Romney Leads in Washington State / McCrory Dominates in NC

Happy Saturday Morning! Survey USA came out with a new poll for the Washington State caucuses today showing Mitt Romney with a double digit lead over Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney 38%
Rick Santorum 24%
Newt Gingrich 14%
Ron Paul 10%

This poll was done February 29-March 1 among 500 registered voters. The Civitas Institute has released a new poll for the state of North Carolina that shows Pat McCrory is in pretty good shape to take the gubernatorial seat for Republicans.

Pat McCrory (R) 49%
Walter Dalton (D) 30%

Pat McCrory (R) 46%
Bob Ethridge (D) 32%

Pat McCrory (R) 48%
Bill Faison (D) 27%

I haven’t been able to finds dates for this poll as of yet a=other than it was done in February.

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  1. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Good morning freaks!

    You negative nellies on our side take a chill pill.

    Romeny will continue the Big Mo’ by winning the Evergreen State today.

    And a word to you Philistines who are confused and doomed: It’s Rockefeller Republican…as in Nelson. NOT Jay… his misbegotten nephew.

    Happy weekend all!

  2. Wobbles says:

    Hi Add.

  3. Scott says:

    As for the NC Governor’s race, PPP will soon have a poll showing the Democrats retaining the seat.
    Recent PPP polling has shown Obama winning the Presidency by Reagan-like numbers and the Democrats actually gaining Senate seats!

  4. bob says:

    Santorum is toast!

    Abandon ship.

  5. lt says:

    Hopefully the damage the Republicans have done to themselves can be repaired, I have my doubts, by election. With all the want to be king makers on the air waves and their followers it will be tough to rally the troops who ever the nominee is. Go Mitt

  6. Scott says:

    #5- It
    We will all rally around the eventual winner since voting AGAINST Obama is a great rallying cry.My concern is a third party run by the likes of a Christie Whitman or Jon Huntsman.(A third part run by Ron Paul would probably be a wash.)

  7. Tim says:

    I hope that everyone in my area is safe, this morning. Thankfully, all of my family is. Bad, bad storms down here, last night. And, Tim V, the Atlanta Metro area got hammered…..

  8. mnw says:

    Somebody needs to tell trolly boy Jay Rockefeller(troll) that Nelson was just as bad as Jay. Everybody knew it back then. He was of a piece with Clifford Case & Jacob Javits. All penultuimate RINOs.

    Also, Rockefeller last ran for governor in 1970. You had to be 21 to vote back then. That means our trolly boy would have to be 63-years-old now– just to have voted for Rockefeller ONE time, when trolly was 21.

    This is a crock, troll.

  9. SUSYQUE says:

    Santorum Could Lose Ohio No Matter How Many Votes He Gets

    Rick Santorum’s delegate problems in the Buckeye State are far worse than previously reported:
    Rick Santorum was already known as starting from a deficit, delegate-wise, in Ohio. He failed to qualify for any district delegates in three Ohio congressional districts because he didn’t turn in delegate names there.
    But his delegate troubles go deeper. According to the Ohio Republican Party tonight, the former Pennsylvania U.S. senator filed incomplete delegate slates in six additional Ohio districts.
    Altogether, this means Santorum, who until this week had a fair lead in polls in the Republican nominating race, could be ineligible for 18 Ohio district delegates.
    Ohio has 66 delegates total, 63 at stake next Tuesday. The candidate with the most delegates wins. Santorum therefore goes into the Ohio primary election with a 29 percent deficit.

  10. mnw says:

    I can’t abide candidates who invite us to invest time & money in their campaigns, but who are too incompetent, disorganized & WEAK to even get delegates properly qualified.

    Don’t waste my time with that nonsense.

  11. mnw says:

    Upon further review, it is BARELY possible that |Jay Rockefeller |(troll) could have voted for Nelson Rockefeller in 1970 and |”only” be 62 today, instead of 63.

    That could’ve happened if Jay R-troll just barely turned 21 a few months before Rockefeller ran the last time.

    I don’t believe it for a second. To really get the full flavor of Gov. Rockefeller’s dreadful liberal miasma, Jay R-troll would hvae to be in his 70s.

  12. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    It’s Romneys fault Pope Ricky doesn’t have a full slate of delegates the “establishment” prevented him from doing so as per one of Pope Rickys spokesmen

  13. mnw says:

    I’m sure the establishment cued Nit in VA, & all the OTHER places Nit cued up, also.

  14. EML says:

    Saints are going to get hammered. They’re talking about taking away their 2nd and 3rd round picks this year (they already traded their 1st round pick), plus their 1st round pick next year, plus a $500K fine.

  15. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    It’s a disaster

    I wonder if Williams loomis peyton get fired

  16. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    Latest rumor saints let drew brees walk and sign peyton manning

  17. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    Saves the saints a fortune and frees up the funds to retain Nicks and colston and sign new free agents

  18. SUSYQUE says:

    My post yesterday was not against Mitt. It was what Eric at Red State wrote. I was just printing out what he said.

    Annie go here and check out the article Eric Erickson wrote:

  19. Robbie says:

    It’s a good thing Republicans had some successes with redistricting because a nasty defeat in the House would have been possible.

    I don’t think John Kerry II will be blown out by Obama, but the Democrats seem to have all of the momentum and it’s beginning to remind me of the feel in early 2006.

  20. mnw says:

    OF COURSE it is, Wobbie!

  21. Crymedogg says:

    Jesus Robbie….Grow a pair

  22. Diogenes says:

    I can set my clock to the regularity of Robbie’s trolling posts.

  23. mnw says:

    RAS: 46, & -14!

    Those are FABULOUS re-elect #s! zero’s got it in the bag! Game over.

  24. Gpo says:

    Chances of brees leaving new Orleans is close to zero

  25. dylan says:

    Mnw–what is the -14 #?

  26. Brandon says:

    RE: WA poll on this thread. This isn’t even a poll of WA likely caucus goers. All SUSA did was find 500 people who said they were Republicans and asked them this question:

    “If the election for President were today, who would you vote for? Barack Obama? Mitt Romney? Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? Ron Paul? Or some other candidate?”

    It seems that it is being misrepresented as a WA Caucus poll.

  27. Frontal Robbieotomy says:


    Brees has done everything imaginable for us and we’re nickel and diming him


    He ought to go sign with the Redskins they;d pay him $30 million a year

  28. mnw says:


    RAS always calculates the difference between “strongly approve” vs “strongly disapprove”: today for zero it’s 27/41= -14.

    Pretty awful, altho at times zero’s been as low as -21.

  29. Wobbles says:

    I wonder if Romney will steal any more delegates? Play by the rules Romney.

  30. Wobbles says:

    The President needs to be pollkng at 39 percent – that will get him 45 percent electorally.

  31. mnw says:

    I was shocked at how OLD Bob Kerrey looks.

    If somebody drops out of the public eye for 15 years & then comes back,I bet a lot of people subconsciously expect him to look just like he did the last time.

  32. Tim V says:

    Bitter is today’s favorite Catholic !

  33. GF says:

    Good morning, all. Good to see Walt back last night with good news from WV; don’t be a stranger!

  34. SoHope says:

    #34 was for widdle wobbie…he can go there and blog about how santorum stinks as a candidate and its romney’s fault.

  35. mnw says:

    Some outfit I never heard of, Landmark/Rosetta Stone, has Nit +20 in GA.

    More interestingly 2 me, Romney is in second, & leads Santo outside the MOE.

    How many bronze medals can Santo afford to win & still stay (theoretically) viable?

  36. SoHope says:

    I think I read that ga tn and ok split their delegates by CD only among 1st and 2nd place vote getters.

  37. Robbie says:

    PPP tweets Romney has a small lead after the first day of calls in OH.

    I guess the Obama campaign can go ahead with it’s plans for his second inagural.

    I can’t wait until 2016. It can’t come soon enough.

  38. Robbie says:

    #34 was for widdle wobbie…he can go there and blog about how santorum stinks as a candidate and its romney’s fault.

    Comment by SoHope — March 3, 2012 @ 11:39 am

    No doubt, Santorum is a terrible candidate. He was just a vessel that might well have produced a new candidate who had a chance to win in the Fall. Now, we’re stuck with the crap sandwich known as John Kerry II, I mean Mitt Romney.

  39. Brandon says:


  40. Wobbles says:

    We need a brokered convention.

  41. Wobbles says:

    If noo brokered convention, maybe we can go third party?

  42. Wobbles says:

    I can’t wait until 2016. It can’t come soon enough.

    Comment by Robbie — March 3, 2012 @ 11:53 am

    Exactly, Biden will be running.

  43. jason says:

    ” My concern is a third party run by the likes of a Christie Whitman or Jon Huntsman.”

    I think Hunstman already endorsed Romney.

    Whitman who?

  44. Robbie says:

    Mock me all you want want, but you’re the same people who said McCain was surging, the Wilder effect will doom Obama, and the polls in 2008 were all wrong. Oh, and everyone also said McCain suspending his campaign was brilliant.

    Romney will lose in the Fall. It will be close, but John Kerry came close in 2004. He’s shown himself to be a gaffe machine who can’t win unless he goes brutally negative against the weakest field in modern presidential politics.

    Most here have blinders on for Romney and don’t seem to care a bit about policy. It’s all about who polls the best. Maybe RedState is at the other extreme, but better to stand for something than to stand for polling.

    I’m not for Newt or Santorum, but their campaigns provided one last chance to scare a better choice into the race. Now we’re consigned to eight long months of Romney sticking his foot in his mouth and coming across as someone who no ability to connect with the voters.

    Even though election night will be painful, I’ll be here to say I told you so.

  45. Dylan says:

    Robbie–you know what, regardless of whether you end up being right, you are a real pedantic drag to listen to. Your commentary is hardly original and is tinged with so much superiority complex. You,re probably a real drip to hang put with.

  46. Dylan says:

    As far as these “gaffes” , none of these are what I would call even remotely impactful. They will be utterly meaningless in november

  47. GF says:

    47- That would be the “Bradley Effect,” genius. Stuff the trolling; no one’s in the mood for your gloom and doom. Take that sh*t elsewhere.

    Needless to say, you are not a magnificent bastard, and I doubt anyone would ever read a book penned by yourself.

  48. GF says:

    Dylan, dripping like a wet blanket, no?

  49. Dylan says:

    Exactly, gf.

  50. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    Election night won’t be painful Wobbie tell Obama to use a little extra ky and you’ll be fine…

  51. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Romney does connect with voters. He speaks in American Exceptionalistic tones and returning us to our greatness. That’s called connecting.

  52. Brandon says:

    “McCain suspending his campaign was brilliant.”

    Was that really the consensus here?

  53. bio mom says:

    Once again Romney is not appearing on any of the Sunday shows but all three of his rivals are. I will never understand that. He has only been on one, Fox News, last week and that is it. A mistake in my opinion.

  54. bio mom says:

    @ppppolls: Romney with a small lead on the first round of calls for our Ohio poll. Pretty clear the direction that one is headed in…

    Of course, it is ppp again. Can’t rely on them.

  55. bio mom says:


    5-day rolling average

    gallup 5 day tracker today

  56. Todd McCain says:

    There was no change of getting a different candidate even if Santorum had won Michigan. Anyone who thinks that is delusional. A brokered convention with a new candidate was never going to happen……..get over it.

  57. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Why should Romney go on those ridiculous shows when he is in the lead Biomama? That makes no sense.

    Also, it really amuses me these folks who think ‘connecting with voters’ is some magical gift a person has. Connecting with voters is going after the administration, period, and Romney is doing that, and will continue to open up more whoopazzzz as the election draws nearer.

    Do you really think Obama connects with voters? Seriously?

  58. Brandon says:

    The Washington Caucuses have begun!

  59. SoHope says:

    What sports team do you like, robbie?

  60. SoHope says:

    Why dont you tell me how much their players suck and how they will be dominated in a game 8 months from now.

  61. Diamond Jim says:

    “Do you really think Obama connects with voters? Seriously?”

    Yes, otherwise his approval would be south of 40%

  62. SoHope says:

    Romney on connects with elite establishment rinos.

  63. SoHope says:


  64. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #8, mnw: Your ignorance knows no bounds…

    I never claimed to have voted for Nelson Rockfeller. That was your false assumption. Rather, I am a student of our country’s political heritage – my appellation is a tribute to him. I esteem Gov. Rockefeller for his service and all that he did to empower the Empire State GOP during his tenure.

    It matters not that Nelson Rockefeller was a moderate – the important thing is he was a Republican…Helluva lot better than a Democrat anyday.

    Many here claim to be smart yet look at my screen name and impulsively react in knee-jerk fashion…Does not speak well for the critical-thinking skills of those folks.

    Makes you wonder who the real trolls are…

  65. jason says:

    “It’s Rockefeller Republican…as in Nelson”

    He died getting laid.

    That’s about the best I can say for him.

  66. jason says:

    Unions spending big bucks to damage Romney.

    But if you think it’s because they view Romney as their biggest threat, you are wrong.

    They are doing it to help Santorum whom they all intend to vote for.

