TN/OK: GOP Wins Both Races By Double Digits (UPDATED)

The polls have closed in Tennessee. The first results are in for early voting and absentee and can be found here.

The polls have also closed in Oklahoma. The first results are also in for early voting and absentee and can be found here.

UPDATED (10:02pm): The Republicans have won both races by double-digits, taking over two seats that were held by Democrats.

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  1. rdelbov says:

    Here is that Shelbyville link

    click on the twitter link

  2. MDefl says:

    These are state rep elections?

  3. MDefl says:

    OK – someone clue me in on why I need to care.

  4. Tim V says:


  5. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #3 No I cant, I have no clue or reason why you should care unless you live in Shelbyville TN…..

    Unless this will somehow be the election that sparks the peoples revolt lol

  6. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:


  7. George aka Freemarketer says:

    Given the narrow GOP margin in the state house, I suppose that it is of some importance throughout the state of TN, especially with that GOP turncoat holding the speaker’s chair. The Dems could conceivably have a voice in redistricting if they managed to hold the chamber by hook or, in this case, by crook.

  8. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says:

    The TN GOP picked off that seat.

  9. George aka Freemarketer says:

    Thanks, Howard, for seconding that (OK, technically, you got in first).

    Every seat counts; that win in DE prevented the Dems from taking a 3/5 majority and having free reign on the budget process. We need to fight them tooth and nail everywhere just the way they do to us.

  10. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #8 Stuper deal – did the GOP dominate in Oklahoma (where the wind comes whislin’ off the plains….)

  11. rdelbov says:

    TN has a weak over-ride veto provisions as it only takes repassing a bill with a simple majority to enact a bill. So by controlling the state house and senate the GOP controls the redistricting process.

    Right now its 5 D and 4 R. If the GOP controls it may switch to 6R and 3D. Or at least I could draw the lines that way.

    Every house seat is huge. In addition the GOP could draw house and seante districts to be solid GOP, like the democrats have, for another 100 years.

    Right now its only a massive gerrymander by the democrats that have allowed the state house to be democratic

  12. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    I am more impressed with the R winning in OK (leading right now) – that district has been a solid D district for the past 4 decades….

  13. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Cool – Obamacare shafting Military vets and retirees:

    here is how the left sees this: Screw’em, they dont vote the staight D ticket so why should they get HC over our perfered political allies lol

  14. bartman says:

    Unofficial Results from TN:

    Marsh(R) – 56%
    Cobb(D) – 41%
    Yosemite Sam(I) – 3%

    This is increases the narrow margin for the GOP in the state house as the seat was formerly held by Cobb’s brother. Big win for the GOP in TN. The political cleansing continues. Next up governor!

  15. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #14 I am disappointed with Yosimite Sam’s performance. With all the constant blogging I see on Conservative WWW sites to ditch the GOP for the Libertarian or Constitutional party I would think ole Yosi would have joined up and trounced these two major party candidates lol

  16. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Looks like a R win in OK too

  17. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #14 is Yosimite Sam heading up to NJ to campaign for Daggett?

  18. Jason T says:

    So in the last 10 Days the GOP took back the TENN House, Picked up a seat in OK, and took the Mayor’s race in Alberquerque by knocking off a DEM Rising Star. Now if we could get Traitor SNOWE back in the fold.

  19. Jason T says:

    17. Who?

  20. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #19 see #14

  21. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #18 But “history called” her today….aw, isnt that sweet….lets all hold hands and pray for government HC!

  22. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    totally over in R – phony “aw shucks” D blue dog type defeated in state house district held by Democrats since before LBJ….

  23. Jason T says:

    Snowe said on ABC News tonight, she will not vote for any added spending, Taxes, or a Public Option. We will see

  24. Jason T says:

    Now maybe the TENN GOP can redistrict out Blue Dogs like Cooper, Bart Godon, and Lincoln Davis. So called DEM Conservatives who bow to Pelosi.

  25. George aka Freemarketer says:

    Nice double digits wins on both districts tonight. Keep the push going for Nov. 3rd! I still think Daggett voters by and large come home on Election day and most will pull the lever for Christie. Stu Rothenberg’s right on this one.

  26. George aka Freemarketer says:

    Jason @24…

    Exactly! That’s what this is all about. Defeat them incrementally. We’re leading the generic state assembly ballot in NJ by six points, too. I expect some seats to flip there as well, although I won’t yet commit to a number.

  27. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #23 Good lord, is that lady going senile or what? She voted for 829 billion (low ball fake estimate mind you) worth of new taxes and spending….

    Hell with socialism that big who the hell needs a public option lol

    The scam is to bribe the votes of the uninsured by susidizing the mandate thru taxes and choppin/rationing the hippies medicare – what is so hard to fiqure out lol

    Just so I dont get labeled as “depressing” by some of you, I found this gold nugget in the Turd of HC reform today over at RCP:

    “Snowe maintained that by voting today, it did not guarantee her continued support.

    “My vote today is my vote today, it doesn’t forecast what my vote will be tomorrow,” said Snowe.”

    That will make alot of you sleep better tonight right?

    BTW, yeah the OK win is huge – its hard for these ole D types in OK/TX to break outta that D voting habbit and that district is 2 to 1 registered D plus a 40 years straight of electing D state reps too

  28. Eph Rove says:

    23. Like Crap and Trade, Obama care dies in the full Senate

  29. Eph Rove says:

    The TN race is huge for one reason: We need a state like TN tocchallenge Roe. TN is a pro life state and the more pro lifers elected at the state level the better chance of their case going to the Supreme Court. Without consrvatives on the state level, that never will happen

  30. James says:

    More good news, Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) will be resigning his seat tomorrow. Another thief sneaks quietly into the night.

  31. Tommy_Boy says:


    I thought you swore off Erickson at Redstate?

  32. Eph Rove says:

    Only his bogus sirens

  33. Eph Rove says:


    “”But it still remains a good bet that Mr. Obama will be re-elected in 2012. The economy should be in much better shape by then—in which case the considerable personal good will that most voters have toward Mr. Obama will reassert itself”


    9.8% … AND RISING!!!!

  34. Tommy_Boy says:

    Where’s Chek? I am only asking because I want her opinion on whether the new left-wing attack (with which Huthcinson is joining) on Perry is working

  35. David says:

    Great News….now onward to VA where we will sweep the Govenor’s, AG and Liet. Govenors races and pickup a few House seats.