Paul Leads in IA, Romney 2nd, Gingrich 3rd

As promised, last night Public Policy Polling gave us their latest look at the Republican race in Iowa and it shows Ron Paul ahead of Mitt Romney with Newt Gingrich a distant third.

Ron Paul 24%
Mitt Romney 20%
Newt Gingrich 13%
Michele Bachmann 11%
Rick Santorum 10%
Rick Perry 10%
Jon Huntsman 4%
Buddy Roemer 2%

This poll was done December 26-27 among 565 likely caucus goers. Two things, if these numbers hold, Mitt Romney is going to be in pretty good shape. The other good news is if Ron Paul ends up winning this caucus, it will forever make the Iowa Caucuses, at least on the Republican side, an absolute joke. It will be a complete embarrassment for Republican Party in Iowa if Ron Paul wins this caucus. Actually, the fact that he is as high as he currently stands is already partially an embarrassment to begin with.

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  1. Ameister says:


  2. Todd McCain says:


  3. Emerica says:

    Who win the Trump debate last night? Anyone watch it?

  4. Emerica says:

    Winning the Iowa caucus will allow Rand Paul to have a free pass on winning that state in 2016 since our organization will still be in place so that we can focus on NH instead.

    Romney will never be president. He might be the nominee, maybe, but conservatives will never accept a socialist just as they rejected McCain who got less votes than even Bush managed to get.

  5. Tim V says:

    Newt is dropping, like he did his ex-wives

    it’s called karma

  6. Emerica says:

    Newt and Perry are the two who could win S.C. and who still have money to win there. I’d especially love to knock off Newt in Iowa since he is leading in S.C.

    Bachmann or Santorum over performing will be a nuisance as well just not as big of one.

  7. Emerica says:

    Bogus newsletters have zero effect.

    Paul: 53% favorable, 40% unfavorable, 7% unsure
    Romney: 44% favorable, 47% unfavorable, 9% unsure
    Gingrich: 37% favorable, 54% unfavorable, 9% unsure

    Gingrich trending down, down down. No way he finishes third.

    Gingrich in Iowa over the last month: 27% to 22% to 14% to 13%. Now quite unpopular at 37/54 fav:

    Fox News continues to be turn brains into mush.

    Romney winning the Fox News primary in Iowa but trails Paul 38-13 among voters who don’t watch it:

    Romney should have a list of 30K voters from last time, but aren’t backing him so his lists are useless.

    Romney’s big problem continues to be inability to hold onto 2008 voters…only 48% supporting him again:

    Romney favorability headed the same direction as Newt’s

    Romney’s favorability numbers below water in Iowa now at 44/47, down 12 pts compared to last week:

    Strongly committed helps Paul

    Among voters whose minds are totally made up Paul’s lead over Romney expands to 28-21:

  8. Tim says:

    If anyone besides Newt Gingrich wins in Iowa, that is good news for Mitt Romney. I think that Newt and Perry both might hang around until S.C. Bachmann or Santorum must finish at least 4th in Iowa, or they’re done. Huntsman must finish 2nd or 3rd in NH, or he’s done. Paul will go the distance, getting his 10-25% everywhere. He could even go into the Convention with the 2nd most delegates, if the others crash and burn. But, he will never be the nominee.

  9. Emerica says:

    Buchanan was Bush’s bitc$ in 1992.

    That sure ain’t gonna happen with Paul.

  10. Tim says:

    No, I have to wnder what Dr. Paul and his supporters might do, after the primaries. Is a 3rd Party run in the works? Because, I am not picturing his supporters openly supporting the GOP nominee, if it’s not him.

  11. Emerica says:

    Newt says he sure as hell won’t support the GOP nominee either.

  12. just fill out the census says:


    ‘Winning the Iowa caucus will allow Rand Paul to have a free pass on winning that state in 2016 since our organization will still be in place so that we can focus on NH instead.’

    You know you just admitted that you don’t think Ron Paul will get the nomination RIGHT?

  13. just fill out the census says:

    Emerica admits Ron Paul will not get the nomination

  14. Emerica says:

    Intrade favors Romney with a 75% chance of the nomination.

    But i remember when Paul had 1% support in 2007 so I wouldn’t worry about it.

    If everyone voted the way Fox wanted them to, then we’d end up with another George Bush.

  15. just fill out the census says:


    That answer makes absolutely no sense. What does percentages have to do with anything as long as you yourself admit that he has no chance at getting the nomination? Yet you ‘wouldn’t worry about it?’

