Romney Reaches New High In Gallup Poll

Just as I predicted a few days ago, Rick Santorum has surged into second place in the latest Gallup tracking poll. But also newsworthy is Mitt Romney has hit yet another high and is now above 30%.

Mitt Romney 31%
Rick Santorum 18%
Newt Gingrich 16%
Ron Paul 13%
Rick Perry 6%
Jon Huntsman 1%

This edition of the tracking poll was done January 3-7.

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  1. JT' s jt says:

    First just because I am.

  2. Crymedogg says:


  3. Corey says:

    We are all Mittnesses

  4. Corey says:

    Ok, Chris Wallace just tore Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to shreds on the replay of Fox News Sunday I just saw.

    Amazingly brutal. Loved it.

  5. jenny says:

    go mitt!

  6. Tim V says:

    perry is well positioned for his “2nd look”

  7. jason says:

    Go Tebows

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    MD- I will only send 1 e-mail and you will be restored to the Christmas card list. I’m stuck with you.

    I can’t believe I drove away my only real friend, Jul.

  9. SUSYQUE says:

    Ex-Times Editorial Page Editor Tony Blankley dead at 63.

    Sad news…I always enjoyed listening to his point of view.
    He was on Hannity a few weeks ago.

    Read More:

  10. jenny says:

    i’m going to listen to rush and levin tomorrow. they will probably accuse the liberal media of publishing fake polls which show romney in the lead.

    go mitt!

  11. MD says:

    RIP to Blankley. Didn’t he work for Newt at one time?

  12. Tim V says:

    my wife just found out about the time romney strapped his dog to the roof of his car and drove 12 hours with the dog on topof the car. she says she will never vote for romney. i told her the dog was in a carrie but she didn’t care.

  13. Tim V says:

    When Mitt Romney strapped his Irish setter to the roof of his car in 1983 and drove all the way to Canada as the dog defecated in fear, he couldn’t have guessed his decision would follow him for decades, enraging animal lovers and raising questions about his character and management style.

    Sure enough the dog incident has gotten a lot of press (Gail Collins has mentioned it 19 times in her columns) and is sure to be a favorite topic among Romney detractors during his 2012 campaign for president.

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    Come back, Jul. MD is a jerk… Damn. He’s coming back. Shhhhh.

  15. Tim V says:

    9- that is a shocker. i always enjoyed his work. rip, tony.

  16. MD says:

    WTF? He was in a crate so what is the issue? Should he have fedexed the dog? A made up issue gaining traction only on the left.

  17. MD says:

    Rule – when you have to link to a Huffpo piece it is NOT a real issue.

  18. J t says:

    Rip. Tony blankley a good man

  19. BayernFan says:

    That is awful about Blankely. I will miss his columns and take on things. He had a way with the written word that was very entertaining.

    I didnt know that he was a child actor who appeared in Lassie and Make Room for Daddy.

    First Hitchens, now Blankley.


  20. Tim V says:

    Should the girl be allowed to have the picture in the high school year book ? What do you think ? Wes, what is your opinion ?

  21. J t says:

    Bayern. Tony snowe passed young also

  22. Annie says:

    I think having a dog in a carrier on a car roof-top was pretty awful, too – but how big was the carrier, and how big and protected was the roof-top? I suppose the Democrats who would also attack Romney’s character concerning animal treatment would not say boo about LBJ yanking his beagles ears as he hoisted them off the ground, or Clinton’s ignoring his pets completely, tossing them aside as soon as he left office, and having his “Buddy” run loose and get killed by a car.

  23. SUSYQUE says:

    Tim V. am on my way to the beauty shop….will respond when I get back. Look for the reply.

  24. Chekote says:

    Blankley died?

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V- If a girl with a flat rack, bad bleach job and a face that is maybe a 7 out of 10 wants to look sleazy in the yearbook, why not? She probably has maxed out on her looks at age 18.

  26. J t says:

    George will has become a shill for his abc bosses. Conservative my ass

  27. Tim V says:

    MD says:
    January 8, 2012 at 2:49 pm
    WTF? He was in a crate so what is the issue? Should he have fedexed the dog? A made up issue gaining traction only on the left.

    I’m with you MD. I think my wife is odd. Why couldn’t the dog have riden inside the car ? There must not have been enough room. They could have had a neighbor watch the dog while they were away.

  28. Tim V says:

    25- i think the school should have allowed the picture.

  29. Tim V says:

    and the freepers weight in on the pic issue…

  30. EML1 says:

    What a win for the G-Men. Total domination on both sides of the football. On to Green Bay.

  31. MD says:

    If that is the best the left can do then we are in really, really good shape.

  32. MD says:

    EML – the season ends there for the Giants.

  33. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Well I got the giants score right…

    Two points Atlanta?

  34. EML1 says:

    We’ll see MD. The Giants played GB well during the regular season. I feel like the Giants can go to GB and win like they did during their super bowl run. However, I don’t give them any chance at beating the Saints in NO, so I’ll be hoping for a SF win.

  35. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Of course I want the exact opposite eml

    Go giants!

  36. BayernFan says:

    If Romney wins all of McCains states and adds Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, that one Nebraska EV, and New Hampshire (but loses Virginia), then it is a 269-269 tie in the EC.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  37. BayernFan says:

    The GOP House would ensure Romney’s election, but you have to worry about a faithless elector. But that could go either way, I guess.

  38. BayernFan says:

    RTW will pass in Indiana, perhaps by the end of the week. The Dems are getting hammered in public opinion over their walkout (again) and 5 Dems have already given up and are on the floor. 2 more and there is a quorum. Even teh Dem Minority Leader says the Dems cant stop RTW. In Indiana, polls show that voters are 2-1 in favor of RTW.

