PA: Another Poll Gives Toomey A Double-Digit Lead Over Specter

Following up on this morning’s poll from Scott Rasmussen, we have another poll from Susquehanna Polling and Research that shows Pat Toomey holding a double-digit lead over Democrat Arlen Specter.

Pat Toomey (R) 48%
Arlen Specter (D-inc) 38%

It appears they did not include Sestak in a General Election match up, but do show Specter leading Sestak in the Democratic primary by 14%.

Arlen Specter (inc) 42%
Joe Sestak 28%

Dan Onorato 32%
Joe Hoeffel 13%
Jack Wagner 6%
Anthony Williams 4%

This poll was done April 7-12 among 700 likely voters.

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139 Responses to “PA: Another Poll Gives Toomey A Double-Digit Lead Over Specter”

  1. Chekote says:


  2. Brooks says:

    Maybe a little good news after all. We want Specter to win the Primary correct?

  3. Tim says:

    It really would be funny if that Party switcher lost in the Primary. Just hilarious.

  4. Yolanda says:

    Time for another R2K poll showing Specter up 2

  5. Brooks says:

    Sestak is down 14% here, and down 2% here. At this point who does the DNC want?

  6. House Sparrow says:

    Specter will be successful in winning his primary, but that is where it ends. Welcome, Senator Toomey!

  7. Bunu says:


  8. Tina says:

    Arlene Spectacle is going down – hopefully, he survives the primary contest.

  9. Bunu says:

    ummm Either I read the link wrong or he fixed the twitter…

    RonPaulforums thought he said DeMint too.

    O well who cares.

    Jim bunning is even better!

  10. House Sparrow says:

    I think many Dems here are holding their nose and supporting Specter, seeing him as their best chance to hold the seat. An outspoken Philly-area liberal like Sestak is not going anywhere in PA this year. Unfortunately for them, neither is an unprincipled, opportunistic vulture like Specter. It’s lose/lose for them either way.

  11. Brooks says:

    Thanks Sparrow. Good to hear from those in PA like you, Jul, and MD.

    Nice little bonus that Sestak gave up his House Seat for this too.

  12. Bunu says:

    Jim Bunning just is torched the GOP establishment on his way out the door.

  13. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    MMM MMMM MMMM – Everyone is catching on to the petty Authoririan Obama’s commie schtick – R.Paul is poised to kick Obama’s arse…..

    Yet the statist cabal’s CounterRevolution continues to gut the American Revolution….

    I know alot of you guys on here predicted this – well here it is:

    “Argentina grabs private pension funds

    Thomas Lifson

    In a move sure to be observed by other cash-pressed governments, Argentina has seized control of privately-managed pension funds. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes in the UK Telegraph:

    Here is a warning to us all. The Argentine state is taking control of the country’s privately-managed pension funds in a drastic move to raise cash. […]

    Here is a link from La Nacion and another from El Pais for Spanish speakers….

    … over $29bn of Argentine civic savings are to be used as a funding kitty for the populist antics of President Cristina Kirchner. This has been dressed up as an anti-corruption and efficiency move. Aren’t they always?

    Americans are already being softened up for a Value Added Tax, being told it is “inevitable.” The fact is that America’s federal government has expanded its take from the rest of the economy, and will soon be grabbing more of its citizens’ wealth. Is a grab of pension funds inconceivable here? Or is that part of the change that Obama promised?

    Hat tip: Bryan Demko”

    The goal is definitely to enslave the people……

    Yep, we get the CrappyCare schakles, the Crap n Tax industry takeover, and now the outright wealth confiscation……

    Commies lust for absolute power over you knows ZERO bounds – prepare for the upcoming 500 year dark age of repression

  14. Howard Dean says:

    Former N.Y. Gov. Pataki announces creation of national organization that will work to repeal Dems’ health overhaul


    NO thanks, chump.

    GO AWAY.

    Not one dime.

  15. mnw says:

    Too many bigshot DEM trial lawyers have a disproportionate share of their assets in pension plans. That may be our only hope.

  16. Brooks says:

    Pataki in his own delusional world thinks this will make him POTUS timber. Much better to fight it from the Senate George, you moron

  17. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    Here is why trolls have been swarming this site and telling you that conservatives and the GOP should adopt D-lite messages….

    Or “accept” that repeal of CrappyCare is impossible….

