CT: Blumenthal Still Dominating Senate Race

Scott Rasmussen released a new poll tonight showing Democrat Richard Blumenthal dominating the race to replace disgraced US Senator Chris Dodd in the state of Connecticut.

Richard Blumenthal (D) 54%
Rob Simmons (R) 35%

Richard Blumenthal (D) 56%
Linda McMahon (R) 36%

This poll was done February 1st among 500 likely voters.

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  1. George aka Freemarketer says:


  2. George aka Freemarketer says:

    Already down to 20 from 30+, I might add.

  3. MD says:

    It definely leans blue. Dodd was an easy takeover but Blumes doesn’t have the same negatives. This is the exact reason why I think Blanche and Scary will retire. The Dems will do anything in an attempt to win.

  4. david says:

    If harry and Lincoln retires, can the reps still win it?

  5. MD says:

    Yes but it won’t be a slam dunk. Any candidate, even Satan will have less negatives than those 2, to coin Rahm’s term, retards.

  6. sam says:

    Sorry, nobody is focused on this race, least of all CT.

    This is similar to the margin Coakley had around Christmas.

    Another AG in a deep blue state.

    Where have we seen this story before?

    Let Blumenthal open his mouth to defend the Obama agenda.

  7. MD says:


    That is just it. He will run from Obama and has the advantage of not being too closely tied to him. Still, he has to walk a tight rope and he could well falter. I expect this to be a single digit race.

  8. sam says:

    Blumenthal is a blank slate right now. Let the campaigning start, and voters start focusing on their votes.

    As in other races, the question will be, “Do we want 4-6 years of the same, or do we want change?”

    CT is less blue than MA, and Blumenthal is another Atty Gen looking for a promotion.

    His only campaign strategy is going to be to run out the clock, same as Coakley’s. Didn’t work out for her, and won’t work out for the Blumber.

  9. MD says:

    Crazy man on board.

  10. sam says:

    Running away from your own party is never a winning strategy.

    Ask Gordon Smith in Oregon.

    When a candidate runs away from his party, the voters have two choices: vote for the opposition, or vote for the real opposition.

  11. MD says:


    I can’t imagine Blumw would be as awful as Coaks. Time could prove that wrong. No way he wins by doub digits if he wins.

  12. sam says:

    I expect this to be single digit race too, with Simmons on top.

    As I said, Blum has to support the Obama agenda. He cannot be against HC, financial reform, Obama’s tax increases, cap & tax, you name it. He cannot promise to vote against Obama in Congress.

    If he promises to be against Obama, the dems will abandom him. The Reps and I’s will not have any incentive to embrace, they already have a choice.

  13. sam says:

    That is why running against your own party hurts you. You lose a part of your base, and you have to be damn sure you get enough of I’s to offset that.

  14. sam says:

    CT is considerably less blue than MA. The Rep turnout in CT voter models is twice that in MA.

    And Blum is not running for Saint Teddy’s seat either.

  15. Tina says:

    A drat retention.

  16. MD says:


    We have a better shot at CT than VT.

  17. sam says:

    Is it fool’s gold?

  18. MD says:

    Not fool’s gold. I wish Rell had run. Then it would be a solid red.

    Still, I think we have a shot especially after the way Obama has gone after Ins firms and financial firms.

    God forbid McMahon somehow wins the primary. Then the seat definitely stays blue.

  19. Tina says:

    Not sure if its fool’s gold, but it could be the Drats have the # to pass Healthcare touted by some here.

  20. Tina says:

    I say we have an even better shot at taking out Boxah here in CA than CT and VT.

  21. MD says:


    Could you explain 20? I don’t get it?

  22. Tina says:

    Well, MD, it does not apply to you but to the posters here, who were saing that healthcare would pass because the Rs just needed to bend over.

  23. Tina says:

    Well good night.

  24. jones says:

    Nice yo see the Reps fighting on Blue soil. Hope it sticks.

  25. sam says:

    I agree with 21.

    And, given the voter turnout models for IL and CT, and current relative preferences of D/R/I voters, Simmons has a greater chance of beating Blumenthal than Kirk has of beating Alexi.

  26. Phil says:

    Guess who will be interviewed on the Super Bowl pregame show by Katie Couric? That’s right boys and girls. It’s more Barack Obama.

    I bet you thought Obama might give up his daily television appearance long enough for the game to be the center of attention.

    You thought wrong. It Obama all day every day. Hurray!

  27. maelstrom says:

    I have a theory on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. I believe it is the first step to reinstatement of the draft. Since there is little stigma left in the civilian world about being gay, a draftee could avoid military service but simply stating he was gay. Eliminating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” closes this loophole.

    Going to Canada would be a non-starter since Canada has troops deployed to Afghanistan and the laws have changed in both countries since Vietnam.

    The fact is that the burden of fighting these wars has fallen on a small percentage of our population. Some of these troops have more days of actual combat than WWII or Vietnam combat vets. The stress of multiple deployments is showing up on the home front with divorce and suicide as leading indicators.

    I am not in favor of a draft. I am a former Naval officer and there was nothing worse than dealing with a sailor that does not want to be there. It took a disproportionate amount of your day. However, I don’t think we can keep going like we have for the last 8 years. We wither share in the sacrifice or we get out.

  28. rdelbov says:

    CT might be this fall’s MA. The rose on Blume could fade.
    10% unemployment and LaMont on the ticket for Gov it could be brutal to be a democrat in CT.


    155263 BRADY 154857 DILLARD

    460376 QUINN 452286 HYNES

  29. phoenixrisen says:

    Dems still howling about the SCOTUS decision striking down McCain-Finegold. They have been hollering about this more than their healthcare setbacks and losing Ted Kennedy’s seat. Now they want a constitutional amendment to make campaign finance exempt from First Amendment scrutiny. Fat chance that will happen as they would need two thirds in the House and Senate.

    That decision by the Supreme Court was huge for the GOP and First Amendment freedoms. Just fantastic. Democrats lost their fundraising advantage with just that one case. 🙂

  30. phoenixrisen says:

    Wow Rdel. Brady wins by 406 votes. FANTASTIC!!!!!

  31. addisonst says:

    Hopefully hynes will fight. The already forlorn dems will be further torn asunder

  32. Phil says:

    2/3 of both houses of congress plus radification by 3/4 of the states. Hahahaha Good luck getting that amendment passed Democrats.

    Not exactly a low bar, is it? LOL

  33. Marv says:

    #33 addisonst

    I just hope that Dillard doesn’t decide to fight.
    Apparently, Brady is the better candidate.

  34. Phil says:


  35. Mark Cali says:

    Dillard should concede. Brady won fair and square. Let’s set a good example of party unity.

  36. phoenixrisen says:

    #35 Marv, I love that matchup. Staunch conservative in Brady up against liberal Chicago hack Quinn. I love these races where conservatives match up against liberals. Makes for lively debates 🙂

  37. phoenixrisen says:

    Apparently Illinois law doesn’t allow for recounts and in order to get one a candidate has to pay out of his campaign pockets. Not an easy or cheap thing to do when it is a statewide primary.

  38. maelstrom says:

    31. Calling for a Constitutional Amendment is a cheap way of throwing red meat to your base. Republican Presidents have been doing it for years, e.g. flag burning, school prayer, etc. Everyone knows it will never go anywhere because of the high threshold set by the Founding Fathers. I treat it as background noise.

    There have been 27 amendments to the Constitutions. Eleven were add- ons (the Bill of Rights and the 27th) that weren’t included in the original text but didn’t alter the language of the Constitution. Two canceled each other out (Prohibition), six increased voting rights, and four cleaned up Presidential election and successions. That leaves four the income tax (the only amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling, the 11th immunity amendment, the 13th slavery and the 14th post-civil war. No one has ever tried to change the 1st.

