Emanuel Leads in Chicago

We have a new poll from We Ask America for the mayoral race in Chicago showing Rahm Emanuel with a huge lead over a gaggle of other candidates.

MAYOR – CHICAGO (We Ask America)
Rahm Emanuel 39%
Carol Moseley Braun 12%
Gery Chico 9%
Danny Davis 7%
Miguel Del Valle 5%
James Meeks 5%
Roland Burris 2%
All others 1%

This poll was done November 23rd among 2255 registered voters. The election is February 22nd with a runoff on April 5th if no one gets 50%. As far as can tell, none of these candidates are a Republican, no surprise there….

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  1. Kristen says:

    Good Afternoon, HHRs.
    Be thankful that only two years are left of Obama’s presidency.

  2. Gary Maxwell says:

    From your lips to God’s ears Kristen.

  3. Kristen says:

    Be thankful that we live in a country with an honorable military.

    Be thankful that American voters repudiated Obama’s agenda in 2010.

    Be thankful that we haven’t had a 9-11 scale attack by disgusting Muslim jihadists since … 9-11.

    Be thankful for a political system that slowly corrects the egregious mistakes and the selfish greed of its legislators, executive branch and judges.

    Be thankful we live in America.

  4. Beltway Wes says:

    Amen to all that, Kristen.

  5. Jason T says:


  6. Jason T says:

    Rdel, I see that Traitor, Kent Williams, was re-elected in Tenn

  7. Beltway Wes says:

    I hope the GOP strips him of all committee assignments, Jason.

  8. lisab says:

    “Be thankful that American voters repudiated Obama’s agenda in 2010.”

    they did not.

    they protested for obama not going far enough

    make no mistake, obama and the dems are full speed ahead. the next dem congress will be FAR more leftist than this past one.

    most of the blue dogs are gone, and the ones that are left showed with obamacare that they really are no more fiscally conservative than barney frank.

  9. lisab says:

    who here remembers calculus the cat?

  10. rdelbov says:

    I wonder if it will be “Chico and the Eman” in a runoff for Mayor of Chicago.

    Yes Jason T Kent Williams was re-elected as an indie here in TN. With 64 seats for the GOP Kent Williams-as an indie-is in nowhere land. He is supposely going to vote for the GOP nominee for TN house speaker -Beth Harwell.

    There was some conservatives who railed against Harwell because she voted against the “right to bear arms in a bar”. Here in Memphis-earlier this year-we had an off duty policeman kill a bar manager in a drunken rage. I support the right to bar arms but bars-schools-churches and parks should be off limits.

  11. Bobby says:

    Thank God good strategists don’t listen to MD,

  12. Jason T says:

    Rdel, may be wrong, but the Tenn Senate has the power there right? I think they choose the SOS and other state offices?

  13. lisab says:

    that broken Y chromosome at work

    “The Missouri man, 19, dialed cops Saturday night to report that he paid $60 to a pair of prostitutes to perform sexual acts for him. As McNames described it, the deal called for one woman to show him her breasts, while the other would (treat heim like bill clinton) in the living room of his mobile home at the Columbia Regency Trailer Court.

    While “the first woman showed him her chest,” police reported, the second hooker “took the $60 without holding up her end of the deal.” The pair then “jumped in their car and left,” according to a police press release. That’s when McNames made the mistake of calling cops to report that he was a larceny victim.

    He also requested that officers contact the woman who did not (treat him like bill clinton) and “get $40 of his money back,” police reported.

  14. MD says:

    Bobby – that is not true. I have no idea what you are talking about. My track record here is pretty good. I have never attacked you. I guess you are just another as@hole who can’t handle opinions backed by facts.

  15. rdelbov says:


    as speaker of the house Kent Williams-for the last two years-did not have commtitee assignments. In fact he made all the committee assignments-hired much of the house staff too. Our state speakers are very powerful in TN.

    I am not sure if Williams will caucus with the GOP or democrats or be indie.

    The Speaker elect will assign me to some sort of low ranking committee. Normally the house speaker designates commitee chairs & of all of the appointments of their party members.

    So Kent williams may be assigned the last spot on buildings and grounds commitee

  16. lisab says:


    you do have a tendency to fold far to often before seeing the flop

    it is still november 2010

    i suggest you don’t get swept up into declaring candidates sure losers until you at least see the flop

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab – I have been asking for the return of Calculus the cat every holiday but maybe it’s too pauinful for Dave,

  18. MD says:

    I am hearing that Rendell to Fox as a contributor is all but done.

  19. Bobby says:


    My point is you can’t give up on states or you lose….look at McCain in 08. It does not have to be at least somewhat competitive everywhere in order to win. You seem to want to just dismiss states.

