Tuesday Morning (Arnold-Maria Split Up)

It was reported yesterday that Newt Gingrich will be announcing his run for President. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Gingrich and think that if should he get the nomination, it would be an absolutely disaster for Republicans. For the life of me I will never understand why social conservatives, especially those who espouse “family values”, fall all over themselves in support of this guy, but they do….

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are splitting up.

Marist College had a poll out last night showing Andrew Cuomo’s job approval number at 54% in New York State.

Excellent/Good 54%
Fair/Poor 37%

This poll was done April 25-29 among 758 registered voters.

I assume we will start seeing some numbers from Public Policy Polling in Virginia today if they follow their normal pattern. With Pew Research and NBC News/Wall Street Journal both releasing some national numbers last night, I also expect to start seeing some additional numbers for the Presidential race from those polls as well….

After a few false starts, Maryland finally has a head basketball coach – Mark Turgeon from Texas A&M….

And for the local Orioles’ fans, if you ever wanted some of Earl Weaver’s stuff, now you can have it….

Enjoy the start of your Tuesday….

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  1. Bunu says:


  2. Phyllis Macon says:

    I worked on Newt’s second divorce…even typed the documents in the early eighties. Wonder if there will be a third divorce if he fails to get the nomination?

  3. MD says:


    Mixed feelings on Newt. On the one hand he was a visionary in the early to mid 90’s and did lead the GOP out of the wilderness. On the other hand his personal life is a train wreck just a step below the John Edwards level while policy wise Newt is more of a center/left guy on some core issues.

    He would be a disaster but I wouldn’t worry about him. Imo – his run ends after South Carolina.

  4. MD says:

    Now Arnold Kennedy can be out in the open with his young chippy. Rendell pulled the exact same move.

  5. BayernFan says:

    SoCons support him because he supports their agenda. It’s not rocket surgery.

  6. MD says:

    Really Bay. Do socons buy into global warming and gov run healthcare? I am one and I don’t buy into Newt at all. No thanks.

  7. MD says:

    .57 cheers for Mit…

  8. MD says:

    Palin is the one closest to me ideologically but I know she can’t win and probably won’t run anyway. I wish she would show more nuance in how she handles the mind fields but she hasn’t grown into that yet.

    Reagan learned that self-deprecating humor was a great weapon. Palin should try that instead of firing back at the idiots who constantly attack her. She is just not ready yet.

    Now, this post should tee things up nicely for the rest of the morning.

  9. BayernFan says:

    MD I was answering Dave’s question as to why SoCons support Newt.

    I dont think they all will this time. There is Santorum, too.

  10. mnw says:

    WHAT “socons” support Newt?

    You know anybody, socon or otherwise, who actually plans to vote for (or contribute to) him?

    I’ve never met one. He’s been seriously off the conservative reservation for decades; he was forced to resign his speakership in a financial scandal; his private life is god-awful. Thus he can’t compete, let alone win.

    I consider his candidacy to be an exercise in self-promotion, like Trump’s.

  11. mnw says:


    You have an awfully poor opinion of socons. Some of them aren’t quite the gadfly kooks you apparently imagine them to be.

    I thought Rush made some excellent points yesterday. 2010 was all about conservative, grassroots, Tea Party activism. The GOP forgets that at its immense & immediate peril.

    Boehner did good last night. Clever!

  12. MD says:

    Agree MNW. He does place 3rd or 4th in polls which might speak more to our weak field than anything else. I know no one to who is supporting Newt.

  13. mnw says:

    Nobody knows WHERE socons will go in ’12, but I know where they WON’T go: to a hopeless loser like Newt, Trump or Santorum.

  14. BayernFan says:

    It’s not MY opinion of So Cons, it’s DAVE’S!!!


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  16. EML1 says:

    Those numbers seem down for Cuomo. I thought he had a 70+ approval rating.

    Court allows NY to collect taxes on cigarettes sold to non native americans on indian reservations.

  17. Brandon says:

    I hate E/G/F/P polls. “Fair” is interpreted many different ways by the respondents.

  18. mnw says:

    “rocket science” is your post, n’est pas? “lol” too. So fresh & original!

    Boehner’s idea to increase the debt limit by any amount zero likes– provived there are real spending cuts in an identical amount? Really good. I think folks will get that.

  19. mnw says:

    MO legist yesterday voted to put “photo voter ID” on the ballot in August ’12 primary. Should be a slam dunk.

    4th CCA in Richmondhears arguments on the Obamacare mandate today.

  20. Brandon says:

    The panel of judges consists of two Obama nominees and one Clinton nominee. It’s expected to be upheld.

  21. mnw says:

    And Bunu is organizing “Heroin Addicts For Ron Paul,” I understand.

  22. mnw says:

    Yes, but what about en banc?

  23. BayernFan says:

    Lugar’s political director sent out an email saying that Mourdock has hired the same consultants that so ably served Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, and yes, Christine O’Donnell.

