Romney Leads GOP Field, Huntsman/Bachmann Trail Obama

We have a new national primary poll from the gang at YouGov and The Economist showing Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican field.

Mitt Romney 21%
Sarah Palin 13%
Michele Bachmann 12%
Rick Perry 10%
Rudy Giuliani 7%
Herman Cain 7%
Newt Gingrich 5%
Ron Paul 5%
Tim Pawlenty 3%
Jon Huntsman 2%
Rick Santorum 2%
Gary Johnson 1%
Fred Karger 0%
Buddy Roemer 0%

Yet another poll that includes Sarah Palin that skews the results. Only two general election match ups were included with this poll.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%
Jon Huntsman (R) 36%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
Michele Bachmann (R) 39%

This poll was done June 18-21 among 100 “general population respondents”

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  1. Wes says:

    Cayching up after a hard day’s work, Dave?

  2. Wes says:


  3. Dave says:

    it’s getting harder and harder to do these days….

    Dave W

  4. Brandon says:

    Dave, if you ever need someone to post some polls when you’re busy, I’d be glad to help.

  5. rdelbov says:

    Lousy Obama numbers

  6. lisab says:

    did you hear about the flash mobs in peoria?

    the unemployment in african american neighborhoods is creating anger.

  7. lisab says:

    i agree, i think claims of this being a racial incident are exaggerated.

    PEORIA —

    Allegations of racist threats and mob-style intimidation in a West Bluff neighborhood Friday captured national attention over the weekend, but some say the claims were exaggerated.

    A group of 50 or so young people was walking down Thrush Avenue toward Sheridan Road about 10:50 p.m. Friday, concerning some residents.

    Paul Wilkinson, who has lived on Sheridan for 11 years, says the group was blocking four lanes of traffic, fighting and yelling racist comments at neighbors.

    “They were yelling ‘We’re gonna kill all the white people. This is our neighborhood,'” Wilkinson, 45, said.

    He emailed his account of the incident to several City Council members and one local blogger. The report at The Peoria Chronicle website was quickly picked up by dozens of other sites, including the widely read online news site The Drudge Report with the headline “Pandemonium in Peoria: Mob yells ‘Kill all white people.'”

  8. phoenixrisen says:

    Interesting happenings over the weekend and today. Jim DeMint endorses Josh Mandel to take on Sherrod Brown for Ohio Senate. If I am Brown, I would be quaking in my boots. Mandel is a very strong candidate.

    Romney up in Iowa without giving the state so much attention as “I support ethanol subsidies.”? Mitt Romney kind of reminds me of a GOP political version of Bill Clinton. Very smart, shifty, triangulating, well spoken politician. You can’t fault the campaign he has run. Low key but effective. Objectively looking at it, I think Romney’s support isn’t going to just bleed away as a conservative candidate crystallizes, even if it that candidate winds up being Perry. Romney looks very strong right now.

    It’s make or break for Bachmann in Iowa. In order for her to even have a chance, she must win that state. I think that it is highly likely that the POTUS with VP running mate is in the current field (I include Perry as well). This actually is quite a strong field, much better than in 2008.

  9. Emerica says:

    LRC podcast 207. The Criminal Conduct of the US State
    Need to DL the mp3 as the live stream seems to have an error after a while

  10. Marv says:

    #11 phoenixrisen,

    Perry won’t need to garner a great number of Romney supporters, although he will take a fair percentage. Perry’s support will materialize from conservatives. He will take all of the Gingrich, Cain, Santorum, Pawlenty, Bachmann, and Palin supporters. To that, he will add the conservative undecideds. The undecideds have been waiting for a high profile conservative and Perry will be the one.

    When Perry enters the race, IMO, the rationale for the candidacies of the rest of the conservatives in the field is greatly diminished.
    Some of them may remain in the race and audtion for VP or to greatly enhance their stature in their respective homestates.

    Pawlenty and Bachmann immediately come to mind for a run against Klobuchar, perhaps. Bachmann is doing very well right now and, although she won’t win the nomination, she is showing a degree of heft and seriousness that will help her later.

