Election Thread: Polls Start To Close in MI

The polls have started to close in Michigan (apparently some are actually still open until 9pm).

C-Span (with help from the Associated Press) has been doing a pretty decent job of providing timely results this election season and here is their page for Michigan.

Polls in Arizona close at 9pm. The results from C-Span and AP can be found here.

Posted by Dave at 8:00 pm
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  1. DrJay says:

    Hi, Dave.

  2. DrJay says:

    Thanks for what you do.

  3. BennSue says:

    Expecting a close win by Romney in MI around 2-3%, but next week will be more important for overall momentum

  4. Wobbles says:

    Santorum to win by 4.

  5. Wobbles says:

    I never expected a Santorum win and the perception that it is a make or break state for Romney.

  6. GF says:

    Huntsman has been out of the race for over a month now; I guess it must have been too late to pull his name off the ballot. What about Bachmann, though? She dropped out the day after Iowa, and Cain suspended his campaign months ago. The SoS in MI blows; some votes will be wasted there (I know someone who is voting Cain out of protest but could otherwise be forced to choose if it was just the four).

  7. jan says:

    You can’t really blame the Democrats if your political opponents was destroying themselves all on there own when not give a little helping hand. But make no doubt about it this mess is cause by Republicans a stinking rudderless party in engulf in a civil war within itself and hurling itself to a historic defeat in Nov.

  8. Todd McCain says:

    I think Drudge is referring to his own MI online poll — which is a 6 pt margin.

  9. pitchaboy says:

    CNBC will have you believe that the market going up predicts Obama victory. Just the opposite; Obama crashing in Gallup and Greece settling down will trend the market up. My investor tells me that his class fully expect a regime change in November.

  10. jason says:

    Obama is tied with Uncommitted ….

  11. Brandon says:

    Snowe is retiring? Crap, there goes that seat. Horrible news there.

  12. jan says:

    Philip Klein does the back-of-the-envelope math and says Democratic support could be worth as much as 3.5 points to Santorum tonight.

  13. jason says:

    The Drudge headline, whatever it means, did not shake Intrade…. Romney still at 65%

  14. jason says:

    Darn, Obama just pulled ahead of uncommitted…

  15. david says:

    yes, snowe is retiring. too bad she didn’t wait until after the filing deadline for NE. with this helping the chances of the dems keeping control of the Senate, this might encourge Kerrey to run..

  16. david says:

    #12, thanks for the posting…One thing about those dems, they are more apt to cross over than republicans. This could be a major factor on super tuesday.

  17. Wobbles says:

    Snowe acted unreasonable with her timing.

  18. Wobbles says:


    ROMNEY 35.95%
    SANTORUM 30.41%

    That is the 6%.

  19. lisab says:

    “Horrible news there”

    horrible news like xerxes got after salamis?

  20. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Brandon, you don’t know that for certain. Chill for the moment along with the eeyores here.

    GOP in Maine won the governorship and both houses of the legislature last cycle.

    Should be a competitive race…even in presidential years, Maine – like other states – has a tradition of ticket-splitting.

  21. Akula says:

    When has Snowe ever acted reasonable for the good of her “Party”?

  22. david says:

    6 pt difference on Intrade now. 50/44.7

  23. Todd McCain says:

    Romney won the WY Caucus Lol. Wheeeee!

  24. SoHope says:

    Horrible news like it hurts when you pee.

  25. GF says:

    I don’t know that ME impacts NE; even with Kerrey, we will probably pick up NE, and the NRSC may use that gain to offset a likely loss in ME (assuming that we cannot get anything remotely resembling a decent candidate up there).

    Kerrey is not even officially in yet; he may still decide against a run.

  26. david says:

    RS just took the lead on intrade. shoot

  27. Wobbles says:

    Goodbye, Maine troll.

  28. Wobbles says:

    Still got Santorum by 4.

  29. DrJay says:

    Santorum has a small lead with 2% reporting.

  30. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    pious rick leads mitt by 5%. yikes!

  31. david says:

    Not looking good guys…It appears UAW, Obama going to MI paid off.

  32. Hugh says:

    Kos kids may put santorum over the top. Perfect. We are becoming the party of stupid.

  33. Wobbles says:

    We are the party of stupid.

  34. Enjolras says:


  35. Todd McCain says:

    Stop being babies. We dont know anything yet — relax.

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    Horrible news like it hurts when you pee.

    Comment by SoHope — February 28, 2012 @ 8:23 pm

    I’m not sure if that statement disqulifies you from Favorite Evangelical but it definitely puts you in line for Evangelical I Would Party With If I Wasn’t Married.

  37. GF says:

    Less than 20,000 votes tallied out of close to a million; yep, definitely time to whine and cry uncle. 😛

  38. Hugh says:

    Btw so you all know. I go to church every Sunday. Anti abortion anti gay marriage and have never in 36 years voted for a dem. But I guess I am a rino and and establishment GOP guy because I think rs is a moron.

  39. jason says:

    4% in…

    Santorum 15,275 40%
    Romney 15,045 39%

  40. GF says:

    37- Really? CNN’s table is showing barely 2000 votes whereas the C-SPAN page has about ten times that amount.

  41. david says:

    thanks jason

  42. GF says:

    41- OK, never mind; just updated.

  43. jason says:

    The Oakland Co. results only show a 1% lead for Romney that has to change.

  44. GF says:

    Anyone know where these votes are coming from? The CNN map is showing all zeroes whenever I hover over the counties.

  45. Phil says:

    Uh oh. Romney only running even with Santorum in Oakland County.

    That is very bad.

  46. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    where are the votes coming from?

  47. Wobbles says:

    Where is Robottie?

  48. Bitterlaw says:

    Hugh – the best of us are RINOs now. Welcome to The Establishment.

  49. GF says:

    2-1 in Oakland now, Wayne along the same lines. Probably will stay about that through the night.

  50. Todd McCain says:

    only 1% of oakland county is in — calm down.

  51. DrJay says:

    There are not enough votes reported in Oakland county yet to have any predictive value.

  52. Wobbles says:

    Ir is very bad news.

  53. jason says:

    Romney took a hit on Intrade but now back over 60%….don’t jump off the cliff yet.

  54. SoHope says:

    There are alot of Santorum friendly areas in…

  55. Todd McCain says:

    People need to Chill…….

  56. jason says:

    A lot of the Santorum counties are way ahead of the count….

  57. Dylan says:

    As for Snowe’s retirement, you can likely thank the incompetent hemroid ridden McConnel for failing to anticipate unexpected retirments with a proactive plan to delay any such retirements until after certain key filing deadlines. Look guys, HALF the game is strategy and the GOP ain’t got game there.

    Now as for Santorum, this righteous prick is going nowhere. This is his high water mark for his sanctimonious priggish self.

  58. GF says:

    Sancto leads by 457 with 4% in; can we just call it a night now?

  59. jason says:

    Romney pulling away a little now in Macomb and Oakland, big lead in Wayne.

  60. GF says:

    Being sarcastic in 59 if anyone can’t tell.

  61. david says:

    #57, Jason, you mean better than expected or that his counties are early?

  62. jason says:








  63. jason says:

    62. No I mean these are counties he has to win.

  64. Robottie says:

    Click click click…

  65. Dylan says:

    I would like to have a reasonable thread discussion as to REASONABLE steps we can take to defend our personal wealth and liberty against a second Obama term, should it happen. Not Alec Baldwin style, I’m moving to New Zealand, but reasonable steps that one can take.