    Its the ONLY way that the DNC can split conservatives/GOP from the American public in NOV 10:

    “All the following acts have suddenly awakened Americans to their Constitution: (1) The nationalization of car companies and banks; (2) the subordination of the car companies’ legal bondholders to union bosses; (3) the creation of trillion-dollar slush funds (the stimulus package) used for, among other purposes, the corrupt purchase of congressional votes; (4) the mandating of individual health insurance purchase against the will of Americans; (5) the attempt to have Obamacare “deemed” to have been enacted, rather than actually publicly voted on by Congress.

    Amazingly, spontaneously, Americans are educating themselves about the details of our Constitution. Last week, I participated in a town hall meeting organized by Sirius Radio network with a large live audience and call-ins from state legislators across the country to discuss the merits of invoking an Article V constitutional convention (much more on that in a later column.) Many members of the audience – regular people from all over the country – held up their pocket Constitutions, which they keep with them.

    Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion – every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction – also applies to the political physics of the body politic. The suddenness and radical magnitude of Washington actions these past 18 months has induced an equal and equally radical reaction.

    It is in this context that I urge the Republican Party to abandon its – until now – justifiable instinct to be cautious and limited in its call for traditional American freedoms and constitutional limitations on government.

    Throughout my political life such caution has been the smart and necessary political practice for the Republican Party – even under Reagan. But now, such caution not only misses an historic opportunity, but such caution is suddenly the single best way for the Republicans to lose in November by failing to be seen as the vehicle for an angry public’s re-seizure of its freedoms.”

    Screw the plants and the trolls

    You listen to them and you will lose and get schakled to authoriran government!

  18. Brooks says:

    We need a shadow Government like in the U.K.

  19. Phil says:

    Go over to PPP and take a gander at what he says about the Pa race. He says the only reason Toomey is ahead is because a bunch of Democrats are currently undecised and they will come home in the end. He also trys to tell us Specter is up with independents.

  20. Bunu says:

    Jim Bunning endorses Rand Paul. He calls Rand Paul the “Only true Conservative in the race..”

    “In the United States Senate, Kentuckians need a strong, principled conservative to stand up to the liberals and establishment politicians that run Washington. Kentucky needs a conservative who will say no to bailouts, stop the government takeover of our economy, end wasteful spending, and bring down our national debt. And Kentucky’s families need a conservative who believes in traditional values and the rights of the unborn. In 2010, there is only one such conservative running for the United States Senate — Dr. Rand Paul.
    “Dr. Paul will be his own man in Washington, not beholden to the special interests and beltway insiders who come looking for handouts on a daily basis. Instead, Dr. Paul will be a strong voice and advocate for the people and values of Kentucky. Dr. Paul is a man of his word who can be trusted to do what is right for Kentucky and the nation.
    “I know what it takes to stand up for the conservative principles that are needed to make America a better place for our children and grandchildren. Dr. Paul shares those same core values and has the courage and conviction necessary to make sure the voices of Kentucky’s workers, families, retirees, and children are heard in Washington. That is why I am supporting Dr. Paul to be our next United States Senator from Kentucky.”

  21. mnw says:

    Toomsday: Coming soon to a venue near Arlen.

  22. rdelbov says:

    My sense is and poll after poll today bears me out is that Specter is a weaker candidate then Sestak. 95% of polls this out and that’s apparently the conventional wisdom.

    On the plus side Specter and Sestak will be spending nearly everything on this primary and its will be nasty-no happy times for Sestak & Specter after this primary

    One caveat. Specter has such nasty negatives. I can’t see him rising up much.

    Sestak is ultra liberal without all the pork Specter has handed out. Is his lower level higher then Specter? Not sure. That’s a little unknown. Right now Toomey would eat Sestak’s lunch.

    So I guess lets just have the democrats kill eachother for awhile

  23. Tony says:

    Judge to Speed Federal Health Care Challenge
    Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 01:55 PM Article Font Size

    A federal judge in Florida says he wants to set a fast schedule for a lawsuit by at least 18 states aimed at overturning President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.


    The states claim the federal government cannot force citizens to buy health insurance or force a mandate on states without providing money to pay for it.

    HT Newsmax

  24. rdelbov says:

    Tony this APOS poll has always been the most liberal poll out there as President Kerry can attest. Its only adults and has Obama at 49%–its a killer and not a rescue poll

  25. House Sparrow says:

    PPP really thinks Specter is winning indies?? There is my laugh for the day. Toomsday is coming, indeed.