  67. Robbie says:

    47- That would be the “Bradley Effect,” genius. Stuff the trolling; no one’s in the mood for your gloom and doom. Take that sh*t elsewhere.

    Needless to say, you are not a magnificent bastard, and I doubt anyone would ever read a book penned by yourself.

    Comment by GF — March 3, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

    It’s been called both so nice try.

  68. Robbie says:

    “McCain suspending his campaign was brilliant.”

    Was that really the consensus here?

    Comment by Brandon — March 3, 2012 @ 12:56 pm

    Yes, it was the consesus. Most thought it showed he was a true statesman concern not with himself, but with the country. He even wanted the debate the next night cancelled. Obama, rightly in my opinion, said we ought to be able to do two things at once.

  69. jason says:

    ” yet look at my screen name and impulsively react in knee-jerk fashion…”

    Actually, no, you outed yourself as a troll on election night in November before you knew the comments were saved. You predicted Rs would lose the Presidency and you attacked Bob McDonnell as a clown, and you said the Rs would lose in VA when in fact they won seats in the House and took control of the Senate.

    Then you lied by saying your comments were distorted or falsified.

    That established you as a troll. The name does not help, for sure, but it’s what you wrote that gave you away.

  70. Robbie says:

    What sports team do you like, robbie?

    Comment by SoHope — March 3, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

    I care about the teams from the university I attended, Louisville. Unfortunately, we have a coach in Rick Pitino who is well past his prime and living off what he did at Kentucky 16 years ago.

  71. jason says:

    I guess Wobbie Troll is off suicide watch and back here after a refresher course at Troll Academy.

  72. jason says:

    I think suspending the campaign was a gimmick that could have worked or not. It didn’t work.

    What McCain should have done was immediately go on TV and say “ok, its not amateur hour” and portray Obama as unprepared in a crisis, and here is my plan. None of this “let’s find a solution together BS”. MY PLAN.

    Instead he went dark and Obama and the MSM took advantage of it.

  73. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    you people disappoint me. Romney is a Nixonian bad azzzz. Part of winning is having lost and learned from your mistakes, recalibrating, and moving forward with a campaign warchest and machine built to take down his opponents. I now have no doubt in Romney’s ability to win. He gets it.

    And no, Obama doesn’t connect. Bill Clinton connected. Reagan connected. Millard Fillmore connected. The prez simply swings wildly at balls out of the strike zone and his constituencies are built in because Democrats are born Democrats, whether its union thugs or African Americans. That, my friend, is not connecting. That is called demography.

  74. dylan says:

    unfortunately, demographics matter. The goons show up to vote no matter the phuck what is going on in the economy. Only conservatives stay home to “make a point.”. Political darwinism will ensure the demise of the center right bent to this country. Everything regresses to the mean.

  75. dylan says:

    Mccain didn’t need to go palin and he didn’t need to “suspend” his campaign for gimmicks sake. Had he picked a reasonable running mate and had he not pushed all in on the “cancel the debate thing,” he might have made it closer–but still might have lost.

  76. lisab says:

    against MCCAIN obama could not get 53%

    people are not enthused about him this time

    i doubt he will get 50% this time even as the inumbant

    the only question is, can romney get to 49%+ to win

  77. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Yeah, conservatives will stay home this time. Keep believing that.

  78. dylan says:

    U guarantee they won’t jerry?

  79. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    I’m telling you. This will be a swingsate landslide. Obama does not have the indies. He’s lost seniors, the young, the suburban women, blue collar, Catholic, and jewish precentages to name a few.

  80. jason says:

    You guys decide whether Rockefeller Troll is a troll or not:

    453. Yogi Bear and Fred Flintstone would be better candidates than any of the dolts we got running on GOP side. Yogi and Fred are smarter than Cain thats for sure.
    Comment by Rockefeller Republican — November 8, 2011 @ 10:13 pm

    505. Obama will carry VA and OH next year based on tonight’s returns. GOP still does a poor job on candidate recruitment and GOTV. Tea Party also does not help matters.
    Comment by Rockefeller Republican — November 8, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

    553. GOP lost state senate tonight because it could not crack NOVA DC suburbs. To say otherwise is just tom foolery

  81. Tina says:

    Morning gang,

    Are we still going the contested convention (or whatever) route and headlining it with Jeb.

    This site is becoming ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  82. lisab says:

    i don’t know one person who

    voted for mccain last time

    that this time says he/she made a mistake and wants to vote for obama this time


    i know several obama voters that will not vote for obama this time

  83. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #72, lil’ jason: Dude, you are the proverbial broken record in missing my points re: last year’s VA elections:

    Poiint 1: I stand by criticism of future Vice President McDonnell & the GOP for fielding poor candidates in the suburban DC senate districts – the Dems swept them all. Better candidates would have at least won one of those seats – thereby avoiding the current tie. McDonnell & GOP were/are responsible for the outcome.

    Point 2: I stand by comments then and now that the GOP will lose VA if they get clobbered in the DC suburbs. You seem too stupid to remember that’s how McCain lost the state. Thankfully, Romney will run very well in the suburbs – DC and everywhere else. In contrast, Little Ricky & Newt would emulate the McCain loss.

    It amazes me how you keep beating this quite-dead-for-sometime horse… Your obsession with it is quintessentially trollish behavior.


  84. Tina says:

    I also submit the gasoline price @ 400 and up will be a game changer. Prices are not going down anytime soon.

  85. lisab says:

    it cost me $45 dollars to fill my sentra!

    i cannot imagine what it csts t fill a full size pickup or suv

  86. Tina says:

    I would never “root” for my team to lose in November (even if I do not get the perfect candidate). It will be tough going against an incumbent President, and I have history to support that.

  87. Tina says:

    $70.00 to fill up my Accord, Lisab.

    I paid $48 just a few months ago and around $35 wen bush was in office.

  88. dylan says:

    It routinely costs 90+ dollars to fill up my lexus ls 460. It was half that at the end of gwb’s 2nd term. I do use 91 though…..

  89. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Fear is the motivation for the conservatives this time around, Dylan. And fear is the biggest motivator of them all. I know this from sales.

  90. dylan says:

    We also need a gotv juggernaut to go with the fear of an unrestrained 2nd term for obama. I really hope that is on the romney folks’ radar.

  91. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #83, lil jason: All of comments are as true now as they were then… especially the last two.

    Perhaps you are impaired and lack adequate reading comprehension.

    I like my tongue-in-cheek criticism in the first comment. You’re probably too stupid to recognize sarcasm and wit: your problem not mine.

  92. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Dylan, that’s why the Mormon thing works IMHO. They will go door to door like nobody’s business, the same way the blacks did for Obama in 08.

    Prediction: the left will go after Romney’s religion by going after Mormons going door to door. It won’t work, but they’ll try to scare folks.

  93. dylan says:

    I’m not sure the mormons have that level of infrastructure in the swing states. In ut and nv, sure, but in oh, fl and ia?? I hope.

  94. DrJay says:

    Judge may throw Rep. Altmire off primary ballot for lack of signatures

    “Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.) may be barred from running in the Democratic primary against fellow Rep. Mark Critz (D-Pa.), a move that would make it all but impossible for him to return to Congress next fall…

    The issue at hand: Pennsylvania law requires petition circulators to live within the congressional district, and Altmire’s staffer who gathered the signatures splits her time between her parents’ home, in the district, and a Pittsburgh apartment outside of it.

    A Critz campaign staffer said whether or not Altmire will prevail is “basically a coin flip” at this point.

    If the judge decides her primary residence is in Pittsburgh, Altmire will not be able to appear on the ballot, a body blow to his campaign and a huge boon for Critz.”

    I’ve mentioned this little drama a couple times… there will be a ruling Monday…

  95. Bitterlaw says:

    Just checking in before I drive to visit my Dad. It looks like nothing has changed. Troll hunting and RINO hunting is in season. I will be back later.

  96. Bitterlaw says:

    One more thing:

    Favorite Evangelical – SoHope

    Favorite Catholic – lisab

    Favorite lapsed Catholic with Jewish wife – GF

    Favorite angry atheist – Cory

  97. GF says:

    No, nice try for you, Robbie; Bradley was a major statewide candidate heavily favoured 8 years before Wilder was on his ballot, and in a much bigger and more important state, no less. Some may have called it a “Wilder Effect” in his particular situation as an hommage to Tom Bradley, but that does not replace the term in political parlance nor in Poli Sci curriculums.

    Swing and a miss…now, go try and depress us further with some other gobble-di-gook.

  98. jason says:

    94. – thereby avoiding the current tie.

    A tie means control by GOP.

    But your comment was:

    ” GOP lost state senate tonight because it could not crack NOVA DC suburbs”

    At least you have gone from denying your comments and saying they were “manufactured” to lamely trying to defend them.

  99. Brandon says:


    Santorum: 37%
    Romney: 26%
    Gingrich: 22%
    Paul: 9%

  100. jason says:

    Rockefeller Troll “tongue in cheek comment”:

    ” Yogi Bear and Fred Flintstone would be better candidates than any of the dolts we got running on GOP side. Yogi and Fred are smarter than Cain thats for sure.”

    I wonder what the moron would have said if it wasn’t tongue in cheek.

  101. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    What will the excuses be when Pope Ricky takes another azz fuqqing tonight?:

    Washington isn’t really a state
    My voters don’t come out on Saturdays
    Caucuses don’t count
    I didn’t contest this one either
    I don’t have any money to run ads

  102. jason says:

    Wobbie Troll’s talking points are now limited to the “let’s not bother with the election, Romney can’t win”, since his idiotic idea of a brokered convention is not going to happen and never was going to happen and “Open Borders Jeb” as a candidate is a ludicrous fantasy.

    That’s Wobbie Troll and Rockefeller Troll’s best hope now. Conservatives will not vote for Romney so Obama can win.

  103. RoboRobbie says:

    104. WA Republicans are latte drinking RINOS.

  104. RoboRobbie says:

    104. Romney outspent Santorum 143-1.

  105. RoboRobbie says:

    104. Dirty Romney operatives told the Santorum voters the caucus was tomorrow.

  106. RoboRobbie says:

    104. Democrats voted for Romney because they think Santorum is a stronger candidate.

  107. RoboRobbie says:

    104. The ballot was confusing. Most Santorum voters put an X in the Romney box.

  108. DrJay says:

    104. The GOP chairman changed the rules.

  109. House Sparrow says:

    104- Paid Romney thugs “intimidating” would-be Santorum voters at the caucus, perhaps?

    With some of the ridiculous excuses that Pope Ricky has given, I would not be shocked by anything he might say.

  110. DrJay says:

    104. Ron Paul conspired with Romney to take votes away from me.

  111. DrJay says:

    104. It was actually a tie. let me explain… right after I give you this boring history lesson…

  112. Cory says:

    “Favorite angry atheist – Cory”

    I KNEW my day was coming!! 🙂

  113. House Sparrow says:

    104- Rules changed at the last minute to “Vote for who you want to be REMOVED from contention” to put Romney ahead, then secretly changed back to normal once he had “won”.

  114. bio mom says:

    I believe ARG had Romney losing Michigan? And claimed Arizona was getting close?

  115. RoboRobbie says:

    104. The ballots came with a warning “Anybody not voting for Romney will be automatically audited by the IRS”.

  116. Annie says:

    Wobbles – obbl = Wes

    a theory…

  117. jason says:

    I think Romney wins OH, MA, VT, ID, VA.

    Santorum wins AK, TN, OK.

    Gingrich wins GA.

    North Dakota? Toss-up.

  118. DrJay says:

    104. Satan has his sights on the Great State of Washington…

  119. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    has mitt run out of money?

  120. Brandon says:

    Yes jenny. He is broke.

  121. SoHope says:

    Isnt the state of washington one of rombey’s home states?

  122. jason says:

    Here jenny, invest some of the meth lab profits…|25219|7946991837|118258654|5280434494|b|18875462134|tc||g|||&cct_ver=3&cct_bk=mitt%20romney&gclid=CIuQkITMy64CFYSK4AodoAi4BA

  123. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    So an article today in the USA Today sayd Romney encouraged the prez to use an individual mandate? Can someone please confirm?

  124. SoHope says:

    * Romney’s

  125. jason says:

    125. Absolutely. Two of Romney’s cousins spent a couple years there and his wife Ann likes Starbucks coffee.

    A loss in this state would be devastating considering his close ties there.

  126. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    there was a story on hot air this week about romney’s campaign struggling to raise money. i wasn’t talking about his personal fortune. a-holes!

  127. RoboRobbie says:

    I can confirm that the Democrats would never have tried to socialized Health Care if it weren’t for Mitt Romney. He was the father of all plans for single payer, national health service and eliminating the private sector from health care.

    The Dems were always for free markets and private health care until they got the idea from Mitt Romney that a government takeover was absolutely necessary.

  128. SoHope says:

    Romney has a high burn rate…once it is clear that he is thw nominee he will get the small donations.

    Also, superPAC will stay flush with $$$.

  129. RoboRobbie says:

    jenny you are right. Romney does not have the financial resources to compete. He should defer to better funded candidates like Santorum, Newt and Paul.

  130. jason says:

    ” a-holes!”

    jenny fell off the wagon again, her drug crazed brain short circuiting….