    If it ain’t voting rights or Presidential succession, there’s a good chance it ain’t going anywhere.

  39. ameister says:

    More repercussions on the Scott Brown
    early seating. Seems like they might have
    outmaneuvered Dingy Harry and Labor is

    Sorry for the link but they are big time pissed.
    BTW Bloomberg took down the story he would be seated
    tommorrow that I linked earlier

  40. Phil says:

    Went over to Charlie Cook’s site to see where he presently was on the House. As usual he is behind the curve. Has only 24 Deocratic seats as tossups or lean Republican. 19 he has as tossups and 5 lean Republican.

    Uh, in your dreams, Charlie.

  41. Phil says:


  42. Brandon says:

    #37. With a margin of only 407 votes, there’s no reason for Dillard not to ask for a recount. Put yourself in his shoes.

  43. Brooks says:

    Phoenix, Social Issues will be tough on Brady here.

    Bill needs to get a lesson form Bob McDonnell and Christie.

    Abortion is a big loser for the GOP in IL, and Brady is against it even for Rape and Incest.

    Quinn from what I hear will go big on Abortion against Brady

  44. Brooks says:

    Brandon, Dillard says he is only down by 115. He says the AP screwed up.

    There are still thousands of Absentee and Provisional ballots out there

    This is far from over

  45. Brooks says:

    Cook is a liberal Phil

  46. Phil says:


    I know.

  47. Howard Dean says:

    Quinn from what I hear will go big on Abortion against Brady

    Comment by Brooks — February 3, 2010 @ 9:52 pm

    2010 will be ALL about jobs, spending, big deficits and out of control gov’t.

    People will tune out most other things.

  48. Tina says:

    Well, that race is too close to call, with 1000s still out… No winner yet.

  49. Brooks says:

    Howard, you may be right. but Brady cannot take the bait.

    He must remain Pragmatic, or he will get crushed in the Chicago suburbs, the true swing area of Illinois

  50. Tina says:

    Simmons has no chance in Ct. Last time, in 2006, the R candidate placed 3rd. I agree that its possible tht Blumenthal could be an empty suit like Croakley, but…

  51. Tina says:

    What did Goober Graham do now. Seriously, who do these Rinos need to pop off. They always want atention.

  52. Waingro says:

    #41, followup:

    “Why You Should Know About Craig Becker (and Why You Need to Be Worried)”

    Swear in Scott Brown!!

  53. Brooks says:

    Tina, SC had the chance in 2008 to take Graham out, but they did not.

    We get 4 more years of the idiot

  54. phoenixrisen says:

    Brooks, really? Usually the absentees are counted after the polls close and then the provisionals come soon after the machine ballets are computed. Then again, every state is different. Dillard is saying the AP screwed up? Usually the AP is pretty solid when it comes to election results but it wouldn’t surprise me if something is amiss.

  55. phoenixrisen says:

    I completely agree Brooks in regards to Brady running McDonnell’s platform should he win.

  56. phoenixrisen says:

    Any link to the Dillard comment saying the AP screwed up?

  57. KnightHawk says:

    WASHINGTON — The US debt is on track to hit a congressionally proposed debt ceiling of 14.3 trillion dollars by the end of February, the Treasury said Wednesday, a day ahead of a key vote to raise it to that level.

    “Based on current projections, Treasury expects to reach the debt ceiling as early as the end of February. However, the government’s cash flows are volatile, making it difficult to forecast a precise date,” the Treasury said in a statement.

    Lovely going to blow it all in a couple weeks? I’m laughing but it’s not funny.

  58. phoenixrisen says:

    Ah, found it:

    Somebody’s count is off. Wonder how many absentees and provisionals are out there still. According to the AP everything has been counted. Could be a long few weeks. Not good when you consider that Quinn would get a head start with his campaign ads. The Dem party is already nudging Hynes to concede and rightly so since he is down by over 8000 votes. They need him out of there.

  59. Redgill says:

    Brooks: Dillard said he would be declared the winner yesterday evening.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, this has the potential to be another ILGOP folly.

    Instead of going on the offensive on Quinn and his pawn broker running mate, we are being held back by Dillard.

    The GOP needs to sppeed up the process of determining the winner which should not be difficult considering the light turnout.

    I could be wrong and it would not be the first time but the longer Brady leads, the weaker a Dillard candidacy will be should he pull ahead. Time is wasting

  60. Redgill says:

    Phoenix: after reading that article,it seems to me that Brady will most likely win this thing. It seems that the party leadership should get together and quietly get Dillard out of there

  61. Erich says:

    Simmons should run against Courtney and put CT 2 in play…

  62. justsayin' says:

    Provisional ballots might still be out… but there
    should not be too many absentee votes as they are
    put in the machines as they come in and should
    already be counted.

  63. BrentT says:

    People it is only Feb 3. IL is the only state to have even had a primary yet. If this takes a few weeks to get settled it is not a problem, as long as they keep it relatively clean. Don’t want the 150k who voted for the eventual loser to feel like their guy did not get a fair shot. Might even be an advantage if IL if they can look they handled it without anything shady happening. Quinn is the incumbent governor of a crooked, bankrupt state. Plenty of time to drive that home, even if we don’t have a winner until May.

  64. addisonst says:

    From ill. I know nothing about Brady bc I didn’t see him as a player. With that disclaimer, stop panicking. We don’t know what’s in his record but Quinn is a train wreck. If brady is not corrupt its over. I could beat Quinn and I’m sitting in a bar. And Kirk will have huge tails. I love this site but the panic is insane. The dems have our dream ticket. Tax raising liberal trying to avoid blago and mob banker. All of you shut up. An focus on other states

  65. AlN says:

    The entire Arizona congressional delegation is supporting McCain (against JD Hayworth):

  66. addisonst says:

    am i to understand that that the gop nominee for governor in a year where we have blago and a tax hike is going to lose b/c he is against abortion in all circumstances? Is that the issue when we are bankrupt and have a universe of issues to run against? If we voted in a guy who will lose b/c of his insane abortion stance I’m becoming a dem. No human beings or political party can be that stupid. We are broke!!!! we are criminal and 20 % of the fucktards voted on abortion? Brady can’t be that obtuse and if that’s my party, i’m done. And again, i’m not pro choice

  67. BrentT says:


    In 2 post you went from saying don’t panic to completely panicking based on I’m not sure what. I live in IL and don’t remember anything mentioned about abortion so far. In this environment Brady will be running on corruption and fiscal responsibility. When the other side starts trying to paint Brady (if he winds up being the nominee) as an extremist on abortion that’s when you know they are losing.

  68. addisonst says:

    Brady what little is known about him is small spending not chicago and not Combine. If he is truly an anti abortion in rape and incest world in this state, in a state that is handed to us on a platter, it is a disaster. Note to everybody. if you run in a blue state you can’t be anti abortion in incest and rape cases no matter how just your cause.

    We have quinn. He wants to raise taxes. We have blago. We have a sickness of govt. Why would abortion even be an issue? Are you kidding me?

    If you vote abortion with 12% unemployment a deficit that can never be repaid and a call for tax hikes you are too sick to be talked to. The dems loathe quinn so badly they won’t vote for him. And now we will make abortion the issue. Amazing.

  69. BPL in Scottsdale says:

    67. That’s because they have to, AIN.

    And in other breaking news: Water is wet!

  70. Tina says:

    Dillard did an ad for Obumbler, per thecampaign spot. Why?

  71. MD says:


    JT told me his support of Skippy was overblown. Since I don’t know the details, I will wait until I learn more before passing judgement.

  72. Jeff G. says:

    Quinn gets a head start? Do you realize the general election is still nine months away?

  73. rdelbov says:

    Quinn’s headstart is nothing-as noted 9 months.

    He is also the GOV so we will see budget cuts and tax increases over the summer that he will take the heat for.

