Romney Leads Obama In FL

A poll yesterday from Suffolk University out of the state of Florida showing Mitt Romney as the only Republican included in the poll to lead Barack Obama. Romney also leads the GOP field by a wide margin.

Mitt Romney (R) 43%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 42%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 44%
Mike Huckabee (R) 41%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 41%
Tim Pawlenty (R) 28%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 45%
Michele Bachmann (R) 30%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
Newt Gingrich (R) 36%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 52%
Sarah Palin (R) 34%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 49%
Donald Trump (R) 34%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
Haley Barbour (R) 26%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 48%
Ron Paul (R) 30%

Mitt Romney 33%
Mike Huckabee 14%
Newt Gingrich 9%
Sarah Palin 8%
Donald Trump 8%
Haley Barbour 4%
Tim Pawlenty 3%
Ron Paul 2%
Michele Bachmann 1%

In the Republican primary for US Senate, no Republican received more than 7% in a field of ten candidates. And if the 2010 gubernatorial race was run again, Suffolk claims Florida would elect Alex Sink over Rick Scott by a 41%-31% margin. This poll was done April 10-12 among 600 voters.

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  1. mnw says:

    I typed my last post twice already on dead threads.

    No mas. The former commander of the USS Cole is running as an R for Heller’s seat (however it is drawn).

  2. MD says:

    Let’s suppose that blurb about Scott v Sink is true (which I don’t actually believe). Who cares? The guy has 3.5 years to go! He might win in 14, he might not. What is the point of that poll? Does anyone remember any Dem Gov being polled in that manner 3 months into their first term?

  3. mnw says:

    -15, & 49/50 2day. zero movin’ on up!, I guess. (voters: “baaah! baaah!”)

  4. MD says:

    The same type of polls on Kasich and Walker. I could see the justification on Walker since recall is being talked about but the others is just politics.

  5. Jason T says:

    MD, Scott won in the census year,which is vastly more important than 2014.

    Let Brandon’s pals at PPP rip him to shreds, who cares

  6. mnw says:

    Kasich has endorsed Barbour.

  7. sharon says:

    It won’t matter what the polls say, once Trump makes his annoucement he will have handed Obama another four years.

  8. MD says:

    JT – it was Suffolk who did that worthless poll.

  9. mnw says:

    Last I heard, The Donald was going to run as a Republican, right? That’s benign, if that’s all it is.

  10. MD says:

    I understand that they are trying to push the idea that the Govs should not be pushing reforms since they don’t have the “support” of the people.

    1. That is crap and I bet these are adult polls.

    2. It is laughable when you think of one word – Obamacare.

  11. Jason T says:

    Mn, anything on Akin or kinder?

  12. DW says:

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 41%
    Tim Pawlenty (R) 28%

    That is the key number from the Suffolk Poll. How many in FL have even heard of Pawlenty? 10%

    So really, what this amounts to is:

    Barack Obama (D-inc) 41%
    Generic Republican (R) 28%

    Pawlenty (generic republican) hold Obama to an amazingly low 41% in FL in a university poll. Cannot be exciting numbers for dems.

  13. MD says:

    Trump will lose in the primaries and then run as an indy. Yes, he hands the election to Obama in that scenario.

  14. mnw says:


    Nope. I check the usual suspects for info every day. The best one for MO political gossip is called “Prime Buzz.” It’s not really worth your time, but I check it each morning. It also reports on MO redist developments.

  15. DW says:

    15…and don’t forget about the effect on house and senate races. If it is clear in the weeks leading up to the election that Obama cannot lose, it would have a devestating effect on GOP turnout. But lets not borrow trouble. Wait and see what this guy does.

  16. mnw says:


    Quite likely, altho I try to envision The Donald organizing the collection of signatures, & recruiting Trump electors in each CD, and… I can’t form a mental picture of him doing that tedious grunt work.

    Always remember Trump’s message, motivation, & platform: “I AM DONALD TRUMP!” That’s all.

  17. Jason T says:

    Excellent point Mnw. Unlike Nader and Perot, Trump is a Silver Spooner who does not want to do any Grunt Work.

  18. GPO says:

    there was a ton of put buying in Silver last few days looking for a correction- after the asshats speech showing how unserious he is about addressing our problems- Gold and Silver hitting new highs today

  19. Wes says:

    Actually, DW, that wasn’t the case in 1996. When it became apparent Dole would lose to Clinton, Republicans focused on Congress and managed to keep their majorities.

  20. Jason T says:

    The GOP does have one fall back plan if Trump runs 3rd party.

    Trash is reputation to the point that he becomes a Bob Barr.

    Trump and his father did a lot of shady land deals in Queens back in the day. the divorces also with Ivana and Maples will be a good platform

  21. Wes says:

    If Trump’s an Obama plant as I suspect, then reelecting Obama is his agenda. He won’t have to do grunt work because Obama will do it for him.

  22. Wes says:

    If the election’s close and Trump takes just 2 or 3%, Jason, then the Republican loses because Trump is running against Obama.

  23. mnw says:

    Perot had a genuine grassroots army. Where’s The Donald’s?

    You can pay canvassers, but… I’m just not sure this is all real, yet. I doubt anybody has any idea what Trump’s actual LIQUID net wealth is, either

  24. DW says:

    21. I see your point Wes, but I think the dynamic is different now. The debt. The jobs. The malaise. GOP voters will throw their hands up and say if we cannot win the POTUS in these conditions, we never will. Then they will move to Belize…if they can still get out of the country.

    I don’t think the Trump-disaster scenerio will play out however…especially if he runs in the GOP primary and loses.

    If he announces today an independent bid, then we are in trouble.

  25. mnw says:

    It would be impossible for zero to send his hopey changey legions of lefties out to canvass for Trump. zero’s fingerprints would be all over it.

    Remember how the phony “T-Party” guys just got charged with fraud & false statements somewhere recently?

  26. Jason T says:

    Wes, I agree. I think Trump is a plant for Obama also.

    Why else would a NYC socialite go after the Birther issue?

    Trump gets cred with the far right, goes Indy and then gets the Romney protest vote within the Right.

    If I am right, then Trump will definitely be running

  27. mnw says:

    No conspiracy theories 4 me. “I AM DONALD TRUMP!” is all there is 2 it.

  28. Jason T says:

    Mn, Wes’ point is that Trump needs no Army of canvassers to get 2 or 3 percent of the vote. He gets that on Name ID alone, and it is very easy to get on the ballot in many Swing states.

    Trump is a plant

  29. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    Trump is on Rush Fri and Rush is going to address the ‘independant’ comment.

  30. DW says:

    And I think the GOP just cannot do badly in the senate. A whopping 24 senators are GOP who are locked in to 2016. Another 13 are locked in until 2014.