  131. Waingro says:

    Leave poor Jenny alone! Her posts bring a smile to my face on their own.

  132. jason says:

    ” Her posts bring a smile to my face on their own.”

    Shame on you …you should not laugh at the insane……

  133. SUSYQUE says:

    Annie….are you still posting. Did you see my posts to you?

  134. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    jason, only trailer park trash would make the comments that you make. meth is used in trailer parks and by people who marry their first cousins!

  135. EML says:

    Binghamton St. Patricks Day parade today. Chuck Schumer and Maurice Hinchey rolled through. I almost puked.

  136. Annie says:

    Hi, Susy – I did see, and understand that you were just posting an Erick Erickson article. I read the bottom of it and had missed the top! Comes from just quickly scanning threads to get caught-up…

    Just watched a Romney rally in Dayton on the tube – He told an interesting story that I had never heard before – Evidently, at some point in the past, he and his businessmen colleagues helped in the volunteer efforts to locate a kidnapped teenager, which resulted in finding the girl. He was making the point that Americans are a caring people who will get involved when others are in trouble. Also, Bill O’Reilly drew out of him how he gave away all of his inheritance from his parents to charity and to set up a foundation in his father’s name.

  137. DaveyJ says:

    Rasmussen: Obama 47 Romney 42
    Obama 46 Santorum 43

    Another day, another poll blowing away Romney’s “most electable” argument.

    The facts are that in the last month, there’s probably been over 2 dozen polls showing Santorum matching up with Obama better than Mitt Romney.

    The problem with Romneybots (many here) is that they refuse to accept new data. They grab hold of ideas like “Romney is the most electable”, “Romney is the only one who can beat Obama”, “Santorum can’t win women’s votes” or “Santorum would lose 45 states” — and then refuse to even consider an alternative reality.

    If you really LIKE Mitt Romney and his Thurston Howell III image, fine. Just say so. But don’t give the old erroneous “most electable” argument. The facts are that Romney has been severely harmed by the primary season. His image is in the toilet and his high negative ratings show it. He is a gaffe machine in the image of Joe Biden. He is filthy rich and he talks like he’s filthy rich. He can’t help himself. With this image, anyone making less than $150K simply cannot identify with Mitt.

  138. Brandon says:


    Gingrich: 38%
    Romney: 24%
    Santorum: 22%
    Paul: 3%

  139. Annie says:

    Must go to lunch with the family (if it’s’s Mexican food time) – I’ll check in later –

  140. Annie says:

    Hey, Davey – Santorum can’t win against Obama in a general election because he’s on tape spouting off about Satan, puking reflexes, contraception, taking one for the team, earmarks, lack of executive experience, etc, etc.

  141. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Romney won’t have $ problems. Trump is in his corner as well. Daviej — don’t worry. Once the focus becomes the bamster, Romney’s poll #’s will gel.

  142. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #105, lil’ jason: Your stupidity is infinite.

    How does your addled mind conjure up the patently fallacious notion that I want conservatives not voting for Romney so that our Apologist-in-Chief can win????

    If you had been attention for the past months, I’m one of the biggest Romney boosters here and always have been…Although no one can compete with Corey in his blind idolatry of Mitt.

    I know you are a stranger to reason, but acquaint yourself with the record before popping off. My “Little Ricky” references and Newt indictments are numerous here… They are not terms of endearment when I mention those two.

    Thank you for confiming once again that you’re a loon…

    Troll thy name is lil’ jason.


  143. bio mom says:


    good. Gingrich will stay in. Hes Romney. Notice that on both Oklahoma and Georgia it is Romney who comes in second.

  144. DaveyJ says:

    @145: Annie, they both have their gaffes and their weaknesses. Apparently, according to many polls, Santorum’s gaffes aren’t hurting him any worse than Romney’s — and maybe less so.

  145. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    Pope Ricky is anti college education as well

    Yeah no gaffes from him

    Hey, did he ever pay that money back he stole from PA for educating his kids when he no longer lived in the state?



    Sign me up

  146. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    Well Pope Ricky is going to “take one for the team” again tonight

    Not enough union goons in WA I guess…

  147. SUSYQUE says:

    HEADS UP GANG! HUCKABEE WILL be talking with Romney, Sentorum and Gingrich tonight at 5 pm PST. Should be interesting.
    Will replace Sunday at same time.

  148. SUSYQUE says:

    #152…*replay on Sunday

  149. DrJay says:

    #104 The establishment turned away Santorum voters.

  150. SUSYQUE says:

    #155…How do you know they are Santorum voters or are you just jesting?

  151. DaveyJ says:

    “anti college education” — Funny!
    Keep saying it and maybe it will become true.

    What is true is this: RCP Romney favorable =36%, unfavorable =47%. That’s 11% underwater, worse than either Santorum or Obama.

  152. Brandon says:

    Reports are SUSY that they were wearing “I hate Satan” shirts.

  153. Scott says:

    On Tuesday,Gallup had Obama’s approval at 43%.Today it is at 48% and heading toward 50%. The unwashed must be overjoyed to pay $4/gallon in gas!

  154. DrJay says:

    #158 LOLLLLLLZ… and sweater vests!

  155. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    Pope Ricky be done DaveyJ

    And I am going to laugh as he hits every branch on his way down the dumbfuqq tree…

  156. lisab says:

    “meth is used in trailer parks and by people who marry their first cousins!”

    don’t make fun of people from georgia

  157. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    They turned away my voters


    That’ll be Pope Ricky tonight

  158. lisab says:

    if romney wins ohio it is over

    but i expect santorum to win ohio

    and it will be proclaimed a huge loss for romney by the media, especially hannity and limbaugh et al.


    santorum will do well in the next few races.

    i expect it will be california that puts romney over the top

  159. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    Mitt should win OH

    Pope Ricky is in free fall

    I think the non psychopaths in the Republican Party want to get this thing over with ASAP

  160. Frontal Robbieotomy says:

    Mitt at 78.0 to win Ohio

  161. Scott says:

    Rush apologizes to Ms. Fluke.
    The long term effect of this is Rush’s brilliant career is on the wane!

  162. Brandon says:

    Hmm. Things you learn from BJG:

    “There’s nothing wrong with being Islamophobic”

  163. Brandon says:

    WA GOP says to expect the results around 8 PM EST.

  164. Brandon says:

    Actually that was bcb.

  165. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    I wish we could separate religion from politics

  166. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Rush rocks, but he didn’t have to apologize, especially since the left never apologizes.

  167. Tina says:

    Who cares about that either site, really.

  168. Diamond Jim says:

    Regarding Fluke, slut is as slut does.

  169. Tina says:

    Ok, who got turned away and is there a link?

  170. Tina says:

    What are the odds of Spendorum complaining after losing 4 straight contests?

  171. Tina says:

    Whooops Spendmorum.

  172. lisab says:

    “but he didn’t have to apologize”

    any man who calls a woman a “slut” or worse “whore”

    lacks character

    and deserves scorn

  173. pitchaboy says:

    About a quarter of the people who voted for Obama have changed their registration to I and a signficant portion of these indies are women. Wonder if they are going back to Obama thanks to contraception, Rush and the like.

  174. SUSYQUE says:

    March 03, 2012
    Santorum already losing delegates in Ohio

    Can’t anybody play this game?

    First, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich failed to do what it takes to get on the primary ballot in Virginia, a major Super Tuesday state. Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will be on the ballot.

    Now, Santorum’s failed to get a full state of delegates on the ballots in 9 Congressional districts in Ohio, another major battleground Tuesday. He will definitely lose any chance at 9 delegates, and could lose any shot at another 9.

    He did not file to get pro-Santorum delegates on the ballot in 3 districts. Each district elects three delegates. That means even if he wins the popular vote there – a separate vote than the votes for delegates – he won’t win a single delegate there.

    He also failed to submit a full slate of three names for another six districts.

    Needlessly ceding as many as 18 delegates before a single vote is cast is a tough way to overcome Romney, who’s got more delegates already.

    Read more here:

  175. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Perfect example of a completely unnecessary fight

    The full focus could have been put on the ridiculous assertion that taxpayers have to pay for condoms for promiscuous people but FatBoy had to start a p*ssing match

  176. pitchaboy says:

    Scott, I believe Obama will be back to about 46% in the next few days which is where he actually is. And that is about how much he will get in November. I would strongly advise the repubs to get off contraception.

  177. SUSYQUE says:

    #181…Lisab….I agree!

  178. lisab says:

    “The full focus could have been put on the ridiculous assertion that taxpayers have to pay for condoms”

    actually that is a very good investment

  179. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    I have to pay for someone else’s birth control?


  180. pitchaboy says:

    If Rush does not want to pay for contraception, he willbe paying for abortions. It is a “no win” argument and is a loser by a mile.

  181. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Am I obligated to buy them a car?

    Pay for their washer/dryer when the old one goes out?

    Chip in for their utility bills?

  182. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    An upper middle income student goes to an Ivy League university and I am obligated to pay for condoms for her?!?!?!?!?!

  183. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Lets have the taxpayers buy her a house as well

    We’ll take it from Obama’s stash

  184. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    When this all comes crashing down it’ll be much worse than Greece the sense of entitlement in this country is amazing…

  185. lisab says:

    “I have to pay for someone else’s birth control?”

    “have to” is a state or local choice …

    however, it is a good investment.

    condoms are much cheaper than pregnancy, std’s and abortions

  186. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Perhaps she could refrain from promiscuity?

    An astounding idea I know

  187. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Well, after she fuqqs people she shouldn’t be fuqqing she can pay for the treatment for her own STD’s pay for her own pregnancy or pay for her own goddamned abortion

    You know, personal responsibilty…

  188. lisab says:

    “Perhaps she could refrain from promiscuity?”

    a.) are yu ging to make pre-marital sex illegal where you live?

    b.) when you were young, did you carefully refrain from trying to seduce women you dated?

  189. barry says:

    when will Bill Maher apologize to Palin? And will Obama’s Pack which Maher donated to return the money?

  190. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    And the default assumption that pregnancy/childbirth is bad is part of the problem

    We need a higher birth rate to help keep ss solvent as well as Meducare Medicaid

  191. DaveyJ says:

    condoms are much cheaper than pregnancy, std’s and abortions
    Comment by lisab — March 3, 2012 @ 6:08 pm

    Keeping her legs together is even cheaper.

  192. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    She can fuqq anyone she wants to fuqq none of my business but dont hand me the bill for any of it

  193. lisab says:

    “she can pay for the treatment for her own STD’s pay for her own pregnancy or pay for her own goddamned abortion”


    she could infect a whole bunch of people

    which you are obligated to pay for by law as a taxpayer

    because we have a system where hospitals cannot turn people away for being poor

  194. Tina says:

    Exactly, hands off our pocket book.

  195. SUSYQUE says:

    #195…Bingo! The woman who said she needed three thousand dollars a year for contraceptives…has forgotten how to blush…and is shameful. Rush just used a different word. If a woman decides to indulge in sexual activity, she and she alone should have to pay for it. NO PAY…NO PLAY!

  196. lisab says:

    “Keeping her legs together is even cheaper.”

    it is, but again

    a.) will you make pre-marital sex illegal

    b.) did you set a good example by remaining a virgin until marriage

  197. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:


    People are not children

    I refuse to acquiesce in infantilizing people

    Do whatever you want, accept the consequences

  198. DaveyJ says:

    197.“Perhaps she could refrain from promiscuity?”
    a.) are yu ging to make pre-marital sex illegal where you live?
    Comment by lisab — March 3, 2012 @ 6:12 pm

    Mrs Lisab, you are quoting the stupid liberal propaganda! No one (not even Santorum) is talking about making premarital sex or contraceptions illegal. All we’re saying is that if people want them — THEY pay for them. What is wrong with that?

  199. DaveyJ says:

    205b) Yes.

  200. lisab says:

    “Do whatever you want, accept the consequences”

    the consequences are to you as a taxpayer

    it is cheaper to pay for condoms than to pay for stds and pregnancy

  201. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    why can’t her boyfriend pay for her birth control pills? cheap s.o.b.!

  202. lisab says:

    it is not even close either

    if the woman has the child, not only do you have the medical expense


    likely 20 years of welfare

  203. SUSYQUE says:

    We should not project the “what ifs” you can do that with any product. Freedom is not having to pay for what foolish people indulge in. Her actions have consequences and she must pay the piper for all sexual activity. A woman like that is selfish, self centered, ignorant and a menace in society.

  204. lisab says:

    “Her actions have consequences and she must pay the piper for all sexual activity”

    are there no prisons?

    are there no work houses?

  205. Scott says:

    Obama and Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu meet on Monday.
    Over the past two(2) years,Bibi has gotten the best of our President.
    When Obama took office,he had a Palestinian-first policy and pooh-poohed the Iranian threat.
    Now it is Iran all the time and the Palestinian issue is on the back burner.Netanyahu is brilliant.
    There is a lesson in there for the Republicans!

  206. lisab says:

    “why can’t her boyfriend pay for her birth control pills? cheap s.o.b.!”

    he is just using her

  207. SUSYQUE says:

    #210…The guys are getting a free “ride” with women like this person we are discussing. Pretty soon there will be a “sex-tax” on all your purchases and receipts!