    Part of David Willkie’s email:

    Unfortunately, a large number of Republican County Chairmen have been duped into participating in the same failed scheme that resulted in Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle and cost us two crucial Senate Seats in 2010. (If the Republican parties in Delaware, Nevada, and Colorado had taken the Reagan “big tent” approach, we would have already repealed Obamacare.) Mr. Mourdock has hired the same consultants that brought us these unelectable candidates, and with Mr. Donnelly joining the race the pattern is complete . . .

    HT to

  24. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    4th CCA in Richmondhears arguments on the Obamacare mandate today.

    Comment by mnw

    Not to worry,they will always fall back on the general welfare clause if they can’t use the interstate commerce clause,to cram through anything they want.Welcome to the brave new world of judicial fiat.

  25. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    Sounds like rino lugar is running scared.

  26. BayernFan says:

    I thought it was the “Good and Welfare” Clause.

  27. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    Nothing good about the genwel clause.
    They will use the same arguement they used to cram through the social insecurity ponzi scheme.

  28. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    Oh crap, there goes the thread

  29. Gary Maxwell says:

    Lugar should not have spit in the face of conservatives. At least now he should have the grace not to whine like a schoolgirl…

  30. Gary Maxwell says:

    Voter photo ID is going to pass in Texas in the next three weeks. Through the House and working its way thru the Senate. Perry will sign.

  31. DW says:


    But he’s a RINO and needs to be primaried.

  32. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    How long will it be before a lefty Pharaoh in black robes, declares it unconstitutional on some phony manufactured grounds.

  33. Phil says:

    Voto ID bill opposed unanomously by Texas Democrats in the legislature for the obvious reasons.

    How dare we require voters to prove who they say they are.


  34. sam says:


    But he’s a RINO and needs to be primaried.”

    How much will he accept? Millions?

  35. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    35.Voto ID bill opposed unanomously by Texas Democrats in the legislature for the obvious reasons.

    Why do they publicly admit that they want to cheat on elections???

  36. Phil says:


    They don’t care. In Texas they need every phony vote they can get.

  37. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    Isn’t it nice to live in a state where the libs suck hind t-t.

  38. Addisonst Da Bullzzzzzzz says:

    I would imagine that Boehner poll tested his stance before he came out. My bet is that most Mercans don’t know or believe the threats made by tax cheat timmy et al.

    They can understand not raising the credit limit without changes. The dems have the tougher selling job on this one regarding the alleged threat to the world markets. And we can always live with this debt limit if we drastically cut something. That’s what tax cheat tim ignores.

  39. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    How much will he accept? Millions?

    Comment by sam —

    Maybe he will cry for them, and they will take pity on him.

  40. geauxlsu says:


    But he’s a RINO and needs to be primaried.”

    A REAL conservative would never settle for less than a Gazillion dollars in cuts. He is afraid of the DEMS and is letting them control the debate. Hopefully a tea party candidate will run as a 3rd party candidate so that we can just give that seat to the DEMs officially. I can’t wait for a real conservative who never flip-flops to get into office…..oh like… Romney maybe. (sarcasm button off).

  41. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Anyone ever click on deputy bunu’s links?

  42. sam says:

    Debt ceiling will be raised. 100% chance.

    Obama will not give up anything to get something that has a 100% chance of happening anyway.

    Let Obama threaten to withhold SS checks, and the debt ceiling will pass by a voice-vote.

  43. Bunu says:

    It’s interesting that George Romney represented the moderate east coast wing of the republican party in 1964 GOP primary narrowly losing to Goldwater.

    Now Mitt Romney wants to push that same mantle in 2012 as the establishment favorite.

  44. sothisishopeandchange says:

    When Reagan ran against Carter what percentage of his campaign focused on social issues? You run your strengths, their weeknesses, and the leanings of the electorate.

    What was Reagan’s 11th commandment? Sounded like truce to me.

    Daniels is and will be every bit the socon than Reagan was.

    If not, what electable candidate is?

  45. MD says:

    I see the foot stompers, throw yourselves on the floor types are out this morning.

  46. sam says:


    Not foot stampers.

    I am just laughing at the gullibles and the rubes.

  47. Wes says:

    Looking beyond the fact that I want Lugar to lose the primaru, I have to say the point he’s making, if true, concerns me. If the people who advised Buck, Angle, and O’Donnell really are serving as Mourdock’s consultants, then the GOP may well be throwing away a Senate seat next year by nominating him.

  48. MD says:

    Daniels is clearly a socon and has done a great job on fiscal issues in IN. Some people will just never be happy. It is just not in their constitution.

  49. MD says:

    Wes – how about Lugar starts by not being his own worst enemy?

  50. Wes says:

    Wr can start the RINO-purging by helping a check-the-box left-wing Dem beat a fiscally conservative Republican who’s totally in the mainstream on the abortion issue in a couple of weeks, Geaux!

