Romney Leads Santorum by 8% in AZ

Arizona is one state where Rick Santorum has yet to overtake Mitt Romney to become the face of the Republican Party according to a new poll from Scott Rasmussen.

Mitt Romney 39%
Rick Santorum 31%
Newt Gingrich 15%
Ron Paul 7%

This poll was done February 16th among 750 likely voters.

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  1. SoHope says:

    bio, I never said anything about Santorum paying his wife out of campaign funds…

  2. janz says:

    More to be considered about Rick Santorum:

    While Rick Santorum was in the US Senate, he actually did have a couple of accomplishments worth noting. He managed to make CREW’s (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) list of “Most Corrupt Members of Congress” for both 2005 and 2006. In 2005, there were only 3 Senators that earned this dubious destinction so you might say that Rick Santorum actually was at some point really in the Top-tier.

    Rick Santorum top tier on most corrupt member of Congress

  3. david says:

    Any chance rick can win PA in November? If he does get the nom. and picks Rubio and can win PA, it would be hard for Obama to get re-elected.

  4. Wobbles says:

    What is going on about the Maine cauci recount?

  5. SoHope says:

    I am just saying that when Santorum looks down on Romney’s change of heart on abortion and he says you can tell what a person believes by who they sleep with, and Santorum’s wife was hooked up with a leading PA abortionist for 6 years….then Santorum either:

    1. Believes in changes of heart for people not named Romney.

    2. Santorum is 2 steps from being a cold blooded abortionist and his wife one step from being one.

  6. Tim says:

    Well, let’s see. He lost his last Senate race there by 18 points. So……..

  7. Annie says:

    David – Santorum will lose PA in November, just like he lost it in 2006. They really don’t like him that much in PA anymore. Like I said in the last thread, Santorum has nothing in his experience fiscally to offer people that would make them vote for him over the big spender Obama (I’m talking about the general voting public – not conservatives). And, independents will swing back toward Obama when confronted with his self-righteous social stands.

  8. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    The American people hate phony holier than people like Rick. He was one of the most corrupt members of congress. He is a liar who stole money from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

  9. CPA says:

    Mittbot meltdown continues unabated.

  10. Annie says:

    According to CPA in the last thread, “the electability argument is crap.” Stating that Santorum is just as electable as Romney. To which I state “bullcr*p” – Santorum will lose due to his stand on social issues and primarily because of his plain and simple lack of experience as a fiscal conservative and as an executive.

  11. DW says:


    1. I am not a MittBot, I am a BeatBarackHusseinObamaBot

    2. I am not melting down, I remain confident that Romney will win the nomination.

  12. T.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.RA.A.Y.M. says:

    Who cares who Santorum’s wife dated? I almost married an election fraud criminal.

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    Come out and fight, lurkers.

  14. Barrett says:

    I have to agree with #11

  15. CPA says:

    Social Issues, the country needs therapy. We got economic issues, security issues w/terror, military issues w/Iran, and all we can talk about is social issues. Santourm is ahead in MI because he is talking about economic growth and bringing MFG back to the USA.

    Let Obama talk social issues.

  16. Annie says:

    “Mittbot meltdown continues unabated.”

    No one is “melting down” when pointing out the tremendous flaws of Rick Santorum. Should we all just shut up and let him sail into a nomination without being vetted? Santorum will lose to Obama. That is a fact. I guess even Ron Paul is afraid to run ads about Santorum’s sanctimonious beliefs on social issues, for fear of ticking-off the evangelicals. Obama’s ilk will have no reservations –

  17. CPA says:

    Mittbot meltdown continues. Bye for now

  18. SoHope says:

    The (P)RickBot madness is ending.

  19. janz says:

    I think Santorum may hold longer, as the official ABR cnadidate, because there is no one else in which to pass that mantle.

    But, there is just too much in Santorum’s past for him to continue relishing the holier-than-thou conservative placeholder, especially concerning all important fiscal issues. It’s starting to creep out, piece by piece, and running ads making fun of any negativity in vetting his record is only a temporary cork in the dam.

  20. Barrett says:

    #18 – Brilliant tactic! After your statement was proven incorrect, simply repeat your statement to make it correct again!


  21. Robbie says:

    Mitt Romney!!!

  22. Annie says:

    CPA – Santorum is a union supporter. Moreover, he has absolutely no knowledge of how to generate jobs or to create wealth. He can talk all he wants about economics and increasing manufacturing, but he just doesn’t have that experience or ability.

    I worked on campaigns before, and we would have pow wow talks about what the “message” should be – what does the candidate say that would generate the most votes. The message was crafted. Santorum is saying the message, as all the GOP candidates are – but he does not have the experience to back it up.

  23. bio mom says:

    Here is a great article about the disaster that would be Rick Santorum as the nominee:

  24. Tim says:

    I am certainly no “Mittbot”. Here is what I firmly believe.

    If Santorum is the nominee, and the economy coninues it’s recovery on the present pace, he loses 35-40 states. This election will look a lot like 1996. And, it will just kill the GOP, downballot.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion. So…….

  25. Barrett says:

    Wobbles likes Mitt Romney?

    I thought you wanted the broken convention?

  26. Annie says:

    You are correct, Tim.

  27. SoHope says:

    “Rick Santorum is one of the greatest minds of the 13th Century”

    Yeah, he will be able to stay on the economy.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    Why is Tim the Democrat the one who provides some of the most reasonable insight? Step it up, people!

  29. Scott says:

    My recollection is that in 1996 with Dole at the top of the ticket,the down ticket GOP candidates did mostly OK.Please disabuse me of this statement if I am incorrect.Thanks.