    Of the 10 who are up in 2012, 6 should win easily, and the others should be close wins.

  31. mnw says:

    My presumption is that to be credible to ANY voters, he’d have to have a NATIONAL campaign, & not cherry pick a few states only. They wouldn’t let him debate if he wasn’t on the ballot in damn near every state.

  32. Jason T says:

    31. alberto thanks for the tip.

    Obama at 42% for Gallup?

  33. Jason T says:

    Mn, like I said, I hope I am very wrong with Trump

  34. mnw says:

    u may b rite

  35. CPA says:

    Why the RAS – Gallup disconnect??

  36. CPA says:

    In WI only Milwaukee left to report, should report today. Prosser up over 7,000. I wonder if they found 7,000 votes in Milwaukee. That would be a big trunk.

  37. MD says:

    Well, that is 14 Franken units. Tough to overcome that even in Milwaukee.

  38. Wes says:

    Eye candy on Fox Business today:

    Leggy Barbie Doll Cheryl Casone in a skimpy black dress

    A braless freshly minted Red Eye Alumna Lori Rothman

    Greek Goddess Nicole Petallides

    CNBC responded with the following:

    Voluptuous Aussie Hottie Amanda Drury

  39. Wes says:

    Did you learn nothing from last year’s elections, Mnw? Dems made the third-party conservatives rather than the Republican nominees the targets of their attack ads. In some places–such as IN-2–it worked. In others like the Virginia districts, it didn’t. Don’t tell me Obama won’t help Trump get signatures and votes if the President can find a way to do it. Even if his fingerprints are on it–unlikely–he’ll take his chances with arguing he’s just trying to help more Americans participate in the democratic process.

  40. Jason T says:

    Lady Gaga will be pissed

    Transgender bill defeated in Maryland Senate

  41. jason says:

    Remember Newsweek?

    Killing time at the airport today I glanced at the magazine rack and the cover of Newsweek has this as one of the headlines:

    “Why GOP Scrooge Ryan is a fraud”

  42. Wes says:

    Newsweak’s still a magazine?

  43. jason says:

    ” I wonder if they found 7,000 votes in Milwaukee. That would be a big trunk.”

    They have affidavits from 3600 voters that they really meant to vote for Klopp not Prosser.

    Some nice polite union gentlemen went door to door and got the affidavits.

  44. jason says:

    44. Still pretending I guess. And still promoting civil discourse by the looks of it…

  45. Gary Maxwell says:

    Newsweak the mag that sold for $1 to Jane Harman (D) husband? You should not be shocked that it reads like a DNC publication, cuz it is.

  46. Tony- 2010 the GOP comeback the Red tide is coming says:

    What GOP stars are voting fir this compromise….

  47. rdelbov says:

    trash poll from PPP on previous tread

  48. EML1 says:

    Iowa redistricting plan passes the House 91-7 and the Senate 48-1.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    The only answer to Trump is an immdiate Draft Oprah movement.

  50. DW says:

    I have already gotten the impression from some “Ron Paul” fanatics I know, that if Ron or Rand does not run, they will throw their support to Trump.

  51. jason says:

    52. Would you expect anything better than that?

  52. DW says:

    nope. Birds of a feather flock together.

  53. Tony- 2010 the GOP comeback the Red tide is coming says:

    Watching vote totals on span 42 nas on GOP side

  54. jason says:

    “Why GOP Scrooge Ryan is a fraud”

    Even if they had an article where they would hope after you read it to share such an opinion, putting something that blatantly partisan on the cover of a “news” magazine is just a sign on how low they have sunk….

  55. jason says:

    Apologize for linking Kos, but I thought you might want to see the picture of Rep. Shelley Berkley they have on their site…..I think she and Nancy Pelosi must share plastic surgeons…

  56. addisonst says:

    wow those gallup #’s are crushing.

    Did he ever get to 50 % negative in gallup before? they only show his low on approval

  57. HD says:

    Trump is not a plant.

    He’s an egomaniac.

    And I’m not convinced he automatically hurts the R if he goes Indie.

  58. Jason says:

    Jason, Berkely is not known statewide either. She was a safe seater in liberal Vegas. Wait until the rest of the state sees this crass Brooklynite

  59. HD says:

    House passes budget with $40 billion in ‘cuts’…

    59 Republicans vote no…

  60. mnw says:


    I just dsagree. I don’t have a learning disability, btw, & I commend to you again the mutual advantages of leaving each other’s screen names out of our respective posts.

  61. rdelbov says:

    I think Heller beats Berkley but Obama also promised not to campaign for her so thats a plus

  62. jason says:

    Rehberg just skewered Obamacare on C-SPAN….

  63. jason says:

    ” 59 Republicans vote no…”

    Not impressed, since they all knew the bill would pass anyway.

  64. rdelbov says:

    Not surprised to see 1st unemployment claims jump up. All this uncertainty-Japan-debt ceiling-budget cuts-unions protestin-public sector cuts-gasoline price hikes have people jittery

  65. lisab says:

    10 best and worst states to make a living …

    although illinois being ranked number 1 puts the sanity of the author in question … low state income taxes? low cost of living? very silly.

    1. Illinois: The adjusted average income is $41,987, thanks to reasonably high average wages, relatively low state income taxes and a reasonable cost of living.
    2. Washington (state): The cost of living is higher than average, but so is the average wage and the state imposes no income tax. Adjusted average income: $41,456.
    3. Texas: Also benefits from no state income tax. Adjusted average income: $41,427
    4. Virginia: $41,120
    5. Delaware: $39,105
    6. Massachusetts: $38,665
    7. Georgia: $38,228
    8. Tennessee: $38,038
    9. Colorado: $38,020
    10. Minnesota: $37,721

    Where are the worst states to make a living?

    1. Hawaii: $22,108
    2. Maine: $29,159
    3. Montana: $29,496
    4. California: $29,772
    5. Vermont: $29,986
    6. Oregon: $30,343
    7. Rhode Island: $30,612
    8. Mississippi: $30,953
    9. West Virginia: 31,357
    10. South Carolina: $31,636

  66. lisab says:

    has anyone else noticed that tm the toady has been missing since those big storms hit georgia a week or so ago?

    i guess voodoo does work 🙂

  67. lisab says:

    “Not surprised to see 1st unemployment claims jump up”

    i am …

    is the government unable to manipulate the number?

    how can the unemployment rate keep going down if the unemployment claims go up?

  68. Gary Maxwell says:

    TM quit showing up right about the time that Prosser surged to the lead election night. He had made a big show over and over about “dont bet a lot of money on that” whenever anyone dared say the Tea Party was not going to roll over and let the union frag Wisconsin.

