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    IN: Coats Leads Ellsworth by 21%

    A lot of polling today and now we get an important one from Scott Rasmussen for the open US Senate seat in Indiana.

    US SENATE – INDIANA (Rasmussen)
    Dan Coats (R) 54%
    Brad Ellsworth (D) 33%

    Marlin Stutzman (R) 41%
    Brad Ellsworth (D) 36%

    John Hostettler (R) 50%
    Brad Ellsworth (D) 33%

    This poll was done April 13-14 among 500 likely voters. In addition to the above poll from Rasmussen in Indiana, we have new numbers from Public Policy Polling for the 2012 Presidential race on teh Republican side.

    Mitt Romney 33%
    Mike Huckabee 27%
    Sarah Palin 23%

    Interestingly, PPP decided not to include Ron Paul this time around after including him in the previous national Presidental poll they did. This poll was done April 9-11 among 400 Republican primary voters. Meanwhle in New York, more of the same in the gubernatorial race and US Senate race from Siena College.

    US SENATE – NEW YORK (Siena)
    George Pataki (R) 47%
    Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 38%

    Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 46%
    Bruce Blakeman (R) 26%

    Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 46%
    Joe DioGuardi (R) 27%

    Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 46%
    David Malpass (R) 24%

    Andrew Cuomo (D) 61%
    Rick Lazio (R) 24%

    Andrew Cuomo (D) 58%
    Steve Levy (R) 23%

    Andrew Cuomo (D) 64%
    Carl Paladino (R) 19%

    Rick Lazio 29%
    Steve Levy 15%
    Carl Paladino 13%

    George Pataki could have this seat and yet he refuses to take it when offered. If he thinks he has any national ambitions with Republicans, I think they are fading fast due to his cowardice in putting his name out there for the US Senate race in New York. But that is just my opinion. This poll was done April 12-15 among 806 registered voters.

    Posted by Dave at 12:28 pm
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    519 Responses to “IN: Coats Leads Ellsworth by 21%”

    1. mnw says:

      Why poll Pataki? He said he was out.

    2. Howard Dean says:

      Republicans Question Timing, Target of SEC Case Against Goldman


      The Obama administration is biting the hand that fed it for political gain, Republicans say, accusing the White House of going after Goldman Sachs and then using the fraud charges filed against the Wall Street heavyweight to build the case for financial regulatory overhaul.

    3. Yolanda says:

      Ellsworth should just spend the next few months until November revising his resume. He’ll need it.

    4. Gary Maxwell says:

      Why Poll Ellsworth, he is toast! 21% and Coats safely over 50%. I guess any day Obamacare is going to start getting more populat, Right Census?

    5. MD says:

      MNW – agreed. They must have already commissioned the poll.

      I want to thank Ellsworth, sincerely, for also handing us his House seat. That was very considerate.

    6. MD says:

      He is the presumptive Dem nominee so if you are going to poll the Senate race, I don’t see how you can avoid Ellsworth.

    7. MD says:

      A couple of posters are all “aflutter” on the last thread. It is kind of funny.

      3, 2, 1…

    8. Gary Maxwell says:

      What an absolute boneheaded move to vote for the unpopular Obamacare in Indiana and expect the voters to reward you for treachery with a Senate seat. Maybe there is a lobbyist position or an ambassadorship that can reward him looks like the voters of Indiana intend payback not reward.

    9. MD says:

      There has to be some reward for him GM. He can’t be stupoid enough to think he could actually win.

      What a gift IN was. I had Byah as safe. Not only do we take that seat but we get the Hos seat as a bonus.

    10. Bunu says:

      Glenn Beck calls Rand Paul, “Real Deal.” today.

    11. Chekote says:

      Glenn Beck calls Rand Paul, “Real Deal.” today.

      Months ago I said Beck was unstable. Vindication is sweet!

    12. rdelbov says:

      Another day and another day without a GOP primary in IN.

      I get the sense that Coats is well ahead in the primary.

      So far no one has knocked me off that assumption

    13. sam says:

      “Maybe there is a lobbyist position or an ambassadorship that can reward him …”


      Look at it from Obama’s point of view. This dufus served his purpose. Once he loses in Nov, he has no utility left. Does not have a base of voters that he brings to the party. Does not have bank of moneymen to raise funds.

      What good is he to Obama after Nov?

      And, this will be the fate of numerous Dems after the first week of November. They have no further utility. (Count folks such as Lincoln, Stupak and the other kamikazes.)

    14. jason says:

      “Why poll Pataki? He said he was out.”

      Maybe 47-38 he would get back in…. 8)

    15. Bunu says:

      Coats is a stinker.

    16. Marv says:

      Good afternoon, folks.

    17. Marv says:

      I think that Lazio should drop his NY Gov bid and announce that he will seek the GOP nomination for Senator and challenge Gillibrand.

    18. jason says:

      When is the Indiana primary?

    19. MD says:


      I don’t like Lazio against any woman. He is state rep material. Let him lose to Cuomo.

    20. jason says:

      16. Coats is a stinker.

      Translation for Bunutalk: Coats is not a Paulbot.

    21. Chekote says:


      H/T Eph

    22. MD says:

      A stinker. Who are you? Bobby Brady?

    23. Gary Maxwell says:

      Doesnt the Bible talk about the end day when the lion lies down with the lamb? About the same as Chek quoting Eph?

    24. jason says:

      25. Blogs make strange bedfellows….

    25. maelstrom says:

      19. May 4

    26. Chekote says:

      Eph and I have a deep connection. No one will ever understand it.

    27. Tony says:

      Rand Paul has never won anything. Lets keep it that way.

    28. Chekote says:

      Mitt Romney is exactly what is wrong with our leadership and why we find ourselves in the current mess. He is a selfish, ambitious, twit who only cares about self-aggrandizement. He has no morals. He has not guiding political philosophy. He is nothing by an empty suit with a huge checkbook. He makes me sick!

    29. jason says:

      31. Sounds like Obama to me, not Romney.

    30. Polaris says:

      #450 From a couple of posts down: Williams (from the 1640) and Jefferson (in his letters) did NOT have official standing in how the constitution (or Bill of Rights) was written or how they were interpreted. They were private citizens with private opinions.

      It wasn’t until the 20th century that Jefferson’s letters were MISUSED as part of a Judicial Activist Push to remove all religion from federally funded organizations, and that certainly has ZERO constitutional backing.

      You will not find “Wall of Seperation” ANYWHERE in the constitution, Aaron_In_Texas, and you know it. The only prohibition was against the establishment of an official church….and until the 14th amendment (and even that’s arguable) that only applied to the federal govt.


    31. Tony says:

      Justice Clarence Thomas: We’re ‘evading’ eligibility

      Looks like some Democrat has pushed Obama front and center into the birther issue. If I’m that soldier who refused to deploy, this can only help him.

      Clarance Thomas on the eligiblity of Puerto Ricans to become SC justices vs POTUS.

      “I’m glad to hear that you don’t think there has to be a judge on the Court,” said Serrano, “because I’m not a judge; I’ve never been a judge.”

      “And you don’t have to be born in the United States,” said Thomas, referring to the Constitution, which requires the president to be a natural-born citizen but has no such clause for a Supreme Court justice, “so you never have to answer that question.”

      “Oh really?” asked Serrano. “So you haven’t answered the one about whether I can serve as president, but you answer this one?”

      “We’re evading that one,” answered Thomas, referring to questions of presidential eligibility and prompting laughter in the chamber. “We’re giving you another option.”

    32. jason says:

      Looks like the SEIU is thinking of going third party and founding the “Labor Party”. Where do I contribute?


    33. Tony says:

      31, if you’re this much against Mitt, I think I’m going to have to give him a second look.

    34. jason says:

      Mitt is not my first choice, but if he was nominated I would support him wholeheartedly against Obama. As I have said before, I think he will be the nominee. I think he is cheap at 27% on Intrade. Chekote’s attacks on him are gratuitous. Empty suit? Obama is an empty suit, a poseur. My main reason not to support Romney outright is that I think Republicans should nominate somebody new without so much baggage, somebody like Thune or Daniels or another dark horse.

    35. Chekote says:


      Still not answering my question. I want to know the mechanics of government prohibited from establishing religion on one hand and the people being free to establish religion on the other works? How do you implement such a philosophy?

    36. jason says:

      Tories up 1.5% to 75% on Intrade to win the election, but only 35% to get majority.

    37. Chekote says:

      but if he was nominated I would support him wholeheartedly against Obama.

      I would not. If Obamacare is marxist, so is Romneycare. Just because a big government idiot calls himself a Republicans, it does not make him or his policies acceptable.

    38. jason says:

      Btw you can buy Harry Reid shares on Intrade for about 25. It’s a win-win situation. If he loses, great. If he wins, bummer, but you can quadruple your money.

    39. Victrc says:

      To MD. Justol and rdelbov

      is there an chance that Mary Buchanan have any chance in PA-4. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

    40. rdelbov says:

      Fred Thompson was my 1st choice in 2008. He ran a pitiful campaign.

      Ironically he found his voice and message the minute he dropped his Presidential bid.

      who can explain it?

    41. jason says:

      40. You would support Obama against Romney????

    42. Polaris says:

      #33 …continuation: Basically the founding fathers were concerned about the marriage of a political church with the power of the federal govt. Thus the lanaguage about ESTABLISHED churches.

      However, you will find nowhere in the constitution any lanaguage that talks about “speration of church and state” or any law or precent for that prior to the 20th century (and academenic treatis and private letters don’t count for that). Basically, there is nothing in the constitution nor should there be (because it was NEVER the founders’ intent) that one should not be able to pray nor have religiously inspired icons on Federal Property…and this was what from what I can tell Gov Palin was referring to. This enforced secularism is due to 20th century judicial activist overreach and is not supported by the constitution.


    43. Chekote says:

      Sounds like Obama to me, not Romney.

      You could not be more wrong. Obama has a very clear government philosophy. He clearly sought the presidency to change America to fit his view of what is right, moral and fair. I disagree with his views but they are legitimate. Mitt has no guiding philosophy. You need to make a distiction between having no philosophy vs. having a philosophy you don’t agree with. The two are not the same.

    44. jason says:

      42. Hey I am from PA now too. Don’t leave me out 8( ….Well, actually I am new to PA politics, just kidding.

    45. Polaris says:

      #46 Chek, you’ve just shown your true colours here. I don’t like Romney either, but I’d rather have a president with no overall philosophy (other than self-aggrandizement) than Obama’s Facist philospophy (and that is the proper name for it).

      This country can survive self-absorbed and self-serving people as POTUS (we survived Clinton after all). An idealogue like Obama…..we may not survive this outbreak let alone the next.


    46. Chekote says:


      Still not answering the question. I have already acknowledged that the Constitution does not have the words “separation of church and state”. Why are you repeating yourself?

      I have asked you about the mechanics in a situation where the government cannot establish an official religion but the people can establish an official religion. How does that work in every day life? Please answer the question.

    47. jason says:

      46. I agree that Obama has an agenda, not a philosophy. And this BS that he wants to make the US more moral and fair is exactly that, BS. Obama is not a moral man. He attained the Presidency under false pretenses and with tainted money. His associates were and are crooks and terrorists and anti-American zealots. There is nothing legitimate about his views.

    48. Chekote says:

      Obama’s Facist philospophy (and that is the proper name for it).

      Romney felt that the government of Massachuttes had the right to force people to buy health insurance. What makes you think that he won’t feel the same way about the federal government once in office? The last thing the Republicans need is for another big government Republican like the Bushes to expand the federal government while calling themselves “conservatives”. They are the fifth column. Obama is exactly where he should be: in the big government party.

    49. Sean says:

      WOW, Coats over 50%? It looks like North Dakota, Delaware, Nevada, Arkansas, and Indiana are safe GOP… Pennsylvania and Colorado are leaning that way, and so may be Illinois… It’s definitely looking like the Senate will be very closely divided. Could very well end up 50/50.

    50. Victrc says:

      Jason…would love to hear your thoughts on the race…Polaris too of course!

      Rdelbov…he became more empassioned because the role he is in now is the one he likes. Making an occassional speech and being s thorn. He didn’t want to be president his wife wanted him to be president. Being president definitely requires the desire, it’s too massive a job for one to not have that craving.

      Check…ther is absolutely nothin moral about Obama not in his philosohpy, not in his policies, not in his designs, not anywhere in his psyche.

    51. jason says:

      51. Baloney. Romneycare was not introduced by Romney, it was a Democratic bill. The bill Romney wanted was quite different. In any event, even if he did believe that insurance should be mandated, that is a horrible mistake, but it hardly elevates him to a Marxist such as Obama. Many Republicans have endorsed big government solutions at one time or other without making them communists. By equating Romney to Obama ideologically you lose any credibility, Romney is not a Marxist, not a leftist, not a liberal. Flawed conservative? Sure. Mistakes? Sure. But Romney is not Obama, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

    52. rdelbov says:

      Here my take on PA-4 from way out here in Memphis TN

      Altmire helped himself alot by voting no on HC. McCain won that district 55-44 so of the (PA guys like Kanjorski-Dahlmeyer & Carney) he had the worst district. He has 1.1 million in hand so he is not without tools to campaign.

      I think Buchanan is the primary favorite but you never know until the votes are counted. I think she has a chance and will certainly raise enough money to compete. She will not outraise Altmire but she will raise some bucks.

      I think Buchanan has a chance. The district is not settled on Altmire who pleased many with his vote against but what a flip flopper. He was “no” or “yes” or “I am thinking” or ” I will poll my folks”. Mercy HC is horrible why agonize over it.

