June 24, 2016

Trump/Clinton Tied with Johnson Included in NC

I thought I had posted stuff on Wednesday, but for some reason the post never posted and completely disappeared. I did not intend to go three full days without a post. Public Policy Polling yesterday released a new poll for their home state of North Carolina and it shows Donald Trump slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head match up.

Donald Trump (R) 48%
Hillary Clinton (D) 46%

Donald Trump (R) 43%
Hillary Clinton (D) 43%
Gary Johnson (L) 4%
Jill Stein (G) 2%

Richard Burr (R-inc) 40%
Deborah Ross (D) 37%
Sean Haugh (L) 5%

This poll was done June 20-21 among 947 registered voters.

June 21, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump Nationally and in FL, OH and PA

Here is the headline from The Washington Post:

Trump entered June with just $1.3 million in the bank, while Clinton sat on $42 million war chest

It’s time for the Republican Party leadership and delegates to take matters into their own hands.

CNN and Opinion Research give Hillary Clinton a lead of 5% in a head-to-head match up against Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton (D) 47%
Donald Trump (R) 42%

Hillary Clinton (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R) 38%
Gary Johnson (L) 9%
Jill Stein (G) 7%

This poll was done June 16-19 among 891 registered voters. Meanwhile, Quinnipiac University has released polls for Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania showing Hillary Clinton ahead in all three states, only tied with Trump in Ohio when it is a straight head-to-head match up.

PRESIDENT – OHIO (Quinnipiac)
Clinton 40%
Trump 40%

Clinton 38%
Trump 36%
Johnson 8%
Stein 3%

Clinton 47%
Trump 39%

Clinton 42%
Trump 36%
Johnson 7%
Stein 3%

Clinton 42%
Trump 41%

Clinton 39%
Trump 36%
Johnson 9%
Stein 4%

This poll was done June 8-19 among 950-975 registered voters in each state.

June 20, 2016

Open Thread Monday

If Cleveland can win a championship, then there is still hope Republicans will be able to dislodge Donald Trump as the face of the party before the convention….

June 16, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump By 3% in VA

Larry Hogan gave a huge gift to Maryland Republicans yesterday who have, up until this point, been too scared to come out against Donald Trump. Now what will be fascinating are those Republican leaders in Maryland who will continue twisting themselves in knots after this announcement trying to still justify their support of Donald Trump when the top Republican in the state now is even saying he won’t support the Republican nominee for President. For some, being a Republican and opposing Trump was considered courageous. I would now argue that it’s actually to the point where as a Republican publicly opposing Trump as the nominee is rather easy.

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll from Virginia that shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 3% with or without Gary Johnson in the race.

Hillary Clinton (D) 48%
Donald Trump (R) 45%

Hillary Clinton (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R) 39%
Gary Johnson (L) 6%
Jill Stein (L) 2%

This poll was done June 13-15 among 1032 registered voters.

June 14, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump By 12% Nationally

Bloomberg’s latest poll shows Hillary Clinton with a 12% lead over Donald Trump with Gary Johnson garnering 9% of the national vote.

PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Bloomberg/Selzer)
Hillary Clinton (D) 49%
Donald Trump (R) 37%
Gary Johnson (L) 9%

This poll was done June 10-13 among 750 likely voters. It keeps getting worse for Republicans….

June 13, 2016

Trump/Clinton Tied in Utah

If anyone wonders why I have been so sporadic lately, it is polls like this new one out today from Survey USA for the state of Utah showing Donald Trump in a dead-heat tie with Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump (R) 35%
Hillary Clinton (D) 35%
Gary Johnson (L) 13%

But wait, it gets worse. With Donald Trump as the face of the Republican Party, he may also take down Republican Congresswoman Mia Love with him.

US HOUSE – UTAH – CD 4 (Survey USA)
Doug Owens (D) 51%
Mia Love (R-inc) 45%

This poll was done June 2-8 among 1238 likely voters across the state and 537 voters in Congressional District 4. Lovely….

June 10, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump Nationally By 3% With or Without Gary Johnson

Fox News came out this morning with a new poll showing Donald Trump now trailing Hillary Clinton after leading her just three weeks ago in a poll Fox News did.

Hillary Clinton (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R) 39%

Hillary Clinton (D) 39%
Donald Trump (R) 36%
Gary Johnson (L) 12%

This poll was done June 5-8 among 1004 registered voters. Just six weeks, Fox News showed trump ahead by 3% As I said in the previous post, it only is going to get worse from here. If Johnson consistently gets into double digits all through the summer, hopefully they will allow him into the debates and give Republicans another outlet instead of feeling like they have to vote for a racist.

June 9, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump By 4% Nationally

Hillary Clinton continues to surge in the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports.

Hillary Clinton (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R) 38%

Just one month ago, as the article above indicates, trump led Clinton by 5%. It’s only going to get worse from here. The Rasmussen poll was done June 6-7 among 1000 likely voters.

June 8, 2016

Trump Tied With Clinton Head-to-Head in PA

Pennsylvania seems to be, at least from polling this year, one state where Donald Turmp may do better than Mitt Romney this year although he still trails or is tied with Hillary Clinton in the latest poll from Public Policy Polling.

Hillary Clinton (D) 44%
Donald Trump (R) 44%

Hillary Clinton (D) 41%
Donald Trump (R) 40%
Gary Johnson (L) 6%
Jill Stein (G) 3%

Pat Toomey (R-inc) 41%
Katie McGinty (D) 385

This poll was done June 3-5 among 1106 registered voters.

June 7, 2016

Trump Leads By 1% in FL, Trails Clinton in CT

Public Policy Polling released a poll this morning showing Donald Trump just edging out Hillary Clinton by a single percentage point in both a straight head-to-head match up as well as a four-way race.

Trump (R) 45%
Clinton (D) 44%

Trump (R) 41%
Clinton (D) 40%
Johnson (L) 4%
Stein (G) 2%

This poll was done June 2-5 among 737 registered voters. Meanwhile in Connecticut, Quinnipiac University puts Clinton up by 8% in a head-to-head match up.

Clinton (D) 45%
Trump (R) 38%

Clinton (D) 41%
Trump (R) 36%
Johnson (L) 6%
Stein (G) 3%

This poll was done June 1-5 among 1330 registered voters.