is which?

Trump Under 50% Approval in Two National Polls

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Two polls out this morning show Donald Trump entering office with abysmal favorable and transition approval ratings. They come from ABC News/Washington Post and CNN/ORC.

Favorable 40%
Unfavorable 54%

Approve 40%
Disapprove 545

Favorable 44%
Unfavorable 53%

Approve 40%
Disapprove 52%

Both polls were done January 12-15 among about 1000 adults. I was going to also state that it probably would not be long before Trump screaming about the election polls being wrong and sure enough, twelve minutes before I post this, Trump sent out this Tweet.

It is going to be a wild four years….

Gillespie Leads Dems in VA Gov Race

Monday, January 16th, 2017

On Friday, Mason-Dixon polling released a new poll for the gubernatorial race in Virginia and it shows the Republicans’ best bet is to nominate Ed Gillespie as their nominee.

Ed Gillespie (R) 44%
Ralph Northam (D) 41%

Ed Gillespie (R) 45%
Tom Perriello (D) 36%

Ralph Northam (D) 45%
Corey Stewart (R) 37%

Tom Perriello (D) 40%
Corey Stewart (R) 38%

This poll was done January 5-10 among 625 registered voters.

Open Thread Wednesday

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

I figured today’s Donald Trump press conference was worth a new thread….

Hogan Hits Absurd 74% Job Approval Rating in MD

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

The man that I wrote in for President has reached a ridiculous new high in his job approval rating in the state of Maryland. Our REPUBLICAN Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, is up to a 74% job approval rating according to a new poll from Gonzales Research.

Approve 74%
Disapprove 15%

What is fascinating is even Democrats give Hogan a 66% positive job approval rating, which is higher than the 56% favorable number Republicans in Maryland give to Donald Trump! This could be a big reason you are hearing almost no prominent Democrats even hinting at running for Governor in Maryland even though we are now officially into the mid-term election cycle and Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 2-1 in the state.

This poll was done December 14-January 2 among 823 registered voters.