  66. jason says:

    Santorum lead down to 500 votes… let’s hope for a Romney lead to ease the tension… 8)

  67. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    I hear whispers

  68. Robottie says:

    Large spreads between bid and asked no one knows what will happen need to wait for the votes to come in

  69. jason says:

    Romney now leading by 10 in Macomb…that is good.

  70. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    I am refreshed

  71. Robottie says:

    Historically does mi count votes quickly?

  72. jason says:

    Santorum 30,881 39.6%
    Romney 30,607 39.3

  73. Wobbles says:

    Robottie, are you at full power?

  74. Robottie says:

    Shameful that a Michael moore endorsed piece of crap is the darling of “conservatives”


  75. Robottie says:

    Click click click!!

    Full power will Robinson whirrrrr…..

  76. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Historically, MI counts moderate to swift, with a little haste spinkled on top.

  77. david says:

    RS up by 2,283 now…come on Mitt.

  78. david says:

    If mitt pulls this out he can claim that he won among Dems and Republicans.

  79. david says:

    only #5 of wayne is in and mitt is leading there 50/28. What is the biggest county???

  80. Wobbles says:

    It is over.

  81. SoHope says:

    alot of grand rapids area coming in

  82. Robottie says:

    Thanks JMC

  83. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    ItS a long primary

  84. jason says:








  85. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:


  86. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Lift off

  87. Todd McCain says:

    82. LOL

  88. pitchaboy says:

    It looks like turnout over 800k; not 200k as somebody wrote earlier.

  89. Robbie says:

    The way the cast of characters on MSNBC is talking, it sounds like Mitt in a narrow win. I just reading the tea leaves though.

  90. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    I feel fat

  91. Todd McCain says:

    90. 200,000 EARLY VOTES, not total vote.

  92. jason says:

    I think the fact its close with the big Mitt counties under the count bodes well for him….

  93. Wobbles says:

    I am an expert in robotics and MI politics. I am getting a lot of stuff from Santorum camp.

  94. GF says:

    86- jason, where are you getting your nubers? You are consistently ahead of AP and way ahead of CNN. I like it, I must say.

  95. Ayatollah_Rick says:


    Santorum is again outperforming PPP polls. Despite PPP polling the very night before, they continue to miss the late trends towards Santorum that is occurring in each one of these races.

    Looks like Santo is going to finish Romney off yet again.

  96. Wobbles says:

    Reading the Fox Tea Leaves, how quickly will Hannity rush to do an interview with Santorum?

  97. House Sparrow says:

    Come on Mitt, put Ricky Goldwater away. Please.

  98. Robottie says:

    I cant believe pope ricky is getting this many votes

    A full nutjob union goon theocrat backed by Michael moore and “conservatives” swoon…

  99. pitchaboy says:

    PPP likely did not predict that 10% of voters are dems who voted to throw the election to Sick Santorum.

  100. GF says:

    A “union goon” getting union, Dem votes in a union state…who woulda thunk?

  101. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:


  102. Robottie says:

    I suppose

  103. jason says:

    ” It looks like turnout over 800k; not 200k as somebody wrote earlier.”

    Somebody was Wobbie Troll with his usual “nobody is excited ” BS.

  104. jason says:








  105. Todd McCain says:


  106. david says:

    believe me guys, if the dems pull RS over the finish line,you will witness the biggest GOTOV Democrat drive for RS in future primaries. It will be 100 X greater than Rush’s operation in 2008.

  107. pitchaboy says:

    Mitt in the lead.

  108. jason says:

    Here we go…








  109. Wobbles says:

    If he loses MI though, the perception is that it was a bad night for Mitt.

  110. Todd McCain says:

    mitt wins landslide in AZ. 17 POINTS.

  111. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    romney has the lead!

  112. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Get up

  113. Robottie says:

    A lot of action in pope ricky sshares mitt not so much

  114. lisab says:

    ” the perception is that it was a bad night for Mitt.”

    like the perception of the germans after verdun?

  115. pitchaboy says:

    Romney will walk away with atleast 40 of the 59 delegates; a good victory before next week.

  116. Robottie says:

    Mitt needs to go medieval on pope ricky over the Michael moore endorsement in future primaries he should be savaged over this

  117. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Get up!

  118. jason says:








  119. Robbie says:

    Exits in Michigan suggest Romney by 3, but Chuck Todd says their models have it a bit closer.

  120. Robottie says:

    Ton of mitt votes came in

  121. david says:

    cnn have it at 71,111 – 66594, 4,517 advantage for RS with 19% reporting

  122. lisab says:

    Mitt needs to go medieval on pope ricky over the Michael moore endorsement”

    no santorum cannot control that

  123. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Flick my Bic!

  124. Wobbles says:

    Exits in Chuck Todds basement suggests 2 points for Santorum, but likely greater margin.

  125. Robottie says:

    Lisab what is your favorite historical period?

  126. Brandon says:

    Did the math on the exit polls:

    Romney: 40%
    Santorum: 37%

  127. Hugh says:

    Robotte. Agreed. rs definitely tried to piggy back on the kos kids and mm.

  128. Wobbles says:

    This is hot looking good, if Santorum wins, I am 99.99 percent sure that I want a brokered convention.

  129. Robottie says:

    He should have repudiated that endorsement

  130. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Mikey eats anytthing!

  131. Robbie says:

    If Mitt wins tonight and then gets Ohio, he’s the nominee. Good for him. I sure hope he finds a way to get his campaign back on track.

  132. Wobbles says:

    What will Rush and the mental midget say about True Conservative’s loss in MI tomorrow?

  133. Robottie says:

    Brokered convention will Robinson!!!

  134. Wobbles says:

    It will be a trifecta of sorts tonight if Mitt wins MI. Still seeing a brokered convention more and more likely.

  135. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, onceagain CNN is worth watching and Fox is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  136. pitchaboy says:

    Mitt will take MI. Sick Santorum will not get short term gain from Michael Moore but will get wiped out from this point.

  137. Robottie says:

    Intrade now moving to mitt 61.0

  138. lisab says:

    “Lisab what is your favorite historical period?”

    1600 – 1900 or so

  139. GF says:

    OK, CNN map finally in gear; 20%, they say

    41% Mitt (81063)
    38% Rick (76248)
    11% Paul (21447)
    7% Toad (13623)

  140. SoHope says:

    alot of uper counties counted…south west is also coming in…romney still with a cushion.

  141. Brandon says:

    FOX seems to have no idea that there is an election going on.

  142. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Somebody slap me!

  143. Robbie says:

    This is all over, both Michigan and the primary.

  144. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    i just got polled by a polling firm called texas opinion. i was asked questions like do you support the paper dollar or a coin? do you have a very favorable, favorable, unfavorable or very unfavorable attitude towards obama?

  145. jason says:








  146. Wobbles says:

    I am sure that Hannity is primed to interview Santorum. Fellatio anyone?

  147. david says:

    Mitt needs to run an ad with micheal moore endorsing RS.

  148. GF says:

    Wayne, Oakland and Macomb coming in nicely. Kent (Grand Rapids) can’t make up for this) since Ricky is only up 6 or 7 there.