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    As far as the prostitutes, I am going to make a bold prediction: The 2 women are not good looking. Also, I would think that the woman performing the actual act should earn more.

  21. HD says:

    Gloom, anger, fear spread across Europe as key economies teeter on the edge of collapse


  22. lisab says:


    calculus tends to be a painful subject for many …

    worst line ever tried on me

    “if you were x, i would want to be x^2/2 so i could be the area under your curves!”

  23. Jason T says:

    Rdel, did the father of the Palin Email Hacker, get re-elected to the TENN House from Memphis.

    The GOP needs to punish that Marxist pig.

  24. lisab says:


    i think the point of the prostitute story was that

    you should NOT call the police to complain about a prostitute’s service level

    not pricing

  25. Jason T says:

    Lisa, good one. Wait for the flop I like it.

    MD, knows PENN. I defer to him. But Bobby makes a good point. You have to make the other spend $$$ even in states where you might not win. McCain gave up on Mich and the Midwest too early, causing us to lose Senate and House seats also.

    McCain’s awful campaign is the reason the Marxists got the 60 in the Senate

  26. lisab says:

    “Wait for the flop I like it.”Jason T

    it is obvious.

    the dems today are happy because jobless claims are down … just before BLACK FRIDAY and the christmas season.

    what happens if by next August unemployment is 10.5% Spain is being bailed out, the euro is in danger of being split up, afghanistan is exploding and the iraq insurgency starts picking up again, while obama is vetoing bill after bill that lowers taxes and the bush tax cuts are expired so everyone — including the poor, are paying higher taxes?

    in that circumstance or something similar, i think Palin takes both the primaries and the general in a walk

  27. mnw says:

    Anybody catch Whoopii on BOR last nite?

    10) She’s gotten so ugly & fat, it’s “guess my sex” time, but worse…

    2) She said that, “The Japanese didn’t attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese military did.” (I quote what she said accurately, but I render it more concise & comprehensible for you.)

  28. KnightHawk says:

    “Be thankful that only two years are left of Obama’s presidency.”

    err… We hope.

  29. Jason T says:

    The British wanted to hang Hirohito, But Macarthur wanted to keep him as Emperor to help rebuild Japan into a US Ally.

    Whoopi is having Acid Flashbacks

  30. Jason T says:

    Cooley losing is awful.

    In 2010, CA Democrats won all state Offices, did not lose a Legislative seat, and kept its US Senate and House Seats. All in a GOP Wave year

    The only thing good to happen was the passing of Prop 20.

    Only 41% of CA Residents are White, and half are stoned.

    Only 30% of Reg Voters are GOP.


  31. sam says:

    #30: Maybe the GOP should have fielded better candidates in CA.

  32. mnw says:

    I suspect I know exactly what you mean by “better.”

    CA is a timely warning of what our nation will be in a few decades unless there is a massive groundswell of support for immigration enforcement.

  33. lisab says:

    CA will be bailed out by the feds

    either through direct aid, indirect aid or inflation

  34. Jason T says:

    32. Agreed. Back in the Middle ages it would have been stopped by a Plague.

  35. Jason T says:

    Lisa, Moonbeam will screw it up.

  36. MD says:

    I never said to give up on PA. I think we can make them spend big $ in PA. Don’t spend money on CA though.

    As for my prediction, it isa just that. For the record, I am hardly ever wrong on PA.

    Lisa – I “folded” a week before the election in 08 because I decided that denial wasn’t healthy. Now can you just go back to posting your usual nonsense?

  37. MD says:

    Again, we can win in 12 but it won’t be easy. Morons who would otherwise never vote come out for him. We need the white suburban women to come out strong for the GOP candidate. I don’t see the fearsome foursome doing well with that segment.

  38. CPA says:

    Athens on the Pacific. The Peoples Republic of California

  39. Jason T says:

    MD, I never thought Whites would ever vote for the son of A Muslim either

  40. Jason T says:

    Athens is spot on. Let China buy it from us.

  41. rdelbov says:

    Jason T

    The TN hacker dad is my local state rep. He will be redistricted out come 2012. He was elected as a 21 year old and has been a state representative since 1972. His only job has been state representative.

    yes here in TN the state senate/state house (combined vote with every member getting one vote) vote on AG-SOS & state treasurer. Here’s a nifty trick the TN state party makes a vote for the GOP nominee a requirement to be a “republican”. So if you don’t vote for the GOP nominee for SOS you can’t run as a republican.

    There is no elective LT Gov so the leader of the senate becomes Lt Gov.

  42. lisab says:

    new thread