  51. Gary Maxwell says:

    Let Obama threaten to withhold SS checks, and the debt ceiling will pass by a voice-vote.

    different part of the budget. Remember the lockbox? Soc Sec is not borrowing, its a net lender today. Debt ceiling raise or not, has no current effect there.

  52. Wes says:

    Notice how I began my post, MD. I WANT Lugar to lose. If Mourdock wants to win though, then he clearly needs some better handlers.

  53. MD says:

    Right GM. That was a straw man to say the least.

  54. Gary Maxwell says:

    Anyone ever click on deputy bunu’s links?

    I scroll right past them, every time. Could not care less.

  55. sam says:


    Does not matter.

    All checks come out of US treasury.

    Today, the Treasury is taking in $2.2 Tr, planning to pay out $3.8 Tr.

    So they have to borrow $1.6 Tr.

    Politically, Obama will take it to the brink, and then threaten that no SS checks will go out Monday.

    Congress will increase the debt ceiling by voice-vote Sunday night.

  56. Wes says:

    There’s absolutely no excuse for Lugar and Hatch to coddle the Dems as they do. They’re longterm Senators no Dem has any chance of ever beating. They should be working to stem liberalism, not advance it.

  57. Wes says:

    That reminds me, Bunu has just about 3 1/2 weeks to reveal all his converts to Ronulanism to us.

  58. Karl R Rove says:

    Commentary says Obama is most beatable president since 1980.

    Could it be even Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer could beat him?

  59. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Imadinnerjacket is a big supporter. There may be a chicken or the egg debate on that one.

  60. Brandon says:


    -9, 50/49

  61. MD says:

    I am eagerly anticipating the identities of the converts.

  62. Wes says:

    So, MD, did you understand what I was saying about Lugar and Mourdoch?

  63. Wes says:

    Norman Bates-Withrow was the only Ronulan other than Bunu I ever saw on this board. Something tells me Bunu will have nothing to crow about when his deadline to reveal his converts arrives.

  64. MD says:

    Got it Wes, thanks.

    Murdouch would have to be insane to use that team.

  65. Wes says:

    Agreed. That’s why I hope Lugar’s team was inaccurate in saying Mourdoch is using those clowns.

  66. rdelbov says:

    Never do Bunu links-don’t read his posts ditto for Chek-LisaB and now NJC.

    trolls and plants need to move on IMO

    Newt is not beloved by social conservatives but many only know his 1990’s successes. I don’t dwell on his personal flaws, we all have them, but those personal flaws (multiple wives) make me put him on the bottom of my list.

    That being said social conservatives will hand in there to be Obama. Not doubt about it. Anyone who questions that whether the nominee is Mitt or Christie or Newt or whoever don’t know social conservatives. No one has fired up social conservatives like Obama. We could get 100% turnout against Obama right now among social conservatives. We willing and eager to vote him out.

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    Some people will just never be happy. It is just not in their constitution.

    Comment by MD — May 10, 2011 @ 9:34 am

    Or their Articles of Confederation. Apparently, the Articles are still in effect because they were never properly repealed.

  68. Wes says:

    Look for gas prices to rise again. A major oil pipeline was temporarily shut down because of a leak.

  69. Wes says:

    Gingrich’s personal flaws are beyond atrocious. He cheated on his cancer-stricken first wife and delivered divorce papers to her in the hospital. He then married the woman he was having an affair with. In the 1990s, he and Clinton would swap stories about their affairs. While pushing for Clinton to be impeached for the Lewinsky incident, Gingrich was having an affair with the woman he would eventually leave his second wife for. The man is a disaster, and the GOP simply can not afford to have him anywhere near its presidential nomination.

  70. MD says:

    Go Newt!!!!

  71. DW says:

    Summer 2012:

    Ronald Reagan raises from the dead and miraculously has the same health he did when he was 50, and he goes to the GOP convention and unaminously receives the nomination for POTUS. The SCOTUS then declares him eligible to run because he died after two terms, thereby qualifying him for two more. Then in November, Reagan wins 49 states (not Hawaii), and reaps huge coat-tails in the house and senate.

    Response from HHR Eeyores:
    But Nancy consulted an astrologer. Reagan is a RINO and should be primaried!!

  72. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Well atleast not until 1790 it wasn’t 🙂

  73. DW says:

    72…may I add that he would also be disasterous VP material.

  74. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    Neut gingrich, before he neuts us.

  75. HD says:

    Obama immigration speech aims to whip up Latino ‘base’…

  76. MD says:


    Reagan supported amnesty, raised taxes, created Al-Qaeda, was pro-abortion as CA Gov. I am voting for COD in the primary. F Reagan.

  77. Wes says:

    To me, Gingrich would be best as a behind-the-scenes strategist. That was how he functioned best early on in the Clinton years. Unfortunately his ego won’t let him acknowledge that simple truth.

