GOP Leads Obama in IA

Somewhat surprising news from a new poll from The Des Moines Register that shows both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney ahead of Barack Obama in the state of Iowa.

PRESIDENT – IOWA (Des Mines Register)
Rick Santorum (R) 48%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 44%

Mitt Romney (R) 46%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 44%

Ron Paul (R) 49%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 42%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 51%
Newt Gingrich (R) 37%

This poll was done February 12-15 among 600 likely voters.

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  1. Waingro says:


  2. Waingro says:

    I wouldn’t believe these overall numbers if it weren’t for Newt’s numbers. Iowa is there for the taking!

  3. EML says:

    F***ing party purists and santorum idiots. Whats going on now is exactly what i presicted would happen. Turn on MTP today and what are they talking about, jobs and the exonomy? Of course not, it’s religion and politics. All thanks to santorum, we have turned from a winning formula talking about the economy to a losing formula talking about religion, abortion, and contraception.

  4. CAgopguy says:

    Eml is a little testy today. Go Newt but i’m afraid Newt is even behind in GA. Sigh

  5. michael corleone says:

    Why are we shirking from a fight on Religion and social issues?

    Reverend Wright v. Catholocism (I wonder which wins there?)

    Gay marriage v. Straight Marriage (straight marriage a winner)

    Abortion v. No-abortion (50-50 at worst)

    Women in combant v. Not women in combat (despite the MSM bubble, no women in combat is a majority position)

    God v Secularism (another no-brainer)

  6. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer2012 says:

    You want to make this a religious war?

    God vs Secularism in a Presidential election?

    Secularism will win in a landslide

    Again if this becomes the Jesus Party I’m done and I’ve donated tens of thousands to the Republican Party over the years

  7. EML says:

    Because we lose. The suburbanites who are going to decide this election dont want to be bombarded 24/7 with talk of religion, abortion, contraception, and gays. This election should be about obama’s failings, not Minister-on-chief Santorum’ s religious views. It’s a sure GE losing message.

  8. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer2012 says:

    OpenMouthInsertShotgunPullTrigger is moving along nicely now isn’t it?

  9. Brandon says:

    I’d rather not have a president preaching to me about God. I’ll leave that to church.

  10. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer2012 says:

    I have changed my mind

    I will not vote for Rick Santorum under any circumstances whatsoever

    I am also now suspending any further monetary aid to the Republican Party until I can assess whether or not we have become the Jesus Party

  11. EML says:

    And when i open my facebook and see a bunch of people posting articles about santorum’s religion, then i know that the socialists know that they have an easy path to victory with santorum as the nominee.

  12. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer2012 says:

    Looks like we are moving towards war

    Maybe Pope Ricky can walk upon the waters and stop it

  13. Wobbles says:

    You can blame Romney and the media for this. The economy should be the number one issue, but how many questions are asked in the debates? Very few.

    Romney cannot put away Santorum. A brokered convention is needed.

  14. Waingro says:

    Who gives a damn about MTP and the drive by agenda to get Barry across the finish line. With gas prices due to soar and if Gallup’s outlook on unemployment turns out to be the number at the end of this month, the drive bys will no longer be able to distract with these social issue smokescreens.

  15. Wobbles says:

    and deficits/debt.

  16. Wobbles says:

    You folks need to realize that the media will deflect all the bad issues against the President by doing this. It is old news and candidates like Romney who are having troubles “communicating” are to blame.

    The price rise in gasoline is the fault of the President – his actions regarding Keystone, the Gulf, and his actions in Libya and Egypt.

  17. Wobbles says:

    And please, MTD is garbage. Gregory is a fraud..

  18. Scott says:

    EML and Brandon
    Why is it not permissable to discuss God and religion in a political context?I agree that it is not the sole issue and that zealots on religion or any other subject should be shunned.
    That saidcCan you guys see that Obama wants to control just about every aspect of our lives.Three(3) examples:
    1-The 56.2 mile per hour fuel standards will leave all of us driving unsafe cars the size of a telephone booth.We will have no choice.
    2- The food police have now expanded to the MARS Co.,the military and our school chidren.
    3- ObamaCare for health decisions by the government.

    Most pain from the above issues do not kick in until the Kenyan’s second term. This is intentional.
    I prefer to control all aspects of my life!

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    MC – I don’t know where you live. I live in the subrbs outside Philadelphia. I promise you that most people I know (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) do not give a damn about contraception, gay marriage, and abortion in this election. it is the economy, taxes an jobs. Why? Because if I lose my job, it doesn’t matter to me who is doing what with their genitals.

  20. Wobbles says:

    Why ask these questions directed to supporters of Obama, Scott?

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    I have to get gas in my car today. Believe it or not, what my neighbors did in bed last night has nothing to do with the price per gallon. Don’t tell MC.

  22. Yolanda says:

    Even the majority of the GOP doesn’t want this election to be about religion. Santorum’s recent focus on this is suicidal. I now think he’ll lose Michigan, and Ohio, and thus the nomination.

    This isn’t of long-term detriment to us, come November. Santorum will be long forgotten and, once again, this all makes Romney look like a somewhat sane Republican to the type of independents (and yes, even disgruntled Democrats) we need.

    This doesn’t mean I’m sanguine about November. If the UE numbers continue to be “massaged,” we will lose. If UE stays above 8%, I think we win. The main wild card would be House Republicans, but they’ll be busy with their own re-election campaigns, and thus I don’t expect Congress to be the issue Obama hopes it’ll be.

  23. Wobbles says:

    Do you have a Range Rover? 16 gallons -$70-Los Angeles.

  24. Wobbles says:

    If gas continues to go on a tear, how does it factor in your analysis, Yolanda?

  25. Brandon says:

    Bitter, you’re just a RINO. This election needs to be about God and Gays.

  26. Yolanda says:

    Actually, I couldn’t get gas today at all. The parking lot for the local gas station was full of teens buying condoms, hand-holding guys in assless chaps buying weird kinds of lubricants, and fifteen-year-old girls asking for directions to the local abortion clinic.

  27. Waingro says:

    When was the last time (if ever) a POTUS election was about social issues? Its always either the economy stupid or national defense/security.

  28. Yolanda says:

    #24–Won’t gas be highest in the summer, as it usually is? If it’s back down to Earth by fall (or even lower than where it was over the summer, since research shows that voters actually care more about trends than absolutes), it won’t be an issue.

  29. Waingro says:

    Yolanda, apparently Iran has cut off oil supply lines to Britain and France. Expect gas prices to soar sooner than later.

  30. Yolanda says:

    #29–Electorally, I’d hope they soar later.

  31. Waingro says:

    True, but it would be nice if Barry’s rising approvals got a bit of a reality dose right now.

