Romney Reaches High In Gallup Poll, Sanotrum Now 5th in NH

The latest edition of the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has Mitt Romney now reaching 29%, an all-time high, and moving 12% ahead of his nearest competitor.

Mitt Romney 29%
Newt Gingrich 17%
Rick Santorum 16%
Ron Paul 12%
Rick Perry 6%
Jon Huntsman 1%

The dates for this poll have not yet been posted, just the new numbers. Meanwhile, the latest edition of the Suffolk University Tracking Poll has the new conservative hero of the day falling back to fifth place (Huntsman had two more voters than Santorum).

Mitt Romney 39%
Ron Paul 17%
Newt Gingrich 10%
Jon Huntsman 9%
Rick Santorum 9%
Rick Perry 1%
Buddy Roemer 0%
Fred Karger 0%

This edition was done January 5-6 among 500 likely voters.

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70 Responses to “Romney Reaches High In Gallup Poll, Sanotrum Now 5th in NH”

  1. Cory says:


  2. Corey says:

    Thread rules–

    Anyone who is not currently on board with Romney gets worked over. I trust you people to be relentless.

  3. Cory says:

    Man, I’m not doin’ well lately.
    I had about 15 shots on goal last night, including two breakaways, no goals.

  4. Sothisishopeandchange says:


  5. Cory says:

    If I had 15 shots at the bar, I would not be awake yet.

  6. Bitterlaw says:

    Either the goalie is great or Cory sucks.

  7. janz says:

    Who is Fred Karger?

  8. Corey says:

    I thought he was making an analogy about women (or whatever JT might accuse him of)

  9. Corey says:

    Fred Karger went to the same High School as Add.

  10. Wes says:

    Karger is a gay Republican running for President, Janz. IP 727 probably wants to kill him.

  11. Wes says:

    Why is Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” Macmillan never in these polls? He has as much a chance as Karger or Roemer of winning the nomination.

  12. Corey says:

    The pollsters are too damn racist.

  13. janz says:

    Thanks, wes. I sometimes am in awe over the array of knowledge held in your cranium. You are a smart guy!

  14. Corey says:

    Mitt is on CSPAN from earlier today with both Kelly Ayotte and Nikki Haley.

  15. J T says:

    Cory, did they freeze up a pond by the Occupy Tents? Never play Hockey naked

  16. J T says:

    Corey, Obama was called a Marxist today, you had better rush to defend him.

    We cannot have that, not civil enough

  17. Cory says:

    JT, go home and get your platform.

  18. J T says:

    Cory, did you count to 101, before you posted that? Moron with a second rate Canadian Math degree

  19. janz says:

    When I first heard about Obama’s military cuts, calling it a smaller more flexible military, I thought of the language Rumsfeld used, under the Bush Administration. And, now The Hill is also talking about a comparison to Rumsfeld too.

    Obama follows in Rumsfeld’s footprints

    It’s ironic how closely Obama has parroted and followed in Bush’s footsteps, the man he continues to criticize and blame for everything.

  20. J T says:

    Republican Gosar, will run in the new AZ 4th district, instead of the new Dem leaning AZ-1.

    AZ GOP really screwed the pooch

  21. Cory says:

    You have 101 platforms? This is more than a fetish.

  22. J T says:

    Corey, is your husband the Goalie, when you play Nude Hockey? Better dull the blades on those skates Hoser.

  23. J T says:

    25. Meant Kory, sorry

  24. Cory says:

    You just can’t stop talking about gay sex, can you?

  25. janz says:

    Gary Baur to endorse Santorum. He is adding more social credentials to his dance card. I wonder how much that will help Santorum’s campaign.

  26. J T says:

    27. Can you stop thinking about it, Kory?

  27. lisab says:

    “Gay is gay and you cannot make it the same as a sexual relationship between a man and women. ” sysque


    what … more foreplay?

    “because ? well for one thing, gays can’t reproduce and make babies (at least not in the natural way).” tm v

    not all heterosexual couples have children, are they gay too?

  28. Tim V says:

    At a private boarding school Friday, the Republican presidential candidate’s voice grew emotional as he argued that only a man and woman should be able to marry. “Marriage is not a right,” Santorum said. “It’s a privilege that is given to society by society for a reason…. We want to encourage what is the best for children.”


  29. Tim V says:

    not all heterosexual couples have children, are they gay too?


  30. Tim V says:

    for the most part with some obvious exceptions, children raised by a man and a woman will have a better future both economically,socially and emotionally than is they are raised by a same sex couple.they will be better off.


  31. Cory says:

    Well, now I can’t.

  32. Bitterlaw says:

    Bengals and Texans rank 31 and 32 on my NFL hate list

  33. GaryLambertForVicePresident says:

    Santorum is totally tone deaf this is not an election about social issues

  34. GaryLambertForVicePresident says:

    Dalton kid is pretty good

  35. Cory says:

    Wouldn’t the Eagles rank #32?

  36. Tim V says:

    “The vast consensus of all the studies shows that children of same-sex parents do as well as children whose parents are heterosexual in every way,” she tells WebMD. “In some ways children of same-sex parents actually may have advantages over other family structures.”

  37. T J says:

    TimV, don’t Believe the Lies by the Media. Homo Marriage destroys Children.

  38. Cory says:

    I hear they give children their own platforms at age 10.