  78. Wes says:

    A man after my own heart…Neal Boortz comes out in opposition to Darth Santorum’s presidential bid. 🙂

  79. INDIGO PIRANHA 727 says:

    Neut has gone over to the dark side

  80. MD says:

    Go Newt!!!

  81. sothisishopeandchange says:

    The only thing Newt is missing is awesome hair and a “Two Americas” stump speech.

  82. bonncaruso says:

    Does anyone here really think that Gingrich (aka Newton Leroy McPherson) even has a rat’s chance in hell in 2012? The guy is a thrice married serial adulterer with a hell of a lot of baggage – from before since having resigned in 1999. You can dislike Obama for a lot of things if that’s your cup of coffee, but one thing is for sure: Barack Obama is not screwing around on his wife. Newt throwing his hat in the ring will cause people to make this very comparison, and it is not flattering to Gingrich.

    And Gingrich converted to catholicism, which is just fine from me, but I am not sure that the baptists will be thrilled to be reminded about this (Gingrich was a southern baptist). I think this explains why Huck cuts up so much better in the bible belt states than Gingrich.

    Meanwhile, it still looks like it is either Romney or Huckabee on the GOP side. Wonder if Huck will ever announce. With eyes on GOP primary polling state be state, at least in the early states, I think that Romney is pulling ahead more often than Huckabee.

    Or the GOP could pick Herman Cain. The FOX survey group in SC just loved him. Go figure.

    I just don’t get what Gingrich hopes to achieve. It’s gonna cost him a hell of a lot of money, he can’t win and I think he is an absolute whackadoodle. But, whatever…

  83. MD says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

    Justol hearts Trump

    MD hearts Newt.

  84. HD says:

    South Carolina to undo feds’ ban on incandescent lightbulbs in-state

  85. HD says:

    TUCSON, Arizona (Reuters) – A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics.

    A group of lawyers from the Democratic stronghold of Tucson and surrounding Pima County have launched a petition drive seeking support for a November 2012 ballot question on whether the 48th state should be divided in two.

    The ultimate goal of the newly formed political action committee Start our State is to split Pima County off into what would become the nation’s 51st state, tentatively dubbed Baja Arizona.

    Backers have until July 5 next year to collect the 48,000 signatures required to qualify for a spot on the ballot. If they succeed, it would mark only the first hurdle in a long, circuitous process that even the most determined of supporters readily acknowledge has little chance of bearing fruit.

  86. rdelbov says:

    I am going to keep my lightblubs-the EPA will have to unscrew them if they want them!!!

  87. Wes says:

    Idiotcaruso was actually making good points till he tried to divide the GOP on the religion issue. Baptists tend to hate non-Baptists personally for the most part, but I’ve seen no evidence they much care about the issue in the voting booth.

  88. Waingro says:

    This Republican 2012 field is just brutal.

  89. sothisishopeandchange says:


  90. DW says:

    “but one thing is for sure: Barack Obama is not screwing around on his wife”

    Link proving this?

  91. mnw says:

    Here’s my prediction about socons: if Huckabee runs, thet go to him, for the most part. If he doesn’t run, they have no idea where they’ll go yet.

    Stanley Kurtz at NRO The Corner blog has an interesting post 2day about T-Paw.

    RE: zero’s big amnesty adventure in San Ant:

    Careful, zero. While you’re firing up your beloved “undocumented woeker community,” u r making a lot of Americans ANGRY. What rdel said: socons are so incredibly enraged, NOBODY will sit this election out.

    Btw, is immigration/amnesty a “social issue,” or a “fiscal/economic/jobs issue,” or both? I think it rings both bells.

    L.Ron gets credit for discovering and addressing the concerns of an entirely new constituency! Heroin abusers. If only they don’t nod off on their way to vote in the straw polls.

  92. Wes says:

    To wit: Mike Easley (D-NC) and Don Siegelman (D-AL) were both catholic Governors of Baptist-heavy states in the past decade.

  93. Wes says:

    To be fair, DW, there really is no indication Barry is screwing around on Michelle. As with Stabenow’s husband, I’d personally give him a pass if he did so though.

  94. Waingro says:

    #94, comments in that Kurtz NRO piece about TPaw weren’t exactly enthusiastic. I just don’t see him catching on at all.

  95. DW says:

    96…oh I know…I was just playing how the left normally does about the GOP. The GOP politicians have to prove they are innocent, because they are assumed guilty of any and all charges.

  96. Gary Maxwell says:

    Whatever bounce remains will dissipate when the middle figures out Zero is out campaigning for something they find abhorrent. That he is doing it in El Paso will be gasoline on the flames, given all the cross border violence there recently.

  97. Wes says:

    Who said, “It’s not the nature of the evidence; it’s the seriousness of the charge,” when Anita Hill brought her BS charges against Clarence Thomas?