  32. Wobbles says:

    Well, AP is predicting $4.50 by Spring. At minimum, they stay the same until September, or they go even higher, which is the more likely scenario. By September and October, you are still looking at prices in the upper 3s to low 4s. The President would be responsible for it

  33. Wobbles says:

    Gas prices could be the October suprise, or the suprise that stays with us throughout the election.

  34. CAgopguy says:

    You guys miss the point with MC. Look at Snyder in MI. Who did he endorse? Snyder is not too conservative and yet what is his approval rating with democrats? 15%!! Think about who they are and are side needs to expose the fact that they are marxist theologians all. And then talk about how that connects to gas prices.

  35. Wobbles says:

    From that article:

    For Mr. Obama’s economic team, the increase in oil prices is an unwelcome reminder of how global events largely outside their control can hamper a recovery. For the third year in a row, a modest recovery faces head winds as winter turns to spring.

    Laughable, so Keystone and the Gulf were “beyond their control.”

  36. michael corleone says:

    A little perspective is needed here.

    1. First, John McCain, your precious Romney like moderate, suffered the worst loss for the GOP in 40+ years. He got crushed by women in the suburbs. He allowed the Democrat to win 53% of the vote for the first time in nearly 50 years. His ticket was so poor the Dems won a filibuster proof majority and expanded their numbers in the house.

    Even if Santo gets blown out as some of you predict, I can’t see how he loses any McCain state. And the Senate seats up for grabs make it impossible for the D’s to get a filibuster proof Senate majority. And due to redistricting, it will be very hard for the D’s to take back the House. If they do, it will be a very narrow margin. So in the end, the worst case scenario for Santorum is BETTER than the McCain outcome.

    However, the reward for a Santorum presidency is MUCH higher than the reward for a Romney or McCain presidency. First, we will finally have a campaign about competing visions. Second, even if elected, ROmney will merely manage decline; he will not be bold nor try to fundamentally right the ship. There is just no evidence of boldness in Romney’s past (actually, check that — he is bold when it comes to installing lib policies – see Romneycare). Santorum actually has a vision to create a great America again.

    2. The GOP is not becoming the “Jesus party.” Santorum is not pushing any sect of religion. Santorum, rather, is pointing out that our country is based on moral precepts stemming from the Judeo-Chrisitan faith. These ideas are deeply engrained in our Declaration, and remain, although latently (due to MSM-hollywood), in our culture. Our fiscal policies cannot be succesful if there is no familiy and no church; once those institutions are broken down the only allegiance remaining is to the government. (see the Soviet Union). You want limited government and low taxes, you need strong families and strong faiths. Otherwise, only gov’t remains to help those needing assistance.

    3. If you think fiscal policy is enough to win, you are wrong. 50% of the country is currently dependent on government, and hence, the GOP’s positions are naturally antagonsitic to this bunch. We need this election to be about something greater — about the heart of the American experience. If Santorum is on the ticket, we get an election about the virtues of capitalism v. communism, secularism v. morality. If we can’t win on these ideas, America is already dead. Romney v. Obama would be an election defined by platitudes and a refusal (at least on the GOP side) to debate the CORE beliefs of the D party. In other words, it will be McCain redux.

    4. “The precious suburban women will not support Santorum and hence he cannot win.” I reject this. First, Bush won in 2004 even though he LOST the suburbs (for example, he lost Bucks county PA). He won by turning out the Exurbs in places like NV and OH. This was one reason the exit polls were wrong; Bush was indeed missing the targets traditionally needed to carry places like OH, but was successful in bringing voters out in unexpected places.

    Second, despite the crap we hear from Jen Rubin and the MSM, women in their hearts agree with a lot of what Rick Santorum says. They will admire his family vlues and his values as a husband. This has been hinted at recently when Mika Brezinski of all people defended Santorum’s comments re contraception = license for promiscuity and STD’s. Similarly, Barbara Walters acknowledged that feminism is indeed radical and makes women feel bad for being stay at home moms. This resonates with a lot of working women, who are made to feel awful when they decide to leave a career (at least for a time)to have children.

    And I don’t want to hear that Walters and Mika are trying to get Santo the nomination by saying good things about him. Sure, they are automatic D votes, but their defense was heartfelt.

    And one more point – despite Jen Rubin’s apoplectic columns re Santo’s comments about women in combat, I just don’t see the public clamor for this. I don’t know any woman eager to engage in combat or register for the draft. And I served in the military with women. I never met one eager to become a SEAL.

    5. Santorum is not bringing up social issues, they are being thrown at us. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it the Left that is using Obamacare to usurp religious freedom. Isn’t it the left that is pushing gay marriage everywhere (WA, MD, and NJ?). What – we are not supposed to talk about these issues? McFly — we are in the majority on these issues. If we do not engage, we lose. Santorum will engage. I know many of you want to pretend that there is no culture war. But there is, and unless we engage, we risk losing everything that we hold dear and that has elevated the US above all others.

  37. mnw says:

    I think it’s sort of DUMB to curse the primary voters for preferring a candidate we don’t like.

    It’s like an investor saying, “The damn market is wrong!”

    If a geek like Santo is winning, or running close, the blame should not go to the voters, but to Romney… for running such a dopic, limp, uninspiring campaign.

  38. mnw says:

    Increase in oil prices, you say?

    Folks, we’re a shot away from a WAR IN THE MIDEAST!|

    Could happen this afternoon. $300/bbl? $400/bbl? Who knows? $7 gas $10 gas?

    Mick Jagger has it right: “War, children. It’s just a shot away. Shot away! Shot away!”

  39. Scott says:

    #20- Wobbles
    Because one of my great hobbies in life is to expose hypocrites on the left!

  40. Wobbles says:

    There is no way that the media can “block out completely” high gasoline and unemployment/underemployment.

  41. mnw says:

    2day’s headlines:

    “Iran Warships In Mediterranean”

    “Iran Ends Oil Shipments to Britain & France”

    “Iranian Guards Stage Biggest Land Exercises Ever”

    “Iran On Verge of Huge Uranium Production Increase”

  42. mnw says:

    I forgot one:

    “Saudis Announce Major Oil Production Cuts”

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    MC – I heard that one of your neighbors banged an albino midget and a pediatric oncology murse in a 3 way last night. You better find out if you still have a job or if gas hits $5 a gallon today.

  44. Phil says:

    Saudis cutting oil production? In light of oil price rise, I didn’t see that coming.

  45. SUSYQUE says:

    Ron Paul defeats Newt Gingrich, wins Georgia straw poll by Cowboy Byte

    Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul defeated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Saturday to win a Georgia straw poll conducted by the Gwinnett County Republican Party, Suwanee Patch reports.

