Romney Up By 14% in IL

Another poll from Illinois, this time from American Research Group, showing Mitt Romney opening up a double-digit lead over Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney 44%
Rick Santorum 30%
Newt Gingrich 13%
Ron Paul 8%

This poll was done March 17-18 among 600 likely primary voters.

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  1. Addisonst says:

    first for Mitt. did I say that? wow

  2. Addisonst says:


    Minn? NO they have Ponder and can draft another qb if they want.

    Cle? Maybe. But that’s not a way to win friends there.

    Mia? For tickets and Hback duties. not starter on day one.

    Jax we discussed. Maybe

    Ten, hmmmmm. Hadn’t thought about that one. Hassel is old and they chased manning.

    TBay? No chance. Have a young qb who had a set back last year but flashed the year before and is way better than Tbow.

    KC? NO chance. They’ll go w Cassel. They see themselves as playoff contender not rebuilding.

  3. MFG says:

    I never thought of the ViQueens for Tebow, I doubt it though

    And Tampa Bay is certainly sticking with Freeman

  4. jason says:

    Manning probably picked Denver because evidently he feels most comfortable with Elway.

    He knows Elway is staking a lot of him and will therefore support him through thick and thin.

    But that also tells me he is not that confident and wants someone to hold his hand.

    Since I think he will be injury prone I would keep Tebow who might end up playing most of the season anyway.

  5. Brandon says:

    Tebow had his moment in the sun.

  6. NYCmike says:

    104.Couldn’t Tebow stay as backup? He did at the beginning of last year, why not defer to Manning, or at least compete with him? Or will it cost too much? WHo will be the backup to Manning?

    -Thanks, MFG, for the A11 info.

  7. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Anyone else seeing that Ras has been adding more and more days b/w his last poll and the final results?

  8. EML says:

    Assume IL will play out like OH and MI. Mitt wins the swing voters in the suburbs and Pope Ricky takes the rural areas, with the 80%+ Obama districts in Chicago tossups (Pope Ricky won one of the Detroit districts and the Columbus district). So ranking districts in order from Mitt’s best to worst:

    Mitt favored:

    IL-05 (Pope Ricky has no delegates)
    IL-04 (Pope Ricky has no delegates)
    IL-07 (Pope Ricky has no delegates)

    Pope Ricky favored:
    IL-13 (Pope Ricky has no delegates)

    What will be interesting is what happens in the 4 districts where Pope Ricky has no delegates (3 in Chicago and 1 downstate). Do Pope Ricky voters pick Romney delegates, Gingrich delegates, or no delegates? If Romney wins all 4 of those districts (and at least one of the other Chicago districts), he finishes at worst 11 districts to 7, and his lead widens even more.

  9. MFG says:

    NYC Mike

    I love the double quarterbacks in the A11

    The first instinct for the defense is to blitz this but it doesn’t work very well

    The whole thing is like a run and shoot offense on peyote

  10. EML says:

    2 – Add that is the complete list of all the teams who would even THINK of Tebow. He has zero chance at starting on any of the other 24 teams.

  11. NYCmike says:

    Tebow is the classic underdog, wills himself to show his detractors wrong! Why people have such disdain for him is beyond me. Would I turn my team over to him? Probably not, but would definitely want him competing for the job, nothing like a little competition to make people raise their game! Oh, and let’s see how John Fox likes Manning change EVERY play he sends in from the sidelines. It seemed like he audibled every play at Indy, maybe that is why he only won the Super Bowl once?

    BOW before Tebow!

  12. addisonst says:

    Eml I think he has no chance anywhere but jax barring injury. He brings a third rounder. Maybe.

  13. Brandon says:

    Tebow trade value?

    “I’d be surprised if he went for much better than a fifth rounder.”

  14. Phil says:

    Third rounder sounds about right.

    He’s a good guy, a tough guy, and a fierce competitor. That said, you have to be able to throw the ball in the league.

  15. addisonst says:

    I wouldn’t give a third for him. But somebody will.

  16. MFG says:

    Tough break for the big guy lets see what happens…

  17. NYCmike says:

    -it seems like a novelty for the NFL, where the linemen are so quick, it would be too costly to have your QB’s exposed. I’ll have to look it up on youtube, just to see what it looks like.

  18. addisonst says:

    He also can’t have an offense tailored for him as a 2. So his value as a backup is diminished.

  19. addisonavenue says:

    I wouldn’t give a third for Cutler. But somebody will.

  20. NYCmike says:

    Here we go with the Cutler arguments again! I better take my lunch now.

  21. addisonst says:

    The bear didn’t go after manning. Denver had to bc they let cutler go.

  22. MFG says:

    NYC Mike 18

    The classical formation in the A11 is three linemen five wide receivers on one side one receiver on the other side and 2 qbs

    Most defenses will instinctively blitz these formations or play large stretches of the game with seven defensive backs

  23. addisonst says:

    Mfg I’m still thinking saint coach and gm get big suspensions

  24. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    Enjoy having wasted Supreme court picks where a new David Souter ascends, Rombots, and while you are at it, how about the inevitable “fixing” of Obamacare Romney will acquiesce to, assuming he does not lose to Obama, which history and logic strongly suggest he will, given his similarity in ideology to Barack.

    They do not call the GOP, especially our primary voters, the Stupid Party for nothing…

  25. addisonst says:

    Back to primary I know no dem cross dressing tomorrow. They have to pack our legislature and cong delegation w hacks and commies

  26. MFG says:

    Gonna be a disaster Add

    If I were Benson I would have fired all of them

    People here are speechless

  27. MFG says:

    Doubt Greg Williams ever works in the NFL again

  28. Josh says:

    Isn’t it the Dingell-Norwood bill? What is the meaning behind “dinglewoodnorwoodbill”?

  29. MFG says:



  30. addisonst says:

    Its a shame mfg. Payton seemed like one of the good guys.

  31. MFG says:

    I know Add

    The team prided itself on no longer signing head cases or degenerates and some were even starting to call us a model NFL franchise

    Well, gonna be a disaster, so be it, we deserve it, fuqq it…

  32. Corey says:

    Maybe Tebow plays in the Arena League next year?

  33. jason says:

    ” given his similarity in ideology to Barack.”

    Dingleberry really is a moron…

    Obama is a Marxist. Romney is a capitalist.

  34. karl r rove says:

    1. Lugar still favored.

    2. Illinois blowout should end Rick’s shot. Media narrative could change — but good.

  35. addisonst says:

    Corey u talked to any dems that are cross dressing for rick tomorrow?

  36. Corey says:

    For those who might be wondering how the IL delegate allocation thing works…

    In every CD, there will be a bunch of names on the ballot for delegate (and also seperately for alternates) in which the Presidential candidate they prefer will also be listed.