    I also learned that Indiana passed RTW in 1957, but it was repealed in 1965 after the Dems took over the legislature and the Governors office in the Goldwater debacle.

    Now, it is highly unlikely that the Dems will ever win the Indiana Senate chamber in any of our lifetimes…. so repeal of RTW is also highly unlikely.

  39. BayernFan says:

    I gather that the biggest political benefit of RTW is that it deprives the Dem Party and other left wing organizations of badly needed campaign funds from unions, right?

    Less union dues receipts……. less money to give to Dems?

    That would be lots of money man.

  40. Corey says:

    Sad to hear about Tony Blankley. I did not know he had cancer. He was Newt’s top staffer in 1994 and after he became Speaker.

    Blankley had a call-in gig to talk radio in Chicago once a week and I believe he was just on this past week.


  41. mnw says:

    T-bows mite make a game of it.

  42. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Two gorgeous throws one after another…


  43. Tim V says:

    Wow !!!!!!!!!

  44. Tim V says:

    nice TD run !

  45. Emerica says:

    wow I missed what happened. Denver scored twice.

  46. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    You live long enough I suppose you’ll see the cow jump over the moon…

    Tebows 20-6…

  47. jason says:

    Tebows left some points on the table…hope it doesn’t come back to bite them…

  48. jason says:

    We should have a plaque here at HHR with Addisonst’s famous words:

    “Tebow can’t play in the NFL”

  49. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Our missing friend is a contrary indicator to be sure…

  50. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:


  51. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:


  52. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Reminds me of the Steelers who in the 50’s cut Johnny Unitas because he couldn’t play football

  53. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Steelers fans must be stroking out right about now…

  54. Emerica says:

    Ron’s daughter Joy posts awesome pic of Ron and Rand in the 60’s in response to Newt in the debate.

  55. EML says:

    Denver got royally screwed. Clearly a backwards pass. If they lose its because the refs handed the game to them.

  56. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    BayernFan, i hope your right. IN adopting RTW would put added pressure on my state of Kentucky to go RTW as well. That way we can actually start attracting more manufacturing jobs and the like, just as Tenn has been doing for the last couple of decades.

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    Under MFG’s Theory, Go Steelers! The Johnstown Flood killed more people than Katrina.

  58. NewtChickenHawk says:

    PPP saying Huntsman will do well in their poll tonight.

  59. mnw says:

    And after Huntsman “does well in NH” (third? second?), Huntsman wins SC & FL & rolls on to the GOP nomination! /s

  60. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Tebow. Time!!!

  61. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Come on defense!

  62. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Defense holds!!!!

  63. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    No matter what happens isn’t this a great game??

  64. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Santorum wants revenge on the gays for making fun of his surname.

    Rick Santorum On SOPA: “There are limits to freedom on the Internet”

  65. NewtChickenHawk says:

    To bad debate moderators didn’t ask about SOPA and NDAA.

  66. NewtChickenHawk says:

    “The Internet has been a powerful force for bad.” – Rick “Santorum”

  67. NewtChickenHawk says:


    Tebow wins again.

  68. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:


  69. DrJay says:


  70. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Tebow¡!!!!!!!!!!!! Winner!!!!

  71. Hall Monitor says:

    Tim V…My answer won’t go through!

  72. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:


  73. DrJay says:


  74. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:



  75. NewtChickenHawk says:

    double stiff arms

  76. DrJay says:

    How is LSU looking for the championship MFG? Healthy?

  77. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:


  78. Marv says:

    Rick Perry is Tim Tebow!!!!!!!!!

  79. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Elway excited on sideline

  80. lisab says:

    patriots got lucky

  81. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Everyone healthy and we are cautiously optimistic for tomorrow

  82. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Goddamn what a game

    That was just gangsta

  83. new says:

    Huntsman would make a very good fallback option if the bain capital attack proves to be too deadly for romney.

  84. DrJay says:

    Sounds good, I feel they are the better team.

  85. Bitterlaw says:

    “We?”. What number does MFG wear? How can he play for LSU and the Saints?

  86. Brandon says:

    Congratulations New England.

  87. SUSYQUE says:

    Pittsburgh needs to get taller receivers!

  88. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    I hope

    I will be annoyed as hell if we lose second chance for bama ridiculous

  89. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Why are you so miserable bitterlaw?

    Give it a fuqqing rest

  90. NewtChickenHawk says:

    125 QB rating for the day.

  91. DrJay says:

    I don’t think its right for them to have to beat them twice.. especially when they beat bama away, and were sec champs.

  92. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Dr jay the rematch will be a war bama is very good hopefully homefield gives us the win the superdome really helps the home team

  93. Tim V says:

    great game ! Tebow !

  94. Bitterlaw says:

    SUSYQUE was oddly silent during Tebow’s 3 game losing streak. Now she pulls a Sports Maxwell and rediscovers football.

  95. SUSYQUE says:

    Tim V.

    She certainly wouldn’t dress like that if she were applying for a serious job unless it was a strip joint and she wanted to be a pole dancer.

  96. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Bama played a much weaker schedule and we beat them in their house

    Rematch is absurd

  97. DrJay says:

    If bama wins a close one, and I had a vote, I would still vote lsu #1. Bama has to win convicingly for me.

  98. Bitterlaw says:

    Because I’m not 12 years old, MFG, and I think adults saying “we” about a team is absurd.

  99. Brandon says:

    Patriots open as 13 point favorites.

  100. Tim V says:

    Winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Ah go fuqq off you’re always so goddamned miserable give it a rest

  102. Tim V says:

    saying “we” as a fan, is fairly typical and normal

    bitter is just bitter that his eagles are out of it

  103. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Why cant you just be happy when something good happens for someone else?