    Mr. Paul bested Mr. Gingrich, a former Georgia congressman, with 115 votes. The Georgia Republican came in second with 73 votes and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum finished in third with 60 votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finished at the bottom of the Republican pack with 25 votes

  46. Yolanda says:

    #38–It’s completely in my right to blame my fellow voters for being idiots. If it weren’t for morons in CT, CO, DE, and NV, we’d control the Senate by now.

    Was Mike Castle a perfect candidate for us? No way. But the argument that we should punish him for not being perfect by nominating someone who has less electability than a Kardashian is silly.

  47. Phil says:

    Yep, the guy we got stuck with in Delaware is an out an out Marxist.

    Someone tell me how that helps conservatives.

    Could have had Jane Norton in the Senate. Don’t even get me started on Angle.

    Republican primary voters continue their suicide march. Obama loves you guys.

  48. Yolanda says:


    1) I don’t buy the argument that you’re making, which is that McCain lost because he was a moderate. Replace McCain with Santorum, and we would’ve lost by even more.

    The argument that a Santorum presidency gets us more than a Romney or a McCain president is a) moot, since he is simply unelectable, and b) debatable, since a president who rails against birth control is just going to cost us huge losses in 2014 and 2016 (at which point, it’s hello President Elizabeth Warren).

    2) Well, he’s certainly being portrayed as a “Jesus candidate.” That’s what matters.

    3) Fiscal policy IS enough for us to win. We trounced in 2010, and that was nothing about abortion, gay rights, or contraception. To say that people who get Social Security checks are therefore dependent upon the state and therefore do not care about massive deficits is just wrong.

    4) Sure, you don’t need to win suburban women to win the White House, but if we lose them by 30+ points, we’re in trouble. And I think it’s wrong to say that, since most women don’t ascribe to Barbara Boxer-style feminism, they’ll necessarily vote for a candidate who speaks openly about how bad contraception is.

    Polls show that the majority of AMERICANS–not just women–actually took Obama’s side in the whole religious-organizations-providing-contraception issue. This is NOT a winning issue for us.

    5) No one is saying the GOP should capitulate on issues the party cares about. But why do they need to be front-and-center in this campaign? I don’t hear Romney agreeing with Obama on the religious-organizations-providing-contraception issue, but I also don’t hear him talking all the time about how the pill is dangerous for women.

    I will say, if we do nominate Santorum, let’s go all out and nominate COD as his running mate. If we nominate anyone less pure, then we’ll have this whole idiotic discussion again in 2016 when people say, “We lost in 2012 by 20 points because we nominated two folks who weren’t conservative enough. Santorum, after all, doesn’t favor the death penalty for women who use the pill. And his running mate once shook hands with a woman who has a gay friend.”

  49. CAgopguy says:

    Mnw hit the nail right on the head

  50. Robbie says:

    These Iowa polls suggest Paul is the most electable, not Mitt Romney. Wow.

  51. michael corleone says:

    Santorum is not Christine O’Donnell. She is an idiot. He is intelligent.

  52. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    Satan has corrupted the NBA:

    “The corruption of culture, the corruption of manners, the corruption of decency is now on display whether it’s the NBA or whether it’s a rock concert or whether it’s on a movie set.”

    Damn you, Satan! I KNEW that’s why the Hornets are 7-23!!

  53. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    New Santorum ad:

  54. Todd McCain says:

    Romney is class over Ricky.

  55. Todd McCain says:

    I worked on Rick’s 2006 campaign — we couldnt get the daily focus off social issues —

  56. Echo Eph says:

    MC, I like your sermon. Come preach it over at BeJohn Galt dot com and we will all say Amen,Amen, and Amem.

    Here in squishland you will get mocked just like the secularists mock people of faith. What’s the difference ? Fiscal issues.

    Keep your religion and morality to yourself, just give me a job and keep my taxes low.-HHR herd, led by squish preachers MFG and Bitterrino.

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn it. My neighbor has a daughter in college and a daughter who is a high school senior. If either girl fooled around last night I ight lose my job or default on my mortgage.

  58. jenny-former republican says:

    Ron Paul leads Obama in Iowa…yeah right!

  59. Annie says:

    47 – My Sunday morning diatribe:

    Mike Castle was “perfect” for Deleware. That is why he should have been the candidate, not Christine “I am not a witch” McDonnell. At this point, I wonder just what is considered the “conservatism” that the talking heads and right-wing activists are trying to shove at us to make the GOP “pure.” If the point is to control the Congress, to win elections, then the candidates for particular races should match the needs of the constituents, not the ideals of conservative hacks. Some places require moderates, or even more liberal Republicans – like Rhode Island. That is fine for their neck of the woods…otherwise, the people will vote in Democrats, and defeat the purpose of a GOP controlled House and Senate. Likewise, on a national scale, conservatives who insist on social conservatism at a time when fiscal conservatism is being screamed for at top volume, is just plain party suicide. No, you can’t have it all…certainly a Santorum does not have the fiscal conservative background or the executive experience to pull it off. One thing the Democrats have been far, far better at doing in order to win elections is in their pragmatic approach to nominating candidates that can win. The GOP members who vote in primaries and caucuses still follow the precept that you should go for the most ideologically pure, like that will always be a winner. However, we live in a real world, and there are a lot of people with other points of view than Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, et al. As the saying goes, “all politics is local.” So, when determining who’s best for a certain place, the demographics of the entire region must be taken into consideration, not just a minority of wishful-thinkers. Same goes for picking a presidential candidate – we must think about the general voting electorate, not just the wishes of evangelicals and conservative activists.

  60. Tim V says:

    The problem with Rick is that even within the GOP base (the moderate side) social issues are a turn off. Imagine how he would play wuth independents. The country has simply become too secular and too morally degraded for a candidate to win an election who is at all preachy. Santorum is a general election loser. Case closed.

  61. Annie says:

    Polls today showing one candidate leading another for the November election are not very good indicators of who might actually win at that time – just snap-shots of this moment, when people are hearing a lot on the tube – Pick a candidate based on their resume, folks. A better resume than Obama’s is what will give the candidate the fighting chance of beating him next fall.

  62. Tim V says:

    my heart might be with rick but my head tells me, we need romney to win. I’d rather win with Mitt than lose with Rick.

  63. mnw says:

    I don’t care if people detest a CANDIDATE, but I think it’s DUMB to blame the voters.

    If Castle had run a better campaign, & if he was truly the better candidate, he should’ve DEFEATED COD.

    |To me, it’s exactly like me saying “I bought Exxon stock & the SOB went down! How can the market be so wrong!”

    The market by definition is never wrong.

