Angle Leads By 8% In GOP Primary

Not a lot going on this muggy Sunday morning. the lone poll that I could find this morning comes from Mason-Dixon adding another poll that shows Sharron Angle on her way to the Republican nomination for the US Senate.

Sharron Angle 32%
Danny Tarkanian 24%
Sue Lowden 23%
Chad Christensen 3%
John Chachas 2%

US SENATE – NEVADA (Mason-Dixon)
Sharron Angle (R) 44%
Harry Reid (D-inc) 41%

Danny Tarkanian (R) 46%
Harry Reid (D-inc) 39%

Harry Reid (D-inc) 42%
Sue Lowden (R) 41%

This poll was done June 1-3 among 625 registered voters. We are supposed to get a new poll for the South Carolian primary race tonight from Public Policy Polling. We have this from PPP’s Twitter feed.

Unless another shoe drops Haley will finish 1st…also someone emerging as a more clear runoff partner…results tomorrow!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Jason T says:

    Even Money that Van Der Sloot is walking Bowlegged this Morning, Wes?

  2. MD says:

    Haley will win the runoff easily. Notice how the bs died down so quickly?

  3. Jason T says:

    Forgot today was D-Day. Have to get out the Flag. Back later

  4. Jason T says:

    MD, it took time for La to accept Jindal, same here with Nikki

  5. Wes says:

    Oh, definitely, Jason. I hope Pretty Boy got to be the bitch for all the child molesters with a liking for effiminate-looking boys last night.

  6. Wes says:

    I hate RV polls.

  7. MD says:

    That’s right JT. Thousands made the ultimate sacrifice on this day to protect our way of life, freedom and liberty.

    I am sure that bunu would have preferred that we not get involved.

  8. Wes says:

    Salute to all who fought and died for our freedom on this day 66 years ago. Thank you.

  9. Howard Dean says:

    June 6th and we still have the heat on.

    No end in site.

  10. Wes says:

    Bunu has contempt for anyone who dares defy tyrants, MD. Had he been alive at the time, he would have been cheering for Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo–just as he cheers for the Arabs now.

  11. Wes says:

    Regarding Nikki Haley, I find it contemptible the other Republicans running against her feel the need to besmirch her as a serial adulteress in an attempt to catch up to her in the polls. It is cynical politics at its worst, and I hope those responsible are so tainted by their efforts they can never win elective office again.

  12. Phil says:

    Maybe Tark will surge at the end. he’s certainly the strongest candidate against Reid.

    I can hope, can’t I?

  13. Jason T says:

    Looks like the Old Goat will get a pass. Helen Thomas is trash

  14. Jason T says:

    Wes, LA voters in 2003 decided they were not ready for Indian Jindal. If he would have won, Katrina would have been a lot less terrible.

  15. Jason T says:

    Phil, I have a gut feeling Tark might just win in a upset. Lowden seems to be done, and is polling behind Reid.

  16. Mark Cali says:

    Considering how off primary polling has been this year, I’d say it’s anyone’s game. Survey USA hasn’t polled Nevada. So I’m inclined to say Tarkanian will get the undecideds because Lowden and Angle are bloodying each other up. Usually the candidate that’s not involved in the mess benefits.

  17. Jason T says:

    Good point Mark.

  18. Jason T says:

    Wes, CQ politics is awful and blatantly left Wing.

    With all the things happening in the Political world, their big twitter call this weekend is that Coats is under 50% in IND.

  19. Jason T says:

    I do not understand what Lowden did wrong, but she tanked at the wrong time.

  20. Mark Cali says:

    Or maybe Christensen and Chachas will experience late surges….

  21. Jason T says:

    Have to fly folks. All have a good Sunday and Remember Omaha Beach.

  22. Phil says:

    Coker, director if Mason-Dixon polling says Tark has a chance and he wouldn’t be shocked if Tark pulled out a narrow win.

    Tarkanian needs to get those Mason-Dixon head to head with Reid numbers out to the public over the next several days.

    Republicans want Reid gone and these numbers for Tark against Reid look good. If I lived there I’d pull the lever for the strongest candidate. I wouldn’t even hesitate.

    Go Tark. Maybe he picks up a majority of the 13% undecided and Lowden supporters who now realize she’s hopeless.

    Stop Angle. Go Tark.

    This poll is the final nail in the coffin for Lowden. She’s done.

  23. Mark Cali says:

    That’s probably because Coats hasn’t consolidated the Republican base yet. After all, we have charlatans like Erikson that have smeared his name.

    But the Democrats can continue thinking they have a chance in Indiana. Pour more money into that state, be my guest. Same with Georgia, North Carolina and Louisana (lol).

  24. MFG says:

    #14 Jason

    That is somewhat in dispute

    Blanco went heavily negative on Bobby J at the end when he had a big lead, our internal polling had us up 11 the Tuesday before the election

    It all evaporated and we lost by 4

    My contention is the unanswered attack ads did us in

    But there is another school of thought that believes it was prejudiced whites who wouldn’t pull the lever for Jindal and found Blanco, an innocuous BlueFraud Democrat, acceptable and thus voted for her

  25. Mark Cali says:

    Phil, praying that prediction comes true. 🙂

  26. MFG says:

    I still believe it was the unanswered attack ads, because later LA 1 voted Jindal in as Congressman twice by huge margins

  27. Chekote says:


    Completely agree.

  28. Phil says:

    Go Tark.