    I think about 15K in overseas absentee ballots are out and 5K in provisionals to be counted.

    Its unknown how many are GOP ballots and of course many will go to other candidates.

  74. MD says:

    What headstart? Clue me in Rdel.

  75. Jeff G. says:


    There was some concern earlier in the thread that Quinn would get a jump on Brady or Dillard if there’s a recount or a stretch that the GOP primary is contested. The counterpoint is that we’re still nine months away from the GE, and there’s plenty of time to determine the correct winner and get geared up for the November election.

  76. Howard Dean says:

    The number of newly laid-off workers filing initial claims for jobless benefits rose unexpectedly last week, evidence that layoffs are continuing and jobs remain scarce.

    The rise is the fourth in the past five weeks. Most economists hoped that claims would resume a downward trend that was evident in the fall and early winter.

    The Labor Department says that new claims for unemployment insurance rose by 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 480,000. Wall Street economists had expected a drop to 460,000.



    Planned layoff announcements at major U.S. corporations increased 59% in January, reaching 71,482 from a nine-year low of 45,094 seen in December, according to the latest job-cut tally by Challenger Gray & Christmas.

    It was the first month-to-month increase in layoffs since July, the outplacement firm reported Wednesday. The figures are not seasonally adjusted. …

    Planned reductions for last month were led by retail companies, which announced 16,737 job cuts, and telecommunications companies, which cut 14,010 jobs.


  77. GPO says:

    According to link in # 41 – McCain did a great job stopping the Becker nomination

  78. Phil says:

    Yeah, gotta give McCain credit on that one.

  79. Frank says:

    When is unemployment being released?


  80. Howard Dean says:


  81. Howard Dean says:

    Rep. John Tanner, D-Tenn. “We are on an unsustainable march toward a fiscal Armageddon.”

  82. Hellbelly says:

    Frank – friday morning at 8:30am.

  83. Frank says:


    To tell you how crazy this week has been, I thought that today was Friday.


  84. Howard Dean says:

    Next in Line for a Bailout: Social Security

    by Allan Sloan
    Thursday, February 4, 2010provided

    Don’t look now. But even as the bank bailout is winding down, another huge bailout is starting, this time for the Social Security system.

    A report from the Congressional Budget Office shows that for the first time in 25 years, Social Security is taking in less in taxes than it is spending on benefits.

  85. Phil says:

    RAS has Kirk up 37 pts among independents.

    Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone?

  86. Howard Dean says:

    Pennsylvania State Capital Mulls Bankruptcy as a Budget Option


  87. rdelbov says:

    Wow 46-40 for Kirk in IL from RAS-now those numbers seem right. Alex G. is badly damaged by the primary fight. Of course from Feb to Nov is like an eternity.

    Brady & Dillard are going through the 1st day of additional vote counting in a pleasant way. Two expirenced pols and time will tell if feelings get hurt but its unlikely.

    Quinn & Hynes have real hurt feelings and the democrats are badly divided.

  88. Howard Dean says:

    But Phil, how many seats will the D’s pick-up in Nov?

  89. jason says:

    Is Obama getting religion??? The Messiah saw the light?

    “We’ve got to make sure that our party understands that, like it or not, we have to have a financial system that is healthy and functioning, so we can’t be demonizing every bank out there,” Obama said. “We’ve got to be the party of business, small business and large business, because they produce jobs.”

  90. Howard Dean says:

    While native son Obama carried Illinois over John McCain by a whopping 62% to 37% margin in November 2008, he’s less popular in the state today. Fifty-four percent (54%) of Illinois voters approve of the job the president is doing while 45% disapprove.


  91. Phil says:

    Our friend Alan will no doubt be driving by to tell us.

  92. Marv says:

    Good morning fellow Hedgehoggers.

    Obama’s underwater again and his bounce is fading: -8 and 49(-1)/50(+1)

  93. jason says:

    92. Of course “the like or not” the financial system is healthy and functioning is quite telling.

  94. jason says:

    The Brady-Dillard spread is down to 400 votes out of 800k cast. Dillard would be crazy not to ask for a recount even if he has to pay for it. But they should agree whomever is ahead after the recount has it, no legal challenges.

  95. Phil says:

    I’m looking forward to perky Katie interviewing Barry during the Super Bowl pregame show.

    What? You thought you’d actually be able to watch the Super Bowl without Barack Obama somehow getting his mug into the middle of it?

    Get real.

    Bow down and worship him.

  96. Howard Dean says:

    Shell to cut more jobs as earnings disappoint

    Weak refining weighs on Shell’s 4th quarter figures; 1,000 more jobs to go


  97. Gary Maxwell says:

    like it or not

    Get this. Talking to Democrats, he tells them to cool it with the demagogueing of Banks. They wont listen, its in the Communist Manifesto.

  98. Gary Maxwell says:

    “Solid B+”

  99. Howard Dean says:

    They are fumbling around.

    They look lost and it’s obvious they don’t know what to do.

    Thanks, America.

  100. Phil says:

    one big ass mistake

  101. Phil says:

    Phoenix city council votes sales tax of 2 cents on food

    Here we go.

  102. rdelbov says:

    PHIL was that on hot/prepared food?

    that’s common around here

  103. Phil says:




  104. Hellbelly says:


    Let me guess: they’re positioning it not as a tax increase but as a “pro-active, consumer friendly way of combating the obesity epidemic”!

  105. DW says:

    Unbelievable…taxing groceries now…no…actually with this bunch, its very believable. Next they will tax the food I grow on my own property.

  106. Phil says:

    it’s coming DW

  107. rdelbov says:

    Our grocery in TN are taxed at 7.75% but we have no state income tax or payroll tax to be more accurate.

    so a 2% grocery tax is only major as its a new tax and I guess AZ has an income tax

  108. Hellbelly says:


    You’re growing your own food?

    Expect a visit from the Department of Agriculture. Your impudence may be harming America’s small farmers.

  109. Hellbelly says:

    Just remember the lyrics from the greatest conservative song of the rock era (thanks George Harrison):

    Taxman (the Beatles)

    Let me tell you how it will be;
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me.
    ‘Cause I?m the taxman,
    Yeah, I?m the taxman.

    Should five per cent appear too small,
    Be thankful I don’t take it all.
    ‘Cause I?m the taxman,
    Yeah, I?m the taxman.

    (if you drive a car, car;) – I?ll tax the street;
    (if you try to sit, sit;) – I?ll tax your seat;
    (if you get too cold, cold;) – I?ll tax the heat;
    (if you take a walk, walk;) – I’ll tax your feet.


    ‘Cause I?m the taxman,
    Yeah, I?m the taxman.

    Don’t ask me what I want it for, (ah-ah, mister Wilson)
    If you don’t want to pay some more. (ah-ah, mister heath)
    ‘Cause I?m the taxman,
    Yeah, I?m the taxman.

    Now my advice for those who die, (taxman)
    Declare the pennies on your eyes. (taxman)
    ‘Cause I?m the taxman,
    Yeah, I?m the taxman.

    And you’re working for no one but me.

  110. DW says:

    111…Yes, last year I called it my “Obamagarden” as an act of defiance…that I can have something that is independent of his control. In my small city yard I grew over 300 bell peppers, 200 tomatos, 50 banana peppers, 100 cucumbers, 100 radishes, and assorted kinds of squash.

  111. Hellbelly says:

    113: squash, huh?

    The feds will squash you.

    …and are those approved banana peppers? I heard the DOA has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy for “peppers that can be construed as racially insensitive”.

  112. Kristen says:

    Well, HHRs, tonight’s a big night. My LD will be filling a state senate seat with an appointment for the remainder of the term. I am pursuing that appointment.

    Since few know who I am, just a handful, let me make a few observations about local politics. My belief in the opportunity for ordinary people, vote in hand, to actually get around the finagling and backroom dealings has been given a huge blow, but not a fatal one. Its so sad, really. People can run around and gather proxies to make their one vote as powerful to, say, thirty votes. This is happening.