  98. mnw says:

    I’ve decided NJC is a provocateur– a lib pretending to be “a REAL PURIST conservative,” for the amusement value of making genuine conservatives squirm. I’m not biting on any more NJC posts.

    Once upon a time, I used to post at KOS as “venceremos!”– an old-fashioned 1930s-style communist who scoffed at liberal halfway measures. It was a lot of fun, but it didn’t take long for them to disappear venceremos.

  99. HD says:

    WI swiftly moving Voter I’d through before the recall lections.

    Comment by Sir Alberto McDougalito – hired goon — May 9, 2011 @ 11:24

    Link anyone?

  100. Barrett says:

    It would be tough for me to vote for Newt, but given who he’s running against, I see us all making a similar choice.

  101. sothisishopeandchange says:

    I generally don’t what religion a candidate is assuming it doesn’t effect them negatively.

    Mormon, JW’s, crazy eyed tongue speakers would give me pause.

    In your face atheists and muslims not 100% pro-america are a no go for my vote.

  102. Wes says:

    I would vote for Gingrich despite my previously stated misgivings. L Ron Paul is the only “Republican” I would refuse to vote for against Obama.

  103. mnw says:

    How soon will Newt suspend his “candidacy/promotional tour”?

    I say he drops out after IA– if he even shows up in IA.

  104. Wes says:

    Ay Dios Mio! Some clowns are now saying teaching black children correct grammar is “racist.” What fliping idiots!

  105. rdelbov says:

    Senator Jeremiah Denton was Catholic in heavily baptist Alabama

    Don Nickles of Oklahoma was Catholic in heavily baptist state.

    Catholic, Mormon or Jew its does not matter in the South as long as you are conservative.

    Rubio is Catholic–

  106. Gary Maxwell says:

    Paul is not a Republican, proving that when he refused to endorse the ticket in 2008. That alone, although there are numerous other flaws and sins, is enough for me. I will return the favor if it ever presents itself. Disloyalty should beget disloyalty. Too bad the loser is an asterisk…

  107. DW says:

    105…then your in luck, because Paul is not going to get the GOP nomination.

  108. MD says:

    Why be dat Wes?

  109. mnw says:

    Yes, & conservatives will also elect AAs in virtually all-white CDs– something the DEMs never do.

  110. Wes says:

    Agreed, Rdel. Although Louisiana is heavily Catholic overall, portions of it are laden with Baptists. Last year, David Vitter won the Baptist-dominated district of Rodney Alexander by an overwhelming margin.

  111. mnw says:

    We should have an “ebonics day” here– sort of like “talk like a pirate” day.

  112. Bitterlaw says:

    Yeah – Reagan also shook hands with Gorbachev. Fellow Traveler RINO.

  113. Wes says:

    Why would I not vote for Paul, MD? if I tried to answer you, I’d be here for a couple of weeks.

  114. Barrett says:

    mnw, for the record I have had that thought about NJCon. Not a true conservative, just a liberal troll. Who knows, but I think your advice to stop taking his bait is probably a good idea.

    I’d vote for Ron Paul….if Nancy Pelosi was his opponent. The Libertarians in my state are nuts, I can’t imagine Ron Paul is much better. Like I said, the only thing i like about him is that he gives Bernanke such a hard time, and that guy is a s4b.

  115. MD says:

    I didn’t ask that question Wes. I would never vote for Paul.

  116. Waingro says:

    The day Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination is the day the GOP ceases to exist. Yea, I’m not worried about that.

  117. sothisishopeandchange says:

    What faith is Ron Paul??? Klingon, Sith, ect.

  118. Wes says:

    Then what was 111 in response to, MD? By the way, I assumed if you were asking why I wouldn’t support Paul, you were asking it rhetorically.

  119. Barrett says:

    Wut Wes. Wut u be talkin at? gon’ get my naps busted…ah its killing me!

  120. DW says:

    117…I called out NJC yesterday. Invited him to humbly admit he didn’t have all the facts about the NY 26 special election candidates and thereby prove he was not a troll, or dig in deeper, proving he was one. He chose the troll route.

  121. mnw says:

    A story I like about Huey Long:

    Long had a stump speech in which he waxed nostalgic about hitching up a horse & taking his Baptist grandparents to church on Sunday, & then turning around & taking his Catholic grandparents to their church.

    An aide said, “Huey, you been holdin’ out on us. I didn’t know you had Catholic grandparents.” To which Long replied, “Don’t be a damn fool. We didn’t even have a horse.”

  122. Wes says:

    I can’t even try to speak so-called ebonics. It’s just not in my mental wiring.

  123. MD says:

    The ebonics discussion Wes.

  124. mnw says:

    I can do ebonics!

    “zero think he be all that, but he not.”

  125. MD says:

    No you ditint!

