A Depressing Wednesday Morning (Plus Polls From PA and NC)

It appears the railroad tracks that the Republican Suicide train was on in early February have been fixed and the train is back rolling down the tracks….

There were a myriad of combinations that could have happened last night in Alabama and Mississippi. some better for Romney and some not. I think going into last night, the worst possible thing the Republican Party could see happen is Rick Santorum win both states. it just continues to boggle my mind that Republican Party voters who want more than anything to defeat Barack Obama, win a majority in the US Senate and keep their majority in the US House believe that making Rick Santorum the face of the Republican Party is the best way to do that. I am sure Scott Walker in Wisconsin is just relishing the idea of Rick Santorum being the face of his party as he faces his recall election in June….

I sometimes get asked by Republicans elsewhere in the country what is it like to be a Republican in Maryland where Democrats have absolute control over everything. I say make Rick Santorum the face of the Republican Party and it won’t be long when you can witness it for yourself on a national scale….

Quinnipiac University gives us a look at the state of Pennsylvania this morning showing Barack Obama ahead of the Republican field and Rick Santorum leading the primary. No surprise here.

Rick Santorum 36%
Mitt Romney 22%
Ron Paul 12%
Newt Gingrich 8%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%
Mitt Romney (R) 40%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 45%
Rick Santorum (R) 44%

Barack Obama (D-inc) 50%
Newt Gingrich (R) 37%

This poll was done March 7-12 among 1256 registered voters. Yesterday, Public Policy Polling gave a look at the gubernatorial race in their home state of North Carolina showing Pat McCrory with a double-digit lead no matter who is the Democratic nominee.

Pat McCrory (R) 48%
Bruce Blackmon (D) 33%

Pat McCrory (R) 46%
Walter Dalton (D) 35%

Pat McCrory (R) 46%
Bob Etheridge (D) 36%

Pat McCrory (R) 49%
Gardenia Henley (D) 29%

This poll was done 8-11 among 804 registered voters.

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  1. SUSYUE says:

    It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over!

  2. Bitterlaw says:


  3. SUSYUE says:

    Imagine how DRUDGE feels this morning!

  4. Bitterlaw says:


  5. Phyllis Macon says:

    I just read that Gingrich and Santorum want to team up at the GOP convention and run together on a ticket: Gingrich/Santorum 2012…take that Romney!

  6. SUSYUE says:

    # 470…bio mom…I listen to Hugh Hewitt every M-F for three hours. He has great radio program with lots of interesting guests.
    Last night, he interviewed the dean at Regent University. (have to check the name) I was stunned with what I heard. I will elaborate when I get back home from visiting the tax man.
    Bitter thinks he is a bore, but he’s wrong. Hugh is a renaissance
    man! Very impressive productive lifestyle.

  7. EML says:

    Here’s an interesting site:

    There are 120 unpledged superdelegates. Currently, candidates have wrapped up the following number of superdelegates:

    Romney – 27
    Gingrich – 3
    Santorum – 2
    Paul – 1

    Romney benefits from the fact that of the 16 states where superdelegates are pledged, 11 of them are his (2 Santorum, 2 Gingrich), meaning the superdelegates from those states have to vote for whoever wins the popular vote. Romney has already taken some superdelegates from states he will not win (1, maybe 2 from MS, 2 so far from WV, 1 from PA, 1 from IN).

    You can be sure that the Romney campaign is working the superdelegates hard for their endorsement.

  8. mnw says:

    I’ll be voting at the Camden County, MO GOP caucus this Saturday. Sanrorum made a speech in Osage Beach a few days back, so I suspect the Ozarks will be big for Santo.

    I’m going to go to a lot of trouble to vote for Mr. Roboto, but based on the MO beauty contest a few weeks ago (& the fact that it’s a caucus this time), I expect Santo to win MO handily.

    I respectfully suggest to Romney that it’s time to set his hair on fire. He can not keep on ignoring the issues that most concern the Santo & Newt voters. He’ll have to provide more specific reassurance on social issues.

  9. david says:

    Yes, very depressing morning in the USA.
    #5, Oh Yes, Gingrich/Santorum 2012. We be lucky to get 150 electoral votes with that combination.

  10. Todd McCain says:

    It’s not that depressing, really….Romney won more delegates last night than Santorum. Even when Santorum wins, he loses.

  11. david says:

    #10, Perception !