  208. Scott says:

    The Labor Dept. will release the February employment report on Friday.How will it be fudged this time?How many folks will strangely vanish from the work force to get the unemployment rate down to eight percent(8%) or below?

  209. lisab says:

    “The guys are getting a free “ride” with women like this person we are discussing. ”

    in illinois i lived in a semi bad neighborhood

    the apartment above me at one point was filled with two welfare women and their children

    i kid you not, several times a week it sounded like they were having full on orgies

    different guys all the time.

  210. SUSYQUE says:

    Have you ever seen the movie, “The Bad Seed” that is what this younger generation, who are not self disciplined, are turning out to be. It’s the gimme-gimme generation!

  211. pitchaboy says:

    Insurance is the guy living by the rules subsidising the guy who takes risks, which at times is unnecessary. For instance, the guy who lives health is subsiding the fat slob who spends his days in Mcdonald’s. Should the healthy guy refuse to pay for the fat slob?

  212. lisab says:

    “How many folks will strangely vanish from the work force”

    a million

  213. Tim V says:

    she looks like a lesbian to me

  214. Tim says:

    Who, exactly, is “fudging” it?

  215. Tim V says:

    insurance is for the BIG COSTS, the ones you can’t afford to pay. Birth control pills can be had for $9 per month. Who made government the one to say what insurance companies need to cover or not cover ?

  216. lisab says:

    “Birth control pills can be had for $9 per month. ”

    a small fee paid to eliminate most of the big risk of pregnancy — like an hmo

    much like seat belts add costs to cars, but greatly reduce the risk of injuries

  217. Tina says:

    Let’s see, remove people who are no longer unemployed, will help ge the rate down. Nobody believews the numbers.

  218. lisab says:

    personally i would rather pay the cost of condoms from 12 to 45 than pay for the cost of a welfare child from birth to 18

  219. Tina says:

    The laborforce will shrink by another million and their will be 200k McDonalds jobs added, resulting in unemployment to be 7.5 percent, a drop of one percent.

  220. SUSYQUE says:

    #225…Lisab… GALS like that need chastity belts!

  221. Scott says:

    Like in the January report,the Dept. of Labor made a “one time adjustment” of vanishing 1.2 million folks from the work force in ONE MONTH in order to get the unemployment rate to dip from 8.5% to 8.3%.Also,of the 240,000 net jobs created in January,10,000 were new mining jobs according to the Labor Dept. On FOX business,the Director of the Mining Association said that no such job creation occurred.
    Should I go on?Please read come Friday for a blow by blow analysis of Friday’s report.

  222. Tina says:

    Everybody enjoying the gas prices?

    $4.35 for unleaded (reg.)

  223. Tim says:

    Is there no one besides me who sees a win-win in promoting aggressive birth control programs?

    Over-population is our number one problem as a species. This planet and its’ resources can comfortably hold 3 billion people. We have over twice that number. And, one of the main impediments is the medieval thinking of some of these religious groups, in these various countries.

    This is more than a political football. The survival of our species is at stake. And, I don’t really care if the Catholic Church, or the nation of India, or anyone else likes it, or not.

    Good grief………

  224. Tina says:

    I think we top $5 by June.

  225. lisab says:

    “GALS like that need chastity belts!”

    well pass a law requiring that

  226. Scott says:

    Lisab has got to be kidding. Does she really believe that no one needs to take personal responsibility for anything.Her point is that “anything should go” and if a “mistake” is made,society in general should pay for it.
    Her value system is anathema to mine.I believe that the person making a mistake is responsible,then partner,family and community.
    I should not be responsible for paying for anyone’s birth control or abortion,period!

  227. lisab says:

    “I should not be responsible for paying for anyone’s birth control or abortion,period!”

    then you will pay for the welfare moms and babies

  228. SUSYQUE says:

    #234…Lisab…just think…a new industry and all the jobs it would create…Chastity Belts. Inc.
    Manufactured in different colors and sizes, of course.

  229. Tim V says:

    lisab has many views that are an anathema to most of us.

  230. Tim V says:

    then you will pay for the welfare moms and babies

    they still keep having the babies anyway to get the goodies.

  231. Scott says:

    So,as Rush said in his apology statement,I should pay for some kid’s sneakers because in your logic,if I do not pay for it,he will become obese and need medical care that I will have to pay for.So where does it stop?

    I like your thinking.Also,besides sizes and colors,different types of locks can be offered!

  232. Tim V says:

    if you want less welfare babies, start reducing the welfare benefits

    better yet, teach abstinence and personal responsibility.

  233. SUSYQUE says:

    240…Scott good idea! (:-) We could add an alarm in case someone is tampering with the lock!

  234. Scott says:

    #242- SUSYQUE
    Or a GPS System!

  235. david says:

    #231, Tina…

    What gas prices? I haven’t heard that gas prices are high like we did in 2006 – 2008.

  236. Tim says:

    You are quoting this Tyler Durden, an anonymous blogger, as some sort of proof? That person is an idiot. And, I put that charitably. And, for certain, his blog provides no shred of proof for one thing. Except, of course, for his own opinions.
    And, your other proof is the opinion of some guy on Fox? Which Mining Director was it? Ghana’s? New Mexico’s? Who? LOL
    And, who made these people disappear? LOL

    I rather suspect that, if a Republican were in the White House, then you would be trumpeting these same Labor Dept. numbers as proof that the President’s policies were working. Would I probably be correct on that assumption?

    Honestly, no. I don’t want you to go on. My eyes just glazed over. Geez…..

  237. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    Herbert Spencer said it best in “First Things”:

    “Spare fools the consequences of their actions and men shall always be fools”

  238. Scott says:

    #244- david
    Great point. Unlike in the past,the MSM now incessantly says that a US President has NO control over prices at the pump!!!

  239. SUSYQUE says:

    #243..Scott…give me a reason for the GPS system.

  240. david says:

    Problem is in this country, most belive the MSM.

  241. Tim V says:

    in our polarized society the only solution is to spilt the country in two, red and blue. let each state vote on which country they wish to be in. if your state votes the wrong way, you can immigrate to the red zone.

  242. Scott says:

    #245- Tim
    I wish I could be such an ostrich like you.Zero Hedge provides reams of public data in its analyses.You can accept or reject their conclusions,but not the data.
    January’s fudging was well documented by many business writers and economists and there was much discussion about it on the HHR.
    Since the mining association official spoke in perfect American English,I would bet my life savings against your$100that he was from the USA!

  243. david says:

    #217, Scott, what is so sad, if a number came out at below 8%, people would believe it because of the MSM. They won’t pay any attention to the number of people being taken off the employment rolls. If you tell someone enough times that the economy is improving (when it really isn’t) they will start to belive it.

  244. SUSYQUE says:

    #…256…Tim V…what does MSM stand for?

  245. lisab says:

    “So,as Rush said in his apology statement,I should pay for some kid’s sneakers because in your logic,if I do not pay for it,he will become obese and need medical care that I will have to pay for.”

    or you can simply pay for the condoms, so the poor do not have children and those who do have children can pay for their own sneakers

  246. Tim V says:

    the Dept. of Labor made a “one time adjustment” of vanishing 1.2 million folks from the work force in ONE MONTH

    so tim, you believe 1.2 million dropped out of the labor force in one month ? you really don’t think anyone os cookin the books ?

  247. BayernFan says:

    Why spend money on condoms at all? Just find a guy with enough self discipline to pull out on time. Add a little showmanship to the deal, and you have something.

  248. Scott says:

    #248- SUSYQUE
    How about either or all:
    1- my first grade answer, “Just Because” or
    2- something to play with during “downtime” periods
    3- Make Lisab happy by bilking the feds for more money for the gadget

  249. SoHope says:

    The demon spawn of hitler and mao could be elected and I wouldnt care right now…its UNC-dook tonight

  250. SUSYQUE says:

    One hour to go before we hear who is winning the Washington Caucus .

  251. Brandon says:

    Ah yes Tim, the “fudging” was well documented on HHR. That certainly must make it true.

  252. Cory says:

    Promiscuous girl
    Wherever you are
    I’m all alone
    And it’s you that I want

  253. Cory says:

    Promiscuous Girl
    You’re teasing me
    You know what I want
    And I got what you need

  254. Brandon says:

    You can keep Nelly Furtado in Canada.

  255. Scott says:

    #260- Brandon
    So how do you account for the feds disappearing 1.2 million Americans in one month?
    There was discussion about the fudging on HHR,the documentation was from other reliable sources.

  256. Diamond Jim says:

    R – 31%
    P – 27%
    S – 24%
    G – 14%


  257. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Exactly Tim V exactly

  258. SUSYQUE says:

    #257…Scott…OK…I got some good laughs out of this.

  259. Brandon says:

    Maybe they’re hiding in the same studio that we faked the moon landing in.

  260. Scott says:

    #268- Brandon
    Yes,”Capricorn One” was a fine and fun flick!

  261. Brandon says:

    Maine Attorney General Bill Schneider to run for Senate.

  262. janz says:

    This is a good endorsement for Romney in Ohio, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

  263. SUSYQUE says:

    271…Thanks Janz….so far Romney is leading with 12% reporting in.

  264. SUSYQUE says:

    #272…janz…Thanks again….good endorsement and write up in the paper about it.

  265. Tim V says:

    susy, msm= main stream media or your basic cbs,nbc,abc,nytimes etc

  266. lisab says:

    Three Occupy Oakland protesters accused of surrounding and taunting a woman before stealing her wallet were charged on Friday with robbery and hate crimes, authorities said.

    Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, confronted the woman on the streets of Oakland in February after she told them not to riot in her neighborhood, the Oakland Police said in a written release.

    “She was surrounded by three protestors and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation,” Oakland Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said.

  267. SUSYQUE says:

    #275…Tim V…I really appreciate your helpfulness.

  268. bio mom says:

    Romney up 10. 13.8percent reporting in Washington.

  269. Tim V says:

    if she can afford 50k for law school, she can certainly afford 9 bucks a month for the pill.

    all the woman is is a professional activist, a community orgasnizer for femi nazis, and a shill for today’s democratic party.

  270. SUSYQUE says:

    Washington Caucau Results: 13% reporting:





  271. Tim V says:

    277- it’s ok susy. we all need help sometimes.

  272. mnw says:

    FOX has 34% reporting:

    Romn 36


  273. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    What a piece of work

    Goes up in front of congress and basically says, I fuqq so many guys I don’t even have enough money for all the rubbers required please force the taxpayers to subsidize my behavior

    And not an ounce of shame

  274. mnw says:

    FOX has 34% reporting:

    Romn 36

    Santo 25

    Papa Doc 25

    Nit 12

  275. SoHope says:

    48-24…Heels winning at the half!!!

  276. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Ron Paul doing well tonight

  277. SoHope says:

    Beating dook at their home on senior night…and Romney winning WA. Good night so far.

  278. todd says:

    A loss in Washington would be a major defeat to Santorum. This is a state that just legalized gat marriage.

  279. Cory says:

    Now gats can get married?! What’s next, snickerdorks?

  280. mnw says:

    For those who don’t know our resident Canadian sitepest “Cory,” allow me:

    Cory is a self-admitted socialist (a Grit no less) & foreign national who comes here to “help us” select the best conservative alternative to zero, whom Cory CCCP loves almost as much as socialized medicine.

  281. Cory says:

    You forgot “thread killer”.

  282. SUSYQUE says:

    Washington Caucaus Results:42% in

    Romney 37%
    Santorum 24%
    Paul 24%
    Gingrich 11%

  283. ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky'sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:

    Ron Paul actually in second

  284. SUSYQUE says:

    All Candidates 42% in





  285. Diamond Jim says:

    CNN calls it for Romney.

  286. SUSYQUE says:

    Washington Caucaus Results:
    Go Here is you want to see for yourself

  287. jenny-former republican says:

    Mitt won!

  288. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    Huge double digit win!

  289. Dylan says:

    So basically 3000 people decide the fate of the next contest’s momentum

  290. lisab says:

    “Ron Paul actually in second”


  291. SUSYQUE says:


    CNN…Gloria B. and another Gal said because Romney has so much money he is doing better, but that is his weakness too. Paul and Santorum are doing very well in other states, so Romney needs to really exceed much more than they do in his performance. There is always the caveat for Romney…so now one gal is saying Rep. are not satisfied with their nominee, Romney.

  292. Diamond Jim says:

    The madness ends after Tuesday.

  293. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    We hope

    When will the deadenders throw in the towel?

  294. BayernFan says:

    Wow… big win for Mitt Romney tonight.

  295. Diamond Jim says:

    Based on what I heard from a CNN reporter with the Romney camp, I think Mitt wins Ohio.

  296. SUSYQUE says:

    #303…I don’t think any will give up. Something has to give…It has been said that Gingrich is greatly in debt.

  297. SUSYQUE says:

    #305…When does Ohio vote? On Tuesday?

  298. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “We should never, ever allow something to be named for a government employee, unless they use their own money as a private citizen to make it happen – just like any other citizen could.

