Gingrich Leads Three-Way Battle in AL

It is a tight three-way race for the Republicans in Alabama according to a new poll from Scott Rasmussen.

Newt Gingrich 30%
Rick Santorum 29%
Mitt Romney 28%
Ron Paul 7%

A Gingrich win in Alabama would not be too much of a bad thing for Romney in my opinion. The other thing it does is make it that much harder for Santorum to have any credibility in demanding Gingrich drop out if he trails Gingrich in polls in these upcoming states and especially if he ends up losing to Gingrich in the end. This poll was done March 8th among 750 likely voters.

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  1. janz says:

    Three of the candidates are all too close, IMO, to decipher a real winner from the group. Only Ron Paul seems out of the contest.

  2. DW says:

    Romney probably wins if its this close, due to organization.

  3. janz says:

    Something for the electorate to consider when they are considering candidates for POTUS: Former Comtroller-General wars of Greek scenario

    “The truth is if you count total U.S. government debt as compared to many of the European nations that are in the news, we’re already worse than they are, and we’re two years away from where Greece was when it had its crisis,” Walker said in a recent interview with

    But he said that the size and economic power of the U.S. means it would have more time to right itself before disaster.

    In this election year, Walker’s current message is simple: A broken political process is driving the U.S. toward fiscal ruin.

  4. janz says:

    DW, wasn’t Romney ahead in an earlier poll? I agree that he definitely has a good opportunity here!

  5. jenny-former republican says:

    vote for newt!

  6. SUSYQUE says:

    Why Vulgarity Matters
    (A Slow Death Unless Turned Around)

    The growth phase of a civilization is led by a creative minority with a strong, self-confident sense of style, virtue and purpose. The uncreative minority follows along. Then, at some point in every civilization’s journey, the creative minority degenerates into a dominant minority. Its members still run the show but they are no longer confident and no longer set an example. Among other reactions are a “lapse into truancy” — a rejection of the obligations of citizenship — and “surrender to a sense of promiscuity” — vulgarization of manners, the arts, and language — that “are apt to appear first in the ranks of the proletariat and to spread from there to the ranks of the dominant minority, which usually succumbs to the sickness of proletariatization.
    That’s certainly not a bad description of what is happening to American culture right now.

  7. DW says:

    4…I believe that was someone else. This is Rasmussen’s first poll for AL.

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    Robbie – DW and I almost never use the word troll. Sorry. It’s over for you. Go back to Troll Headquarters and ask for reassignment.

  9. DW says:

    5…why would I vote for someone whose pac was so stupid that they ran tens of thousdands of dollars worth of ads in VA knowing that they could not get ONE vote out of it?

  10. DW says:

    8…yeah, the clincher for me was when it dawned on me that Jim Boeheim doesn’t care.

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Newt’s PAC was running ads in Philadelphia in December and January. The Pennsylvania primary is April 28.

  12. EML says:

    A Romney win in AL would be unbelieveable. At the very least, he should win AL-06 (Birmingham suburbs), have a shot at AL-07 (B’ham/Montgomery black majority district) and maybe AL-01 (Mobile).

  13. Bobbie says:

    Hey guys,

    I stumbled upon this blog. I am really worried that Romney wont be able to win the primary or the GE. I hope for a brokered convention…anyone agree?

  14. SoHope says:

    Newt’s superpac ads are the only ones I hear in charlotte.

  15. EML says:

    Yes Bobbie, we all want a brokered convention whereby Ron Paul gets to pick who our nominee will be.

  16. Bitterlaw says:

    Bobbie – the best result of a brokered convention would be Palin-COD! Go all in, baby!

  17. Annie says:

    EML – Add Romney as winning in Huntsville (AL-05).

  18. SUSYQUE says:

    #13…Bobbie…stumble back to where you came from.
    Romney will be the nominee.

  19. DW says:

    81.I’m sitting here in tears because two commenters have declared me a troll. I need a moment to gather myself.

    OK, I’m good.