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    Only 13, Brandon? Patriots should cover that easily and I don’t bet on sports.

  105. J t says:

    Brandon the tebow basher is on a roll. First newt now his great steelers

  106. Tim V says:

    now mit, watch the language, there is a lady,a queen, in the hall.

  107. Brandon says:

    Tebow basher? Try reading once in a while, it may help.

  108. J t says:

    Steelers were supposed to win by three touchdowns. Tomlin is a bum

  109. SUSYQUE says:

    Tim V…for some strange reason, my whole post on that gal will not post!

  110. Brandon says:

    Actually the line was about 8 points.

  111. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Condolences Steelers fans…

  112. J t says:

    Bs Brandon. You said Denver would get wiped out

  113. Crymedogg says:

    Eagles fans are the worst in the biz!

  114. Brandon says:

    Sure, I did. That doesn’t make me a Tebow Basher.

  115. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Hell I thought Denver would be wiped out

  116. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe I will have to go back in the archives and look for all the “Go Phillies” posts from MFG. Be happy for somebody else – as long as its MFG’s teams. Steelers fans can f off for MFG. Alabama fans? MFG will be so happy for them if Alabama wins, right?

  117. Brandon says:

    MFG is a Tebow basher!

  118. Jesus C. says:

    I can’t keep doing this week after week. Sorry to make it so obvious in OT. Just had to do my miracle thing and get back to my business here in heaven.

    Bless u all -JC

  119. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    All home teams win

    All four wild cards lose only the eight division winners remain…

  120. Tim V says:

    Friend, are you afflicted with a root of bitterness? If so, then let me challenge you to bring it before the Lord and let Him dig it out of your life tonight. If you will honestly confess your hurt to the Lord, seek to forgive the offending party, and then God will give the grace needed to make that a reality in your life. You don’t need to let that root of bitterness live another minute!

    condolences to steelers fans

  121. DrJay says:

    Brandon should get some slack… its stinks to watch your team’s season end.

    The Steelers were minus Medenhall and ex-Gator Pouncey, which hurt up the middle.

  122. J t says:

    Did jensen tell you to pick newt and the steelers in a 2 team parlay Brandon?

  123. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    See my number 112 above counselor

  124. Jesus C. says:

    Dude, I’m probably not gonna be available next week but let me see if I can give Tom Brady some diarrhea before the game.

    Bless u all -JC

  125. SUSYQUE says:

    119…never use the holy name of Jesus in jest.

  126. J t says:

    Jay decker was knocked out early too

  127. Brandon says:

    DrJay, I really don’t even care. You aren’t winning the Super Bowl that banged up. It had to end sooner or later anyway.

  128. Jesus C. says:

    You’re so cute.

    Love ya babe,

  129. DrJay says:

    #127 They miss Dawkins badly, too. Both secondaries looked suspect.

  130. Redneckman says:

    Thank you Brandon, big Steelers fan here.

  131. Jesus C. says:

    All of the sudden, I’m seeing a lot of requests from New Englanders for a win next week .. Hmm decisions decisions.

    May God Bless u All -JC

  132. Allah says:

    Shut up already, Jesus. You’re just an ordinary prophet you dumbass LOL.

  133. DrJay says:

    Is Mitt a Pats fan?

  134. Marv says:

    24 to 2

    Nice two-run homer by Chipper Jones

    Gov Perry continues to climb .. great comeback story underway ladies and gents…

  135. Brandon says:

    Thinking Saints/Patriots for the Super Bowl.

  136. Brandon says:

    Which I guess essentially guarantees a Green Bay/Baltimore Super Bowl.

  137. Polaris says:

    Don’t underestimate the importance of this win by Tebow. It will inspire Governor Perry to find the energy to surge in the polls and gather supporters.


  138. Bitterlaw says:

    If this is the real Ian, get ready for the second goodbye of the day. Remember, I set the over/under at 3 goodbyes.

  139. Tim V says:

    LOL, Fake Polaris

  140. Polaris says:

    I assure you I am the original Polaris. If someone has been posting under my name, I find that reprehensible.


  141. CHUCK says:

    It’s a miracle Jesus, I can stand!!!

    thank you!

  142. !!!!Mitt!!!! says:

    Tebow passed for 316 today

    John 3:16

    Get it?

  143. SUSYQUE says:

    Bitter I know why Pittsburgh lost. Look outside, there’s a full moon!

  144. SUSYQUE says:

    143….Got it!

  145. Bitterlaw says:

    If this is the real Ian he can explain how 2+2 = 5 based on his turnout model.

  146. Polaris says:

    SUSYQUE is cute? I say YES.


  147. Polaris says:

    Bitterlaw, like I explained earlier, I am not going to rehash what I already have posted multiple times.


  148. Polaris says:

    #147 is NOT me.


  149. Bitterlaw says:

    A Polaris v. Polaris battle. Interesting.

  150. Polaris says:

    #149 is NOT me.


  151. jason says:

    Tebow passed for 316 yards….not bad for a guy who can’t throw the ball.

  152. Not Polaris says:

    I was actually never myself

    – Not Polaris

  153. jason says:

    ” 119…never use the holy name of Jesus in jest.”

    Like I said, needs to get laid or see psychiatric treatment, or both.

  154. jason says:

    see = seek

  155. Jesus C says:

    Even I’ve tried to get Susy laid. Maybe tonight is the night, babe.


  156. Polaris says:

    I can no longer post here if I my name will continue to be hijacked. The name Polaris will lose all credibility.


  157. Polaris says:

    According to recent historical turnout models, I predict that Susyque will NOT get laid tonight! The polls are wrong dammit!