    Between 2-4 delegates will be chosen in each CD, depending on how well Republicans have done there before. Voters are instructed to pick 2-4, depending on how many the district has and the the top finishers win.

    I am hoping Romney gets at least 40 delegates.

  37. jason says:

    Tebow starts wherever he goes.

    The only place he won’t start is Denver, unfortunately.

    Peyton Manning is 35 and been going downhill for several years.

    His era is over.

    Long live the Tebow era.

  38. Corey says:

    I am sure there will be some Dems that will cross for Santorum out of mischief. I have talked to some Dems who will be voting for Romney tomorrow (some because Santorum scares them), but mostly because they now want Romney in office over Obama.

    Lots of down ballot races in both parties to keep people motivated though.

    Going to be about 80 degrees again here tomorrow for the primary. That is crazy! Usually, it’s cold or we have snow on primary day.

    Mitt’s Election Night HQ is going to be in Schaumburg. I am almost tempted to try to go to that now as well.

  39. Corey says:

    jason, are you still a Denver Broncos fan, or is your loyalty to Tebow?

  40. addisonst says:

    10th cd dems will vote in their primary. They need to beat back the prog.

  41. jason says:

    Mourdock is doomed because of his name. he has not heeded my advice to change his name to Dockmore, much more senatorial.

    We do have a Senator Crapo, but in Idaho a Republican can survive an unfortunate name more than in Indiana.

  42. Corey says:

    Let’s pray that 25 year old Ilya Sheyman wins the primary to oppose Bob Dold. I think he will.

  43. mnw says:

    Everybody see or hear about the new poll today?

    Rush was going on & on about how bad it is for zero. It’s an issues poll.

  44. mnw says:

    Send Lugar a check, guys! We already lost Olympia, Specter & Jeffords.

    RINOs are the key to success! /s

  45. jason says:

    42. Yeah, I am a Denver fan, but I much prefer Tebow to Manning. I think you need to build a team for the future, and Manning is a has been. Tebow brought a losing team to a division championship and the first playoff win in years. And he did it with third stringers and virtually no team to play with. He deserves to start.

  46. Corey says:

    IL Congressional primary winner predictions-


  47. addisonst says:

    Corey I know Schneider personally. Hit me up for money. I wished him “luck” but not good luck in his endeavor.

  48. EML says:

    I have mixed feelings. Sheyman is a crazy person so if he wins, Dold may have a chance. The bluer hue of the district makes it unlikely though.

  49. Corey says:

    Peyton Manning over Tebow seems like a no-brainer to me, but that’s just my opinion.

    I would very much prefer to have Cutler over either of them right now too.

  50. Senators Angle, Buck, Miller & COD says:

    By all means, support Mourdock.

    We are currently accepting new members into our Loser’s Club.

  51. EML says:

    I’m hoping for Kinzinger over Manzullo and it would be great to see Halvorson take out JJJ.

  52. jason says:

    Cutler is a whiny, wimpy loser with probably the most hated personality in the league. You can have him. Getting rid of him was the best move Denver could have made. Unfortunately they are about to follow that good move with a bad one. Happens.

  53. Crymedogg says:

    Cutler blows

  54. NYCmike says:

    I think Elway needs to come down a peg. Tebow will make the call soon, he is trying to decide if he should ask for quick and painless, or drawn out and painful, maybe save the Broncos after 6 games are gone, again.

  55. NYCmike says:

    #53 – how is Mourdock being lumped in with them? Did he do something already?

  56. Corey says:

    I think Dold has a good chance of winning, especially against Sheyman.

    Much tougher is the district I am in, with Joe Walsh.

  57. Corey says:

    JJJ is going to win easily, very easily.

    Manzullo vs. Kinzinger has been an interesting race. The Tea Party people have tended to side with Manzullo over the young freshman. I would probably vote for Kinzinger, just because he is for the Patriot Act and Manzullo is not.

    Gotta go.

  58. SUSYQUE says:


  59. jason says:

    Drill baby drill.

    “Support for offshore oil and gas drilling in U.S. waters has also recovered to its levels prior to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed now favor allowing increased offshore drilling, up from 57 percent a year ago and 44 percent in June 2010, during the spill.”

  60. mnw says:

    Only RINOs can win general elections!

    Few people know this (especially those who like #53 employ fake handles at HHR), but State Treasurer Mourdock used to be a WITCH!

    He & COD are clones, I tell you.

    FEAR the DEMs in IN in 2012! FEAR them, I say! A 78-yr-old RINO who supports amnesty & doesn’t actually like… LIVE in IN is the GOP’s only hope.

  61. Senators Angle, Buck, Miller & COD says:

    53 – how is Mourdock being lumped in with them? Did he do something already?

    You mean like lose?

    No, not yet.

    We just wanted to extend an invitation in advance.

  62. SUSYQUE says:

    #46…when you post it’s helpful if you include the URL so we can read the article.

  63. SusyQue says:

    This Poster is on the ball!
    jernigc 3 hours ago
    It took me some time to get to this position, but after considering the alternatives Governor Romney is my candidate for the republican nomination. My biggest hang up was Romney care and once I understood that most of the bad aspects of it were passed over his veto or were changed after he had left office my attitude changed. The law also was, and remains, a state issue properly worked to the satisfaction of the citizens of Massachusetts. It is very clear that Governor Romney understands the 10th amendment, supports our Republican form of government, and believes in a less statist federal government. All constitutional conservative principles and things the Senator Santorum does not support.

    It would be nice if people came to the realization that Romney is the conservative in the race and backed him. Santorum has appeal to the social conservatives and certainly holds ideas on foreign policy that support intervention and nation building, but for my money that’s not what the nation needs. Working social issue nationally and holding an interventionist view on foreign policy are progressive notions on the right side of the scale; they are not conservative ideas.

    Social issues are the province of each state, and interventionism hasn’t worked out very well. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have costs this nation a couple of trillion dollars; they arguably haven’t permanently changed the lives of the folks living in those two countries; and, whacking Al Qaida in retribution for 9/11 and securing the US from future attacks did not require a nation building approach. Santorum is the candidate who supported these things.

    Romney should be the republican candidate for three reasons: 1) He is the only real conservative candidate in the race for the republican nomination (…, 2) Romney’s the only candidate with executive experience, both within the public and private sectors, and who has even a rudimentary grasp of how the economy works, and 3) Romney has more delegates than all other candidates combined.

    Its time to get on with selecting Romney as the republican candidate, and the sooner he becomes the republican nominee the better our chances are for retaking the White House.