    Or maybe his double wide took on water…

  69. lisab says:

    obama will not help get signatures … but some of the affiliated organizations will.

    i could see a lot of union members out gathering signatures for example, although it would be unofficial union help.

  70. addisonst says:

    Unemployment claims jumped up this week Lisa from a downward trend. We will see if this is the start of a new direction or statistical noise.

    The market shrugged it off which surprises me. I thought the market would get thumped today.

  71. Bitterlaw says:

    OPRAH 2012!

  72. lisab says:

    those unemployment numbers were already built into the market … the market has gone down all week

  73. Jason says:

    74. You mean ORCA

  74. jason says:

    Krauthammer irks me sometimes..but he hit it on the head on Obama’s campaign speech…

    “I rarely heard a speech by a president so shallow, so hyper-partisan and so intellectually dishonest, outside the last couple of weeks of a presidential election where you are allowed to call your opponent anything short of a traitor. But we’re a year and a half away from Election Day and it was supposed to be a speech about policy,”

  75. jason says:

    76. 8)

  76. lisab says:

    if you awakened in your home by a window being smashed open …

    who would you want by your side to protect you … (in what order) …

    a.) barack
    b.) michelle
    c.) bill
    d.) hillary
    e.) john kerry
    f.) condi
    g.) powell
    h.) bush 2
    i.) cheney
    j.) gore

    i think i would be …

    powell, bush 2, kerry, cheney, condi, gore, billary, barack, michelle

  77. lisab says:

    the trouble is cheney might keel over, billary might save themselves, and barack and micelle probably would think i deserve to be robbed due to crimes my ancestors committed as members of the privileged class of irish peasants

  78. Gary Maxwell says:

    A pretty complicated conspiracy. Zero would have had to convince a Hillary supporter to deliberately trash him on his failure to be transparent on records, trash him on his failures as a leader and be fine with it. From Zero standpoint, what if the guy catches fire and wins the Republican nod.

    Much more likely a big ego guy like Trump just decided to either get himself the free publicity that going on all the talk shows and evening shows gives you or maybe he is trying to create an opening for Hill by tearing down Zero.

    Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation is probably the best one.

  79. lisab says:

    i would have ranked kerry second … because he has more combat experience than bush certainly …

    but i would hate to have to listen to him tell stories about how something similar happened to him in vietnam …

    kerry: “when i was 18 and in vietnam …

    lisa: ahem … i said thank you already …

    kerry: i think we might have actually been in laos

    lisa: seriously … thanks, but you can go now, i called 911

    kerry: or maybe we were in cambodia?

    lisa: oh please … shoot me now …

    kerry: and there was this village … and we called a napalm strike in on some children … i loved the smell of napalm in the morning …

    lisa: ok, now you are just quoting apocalypse now …

    kerry: and i was such a hero

    lisa: give me the gun …

  80. Gary Maxwell says:

    Kerry over Condi? I will bet you Condi packs heat. Kerry would end up with scrapnel in his butt from a self inflicted wound.

  81. rdelbov says:

    Not impressed with Kerry

  82. GPO says:

    Silver and Gold

    new highs after the Obumblers speech showing he will not tackle our debt problem with any degree of seriousness

  83. Bitterlaw says:

    Kerry would save you and then tell people that he also saved nine other homes in the neighborhood plus one in Cambodia.

  84. rdelbov says:

    Yup Obama fumbled the ball in my opinion in his deficit talk–talk about nonleadership

  85. lisab says:

    kerry is pretty tough …

    but he would brag about it

  86. DW says:

    79…I wouldn’t want any of them. I have a little baby sitting close at hand that can take care of any sort of problem like that.

  87. jason says:

    Kerry is a rich spoiled Boston Brahmin who would squeal and hide in a closet to dial 911. Nothing tough about him.

    The people who served with him were clear about that.

  88. jason says:

    You might get some help from Cheney, Bush 2 and Powell in that order. Forget the rest.

  89. jason says:

    I am somewhat impressed. For a Marxist like Pelosi to acknowledge that families or business making $250k are not “the rich” must have been painful….

    Of course the people that make a million or more already pay most of the income taxes has escaped her. (The wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per­cent of the income but pay 37 percent of the income tax)

    “I’d like to know what [Republicans] think about $1 million,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday at the Capitol. “If you make — not have — $1 million a year, should you not participate in the sense of community of our country?

    “I’m willing to put that on the table,” she added.

  90. Gary Maxwell says:

    jason all that means is that they are flailing around cuz they are losing the argument. Tell them no tax increases, its spending cuts first. Once we establish some discipline in spending, we can look at restructuring the tax code that will further incentize investing in the economy.

  91. MD says:

    Ha ha. The irony!

    I had 2 sales today including 1 that is my largest by far.

    Not only did I make money but my leverage just increased.

  92. Jason says:

    94. MD, you are buying

  93. MD says:

    I agree with GM 100% on that approach. Don’t rule out anything but spending cuts come first.

  94. MD says:

    No problem jason. I am just glad that the person taking my current position hasn’t been officially placed into it yet.

  95. Gary Maxwell says:

    You have them bent over. The real question is will you ram it home.

  96. MD says:

    I am for lowering the corp tax rate to what Canada has but get rid of all the loop holes. No more GE’s making 14B in profit and paying nothing.

  97. HD says:

    House Passes Bills to Eliminate Funding for Health Care Law, Planned Parenthood

  98. mnw says:

    Pelosi’s own district is very high income per capita. Most of the 25 wealthiest CDs are represented by DEMs. They’ve always been wanting to adjust the alternative minimum tax UPWARD for that reason.

    The DEMs really do have some problems! What with REPRESENTING “the rich” & calling for more taxes on them; & of course they get most of their campaign donations from “th rich” they want to tax more too.

  99. DW says:

    100…I am just guessing that we wouldn’t have gotten that had Pelosi still been speaker. But according to some Boehner is no better.

  100. Gary Maxwell says:

    The rich use trusts and charitable remainder corps and offshore accounts and run otherwise personal expenses through their captive corporations and have lots of accountants and lawyers to defer, delay and “avoid” as opposed to evade paying taxes. Its why you should ignor Bill Gates when he says such ridiculous things, he wont be paying more.

  101. MD says:

    DW – I know. It is insane to think that way. I am as conservative as they come and I understand the reality.

  102. Gary Maxwell says:

    for example Gates can just borrow money from his trust or from Microsoft and not take a salary. Nice work if you can get it!

  103. HD says:

    State of Corruption: 16 Mexican Cops Arrested in Connection with Mass Graves

  104. Brandon says:

    Vote in Senate on defunding healthcare fails 47-53 along party lines.

  105. HD says:

    New DNC Chair calls GOP budget ‘death trap for seniors’…

  106. mnw says:

    addendum to 102;

    the DEMS want to adjust the alt min tax so that FEWER peopleare subject to it. I phrased that poorly.