  158. NewtChickenHawk says:

    New Hampshire new: Angry mob swarms Rick Santorum

  159. jason says:

    As a Broncos fan we can use all the help we can get.

    If Jesus wants to help, it’s fine with me.

    And the world is full of examples where faith plays a big part in inspiring people to do great deeds.

    If Tebow’s faith inspires him to be a great QB, I think that’s wonderful.

  160. Corey says:

    ESPN needs to stop talking about Tebow already and bring on the Bowl.

  161. Jesus C says:

    Like I said, I won’t be able to help next week but will see about Tom Brady getting diarrhea the night before …


  162. jason says:

    Aww, Corey is upset that Tebow pulled it off and is now sour grapes.

    Such a shame….

  163. jason says:

    “According to recent historical turnout models, I predict that Susyque will NOT get laid tonight! ”

    I think the odds are about the same as that ad that ran during the game.

    About the same as getting mauled by a polar bear and another type of bear on the same day.

  164. Corey says:

    Actually,I was pulling for the Broncos to win this game.

  165. SUSYQUE says:

    I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever vulgar word you
    apply to me, comes back and sticks on you!

  166. Corey says:

    I was just looking forward to watching my alma mater play in a Bowl game.

    Where did you go jason?

  167. jason says:

    ” The name Polaris will lose all credibility.”

    I think that train left the station a long time ago…

  168. Corey says:

    I went 3-1 this week in who I wanted to win the games, better than any of the paid NFL experts in their predictions.

  169. SUSYQUE says:

    Great picture of Tebow on Drudge!

  170. marc says:

    Nobody gave Denver a chance especially after the 3 duds they played at the end of the regular season and backing in to the playoffs b/c of the oafish Raiders. The Steelers were suppose to runaway with this banged up and all. But Surprise Surprise a solid Denver team came to play against the reigning AFC champs and won.

    Congrats to Tebow and the Denver Broncos. They will write you off for next week but I think this team has turned a corner and there is now no doubt win or lose the Tebow is the starting QB for Denver next season.

  171. jason says:

    Hey susyque knows nursery rhymes.

    Look, don’t threaten me or I will send my Dad to beat up your Dad.

    Nyah, nyah.

    (see, there is no low I cannot sink to)

  172. Newtster! says:

    Guess we know who Susy will be masturbating to tonight… 8)

  173. jason says:

    I don’t think even Jesus can save the Broncos against the Patriots.

    But I will be praying for a miracle anyway.

  174. Jesus C says:

    Great, another request, i’m overloaded. Jason, remind me saturday about the diarrhea.. thanks.


  175. SUSYQUE says:

    #158…See #166

  176. jason says:

    I once gave the name of one of my 3 alma maters and was attacked for it. So I don’t talk about where I went. I am sensitive.

  177. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Santorum says internet should not be free….

    Mr. “Santorum”, meet Mr “Anonymous.”

  178. marc says:

    Maybe second time is the charm jason.

  179. marc says:

    Denver will be looking to what the Jets did last year to the Pats in the playoffs.

  180. Corey says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing that jason.

    Can’t understand why you would be attacked unless it was a …… clown college.

  181. !!!!Tebow!!!! says:


  182. jason says:

    If I revealed where I went to school it would be obvious why I am so brilliant.

    I rather everyone thinks its natural brilliance.

  183. Charles says:

    I see nothing has changed.

    Susy wants to suck Tebow’s dick.

    Marv still wants to suck Perry’s dick.

    Corey still wants to such Romney’s dick.

  184. NewtChickenHawk says:

    MFG- is Tebow the second coming?

  185. Jesus says:

    #185- No.


  186. jason says:

    Hey Charles, why don’t you live out your fantasies somewhere else?

  187. Corey says:

    I’m the only one who would get to be a White House intern!

  188. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Fox News streaming with Frank Luntz. Rand Paul to be on soon.

  189. SUSYQUE says:

    173…Knock it off…you are crossing the line of decency. You are a word bully…saying vulgar things to a decent woman. You are a misogynist who uses sexual innuendo to disparage females who probably found you unacceptable.

  190. Corey says:

    Arkansas State needs to be made aware that the NIU Huskies absolutely sucked in the first half of the last game they played, but then came back to win Tebow style…

  191. Brandon says:

    I guess NewtChickenHawk is bubu?

  192. Corey says:

    Could be Jul..

  193. Annie says:

    173 – That BS comment in regards a female is NOT okay – crude and very offensive. And very immature.

  194. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Merriam-Webster adds ‘Santorum’ to its dictionary

  195. MD says:

    That post isn’t from “charles”. It is from a poster that Dave repeatedly bans (NOT IP).

    Good for Tebow. He made some absolutely great throws. The kid has a very strong arm. He is very inconsistent with his short passes but that can improve over time.

    Bitter – you are coming off as, uh, Bitter by going after the kid so hard.

    I think the Pats will win next week but the Broncos can enjoy this victory. They were fortunate that Pitt’s front 4 were all injured but Tomlin, to his credit, said that was no excuse. A great game. What football is all about.

  196. MD says:

    NBC is starting in on the “extreme Mormon” stuff quite early. They are going to have a show where some of Romney’s ancestors went to Mexico so they could live like Mormons used to live. Never mind that this was a long, long time ago. Obviously, Axelrod is now very concerned that Romney will prevail and is taking action. Sick. Very, very sick but they will make it untraceable.

  197. MD says:


    I agree. We joke around a lot here and can get pretty nasty at times but there is a line we shouldn’t cross. That post crossed the line clearly. I find your posts to some of the most informative here at HHR. Please stay.

  198. Annie says:

    197 – Should be “sanctorum” – the sanctimonious dweeb.