  126. Wes says:

    Oh, I see, MD. I guess the wording should have tipped me off. Anyway, the argument is that correct or semicorrect grammar is the “white man’s language.” Teaching blacks to speak correctly says to them their language is inferior to the white man’s; hence, it’s “racist.” Talk about twisted logic.

  127. Brandon says:

    The best is ebonics in a campaign ad:

    “I don’t know where you be from, but I be from North Bergen, son!”

  128. Barrett says:

    wa’tch iz ya’ll talking about wes. thats racist an’ meh completely disagree with ya’ll. Slap mah fro!

  129. Gary Maxwell says:

    Hoffman Estates-based Sears reportedly has been in discussions with North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and New Jersey to move. The news was first reported in the Arlington Heights-based Daily Herald newspaper.

  130. Wes says:

    That was painful to watch, Brandon.

  131. sothisishopeandchange says:

    All 4 of those states have republican governor…NC’s just hasn’t been elected yet

  132. mnw says:

    Losing Sears HQ, after a century in IL? Why would Quinn care? It’s only 6000 jobs. What the hell. He’s too busy abolishing the death penalty.

    Yesterday, he announced WHILE THE JURY WAS OUT that he’d commute any death sentence a jury returned. Concerned a gentleman who strangled his wife & two kids.

  133. rdelbov says:

    No surprise Sears is thinking about leaving but if I was Boeing I would certainly moving on.

  134. Gary Maxwell says:

    Last one out of Illinois, please do remember to hit the light switch. Thanks

  135. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Amazon, boeing, sears, catapillar….anyone else?

  136. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Oh, and lisab

  137. Wes says:

    I can’t wait till McCrory ends Perdue’s career and McHenry ends Hagan’s career, So.

  138. Wes says:

    What is it with Illinois Governors and the Death Penalty? Ryan and Quinn have both been loony anti-capital punishment goons.

  139. sothisishopeandchange says:

    That’s one job Quinn can’t wait to leave IL.

  140. mnw says:

    IL is getting 2 b like Hand Slam Crisco– whichever way the nation moves, they go the opposite way.

  141. Wes says:

    MD, Mandy Drury’s in a tight top while Melissa Francis is in a low-cut one this morning.

  142. MFG says:

    Ebonics day, blood?

    I be down wit dat, dog!

    When ebonics day be?

  143. mnw says:

    Govt Motors announces plans to add 4200 jobs in 18 states.

  144. Jason T says:

    Sears would affect 15k jobs in IL, not just 6k. That includes sub contractors and vendors.

    Quinn is meeting with the East Coast CEO, and will probably give him tax breaks to keep them in IL. He did that for Caterpillar and Motorola.

    Problem is, that no new companies will move here

  145. mnw says:

    We still rappin’ ’bout dat, home.

  146. mnw says:

    IL is in such good shape, why NOT pass out a few tax breaks?

  147. Jason T says:

    George Ryan emptied IL’s death row, because he knew he would be indicted eventually by a grand Jury for racketeering.

    since it would eb a federal trial, the Jury would be in chicago, and many blacks on it. Blacks are anti death penalty.

    All politics on Ryan’s part

  148. sothisishopeandchange says:

    If anything like the space shuttle location decision…those 18 states will be like this:


  149. Wes says:

    Not all blacks are anti-death penalty though I would assume a strong majority are.

  150. Wes says:

    That’s probably true, So.

  151. Brandon says:

    Trump has collapsed.

    Huckabee: 19%
    Romney: 18%
    Gingrich: 13%
    Palin: 12%
    Paul: 8%
    Trump: 8%
    Bachmann: 7%
    Pawlenty: 5%

  152. Jason T says:

    Iowa is a perfect example of how bad entitlements can be.

    Many Iowa Farmers are extreme right wingers, but when it comes to gubmint handouts thru subsidies, they vote left wing. They have elected Harkin many times, and helped Obama win there in 2008.

  153. Jason T says:

    NRO says CNN/Trotsky polling has the Dem’s up 4 in the House generic ballot. Say the sample was heavy DEM.


  154. mnw says:

    The 11th CCA in Atlanta hears Obamacare arguments on June 8th. Probably a better bet than 4th CCA.

  155. Wes says:

    Iowans have split personalities. Branstad and Grassley have won overwhelmingly whenever they’ve run. Dems have lost the state only once on the presidential level since 1988 though. Harkin wins in part becausebno serious Republican has ever challenged him. If Obama wins next year, Harkin may be highly vulnerable in 2014, however.

  156. Wes says:

    What’s the sample, Jason–D+13?

  157. Wes says:

    Bunu’s probably about to jump off a ledge. Herman Cain won the Washington State straw poll. Thankfully Darth Santorum came in last. 🙂

  158. sothisishopeandchange says:

    Per Drudge…

    Cell phones will be forced to recieve Homeland Security text (including Obama special messages)

    Pakistan lost Obama’s son after the SEAL raid. (I wish they SEALs would have taken anyone over the age of 12
    in that compound)

    “Boehner wants Christie & Daniels to run”

  159. sothisishopeandchange says:

    I assume they would have takn them out if they spare chopper didn’t go down.