  64. jason says:

    I don’t really have a dog in the IN senate race, I agree Mourdock is no COD, but I do want to keep the seat. Lugar has a distinguished record in the Senate especially in supporting the troops and tax cuts and is a heavyweight on foreign policy. I disagree with him on amnesty but to me that does not make him a RINO. He service to the Republican Party over decades speaks for itself.

    This comment in Redstate illustrates why Mourdock might have a tougher time winning than Lugar.

    “I’ve heard the critisism that Lugar is not perfect. That is true. While Lugar is more conservative than McCain, Brown, Snow, Collins and many other Senate Republicans, there are some times when Lugar does not vote exactly and perfectly down the tea-party line. Lugar voted for the bridget to nowwhere — the same funding that Palin asked for and kept. Lugar voted for the same earmarks that the vast majority of the GOP voted for and supported. Lugar may be pro-life, he may have voted for all the Bush tax cuts, he may have voted to support our troops, and may be a consistent conservative, — but there are instances where he voted along with the vast majority of the Senate — rather than with Coburn.

    That said, Mourdock — who is running against Lugar for the GOP nomination — is a far weaker candidate. Obama will put Indiana in play and the Senate race will be close. Polling data shows that Lugar is a sure-thing win to keep the Senate seat. Mourdock, would require a fight to have a chance to win. Lugar has 4 million in the bank; Mourdock 400k. Should Mourdock win, he would need funding diverted from other races to help him compete. Mourdock’s win would hurt the GOP effort to win the Senate, and would also be a worse person to run along side the GOP nominee.”

  65. SUSYQUE says:

    Why Obama Will Lose in November……….
    By Alan Caruba
    March 19, 2012

    Obama will lose in November. It may be a very close election or it may be an overwhelming rejection, but the polling numbers and the state of the economy will be the deciding factors.

    Read Article:

  66. NYCmike says:

    #67 – Lugar may also give Daniels a shot to pick a replacement? A little morbid?

  67. Bobby says:

    Corey….do you want Manzullo or Kinzinger?

  68. jason says:

    Looking at the RCP delegate count page, it is interesting to see that Romney has won delegates IN EVERY PRIMARY AND CAUCUS to date. He is 31/31 in getting delegates.

  69. GF says:

    69- Not necessarily morbid. I’ve read and heard that Lugar wants a shot at becoming the president Pro Tem since he is the senior GOP senator. Once he gets that (I believe it boosts his salary and his pension a little bit in addition to getting his name into the books as the actual pro tem), he may call it quits mid-term, although that would not work if Pence loses this year.

  70. Addisonst says:

    Mourdoch is not cod and indy is not delaware. So long as he has no skeletons he’ll win IN easily and be a strong upgrade.

  71. NYCmike says:

    I forgot Pence is running for governor. I guess Daniels was term-limited?

  72. jason says:

    Mourdock does not seem to match up as well against Donnelly as Lugar. This is a an internal Dem poll, so take with big grain of salt, but fwiw.

    — In one matchup, Republican Sen. Richard Lugar leads Donnelly 42 to 29 percent, with Libertarian candidate Andrew Horning at 9 percent.

    — In a another three-way matchup, Donnelly leads GOP state Treasurer Richard Mourdock 34-28 percent, with Horning at 8 percent.

  73. GF says:

    MO-SEN looking better than ever for us (more so with a solid lead for our guys over the Bamster).

    McCaskill’s ObamaCare Baggage

    Many conservatives are calling President Obama’s contraception mandate a “war on religion,” and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill could become a political casualty.

    A new Rasmussen poll shows the Democratic incumbent trailing all three of her potential Republican opponents. According to the poll, Sarah Steelman, a former state treasurer who ran for governor in 2008, boasts a 10-point lead. A month ago, Public Policy Polling had the senator and Ms. Steelman running even.

    Since Ms. McCaskill voiced her support last month for the mandate, the conservative super PAC American Crossroads has been running ads slamming her “for following the president over a cliff to champion policies that hurt Missouri families from ObamaCare to wasteful stimulus spending to special-interest bailouts. Now, she’s joining him to insert government into our private lives.”

    Ms. Steelman got in on the act with an ad blasting the mandate as “a slap in the face for religious freedom and it is another disastrous byproduct of ObamaCare . . . Claire McCaskill has agreed with him. I don’t.” A liberal Catholic, Ms. McCaskill took to the radio to defend herself and the mandate, but her assurance that “no church or hospital will be forced to pay for anything that violates their beliefs” isn’t very convincing in light of the Catholic Church’s insistence that the mandate does just that.

    Missouri is a socially conservative state with a deep antipathy for ObamaCare. More than 70% of voters approved a symbolic referendum in 2010 to exempt Missourians from the individual mandate. The senator’s vote for the health-care law is one reason why her approval rating stood at only 42% six weeks ago, which was before the contraception controversy heated up.

  74. DW says:

    and again, here is the % each has won thus far:

    7% Paul
    15% Newt
    25% Rick
    54% Mitt

    and what each would need from here on out to secure the nomination:

    81% Paul
    76% Newt
    69% Rick
    47% Mitt

  75. jason says:

    I think McCaskill will lose if Romney is the nominee. Her time is up.

  76. OHIO JOE says:

    She will lose no matter who the nominee is.

  77. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    she’ll lose close if it’s not Romney

    if it’s Romney, she loses in a landslide

  78. lisab says:

    just remember

    if tebow replaces cutler

    obama will have him dragged away in chains along with the chief justice


    gun owners

  79. BayernFan says:

    Lugar would be weaker vs the Dems than Mourdock.

    Lugar has a HUGE problem with the Indiana electorate now that it has come out that he and his wife have been registered to vote in Indiana claiming to live in a home they sold in 1977. Moreover, they havent owned or lived in an Indiana residence since 1977. They live in Virginia. When he visits Indiana, he stays in a hotel on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Last week the Marion County election board ruled that they can not vote in the May primary under that address. They are now trying to rent an apartment.

    This is a public relations disaster for Lugar.

  80. lisab says:

    States lowered taxes by $2 billion last year — the first such reduction in 10 years.

    But don’t be fooled into thinking states were back in the black financially. Despite facing collective shortfalls exceeding $100 billion, strong anti-tax sentiment has led many states to slash tax levies.

    Taxes dropped after states allowed several temporary measures to expire, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. These hikes had been enacted to boost sagging revenues during the Great Recession.

    Sales taxes experienced the biggest drop — an estimated $5.2 billion — mainly because temporary increases in California and North Carolina ended.

    States also cut corporate taxes by $805 million and miscellaneous levies by $950 million. Twenty states cut corporate taxes last year in a bid to attract more businesses and jobs.

    Overall, personal income taxes actually rose by $3 billion, despite the fact that 21 states lowered personal income tax rates. But large increases in just three states — Connecticut, Illinois and Michigan — accounted for most of the hike.