    In Chicago, the dead vote. Here, someone gets a handful of living votes that aren’t theirs!

    In my district, the state Senate seat will be filled by a series of ballots. Expected is about 80 elected PC and 50 proxies. One person, who is currently in the House and who wants the Senate seat, will be carrying about 35 proxies. One person is worth 35 votes.

    Every ballot has three lines. The voter can choose up to three people. If one person has 35 votes, and is herself running, then she starts from a 35/130 vote advantage. But there are many other votes out there. Eighty, to be exact. I’m looking at those 80 warm bodies without piles of proxies. The real voters.

    So, after everyone votes on this first ballot, the little dear ladies at the election office tally the votes. If anyone gets a majority — half of the votes, or about 55-60 — they are automatically put on a list of three people. This voting to get a majority, is repeated several times, until THREE people have acquired more than half the votes.

    And then those three names which have been voted upon are sent to a five person county commissioners who choose after interviewing the candidates chosen by the PCs in their district.

    That’s how the winner is chosen. One person with thirty proxies … five men whom we’ve never met.

    This is so disheartening. This isn’t democracy in action, but a carefully contrived system that foils the will of the voters. It encourages back room dealmaking and backstabbing. I can’t tell you how disheartened I am.

    I take hope in insurgent campaigns like that of Scott Brown, who won when the will and disgust of ordinary voters was so strong they beat the machine, the margin of fraud and the poohbahs. They took back the so-called Kennedy seat so that it was the people’s seat once again.

    But this was a big race, not a little race. Like mine. Big races get lotsa media attention — a state Senate race is ignored.

    Anyhow, I’m one of the six + people running tonight. I have a decent shot at it, in spite of all that has gone on. I’m going to be upfront and decent. Gentle, even. I want to serve, do my best, and then go back to a tenured teaching job at a university. No more.

    So say a prayer, please, for your secret HHR poster. And remember, ssshhhh.

    I’ll be back tomorrow with this story’s ending.


  113. Jeff G. says:


    Here in NC, the ruling liberals are excited about the money they could raise if they apply the sales tax to services. And we have moderately high income taxes – brackets of 6%, 7% and 7.75% (plus additional surcharges this year and next on those horrible rich people; and it doesn’t take much income to hit the 7% bracket). The sales tax is currently at least 7.75% in every county (up to 8.25% in a couple counties) with a smaller 2% levy on grocery items. Now they want to whack services (car repairs, plumbing, etc. – anything they can get their filthy hands on). The great revelation, apparently, is that if they tax something that’s not currently being taxed, they can raise a lot more money. I wonder how many dollars were spent on how many studies to come to that conclusion. This after they already hiked the general sales tax levy by 1%, added the income tax surcharges and raised the auto excise rate in many counties this year. Again, the conclusion of liberals is never that government has a spending problem. The problem is always that they’re just not taxing enough things at a high enough rate. Anything that’s not being taxed is a missed opportunity. Rdel is right that a 7.75% sales tax seems somewhat reasonable when the government is not taxing your wages; but when you apply that rate to everything across the board, it gets quite onerous.

  114. Gary Maxwell says:


    Proxies are very common in business. An argument can be made that its not fair for those who have other commitment and cant hang out in political meetings for long periods, to be excluded either.

    I wish you well, but if you did not understand the proxy system and did not collect your own, consider it a learning experience. Study the rules and use them to your own advantage.

  115. Gary Maxwell says:

    Sales tax in Texas is 8.25% but excludes groceries and drugs. No state income tax. Services got added during Ann Richards ( Democrat ) tenure as Governor.

  116. DW says:

    119…actually, these two retirements were expected, the depressing one was souter, because we had hoped he would want to hang on until we get a GOP prez again.

  117. Phil says:

    Gary is correct. Our sales tax is higher than I’d like but no state income tax and business taxes are very business friendly.

    Very business friendly state and I credit that for the fact that we’ve weathered the recession as well as we have.

    States like California, Michigan, New Jersey, NY on the other hand are high tax, anti business and are getting clobbered.

  118. rdelbov says:

    Kristen best wishes

  119. Jeff G. says:


    The compounded problem of relying on taxes from so many sources is that many of those sources are highly cyclical. Sales taxes are probably the least cyclical of all types of major state taxes and don’t vary so wildly during a recession. Income taxes, particularly those on corporations, ebb and flow quite dramatically with the economic cycle. Another big one is the real estate transfer tax – look at how reliance on that revenue flow has gutted California’s income in this recession. Institution of an RE transfer tax has been a pet project of the liberal wingnuts here in NC the last few years – again on the revelation that if they tax something that wasn’t taxed before they can raise money. Luckily, county-by-county ballot initiatives have trounced transfer tax proposals with margins in the 70s and 80s against. Of course, the liberals just say the voters don’t understand yet what a wonderful thing an RE transfer tax could be and all the lovely spending programs it would support. EIGHTY PERCENT against in some votes, and they still don’t get it.

  120. MD says:


    As long as we keep 5, the republic was safe. Souter was not one of those. If Scalia or Thomas tell us they are retiring, then it is time to worry. A lot.

    This is another reason why we MUST go for both branches of congress. The Senate is a tall order but it is not impossible.

  121. DW says:

    124…I agree, was just pointing out that Souter was the most disappointing because he seemed the youngest and healthiest of the three. But we all know that there is no way on earth that Obama doesn’t force out Ginsburg and Stevens a year before the end of his first term.

  122. Phil says:

    MD, you are exactly correct. We must get control of at least one house of congress. Call me paranoid if you want, but without a successful November, we are a Scalia or Thomas heart attack away from having no check whatsoever over the committed lefty idealogue Barack Obama.

  123. Jeff G. says:


    At least we can be reasonably sure that, absent sudden death or major illness, none of the five (Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito, Kennedy) who voted to overturn portions of McCain-Feingold will dare leave the court while Obama is in the White House.

  124. MD says:

    I again – we all need to have good thoughts for those 5.

  125. Gary Maxwell says:

    Democrats voted no on both Alito and Roberts in large numbers, no reason once we get back control of the Senate in November, that Republican refuse to seat Ginsburg clones. Make him pick a centrist. Wont be perfect, but might be an improvement over Ginsburg and Stevens, the two most liberal justices.

  126. Jeff G. says:


    Ginsburg may not live that long with pancreatic cancer. Stevens, who will be 90 in April, has a better chance of living out Obama’s current term.

  127. Phil says:

    Jeff, I’m not worried about a voluntary retirement. I’m worried about illness or sudden death – something completely out of their control.

  128. Jeff G. says:


    Pray for good health and safe travels.

  129. Phil says:

    Yeah, I do that every day.

  130. Phil says:

    Larry Sabato’s latest projections

    Republicans pick up 27 House seats and 7 senate seats.

  131. MD says:

    Man, the Dem analyts are still in denial on the House.

  132. rdelbov says:

    I prefer sales tax & property taxes

    1. everyone pays sales tax when they purchase

    2. Everyone pays real estate taxes-directly or indirectly

    That’s the TN way and if we had a payroll tax many if not most would not pay. Everyone needs skin in the game as far as I am concerned.

    Too many folks are not paying federal income taxes.

  133. Brandon says:

    “Just got results back from NH-Sen poll. GOP primary is looking VERY interesting.”

  134. Brandon says:

    Hynes has conceded.

  135. Phil says:

    Yeah, lots of that Democratic denial going around these days. Hey, it’s progress though. Even Sabato, who BTW isn’t as bad as Cook but still a Democrat, has come around on the senate losses. As for the House, like Cook, he’s still behind the curve.