    If you want to ignore the math and the many stories stating Romney might come up just short of 1144 delegates, be my guest. I think it’s a very interesting story, but it doesn’t surprise me few care here since this is Rah Rah Romney Central.

    Comment by Robbie — March 9, 2012 @ 10:50 am

    Well, for one thing, Romney is going to be the nominee, and most of us here who are not trolls WANT the nominee to beat Obama, so that means we want Romney to beat Obama. So its only natural that we would cheer for Romney to beat Obama, regardless the fact that for most of us, he was not our first choice. We are ignoring “the math” because its silly to pay attention to it. It is pointless. These writers who write the stories you link are just filling space to try to make news. As I said before, I have held off calling you a troll as I do value alternative opinions posted here as it contributes to thoughtful dialog, but when you post the same thing over and over and over and everyone shrugs their shoulders and says, “so what”, and you keep pushing it, then you sound like a troll and not an honest poster with a different view.

    Please come back to this topic when you find an article showing the Romney campaign worrying that he will not have the delegates he needs.

  20. SUSYQUE says:

    Bitter…what does COD stand for?

  21. EML says:

    Oh I forgot. A brokered convention means Jeb Bush rides in on a white horse. He will definitely defeat Obama because he will get the Latino vote because he speaks Spanish.

  22. Bobbie says:

    Great! How many of you now feel this way. I am…uh…keeping a tally. Its not like I get paid for it or anything.

  23. Tom says:

    Re#6: Amen Susyque.

  24. Bobbie says:

    I have been reading the past few threads…Robbie is not a troll. I repeat, not a troll.

  25. SUSYQUE says:

    #21…No more BUSHES nor Kennedys!

  26. janz says:

    The American Dream: The youngest self-made billionaire, Sara Blakely.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    COD = Christine O’Donnell = Worst Senate Candidate of 2010 and a major reason I am very nervous when the Tea Party likes somebody.

  28. DW says:


  29. Bobbie says:

    COD was a great candidate. She was just misunderstood by the elite rino establishment. If she is not the VP nominee I may be forced to vote 3rd party or even for obama.

  30. SUSYQUE says:

    #27…Bitter…Thanks…yes, I remember that disaster.

  31. janz says:

    Pollak and Soledad O’Brien’s dust-up, over Critical Race Theory, generated by the late Breitbart’s film is having legs.

  32. janz says:

    Bobbie = robbie IMO

  33. Bobbie says:

    Robbie is a great American!

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    Bobbie is Tim V. or Jason.

  35. Bobbie says:

    Dont get me wrong….I support Romney, I just want a brokered convention.

  36. janz says:

    hmmm, maybe you’re right bitter. I’m not good at figuring out all the sub-handles used here.

  37. Senator Coons says:

    I don’t remember it as a disaster. I’m Senator for life!

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    At least COD SENT A MESSAGE!

  39. Senator Coons says:

    I got the message! I got the message! Thank you for all you did for me!!!

  40. Senator Coons says:

    Hey – I’m Senator Coons.

  41. DW says:



    Santorum 34%
    Romney 29%
    Newt 20%
    Paul 9%

    750 certain GOP primary voters.

  42. Robbie says:

    Good news for Romney in Alabama is he’s within striking distance.

    Bad news for Romney is it’s another state where he seems not able to get more than 28%.

    Romney got 28% in SC, TN, GA.

  43. janz says:

    That’s too bad about those Paladin numbers, as they are so accurate!

  44. NYCmike says:

    31.Pollak and Soledad O’Brien’s dust-up, over Critical Race Theory, generated by the late Breitbart’s film is having legs.

    Thanks for the link. I watched that interview, like you did, and said to myself, Breitbart NEVER wanted bombshells, he wanted the media to HANG THEMSELVES! There resistance to showing these things is the rope. People will start asking “what are you trying to hide if it is so uncontroversial?”, or “how about letting us make up our own minds?”. I wish I knew the young black woman’s name on CNN, (so I didn’t have to keep saying “young black woman”) because she was wonderful. Very calm, matter-of-fact, straight to the point about the issue at hand.
    No bomb-throwing needed, just the facts!!