  149. Wobbles says:

    This has just begun…

  150. SoHope says:

    romney up 100k to 91k

  151. Wobbles says:

    Michael Moore endorsed Santorum.

  152. Todd McCain says:

    As I said, Michael Moore and Rick’s support from the dems backlashed the Saint. Mitt won GOPers 47-37 according to the exit polls. Most of nthe pollsters had it much closer.

  153. Wobbles says:

    Now why would a Marxist endorse a true conservative?

  154. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    even though, fox sucks. i can’t watch cnn. it’s psychological. i can’t handle the bull crap from the liberals on the network.

  155. mnw says:

    The poor MSM will pee their pants if Romney wins both states. Goes against their preferred storyline all week long: “Romney in peril! Make or break for Romney in MI!”

  156. Robottie says:


    European? World? us history? Did you used to teach it?

  157. david says:

    Good showing for Mitt….I had the names flipped earlier.

  158. GF says:

    104k-96k/41%-38% with 25%. That cusion is growing…

  159. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Open another boTtle of the ancient juice!

  160. Robottie says:

    I think so Todd maybe their operation hilarity blew up in their faces

  161. mnw says:

    Ironic if MI turns out to be the make-or-break point for Santo-geek, instead of Romney. eh?

  162. GF says:

    Mitt wins Republicans by ten points in Michigan. Santorum wins Democrats by forty points. Clearly, Rick is the man we need to get all those corssover votes!

  163. SoHope says:

    88.6% on intrade

  164. Robbie says:

    Romney has two options for his VP choice. He can go with Christie, a fiesy attack dog who is a great politician, or my favorite candidate who can smooth over the edges with Hispanic voters and conservatives concerned about Romney’s past positions.

  165. GF says:

    164- mnw, good point. How will the libtards spin this if Mitt got out of this huge jam they were screaming about up until tonight?

  166. Robottie says:

    Live by the hypocrisy die by it too

  167. Waingro says:

    CNN’s hard election coverage is great, but their panels are BRUTAL. Begala single-handedly makes it unwatchable.

  168. GF says:

    167- Or, he can go with a technocrat like Rick Snyder. I am NOT endorsing this, BTW, just pointing it out.

  169. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:


  170. Redneckman says:

    I think there was late late movement for Romney due to the Santorum robo call to dems. I think it teed off a few Romney supporters who may not have voted.

  171. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab’s favorite historical period is 1620-1775. That was the last time that Massachusetts mattered.

  172. Wobbles says:

    Will PPP have more egg on their face? Third or fourth poll they have blown this cycle. Who is still having tingles with their polling?

  173. jason says:

    Romney up 8,000 votes with 12% counted in Oakland. Extrapolate that and you see Santorum is in trouble.

  174. Robottie says:

    If he picks Christie he has the fighter the base wants

  175. GF says:

    116-107, 28% in; 9300 votes and growing…

  176. lisab says:

    “Did you used to teach it?”

    of course, i taught first grade …

    i taught almost every topic

    i prefer british history including the colonies, being from massachusetts

    and you?

  177. david says:

    167, It has to be rubio, and then christie second choice. I would love to see my govenor, Bob McDonnell on the ticket, but we need Florida and hsipanic vote more than VA

  178. SoHope says:


  179. Robottie says:

    Ppp put their thumb on the scale again

  180. Todd McCain says:

    It looks like WAA will be the most accurate.

  181. david says:

    but again, Chrisite would fire up the base.

  182. mnw says:


    There will be a lot of looong journoList faces, that’s for sure.

    One nice thing, after this DEM “op chaos” cluster, it won’t be credible when the DEMs claim, “We really WANT Romney to win the nomination all along!”

    Like hell they did.

  183. GF says:

    Make that margin +10,200 votes now.

  184. Bitterlaw says:

    My Dad likes Santorum on the social issues but he actually cursed when I said that Santorum was endorsed by Michael Moore. Dad said, “Then screw him.”

  185. Robottie says:

    Us civil war history mainly

  186. PollMan says:

    Looks like ARG is way off in Arizona. PPP looks good in Arizona.

  187. jason says:

    I think Romney is going to win by a bigger margin than expected.

  188. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:


  189. Wobbles says:

    Christie needs massive weight watchers, but he would be a good pit bull. Call him Fat cheney like.

  190. Robottie says:

    And the site of the battle of new Orleans is right across the river from my home always found the war of 1812 interesting

  191. Redneckman says:

    I agree Jason. It looks to me like Oakland and Wayne counties, with the population, are under represented so far if CNN’s site is accurate.

  192. Wobbles says:

    The Site Administrator needs to stop pushing PPP polls. Enough Already.

  193. lisab says:

    “Us civil war history mainly”

    i rapidly lose interest in history after that war

  194. jason says:

    Romney won Catholics, senior, conservatives and tea partiers…

    Fox exits…

  195. jason says:

    Evangelicals went for Santorum 38-33

  196. Robbie says:

    I would prefer Jeb as VP because I think he would really help Romney with conservative policy, but that’s just me.

    You’ll forgive me though. There isn’t going to be a white knight. My hopes are dashed.

  197. Corey says:

    Looks like a nice night for “Rombo.”

    Can’t wait for all the sequels.

  198. Robottie says:

    Looks like pope ricky was too cute by half

    Cant wait to tune into FatBoy tomorrow

  199. Waingro says:

    Hehe–PPP clinging to hope:


    If there’s any hope for Santorum to make up the gap in MI it’s that maybe absentee ballots where Romney did better have been counted first”

  200. SoHope says:

    Santorum is winning self identified Democrats in Michigan by a 3-1 margin over Romney and Paul, according to exits

  201. jason says:

    Christie would eat Biden’s lunch.

  202. Wobbles says:

    Who is Fatboy? What about Hannity? I think he will blow Santorum tonight.

  203. lisab says:

    “And the site of the battle of new Orleans is right across the river from my home ”


    mine growing up was walking distance frm lexington green

    i have actually walked to concord and back

  204. jason says:

    Rove calls it.

  205. Robottie says:

    The history oof the us civil rights movement I find fascinating

  206. barry says:

    192 disagree, I think Christie’s weight is not a factor. For health reasons I would like to see him lose weight but people like Christie just the way he is.

  207. Wobbles says:

    PPP should work for the Democrats, they sure act like them.

  208. Greymarch says:

    NO ONE on this planet knows where the American votes are better than Karl Rove.

  209. todd says:

    Detroit Free Presz calls it for Romney

  210. pitchaboy says:

    With the press hyping how big a setback it will be if Romney loses have set up the scenario where Romney will win by single digits and carry a lot momentum.

  211. jason says:

    I hope when Robbie Troll commits suicide he uses his own plane.

  212. Wobbles says:

    I would like to see Cheney in his prime go against Biden. I would pay $50 to see it on pay per view.

  213. DrJay says:

    It is nice to see Romney doing well in a good number of smaller counties.

  214. SoHope says:

    in Michigan Romney won those won decided today 38-31.. backlash vs. robocalls

  215. GF says:

    Santorum is winning self identified Democrats in Michigan by a 3-1 margin over Romney and Paul, according to exits

    Comment by SoHope — February 28, 2012 @ 9:22 pm

    But don’t you see? Rick is a man of the people, that’s why Dems love him! Unlike that rich, mean Mitt Romney, who doesn’t care about the poor.

    Pick Rick! Get those Dem votes!