      The climate is horrible for democrats in PA and Altmire may very well get swept away.

      From my I saw on Fox & elsewhere Altmire does not scream “world’s favorite congressmen”. Do women sigh when he walks by and men get envious of that Altmire charm? He looks like a classic backseat congressmen to me. So yes he can be beat

    53. Chekote says:

      I agree that Obama has an agenda, not a philosophy.

      Wrong! Obama has a clear philosophy about the role of government. He clearly believes that government needs to guarantee “equal outcomes”. I disgree with it but those are legitimate views that need to be debated instead of just throwing insults.

    54. Brooks says:

      I guess the NRA supporting Ellsworth over Coats is so important now…

    55. jason says:

      57.It works both ways. THere will be moonbats that will be discouraged about supporting anybody endorsed by the NRA. He could lose some votes too.

      I think the NRA endorsement works when there is a real threat to gun rights. Coats will be hard to pin down as a gun snatcher. So people will vote for other reasons.

    56. Tony says:


      I’d like to place DE into that mix.

    57. Chekote says:

      ther is absolutely nothin moral about Obama not in his philosohpy, not in his policies, not in his designs, not anywhere in his psyche.

      Disagree. I don’t agree with him but his views on the role of government are legitimate and our founded of certain moral concepts such as “fairness”, “compassion for the poor”. To him “fairness means equalizing results”. To me “fairness means equalizing opportunity”. To him “compassion” means more government programs to help the poor. To me “compassion” means helping others on my own. Empowering people to take care of themselves. Frankly, I am tired of the old politics practices by both the left and right that only they are morally superior. Tiresome. Tedious. Total waste of time.

    58. addisonst says:

      At least Chek is finally admitting the patently obvious. She will vote for Obama over Romney and Palin. To called either of those candidates flawed and problematical is an understatement. To suggest, that they are worse than Obama, indicates what we are dealing with here. BTW I don’t like Huck either. I’d still take him over the status quo. Here’s hoping that Rubio, Thune, Coburn or somebody similar steps up in the next 2 years.

    59. Yolanda says:

      The NRA endorsed DeDe. Enough said.

      And I agree with Chek. Romney is slime. He would be an anarcho-syndicalist if it were in fashion.

      That said, if he’s up against Obama in 2012, I will enthusiastically vote for him. Thrice.

    60. zorkpolitics says:

      #35 if the SEIU is suicidal, all the better for them!
      A Labor Party in every state!

    61. Brooks says:

      Romney was a fool as MASS Governor, but he was duped on Romneycare by the marxist legislature which is Veto proof.

      I would rather have Thune, Daniels, Palin etc… but if Romney is the nominee I will VOTE FOR HIM AND VOLUNTEER FOR HIM, because he will raise Money dollar for dollar against the Kenyan, AND I HATE OBAMA THAT MUCH

    62. Polaris says:

      I think it’s wrong for any state to force a purchase of any item by an individual, but in some cases I aknowledge it’s legal. Car Insurance is a case in point. However, in the case of Health Insurance and Mass, if you don’t want to play, you can move to a different state.

      The point is that states have different rules than the feds and Romney care doesn’t make Romney a fascist. What Obama has done his entire two years in office is textbook fascism.

      #49 You question is nonsensical and way off the topic. You were (again) basing Palin as being a Theocrat, and I was poiting out as an atheist, that she actually has a strong case. The prohibition of an established church has been WAY, WAY over (and indeed misinterpreted) by Judical Activist Courts of the last century.

      An example of an established church would be if Congress selected an Archbishop of the United States for the Baptist Church of the United Sttes, passed laws regarding what was and was not appropriate theology for the church, etc.

      If you read your history, that’s not as wonky as it sounds now.


    63. Chekote says:

      Many Republicans have endorsed big government solutions at one time or other without making them communists.

      So when the Dems embrace big government programs they are communists but when Republicans do it… well, it just a mistake. Why so much hypocricy? If it is wrong, it is wrong no matter who does it. And by the way, we will continue to get big government Republicans as long as we make excuses for people like Romney.

    64. Brooks says:

      Yolanda and Jason I agree. Romney is not my choice, but against the Marxist I would vote for Charlie Crist if I had too

    65. Brooks says:

      Rdel, with Crist pulling his ad buys, it seems he will go independent.

    66. Polaris says:

      #60 Found your own political party Chek, or simply do as a favor and join the Dems. Given the damage Obama is doing, if you would vote for Obama under almost any circumstance over his opponent, you don’t belong here.


    67. Chekote says:

      She will vote for Obama over Romney and Palin.

      If the Republican party does a reprise of the Bush years, it will be out of power for decades to come. Better to have the Dems expand government and screw up.

    68. Brooks says:

      Chekote thy name is Ignorance – Bart Simpson 2002

    69. Polaris says:

      #66 Your sense of equivalence is shot. Sure the GOP hasn’t been as idlealogically pure in opposing big govt as some would like (certainly less than I’d like), but when you compare the budgets (and defecits) of the entire 8 years of GWB to the less than two years of Obama, there just isn’t any comparison.

      If you can’t see that, then either you are a Dem apologist or politically blind.

      Pick one.


    70. Jerry Withrow says:

      Check I have say it you are 100% corect about Romney no way will I vote for Roney under any circumstance I’d vote for either the Constitution or Libertarian canadate than Williard!!! I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama than 8 years of Romney.
      If it an’t Ron or Rand Paul or Gary Johnson then I would vote for Huckabee!!!!

    71. Brooks says:

      Chekote is a Whig, and uses their ever so popular advice of the 1840’s

    72. Polaris says:

      #70 Keep Obama and a Dem congress in power, and there won’t BE fair elections for much longer. Does anyone doubt this any longer given what they’ve done already (and tried to do)?


    73. Brooks says:

      Jerry I thought you were voting David Koresh

    74. Chekote says:


      I haven’t even mentioned Palin. I was asking you how the mechanics of having a situation where the government cannot establish a religion while the people can would work? I couldn’t care less what Palin has to say on the matter. Just answer the frickin’ question and please stop pretending that you sit on the Republican Membership Committee. According to you, you are not a Republican.

    75. Brooks says:

      I agree Polaris. 2010 or bust

    76. addisonst says:

      70. That would be a yes. Fortunately for the country there are no non liberals who agree with that philosophy.

    77. Polaris says:

      #77 Can it, Chek. This entire line about established churches started by you ranting that Palin was acting like a Theocrat. Must I pull up your original post to prove it?


    78. jason says:

      “Check I have say it you are 100% corect”

      Chekote has been endorsed by Jerry….who woulda thunk… 8)

    79. Jason T says:

      I agree with many here, and as a IL voter, I have seen the Obama Marxist stance longer than most here. If Romney is the nominee, I will not only vote for him, but I will drive to Michigan and Indiana to help also.

      Obama is evil and must be stopped, I will let a GOP House keep Romney in check in 2012

    80. Chekote says:


      Republicans are worse. They are hypocrites. All the talk about fiscal responsibility and yet the Bush ran up record deficits, debt. Obama and the Dems have been in favor of deficit spending and big government since FDR. No hypocrisy. You just are not able to take an honest look at yourself and your team. You are the worst kind of coach. During the off season instead of working on identifying where your team screw up so that it can improve, you would be spending all your time criticizing the winning teams.

    81. Gary Maxwell says:

      80 totally misrepresenting your position using a slavery analogy which did not show any level of understanding of the where and how the Constitution addressed her own hypothetical. It was hilarious, and of course never acknowledged. Just like now.

    82. Chekote says:

      As long as we vote for the lesser of the two evils, we will get EVIL.

    83. Tony says:


      I’m no fan of Romney’s but I would think he’s learned his lesson regarding the health care bill he signed into law. Regardless if it was going to be passed by the MA legislature anyways, he should have made them go around his veto. He didn’t. However, I would support him over McCain, Paul, Newt, and any other Moderate running on the GOP side.

      You voted for McCain, who you called “erratic” a man who said he ‘didn’t understand economics’ but you won’t vote for Romney, somebody who clearly does understand economics. And you say fiscal issues are will be the only thing that will matter. Go figure.

    84. Brooks says:

      Chekote is voting for Bill White, after voting for KBH in the TX Primary

    85. addisonst says:

      Chek, perhaps you would not get called a plant if you didn’t spew talking points from the left.

    86. Phil says:

      She’s a Democrat. Who cares what she does?

      Ignore it.

    87. addisonst says:

      Wait a minute? She voted for KBH? One of the hypocrites? A big spending Repub. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s a perfect cap to my lunch hour.

    88. Brooks says:

      Tony, Romney has the one thing that will be truly needed to beat the Kenyan. $$$$$ Mormon Americans will make sure he has 1 Billion with no sweat.

      The Supermarket Chains alone will prop Mitt up.

    89. Chekote says:

      Given the damage Obama is doing,

      How much damage did Bush do but insisting that our economy was strong and being completely caught by surprise by the financial collapse. Not only did his team not forsee what was coming but he made matters worse by getting on TV and panicking everybody so that Paulson could get his $750 billion and strong arm healthy banks into taking TARP money in exchange for preferred stock. Until the GOP takes a serious look at where it screwed up, it will not be able to govern effectively. And the Tea Parties started up because people had so much anger pent up from the disasterous Bush years.

    90. jason says:

      “I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama than 8 years of Romney.”

      Smart thinking. That would give us at least two more liberals on SCOTUS, supporting all the policies Obama will implement. The damage Obama will inflict if he gets two terms will probably never be reversed, because he will ensure changes in the electorate (millions of new Democrats) and in the federal bureaucracy that will be permanent. You will have a nanny state but you won’t have Romney.

    91. Brooks says:

      the Mormons did not prop up Mitt in 2008 because they knew Bush destroyed any chance for the GOP to win.

    92. Chekote says:

      Wait a minute? She voted for KBH?

      I did not. And I do wish people would debate the issues instead of going off in tangents. Most of which are a bunch lies about me.

    93. Brooks says:

      Jason who was the fool that said 4 more years of Obama was better than Romney. Was it Bunu David Koresh?

    94. Chekote says:

      Chekote is voting for Bill White, after voting for KBH in the TX Primary

      Stop lying. What’s the matter you can’t rebut my points? Look lots of people are sick and tired of the lip service they have been getting from the GOP in many areas like fiscal responsibility. That’s what Paul is capturing. Same with Medina.

    95. jason says:

      “Until the GOP takes a serious look at where it screwed up, it will not be able to govern effectively. And the Tea Parties started up because people had so much anger pent up from the disasterous Bush years.”

      Priceless, Obama increases debt by trillions and trillions and takes over huge sections of the economy, but Chekote wants Republicans to “look at where it screwed up”. Funny.

    96. Brooks says:

      Right Phil, way to make it simple and to the point. Chekote is a Democrat, no better than Cory or Tim. Ignore her.

    97. Chekote says:


      Are you going to answer my question or not? If not, just say so.

    98. rdelbov says:


      You hit the nail on the head as far as the NRA is concerned. Coats filled out his NRA questionaire and scored a 100. A 100 but there is some concerne that higher ups at NRA will remember votes that took place in 1990-1991-1993–well before Ellsworth was a congressmen so we have no idea no idea if Sheriff Ellsworth would have voted to restrict ownership of M-16’s. I don’t claim to be a hunter so or a gunsmen but 40 shots per minute seems plenty for most common hunting tasks.

      Coats can rightly claim to be 100% pro gun ownership. He ain’t no Obama or Kennedy or Coakley on guns.

    99. addisonst says:

      “Until the GOP takes a serious look at where it screwed up, it will not be able to govern effectively”

      Given that the GOP is going to take over a ton of statehouses, and the H.O.R with a working majority, and is going to be changing the policy and steering Obama to the middle, that statement will continue to be a joke.

      The Gop is governing more effectively in NJ than that state has seen in generations. And given the state of decay in my home state of Illinois, as well as my city and county of democratic disaster, I’ll take my chances w/ some fresh GOP’s.

      But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

    100. Chekote says:

      Priceless, Obama increases debt by trillions and trillions and takes over huge sections of the economy, but Chekote wants Republicans to “look at where it screwed up”. Funny.

      Frankly, I would not be so sure that Romney would not do the same once in office. He supports individual mandates. He supported TARP. I think he even supported the GM bailout. Fool me once…..

    101. Polaris says:

      #93 Obama has done far more damage than Bush ever did. Just look at te deficit spending. Look at how Obama used TARP to NATIONALIZE GM (soemthing that no one, Dem or GOP had ever done), etc.

      If you really think that destroying this republic (and Obama has made it clear since 1992 at least that he regards the constitution as quaint and antiquated…that on PBS in Chicago) is the correct solution for “correcting the republican party, then you seriously need a new set of priorities….or you need to out yourself as the Dem you really seem to be.


    102. Chekote says:

      Given that the GOP is going to take over a ton of statehouses,

      Do you know what they are going to do once in office? I don’t. All I hear is how bad Obama is and very little about how good Republicans are. Again, voting for the less of the two evils, you still get evil.

    103. Tony says:

      Brooks, it used to be you could pick up just about any newspaper around the country, see which candidate or bill they were backing and go the opposite way

      Its getting so much easier with all the blogs Chek has infiltrated. See who she likes and doesn’t like and skip all that useless research.

      GO ROMNEY!!

    104. Polaris says:

      #101 Ask a COHERENT question and I might consider it. As it is, I am under no obligation to bark at your command Chek.

      Also admit that the entire thread DID start as a rant against Palin by you. Again, do I really have to pull up your original post to prove it?


      P.S. Classic Chek….distorting the conversation to try to hide what was really said.