  11. Emerica says:

    Michele Bachmann Says She’s Like John Wayne Gacy
    Get your Bachmann-Gacy 2012

  12. MD says:

    Still early. Anything is possible.

  13. MD says:

    Troll alert

  14. Marv says:

    Texas is leading the fight against an overly intrusive Federal government. “Gig’em” Aggies.

  15. Marv says:

    #15 MD,

    Was that for me?

  16. Emerica says:

    Get your Bachmann-Gacy 2012 T-shirts I meant to say

  17. Howard Dean says:

    Get your Obama-Che 2012 T-shirts.

  18. Corey says:

    Hello. Quite a day here in Illinois. While Rod Blagojevich has technically been a convicted felon for almost a year, on one count, the hammer really came down today.

    For years, I believed this day would eventually come. I know that some of you think I am just a “RINO” because of my proud support of Mitt Romney, but I first tried to work towards defeating Blago in an election 15 years ago, and certainly in his two Gubernatorial campaigns.

  19. Corey says:

    If addisonst is around, I had a question about his claim to have seen his teams win 9 championships in his lifetime, with the first one coming when he was 22…

    If it’s 9, are you counting the White Sox as one of your teams?

  20. Marv says:

    #20 Howard Dean,

    Yep, and that’s Romney’s problem. We don’t need to work with Democrats, we need to beat them. There is no need to compromise when we have the majority. If it is necessary to pull a couple of red state senators over to our side once in a while, then maybe compromise is acceptable. It should not become a habit.

  21. Corey says:

    And John Wayne Gacy, celebrated suburban Cook County Democrat Precinct Captain, ought to be far more associated with Des Plaines, IL (where I used to live) than Waterloo, Iowa.

    Still though, you think Bachmann would have better researchers by now.

  22. JulStol says:

    Emerica IS Chek.

  23. Marv says:

    #25 Corey,

    John Wayne’s parents were Waterloo residents for a time, although John was born in Winterset, IA.

  24. Corey says:

    What would you like Romney to say, Marv? He has to win.

    Also, if you are a conservative President and you want to actually get legislation enacted, and you don’t have a Senate majority, you do need to work with Democrats. You probably need to regardless.

    Ronald Reagan and all Republican Presidents have worked with Democrats.

    I am as partisan as anybody you will ever meet when it comes to politics, but when you have the responsibility of governing, you sometimes do need to work with others.

  25. Marv says:


    Was Chek banned?

  26. Corey says:

    The Duke never lived in Waterloo though. That was Gacy. Having grown up there, she probably should have known that. It’s an unfortunate name for a town to launch a campaign in anyway,but I get it’s where she was born and all, so it was a good selection.

  27. Corey says:

    When I say, “he has to win”, in regards to what Romney is quoted as having said….. the idea is that voters are not exactly going to respond positively towards a politician claiming they have no intention of working with the other party.

    I grant that people can have legitimate reasons to support another candidate over Romney, but the specific criticisms of him seem to contrived and trivial.

  28. Marv says:

    #28 Corey,

    Gov Romney should not be talking about working with Democrats while campaigning in a GOP primary.
    He should be hammering away at Obama and liberal Democrats with great vigor. When Perry enters the race, he will ignore the rest of the GOP field and campaign against all things liberal and Democrat.

  29. sam says:

    Romney is hoping that Obama will dump Biden and put him on the ticket.

  30. sam says:

    Because he sure is not getting the GOP nomination.

  31. Corey says:

    When you are asked a question, as he was by a voter, who wants people to “work together”, you answer in that way. Any GOP candidate would answer the same, including former Democrat Rick Perry, who has had to work with them in Austin.

    Plus, in NH, anyone can vote in a GOP primary. Since there will be no Dem Presidential primary, a lot of Independents and centrists will be voting in the Republican primary, and Mitt will probably have strong appeal to them.

    And if you saw the debate and watched his recent ads online, and read his speeches, you would see that he is going after Obama quite a deal; more than the other current candidates.

    If and when Perry ever enters the race, he will need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort to try to destroy Michele Bachmann, before he can even afford to focus on Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

  32. sam says:

    It doesn’t take much to destroy Romney.

    Ask Huckabee.

  33. Marv says:

    When Perry takes office, he’ll have a GOP House and a GOP Senate. He’ll need to work only with enough Democrats in the Senate to get to 60 votes.
    My guess, right now, is that there will be about 55 GOP Senators, so he’ll only need 5 Dems to get the most controversial bills/nominations passed.

  34. Corey says:

    And where is Huckabee now?

  35. sam says:

    He destroyed Romney, for sure.

  36. Corey says:

    Marv, you seem like a nice guy (unlike some others here), but you ought to take it one step at a time.

    If Perry decides not to run, that might be a bitter pill for you to swallow. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  37. Marv says:


    Perry won’t need to destroy any fellow conservative GOP candidate. Their support will matriculate to him and the rest of the conservative field will gracefully exit the field over time.

  38. Corey says:

    As of now, Bachmann is well ahead of Perry, financially, organizationally, politically, and message wise, and that will not change, just because Perry might decide to get into the race in August.

    She is a significant force this cycle and Perry would his hands full competing with her for the same base of support.

    As a Romney supporter, I sort of hope Perry gets in, in order to slip that vote.

    For the record, I would consider Perry to be a stronger general election candidate than Bachmann, but Romney a good deal stronger than either.

  39. Marv says:

    #41 Corey,

    If Perry decides not to run, then Romney looks to be the winner and I’ll gladly support him. I don’t think Bachmann has what it takes to get the nomination. If Perry’s out, then Romney wins, IMO.

  40. Corey says:

    Marv, we will both be happy to support the eventual GOP nominee. May the best man or woman win.

    “sam” will be offering drive by posts offering saying nothing but “Obama will win.”

  41. Marv says:

    #45 Corey,

    Roger that.

  42. sam says:

    I’m just trying to save you heart-burn later.

  43. Phil says:

    If Romney can’t win, none of those other weaklings has a snow ball’s chance in hell.

  44. Howard Dean says:

    Chekote only appears at certain times.

    Pay attention to when that is.

    ie Lee in NY resigns.

    Chek appears.

    Lee’s seat is lost.

    Chek appears.

    It makes sense when you understand who she is.

  45. Michael says:

    When Perry gets in….Romney and Bachman are done.

  46. Marv says:

    Good night folks.

  47. Howard Dean says:

    Immigration memo called ‘backdoor amnesty’ by ICE union

  48. addisonst says:

    Chek would be here to rip bachmann

  49. Corey says:

    add, are you a White Sox fan?

  50. sam says:

    Chek, for all her multiple faults, is not one to hide behind multiple handles.

    Maybe Dave can confirm that Emerica and Chek are not the same.

  51. Marv says:

    #50 Michael,

    That is affirmative. Perry is gathering the old Reagan coalition of defense hawks, fiscal conservatives, and judeo-christian social conservatives. Perry may not win 49 states, but the number of states and electoral votes he will pull in will surprise and stun the American left.
    (It will also surprise and stun some of the good folks on HHR too.)

  52. Corey says:

    I truly do not know if Marv is serious with these “Perry is unstoppable” posts, or if it is just a tongue in cheek rolling gag.

  53. Emerica says:

    Maybe she is a misogynist as Palin bothers her a lot as well.

  54. Phil says:

    Well, the old Reagan coalition was truly something to behold in the 80s.

    Our problem now is demographics. It’s a different electorate unfortunately. When Reagan trounced Carter in 1980, the whites were 88% of the total votes cast (10% black, 2% hispanic).

    Last election in 2008? White voters made up only 71% of the electorate.

  55. ml says:

    I hope Gov. Rick Perry of Texas run for President in 2012. Romney, Bachmann, Palin, Huntsman, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, and Pawlenty are done. Perry is a real true conservative and he can bring the Republican Party together just like former the late Pres. Reagan.

  56. Phil says:

    see post 59.

  57. Marv says:

    #57 Corey,

    Actually, I’m laying out a plausable scenario and then, when the time comes, I’ll work to help make it happen.

  58. Corey says:

    If Perry ever runs, he could be the 1980 Ronald Reagan or he could very well be the 1980 John Connally.

  59. Emerica says:

    Big Sister threatened Texas with a no fly zone if they passed the anti-TSA bill.

  60. Marv says:

    #59 Phil,

    The Reagan coalition was a political philosophy based group and not an ethnic/gender identity group. I think that the 2012 election will have more whites as a percentage of the vote and the GOP nominee will garner a greater percentage of that larger group of whites than McCain did. The swing-state Indie is off the Obama bandwagon. Therein is Obama’s problem.

  61. jan says:

    The latest from the WI Supreme Court debacle:

    Wisconsin will be losing a Supreme Court Justice. We just don’t know which one.

    After sweating out the Prosser election, how ironic would it be if he were forced to resign because of this incident, before even being sworn in.

  62. Marv says:

    #64 Emerica,

    Bring it on!

  63. Marv says:

    #66 jan,

    Bradley looks to have been the aggressor in this kerfuffle. In any event, Walker will name the replacement for whomever resigns.

  64. CPA says:

    Speaking of baseball, we all here at HHR can buy a team on the left coast out of Chapter 11. I bid $1.

  65. Marv says:

    #69 CPA,

    $1.00 for the Dodgers? They’re too far in debt and they do business in an anti-business state.
    Besides that, they have no pitching and not much offense, except for Eithier.

  66. Annie says:

    For once I’d like to see a poll without S. Palin in it! She is not declared as a candidate, and I suspect she will not jump into the mix. M. Bachmann is a great Congresswoman – she should run for the senate or governor, though I wonder if she could win a Minnesota state-wide election. Sorry, Bachmann rooters, she can’t win a general election as yet. I have been thinking about Rick Perry’s past as a Democrat who supported Al Gore – long ago in 1988. My husband says that makes him a no-go for him, but then Reagan was once a Democrat, too, until he saw the light. And both Reagan and Perry governed as good Republican governors (ah, back in the good old days when California and Hollywood was filled with Republicans). I still think this will be Romney’s race…he has the resume and the superficial (but it counts – otherwise, Nixon would have been elected POTUS in 1960) physical looks. But mainly, the resume for economics and having been an executive. His being a Mormon today is more comparable to Kennedy as a Catholic in 1960. The times dictate that other things (jobs & money) matter more than religious affiliation.

  67. Marv says:

    Good night.

  68. jan says:

    Marv, that is definitely a saving grace aspect of this “scuffle” between Prosser and Bradley — that the process allows Walker to appoint a replacement.

    However, I still see this as a set-up to get Prosser off the bench, if for no other reason than Bradley first didn’t report this incident, then later decided to do so (probably because someone said this was a good way to do Prosser in). There seems to be no love lost between the left and right wings of the WI court, that is for sure!

  69. Marv says:

    #71 Annie,

    Perry was a Texas Democrat back when Democrats in Texas were predominately conservative. In 1988, Gore was still thought to be a conservative, even more that was George HW Bush at the time. Reagan and Perry are very similar in their fundamental political beliefs and it’s possible that we’ll have a re-run of the Reagan years.

  70. Marv says:

    #73 jan,

    Bradley’s problem is that other Justices in the room at the time have disputed her story and said she made the initial overt physical move toward Prosser. Prosser, apparently made a physical move to defend himself.

    Bradley’s biggest problem is that there will be an investigation. She could regret that.

  71. Marv says:

    OK, I’ve said what I have to say about Rick Perry for awhile. If events warrant more discussion, I’ll be glad to participate.

  72. Marv says:

    Night all.

  73. walt says:


    “UPDATE: Campaign raffles Biden off, too… ”

    If they put him on EBay, I doubt they would get $5.00.

    What bid do I hear from the HHR gang

  74. walt says:

    Auctioning off Biden…
    BTW does this kind of remind anyone else besides me of “slave auctions” that various non-profit orgs. used to do to raise money? The far left raised heck about such things and were offended since it reminded them of days of yore when there were real slave auctions in the pre-Civil War days.

    I know, I know, this is not “selling off” Biden to actually do any work, just to have lunch with him and be regaled by dozens of gaffes an hour from “STAND UP CHUCK!” and “This IS a big f**king deal”, etc., etc. VP Joe Biden.

  75. Tina says:

    The whole Prosser thing somes very fishy. It appears to have been a planted story by the leftist and her Al-AP minions.

  76. Tina says:

    Gaffe Biden would sell for the following:

    30 cents with free shipping and a 365 day return policy.

  77. walt says:

    Who will get the highest price:

    Lunch with Gaffe Biden


    LA Dodgers?
    For Biden, ill someone give me a dollar bill? A two dollar bill?

  78. walt says:

    OK, I’ll start the Biden bidding.
    I will give a three dollar bill.

    But Biden has to eat the lunch I put on his plate (some kind of baked crow, maybe?)

  79. walt says:

    Alas, I fear I have slayed the thread…

  80. walt says:

    On another topic, 12 states have on line voter registration (including CA, LA, Indiana and MD and also WA and NV–where I read illegals can get drivers licenses more easily than other states).

    Claim is that is greatly lowers voter registration costs (data entry from paper forms, etc. is 3 cents per vs. 83 cents the old way). Pproponents say it also increases % of people registered and catches duplications quickly.

    All you need to do is enter your drivers license and last four digits of SS number.

    I cannot see how on line VR stops voter fraud. would seem to make it easier, esp, if you have scammed your way to getting a drivers license.
    Comments from MFG, others from the states thast have on line voter registration? Good or Bad? Any problems?

  81. walt says:

    Any word when PPP will have a poll out on O’Bamster vs. the world in WV showing the O’Bamster at least 10 points up on everyone?
    Any real WV poll will show O’Bamster losing by AT LEAST as big a margin as he did in 2008.

    Even if the R in 2012 is Lady Gaga, Elmer Fudd, or Richard Nixon.

  82. Corey says:

    I am not so concerned that Rick Perry was still a Democrat in 1988, though that is the year I decided, at age 10, that I was a Republican, but there was absolutely *no way* that Al Gore that year was considered more conservative than Vice President George Bush of Texas or any of the other GOP Presidential candidates.

    Not even close.

  83. walt says:

    We need a thread where HHR people will predict who O’Bamster will replace Biden with as VP on the 2012 ticket.
    Van Jones?(That Chek I hear stirring?)
    George Soros? (nah, O already gets his money, and Georgie likes to stay in the shadows co trolling things behind the curtain)
    Jon Stewart?
    Bill Maher?
    How about a woman? (Maybe Nancy Pelos…oops, scratch that…Maybe Moochelle?)
    Hugo Chavez (would need to start working now on getting the birth certificate…)
    Jeff Imelt
    SEIU boss Andy Stern
    Trump or Bloomberg?
    Nah…someone from the midwest most likely, or PA, VA or NC maybe…

  84. walt says:

    Hi, Cory.
    Will Blago’s lawyers appeal, or cut bait and run?

  85. jason says:

    ” In 1988, Gore was still thought to be a conservative, even more that was George HW Bush at the time. ”

    Uh, Marv, don’t get carried away.

    Gore was not yet a complete nutcase, but even in 1988 is was not a “conservative”. Especially in Texas.

  86. Annie says:

    Supposedly… Perry has been to a Bilderberger meeting (as Obama was just prior to 2008), and the mighty ones of the world are in favor of his becoming POTUS. Just passing along the rumor?

  87. Brandon says:

    Emerica is Bunu. I thought that was obvious.