  216. Robottie says:

    Ok lisab who fired the shot heard round the world is that forever unknown what is the theory by historians?

  217. lisab says:

    Romney won Catholics, senior, conservatives and tea partiers…

    Evangelicals went for Santorum 38-33

    well, we are not crazy

  218. dkos says:

    ” PPP should work for the Democrats, they sure act like them.”

    Hmmm, briliant idea!!!!!

  219. Wobbles says:

    Sounds like Romney turned a 15 point deficit in PPP around to win by 5?

  220. mnw says:

    Appx 43-16. DELEGATES. Romney-Santorum. When this nite is over.

    Even IF Santo “wins” MI, which it looks like he won’t.

    Hope Romney’s good night shakes up OH.

    GOP might be able to end this nightmare after Super Tuesday, if so.

  221. Robottie says:

    214 Jason that’s cruel

  222. Greymarch says:

    Macomb, Wayne and Oakland counties are three of the largest counties in Michigan. These are Romney counties. These votes are just starting to trickle in.

    This is over. Romney wins Michigan. The question now is what will the margin be? I will take Romney by 5%

  223. Corey says:

    Kid Rock did it.


    Mitt Romney!

  224. Wobbles says:

    I still think that Romney did not win by big enough margins, lets the drumbeat for a brokered convention grow and grow, and Santorum stays to fight another day.

  225. TedO says:

    On Fox…Karl Rove and Joe Trippi look forward to a 5-6% win for Romney.

  226. dkos says:

    Wayne Co.

    Romney 190k
    Santorum 119k

  227. Robottie says:

    He. Was never down by 15 agenda driven crap

  228. Wobbles says:

    Do not worry PPP is in the field in OH and its Santorum up 13.

  229. dkos says:

    Trippi says Santorum can lose by 5 and claim the win.


  230. Robbie says:

    214.I hope when Robbie Troll commits suicide he uses his own plane.

    Comment by jason — February 28, 2012 @ 9:23 pm

    You’re a real asset to this board. Your civility is something to behold.

    I still think Romney has very little chance to win in the Fall.

  231. lisab says:

    “who fired the shot heard round the world ”

    probably a colonist

    possibly not even on the green

  232. Wobbles says:

    Yup a loss by 5 is a win for Santorum. I think another poster here made this brilliant statement.

  233. Corey says:

    Romney totally needs to make reference in his speech tonight to “all the bastards at the IRS.”

  234. GF says:

    +11,600 for Romney, and the Big 3 are all between 11-13% reporting; Sanctos best counties outside of Kent are mostly half-complete or better. Stick a fork in (p)Rick.

  235. lisab says:

    if romney does not win MI democrats

    he shows his weakness

  236. Cory says:

    PPP had Santorum at 38%, and right now he’s at 38%. They had Romney at 37%, and right now he’s at 41%.
    Paul at 14, he’s at 12. Newt at 9, he’s at 7.

    PPP looks pretty good tonight.

  237. Wobbles says:

    Hi, GF, been to Fridays lately?

  238. GF says:

    Cory does have a point, and the basis of that relative accuracy is, once again, that it was PPP’s FINAL poll. Who’d a thunk it?

  239. Todd McCain says:

    See, I was right to seek calm. Congrats to Mitt Romney and my pal, Corey.

  240. pitchaboy says:

    Robbie, your man Obama will be thrashed by atleast 5 points in November by Mitt. Hopefully, that will get rid of you at HHR.

  241. Wobbles says:

    Romney needs to make the speech about shutting down the failed and corrupt Mimbooto regime.

  242. GF says:

    240- No, Wobbie; not my kind of place. I only asked you that to see if you were Wes in disguise.

  243. Wobbles says:

    Yup, PPP accurate, got the order correct, that is all that counts.

  244. GF says:

    +12,500 now; 36% in.

  245. Corey says:

    Thanks Todd!

    Two cycles in a row, my candidate takes Michigan!


  246. Wobbles says:

    Fridays is good, but I prefer Fat Sams.

  247. mnw says:

    Comrade Cory!

    WTF is a little Grit frostback socialist like YOU doing here on some other country’s perfectly good conservative message board?

    Go schtup Margaret Trudeau & leave us alone, CCCP.

  248. GF says:

    OK, ladies and gents, I’ve got to run. It was fun; see you all on the flip side unless I can manage to swing back in tonight.

  249. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    #170, I agree with you. Paul Begala makes me physically ill like nauseous. I can’t watch CNN because of him. Obama is the biggest loser. He couldn’t get democrats to show up and of course, the fat whale Michael Moore is a jerk.

    go mitt!

  250. Wobbles says:

    Who is Wes? I am never heard of him here.

  251. Waingro says:

    #239, Mitt is gonna finish with more than 41%. PPP will be way off before the night is over.

  252. steven says:

    Karl Rove on fox called Mich, for Romney

  253. Wobbles says:

    Michael Moore may endorse Rush next.

  254. Robottie says:

    Fascinating that no one knows who fired the most consequential shot in world history…

  255. Wobbles says:

    PPP is always right.

  256. mnw says:

    Begala used to be a paid lobbyist for Khadaffi. Swear to God.

  257. Wobbles says:

    The colonists fired the shot heard around the world.

  258. Wobbles says:

    Minutemen-battle of Lexington and Concord.

  259. Bitterlaw says:

    You can’t spell TGIF without GF!

  260. DrJay says:

    Rush is Michael Moore (and both are actually Fred Savage). I saw it on Family Guy.

  261. mnw says:

    CSpan has Romney +12700 w/ 30% in. (The link at the top)

  262. Enjolras says:

    Congrats to Team Romney. I expected they would win MI and AZ and they did. He should win the nomination.

    I have no intention of voting for him. Maybe if we get a Rand Paul VP selection…

  263. Wobbles says:

    Romney should say that there will be no bailout of the Obama Administration by letting Demos vote in a Republican contest.

  264. Bitterlaw says:

    “who fired the shot heard round the world ”

    I thought it was Bobby Thomson.

  265. Robottie says:

    I wonder if he will call to congratulate. Mitt

  266. jason says:

    Ron Paul talking and saying nothing…

  267. Wobbles says:

    Shot heard around the world.

    Michelle after a grand buffet?

  268. mnw says:

    CNN Rom +12500+ w/ 39% in.

  269. Bitterlaw says:

    I have no intention of voting for him. – Jul

    Jul doesn’t care if Obama wins. “True conservatives” are either naive or stupid. Discuss.

  270. barrie o. says:

    I have no intention of voting for him”

    Thanks buddy, smart decision!!!

  271. Robottie says:

    Pope ricky cut his own throat with the robo call cynicism

  272. Robottie says:

    True conservatives want poorly organized and poorly financed candidates who go down to shattering defeats…

  273. Tim V says:

    some interesting exit poll info for michigan- romney and santorum split the tea party vote, santorum won the born again evangelical vote 50-32%. there goes mfg’s favorite meme- i don’t want me no mormon.

    a couple of other interesting notes- single issue abortion voters favored santorum 77-11%. no to be fair to mfg, those voters who said that “How important is it that a candidate shares your religious beliefs” Santo won those 62-20.

    the gender gap favored romney but not by all that much, catholics went for tomney 43-37, protestants roughly split.