  29. Chekote says:

    Erick at Redstate is destructive for the GOP. I stopped to that site a long time ago. Next weekend it will be the RPT, some of the Medina/Paul people are planning to disrupt it.

  30. Chekote says:

    This craps has to go. I mean calling people ragheads; implying affairs, etc.

  31. Chekote says:


    Great haiku on the last thread.

  32. MFG says:


  33. MFG says:

    I still think the Oil Spill would beat Reid

  34. MFG says:

    “Raghead” is ridiculous

    Hope all this blows up in these people’s faces

  35. Tina says:

    But Obama is doing really well re: the oil spill.

    Scarfarce said so.

  36. Howard Dean says:

    7 Green Bay Packers Questioned in Alleged Sex Assaults at Resort

    Published June 06, 2010


  37. Howard Dean says:

    Iran Offers Military Escort to Ships Breaking Gaza Blockade

    by Gil Ronen
    Follow Israel news on Twitter and Facebook.

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are willing to provide a military escort to cargo ships trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, a spokesman for Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying Sunday. The news was carried by Reuters, quoting Iranian news agency Mehr.

  38. MFG says:

    Start the war now, get it over with

  39. Howard Dean says:

    Any BP stock holders?

    What are you doing with it?

  40. Jason T says:

    Howard, my friends who own BP shares think it will be back at some point.

    they bought put(Short) options to cover their positions

  41. Jason T says:

    Lowden must be seen somehow as the Incumbent in a anti Washington Year.

  42. Phil says:

    Iranian escort? Just big talk by Iran of course. However, I wish they’d try it.

    Get the war over with. It’s coming anyway.

  43. Howard Dean says:

    Jason, I own very few shares through mutual funds.

    So, I will ride it out.

  44. Phil says:

    Lowden picked a lousy time to tank.

    Go Tark.

  45. Jason T says:

    Greenville, SC News

    Lindsay Graham praises Obama on Handling of BP Spill.

    I hope we win enough seats to negate and nullify this moron.

  46. bunu says:

    The Sue Lowden lead sinker candidate.

  47. Jason T says:

    Spot On Howard. Dollar cost Average

  48. MFG says:

    *caveat-not investment advice*

    BP stock could go to zero

    Future liabilities are stupefying

    *caveat-not investment advice*

  49. Jason T says:

    Phil, I really like your theory on Tark. If the MD Polling is viewed by NV GOP voters, they may realize that Lowden is fading, and turn to Tark. Especially in Clark County

  50. MFG says:

    Acroso, going to send Angle $$$$$$$$$$$’s?

  51. Jason T says:

    To big to fail my man. They employ to many Americans with high Paying Jobs.

    David Cameron will not allow it either.

  52. bunu says:

    No only to Paul’s.

  53. bunu says:

    Iran would be dumb to offer an escort. That would just be teeing up things for war.

    Turkey is a better candidate since they are part of NATO.

  54. Howard Dean says:

    Dollar cost Average

    Comment by Jason T — June 6, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

    That is my general approach and why I never got out of the market after the 08 crash.

    In fact, I increased my fund purchases several months ago.

    I look at it this way, if America tanks we’re going down anyway.

    If it somehow recovers in the near future (think Pres. Chrisite), I’m going to LOVE it.

    I also follow this Buffett axiom:

    When others are greedy, be fearful. When others are fearful, be greedy.

  55. MFG says:

    Why not? Here is your chance for revenge, right?

    Send a grand to Angle, why not…???

  56. Jason T says:

    The Syrians, Iranians, etc.. still cannot handle the fact that they got their butts kicked in 1967 and 1973 by far superior Israeli forces.

    Iranian pilots would sh%t their pants if they saw a squadron of Israeli’s coming down the pike.

  57. addisonst says:

    Bad numbers for mr competent today both in ras and gallup. And his incompetence is starting to pierce the lefty media. People expect results if you deficit spend.

  58. Jason T says:

    55. Bunu wants Reid to win. Bunu and his cult want us to stay in the Minority

  59. bunu says:

    I don’t really care that much if Lowden wins.

    I do care that Ron Paul becomes president, and requires Rand Paul winning Kentucky.

  60. Jason T says:

    Addison, it seems to me that Kirk might have weathered the storm.

  61. Jason T says:

    59. Lunancy

  62. Phil says:

    Exactly. The Iranian ships would be sitting ducks for the Israeli air force.

  63. Howard Dean says:

    BP’s runaway oil gusher is having an impact far beyond the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. On this 48th day of the well disaster, CBS News chief White House correspondent Chip Reid has a Sunday Journal: Images of tainted waters and afflicted wildlife will leave lasting memories of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But just as the coastline here is endangered, another kind of long-term damage is threatening to engulf the man who’s put himself front-and-center: “I ultimately take responsibility for solving this crisis – I am the President, and the buck stops with me,” said Mr. Obama. From Rush Limbaugh to “The Daily Show,” the president has found himself taking hits from every side. And according to University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato, “When a president gets it from both sides, it’s probably because he deserves it.


  64. Jason T says:

    Howard good approach. Buffet is a Marxist, at least he donates politcally that way

  65. Jason T says:

    63. Tell that to Lindsay Graham.

  66. MFG says:

    They started it

    “Bush is responsible for Katrina!!!!!!!!”

    Payback is a ****** ****** isn’t it???


  67. Jason T says:

    Phil, the Arabs have awful Armies. Their excuse has always been that the Americans gave the Israeli’s weapons.