  12. david says:

    Santorum may really think he can win in November and I guess I have to respect that. However, what Newt is doing is self-serving…purposely trying to destroy the party because he can’t win. newt reminds me of Spectrum. The latter sold his health care vote in order to get seniority in the Senate.

  13. Rockefeller Republican says:

    What’s depressing is that Dave Wissing buys into the media spin… Dave, you fail to mention (perhaps conveniently?) that Romney won HI and American Samoa last night… Geez, at least be fair!

    So last night was a split… And it’s really less about conservative bonafides and more about religious feeling in the deep south… Voters obviously lied to the exit pollsters – no one will admit that they vote on basis of religious bigotry but the privacy of the voting booth affords them cover…same as racial voting.

    Bottom line is that Mitt keeps padding his delegate lead…Something Dave and the other eeyores here seem to forget.

  14. Tim says:

    Romney is just gonna have to slug his way to the nomination. It won’t be over now before June.

  15. Tim says:

    You don’t think that Romney’s failure to close the deal presents a problem?

  16. mnw says:

    Not a problem whatsoever for Jay! He’s an OBAMA TROLL.

  17. DW says:

    I don’t understand the long faces either. The problem is some allowed themselves to become convinced that Romney was the favorite in AL and MS. That was never the case, and certainly wasn’t just a week or so ago. The fact is, a week back I posted the path for Romney to get the magic number of delegates, state by state from here on out…and Romney did BETTER than what I had forcasted for AL and MS, so he is actually ahead of schedule on the delegate count I forecast–a prediction that he would get over 100 beyond the required number.

  18. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #16: As we have established for some time, mnw, your obsessions make you the troll – you are a johnny one-note.

    #13: Tim, your point has credence if we were in May or June… I do grant you that Mitt must address himself more forcefully to the base on issues relevant to them. He just doesn’t seem that interested in doing so… And he still seems to be trying too hard – i.e. getting in his own way, raising authenticity questions.

    But remember: our field this year is comprised of the second and third string players. No varsity stars for sure.

    Romney remains the best by far of this woeful lot…we gotta stick w/ him!

  19. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #17: Precisely, DW!

    You all put on the happy face!


  20. mnw says:

    Did you post a smiley face when you called Tina the c-word, Jay?

  21. EML says:

    Yep, DW nailed it precisely. Romney actually overperformed in AL and MS considering the demographics. The ABRs are running out of states to catch upbwith Romney. What do they have left? MO, LA, AR, KY, WV, maybe TX. All proportional. No chance to make up much ground. Romney has CA, NY, PR, IL, MD, DC, DE, CT, RI, OR, UT, NJ, MT, NM, several of which are the winner take all states. WI, PA, NC, and TX are probably the most important races going forward.

  22. EML says:

    Hawaii delegates allocated so far are 8 Romney, 3 Santorum, 1 Paul. Romney’s delegate lead over Santorum in AS and HI is 2x Santorum’s delegate lead over Romney in AL and MS.

  23. Rockefeller Republican says:

    #20: Hey troll, I called that liar the g-word, not the c-word. You keep getting that wrong

    Amazing that you continue to be obsessive and stupid at the same time, mnw!


  24. Barrett says:

    #23 – Rockefeller Troll will hereby be known as “smart pill,” for his clever comebacks and truly knowledgeable insight

  25. michael corleone says:

    Santo one point behind Obama in PA, but Mitt is the electable one.

    Win PA, and win the election. Period. Santo has a better chance pulling that off than Romney.

  26. mnw says:

    If I called myself “McGovern Republican” or “Specter Republican,” wouldn’t you suspect that I just might not be a conservative REpublican?

    Would that be a clue?

    Ask yourself: aside from potty-mouth RumpRider, when was the LAST time you heard a bona fide REPUBLICAN say a good word about… Gov. Nelson Rockefeller? Or his “Republican” buddies Sen. Jacob Javits? or Sen. William Keating? or Sen. Charles Goodell?

    Anybody here MISS those long-gone good old days in NY? Well… Jay does.

  27. Bobby says:

    Gingrich and Santorum know what they are doing… They can’t drop out. If they go one on one with Romney they will lose, the contrast is too much. Santorum and Gingrich need 75% of the remaining delegates and Romney needs a little over 40%. If it goes to one on one…. Romney can trip over those numbers. Romney will be fine.

  28. Bobby says:

    Winning PA does nothing if you get blown out in OH or FL.