    Honor those who hold to the Constitution, who exhibit the strength of character to live with integrity regardless of the temptations of power and who exhibit courage in preserving our republic. But don’t let anyone get too comfortable holding the reins that we hand to them.

    This applies not just to federal officials but at every level of government, down to the state auditor, the county recorder, the high school principal. If you’re working for the government in a position of power, your position should be tentative. You should have to live with a certain level of anxiety about your position, so that you never settle into it completely.

    Not just because we want to save money, cut spending and lower taxes but because power tends to corrupt. And when people come to believe that their power over us is more than just a temporary stewardship that we grant to them, we get just what we have right now: irresponsible, unaccountable and self-righteous leaders who are way too impressed with themselves.

    Homer and Sophocles could see this coming millennia away.”

  299. Corey says:

    My fellow Hedgehogs,

    I humbly accept your nomination.

  300. ReggieBushForPresident says:

    Yes Tuesday

  301. Wobbles says:

    It is evident that we need a brokered convention. Romney is severely underperforming everywhere.

  302. Wylie E. Coyote says:

    “Since pointing out yesterday that, in his own words, Mitt Romney supported a national individual mandate, his supporters have gone totally insane on twitter fully denying and trying to spin their way out of this story. Despite Romney’s own words in his editorial, Mitt Romney’s supporters are denying Romney’s own words.

    But Romney did not just write an op-ed. He went on Meet the Press too. You can hear Mitt Romney on Meet the Press recommend the President take one of two approaches in formulating health care.

    The first approach Romney suggests is Romneycare, which Mitt Romney now claims was never intended to be a model for the nation.

    The second approach Romney suggests is the Wyden-Bennett health reform measure then pending in the United States Senate. Wyden-Bennett, like Romneycare, contained an individual mandate.

    In other words, skipping the diplomatic phrasing of some, Mitt Romney lies each time he says he never supported a national individual mandate.”

  303. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    Its over WEC


  304. SUSYQUE says:

    #309…Corey…What is your evaluation of Romney to date…as compared to what #311-312 are saying.

  305. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:


  306. DrJay says:

    Romney currently has more votes than Gingrich and santorum combined.

  307. Wobbles says:

    Wow, it is apparent that it is indeed over.

  308. lisab says:

    ohio is the ballgame

    if romney wins

    i he loses …

    more pain

  309. Tina says:

    I think VA is the ball game, as was AZ last week.

  310. SUSYQUE says:

    Rick Santorum accuses Drudge Report of being a Mitt Romney cheerleader

    Rick Santorum, who has previously grumbled that Ron Paul was acting as a wing man for Mitt Romney, has now complained that the Drudge Report is backing the former Massachusetts governor.

    In an interview with Bill Cunningham of 700AM WLW out of Cincinnati, Santorum was asked whether he had hung up on Scott Sloan, another of the station’s hosts, on Thursday. “It’s on The Drudge Report that you hung up on Scott Sloan,” Cunningham said.

    Santorum responded: “That’s baloney. I was driving and we lost the call and I called him back two minutes later and we finished the conversation. Drudge, again showing for Romney, gets the facts wrong.”

  311. jenny-former republican says:

    romney will win ohio and santorum will throw up! LOL!

  312. Tina says:

    264.#260- Brandon
    So how do you account for the feds disappearing 1.2 million Americans in one month?
    There was discussion about the fudging on HHR,the documentation was from other reliable sources.

    Comment by Scott — March 3, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

    Goood question since the BLS has never ever reported such a large #. Of course, we cannot question it though.

  313. Tina says:

    In all fairness, probably a minor issue involving Spendmorum, unless that host indicates that he in fact hung up.

  314. SoHope says:

    UNC ruins dook’s senior night by winning 88-70…

    Politics may continue

  315. SUSYQUE says:

    Please excuse me if some of you post earlier and I come in later and post it again. Not intentional.

  316. jason says:

    ” When will the deadenders throw in the towel?”

    Good luck with that….look at DaveyJ and Wylie comments above.

    They have so much invested in Romney hate derangement they won’t be happy until Obama wins 49 states and the House and Senate.

  317. jason says:

    Drudge must be an establishment RINO.

  318. Robbie says:

    Grover Norquist, according to my twitter feed, became yet another Republican to downplay the importance of winning the presidency and said holding the House and governorships was more important. Romney has major, major work to do just to convince his own party he can win. Republicans are in the process of screwing up a wet dream.

  319. jason says:

    Wylie used to make cogent if long winded comments about the size of government.

    Now he is a semi Paulbot and uses old hackneyed talking points to attack Romney on Romneycare.

    The concept that the Democrats only thought of mandates and socializing healthcare and implementing single payer and the public option while destroying private sector healthcare because of Mitt Romney is a canard only morons are stupid enough to use.

    Obama and the Marxist Democrats have wanted to socialize healthcare for decades. Hillary tried it. If it wasn’t for a couple Democratic holdouts and Lieberman the public option would have passed.

    This has ZERO to do with Mitt Romney.

  320. janz says:

    This is the first time I have wholeheartedly agreed with Sarah Palin in a long time!

    Allen West should be considered seriously for the VP slot

  321. jason says:

    ” Romney has major, major work to do just to convince his own party he can win. ”

    I predicted this earlier today. Now that Wobbie Troll’s asinine dream of throwing the election to Obama through an idiotic brokered convention has been dashed, I said the new mantra would be “Romney can’t win, so just give up and let Obama win, concentrate on the House and Senate”.

    Like clockwork, the troll delivers.

    One thing about canned talking points, its hard to get original.

  322. SUSYQUE says:


  323. janz says:

    Actually Wyden from Oregon had some interesting ideas regarding health care. Just because he was a dem, the right automatically dissed him, the same as people who are dems disregard those who have something of merit to say who are republicans. Ideology can be a killer sometimes!

  324. pitchaboy says:

    The truth about healthcare is a lot of politicians bought into the individual mandate and the public’s thirst for universal health care. They did not get the fact that while Americans were concerned aboutthe rising cost of healthcare and the number of people without insurance, they did not want a one size fit all solution.Romney and Gingrich were two guys who were at one time on the wrong side of the equation. There is no use denying that; however, I have no doubt he will help unravel Obamacre if he is President.

  325. jason says:

    Tim was incensed when anybody suggested the unemployment numbers are cooked.

    He was very offended.

  326. Wobbles says:

    We should hust hand the house over to Pelosi.

  327. jason says:

    ” There is no use denying that; however, I have no doubt he will help unravel Obamacre if he is President.”

    Absolutely. I don’t defend the mandate in Romneycare, I just think its ridiculous to think Obamacare exists because of Romneycare.

    And the important thing is to unravel it as you put. After its dead, go ahead and fight about who was the father of the corpse.

  328. Diogenes says:

    Grover Norquist is an idiot.

  329. jason says:

    Wobbie Troll will regurgitate the “let Obama win” argument now ad nauseum until Romney regains momentum against Obama in the polls.

    Then we will have to wait for the next DNC talking point.

  330. jason says:

    Did the WA count freeze at 60%.

  331. SUSYQUE says:

    #337…Jason…sounds poetic: After its dead, go ahead and fight about who was the father of the corpse.

  332. jason says:

    Hmmmm… it does sound POE-etic.

  333. pitchaboy says:

    1. After Tuesday, this is practically over.
    2. Labor will finally report an increased UE for last month.
    3. Obama will not go over 50% by end of March in Gallup.

  334. bio mom says:

    Romney up 11. 75percent in

  335. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    Looks like Pope Ricky will finish third behind Grandpa

    Satan has been hard at work again…

  336. DrJay says:

    Paul better be careful or he’ll end up on CPAs “not fit to live” list, too.

  337. DrJay says:

    …think Santorum will demand a recount for second place?

  338. bio mom says:

    Paul just. Called Santorum a fake on Fox .

  339. DrJay says:

    Romney edged out Santorum in Spokane county.

  340. jason says:


    ” Gizmodo lays out just how incredible this new weapon is, stating that ”it fires a 40-pound metal slug up to 5,600 miles per hour… slamming into its target with 32 times the force of a 1-ton car being thrust at 100 mph.”

  341. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    Did Ron Paul just steal one of Pope Ricky’s delegates?

  342. jason says:

    Most of the vote out is Pierce and King Counties where Mitt leads……he might get close to 40%.

  343. Spendorum says:

    I blame Drudge. By accurately describing my statements he screwed me. If he had tried to make me less bizarre he could have helped me. With so many distortions going on in the media a few more would not have been noticed.

  344. Bitterlaw says:

    Sweet Mother of God. Can Wyliie post anything under 1000 words?

  345. Ayatollah_Rick says:

    PPP numbers for WA

    Santorum: 32% | Actual: 24% (-8%)
    Paul: 16% | Actual: 25% (+9%)

  346. jason says:

    PPP-DKos has worked tirelessly for Santorum….

  347. Wylie's English Teacher says:

    No one in history has suffered more greatly than I.

  348. jason says:

    Romney’s dog ate Santorum’s votes.

  349. SUSYQUE says:

    This is the first time I have heard so many pundits on FOX say, “It’s time for Romney to wrap it up. We need to reunite the party and focus on ooo.” Romney is the only one of all the nominees that has an effective organization. It sure helps for him to have 5 fine sons who are a dynamic part of his team. Santorum and Gingrich seriously lack organization. They are not stupid men. It could be that they are not as seriously seeking the nomination as Romney is, but they now
    have national recognition which may fare well for Santorum in 2016, not so much Gingrich.
    This one thing I know…Sarah Palin and company need to get behind Romney and tell the far right
    evangelicals to get out and vote in the election or we will have 4 more years of ooo and may lose our country as we have known it and loved it. It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon, but it is a sin to sit-out the election
    and not vote to remove ooo from office! The battle cry should be…”Anybody but ooo in

  350. jason says:

    ” It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon”

    Thank God, I was worried about that.

    But now that susyque has given her blessing, I am much relieved.

    Btw, that statement is disgusting, LaBigot would be proud of it.

  351. Lisab's Eunuch says:

    No one in history has suffered more greatly than I.

    except, me.

  352. RoboRobbie says:

    ” When asked which Republican presidential candidate has the best chance of defeating Obama, Romney received 50% compared to Santorum 18%. Newt Gingrich got 12%.

    While Romney voters said 3:1 they were happy with the field of Republican candidates, half of those who voted for Santorum said they would like to see another candidate enter the race.”

    Obviously Romney has no support among WA Republicans, and people that vote for him lack enthusiasm.

    The fact HALF OF SANTORUM’S voters want another candidate is bad for Romney, good for Santorum.

  353. John Fogerty says:

    Susyque, baby, I love you. Oh, Susyque!

  354. susy's poor bastard husband says:

    361. You forgot me.

  355. Chris Christie's Armchair says:

    I deserve some consideration, right?

  356. janz says:

    Just heard on the news that 6 sponsors have severed ties with Limbaugh’s radio show. That was one too many times that he let an uncensored mouth go off!

  357. SUSYQUE says:

    #360…Jason, If you do not mix in evangelical christian circles you really don’t know how serious the mormon thing is because pastors are telling them it is a sin to vote for a mormon. My own dear friends
    tell me I shouldn’t vote for Romney for that reason. One huge enticement is the need for jobs. There is a lot of unemployment in the southeast and midwest. So I hope they will not sit out the election like they did in 2008.

  358. susy's poor bastard husband says:

    ” It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon”

    This is a disgusting racist bigoted statement.

    There is NO excuse for it.

  359. jason says:

    Wow, that’s showing some balls, man. I couldn’t have said it any better.

  360. jason says:

    ” thing is because pastors are telling them it is a sin to vote for a mormon. ”

    So because you associate with racists and bigots it’s ok to regurgitate that trash here?????

  361. SUSYQUE says:

    #358…You can tell you are in the field of education when you made that comment! (:-}

  362. SUSYQUE says:

    #368…You are taking that statement out of context. Read #360 and it might clear up you mind.

  363. SUSYQUE says:

    #370…the people I know are not bigots or racists at all. They are very decent people and good law abiding citizens. They want to do what is right. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

  364. DrJay says:

    They are taking it in context, Susy. This is the context: they don’t like you and aren’t going to cut you any slack.

    I doubt that will change, but there are other posters here who give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Such is life on HHR.

  365. jason says:

    What exactly was the context.

    You wrote

    ” It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon”

    “Even though”?????

    Racist and bigoted.

    Would you say “even though he is disabled”

    “even though he is Jewish”???

  366. jason says:

    DrJay you think this is an acceptable comment?

    ” It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon”


  367. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    Susyque is simply accurately reporting what I have said from the very beginning:

    “I don’t want me no Mormon” has always been the real problem underlying the anti-Mitt fanaticism

    Shes saying what she has heard and is not being malicious about it

  368. jason says:

    Racism and bigotry are not “opinions”, sorry. If your pastor tells people not to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon, he is a bigot.

  369. DrJay says:

    she said “even though”…

    by context, it was clear to me she meant “just because”…

    but that’s because you and I view her through a different lens, I suspect…

    and I respect what you are saying.