    I’ve upped my estimate of competitive House seats from the mid 60s to 80. I’ll post those at the end of the week. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert but I enjoy sitting dow with the Barone Almanac of American Politics and trying to figure out where we are for November. Lately, I’ve enjoyed watching the playing field keep expanding into Democratic districts.

  136. GPO says:

    119…actually, these two retirements were expected, the depressing one was souter, because we had hoped he would want to hang on until we get a GOP prez again.

    Comment by DW — February 4, 2010 @ 11:05 am

    he actually WAITED until a democrat became president. unbelievable f**k up by Bush SR

  137. bio mom says:

    About the constitutional amendments question: Wasn’t the last amendment related to increasing congressional pay schedules or something like that? Yes, here it is: Ammendment XXVII: No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

  138. rdelbov says:


    if KOS’s poll is interesting that means Ayotte does not have a commanding lead.

    Kos polls are junk as Senator Coakley-Gov deeds & Corzine can tell you.

    KOS will want LaMontaigne or Binford to be nominee and not Ayotte

  139. Phil says:

    Dear God please tell me NH Republican voters aren’t dumb enough not to nominate Kelly Ayotte who would be a sure winner.

  140. Phil says:

    Hmmm. The market isn’t real happy today.

  141. sam says:

    If Larry Sabato is conceding 7 Senate seats today, count on 10 in November.

  142. Brandon says:

    #142. It wouldn’t surprise me though if Ayotte doesn’t have a huge lead. Laura Ingraham and other radio hosts have gotten behind Ovide Lamontagne.

  143. Chekote says:

    Scott Brown is being seated today. Yay!

  144. MD says:

    Here we go!

  145. Chekote says:

    Today I had the biggest laugh watching Morning Joe. Mike Allen from Politico actually suggested that the first thing Scott Brown needs to do is “break with Republicans”. What a joke!

  146. Phil says:

    Laura Ingraham used to date Keith Olbermann.

    Shut up Laura.

  147. Chekote says:


    No frickin’ way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. maelstrom says:

    141. the XXVII was proposed with the bill of rights. it took almost 200 tears to ratify.

  149. DrJay says:

    I don’t understand the talk about Cook here. I think it is a fundamental misunderstanding of his rating system. He has more Dem seats listed as competitive than Phil. I also have linked to two articles where he said that Dems will lose the house without putting on the brakes… he’s also been putting up dire warnings since last August. I don’t see how that’s denial.

  150. Gary Maxwell says:

    Politico = large collection of Democrats

    Once you understand that, that its really just like Taegan Goddard, then you can translate their “advice” into what is their hope and wish.

  151. Phil says:



    In the late 90s

  152. Chekote says:


    The woman has NO taste in men. None. Those caterpillar eyebrows should be enough to turn any discriminating woman or gay man.

  153. Chekote says:

    Here we go!

    You should know by now that I have to get obsessed about something for awhile and get it out of my system. Just be grateful I am out of my Palin bashing kick.

  154. Phil says:

    Oh yeah, she also dated former NJ Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli.

    What’s funny is that Olbermann has made Ingraugam his “worst person in the world” winner three or 4 different times.

    Again, shut up Laura.

  155. Chekote says:

    Obama still pushing HC. Tin ear anyone!

  156. Chekote says:


    OMG, The Torch too! No taste. Personally, I would date Scott Brown!

  157. DrJay says:

    Ipsos Obama approval:

    approve: 50 (-2)
    disapprove: 46 (+1)

    Indies: 53-31
    Dems: 79-19
    Reps: 19-79

    Believe economy has turned the corner: 10%
    Current health care proposals: 37-51 oppose

    30-26-45 D-R-I
    (42-40-17 with leaners)

    This poll doesn’t seem to compute unless the indy number is from the 17% that were true independents, so I’ll assume that is what is meant.

  158. Brandon says:

    Kentucky Senate(Rasmussen)

    Grayson(R): 49%
    Mongiardo(D): 35%

    Paul(R): 48%
    Mongiardo(D): 37%

    Grayson(R): 44%
    Conway(D): 40%

    Paul(R): 47%
    Conway(D): 39%

  159. Chekote says:

    Ipsos is not a good poll.

  160. Marv says:

    Gallup confirms Obama SOTU bounce fading:


  161. MD says:

    Torch and Olby! No wonder she found religion a few years ago.

  162. Marv says:

    How’s it going, MD?

  163. Tommy_Boy says:


    Do we have a prior Rasmussen poll about the KY race?

  164. Phil says:

    I agree with Ingraugam on most issues. However, I find her abrasive much of the time.

  165. Gary Maxwell says:

    The Ipsos poll is an adult poll. Fully 16% admit they are not registered voters and another 1 % are NOT SURE if they are registered ( or what day it is ).

    No questions about have they voted recently etc.

    I would file this under the Trash heading.

  166. AlN says:

    Regarding the Ingraham-Olberman relationship, here’s a video in which Keith admits he once “knew her socially”, and then he completely slams her, calling her unforgiveable and stupid.

    Slide to the end of this 5-minute video

  167. Tommy_Boy says:

    The good news though from the trash Ipsos poll is that the trends are moving away from Obama. Gallup and Rasmussen showed reverse movement as well.

  168. Marv says:


    Looks like you and I were right again about Gallup.

  169. Chekote says:


    What a slimeball! Sounds like Ingraham was dating just about anyone who would ask her out.

  170. AlN says:

    Don’t get too hard on Laura. That was over a decade ago. Back then, Olberman was merely a sports reporter. I remember him as such, and I have no memory of his bringing out his political beliefs back then. Who knows? Maybe when she learned of his radical beliefs, that’s what led to the break-up. I just hope the two of them were never intimate! That mind picture makes me wanna puke.

  171. Phil says:

    I’m not a fan of Laura as I just mentioned. However, Olbermann proves again what a classless ass he is.

  172. Sean says:

    According to RAS, looks like Paul does just about as well as Grayson… Let’s just hope he’s vetted…

  173. Chekote says:

    Thanks for the visual AlN. Olby having sex. I just lost my lunch.

  174. Bunu says:

    Rasmussen has a new KY poll out today

  175. JulStol says:

    Ok, Rand is electable. Can we stop hating on him for being a Paul now?

  176. Tommy_Boy says:


    Overall: 47/50
    Active Military: 68/28
    Non-Active Military: 42/56
    Veteran: 52/46
    Non-veteran: 40/57
    GOP: 59/38
    Indy: 50/47
    Dem: 33/65
    Conservative: 67/30
    Moderate: 51/46
    Liberal: 15/83

  177. rdelbov says:

    Great KY poll

    All GE and no primary makes a boy dull

  178. Sean says:

    I believe that in a Republican wave year, Rand Paul would likely win, as it would be a referendum on Obama and not on Rand Paul… I believe Rand could make it a closer race than Grayson in the end…

  179. Diogenes says:

    FOr the supreme court question: Sotomayor will bite Obama in the ass. The women has shown herself to be both fiscally irresponsible and also extremely obese. From an actuarial perspective I would expect her to not live to the age to collect social security which is 65. This nothing personal but from pure statistics I would expect her to serve on the court no longer than 10 years and it is likely she will not retire but die in office. Given the state of politics a republican will likely be president at the time and hopefully we can cement the conservative majority with 6 seats and not just five.

  180. Marv says:

    #183 Diogenes,

    I didn’t realize that Soto was obese…a little on the chunky side though.

  181. AlN says:

    Ok, Rand is electable. Can we stop hating on him for being a Paul now?
    Comment by JulStol — February 4, 2010 @ 1:39 pm

    No, that is precisely the reason we hate him! In honor of Keith Olberman, let’s just say the Pauls (Ron & Rand) are: “Jew-hating, America-blaming, weak-on-defense, pot-loving, prostitute-legalizing, gay marriage-favoring, conservative-opposing nutcakes.”

  182. JulStol says:

    Still not with you on the Jew hating thing. Being anti Israel does not equal being anti Jew.