  39. lisab says:

    Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual update of State and Local Government Finances, providing national data for Fiscal Year 2009. The amount of state and local taxes paid in Massachusetts as a share of total personal income was 9.8 percent in FY 2009. By this measure, Massachusetts had lower taxes than 32 other states

  40. SUSYQUE says:

    #40…TJ… I second what you have stated.

  41. Cory says:


  42. Wes says:

    Should I tell her, CCCP, or do you want to?

  43. Cory says:

    I defer to you, Wes.

  44. lisab says:

    The authors found that children raised by lesbian mothers — whether the mother was partnered or single — scored very similarly to children raised by heterosexual parents on measures of development and social behavior. These findings were expected, the authors said; however, they were surprised to discover that children in lesbian homes scored higher than kids in straight families on some psychological measures of self-esteem and confidence, did better academically and were less likely to have behavioral problems, such as rule-breaking and aggression.

    “We simply expected to find no difference in psychological adjustment between adolescents reared in lesbian families and the normative sample of age-matched controls,” says Gartrell. “I was surprised to find that on some measures we found higher levels of [psychological] competency and lower levels of behavioral problems. It wasn’t something I anticipated.”

  45. CAgopguy says:

    Santorum has an economic program? I don’t think gay marriage will hurt too much even I voted against it in 2008. Plus most mormons are against it also. Some were terrorized back in 2009because of the vote. Santorum could throw the issue at Romney?

  46. karl r rove says:

    Santorum’s plan to hire 100,000 new judges to enforce straight marriage is not selling in NH.

    He is like a fast runner trying to gain traction on oil.


  47. Emerica says:

    SantaRita SuperPAC should started airing this pro-Paul ad in S.C.

    IDK anything about this PAC

  48. SUSYQUE says:

    #48 Lisab…there are unintended consequences
    of a psychological nature for children raised by gays, if there is no daddy or no mama in the home. You need both parents for a child to sense his/her own wholeness. Divorce also affects children because it makes them feel insecure.

  49. EML1 says:

    Interesting graphic on WAPO. Number of campaign stops by each candidate by state. Romney had second lowest number of Iowa stops yet still won.

    Santorum 266
    Bachmann 200
    Perry 88
    Paul 81
    Gingrich 75
    Cain 32
    Romney 28
    Huntsman 1

    Huntsman 154
    Santorum 80
    Romney 72
    Paul 38
    Gingrich 35
    Perry 25
    Cain 11
    Bachmann 6

    Santorum 27
    Bachmann 26
    Perry 25
    Gingrich 24
    Huntsman 17
    Romney 12
    Cain 10
    Paul 3

    Cain 17
    Romney 12
    Huntsman 12
    Bachmann 10
    Gingrich 7
    Santorum 3
    Perry 2
    Paul 1

    Huntsman all in for NH. I’d expect him to drop out if he doesn’t take second. Paul disappears after NH. He will focus on caucus states after NH. Perry and Gingrich have pretty pathetic showings in SC and FL. Romney is really the only one looking past these first 4 states, having visited Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and Michigan.

  50. Emerica says:


    Gallups national trend is moving towards Romney while Santorum and Gingrich are weakening.

    If Paul takes second in NH, there is no reason to think he weakens. Perhaps Romney strengthens, but Paul will be #2

  51. Emerica says:

    Washingtontimes: Gingrich to fat to be president…

  52. BayernFan says:

    Yes, Paul is #2.

    I think we can agree with that.


  53. Emerica says:

    Won’t matter. Romney loses big to Obama.

    If the GOP doesn’t select Paul, they lose, and we run Rand Paul in 2016, and then we win.

  54. Cory says:

    2.5 hours until the debate.
    There Will Be Blood (I hope).

  55. SUSYQUE says:

    Why Gingrich Tanked

    The conventional wisdom holds that Gingrich fell as a result of highly effective attack ads aired in Iowa by rival Ron Paul and a super PAC working on behalf of Mitt Romney. Certainly those ads, which focused on issues like Gingrich’s paid work for Freddie Mac and his global-warming partnership with Nancy Pelosi, did some damage. But talks with voters here in New Hampshire and with politicos in South Carolina suggest the ads are not what killed Gingrich. It was Gingrich’s reaction to the ads.

  56. Emerica says:

    By the time Gingrich got testy his numbers were already in the ditch, and he was just bitter about it. Happened so fast, he didn’t even know what hit him.

  57. Crymedogg says:

    Jesus… Dude, it’s over… Paul is DONE! Why do you waste our time with this nonsense? Rand Paul in ’16? C’mon, watch the playoffs instead of writing that drivel….

  58. Tim V says:

    62- emerica is a pauline disciple. it gives meaning to his life.

  59. Tim V says:

    i dont think im gonna watch the debate tonight. i have watched every debate to date. this thing is over. mitt is it.

  60. michael corleone says:

    So if we beleive in traditional marriage, we shouldn’t speak in defense of it now? That’s our position. Well, then, soon every state will have gay marriage.

  61. Wes says:

    Boo-hoo, Michael. I don’t have to marry a guy if we have gay marriage, so why should I care?

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    I think Emerica is a fake. No real person could be that dense. He never answers a simple question – why doesn’t Paul win primaries? It’s always some crap about “the Establishment.”. The Establishment get to stay in power by winning. If Paul was a winner, he would be loved by them.

  63. lisab says:

    “soon every state will have gay marriage.”


  64. Cory says:

    “soon every state will have gay marriage.”

    Double good.

  65. CAgopguy says:

    Ca didn’t even vote for gay marriage. Give it a rest