  26. Gary Maxwell says:

    You can say that again!

    persuading change-minded voters to keep the status quo will be no easy task given that most people call details of the health care overhaul murky and that the unemployment rate is unlikely to fall below 9 percent by November.

    The key for Obama and his party: firing up moribund Democratic voters while appealing to independents who are splitting their support after back-to-back national elections in which they tilted heavily toward Democrats and caused the power shift.

    None of that will be easy.

    Just listen to independent voters who typically decide elections.

    “He’s moving the country into a socialized country,” Jim Fall, 73, of Wrightwood, Calif., said of the president. He worries that Obama is too “radical left wing” and that government has grown too big, saying: “He is constantly in our lives more and more and more and more.”

    Fall was just as down on the Democratic-controlled Congress: “They’re horrible. I think all they do is talk,” he said, adding that Republicans acted no differently when they had power: “Just spend and spend and spend.”

    In Spokane, Wash., Angela Hardin, 43, was just as disapproving.

    “I don’t like what’s going on,” the small business owner said. “He is just making a huge mess out of everything. … He’s all over the map. It’s like, ‘Slow down! Breathe! Think!'”

    As for Democrats in Congress, she said: “I’m not happy with them.” Republicans, she said, may be better. But she’s really ambivalent toward any of them: “It’s just beyond me how they can sit up there with all of their college degrees and fight like they were in middle school.”

  27. Polaris says:

    #26 Yep, and the Feds are trying to get it dismissed without argument for “lack of standing” (the suit against Obamacare)

    Given the Judge in question, I don’t think the Feds are going to have an easy time of that….


  28. Tony says:

    APOS poll?

    Very funny. I almost missed it.

    BTW, when they say “adults” do they mean people over 26?

  29. Polaris says:

    In addition, Obama and his cronies are claiming that states can not sue the federal govt no matter what.


  30. Polaris says:

    #31 Only if they are registered Dems.


  31. Brooks says:

    Polaris, those global corporate pigs on Wall Street are not helping our cause, by running up the Stock Market. They love Obamacare and amnesty.

  32. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #34 What is “running up” the stock market is the Federal Reserve’s printing press!

    The money supply has DOUBLED in one year….

    And all that new money is being loaned out by the FEDS at near ZERO percent!

    It has to go somewhere….

    Basically, the politicans are trying to reinflate another economic bubble….in time for the 2012 election (they were hoping for nov 10 but the bust was so big this time it doesnt look like they can make it happen by then….)

    Its another house of cards – and it will collapse bigger then ever before……

  33. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “Previous: A Response to Intel Abuses at Last?
    Media Coverage of the Health Care Overhaul
    Posted by Michael D. Tanner

    Over the course of the health care debate, the media often reported and editorialized — and sometimes it was impossible to tell the difference — quite favorably on the Democratic proposals running through Congress. While some upheld their journalistic responsibility to scrutinize and offer objective analysis of the legislation, many did not.

    It was not surprising to read stories almost daily about how Obamacare would lift millions of poor, elderly, sick, and generally down-trodden Americans out of financial and medical crisis, and even go so far as to singlehandedly save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans over the course of the next decade. (It would even provide one free turkey for Thanksgiving to every family living 400 percent below the poverty level.)

    This morning, however, the headlines read something like this:

    •“Rasmussen: Public Favors Repeal 58%-38%” (Rasmussen Polls)
    •“JCT Says Healthcare Reform Will Raise Middle Class Taxes” (The Hill)
    •“Lawmakers, Staff May Lose Coverage” (New York Times): Adds the Times, “The confusion raises the inevitable question: If they did not know exactly what they were doing to themselves, did lawmakers who wrote and passed the bill fully grasp the details of how it would influence the lives of other Americans?”
    •“Healthcare Law Could Boost Costs For Less Healthy Americans” (New York Times)
    •“Healthcare Law Unlikely To Curb Premium Increases” (Los Angeles Times)

    My question is this: where were these reporters before the passage of the health care bill?”

    Thats an easy ???? to answer – the “reporters” were over at the DNC getting their talking points to shill!

  34. MFG says:

    Earnings are good

    Laying off 75% of your workers tends to improve margins…

  35. Tony says:

    Other coutries have more rights to sue the US federal gov’t than the states do.

  36. Brooks says:

    MFG, spot on. Wall Street loves 10% unemployment.

  37. Bunu says:

    Hilarious knock at Paul supporters.