    America blaming- most Libertarians are

    Weak on defense- true

    Pot loving- nope, neither support that

    Prostitute legalizing- Nope

    Gay marriage favoring- Wrong again. The Paul’s are Christian Conservatives on social issues.

  183. Chekote says:

    Being anti Israel does not equal being anti Jew.

    Being anti the only Jewish state in the world is not being anti-Jew????? Give it a rest JulStol!

  184. Diogenes says:

    @184 Her BMI would put her at overweight and I’m pretty sure obese. The woman is a lightweight affirmative action hire. Two more like her on the court and I fear for the United states. If the liberals get the majority we’re going to have more inconsistent opinions like Roe v Wade that muck up lower courts. Say what you will about Clinton but his picks were all eminently qualified if liberal.

    Obama wants more people like him, dumb people given a chance.

  185. JulStol says:


    I’m very very very Pro Israel. I’m very anti Palestinian actually, but I recognize being anti US assisting Israel does not equal being anti Jew

  186. Chekote says:


    What do you mean by assisting the US assisting Israel?

  187. Jerry R. Withrow says:

    Rand is the man!!! Conservative almost like another hero of mine in Patrick Buchanan!! The Paul’s and Pat Buchanan are what I believe in we need a real change in America I also support for governor’s in Georgia Ray McBarry and Texas Debra Medina I just hope Sarah Palin come back home to her populist beliefs.

  188. Tommy_Boy says:

    Silver is hilariously tweeting that he personally believes the GOP wave has peaked, hahahah

  189. Chekote says:

    Texas Debra Medina

    The woman lives in fantasy land. She is going to eliminate all property taxes. Yeah right! How are we going to fund education? We are going to have 30% sales tax? If that’s the case, most people will run to bordering states to avoid paying Texas sales taxes. What then Ms. Medina?

  190. Waingro says:

    #191, you think? That seems like a desperate attempt to link Coats with Chavez, and the little dig about which state he recently voted in reeked of even more desperation.

    I’m willing to bet he gets a pass on this.

  191. Tommy_Boy says:

    #180 is Don’t Ask/Don’t tell poll by the way

  192. Wes says:

    Jul, I’m a Libertarian, and I don’t blame America for the world’s ills. Indeed, most Libertarians I know besides the fringe crowd don’t subcribe to that lunacy.

  193. Tommy_Boy says:

    Any theory as to why Paul would do better against Conway than Grayson but Grayson does better against Mongiardo

  194. rdelbov says:

    Guys a week or two ago I bought gas at a Citgo plus always buy at Exxon plus Shell. These companies all have dealings with Chavez. I might add that Harvest Oil and other oil companies had no choice but to sell part of their operations in Venzuela to the state. It was either sell part of your operations or leave.

    Coats worked for a company that did lobbying for a company that was forced to sell part of its operations to Chavez’s state run oil company.

    This is a stretch-a pilates stretch.

    its a sign of nerves that the DSCC is hammering Coates

  195. Wes says:

    The DSCC probably wishes Coats had faced Bayh–and maybe lost to him–in 1998, Rdel, rather than having to face him now in a much less favorable environment for the younger Bayh. I’d say Coats has a solid chance against the junior Hoosier Senator.

  196. Waingro says:

    #201, agreed, Wes. Coats definitely has my back.

    Meanwhile, Ace is on a roll on his site, pounding his fist on getting the majority back in the Senate versus the Kirk naysayers. I definitely support his stance.

  197. BayernFan says:

    Re the Supreme Court appointments….

    The GOP caucus should insist on someone at least 65 years old. And in so-so health. Someone like Ginsburg when she was appointed. And then vote for that nominee.

    That way, you figure they wont be on the bench more than 10-20 years.

  198. Phil says:

    See, this is how Politico works. The DNCC or their candidates leak stuff to Politico who itself is composed of Democratic partisans. They play it up like they are some nonpartisan political reporting organ, and they get it picked up by the MSM who are also in bed with Democrats.

    My question is, this is all they’ve got?

    Quite a stretch. Democrats don’t usually get this desperate this early.

    The smell of fear.

  199. rdelbov says:


    I am clueless on that point.

    I could spectulate but I rather think its some people distrust Paul -Garyson-Mond.-Conway in different ways. I think M. is the Lt. Gov now and some people hold him accountable for some past mistakes.

    I guess some folks distrust Paul but loath Conway enough to vote against him and vice versa.

    I guess with 500 people if you get 20 with strange views on particular candidates you get results like this.

    I might add that other polls have had this strange result.

    I guess we could always say margin of error quirk

  200. Wes says:

    They’re afraid this could be a retread of 1894 or 1946 for them, Phil.

  201. Wes says:

    For all the people above thinking Simmons can’t win, I’d remind you he beat a 20-year incumbent in 2000 even as Gore slaughtered Bush in his district. The man knows how to campaign. Hell, in 2006, he lost his seat by a total of 83 votes in one of the worst possible years for the GOP in years. Once he dispatches McMahon–who’s run is more likely a propaganda piece for her company anyway–he’ll focus on Blumenthal. He’ll campaign hard and start to make the race closer. If they get to debates, then Simmons will probably fare better than Blumenthal, who’s never faced a real challenge in his political life. This seat may not go GOP, but Simmons will work his ass off to at least make the Dems spend money to hold it.

  202. Phil says:

    Simmons is a good candidate and was a good congressman.

    He will cut into the lead. Not sure he’ll win, but before its over Democrats will have to campaign and spend money to defend the seat. If unemployment is at 10% in November all bets are off.

  203. Chekote says:

    Scott Brown on Fox News! I am in love!!!!

  204. Tommy_Boy says:

    Fox News

    Approval/disapproval 46/47 (50/44)
    Favorable/unfavorable 51/43 (54/42)

  205. Wes says:

    Does your husband know you openly lust after other men on here, Chek?

  206. MD says:

    That is a typical hatchet piece from someone who actually thinks like Chavez. I just laughed. Did you know that my 16th cousin 6 times removed was Joseph Stalin? I guess that makes me a commie now.

    BTW – the above is NOT true.

  207. Wes says:

    I just looked at the thread below. That Jerry Wihrow guy is a real piece of work.

  208. Wes says:

    How go things, MD?

  209. MD says:

    Good Wes. The jobs data was bad today. I took a wild guess last week and predicted tomorrow’s numbers as -114 and a huge U3 increase to 10.5%.

    Most thought I was nuts. Ah, I probably am!

  210. Wes says:

    I can’t even watch the market tumble right now, MD. Any clue where it is at the moment.

  211. Chekote says:



  212. Wes says:

    That’s probably a good thing for you then, Chek.

  213. Chekote says:

    Shep Smith is such an Obama supporter! He is hard to watch. Makes a fool of himself.

  214. MD says:


    Well, my wife doesn’t exactly know about porn chick hour either.

  215. Chekote says:


    I already have one divorce under my belt. I know what to keep to myself. Hopefully, he knows it too.

  216. Chekote says:


    Did you work things out with your wife?

  217. Wes says:

    To be fair, MD, porn chicks aren’t generally the women of discussion during that particular hour.

  218. MD says:

    Chek – it was Wes who had the issue, not me so I will let him answer that question.

  219. Chekote says:

    Did anyone see Judd Gregg taking on Orzag regarding using TARP as a piggy bank. Love NE Republicans. Scott Brown in particular.

  220. MD says:

    No, but we keep things varied to say the least. With the exception of Quix, who links make me ill (obese women), it is quite the enjoyable hour.

  221. Chekote says:


    Oops…. I thought Wes wrote that. I didn’t know you participate in porn chick. Sorry.

  222. Wes says:

    No, Chek. I’ve moved on and acquired a younger model. She lacks the Marine Corps experience and the Master’s degree but does have a Bachelor’s and is a successful businesswoman. Also, where my wife is 29, my girlfriend’s only 23, so I guess I can be called a sugar daddy at this point.

