Palin is Republican Front Runner, Obama Leads Romney By 6%

Another national poll out today from YouGov and The Economist that shows Sarah Palin as the Republican front runner.

Sarah Palin 20%
Mitt Romney 14%
Rudy Giuliani 11%
Rick Perry 8%
Herman Cain 7%
Michele Bachmann 5%
Ron Paul 5%
Newt Gingrich 5%
Tim Pawlenty 4%
Rick Santorum 3%
Jon Huntsman 2%
Buddy Roemer 1%
Gary Johnson 0%
Fred Karger 0%

While these numbers completely contradict the numbers from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal one post down, this poll matches the General Election numbers much closer.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%
Mitt Romney (R) 40%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 50%
Sarah Palin (R) 36%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 52%
Newt Gingrich (R) 35%

This poll was done June 11-14 among 1000 respondents.

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40 Responses to “Palin is Republican Front Runner, Obama Leads Romney By 6%”

  1. Bitterlaw says:


  2. CPA says:

    Palin, Palin, Palin, Palin. NaNaNaNa it’s OVAH

  3. MFG says:


  4. Wes says:

    Same question as on the previous thread: What’s their track record?

  5. MFG says:

    It’ll b Mitt

  6. CPA says:

    Who had a worst day: the stock market or Romney. Get out Mitt you don’t have a chance. Put your ego away and work for the GOP candidate.

  7. CPA says:

    Top four in Iowa next February:

  8. MFG says:

    Put that bong down cpa

  9. CPA says:

    I have my Charlie Sheen secret stash

  10. Bitterlaw says:

    At least bunu stays true to Ron Paul. CPA whoresfor whomever is ahead of Romney in the polls.

  11. MFG says:

    This poll is bullsh*t

    Buddy Roemer doesn’t have any supporters…

  12. CPA says:

    I know a bunch of Ronulans. Audit the FED. Audit the FED. Audit the FED. Works every time.

  13. Brandon says:

    It’s a self-selecting internet poll, like Zogby Interactive. Nothing scientific about it…

  14. CPA says:

    They selected them from the panel. the Obama approval is 43-49. They are a little on the conservative side but not way off.

  15. CPA says:

    It just show the volatility of early polls in June 2011. Mitt has no chance in two words: South Carolina

  16. EML1 says:

    What happened to bunu? Did he announce all his converts yet?

  17. EML1 says:

    If Mitt has no chance then I guess we better prepare for 4 more years of Obama.

  18. MFG says:

    Seven conservatives splitting their vote against Mitt and he has no chance?

    Dude, you be smoking some monster sh*t

  19. MFG says:

    Who should I pull for in the Stanley Cup?

    Who suffers the biggest humiliation by losing…???

  20. CPA says:

    With a double dip recession, I think any compentent Gov could beat Obama. Don’t underestimate a good conservative candidate.

  21. Gary Maxwell says:

    OK now that am I on my home server I can get to RAS. Here is the self ID found by him. There are more Republicans than Democrats! By 1.6%.

    In May, the number of Republicans in the country increased to its highest level so far this year.

    Now, 35.6% of American Adults consider themselves to be Republicans, up from 34.8% in April. The number calling themselves Republicans peaked most recently last December at 37.0% but began to decline after that.

    The number calling themselves Democrats increased slightly from 33.5% in April to 34.0% last month. Democrats hit a recent high of 36.3% last October just before the midterm elections. After four straight months of increases, voters who say they are not affiliated with either party fell back to 30.4% in May from 31.7% the month before.

    The May results mark the sixth time in the past seven months that there have been more Republicans than Democrats in the nation. April’s numbers represented the lowest number of Democrats ever recorded in Rasmussen Reports

  22. Gary Maxwell says:

    I forgot to put “dude” at the end of my comment.

  23. CPA says:

    Mitt will come in fourth or fifth in South Carolina. He came behind Fred in 2008. It all depends on who Palin endorses, plus Haley and DeMint. Graham slammed Romney today.

  24. MFG says:

    Did you notice he’s first in the poll I just posted, which was taken this month?

  25. Tim V says:

    7.Top four in Iowa next February:

    Comment by CPA

    OK, I’ll play


  26. MFG says:

    They didn’t shut up during our national anthem

    **** these people, go Boston!

    Pave Canada!!

  27. Tim V says:

    your turn mfg, give us your top 4 iowa prediction

  28. MFG says:


  29. rdelbov says:

    lousy poll numbers for Obama

    Do we have any polls out?

    either way they are lousy

  30. Wes says:

    Hey, guys, turn this into an acronym:

    Obama’s hellish socialized health insurance taxes.

    Hat tip to another blog.

  31. MFG says:


  32. MFG says:

    After seeing Perry on Cavuto I’m not sure he’s running

    Cavuto said you’ll need to get in soon?

    And Perry said something about the next few months, it was an odd exchange…

  33. CPA says:

    DeMint wiped everyone out in the PPP poll. His endorsement is key.

  34. MFG says:

    Hockey looks like a riot on ice

    Apparently you can block in the back, that seems to be legal?

  35. Wes says:

    New thread.

  36. Gary Maxwell says:

    If there are more Republicans than Democrats, AND historically Republicans turn out at higher rates than Democrats, and finally Indys are evenly split, the only way to lose is for the cross over to be higher for Ds than for Rs.

    And what is RAS finding? Well this:

    Eighty-four percent (84%) of GOP voters support a generic candidate from their party, while 81% of Democrats favor Obama. Voters not affiliated with either political party prefer the Republican 41% to 39%.

  37. phoenixrisen says:

    I second Tim. One thing that people shouldn’t underestimate, if Bachmann wins Iowa, her name recognition will obviously will rocket overnight. If she makes a strong showing in New Hampshire, it will make things very, very interesting in South Carolina. She could win the nomination, especially if Perry isn’t in the fold.

  38. Gary Maxwell says:

    Mitt is going to win in Iowa? Well I will have to see that. There is a reason he is downplaying his participation there.

    But with proportional allocation of delegates in NH and this many candidates, this could be a nomination bound for a floor fight.