  274. lisab says:

    “The colonists fired the shot heard around the world.”

    probably … but also it was likely a shot not even from those on the green

    the british had charged their bayonets and were advancing at slow march — doubtful one would intentionally fire without orders

    also, the colonists were vastly outnumbered and were being advanced on by very scary redcoats — they would have been foolish to fire unless they had a death wish

    most likely, someone not on the green fired


    possibly someone who fired on small game, not even involved in the battle — although that is unlikely

  275. janz says:

    I am cautiously optimistic, at this stage of the vote coming in….

  276. Robottie says:

    A lot of seniors voted today

  277. SoHope says:

    of those that oppose the teaparty Santorum won by 6%

  278. Robottie says:

    You would think the British would have been too disciplined to have fired

  279. Greymarch says:

    I’ve heard several commentators and read several articles tonight stating that if Romney wins MI, he should switch focus to Obama. This is horrible advice!!! Romney tried this after the NH win, and the FL win. Both times Santorum came storming back. Romney has his foot on Santorum’s throat, time to end this. Romney needs to run ads in OH showing Santorum aligned with Michael Moore and the other looney-lefts, and how the left/Santorum tried to steal the MI primary.

  280. mnw says:

    Over 12000 w/ 44% in.

  281. Robottie says:

    Wahkeena recommend a few good books to me about that period if you could id like to reload my kindle

  282. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Laughable and pathetic but not surprising that the nets won’t call MI for Romney….

    I called it this afternoon around 3pm for Romney: He wins MI with 42% to Little Ricky’s 36%

    Once again, one has to suffer CNN’s coverage because Fox News coverage continues to stink.

  283. barry says:

    282 I agree win the nomination first then go after the ONE

  284. Tim V says:

    A nice win for Romney. He is making headway with “very conservative ” voters. Santorum’s robo calls will likely come back to hurt him some. The MSM will try to spin this as a loss for Romney as he barely won his home state etc. Don’t buy it. Overall the dem mischeif was a fairly small factor. Santorum does have better appeal to blue collar and labor households at the moment, it is what it is, some of those votes were mischeif votes, others were not (union households for santo).

  285. Bitterlaw says:

    When I ran for School Board in 2009, I ran with 3 other people. We walked the entire town and our literature talked about the issues. When I went to the polls, a woman I never met blasted me for “our hit piece.” I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw that a few supporters had printed 4500 handouts that dredged up 10 year old stories about one of the Democrats. It killed us and 3 of us lost. I lost by 20 votes (out of 4000 votes). One of the women running with me lost by 5 votes. I think RoboRick made the same mistake with his games.

  286. Waingro says:

    #282, well said, Greymarch. The Romney could have some fun splicing some ads together using some of the sound bites from Moore et. al.

  287. Todd McCain says:

    This is over………..

  288. mnw says:

    16600 w/ 45% in

    Who will call first? “Too close to call!” is the MSM party line rite now.

  289. Waingro says:

    Mitt up to 42% with 49% reporting.

  290. lisab says:

    “You would think the British would have been too disciplined to have fired”

    except by accident

  291. Wobbles says:

    Yes, too disciplined too shoot. Probably a nervous farmer (colonist) who had a premature discharge.

  292. Wobbles says:

    It is not over, because nobody is calling it and the margin allows Santorum to declare victory and push for a contested convention.

  293. mnw says:

    20000 w/ 50% in

  294. Redneckman says:

    Thank you Michigan. Thank you. And you too Arizona.

  295. Robottie says:

    How easy were those weapons to accidentally discharge wahkeena?

    Smooth bore Flintlocks I suppose

  296. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:


  297. Cory says:

    Wake me up before you?

  298. Robottie says:

    Bl in a hotly contested city council race here I voted against a candidate because she put out a smear on her opponent

    The smear was her kids didn’t even live in the community

    Well they had grown up and taken jobs away from here duh

  299. mnw says:

    Cory CCCP!

    Here’s a wake-up call just for YOU! Wake up, you little Grit socialist mathemagician!

  300. Barrett says:

    Thanks to Michigan and Arizona for proving there are still reasonable and sensible individuals out there

  301. NYCmike says:

    I think Rick Perry is making his strongest showing yet!

    Who votes for the also-rans?

    If Newt had dropped out, would that have put Santorum over the top??

    Crazy game, this here politics!

  302. Waingro says:

    I’m DONE with CNN election coverage. Begala and Gergen together on the panel= beyond awful tv.

  303. mnw says:

    21000 w/ 57% in = “too close to call!”

  304. Wobbles says:

    Bergen and Buygala are very non partisan though.

  305. janz says:

    I totally agree that Michael Moore can prove to be the useful idiot, tying Santorum into his endorsement of him in this MI primary.

    When you play with fire, sometimes you get burned. Hopefully, Santorum gets burned by his lapse of integrity at the end of this contest.

  306. Todd Somerset says:

    David Gergen is a moderate he’s work with both Democrats and Republicans. Barf..

  307. Bitterlaw says:

    When does Lucy pull the football away? “Mitt Romney should have won Michigan by 4.1% Winning by 4% is a disaster.”

  308. Waingro says:

    Is Ohio a closed primary??

  309. mnw says:

    CNN website’s lead video at this moment? “What if Romney loses Michigan?”

  310. janz says:

    #303 Barrett


  311. Wobbles says:

    Fair and balanced:




    Wolf Blitkerg

  312. lisab says:

    “Wahkeena recommend a few good books to me about that period”

    a christmas carol
    bleak house
    great expectations
    jane eyre
    moll flanders
    pride and prejudice
    robinson crusoe
    sense and sensibility
    the adventures of oliver twist
    wuthering heights

  313. Redneckman says:

    Looks like Drudge had the most accurate Michigan poll.

  314. Eric Dondero says:

    Mitt’s wins in Arizona and Michigan are big wins for the mainstream libertarian wing of the GOP.

    Americans want fiscal conservatism, social moderation and strong on defense.

    Mitt fits the bill.

    Libertarians for Romney 2012!!!

  315. phoenixrisen says:

    Guess I was wrong…which has happened before 😉 Santorum surprisingly underperformed in West Michigan and Romney came through on the east side of the state. They can call this one. I used to live in Michigan and Romney has this one in the bag.

  316. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Alex Castellos is really good on Cnn. Fox is terrible.

  317. mnw says:

    40/36 w/59% in

  318. Robottie says:

    Well intradehas mitt at 98.5

  319. marc says:

    Looks like Romney will pull out 5 or 6 point victory when its done. The Detroit burbs came out big for him.

  320. Robottie says:

    Thanks but imeant non fiction about the Rev war and or its leading figures

  321. barrie o. says:

    Good turnout… over 567k votes with only 60% in.

  322. Wobbles says:

    It does not appear to be enough to halt Santorum and PPP will have a poll of OH showing Santorum up big time.

  323. Robottie says:

    Eric 317 looks like it

  324. Todd McCain says:

    325. hahahahahaha

  325. phoenixrisen says:

    Ohio to flip flop to Romney or it will be tied after this at the worst. Romney will have the mo going into Super Tuesday. He’ll be the nominee.

  326. janz says:

    I am really getting excited as MI numbers come in.

  327. Todd McCain says:

    OHIO is next. Mitt is coming to town.

  328. phoenixrisen says:

    Anyone have the 2008 primary numbers for Michigan?