  370. DrJay says:

    #377 that was my take on it… she is parroting the language the way it has been presented to her

  371. jason says:

    ” Shes saying what she has heard and is not being malicious about it”

    Sorry but that is not accurate. Read her post.

    She was not quoting anybody or saying what she heard, this was something SHE wrote.

  372. Ayatollah-Rick says:

    Here is a comparison between the fundraising percentage of Ron Paul as a percent of fundraising by all candidates actual vote %:

    Notice Paul’s fundraising percent correlates with his actual result better than any of the pollsters have gotten it so far.

    IA 32 21
    NH 27 23
    SC 16 13
    FL 10 7
    NV 22 19
    MN 24 27
    MO 11 12
    CO 16 12
    ME 36 35
    MI 12 12
    AZ 15 8
    WA 28 26
    WY 21 21

  373. Ayatollah-Rick says:

    Here is a comparison between the fundraising percentage of Ron Paul as a percent of fundraising by all candidates followed by actual vote %:

    Notice Paul’s fundraising percent correlates with his actual result better than any of the pollsters have gotten it so far.

    IA 32 21
    NH 27 23
    SC 16 13
    FL 10 7
    NV 22 19
    MN 24 27
    MO 11 12
    CO 16 12
    ME 36 35
    MI 12 12
    AZ 15 8
    WA 28 26
    WY 21 21

  374. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    How many primaries has he won?

  375. Ayatollah-Rick says:

    Based off the previous observation, we know that Paul’s strongest states will therefor be #1 North Dakota #2 Alaska #3 Montana.

    These are the fundraising % numbers for all states for Ron Paul in ascending order through Q4

    ND 43
    AK 41
    MT 37
    DE 36
    ME 36
    HI 35
    IA 32
    VT 31
    WA 28
    NH 27
    WI 27
    AR 26
    NM 26
    OR 26
    IN 25
    NC 25
    KS 24
    MN 24
    AL 22
    NV 22
    MS 21
    WY 21
    RI 19
    OH 18
    CO 17
    KY 17
    PA 16
    SC 16
    AZ 15
    ID 15
    NE 15
    WV 15
    CA 14
    MD 14
    MI 12
    IL 11
    LA 11
    MO 11
    OK 11
    TN 11
    VA 11
    FL 10
    NJ 10
    GA 9
    SD 9
    TX 9
    CT 7
    NY 7
    MA 6
    DC 4
    UT 4

  376. DrJay says:

    Romney actually won the last small county that was out, so it appears that Santorum will have only won 4 counties to Paul’s 9, with the rest to Romney.

  377. jason says:

    ” but that’s because you and I view her through a different lens, I suspect…”

    Not really. I had the same reactions to LaBigot when he said he was concerned that a Romney win would spread the Mormon cult. Some people wanted to believe I was attacking evangelicals.

    Same here. This is not the first bigoted statement susyque has made, there are many. An attack on her bigotry is not an attack on any religion. Quite the contrary.

  378. janz says:

    Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit attended a memorial service for Andrew Breitbart in DC today. He read the following email he had received, both because of the acknowledgement showed Breitbart in the closing, as well as to show the enthusiasm of R voters, something that the MSM is trying to downplay.

    I attended my first caucus today.

    It was a great experience. We filled a middle school cafeteria to the brim, there must have been almost a thousand people in attendence (just a wild guess). The caucus was well organized but unprepared for such a large turnout, they rolled with it and did a great job pulling it off.

    Of the seven people from my precinct, only one had attended a caucus before. We are all involved now chiefly because of the man in the white house and our belief that he has the wrong policies for the problems facing the nation.

    Being a caucus, the actual candidate will be elected at the state convention but our mini-straw poll for my precinct read 5 votes for Romney, 1 vote for Ron Paul and 1 vote for undecided.

    Just thought you would like to know what’s going on up here in the Evergreen state.

    Be Brietbart,
    Greg in Seattle

  379. SUSYQUE says:

    375…I said that as if I were talking to my friends who do not want to vote for Romney for that reason. There is no reason for anyone to become unhinged. If you want to take it the wrong way…go ahead. I am speaking the truth. There are catholics that won’t go to a protestant church and vice-versa. There are moslems that will not enter a church, only a mosque. The pope has told women NOT TO MARRY MOSLEM MEN. There are families that do not want their children to marry a different ethnic group. This is the reality of the world we live in.
    I could add more information on this, but hopefully you get the

  380. jason says:

    So you are saying there are a lot of bigots out there and you feel comfortable being one of them.

    I understand perfectly.

  381. jason says:

    “It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon,..”

    If you think this is appropriate, I am not surprised.

  382. SoHope says:

    jason, lighten up. There are plenty of bigots in the world for you to go after…you don’t have to make SSQ out to be one.

  383. jason says:

    ” This is the reality of the world we live in.”

    Absolutely. That is the reality. There are a lot of religious bigots and racists.

    But how that absolves YOU from writing that garbage is beyond me.

  384. SoHope says:


    Is it bigotry to believe there is one path to heaven?

    Is it bigotry to respectfully disagree with opposing paths?

    Is it bigotry to say there is nothing sinful with voting for even if they believe in an opposing path?

    You are a tad too “aware”…

  385. SUSYQUE says:

    Please stop the “holier than thou”
    knee-jerk reactions. Always give
    someone the benefit of the doubt.
    I do not appreciate the hostility
    for telling a truthful situation that
    does exist.

  386. SoHope says:

    A list of states that Ron Paul will lose:

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

  387. bigot says:

    jason the bigot hunter strikes again

  388. bigot2 says:

    The problem is, jason is the ultimate bigot! He hates anyone who actually believes their religious beliefs are the “only way”.

  389. Ray Tuleya says:

    Washington State is virtually done (King county is at 88%, and will only solidify the places. All other counties are done). Romney finished 1st. Ron Paul squeezed out 2nd place over Santorum.

  390. Brandon says:


    Romney: 32%
    Santorum: 32%
    Gingrich: 17%
    Paul: 6%

  391. Wobbles says:

    I am scratching my head and the latest dispute between Jason and Sus. Jason, I do not think Sus meant your version of events. I am not taking sides, however.

    Anyway, good morning gang.

  392. fly on the wall says:

    jason, the hhr jury overruled your bigot judgement by a vote of 5-0.

    if you persist you will be held in contempt of court

  393. Brandon says:

    Cantor to endorse Mitt Romney today.

  394. mnw says:

    Santo wins the bronze in WA state, I see.

    He & Nit can’t defeat Papa Doc, let alone Romney.


  395. Scott says:

    Did you see the head to heads between Obama and Romney in the Ohio and VA NBC polls?
    Obama leads Romney in VA by 17 and in Ohio by 12!What a joke!
    This is the same polling company that just before the SC Primary showed Obama by at least 6 over his nearest GOP competitor.

  396. Brandon says:

    Yeah the general election numbers look way out there.

  397. Scott says:

    Brandon,you will not believe this on those NBC polls.Here are the Party ID crosstabs:

    State Dem Rep

    Ohio 50% 37%

    VA 50% 35%

    Now if this is not agenda polling,then I do not know what that is!!!

  398. mnw says:

    I see that RAS now has Santo only +4 over Romney in TN.

  399. mnw says:

    “If this is not..”

    It’s MSM business as usual.

  400. SoHope says:

    It sure is a beautiful day….dook lost

  401. Brandon says:

    Where do you see that, mnw?

  402. mnw says:

    At RCP “latest polls”

  403. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    When pope Ricky loses Ohio what will the reason be for that not counting?

  404. Brandon says:

    Hmm. Thanks. It’s not even on the RAS site for premium members. I wonder how they got it early.

  405. Tim V says:

    ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky’sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks says:
    March 3, 2012 at 7:17 pm
    Exactly Tim V exactly

    based on the above briliant post I hereby name ParakeetsRejoicingInPopeRicky’sNeverEndingPoliticalSetbacks as today’s Catholic of the day.

  406. Wobbles says:

    Romney won in WA by taking away delegates from Spendmorum.

  407. Wobbles says:

    Got to love Tina’s nickname for Santorum.

  408. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    Once you go ‘keet you never retreat

  409. Wobbles says:

    I just read a tweet indicating tht the changees of a brokered convention, while down, are still at 41 percent.

  410. Wobbles says:


  411. mnw says:

    “Santorum Accuses Drudge of Being ‘Romney Cheerleader'”

    Santo’s right. So what, tho? Did he figure Drudge was the Switzerland of political neutrality, or something?

  412. ParakeetsForTheIndividualMandate says:

    We should pick Reggie Bush as our nominee at the brokered convention

    Jeb can’t return punts well at all…

  413. SUSYQUE says:

    Rush is Losing His Advertisers

    Quicken Loans has pulled its ads saying in a Tweet: “Due to continued inflammatory comments– along w/valuable feedback from clients & team members– QL has suspended ads on Rush Limbaugh program.”

    Sleep Number has also withdrawn its sponsorship with this Tweet: “Recent comments by Rush Limbaugh do not align w/our values, so we made decision to immediately suspend all advertising on that program.”

    Legal Zoom tweeted: “Legalzoom has pulled all advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show.”

    Citrix Systems has also pulled plug on Rush: “We have listened to our customers & have decided to cease our advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show immediately.”

    ProFlowers has written it is reconsidering its connection to the Rush Limbaugh Show, saying, “Rest assured, your feedback is heard. We heard about the comments and we will reevaluate our marketing plan.”

  414. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    the media is trying deflate republicans with these bogus polls.

  415. Wobbles says:

    I have not seen any posts from Robottie.

  416. mnw says:

    Brokered convention, my adz.

    The 1920’s are over. Argle bargle.

  417. mnw says:

    Why do I somehow think that there are OTHER advertisers out there who will step right up & buy into Limbaugh’s 20 million/week audience?

  418. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Rush is getting what he deserves. He’s a fake and fraud. Maybe, Elton John and his gay lover will advertise on his show!

  419. Wobbles says:

    The polls appear to be scientific and well rooted. I feel that is where we are going with a Romney nomination. We lose Ohio actually by 17 using my numbers.

  420. Robottie says:

    How to spin Pope Ricky defeats…

    Click click click


  421. mnw says:

    What does he ‘deserve’? A net worth of $200 million, instead of $100 million?

  422. Wobbles says:

    There will be a lot of new advertisers to Rush. His ratings likely jumped/will jump, after this non issue. The woman is properly called what Rush named her.

  423. mnw says:

    a “fake & fraud” WHAT, exactly?

  424. Robottie says:

    Does not compute!

    Does not compute!!!

    Cannot spin Pope Ricky defeats Will Robinson


  425. Wobbles says:

    And it is a proper distraction by the Democrats because they do not want to talk about those gasoline prices.

  426. Wobbles says:

    Robottie, you appear to have a malfunction. C3PO is ready to assist in maintenance.

  427. Robottie says:

    Probably the next bright shiny object will be Mormon underwear

  428. Robottie says:


  429. mnw says:

    The angry mob with pitchforks & torches coming after Limbaugh over slutgate? NONE of those folks would be caught dead listening to his program. So what?

    It’s like me getting enraged over Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow. Why would they CARE?

  430. jason says:

    I knew sohope would soon be here to defend susyque….

    Is it bigotry to believe there is one path to heaven? No, as long as its your personal belief and you don’t discriminate against those with other views.

    Is it bigotry to respectfully disagree with opposing paths? No, but this was not an issue of opinion. When you say its ok to vote for someone “despite their religion” that is bigotry. It’s like saying its ok to vote for Obama although he is black.

    Is it bigotry to say there is nothing sinful with voting for even if they believe in an opposing path? Yes. Implying it could be a sin to vote for someone because of their religion is despicable.

    But what susyque wrote was none of the above.

    ” It is not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon”

    What if I said its ok for Corey to post here even though he is a Jew?

    You think that’s ok?

    susyque’s comment was racist and bigoted. I don’t care how many people think its ok to express yourself that way.

  431. Phil says:

    The hypocracy of the media knows no bounds.

    Bill Maher calls Palin a cu*t.


  432. Robottie says:

    Who would be reggie bushs best choice be for VP?

    Chris Christie?
    Adrian Peterson?
    Marco Rubio?
    Peyton Manning?

  433. bio mom says:

    Did anyone watch Fox News Sunday completely this morning? I only watched the panel. I want to know if they ever mentioned Romney winning Washington by 12% yesterday? There was not one word about it said in the segment I watched, just the usual claptrap about Ohio being a must win for Romney and Romney not being able to excite the base. The usual drivel. Before I send out a complaint to them about this, I want to be sure they never mentioned it. Fox DEFINITELY has an anti-Romney bias, no denying it. They even chose the NBC poll with Santo up 2 in Ohio rather than the Reuters poll showing it tied. I find these subtle biases very tiresome.

  434. Robottie says:

    Very true Phil

  435. mnw says:


    Maher explained that he made his comment on HBO, whereas Limbaugh used the public airwaves. So… two legs bad, four legs good!, per Maher. See?

  436. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    rush claims to be a conservative but he doesn’t attend church and he invited elton john, a man who supports legalizing sex between men and boys to perform at his wedding. he’s a phony conservative.