  223. Jason T says:

    Dow down -250 , Wes.

    10,022. could go below 10k on the close

  224. Chekote says:

    23!!! She will dump you. Sorry but I want to prepare you.

    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Wes says:

    DQ nauseates me with his links, MD.

  226. Chekote says:

    DQ is a very unhappy person. At least that’s how he comes across.

  227. rdelbov says:

    market is just bad even as earnings have been pretty decent

    some folks are still thinking recovery but I am at peace with 10% unemployment

  228. Jason T says:

    I really do believe now, that Obama and the Democrats want to destroy Wall street and Capitalism. They want a economy of Federal Workers and taxing the rich.

    He is a marxist

  229. Chekote says:

    KH is another unhappy person.

    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!

  230. DrJay says:

    Quinnipiac NY:

    To help balance the state budget do you support or oppose layoffs or furloughs for state employees?

    Support: 52 (+8)
    Oppose: 40 (-7)

  231. Wes says:

    I knew the stock market couldn’t sustain this forever, Jason. I hope to God there’s a brake on the tumble somewhere.

  232. Wes says:

    Who besides a host of Obama sycophants and Obamahomoleaf (is that a redundancy?) is thinking there’s a recovery, Rdel?

  233. Chekote says:

    The market will no recover. The economy will not recover. The huge debt and deficit are looming like a giant dark cloud over the economy. That’s why government spending is not having a lot of impact. The debt is the threat.

  234. Wes says:

    That’s something I’m deeply afraid of, Chek.

  235. Jason T says:

    RDEL, at this point 10% would be good. I am, as a former Commodities trader, that it could rise to 12-13%.

    Things are bad folks. They are trying to destroy Toyota because they are not Unionized.

    Toyota employs tons of American workers with good pay in many states.

    I am going to start buying Gold, 1929 redux is not seeming that far fetched anymore

  236. Chekote says:


    Until such time we start taking on the deficit/debt, the economy will continue to limp along. Inflation fear will become paralyzing.

  237. Wes says:

    Jason, a dirty secret about the automobile industry is that a number of Japanese automakers have non-unionized plants spread across this region. If Obama and LaHood–what the hell is LaHood thinking by the way?–keep attacking the foreign automakers and depress demand for their product, then that will hurt the economy down here. If you think souther Dems are in freefall now, wait till the full import of Obama’s attack on the Japanese automakers comes to bear.

  238. Wes says:

    Here in NC, Chek, I’ve come across a number of former Obama supporters–including a decent-sized number of blacks–who are seriously regretting the mistake they made in 2008.

  239. Jason T says:

    Wes, i may be emotional when it comes to politics, but in terms of Economics i am very realistic and tamed.

    As Chekote said, the debt is very bad, and I do not see a raise in hiring by small Business.

    FDR was saved by World War 2, but this guy has nothing down the road.

    There will be no Clinton Internet Economy to save him either.

    We may be getting to the point that politics are secondary, and we must save this country from financial ruin, starting with DEM economic experts who can warn the Sane DEM’s in Congress

  240. Wes says:

    I also think things haven’t gotten as bad economically for the year as they will ultimately get. The substantial gains we all currently anticipate for the GOP in Congress could pale in comparison to what actually happens in November if things don’t start turning around soon.

  241. AlN says:

    212- OK, Wes, NOW are you ready to start telling Jerry to go play in the street? I mean the dude loves Pat “Hitler wasn’t so bad” Buchanan! The same Pat Buchanan whose Independent presidential run nearly gave us President Al Gore (if not for Ralph Nader, God bless him!)

    Another note: Somehow, after enduring the lunacy and slime of BPL, your “porn chick hour” just doesn’t bother me as much. In fact, it’s kind of funny.

  242. Wes says:

    Well, Jason, a friend of mine and I recently started a small business and have found a number of young women flocking to work for us because they literally can’t get work anywhere else. We tell them up front to start saving the money make from working for us because this economy is in a sharper decline than it appears on the surface. Damn you and your overspending, Obama!

  243. Jason T says:

    Lahood is a traitor Wes. He was a popular Downstate IL Rep who was high up in the Gingrich House.

    He has done a 360, and is taking shots at Rick Perry today for not supporting High Speed Rail, and railing on Toyota Too.

    This guy was a GOP Conference Chair, doing a Socilaists bidding

  244. Wes says:

    AIN, I don’t think Jerry Withrow has a rationally developed enough mind to understand me if I were to tell him to play in the street.

  245. Gary Maxwell says:

    40 % of NY works for the State of NY? Who else would say no to that question, people who dont want the budget balanced?

  246. Wes says:

    Obama must have pictures of Lahood with a mule, Jason. I can explain it no other way.

  247. Wes says:

    Don’t forget, Gary, a number of families in NY have members who work for the state. They know their own livelihoods could be in jeopardy if their primary breadwinner is furloughed.

  248. AlN says:

    186- JulStool, check out this website:
    Watch the video interview of Ron Paul listed by January 29. In that ABC interview, Paul clearly advocates legalized drugs (including heroin), prostitution, and gay marriage.

    Puh-lease don’t call the Pauls “Christian conservatives”. I fail to see how one can be anti-Israel and call oneself a “Christian”. The Christian Bible is very clear about supporting Israel.

  249. KnightHawk says:

    220 – MD,What goes on at HHR stays at HHR.

  250. MD says:

    As I have said before, the deficit is not your childrens or grandchildrens problem, it is YOURS.

  251. Jason T says:

    In past History, most Presidents have always had that inner circle that would not be afraid to tell the POTUS that hey have to slow down and change course. Obama needs someone such as a Robert Rubin or Buffett to tell him Spending has to be slowed down.

    McNamara eventually told LBJ that Vietnam was lost.

    Howard Baker told Nixon he should resign before Impeachment.

    Obama has to be told that America does not want socialism

  252. AlN says:

    don’t think Jerry Withrow has a rationally developed enough mind to understand me if I were to tell him to play in the street.
    Comment by Wes — February 4, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

    Then tell him to go to the Zoo and take a swim in the crocodile pool.

  253. MD says:

    Knight – absolutely!

    Ain – thanks for the Paul link. Christian con my a.

  254. Wes says:

    AIN, I’m a Catholic, but I support legalization of prostitution and lower-level drugs like marijuana while I think the states need to be the arbiters of gay marriage.

  255. Wes says:

    Good point, Jason, although I do have a quibble. It was Barry Goldwater–not Howard Baker–who told Nixon it was time for the President to go.

  256. KnightHawk says:

    252 – That number is a joke right? (40%? seems impossible)

  257. Wes says:

    Whoever runs that tookookyforkentucky site really doesn’t like Ron Paul, I gather.

  258. MD says:


    I pretty much agree on those issues with you. I do think it is funny that the left spent 8 years screaming about the will of the people but now want to ignore the will of the people on HC, Cap N Trade and gay marriage.

    Funny, how they have forgotten about the will of the people. I just saw a bumper sticker that said, “I did not vote on your marriage”.

    Hey, this is what you asked for.

  259. Jason T says:

    Wes, my bad. Baker was ranking Republican on Ervin’s Judiciary, I think

  260. Wes says:

    Agreed, MD. By the time he leaves office–I pray in January 2013–Obama could top Herbert Hoover on my list of worst Presidents. He’s certainly aiming for the top spot now.

  261. KnightHawk says:

    264 – Have not even visited it but the address sort of screams that. 😉

  262. Wes says:

    No sweat, Jason. Baker was high up on the committee and probably owuld have voted to take the impeachment articles to the floor as well as voting to remove Nixon form office. Honestly I don’t think any Senate Republican would have voted to keep Nixon in office at that point.