  329. Robottie says:

    Ppp polling ohio tonight early polling has pope ricky up by 25%

  330. Todd McCain says:

    I hope Romney wins OH so Mike Dewine looks like a complete idiot

  331. janz says:

    It looks like organization matters, as well as tenacity!

  332. janz says:

    #333 Todd, that would be a fine outcome!

  333. SoHope says:

    anyone still able to go to The Island?

  334. DrJay says:

    Michigan Exits

    Will You Vote for GOP Nominee in November?

    Romney 50%
    Santorum 36%

  335. marc says:

    The Republican organization in Oakland County must have GOTV big time for Romney b/c he’s getting over 50% in the second largest country and the largest GOP stronghold. Also Romney do very well in Ann Arbor and Lansing.

  336. Rockefeller Republican says:

    After tonight, Romney will take over lead in OH and have a really super Tuesday…

    Little Ricky is scum and sucks donkey dong.

  337. Wobbles says:

    In early polling, PPP Tweet says Santorum +22 in OH. Let’s have some accuracy here.

  338. Tim V says:

    i think santo HAS to win ohio to stay viable. he leads right now but that could change, if mitt can win ohio, that i think would be the knock out blow. but then what do i know. I’ll leave it to more astute pundits than myself to lay out various scenarios going forward. some big states are winner take all like CA which i think mitt wins. isn’t IL also winner take all ? some big blue states that come in later in the season will go for mitt.

  339. Robottie says:

    Sha Na Na Na…

  340. bio mom says:

    It is also important for a president.

  341. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    on a political facebook group I posted that it worries me that Santorum is winning Dem votes in a landslide in Michigan. 2 commenters have actually pulled out the “Dems wanna face Romney” argument. um, hello? then why are they voting for the other guy? just admit you have Romney Derangment syndrome. btw hello, im from ace of spades and have admired this site for awhile. this is my 1st comment here

  342. Wobbles says:

    Also, helps when a candidate kind of self implodes. Prenatal care, media mean when I get baited by them, satan is coming to town, etc.

  343. Tina says:

    Evening gang, I am here to report for duty.

  344. Waingro says:

    #344, welcome aboard! And Go Mitt.

  345. lisab says:

    “Thanks but imeant non fiction ”

    when you read great literature,

    read it critically.

    historians are biased.

    novelists are too, but these authors wrote about their world without two centuries of padding in between.

    dickens for example, wrote about poverty and crime quite openly

  346. janz says:

    Welcome AuthorLMendez…!

  347. janz says:

    Hi Tina,

    Nice to see you…

    It appears that Romney is holding his lead in MI..thank goodness!

  348. CAC says:

    Comment by AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney — February 28, 2012 @ 10:06 pm

    I am going to take a guess that you are referring to something that rhymes with base of trades ?

  349. Tina says:

    That is good, was worried that the Spendmorum Drats were going to help him prevail.

  350. EML says:

    Looks like Romney ahead in 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, ,14

  351. Tina says:

    CA could be a tough nut to crack for Romney. I will not vote in the Republican primry.

  352. janz says:

    Romney leading women by 5% in MI, and tied for the men vote.

  353. NYCmike says:

    anyone still able to go to The Island?

    -I went over, but I forgot my password. Lots of gloom, one guy still looking for Newt to resurrect, 6thletterofthealphabet saying it is all about OHIO. Standard stuff, same as what would have gone on here if Romney was down to Santorum. Both sides are very similiar, either way, I hope they all vote for the Republican against Obama come November.

  354. DrJay says:

    50% in

    Romney 50%
    Santorum 24%

  355. Bitterlaw says:

    Over on The Island:

    Eph permalink

    Rick is winning a ton of counties.

    .2012 February 28 6:46 pm
    [85] justrand permalink

    looks like Michigan is NOT gonna save us

  356. janz says:


    In the most recent Field Poll Romney was ahead in CA. However, I don’tknow the numbers.

  357. Tina says:

    Spendmorum – 3 weeks ago:

    The Drats should not be voting in our contests.

    Spendorum yesterday;

    Drats please vote for me in our primary.

    True conservative at its best, right Hush, Pawn, and Levine?

  358. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Rick has a daughter who looks like Jay Leno!

  359. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Mitt has a 5% lead now!

  360. Tina says:

    I dont think Santorum will win CA, Janz. I do see Hush, Pawn, and Levin make another frontal for Fig Newton now.

  361. lisab says:

    50% of ohio is protestant

    lots of evangelicals there surprisingly

  362. barrie o. says:

    Santorum bombing …. what is this speech about???

  363. Scott says:

    Once again, PPP is meaningfully off with their polling.This time Michigan.Ras had it about right.

  364. Robottie says:

    Hey Author

    Glad to see you here

  365. Bitterlaw says:

    Rick loves his mom. Cool.

  366. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    thanks for the welcomes folks. Ace will always have a special place in my heart but the constant Romney hating and blindness to electoral strategies soured on me. I like this site because you guys seem to respect polling as much as me and seem to not want ODonells as faces of the GOP. Im glad to have found this new blog to read. I found this blog through the Election Projection site

  367. NYCmike says:

    Since Romney is showing strength in the suburbs of Detroit, I wonder if that could translate into a victory against Obama in Michigan. It would be interesting to compare his #’s (actually, all Repub #’s) with Snyder’s #’s.

  368. SoHope says:

    Santorum’s mom went to college…GASP! What a snob!

  369. new says:


  370. Tina says:

    At least PPP-Drat got the order correct?

    LOL, they also left their partisanship at the front door.

  371. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Rick is trying to redefine his image. He’s reaching out to women. It will not work.

  372. janz says:

    Bitter #358

    I check in from time to time on that site. But, for the most part they seem to be in Rush La La Land. It’s amazing how they are so narrow-minded, looking more at their own purist egos than strategically looking at what is best for the country.

  373. Robottie says:

    Interesting take wahkeena thanks

  374. Tina says:

    Yeah welcome, Author, there are a few posters who want a brokered or whatever the buzzword convention is,

  375. Waingro says:

    NBC projects that Romney will win Michigan.

  376. Bitterlaw says:

    I heard Santorum’s mom had sex.

  377. Tina says:

    If Romney shuts down the Departments of Education and Energy, PBS, and EPA, I may even donate $$$ to his relection.

  378. Tina says:

    NbC just took away that predicition.


  379. SUSYQUE says:


  380. Waingro says:

    Fox now projects Mitt…

  381. SoHope says:


  382. Tina says:

    Rush walking Palm Beach looking for the next, true conservative.

  383. phoenixrisen says:

    #381 ROFL!!! Gee, I wonder who they were rooting for?

  384. new says:

    NBC ABC calling it.

  385. Robottie says:

    Michael moore endorsement blew up in pope rickys face


  386. Tina says:

    NBC cites too many questionable votes for Romney, the call was too early.

  387. TedO says:

    Cnn….just pronounced Mitt the Winner!

  388. DrJay says:

    CNN called it for Mitt on the results site.

  389. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    its over! Romney wins Michigan, FOX reports. that brings me to 9-2 in my primary and caucus picks

  390. Tina says:

    Who is Scarfarce, Tingles, Wet Dream, and the other hacks supporting @ MSLSD?

  391. jason says:

    OK Rick, wrap it up now….

  392. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    DailyKos = epic fail

  393. Tina says:

    Ok, the fat Moochelle has spoken, it is over. The nomination is Romney’s. There will be no more true conservatives.