    Romney head-over-heels better than Santo? That’s my view. Fine. Go beat him, Romney. If Romney CAN’T, then let’s blame Romney.

  64. janz says:

    #62 Annie

    You’re far to sensible for most people on the right. To them, their politics are not only right-sided but are ‘right’ for the entire nation. While they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all kind of government, they do proclaim and push for one-size fits all in their social issue beliefs. And, they are unable to see the hypocrisy of it all, as well.

  65. mnw says:

    Maybe Romney should (or should have) tailored his message (if he has one) to appeal more to primary voters?

    Is it the voters’ fault that they are lukewarm to Romney’s brand of dog food?

  66. Annie says:

    Tim V – Polls indicate that independents and females are swinging back toward Obama, mainly because of Gingrich (bad past with ex-wives) and Santorum (ultra-religious). The GOP has allowed itself to get off-topic on what people care about this election year – the economy and jobs. Also, the GOP is being gullible and allowing the Democrats to control the “message” getting out – Hence, we are hearing all about social issues. The GOP is allowing them to get away with declaring the economy and job picture to be improving, when multiple indicators show continued stagnation or an extremely weak uptick in what should by now be a huge upswing in productivity. Further, has anyone been paying attention to what is going on in the world??? The Iranians have just turned off their spigot to Europe, though most Europeans have by now looked for other sources. However, it will effect Greece, and Greece’s economy effects the EU. And the EU’s economy effects us. A chain reaction. The fact that Obama has managed foreign affairs so abysmally (“Arab Spring” = chaos and Islamic take-over of previous allied states, for instance) that the world now teeters on the precipice of potential world war makes one wonder why the topic is hardly broached in the political debate at hand. Of course, Santorum and Gingrich cannot tout themselves as having any foreign affairs experience on the scale of a sitting president, even a horrible one. However, Romney has had experience as the commander-in-chief of a state national guard and trade deals with other nations…

  67. Annie says:

    janz – Real big warning flares should have shot off when Santorum started questioning Obama’s “Christian” beliefs re his policies recently.

  68. Annie says:

    mnw – A candidate can run a perfect (or close to it) campaign and have a terrific message, and be a dynamo. But if the people who come out to vote in a particular cycle are dominated by one train of thought (such as the TEA Party activists of 2010), then those voters will vote for their brand of blarney. For instance, Romney has a perfectly wonderful fiscal conservative message – but the evangelicals and conservative “purists” have put negative labels (wrongly) on him (and he is a Mormon, which turns off bigots). Hence, in the three caucus states (MO, CO, MN) that Santorum won, the evangelicals that actually turned out to vote dominated the process. They were practically ordered by their ministers to vote for Santorum. Turnout was low, the states didn’t award delegates, and the weather was lousy – so, the primary voters were Santorum supporters. There are a lot of reasons why a candidate wins or loses other than “having a better message” or “running an inspiring campaign.” Sometimes, the hype drives people – and they vote with “feelings” rather than logic.

  69. Annie says:

    10 am in California, and I’m going to go to 11 am Mass – So, must get a move on to get ready. Yeah…I’m a Catholic…and I am NOT supporting Santorum’s load of hogwash. Hey, perhaps Santorum should become ambassador to the Vatican? It would be a position better suited to him than POTUS.

  70. Brandon says:


    Santorum: 36%(+1)
    Romney: 28%(-1)
    Gingrich: 13%(nc)
    Paul: 11%(nc)

  71. Phil says:

    The Republican suicide express continues to rumble down the tracks.


    Hell, all you can do is laugh.

  72. janz says:

    #71 Annie

    As you emphasized. ‘hype’ often dominates a campaign.

    It is was drove Gingrich initially — the ‘hype’ that he could demolish Obama in debates with his firy rhetoric and command of history.

    It’s what is now propelling Santorum as well, albeit a different kind of hype, one being in the realm of religion and morality.

    Romney, OTOH, doesn’t really offer ‘hype,’ but rather a more serious look at what he can do for the economy based on what he did in business and for the state of MA (by balancing it’s budget and taking it out of deficit projections and into a reserve cushion). But, that kind of overview can lack inspiration and be kind of boring, when measured by the ‘red meat’ that many conservatives relish.

  73. janz says:

    #74 Phil, I can’t laugh at that kind of express.

  74. Annie says:

    Anyone hear that Maine’s caucus was officially declared a win for Romney now that the last county has voted? Paul picked up votes, but not enough… We sure heard that “Romney might lose Maine” but not this news this morning. Typical.

  75. Brandon says:

    Phil, we’re the party of stupid.

  76. Diamond Jim says:

    Governor Walker stressed job creation during his run in 2010 and won by 5% in a state that gave Obama 56% of its vote two years earlier. I don’t remember social issues even being on the radar during the campaign.

  77. lisab says:

    “Were you equally offended when Obama,at the prayer breakfast,claimed that Jesus instructed him to pass ObamaCare,Dodd-Frank,the stimulus etc.?” Comment by Scott ””

    i have no reason to doubt his words

    and i am not offended by them

    although, i am offended he forced through obamacare when the peple of the usa were so obviously against it.

    that jesus told him to pass obamacare does not bother me … that obama chose to force it through without widespread bipartisan support DOES offend me

    (in contrast, romneycare was passed in massachusetts with the overwhelming support of the people, who still support it.)

  78. Phil says:


    We win primaries. Who needs the general election?

  79. lisab says:


    1-Then why are you so hard on Santorum putting religion into the political arena?

    2-Then why was the mainstream media so hard on Bush 43 for using softer “God” language than Obama? Comment by Scott”

    1.) i do not think anyone would seriously claim obama has put his religion front and center of his administration … santorum even has gone as far as to question whether obama is christian

    2.) i do not agree with your premise … bush spoke of god more than obama, but certainly less than santorum. in any case, i never criticized bush fr his faith, so do not ask me.

  80. Brandon says:

    Conservatism wins everywhere it is on the ballot.

  81. DrJay says:

    “First, Bush won in 2004 even though he LOST the suburbs (for example, he lost Bucks county PA).”

    overall CNN exits 2004:
    Suburbs (45%)
    Bush 52%
    Kerry 47%

    Suburban (65%)
    Bush 52%
    Kerry 47%

    Bucks County
    Bush 48%
    Kerry 51%

    Chester County
    Bush 52%
    Kerry 48%

    Berks County
    Bush 53%
    Kerry 47%

    Obama 54%
    McCain 45%

  82. Robbie says:

    74.The Republican suicide express continues to rumble down the tracks.


    Hell, all you can do is laugh.

    Comment by Phil — February 19, 2012 @ 1:19 pm

    Santorum, even if he wins Michigan, will not be the nominee.

