Rubio, Sink Lead in FL, Walker Leads in WI

We have a new poll from Suffolk University claiming Marco Rubio holds an 85 lead over Charlie Crist in the Florida US Senate race while Alex Sink moves ahead by 7% in the gubernatorial race.

Marco Rubio (R) 39%
Charlie Crist (I) 31%
Kendrick Meek (D) 22%

Alex Sink (D) 45%
Rick Scott (R) 38%

This poll was done among 500 likely voters, but no dates were given in the article. In Wisconsin, a new poll from St. Norbert College has Republican Scott Walker leading Tom Barrett by 9% in the gubernatorial race.

Scott Walker (R) 50%
Tom Barrett (D) 41%

This poll was done October 12-15 among 402 likely voters.

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  1. That's Right says:


  2. jones says:

    St. Norberts is my dad’s alma matter, other than that I don’t know their track record. 9% is what the other polls average to at RCP.

  3. MD says:

    Quayle wins by double digits. Bakn on that.

  4. MD says:

    Corey – what is going on with early voting in your area?

  5. Corey says:

    I have finally finished my Races of the Day and on the Governor front, I have the Dems holding just 14 of those offices.

    Later on this week, I am going to go back and make some changes and I may give them a couple more by net, but it won’t be much.

    The biggest story of Election 2010 may ultimately turn out to be an extreme victory by Republicans across the states.

    Would be a shame if we lost Florida though. I hope there is a ground game or whatever that the polls are not catching, because I thought on primary night that we might wind up regretting the guy winning the primary there.

  6. Corey says:

    Early voting has been going for a week now. I voted last Monday. I hear it’s been pretty busy in my town. It’s almost too bad I won’t get to (legally) do it again. I might go escort my parents to vote tomorrow though in order to make sure they vote the straight GOP ticket.

  7. Thick Headed Dem says:


    Generic Ballot
    Republican: 48 (-1)
    Democrat: 41 (+1)

    Congressional Republicans’ Approval Remains Lower Than That of Dems


  8. lisab says:

    i found some video of the democrats in ohio this election

  9. Bunu says:

    Angle misstep

    Sharron Angle Tells Hispanic Students They Look ‘A Little More Asian’

  10. Mark Cali says:

    WV-Sen debate on C-Span now. The third party candidates are awful.

  11. KnightHawk says:

    Gov races barry cares about – OH,FL,CO

  12. jones says:

    Wi GOP doing some new and smart thing too. I won’t tip their hand, but I feel good.

  13. opc says:

    You are going to see a slew of push polls coming out before the election. Unfortunately, plenty if gullible conservatives will believe them.

  14. rdelbov says:

    That Suffolk college is way too off on its polls. TOO liberal too long.

  15. Gary Maxwell says:

    Josh Hamilton goes yard in the first inning. 2 run shot off Pettite. Giving Cliff Lee a lead before he ever hits the mound.

  16. jenny says:

    sharron angle needs to be quiet until the election is over!

  17. MD says:

    Rdel – just curious – have you seen the poll’s internals?

  18. MD says:

    Pettite is what? 52 years old now?

  19. Tina says:

    Muzzle Angle!!!!

    LazyBra is hysterical…

  20. MD says:

    Anyone have crosstabs on how Scott is doing with the woman vote?

  21. Phil says:

    Guys, the wife and I voted early this afternoon. There were like 70 or 80 ahead of us and we had to wait about 25 minutes. Another 50 or 60 were in line behind us. Everyone there were white Republicans and from the comments all around us they were ALL PISSED. I’ve always voted the first day of early voting and had never seen that many voters at my precinct at the courthouse annex and that includes a presidential year, 2008.

    In Texas there is no registration by party and therefore no way to compare how many Republicans vs Democrats are voting early. I can just tell you that if today was any indication, Texas, at least, is going to hold up our end.

  22. rdelbov says:


    I glanced at the crosstabs–There are 274 pages of details on the Suffolk poll. So you have a tree hugging university that generates a poll that requires 274 pages to detail one poll!!!!