  68. Jason T says:

    Ron Paul=Alf Landon

  69. Phil says:


    Maybe Lindsey Graham can talk Barry up so more. It will make the senator even more popular with his friends in the MSM – which is what Graham lives for.

  70. Jason T says:

    got that clown until Jan 2015, Phil

  71. Phil says:

    I wish someone would challenge him in a primary. Maybe Nikki if she becomes governor.

  72. Jason T says:

    Phil say we have 48+ in the Senate in 2011. Graham will become the forgotten man, as the Demint/coburn wing become the King Makers.

  73. Gary Maxwell says:

    Ron Paul = Alfred E Neumann

  74. Phil says:

    You’re giving Paul too much credit.

  75. Jason T says:

    LOL Gary

  76. Wes says:

    MFG, as I recall, Blanco ran ad with Jindal’s skintone darkened to make him look like a black man in the parishes along the Mississippi. Michael Barone seems to think this was a factor in boosting turnout among Klansmen and white supremacists against Jindal. A Democrat using a racist ad?! Say it’s not so. A Jindal victory, however, would have been much better for the state than Blanco’s was. Just goes to show what looking no deeper than someone’s skin color can get you.

  77. bunu says:

    I hope Nadal beats Federer a couple times at majors this summer.I hate seeing Federer win.

  78. Wes says:

    So, Bunu, have you checked Intrade yet and decided to take me and MD up on our bets?

  79. MFG says:

    I dunno, Wes

    The ads I’m thinking about came out in the last few days and were the typical, “Bobby Jindal is a nutjob Republican who will close the public hospitals, your grandma will die in the streets!!!” type crap the Communists always use against Republicans

    The campaign chose not to respond

    I think that was decisive

    Maybe I’m kidding myself though…

  80. Jason T says:

    Wes, yep. Blanco was a deer in Headlights with Katrina. She was pathetic as she used the MSM “Blame Bush” mantra.

  81. MFG says:

    Why would he have gotten almost 80% running for Congress in a white district if that was the case?

    Well, who the hell knows…I guess we’ll never know

  82. Jason T says:

    MFG, that is why I am happy that we finally got some decent Self Funders this year to thwart the Negative Ads.

    The RNC tends to write races off, and would have done that with Campbell in Cal.

  83. Wes says:

    Why would Jindal not respond to an attack ad, MFG? An attack unanswered may as well be an attack validated.

  84. rdelbov says:

    yup the poll with Coats under 50% was last week–Coats 47-Ellsworth 33. Obama and Obamacare are a touch above that 33% so Ellsworth has a way to move up. I can see him getting to 40 or 42%.

    The Ellsworth/obama ticket will have a hard time in IN in 2010.

  85. MFG says:

    Blanco reminded me of an office temp after Katrina

    I still remember the news conference when Landrieu spoke, then Vitter, then Blanco had to be COAXED to speak

    The Governor

    What a pathetic, ridiculous joke…

  86. Jason T says:

    CQ Politics is a propoganda arm of the DNC. they were awful in 2002 and 2004

  87. MFG says:

    We felt we had it in the bag, 11 points up 5 days out

    Bobby’s a good guy, didn’t want to respond with a negative ad

    Bear in mind, he’s very young, in 2003 he’s only 31 years old

  88. Wes says:

    Take into account the district Jindal was running in vs the state as a whole. In Barone’s analysis, the Mississippi River parishes where Jindal fell behind the usual Republican showing contained higher proportions of uneducated and undereducated whites as opposed to his CD, which is more suburban. The dropoff can be attributed to a boosted turnout among Klansmen and people still mired in the old racial politics of the South. That’s Barone’s analysis of it anyway. He’s usually spot on, so I tend to lend his opinions a lot of crdence.

  89. MFG says:

    Never been more shocked than when we lost

    Would’ve bet $5,000 we had that in the bag

  90. MFG says:

    Lesson learned

    It’s over when the clock says 00:00 and not before…

  91. rdelbov says:

    Did I mention NJ-VA-Iowa-MT have primaries in addition to ND-SD—these states are mostly snore as only Iowa has a senate seat up plus a Gov seat.

    I think Branstad and Grassley cruises but there are GOP primaries for house seats in NJ3, VA2, VA5, VA9 plus several in Iowa that are worth noting.

    I think the pain in the farm belt allows the GOP to win big in Iowa this year. Perhaps 1 or 2 congressional seats get picked up.

  92. Wes says:

    Never take a win for granted, MFG. If your opponent hits, hit back harder. Unanswered attack ads–regardless of validity of charges–can do damage to a candidate. That’s why Bob McDonnell was wise to take on Creigh Deeds’ charges about sexism head on. Yes, the charges were absurd, but McDonnell knew he had to refute them to tilt the race storngly in his favor. McDonnell led in all but one poll too. That may not have been the case had he let Deeds’ narrative of him as a sexist take hold, even among a minority of voters.

  93. Charles says:

    Wes says:
    June 6, 2010 at 11:43 am

    I would probably lay money on Angle at the moment too, MD. I’m just not sold on the inevitability of her victory yet. As I noted, we had an eerily similar situation with her in 2005, yet Dean Heller holds the congressional seat Angle was running for. I woulod hardly be surprised if Tarkanian or Lowden pulls it out in the end.

    Yep. 2010 is very similar in every way to 2005. Remind me what they are again?

    Wes’s political mastery is only as strong as his Google ability which is apparently devoid of common sense.

    rdel, I’ll listen to. The other half of the Frum bunch needs to get their backstories straight.