    It looks as though the Ron Paul spam bots have become more sophisticated in their attempts to spam every single poll known to man. After spamming the CPAC poll to give Ron Paul the win and sending their hacker spammers to New Orleans to come within 1 vote of winning the SRLC, the spammers have struck again.
    According to Rasmussen Ron Paul would be considered a dead heat contender with Barack Obama in a 2012 election. This is obviously more proof that Ron Paul’s fake supporters are manipulating poll numbers just as they have done in practically every poll that has come up since Ron Paul’s first debate in 2007.

  38. Brandon says:


  39. Chekote says:

    The states claim the federal government cannot force citizens to buy health insurance or force a mandate on states without providing money to pay for it.

    Haven’t the feds being doing unfunded mandates for decades?

  40. Chekote says:

    Hey MFG!

    Welcome fellow RINO! 🙂

  41. Polaris says:

    #41 Yes, but it’s never before been challenged in federal court. There is at least some question as to whether or not unfounded mandates violate the 10th amendment. The courts ducked this issue the last time such cases were presented (against the national 55mph speedlimit which was enforced by an unfunded mandate).


  42. Chekote says:


    This is going to be very interesting. If SCOTUS finds that the federal government can mandate purchases, it will gut federalism. The Constitution might as well be thrown out.

  43. Tony says:

    Come on, playing the race card is so 2000 and 1990 and 1980 and 1970 and…. Good God, don’t they have anything else?

    White American workers are “so f—ing rabidly racist” their sentiments can be used to scare blacks into supporting comprehensive immigration reform for illegal Latinos, argued SEIU Executive Vice President Gerry Hudson.

    World Net Daily.

  44. LaZebra says:

    8,10,13,15,22,40,44: Bunu,

  45. Polaris says:

    #45 Agreed and IMHO this is why the Judge in Orlando (a Reagan appointee) as agreed to fastrack this to Scotus.

    I do not think if the case is not thrown out on technicalities (which is what the Obama administration is trying to do), that Scotus will look kindly on this overreach of federal power. I see at least a 5-4 smackdown and likely 6-3 or even 7-2 against the Individual Mandate.


  46. Tony says:

    Funny thing he’s going after white Liberals here. (post 46)

    I’ll say “right on” but I won’t say “bro”. That’ll be taking way to far.

  47. GPO says:

    I do not think if the case is not thrown out on technicalities (which is what the Obama administration is trying to do), that Scotus will look kindly on this overreach of federal power. I see at least a 5-4 smackdown and likely 6-3 or even 7-2 against the Individual Mandate.


    Comment by Polaris — April 14, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

    Stevens wont be around when its heard. of the other three libs, which one would go with the conservatives. I dont believe any of them would

  48. Mark Cali says:

    This thread is about Pennsylvania, not Kentucky. Can we keep things on topic?

  49. LaZebra says:

    Some of you have all of these silly Junior High nicknames for Senator McCain: “McAmnesty”, “McVain”, “McPain”, or “Amnesty Boy”.

    So in fairness, how about a good nickname for J.D. Hayworth? How about “The Arizona Airhead”?
    After viewing the following commercial, it fits!

  50. Polaris says:

    #50 Honestly, the Individual Mandate is so blatently an overreach of federal power (and in violation of the 10th amendment….the same bill could be used to force people to eat a certain brand of breakfast cereal), that the only sure votes for the Individual Mandate are Gisberg and Stevens. I can easily see the other striking it down (even the Sotomayor).


  51. Brandon says:


  52. Tony says:

    GPO, Polaris

    Obama can delay this through various tactics for a very long time. I wouldn’t put it past Stevens to stay on the bench until hearings are under way, then announce he’s quitting while its being heard. Can they vote with only 8 present?

    I don’t think he has scruples to d what’s right.

  53. Polaris says:

    #55 Sure. Scotus can and has heart and voted on cases with only eight present. IIRC there are even a few (very rare) 4-4 decisions in fact. In such a case, the lower court ruling is considered to have been upheld, but no precedent is made (and the court can rehear the case later). Basically it’s like a mistrial.


  54. Bunu says:

    If anyone can tell me the first website to start using McVain, I’ll give someone SERIOUS props.

  55. Tony says:

    56 Is this through abstaining or because there were only 8 justices?

  56. Tony says:

    A non-???? post from ????