    I used exclamanation points but I could have used question marks. I miss spelled a few words -as I type in a hurry-so people know its me.

    I figure with 274 pages they are hiding something.

    I assume the poll is liberal and off since they have Rubio up 8 and RAS/Mason Dixon have him so much more. RAS has Rubio at 50%–Mason/Dixon at 42%. So I figure this poll is too liberal.

  23. Wes says:

    I don’t believe it. Manchin just tried to defend his support for aspects of Obamaar ein the West Virginia Senate race. I hope Raese is ready to pounce on that in ads.

  24. MD says:

    Rdel – I asked the question because my source in the Rubio campaign (a college roommate of mine) said they have seen internals that indicates he is struggling with the female vote.
    Of course, my father who is working for the Scott campaign claims there are no problems! He might be a tad biased. He probably thinks he was personally reponsible for Scott’s priamry win.

  25. Gary Maxwell says:

    If Scott wins, you dad is the man. High fives to him for sure.

  26. Tina says:

    Gang, I was here briefly today – needed to slap LZ down- but more importantly, what is that internal Rossi poll showing him up?

    What was the Ras Nevada party id?


  27. Suffolk Ombudsman says:

    We would like to point out that the 274 pages are online pages, and therefore only destroyed virtual trees. We at Suffolk understand that virtual tree resources are a sensitive and important topic. However, this is why we have created a program, funded by the stimulus, to analyze various aspects of the virtual tree population, and to reduce our “electronic” footprint.

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

  28. rdelbov says:

    speaking of early vote–there is a lot of talk on lefty sites that distorting what is going on with the early vote.

    1. I Ohio the biggest democratic counties-even as they have budget deficits (Cuyahoga & Franklin) mailed out absentee ballot applications to every voter. That’s nearly two million voters at the cost of about 2 million dollars. So far about 70K in each county have requested absentee ballots. Now these Columbus and Cleveland based counties have a huge uptick over absentees (early vote) over 2008. That’s got the democrats crowing but the number of GOP voters % have increased. There’s also a question as to whether the 80% of democrats who did not request absentee ballots will vote.

    2. In Iowa the democrats did huge absentee ballot pushes in 2006 & 2008. So the counties-per their habit-mailed absentee ballot requests to those who voted absentee the year before. Guess what? Democrats lead in absentee ballots-as they did in 2008 but the lead is much smaller. Again its special circumstances.

    So the democrats crow about Iowa & two Ohio counties but the circumstances have more to do with rules & governmental efforts then the efforts of voters.

    In PA where you have to request an absentee the GOP is way ahead of 2006/2008.

    In TN-WV-NC-NV-IL where you have to walk in and vote early the evidence is that the GOP is running much stronger then in 2008.

  29. Tommy_Boy says:


    the sample is D+6

  30. Tommy_Boy says:

    Sink leads by 19 among women according to the Suffolk poll.

  31. Karl R Rove says:

    I told you guys yesterday — Sharron Angle needs to STFU.

  32. Phil says:


    Florida exits in the last midterm in 2006 were R+3 and, as I recall, that was a Democratic year.

  33. marc says:

    Jensen on twitter giving another pep talk…he’s got strange news from Washington that makes no sense.

  34. rdelbov says:


    I gave up studying that poll after page 34???

    Yes its a virtual internet poll but the implication on any PDF that it will be printed out and trees will die to promote human knowledge.

  35. Gargamus says:

    Yeah, baby! Come next January, Dems are going to control EIGHT out of the ten most-populated states’ gubernatorial mansions.

    CA: Whoreman is fading. Brown back, baby!

    NY: Will be a blowout of epic proportions!

    TX: Perry cannot put it away! In this anti-incumbent environment, he’s finished. Voter lines were long today in my home precincts in El Paso. People are PISSED at Perry!!

    FL: Sink is SINKING Scott! A lot of you chumps said she couldn’t win. She’s winning, baby!