  107. addisonst says:

    Nancy never fails to delight. If you make $1mm a year, you’re already paying some heavy taxes, you probably are charitable as well (at least you should be relative to your income), and you very likely create income for others either through your business or through people who report to you (i.e a law partner).

    You probably also work your a off. And yet you are not part of the community.

  108. Gary Maxwell says:

    Great we have them on record including Tester and Claire and the disgusting Stabmenow.

  109. Gary Maxwell says:

    Its clarifying for the muddle. You want to get rid of this Obamacare, you got to get rid of enough Democrats to do so. Works for me. One to one correspondence for the terminally dull.

  110. addisonst says:

    every dem is sticking w/ their hcr vote?

    Well it’s good to remind people where they stand if they are running next year.

  111. mnw says:


    Good! Party-line, huh?

    Sky Queen & the Nelsons can explain that to the folks back home

  112. mnw says:

    And Tester too– forgot him

  113. mnw says:

    That was a vote Reid said would “never” happen, as recently as January. I can see why they weren’t real eager to show their true Obamacare colors again.

  114. DW says:

    108.Vote in Senate on defunding healthcare fails 47-53 along party lines.

    Comment by Brandon — April 14, 2011 @ 5:16 pm

    OK, here is a good hypothetical question. Lets say Buck, Rossi, and Angle had each won. And lets say Castle had won the primary and thereby beat Coons. Senate at 51/49. Would Castle have stuck with his party or would he have voted with the Dems so that this vote would have gone 50/50 to stop it?

    I say Castle stabs us in the back.

  115. IP727 says:

    108.Vote in Senate on defunding healthcare fails 47-53 along party lines.
    Comment by Brandon —

    From an earlier thread:

    79.Dont count on it not passing. All they need is four Dems, assuming no Republicans weasel out. Manchin for one will vote to defund..
    Comment by BayernFan — April 9, 2011 @ 12:39 pm

    As to be expected, manchin is another dim lapdog.

  116. Jason says:

    Sky Queen
    Sherrod Brown

    and Remember, there will be many DEMS scalps in 2014 also locked into this HCR vote

  117. Brandon says:

    Planned Parenthood defunding vote fails 42-58.

    Brown, Collins, Kirk, Murkowski, and Snowe vote against it.

  118. Jason says:

    Manchin is trash. Lying sack in the mold of Ben Nelson

  119. DW says:

    Anyone who laughed about Palin’s “Death Panel” remark should reconsider. I have a relative who is 71 and needs a particular medication. She had to submit her paperwork to her death panel, and they decided she was too old to qualify. At 71.

  120. Jason says:

    121. As expected, all voted against DREAM besides Murk.

  121. DW says:

    121…all the usual suspects. Castle would have as well.


  122. DW says:

    ok, so the senate doesn’t wanna play ball, then shut down the gov’t.

  123. Jason says:

    DW, the death Panels could cause a political revolt in this country

  124. mnw says:

    Before the Air Claire scandal broke, Sky Queen had been trying to explain that she wanted to “improve” Obamacare & remove the mandate, among other things.

    But Claire… when push came to shove today, you voted to keep the WHOLE enchilada, mama!

  125. Jason says:

    I agree DW, shut it down.

    Boehner should have flat out told Obamam that unless Obamacare is repealed and scrapped wit a do over, no raise in the ceiling or a budget

  126. DW says:

    Well, at least we are going to find out soon how much of a man Boehner is. As Margaret Thatcher once said…”This is no time to go wobbly…”

  127. IP727 says:

    Boehner should have flat out told Obamam that unless Obamacare is repealed and scrapped wit a do over, no raise in the ceiling or a budget

    Comment by Jason

    A do over?~~replacing a crap sandwich with a turd milkshake is a poor trade off. Repeal it~~period.

  128. DW says:

    shutting down the gov’t would have the instant effect of saving money, so its a way that the GOP can get what it wants. I know a guy working for the gov’t who was about to go on an expensive business trip, but didn’t know until the last minute if it would be canceled. Had the gov’t shut down last week, the whole trip would have been canceled…not postponed, canceled. He would have not receive pay either. Multiply that across all gov’t employees and that’s a lot of money saved.

  129. jason says:

    118. Castle would have voted to defund.

  130. jason says:

    Manchin voted against defunding? What a lying scumbag….

  131. DW says:


  132. jason says:

    ” Anyone who laughed about Palin’s “Death Panel” remark should reconsider.”

    I never laughed… it “Golden Sunset Panel” if you want…

    The fact is the Democrats want bureaucrats making decisions patients and doctor used to make.

  133. jason says:

    135. Another moderate Democrat like Stupak I guess….

  134. Jason says:

    No matter what state they are in, they bow to Obama.

    Red state DEM Senators who voted with the Marxist today, and not retiring in 2012

    Tim Johnson
    Sky Queen
    Ben Nelson

  135. jason says:

    Did any Ds in the House vote to defund?

  136. mnw says:

    As MD & others have said, a lot of the things most important to conservastives like us just will not, & can not be expected, to happen until & unless the GOP gets the SEN & WH back.

    There’s no use flogging poor Boehner for not doing the impossible.

  137. jason says:

    Begich… another “moderate”….who listens to his constituents….

  138. Jason says:

    Each one these lying RATS today voted against repeal for one big reason.

    To protect Obama from having to use a Veto

  139. MD says:

    Castle would have voted to repeal. He was quite adamant in his opposition to Obamacare.

    I love that this vote took place. A nice,fresh wound. Nelson must want to lose by 20.

  140. Jason says:

    140 Well Said, but Boehner is the second most powerful man in America as Speaker.

    He has a mandate to repeal Healthcare, why not use it?

  141. Jason says:

    Rumours flying that Berkely is running for Senate, because her district will become the Hispanic Seat in NV

  142. MD says:

    Manchin is scum but the people of WV are a special kind of stupid.

  143. mnw says:

    Yes, that is sweet.

    Kind of clarifies the issue the voters must decide!

  144. Jason says:

    I feel old

    Pete Rose turned 70 today

  145. MD says:

    70? Oh man.

  146. mnw says:


    The debt limit is the RIGHT hill to fight on.

    I think that’s the better place to draw a line in the sand. Obamacare is kind of yesterday’s story, & it’s useful to make it an election issue in ’12.

    I’m still of the view that the public will only tolerate hairlipping everything on Bear Creek ONCE. Not two or three times.

  147. MD says:

    Guys, if you are ever in Montreal, you have to eat at Cavalli’s. Trust me.

  148. IP727 says:

    Today’s HC defunding senate vote

  149. DW says:

    I just hope for Pete’s sake that Bud Selig doesn’t end up on Rose’s death panel.