  57. Tommy_Boy says:

    The Kos moonbats are claiming that the “corporate” media is lying about the crowd size at today’s Boston Tea party rally.

    They are losing control.

  58. Polaris says:

    #58 Good question. IIRC the last 4-4 happened becasue CJ Roberts abstained (because it was a case he heard on the appelate bench).

    However, there is nothing in the law, constitution, or bylaws that prevents the court from hearing cases with only 8 members present.


  59. Tina says:

    I do see that most of it is thrown down by the S.C. 6-3, Polaris.

  60. Tina says:

    Thrown out.

  61. Tina says:

    I do know that there are at least 2 tea party meetings near my neck ofthe woods. Very liberal area demographically.

  62. LaZebra says:

    Notice the Arizona Airhead made the list of the “Ten Dumbest Congressman”:

    I think that only Inhofe is unjustly on this list. All the others truly are DUMB! And the one notable missing name? Ron Paul — dumber than dumb.

  63. Polaris says:

    #64 Indeed. Something very similiar happened with most of FDR’s New Deal (esp the NRA). It was then that FDR tried to pack the court.

    Thankfully FDR failed to pack the court or else our form of Govt would have died right there and then. FDR had rather authoritarian instincts.


  64. Tina says:

    Yup, so true, Polaris re: the Supreme Court.

  65. Tony says:

    Thanks 61.

    We have to know every tactic these people will employ to get this past the SC because they will try everything.

    I do not doubt there a few justices on the SC, including justices all the way up the appeals process that will play along.

  66. Tina says:

    I do not give a pass to FDR – he prolonged the Depression – interned Americans- and tried to pack the court.

  67. Tina says:

    The Equal protection argument may also work – difffernt plans – benefits for selected states – ie – Cornhusker Kickback.

  68. Tina says:

    I feel sorry for one of my relatives. Her eye doctor specialist dropped Medicare – thanks to the Obumbler. So, she has to look for another specialist. This is only the start.

  69. Polaris says:

    #71 Indeed and IMHO the very intent of the bill is to drive private medicine and private insurers out of business. Then the govt will be “forced for our own good” to nationalize healthcare.


  70. Tina says:

    She is in her 80s,so finding a doctor can be done since she is near SF. However, accepting a new doctor is another issue given her age.

  71. Diogenes says:

    who’s going to be the liberal that joins the conservatives? Maybe sotomayor? It would be a nice change of pace to have a liberal justice become more conservative.

  72. Bunu says:

    “Trey’s internal polling shows Bunning supports him.”- Nate Hodson

  73. Chekote says:

    The Equal protection argument may also work – difffernt plans – benefits for selected states – ie – Cornhusker Kickback.

    That has been taken out via reconciliation. I do think seniors living outside of Florida that will lose Medicare Advantage could sue under the equal protection.

  74. Polaris says:

    #74 It’s not really a matter of a liberal justice becoming conservative. It’s a matter that the HCR law regarding individual mangates is blatently unconstitutional and the same mechanic can be used to quash individual liberty…and even some liberal justices are very sensitive to putting that much power into the hands of the govt in that way (i.e. the ability to tell someone what they have to eat for breakfast).

    Remember that even the contentious Bush v Gore case was decided in favor of Bush by a 7-2 margin with a very similiarly balanced (idealogically) court. [The decision was not 5-4 as the MSM would have you believe….look it up.]


  75. GPO says:

    Polaris – I have to disagree with you- the libs on the court are partisan hacks- and will not make Obama look foolish

  76. Polaris says:

    #78 Ginsberg and Stevens certainly are the partisan hacks you claim.

    The others? I am willing to at least give them the benefit of the doubt. Just because they don’t have an originalist or constructionist philosophy doesn’t mean they are ipso facto bad justices with no eye to the good of the constitution as they see it.

    As I said before, even the politically charged Bush v Gore case was decided in favor of Bush by a 7-2 vote (yes two liberal justices sided with Bush).


  77. Tim says:

    You guys don’t think that Thomas and Scalia are partisan hacks? LOL

  78. Chekote says:

    The justices have to know that expanding the commerce clause to include the federal government mandating purchasing of private goods means that federalism is finished. It is slippery slope and just United States v. Lopez.

  79. Tina says:

    The ACLU Troll and Sotohatewhitey are in fact trolls, tim.

  80. Polaris says:

    #80 No and the reason I don’t is because (esp with Scalia), they both have long standing and constistant judicial philosophies that they adhere to (and it makes them relatively easy to predict on the court) regardless of who would polically benefit.