  45. DW says:

    42…there is still hope for Romney, as the numbers deep in that poll show the committed Romney vote much stronger than the committed Newt or Rick vote. It was a difficult state to poll.

  46. Robbie says:

    Robbie – DW and I almost never use the word troll. Sorry. It’s over for you. Go back to Troll Headquarters and ask for reassignment.

    Comment by Bitterlaw — March 9, 2012 @ 10:46 am

    Oh boy, the troll argument again.

  47. janz says:

    The Energy Department notches another boondoggle with this 500 million dollar investment: Fisker Karma Hybrid breaks down during Consumer Reports test.

    This is a $100,000 electric car too! How pragmatic is that?

    It isn’t that a hybrid car is a bad idea. It’s that the government is interfering in the market, picking winners and losers while keeping afloat a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing and makes horrible products. Let the market have its way with Fisker and send it into an ignominious bankruptcy — a well deserved fate for failed enterprises.

  48. Sean Hannity says:

    33.Robbie is a great American!

  49. Scott says:

    Smith & Western stock is up about 25% this morning due to quarterly earnings that were more than twice the forecast and company guidance about increasing revenue going forward.
    It must be all those temporary workers from the February Jobs’ Report purchasing firearms with their salaries!

  50. Robbie says:

    Hey guys,

    I stumbled upon this blog. I am really worried that Romney wont be able to win the primary or the GE. I hope for a brokered convention…anyone agree?

    Comment by Bobbie — March 9, 2012 @ 10:49 am

    Hey, it’s nice to hear from you. Not only do we share similar thoughts, but similar names. What are the odds of that?

    Not only will you get the best political discussion here, you’ll also get to endure lengthy threads about the Civil War and religion.

    Nice to meet you.

  51. janz says:

    #46 DW, Thanks for more insight into that Paladin poll.

  52. NYCmike says:

    Hannity has to give that “great american” stuff a rest. I’d like to throw the football at him every time he says it. And I wouldn’t use a Nerf!

  53. Robbie says:

    Please come back to this topic when you find an article showing the Romney campaign worrying that he will not have the delegates he needs.

    Comment by DW — March 9, 2012 @ 10:57 am

    Why have there been at least five articles this week from respected analysts saying Romney has a bit of troubling hitting 1144 if it’s not true. Are Jay Cost, Sean Trende, Nate Silver, and the others just liars? Are they just making it up? Or are they just trying to piss off the HHR commenters.

    I guess the motto around here is ignore all news not beneficial to Romney. This site did the same in 2008 and it looks like it’s headed in the same direction in 2012. Thank goodness for me! 🙂

  54. Bobby says:


    Romney 35%
    Gingrich 27%
    Santorum 27%
    Paul 6%


  55. janz says:

    Continued and deeper vetting of Barak Obama:

    The Racist Ravings of Derrick Bell, Obama’s “first” Jeremiah Wright. This might give more context to that 20 years of pew sitting our prez did in Wright’s church, supposedly oblivious to his POV.

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    The Civil War discussions are great. You have to pick a side before you enter:

    Pro-Union – Plantations were essentially like Nazi death camps that took a lot longer to kill the people worked to death.

    Pro-Confederate – Slavery had absolutely nothing to do with the war. In fact, there were only 27 slaves in the South and they all loved it. The Soth really seceeded over opposition to Obamacare. marv could explain it better than I can.

  57. Robbie says:


    Romney 35%
    Gingrich 27%
    Santorum 27%
    Paul 6%


    Comment by Bobby — March 9, 2012 @ 11:35 am

    Henry Barbour, the nephew of Haley, said MS would be a good state for Romney. Very establishment there. Lott, Cochran, Wicker, Barbour.

  58. Bobbie says:

    I agree whole heartedly Robbie, lets post elsewhere…BJG, KOS, or HuffPost. They will appreciate our “opinions” there.