  29. mnw says:

    Super delegates generally wait until the nominee is chosen (for all practical purposes) & THEN announce their support.

    And Santo isn’t a super delegate kind of guy, anyway. RNC members want someone who can win even more than avg GOP voters do.

  30. Barrett says:

    In today’s bloomberg matchup, Romney is the only one that ties Obama. Nobody else comes close. And Santorum would lose PA.

  31. Barrett says:

    The difference is that Romney could lose PA and still win

  32. SoHope says:

    what exactly is “the g-word”?

  33. Jimmy Jeffords Republican says:

    Rock Rep is not a troll!

  34. Bobby says:

    Final Count from last night:
    Romney 42 delegates
    Santorum 38 delegates

  35. DW says:

    Number of states/territories won:

    Romney 19
    Santorum 9 (including fishy IA)
    Newt 2
    Paul 0

  36. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    I was bumbed the #1 guy I can’t stand next to Ron Paul shocked in MS & AL but Romney won more overall delegates and actually widen his lead in the delegate count. Santos will win Missouri this weekend but Romney will win my birth Island of Puerto Rico. an IL win on Tuesday will help too before Santos’ useless LA win the Saturday after (sorry LA commenters)

  37. Grace says:

    I understand now.

    When I object to Obama because I oppose the socialist and the radical lefties surrounding him, I am told it isn’t because my principles are 180 degress opposite those of Obama… I am just a racist.

    When I object to Romney because I oppose his history of liberal governing, it isn’t because my conservative principles are 100% opposite those of Romney, it is because I am some anti-Mormon bigot.

    Wow, and you folks wonder why we think you are RINOs. When it looks like a duck, and kwacks like a duck then it is a duck regardless of how much you try to convince me it is an elephant.

    When he governs like a liberal, and talks like a liberal, and lies like a liberal, then he is a liberal regardless of how much you tell me he is a successful business man living in a liberal state.

  38. Grace says:

    bye bye now!!!

  39. Barrett says:

    Balancing the budget with a 2 billion rainy day fund….sure sounds like Romney was a liberal governor to me.

    But of course, Grace whines and then runs away. Excellent debate tactics!

  40. DW says:

    and here again is my post from 3/7, right after super tuesday, in response to those arguing that Mitt couldn’t get enough delegates before the convention. Notice I have appended actual results to the prediction in brackets [ ]. I do note that I was off a little on AL and MS (contrary to what I had recalled above), however, once the rest of the delegates are allocated, Mitt will be right on track with my prediction at this point…I had predicted 503 at this point, and he is at 495 with at least 20 more to be allocated.

    120.Mitt has 404 delegates according to RCP.[Number increased to 423 due to further allocation in completed states]

    Here is a sample path:

    KS: loses, but gets 10: 414 total [7/430]
    Northern Marianas: gets 9: 423 total [9/439]
    Virgin Islands: gets 9: 432 total [7/446]–1 more to be allocated
    Guam: gets 9: 441 total [9/455]
    Alabama: loses, but gets 20: 461 total
    [11/466]–8 still to be allocated
    MS: loses, but gets 15: 476 total
    [12/478]–3 still to be allocated
    HI: gets 18 of 20: 494 total
    [8/486]–8 still to be allocated
    AS: gets 9: 503 total [9/495]
    MO: loses, but gets 20: 523 total
    PR: gets 23: 546 total
    IL: gets 69: 615 total
    LA: loses, but gets 15: 630 total
    WI: gets 42: 672 total
    MD: gets 37: 709 total
    DC: gets 19: 728 total
    NY: gets 85 out of 95: 813 total
    PA: gets 72: 885 total
    CT: gets 28: 913 total
    RI: gets 19: 932 total
    DE: gets 17: 949 total
    NC: gets 40 out of 55: 989 total
    IN: gets 30 out of 46: 1019 total
    WV: gets 21 out of 31: 1040 total
    NE: gets 35: 1075 total
    OR: gets 28: 1103 total
    KY: gets 40 out of 45: 1143 total
    AR: gets 30 out of 36: 1173 total
    TX: gets 140 out of 155: 1313 total
    CA: gets 172: 1485 total
    NJ: gets 50: 1535 total
    SD: gets 28: 1563 total
    MT: gets 26: 1579 total
    NM: gets 23: 1602 total
    UT: gets 40: 1642 total

    1642 delegates total, more than enough to grab the nomination. No doubt I have a few states off a little here or there, but the general math should work out. Santorum still wins some states, but Romney gets enough delegates.