  199. MD says:

    Christie is awesome as reported by

    EXETER, N.H. — Like spectators in the Roman Colosseum, the Republican faithful screamed for their favorite gladiator as he stood poised for the kill.

    It had been, up to that point, a standard-fare, even tame, political rally. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the front-runner in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, quoted, as he often does, from “America The Beautiful.” New Jersey Gov. Christie repeated material he has used before about the need to expand, not divide, the American pie.

    But then two young women yelled at Christie while he was speaking: “Christie kills jobs! Christie kills jobs!”

    Christie paused. He had one hand on the microphone and the other in his pocket.

    “Really?” he asked.

    The crowd roared; they knew what was coming.

    And that’s when he delivered a line destined for YouTube fame: “Something may go down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart.”

    As the protesters were removed, the Garden State governor pivoted off the women’s chants to blast President Obama and boast about his own success in New Jersey.

    “See it’s this confusion that’s out there, because if [the protester] was in New Jersey…she would know that we created 60,000 private sector jobs!” Christie roared.

    He continued: “And if she wasn’t so blinded by her Barack Obama-induced anger, she would know that American jobs are coming back when Mitt Romney is the president of the United States!”

    And finally: “If she wasn’t so disoriented by the loss of ‘hope and change,’ she’d understand that Mr. Romney is the hope for America’s future!”

    For rally-goers who said they were more familiar with Christie’s “rough around the edges” personality than his his positions on the issues, they had gotten the red meat they had come for.

  200. Corey says:

    Romney great-grandfather was a polygamist and Obama’s father was a polygamist.

    People won’t make too much of it.

  201. MD says:

    The Giants will NOT beat the Pack next week. Someone pointed out that the Giants beat the Pack in the NFC Champ game 4 or 5 years ago in GB. That was when BRINT was QB and he chucked a few that day. Rodgers won’t make those mistakes.

  202. Annie says:

    Thanks, MD – I’ve been checking in with the HHR for a very long time now – since Dave began the HHR. And, yes, it can get a bit wild here…but everyone here are sort of friends from far flung parts of the country (perhaps Chekote excluded? Doesn’t seem to like us much…) and a degree of respect should be shown as one would for any friend.

  203. MD says:

    I know Corey but it is absurd and quite obvious the goal of the story is to make Romney, by extension, look bad. You didn’t see any stories about Obama’s father on NBC. Watch how hard they advertise this story. The msm makes me sick.

  204. MD says:

    The filter? Somehow 173 could get through yet my innocuous post could not.

  205. Annie says:

    So long as Romney is not a polygamist. Far better a husband to a single woman than Newt, the serial womanizer.

  206. MD says:

    Annie – we all have our moments, me more than most. I know that. I hit hard and don’t always play fair. I even enjoy the guy talk about women. However, we all know the line and only idiots would go over that.

  207. lisab says:

    Speaker O’Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama “Mrs. YoMama”

  208. MD says:

    Annie – I am positive that they have turned over every single rock on Romney and have found nothing. The best they can do is go back 70 or 80 years and find some relatives and comment on how Romney transported a dog in 1983. It is beyond pathetic.

  209. Annie says:

    It’s one thing to talk raunchy about hypothetical BJs and dream gals with big hooters (heck, I enjoy those comments, too, as I’m no prude), and quite another to direct a really crude remark toward a particular person, especially as a man toward a woman that is a friend on this site.

  210. lisab says:

    White House ‘covered up’ Tim Burton-staged Alice in Wonderland Halloween party
    The White House covered up an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party staged by film director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp for fear of creating the wrong impression during a recession, a new book on the Obamas has claimed.

  211. SUSYQUE says:

    #184…this kind of post must not be allowed on HHR

  212. Annie says:

    My husband has just finished making me a delicious looking filet mignon and pasta dinner, and says I am to “come to the table” – so, I’ll have to sign off for now. (He’s the best steak-cook ever! He cooks the steaks, I clean up after – it’s our deal.)

  213. MD says:

    Susy – you get on my nerves all the time but I do agree on this issue. Shouldn’t be allowed. 173 is not the poster who was known as Charles here. It is another guy that Dave has repeatedly banned. He must get a new computer and basically does the same post every few months.

  214. MD says:

    215 – I’m coming over! Medium rare. Do you wine to go with that? If not, I have a good cab.

  215. MD says:

    Bitter – Wawa expanding to Florida. Thank God. I plan to retire in 10 to 12 years and move there. I need my Wawa.

  216. Annie says:

    MD – A petite sirah from a local Nor. California vinter. Bye until after dinner – smells great! (I’m definitely never going to be a vegan.)

  217. MD says:

    Don’t tell Lisab that Annie. Haven’t had a really good steak in over a month.

  218. Tim V says:

    150 is not me. im ok with parady handles but not ok with hijacking someone else’s hamdle

  219. Tim V says:

    several of the posts on this thread have crossed the line. dave needs to ban or reprimand someone or several,depending.

  220. MD says:

    Agree Tim V. Annie has made me very hungry now. I haven’t eaten much in the last 3 days because I have been sick.

  221. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I said nothing about Tebow as he lost over the last three weeks. Nothing. I’m sorry I don’t get caught up in waves of emotion like Tebow-mania and Support the Saints becuase Bush killed their fans crap.

  222. Tim V says:

    SUSYQUE says:
    January 8, 2012 at 10:02 pm
    #184…this kind of post must not be allowed on HHR

    i agree. i don’t find these posts funny, just crude and mean.

  223. MD says:

    Going to try and get a good night’s sleep. Bye all.

  224. Bitterlaw says:

    Florida? Enjoy it. I have no interest in moving there.