  59. pitchaboy says:

    If Romney does well in AL and MS, it means the base is beginning to smell the coffee. Good news.

  60. DW says:

    Jay Cost, Sean Trende, Nate Silver, and the others just liars?

    No, they are just trying to stir the pot and give people stuff to talk about. It doesn’t mean its worth talking about. I read the articles and found nothing that was the least bit persuasive. All built on the assumption that the moneyless Rick Santorum will keep getting the same percentages he got in OK and TN all across the remaining states. It will not happen. There is no reason to talk about it. Nobody here cares, Romney doesn’t care, Jim Boeheim doesn’t care.

    And Mitt leads in one poll in AL, and now in MS, and PPP says NC too. The voters have gotten the message, and this plays out with Mitt having several hundred delegates to spare by the time of the convention.

  61. janz says:

    Some tidbits and updates from the Red Racing Horse blog about the state of the race:

    Romney: Although he is ceding Kansas to Santorum, it looks like Romney will play at least somewhat in the Dixie primaries on Tuesday. He picked up the support of ex-Perry supporter and MS Gov. Phil Bryant, who said, “He had blue jeans on. He likes grits…he just has a warm comfortable way about him. I like to see a man when he’s holding a baby…And I think people in Mississippi like Mitt Romney.”

    Santorum: Again? Santorum failed to file a full delegate slate in Illinois, making him eligible to win only 44 of that state’s 54 delegates. One of the districts he failed to file in was Tim Johnson’s rural 13th, where he will presumably run well, the other three are urban Chicago seats. Santorum will also not be on the ballot in the District of Columbia, where he needed only submit a $10,000 filing fee. Not the sign of a professional operation.

    Gingrich: Gary Bauer, the well-respected SoCon who ran for President in 2000, is calling for Gingrich to exit the race so that his preferred candidate, Santorum, can unite conservatives. Although Gingrich said last week that he would stay in until Texas so long as he won Georgia, his camp has suggested that he might consider dropping out if he doesn’t run well in Alabama and Mississippi.

  62. Robbie says:


    Just stir the pot? That’s the best you’ve got? Seriously, Sean Trende and Jay Cost are right leaning guys. What would they gain from just lying? Stop with such lame arguments.

    As for the idea, Romney would admit he had a math problem is just laughable. Talk about torpedoing your own campaign. Why would any of these candidates admit weakness right now, especially Romney?

  63. SUSYQUE says:

    Sentorum’s ineptness as a nominee should tell us he is not ready for the general election. He is short on delegates because he failed to follow the procedures required in several states. He eschews Romney’s wealth and continuously complains about it. He has become a hollow log. Wake up “conservatives”…Romney is well organized, well funded, and experienced in business and as a
    governor. Romney’s WEAKNESSES are greatly exaggerated. Tommy Thompson’s 2 videos on Greta explains the healthcare issue in Mass. You can google it or go to youtube

  64. DW says:

    broken record robbie…you are outing yourself. NOBODY CARES. Again, its all about sowing doubt and discouragement. Again, those articles were all written on the assumption that Santorum can keep gathering delegates throughout the remainder of the races at the rate he is now. Its not going to happen. Broken record, broken record, broken record.

  65. david says:

    from CNN

    “In February, the strongest hiring came in professional and business services, which added 82,000 jobs. More than half of those positions were at temp agencies.”

    yes, temp jobs….will really help the economey.

  66. janz says:

    #66 It’s statistical fantasy that is slanting all these economical indications in Obama’s favor, for reelection purposes. The problem is that if a lie is repeated enough, then it is believed by the naive public. For instance, I’ve heard the jobs numbers, this morning alone, being glowingly reported!

  67. SoHope says:

    I just hired another person this week…sorry everyone.

  68. Barrett says:

    #68 – Go forth and sin no more, my son

  69. janz says:

    ….Barbour speculates Romney might pull off a win in the Magnolia State: “I think he’s been well received in Mississippi, and while he’s the underdog, I think he’s got a shot at pulling off an upset.” Barbour calls Governor Phil Bryant’s endorsement “a shot in the arm” for Romney and notes, “[Bryant’s] got a strong organization that just helped elect him in November.”