    105. jason says:

      “That’s what Paul is capturing. Same with Medina.”

      I see. So Obama is running up deficits that make Bush look like a piker but the GOP is driving voters to Paul……

      I have seen more asinine statements, I just can’t remember when.

    106. Chekote says:


      Correcting the Republican party means putting forth candidates that have the drive, fortitude to undo the Obama policies. I don’t see Romney as such candidate. I have no idea what he will do in office and thus I will not vote for him.

    107. Brooks says:

      If Crist drops out and does not go Indy, it will be about his $$$$ men abandoning him, not any talk from Politicians.

    108. addisonst says:

      I don’t see much evil in New J or Va. I see taking on unions and starting to clean up the economic house. We’ve had 2 consecutive govs get indicted here and no doubt will have 2 consecutive govs go to jail. One from each party. When you look at the deficit prior to Nov 06, and unemployment, the cost of oil, the stock market, etc. It’s pretty hard to have moral equivalence. Since Israel is important to me, I throw on the bonus of an anti Semitic president kowtowing to Achmadinnerjacket and I see very little of the evil logic. Regardless, we’re going to experiment w a change in Congress and in the statehouses and you will have to learn to live w it.

    109. Brooks says:

      Chekote, do you hit from both sides of the Plate? Or do you just spoon like Oprah?

    110. Chekote says:

      The conversation started with Palin’s statement. You are saying that Palin is right (base on history) that the government cannot establish religion while the people can. I just want to know how can the people establish a official religion without government involvement?

    111. sam says:

      Folks, why do you keep engaging the Dem troll?

      Pro-individual mandates
      Pro-illegal immigration

      How many 2×4’s do you need?

    112. Polaris says:

      #110 I see plenty of Drive to try to undo what Obama is doing. Perhaps you missed something called the “Tea Party” Phenomena and must have overlooked pretty much every generic ballot and enthuisiasm measure that indicates that the most driven voters right now are conservative republicans and conservative leaning indies.

      No…it’s not all about the economy either (although that isn’t helping Obama any) if you actually read the survey data.

      What seems to be eating you, is that this country (or at least the GOP and conservative leanin indies) are actually doing the opposite of what you and your prophet Frum wanted and look to actually be suceeding….which means that Frum’s name will be less than dirt for at least a generation.


    113. Polaris says:

      #114 I never said that.

      What I said was that the only thing the constitution explicitly prohibited was the Establishment of an OFFICIAL Federal Church.

      Nice strawman there.


    114. Chekote says:

      I see absolutely no evidence that Romney is serious about undoing Obama. He has take polar opposite positions on everything. Don’t trust him. His name should be mud among Republicans. Pure mud.

    115. Brooks says:

      Addison, Chekote thinks bob McDonnell is a White Hood, and after the WAPO smear before the election, she predicted he would lose to Deeds.

    116. addisonst says:

      Romney Op Ed on the auto bailouts.


      Proving once again w/ Lady Chek that the facts are a trifiling inconvenience

    117. Chekote says:


      So states can establish state churches?

    118. Bunu says:

      btw- PPP did not have Ron Paul last time.

      That was Rasmussen I believe.

    119. Brooks says:

      Chekote considering you are a DNC cubicle Girl, that means you and your marxist party are afraid of Romney.

    120. Bunu says:

      Dave’s headline says something about PPP having Paul last time. I don’t recall that although im not entirely sure.

    121. MD says:

      #43 – regretably very little chance. MBB has not run a very good campaign so far. At 1 time, I thought we could get this CD. Now, I am looking at 10 and/or 8 as possibilities to go along with 3, 7, 11 and 12.

    122. LaZebra says:

      76– Jerry R. Withrow is likely to vote for Anton LaVey in 2012. He’s really big into supporting Satanists.

    123. Chekote says:

      bob McDonnell is a White Hood

      Anyone who thinks that slavery had a significant impact on the establishment of the Confederacy is an idiot. Amazing. He was able to get prominent AAs to endorse them and how does he reward them? By saying that slavery was not significant. Dumb, dumb, dumb….

    124. jason says:

      “Frankly, I would not be so sure that Romney would not do the same once in office. He supports individual mandates. He supported TARP. I think he even supported the GM bailout. Fool me once….”

      Chekote you are intellectually dishonest. Nothing Romney has ever proposed as a candidate for President remotely resembles Obama’s agenda. Support for a bill or parts thereof does not mean that is the direction you would take yourself.

      And here is what Romney actually said about GM, the nice thing about the Internet is people can get caught lying very easily.


      Btw, the op-ed is titled LET DETROIT GO BANKRUPT

    125. addisonst says:

      I remember Brooks. I was calling for a VA blowout as early as may of 09, and that Corzine was a gonner too. Although, I’ll confess that I did lose my confidence on that one. The reality for our misguided friend is that there is not a single candidate that will be the gop standard bearer that she will accept. Leave aside the flawed current big 3. She won’t vote for Barbour too racisty oldy, Christie, too flabby, Pence, too wonky and old house regimey, Rubio too neophyty, Perry too icky, Thune, too Mt Rushmore porky, Newt, too serve notice on his sick wife creepy, Coburn, too Dr. noey.

    126. LaZebra says:

      81 — If they’re gonna add Ron Paul to the matchup polls, they might as well add Mickey Mouse. He’s got a better chance.

    127. Polaris says:

      #121 Under the strict reading of the constitution, perhaps. It depends on how the 14th amendment is interpretated.

      Certain prior to the 14th amendment, states could and sometimes did have offical churches (such as Mass up to about the 1820s IIRC).


    128. Tony says:


      I see we don’t agree on McCain and JD, but we do agree on Ron Paul’s chances.

      BTW, you owe Mickey an apology.

    129. Phil says:

      For the first time this year an organization of some credibility is listing Tx-17 as leaning Republican. Real Clear Politics is now listing Chet Edwards as the underdog.

    130. LaZebra says:

      132– My apologies to Mickey Mouse. He has MORE credibility than Ron Paul.

    131. MD says:

      What happens to these threads is not Chekote’s fault. It is our fault for giving in to her and issuing response after response. There is no point because she is deeply disturbed.

      I am limiting myself to 1 direct response per day. Let her BFF’s on here talk with her. We engage her way too much and she adds zero value.

    132. Polaris says:

      #132 I agree. Mickey is a much better and much stronger candidate than Ron Paul for Potus.


    133. jason says:

      “By saying that slavery was not significant. Dumb, dumb, dumb….”

      Another lie of course. The brouhaha was related to the fact the proclamation of the Confederate History Month OMITTED a reference to slavery. He never said “it was not significant”. He apologized for the omission. But feel free to keep making things up. They are easy to check.

    134. addisonst says:

      You’re damn skippy LZ and don’t slander Mickey again. We need to protect the rights of Rodent Americans.

    135. MD says:

      Ron Paul is NOT a conservative. Bunu still won’t take my bet – 20 to 1 odds.

    136. Brooks says:

      Phil, good to hear about Flores.

    137. Polaris says:

      #138 That statement endorsed by the NAARP (National Association for the Advancement of Rodent Persons).


    138. Gary Maxwell says:

      If they’re gonna add Ron Paul to the matchup polls, they might as well add Mickey Mouse.

      Why did you stutter like that?

    139. Brooks says:

      Addison, Chekote only supports Pro Death-Abortion Candidates like Rudy for POTUS.

    140. jason says:

      I would vote for Mickey before I would vote for Ron Paul. In fact, between Nutjob and Goofy, I would go with Goofy.

    141. MD says:

      Daisy Duck would be a better candidate than Paul.

      I don’t know about Mickey. The Enquirer is going to be breaking some stuff pretty soon. Let’s just say that Minnie is going to be pissed!

    142. Ron Wyden says:

      Mickey Mouse was registered by ACORN here in Florida… probably a left-winger. I’ll go with Paul on that one.

    143. Brooks says:

      Is it true that Ron Paul was born in Rosewell, N.M.?

    144. DrJay says:


      Mickey Mouse was registered by ACORN here in Florida… probably a left-winger. I’ll go with Paul on that one.

    145. Tony says:


      Most of us can’t help to engage. We’re thinkers first, any many of the things she says doesn’t make sense, so our brains immediately try to analyze. It isn’t long, sometimes seconds, before a response is being typed out.

      We don’t choose to do this, it just happens.

    146. Brooks says:

      Jason, do not roast me here, but I saw Rand Paul on Fox News a couple weeks ago, and he was very impressive on the Health Care debate. He said Obama wants and will put Private Insurers out of Business, that Medical Schools will lose the best students who do not want to work for the US Government, and that their will be Death Panels.

      I do not want to penalize Rand for the sins of his Father, but like you, I worry about Rand’s past.

    147. DrJay says:

      Dave, I think I read Jensen say that he cycles some names in and out in the primary poll. I remember him taking suggestions for the slot before.

    148. Brooks says:

      There was a Time when Former Buffalo Bills QB ,Jim Kelly, was talked about in NY GOP circles?

    149. MD says:

      As for Romney, I am not a big fan, but I would walk barefoot on broken glass to vote for him against Obama.

      I only person with an R next to his name that I would not support is Ron Paul.

    150. Tony says:

      Ron Paul is media candidate going into 2012. He will be one of many, but he’ll be their best hope to give Obama another 4 years.

      Look for the Ron Paul endorsements from many leftist rags during the Republican primaries as the tell-tale sign.

    151. Brooks says:

      Philly Black Panthers announce Robert Mugabe as their man of the Year.

      Chekote tells GOP not to criticize Mugabe , because it will piss off Black Voters towards the GOP.

    152. Brooks says:

      155. MD, spot on.

    153. addisonst says:

      Daisy Duck has nefarious associates. She is known to cohabitate w Donald Duck, a frequent exposer of his bottom half. Duck has been convicted of several counts of mopery and had to register around the eggs as a sex offender for refusing to don some pants.

    154. Tony says:


      Add John McCain and Huck and Bloomberg (is he still an Rep?

      I’d have to hear what Newt has been saying recently about global warming and cap and trade to see whether or not I would support him.

      Ok, yes, I would support Newt over Obama. 😀

    155. sam says:

      158 is bunu’s circle-jerk. don’t step into the anti-americans’ self-fellation.

    156. Brooks says:

      Where is Tina? I see that Jerry Brown was acting Pretty Senile at a Cal Labor Fest this past Weekend.

      All those Acid Flashbacks for Moonbeam

    157. Brooks says:

      Newt would destroy the Kenyan in the debates, but the DeDe thing was bad.

    158. jason says:

      139. Exactly. Ron Paul is NOT a conservative.

      “CALLER: I want a complete, impartial, and totally independent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001 . I’m tired of this bogus garbage about terrorism. Ask Michael Meacher about how he feels about this bogus war on terrorism. Can you comment on that please?

      HON. DR. RON PAUL: Well, that would be nice to have. Unfortunately, we don’t have that in place. It will be a little bit better now with the Democrats now in charge of oversight.”

      The caller said “bogus garbage about terrorism”…. Ron Paul never disputed that…and he thinks the Democrats would be better “investigating”.

    159. MD says:

      Newt is unelectable. Then again, I said the same about McCain. Come to think of it, I was right about that.

    160. sam says:

      Ras Generic Ballot

      posted a day earlier than usual

      Republicans 46
      Democrats 36

      Cue the Dem trolls saying how everything is hurting the Republicans.

    161. Bunu says:

      Ignore the noise my friends.

    162. sam says:

      Okay, we’ll ignore you.

    163. jason says:

      “I only person with an R next to his name that I would not support is Ron Paul.”

      Me neither, but it’s only a fake R anyway.

    164. MD says:

      My sister (the avowed Socialist) tried to pull the “Ron Paul is really very interesting” card on me in 08. It is in the 101 version of the nutroots playbook.

    165. Tony says:

      BTW, and you heard it here first. Going into 2012, Obama’s eligibility will be a huge factor. There will be fighting within enough states that the Supreme Court will have to pick it up.

      There will be enough states who will simply demand to see proof of eligibility of ALL candidates on the ballot, not only Obama’s. This, of course, will bring lawsuits, which will go up the chain.

      I’ll go even further out on a limb and say if the SC agrees to hear anything about eligbility, Obama does not seek a second term.

    166. MD says:

      Rasmussen is a racist who has been discredited by Nate Silver.

      Thought I would just get that out of the way early.

    167. Yolanda says:

      Does anyone else here find it a little perverse that this board seems to have an excessive, almost irrational hatred of Chekote, who is mainly known here for bashing Sarah Palin, a woman for whom the media and many Democrats have an excessive, almost irrational hatred?

    168. MD says:


      I don’t see that happening.

    169. Tony says:

      Yolanda, it isn’t about Palin with Chek, its about social Conservatives.

      They just turn her into a monst—err, I mean a Democrat.

    170. MD says:


      She bashes much more than that.

    171. Yolanda says:

      It’s no coincidence that Republican, Rush Limbaugh, Rasmussen, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Romney, Rick Perry, and Reagan all start with the same letter as RACIST.

    172. sam says:

      “…excessive, almost irrational hatred of Chekote…”

      I dispute that.

      It is more like a “restrained, rational hatred”. Almost zen-like tolerance.

    173. sam says:

      Now, Bunu, on the other hand.

      You have to treat him like a rented mule.

    174. MD says:

      Tired of talking about it – can we try another topic?

    175. sam says:

      So MD:

      How about those Ras generics?

    176. Tony says:

      MD, I see it happening, and I see it being brought up by Democrats first.