  150. MD says:

    Agree MNW. We have more leverage, much more. The msm barrage has already started on this.

  151. Jason says:

    150. Good point

  152. Jason says:

    Oh My God. Is Shelly Berkely hideous or what?

    Joan Rivers with Brown hair, and more plastic surgery

  153. Jason says:

    Selig is a pig, DW. He allowed steroids for years to get attendance up. he should have been indicted too

  154. DW says:

    There was nothing quite like watching the 40+ old Pete Rose sliding hard into a base head first.

    That generation of ball players played the game all out.

    I recall one time getting to see Robin Yount play in the old Milwaukee Co. Stadium. It was the end of the year, two or three games left, they were the typical 18 games out of first, and Yount was in the last few years of his career. The game was a blow-out…and yet a short pop-fly behind second base…here comes Yount charging in from center field…dives…does a face plant…catches the ball. I remember thinking…wow. This guy plays the game.

  155. Jason says:

    Is it a prerequisite for Female Democratic women to be Butt Ugly?

    Berkely, Pelosi, Milkulski, Boxer, Feinstein etc… would put a scare into Nostradamus

  156. Jason says:

    Yount lives in Phoenix these days. Starting shortstop at 18. True stud

  157. Marv says:

    Does anyone have a Prosser/Milwaukee update.

  158. IP727 says:

    The GOP has a couple of bowsers as well~~snowe/collins/murkowski

  159. MD says:

    Don’t forgst Klopp. She is as fugly as they come.

  160. Jason says:

    Right IP. Collins looks like Harry Potter

  161. MD says:

    They aren’t even in the same neighborhood as Klopp IP.

  162. Marv says:

    #162 IP727,

    They would have been OK in a pinch at closing time at the Clark AB Officer’s club. Wouldn’t you

  163. DW says:

    161…nope. No news is good news at this point. They are back to bashing Walker and honoring Feingold:

  164. bunu says:

    4/14/11: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the Continuing Resolution

    Great speech…and no teleprompter needed! Or notes

  165. IP727 says:

    162 IP727,

    They would have been OK in a pinch at closing time at the Clark AB Officer’s club. Wouldn’t you

    Comment by Marv

    Perhaps for you air force types,but
    I would never have been that plastered, even at the kaboom room.Those mentioned are where boners go to die.

  166. MD says:

    IP – no offense but you are one strange dude bro.

  167. MD says:

    Then there’s Bunu.

  168. lisab says:

    john kerry is no wimp

    you don’t serve on a swift boat if you are a wimp

    he may be a braggart … but wimp?

    no … he is no wimp.

    not all of the major candidates saw combat … kerry did

  169. Knighthawk says:

    168 – That was a good floor speech, too bad it’s falling on largely deaf ears in the chamber.

  170. lisab says:

    i haaaaaaaaaaate john mcvain …

    i really cannot stand him

    if it was not for the fact that obama was the alternative … i would be very happy he lost

    and … he got shot down and taken prisoner! so … not our best pilot apparently …

    but …

    tough cookie … i’ll give him that

  171. MD says:

    Yea, even if he was confused on which country that was.

  172. Tim V says:

    Does Jesse Jackson have a “wide stance” ?

  173. MD says:

    Then he came home and stained the honor of all those who served.

    Sorry, a pure scum bag.

  174. IP727 says:

    he got shot down and taken prisoner! so … not our best pilot apparently …

    Comment by lisab

    Balderdash. Chuck yeager got shot down as well, was he a mediocre pilot??

  175. lisab says:

    kerry volunteered for the swift boats

    they had some of the highest casualties of the war

    he is no wimp …

    a goof yes, but no wimp

  176. MD says:

    A traitor? Yes.

  177. MD says:

    Getting shot down has as much to do with luck than anything else.
    John Kerry was a traitor.

  178. Marv says:

    #175 lisab,

    Alot of good pilots were shot down over North Vietnam. It was pretty tough to avoid a heat seeking surface to air missile, especially in the days before effective counter measures were developed.

  179. Marv says:


    Pappy Boyington was shot down too.

  180. lisab says:

    Chuck yeager was shot down while still a newbie against the most experienced combat pilots in the world

    john mcvain almost sank our own aircraft carrier

  181. lisab says:

    “Pappy Boyington was shot down too.”

    again … pappy boyington was a reknown ace …


    did not almost sink one of our own aircraft carriers

  182. lisab says:

    “Alot of good pilots were shot down over North Vietnam”

    that is true …

    how many almost sank an aircraft carrier

  183. Wes says:

    I predicted all Dems would hang together on Obamacare. Too bad Obamacare plus being caught in bed with a live boy AND a dead girl will never cause West Virginians to vote Fido out of office.

  184. sky queen says:

    ” Berkely, Pelosi, Milkulski, Boxer, Feinstein etc… would put a scare into Nostradamus”

    me, me, me, me… you forgot me

  185. Wes says:

    Judas Nelson, Jon Tester, Sherrod Brown,, and Faux Astronaut Nelson, however, will have some serious ‘splaining to do to their constituents.

  186. lisab says:

    “John Kerry was a traitor.”

    john kerry is no traitor

    hey … i cannot stand the man … believe me … i would rather make fun of the goose murderer

    but i would honestly pay $1,000 right now if he was president now instead of obama

    it would be totally worth $1,000

  187. Wes says:

    I swear, the average West Virginian must have an IQ of 0 Kelvin.

  188. Wes says:

    Kerry did meet with John Fonda when she engaged in treason and accused his fellow troops of engaging in Genghis Khan-like war crimes, Lisa.

  189. jason says:

    Kerry was a lying wimp who wounded himself on purpose for a Purple Heart… his military record is full of lies and falsehoods…the people he served with did not respect him…

    Wimp fits.

    Bush probably took more risks flying a fighter in the National Guard.

  190. lisab says:

    i do not know of any usa president worse than obama …

    i would rather have nixon than obama

    maybe grant was worse

  191. bunu says:

    Obama-Boehner budget deal passes, Paul Ryan votes Yes

    260 Yays including Paul Ryan

    The Nays are 70 including Ron Paul

  192. lisab says:

    “accused his fellow troops of engaging in Genghis Khan-like war crimes, Lisa.”

    kerry was seriously affected by the war …

    plus … it was a popular thing to do at the time

    but … unlike jane fonda

    kerry actually saw american soldiers get killed, that affects you … even if you are a man.

    jane fonda did not see 18 year old’s get blown away …

    veterans get a LOT of leeway

    actresses do not

  193. IP727 says:

    veterans get a LOT of leeway

    actresses do not

    Comment by lisab

    Another steaming pile of bravo sierra.