    The bottom line? “Southerners want to get rid of Obama, and that’s why I think Romney has a chance at pulling off a win on Tuesday.”

    However, Barbour warns Mitt to hold the sugar!

  70. NYCmike says:

    From previous thread:
    20.Here’s a political dilemma. Let’s say that Romney wins. When he takes office, should he instruct the Feds to stop cooking the books and take the heat when the first UE numbers in his term soar to their real number? Can you imagine the headlines:

    “Unemployment rate soars from 7.5% to 14% in Romney’s first month in office!”

    -If he informs the citizens how the numbers are fudged, and then says we will use the real numbers, I think that could only help him and the hoped-for Republican Congress. Get the real numbers out there RIGHT AWAY, so when 2014 elections comes around, the numbers won’t be a huge hill to climb!

  71. MFG says:

    Thread rule

    No interaction with RobbieTroll


  72. bio mom says:

    Once again, Romney will come in first or second in all 3 states (Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama) I predict. There will go the stupid meme that he is “weak” in the South. He will rake in delegates once again. And this time it will be with minimal effort since he hasn’t strongly targeted those states, although he has been running ads. But nothing like in the other states that have already voted. Then will come the big Northern states where he will likely win most. Some are winner-take-all. The writing is on the wall. Even if Gingrich dropped out I do not think this would change significantly since Romney would get a chunk of that voting group too. I say the writing is on the wall here.

  73. janz says:

    Even CA is reporting a better UE rate, down from 11.2% in December to 10.9% now. It certainly doesn’t feel like employment is improving around here!

  74. Barrett says:

    #71 – That’s an interesting theory, definitely worth considering.

    I think Romney doesn’t have to worry about it. They’ll cook the books no matter what the president says in my opinion. They’re bean counters and number crunchers, it’s what they do.

  75. MFG says:

    Janz its more tone of coverage

    We do have a weak recovery which seems to be getting somewhat stronger but if the same news had happened under bush it would be portrayed as disastrous failure

  76. Barrett says:

    #74 – I don’t think UE is improving in the big states.

    However, here in Maryland, things are getting a little better.

  77. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – stop hiring people. What is wrong with you?

  78. Bitterlaw says:

    We do have a weak recovery which seems to be getting somewhat stronger – MFG

    Careful. Addisonst was roasted for statements like that (and others)

  79. SoHope says:

    I am only paying 9-10 per hour in total labor costs and I make 2-3 times that off their labor…

  80. Barrett says:

    I do believe some sort of recovery is taking place. Where and how strong, I don’t know.

    Do I believe it’s the result of this administration? In 95% of the cases, no. In 5%, it’s possible.

    Giving credit where it’s due, haha

  81. MFG says:

    I think that’s a fair assessment of the economy

    Things are getting better but we are doing much much worse than we should be doing because we have a communist as President

  82. MFG says:

    The US economy has a natural resiliency

    With a good president wed be at 5%-6% growth right now

  83. SoHope says:

    UNC draws first blood against Maryland.

  84. MFG says:


    I’m not rooting for anyone who will end up winning itvall in college basketball?

  85. Barrett says:

    84 – If the people of this country strove for excellence, and if we had a better president, we’d be a 5-6% GDP growth, and we’d be in the lower 7% range with UE

  86. Barrett says:

    Damned UNC!

    Go terps! (or Terrapins if you will)

  87. SoHope says:

    Resistance is futile…turtle soup is being served.

  88. SUSYQUE says:

    #71…NYC…I agree, as soon as he wins the primary he needs to reveal and explain the real numbers he will deal with when becoming president.

  89. SUSYQUE says:

    Let us remember the jobs are mainly low wage jobs and temporary. Construction is at a standstill.
    Wait until everyone does the Fed. and State taxes!
    Not a welcomed event!