  94. MFG says:



    You could be right

    He could be right

    I wouldn’t use the term “Klansmen” though

    I guess some whites in rural districts might have thought Blanco was the “safer” choice


    That race will piss me off to the day I die

  95. Wes says:

    I’d love to see the GOP sweep the IACD just as they did back in 1994.

  96. MFG says:


    Yeah, Bobby ****ed up

    Well, maybe it worked for the best in the long term

  97. Wes says:

    Dumbass, Charles he Jackoff strikes again. In discussing a race from 2006, I mistyped and typed 2005. You are one dumb motherfucker. I’m going back to overlooking any of your fucking inane posts now.

  98. Gary Maxwell says:

    It’s over when the clock says 00:00 and not before…

    Except in St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Seattle …

  99. MFG says:


    Yes, then it goes into OVERTIME

    Or Frankentime, as I guess they call it now

  100. rdelbov says:

    Wes a sweep in Iowa would be tough. The old Leach district is snarly democratic. The non-partisan computer plan in 1992 was decent for the GOP. In 2002 the computer in Iowa must have been an “Apple” or some other leftie computer. The current plan pretty much gives the GOP only a real chance at 4 seats in Iowa–now that Leach is gone.

  101. MFG says:

    If I couldn’t laugh about this shit I’d never be able to function…

  102. Wes says:

    Right, Gary. In those places, it’s not over till the Dems have restarted the clock enough times to find the votes they need.

  103. bunu says:

    Graphic of the five markets.

    Article: Gaza blockade is a blessing for the black economy – and for Hamas
    By sealing Gaza off from import and export, the Israeli blockade has laid waste to the territory’s legitimate employers

    About 40% now work in the tunnels under the border with Egypt that are used to smuggle huge amounts of goods into Gaza, a dangerous job only for the desperate.

  104. Gary Maxwell says:

    Leach was never a Republican except in name anyway. The ass wipe is running some Arts program for Obama at the moment. He makes Charlie Crist look like some staunch Republican.

  105. Wes says:

    Well, Rdel, you’re probably right. We’ll see though. I don’t subscribe to Sam’s lamppost theory, but if the GOP has a strong enough candidate, then they may be able to pull it off in the current environment.

  106. Wes says:

    I wouldn’t go that far, Gary. Leach stayed with his party for three decades straight despite strong incentives to switch parties–especially when it became apparent he was likely to lose. I’d be les harsh on him than on Crist–who has all the substance of a sand castle.

  107. Gary Maxwell says:

    You can stick up for the ass wipe if you choose, he was responsible for all sorts of horrible banking legislation, and partly because of the R behind his name, so that the Ds and their media friends could call it bipartisan.

    On a different note, does any have any doubt if the Iran’s would dare to try to run an Israeli blockade while Bush was president. President Pantywaist and his apology tours have emboldened some very nefarious characters. We are closer to war because of this dithering pacifist.

  108. geauxlsu says:

    Angle looks like she is going to win. Once again I assert that the republicans don’t really want to be in the majority. Wouldn’t be one bit surprised to Harry ride back to DC with a victory.

  109. rdelbov says:

    Leach has been horrid out of office–as a congressman he was Specter or Chaffee or even Snowe or Collins

    Nothing failed because he was liberal–he hung back and voted liberal most of the time when it did not cost the GOP anything.

    there are only a handful of super close votes a year in the house. Leach was the type to hang back and help the GOP out.

    He is like those blue dogs who mostly are loyal to Pelosi. Leach was a process liberal like McCain Feingold and business regulations. Plus liberal on social issues. Abortion votes in the house were never close. The house until this year was decidely pro-life

  110. Wes says:

    I didn’t address any of that, Gary. I just pointed out comparing Leach to Crist–an opportunistic party switcher who bailed once the political winds blew the other way–is unfair since regardless of what on thinks of Leach’s personal politics, he never bailed for reasons of personal expediency. What came out of committees because of his personal liberalism is another matter. He’s more comparable to /charles Mathias, Jr, and John Warner in that regard. A comparison with Crist is wholly inaccurate.

  111. Gary Maxwell says:

    He is working in the WH for Obama and Rahm. Crist is on paper an independent. He left the party and that is not forgivable, but doing a David Gergen is my own opinion if far worse. Its Tokyo Rose all over again.

  112. David says:

    So sad the people of NV have a chance to toss Reid out of office and they are blewing it with Angle. He will destroy here in the Campaign. harry was right when he said he was going to survive.

  113. David says:

    Why recently has the polls look better for Reid..even against Lowden? Is it because the health care debate is off the table?

  114. David says:

    #108, geauxlsu

    I agree. He has the seniority and can promise his people that he can bring the money back to them. Was Daschle majority or miniority when he lost?

  115. MFG says:

    It’s the contested primary

    When an opponent is known the R will be up by 10

    Same thing happened with the Hitlery-Obama primary race

  116. lisab says:

    “the fact that they got their butts kicked in 1967 and 1973 by far superior Israeli forces.”

    actually the israelis had a hard go of it in 1973

    it was not a walk over

    the arabs actually got a lot more respect since that war

  117. MFG says:

    Why would undecideds break for Reid

    Makes no sense

    Reid be gone…

  118. David says:

    #22, in Virginia last year while Moran and McAuliffe fought each other, Deeds came from behind and won big. Perhaps, will Tark will do the same. Lets hope so.

  119. lisab says:

    if you are going on vacation this year …

    how many of you are planning to travel to the beaches along the gulf?

    this oil spill will devestate the summer tourist season

  120. Gary Maxwell says:

    The beaches along the California coast have lots of tar balls from naturally occurring seepage. There is no drilling there to be the Democrat boogie man.

  121. MFG says:

    LA FL AL MS fishing, tourism destroyed

    Many trillions in damages

  122. Gary Maxwell says:

    Damages are capped except pure clean up. BP will survive. I bet they defy Zero and pay a dividend too. They got lots of cash.

  123. MFG says:

    BP = Arthur Anderson

  124. rdelbov says:


    there was a women who filed a 1.3 trillion dollar claim on her Katrina losses –She has a 950 sq house in the 9th ward that was destroyed but losses were filed on the generations of people who will suffer from their loss

  125. Trolletta says:

    Obama the failure – does nothing while Oil destroys the gulf. And you all still think he’s a Socialist???

  126. MFG says:

    The litigation from this will be astounding

    The actual damages are heart breaking

    The entire LA fishing industry could be destroyed


  127. MFG says:

    Entire small towns will cease to exist; their whole economy is based on fishing; what are they going to do…???

  128. MFG says:

    The oil dispersants might be as dangerous as the oil spill

    Imagine the litigation due to that

  129. MFG says:

    This is likely to end up as Chernobyl times 100

  130. rdelbov says:

    If we get that well plugged and damage control can be implemented its amazing how fast this coast can recover.

    The is not trapped in Prince Edwards sound–its in a vast area but its a thin foam.

    I ain’t no ocean biologist but I think this gulf will heal very fast–on the shoreline might be another matter

  131. Trolletta says:

    BP needs to be nationalized. They don’t care about the country, our economy, or our people .. they care only about their bottom line.

    They’ll only clean up to the extent that it makes sense financially .. we all know this.

  132. Diogenes says:

    Oh god, save us from goddamn Angle. Lets not mince words here. The tea-partiers are NOT a new political group. They are simply batshit crazy goldwater cons who are going to ruin our chances at stopping Obama this fall because they are blind to political reality.

  133. Trolletta says:

    Mr Wissing,

    Today is June 4 .. it’s D-Day . A day when we fought so that freedom would triumph over evil and tyranny.

    Freedom always wins – this is why we are the greatest country to ever exist. We disagree, we debate, we question – that is what makes us great.

    So I ask – why am I banned from this site?

  134. Trolletta says:

    Correction, I meant *Today is June 6* (obviously 🙂 )

  135. Phil says:

    Reid will destroy Angle. Look what he’s done to Lowden already. Has given Angle a pass hoping against hope she gets nominated then he trains his guns on her – and she’s so much more vulnerable than Lowden.

    Save us Tark. Wake up Nevada Republicans. You’re blowing it morons.

  136. MFG says:

    I love the pelicans and egrets, the egrets often land on my lawn, beautiful to see, hope they survive this disaster

  137. MFG says:

    I hope you’re right rdelbov

  138. Diogenes says:

    You made some pretty wacko comments Trolletta.

    As for companies caring, that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. You think that BP wanted this oil spill to happen? That’s pretty goddamn stupid. They took a risk, it blew up in their faces, and now they are doing their best to clean up. Guess what, that’s LIFE.

    Why do liberals expect that putting everything under the control of the government will stop disasters from happening.

  139. bunu says:

    Why is Tark more electable than angle?

  140. Trolletta says:

    Dio, most think my comments are “wacko”, I think the comments expressed on the HHR are “wacko” too. So what? We disagree, that’s all.

    And of course BP didn’t want the oil spill to happen. That’s an absurd thought , and I don’t see where you came up with that. They do care more about their bottom line than about the country. Surely that’s not in dispute?

    It is in BP’s best interest to stop the oil ASAP, I agree with that and that’s why we see them doing what they can. However there’s no doubt that they took shortcuts prior to the spill, and did not invest enough in preparint for a disaster .. why not? Because it was better for their bottom line.

  141. bunu says:

    how much will dingy raise for the GE?

    20 million?

  142. Trolletta says:


  143. Trolletta says:

    Time to go .. Dave please unban me? I’ve been called sl*t, b*tch, and every other name in the book. I do not retaliate . .and yet I get banned? I sincerely hope there’s some misunderstanding here. thank you.

  144. lisab says:

    “BP needs to be nationalized.”

    unfortunately because your president decided to give a BRITISH company a pass on their safety inspections

    he cannot nationalize it

    in fact, they can walk away

  145. lisab says:

    can you say obamacare

    “Say goodbye to full-time jobs with benefits

    NEW YORK ( — Jobs may be coming back, but they aren’t the same ones workers were used to.

    Many of the jobs employers are adding are temporary or contract positions, rather than traditional full-time jobs with benefits. With unemployment remaining near 10%, employers have their pick of workers willing to accept less secure positions.”

  146. lisab says:

    A French Valley father suspected of tying up and using a stun gun on a 23-year-old man who sent his 17-year-old daughter an explicit cell phone picture was charged this week with multiple felonies.

    Authorities say William Atwood Sr., 45, lured Justin Moore to his home, ordered him to strip down to his boxer shorts and assaulted him before turning him over to a sheriff’s deputy.

    Moore, who lives in Temecula and knows Atwood’s daughter and son, later told sheriff’s investigators that he had sent the photo of his genitals to several friends as a joke.

    But Atwood failed to see the humor when his daughter told him about the picture in January.