    He’s not getting the nomination. Accept that.

    Oh wait, you have already admitted that to yourself. Great.

  16. Tim V says:

    ‘Winning the Iowa caucus will allow Rand Paul to have a free pass on winning that state in 2016 since our organization will still be in place so that we can focus on NH instead.’

    rp will be freakin 80 by then

  17. Tim V says:

    bunny, how many rp converts did you make here ? zero.

  18. Emerica says:

    Intrade says Paul had about a 7% chance at the nomination, which will go up a lot after he wins Iowa.

    What I am saying is the odds don’t mean much to me.

  19. L T says:

    There will be two dandidates who can become President this election, the Republican Nominee and the Democrat nominee. Those who wish four more years, or don’t care if Obama wins, wwill either vote Demonrat or for another Party than Repubican. They will deserve what they get.

  20. Emerica says:

    #20 Also Constitution party.

    That’s who I support.

  21. BayernFan says:

    If Iowa Republicans and caucusgoers want to remain relevant and not appear INSANE AND SUICIDAL…. well, Romney is there to help them out.

  22. BayernFan says:

    I used to vote for a Libertarian here and there…

    but after Obamacare I adopted a new rule for my vote….

    Doing anything other than voting for the Republican nominee (for any office) equals voting for the Democrat.

  23. BayernFan says:

    Basically, Romney is throwing Iowa Republicans a lifeline…. lets see if they take it.

  24. 3,4,5,7,8,10,12,15,19,21

    I have to admire a man’s tenacity. Do you sleep or are there several posters under your name working around the clock.

    Also, serious question, what it it that you hope to accomplish with the multiple postings? I am not sure that many people read them. I don’t.

  25. Emerica says:

    I woke early today.

  26. jason says:

    “Bogus newsletters have zero effect.”

    Ron Paul’s newsletters, published for decades, were bogus?

    Who knew?

  27. SUSYQUE says:

    Rabbis Get Biblical On Same-Sex Lovin’

    In a stunning formal statement that directly confronts Barack Obama’s presidency-long campaign to promote and normalize homosexuality, a coalition of Orthodox rabbis and respected mental-health professionals says being “gay” is a behavior that can be changed and healed with therapy, if the person has the desire.

    “The concept that G-d created a human being who is unable to find happiness in a loving relationship unless he violates a biblical prohibition is neither plausible nor acceptable,”says the document, titled “Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality.”

    Read more:Rabbis get biblical on same-sex lovin’

  28. 26 – That answer’s one question. So what do you want to accomplish?

  29. Tina says:

    I have written this for about three weeks:

    Romney does not need to win Iowa – he can finish second and its as if he won it outright. He has minimized his expectations.

    Also, Fig Newton and Rube are in the gutter with the attacks.

    Romney has a good chance at winning iowa, as a result.

  30. barrie o. says:

    He might be the nominee, maybe, but conservatives will never accept a socialist ”

    Thanks Emerica.

    I can see you are a really smart guy. Bordering on genius IMO.

    Keep up the good work, ok?

    I really need four more years, and your help is invaluable.

    Are you on my Xm, huh, Happy Holidays list yet?

  31. Bitterlaw says:

    Gays? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Tina says:

    He would have the come back kid monicker to Romney, or come back adult.

  33. Tina says:

    The newsletters will have an effect, they are just in the news cycle.

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    Leave the gay men alone to drink wine and wear sweaters. If God wanted them to be straight he would have made more lisab-type women for them.

  35. AuH2ORepublican says:

    #12, Newt didn’t say that he wouldn’t support the Republican nominee; he said that he wouldn’t support Ron Paul, who (i) isn’t a Republican and (ii) can’t win the nomination of any party in which at least 50% of its delegates are not druggies or Muslims.

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    So, Emerica, Ron Paul didn’t write the Ron Paul newsletters? Were these fraudulent documents sent through the mail? Hmmmmm. I wonder what the sentence for mail fraud was in the 1990s? Let me look that up.

  37. Barrett says:

    #12 – correction – Newt wont support a dangerous mentally unstable nominee like Ron Paul.

    A cranky old man who throws tizzy fits every time reporters ask him about old pamphlets

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder if Emerica ever wonders why a pretty broad group like HHR can’t stand Ron Paul?

  39. Barrett says:

    #39 – People who mindlessly Ron Paul don’t have the capacity to imagine or wonder.

    If they did, they would immediately realize the potential danger he poses

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    Emerica – why are you the only one here who supports Ron Paul?