    IL and OH: Our incumbents are having a tough go, but they’re definitely within striking distance. The Iott scandal will win it for Stickland in OH, while Kirk’s mouth will win it for Quinn in IL.

    GA: This will be the sleeper surprise. The GOP nominee is corrupt, even for GOP standards!

    Add to that our current seat in NC, and we get 8 out of 10!!!

    Oooh, I know, you’re going to take back WY. Big whoop!

  36. Phil says:

    Hey, according to Jensen, is there a senate race anywhere in the nation where the Democrat isn’t in great shape?

  37. rdelbov says:

    Oh Yes there is a gender gap in this poll but that’s pretty much par for the course

    I would also like to see any internals for NV or WA from today

    I might add that Rossi was +3 on Thursday poll but -3 on a Sunday poll.

  38. DrJay says:

    Tell Jensen where to poll the final week:

  39. rdelbov says:

    +6 in Florida and +19 among women

    In the Quinnie poll he was only 7 down with females???!!!

  40. Tina says:

    What about – can we tell KosJensen not to poll???

  41. Phil says:

    Like I said earlier, it was R+3 in 2006.

    another garbage university poll.

  42. MD says:

    Thank you everyone. TB, even if the Suffolk poll is off, +19 for women with Sink makes me think that my source in FL knows what he is talking about.

  43. BPL in Scottsdale says:

    41 – Wanna bet my net worth v yours that Perry loses to White? Of course I’m laying at least 10-1 odds, but since it’s a lock, no matter to me.

    El Paso is the test case for the anti-Perry mood? Know what they say: As goes El Paso, so goes Texas…

  44. CAC says:

    So PeePee is going to show Johnson up big in Wisconsin and Rossi down big in Washington simultaneously.

    If the numbers out of Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina in terms of early turnout is an indicator, one good thing for Rossi could be a serious undersampling of the Republicans in that race.

  45. Tina says:

    Oh no, Moonbeam gaffes:

    Brown, noting his differences with Whitman on immigration issues, called for every student who’s qualified, “whether they’re documented or not,” to be able to attend California state universities, saying that would be “one of the first bills I sign” as governor once he deals with the state budget.

  46. MD says:

    CAC – I am not sure we will be able to stay up late enough to know the final result in WA. Tommy J is a joke.

  47. Tina says:


    PPP-Drat –

    White and Perry tied.

  48. Suffolk Ombudsman says:

    Although we have had some past issues with our polling, we wish to emphasize that our polling meets the minimum required standards, and is overwhelmingly considered to be more trustworthy than polling from other well-known polling organizations, such as Strategic Vision and Research 2000.

    Thank you once again for your input.

  49. rdelbov says:

    Now that St Norbert college poll is good–that’s a good college–very fair people there.

    pretty country

  50. jason says:

    Gargamus (a hybrid of garbage with Nostradamus got carried into lalaland when he mentioned NC, although the rest won’t happen either.

  51. MD says:

    Tina – I aaume that is a joke. I am a little sensitive on this since I have $400 riding on that race.

  52. Bunu says:

    The Obama board game you can purchase for your kids to learn about government.

  53. jason says:

    Bob Erlich might just have the best soundbites of the campaign, I just saw this on Hotair…

    Did O’Malley call illegal aliens “New Americans”?

    “O’Malley’s exact quote was this, part of his response to a question about illegal immigration.

    “There is this nativism rising up and this desire to blame new Americans for the problems in our economy.”

    Yeah, he said it. And Ehrlich was quick to pounce on the gaffe.

    “If somebody breaks in my house, is that a new member of my family that night?”

  54. MD says:

    I love mini bars!!!!

  55. MD says:

    jason – MD is a very tough state for any R right now. Obama has created tons of new fed gov workers and guess where they live?

  56. Tina says:

    Md, the poll is a joke. Moonbeam’s comments, however, are not a joke.

  57. Phil says:

    Relax, MD. Texas is well in hand.