    Comment by DW — March 7, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

  41. Jimmy Jeffords Republican says:

    I know, Grace. He has so much money and all those powerful people support him.

    I don’t care if Romney vetoed 844 times, cut spending, and had the stong endorsements of NRA & pro-life lobby…heck I don’t even care that Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, and Bob Jones endorsed him, calling him a real conservative. I just don’t like him.

    However, I prefer Newt to Santorum. I think with Newt, his coattails would get us the House and the keep the Senate.

  42. Diogenes says:

    As goes Alabama and Mississippi, so goes the nation!

    … Oh, wait.

  43. Jimmy Jeffords Republican says:

    wait…I mean get us the Senate and keep the House. I lost track of where I was blogging today.

  44. EML says:

    So I guess add Grace to list of unhinged, deranged ABRs.

  45. DW says:

    and of course the AL and MS numbers really were all quite close…and had Romney won both, Santo would be out there saying that they were effectively tied.

  46. EML says:

    Pope Ricky is a George Bush “compassionate conservative”. He is in favor of an expansive welfare nanny state to advance social conservative values. He is in no way a fiscal conservative, and unlike Romney, he doesn’t have a clue how to get the economy back on track.

    His voting record is atrocious. Even besides being Senator Earmarks, he has consistently sided with Democrats on important issues. He voted against the National Right to Work act. He voted against food stamp reform. He voted against Medicaid reform. He voted against TANF reform. He voted 5 times to raise the debt limit. He voted for No Child Left Behind. He voted for Medicare Part D. He voted for the Bridge to Nowhere. This is not who should be promoted as anything near being a conservative.

    But of course the unhinged ABRs have hitched their wagon to this loser and will ride him to the disasterous end.

  47. Apologetic California says:

    I swear, I have no idea what’s going on in the primaries. This stuff is byzantine and it’s not making the natural party of government look good if they’ve organized a primary that looks like a Chinese fire drill.

  48. EML says:

    If Santorum had won his senate seat in 2006, he would have been one of the top tea party targets for primarying in 2012.

  49. DW says:

    48…I don’t swear, and I have good idea what is going on. Far too many GOP voters are simply poorly informed. They think that listening to Rush and Hannity makes them informed and ready to vote. They were DETERMINED to get a strong conservative to run against Obama and beat him. Rush has them convinced that the only way to beat Obama is with an anybody-but-Romney. But in their desire to have that magical conservative, they have chosen to live in a fantasy — they have chosen to ignore all information and data and simply assign Reagan-like qualities to Santorum or Newt. They are willing to self-deceive themselves because they hate Obama so much and want to defeat him. In their folly, they may end up accomplishing the very thing that they so strongly wanted stopped–a second Obama term.

  50. DW says:

    Here is another way to look at the GOP primary race:

    Number of states/territories in which each candidate has won at least ONE delegate:

    Romney: ALL 30 thus far
    Santorum: 19 of 30
    Newt: 13 of 30
    Pau: 13 of 30

  51. DW says:

    HI just allocated some more, and Mitt is now up to 496

  52. Phil says:

    The raw political popularity of our president is reflected in the Reuters/Ipos poll released this morning.

    Obama has climbed back to a 50-48 positive approval among all adults. This in spite of skyrocketing gas prices. Not only that but he leads Romney by 9 pts and Santorum by 10 in head to head matchups.

    Oh yeah. There is one small thing. The poll includes a sample of:

    51.1% Democrats
    38.8% Republicans
    10.1% Independents

    No, I didn’t make those numbers up. The raw numbers are mentioned in the last paragraph of the Reuter’s article and I computed the percentages.

    This is what passes for journalism in the age of Obama – skewed polls or anything else that reflects on “the one”.

  53. Wobbles says:

    Mack is plus 7 in Floeida.

    Rasmussen Reports

  54. david says:

    #42, Thanks DW

  55. karl r rove says:


    No need to be depressed as Romney won 1 of 3 and rocketed forward in delegates.

    There is no path for Santorum. Didn’t Polaris or someone predict this a few months ago after South Carolina?

  56. Scott says:

    The PEW Poll just released some data which shows Obama at a 50%/41% respective approval/ disapproval rating.It also shows him leading Romney by 12.
    The Party ID is 36D,28R and 36 Indies.In both the approval/ disapproval rating and the Presidential match-up,the indies break even.PEW claims that more Reps will go Dem than vice-versa.Color me skeptical.
    Another questionable poll like the one released by Reuters last night.It seems that in both polls,the goal of the pollsters was to show Obama at 50% approval.
    Ras has Obama’s approval down to 47% today from 49% yesterday.