      Obama will be the albatross around the Democrats’ neck in 2012. After they see what he did to the Democrats in 2010, they will use EVERYTHNG in their arsenal to make sure he isn’t their candidate again.

      My evidence is what the media did to Bill Clinton when they were trying to elevate Obama. Remember, for eight years, Clinton was loved by the media. He became a useless pos to them when it came to Clinton vs Obama.

    177. MD says:

      I love that number! Even gallup is giving the R’s the edge.

      This is the tea party. A decentralized, grassroots movement of the employed is going to be tough to beat.

    178. Phil says:



      Cook and Rothenberg continue to whistle by the graveyard. Silver makes himself feel better by telling himself that RAS is cooking the books. Never mind that the RAS methodology was dead on in 2008 in both the presidential and the generic ballots. Suddenly, it’s flawed.


    179. Bunu says:

      Rand Paul money bomb graphs for today. Not bad.


    180. Howard Dean says:

      Administration to Tea Parties: We’re on Your Side


      Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said in an interview Sunday, when asked about the Tea Party protests, that the Obama administration is paying more attention to the deficit than the Bush administration did.

    181. rdelbov says:


      we agree no to Newt

      +10 RAS???

      So are undecided??? Are they the teaparty folks or the “Ben and Jerry” socialist crowd? Who are unsure???

    182. GPO says:

      day after election after conservative blowout.

      Chek comments

      Lets just hope conservatives dont think this was a vote for conservative ideals. We still need to listen to and need more republicans like Charlie Crist

    183. Brooks says:

      168. Sam, ROFL!!!!

    184. Tony says:

      Dems are all over the place. The memos must be getting crossed.

      “Tea Party members are racists.”
      “Hey, Tea Party, look at us, we’re paying attention to the deficit.”

      I heard Barbara Boxer also tried to kiss up to the Tea Party.

    185. Yolanda says:


      I’m not sure. I think many Democrats are True Believers of the Secular House of Worship of Obama. Evidence: Look at how many of them committed political hari kari to pass his precious health bill.

      I also think that some Democrats truly believe that to oppose Obama is to be a mouth-breathing racist. These are the (white) people who voted for Obama over Hillary mainly because he’s black. Their vote affirmed their sense of having achieved true political enlightenment, and the knuckle-dragging Clintonites and McCainiacs further proved their point to them. These are the individuals who are so anxious to prove that they harbor no racist sentiments, that they fervently extol the virtues of every minority they encounter, without even realizing how racist they’re being by doing so. (Every time I hear someone proclaim Michelle Obama to be a “strong” woman, I’m reminded of how they’re just perpetuating the stereotype that black women are sassy and fierce. The same qualities that are extolled in Michelle Obama–regardless of what evidence we have about her actual “fierceness”–were ridiculed in Hillary Clinton, who was nothing more than a b***ch.)

      Expect to see more liberals latching on to this argument that it is we who have proven ourselves to be undeserving of Obama, rather than the other way around.

    186. sam says:

      From Ras:

      “Forty-five percent (45%) of voters not affiliated with either major party now prefer the Republican candidate, while 23% like the Democrat. ”

      Ha ha ha

      There’s that ubiquitous 2-to-1 among Indies.

    187. addisonst says:

      Yo landa, I think most people here find chek the equivalent of old milk in the refrigerator. You know its bad but you smell it anyway. That’s not hatred

    188. MD says:


      With all due respect, the msm went after Clinton only because he was in opposition to their wet dream, Obama. What evidence have you seen that the msm is going to turn against Obama to the point where the cert would become a mainstream issue? I just don’t see it?

    189. Brooks says:

      Big Number Phil

    190. Brooks says:

      Bunu, what kinf of Curreny in the Ron Paul Moneybomb?

      Vulcan, Klingon, or Confederate?

    191. Gary Maxwell says:


      I am gonna pull a Nate Silver on you. That aint two to one! 23 X 2 = 46. LIAR LIAR pants on fire. LOL

    192. Tony says:


      You are probably spot on with your analysis. It is the prevailing wisdom. But I see something happening that will act as a (I lost the word I was thinking of) to get the ball rolling against him.

    193. Brooks says:

      Tony, the reason the Marxists are kissing Tea Party butt, is the polling that said 49% Tea Partiers are Democrats.

    194. MD says:

      Tony – was catalyst the word?

    195. Chekote says:


      So basically the Bill of Rights applies to the federal government and just the territories administered by it. Interesting….

    196. Tony says:

      MD, I have been following politics for a long time and as of now, that’s the only “evidence” I have. I realize I could be way off the mark on this one.

      BTW, was is the term used in chemistry that refers to something that starts a reaction?

    197. Bunu says:


      Rand Paul money bomb not Ron Paul.

    198. Tony says:

      Heh, catalyst. Thanks, MD

    199. Jason T says:

      Gary, I saw Nate Silver at Wrigley Field once. He needed a high Chair, he is shorter than a Wino at a Liquor Store

    200. MD says:


      Maybe if he publicly shoots Katie Couric. Then, it is only a maybe.

    201. Phil says:

      Republicans have been up 7 to 10 pts since the week before Christmas. FOUR SOLID MONTHS.

      Democrats are trying to convince themselves that everything is not all that bad.

      Keep telling yourself that, boys.

    202. MD says:

      I heard Nate is 5’2.5″.

    203. Gary Maxwell says:

      Nate Silver at Wrigley Field. I hope it rained and you got a rain check. That would ruin a good outing.

    204. Tony says:

      MD, do you really think the Tea Party is 49% Democrat?

      I have been to three Tea Party events and I see mainly Conservatives at these rallies. Now, I don’t go around asking everybody what their ideology is, but I am a Conservative myself. I know them when I see them.

      I would think there are some Democrats involved with the TP movement, but half? That seems to high.

    205. MD says:

      Phil, Spot on. Let them think Ras is way off the mark.

    206. Jason T says:

      Rdelbov, this is what I am hearing about the NY GOP.

      Now that Pataki is out, they are going to use the 1972 Dem Strategy when McGovern got crushed by Nixon. That Year McGovern lost 49 States, but Dem’s were a +1 in the Senate races.

      All the $$$$ is going towards taking back the State Senate and US House Races. My Source tells me they will win a Minimum of 3 House Seats in NY, and need to take Back the State Senate to stop DEM Redistricting.

      The Senate is now 32-30 DEM

    207. Gary Maxwell says:

      was is the term used in chemistry that refers to something that starts a reaction?

      In politics that is a provocateur

      Here, that would be ????

    208. Tony says:

      210 was for Brooks.

      And Nate Silver is 5’3/8″

    209. rdelbov says:

      If we contribute Vulcan or Klingnon money will we get tickets to confederate history month??

      I got a laugh of #196

      Was confederate money backed by Gold???

    210. Jason T says:

      Nate Silver makes George Constanza look GQ.

    211. Tony says:

      Here, that would be ????

      Catalyst indeed. Very fitting.

    212. Jason T says:

      Add World War 2 Military Conscript to the Ron Paul Moneybomb, Brooks

    213. Bunu says:

      Ron Paul sent out anti-Guiliani emails today.

      Oath Keepers was at the national mall protest today and warned against Guiliani after his endorsement of Trey Grayson. They call Guiliani a fascist.

      While warning about the possibility of an Obama dictatorship, Rhodes pivoted to note that conservatives, too, might take advantage of the prevailing fear that the country is being threatened by socialism
      “It might be a future President [Rudy] Giuliani who takes advantage of this,” he said. “I think he would be a disaster as a president. The guy is a fascist.”

    214. Chekote says:

      He never said “it was not significant”.

      McDonnell said he did not include a reference to slavery because “there were any number of aspects to that conflict between the states. Obviously, it involved slavery. It involved other issues. But I focused on the ones I thought were most significant for Virginia.” Source

      I guess slavery was not significant for black slaves in Virginia. What a dolt!

    215. Gary Maxwell says:


      My recollection is no, and that lots of folks wanted barter or other currency to trade and would not accept the worthless script.

    216. Tony says:

      Jason, I saw Constanza on some poker show the other day. Very intelligent, played his cards well, he was funny, and his conversation was interesting.

      I wonder what his politics are.

    217. Gary Maxwell says:

      fascists calling other folks fascists. Rich.

    218. Chekote says:

      Look at how many of them committed political hari kari to pass his precious health bill.

      Look at how many Republicans committed political hari kari but voting for Bush’s expansion of federal programs. In 2006 and 2008, FiCons stayed home because they were so disgusted with Bush and GOP fiscal record.

    219. Jason T says:

      If Trey loses in KY, he will keep his Secretary of State Post, which is important. They have a DEM Governor who would appoint his Replacement.

      That happened in Colorado, where the GOP SOS ran for Tancredo’s seat and won, allowing DEM Ritter to replace.

      SOS posts are huge after the 2000 Florida Recount(Harris GOP) and Minn in 2008(Dem Ritchie). Reason George Soros puts $$$ into these Races

    220. Jason T says:

      Tony,like the rest HWood. probably far left. Julia Dreyfuss is a huge Marxist, Seinfeld I think is more Moderate Though.

    221. Chekote says:

      While warning about the possibility of an Obama dictatorship,….

      Sounds like Polaris….

    222. Chekote says:


      Why don’t you like Giuliani?

    223. Jason T says:

      My Friends all call Silver the “Ash Tray”. When you are standing next to him, you can flick your ashes on his Head without him sitting down.

    224. LaZebra says:

      219– Rudy Gulliani is a national hero, Bunu!
      Calling him a facist is similar to calling Gen. Patraeus, “General Betray-Us”.
      I would never vote for Rudy, but I’m forever grateful to him, and he holds my forever respect, for his heroism after 9/11.
      If you had any decency at all, you would apologize for your hero.

    225. addisonst says:

      Nobody cares about a va proclamation. And if mcdonnell has a successful term he will be national timber and this non issue except among the liberal gentry will be less of an issue than it isn’t now

    226. Bunu says:

      Guiliani had norman -bomb Iran- podhoretz as his foreign policy advisor.

      I could picture Guiliani as a fascist American leader in the mold of Wilson-FDR-LBJ-Nixon-Bush.

    227. Chekote says:

      I forgot…. Giuliani is a puppet of the dreaded neocons.

    228. Jason T says:

      Chekote are you still here? Still spewing your inner Jim Leach?

    229. Tony says:

      Yeah, Jason you are probably right.

      He would be a great campaigner, though. He speaks well and large crowds wouln’t bother him a bit.

    230. Chekote says:


      Anybody is dumb enough to say that slavery was not significant to the black slaves in Virginia doesn’t need to be anywhere near the White House. Just like Biden. Too dumb to serve. Maybe we can start a list:

      To Dumb to Serve:

    231. Jason T says:

      Bunu you are like one of those Brainwashed Sailors from and old “Hawaii Five-0” Episode.

      Paul is way too Anti-Semitic to ever be relevant Nationally.

    232. jason says:

      “Anybody is dumb enough to say that slavery was not significant to the black slaves in Virginia doesn’t need to be anywhere near the White House.”

      McDonnell never said that.

    233. Jason T says:

      Chekote you should dial up Leach and Ray LaHood for a position in the Obama White House. They love weak kneed RINO’s like Yourself.

    234. Chekote says:

      I wonder why SCOTUS struck down the law in the Heller case? After all, the Bill of Rights only applies to the federal government. Oh wait, I forgot. The law in the Heller case was in DC. Silly me. I guess New York can proceed to ban all guns.

    235. chekote says:


    236. Chekote says:


      He said that he only focused on the “significant” aspects of the Civil War. Check out the article.

    237. Jason T says:

      When I was here last Fall, Chekote predicted a Deed’s win in Va.

    238. Chekote says:


      Where is Tina complaining about multiple handles? Asking for bans for people who use multiple handles?

    239. Chekote says:


      I said that the thesis would hurt him. I was wrong. I said he deserved to lose. I was right.

    240. Jerry Withrow says:

      I am a Spirit Filled Born again CHRISTAIN!!!! Who the Heck are you to accuse me and Ron Paul who happens to be a Born Again CHRISTain as well!!!

      How could anyone who calles themselves as Christains could vote for Williard Mitchell Romney and Dannyboy Coats both are RINO’s.

      Ron Paul and John Hostettler are the true Conservatives and Constitutionalists !!! Romney, Coats and Mark Kirk are Frauds!!!!

      Sarah Palin is a AirHead!!!!

    241. jason says:

      Ron and Rand Paul only accept gold, since they think US dollars are worthless.

      What??? They accept dollars? Darned hypocrites.

    242. Jason T says:

      I like Rudy, did a great job cleaning up that hole of NY.

      He wimped out in 2000. Lautenberg has Stomach cancer at 86, and he fights on.

      Rudy would have beaten Hillary

    243. Jason T says:

      Jerry, E.T is ready to phone home

    244. Chekote says:

      This is an interesting development:

      Transgender Gun Rights Advocate Calls For Gay Community To Arm Itself Scroll down.

    245. Tony says:


      Yep, JD must be right on his heels or he doesn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.

    246. Howard Dean says:

      Sen. John McCain has endorsed a tough Arizona anti-immigration bill that will let police arrest people who aren’t carrying identification, the latest move in McCain’s rightward shift in advance of a tough Republican Senate primary this summer.

      “I think it’s a very important step forward,” McCain said Monday. “I can fully understand why the legislature would want to act.”

      Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0410/36022.html#ixzz0lZtU1IGv

    247. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      236 – Fine, then let me be the one to start a “Too dumb to procreate” list:

      Chekote’s siblings
      Anyone who hires or has ever hired Chekote
      Chekote’s former “teachers”
      Chekote’s neighbors
      Chekote’s co-workers

    248. addisonst says:

      Chek, again you’re misinformed. Until last century the bor applied to the feds. The court decided it applied to the states and on down as well. That decision will be shaved when chicagos ban is overturned. The original 10 amwndments are written to restrict the fed govt. That should be readily apparent even to a stopped clock

    249. jason says:

      238. You lied. He never said slavery was not significant. It was an omission that he apologized for. It’s funny how you would be willing to destroy his career for one omission that he acknowledged but you keep giving Obama a pass.

    250. Jason T says:

      So Chekote you predicted a loss for a man who won by 17% in a Swing state that Obama won in 2008. Why would anyone listen to your Political advice after that?

    251. Bunu says:

      Too late McCain.

      You’re done.

    252. Chekote says:


      So do you want to go back to the days when the bill of rights only applied to the feds and not the states?

    253. jason says:

      “Ron Paul and John Hostettler are the true Conservatives”

      Ron Paul is not a conservative or true.

    254. Jason T says:

      252. Howard, McCain is a fraud. I realize he makes AZ a safe seat, but his pandering to the Right is pathetic

    255. Chekote says:


      Read the article. He said: “Obviously, it involved slavery. It involved other issues. But I focused on the ones I thought were most significant for Virginia.”

      I guess slavery was not most significant for the slaves in Virginia. You know… loss of freedom is such a minor thing. /sarc

    256. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      236 – continued list (Too dumb to procreate)

      People who would loan Chekote money
      People who take Chekote at her word
      Objects of Chekote’s affection
      Chekote’s lawyer(s)
      Chekote’s doctor(s)
      Chekote’s broker

    257. Chekote says:


      Actually, I said he deserved to lose.

    258. Chekote says:

      Too Dumb to Serve continued:

      JD Hayworth
      Michelle Bachmann

      Too slick to serve:
      Mitt Romney
      Bill Clinton

      Too wrong on the issues to serve:

    259. addisonst says:

      What I want to do isn’t germane. The rights and who they apply to are crystal clear. The heller case was narrowly decided but invited a wider hearing, hence the chicago case

    260. Bunu says:

      McCain losing in Arizona will put Lindsey Graham on notice.

      As soon as republicans get even a remotely decent candidate, Graham will be defeated.

    261. jason says:

      “Sarah Palin is a AirHead!!!!”

      Sure….now Jerry, there is someone rock solid with real brains, albeit really well hidden.

    262. jason says:

      “As soon as republicans get even a remotely decent candidate, Graham will be defeated.”

      Buntalk translation for remotely decent candidate: Paulbot.

    263. Chekote says:

      Well, Palin according to Polaris, wants to return to how the law was applied before the judicial activism of the 20th century. So I guess we can return to the days of when the bill of rights only applied to the feds. You know the people of accusing conservatives of wanting to return to the pre-civil rights days might not be that far off.

    264. jason says:

      264. So does this mean Obama is not too slick? Doggone it, I was hoping he would make two categories.

    265. Chekote says:


      Off in fantasy land again. Graham won big just coming off the amnesty fight.

    266. Chekote says:

      Obama has not been flip floppin around that that slippery fish of Romeny. I can’t stand him. Really can’t stand him. It burns me that he still polls well among Republicans. The father of Obamacare.

    267. Bunu says:


      His opponent wasn’t funded. Two county GOP’s just voted to have Lindsey Graham censored. It’s just a matter of time before Graham loses.

    268. jason says:

      “The father of Obamacare.”

      Yep, Obamacare is Romney’s fault. One would have thought the Democrats have been trying to pass government run healthcare for decades, finally succeeding when they got huge majorities in Congress and a socialist President. But no, it was the guy who was MA Governor when the almost entirely Democratic legislature passed “Romneycare”, it was him. No Romney, the Democrats would not have proposed Obamacare.

    269. Wes says:

      Good to see Coats so far ahead of Ellsworth. Stutzman is my choice, but I can live with Coats in the Senate. Has there ever before been an instance where two men have served concurrently in the Senate at two different times? I can think of none.

    270. Wes says:

      Why is Bunu the Traitor still posting here?

    271. Tommy_Boy says:

      I ocmpletely agree with that Obamacare is effectivley the same thing as Romneycare and that Romney’s candidacy is DOA.

    272. Wes says:

      Romney should go back to Massachusetts and see if he can oust Kerry in 2014. That’s a long shot, but I can’t see his winning anything else even remotely.

    273. Tony says:

      “Off in fantasy land again. Graham won big just coming off the amnesty fight.”

      You really don’t understand, do you? Graham ran virtually unapposed by the left. Even the Lib media didn’t go after him much.

      And why should they? Amnesty helps the Democrats.

    274. jason says:

      277. That wasn’t the point but in any event there are plenty of differences between Romneycare and Obamacare and even greater differences between what Romney proposed and both bills. As far as DOA, we shall see, but Romney leads almost every poll in every state so far. I would not count him out.

    275. Tim says:

      Why do they keep putting Pataki in these polls? Don’t they believe him when he says he’s not running?

    276. Jason T says:

      Wes, Lautenberg

    277. Wes says:

      Graham won for two reasons in 2008:

      1) There is virtually no Democrat Party in South Carolina.

      2) His opponent was a joke.

      The GOP should have taken him out in the primary, but no South Carolina Senator has lost a bid for another term since 1930. Obviously beating him before he had a chance to make it to the general was going to be a long shot.

    278. jason says:

      Personally I don’t care if Romney doesn’t make it. I would like to see Thune or someone new. But the Romneycare thing is a bad rap.

    279. Jerry Withrow says:

      Lindsey RINO Graham neads to be taken out!! I gave donations to both his Republican primary opponant and his Democratic opponant The Democrat should have won he came close and he is a Ron Paul supporter he might run as a Republican next time and I believe he will knock of the RINO!!!!

    280. Tim says:

      I was gonna mention that same thing, jason. If Romney isn’t the frontrunner, then who is?

    281. Jason T says:

      St. Petersberg Times

      Left Winger who left death Threats on the Phone of Republican US Rep Ginny Brown Waite, arrested by FBI Sunday.

    282. Polaris says:

      #201 The Bill of Rights DOES only apply to the Federal Govt unless the 14th amendment (did you miss that part of my post) extends that particular right to cover state govts as well.

      Until the 14th amendment, it was completely consistant case law that the BoR ONLY applied to the federal govt.

      Even now, there is some question as to the extend of the 14th amendment.

      The right of free speech and press at the state level is NOT guaranteed by the first amendment…many social studies textbooks notwithstanding. It’s guaranteed by the 14th amendment.


    283. Wes says:

      Lautenberg didn’t serve with the same person in the Senate twice, Jason. He served alongside Bradley from ’83 to ’97, alongside Torricelli from ’97 to ’01, alongside Corzine from ’03 to ’05, and alongside Menendez from ’05 till now. Coats served alongside Lugar from ’89 to ’99 and will serve alongside Lugar again starting in January. That seems to me to be a situation unique in Senate history. I’ll have to check to see if it’s ever happened before.

    284. Gary Maxwell says:


      St. Pete? Think it was Keybored? LOL

    285. Tommy_Boy says:


      I don’t trust Tom Jensen at all to produce reasonable GOP primary polling.

      In any event, Romney’s negatives are pretty high among Republicans and Republican-leaning indies and his favorables low.

    286. Brooks says:

      Wes, Romney is not my choice, but he would out raise Obama. And if the Obama economy stinks in 2012, he would beat him.

    287. Phil says:

      Nice vote on Obamacare Ellsworth.

      It’s a real winner for you.

      Ladies and gentlemen, It doesn’t take a genius to know that R+9 or R+10 on election day will make 1994 look like a cliffhanger.

      Can Pelosi read polls – or the better question might be if she can, is she scared to look?

    288. Tony says:

      Here’s a suggestion.

      Romney may just be our nominee and I know everybody here except the Paulbot and a delirious Democrat posting here as a concerned Republican will vote for him.

      Bash him but realize you will probably be supporting him in the end.

    289. Tommy_Boy says:


      There is no chance of anyone outraising Obama. But money itself is overrated in a campaign. We’ll see this nOvember when our candidates send home the wealthier Democrat incumbents such as Carney.

    290. Jason T says:

      Wes,my bad

    291. Wes says:

      Norman Bates-Withrow, the Autocrat running against Graham in 2008 lost by 16 points. that’s not close.

    292. Polaris says:

      #293 I think Pelosi can read the polls just fine. I don’t think she cares (it’s not like she has to fear for her own relection chances…not in that district).

      I don’t think she cares except in so far as it compresses the time-table she has (and Obama has) to put the foundations on a permanant one-party (or at last effectively one party) welfare state.


    293. sam says:

      “I was gonna mention that same thing, jason. If Romney isn’t the frontrunner, then who is?”

      No one.

      Romney cannot withstand fire because of HC. When the Republican Party is going to run on repeal, Romney will have 3 options

      1) Be with the party – his flip-flp, on top of his flip-flop on abortion, would finish him

      2) Be against the party – that’s a winner !

      He is only polling relatively high because the firing hasn’t started yet.

      Remember Giuliani in 2006-07. Led every Rep primary poll.

      Remember Crist 6 months ago.

    294. Jerry Withrow says:

      If Coats wins I hope Richard Beyney or somebody like that runs as a Libertarian and challanges him!!! To be truthful I rather have Ellsworth in the Senate than Coats I believe Ellsworth is the more conservative canadate over Coats who is a RINO!!!!

    295. Tim says:

      Don’t underestimate Romney, guys. If he can pass the religion test, especially here in the South, he could win the GOP nomination.

    296. jason says:

      287. It’s Bush’s fault, culture of hate.

    297. LaZebra says:

      am a Spirit Filled Born again CHRISTAIN!!!! Who the Heck are you …..
      Sarah Palin is a AirHead!!!!
      Comment by Jerry Withrow — April 19, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

      Oh REALLY??? Just about everything you post here is, in biblical terms, “rotten fruit”. You enthusiastically support candidates who hate Jews, “the apple of God’s eye”, as they are called in the Bible. Even in this latest post, you call a fellow Christian (Sarah Palin) an AirHead. Jerry, if you are truly a Christian, act like one.

      With that, I’ll apologize for calling your heroes “Satanists”. OK, I know that Rand Paul and John Hostettler aren’t worshippers of Satan. They’re just evil Jew-haters, and so weak on national defense they would make Nevil Chamberlain look “tough”.

    298. Tony says:

      Phil, 293

      Did you notice that Michelle is the one speaking up on amnesty? I believe Newsmax had the story.

      I guess Reid and Pelosi nor any other Democrat will touch it.

    299. Jason T says:

      Tommy, good point. The main thing is for the GOP Nominee to have enough money to compete in all the swing states, unlike McCain.

      I am pretty confident with Obama’s Socialist policies that the Economy will still stink in 2012.

      Gas in 3.30 in the Chicago Suburbs right now, and might reach $5 this summer, the Democrats are in big trouble.

    300. Wes says:

      I notice in the latest round of polling, the Bimbette consistently hovers around the mid-40s in terms of popularity. That seems to be to be a very tentative position for her. I wonder if any Republican will be able to capitalize on the fact that the Empire State is not exactly sold on her.

    301. Brooks says:

      Tony, after all Michelle’s husband is a Immigrant.

    302. Wes says:

      Is it possible to be more of a lunatic than Norman Bates-Withrow?

    303. Wes says:

      Gas is $2.80 in my part of the world, Jason. The locals are not happy.

    304. Tim says:


    305. Brooks says:

      Wes, I am shocked the GOP has no one to rung against the Bimbo.

      Even Randy Kuhl or Tom Reynolds would have a shot

    306. Tommy_Boy says:


      The “religion” issue is just bs. It’s a way for Romney to smear Republicans. It’s not a religion issue with Romney. This guy’s negatives are just far too high and positives far too low to win a primary. McCain is not a comparison because he had the respect of Repulicans for his military service. There is no such reason for Republicans to give Romney anywhere near the same level of respect.

      In fact, I’m in agreement with Chekote when it comes to Romney and that’s probably the only thing on which I agree with Chekote.

    307. LaZebra says:

      Anybody is dumb enough to say that slavery was not significant to the black slaves in Virginia doesn’t need to be anywhere near the White House. Just like Biden. Too dumb to serve. Maybe we can start a list:
      To Dumb to Serve:
      Comment by Chekote — April 19, 2010 @ 3:49 pm

      Chekote, this is a perfect example of why folks here ignore you and want to ban you! We all know you hate Sarah Palin — so you don’t need to LIE about her! When in the world did did she ever say anything about slavery??

    308. Wes says:

      Thune can raise quite a bit of money to challenge Obama with, Jason. In 2004, he was raising so much money the DSCC openly threatened his donors if they continued to pour money into his coffers. He still has a solid fundraising apparatus in place too.

    309. Gary Maxwell says:


      “Here here” as the Brits like to say!

    310. Wes says:

      Blakeman seems to be the frontrunner, Brooks. I’ll have to study him to see if he might have a realistic chance of winning.

    311. Phil says:

      John Thune! Obama’s worst nightmare!

    312. Jason T says:

      Wes, local IL political guru’s are saying Gas Prices will sink Quinn.

      We have the highest Gas taxes in the Country.The people in the Suburbs always wake up to this

    313. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      I am back! I know you all have been waiting for my return, as this blog is all about me, and my views–which are the only ones that should be allowed. As a loyal member of the GOP, we must encourage as many social conservatives to leave the party as possible, as the millions of people chased away will result in an increase of people who vote for GOP candidates. If we can just get rid of social conservatives, then my lifetime goal will be achieved! Perpetual rule for my party! Please support me by praising my views and thanking me for my contribution here.