  41. Chekote says:

    Romney still stuck at 20% against a weak field… by all means let’s have him head the GOP ticket/sarc

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    To be honest, I never thought too much about Romney until Corey kept promoting him. Maybe I fell under the influence of a Jewish plot,

  43. Brandon says:

    It’s a circus and we’re just voting for the head clown.

  44. SUSYQUE says:

    STRAIGHT out of GILDER’S TWO BOOKS : (post not intended to offend anyone…just honest conversation)
    • Sexual Suicide (1973)
    • Naked Nomads: Unmarried Men in America (1974)
    Bitterlaw says:
    December 27, 2011 at 9:58 pm
    Sorry, Wes. The idea that all men cheat or would cheat is a myth put forth by men without self-control.
    Wes says:
    December 27, 2011 at 10:05 pm
    It’s true, Bitter. Fidelity is not hardwired into the male psyche. Ever since evolving from our austrolopithecine ancestors, we’ve been hardwired to spread our seed. It’s a result of natural selection and our desire to leave a legacy behind us.
    • Bitterlaw says:
    December 27, 2011 at 10:15 pm
    We’re not hard-wired to use toilets, either, Wes. Men can adapt.
    Wes says:
    December 27, 2011 at 10:21 pm
    Amazingly, Bitter, all my close female friends accept the fact of inherent male infidelity–even the married ones.

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    Who are you supporting now, Chek? Perry? Gingrich? Paul?

  46. Barrett says:

    Like I said Susy – feminazi garbage

  47. L T says:

    Romney at 20-25% in a field of six seems to have a strong hand, in a field of two major candidates many polls say he beats Obama. Howa does Idiot Paul do?+

  48. SUSYQUE says:

    Which candidate shows more fidelity?…Newt or Mitt?

  49. barrie o. says:

    Romney still stuck at 20% against a weak field… by all means let’s have him head the GOP ticket/sarc”

    RESIDENT – NATIONAL (Rasmussen)
    Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
    Newt Gingrich (R) 37%

    This Chekote guy seems like another genius. Gingrich is a much better candidate than Romney.

    I commend Emerica and Chekote.

    They understand that without them I could actually lose the election.

  50. Emerica says:

    Paul will need at close to 30% to win Iowa I bet.

    Other candidates are going to hit 20’s with Santorum possibly one of them.

  51. Barrett says:

    I’m tempted to start supporting Newt now, because of Susy’s rantings

  52. jason says:

    Who is in more need of urgent psychiatric care?

    susyque or ron paul?

    delusional neurosis versus manic paranoia….

  53. Barrett says:

    In all fairness Jason, Ron Paul probably needs more help. He has the delusional capacity to stand in front of crowds around the country and tell them that a nuclear Iran is not a threat.

    Susy just needs to tone it down with her weirdness.

  54. jason says:

    ” Paul will need at close to 30% to win Iowa I bet.”

    Good. He is not getting 30%.

  55. jason says:

    Yeah, but Ron Paul is 76, might be too late.

    susyque could probably still benefit from surrogate sex therapy and massive amounts of anti-psychotics.

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    I used to work with a guy who cheated on his wife with different women. Every year she came to the office with their children for a Christmas party. I’m sorry, Wes, but it made me very uncomfortable to see them. He was scum.

  57. Bobby says:

    Obama back to 45/54 in Rasmussen….46/48 in Gallup…about right.

  58. SUSE says:

    You know Bitterlaw, it is not very nice to call Wes scum. Please apologize and do not use that language around women please.

  59. Barrett says:

    Is someone else using Bitterlaw’s handle?

  60. Chekote says:

    The polls right now are completely useless.

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    I am the one and only Bitterlaw.

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    The polls are completely useless but Chek relies on them to say Romney has little support? Priceless.

  63. SUSE says:

    I’m waiting for your apology.

  64. Bitterlaw says:

    Suck it, SUSE.

  65. SUSE says:

    I don’t think your wife would approve of your language.

  66. etokehC says:

    Newt is stuck at 27%, meaning 73% of GOP voters hate him. But lets go ahead and nominate him and watch Obama walk away with this.

  67. mnw says:

    Two points:

    1) Every guy I ever knew who cheated on his wife ended up divorced. No exceptions, & I have known LOTS of them. There was one couple who were “swingers,” but I don’t count that guy. He wasn’t cheating.

    2) It’s a good thing for bunny that he joined a cult which only requires him to drink METAPHORICAL Kool-Aid, eh?

  68. J T says:

    Thanks Bobby. Obama’s Holiday Bump is over.