  194. lisab says:

    “Bush probably took more risks flying a fighter in the National Guard.”

    that is crap.

    not that bush was a wimp either …

    pilots at the time died a lot in accidents

    but kerry could have been killed at any time.

  195. lisab says:

    #199 ok … veterans get a LOT of leeway

    which actresses SHOULD NOT

  196. bunu says:

    My view is that murder from a private citizen is no different than when the government does it.

    That seems to offend people though.

  197. lisab says:


  198. addisonst says:

    the Potus is here. Marine One flew over my crib on the way to his kickoff rally and I still hear the copters buzzing around.

  199. Gary Maxwell says:

    Kerry was and is an absolute wimp and a blowhard. Major Burns only he was only an ensign, and he did a very short tour and probably faked one or more injuries to get out of harms way quicker. Then we can go on to the consorting with the enemy and the Ghengis Khan speech. What an @ss.

  200. MD says:

    I didn’t say he was a wimp.

    He is a traitor who lacks honor.

    My Dad saw plenty of guys die in Vietnam and he never once pissed on their memory.

  201. CPA says:

    Rothenberg that GOP cheerleader has five Senate seats in danger already.
    MT and

    More to come. Too many Ms and Ns

  202. jason says:

    lisab and wimpy kerry should get a room…

  203. jason says:

    ” but kerry could have been killed at any time.”

    right, the self inflicted wound could have festered and killed him…

  204. IP727 says:


  205. jason says:

    “you don’t serve on a swift boat if you are a wimp”

    Here is what the men who served with him thought

  206. Knighthawk says:

    I’m having 2004 flashbacks.

  207. jason says:

    lisab wants to rehabilitate Kerry into some type of hero.. isn’t going to happen on my watch….

  208. IP727 says:

    Do you suppose she has a blow up doll of him.

  209. Kristen says:

    So, I’m dropping in and scrolling up, only to discover that we’re debating KERRY?

    Who cares.

    Real news — the budget passed. Why can’t they pass a clean bill without add-ons like this: “Included in the budget are concessions such as a law that prohibits the use of funds to transfer any prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to U.S. territory and the establishment of a private school grant fund for low-income students in Washington D.C.”

  210. lisab says:

    “Kerry was and is an absolute wimp and a blowhard. ”

    when you have served as a swift boat captain in a combat zone for one week …

    then you can talk

  211. Kristen says:

    What else was hidden in the budget? Anyone have a URL so I can read the bill? Can’t find it.

  212. lisab says:

    “lisab wants to rehabilitate Kerry into some type of hero”

    no … if you were here in 2004 you know i pounded the guy


    he ain’t no wimp

  213. jason says:

    One of the best descriptions of Kerry’s career….

    ” Here we have a JFK wannabe who is hardly in Vietnam long enough to get good tan, collects medals faster than Audie Murphy in a job where lots of medals weren’t common, gets sent home eight months early, requests separation from active duty a few months after that so he can run for Congress, finds out war heros don’t sell well in Massachusetts in 1970 so reinvents himself as Jane Fonda, throws his ribbons in the dirt with the cameras running to jump start his political career, gets Stillborn Pell to invite him to address Congress and Bobby Kennedy’s speechwriter to do the heavy lifting, winds up in the Senate himself a few years later, votes against every major defense bill, says the CIA is irrelevant after the Wall came down, votes against the Gulf War, a big mistake since that turned out well, decides not to make the same mistake twice so votes for invading Iraq, but oops, that didn’t turn out so well so he now says he really didn’t mean for Bush to go to war when he voted to allow him to go to war.”

  214. IP727 says:

    O.K. then how about left wing a$$hole, will that do??

  215. Gary Maxwell says:

    Rothenberg sounding the alarm to the faithful

    Republican won 24 of the 37 Senate contests last year, giving them a head start not only on wi:nning a Senate majority in 2012 but possibly winning a 60-seat supermajority two years late

  216. lisab says:

    “O.K. then how about left wing a$$hole, will that do??”

    i would agree kerry is that

    i’ve met him twice

    total jerk

  217. Benny says:

    A pretty little girl named Suzy was standing on the pavement in front of her home. Next to her was a basket containing a number of tiny creatures; in her hand was a sign announcing FREE KITTENS.
    Suddenly a line of big black cars pulled up beside her. Out of the lead car stepped a bald, grinning man.

    “Hello little girl, I’m President Obama. What do you have in the basket?” he asked.

    “Kittens,” little Suzy said.

    “How old are they?” asked Obama.

    Suzy replied, “They’re so young, their eyes aren’t even open yet.”

    “And what kind of kittens are they?”

    “DEM,” answered Suzy with a smile.

    Obama was delighted. As soon as he returned to his car, he called his PR department and told them about the little girl and the kittens.

    Recognizing the perfect publicity opportunity, they agreed that the President should return the next day; and in front of the assembled media, have the girl talk about her discerning kittens.

    So the next day, Suzy was again standing on the pavement with her basket of “FREE KITTENS,” when the motorcade pulled up, this time followed by all the media.

    Cameras and audio equipment were quickly set up, then Obama got out of his car and walked over to little Suzy.

    “Hello, again,” he said, “I’d love it if you would tell all my friends out there what kind of kittens you’re giving away.”

    “Yes sir,” Suzy said. “They’re GOP.”

    Taken by surprise, the president stammered, “But… but… yesterday, you told me they were DEM.”

    Little Suzy smiled and said, “I know. But today, they have their eyes open.”

  218. Gary Maxwell says:

    then you can talk

    Well then we can expect you to shut your dumb trap on the matter right now, cant we.

  219. lisab says:

    we call him,

    john “do you know who i am” kerry

    in massachusetts

  220. Gary Maxwell says:

    And every single one of the Democrat Senators loaded the ammo in the gun with a new vote for Obamacare today.

  221. lisab says:

    #228 i am not the one calling a

    combat veteran

    from a unit with one of the highest casualty rates of the war

    a wimp

  222. Gary Maxwell says:

    Stillborn Pell

    LOL Now that is funny.

  223. Gary Maxwell says:

    Did you serve, cuz your the one who said you cant comment unless you did and you didnt so STFU.

  224. bunu says:

    Boehner STILL saying that he cut 38 billion because he knows he won’t be able to withstand the political ramifications of the base finding out he actually cut 0.3 billion (180 times less)

    Speaker Boehner’s Office: Hey, You Have To Remember That $352 Million Compounds Over Time

    I love this argument people trot out — our tiny cuts actually get bigger over time.
    You know what else that’s true for?
    The $1.5 trillion deficit.
    If $352 million will become $300 billion over time, whatever shall $1.5 trillion become?
    Or does the bad stuff not compound?
    By the way, if you were hoping the CBO was making this up, and that Boehner would contradict it — based on the emails between Red State and his office, it seems confirmed and accepted.
    They want credit for the $38 billion in future spending authority they did cut, for example.