  225. janz says:

    Feel better, MD. Good night.

  226. NewtChickenHawk says:

    PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls Reply Retweet Favorite · Close
    10 minutes or so and we’ll have the not terribly enthralling New Hampshire poll out

  227. Tim V says:

    I also don’t care for the Jesus parody posts. I find those offensive also.

  228. jason says:

    Hey TimV don’t be the male version of susyque, one anal retentive persona is enough for one blog.

    But you are right about hijacking handles.

  229. Bitterlaw says:

    I agree that the specific vulgarity directed at SUSYQUE was wrong. Jesus posts are no worse than Jesus wants Tebow to win. Both are equally stupid.

  230. jason says:

    ” Both are equally stupid.”

    Yeah, but it’s a free country.

    And this is a blog, not a church meeting.

    I am offended by susyque’s moronic hall monitoring. But I take it like a man.

  231. jason says:

    Good. Buchanan is a racist anti-semite like Ron Paul.

  232. Bitterlaw says:

    I meant that pro-Tebow and Jesus posts are equally stupid. SUSYQUE is a sanctmonious pain but I wouldn’t want to even think about your line of attack. Gross.

  233. jason says:

    236. ????

    I agreed with you that the posts are equally stupid…

    What line of attack?

  234. Bitterlaw says:

    The idea of SUSYQUE and … Sex of any kind. Any kind.

  235. jason says:

    Ahh, now I understand.

    But I was thinking more of a surrogate professional, not a civilian like your or me.

    Heaven forbid.

  236. Corey says:


    21 points for Northern Illinois at the Half will surpass the game total for both teams tomorrow night.

  237. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “The two biggest priorities for primary voters are to decide which candidate can make Washington DC as inconsequential to the life of the average American as possible, and who can challenge President Obama directly on the worst legislation of our time–Obamacare.

    Mitt Romney has no track record that would point to being able to accomplish either of these. Even a small whiff of a challenge on Obamacare by Romney will be followed up with an Obama “thank you” note for writing it for him.”

  238. jason says:

    “Mitt Romney continues to be headed for a comfortable win in New Hampshire. PPP’s final poll there finds him with 35% to 18% for Ron Paul, 16% for Jon Huntsman, 12% for Newt Gingrich, 11% for Rick Santorum, 3% for Buddy Roemer, and 1% for Rick Perry.”

    Ah yes, Hunstman will come in second and we will have a new anti-Romney.

    True conservatives will have to swallow hard to make Huntsman into a conservative alternative to Romney.

  239. Corey says:

    That would be interesting since Huntsman’s new rationale is that Mitt is too mean towards the Obama Administration.

  240. Bitterlaw says:

    Ron Paul’s favorite cartoon character appears.

  241. jason says:

    Romney has categorically committed to repeal Obamacare from Day 1.

    Good enough for me.

    I love this hypocrisy about Romney, when he has always been clear the mandate was a state program.

    Why isn’t Wylie complaining about Newt, who advocated for national mandates on HC.

  242. Mittmentum!!!!! says:

    “3% for Buddy Roemer, and 1% for Rick Perry.”

    Will someone please call our friend, Marv and make sure he’s ok?

  243. jason says:

    Of course, they morphed Newt, who has always been to the left of Romney, into a “conservative”, so I guess they can do it to Huntsman too.

  244. jason says:

    I think if Buddy beats Perry its sayonara… really.

    Is Buddy really a candidate? Why does he get polled?

  245. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason “true conservatism” doesn’t matter to “true conservatives.” Don’t you understand that?

  246. jason says:

    Wylie used to have some cogent arguments, especially against Obamacare.

    But sadly it seems like he has become a Paulbot.

    Hard to be credible after that, considering Paul is one of the biggest porkers in Congress.

  247. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Just out

    New WMUR/UNH poll: Mitt 41 Paul 17 Huntsman 11 Santorum 11 Newt 8

  248. Corey says:

    I know a guy in my area who is legitimately Buddy Roemer’s Marv.

    Of course, they made Roemer’s #1 guy in Illinois for obvious reasons.

  249. jason says:

    ” Jason “true conservatism” doesn’t matter to “true conservatives.” Don’t you understand that?”

    I do now. It started when some of our true conservatives said “immigration did not matter” when Perry and Newt essentially proposed amnesty.

    Then Newt’s support for HC mandates, carbon tax, global warming, fairness doctrine, big government “big ideas” etc didn’t matter either.

    I got the message.

  250. Corey says:

    Less than 25 hours until Dixville Notch!

  251. jason says:

    I think that like in Iowa Ron Paul’s support is overestimated.

    Many of the Paulbots polled don’t vote in NH.

  252. NewtChickenHawk says:

    Paul campaign is changing modes from going for early victories into more of a bunker mode.

    We have the money for the million dollar Florida markets, but he is instead choosing to fund 10 or so small caucus states instead where we have the chance to upset Romney.

  253. jason says:

    ” but he is instead choosing to fund 10 or so small caucus states instead where we have the chance to upset Romney.”

    So that says he has given up on the nomination and just wants to be a pain in the ass.

    I hope the idiots donating to him realize they are funding “a message” not a “candidate”.

  254. jason says:

    ” New WMUR/UNH poll: Mitt 41 Paul 17 Huntsman 11 Santorum 11 Newt 8 ”

    That would be devastating to Newt’s fundraising….

    But I think he will finish 5th.

  255. Corey says:

    Chandler Harnish can play in the NFL..

  256. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “So, what about government currency?

    Well, when the state controls currency, they can inflate to their heart’s content, and, especially if it cannot be redeemed, there is no check on it beyond the inevitable recession or depression. Since money is nothing but paper the state prints, they can make as much as they want, and they do, which is why we lose purchasing power every year, though we have become so used to this we don’t even notice any longer.