    I know (for example) that Scalia and Thomas have both voted more than once against a case presented by a GOP administration.

    If any conservative justice comes closest to being “a partisan hack” it would be Roberts but even he has shown far more integrity than Ginsberg (for example) as ever shown. She belabours under the idea that if the Dems/ACLU/Progessives favor it then it’s automatically good and the constitution be damned.


  81. Polaris says:

    #82 Indeed and that is why I think a vote to rule that the Individual Mandate is unconstitutional will get one or two otherwise “progressive” liberal justices to agree.


  82. Tina says:

    Ginsburg, Boxah, ???, and Piglosi.

    Who would win the Ugliest Duck Contest?

  83. Tina says:

    Polaris, in your analysis, how does Alito rank?

  84. Polaris says:

    #86 Tough call, but I’d go with Ginsberg.


  85. Polaris says:

    #87 Honestly? Somewhere in between Scalia and Roberts. Alita while a constitutional constructionist doesn’t seem to be as ‘pure’ as Scalia is (or Thomas for that matter). However, he does seem to follow Scalia’s lead most of the time.


  86. Tim says:

    And, I think they’re right-wing Conservatives. And, with precious few exceptions, they vote that way.

    And, every last Democrat that I know thinks that way, as well. And, we also think that Ginsberg has voted FAR more fairly than those you admire.

    Amazing how the Dems and Republicans consistently think the same way about the other side.

  87. MFG says:

    Not a chance this gets overturned

    Not a chance

  88. MFG says:

    They have rubber stamped every grotesque power overreach ever attempted by Congress and the President

    This will be no different

    I’d love to be wrong…

  89. MFG says:

    Look at how blatantly and obviously campaign finance reform violated the first amendment


  90. MFG says:

    I’m sure there’s some “sweet mystery of life” that’ll make the mandate constitutional

  91. Tina says:

    Kennedy and the Beotch that retired – one ofthose two were responsible for those decisions, right. Moderates.

  92. MD says:

    It is too early to label Alito and Roberts for that matter. As for Ginsburg voting fairly Tim, what friggin planet are you on today?

  93. MD says:

    Dear God!

    MFG – how is RWY after the “dustup?”. You guys makeup?

  94. Charles says:

    Expect Skippy to use any and all tactics to intimidate the justices, it’s the Chicago way after all.

    BTW, Boston PD estimate the crowd to hear Palin was anywhere from 13k to 16k.

  95. lisab says:


    why do you keep posting stuff about paul?

    if you are trying to help paul, you are not. you annoy most of the regulars. you actually make it less likely they will consider paul.

    if you think that someone “just passing through” will see your stuff and be convinced to vote for paul, this blog gets very few people passing through.

    sooooo again, why do you keep posting stuff about paul?

  96. MD says:

    He posts because his Paul picture is 100% atained and he does not know what to do with himself.

  97. mnw says:


    Slapton Sands was what, pls?

  98. mnw says:

    I’ve only got a few minutes before my wife gets home & seizes the computer.

    A good day for J.D. The 2 debates prove to me, at least, that McPain is concerned enuf to shift his game plan. He can’t have WANTED to give Hayworth a state-wide forum with a mass audience, I suspect.

  99. Howard Dean says:

    BTW, Boston PD estimate the crowd to hear Palin was anywhere from 13k to 16k.

    Comment by Charles — April 14, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

    In deeply liberal Boston?

    On a weekday?

  100. mnw says:

    Wow. Good crowd.

  101. mnw says:


    Zero picking a fight w/ Buzz Aldrin ought to help him, don’t u think?

    Maybe he can get into a spat w/ the Dalai Lama next! Oh… wait..

  102. jones says:

    Well Obama the Liar invented the moon.

  103. rdelbov says:

    Palin drew a huge crowd in Boston?

    Is this the third teaparty there? I know there was one in Jan 2010 but I am hazy on the 1st one?

  104. Diamond Jim says:

    I hope Thompson doesn’t endorse Leinenkugel tomorrow.

  105. rdelbov says:

    Diamond Jim

    any insight into Leinenkugel? I know almost nothing of WI’s politics.

  106. jones says:

    This is opinion, but I agree with it.

  107. Diamond Jim says:

    Leinenkugel was Doyle’s Commerce Secretary for the last 18 months which is enough to disqualify him in my mind. I am not familiar with his political views.

  108. Diamond Jim says:

    As Marks Belling says, we have Tweedledee, Tweedledum, and Tweedledem running for the Republican nomination. The possibility remains that Thompson will announce his candidacy tommorow, but all indications are that he is not running.

  109. mark oh says:

    I thought Leinenkugel was a Wisconsin beer.

  110. MD says:

    The Drudge headline tonight is scary.

  111. Diogenes says:

    *sigh* The GOP bench disappoints yet again.

  112. rdelbov says:

    I think that Leininkugel’s claim to fame.

    He is in the family’s beer business

  113. Diogenes says:

    Well politico backtracked and said Tommy Thompson was unlikely to run.

    Dubya and some big Republican hitters needs to give this man a call.

    At the very least tell him he can simply resign the seat in a year or two when the GOP takes the governor’s mansion.

  114. rdelbov says:

    Tommy Thompson may have also cleared the field-so to speak as no top ranked candidate has entered

    I say man up Thompson–make a little history

  115. Chekote says:

    I think it is clear that Pataki is really serious about running for POTUS. I don’t see that he can get the nomination but nobody thought he could be Cuomo (including Rudy).

  116. Bunu says:

    Miller, Leinenkugel, Point

    Those three are Wisconsin beers. Any others?

  117. Bunu says:

    Obama accidently bows to Burger King man. hahaha

  118. lisab says:

    “Slapton Sands was what”

    normandy trial run

  119. marc says:

    Breaking News….

    Source…Thompson to announce he’s running..cite disgust over Obama policies

    Now the Senate is truly in play now…

  120. lisab says:

    in play, really means you have about a 5% chance of taking it. you need 51 seats.

  121. Bunu says:

    Grayson’s newest ad is attacking Rand over SS and MEdicare.

    Basically attacks him for saying we would of voted against creating medicare and saying to save SS we would have to raise the age limit. Is Trey running as an “R” or a “D.”

    He also wheels out Closing Gitmo and releasing them back in battle (all lies).

    I hate this Grayson guy.

  122. lisab says:


    what about #101?

  123. Bunu says:


    It’s the most exciting race. Primary is in less than a month.

  124. Big D says:

    “They have rubber stamped every grotesque power overreach ever attempted by Congress and the President”

    The Supreme Court is human, what Congress and Obama did was unconstitutional, you think the Supreme Court is going to give Obama the benefit of the doubt after the SOTU speech? His little call out isn’t going to have the intimidation factor Obama thought it would.

  125. lisab says:

    “It’s the most exciting race. Primary is in less than a month.”

    yeah, but you just don’t talk about the primary

    you continually post about all Paul news,

    which just annoys the other posters, and hurts your cause. so why do you do it?

  126. Mark Cali says:

    Right, Lisab. I actually hate Ron Paul now (disliked him before, hate him now), thanks to Bunu. And I am rethinking my support for Rand Paul.

  127. Diogenes says:

    Its not the most exciting race. Whoever wins there is gonna win in Kentucky in November anyways (what happens in 6 years is another matter).

    Rand Paul is going to be as obnoxious as his father about spending and then backstab us on every other issue voting with the dems. Screw him.

  128. Charles says:

    Dio, it’s worth paying attention to the KY race for the simple matter it’s a nice microcosm of the establishment/beltway GOP vs the Tea Party movement again.

    McConnell has endorsed Greyson and the perception is that others like the Bush family and Cheney are siding with him.

    Palin endorsed Paul and it appears he has the tacit support of the Tea Party people.

    That’s why this race is important, it’s less about the candidates and more about the people behind them.

  129. rdelbov says:

    Mark Cali-Dio others

    I think Ron Paul is pretty worthless. Will Rand Paul be a worthless US senator?

    #1 US senators are very different then congressmen. One guy sticking to his principles like Bunning or Coburn or DeMint can really muck stuff up and move the senate rightward. Will Rand Paul have the discernment to know when to lone ranger and when to play team ball?

    2. Rand Paul talks and acts very different then his Father. If you listen and you read the web sites you can see the difference. Pro-Paul people don’t acknowledge this difference.

    3. B with his 30 to 40 posts a day on that one race has soured many folks here on Rand Paul. I myself have come close to picking up the phone and calling my cousins in KY urging a Grayson vote. I am not ususally into primary battles-certainly not in states other then TN-and prefer to focus on GE matchups.