  263. Wes says:

    Right, Knight. Knight, what did you think fo Reshma Shetti on Red Eye last night?

  264. Marv says:


    Someone name Jewel Sapphire called into the CFP, Inc. offices today and said that she met you in Toronto and needed to talk with because the “tests have come back”.

    I presume that you commissioned some sort of market research and that was what she was talking about.

  265. KnightHawk says:

    I’m a sucker for a brit accent wrapped in a fine package.
    McCotter was good\funny as usual.

  266. Wes says:

    I thought Charles Djou handled gimself well in his interview too and actually impressed on Greg the need to be serious for a moment there. I’m not sanguine about Djou’s chances, but if he handles his campaign as well as he handled that interview, I’d say he has a shot.

  267. MD says:


    Yea, uh, uh, market research.

  268. MD says:


    Hoover was not a good Pres but I honestly don’t think he was the worse either. I have always held Buchanan out as the worse POTUS.

  269. Wes says:

    In my inbox, I just got this headline from WashPo:

    Local Breaking News: Incoming snowstorm could be historic.

    So much for global warming!!!!

  270. KnightHawk says:

    273 – Yeah a little goofy (in line with the show) but he came off well.

  271. Wes says:

    Buchanan wasn’t a good President either, MD, but I have to say the man who meddled in a fairly mild recession to the point where it became a full-on depression tops Buchanan’s failures as President.

  272. AlN says:

    Whoever runs that tookookyforkentucky site really doesn’t like Ron Paul, I gather.
    Comment by Wes — February 4, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

    No, actually I think his wife runs it!

    I’m a Catholic, but I support legalization of prostitution and lower-level drugs like marijuana while I think the states need to be the arbiters of gay marriage.
    Comment by Wes — February 4, 2010 @ 3:48 pm

    That’s fine, Wes. But I just hope all of these Christian conservatives know what they’re voting for when they support the Pauls. Plus, in that interview, Ron Paul even says that heroin should be legal — that’s a bit more serious than legalizing marijuana.

  273. KnightHawk says:

    276 – Great… more snow removal fees on the investment properties, uh.

  274. Marv says:


    There are two strong Dems from different wings of the party running in HI CD1. One is a Blue Dog, the other is a standard left wing liberal. They are running a special election wherein a plurality will win it. It looks like we could have another ABQ mayoral type outcome here with a strong Rep winning the plurality over the two Dems.

    Djou is a strong candidate and will do well.

  275. AlN says:

    I’ve always considered Warren G Harding to have been our worst-ever president. He was scandal-plagued morally, having sex with mistresses in the same Oval Office bathroom that Slick Willie used with Monica. Plus his financial scandals likely would have gotten him impeached, if he hadn’t done the proper thing and died in office. (Some suspect his wife had something to do with his premature death.)

  276. Wes says:

    I expect him to do well, Marv, but for a Republican to win that seat–Pat Saiki last held it for the party from 1987 to 1991–would be a tall order. That said, Djou is charismatic and intelligent. He has the advantages of a down economy, a template for how to win provided by Scott Brown, and divided opposition. That puts him in a decent position although it remains to be seen if it will be a winning one.

  277. KnightHawk says:

    I agree heroin and maryJ are not in the same league.

  278. Wes says:

    I completely disagree with that, AIN. I list Harding as one of our five greatest Presidents. Teapot Dome was strictly a scandal associated with men Harding trusted. No evidence has ever suffered to indicate he was involved. Harding also successfully negotiated a treaty in the aftermath of World War II, cut federal spending to its lowest level in decades, instituted sweeping tax cuts that propped up a floundeirng economy, got unemployment down to a mind-boggling 1%, and got the government out of everyone’s life to the greatest practical point. You could hardly ask for a better President.

  279. Wes says:

    What Reagan wnated to do 6 decades later, Harding actually did from 1921 to 1923. How can anyone consider the man to have been a failed President?

  280. Diogenes says:

    Warren G. harding was the worse president ever from a Liberal perspective of trite Enquirer-type scandals. In terms of economics and overall quality of life under Harding, life was quite good.

    Harding was a “bad” president the same way Bill Clinton was.

    The worse presidents are those whose failure reverberate past their term. Wilson and Carter are the worse presidents. One caused World War I by being an imbecile and one caused the mess in the middle east.

  281. MD says:

    Harding was only POTUS for 3 years. He certainly like his hunnies. Of course, given what a bytch his wife was, one cold hardly blame him.

  282. Diogenes says:

    World War II*

  283. AlN says:

    In a further use of Keith Olberman’s tactics, I apologize for calling Ron & Rand Paul “Jew-hating, America-blaming, weak-on-defense, pot-loving, prostitute-legalizing, gay marriage-favoring, conservative-opposing nutcakes”.
    Yes, I apologize — because I forgot to include “police-hating”!

  284. MD says:


    Wilson did not cause WW1. That was caused by inbreeding and having cousins rule various empires in Europe and Russia. Further, the whole thing could have been prevented but for a wrong turn.

    Wilson had other issues. He was an avowed racist for starters.

  285. KnightHawk says:

    “Of course, given what a bytch his wife was, one cold hardly blame him.”

    LOL – Reminds me of the case of a certain mayor(now ex) of New York.

  286. MD says:

    Oh, OK – well that point could be made although the French were the ones who drove the whole “let’s punish the Germans until it hurts” mantra.

    I can understand why they held that position.

  287. KnightHawk says:

    290 – Nothing police hating in that link that I saw.

  288. Wes says:

    Well, Clinton I would consider to be an average President, Dio. He started his term off with a number of wild-eyed liberal programs that would have caused a national meltdown had the GOP not forced him into compromise after 1994. Even so, the economy was based on an unsound foundation late in Clinton’s term that began to heave in his last year of office. He pretended he had ended the business cycle and did nothing to prevent the coming economic storm. Fortunately for both him and Bush though, Bush responded by cutting taxes and propping up the economy for awhile although the free-money policies espoused by bioth ultimately led to the current economic malaise the US is experiencing.

  289. AlN says:

    I completely disagree with that, AIN. I list Harding as one of our five greatest Presidents…. You could hardly ask for a better President.
    Comment by Wes — February 4, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

    Points taken. Maybe that’s why Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper went to Warren G Harding Junior High School. Also, my place of business is on Harding Street. I guess I just knew that the guy was scandal-plagued, morally and ethically.

  290. Wes says:

    Wilson let the French control the terms of Germany’s surrender, MD. He should have known such a brutal, almost imperialistic treatment of the Germans by the victors could have serious political implications around the world sometime in the future. It did.

  291. Marv says:

    Back to the Fox Poll for a minute….46-47… looks like there was no lasting SOTU bounce.

    RCP average is now 49-46.1.

  292. Wes says:

    David and Solomon were horrible heads of state, AIN, both from the standpoint of governing and from the standpoint of their personal peccadillos. Aside from his weakness for beautiful women–who doesn’t have such a weakness?–Harding was actually a fine head of state. I would have been proud to have voted for him in 1920.

  293. Wes says:

    What do you think of Harding, Marv?

  294. Marv says:

    #300 Wes,

    When I get into an arguement about how to fix the economy, I point out that reducing taxes works everytime that it has been tried. The examples I use are Harding, Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush 43.

    Harding did quite well and I think that had he lived, he would have weathered the scandals and perhaps the Great Depression could have been avoided. The question becomes then, who would have been president during WWII?

  295. Wes says:

    It’s hard to say, Marv. For his handling of WWII, I have to give Roosevelt high marks. For his handling of the Depression, I despise him. There really is no way unfortunately to know who would have been President during WWII had Hoover not taken the country from recession to depression.

  296. addisonst says:

    One place I don’t agree with you guys is inflation. I think if the economy drops more and or the Chinese bubble bursts we will have deflation. I know these deficits are unsustainable but there is no demand and spur for demand that I can see.