    In addition, it works as a hidden tax. When the government prints money and uses it to buy things, it drives up prices, making our savings worth less. In effect, they have secretly taxed every dollar of savings to finance those purchases. But inflation is worse than an honest tax, as it strikes unevenly, and tends to cause economic dislocations out of proportion to the numbers themselves.

    In addition, thanks to the ability to suddenly revalue currencies, nations tend to develop rather hostile economic policies as they attempt to be the first to revalue the currency to their advantage, before another nation does it to them. In general, fiat currency makes money management a tool for exporting economic loss to other countries.

    And yet, this system, which hides taxes, wrecks economies and fosters hostile international relations, is modern and benevolent, while the stable system which exchanged value for value and could be run without the slightest government involvement was the “barbarous relic”? I can’t understand how this thought process works. ”,_2011.thtml

  257. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    Yep, we certainly cant trust those people with too much Freedom and Liberty…..we Establishment Statist RINOs will use unlimited government intervention and power so much better then them Establishment Statist Democrats:

    “He declared himself against individualism, against libertarianism, against “this whole idea of personal autonomy, . . . this idea that people should be left alone.” And in this 2005 TV interview, you can hear these classic hits: “This is the mantra of the left: I have a right to do what I want to do” and “We have a whole culture that is focused on immediate gratification and the pursuit of happiness . . . and it is harming America.”

    No wonder Jonathan Rauch wrote in 2005 that “America’s Anti-Reagan Isn’t Hillary Clinton. It’s Rick Santorum.” Rauch noted:

    In his book he comments, seemingly with a shrug, “Some will reject what I have to say as a kind of ‘Big Government’ conservatism.”

    They sure will. A list of the government interventions that Santorum endorses includes national service, promotion of prison ministries, “individual development accounts,” publicly financed trust funds for children, community-investment incentives, strengthened obscenity enforcement, covenant marriage, assorted tax breaks, economic literacy programs in “every school in America” (his italics), and more. Lots more.

    Rauch concluded,

    With It Takes a Family, Rick Santorum has served notice. The bold new challenge to the Goldwater-Reagan tradition in American politics comes not from the Left, but from the Right.”

    So our new so-called “conservative” champion doesnt believe ANY sphere in your life is off-limits to the wonderous powers of central government?

    Yep, we better trash those people who really beleive in individual libery and Constitutional government some more…..

  258. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “In 2010 even Ann Coulter was making speeches at CPAC warning that if we chose the candidate who had authored Obamacare to become the nominee, then President Obama would be easily re-elected. She was right of course.

    But somewhere along the line instead of being bold, defiant, grassroots, and in control, someone started feeding voters the meme that the man who saw to it that $50 state-subsidized abortions were included in his vision of mandated government health care, was the best of poor choices.

    Even Ann Coulter 2.0 drank the kool-aid.

    Worse yet the choices that are left in the race are establishment folks who ate earmarks for a living in Pennsylvania, embraced government involvement in the biggest hoax of our time–man made Global Warming, and who could forget the man that as Governor of Massachusetts raised taxes on everything from gasoline to “certificates of blindness.” (No it’s real… Look it up.)”

    Yeah, go Willard! He is single-handedly redefining Managerial Statism as “conservative”……lets all be Romney-bots and get in on the big General Election defeat!

  259. Ann Coulter says:

    Lay off Wylie. Mitt is a handsome man, ok? Golly!!

  260. Bitterlaw says:

    Emerica’s links v. Wylie’s cut and paste jobs? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  261. jason says:

    Wylie still cannot explain why Obama would be better than Romney.

    And no, we are not going back to the gold standard.

  262. Diogenes says:

    A mandate for catastrophic health insurance is the soundest way for us to solve a big chunk of our health problems.

    What happens when you go to the emergency room? That’s right, they HAVE to treat you if you have a life-threatening emergency. As such, all persons should be required to have catastrophic coverage just like all people are required to have car insurance in certain states.

    That’s why Republicans were almost all for reasonable insurance mandates before Obamacare. It was a sane solution to a big problem.

    Of course dems, once they got their hands on it, twisted it so that everyone ends up getting cadillac care all for “free.” You can’t really find many conservatives that have been involved in politics for many years that don’t have the insurance mandate skeleton in their closet.

    The real predicament for the GOP is that when they win back power a big chunk of their base expect for us to go back to the days of Calvin Coolidge. Well it’s not going to happen. Obamacare, if it’s going to be repealed, will have to be replaced.

    I think Rommey realizes this and will extract his pound of flesh from the democrats. Otherwise we will have more gridlock and more socilist gridlock.

  263. new says:

    Diogenes, should conservatives be concerned about Romney’s history at Bain Capital?

    Democrats are already flying fired workers across the country to counter Romney’s job creating claims.

  264. Diogenes says:

    Romney winning the nomination means that the election will be about Obama’s record not Romney’s. None of Romney’s “skeletons” are anything that independents will care about. Only full-on socialists would find anything wrong with Romney’s past.

    This election will be a referendum on Obama. All that matters is that Romney appears a competent alternative once people have decided they are done with Obama. Nothing in Romney’s past disqualifies him (unlike the rest of the clowns that make up the GOP field).

  265. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #271 There is also nothing in Romney’s past record that makes him philospohically any different from Obama

    Romney is an unlimited government Manageral Progressive

    Obama is an ulimited government Ideological Progressive

    In other words, they are both Statists!