  58. MD says:

    I know someone who used to post here as a R, who lives in MD and is supporting O’Malley. It is very disappointing. I won’t mention the name but the long timers can probably figure it out. Please don’t put the name on this site.

  59. Gargamus says:


    Um, the Democrats control the statehouse in NC, last time I checked.

    Boo yah!

    As for WA, which many of you are discussing: There is MASSIVE pro-Murray turnout here in my multicultural neighborhood in downtown Seattle. People are pumped by the President and Michelle’s latest campaigning. We’re going to turn out for our leader and take this country back, baby!! Boo yah!

  60. jason says:

    “called for every student who’s qualified, “whether they’re documented or not,”

    Wonderful, and taxpayers will pay for it…

    Where is Chekote to say “illegals don’t cost anything”

  61. Tina says:

    Jason, be careful what you wish for, Madam Che could appear at any time.

  62. jason says:

    Garbagedamus lives in El Paso AND Seattle, which isn’t surprising, he was probably an Acorn recruit to vote in 13 states.

    “lines were long today in my home precincts in El Paso. People are PISSED at Perry!!”

    “There is MASSIVE pro-Murray turnout here in my multicultural neighborhood in downtown Seattle.”

  63. Tina says:

    Md, hopefully you took Perry, that would be an easy $400….

  64. jason says:

    “lines were long today in my home precincts”

    As a good Acorn recruit, note the word “precincts”.

  65. Tina says:

    Savage predicts a gain of onlly 20 house seats for the Rs….

    Said that the Drats will vote illegally and try to steal Elections.

  66. Garbagedamus says:

    “he was probably an Acorn recruit to vote in 13 states.

    You are a bald faced liar. I am registered in 57 states.

  67. Tina says:

    As a sex offender?

  68. jason says:

    71. I think Savage is wrong on the number but right on the strategy.

  69. Bunu says:

    Iranian supreme leader tells Maliki: Get rid of America

  70. Tina says:

    Me too, Jason, he had earlier said something else. He’s confusing to listen to at times.

  71. rdelbov says:

    no game changing today–where was Obama today??

    One weekend of campaigning tired him out??

  72. jason says:

    Savage is an intelligent man, but in my view too rigid repetitive, you know his view on every issue before he even says anything.

    But he knows who our enemies are and is not afraid to say it, for that I give him credit.

  73. jason says:

    rigid and repetitive I mean.

  74. justsayin' says:

    This is huge…

    Only half of voters who supported Barack Obama for president in 2008 say they will “definitely” show up to vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 2, according to a poll conducted for the Associated Press.

  75. jason says:

    81. The other half, if they show up, will vote Republican…. 8)

  76. DrJay says:

    So, could this Boeing thing have any impact on the WA races?

  77. Bunu says:

    Kucinich in trouble?

    Probably a junk poll but who knows

  78. jason says:

    64. Not the guy who said the Fort Hood shooter was just a nutcase who by an incredible and fortuitous coincidence happened to be Muslim?

  79. CAC says:

    Savage is an eeyoring screamer. Margin of fraud factors in only so much.

  80. Tony the GOP comeback 2010 Red tide here it comes says:

    I’m from Texas and Texas well give Perry anthor term and early voting in Odessa- midland Texas were steady el paso is white country . While all west Texas is for all for perry….

  81. Tina says:

    Good news from Ras NV poll, BJ was there recently, but Angle’s #s improved…

    Guess who is there this weekend?

    The Obumbler…

  82. Bunu says:

    Savage is like a screwed up version of Mark Levin.

    I dislike both of them.

  83. Tina says:

    Bunu loves Overbite and Fatzo.

  84. Tony the GOP comeback 2010 Red tide here it comes says:

    DemocRATS are not coming back no matter what the obama white house media try to lie in our face after 6 o’clock news were gonna here fakes ass polters . Lies on us saying the gap is closing but it’s not .. CNN msnbc all will lie till election day … Beware GOP this Halloween there mad sad and desperate and will smear everyone cause they know they lost .