  160. mnw says:

    At NRO home page, Mona Charen has a deeply pessimistic report about Corwin & NY-26. She says Corwin is a poor candidate & cites evidence to support her assessment, too.

    “Corwin needs help– fast,” she concludes.

  161. Gary Maxwell says:

    Its all right, nobody wins anthing on a poll in the middle of a term. You would think the lefties would get wise and start looking to see if they are being given a “dog whistle”. What I enjoy the most is after the election the sheer look of “how could that be” on the faces of the ones who heard the Kos and CNN dog whistles and believed they were anything other than stupid pandering to a rabid base.

  162. Brandon says:

    Rasmussen will be releasing a “Generic Presidential Ballot Update” later today. I wonder if this will become a weekly feature.

  163. Jason T says:

    Mn, Charen may be right, but remember one thing about the rank and file at NRO.

    They had Prosser getting wiped out in Wisconsin. They had me very bummed out

  164. DW says:

    155…as I predicted a few weeks ago when I had a big debate with sam I believe it was. I made some remark about show me a poll where Trump is up. Sam came back talking all kinds of stuff because he had one with Trump showing a 1 point lead. I said, lets get back together in a couple of weeks and see where Trump is.

  165. mnw says:

    Did anybody predict Prosser to win? If so, I didn’t see it.

  166. Karl R Rove says:

    1. Corwin has money.

    2. Jack Davis has money too. So expect him to pull from both parties. The good news is: he is doing above 20, which will embolden him, and convince him to go after the Democrat too.

    3. That is a very GOP district. They are not going to vote for Davis in the GOP precincts.

    4. Get to da chopper!!!

  167. DW says:

    167…I am sensing several similarities to the NY race and the Prosser race. Both have underlying fundamentals that suggest the GOP should win, but emotional over-reactions to what COULD be happening on the ground have caused the Eeyores to lose their tails.

  168. DW says:

    169…I was bracing for a narrow Prosser defeat, but I believe it was only Marv here who doggedly kept up the faith!!

  169. Wes says:

    I’m personally contributing to Corwin. We can’t afford to embolden the Dems by ceding an overwhelmingly GOP House seat to them.

  170. Jason T says:

    The fact that the GOP held the Ny-26 in 2008, while every other Republican got wiped out in NY, encourages me.

    If I a wrong, I will take the heat, but Davis will fade in the end

  171. Jason T says:

    Wes, good idea. I will send Corwin some $$$ also

  172. Wes says:

    Congratulations to Marv. He was bullish–rightly so–on the Proz-Klop race.

  173. Jason T says:

    Marv, Diamond Jim, and Jones saw Prosser winning, unlike the morons at NRO.

    Where is EM1?

  174. DW says:

    Are you all like me though and am getting tired of all these NY special election house races??

  175. Wes says:

    It comes with the territory, DW. I just wish the GOP would win one for a change.

  176. DW says:

    And congratulations to the wise Waukesha county clerk who held out 7000 Prosser votes until the offical canvas so as to prevent the Dems from creating ballots on election night.

  177. Gary Maxwell says:

    Did anybody predict Prosser to win? If so, I didn’t see it

    Not to toot my own horn, but yeah Marv and I were fairly lonely other than Jones who resides there.

  178. DW says:

    But why all these in NY? Why can’t we have one in OH or NC just to mix things up?

  179. Gary Maxwell says:

    I forgot Diamond Jim, another Cheesehead but he was constant that Prosser would pull it out too.

  180. mnw says:


    Davis has been attacking BOTH Corwin & Hochul in his TV ads since Day 1.

    Cantor was there to campaign w/ Corwin last nite. DCCC so far has kicked in only $100k. They may think their best shot is to fly beneath the radar.

    Corwin has been tasked with trying to do too many things at once: 1) fend off attacks from BOTH Hochul & Davis over Medicare (Hochul’s attack ad is outrageously inaccurate); 2) simultaneously define Davis as a phony T-Party candidate who is really a DEM; & 3) let the voters know what Corwin is FOR.

    Davis has bought $500k worth of ads to run in the final 2 weeks. He hilites his opposition to free trade & offshore tax shelters.

  181. Wes says:

    No thanks, DW. NC has enough financial problems without having a special congressional election. Of course that didn’t stop West Virginians–the stupidest people in the history of the universe–from triggering an unnecessary special gubernatorial election by electing Fido to the Senate in a previous special election.

  182. EML1 says:

    I’m here JT. I posted my thoughts on NY-26 last night. I think polling questioning has been skewing results towards Davis.

  183. Wes says:

    Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion. Good or bad?