  225. lisab says:

    “Did you serve, cuz your the one who said you cant comment unless you did ”

    i said you can’t call a combat veteran a wimp if you have not served in combat …

    when you have,

    you still we be wrong about kerry being a wimp,

    but at least you won’t be a total losah

  226. mnw says:

    I read that the Boise airport is named after Boyington.

    The bottle did what the Japs could never do, alas.

  227. lisab says:


    one of the passages you quote is,

    “i can see how his crew thought he was a hero …”

  228. jason says:

    Bunu, your hero Ron Paul is one of the biggest porkers in Congress. So spare us the hypocrisy.

  229. jason says:

    The people he served with say he is a wimp.

    Good enough for me.

  230. Tim V says:

    I got a c in Math, a D in English, but Mommy look, I got an A in Gay History.

  231. IP727 says:

    Pappy died of lung cancer at age 76.

  232. mnw says:

    pappy’s alcoholism destroyed his military career— and his entire post-war life

  233. jason says:

    ” i said you can’t call a combat veteran a wimp if you have not served in combat …”

    Sure you can. And the men he served with did. Case closed.

  234. lisab says:

    “The people he served with say he is a wimp”

    not according to the quote you posted …

    they say he was a bad commander

  235. bunu says:

    Paul Ryan= ultimate part hack

  236. lisab says:

    Pentagon: The U.S. is NOT presently bombing Libya. Oh-by-the-way, just the U.S. fighter jets operating under NATO command are

  237. Knighthawk says:

    244: Makes you wonder what planet you’re on huh.

  238. Knighthawk says:

    250 – What a joke.

  239. Kristen says:

    Thanks Knighthawk.

  240. lisab says:

    i wonder if we will have gay history month?

  241. mnw says:

    Rush thinks zero’s secret agenda is to destroy capitalism in the U.S. I think his secret agenda (along w/ his allies) is to drive white men to the margins of society. Take that piece off the chess board.

  242. Tim V says:

    Gay History:

    There were all these male homosexuals living in Sodoam and Gommarah. God killed them all.

    Some years and years later… being gay became normal. California voted against same sex marriage but we must continue to try to persuade you how normal and good it is. Look at all the great contributions gays have made to our state…we have gays in movies, gays on tv, gay politicians, gay priests, isn’t it all great…

  243. MFG says:

    In five years people will be whacking off German Shepards on national television while smoking crack

    Anyone who opposes this will be a bigot…

  244. mnw says:

    Gays.. and affirmative action for AAs, women, Latinos, Asians, native Americans…

    Let’s see… who’s left w/ a whole lotta nothing?

  245. Tim V says:

    244: Makes you wonder what planet you’re on huh.

    Comment by Knighthawk

    it makes me realize how far our culture has degenerated into a godless, immoral society that will be destroyed just like sodom and gommorah.

  246. MFG says:

    I would like it if I never had to hear about homosexuality ever again…

  247. Tim V says:

    Let’s see… who’s left w/ a whole lotta nothing?

    Comment by mnw

    wasps ?

  248. MFG says:

    Tim, they’re going to be hard on you in the reeducation camps…

  249. mnw says:

    well… just being a white male is enuf to be excluded, i.e., by affirmatively actioning everybody else

    white catholic males & Jewish males are just subsets of “all white males”

  250. mnw says:

    somebody try to convince me that the DEMs don’t see wetbacks riding in to save them, like the cavalry in the John Wayne movies

  251. Tim V says:

    we are getting closer to the “days of Noah”

    remember what happened back then ?

    it is a sick world out there, getting sicker every day…

    no flood this time but similar result…

  252. Tim V says:

    Tim, they’re going to be hard on you in the reeducation camps…

    Comment by MFG

    I’m hoping to br gone by then.

  253. mnw says:

    liberals want to get us to that tipping point, where there is no such thing as illegal immigrants– just happy New Democrats enjoying our open border

  254. mnw says:

    Like BL said, the good news is that some day we’ll all be dead.

    And the good news for our children & grandchildren is, they’ll be broke & second class citizens, but some day they’ll be dead too.

  255. Gary Maxwell says:

    Tim its not for you to know. He will come like a thief in the night. You wont know time or the place. Given that, I never speak of the end, I wont know until its too late.

  256. bunu says:

    MFG- Kobe must prove he regrets his comments in LA.

    Gay Basketball League — We Want Kobe!!!

    Kobe Bryant’s presence has been requested at a gay and lesbian basketball league in L.A. — where league officials want the Lakers star to PROVE his support for the LGBT community by showing up for a game.
    TMZ spoke with a rep for the Lambda League — who tells TMZ, “We have seen Kobe’s apology and hope that it’s sincere. If he really wants to show us he means it he’ll come to our next league game.”??And get this — Lambda reps tell us if Kobe takes them up on the offer … they’ll comp his tickets.

  257. Tim V says:

    Gary, We can’t know the day or the hour but we can know the season.

    We are to watch and be ready.

  258. mnw says:

    Yes, but he promotes E-Verify for all IN employers, public AND private.

    If I could only choose one– AZ law? or E-Verify? I’d choose E-Verify.

  259. Gary Maxwell says:

    Tim Methuzala lived for 900 years, so a season may not be Spring….

  260. HD says:

    WASHINGTON – Twenty-two Senate Democrats are pressuring President Barack Obama to delay deportations of certain young immigrants in the U.S. illegally.

    The senators ask in a letter for deferrals of any deportations of the young immigrants brought to the U.S. by parents who arrived or stayed illegally.

    The senators also suggest smaller steps the president can take to help the young immigrants, such as making sure they know they can request deportation delays.

  261. MFG says:

    I don’t like Mitch Daniels, he’s the type of Republican who would “grow in office”

  262. Tim V says:


    The “thief in the night” reference applies to those that are in darkness and not watching.

    about 1/3 of the Bible deals with prophecy. It is there for a reason.

    This site list general end times signs

  263. bunu says:

    MFG- You still excited to vote for Romney?

  264. MFG says:

    I was never excited to vote for Romney, just think he’s the best of a bad bunch

  265. Tim V says:

    and ron paul never voted for pork, right ?

  266. rdelbov says:

    I like Daniels hes been a consistent conservative all of his life-no growing from him

  267. Waingro says:

    Hey everyone. The Bruins are really ticking me off tonight.

  268. bunu says:

    Inflation Actually Near 10% Using Older Measure

    After former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was appointed in 1979, the consumer price index surged into the double digits, causing the now revered Fed Chief to double the benchmark interest rate in order to break the back of inflation. Using the methodology in place at that time puts the CPI back near those levels.