    GOP Rep Coble in NC, has a news conference today. He has been sick, and may retire. 80 years old

  69. mnw says:

    I could easily envision bunny at Jonestown, standing in line with his cup in his hand.

  70. SUSYQUE says:

    #66…#68 THESE ARE NOT MY POSTS! Someone
    is using my name…in desperation, I guess.

  71. mnw says:

    I read somewhere that 12% of likely caucus-goers in IA are undecided. Most of the undecided are women, I read.

    I doubt Papa Doc is an acquired taste. You either dig the little whackjob or you don’t. Therefore… I DON’T see the 12% undecided breaking for L. Ron, but… I don’t know where they’ll go. Scattered, perhaps.

  72. Emerica says:

    On this day in 2007 Romney had a 5.6% RCP average lead over McCain

    He lost 2 weeks later by 6% to McCain

    And that was with McCain finishing 4th 12% behind Romney in Iowa

  73. Tim says:

    I have noticed that fake posters have become the rage on here, lately……..

  74. SUSYQUE says:

    #61…Not my post…an imposter lurks among us.

  75. Emerica says:

    #75 in NH I was referring to.

  76. Tim says:

    You are right. Dr. Paul has his solid core of support. And, no undecideds……..

  77. Tiny Tim says:

    #76. What do you mean?

  78. mnw says:


    RE: Kool-Aid

    you prefer grape or fruit punch?

  79. mnw says:

    RE: Senate

    ND & NE are sure GOP pickups, obviously.

    So, if GOP can knock off Tester & Sky Queen, that’s 51… assuming S. Brown survives.

  80. Tim says:

    Who the devil are you? Charles Dickens?

  81. Tiny Tim says:

    I’m an alleged Democrat from Georgia who likes to show his internet muscles.

  82. SUSYQUE says:

    The Daily Jot by Bill Wilson

    White House Foreign Policy: laying the foundation of the antichrist

    The White House used every opportunity in 2011 to downplay any mention that the man who occupies the Oval Office is a Muslim. He keeps saying that he is a Christian, but never truly describes Jesus Christ as the Son of God–which would be blasphemy according to the Koran. He also has said that there is more than one way to heaven (March 27, 2008). Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” This is central doctrine to Christianity. Whether he claims to be a Christian, however, is truly found in his actions as Jesus also said in Matthew 7:20, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” This is key concerning his foreign policy regarding Islam.

    Read More:

  83. Barrett says:

    #85 – Despite Tim being a democrat, most people here like him, I believe.

    I don’t think your posts are going to change their minds.

    What is with this clusterf**k of fake handles?

  84. Barrett says:

    Susy, I am less concerned with the president’s religion and more concerned with his desire to raise the debt ceiling 1.2 trillion.

    There’s only one person’s religion I am concerned with, and that is my own.

  85. 86 – “Mad as a March Hare.”

    Obama may be a lot of things, and who knows he might even be Muslim. But the anti-Christ?

    “I’m SUZYQUE and I just post to inform”

  86. J T says:

    83. Mn, Wisconsin is a GOP pickup also, as long as Thompson is the nominee. Tammy Baldwin is awful

  87. JayT says:

    Tammy Baldwin is a DYKE, that’s why she will lose, or that’s what we’re being told.

  88. DW says:

    90…Baldwin is despised outside Madison. Her ceiling is 45%. I just don’t see how she goes much higher.

  89. SUSYQUE says:

    Don’t take my posts personally…it’s just
    interesting informacion, mi amigos!

  90. Barrett says:

    #89 – On election night 2008, I received a message from my sister, claiming Obama was the anti-christ. She included a lot of bible scripture to support her claim.

    Case in point: My sister is a cocaine addict who is currently in rehab and living with my parents. She is 32 years old. We have to check the source when it comes to these claims

  91. Corey says:

    Weirdness here today

  92. Wes says:

    You still haven’t gotten over last night, I see, Bitter. Dude, I was poking fun. Live with it. Sheesh. Don’t take everything on the ‘net so seriously.

  93. Wes says:

    Susyque is one odd poster.

  94. Wes says:

    Saying that about Bunu would be a huge redundancy.

  95. SUSYQUE says:

    98…Sheesh. Don’t take everything on the blog so seriously.