    314. LaZebra says:

      308,310 — LOL! Notice how Jerry calls himself a “Christain”. Wouldn’t you think, if your Christian status was that important to you, that you could at least spell that word correctly??

    315. Wes says:

      If gas prices sink Quinn, Jason, then I have to assume the G-Man will join him in the unemployment line.

    316. Jason T says:

      Wes, I like Thune and he is a Giant Killer. Do home states and their electoral votes matter anymore.?

      Who was the last truly small state POTUS?

    317. Tony says:

      “after all Michelle’s husband is a Immigrant.” –brooks


      And thanks for allowing me to segue into this question:

      When and if the SC takes up eligibility, will Sotomayor have to recuse herself? After all, she wouldn’t be on the bench if the SC determines that he is not eligible. Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest?

    318. Wes says:

      Clinton, Jason. Arkansas has just 6 electoral votes.

    319. Tommy_Boy says:

      While I respect Thune, I think you guys are giving him too much credit for the win over Daschle. SD is an extremely socially conservative and religious state. It was only a matter of time for a pro-abortion guy like Daschle to go down, especially considering that Bush made it a huge issue in ’04.

      On the face of it, it’s not so suprising that a socially conservative guy would beat a pro-abortion hack like Daschle in a heavily socially conservative and religious state. Daschle was a powerful guy but it was a heavily Republican year.

    320. Tim says:

      Uh, Clinton?

    321. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      325 – Agreed, Tommy_Boy.

    322. mnw says:

      That RAS +10 is awesome. Just learned that on this thread.

      Last nite, I had to get up at midnite for professional reasons, so… I’m killing time waiting for somebody.

      I turn on to HHR at 1:15am & what do my bleery eyes detect? Troll-the-sitepest holding forth on the beauties of amnesty, open borders, & so on.

      How can you NOT engage? The woman is like the squawk box at Jonestown.

    323. Wes says:

      It was not a heavily Republican year, Tommy. Bush beat Kerry 51-48, and the GOP in Congress won the generic ballot by a similar margin. The GOP did make a 4-seat gain in the Senate, but most of that was because of retirements, and they lost two open seats. In the House, the GOP netted upward only 3 seats while governorships stayed static. It was a status quo election tilting slightly toward the oncumbent party.

    324. Tim says:

      If the SC ever takes up that issue, then they should retire in favor of a new profession; Vaudeville

    325. LaZebra says:

      Thune can raise quite a bit of money to challenge Obama with, Jason….
      Comment by Wes — April 19, 2010 @ 4:37 pm

      Wes, I’m all for Thune, Daniels, or even Jindal. But if any of these “new guys” is going to run, I think they need to get in the race pretty soon, or at least release some strong hints. As poll after poll comes out, showing the Republican contenders being Romney, Huckabee, Palin, and (sometimes) Gingrich (the Big Four), this is what people are starting to believe, more and more. As the expression goes, “perception becomes reality”. Even Pawlenty, who is definitely running, is having a hard time getting any attention, as the Big Four are dominating all of the attention.

    326. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      328….the GOP should embrace open borders to send a signal to the hispanic community that we want their votes. This action will have no negative effect on the GOP base who still clings to the Constitution.

    327. Gary Maxwell says:

      Daschle was majority leader and an incumbent. I dont think you can give Thune too much credit. And Daschle found every single liberal in the state and some who could not be found before or since! And made it very close. Thune had to be organized to take him out, and he was.

    328. Wes says:

      By the way, South Dakota has been electing openly pro-choice members of Congress–often by wide margins–since the ’70s. The only incumbent Dem to lose in South Dakota till Daschle fell was George McGovern while James Abdnor and Larry Pressler both fell–Pressler in a year when a Republican carried the state over a Democrat President. Since Daschle’s defeat, both Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin–each openly pro-choice and liberal–have won reelection with 60+% of the vote. You really don’t study the politics of states very much, do you, Tommy?

    329. mnw says:

      BPL in Scottsdale

      Firsthand account of how our man in AZ is doing, please?

      How’s that attempted re-branding thing workin’ out for Amnesty Boy?

      Did that latest RAS poll shake things up any?


      HAYWORTH: The Consistent Conservative

      J.D. 2010
      P.O. Box 28604
      Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    330. Tim says:


      You guys are on a roll, today!

    331. Wes says:

      La, Thune won’t announce till next year if at all. His major concern right now is winning reelection in South Dakota. That seems to me to be a wise thing even though he is unopposed.

    332. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      331… The GOP needs a candidate who will scare off the social conservatives so they stay home, that will increase the chances of the GOP winning the presidency and increasing the gains they will get in the house race this year.

    333. Tim says:

      That is true. Good point…

    334. Wes says:

      What concerns me about the GOP, La, is that ever since 1944, the frontrunning Republican for the presidential nomination has been the nominee. Right now that’s Romney–and I don’t wnat Romney anywhere near a presidential ballot in 2012.

    335. Tommy_Boy says:


      Bush was extremely popular in South Dakota. He won around 60% of the vote in the state in 2000 and 2004. He performed pretty close to what Reagan got in the state in 1984.

      Once again, I’m not taking anyway from Thune’s win but it’s not as earth-shattering as you are making it out to be.

      Regarding abortion, I think you understand by now how the Dems play the issue. They always portray themsleves as somewhat conservative on the issue. It was Bush who made the issue front and central in 2000 and 2004, and that worked to Thune’s benefit in 2004 as Tom Daschle could no longer play the conservative Democrat act that he had been pulling.

    336. Gary Maxwell says:

      337 I see you acknowledge that his opponent is at best some write in candidate. Thus John probably wins after his friends and family plan submit their ballots? He can raise money and not spend it on reelection to the Senate but perhaps a higher calling?

    337. sam says:


      Nobody is going to announce before the Nov elections are over.

      Many reasons – meaningless to announce 2.5 years in advance when there is no attention from voters, nobody knows the post-midterm political landscape.

      In case you didn’t notice, the front-runners in 2007 – Giuliani and Hillary – did not make it.

    338. Jason T says:

      Thanks Wes, Arkansas.

    339. LaZebra says:

      Wes, I like Thune and he is a Giant Killer. Do home states and their electoral votes matter anymore.?
      Who was the last truly small state POTUS?
      Comment by Jason T — April 19, 2010 @ 4:41 pm

      Not presidents, but the last 2 Vice Presidents (Cheney, Biden) were from teensy EV states.

      In think that Thune could have a little bit of home advantage in Iowa and perhaps a little bit in Minnesota. The South Dakota demographics are somewhat similar to those states. If Thune were to get into the race early enough, he’d have a huge advantage in the Iowa Caucus. He could win that and roll to the nomination — similar to what Obama did.

    340. Tommy_Boy says:

      South Dakota has also been drifting away from the Democrat Party since 2000 as well. Look at the presidential elections since 1988:

      Bush 53
      Dukakis 47

      Bush 41
      Clinton 37

      Dole 47
      Clinton 43

      Bush 60
      Gore 38

      Bush 60
      Kerry 38

    341. lisab says:

      Massachusetts had a state church until 1833

      it was made no longer the state church

      by the state

    342. lisab says:

      Massachusetts also prohibited retail stores from opening until the 1980’s

      that policy ended … wait for it …

      because the state changed the laws

    343. lisab says:

      romney btw is a great guy,

      is it any wonder the two candidates ???? does not like both have strong religious beliefs?

    344. LaZebra says:

      335 — by “our boy”, BPL, he’s referring to the “Arizona Airhead” — a reference to his choice on the “America’s 10 Dumbest Members of Congress” list:

    345. Wes says:

      No, Tommy, it’s not. Daschle had been consistently representing South Dakota in Congress sinc ethe 1978 elections in either the House or the Senate. He was the most powerful member of Congress ever in South Dakota history. He had won reelection in 1992 and 1998 by 65 and 62% of the vote respectively–both times carrying almost every county in the state. He had massive crossover appeal because of his bringing home the bacon and persistent efforts to keep Ellsworth Airbase from closing. Several statewide elected Republicans–most notably former Governor Bill Janklow–had frequently endorsed and campaigned for him in his reelection bids. Then along came John Thune, whose political career seemed to be over after Daschle helped Tim Johnson steal the 2002 Senate race. Thune became the only Republican in history to beat Daschle in an election, but, no, there was absolutely nothing significant about his win. I think we can safely say, Tommy, your utter enamorment with Sarah Palin has led you to have to find every line of reasoning possible–no matter how tenuous–to denigrate anyone who might prove to be a challenge for her in the presidential primaries.

    346. Brooks says:

      Mnw, the rumor is that Chekote was given permission by Jim Jones to switch the Kool-Aid from Cherry to Grape.

    347. Wes says:

      Tommy, Bush carried North Dakota in 2000 and 2004 by wider margins than he carried South Dakota by. No Republicans running for Senate won either time. Might want to do a little background research in the future.

    348. Brooks says:

      Marv, Hussein’s bump is gone. Harry Reid just applied to a Vegas Arby’s online

    349. Marv says:


      Are you ready to apologize yet for your preposterous position on the Iwo Jima invasion question?

    350. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      Why do you all scroll past my posts??? Most of you interact with Chek, and you know there is only one difference between me and Chek.

      But this blog is supposed to be all about ME!!!

    351. Gary Maxwell says:

      With ??? it wont be the Kool Aide brand. Its the offbrand and would be most likely “loudmouthed lime” or “goofy grape”.

    352. lisab says:

      iwo was a mistake

    353. Chekote says:


      Romney thought that health care reform would his signature issue. It blew up in his face just like his transformation to a SoCon blew up in his face in Iowa. They man is a phony. Total phony. That speech he gave on Religion was the dumbest thing around until McDonnell’s Confederacy Declaration.

    354. Wes says:

      Marv, Lisa is biologically, physically, and emotionally incapable of ever admitting to being wrong. It’s bets just to let it go.

    355. Marv says:


      Any GOP nominee will beat Obama in 2012. I’ve been thinking of running myself.

    356. Wes says:

      Best, I mean.

    357. DW says:

      Add me to the list of those who are pulling for THUNE in 2012.

    358. Tommy_Boy says:


      You are missing by central argument: that Republicans running for the Senate should have been able to win in those states when Bush was popular from 2000-2004.

      The fact that they didn’t suggest they weren’t strong candidates.

      I’m not denigrating Thune. No one else on this board likely sees it that way. It was a great win. Earth-shattering? I don’t think so in a state that where Bush was more popular than any Republican who had run since Reagan.

    359. Wes says:

      You should challenge Akaka if Lingle takes a pass in 2012, Marv.

    360. lisab says:


      do you still doubt my assertion that ???? exhibits symptoms of a cluster b personality disorder?

      read the above, she unraveled.

      if anyone had any doubt she was an obamabot, i do not see how anyone can think that now.

    361. Chekote says:

      I only person with an R next to his name that I would not support is Ron Paul.

      Actually if you are concerned about Maxism as much as you claim, you would vote for Paul. Romney is a total phony and I would not put it pass him to get into office and continue the Obama agenda.

    362. Marv says:

      #361 Wes,

      Roger that! If lisab were on my Staff in the Air Force, I’d send her out for coffee just before the final decisions were made.

    363. Chekote says:


      Even your friend Mark Cali told you that your psychoanalysis is lame.

    364. lisab says:

      actually i was wrong when i said that obama looked like he would be the next VP after his speech at the 2004 convention

      you all said he was WAAAAAAAAAY to inexperienced to be even considered VP

    365. LaZebra says:

      What concerns me about the GOP, La, is that ever since 1944, the frontrunning Republican for the presidential nomination has been the nominee.
      Comment by Wes — April 19, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

      You are referring to the “Next” trend, where the GOP will nominate either:
      (a) Incumbant President,
      (b) Incumbant Vice President, OR
      (c) Whoever finished 2nd in the last contested race.

      Republican nominees have come from the above list all but 2 times since World War II: 1952 (Eisenhower), 2000 (Bush II)

      I personally believe this is a key reason why Huckabee stayed in the 2008 primaries long after McCain had it locked up. When Romney bowed out, he was in 2nd place. But Huckabee “officially” passed him (in delegates and total votes) by continuing in the race. Thus, I think it’s disputable who the official “Next” candidate is, Romney or Huckabee.

      But I totally agree with you, I don’t want either of these guys! I really like both Palin and Gingrich, but I have serious qualms about their electability. Thus, I really wish that either Thune, Daniels, or Jindal would get serious about 2012. While Sam is right that there’s no need to announce before November, it would still really help if they send out some positive rumors.

    366. Brooks says:

      Well our friend, Tim, put in a good word for me at a Obama Re-Education Camp. Tim thanks for being a polite Marxist.

      Good night comrades

    367. Chekote says:

      When in the world did did she ever say anything about slavery??

      When she receives a message from God telling her that it is okay.

    368. Wes says:

      Well, I’m not going to denigrate Sarah Palin either, Tommy, but in a state that went more solidly for Bush than South Dakota twice, she won with a plurality rather a majority of the vote in a primary against a wildly unpopular sitting Governor and a plurality rather than a majority against a former Governor who two years earlier had losto the biggest beneficiary of transparent nepotism in Senate history. She then presided over the worst GOP losses in the Alaska State Legislature since the 1970s and a sustained increase in Democrat voters in the state, causing Obama to do better in the state than any Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 despite her favorite daughter status. Two can play at this game if you wnat to continue.