  437. jason says:

    ” jason, the hhr jury overruled your bigot judgement by a vote of 5-0.”

    It’s ok, the Nazis had plenty of popular support too.

  438. mnw says:

    Why don’t you send him a protest letter, then?

  439. mnw says:

    There are MILLIONS of country club conservatives who don’t attend church, jenny-not-a republican.

  440. RoboRobbie says:

    Cantor to endorse Mitt Romney today.”

    Another RINO.

  441. Robottie says:

    I always thought Rush was a deep in the closet gay…

  442. jason says:

    ” There are MILLIONS of country club conservatives who don’t attend church, jenny-not-a republican.”

    Some aren’t even country club Republicans, they are municipal golf course Republicans.

  443. mnw says:

    Did you ever see a photo of his ex-wife, the tasty young aerobics instructor? Didn’t look much like a guy to me.

  444. Robottie says:

    Mnw in 450 above were you joking or did maher really say that?

  445. jason says:

    ” Maher explained that he made his comment on HBO, whereas Limbaugh used the public airwaves.”

    Ah, ok. So it’s not what you say, it’s where you say it.

    If Rush goes on HBO and calls Nancy Pelosi a whore, that would be OK with Democrats.

  446. Robottie says:

    He can’t stay married can’t maintain relationships with women always changes the subject when gay issues come up I always thought Limbaugh was gay

  447. CAC says:

    Gallup survey from earlier this year- OH is D+1.3 VA is R+.9 Imagine what those Marist numbers would show if the sample was even moved 6 pts closer to reality.

  448. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    #461, the fact that elton john and his boyfriend were invited to perform at his wedding is proof that he’s gay or supports gay marriage. he can’t say it because he would lose money.

  449. Scott says:

    With their polling,what NBC/Marist is doing is using its license to perpetrate a public fraud.They should be called on this!

  450. jason says:

    I think Rush is a pompous ass and his crusade against the “establishment” is ridiculous.

    That being said, his crude comment is nothing compared to what Republican office holders have had to endure from the left, and all the piling on about it is just MSM hypocrisy.

  451. CAC says:

    NBC’s Chuck Todd told me on twitter the IDgap is the result of a drop in R enthusiasm in both states, not a surge of D voters. I think its bull but at least he responded.

  452. jason says:

    “the fact that elton john and his boyfriend were invited to perform at his wedding is proof that he’s gay or supports gay marriage”‘


    jenny is high on meth again. He had 500 people at his wedding, I doubt he really cared to discover the social views of each guest.

    The idea that if you have a guest that is for gay marriage it means you are gay is one of the stupidest things ever posted here.

  453. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Jason, inbreeding has affected your I.Q. If you believe in conservative values, you don’t ask a supporter of man/boy love to perform at your wedding. If you are repulsed by pedophilia, you don’t ask someone with the views of Elton to perform at your wedding.

  454. SUSYQUE says:

    #448…bio mom…I will listen to Fox News Sunday at 8 am and get back to you.

  455. Scott says:

    Good work. Albeit,is total BS!

  456. Scott says:

    I implore everyone to read liberal columnist,Kirstin Powers,article in today’s Daily Beast.She takes on Chris Mathews,Sgt. Schultz and others about their anti-female speech in light of the left’s attack on Rush.
    IT IS A MUST READ!!!!!

  457. jason says:

    468. Baloney. Do you litmus test everyone you ever invited to your meth lab? In order to attend a wedding, everyone has to have the same opinions and values???
    I believe Rush admires Elton John’s music and that is why he invited him. That’s fine with me. I can assure you lots of conservatives listen to music by gay composers and performers. You probably do too.

  458. Phil says:

    Scott, the most telling thing is to read liberals’ comments after Powers” article. The double standard in the media is AOK with them. Somehow, to them it’s totally justified.

  459. Tina says:

    I do not care who Rush had at his wedding. It is his wedding and he is paying the bill.

  460. Tina says:

    They of course have one standard for themselves and another standard for conservatives. Rush’s name, while crude, was dead on.

  461. Tina says:

    I only criticize Hush for pushing Romney in 2008 as the true conservative, and now suggesting (yeah I know he has not endorsed anybody) that Spendmorum and Fig Newton were the true conservativess.

  462. SUSYQUE says:

    Rush Limbaugh Isn’t the Only Media Misogynist
    Kirsten Powers
    Mar 4, 2012

  463. Scott says:

    Good Morning Phil #473
    Yes,for the Left,the means always justify the ends.They Left plays for keeps.Facts,figures,past statements etc matter not.Only the attainment for and the drive to keep power count.

  464. Scott says:

    Liz Cheney was greeted like a rock star at AIPAC this morning.Many standing ovations during and after her speech,which took on Obama over his policy toward Israel.She accused the President of intentionally trying to deligitimize the Jewish State.
    Afterward,Jane Harmon received tepid applause in her defense of Obama’s Israel policy.

  465. Brandon says:

    Coburn endorses Romney.

  466. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    #467, I can’t reason with a hillbilly! Again, meth is the drug of choice for people who live in trailer parks and eat ketchup sandwiches! Jason, you are revealing a lot of about yourself when you post stupid comments!

  467. jason says:

    ” Jason, inbreeding has affected your I.Q.”

    Yes, we try to keep everything in the family rather than consort with strangers.

    Reminds me of the story:

    A half dressed couple sits on the couch watching the news on TV with the man’s arm around his woman. During the program about changing laws of homosexuality in San Francisco, the man says to his woman, “Lookit them homo-sekshuls a ruining the sanctity of our institution. We oughta go to San Fransisco just to show them liberals that marriage means one woman, one man. Right, darlin?”

    The woman replies, “That’s right, Daddy!”

  468. SUSYQUE says:

    #448…bio mom…Yes. Romney’s win in Washington was mentioned at the very beginning of the program.

  469. RoboRobbie says:

    ” Coburn endorses Romney.”

    Another RINO ruining the country.

  470. SUSYQUE says:

    Wow…Sentorum is being racked over the coals by Chris Wallace. I almost feel sorry for him. He’s fact checking Rick on several issues.

  471. SUSYQUE says:

    #485 *raked….

  472. Dylan says:

    Elton John is the greatest musician of the modern era. He can play at any event of mine at any time.

  473. Dylan says:

    That hardly makes me gay. Anyone who WOULDN’T have Elton play their wedding is crazy.

  474. Brandon says:

    I can’t believe you would have a homosexual perform at your event! You’re a RINO!

  475. Dylan says:

    Yep. I’m a rhino who will happily vote against Obama and any dem in any election.

  476. bio mom says:

    Thanks Susy. Glad to hear that.

  477. jason says:

    jenny must be losing a lot of customers if she is refusing to sell meth to gays and perverts.

  478. Robottie says:

    Everyone is a RINO

    A TRULY pure party should have no actual members st all

  479. jenny logic says:

    “Eton John is the greatest musician of the modern era. He can play at any event of mine at any time.”

    So you must be a gay pedophile.

  480. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    I would never invite someone who supports legalizing sex between men and boys to my home. If Rush marries again, he’ll invite Jerry Sandusky and you would think that it was okay.

  481. Barrett says:

    Romney’s got the momentum. Santorum is sinking his own ship.

    Romney just won AZ, MI, WY, and WA. If that doesn’t give him momentum going into Super Tuesday, I don’t know what does.

    Now that some of my deeper fears for the future of the republican party have been quelled, I firmly believe the republicans can win this next election. And I STILL hold that they can take back the senate.

  482. mnw says:

    In addition to their other political… eccentricities, Nit’s campaign & Santo’s campaign have both proven that they couldn’t organize the proverbial 2-car funeral.

    I suppose one could argue that “they didn’t have the resources” to gain ballot access in VA, or to file complete delegate slates elsewhere. But… they KNEW they didn’t have those resources BEFORE they started, didn’t they?

  483. Barrett says:

    #488 – Nobody has the right to insult Elton John. Nobody.

    Except perhaps Sir Elton himself

  484. Barrett says:

    Mnw, at this point, not making it on the ballot in VA is at the bottom of the list of problems for Santo and Newt.

    But I do agree with you, they probably knew ahead of time that they might not get on the ballot in all stats, due to lack of $$ and organization

  485. Dylan says:

    Jenny—So Elton is a member of nambla? PAHLEESE. You are a real stick in the mud if you would tell Elton he couldn’t give you a private performance in your house and so he needs to buzz off. You know, liberals are more fun to party with

  486. jason says:

    ” If Rush marries again, he’ll invite Jerry Sandusky and you would think that it was okay.”

    What crimes has Elton John been charged with, you moron?

  487. janz says:

    Here is Larry Sabato’s ‘crystal ball’ predictions for Super Tuesday. He included WA state in this delegate count, and is obviously already wrong on that one.

  488. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    Elton John has supported lowering the age of consent for males. He wants to legally have sex with boys. It doesn’t matter if he’s been charge with a crime or not, it’s
    sick and deviant.

  489. pitchaboy says:

    Santorum was drilled by Wallace; however,his questioning Sanoturm on charitable contributions and humiliating him on that issue after the man said that his family is facing huge expenses from caring for a very sick child was detestable. Wallace came off as a unsympathetic jerk.

  490. jason says:

    I think Sabato is overestimating Santorum’s delegates in OH, OK, TN and ID. I think Romney comes out of Super Tuesday with closer to 90 more delegates than Santorum, not 49.

  491. jason says:

    Ron Paul supporter comment Seattle Times:

    ” Santorum is a disrespectful brat who called Ron Paul “disgusting,” rolls his eyes when Paul speaks, and tried to rip Paul’s arm out of its socket at the end of the debate in Arizona.

    Santorum is not Presidential material. He is a dangerous, aggressive, paranoid coward who wants to impose his views on everyone and lead witch hunts.”

  492. jason says:

    Santorum tried to rip Paul’s arm off?

    Who knew?

  493. janz says:

    I tend to agree, jason. Romney is gaining in delegate count by his sheer momentum at this point. WA, although it doesn’t count, has been a B12 shot to the arm, going into Super Tuesday. More endorsements are rolling in for him as well, with Colburn and Eric and Cantor adding to his already sizable list.

    And then to top it off, Romney apparently did well on the Huckabee forum, in showing more emotion when he was addressing the father of a veteran — a sign perhaps of being able to connect with humanity more.

    Boy, all the hoops these candidates have to jump through!

  494. SUSYQUE says:

    #504…I agree. He humiliated Sentorum. Not pleasant to watch.
    Wallace is going to get lots of emails he won’t be pleased with.

  495. jason says:

    ” Eric and Cantor ”

    Well, let’s not exaggerate, Eric and Cantor are still only one endorsement…


  496. jason says:

    Baier did the same to Romney. These a..holes think they have to have mostly gotcha questions and takedowns for it to be a successful interview in their minds.

  497. ParakeetsRejoicingInAnotherMittVictory says:

    He has health insurance I presume to pay for his sick child?

    The man has averaged $900,000 a year in income and gives 2% to charity?

    If you’re going to run for office as the ethical moral Christian candidate you’re going to be held to a certain standard and rightfully so

  498. janz says:

    #511 typo, that’s all.

  499. SUSYQUE says:

    #502…janz…Went to Sabato’s video. A video worth listening to. Thanks!

  500. Tim V says:

    which hhr poster is the most mi·sog·y·nis·tic (m-sj-nstk) also mi·sog·y·nous (-sj-ns)
    Of or characterized by a hatred of women. ???

    place your votes…

  501. janz says:

    Is Ohio’s primary a winner take all does it apportion their delegates according to who wins CD’s?

  502. janz says:

    Tom Coburn’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

    From my experience, Washington tends to be divided between two groups — leaders and career politicians. Leaders tend to have a wealth of real-world experience outside of politics and are in office to give rather than take something from their position. Career politicians, on the other hand, mean well but are ill-equipped to solve problems. Their greatest skill is getting re-elected.

    I’m proud to support Romney because he is a leader. What Romney has done in his 25 years in the private sector is precisely what we need a president to do in Washington. Romney has done hard things. He has turned businesses around, told people hard truths about what needed to be done, inspired confidence and overcome excuses. Romney is not a career politician or a career legislator. As a former governor and business leader, he is an executive who knows how to use executive power.

    Nice differentiation between a leader and career politician, which fits into Romney’s campaign stump assessment of Rick Santorum. This might bring Romney’s numbers up a bit, making him more competitive in OK this coming Tuesday too!

  503. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab hates women. All women hate other women. A lot of defense attornes in “date rape” cases try to get women on the jury because they are more inclined to find that the victim really consented or lead the accused on. I am not saying I agree. I am just saying what I have heard.

  504. Tim V says:

    lisab loves wahkeena, wahkeena is a woman, ergo lisab does not hate all women. maybe some…

  505. bio mom says:

    Fox just put up a Tennessee poll average that was ver old showing S up 40-17 . Two new polls are out with his lead cut to 4 but those were not included. I think this does a disservice to the public.

  506. Waingro says:

    Those NBC/Marist VA and Ohio polls are BEYOND absurd. Such a joke.

  507. janz says:

    Bio mom

    It’s hard to believe that Fox would be that behind the times. I don’t know what their story is lately!