  96. StopUsingFakeHandles says:


  97. WhoDatSayDeyGonnaBeatDatMitt says:

    I think its time to run Grandpa Nutjob out of the Republican Party like we did (more or less) with David Duke

    What an embarrassment this fuqqwad may win IA

    Time to open up bigtime on Captain Crazy…

  98. SUSYQUE says:

    DECEMBER 27-11 Enthusiasm rises for Romney

    “In previous visits, Romney has drawn respectful crowds if little enthusiasm. Tuesday nighthe drew cheers from an overflow crowd, which spilled out of the ballroom and into the adjoining hallway, when he laid out a dramatic vision for the 2012 general election to come.
    “”This is an election not only to replace a president. It is an election to save the soul of America,’ Romney said. ‘It is a choice between two destinies.’”

    read more:

  99. BayernFan says:

    I am very happy that Newt is sinking. You can tell he knows it because he is being his typical petulant self.

    This means that Romney will be the presumptive GOP nominee in fairly short order (say by 2/15). The GOP can then bind its wounds, raise tons of money, and put together the machine that will put Obama out on his ear.

  100. BayernFan says:

    I guess Sabato was right last month, when he said that during the week before the Iowa caucus GOP voters are going to “get as serious as a heart attack” in settling on a nominee that can beat Obama. He didnt say it, but it was clear to me he meant Romney.

  101. SUSYQUE says:

    3#99…Susy is an Eclectic poster.

  102. Barrett says:

    #105 – I like your thinking

    Romney’s money, plus the GOP’s fundraising = success!

  103. L T says:

    You have Rush and Beck and most of the hard core conservatives saying that they will support Romney if he is the Nominee because they dislike Obama, this is good because it will prompt their minions to do the same

  104. MD says:

    11 – I predict he will go 3rd party unless his bad health (I am hearing rumors) prevents that. However, the establishment Dems in DC have been taking a hard look at him and now realize what I have known – he is more of a threat to Obama. Paul’s far left views are left of Obama. He really isn’t a libertarian – he is a nut job who fits very nicely with OWS.

  105. SUSYQUE says:

    Ron Paul is 76.5 years old.
    Too old for any political office. Age 65 should be the cut-off.
    We don’t need anymore Robert Byrds and Strom Thermonds
    who languish at home in an incapacitated state and continued to
    collect a salary.

  106. DW says:

    MD, I really don’t care what Paul does after he loses the GOP nomination. His followers are not going to vote for the GOP candidate anyway, so if he goes third party, it really doesn’t affect us.

  107. Brandon says:

    #111. Reagan was almost 70 when he was first elected.

  108. MD says:


    The fact is that Romney has put much LESS into the IA effort than he did in 08 yet he is first or second on all polls now.

    Paul has his nut jobs. I think they will bring him into a 3rd place setting. I think (all imo since who the heck really knows), some conservatives rally around Bachmann. She has been working that state very hard and has a geographical advantage. I think even more throw in the towel and go with Romney. This whole he is conservative/ he isn’t argument is just an excuse. The fact is that Romney is annoying like the most popular kid in school running for class Pres. You don’t want to vote for him and you know he knows you will in the end. He is smug. That is the real issue with Romney.

    The only real conservative candidates are probably Bachmann and Santorum and both are 100% unelectable. So are the other clowns.

    I still Romney losses in a close race with Obama but close is the best I think we can do in 12.

  109. MD says:

    27 – what charity did Paul give the money to that he made off the rag?

  110. DW says:

    111….Ron Paul is about the right age for being elected Pope, but not US President. Reagan was 69…but he had a youthful spring in his step and looked more like 59. But for Ron Paul, put a tall white cap on him, and he looks like he could be a Pope. But lets see…all popes need to be renamed….

    …so he would be…

    Pope PaulForIranus I

  111. SUSYQUE says:

    #113…Reagan left office after two terms. He was 78. We all know he began to lose his mental capacity years before that.

  112. Corey says:

    Susy’s 111 post sounds about as unconstiutional as you can get.

  113. MD says:

    DW – that is my point. Paul has the potential to drag some from the left over to him. I am rooting for that. The msm is finally paying attention because the DNC has woken up to that possibility as well.

  114. Corey says:

    Mitt Romney will be 65 before the 2012 elections for crying out loud.

  115. Corey says:

    Pope Ron Paul II?

  116. MD says:

    Corey – perhaps but there is an age minimum. I DON’T favor an age maximum though. I am just saying that it doesn’t sound crazy.

  117. david says:

    Ras Reports’ approval for Pres Obama back down to 45/54. His net negative approval is back to .

  118. DW says:

    117…I would rather have Reagan not quite running on all cylindars than the doofus we have in there now running on all of them.

  119. Corey says:

    #117, no we don’t all know that.

    That’s simply a left-wing talking point from those who hate the fact that the man defeated them and was beloved.

  120. MD says:

    Right Corey – there is no JFK as a youth running in this race. I think Obama is close to 50 now. He is young but aging by the day.

  121. MD says:


    Really? Show me some proof on that.

  122. Corey says:

    We don’t need any age maximums. Let’s leave it up to the voters.

    As far as I would be concerned, we don’t need age minimums either.

    Let JulStol run for President and have the people reject him as soon as possible.

  123. MD says:

    Corey – I don’t think Jul has ever lost an election.

    You might want to think about that first!

  124. DW says:

    119…and from what I have gathered from my Ron Paul supporter friend, Ron Paul would gobble up the college-student peace movement vote. That would certainly damage Obama more than it would the GOP.

  125. Brandon says:

    Jul’s birthday was this week. Be nice.

  126. MD says:

    That is why I am pushing a 3rd party run for Paul. C’mon Ron, don’t let the GOP keep you down!

    That is a joke BTW. I can’t stand the cretin.

  127. Corey says:

    A. Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee

    B. Many of his supporters will want him to run, either as a Libertarian or third party, and that may be tempting to him, but he will have to consider what such an action would have on his son, a promising (to some) young Republican U.S. Senator.

    C. Paul seems to have a basic level of respect for Mitt Romney that he may not have towards the other candidates which would make trying to deny him the chance to defeat Obama less appealing

    D. If Paul does run third party, on the surface, that seems quite good for Obama, and we should hope it does not occur.

    However, there are strategic opportunities that could be used to our benefit if it does happen.

    I don’t know how many college students/peaceniks would cast a left-wing protest vote for Paul, but the more publiclity his left-wing foreign policy views get the more he may appeal to that crowd and that, along with all the other stuff that is damaging about him would make him less appealing than he currently is to some right-wing Tea Party types.

    If a three way race does occur, Romney could more greatly appeal to Independents as a sensible middle-ground alternative to an incompetent incumbent and a radical third party challenger.

    Just thinking aloud here…

  128. Corey says:

    131. Was Jul born in a manger?

  129. SUSYQUE says:

    #124…Reagan had an informed, reliable, patriotic staff to back him up.

  130. DW says:

    Charlie “Toupee” Cook has now moved the Nebraska senate race to “Likely Republican” in the wake of Nelson’s retirement. Even Cook realizes it’s hopeless.

  131. Corey says:

    So, Susy, you are saying that Reagan was just a doddering old figurehead?

  132. SUSYQUE says:

    #127…it was personally observed on television when Nancy whispered what he needed to hear and respond to.

  133. SUSYQUE says:

    #138…those are your words, not mine.

  134. Corey says:

    Give us a break Susy. How often now did Nancy whisper to him what he should say?

  135. SUSYQUE says:

    #138…I can say that I loved Ronald Reagan very much. I still cry when I read his great speeches. I laugh when I read his delightful
    humorous responses to questions. He used to be on the radio sharing his wisdom with brief political comments before he entered the office of Gov. of California. Those comments still ring true and were inspiring to my young soul at that time. He wasn’t hesitant to speak words from the Bible. He was a man of true faith. We need more Ronald Reagans.

  136. Corey says:

    Then why are you dismissing him and saying things that are extremely dubious?

  137. Corey says:

    3.I’ve drunk the kool-aid and am now wildly cheering for Obama from across the border…

    Edwards would be more than acceptable, Hillary would be great.

    Obama’s honesty, intelligence and pragmatism would be quite marvelous.

    Comment by Cory — January 2, 2008 @ 2:27 am

  138. Emerica says:

    Virginia first state to have a loyalty pledge.

    Newt Gingrich is the only candidate who has pledged not to support the GOP nominee.

  139. MD says:

    Not support nut job Paul but would anyone else. I, along with millions of others may have problems with Newt as a candidate but I applaud his stance.

  140. Emerica says:

    So why is Newt breaking the party loyalty pledge.

  141. Tim says:

    Guys, the scant available polling done so far shows that a Ron Paul 3rd Party run would clearly damage the GOP, turning the race into a double digit rout. None of Dr. Paul’s supporters that I have met are interested at all in voting Democratic.

  142. Corey says:

    Tim, regular people do not know who Ron Paul is or what he is all about.

    Normal Republicans would not vote for him in a general election. Don’t put too much credence in those polls currently.

  143. Emerica says:

    In PPP’s last NH poll is was Paul +5 and Romney -3

    PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls
    • Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    We continue to see Romney dominating in New Hampshire with Paul now clearly in 2nd place…full results tomorrow

    What will it be tomorrow!

  144. Tim says:

    They do have a loyalty pledge in Ga. for ALL GOP candidates in statewide races. And, if anyone refuses to take that pledge, then they do not get qualified.

  145. Corey says:

    Obama mentioned his church during his appearance with Oprah. Â It’s the Trinity Church of Christ. Â I found this interesting.
    Obama’s church. Please read and go to this church’s website and read what is written there. It is very alarming. Barack Obama is a member of this church and is running for President of the U.S.  If you look at the first page of their website, you will learn that this congregation has a non-negotiable commitment to Africa. No where is AMERICA even mentioned. Notice too, what color you will need to be if you should want to join. Obama’s church… B-L-A-C-K!!! Doesn’t look like his choice of religion has improved much over his (former) Muslim upbringing.  Are you aware that Obama’s middle name is Mohammed? Strip away his nice looks, the big smile and smooth talk and what do you get? Certainly a racist, as plainly defined by the stated position of his church! And possibly a covert worshiper of the Muslim faith, even today. This guy desires to rule over America while his loyalty is totally vested in a Black Africa! I cannot believe this has not been all over the TV and newspapers. This is why it is so important to pass this message along to all of our family & friends. To think that Obama has even the slightest chance in the run for the presidency, is really scary. Â

    Comment by Hello Dolly! — January 2, 2008 @ 12:55 pm

  146. Tim says:

    What I’m saying Corey, is that the polling does show that Dr. Paul’s supporters would be much more likely to vote for the GOP nominee than for the President, if Dr. Paul is not on the ballot. I believe that, myself.

  147. SUSYQUE says:

    “Be careful how you judge people. You don’t sum up a person’s life in one moment.”

  148. WhoDatSayDeyGonnaBeatDatMitt says:

    Time to open up on Grandpa Nutjob

    Just like Mitt did to take FatToad out

    This guy need to be run up the street, attempting to placate him won’t stop a third party run, take him out on the Truther issue and his racist writings

  149. SUSYQUE says:

    #152…those are not my words. It is clearly a post from another source.

  150. Emerica says:


    We don’t have a serial hypocrisy type ad yet for Mitt in NH and we should.

    If they aren’t working on a couple to play in NH, the campaign is crazy.

  151. Corey says:

    Oh come on, it sounds just like you.

    Was somebody from the future able to back to January 2008 and imitate your style so accurately?

  152. EML1 says:

    Ron Paul is going all in for Iowa. Every resource he has is being poured into that one state. And with all that, he’s only going to pull about 25% in a state that sets up very favorably for him.

    What’s his game after Iowa, when he has just a short period of time and must spread out over multiple states? He will get destroyed on Super Tuesday. Here in NY, I get almost daily calls from the Mitt and Newt campaigns, but nothing from anyone else. Paul has no ground game in NY and has no chance at the 95 electoral votes here. Same goes for many of the other large, less conservative states like CA, PA, IL, OH, MI. Paul has no path to victory.

    Paul and his fans are just idiots who think that Iowa is the end game. As long as they win Iowa, that’s all that matters. In that respect, they are not unlike the Party Purists who think that winning the nomination is the end game. But those of us with a brain realize that beating Obama is paramount and I’m hopeful that we outnumber the idiots.

  153. Emerica says:


    The old saying…

    3 tickets out of Iowa
    2 tickets out of NH

    Of course that only holds true for the traditional candidates and the media spin. Their fundraising will dry up while Paul’s won’t no matter what he does.

    Nonetheless getting first or second in those states is key. Preferably first.

  154. Emerica says:

    Ceiling update: Paul’s ceiling has been upgraded again now to 25% or so up from 20% and 10% previously.

    “Paul’s low ceiling of 24-25 percent could be enough to win in Iowa.”

  155. Corey says:

    bunu… “knock knock”

  156. EML1 says:

    160 – Paul is not one of the two coming out of NH. Sure he will stay in the race, but he has NO SHOT at the nomination. There is no way he can beat Romney in any state except for IA. He has no ground game anywhere.

  157. Sothisishopeandchange says:

    There should be a constitutional ammendment…no pauls can be president…paul ryan doesnt count

  158. Emerica says:

    Intrade ranks Paul second behind Romney in betting odds.

  159. Sothisishopeandchange says:

    Does second place get the vp nod?

  160. Emerica says:

    Paul took what 17% at the Alaska Caucus last time.