  85. jason says:

    “I dislike both of them.”

    Translation for Bunutalk:

    They are not Paulbots.

  86. jason says:

    “In TN-WV-NC-NV-IL where you have to walk in and vote early the evidence is that the GOP is running much stronger then in 2008.”

    Great, any links?

  87. Hugh says:

    ppp is off the reservation. There is no chance in tx that a dem will win the gov race this cycle. BTW why is Perry not wiping the map with this guy?

  88. Diogenes says:

    Mail-in-votes = easily manufactured drive-by votes.

  89. Diogenes says:

    Hence Oregon and Seattle no longer being swing states because of the corrupt democratic machine.

  90. Hugh says:

    The problem with Levin who I find very bright and entertaining is that he doesnt have a pragmatic bone in his body. Fortunately, for him he is more right than wrong. However, him and his ilk is costing us DE.

  91. phoenixrisen says:

    Well…Gallup is holding at +17 with low Dem turnout and +11 with higher Dem turnout. Been pretty consistent for two weeks.

    Biggest news of the day is NJ-6. I read an article today on that race. Brandon, I wondered if this seat might be in play a few weeks back and you didn’t think it would be even close to being in play. What’s your sense on that race?

    What kind of strong doobies is PPP smoking?? Kos has turned PPP into Research 2000.

    Don’t see anything to change my prediction. NJ-6 is now a toss-up in my book along with NJ-3.

  92. Bunu says:

    Some Democrats Worry that Conway Ad on Rand’s Faith is Backfiring

    Where do the new polls come out? Rand is refusing to debate Conway until the ad is pulled. But if the ad is hurting Conway, will he want to spend the remainder of his war chest keeping it going or take it down?

  93. Bunu says:

    Dems have two more new negative ads attacking rand out right now.

    See barefootandprogressive website if you want to see them.

  94. addisonst says:

    Bunu doesn’t like savage or levin, who would have believed that bunu didn’t like 2 Jews

  95. Corey says:

    Well come on, I don’t like Savage either.

  96. Corey says:

    Anyone watching the CSPAN debate (from 10/12) for IL 11? It took place at Illinois State Univ. where Kinzinger was once a student.

    He’s really good. I have a feeling he will be a Governor or a U.S. Senator one day. We have all these Congressional candidates (and one incumbent) in IL this year who are my age or younger so that kind of disturbs me a bit.

    Speaking of IL debates, the Senate candidates tomorrow, and the Gov candidates on Wed., will be debating on Chicago tv.

  97. Brandon says:

    #97. Keep in mind that it was a Republican internal, so it’s generous to the Republican candidate, but the question is how much? The only Independent poll of the race had Pallone up by 9, so it’s on the verge of potentially being a race, but I just can’t see it. Little has very very little money. If she does somehow pull it off it would be a huge upset.

  98. jason says:

    At Redstate there is an interesting interview of Chris Matthews with Jack Conway. For some reason we don’t know, basically he destroys Conway.

  99. Bunu says:

    No worse than Limbaugh really.

  100. Brandon says:


    White 49%
    Perry 41%


  101. Brandon says:


    Bennett 53%
    Buck 43%

  102. Brandon says:

    #106. Stop. Seriously. It’s never been funny.

  103. Corey says:

    I can’t believe Rand Paul is now a sympathetic figure to me.

    That Chris Matthews interview of Conway today was quite interesting. Conway thought going on MSNBC was going to be safe.

    Conway may have a hard time ever rebuilding his political career, if he gets what he deserves from his classless actions in the latter stages of this campaign.

  104. Tony says:

    Stunner! Kinsey paid my father to rape me

    WASHINGTON – A victim of sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s “research” during the 1940s is coming forward with the stunning claim that her father was paid by Kinsey, universally regarded as the “father of the sexual revolution,” to rape her and then report to him on the attacks.

    Nearly 70 years after being molested repeatedly by her own father, “Esther White” (a pseudonym) is speaking out in hope of prompting Congress to investigate the controversial research. White said she would be willing to testify in person on Capitol Hill if an investigation results in opening the Kinsey Institute files to public scrutiny.

    White was 7 when her father began abusing her.

    Liberals. What more can I say?

  105. Robbie says:

    I must say I was impressed Mathews took after Conway. He basically skewered Conway’s ad and made him look small.

    The jig SHOULD be up for Conway. Notice I said should. The local media loves kendoll and there’s no guarantee he will feel serious blowback.

    It was clear even Conway was uncomfortable with the charges he leveled. In the debate, Conway couldn’t even look in the camera.

    When the race started, I just wanted to see Paul win. Now, I want to see that smug little sh#t defeated.

  106. Tina says:


    “A lot of Drats do not like the ad.”

    What about La Zebra???

  107. Tina says:

    I did not get Conway’s point in the ad -other that he wanted to question Rand’s faith.

  108. Tina says:

    Conway’s internals must have been showing him losing by double digits, so he wanted to rock the boat in the race. I now see him losing by mid to high double digits.

  109. Tina says:

    Forgot not Conway – Conartistway.

  110. Tony says:

    NBC News: 100 Democratic Seats In Play

    NBC ups ABC’s 65 seats. What’s next, CBS’s 120 seats? CNN’s 150 seats?

    The game here is to find that magic number the GOP won’t reach then come out with the headlines Nov 3rd about how we failed.

  111. IP727 says:

    GOP wins 70 seats,takes senate, but falls short of expectations.

  112. justsayin' says:

    That debate on CSPAN IL-11… How in the world did Halvorson ever win in the first place… she is about the worst I’ve ever heard. Kinzinger is awesome.

  113. Mark Cali says:

    118 – What’s up with that voice? Absolutely grating.

  114. Tony says:

    Morning After headlines across America:

    “Democrats unexpectedly lose House and Senate”

  115. Corey says:

    That’s how many people talk from Chicagoland, though she has a bit of Wisconsin in here.

    In 2008, she had a weak GOP opponent who dropped out, and then another guy got nominated, who had issues, etc. That, plus Obama being on the ballot is how she won, what should hopefully be her only term.

    Blackhawks win in OT!

  116. Corey says:

    Meant to say Halvorson has a bit of a Wisconsin accent to go along with the Chicago accent.

  117. IP727 says:

    Texas beating the yankees like a red headed stepchild.

  118. GF says:

    Anyone have a score and details? My bandwith limitations are screwing me insofar as downloading anything remotely up to date.

  119. IP727 says:

    8 zip rangers 6 runs in the 9th

  120. jason says:

    Morning after MSM:

    Americans still love Obama, but Democrats lose House and Senate and 8 governorships.

  121. jason says:

    I think Matthews realized Conway was toast, so why not pretend to be balanced and kick the Dem dog when he was down.

  122. Red-Headed Step-children's Step-parents Anti-Defamation League says:

    We got our eye on you, buddy!

  123. Sir Alberto McDougalito says:

    Go Rangers

  124. IP727 says:

    EPH got a new handle

  125. Gary Maxwell says:

    Who said Yanks in 4? I hope he is pulling for the Democrats too.

    8 – 0. 13 strikeouts. WHOA

  126. Corey says:

    Matthews had predicted on the air last week that Conway would defeat Paul.

    That was before the ad though.

    For 20 years, liberals have been going nuts about a Jesse Helms ad and for 8 years about a Saxby Chambliss ad.

    This Conway ad is a lot worse. Will they have the consistency to renounce it?

  127. walt says:


    Was at another function at same time as Raese/Manchin debate…just finished watching it on C-SPAN after the fact. Some of you guys have already seen it.

    No big gaffes by Raese or Manchin.

    Constitution Party candidate came across as really lame–he won’t crack 1% on Nov. 2.