    So unless you follow politics like a sport where you root for your “team” to “win” for the sake of winning there is no reason for optimisim with a Romney nomination. You will get more of the same under Romney ie decline, serfdom, and oppression

  266. lisab says:

    ” Only full-on socialists would find anything wrong with Romney’s past.”

    no we don’t

    romney is much better than obama

  267. lisab says:

    “There is also nothing in Romney’s past record that makes him philospohically any different from Obama”

    romney cut spending dramatically in massachusetts and also balanced the budget

  268. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #273 Romney slightly slowed the growth of government and didnt really “cut” a darn thing…..while creating an out of control budget time bomb with RomneyCare

    And he raised taxes and fees on nearly everything in cite

    You make my point well: He is a Managerial Progressive Statist

    A “paid for” oppressive big government is still an oppressive big government

    A distiction without a difference

    This is the kind of phoney-baloney “conservatism” pedelled in Canada, UK, Europe etc

    We really dont want limit government (cause we love da power, perks, and $$$ too!) – we will just manage the Authoritrian Welare State better!

    All hail Willard da Great!

  269. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #268 Yeah if your a socialist/statist who wants to get government in control of HC!

    Newsflash poindexter: the “Free” ER problem was caused by a previous Unconstitutional governement imposed “compassionate” regulation forced on Hospitals, providers, and consumeers!

    So your “solution” to the problem created by a past misguided government intervention is to authorize yet MORE government intervention?

    Your “big” ER problem costs you $184 dollars a year (compare with $109 per year extra you pay in stores due to costs added to your bill from shoplifting “freeloaders”) while government mandated insurance will add an additional $2400+ per year to your bill!

    How is a huge loss of individual freedom and $$$ is in any way “conservative”?

    This makes sense only to a dedicated Romney apologist!

  270. lisab says:

    “Romney slightly slowed the growth of government and didnt really “cut” a darn thing”

    that is incorrect

    he cut tremendous amounts

  271. lisab says:

    we in massachusetts like romneycare

    our state, our choice

    don’t try to impose your views of how things should be on us

  272. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #268 Actually I want to go back to at least the days of Grover Cleveland, heck really Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson etc

    Why is it so unthinkable that people should be allowed to live unmolested in Freedom?

    If keep clinging to the Statist/Socialist notion that government intervention (ie using force or coersion) can “fix” things thru “social engineering” or “scientific management” of the economy (ie government central planning)instead of embracing the proper role of government as simply a collective protector of Individual Rights we will continue to find stuff getting ever worse…..

  273. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #276 He slowed the astronomical rate of government growth slightly….and his ObamaCare proto type program is now eating your budget lunch

    in other words, he was, like I said, a managerial Progressive Statist!

    While it is true that the people of Massachusetts can try an governmental gimick that want since that is their perogative under the 10th amendment, I in no way think that giving government the power at any level to force you to do practically anything they want is in any way Constitutional under the 14th amendment!

  274. lisab says:

    “Why is it so unthinkable that people should be allowed to live unmolested in Freedom?”

    you are trying to take away the system we wanted

    it was our choice

  275. lisab says:

    “Why is it so unthinkable that people should be allowed to live unmolested in Freedom?”

    actually he cut spending and balanced the budget every year

  276. Diogenes says:

    I wish we could move back to the days before Calvin Coolidge and the government was tiny and America was free.

    However, the damage is done. Social Security and MEdicare/Medicaid are here to stay. Romney knows how to sell the repeal of Obamacare which is to say that it drains money we don’t have and wrecks the New Deal.

    I’ll take what I can get in the here and now. Sticking to principle and staying home got us Obama which was a 1000x worse for America than even more moderate McCain would have been.

  277. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #282 Sorry, I dont share your pessimism. SS, Medicare, etc are all ponzi-schemes that are doomed to collapse due to both $$$ and demographic reasons

    A “moderate” Statist is still a Statist!

    So the “damage” done by an Obama is done in four years vice 8 or 12?

    Again, a distiction without a difference

    Matters will still come to a head(ie national collapse) albiet perhaps on a different timeline if we continue to agree to “go along to get along” by not even trying to advance the correct principles

    The end result is the same

  278. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #280 Your “system” still cannot violate the Bill of Rights (see 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments)….not even in Massachusetts!

  279. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #281 Again, slowing rates of government growth and dependecy is not “cutting” and his budgets were “balanced” by increasing taxes and fees everywhere!

    Again, if you simply want a bland Manager for the Welfare State then Willard is your guy – go for it

    But dont insult my intellegence to by saying that guy is will do anything of any real significance to change the current central government Statist Levithan!

  280. lisab says:

    “Your “system” still cannot violate the Bill of Rights ”

    it doesn’t

    we are free to adopt romneycare under the 10th

    our state, our choice

  281. lisab says:

    “Again, slowing rates of government growth and dependecy ”

    actually romney got massachusetts spending under control, balanced the budget, lowered unemployment, increased our wealth, and gave everyone health care

  282. Tim says:

    I was sorry to hear of Tony Blankley’s passing…..

  283. Tim says:

    “ponzi schemes”? “doomed to collapse”? Well, one has been here for 47 years, and the other one for 77 years. Social Security has never cost the Government one dime. They have been the most successful social programs in history. Go ahead, and try to eliminate them. Then, stand back and watch, as the GOP goes the way of the Whigs.

  284. Tim says:

    Some of you have mentioned that you want to go back to the days of Calvin Coolidge, and before? Do you read history books? Geez……

  285. Tim says:

    I think he’s lying about that. As soon as he gets the nomination, just watch him make a beeline for the political center.

  286. Tim says:

    That is just way out of bounds. No reason to say something like that, here.

  287. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – I wanted the Falcons to beat the Giants. Blame me.

  288. Bitterlaw says:

    No government program costs “the government” anything. It costs the taxpayers a great deal.