  57. Apologetic California says:

    #50, the voters and their votes are the least of my problem. I’m talking about the organization of the primary in general. Some dimbulb in the RNC (or whoever) decided for sh/ts and giggles to throw as many obstacles from getting a majority of delegates as possible. There are states we don’t even know to this day the actual number of delegates they’re allowed to send. It’s insane, and it looks incompetent. The GOP is known for getting from A to B as efficiently as possibly; this primary is I’d imagined how a cracked-out Rachel Maddow would organize it. I’m sick and tired of this process already.

  58. Robbie says:

    We all know Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee, but he’s making a terrible mistake talking process and delegates.

    He’s suffering setbacks right now because he’s not talking about the issues. Has he ever run a commercial on his new tax plan? NBC says no.

    Mike Murphy is making that very case on twitter this morning. Stop talking about delegate counts. Backing into the nomination is not strong.

  59. Wobbles says:

    Rasmussen is a Republican pollster. There is no way to spin the news from yesterday. A brokered convention is more likely today than yesterday.

  60. Wobbles says:

    I am really hoping for a brokered convention too since there will be new meat involved.

  61. Scott says:

    Yes,the goal of a number of these pollsters is to show Obama at a 50% approval rating.The Reuters and PEW polls are jokes.
    Also,have you noticed that a lot of MSM polling was done this weekend right after the release of the February employment report?Do I need to ask why!?

  62. Phil says:


    That is exactly the goal. Couple that with the recent decision of CBS/NYT and the ABC/Washington Post polls to cease including the party ID of their samples and you get a feel for what the MSM has in store for us this election year.

    Buckle up.

  63. Phil says:

    Rasmussen is a Republican pollster?

    You mean the same guy that nailed the 2004 and 2008 elections right on the number?


  64. Apologetic California says:

    It looks like polling week. CNN, FOX, Politico, and AP are the major ones that haven’t released yet. Though it looks like all the polling so fark still confirm Obama is a SCOAMF and also several points underwater.

  65. Robbie says:

    Rasmussen has a very, very good track record polling on the national level. On the statewide level, not so much.

  66. Phil says:

    No, not nearly the record at the state level as the national level. However, when it comes to where the national numbers stand, it’s the only national poll you need to watch. The track record speaks for itself.

  67. bio mom says:


    Great point!! s is a big government, lifetime Washington insider. These conservative voters are blind to anything but social issues. Even in right to work states they vote for a union supporting, anti right to work pol like Santorum. I despair.

  68. Annie says:

    #5 – Gingrich might want to “team up” at the convention with Santorum (with himself as the lead), but then, he’s insane (literally – he puts his personal vindictiveness over the party winning not only the presidency, but all down the ticket). Then ruling heads of the RNC will have none of this type of shenanigans, believe me. Whose to say if Romney is short delegates that Ron Paul won’t throw him his delegates? I doubt it will come to that. So, a poll from Santorum’s state of PA has him up? So what?? Gingrich won Georgia – and Romney won Michigan and Massachusetts – it’s to be expected. As for being depressed over Santorum’s “wins” in Alabama and Mississippi last night – remember, their delegates are awarded proportionally, and Romney was (percentage wise) not that much off from Santorum and Gingrich’s numbers. Romney “won” the night, delegate-wise, because he won Hawaii and American Samoa’s delegates. The math still doesn’t add up for Santorum, much less Gingrich, when it comes to gaining delegates. And, I really mean it when I say Gingrich has a screw (or two) loose –

  69. Annie says:

    DW – Just remember Christine “I am not a witch” McDonnell – that tells you about how dumb voters can be…voting on hype, emotion, or what radio personalities say. I have seen a lot of elections won by someone just because they have a funny sounding name. Any state with 70 – 80 % evangelical voters was going to be a rough road to how for Romney anyway…So, I don’t think the Deep South was really in the Romney camp’s game plan to success.

  70. Wobbles says:

    Romney needs to be concerned since he placed 3rd in both states that mattered the most.

  71. Barrett says:

    Santorum 2012
    “We’re all sluts now!”