  508. lisab says:

    “If Rush goes on HBO and calls Nancy Pelosi a whore, that would be OK with Democrats.”


    tim v des that all the time right here on hhr

  509. janz says:

    Portman is apparently working hard for Romney in Ohio. I think he has a chance at a narrow wind there. OK is looking better, especially with the much respected Coburn endorsement. In Tenn Romney is only 4 pts behind, so he has a possibility opening up there as well. He’ll come in 2nd in Georgia, but will win ID, Vermont, Virginia, and MA. I don’t know how Romney will do, though, in Alaska or ND.

  510. janz says:

    win = wind

  511. janz says:


    Barbara Bush reported to be robocalling for Romney in Ohio. Is that a help or a hindrance?

    On Twitter:

    Romney spokesman Ryan Williams… this dig on Twitter: “FUN WITH NUMBERS: Number of OH delegates @RickSantorum failed to submit: 18. Number of points @RickSantorum lost his last senate race by: 18.”

  512. Emerica says:

    I’d like to see Rush get kicked off the air.

    He’s an obnoxious person in general.

  513. Dylan says:

    Rush is an entertainer. Why people put ao much stock in his every word is laughable. He’s going nowhere. His show is a major money maker

  514. Emerica says:

    Rush lost some his sponsors so that’s why he apologized.

    I’d like to see him go because he promoted the lead up to Iraq war and also the “war on terrorism”

  515. mnw says:


    What, did Rush Limbaugh disrespect Papa Doc or something? “Like to see Rush kicked off the air,” eh? Gratuitous wish fulfillment r bunu!

    Even MORE obnoxious than whatever Limbaugh did is: accusing U.S. troops of WAR CRIMES, bunny!

    Wouldn’t you agree?

    What’s the FIRST state Ru Paul wins, bunny? What was it supposed to be LAST time, Maine? Or was it |owa?

  516. jenny-not a republican anymore says:

    #530, this is karma. rush was wrong to demonize mitt after supporting him in 2008.

  517. Emerica says:


    Looks like you drank too much coffee again today.

  518. mnw says:

    It’s ME, bunny!

    I know every krazy &/or treasonous post you ever typed, remember?

    All the links to “U.S. war crimes” you posted. Your prediction about converting HHR posters to Ron Paul cultists.

    Come on! I KNOW you, bunu!

    Where will L. Ron actually WIN, bunny?

  519. lisab says:

    Amy Carter, “the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the country”

    Chelsea Clinton, the “White House dog”

    Sherrol Miller, “transsexual lesbian”

    Donovan McNabb, “The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well”

    Michael J. Fox, “Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting”

    Barack Obama, “Curious George”

  520. mnw says:


    Bunny is BACK!

    Did you disappear yourself ’cause Papa Doc flopped, bunny?

  521. lisab says:

    paulbots are a little demoralized because it is becoming apparent paul likes romney

    and will not run third party

  522. TedO says:

    I know most of us glide past certain posters like Bunu, Chek, etc. However, Robbie is a curious fellow. For weeks he has been saying how he supported Romney but has his flaws and he might not make it past the convention. Now that Romney has been doing better and he thinks that the nominee will be Romney, he is posting that Romney will lose to Obama. Strange and curious fellow Robbie is. I am no believing that Robbie comes directly here from Kos…there is no other explanation.

  523. TedO says:

    “no” = now

  524. Annie says:

    519 – That’s absurd! I neither love nor hate other women, anymore than I love or hate men. People are people. Some are great people, some are obnoxious jerks. Most of my dearest friends for decades are other women. If women are harshly judgmental of other women, such as on juries, it speaks more to the standards of the particular jurist or her personal experiences than the woman on trial. For instance, certain women might label another a “slut” if that female is deemed promiscuous – based more on the moral constraints that jurist has lived with in her own life or circle of society. Other women, with different personal backgrounds,might likely see that defendant very differently, more sympathetically.

    The recent dust-up with Rush Limbaugh is due to his exaggerated language in trying to make a point about who should pay for whose contraceptives – It really doesn’t need to be a gender issue, since men also use contraceptives and go see infertility doctors, etc. The issue should have remained a matter of constitutional limitations on legislation in regards to religious organizations – a 1st Amendment issue. Nancy Pelosi brought Ms. Fluke forward to testify to a non-Congressional panel in hopes of stirring the situation into a discussion of “women’s health,” which Democrats view as a plus for their team in an election year. Republicans should not play into this game, but keep the matter to the original point, that government does not have the right to legislate religious precepts.

    unfortunately, Limbaugh played right into Pelosi’s schemes by using derogatory terms in regards to Ms. Fluke.

  525. bio mom says:

    Rush is responsible for splitting the Republican party. If Obama is reflected he gets much of the blame. His war against Romney whom he supported last time because he is the choice of the so-called Establishment is irresponsible.

  526. bio mom says:

    Re-elected. Sorry

  527. TedO says:

    541…agreed. I don’t get it how Rush, Hannity and Levin are all so ‘anti-Romney’ yet in 2008, he was the candidate of choice. Certainly Romney has not changed..what are their excuses? I think they are looking at the ratings and audiences in the next 4 year to bash Obama. They would rather have Obama than a Republican because of ratings. It is pitiful and yet I still listen to all 3 although it is not easy.

  528. Annie says:

    bio mom – I agree that Limbaugh is driving the Republicans apart. He and his brother David at first supported Gingrich – and when Newt fell short, they switched to Santorum as a knee jerk reaction to needing a “non-Romney.” Raised in SE Missouri, they no doubt thought Santorum’s brand of ultra-social issues was a selling point for a “true conservative.” However, if they were really looking for a conservative – that can win – they should have (should now) support Romney. Santorum is in no way ready for prime time, in his lack of executive experience and his zealotry, and his past is highly flawed for a general election. You would think the Limbaugh brothers would have been smart enough to see that – most American voters are. It’s time for the Republicans of all parts of the political spectrum to knock-off the in-fighting and get on-board for the big win with Romney.

  529. Yolanda says:


    Well said! It’s remarkable how stupid the GOP has been in letting contraception become an issue in this campaign, when everything should be about the economy.

    Next thing you know, Obama will be mandating that color contact lenses for puppies be paid for, in full, by the federal government. Rick Santorum and Rush will come out as anti-dog (“They’re all flea-ridden, disease-spreading poop monsters!”), and you’ll have Nancy Pelosi calling some 6-year-old girl to come testify on Capitol Hill about how much she loves her dog, Snuggles, who had to be put to sleep last week. Rush will say that Snuggles deserved to die because he was too stupid not to look both ways before crossing the street.

  530. bio mom says:

    Rush et al were first pushing Gingrich and never mentioned Santo. Whe G flamed out they moved to S. So it is not the specific candidate they are supporting but some imaginary anti-RNC establishment candidate whether he actually is one or not. A lifetime D.C. Pol is surely not an outsider. That is what S. is.

  531. Annie says:

    Some good Ann Coulter essays that address what we are writing about here today:

  532. bio mom says:

    Is Gallup not reporting today?

  533. janz says:

    Limbaugh and other self-righteous conservatives have played into the hands of the dem’s fabricated strategy to hold the all-important woman’s vote. Bringing up contraceptives, which brought into the fray abortion rights, and now Limbaugh’s ego mouthing off and calling a young woman a ‘slut,’ — all adds up to perfect fodder in which to campaign on.

    Obama now has gone to a woman’s college, delivering a commensement speech which he asked to give.

    Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  534. janz says:

    The republican party these days seem to be sporting rigid mindsets, along with foot in mouth disease. It’s not the ingredients you want to win the presidency, or for that matter to hold the House or win the Senate!

  535. janz says:

    According to this Marist Poll, Romney is up 3-4 pts in early voting.

  536. Bitterlaw says:

    Rush is a moron. There are law students (and other unmarried youth) in cimmitted relationships using contraceptives. The Church has the right to not pay for it but that doesn’t make the women sluts.

    I’m amazed that law students have any school health insurance. I took out loans for school but my parents for a health insurance plan for me (diabetics need that sort of thing).

  537. bio mom says:

    Hope Romney’s current momentum pushes him ahead of Santo in Ohio and makes Tennessee a nail biter.

  538. Tina says:

    528.I’d like to see Rush get kicked off the air.

    He’s an obnoxious person in general.

    Comment by Emerica — March 4, 2012 @ 2:24 pm

    Spoken like a true Drat.

  539. Scott says:

    #548-bio mom
    If Gallup gets a “bad” daily sample,it will skip that day. That is something Ras should do,but will not!

  540. lisab says:

    a healthy teenager is a happy teenager, according to people who have never met any teenagers

  541. lisab says:

    How Do You Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper?

    Begin the entry in the works-cited list with the author’s real name and, in parentheses, user name, if both are known and they differ. If only the user name is known, give it alone.

    Next provide the entire text of the tweet in quotation marks, without changing the capitalization. Conclude the entry with the date and time of the message and the medium of publication (Tweet). For example:

    Athar, Sohaib (ReallyVirtual). “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” 1 May 2011, 3:58 p.m. Tweet.

    The date and time of a message on Twitter reflect the reader’s time zone. Readers in different time zones see different times and, possibly, dates on the same tweet. The date and time that were in effect for the writer of the tweet when it was transmitted are normally not known. Thus, the date and time displayed on Twitter are only approximate guides to the timing of a tweet.

  542. Bitterlaw says:

    Rush will stay on the air. There are plenty of lemmingready to go over the cliff.

  543. pitchaboy says:

    Gallup is not tracking on weekends these days.

  544. Bitterlaw says:

    Happy teenager? I have heard stories of this mythical creature but I have never seen one.

  545. jason says:

    Hey, Bunu which of Paul’s strategies do you think is working best:

    1) Caucus state strategy. States won: 0

    2) Delegate Strategy. Delegates won: 23/324

  546. jason says:

    Looks like neither one is dropping out… pity…

    “He also seems to believe that Gingrich will have to drop out, eventually. “I think Newt has got to figure out, you know, where he goes after Georgia,” Santorum said. “And, you know, eventually hopefully the race will settle out and we’ll go one on one [with Romney]. And once that happens, we fell very comfortable we’re going to win this thing.”

    Gingrich said after his South Carolina victory that Santorum should drop out before the Florida primary, but Santorum refused and now Gingrich is returning the favor. “I’m taking Rick Santorum’s advice,” Gingrich told CNN’s Candy Crowley this morning. “He stayed in, he was running fourth in every single primary, suddenly he very cleverly went to three states nobody else went to, and he became the media darling and bounced back.”

  547. Scott says:

    Today’s Ras daily tracking poll has Obama at a 46% approval rating(53%disapproval),a -15 on approval intensity and up by 4% against each of Romney and Santorum(47% to 43%).

  548. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – Bunu’s full name is Bunu the America-Hating Bastard. Use it whenever possible.

  549. pitchaboy says:

    Scott, be not worried. He will not hit 50% and Romney is getting ready to take him out.

  550. jason says:

    ” I’d like to see him go because he promoted the lead up to Iraq war and also the “war on terrorism”

    Hey Bunu the America-Hating Bastard.

    The guys that promoted the Iraq war and the war on terrorism were called Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden respectively.

  551. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:


  552. Emerica says:

    Santorum says he was to nullify all current gay marriages in states that allow it.

  553. lisab says:

    “We can’t have 50 different marriage laws in this country,” he said. “You have to have one marriage law.”


    the next thing you would know we would have self-governing states

  554. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab – state’s rights only applies when the states do what a group on a blog outside the state says it can do.

  555. Brandon says:

    Guess which former HHR poster said this:

    “No…by “team” I meant McCain and Palin. Romney won’t be a strong as McCain and the veep nominee won’t be as strong as Palin.”

  556. SUSYQUE says:

    How Many Wins for Romney on Super Tuesday?
    March 4-2012

  557. Redneckman says:

    If it wouldn’t be for Limbaugh espousing Conservative thought, and encouraging others to speak their conservative values in the public forum, we wouldn’t be in a position today to control the senate, house, and most likely the presidency after the upcoming election. People in here have been too harsh on Limbaugh. He is on our side after all. My goodness.

  558. SUSYQUE says:

    Barbara Bush Robo-Calls For Mitt Romney In Ohio And Vermont

    UPDATED CINCINNATI, Ohio – Former First Lady Barbara Bush has recorded robo-calls for Mitt Romney in two Super Tuesday states: Ohio and Vermont.
    “We have known the Romneys for years and believe Mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and Ann will make a great first lady,” Bush says on the call, which is hitting households in both states ahead of Tuesday’s primaries.
    On the call, Bush, wife of President George H.W. Bush, refers to Romney as “our friend.”
    Donald Trump has also recorded an automated call for Romney, as he did in Michigan. Both of the calls were paid for by the Romney campaign.
    Notably, Ann Romney has been talking up the former first lady’s support on the campaign trail. At an appearance in Georgia last week Mrs. Romney disclosed that Bush “maxed out” to the Romney campaign, writing a $2,500 check.

  559. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not exactly sure how calling a woman a slut advances conservatism but maybe I missed something.

  560. Robottie says:


  561. Brandon says: