Brown Leads Warren By Double Digits in MA

This poll is almost downright ancient, but it does corroborate a poll a couple of weeks ago from Suffolk University showing Scott Brown moving into a sizable lead over Democrat Elizabeth Warren in the race for US Senate in Massachusetts. The poll was done by Opinion Dynamics for a group called Mass Insight Global Partnership.

Scott Brown (R-inc) 52%
Elizabeth Warren (D) 42%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 56%
Mitt Romney (R) 38%

This poll was done January 31-February 4 among 456 registered voters.

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45 Responses to “Brown Leads Warren By Double Digits in MA”

  1. maelstrom says:


  2. hellbelly says:

    Trust me on this: Brown will squash Warren like a bug in November…..come to think of it, she is a bug and she deserves to be squashed.

  3. hellbelly says:

    …the early polls (showing her ahead) reflected the knee-jerk reaction of Massachusetts’ voters “hey….a Democratic woman who the media says is great….sure….we like her!”……and then they get to know her and she’s really not all that likeable.

  4. Robbie says:

    Very good news.

  5. maelstrom says:

    Thread rule.

    And the man at the back said
    Everyone attack

  6. hellbelly says:

    Scott Brown may drive us conservatives a bit crazy at times, but he goes out of his way to placate so-cons (Massachusetts is still a pretty Catholic state and he’s decidedly pro-life) and he is actually pretty well liked by, well, by everyone who’s not intimately linked to the Democratic party.

  7. hellbelly says:

    maelstrom…are you quoting from the band “Sweet”? Ballroom Blitz?

  8. Apologetic California says:

    I never thought I’d say this against anyone as I’m more RINO-ish in orientation. But Elizabeth Warren is not a Real American. She’s a communist with a US passport.

  9. TrueConservativesEmbraceSupportByDailyKosCommunists says:

    MA likes Communists though

    I like the way she plays the “Woman of the People” routine and apparently she has an eight figure net worth…

  10. TrueConservativesEmbraceSupportByDailyKosCommunists says:

    This is now way too far:

  11. TrueConservativesEmbraceSupportByDailyKosCommunists says:

    “Shooting a RINO”?


    These motherfuqqers need straitjackets

  12. hellbelly says:

    Scott Brown has showed that sticking to his guns as a pro-life politician despite being absolutetly hammered by (among others) the Boston Globe is still a winning proposition (even in Massachusetts).

  13. GF says:

    I thought Brown was technically pro-choice, but not vocally so and certainly not pro-abort; basically, a good fit for MA at large.

    I’ve been thinking for a while that Brown may not just eke by but might actually win convincingly i.e. greater than vs. Coakley. Not saying it will be a blowout – MA makes that next to impossible. Weld’s ’94 romp was a beautiful aberration, but I can still see Brown winning by 54-46, maybe even 55-45 on a good day. Romney will indeed break 40%. I don’t see him getting much higher than 42, though, but it will still be enough to give Brown a little push or rather, not suck him down.

  14. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    let’s find someone to challenge the rino! send a message to the establishment! scott brown is a threat to the conservative movement! lol!

  15. Annie says:

    Scott Brown is better looking than all of the Kennedy men (and way better looking than his opponent). The women of Massachusetts will not vote him out –

  16. maelstrom says:

    7. and the girl in the corner said
    “Boy, I wanna warn ya,”


  17. hellbelly says:

    Please be quiet….I’m a dyed-in-the-wool conservative….more a so-con than an economic conservative…..Scott Brown has been everything I could have hoped for from a so-con in Massachusetts.

  18. maelstrom says:

    Cassandra, the excellent babe.

  19. Tim says:

    Post #8 is a disgrace. No point in even saying something like that.

  20. hellbelly says:

    maelstrom…re: 16

    A most excellent song from a way under-rated band.

  21. GF says:

    17- I wondered when that would happen. Not specifically King, but a credible Indy candidacy. King was VERY popular, and he won a three-way with 60%. If we could not save the seat, I’d rather have him than Pingree or a Pingree-clone. He claims that he is “too fiscally conservative for the Democrats while being too socially liberal for the Republicans.” In other words, he would probably be a tad better than Snowe who had no qualms blowing taxpayer dollars. May not be so bad after all.

  22. hellbelly says:

    Scott Brown has treated us tea-partiers/so-cons with WAY more respect than most folks on this site have…..which is why their favored candidate is viewed with trepidation and hesitancy that can only hurt him in the general election….respect and support are a two way street my friends.

    Outright disdain and disgust are typically the strategy of the Democrats and the MSM for Republicans and conservatives….but that’s what we feel from a lot of the Romney fans.

  23. maelstrom says:

    22. Heard it today on the oldies station. It was the theme song for my high school football team since are captains were Steve, Andy, and Mike (which easily become Mick). Fox on the Run was a another good song

  24. maelstrom says:

    our not are. Da.

  25. maelstrom says:

    In honor of Davy Jones. Long live the Monkees.

  26. DrJay says:

    Romney Comes Out In Support Of Controversial Birth Control Bill

    “Governor Romney supports the Blunt Bill because he believes in a conscience exemption in health care for religious institutions and people of faith,” Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul told TPM…

    Romney’s position had been brought into doubt after tweets from a local TV station reporter suggested the candidate had objected to the proposed bill. The candidate’s campaign released a statement saying, “Regarding the Blunt bill, the way the question was asked was confusing.”

    To clear up any confusion, Romney himself weighed in, telling radio host Howie Carr, “I didn’t understand the question. Of course, I support the Blunt amendment. I thought he was talking about some state law that prevented people from getting contraception.”

  27. bio mom says:

    Hellbelly, See 10 above. When the social cons treat others that way with total disrespect it should not surprise you when the disrespect is retirned.

  28. hellbelly says:

    Bio-Mom….there will always be nut jobs on any side of an argument….what i’ve been concerned/disconcerted about has been the sense of disdain for so-cons/tea partiers shown on a fairly consistent basis by (I would say) a majority of posters on this (typically GOP-oriented) site.

  29. Ben Romney says:

    In a general election for President today, if the only two candidates on the ballot were Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who would you vote for?

    Obama – 52%

    Romney – 38%

    Undecided – 10%

    In a general election for President today, if the only two candidates on the ballot were Barack Obama and Rick Santorum, who would you vote for?

    Obama – 57%

    Santorum – 33%

    Undecided – 10%

    What if it were Barack Obama and Ron Paul?

    Obama – 56%

    Paul – 31%

    Undecided – 13%

    What if it were Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich?

    Obama – 61%

    Gingrich – 27%

    Undecided – 12%

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    Mr. Hellbelly:

    Has your son chosen a college? Should I save you a table at Brownies 23 East?

  31. hellbelly says:

    Mr. Bitterlaw,

    We’ll know within a month….Roche & Obrien’s for me!

  32. Pitchaboy says:

    Crappy poll. It is D plus 15. Key point Romney beating Obsma with indies

  33. SUSYQUE says:

    National Journal is very biased and negative toward Mitt Romney.They posted this on their site:

    What Mitt Lost While He Won

    [New York Times, 2/29/12] Thanks to the voters of Michigan, Romney’s path to the nomination is as wide open as ever, writes columnist Ross Douthat. But after verbal miscues and clumsy attempts to defend his right flank on policy, his path to the White House has narrowed considerably.

  34. lisab says:

    if gingrich drops out,

    romney will have to fight hard for the nomination

  35. Scott says:

    Yes,a strange poll.It appears in the poll that Indies are almost as enthusiastic about GOP candidates as actual Republicans are.

  36. Tina says:

    As I predicted, sincce Spendmorum fell flat yesterday, they will try to pump up again Fig Newton.

  37. ameister says:

    how long before the first PPP poll showing Bob Kerry in the lead?

  38. janz says:


    Interesting article about CA’s central valley water problems.

    Obama: I’ll veto bill that will provide water to California’s central valle

  39. mnw says:

    “Mexifornia,” by VDH

    ALL the answers. One stop shopping.

  40. mnw says:

    n/t. sucka!

    (Guess who’s frist?)

  41. Barrett says:

    #36 – He’s not fighting hard now?