  394. Tina says:

    But at least PPP got the order correct.

  395. Waingro says:

    #395, yup! So much for the Dem Wacko version of Operation Chaos.

  396. Tina says:

    Rush unable to find the next, true conservative. Finds wife #9 though.

  397. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    Rush Limbaughs 3 hour informercial for Santorum = epic fail

  398. michael moore says:

    Santorum was going to lose by 10 until I endorsed him…. now he will only lose by 7

  399. monetarist says:

    What’s this crap about PPP having a good night? PPP is a joke, and they have been AWFUL in their GOP primary polling.

    In Michigan, they had the wrong person winning – by 6 points! Santorum +1 in their poll. Romney up 5 at the moment, and his lead seems to be growing.

    Cory’s Canadian math skills are as bad as PPP polls.

  400. Tina says:

    Rush has Madonna at Wedding #9.

  401. lisab says:

    “Interesting take wahkeena thanks”

    i will give you a hint of how interesting it can be

    jane austen wrote about english society in the countryside. much was prim and proper … she was very respected in england in her time

    her stories however are very much related to the essay

    “a vindication of the rights of women” by
    mary wollstonecraft

    who was a radical feminist and anything but respected

    whose daughter, mary shelley, wrote frankenstein the year jane austen died

  402. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    Santorum won Dems in a landslide while Mitt won the GOP votes by 10. Mitt overcoming that is impressive. the Dems busted their butts to help Ricky Sweatervest and they failed

  403. Tina says:

    Pawn Hannity pushes for a Santorum interview.

  404. jason says:

    It would be nice to get to a million votes in MI, we will get to 900k easily.

  405. SoHope says:

    Rick Santorum is lighting his hair on fire

  406. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    someone needs to tell Drudge to change the home page

  407. SUSYQUE says:

    Sentorum is going to challenge the count. How awful that I have grown to dislike him. I don’t want him to be our president. In some ways he is a loose cannon.

  408. Tina says:

    Breaking News:

    Hush amd Michael Moore meeting tomorrow – Lunch buffet planned.

  409. lisab says:

    sooooooo … although 99% would have rejected mary wollstonecrafts ideas outright

    jane austen put those ideas in novel(s)

    and the english loved her

    not realizing they were supporting feminism

  410. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    why is Ricky giving me a History lesson?

  411. monetarist says:


    869k voted in MI in 2008. Looks like ~750k so far with 71%.

  412. SUSYQUE says:

    Santorum is talking too much.

  413. Waingro says:

    What a BORING speech by Santo. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  414. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    where’s sarah palin?

  415. Tina says:

    Why is Santorum giving a history lesson?

    He just got the new Fannie Mae Historian contract, the one previously held by Fig Newton.

  416. jason says:

    No congratulations, a scumbag.

  417. jason says:

    414. Right, I think we will beat 2008.

  418. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Little Ricky’s speech sucked. Classless and creepy!

    Phuck him & his supporters.

  419. SoHope says:

    hear the chanting…what a prick…what a prick…what a prick!

  420. Corey says:

    Bulls win too!

    Night is a success.

    Just not sure when the hell I will be able to watch AI this week.

  421. lisab says:

    at least romney congratulated santorum when santorum won primaries

  422. Waingro says:

    Here we go….

  423. Corey says:

    All things considered, not really a late night at all to see these big wins.

    And Arizona turned out to be an absolute landslide.

  424. Annie says:

    Well, I can sleep easy tonight! Romney kicked ace – Arizona was at 49% Romney last I looked and he was up 4% last I saw in Michigan. How fast the story lines have changed with the talking heads…

  425. SUSYQUE says:

    I am so relieved…so thankful….I almost couldn’t take more of…
    “Romney has to win Mi or its over for him.”

  426. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    the facebook group I belong to is going nuts. theyre saying its bad Mitt had such a close race in his state. forget thet he won the GOP votes easily and it was only close thanks to Dems. forget thet Romneys mom and sis in law both lost statewide races there. but w/e helps Romney Derangment Syndrome. oh and already 1 guy said vote Obama over Romney, ugh!

  427. Corey says:

    Welcome to the new Romney supporters on here!

  428. marc says:

    On to the next battle in Ohio. It should be interesting.

    Washington state will have its caucus Saturday. Expect Santorum to win since the Evangelical Christians are in a tissy about gay marriage being legal in the state.

  429. janz says:

    Annie & Susy

    I feel the same way! Am super joyful that Romney was able to overcome the many obstacles he has encountered.

  430. Waingro says:

    Ann Romney needs to sharpen up there a bit. She is a bit gaffe prone.

  431. Corey says:

    Mitt looks really tired, but this has to be quite a great victory for him personally.

  432. Tina says:

    I am done for now, breaking out the limoncello.

  433. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Romney is a tough campaigner and very smart. His staff is awesome. They know how to take down opponents.

  434. Waingro says:

    @DanRiehl: romney 9 delegates to 7 for Santo with 83% in

  435. lisab says:

    what happened to the trolls?

    they were so sure santorum would win

  436. bio mom says:

    So Happy !!! Love Mitt!

  437. janz says:

    Last update on Hot Air election feed:

    Update: One of Romney’s advisors floats another bit of effective spin on Twitter by noting that he’s the only candidate to win primaries in the northeast (New Hampshire), southeast (Florida), southwest (Arizona), and now the midwest.

  438. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Great speech!

  439. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Neil Cavuto is really good tonight!

  440. jason says:

    May get to 1 million votes which would be great.

    Wobbie Troll predicted 219k LOL.

  441. janz says:

    I actually think all this suspense and dread towards MI may produce more excitement towards Romney. There are people now who are definitely pulling for him!

  442. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    Santorum spoke about some historical lesson. Romney hit Obama on the economy. nuff said

  443. SUSYQUE says:

    #440…Janz…thanks for posting, It’s a great addition to
    his list of accomplishments.

    #439… bio mom Thanks for all those urls you posted!

  444. Waingro says:

    More good news for Mitt:

    philipaklein: Romney has beaten his 2008 total of 338K votes comfortably. He’s at 346K with 84% in.

  445. janz says:

    Definitely a great night!

  446. janz says:

    ….so, Waingro, the naysayers can’t say it was a ‘light’ turn-out!

  447. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    Super Tuesday should be a good night for Mitt ESPECIALLY if he pulls off Ohio

  448. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:


  449. Waingro says:

    #449, yeah gives me some reaffirmed hope that Mitt puts Michigan in play in the General.

  450. monetarist says:


    So true! Never did I think I would be actively rooting for Mitt and cheering him on.

    Romney’s speech was REALLY good!

  451. Bitterlaw says:

    Come out Dibgle! Take your ass-kicking.

  452. SUSYQUE says:

    Give me a break. Now Chris Wallace is concerned that it’s only a win of 3 points.

  453. monetarist says:

    PPP can eat crow! They’ll keep pushing their false narrative, and we’ll keep laughing at them.

  454. Eric Dondero says:

    CNN at least being fair for once with headline:

    “Homerun for Mitt Romney, Michigan and Arizona wins”

  455. Corey says:


    Glad the secret brainwashing I did on you has worked!

  456. Waingro says:

    #450, if Mitt pulls out Ohio, it’s OVAH. Santo will concede.

    Mitt should do nothing but carpet bomb there and go all in.