  30. Robbie says:

    I love Mitt Romney! I love everything about him! I love the fact he’s severely conservative! I love the fact he loves the height of the trees in Michigan! I love the way he sings America the Beautiful at his campaign stops! I love Mitt Romney and I love the excellent support he receives in these comment sections. I love Mitt Romney!

  31. Robbie says:

    My recollection is that in 1996 with Dole at the top of the ticket,the down ticket GOP candidates did mostly OK.Please disabuse me of this statement if I am incorrect.Thanks.

    Comment by Scott — February 17, 2012 @ 11:42 am

    You’re correct. Republicans hung onto the House and even gained three seats in the Senate brining their total to 55.

    I love Mitt Romney!

  32. bio mom says:

    Here is another good article that helps summarize Santorum’s electoral problems.

  33. Annie says:

    Time to get to work here in California – Check in with everyone later in the day!

  34. Barrett says:

    Glad to have you on board, wobbles.

    DNC Headquarters called. They wanted to thank you for your efforts towards Obama’s re-election.

  35. Annie says:

    Robbie – I love that Romney balanced Massachusetts’ budget and left the state with a surplus after the Democrats had the state bankrupt. I like that he could turn around the financially sinking ship of the Olympics and set a standard to follow for future Olympics. I like that Romney knows how to generate wealth. I like that he is a moral person and good family man. I like that he will strengthen our military, unlike Obama who is destroying our national defense. I could go on and on, but I must go to my job…unlike you Robbie, who appears to be out of work (perhaps due to Obama’s prolonging the great recession).

  36. SoHope says:

    #33…wow that is deadly

  37. DW says:

    Annie, what are you doing in California? Get out! Get out why you still have some wealth left.

  38. janz says:

    #29 Bitter

    It’s because Tim isn’t grinding any axes, but commenting on how he sees it.


    Romney is actually proving to be very principled in the MI primary. He hasn’t backed away from his controversial stance on the auto bailouts (which I support). And, he continues to fight big union’s grip on labor by supporting the RTW act that is filtering through various states.

    Mitt Romney vs. MI GOPers on labor

    Santorum, OTOH, continues to brown-nose his way into the good graces of big labor, which also goes hand-in-hand with his support for so many big government policies. It appears to be paying off for him in states, such as MI, where big labor still has considerable sway. But, how principled is that?

  39. Wobbles says:

    I wonder if Tim wobbles?

  40. janz says:

    As a matter of clarification — I didn’t support the auto bailouts, but rather that they should have done as Ford did, and been left alone to re-structure their own business, even if it meant going through the bankruptcy process.

  41. DW says:

    38…I read that. Wow, but I do agree that we shouldn’t have women in combat. Its not that they cannot do the job, but I am from the old school where men were protectors of women and children, when the ship is sinking, all the women and children get the lifeboats, and the men go down with ship.

  42. Robbie says:

    35.Glad to have you on board, wobbles.

    DNC Headquarters called. They wanted to thank you for your efforts towards Obama’s re-election.

    Comment by Barrett — February 17, 2012 @ 11:45 am

    It’s so sad group think has taken over this board and anyone not completely sold on the awesomeness of Romney is somehow a Democrat plant. If it eases your concerns to believe everyone not for Romney is a Democrat, go right ahead.

    Some of us feel we don’t need to resign ourselves to a bad choice until we have no other option. Until Robot Romney crosses the 1144 mark, I’ll hope we can find a better choice. Once he crossed that mark, I’ll be 100% for him.

    If HHR political strategists can’t understanf that line of thinking, too bad for you.

  43. JackJ says:

    Santorum said he voted for free birth control. He didn’t come across like a jerk last night on Greta.

    Comment by jenny-not a republican anymore — February 17, 2012 @ 9:09 am

    The American people hate phony holier than people like Rick. He was one of the most corrupt members of congress. He is a liar who stole money from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

    Comment by jenny-not a republican anymore — February 17, 2012 @ 11:27 am

    jenny the former Republican has been alternating pro-Santo and anti-Santo posts for the past few days. She’s either bi-polar or one of Transparent Dem Troll’s weakest employees.

  44. Barrett says:

    #44 – Wobbles. Have fun with your brokered convention!

  45. Wobbles says:

    I am Wobbles, and I want a brokered convention. There are several of us HHR braintrust members that want a brokered convention.

    Of course, we are for Rommney. Of course we really do not think a brokered convention will occur.

  46. SoHope says:


  47. janz says:

    SoHope, I just read that, about Gingrich’s new infusion of money from Adelson, on the Burns/Haberman column. Also noted there was that a yet-unnamed Romney supporter in Ohio is going to switch over to Santorum. It is speculated to be DeWine.

    I wonder what the underlying reason is for Adelson’s big donation, especially at a time when Gingrich is dramatically sinking in the polls.

  48. SoHope says:

    I wonder what an I told you so would be worth to a santorum supporter after obama is reelected.

  49. SUSYQUE says:

    #36…bio mom…thanks for the 3 urls. Have copied them so can go to them after I finish my chores. Good hunting!

  50. bob says:

    Susan B Anthony just endorsed Rick Santorum.

  51. bio mom says:

    I thought that the Tea Partiers and the right want an anti-Washington standard bearer. Explain to me then how Rick Santorum, who was in Congress and the Senate since age 29 and when defeated for reelection stayed in Washington as a lobbyist (sorry, “consultant” as both he and Gingrich use that term) can be their standard bearer? It is hypocritical. He absolutely CANNOT run against Washington. So you would have two Washington insiders, Santorum and Obama, both claiming to be running against Washington. What a choice that would be!! Come on conservatives, get over your silly childish pique and support Mitt Romney who might actually be able to win and who MOST CERTAINLY is qualified to be President and actually run the country!!!