    Mountain Party canddiate was hitting all the ultra liberal notes to pander to the left wing (hate mountain top removal, hate coal, hate big business, etc.) of the Dem party and he will probably get 5 -7% on election day. Lots of D voters think Manchin is an R in Dem. clothing. Dislike Manchin but would never vote R–Mountain Party guy is their way out.

    Raese on numerous occasions pointedly tied Manchin to supporting Obama policies X, Y or Z. Raese appealed to the voters angst and fear that the nation is heading down the wrong path as well as appealing to voters heads on issues. Manchin did a good job of appealing to their hearts. And of course Manchin is trying to sell the idea that he will be able to “bring everybody to the table” and solve national issues just like he says he did in solving WV issues.

    But most voters realize he would just be 1 of 100 in US Senate in Washington DC, and not continue to have the governor’s powers he currently enjoys in Charleston.

    I’m biased, but I would give the debaste edge to Raese. I think post debate polls will show a Raese bump. Plus Raese stays in the spotlight as part of the5 day FIRE PELOSI AND REID bus tour that starts tomorrow morning criss crossing WV

  128. justsayin' says:

    Hare in Il-17 really pisses me off… he claims that Schilling has not paid his taxes for the last 2 years… well dum-azz when you have 10 kids (like Schilling does) you don’t owe any taxes.

    btw… Hare don’t care about the constitution.

  129. jason says:

    Bunu hero won’t be living in Sweden. I suggest Leavenworth, Kansas.

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been denied a work and residence permit by Sweden, local newspaper Aftonbladet reported Monday.

    “We took the decision to reject his application. He has received notice today [Monday] in [the] mail,” Migration Board spokeswoman Gunilla Wikstrom told the newspaper.”

  130. IP727 says:

    Where is the sonofabitch from?

  131. IP727 says:

    He’s a flaming aussie.

  132. Marv says:

    In the good old days, the OSS would have assissinated the SOB.

  133. Ryan says:

    Good to hear that Raese held his own. His bus tour should the cause a bit.

    I have become a bit more pessimistic about the Senate of late. I think Anmgle has opened up a slight lead post-debate but I am not sure about Kirk. I think Raese/Manchin is a toss-up. I think Buck is still in a battle. I also think it will be tough to win CT, Ca, or Wa. Am I being too big of an eeyore.

    That said, the house continues to look great.

  134. Gary Maxwell says:

    Stop sweating the Senate, the Rangers are playing the best baseball of their long sordid history!

  135. Marv says:

    Fox News/Pulse Poll CO Gov:
    (Released on Special Report with Bret Baier, 18 Oct 10)


  136. jason says:

    I would rather quit than get 10%.

    Hello, Maes, hint…..

  137. Marv says:


    How goes it this evening?

  138. lisab says:

    assuming the gop wind more than 60, i think the morning after theme will be:

    “the american people throw a temper tantrum, and prove that the usa has a long way to go to drive out its racist tendencies”

  139. Diogenes says:

    The MSM will try to draw an anti-tea-party narrative.

    1) COD will lose hence the GOP victory won’t be because of the “tea party” according to them for better or worse.

    2) Some Republican incumbents will lose, meaning they will claim that the elections were anti-incumbent instead of anti-dem.

    3) They will vastly oversell the GOP gains and then when the GOP gains a house majority but not a senate majority, they will say that the GOP underperformed and it was because of the bad economy.

    Etc. etc. etc. The narrative-machine is already in place.

  140. Polaris says:

    Just a sidenote, but when is someone, ANYONE, going to pull Little Green Football’s conservative credintials so I don’t waste time looking at them on “Right Side Ads”?


  141. jason says:

    143. Not too bad.

  142. jason says:

    LGF has gone off the deep end. It’s all about the crazy teapartiers, the racist Republicans, etc.

    Not a word about Obama and his record.

    Charles Johnson overdosed on the Kool-aid.