    The nominee will either be Romney or someone not currently in the race.

  83. Brandon says:


  84. DrJay says:

    How is your job going, Brandon?

  85. Wobbles says:

    We definetly need a brokered convention. These candidates are awful. They are the worst group of candidates – all 3 of the major ones left are big spenders and/or social cons.

  86. Brandon says:

    Pretty well, thanks.

  87. hugh says:

    I am a faithful Catholic a fiscal and social conservative. Never miss church even on vacation and if the mass is in another language. I have no problem with Santorum’s faith or that he stands by his faith. The problem it is the cornerstone of his political posturing and he is not running for bishop, but for president. When the economy is good maybe you run an election on social issues, but not when the economy sucks.

    And I am very offended by obamas comment when he claimed Jesus asked him to pass obamacare, because I know he is lying and as such its offense against God and me who in fairmess is offended by anything that jerk says.

  88. pitchaboy says:

    The Corleone family spoke very little in the movies.

  89. Wobbles says:

    Obama has never worn his faith on his sleeve.

  90. DrJay says:

    #89 good to hear…

  91. Brandon says:

    I want add to come back and tell us more about how Obama will refuse to leave office.

  92. Wobbles says:

    So, those of us who want a brokered convention, have a mental illness. 🙂

  93. pitchaboy says:

    None of these polls mean much. UE above 8%, high oil prices and sluggish economy equals a Obama walloping in November. As I have said a hundred times before, you cannotwin without indies and oldies.

  94. pitchaboy says:

    And yes, those of us who want Santorum, Gingrich or a brokered convention do have a mental illness; those who want Paul need to be committed.

  95. lisab says:

    Conservatism wins everywhere it is on the ballot in the primaries

  96. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – Add’s Chief Justice in chains posts were his finest. Maybe he wanted to retire on top.

  97. Robbie says:

    95.Rove: ‘Mental Illness’ to Think New Candidate Will Emerge

    Comment by DrJay — February 19, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

    You mean Karl Rove, the shameless Romney shill? Not saying he’s wrong, but he’s been in the tank for Romney since 2006. If he said otherwise, then we’d really have a story.

  98. Michael says:

    Rove is right. Why are there so many here with their heads firmly up their asses?

  99. Wobbles says:

    Ron Paul just said that Santorum cannot win the election.

    I wonder if Santorum ruined his momentum by saying agenda rooted in the Bible.

  100. Brandon says:

    It wouldn’t hurt him because a lot of Republicans believe that.

  101. Annie says:

    lisab – It depends on the type of conservatism. For instance, Christine McDonnell’s brand of conservatism did not go over in Delaware.

  102. Tim V says:

    Mitt Romney wants to be the next president of a country in need of serious and sweeping economic reform. And here are the first two points in his 59-point economic plan:

    1. Maintain current tax rates on personal income
    2. Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains

    h/t eph

  103. Annie says:

    Brokered conventions are a very bad sign for a political party that wants to win the ultimate election…think of the upheaval in 1976. And that was less of a mess than this year.

  104. Annie says:

    There are two number crunchers that I listen to when it comes to political tactics and demographic assessment – and they are Karl Rove and Michael Barone. They know every single precinct in the nation and can prognosticate just how those precincts will most probably vote (whether you personally like Rove or not). To a lesser degree, Dick Morris sometimes gives descent advice, but I disagree with him fairly on frequent occasion.

  105. Annie says:

    * fairly often…typing fast, sorry.

  106. Annie says:

    I wonder if it’s too late to close the Republican primary in Michigan to everyone except Republicans…just wishful thinking. Heard that Democrats will be doing their own version of “Operation Chaos” and vote for Santorum, just to throw a monkey wrench into the Republican nominating process.

  107. Annie says:

    What dumb people ever thought it was a good idea to open up voting in party primaries to people who do not belong to that party???

  108. jenny-former republican says:

    Yikes! gasoline $3.64 in Dallas today!

  109. Brandon says:

    Probably because it allows for an increase in Republican registrations because the Independents and Democrats usually have to re-register on site as Republicans in order to participate.

  110. Brandon says:

    I’m not saying it’s a good idea, I’m just thinking that’s probably the reasoning behind it.

  111. Wes says:

    I’m going to break my self-imposed exile briefly to answer your question, Annie: MI is one of 22 states with official party registration. Basically that means when people register to vote, they self-identify rather than appearing on the voter rolls as members of any particular party. As such, it’s impossible to keep self-identified Dems and Indies out of the GOP primary. No party registration means no database of voters belonging to a certain party. The only way to ensure Dems can’t vote in the primary is to get a party registration system in place and close the primary to all but Republicans (and unaffiliated voters if the state party wishes to allow that as some do). Bye again.

  112. Cory says:

    I’m going to have to downgrade Wes’s ‘final’ post from a 9.1 to an 8.1 on the Maxwell Scale.
    Sneaking in another post results in a one point penalty.

  113. jeb says:

    I think there are enough Robbies and Chekotes who think open borders is a good policy to draft me and elect me.

  114. jenny-former republican says:

    where’s the PPP poll?

  115. Brandon says:

    Between 10 PM and 11 PM tonight jenny.

  116. new says:

    we are doomed…. horrible candidates Romney and Santorum wont save us from the 2012 storm!.

  117. Robbie says:

    Mitt’s 59 point plan is likely the biggest reason he’s suffered so greatly. The vast majority of the party wants fundamental change to the tax code through simplification, lowering the rates, and broadening the base. Mitt, on the other hand, seems only to want to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    As for a contested convention, those who fear it don’t understand what’s being considered. Under no circumstances would the party go to the convention still looking at candidates not already in the race. Who ever wins the convention would be an announced candidate.

    For instance, say Christie announced in the Spring. He would have a chance to win some of the remaining states and earn delegates. He would also have a chance to consolidate public opinion behind his candidacy as he entered the convention. That would be very true if Mitt collapses in the next month.

    A convention which chooses a candidate who only entered the race during the convention would be a disaster. A contested convention where a candidate enters in the Spring and raises money and a campaign staff could end well if the party consolidates during the summer.

  118. Robbie says:

    117.I think there are enough Robbies and Chekotes who think open borders is a good policy to draft me and elect me.

    Comment by jeb — February 19, 2012 @ 4:57 pm

    I’m open borders now. I learn something new every day. All I said is it is not the defining issue of conservatism.

  119. Wobbles says:

    We need to be pro amnesty and against any border enforcement for us to win. I am still for Romney, but want a brokered convention. Hopefully, we can reset and avoid a John McCain/Bob Dole style disaster.