  147. Wes says:

    How is Trolletta banned if she’s posting? It must be some kind of joke on her part–unless she’s using a different e-mail address for her name.

  148. MFG says:

    Certainly the US assets of BP can be seized, and will be, if they try to “walk away”

  149. bunu says:

    As people have noticed there are two versions of the Flotilla raid. I saw them both a couple days ago, but I assumed the Flotilla one may have been altered, but it was the one Israel edited that was fake.

    IDF admits doctoring audio of raid on Gaza flotilla

    Don’t believe the news

  150. bunu says:

    Strike another one up for Max Bluementhal

    “Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal reports that the head of the Free Gaza movement, Huwaida Arraf, could be heard on the videotape asserting the flotilla’s right to enter Gaza territory. But Arraf says she wasn’t on board the Mavi Marmara, and was actually on board another ship, the Challenger One. Another flotilla member whose voice can be heard on the audio, Ali Abunimah, also said he wasn’t aboard the Mavi Marmara.”

  151. lisab says:

    “Certainly the US assets of BP can be seized”

    not without years of legal wrangling

    the constitution takes a dim view of seizing assets.

  152. addisonst says:

    From what I’ve read, this spill so far is milder than what Saddam did during GW I. And that region seems to be fine.

    I might actually make BP Amoco my sole supplier of fine gasoline products. I’m sick of the demagoguery.

  153. lisab says:

    “NY passes students who get wrong answers on tests

    Examples in the fourth-grade scoring guide include:

    * A kid who answers that a 2-foot-long skateboard is 48 inches long gets half-credit for adding 24 and 24 instead of the correct 12 plus 12.

    * A miscalculation that 28 divided by 14 equals 4 instead of 2 is “partially correct” if the student uses the right method to verify the wrong answer.

    * Setting up a division problem to find one-fifth of $400, but not solving the problem — and leaving the answer blank — gets half-credit.

    * A kid who subtracts 57 cents from three quarters for the right change and comes up with 15 cents instead of 18 cents still gets half-credit.

    * A student who figures the numbers of books in 35 boxes of 10 gets half-credit despite messed-up multiplication that yields the wrong answer, 150 instead of 350.

  154. Phil says:

    “according to news reports from the Palestinian News Agency”

    bunu, please just shut up and quit posting the garbage you dig up from left wing blog sites.

    You’re so far right you’re left.

    Please go hang out at Kos. The Kossacks will love your Jew hating crap.

  155. MD says:


    You are a nut job who happens to be not very bright.

    There are 2 reasons for you. I think you typed something pretty nasty that may have been forwarded to the site owner.

    Revenge is a bitch.

  156. lisab says:

    actually, i can see giving credit for 2 and 3

  157. MD says:

    Bunu – would you have been a supporter of DDay in 1944?

  158. MD says:


    Bunu accuses our troops of war crimes. He probably would have been an ardent supporter of Hitle+’s as well.

  159. rdelbov says:


    the D-Day was a peace flotilla?

  160. MD says:

    No Rdel – think what was happening to the Jews in mainland Europe.

  161. lisab says:

    i think wes said bunu is iranian

    they were on the german’s side

    and in a way were partially responsible for germany’s defeat

    a.) germany sent the afrika korps to the middle east including much needed tanks and supplies that could have been used in russia

    b.) the stalingrad campaign was planned partially to keep the soviets from invading iran

    iran is not a good ally

  162. MD says:

    Think about it:

    1. Bunu is an anti-semite
    2. Bunu doesn’t want the US involved in any war offshore
    3. Bunu hates the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifce.

    Therefore, considering the day, I believe that this is an appropriate question.

  163. bunu says:

    Under Scrutiny, IDF Retracts Claims About Flotilla’s Al Qaeda Links

    Kessler and the Washington Post have let the Israeli military play them for fools. They should issue corrections immediately.
    If the Post does not correct, readers should let WaPo Ombudsman Andrew Alexander know that his paper’s coverage of the flotilla massacre remains riddled with major factual errors. Alexander can be reached at or 202-334-7582. –Max Bluementhal

  164. Bobby says:

    RE: Nevada

    We have one big problem in Nevada…Lowden and Tarkanians base is in the same county with the most voters and will probably split down the middle. I know Lowden has had a hugggge GOTV effort and is the former chair of the state party…so don’t underestimate her ability to get out the vote. I think Lowden or Tark will get HUGE leads once the base consolidates after this election. This has been bitter and painful in the state. It seems Tark believes him or Lowden are the only ones who can win. Unfortunately, them both being in the race is going to prevent Tark from winning bc Lowden SHOULD have the better GOTV leaving Angle with the rest of the state.

  165. MD says:


  166. addisonst says:

    I can’t say one way or the other whether Trolletta is whacko but she is in fact dim. How many times did Obama’s regulators say the platform was fine? He had 16 months to make sure that oil rigs were safe. That’s twice the time Bush had to connect the 9 11 dots.

    Fortunately, the people are now realizing how transparent the President is.

  167. Phil says:

    bunu is Iranian?

    Ok. That explains everything.

    It all comes together.

    I didn’t know if the guy was just isolationist or plain ol anti-American.

    He’s anti-American.

  168. addisonst says:

    I don’t know if Bunu is Iranian but he is quite obviously a Muslim. And given his pro terror position, he should be watched. I hope Dave has alerted the Feds.

  169. MD says:

    Bunu is in all likelihood a closest terrorist and gets off on trolling R sites.