  143. GF says:

    A little something to tide the night owls and early birds until the next thread;

  144. Benny says:

    A very interestin article about the campaign trail

  145. Benny says:

    Dino Rossi isn’t usually thought of as one of the weak Republican candidates this year along the lines of the Christine O’Donnells, Sharron Angles, and Joe Millers of the world but when you see voters in Washington wanting a Republican Senate but not wanting Dino you may as well add him to the list. And his favorability numbers are pretty poor with 49% of voters having an unfavorable opinion of him to only 44% who see him positively.

  146. Michael says:

    My Prediction Update:

    R’s win …
    ND: by more than 5
    AR: by more than 5
    IN: by more than 5
    WI: by more than 5
    PA: by more than 5
    NV: by 3-5 points
    CO: by 2-4 points
    CA: by 2-4 points
    IL: by 2-4 points
    WA: by 1-3 points
    CT: by 0-2 points (health care issue now starting to hit blumenthal)

    R’s lose …
    WV: by 3-5 points
    DE: by 5-8 points
    NY-B: by 5-8 points
    HA: by 5-8 points
    OR: by 8-10 points

    R’s save …
    KY: by 8-10 points
    OH: by 10-15 points
    NH: by 10-15 points
    LA: by 10-15 points
    NC: by 10-15 points

  147. Mark Cali says:

    It’s HI, not HA.

  148. Michael says:

    totally…my error

    also, i forgot MO: 8-10 point win there too

  149. Tim says:

    Now, that’s a handle….

  150. Tim says:

    The Dems have been sending that hint in Fla., as well.

    Not gonna happen, in either case.

  151. Tim says:

    I think I know who you’re talking about.

  152. EML1 says:

    Quinnipaic – OH Gov

    Kasich (R) 51%
    Strickland (D) 41%

  153. Tim says:

    Those Ohio races are over.

  154. Gargamus says:

    My sources in ND tell me that the race here has tightened *considerably*, but no one is polling, so it’s not showing up on anyone’s radar.

    ND voters are as upset at everyone else at incumbents, and they are aiming their fire at Hoeven. COD and Iott have *really* resonated with voters here, as well. Most of my neighbors here in Grand Forks tell me that they now see the GOP as a bunch of fascist racists, and the party’s attacks on those who practice witchcraft make it look even more bigoted.

    Prediction: Dems hold ND Senate seat, but lose House seat.

  155. Tim says:

    And, good morning, Eph. LOL

  156. sharon says:

    I wish I could get a better feeling about the Scott-Sink race.

  157. Tim says:

    Me too, sharon. That one might be a late-nighter, on Nov. 2nd.

    But, just remember. This is probably a Wave Election. And, landslides don’t stop at state lines. That might be enough to pull some candidates across the finish line.

  158. sharon says:

    I hope you are right Tim. Although my uneasiness doesn’t just stem from the fact that this poll shows Sink ahead, I am still very uneasy about Scott and his background but figure he is better than the alternative, I hope.

  159. Benny says:

    Kasich leads Strickland 51/41

    Voters say 32 – 9 percent they are less likely rather than more likely to vote for Strickland because the President is campaigning for the governor. Independent voters say 35 – 4 percent that Obama’s campaigning makes them less likely to vote for Strickland. anzeigen

  160. MD says:

    The real story with Scott is his weakness with women or Sink’s strength with women depending on how you look at it.

    My source in the Rubio campaign told me this before the above poll showed Sink with a +19 lead with women. It is probably not 19 but even 11 or 12 is too much. He needs to get that down to 8 to 10 at the most.

    Tim – why no pub on Rattner now being an admitted crook?

  161. IP727 says:

    166.The real story with Scott is his weakness with women or Sink’s strength with women depending on how you look at it.

    Comment by MD

    Females are more apt to jump ship and vote for the opposite party, when ovaries are concerned, it’s a sisterhood thing.

  162. sharon says:

    167….I can only pray that the majority of women don’t feel like this.

  163. Tim says:

    Mike, I thought the NY Times had been running stories on that. Hasn’t that been going on, since he was forced out as car czar in July?