  120. Wobbles says:

    I am so excited about the new PPP poll. It will show Santorum leading in Arizona and Michigan.

  121. GremlinBoy says:

    What are the predictions for tonight’s release of the PPP poll?

  122. Tim says:

    Yeah, really exciting. LOL

  123. Tim says:

    Except that Gov Christie announced he is not running. And him, I believe. He says what he means, and means what he says.

  124. EML says:

    121 – which is why I don’t understand yours and others’ desire for a brokered convention. Nobody else is getting into the race and if we go to a brokered convention, the fix is in for Mitt to win. A brokered convention is as much a certainty for Mitt as him winning half of the delegates.

  125. Wobbles says:

    It is hard to understand why a person wants a brokered convention, I get that. But these candidates are very poor.

  126. Tim says:

    Because those two thing would help Mitt Romney, and others in his class.

  127. Wobbles says:

    I think Christie should have thrown his massive weight aroung and got in. With that said, he has said that he is not interested.

  128. Tim says:


  129. lisab says:

    “Because those two thing would help Mitt Romney, and others in his class.”

    shwing the alternative is NOT lower taxes

    it is MUCH MUCH MUCH higher taxes on the middle class

  130. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    Robbie is a troll

  131. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    With more candidates isn’t it less likely someone will get to 50%?

  132. Brandon says:

    Nah, he’s not a troll. He’s just a delusional person with a Jeb Bush fetish.

  133. Robbie says:

    134.Robbie is a troll

    Comment by ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer — February 19, 2012 @ 5:34 pm

    I love it! I’m being called a troll by someone with that screen name. This place just gets better and better.

  134. Wobbles says:

    I like Jeb and Columbus, his wife. He would be a really good choice at the brokered convention.

  135. Robbie says:

    136.Nah, he’s not a troll. He’s just a delusional person with a Jeb Bush fetish.

    Comment by Brandon — February 19, 2012 @ 5:36 pm

    Nope. I have a fetish for winning. I think Jeb’s one of four people who could throw his hat in the ring if Mitt collapses. The others would be Christie, Daniels, and Rubio.

    If you think the party will rally around Santorum if Mitt does collapse, you’re crazy. If Mitt gets his bell rung, something will happen. Santorum won’t get a free run and no one’s going to go running to Newt or Paul.

  136. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    The most hated political name in America Part III no less an open border fanatic as well and WAY to the left of Romney

    Jeb Bush sign me up…

  137. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    Yeah if Mitt collapses all these insane things will happen because well because you want them to

    You and some Senator who’s not even enough of a man to identify himself in a Politico article

  138. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    Primaries caucuses electoral legitimacy who needs that?

    We are going to GIVE OUR NOMINATION AWAY to a representative of the most hated name in American politics…

  139. Tim says:

    I don’t remember that line in Wayne’s World……..

    And, let them pay at the same rate I do. I see nothing unfair about that.

  140. lisab says:

    “And, let them pay at the same rate I do. I see nothing unfair about that.”

    the rich do not make income, the middle class make income

    if the dems proposed a wealth tax somehow soros, gates, buffet

    would suddenly abandon the dem party

    because then they would have to pay taxes.

    income taxes keep the middle class down, they do nothing to the rich who can avoid them

  141. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    Exactly wahkeena they are all in favor of taxes they wont pay

    Pass a wealth tax and see what happens

    50% wealth tax on a net worth of a billion or more

  142. Ray Tuleya says:

    #120, keep dreaming. Obama has been an awful president.

    This poll shows how we can win with either Romney or Santorum. Why? Because, if the GOP nominee (and VP) wins Iowa, they will have already won Ohio and the entire South including Florida.

    Remember, if any of them win, they will not be governing alone. We have some wonderful people who are important in the positions they now hold. Their job will be much easier with a Republican president, even if some of you think that candidate is not perfect.

  143. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    You’re right!

    One outlier poll with bizarre results proves we can win with anyone!!

    People will love Pope Ricky in a ge campaign

  144. mnw says:

    I think Romney’s problem is that he’s too darn smart & too darn good for the dingy, dumb old GOP primary voters. The voters should really be ashamed of their indifference to him. It’s their own fault.

    My favorite “Romney campaign moment”? It was when Gingrich got a standing-O at one of the debates for reeming out the lefty “moderators,” & Romney, with his Sadim touch (Midas spelled backward)… issued a statement… SUPPORTING the journoLists!

  145. Tim V says:

    Annie says:
    February 19, 2012 at 4:19 pm
    There are two number crunchers that I listen to when it comes to political tactics and demographic assessment – and they are Karl Rove and Michael Barone

    What about Wes ?

  146. mnw says:

    Santorum is so awful he’s off the charts on the awfulness scale, but kindly do not tell me that Romney is a really fine candidate. He’s not. He’s the tallest midget. And that’s all, so far.

  147. mnw says:

    oil futures hit 10-moth high, btw

  148. mnw says:

    “10 month”

  149. Mitt's dead dog says:

    riding on top of the car shortened my life

    treating me like luggage

  150. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    Romney cant win I’m tired of the double standard

    The only way he can win is he raises so much money! If he didn’t raise so much money he’d be eviscerated for that

    His ads are too mean! If they weren’t as mean people would shriek about him being too soft

    He has a 59 point plan its absurd! If it were a three part plan it’d be too simple

    And on and on and on and on and on

  151. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    His stump speech is vague! If it were more detailed it’d be who wants to hear all that complex crap people want simplicity

    He needs to repudiate romneycare if he did he would be a flip flopper

  152. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    I don’t want me no mormon is now and always has been the only problem

    If mitt were an evangelical he’d be cakewalking to the nomination

  153. Robbie says:

    Romney has only won by tearing down his primary opponents with negative advertising. He never makes the positive case for himself because he knows the base isn’t listening. In Florida, he only ran one positive ad and it was a Spanish language radio ad.

  154. Bobby says:

    Good that’s what this is about! Tear Obama down and fight. Robbie makes the best case for Romney yet!

  155. Bitterlaw says:

    Sorry I haven’t posted much. I just found out my neighbor (the high school senior) smokes. She also wore a small bikini this summer. Given this evidence of moral decline among the youth, I am sure gas will be $6.50 a gallon tomorrow and my cat will probably die of cancer. As we all know, the only issues that matter are personal moral issues.

  156. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    He makes a positive case for himself 24/7/365 and no one listens, no one wants to listen, no one wants to hear, their minds are made up and have been from JumpStreet:

    I Don’t Want Me No Mormon!

  157. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    And if he made more positive ads people like you would go he’s too nice, he can never win being so nice!!

  158. Bittersweater says:

    I don’t mind living in Sodom but high gas prices are unbearable.