  72. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    Ras out w/ data that phony Nelson in trouble in FL, thank God

  73. Annie says:

    #58 – I agree…and add to that the ridiculousness of having Democrats being able to vote in Republican primaries. The races last night were fairly close – I wonder how many Democrats voted for Santorum, who had been doing poorly in polls in MS and AL right up until voting time.

  74. Robbie says:

    People act surprised Newt would be vindictive towards Mitt. I wonder why he wouldn’t be.

    Mitt’s super pac destroyed Newt in Iowa and then again in Florida with Dresden-like negative ad carpet bombing. Much of it was totally unfair and Romney just smiled while claiming no knowledge of it.

    I don’t care for Newt nor would I have liked to have seen him as the nominee, but Romney brought this on himself. Whenever he’s gotten in trouble, he just goes hard negative. He did it in 2008 as well and that’s why every opponent has walked away hating Romney.

    Romney is at a crossroads right now. He’s going to win the nomination, but he may lose much of the party in the process if he continues to offer nothing but negative ads against his opponents. He needs a positive message that gets people out to vote for him.

  75. Annie says:

    Re #70 – * road to hoe

    Too busy watching the clock.

  76. Annie says:

    Robbie – good grief. Ron Paul did more damaging ads against Gingrich. It’s called “political hardball.” If Gingrich can’t take Romney’s heat, what in bejeezus would he do with what Obama would throw at him??? And there is so much to throw with Gingrich.

  77. Wobbles says:

    Yeah, Romney used bully like tactics.

  78. Barrett says:

    #75 – That is the nature of politics. It is unrealistic to pretend that politics is clean and pretty.

    I suppose you’ve never seen this:

    Get with the program, buddy

  79. Corey says:

    Robbie, what specifically was run against Gingrich that was inaccurate or “unfair?”

  80. EML says:

    If Gingrich wasnt such a reprehensible person with a disgusting past, there would be no attack ads to run. He whined about Romney? Obama would eviscerate him.

  81. Wobbles says:

    Obama will run a positive campaign against the Republican nominee.

  82. EML says:

    82 – lol. Yeah obama will wun on the booming economy and low gas prices.

  83. OHIO JOE says:

    “I don’t care for Newt nor would I have liked to have seen him as the nominee, but Romney brought this on himself. Whenever he’s gotten in trouble, he just goes hard negative. He did it in 2008 as well and that’s why every opponent has walked away hating Romney.” Well said!!!

  84. OHIO JOE says:

    “Yeah obama will wun on the booming economy and low gas prices.” I doubt it.

  85. DW says:

    Obama would send Newt’s bowels to back to him in a cheap cardboard box, postage due upon delivery.

  86. NYCmike says:

    49.If Santorum had won his senate seat in 2006, he would have been one of the top tea party targets for primarying in 2012.

    -I disagree with this. Santorum would not be targeted in PA, if he had won in 2006.

  87. GF says:

    WAAAAAHHH!!! Mitt’s being mean and pointing out Newt and Rick’s hypocrisies! McCain and the Huckster got their widdle feelings hurt b/c they were big spending RINO hypocrites, too!


    BFD, folks. This is politics, and it is a full contact, blood sport. The Bamster isn’t going to play nice, so if Sancto or the Fat Toad intend to be the nominee, they had better expect a LOT more than what Mitt is throwing at them (and they offer PLENTY of ammo in this regard).

    Stop whining and work for your candidate. If they cannot win all around, they are simply not electable. Prove that Ricky’s electable by having him win more and more contests to get him to 1144. Otherwise, stop crying and fall into ranks to get the job done in the Fall.

  88. NYCmike says:

    84.“I don’t care for Newt nor would I have liked to have seen him as the nominee, but Romney brought this on himself. Whenever he’s gotten in trouble, he just goes hard negative. He did it in 2008 as well and that’s why every opponent has walked away hating Romney.”

    -maybe if these other candidates had prepared for a real primary, they would have had the money to do the same to Romney. BUT, they were too busy being “consultants” for companies lobbying the Federal government.

  89. Corey says:

    Former PA Governor Tom Ridge endorses Mitt Romney.

  90. NYCmike says:


    Well said!

  91. Annie says:

    88 – GF – Thank you – well said.

  92. Annie says:

    I haven’t seen the news shows on the tube yet today – Are they filled with Santorum’s magnificence? Have they even mentioned Romney’s wins in Hawaii or Samoa, or increase in delegates?

  93. Annie says:

    I imagine the likes of Limbaugh will be beside himself with glee.