    All of these caucus states we can take this time now that his previous meet ups know the systems and have larger numbers.

  161. Sothisishopeandchange says:

    Does second place and $4.50 get paul a tall low fat frapa mocha w/ extra foam?

  162. Emerica says:

    CNN to release Iowa and New Hampshire polls at 4PM ET

  163. EML1 says:

    167 – And Mitt won or placed second in every caucus/convention he was a part of in 2008. He won NV, WY, ME, MT, MN, CO, ND, AK and finished second in IA and WV. He will win the rest of the caucuses after IA. His ground game is just too good.

  164. Brandon says:

    Gallup: All tied up now

    Gingrich: 25%(nc)
    Romney: 25%(+1)
    Paul: 11%(nc)
    Perry: 8%(nc)
    Bachmann: 5%(-1)
    Santorum: 4%(+1)
    Huntsman: 1%(-1)

  165. DW says:

    173…with Gingrich topped out at 25%, that means that 75% in the GOP hate him…

    …just doing my Chek impersonation.

  166. EML1 says:

    Washington state supposed to release redistricting maps in about a half hour.

  167. MD says:


    Who’s there?

  168. MD says:


    Still crazy I see.

    Huntsman at 1%! A surge!

    Do you ever have a moment when logic intrudes on your thought process?

  169. Emerica says:

    It will be interesting to see how Gingrich’s SC support holds up.

    If it does despite losing big in NH and iowa, then he could win there.

    However, in 2007, Huck lost conservative votes to Thompson and Paul so McCain could win.

    If Perry does well in Iowa, then he will split in SC with Gingrich. If Perry bombs and decides to get out, then Newtie has less splitting.

  170. mnw says:

    RE: L.Ron & a Third Party

    Papa Doc could also throw in with Gary Johnson, who is a declared Libertarian candidate for POTUS.

    I just don’t think Ru Paul would draw many lefties away from zero. I think L. Ron could be Romney’s Ralph Nader, if he runs as a Libertarian 3rd party candidate. Hope I’m wrong, of course.


    Hope you’re right about WI Sen. Thompson is awfully old & crusty. Now… taking out Tester & Sky Queen? Very likely. In MO, this businessman John Brunner is spending a lot of money. That’s a 3-way GOP race now.

  171. MD says:

    MNW – you had to see the huge presence Paul had at Occupy Philly to really understand the potential. Break it down. At heart, Paul is an anarchist who is pro-life. That is really his only difference.

  172. MD says:


    I think the Senate will be tougher than we think. Best case I see +4 to +5. A friend told me +8 was a given. I don’t see that in any scenario. We have 2 slam dunks and then 3 decent possibilities. I still think we could have a problem with Brown.

    I DON’T think NV will be a problem in the senate although is bears watching.

  173. Emerica says:

    Upward moving Ceiling update

    Ron Paul ceiling claimed to be at 33%

  174. MD says:

    Let me extend the olive branch to CPA:

    You aren’t as crazy as Bunu.

  175. MD says:

    182 – Mars or earth?

  176. Waingro says:

    Ugh. This is NOT what I wanted to hear from Mitt right now.

    “Mitt Romney defends individual mandate as “fundamentally a conservative principle”

  177. MD says:


    That was the position of the Heritage Foundation and pretty much every conservative before 2009.

  178. MD says:

    Still, Romney needs to understand that the environment has changed and that “conservatives” like Limbaugh are more than happy to re-write history on how they viewed certain things. So, his best course is just to stick with the theme that “the people of Mass wanted it but it wouldn’t work federally and we should repeal the bill immediately”. Sometimes Romney outsmarts himself.

  179. Waingro says:

    #186, it was stupid then, and it’s stupid now.

  180. mnw says:

    I also think the SEN will be tough for the GOP– right now, maybe GOP +4.

    I too am concerned about S. Brown, but less so about Heller.

    Akin is sure keeping his powder dry for now. I trust he knows what he’s doing.

  181. SUSYQUE says:

    new thread

  182. MD says:

    188 – whatever. I am just saying that the most conservative among us supported it. That is a fact backed by ample videotape and not hard to find.

  183. MD says:

    Therefore, to call Romney a liberal because he signed the legislation that was passed by a super majority of D’s and was a compromise instead of taxing every business an additional 5 to 7% means to me that the real reason many now have a problem is because they are bigots. Not all but most.

    Sorry, I just don’t see how a rational person can examine the facts and come to any other conclusion. I waited a while to see the reactions and it is now obvious.

    Sorry phony conservatives don’t like hearing that.