    369. LaZebra says:

      372 — Oops, I forgot Goldwater (1964). He also broke that “Next” thing.

    370. Marv says:


      I’m going to try to speak with Gov Lingle this spring. I think that she can beat Akaka in 2012.
      Maybe she’ll seek an open seat in 2014. I’m looking for big things in the future for Djou.

    371. lisab says:


      i make love not war … so i would not be on your staff 😛

    372. Chekote says:

      Amazing all the people here wailing and complaining about Maxism and yet they would vote for Romney (the father of Obamacare) and not vote for Paul who is perhaps the strongest on the issues of returning the federal government to its constitutional roots. Talk about bipolar!

    373. Wes says:

      For the record, I have nothing against Sarah Palin, but everything I just typed is factually correct, although Tommy will refuse to acknowledge it even as he tries his best to say John Thune has no chance in 2012.

    374. Wes says:

      There is no open Senate seat in Hawaii in 2014, marv.

    375. LaZebra says:

      When she receives a message from God telling her that it is okay.
      Comment by Chekote — April 19, 2010 @ 5:09 pm

      And WHEN did that happen?
      Do you just sit there, trying to think of ways to annoy people? Do you have any interest in finding concensus with people?

    376. Marv says:

      #378 lisab,

      Bravo, great retort. 🙂

      “Compared to war, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance.”

      George S. Patton
      General, United States Army

    377. BayernFan says:

      Jerry Withrow….re post 300…

      If Coats wins the primary Behney can not run in November becuase Indiana law prohibits a primary loser from running for the same office in November.

      Does Florida have such a law?

    378. lisab says:

      romney did not create romneycare

      the mass legislature passed it

      he could either veto parts of it, which he did … and each veto was later overridden


      not sign it in which case it would become law anyway.

    379. Chekote says:

      Do you have any interest in finding concensus with people?

      I did last night with Vic. I praises and supported his efforts even though he called me morally corrupt several times and never apologized/

    380. lisab says:

      “Compared to war, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance.”

      he never saw me naked

    381. Chekote says:

      romney did not create romneycare

      the mass legislature passed it

      By the same token, Obama did not create Obamacare. It was Pelosi and Reid.

    382. Marv says:

      #381 Wes,

      Thanks for the info. That settles it, if I were a betting man, I’d bet that Gov Lingle challenges Akaka in 2012.

    383. mnw says:

      Marv & lisab

      Identify Gunther Prien, pls? No googling.

      Churchill described his work as “a prodigous feat of arms.”

    384. Chekote says:

      Jindal pretty much killed his national career after that hostage tape he tried to pass off as a response to SOTU.

    385. Marv says:


      Purple Magic

    386. Chekote says:



      Stop bashing Palin 😀

    387. BayernFan says:

      RE the UK elections…

      Why would anyone vote for a party that is named “The Liberal Democrat Party”? Good Lord. LOL

      It leads in the polls there now.

    388. Wes says:

      Marv, are you as pissed as I it looks as if 24 is going to fall back on the tired “It was all a plot by middle-aged white men” them in the closing episodes?

    389. lisab says:


      you just told me who prien was a few days ago

    390. Transparent Dem Troll says:

      382…you were supposed to respond by getting upset at social conservatives. It says right here on my card that you will likely respond this way. Ouch. Chek just threw a stapler over the cubicle wall and it hit me on the head.

    391. Mark Cali says:

      And Kos tries to tell us that Coats is the weaker candidate… They’re so full of crap.

    392. Wes says:

      No, Chekote. I didn’t bash Palin because unlike you I don’t hate Palin. I merely stated the reality of her record to contrast with Tommy-Boy’s attempt to denigrate John Thune as some rube who managed to get lucky on Bush’s coattails against a man who supposedly would ahve lost anyway. I wouldn’t even have pulled that card out of my sleeve had Tommy not done everything but say Thune was nothing more than a historical fluke.

    393. Chekote says:

      If the GOP doesn’t put a plan on the table to deal with the problem of illegal immigration (an saying enforce the current laws is a slogan not a plane), we will get a repeat of HC.

    394. mnw says:


      No, I ASKED who he was, after u explained you knew Otto Skorzeny from WWII movies, & that I’d have to come up w/ somebody who hadn’t been in a film.

      I didn’t see your response.

      Sorry to pester u twice. Did u recognize the name?

    395. Chekote says:


      Anything short of orgasmic praise for everything Palin, is bashing her. Gee…. I thought you would have figured that out by now.

    396. Marv says:

      #395 Wes,

      Actually, if the middle aged white men are Russians, it will be quite topical. If that plotline continues, it will be an unforced error by the left-leaning writers at “24”.

    397. lisab says:

      This year 11-year old Jane’s class is studying money and budgets. In September every student wrote down their savings, and what they wanted in savings by the end of school in June. Jane started with $134, but wants to do better and have $137 ($3 more) saved by year’s end. She figures that will be easy, since she will get birthday money in a few months. But now it’s late May, and Jane has only $130, because she spent her birthday money, and then some. What should Jane do in her final report on the savings project?

      Be honest and admit she didn’t reach her goals of $3 more in savings, totaling $137, due to her spending habits;


      Say at the start of the year she only “really” thought she would have $127 saved by year’s end, and claim “success” for ending up with $3 more than that and see if her teacher notices.

    398. mnw says:


      “we will get a repeat of HCR on immigration”


      I doubt you will recognize the reference, but others will.

    399. BayernFan says:

      398… When he announced and had the problems with his out of state residency and comments about wanting to retire to NC, I thought Coats might not even win the primary.

      I may have been dreadfully wrong. No one else is on the air right now. No one else, it seems, has the money.

      Coats may be a big name after all still in Indiana.

      Primary is 2 weeks from tomorrow.

    400. Wes says:

      Well, Marv, form the previews, it looks as if the former President and the Russians will somehow be responsible for the terror plot. They seriously need to bring Surnow back to conduct the writing for the show. This season lagged way too long and threw way too many curveballs that weren’t supported at all by previous events at the audience.

    401. Chekote says:

      Don’t underestimate Romney, guys. If he can pass the religion test, especially here in the South, he could win the GOP nomination.

      You know, I am sick and tired of people blaming the Romney loss on his religion. I am sure that was factor in Iowa. But those a caucuses. He also lost in NH, was his religion the culprit there too. Romney lost because he is a phony and people don’t like phoneys.

    402. lisab says:


      i did not at the time, but then someone answered, maybe GF, and i saw his answer

      i knew the story, though i did not know his name before a few days ago

      i am not answering intentionally so that marv can have a shot at it

    403. Wes says:

      Bunu Troopslanderer will eb on here every day puffing Hostettler till that time, Bay.

    404. Marv says:


      My point is that Cherry Jones is acting like Obama and is being suckered by the “Soviets”.

    405. lisab says:

      romney lost new hampshire, because the people of new hampshire

      a.) like mccain

      b.) allow dems to vote in their primary, and the dems thought mccain was the easier candidate to beat

    406. Bunu says:

      we already have a plan Chekote. It’s called vote all republicans who vote for CIR out of office.

    407. lisab says:

      Cherry Jones?

      was she the vocalist for the runaways?

    408. Marv says:

      For the record, I will campaign and vote for any GOP Presidential nominee in 2012. I will not sit home or vote for someone else merely to “send a message” to the GOP establishment.

    409. Wes says:

      I get your point, Marv. I just wish the writers had followed through with the original plotline instead of falling back on the tired idea that the white man is invariably responsible for all acts of terror in the world.

    410. lisab says:



      i told you i see a lot of movies

      some said it was violent … i did not see any violence.

      the spartans were very handsome

    411. Marv says:


      Do you think that any of the three major service academies have a shot at BCS Bowl this year?

    412. Wes says:

      I will do the same, Marv. Although I voted downballot in 2008, I refused to vote on the presidential level. Given how close NC was, I think a lot of people did the same as I here at that time.

    413. Gary Maxwell says:


      She will pick number two, also known as the Democrat Doublespeak.

    414. GF says:


      Damned straight that was me! Naval history (specifically from the Napoleonic Wars up to the present) is my strong suit.

    415. BPL in Scottsdale says:

      391 – “Jindal pretty much killed his national career after that hostage tape he tried to pass off as a response to SOTU.”

      Same as Bill Clinton did after he bored Dem delegates to tears @ 1988 Convention in his Dukakis nomination speech. Nobody ever recovers from things like that.

      Chekote – Indian for “Ignorant Sl*t”

    416. Marv says:

      #422 DW

      “Loud and clear. How me?”

    417. That's Right says:


      “Chekote – Indian for “Ignorant Sl*t”


    418. lisab says:

      “Do you think that any of the three major service academies have a shot at BCS Bowl this year?”

      i don’t know what that means

    419. Wes says:

      He was asking if you think the Army, Navy, or Air Force Academy will win the big prize in college football next year, Lisa.

    420. Marv says:

      #426 lisab,

      Ask Mr lisab, he probably knows. BCS means Bowl Championship Series and consists of the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the BCS National Championship Game.

    421. lisab says:


      what reasons do british historians give for why the uss constitution kicked british frigate butt?

    422. chekote says:

      Stay away from my uteri

    423. Wes says:

      Marv, in 2007, Lisa didn’t even know a touchdown is worth 6 rather than 7 points. Did you really expect her to know what the BCS is?

    424. Wes says:

      Hello, Eph. Haven’t seen you in awhile.

    425. lisab says:

      “He was asking if you think the Army, Navy, or Air Force Academy will win the big prize in college football next year”

      soooooo … which is easier casting on silk, cashmere or wool?

    426. lisab says:

      “stay away from my uteri”

      you have more than one?

    427. Marv says:

      #433 lisab,

      Cashmere, of course. Everyone knows that!

    428. lisab says:

      “Lisa didn’t even know a touchdown is worth 6 rather than 7 points”

      i knew

      i wanted to know why.

      it seems silly to me, why 6, why not 5? or 8? why are fieldgoals worth three?

    429. lisab says:

      “Cashmere, of course. Everyone knows that!”

      now they have cashmere blended with silk yarn!

      best of both worlds!

    430. GF says:

      Some foolishly attributed it to her “armour,” although Old Ironsides actually had a thick hull of stout oak. Her design reflected the influence of the Boston Clipper ships, and gave her a significant speed and maneuverability advantage over typical Royal Navy ships of the period.

      I’d say superior loading and gunnery on the part of our Sailors played a role, as it had for the RN at Trafalgar.

    431. Polaris says:

      #436 Up until the early 20th century, FGs were worth four not three points. Football (US style) is a sport that’s actually almost 200 years old and has evolved greatly from it’s common ancester with Rugby.


    432. Wes says:

      Lisa, have you seen how hard it usually is to get a touchdown? When football was first created, a fieldgoal was worth 2 points while a touchdown netted 5. Eventually someone realized touchdowns are almost invariably easier to get than fieldgoals and reconfigured the scoring system to what we have now.

    433. lisab says:

      i always say, why buy a sweater for $100 that you could knit for $300

    434. Chekote says:

      Blaming Romney’s loss to his religion is like saying that people oppose Obama just because of his race. Sure there a people who don’t like Romney because of his nutty religion and there are people who don’t like Obama because of his race but that’s not the main driver against them.

    435. lisab says:


      better seamanship was also part of it


      the uss constitution has cannon down both sides of her upper deck

      british frigates had some gobblygook in the center of their upper deck that prevented them from having as many cannon

      so they claim that the uss constitution was actually really equivalent to a fourth rate ship instead of a fifth rate frigate

    436. GPO says:

      Jindal pretty much killed his national career after that hostage tape he tried to pass off as a response to SOTU.

      Comment by Chekote — April 19, 2010 @ 5:16 pm

      Yeah just like Bill Clintons borefest at the Democratic convention killed his national career. It is apparent that if Thune ever gains any traction Chek will find some obscure statement he makes , and starts saying it proves he is not the right man for the office.

    437. lisab says:

      “Lisa, have you seen how hard it usually is to get a touchdown?”

      no, my team is the new england patriots

    438. Marv says:

      I think that the US Navy needs 15 Aircraft Carrier Battlegroups, not the 12 currently planned. We should dump some of these stupid social welfare programs (Obamacare) in order to pay for the three extra Battlegroups.

    439. chesty puller says:

      We’ll be lucky to have a garbage scow before the obumbler is done.

    440. That's Right says:

      444. Thune 2012!

    441. Benny says:

      I think Obumbler only can win in 2012 if the economy really recover

      unemployment must go down to 6%

      if not he will lose

      lose barely with a weak GOP candidate like Huck or Romny
      loose big with a strong GOP candidate like Palin or Thune

      but at first he must win the nomination again
      and I am not sure he will
      there is a big movement that Hillary will run against him again
      and after the bloodbath in Nov everything is possible

    442. Marv says:

      Just as Carter’s complete incompetance led to President Reagan, Obama’s total muck up as CIC will lead to a great conservative GOP Presidency.

    443. Mark Cali says:

      444 – Exactly, GPO

    444. Marv says:

      Hello Benny, how are you today. Has the volcanic ash made it to Germany yet?

    445. Tommy_Boy says:


      Where did I say that Thune had no chance?

    446. Benny says:

      Hi Marv
      yes it did
      no fly is working
      even our chancellor must take the bus 🙂
      very bad for the economy
      I wonder that Al Bore is not saying something about that

    447. addisonst says:

      Jindal pretty much killed his national career after that hostage tape he tried to pass off as a response to SOTU.

      I forgot to put Jindal on my list of possible candidates that are no good for Chek. Can’t vote for Jindal, too unspeechy.