  170. rdelbov says:


    I wonder if in polling we are not seeing teaparty & paulite polling effect similar to Bradley effect. Passionate polling can affect results–gasping at straws but who knows??

  171. MD says:

    You know what? I think I will do that myself. They can track his IP adress and see where else he goes.

  172. lisab says:

    wes just said he was iranian

    but iirc he was not sure himself

  173. MD says:


    No offense but I think that is morely likely to be grasping at hay.

  174. Howard Dean says:

    Phil, bunu aka acroso is a gay Iranian living in the US.

  175. bunu says:

    Obama is losing the left over this issue. Look at the Huffingtonpost.

    Liz Cheney has the headline. A Witch like her father.

  176. Bobby says:

    I think Nevada is really hard to poll. There are two main sources of votes in that state and it is really hard to gauge that in a poll. This will be regional and it is still wayyy to close to call anyone a clear favorite heading into Tuesday.

  177. lisab says:

    ???? will hate this story

    two white christian identical twins from texas graduated top two in their class ahead of many illegal aliens

  178. addisonst says:

    A gay Iranian Muslim? That would explain the anti semitism. Most Jew haters if not all are self loathing.

    And speaking of Jew haters, and white supremacists, have you ever noticed that nobody in the skinhead or neo nazi movement, male or female is every somebody that you think “hmmmm that person should be on the cover of GQ or Vogue?”

    I would think that if one is going to espouse the master race, one would start with really good looking people. Tom Brady and Giselle Bunchen for instance. And yet, they appear not to be solicited as members.

  179. rdelbov says:


    I know I know I know

  180. Phil says:

    Well, I finally learned today what makes bunu tick. It all fits together now.

  181. Gary Maxwell says:

    A queer Persian? Probably a Bahai too. That means he is used to be an outcast’s outcast.

  182. MD says:

    Mystery solved. Now we can just ignore him.

  183. Phil says:


  184. MD says:

    OK – do I have a second and third for a permanent 2.111?

  185. jason says:

    Reid is going to win due to the stupidity of Republican voters in Nevada. I have written this race off as well as KY.

  186. Phil says:

    Actually 65% of the GOP voters in Nevada aren’t stupid. The non Angle voters will be the vast majority. Unfortunately, they are split enabling Harry Reid’s wet dream to slip through as the nominee.

    However, I know what you are saying. It looks like just enough will be moronic enough to let this happen. Harry Reid is on the verge of hitting the lottery Tuesday night.

    I’m still praying that the undecideds break for Tark in a big way and for a portion of Lowden voters to give up on her and try and stop Angle by going to Tarkanian.

    I recognize its a long shot.

  187. bunu says:

    Robin Titus and Bill Parson are also interesting candidates in Nevada.

  188. Tommy_Boy says:

    What I’m watching in the PPP(D) South Carolina poll is how close Haley is how close the pollster has her to 50%.

    If PPP(D) shows her at 42%, she could very well get to 50%. It showed Perry at 41% in its last poll and he ended up with 51%.

    The worst-case scenario is if Haley finishes with around 40% and bauer places a strong third around 20%. In that case, Bauer’s vote is likely to all go to whoever is Haley’s run-off opponent, making it a very close race.

  189. rdelbov says:

    No optimism today?

    I think about D-Day and recall that actually the 1st Americans arrived before Midnight. They were the “Pathfinders” for the 101st and 82nd airborne divisions. They dropped into the total darkness and set up beacons for the landing zones.

    Selecting nominees for offices is a bit like Pathfinders–you jump off airplanes into the dark–not exactly sure where you are going to land. You are just absolutely sure-like I was in 2008-that Obama was going to be an absolute disaster for the Democrats. In the spring there were tons of people and some polls that agreeded with me.

    I have seen too much of politics to assume that candidate “A” will be doomed and an absolute loser while candidate “B” who is pegged to be an absolute winner turns out to be a bomb.

    Guys you can vent away –have at it

  190. Tommy_Boy says:

    Gallup: 45/47

  191. lisab says:

    obama is in for some hard times

    the oil will be all over the news next week

    and i bet it has ALREADY destroyed the tourist season all over the gulf

    who is going to vacation on oil soaked beaches?

    that trickles up to hotels, restaurants, and conventions … the gulf’s economy will take a big hit this summer which will not only affect the 2010 midterms, but also …

    the christmas season. another bad christmas and obama can flush 2011 down the toilet too … many companies depend on christmas to get them through the other 11 months.

  192. lisab says:

    helen thomas got fired

  193. rdelbov says:

    There are ten states or so with primaries on Tuesday–lots of great story lines. Some like AR are coming to an end while others SC Gov plus a couple congressional races there are just beginning

    I know Iowa-MT-SD-ND-NJ-even Iowa are snoozes but SC-AR-CA plus VA have good story lines

  194. rdelbov says:

    How can you tell the difference between Helen Thomas working and her not working?

  195. lisab says:

    ok … sooooo he poisoned the entire gulf of mexico

    reneged on his promise to close gitmo
    did not pull out of iraq
    allowed iran to develop nukes
    nationalized health care using bribery and strongarm tactics against the will of the people

    etc. etc.

    AT LEAST he protects the whales … ummmmmm … what?!!!!

    Obama Under Fire for Backing Deal to Lift Global Ban on Commercial Whaling

    Environmentalists, already peeved with the administration’s handling of the Gulf oil spill, are accusing President Obama of breaking his campaign pledge to end the slaughter of whales.