  94. Annie says:

    The delegate haul from last night:

    41 Romney
    35 Santorum
    24 Gingrich
    1 Paul

  95. MFG says:

    “Our goal first is to keep Romney well below 1,000,” Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said an hour before Gingrich addressed a small crowd of disappointed supporters gathered at the Wynfrey Hotel. “It doesn’t have to be 1,000, or 1,050 — it has to be below 1,100.” If Gingrich succeeds, Hammond continued, “This will be the first time in our party in modern politics that we’re going to go to the convention floor.”

  96. Corey says:

    Assuming they stay in, after the last primary in June, Romney is going to have a big delegate lead and will look the strongest against Obama, even if he has not formally “clinched.”

    There will be enormous pressure at that time for Gingrich and Santorum to give in and not stand in the way of Romney moving forward well before the late August convention.

  97. MFG says:


    So keep Romney below 1100 delegates and then convince the convention that a guy who has 300 delegates should be the nominee instead

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

  98. Annie says:

    The AP is stating Romney won 42 delegates last night.

  99. jan says:

    They are mostly focus on the math.

  100. MFG says:

    FatToad & Pope Ricky both mentally ill

  101. DW says:

    If the GOP convention is anything less than a cheerleading session for our nominee, then its over. The days when business was conducted and the nominee was chosen at the convention are long gone. It would be like the Democrats get all the positive publicity of their convention, and the Republicans get none of that, but in exchange negative publicity due to all the division.

    Thankfully, Mitt will have plenty to get him the nomination prior to the convention.

  102. DW says:

    HI just added one more for Mitt in the last hour.

  103. GF says:

    97- And then we can nominate a guy who came in 3rd in terms of votes instead of the candidate who won the most. I don’t personally care about such things, but a ton of the dead-enders have been making an issue about this until the situation suits them.

  104. MFG says:

    Santorum reminds me of the President in the movie Dead Zone

    Remember him? He goes insane while in office and launches a first strike against the Soviet Union

  105. Corey says:

    Theoretically speaking a “contested convention” would get a lot more attention and coverage.

    As long as the end game is Mitt being the nominee and the party moving on united behind him, I will be happy.

    I think the convention will be the kind of infomerical thing though we have seen in recent decades. By the end of June, neither Santorum or Gingrich will be in the race.

  106. GF says:

    106- So, Mitt is 75 short of the halfway mark. He’ll make that up in no time. This will probably go on until May; I don’t think it’s going to come down to CA, but I’m standing by, just in case.

  107. Corey says:

    Democrat Party Nominee for U.S. Senate in Mississippi:

  108. Scissors says:

    108- Well, at least he wouldn’t have to hold up a live baby as a shield since he took his corpse home to play with.

  109. MFG says:

    I think the psychopaths will insist on June why not waste millions of more dollars that could be spent on attacking Obama after all the important thing is to “Get That Mormon!”

  110. Annie says:

    Is Illinois also an open primary? It should be a slam-dunk state for Romney, as it has mainly moderate and fiscal conservative Republicans. I can just imagine the havoc the Democratic machine will cause sending their people in to vote for Santorum. If not for the Democrats voting in the GOP races, Romney might be having an easier time.

  111. NYCmike says:

    To EML, and others interested.
    NY’s pension liabilities came up yesterday, this state is heading for the cliff. We shall see if Cuomo will do the “right” thing, and stand up to out-of-control politicians. I predict he will not, but if he does, I will have to look at him in a different light. He really has no choice, but if he follows through, that will be a plus for him, in my book.

  112. NYCmike says:

    Were the primaries open (for Dems and Indies) last night in MS and AL?

  113. MFG says:

    “The reason I keep citing Leonard Wood is because in 1920, Wood goes into the convention as the frontrunner,” Gingrich said. “[Warren G.] Harding goes in as the guy who’s in sixth place, and at the end of ten ballots, Harding is the nominee and Wood is gone.” More than 90 years later, that’s the scenario Gingrich sees as his own path to victory.

    FatToad is really truly a disgusting worthless despicable pile of trash a true disgrace as a man…

  114. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Mitt Romney says:

    @116 yes

  115. Jimmy Jeffords Republican says:

    Robbie, remember the “King of Bain”…none of the Super PAC attacks from Romney were unfair.

    Newt took a knife to a gunfight and got what he deserved.

  116. GF says:

    114- Corey? What say you?