  457. janz says:

    Pundits are saying that it is most likely that Romney will go negative on Santorum in Ohio, in order to defeat him in this nomination contest, once and for all.

  458. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    Romney will win Arizona by 20 points!

  459. Corey says:

    Win the AL Central, Detroit Tigers!

    Tigers/Cubs World Series 2012

  460. monetarist says:

    Corey LOL!

    Although you’re dreaming if you think the Cubbies are going anywhere near the world series!

  461. DrJay says:

    In November, a GOP state senator in Michigan was recalled. It looks like his GOP replacement will win the special election today to hold the seat (currently winning 54-41).

  462. monetarist says:

    BTW, I work in the financial markets… I can confirm that my industry is fully behind Mitt Romney.

  463. Corey says:

    Party on Michigan Avenue!

  464. SUSYQUE says:

    I don’t appreciate Karl’s synopsis of Romney’s performance tonight. He seems to favor Sentorum.

  465. janz says:


    I can totally understand financial markets being behind Romney. Should he win the R nomination, go on to win POTUS, dragging the House and Senate along with him, this country will turn around — bank on it!

  466. monetarist says:

    PPP’s final poll analysis:

    “It’s always good to be cautious with one night poll numbers, but momentum seems to be swinging in Santorum’s direction. Romney led with those interviewed on Sunday, but Santorum has a 39-34 advantage with folks polled on Monday. ”


  467. SUSYQUE says:

    #468…enjoyed the pun….”bank on it!”

  468. Corey says:

    Kid Rock is this year’s Chuck Norris.

  469. DrJay says:

    866,681 total votes in Michigan with 88% in…

  470. Corey says:

    CNN Focus Group of undecided Ohio Republicans like what they heard from Mitt tonight.

    Earlier tonight, almost none of them said they were leaning towards him.

  471. monetarist says:

    MI turnout looks like it’ll be at least 10% higher than in 2008.

  472. Corey says:

    I am sure Michael Moore will take credit for that.

  473. DrJay says:

    Santorum is losing every county in Arizona.

  474. Corey says:

    This CNN focus group segment of these OH voters, who mostly were leaning towards Santorum at the beginning tonight is really interesting.

    Seems to be a big move to Romney in that room.

  475. DrJay says:

    Updated exit polling ticks Romney up to 48-37 with Republicans, and 35-34 with Independents.

  476. janz says:


    That is encouraging to hear, regarding those OH voters. Hopefully this MI win will augment Romney’s chances in future primaries, especially Ohio.

  477. Corey says:

    Can hardly wait to listen to some Rush Limbaugh tomorrow.

  478. Dylan says:

    Karl Cameron was beyond in the tank for santorum. Puke city

  479. Corey says:

    Let’s just hope the big Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry doesn’t come into play.

    By a week from now, 10 more states will have voted, and even if it’s a split decision, Romney is going to finish Super Tuesday still with a big delegate lead.

  480. janz says:

    I think Romney will be able to glean alot from this trial in MI. For one thing he has good sound bites against Santorum, on him seeking dem support to win votes. Also, the fact that Romney won big with republican voters and women will serve him well in presenting his case to other states.

  481. lisab says:

    depicted in the HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers,” has died, his family said.

    Lynn D. “Buck” Compton died Saturday in Burlington, Wash., after having a heart attack last month, the family told the Los Angeles Times

  482. lisab says:

    yeah gives me some reaffirmed hope that Mitt puts Michigan in play in the General.”

    especially since half the dems voted for romney

    that means some dems were not involved in an operation chaos

    but still crossed over

  483. jason says:

    ” 866,681 total votes in Michigan with 88% in…”

    And the RCP frauds have a headline that says “lukewarm turnout”.

    Somebody pls send them an email…

  484. jason says:

    ” specially since half the dems voted for romney ”

    Actually, most voted for Santorum 53-18 on the CNN exit poll. And as Pat Cadell just said on Fox, “tea party haters went for Santorum by 16”, and Santorum won the “very liberal vote” too.

  485. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Romney will win the following states Saturday and next Super Tuesday:


    Mitt will take 8/11 contests and sew up GOP nomination.

    You heard it here first.

  486. Corey says:

    I would say he would be more likely to take Alaska and North Dakota before some of those states.

    But there are clearly more states to be won. If he doesn’t get all or even most though, it will not change the overall dynamic of the race.

    First up is Washington on Saturday, and the caucus there is historically dominated by social conservatives. Pat Robertson won there once. I will be a bit surprised if Romney wins it.

    Tennessee and Oklahoma may be a bit wishful thinking in regards to the primaries, though Romney does have both of those states’ Governors in his corner.

  487. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Bullcrap Corey. You don’t know as much as you think you do.

    Momentum and resources will be huge for Romney – coupled with Little Ricky’s horrible speech tonight.

    Whenever his back is against the wall, Romney comes through.

    Tn and Ok will like Romney’s business experience.

    Stop being a know-it-all, Corey, and start listening to others… You’ll go farther in life.

  488. Corey says:

    Yeah, you really told me.

  489. jason says:

    Yeah Corey you will go far listening to a fraud like Rockefeller Troll…..

  490. Rockefeller Republican says:

    At least Romney gets it – unlike the idiots here… He’s campaigning later this week in Wash…


  491. PPPBeAJoke says:

    Pope Ricky took two for the team tonight


  492. lisab says:

    “If Mitt Fails in MI What Do the RINO’s Do?”


    “Get your banning pen ready. BC called out the HHR f@gs.” eph

  493. DrJay says:

    Michigan 99.9% reporting

    410,477.. Romney, Mitt
    378,069.. Santorum, Rick
    115,928.. Paul, Ron
    65,090… Gingrich, Newt
    18,862… Uncommitted
    1,910…. Perry, Rick
    1,878…. Roemer, Buddy
    1,765…. Bachmann, Michele
    1,732…. Huntsman, Jon
    1,243…. Cain, Herman
    1,234…. Karger, Fred
    524…… Johnson, Gary
    998,712 Total 2012

    869,293 Total 2008


    per exit polls 60% of the vote was republican whereas in 2008 about 68% was republican, so that, roughly, turnout by actual republicans was about the same as in 2008

  494. Tim V says:

    In the first 11 caucuses and primaries, Romney has netted the most votes, carried the biggest and most important states, raised the most money, and garnered the most endorsements — all while amassing a significant lead in delegates.

    In a four-man race Tuesday, he won a huge plurality in Arizona, besting Rick Santorum nearly 2-1, with Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul finishing up the track. His home state of Michigan, which Romney won by about 3 percentage points, was much closer, but considering the fact that he was down there by 9 points only last week, Romney was pleased to win by any margin.

  495. Tim V says:,_2012

    with so few winner take all primaries, getting the magic number is not that easy

  496. Tim says:

    So, Snowe is quitting? Well, probably, the Dems will pick up that seat.

  497. Tim says:

    Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be pleased to hear that…………….

  498. Tim says:

    He’s on the wrong side of the Auto Bailout. That’ll kill him, there.

  499. Tim says:

    Well, I am thankful that the voters last night made the right decision.

  500. bio mom says:

    Estimates say about 3.5% of Santorum vote from Democrats. So Romney win in Michigan is bigger than it looks.

  501. BayernFan says:

    So is the media saying that Mitt didnt win by enough?

  502. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    @ 506, thats the talking point among the media and Romney Derangement Syndrome sufferers