      Now Obama, he gave a speech. That qualified him

    448. Marv says:

      Thune/Petraeus 2012

    449. Tommy_Boy says:


      “she won with a plurality rather a majority of the vote in a primary against a wildly unpopular sitting Governor and a plurality rather than a majority against a former Governor who two years earlier had losto the biggest beneficiary of transparent nepotism in Senate history.”

      It’s not easy to defeat any incumbent in a primary by 20 points. How many times has it happened in the last twenty years? As for the general election against Knowles, 2006 was a Democrat year and there was a strong third-party candidate taking away her vote. AK is not really the best fit for a social conservative as it’s one of the least religious states in the country.

      “She then presided over the worst GOP losses in the Alaska State Legislature since the 1970s and a sustained increase in Democrat voters in the state, causing Obama to do better in the state than any Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 despite her favorite daughter status.”

      I don’t think any conservative should care about Republicans losing in AK considering how shitty those Republicans are. As for the general election, polling clearly showed the race to be much closer prior to her arrival on the ticket and the country moved 10 points to the left whereas Alaska only moved 5 points.

    450. Marv says:

      #456 Benny

      Obama is in deep kimchee.

    451. Marv says:

      I actually think that a Romney/Thune ticket is a fairly reasonable prediction.

    452. Marv says:


      Is Texas headed to the Big 10?

    453. That's Right says:

      460. I like Romney, but think Obamacare/Romneycare is a deathblow. All of his arguments will feed into a “flip-flopper” theme. We need new blood to ride the wave of anti-Obama, anti-Dem sentiment. For slightly different reasons, I also think Huckabee and Palin will not be the candidates in 2012.

    454. Bunu says:

      The Pirate Party of Germany organizes against body scanners in airports.

      We need this political party in the U.S. I’m definitely a fan of their agenda of doing away with copyright and patent laws and keeping the internet free.

    455. addisonst says:

      Marv, I’ll answer that question as a UT Alum and living in Chicago. NO. Although they should do it. Great for funds and great for me. I’d be 3 hours away from 5 games a year. I don’t see how they can do it politically leaving a&m in the dust. And I don’t see how they can pay for the non revenue teams to travel that far all the time.

      But a boy can dream. Beating the crap out of Michigan and the other cupcakes would be nice.

    456. addisonst says:

      Hey HHR’s

      The perfect candidate for Lady Chek.

      Cannot have created govt health care and i guess that means cannot have voted for it, although only Romney is eliminated

      Cannot have given a bad speech seen by all of 7 people;
      Must be focused on the cause of the civil war and other historical matters that happened over 150 years ago;
      Must be pro choice;
      Must be against defensible borders;
      Must be pro amnesty.

      I’m not sure what will be harder to find. The candidate or a voter.

    457. Marv says:


      Even if Texas left for the Big 10, they could still play the A&M game. Personally, I think that Notre Dame is the best fit.

    458. Chekote says:


      Clinton won because of Perot.

    459. Chekote says:


      Also, Clinton’s speech happened during the pre-YouTube era.

    460. addisonst says:

      Marv, the issue isn’t the game. The issue is leaving A&M and their slob alumni base all alone to fend for themselves in the Big 12. A&M has a disproportionate amount of clout in the state of Texas for an institution that brings in a fraction of the money and a fraction of the hotties that UT does.

    461. Marv says:


      During World War II, Texas A&M commissioned more officers for the Army, Navy and Marine Corps than did West Point and the Naval Academy combined.

    462. addisonst says:

      Chek, if Jindal cleans up the cesspool that was Democratic Louisiana, he will be on the national ticket within the next 12 years. Nobody cares about a speech that sucked.

      In fact, I’d rank him as the favorite for the #2 slot right now if Huckabee or another southerner isnt’ the nominee.

      And you haven’t stated why T Paw is no good. Please enthrall us w/ your acumen on him as you have to incisively done on McDonnell, Jindal, et al.

    463. addisonst says:

      Marv they won a heisman trophy back then too. Now they are a backwater college that gets a disproportionate share of state funding and oh btw, sucks at football too.

    464. Marv says:

      1939 National Champions!

    465. Marv says:

      1939 was a spectacular year. It was the single greatest year for American movies, Texas A&M won the National Championship, and Germany started World War II.

    466. Marv says:


      Is the movie “We’ve Never Been Licked” still banned on campus at UT?

    467. MD says:


      Wow – earlier in the thread ??? Called all socons nazi’s. Regrettably, I have to conclude that your cluster B diagnosis may be valid. I was trying to be optimistic. I still contend that the other issues exist as well. There really is no hope.

      “Socons are nazi’s”.

    468. MD says:

      Wes is pro slavery and I am a Nazi.

      OK – moving on now. The creature is not worth the effort. She can’t be helped.

    469. MD says:

      Texas in the big 10? When will they rename it? It is no longer 10 teams.

    470. Charles says:

      Palin is the front-runner. Thune as a sitting Senator has the same image problem as Mitt.. they’re regarded as establishment types. Palin has a larger cash donor base and has made it clear via her public smackdowns of Skippy, she’s unafraid of him and likely to run.

    471. addisonst says:

      Md its already 11 teams. They are not very bright in the big10

    472. Marv says:


      If Texas went to the Big 10, they would then have 12 teams. They wouln’t be able to name themselves the Big 12 because there already is a Big 12. The Big 12 would then have only 11 teams, with Texas gone. (So much time on my hands today.)

    473. Tina says:

      The Drudge headline is alarming:

      Will the Obumbler return the $1,000,000 in GS contributions.

      I knew that he lobbied for TARP for a reason.

    474. Apologetic California says:

      Lingle/Jindal 2012! It will drive the Paulbots crazy! A Jew and possible Muslim in one GOP ticket!

    475. lisab says:


      it is really a matter of degree more than a different disorder.

      she must really actually dislike you a lot

    476. Tina says:

      Hi from Sac-a-Tomatoes. I had no time to post earlier, nor am I going to re-read the posts.

      I do disagree with the TX result from the other thread…

    477. Tina says:

      Marv, Romney can not be allowed at the TOP of the ticket. We want as many policy issue differences as possible with the Obumbler.

    478. Phil says:

      “Slob alumni base”

      What the hell is that supposed to mean? My father, sister, three nephews, along with myself graduated from A&M. None of us are “slobs”. The aggie graduates I’m familiar with are quality.

    479. MD says:


      Palin is a double edged sword. On the one hand, she has more passionate followers than any of the other pretenders from 2008. She has charisma and presence. Those things can’t be taught.

      On the negative side of the ledger, she is hated in equal passion and at times seems to make decisons based on feel. At times that can be an asset but at other times a hindrance. I look at the Paul nomination as one of those times when it is a hindrance.

      She is a force. There is no denying that. I would love to meet her one day.

    480. Wes says:

      Tommy, I’m going to be honest. That is the most idiotic response I’ve ever read in history. At this point, I’m just going to respond to anything you say for the sheer amusement factor. You don’t know a goddamn thing about politics, and your endless endless spinning of everything Sarah Palin says or does as the greatest event in the history of the universe combined with your failure to make any accurate predictions has l0ng since undermined every last shred of credibility you ever had.

    481. MD says:


      What did TB do to earn such ire? Chek called all socons nazi’s yet you say nothing. What gives?

    482. Phil says:

      “Backwater college”?

      Just read that one as well.

      Get off your high horse and get a clue. Stick to something you know something about.

    483. Wes says:

      Charles, where’s his much larger donor base Sarah Palin has? She’s raised exactly as much money as John Thune or anyone else for a 2012 presidential run: $0. Even in Washington, it’s already been noted by several people how big Thune’s donor base is. You know, I have absolutely nothing against Sarah Palin, but she seriously needs to find better followers than you and Tommy. Neiher of you could make a case for her that would actually resonate with the broader electorate if someone threatened to pour molten gold down your throat if you didn’t.

    484. Tina says:

      Victor C, if you are out there, I will come up with some other ideas soon when I get back to my undisclosed Secret Location aka La CASA.

    485. Tina says:

      One speech does not doom a candidate. Nobody can remember that Jindal gave a SOTU response.

      (I do not think he will even run for the nomination).

    486. Wes says:

      I just got back here, MD. I didn’t see Chekote say that, but if she didn, be sure I’ll have the knives out for her. As for Tommy, I got tird of his lightweight arguments. I could have a substantive debate with you or Mark Cali regaridng Sarah Palin versus John Thune, but Tommy has absolutely no capacity to view anything Sarah Palin does with any objectivity and so spins literally everything relating to her as some kind of immaculate occurrence. I he could make a seriuous case that didn’t read like one of Bunu’s endless adulations transferred to Sarah Palin, then I’d be glad to debate him civilly. He’s far from capable of having that kind of debate though.

    487. Chekote says:

      Chek called all socons nazi’s yet you say nothing. What gives?

      You are such an A-hole! I didn’t call socons nazis. That was EPH using my handle.

    488. MD says:


      WTF is wrong. Those posts are fairly consistent with their beliefs yet you are attacking with a venom that perhaps should be directed at someone who claims that 50% of the GOP are nazi”s.

    489. Wes says:

      This is the basic case Tomy made against Thune, MD: He got lucky because George Bush was in office. Meanwhile, the GOP went into freefall in Alaska while Sarah Palin was in office, but that somehow means she’d be the best person to run against Obama. Huh? That’s the level of argument I’m dealing with, and honestly I’m tired of it. If Sarah Plin is indeed the strongest candidate the GOP can put forward, then characterize her strengths in human terms. Don’t make her out to be some Goddess, which is hat Tommy invariably does.

    490. Chekote says:


      Check out #241 and #244

    491. MD says:

      In that case I apologize Chekote. No one should be able to use another’s handle for that purpose.

    492. Wes says:

      Point me to that post, MD. I’ll be glad to execrate Chekote for it if indeed she said it.

    493. Chekote says:


      Again, it was eph or somebody else posting under my name with a lower case “c”. What a totall A$$ you are.

    494. Chekote says:


      Again, it was eph or somebody else posting under my name with a lower case “c”. What a totall A$$ you are.

    495. Chekote says:


      Well, what do you know???

    496. Wes says:

      You know I have no problem going after Chekote, MD. I’ve never fully trusted her since she said I wanted slavery reinstated. The only reason I acknowledge her now is that she was willing to admit Bunu indeed was trying to slander the troops in Iraq.

    497. MD says:


      She said it was not her but someone using her handle so I apologized. As for the other things I have said – yes I believe them and stand by everything I have said.

    498. Chekote says:

      I’ve never fully trusted her since she said I wanted slavery reinstated.

      Never said such thing. I said trying to reinterpret an amendment that was put there to make sure former slaves and their descendants had full citizenship rights was politically dumb.

    499. Tina says:

      Nu thread.

    500. Wes says:

      It probably was Eph Rove, MD. I’ve never known Chekote to call anyone a Nazi.

    501. MD says:


      Did you see my apology? Direct and without qualification. Did you see that poor lady’s response?

      Anyway, apologized. Now she can jump off a bridge for all I care.

      I am playing right into her need for drama.

      The ignore button is now on. Say what you will you nutty bytch!

    502. Chekote says:

      Chek, if Jindal cleans up the cesspool that was Democratic Louisiana, he will be on the national ticket within the next 12 years. Nobody cares about a speech that sucked.

      You are probably right about this.

    503. Wes says:

      For the record, although I do believe John McCain would be the better choice for the AZGOP in the Senate race based on strategic reasons only, I have no doubt his sudden conversion to border enforcement is strictly politically motivated.

    504. Wes says:

      I saw the apology, MD. Chekote responded in an unwarrnated manner.

    505. Chekote says:

      Look McCain is cynical, egomaniac, phony. However, JD would be a laughing stock. One more things about McCain, he is gutless. Still, we can’t afford to have JD blow another election.

    506. Chekote says:


      Frankly, I was shocked that he apologized. Really shocked. But I do accept and appreciate MD’s apology.

    507. Charles says:

      Wes you keep talking and sounding like Karl Rove.

      In other words, you’re ignoring what your eyes are telling are you.

      Palin is the one winning hearts and minds and becoming the de-facto leader of the Tea Party and conservatism in general.

      You inane extolling of Thune smacks of someone who has only learned from a textbook and not a whit of common sense.

    508. Jefferson Davis says:

      I do not hate the Jews and yes I do support Isreal Yes they are the apple of God’s Yes I agree!!! It says so in the Bible I know that!!!

      Ron and Rand Paul don’t hate the Jews either that is just plain wrong!!!
      Thay are not Anti Isreal what they are saying is we should stay out of the affairs of the MidEast and cut off ALL forghn aid!! If your Pro Isreal than Ron and Rand Paul should be your guys seriosly do you know I don’t how many time but I know it is many we fund Isreals a heck of alot more than Isreal. We by cutting off aid would help Isreal we would in fact take off all the restrainers on Isreal and free them up to do what they have to do to protect themselves. We are always medeling in their affairs and tring to push a Palistinian state on them if we back off they would be better off!!!

    509. Jerry R. Withrow says:

      So please I resent anyone calling my canadates Anti Semetic because they are not!!
      I call Sarah Palin a Air Head because she has no clue what is she talking about all she does is fire attacks on the current administration but has no solutions to the problems.
      Anyway if she is such a Great Christain why in her book I read it by the way did she veto a bill thgat was supposed to be against Domestic Partners? Doesn’t Gods law surpass mans law?
      How about the Sinfulness of her doughter Bristol if she wasn’t so worried about her own carrier and took care of her kids she wouldn’t be in that situation giving birth out of wedlock. You can knock Ron Paul but he or she lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!!