  117. Corey says:

    Illinois is an open primary, but Democrats have a lot to vote for on their side as well.

    I think Romney will win here (both the non binding Presidential vote as well as the delegates in the CD’s) but there are a lot of very conservative people here as well.

    We need to hope that Chicagoland makes up as much of the primary vote as possible, which of course is the last thing we ever want here in a general election.

  118. Corey says:

    It’s worth nothing now in regards to Illinois, that the Santorum team had fallen fall short of qualifying in many districts, and the Romney team was originally going to challenge their petitions to get even more of their delegates on the ballot.

    But some of the campaigns complained about being heavy-handed, and ultimately the Romney campaign decided not to play hardball in regards to getting some Santorum delegates kicked off the ballot.

  119. Annie says:

    I get a kick out of talking heads saying how Romney “should have had a bigger margin” against Paul in Virginia, since they were two only two on the ballot. What makes them think that Santorum and Gingrich voters didn’t vote for Paul just to lower Romney’s margin of victory? Just another sign that either the pundits on the tube are naive and stupid (possibly) or they want to continue the mess that is the GOP nominating process this year for ratings or to help Democrats (no doubt).

  120. NYCmike says:

    The more I see about these bigger states, the less I see Romney winning them all. Wow, this will be an exciting year!

  121. marc says:

    Yes ILL is an open primary but you have to ask for a GOP ballot and in ILL next Tuesday they have important Democrat primaries for Congress/state level seats and Chicago city council. So the crossover will be minimal.

  122. Apologetic California says:

    It looks like Maine Dems are choking on their senate nominees. All the big ones have dropped out, leaving a nominal independent Angus King as their only hope.

  123. Corey says:

    No Chicago City Council elections actually, but yes, Congressional, County, state legislative, judicial, etc.

  124. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Right on, Tyrone!

  125. Annie says:

    123 – *were the only two – Gad – I need to get to work.

  126. GF says:

    126- Patty Murray and the DSCC have a lot to do with that, proving that King will be a Dem stooge.

  127. Annie says:

    NYC Mike – I guarantee that Romney will win most of California. There are a few yokel districts that might lean toward Mr. Sweater Vest or Mr. Toad, but most of the state is Romney territory.

  128. Waingro says:

    #127, Corey, does Illinois only give one ballot -as in Republican or Democrat- for these open primaries??

    If so, they would certainly lessen the possible effect of Operation Hilarity given the number of other races you point to.

  129. Annie says:

    I’m going back to work now – So, catch you all later. (Now that the South is done, we don’t have to say “y’all” anymore, unless so compelled.)

  130. Corey says:

    You need to check a box for either a Democrat or Republican primary ballot and that is what they give you.

    I tend to believe that those here who voted for Obama in 2008, either in the primary or general, who ask for a GOP ballot in order to vote for President, are going to be most likely to do so because they legitimately support Romney.

  131. Waingro says:

    #133, yeah, all the ABR’s will get is a smothering of CD delegates in Cali–my guess is less than 10.

  132. marc says:

    Romney is favored in all the winner take all states and in big states like New York and California.

  133. Jimmy Jeffords Republican says:

    Regardless, Romney will alot of IL district because of the dem’s gerrymandering. There were alot of rural voters crammed in the same dictrict.

  134. Corey says:

    I don’t know if Gingrich can win any districts in California.

    The ones that are considered the most rural conservative in the state are also probably those with the highest concentration of Mormons.

  135. Corey says:

    Whatever the Romney vs. the field numbers wind up being in IL next week, Romney’s actual advantage in terms of how many of his delegates will win is going to be more substantial.

    Bye for now.

  136. Waingro says:

    I count 5 states/regions were it is winner take all for popular vote total only: DC, Puerto Rico, Delaware, New Jersey, and Utah.

    And only one (Puerto Rico) is not at least “semi-closed”.

    Thus Romney should win ALL of those delegates, leaving doughnut holes for the ABR’s .

  137. bio mom says:

    Romney has to stop being the nice guy. He needs to keep his foot on Santorum’s throat.

  138. bio mom says:

    Just what is this mythical “positive message” that Romney had not been presenting? I read and hear this meme a lot. Am I the only one who actually listens to Romney when he speaks? MOre Jobs, Lower Deficit, Lower Taxes, Restoring America,…That is his “positive message” repeated again and again and again. I really do not know what you are talking about?? What is Santorum’s positive message? Gingrich?