    The Obama administration is leading an effort within the International Whaling Commission to lift a 24-year international ban on commercial whaling for Japan, Norway and Iceland, the remaining three countries in the 88-member commission that still hunt whales.”

  196. lisab says:

    “How can you tell the difference between Helen Thomas working and her not working?”

    when she is on tv

  197. Daniel G. says:

    My thoughts on Nevada:

    There are 3 Pollsters showing Angle ahead by 7 or more

    Suffolk who nailed the PA-SEN (D) Primary, M/D which is a very respectable Pollster and R2000 / KOS.

    I doubt all will be wrong on this one.

  198. Phil says:


    What do you know about the Ark Dem House primary battles? There are some very left Dem congressional candidates running and should they win their congressional nominations it could be bad for Dems in November.

  199. Hugh says:

    My thoughts on NV is that its ashame that we may make this tougher than it needs to be. However, I actually think a mop could run against reid this time and win. Of all the senate race none are more of a referendum on Obama and his march to socialism than this one. In a state in as much economic troubles as this one, Reid will lose barring a public scandal.

  200. MFG says:

    MoF Polling
    Nevada Senate 2010

    A mop 49%
    Harry Reid 41%
    Undecided 10%

  201. Tommy_Boy says:

    Nate Silver’s new pollster ratings:

    SurveyUSA and Mason-Dixon are absolute studs

    Rasmussen and PPP(D) put up good showings

    R2K is the fifth worst pollster

    Democracy Corps (D) is below average as well

  202. Tommy_Boy says:

    I find the Washington Post/ABC News ranking dubious.

    How else to explain how SurveyUSA and the Wash Po are so far apart even though they are #2 and #3 in pollster rankings.

  203. rdelbov says:


    Let’s make that three congressional runoffs-I know you asked about the two democratic ones but the GOP one in AR3 is a fascinating set piece battle as well. In fact they all are classic runoffs. All three had the intial leader right at 37% or so with the second place finisher at 20% or so.

    AR1- Causely from Jonesboro against Wooldridge from Paragould. Wooldridge led 37% and is former state senator-conservative while Causely at 25% is the former aide to Cong. Berry. Bill Clinton-Berry-several of the other runoff candidates have endorsed Causely. Causely is perceived as more liberal. The GOP guy is from Jonesboro (largest city in district-Berry’s home too) so there are strange forces at play. Wooldridge is being attacked as a Parker Griffin wannabee– a likely party switcher. Logic has it that the liberal Causely would be easier to be but Jonesboro is his home so not sure. either way the party is badly split

    AR2- could be one of those legendary runoffs (like Bond-Lewis 1986 or Pryor McClellan 1972) that people will talk about for years. Joyce Elliot got 37% and she is AA. AR has never elected an AA congressman. Wills is her foe and he got 25% or so. He is much more conservative and white. One runoff foe did Elliott and two others endorsed Wills. One said that Elliott was “unelectable”. I think the Halter and Lincoln folks are working behind the scences for Elliott. The AA vote is huge in the senate runoff so they are hugging Elliott and Wills less so. Conventional wisdom is that Elliott would be weaker GE foe but this civil war and the wounds might not heal no matter who wins the runoff. I see the liberals and AA voters sitting on their hands this fall

    AR3 is another classic runoff–37% for Mayor Womack-close ally of Goc Huck. Cecile Bledsoe is a grandmotherly die hard conservative type who got 18% or so.(Maybe she got 20%) She has Palin’s support and most of the other candidates too are supporting her. 37 to 50 is easier then 18 to 50. Solid safe GOP no matter what but early test for movement conservatives versus conservative conservatives.

    the democratic runoffs have got very personal and I don’t expect hugs and kisses afterwards. Good news for the GOP that could be great news for the GOP

  204. Tommy_Boy says:

    There won’t be a run-off if these numbers are right:


    Haley 43%
    Barrett 23%
    McMaster 16%
    Bauer 12%

  205. Brandon says:

    South Carolina Primary(PPP)

    Haley: 43%
    Barrett: 23%
    McMaster: 16%
    Bauer: 12%

  206. Daniel G. says:


    WaPo/ABC News usually only does National Polling and with no Statewide Contest in VA this year I doubt they’re going into the States.

  207. Tommy_Boy says:

    The comebacks that Haley and Angle made are stunning

  208. Daniel G. says:


    The more interesting Poll is this one:

    SC-4 GOP Primary

    Gowdy 37 %
    Inglis 33 %
    Lee 9 %
    Thomas 9 %
    Jeffrey 5 %
    Undecided 7 %

    Inglis looks like is on the ropes.

  209. Brandon says:

    There was another poll recently that showed Inglis in trouble as well.

  210. Daniel G. says:

    Haley needs to get 50 % to avoid a Run-Off. I doubt she can do that.

    That been said I wouldn’t make a bet out of it because last week Susana Martinez overperformed Polls (Survey USA for example) by about 10 Points.

  211. Daniel G. says:


    If Inglis goes into a Run-Off he’s going to lose.

  212. Phil says:


    muchas gracias, amigo.

    I’m pulling for Elliot in Ark-2.

    As far as Ark-3, I’m hearing that Womack is not much of a conservative and is in trouble with primary voters.

  213. Benny says:

    will Obumbler really lift global ban on commercial whaling??

  214. Brandon says:

    New thread, btw.

  215. Daniel G. says:

    I think Halter is going to win over Lincoln making it easier for us to pick up the Seat.