    I used to think that stagflation was a one time deal as the Fed chairman would now know how to fix and even preempt such a cycle. The Phillips curve was disproven so we need not worry about repeating that.

    Maybe not though.

  269. bunu says:

    Low interest rates, QE, and high inflation.

    Quite the combination.

  270. bunu says:

    When is Benrnake going to pull out the big guns and start raising the rates?

    13-14% or so should work.

  271. bunu says:

    Paul consider jumping to Texas senate race!

    (actually idk if this is a good idea as I view the Texas race as too big of a market to handle but whatever)

  272. Waingro says:

    #290, go Mike Williams.

  273. bunu says:

    Robert should get out of Texas and move to a small state….

    Why compete in a 40 million dollar primary market.

  274. MD says:

    Well, I see this thread was bunued.

    Rest in peace.

  275. jason says:

    I am the Chairman of the Ron Paul for Senate on this blog. Of course, he has to resign his house seat to he will have time to run and win.

  276. bunu says:

    The article is about Robert Paul not Ron Paul.

  277. MD says:

    Gm and HD,

    See Cliff lee’s stats from tonight?

    Complete game

    3 hits

    O Runs


    1 WALK

    What, he walked someone? Trade the bum.

  278. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    Zzzzzzzzzz…wake me up when somebody say some’ting.

  279. MD says:

    The Mets lost a double header today.

    Good times, good times.

    Sir A rules the world.

  280. rdelbov says:

    Rumours that Dewhurst may be looking at 2014 Gov race

  281. bunu says:

    David dewhurst, the TX lieutenant governor, is worth an estimated net worth of up to $200 million is the front runner obviously if he runs.

    That money and his connections to establishment donor money will be impossible to defeat.

    On a funny note one controversy he was involved in..

    Corpus Christi (play)

    In March 2010, a student performance of the play Corpus Christi by Terrence McNally, in which Jesus and the disciples are portrayed as being gay, was canceled at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas following a condemnatory statement by Dewhurst. The university had received many complaints about the play’s scheduled performance as a class project for a directing class, but in a letter posted on the university’s website on March 11, president, F. Dominic Dottavio, citing freedom of speech, declared that the play would be performed.[9] The day before the performance, Dewhurst issued his statement saying, “No one should have the right to use government funds or institutions to portray acts that are morally reprehensible to the vast majority of Americans,” and the performance was cancelled by the professor, who cited safety concerns. A subsequent statement by Dewhurst praised the “university” for canceling the performance, whereas the professor claimed to have acted on his own. Dewhurst’s statement also claimed that whereas he is “a strong defender of free speech, we must also protect the rights and reasonable expectations of Texas taxpayers and how their money is used. A play that is completely contrary to the standards of decency and moral beliefs of the vast majority of Texans should not be performed using any state resources, especially by an institution of higher learning.”

  282. sothisishopeandchange says:

    That’s no controversy, especially in Texas.

  283. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    Bunu, do you ever get tired of being bunu?

    Thanks MD. Nice job on getting them to sign on the line which is dotted. Selling is the only real, true sport. Hats off.

  284. jason says:

    ” The article is about Robert Paul not Ron Paul.”


  285. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    I have this feeling that Obama will lose in a landslide. No one really like the dude anymore. What is there to like no matter what group you are? Seriously. He’s become stale and shrill, like a soggy pork skin. Folks are over it. Even libs seem uninspired.

  286. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    I think most folks are looking at 2012 as a chance to turn the page on this chapter. Nothing positive in any way shape or form has occured – not one thing. Weird.

  287. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    I mean pretend you’re a member of the electorate outside of who you are now. What would compel you to re-vote for the dude? What’s the point? To hang on to power? For what? What has he done besides make things worse?

  288. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    Sometimes we tend to overanalyze here at hhr. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut. Nothing beats your gut. A little perspective goes a long way.

    Example: think about that perfect storm that swept him into office and all the great expectations? Could someone have fallen so far so fast as he has. To go from the chosen one to the image he now projects is simply astonishing in its deterioration.

    His 2012 campaign doesn’t stand a chance. It will and he will always be compared to the shooting star in the magical allignment of 2008.

    Don’t forget, one thing will always hold true about all Americans – we love a winner and he just doesn’t have that shine anymore for any segement of the electorate.

  289. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    We need a term for when you post a freaking profound thought on a thread and you know it’s good because you took your time laying your thoughts out, even checked your spelling and then you post it and then you realize everyone migrated over to a new thread thirty minutes ago and its just your post sitting up there with no audience just sucking wind so you copy it and post it to the new thread only to be out of context with the gist of the new thread and you realize that sometimes in life – you must act fast or it all blows away.

    It’s no different than when your on your cell talking to someone and you’re laying it down, not mincing words, until you realize that the call got dropped minutes ago and you’ve been talking to no one.

  290. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Obama will be cut by “The Blade”.

  291. sothisishopeandchange says:

    I really, really like sharp cheader cheese.

    I wanted to make sure that got in before any new thread.

  292. Sir Alberto McDougalito - hired goon says:

    Oops – gotta run nerds. This Phillipino chick thinks I look like Harrison Ford. I’ll have to pretend.

  293. mnw says:

    u probably look more like gerald ford, after he pushed up daisies for a couple of years

    double bag it. they got stuff that laughs at penicillin, u know

  294. Knighthawk says:

    308 – Comment lost due to thread abandonment equals a truant comment.

  295. lisab says:

    “Well, I can because the country is made up of three categories. Traditionalists, cultural creative people and the moderns. The moderns are the hi-tech Silicon Valley people. The traditionalists on the lower end of it are the people who don’t want change, they’re afraid of change therefore they have anger. The fear card is a very big powerful card and when you have people afraid of change; they’ll do anything to prevent it. They’re doing it because they’re limited, frightened of people who are not as limited. I think Sarah Palin, part of her strength is how limited she is.”

  296. KnightHawk says:

    (Reuters) – Too little is known about Libya’s rebels and they remain too fragmented for the United States to get seriously involved in organizing or training them, let alone arming them, U.S. and European officials say.

    U.S. and allied intelligence agencies believe NATO’s no-fly zone and air strikes will be effective in stopping Muammar Gaddafi’s forces from killing civilians and dislodging rebels from strongholds like Benghazi, the officials say.

    But the more the intelligence agencies learn about rebel forces, the more they appear to be hopelessly disorganized and incapable of coalescing in the foreseeable future.

  297. MD says:

    Sir A

    Usually it is not a good idea to post anything that requires real work after 10 or 11pm est unless something exceptional is happening. Not only are there less posters in total but you tend to get the serial posters (bunu and a couple of others) who only are interested in their agenda.

    This is not true 100% of the time but the chances of an orphan post greatly increase at certain times.

  298. MD says:

    New thread – ironically the post above will be orphaned.