  159. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:

    I had a childhood crush on Angela Cartwright I think her name was

  160. pitchaboy says:

    In a year with a poor economy, lousy UE numbers, high gas prices and dreadful ten year budget projections, instead of clubbing Obama over the head with these issues we will be debating abortion, contraception and “I raise my children better than yours” issues with Santorum. If the base is stupid enough to nominate him, they deserve four more years. And please do not compare Santorum to Regan.

  161. pitchaboy says:

    Robbie, for your information, this election will be won by tearing down the lousy President with his record. It will be hung around his neck like an albatross. Romney is the right man to do it as he does it with a smile.

  162. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Romney is money. He will win. This week will be a good week. Santorum is steller, a fine feller, but stay in the cellar.

  163. Robbie says:

    159.Good that’s what this is about! Tear Obama down and fight. Robbie makes the best case for Romney yet!

    Comment by Bobby — February 19, 2012 @ 6:24 pm

    Romney’s a bland candidate with a glass jaw. Despite carpet bombing his primary opponents, he’s in some danger of losing Michigan to a small time candidate. Tearing down Newt or Santorum is just a bit easier than going after Obama.

  164. Robbie says:

    167.Robbie, for your information, this election will be won by tearing down the lousy President with his record. It will be hung around his neck like an albatross. Romney is the right man to do it as he does it with a smile.

    Comment by pitchaboy — February 19, 2012 @ 6:51 pm

    The echo chamber of positive only thoughts on Mitt Romney has distorted your view of him. You vastly overestimate how willing the country is to throw out Obama, especially for a candidate like Romney who hasn’t been able to make the positive case for himself in six years.

  165. ParakeetsForBuddyRoemer says:


    Exactly what I mean

    If Romney hadn’t been on the attack the troll would be shrieking Romney doesn’t go AFTER his opponents hes too weak, he needs to be more aggressive!!!

  166. Hall Monitor says:

    #161…..your a poet, and you know it! (:-)

  167. Annie says:

    Tim V – Where has Wes been lately? Is he using an alias these days? I always enjoy his input, as he has a keen grasp of most political situations (and he likes the Twilight Zone).

  168. Bitterlaw says:

    You’re right, Bittersweater. I’m married. I have to buy gasoline. I don’t have to engage in acts I don’t want to engage in.

  169. Annie says:

    165 – Was it Angela Cartwright or her sister Veronica that was on Lost in Space? (I think it was Angela, she was also in Make Room for Daddy.) Veronica was in The Birds and a Twilight Zone episode or two.

  170. Annie says:

    115 – Wes!! Thanks for the information on Michigan – good to hear from you!

  171. Tim V says:

    angela cartwright was also in sound of music

  172. Annie says:

    The more the media plays up the message that “Romney is in trouble” – the more a self-fulfilling prophesy takes place. The talking heads know exactly what they are doing.

  173. jenny-former republican says:

    Romney should revamp his economic plan and talk about his vision for this country.

  174. Annie says:

    jenny – He’s due to give an economic speech soon – I think on the 28th. So, we’ll see how that goes. There is also the “debate” in Arizona on the 22nd.

  175. Annie says:

    jenny – I agree that Romney needs to change the direction of the spin with laying out precise plans – and very vocally.

  176. bio mom says:

    The economic speech is Friday, Feb. 24.

  177. BayernFan says:

    Veronica Cartwright was in ALIEN.

  178. BayernFan says:

    Newt, Santorum, and Paul are all pretty extreme arent they? They have said some real over the top nutty things lately. None of them are presidential material.

  179. SUSYQUE says:

    #185…..I don’t agree with you assessment.

  180. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good?” Frédéric Bastiat

  181. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Romney’s got this thing. Everything else is just dribble drabble. Romney will go Nixon on his competition.

  182. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    #185 “I stand by my Massachusetts health plan – its not like Obamacare at all” – Willard

    Now this is a REAL NUTTY Statement!

    Willard is the least Presidental of All!

  183. Waingro says:

    Hey, WEC!

  184. lisab says:

    well, let’s see

    romneycare was put into place by the will of the people who still support it overwhelmingly

    obamacare was put in against the will of the people

    see the difference?

  185. mnw says:

    Joint Chiefs Chairman issues statement w/ UK Foreign Minister today: “Israeli Attack on Iran Would Be Imprudent”

    Translation: “We’re p**ing our panties because we think an Israeli attack is imminent”

    Know what percentage of the world’s total oil exports come from Iran? If you guessed “about one-third,” then ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ for you.

    Happily for us, HHR’s distinguished Chief Economist jason has determined that an Israel/Iran war will have no affect on oil prices, OR on the value of U.S. equities!

    “apples & oranges,” explains ace economic strategist jason.

  186. Bitterlaw says:

    Who cares? Is she going to end up with Rick or Shane? I mean, Rick can lift a guy off a fence spike but Shane will feed you to a zombie to escape. They both have a place in the world.*

    *The Walking Dead chat.

  187. mnw says:

    I love TWD. The dude who plays the sheriff (with the hat) is British, btw.

    I still prefer Breaking Bad, but TWD is really cool. I (heart) post-apocolypse Atlanta.

  188. Bitterlaw says:

    Mnw – my wife and I already decided that if one of us becomes a zombie, it’s ok to shiit them.

  189. Enjolras says:


    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    -Edmund Burke

  190. mnw says:

    I never liked Atlanta much. Sherman had a lot of good ideas. Hate the ATL aeropuerto, especially.

    Hence, I love seeing Atlanta full of burned-out cars & hungry zombies. Hope they et Andrew Young, btw.

  191. phoenixrisen says:

    PPP — Michigan

    Santorum 37
    Romney 33
    Paul 15
    Gingrich 10

    Interesting breakdown. 69% of Romney’s supporters are firmly in his camp compared to 63% for Santorum. If Newt leaves, Santorum would lead by 9. Newt could kick Romney in the balls but Adelson is dumping money to Gingrich because his next choice is Romney.

    I thought the race was around a 3-6 point lead for Santorum. There really hasn’t been any movement anywhere when you throw out PPP’s push poll after the Santorum 3 state sweep.

  192. Bitterlaw says:

    Shoot them.

  193. jenny-former republican says:

    The race will tighten and Mitt will win in a squeaker.

  194. Bitterlaw says:

    Is Jul really saying that if the people of Mass overwhelmingly wanted Romneycare that their representatives shouldn’t have voted for it? I never knew Jul did not approve of representative government.

  195. phoenixrisen says:

    I don’t know Jenny, Santorum is practically living in Michigan right now. It’s going to be very tough for Mitt to make up any ground.

  196. phoenixrisen says:

    PPP also states that AZ and WA polls out tomorrow look good for Santorum as well. I don’t put stock into PPP’s numbers until two days from election night. However, if anything, Santorum has the intangible possibility of Newt dropping out or his voters dumping him overboard to get him across the finish line, Dems crossing over to vote for him, etc. Going to be tough for Romney.

  197. Wobbles says:

    Romney has made up 11 points in PPP. I think, however, Santorum, will be up in Arizona, as I indicated earlier. Probably by 2 to 3 points. I caught a glimpse of Santorumm on Face the Nation and Santorum said that he was against prenatal care. Elect him and he goes down by 15 points to the President.

  198. jenny-former republican says:

    Maybe, Rush and Levin are closet democrats. Rick Santorum is a scary guy. How can you be pro-life and oppose prenatal care?

  199. Enjolras says:


    Actually Ricky boy hasn’t been living in MI. That’s the problem (for him). He’s jetting around to the Super Tuesday states (sort of like he did to MN, CO, and MO during the race in FL.) His national #s will hold up and he’ll do very well on Super Tuesday regardless of MI and AZ’s outcome

  200. jenny-former republican says:

    What about the republican governor’s endorsement? Will it help Mitt?

  201. Wobbles says:

    It was on Face the Nation said that he was against amnio too. He is too stupid to realize that even if those are his personal beliefs, he should not mention this on tv.

  202. Waingro says:

    #204, if Santorum wins BOTH Zona and Mich, there will be flat out chaos. The “establishment” will definitely try and drag someone else into the race or force a brokered convention.

  203. Wobbles says:

    It has been a disastrous day for Santorum on tv. At least Newt was talking about gasoline prices and the economy. I do not think Romney came out to play though.Strage, and another reason, while I support Romney, that we need a brokered convention.

  204. Wobbles says:

    Arizona is the big enchilada though.

  205. phoenixrisen says:

    Wobbles, Santorum stated that he is opposed to government mandates for prenatal care. Looking at the news articles, he believes people should have the right to make that call whether to get prenatal care or not, not the government which is consistent with being firmly opposed to any government involvement in health care where people can make the decisions for themselves.

  206. phoenixrisen says:

    #209 — Waingro, if Santorum wins AZ and MI, he’ll be the nominee as he would sweep super Tuesday with the exception of Vermont and Massachusetts.

  207. phoenixrisen says:

    Romney has to win Michigan though. I think that is more important than Arizona. His electability narrative would collapse like a house of cards.

  208. janz says:

    Romney is now behind 8 pts in the National Gallup Poll : Santorum 36, Romney 28.

  209. Wobbles says:

    On the campaign trail, Mr. Santorum has criticized a requirement in President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul that insurers cover prenatal testing, saying that would lead to more abortions.

    “A lot of prenatal tests are done to identify deformities in utero, and the customary procedure is to encourage abortions,’’ Mr. Santorum said on CBS, singling out the amniocentesis procedure in particular.

    If you want to defend this, fine, but he should not have opined on this.

  210. Wobbles says:

    Prenatal tests are done to assess the health of the mother too. His statement just shows how stupid he is.

  211. SoHope says:

    It can also identify problems that can be treated by invetro medicine/surgery.

    Is it not good to know that the child will have a serious health risk atleast a few seconds before he is delivered?

  212. CAgopguy says:

    Santorum switching from contraceptives to abortion is smart. News flash to all you liberal theologians- abortion is a winning issue for the social conservatives. Santorum wins MI. 42-35-13-8-2.

  213. phoenixrisen says:

    Can’t help but notice the increased media appearances that Mitch Daniels has been giving lately. Makes me wonder if this is the Republican parties ace in the hole in case there is a brokered convention.

  214. phoenixrisen says:

    However, seeing Jan’s posting of the Gallup numbers, Santorum is really getting a head of steam across the nation. I don’t see how Romney can get this turned around.

  215. CAgopguy says:

    Santorum wins both MI. and AZ equals Jeb

  216. CAgopguy says:

    Or if the establishment can’t bag Jeb or Mitch then in real desperation they will turn to Palin

  217. janz says:

    Trump hitting the MI airwaves for Mitt Romney


    Romney is just getting hammered on the media/political pundit drumbeat that he must win MI, or he is doomed. While I think he certainly loses steam if MI doesn’t fall into his ‘win’ column, it still seems too early to make such dire predictions for the future.

  218. phoenixrisen says:

    Jan, it would be next to impossible for Romney to recover from a loss in Michigan. Forgot to mention something. Santorum wouldn’t win Virginia on Super Tuesday since he’s not on the ballot there. However, if you believe PPP’s polling, he’s ahead big time in Washington which is on March 3, and he’s either pulled even or ahead in Arizona. If he sweeps the states of Michigan, Arizona, and Washington heading into Super Tuesday, it’s all over. Even if he’s not on the ballot in Indiana and Virginia, he’ll sweep everything else.

  219. phoenixrisen says:

    The problem is, if Romney loses Michigan, his whole electability image goes up in smoke. He’d get killed by the media over this and the power players in the GOP know this. Gingrich likely drops out after Super Tuesday, Santorum is the not Romney candidate and Romney would then be toast with the exception if Santorum pulled a Howard Dean. If Santorum sweeps going into Super Tuesday, his fundraising numbers will go through the roof and Romney’s money advantage will go poof.

  220. janz says:

    It seems that so much criticism is being leveled at Romney from all sides, all the time. If nothing else, all the negativity is sinking him in the eyes of the electorate. Santorum, OTOH, seems to be floating free, despite some of the asinine comments he’s been making on social issues.

    I wasn’t aware that Santorum had gained on Romney in Arizona…maybe you’re right.

  221. Cory says:

    Romney still has such huge advantages over Santorum in organizing, and fundraising. Santorum doesn’t even have a national campaign headquarters yet!

    It’s not good for Romney to lose any state, especially Michigan, but his campaign is built for the long haul. We’ll see what Santorum’s campaign is built for, when he gets around to building one.

  222. lisab says:


    it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.
    Winston Churchill

  223. lisab says:

    it is really amazing to see so-called conservatives who supposedly want to let people choose for themselves

    suddenly want the people’s representatives to ignore the people’s choices

    when the people choose to have health care for the poor

  224. lisab says:

    gop representative: you people should have the freedom to make your own choices

    the people: we want romneycare

    gop representative: now hold on … think it over

    the people: we want romneycare

    gop representative: it is more expensive

    the people: we want romneycare and we are willing to pay for it

    gop representative: no … i know best

    the people: well … we voted in an entire legislature of democrats, so we demand romneycare

    gop representative: no … i don’t care how many times you vote for it, you cannot have romneycare — we know best