  184. DW says:

    188…good…for Skype. Had then not sold, they would have been ultimately replaced by whatever Microsoft would done on their own. Might as well get the money instead of nothing. Microsoft? Probably a good idea, but time will tell.

  185. Gary Maxwell says:

    What was the browser that Microsoft just ran out of business? I am drawing a blank, but when the elephant wants to sit on your park bench, prepare for changes. Take the money and run is certainly not an unwise strategy.

  186. Gary Maxwell says:

    WTI back above $103 now. Some correction.

  187. Wes says:

    New thread, guys.

  188. BayernFan says:


    George Romney was not a candidate for Pres in 1964.

    He was a front runner in most polling leading up to the 1968 presidential campaign, but his “brainwashing” gaffe killed off his chances early in 1968.

  189. Wes says:

    You wouldn’t expect a homo Iranian Ronulan to know that, would you, Bay?

  190. bonncaruso says:

    Wes wrote:

    “Idiotcaruso was actually making good points till he tried to divide the GOP on the religion issue. Baptists tend to hate non-Baptists personally for the most part, but I’ve seen no evidence they much care about the issue in the voting booth.”

    You may think that baptists tend to hate non-baptists. I do not accept that. But they are probably less likely to vote for a former southern baptist to converted over to what many southern baptists have openly called a “cult”, namely, catholicism.


    DW wrote:

    (““but one thing is for sure: Barack Obama is not screwing around on his wife”)..

    Link proving this?”

    Do you have even one link with credibility that says he is screwing around on his wife? No, you don’t, for if it were so, FOX would be screaming it from the rooftops 24/7. Nope, Obama is not the cheating type and neither was GWB 43.

    Wes wrote:

    “To wit: Mike Easley (D-NC) and Don Siegelman (D-AL) were both catholic Governors of Baptist-heavy states in the past decade.”

    True, but neither of them was a convert from the southern baptist denomination to catholicism and neither has run or is running for President of the United States.

    mnw wrote:

    “I can do ebonics!

    “zero think he be all that, but he not.””

    Damn! No, Dude, that’s not racist of you. Not at all.

    Bayern wrote:


    George Romney was not a candidate for Pres in 1964.

    He was a front runner in most polling leading up to the 1968 presidential campaign, but his “brainwashing” gaffe killed off his chances early in 1968.”

    Mostly correct, the statement actually came on August 31, 1967, and Nixon was all over it. In Gallup polling between August 1967 and September 1967, Romney fell 10 points overnight. Romney was already toast before the end of 1967.

    Here the quote:

    “”Well, you know when I came back from Vietnam (in 1965),” Romney said, “I just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get…not only by the generals, but also by the diplomatic corps over there, and they do a very thorough job.” ”

    The bad thing is, Romney was actually telling the truth, but it killed his candidacy.

  191. bonncaruso says:

    sothisishopeandchange wrote:

    “Cell phones will be forced to recieve Homeland Security text (including Obama special messages)”

    This emergency alert system, including messages to cell phones, was passed in 2006. The legislation was introduced by conservative icon Jim DeMint and was signed into law by GWB 43. The law saw 5 years for implementation. And you can opt out of most messages.

    So, if you fell forced by this, go puke on DeMint and Bush – they wanted this law, and it is a good one.

    And it always helps to inform yourself first, otherwise you just look plain old stupid afterwards.

  192. bonncaruso says:

    Here is the link for the new system, called the WARN Act. It is on Jim DeMint’s website:

    Senate approves DeMint Alert System.

    “Today, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved the Warning, Alerts and Response Network (WARN) Act by a vote of 95-0. The bill, sponsored by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) was added as an amendment to HR 4594, the SAFE Port Security Act. The WARN Act will create a national alert system by providing Americans with emergency information sent directly to their cell phones and other wireless devices.

    “The WARN Act is an important step to help secure America’s homeland in the event of a disaster,” said DeMint. “It’s only a matter of time before the next hurricane, tornado, earthquake, chemical spill, or terrorist attack threatens the safety of our families and we must be prepared. We know that when disaster strikes, every minute counts. This will help first responders save lives by keeping people out of impacted areas and providing them with timely, accurate information.”

    The WARN Act will:

    – Establish a network for the transmission of alerts across a broad variety of media, including cell phones, blackberry, digital, analog, cable and satellite television and radio, as well as non-traditional media such as sirens.

    – Provide federal, state and local emergency managers with the ability to send out geographically targeted alerts to the citizens at risk.

    – Establish a grant program to help remote communities install sirens and other devices because of their lack of quality telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring that individuals in communities such as tornado alley, some of which may not have high cell phone penetration, still get warnings about threatening storms.

    – Provide at least $106 million for the research and development of technologies and equipment to operate these alert systems.”

    So, anyone here think this is a bad idea? Just let DeMint know if you don’t like it. It only passed on a 95-0 vote.