  81. Marv says:

    #84 MFG,

    Brady is on his last legs and can’t go on much longer…….that’s why the Pats could be in the market for Tebow.

  82. Marv says:


    Besides that, Brady’s wife has turned him into a virtual Nancy-boy.

  83. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    this takes the cake in dumbest anti-Romney comments i’ve ever seen, this was on the recent Romney point that the economy is recovering:

    “Handshake deal. They won’t let the first black President get voted out after one term. Legacy and all that.”

    the stupid is strong in some parts of this party

  84. EML says:

    Maggie Brooks has announced she will seek the Republican nomination to take on Louise Slaughter in November.

    The redrawn 25th is now contained entirely within Monroe County (Rochester). It lost Buffalo/Niagara Falls and went from a 69% Obama district to a 59% Obama district. It’s still difficult turf, but Ms. Brooks has been elected countywide 4 times (twice as county clerk and twice as county executive). It’s time to get rid of the 82 year old fossil Louise Slaughter.

  85. DW says:

    Having grown up reading the Democrat and Chronicle, I doubt the story had the quote: “It’s time to get rid of the 82 year old fossil Louise Slaughter.”

  86. jason says:

    82. This is a “huge” problem? The fact is that most politicians that go to Washington actually live in ….drum roll…Washington (or Maryland or VA). But if IN voters feel that Lugar has to own a home in IN so be it. I hope they don’t get upset when Mourdock buys a home in Virginia.

  87. jason says:

    It used to be known as the “Demagog and Comicle”.

  88. Tim V says:

    I’d love to see Slaughter defeated.

  89. jason says:

    Drudge is skewering Santorum… LOL

  90. jason says:

    And on the “I am completely delusional” front:

    As polls closed across the island Sunday afternoon, Newt Gingrich’s campaign chair here expressed regret that his candidate never visited Puerto Rico.

    “I think if he had been in Puerto Rico, [the race] would have been a lot closer,” lamented John Regis, who helmed the candidate’s meager operation here.


    Santorum spent 2 precious days there and got 8%.

    With 83% counted Newt has 2,400 votes to Mitt’s 98,000.

    Who much “closer” was it going to get, John?

  91. Brandon says:

    Bill Belichick always has something up his sleeve. I wouldn’t doubt it.

  92. BayernFan says:

    Its in issue here in Indiana because theg SEC state got convicted of 7 felonies for voting ONE TIME from his ex wifes house when he actually lived wiht his current wife at a different address.

    the difference with Lugar and other senators I gather is that other senators at least rent some place in their home state that they can plausible claim to live at.

    Lugar just lied about where he lives….. for 35 years. He doesnt have a residence in Indiana. Plus the US Constution requires a Senator to be an inhabitant of the State. Lugar is not.

  93. jason says:

    If this was covered already sorry…

    Obama lied over debt deal… what a surprise…

  94. jason says:

    97. The WSJ is calling the residency issue “Mickey Mouse” campaign tactics. The County Election Board that voted 2 to 1 against Lugar was composed of 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. Guess how they voted?

    “The board’s two Democrats voted in favor of their complaint, well aware their candidate would have better odds against Mr. Mourdock than against an incumbent Senator. ”

  95. Phil says:

    McCaskill is this year’s Blanche Lincoln.

    So long Claire. Don’t let the door hit you….

  96. DrJay says:

    I thought Belichek was rumored to be interested in drafting Tebow initially…

    His bud and second favorite target in college Aaron Hernandez is there too.

  97. jan says:

    Awww I feel sorry for Tebow. Why does it seem in the NFL the thugs and misfits seem to prosper and the good guys get the shaft. Awful.

  98. NYCmike says:

    Of course Belichek will grab Tebow. He gets men who are competitive, humble, hard-working, and willing to do anything to win. He’ll end up being an all-star linebacker, or something crazy like that. It is a pleasure watching Tebow play, and as a NY JET fan it is a pleasure trying to beat Belichek 2-3X a year. It was NY’s loss when he sandbagged us and left for the Patriots.

  99. Waingro says:

    I just don’t see how Tebow fits in here, other than the fact that he’s a McDaniels protege. Maybe as an H-back/short down hybrid?

    IMO, Mallet is a much better long term fit to take over for Brady down the line given his arm and pocket presence ability.

    However, as other here have intimated, I’ve learned to never be surprised with Bill Belichick’s personnel moves. Hey, they just re-signed Dante Stallworth out of left field!

  100. SUSYQUE says:

    Important Read…
    Republican foreign policy message: TBD
    Amid a wave of instability across the globe from Syria to North Korea, prominent Republicans are starting to prepare for an unexpected possibility: a 2012 presidential race fought over more than the economy.

    Read more:

  101. lisab says:

    if the patriots had tebow AND brady they would be unstoppable

    if your defense prepared to stop brady

    it might suddenly have to stop the run


    if the patriots had a lead in the forth quarter … they would have a tebow to run the ball and eat up time

  102. DrJay says:

    Man, I forgot about McDaniels being there…

  103. DrJay says:

    Brady and Belichek have always chosen their words very carefully and respectfully when talking about Tebow, if I recall…

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe Tebow plays in the Arena League next year?

    Comment by Corey — March 19, 2012 @ 1:47 pm

    I doubt it. All they do in that league is throw, throw, throw.

  105. DrJay says:

    How is Riley Cooper panning out Bitterlaw? Tebow loved throwing it deep to him.

  106. Bitterlaw says:

    Awww I feel sorry for Tebow. Why does it seem in the NFL the thugs and misfits seem to prosper and the good guys get the shaft. Awful.

    If the good guys can’t throw the ball, they tend to not be good QBs. Manning isn’t a thug or misfit.

  107. Bitterlaw says:

    Cooper has lovely hair and occasionally catches a pass.

  108. DrJay says:

    I’m out for a while… cheers!

  109. jan says:

    Explain how a criminal like Michael Vick gets chance after chance. Tebow is better than him. Even Jarmarcus Russell got 4 years to pan out or not.

  110. addisonst says:

    Now Tebow is gonna be a starting rb
    too? Well he does walk on water.

  111. Corey says:

    I do think it is looking more and more that if Tim Tebow is to be a starting QB, it’s going to be in the Arena League or Canada.

  112. Corey says:

    Add, if you know any suburban Cook GOP voters, make sure they vote for Dan Patlak for Board of Review.

  113. addisonst says:

    Tebow is not better than Vick. Its not close

  114. jan says:

    I also think there is some anti-Christian bias going on here regarding Tebow. A lot of the liberals in the Sports media dislike him only because of his faith.

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    Here’s a good topic on a Philadelphia sportstalk situation:

    Other than the tv show by Lebron James (“The Decision”), how was Peyton Manning any different working free agency than James? Both had teams trying to get them to sign. Manning caused turmoil in Seattle, Miami, San Francisco (and messed with Alex Smith’s confidence), Jets (Sanchez apparaetly had to be given an extension when the Manning rumors started and messed with his head)and Tennessee. Discuss.

    I think that there are similarities. Of course, I may be the only person in America who doesn’t love or hate Lebron James. I really don’t care about James at all.

  116. addisonst says:

    Corey I’m an island but I will vote the slate. I have no coat tails

  117. addisonst says:

    Manning told to take a hike. James wooed by his old team

  118. Brandon says:

    “I also think there is some anti-Christian bias going on here regarding Tebow. A lot of the liberals in the Sports media dislike him only because of his faith.”

    You can flip this around and say that a lot of conservatives only like him because of his faith, not because they think he’s actually a good quarterback.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    Tebow is not better than Vick. Its not close

    Comment by addisonst — March 19, 2012 @ 4:48 pm

    I hope that you are all sitting down for the following announcement:

    I, Bitterlaw, think that Cutler is a better QB than Tebow. Why can’t Tebow be a great guy with poor QB skills? Both can be true at the same time.

  120. MFG says:

    120 Jan

    There is some truth to that

  121. MFG says:


    And that is true as well

  122. MFG says:

    Hope the kid gets a starting role somewhere…

    And puts it up Denver’s ass in a playoff game


  123. Bitterlaw says:

    Manning told to take a hike. James wooed by his old team

    Ok. Are you saying that James had an obligation to resign with Cleveland? As a free agent, he was free to do what he wanted.

  124. addisonst says:

    I don’t like tebow bc he doesn’t stop talking about his faith. And that he’s bad at football. I didn’t like kurt warner either but he was good at football

  125. jan says:

    conservatives like Tebow because he’s a good young man who lives up to the principals that he has set for a professions full of thugs, misfits and pre- Madonnas.

    If Denver trades him after all he did for them last year they are cursing themselves and the will pay for how they have treated this young man.

  126. MFG says:

    I think Manning was very above board and transparent in the whole process Bitterlaw

    He certainly did his due diligence though his decision still puzzles me

    Have you seen their schedule next year?

    I’m not sure Denver goes 8-8 with Manning

  127. addisonst says:

    No james could do whatever he wanted. Trhe anger about him came from his perceived abandonment. I have no problem w lebron other than that my team can’t beat him

  128. Brandon says:

    God is going to punish Denver for trading him? Please.

  129. MFG says:

    Jan 131

    If he gets a chance to start somewhere else its a blessing Elway had 0% faith in the kid

  130. MFG says:

    LeBron called a press conference to stab his friends in the heart that was 100% of the problem

    Does the kid have any advisors?

    How motherfuqqing stupid do you have to be to do what LeBron did?

    I hope they never win a title

  131. jan says:

    But addisonst would love a thug like Mike Vick or serial assaulter like Big Ben. You man have no standards.

  132. DW says:

    I think Denver is making a mistake. Manning is a huge health risk. Tebow is a reasonably good q-back, with the potential to improve.

  133. MFG says:

    “Good morning! I’m here to shatter your ten year old son’s heart and stick an icepick in your face!”

    LeBron James


    How is it even POSSIBLE to be unaware of what the reaction would be?

  134. MFG says:


    Jan football is a game played by thugged up animals it just is

  135. Brandon says:

    The odds of Denver reaching the Super Bowl went from 75-1 to 10-1….

  136. Addisonst says:

    Jan, i wouldn’t get a vick jersey. But if he were on my team I’d root for him to succeed. I had to do that w Dennis Rodman.

    And since the reason I root for my football team is for them to win Super Bowls, yes I’d prefer Big Ben to Tebow too.

    I wouldn’t own his jersey either. Then again i’m too old for jerseys.

    I want my team to win. If they do it w great people that’s better. If they do it w/ reprobates I’m ok w that.

  137. MFG says:

    Super Bowl?

    Go look at their schedule

  138. Brandon says:

    They can possibly go 6-0 in that division next year. Then they can just get a few more wins to get to 10 and win that division. Once you get in the playoffs, all bets are off.

  139. Addisonst says:

    I see Denver at 3:1 to win AFC along w Pats.

    Look Manning is a health risk but the best medical people in the world examined him and they think he can still play. And if he can’t Denver still got rid of a qb you can’t win with.

    How could anybody be upset that their team traded Tebow for Manning effectively?

  140. MFG says:

    Denver is going nowhere next year


  141. Addisonst says:

    MFG, don’t forget that the AFC blows.

    We’ll see if PGH bounces back. But the other good teams last year had issues.

    I still like Houston if they’re healthy.

    Nobody else impresses me.

  142. Brandon says:

    How many wins would they have if they kept Tebow?

  143. MFG says:

    Houston, Pats are always there RAvens Steelers AFC no cakewalk necessarily

  144. Addisonst says:

    if tebow is so great, he’ll start for somebody next season.

  145. MFG says:

    Its gonna be interesting for sure…

  146. Brandon says:

    They’re going to bring back a lot of the Colts over with Peyton.

  147. Bitterlaw says:

    But addisonst would love a thug like Mike Vick or serial assaulter like Big Ben. You man have no standards.

    Comment by jan

    Jan – I go to church for religion. I watch football to watch football.

    MFG – I thought the tv show was a really bad idea. However, I can’t believe that you are saying that Lebron James HAD to stay in Cleveland. I was not aware that free agency means you are only free to stay in one place. I don’t care if James wins five rings or never makes the playoffs.

  148. MFG says:


    Probably less

    But the point is “Denver is a Super Bowl contender now!!” looks highly dubious to me

    Who knows?

    We’ll find out

  149. MFG says:


    No I never meant to imply that

    He just needed to leave with some class he has every right to leave Cleveland but he took his pants down on national TV and crapped in his fans’ faces

    Dumbest PR move of all time

  150. Addisonst says:

    if manning is healthy of course they’re a contender. They always contended in Indy.

  151. MFG says:

    But if it were me I would have done everything I could to stay and to bring talent to Cleveland and win a title there for my home town fans

  152. Bitterlaw says:

    Dumbest PR move of all time

    We can agree on that. Cream soda. I’m feeling a little odd today. I think that Add and I may be agreeing on something and I’m just not used to that.

  153. Brandon says:

    Let’s talk about King Obama refusing to leave office.

  154. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – maybe James thought Cleveland would never get players around him. He pretty much had to carry the team on his own when he was there. I do know one thing for certain – neither Lebron James nor Peyton Manning will ever spend 1 second of their lives thinking about me or anybody at HHR.

  155. jason says:

    Manning is a has been, he will be hurt most of the season.

    I think the Broncos would do much better with Tebow starting than Manning.

    Denver will be sorry if they trade him. The guy is a winner and has proven it on the field. No receivers, third string RB, took a losing team and won the division and beat the Steelers.

    Morons like the ficus had to shut up for weeks while Tebow won game after game.

    Why would you want a decrepit old fart like Manning is beyond me.

  156. MFG says:


    Lets discuss the Saints penalties for BountyGate

    Payton, Loomis half season suspensions, million dollar fines each, Greg Williams suspended indefinitely, Saints lose their number 2 pick this year and number 1 next year

    Or maybe worse…

  157. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn it, Brandon. I’m trying to be civil. You’re like lisab – always tossing matches into gasoline.

  158. MFG says:

    Sorry your guy is getting run up the street Jason

    I have a soft spot in my heart for the kid

    I hope he catches on somewhere and fuqqs Denver up the ass in a playoff game somewhere down the road…

  159. MFG says:

    Fuqq LeBron

    Hope he loses forever

    Hope he gets to the 7th game of the Finals every year and loses each time, by one point

  160. Brandon says:

    I’m guessing the 4700 yards and 33 TD’s in 2010 has something to do with it.

  161. lisab says:

    When comparing our fuel taxes with the rest of the worlds fuel taxes is a futile arguement with wingnuts. Their reaction will be.. the rest of those high tax gouging countries are SOCIALIST!!!

    This goes to the argument that Steven Chu was making in 2008 when he said that higher gas prices will lead to lower fuel consumption like they have in Europe. It is true. Increasing taxes on gas would definately curtail gas usage and increase tax revenue simultaneously.

    Unfortunately, America is too car centric in its attitude and habits. We no longer have neighborhood stores where we could walk to get our groceries. We like to live in nice residential neighborhoods and work in the large cities. My nearest grocery store is only 1 1/2 miles away but it involves busy dangerous intersections and carrying home a weeks worth of groceries for a mile and a half would be a big hassle. My job involves b2b sales, and my territory covers 120 square miles. Walking and biking for work is impossible. Changing back to the close knit neighborhood model would be very difficult at this point in America. I think our only solution is to make a collosal investment in alternative fuel vehicles.

  162. lisab says:

    #168 comment from media matters

  163. GF says:

    160- I agree; while we’re at it, let’s start an HHR fund where we all chip in to buy chain manufacturer stocks. These guys seem to be doing fine;

  164. Brandon says:

    Poor John Roberts, he doesn’t know what is coming.

  165. jason says:

    ” And if he can’t Denver still got rid of a qb you can’t win with.”

    Nah, you can’t win with Tebow.


    At the conclusion of his college career, he held the Southeastern Conference’s all-time records in both career passing efficiency and total rushing touchdowns, appearing second and tenth (respectively) in the NCAA record book in these categories.[

    In the NFL was 7-4 with no team to play with in what was in effect his first season as a starter.

    2006 season

    SEC All-Freshman Team[146]
    SEC Freshman of the Week[147]

    2007 season
    Tim Tebow in 2007

    Walter Camp Foundation National Offensive Player of the Week[148]
    Southeastern Conference Offensive Player of the Week, three times[149][150][151]
    Davey O’Brien Award winner[152]
    Heisman Trophy winner
    Maxwell Award winner[152]
    Walter Camp Award finalist[153]
    Sporting News Player of the Year
    Harley Award winner
    Quarterback of the Year[154]
    First-team Academic All-American[155]
    Manning Award finalist[156] National Offensive Player of the Year[157] SEC Offensive Player of the Year[158]
    First-team All-SEC (Associated Press,[159] Coaches,[160][158])
    Associated Press SEC Offensive Player of the Year[159]
    Associated Press Player of the Year[161]
    First-team All-American by: Associated Press, Football Writers Association of America, Walter Camp Football Foundation, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sports, College Football News,, and
    James E. Sullivan Award, awarded to the Nations top amateur athlete[162]
    Roy F. Kramer SEC Male Athlete of the Year.[163] Third Florida Gator to win this award, Danny Wuerffel (won twice) and Ryan Lochte.
    ESPY for Best Male College Athlete[164]

    2008 season

    First-team All-America by College Football News.
    Disney Spirit Award[165]
    ESPY for Best Male College Athlete
    Heisman Trophy finalist
    Manning Award winner
    Maxwell Award winner
    Southeastern Conference Offensive Player of the Week[166]
    2008 SEC Championship Game Most Valuable Player
    First-team All-SEC (AP,[167] Coaches,[168][169])
    Southeastern Conference Offensive Player of the Year
    Southeastern Conference Scholar-Athlete of the Year[170]
    Wuerffel Trophy winner
    First-team Academic All-American[155]

    2009 season

    William V. Campbell Trophy (formerly the Vincent dePaul Draddy Trophy, “The Academic Heisman”) winner
    First-team Academic All-American[155]
    Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award
    Heisman Trophy finalist
    First-team All-SEC (AP,[171] Coaches,[172][173])
    Second-team All-America (Walter Camp Foundation)
    Southeastern Conference Offensive Player of the Year
    Sugar Bowl Most Outstanding Player[174]
    Sports Illustrated College football Player of the Decade[175]


    2× Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week – Weeks 10 and 16 (2010)
    2011 GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Year[176] – Come from behind overtime win vs. Bears – Week 14

  166. jason says:

    Addisonst loves Obama and hates Tebow.

    I rest my case.

  167. DW says:

    162…I agree. This is about football. If Tebow owned a chicken coop full of chickens and his religion was to go out to them each Sunday and worship them, and he took a losing team with no playoff hopes, and turned them around and beat the Steelers in the playoffs, nobody would care about his religion. The fact is the kid can play, and it would stand to reason that the more he plays the better he will get.

    I wonder if Elway is a little fearful that his own legacy in Denver might rust a little if Tebow had a great career there.

  168. DW says:

    I think that Elway is still a little sore about the 1982 Cal game, and the five laterals they used to defeat Stanford and Elway on the final kickoff. You know the play, the one where the trombone player got run over in the end zone.

  169. Addisonst says:

    brandon did the thought occur to you that the constitution could be amended to allow him more terms?

    Do you think there isn’t a plan to do that already on the left with amnesty and a rewrite of the constitution?

    He has Fidel tendencies. Does anyone here think otherwise?

  170. jason says:

    March to Repeal Obamacare.

  171. Tim V says:

    I hope Tebow ends up with the Bills.

  172. Tim V says:

    I don’t like Elway. Never have.

  173. Emerica says:

    I’m tired of hearing people complain about Lebron for no reason.

  174. Addisonst says:

    as for Tebow. The jury is out on whether Elway can generally manage. But I think it’s safe to say he knows qb talent when he sees it. He thinks Tebow isn’t that.

    That’s good enough for me.

  175. Brandon says:

    Yeah, they’re probably planning it on the grassy knoll.

  176. Emerica says:

    5 years at 95 million is a big risk and big payoff bet, but also a potential disaster if he isn’t at 100% or ends up hurt again.

    Perhaps too big of a risk for the 49ers who are already on a good trajectory without going on in dollars wise for Manning.

  177. addisonst says:

    How hard would it be to repeal 22 if amnesty was granted?

  178. jason says:

    I could care less about Tebow’s religious aspect. Some idiots don’t like it that he has faith, fine with me. The fact he is not a scumbag like Vick or Big Ben is a plus from a PR standpoint, but he doesn’t make him a better or worse player.

    I like him because he can play. And that he is tough and not a wimpy quitter like Jay Cutler for example. The guy is a winner, always has been. Even thrown into an unfavorable situation like 2011 with a demoralized team and substitute players he came out a winner.

  179. addisonst says:

    He won’t play 5 years. And that back end money won’t be guaranteed.

  180. Emerica says:

    Tebow will sell tickets if he gets sent back to Jacksonville. Their coach is new though, and he may not want to design the offense around Tebow so if Tebow can’t go there then maybe he will end up playing a different position instead of QB.

  181. addisonst says:

    You’re winner. Now get out of denver.

  182. Emerica says:

    Contract isn’t finalized, but it may be only not guaranteed in the event of an injury\not being able to play at all.

  183. MFG says:


    Yeah its terrible when somebody keeps posting things no one else wants to see…

  184. jason says:

    Elway is my hero. But he is making a mistake here. He is enamored with Manning’s past.

  185. DW says:

    188…for once I agree with a Ron Paul supporter…Tebow sells tickets. That should be enough. In NASCAR its maddening…a guy like Matt Kenseth is a true winner. Rookie of the Year, 2003 champion, two-time Daytona 500 champion, 22 career wins, and yet he has no sponser for half his season. But if you are some young hot-shot who has never won a race but can do back-flips, or have some other stunt that makes you a media darling, then you have to turn away sponsers because you have too many. Its all about MONEY.

  186. Emerica says:

    Yep, Lebron needs to win this year so I don’t have to hear people continue to complain about him.

  187. addisonst says:

    Broncs down to 3 to 1 for afc title. So market and elway say this is a good move.

  188. Brandon says:

    Manning had a career high in passing yards in the last year that he played.

  189. MFG says:

    This team is now as good as or better than the Ravens, Steelers Patriots ?


  190. Emerica says:

    Trivia- average running back in the NFL lasts 2 years.

  191. MFG says:

    Is Rodgers going to put up another 120 rating this year Acroso?

  192. Emerica says:

    #199 That rating was probably a distraction but unavoidable.

  193. NYCmike says:

    #184 – I did not realize how much he talks about HE WHO CAN’T BE NAMED on the sidelines. I could see his teammates having that grate on them during a game. But, winning usually cures the gripes.

  194. jason says:

    “Manning had a career high in passing yards in the last year that he played.”

    When was that? 1988?

  195. Brandon says:

    2010, obviously. Not bad for a washed up has-been.

  196. MFG says:

    NYC Mike

    I thought it was sweet and touching the way Tebow sings hymns walking on to the field and waiting for the defense to get off the field

    The way he prays for help and guidance was moving I love the kid to death

    He seems to be genuine I really hope he catches on somewhere and gets payback against Elway & Co

  197. addisonst says:

    Mike he brings up his savior even more than warner did. And warner actually accomplished something.

  198. addisonst says:

    Mfg, he might be a nice wildcat qb someplace. He is not an every down player. At least at qb

  199. jason says:

    “2010, obviously. Not bad for a washed up has-been.”

    At 35, a year of not playing is an eternity. Do you really think he has improved since?

    I am still hoping against hope the deal falls through.

  200. Brandon says:

    He doesn’t need to improve. He’s Peyton Manning.

  201. addisonst says:

    Corey my buddy is going to big mitt fundraiser tomorrow at palmer house

  202. addisonst says:

    So the premise is 35 year old qbs can’t win super bowls? Okay fine.

  203. NYCmike says:

    I don’t have much of a problem with it, just never saw a video where they showed it. I know he says things, but had not seen clips like the ones they showed. To be honest, I never knew Warner said so much stuff, either. But he was another WINNER, who made it against the odds. I will root for them until they retire!! My man J Lin (sanity) seems to be cut from the same cloth, hopefully he can keep it going as well!
    Work hard, be humble, good things follow!
    Cutler should try it!

  204. Toomey & Mike Lee (mnw) says:


    Excellent comments about your home state & Lugar.

    Anybody who thinks Donnelly beats Mourdock in INDIfnANA in 20fn12 is NUTS!

    That 78-yr-old RINO POS is SOOOO well-done, finally. Oh SURE Lugar will win a primary! /s

    Remember! If you turn your back on a RINO in the GOP primary, the DEM always wins! That’s why Toomey lost.

    But remember! Indiana is no Pennsylvania! A conservative can win in PA, but not in IN! H-O=R-S-E-Z-H*-T!

    Sky Queen loses in a blowou5t whether it’s Roboto or Santo, btw.

  205. Walt says:

    The more important question is: which pro team would be the best fit for Obammer as QB?
    Would have to be a team that travels a lot, likes a QB who talks a good game but does not have good results, does not hold their QB accountable, defends their QB by always blaming others, etc.

  206. addisonst says:

    Hi Walt. How’s the cosmpolitan life in Wheeling?

  207. jason says:

    I see mmw is on one of his stupid RINO rants again. Anyone that doesn’t pass every one of his narrow minded litmus tests must be a RINO.

    Richard Lugar has done more for conservatism and the Republican Party and his state and his country than 100,000 small minded RINO hunters like mnw.

    Richard Lugar is a fine man with a distinguished record. Don’t agree with him on some of his policies? Neither do I. But to call him a 78 POS RINO is completely uncalled for.

    And for the record, Toomey did lose a Senate race because he was viewed as too conservative for PA. So did Santorum.

    Toomey won in 2010 (squeaker) running on economics not social issues in a very good year for Republicans.

    The idea that anyone can win in IN because its a conservative state is false. You need a good candidate.

    If I lived in Indiana and I was reasonably certain Mourdock would win I would vote for him. But I could do that without insulting Lugar, who has been a fine Senator.

  208. jason says:

    I should say Toomey lost a primary in a Senate race, just to be clear.

  209. Toomey & Mike Lee (mnw) says:

    What are my “narrow-minded litmus tests,” perfesser apples ‘n’ oranges?

  210. Toomey & Mike Lee (mnw) says:

    Romney doesn’t pass all my “narrow-minded litmus tests” either, but I just drove 6 hours on Saturday to vote for him.

    You still maintain “mnw clearly takes solace in Santorum’s victories,” btw?

  211. jason says:

    What do you want, a medal? You keep talking about how you are God’s gift to the blog because you voted for Romney.
    Are we supposed to be impressed?

  212. DrJay says:

    Ras Generic

    44-40 Republican

  213. jason says:

    “You still maintain “mnw clearly takes solace in Santorum’s victories,” btw

    If that is not true, I will gladly take it back.

    Are you still going to maintain I think a Middle East war will not drive up the price of oil, when I was only talking about the military fragility of the Iranian ships in the Med?

    What is good for the goose is good for the gandeer.

  214. jason says:

    Uh, gander.

  215. jason says:

    “You’re winner. Now get out of denver.”

    Now go back to grammar school.

  216. mnw says:

    Funny that 75% of GOP County chairmen in IN have endorsed Mourdoch over that “great conservative” Lugar, isn’t it?

    Small-minded RINO-hunters, every one?

    I think YOU are far & away the most smug, ignorant TOTAL adzhole who has ever posted here, perfesser.

  217. Scott says:

    PPP polls are such a joke.
    After three polls showed Scott Brown with a nice lead in the MA Senate race,PPP has just tweeted that its weekend poll shows Elizabeth Warren ahead of S. Brown.
    Why am I not surprised!

  218. jason says:

    “Small-minded RINO-hunters, every one?

    Uh, I was talking about YOU, not them.

    I wonder how many of them called Lugar a 78 year old POS RINO.

  219. jason says:

    I guess you are just too stupid to realize you can endorse someone without calling them a 78 year old RINO POS.

    Of course, a small minded turd like you is not fit to lick Richard Lugar’s boots anyway.

  220. SoHope says:

    I think Lugar is a RINO only relative to his state, IN. I would support Murdock there. I don’t think the Dems stand a chance in that race. NV, CO, DE, MA, ME on the other hand…not so much.

    RINO’s should only be hunted on the deep red state reserves and protected the the wilds of the blue/swing states.

  221. Tim V says:

    i never cared for lugar

  222. Tim V says:

    or that other guy

  223. Gary Massengill says:

    I think YOU are far & away the most smug, ignorant TOTAL adzhole who has ever posted here, perfesser.

    Comment by mnw —

    Hey – did you forget about me?

  224. Tim V says:

    chuck hagel is the other guy, i guess he is gone

  225. jason says:

    Anyone who does not conform to every single litmus test is a RINO now. Even Tom Coburn, a stalwart conservative, who had a 2006 ACU rating of 98% and lifetime of rating of like 98%, is a RINO because he was a member of the gang of 6.

  226. jason says:

    Chuck Hagel really WAS a RINO, I will concede that.

    But Lugar is no Chuck Hagel or Arlen Specter.

  227. Tim V says:

    A story about Malia Obama’s scheduled spring break trip to Mexico — along with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service agents — appeared and abruptly started disappearing from news sites across the web Monday evening without explanation.

    The original story, published by Agence France Press, went viral Monday afternoon, but within hours, broken links and error pages replaced the copy on many sites. It no longer appears on AFP’s website, and the link on the Huffington Post story (pictured below) now redirects to the homepage.

    broken links all over the place

  228. Tim V says:

    bunu, you still excited about ron paul ? why ?

  229. jason says:

    “Paul sweeps two more Washington Caucuses”


    The guy who lost to Fred Karger in Puerto Rico?

  230. jason says:

    Btw, Buddy Roemer beat both Newt and Paul.

  231. addisonst says:

    The white house doesn’t control the press. that’s grassy knoll stuff

  232. jason says:

    Election Projection is forecasting a gain of 4 governorships for the GOP, giving the party 33 states.

  233. lisab says:

    “The white house doesn’t control the press. that’s grassy knoll stuff”

    but … obama will stay more than two terms

  234. Phil says:

    More like the WH OWNS the press. At least, THIS one does.

  235. jason says:

    “The white house doesn’t control the press.”


    When 90% + of the press shares your ideology and Ezra Klein journolist types are coordinating coverage, you do control the press.

    The MSM in America is a group think for the Democrats.

    They control the message. And the message they control is the WH spin.

    So while its not control a la Pravda and Izvestia where the government was actually manufacturing the news, it’s content and spin control.

  236. Cory says:

    I think add was being sarcastic. Either Brandon or Bitterlaw said that his ‘Obama three terms’ belief was grassy knoll stuf.

    Anyway, it could be that the Secret Service doesn’t want to be fending off Mexican gangs trying to kidnap the President’s daughter.

  237. Phil says:

    PPP saying tonight their poll out tomorrow will find Warren leading Scott Brown.

    Typical 6 month out PPP hack poll. Same ol pattern with these guys.

  238. lisab says:

    santorum is actually correct, the gop is not a small government party these days

    it is not even a “small government except for the military” party … military spending as a percent of expenditure is actually lower now than under george bush 1.

    the difference is that he prefers it that way.

    as for me, “the socialist” … as a utopian socialist as opposed to marxist, i do not mind government safety nets, social security, medicare, medicaid, the department of education, the department of energy, the epa etc., but i would outsource or privatize as much as possible and eliminate much at least at the federal level.

    for example, some form of social security is a good thing. a government run social security with the current “lock-box”… not so much.

  239. lisab says:

    a marxist would not only want these things, but would want them under total government control, at the federal level if possible.

    for example, i would have no real problem with social security going into a private account for each person that was invested in some kind of broad based mutual fund.

  240. Apologetic California says:

    247, i like how the garbage jensen rationalizes it since they were the first one to ever show Brown ahead in 10. Not noting the fact that THAT poll was taken 6 weeks before the actual election; this one is 9 months away.

  241. lisab says:

    brown should win

    unless santorum is the nominee

    in which case he loses in a landslide.

    obama carried massachusetts by 25% in 2008. brown would not likely overcome that kind of landslide, which would be true with a santorum nominee.

  242. Tim says:

    Had it been that way in ’08, it would have gone bankrupt.

    Here’s a thought. Social Security has been just fine for 77 years. Leave it alone.

    Privatizing, my ass. Some more of that right-wing b.s.

  243. MFG says:

    Its not fine

    Its headed over the cliff and has been for quite some time reform is essential

  244. Phyllis Macon says:

    Santorum/Gingrich 2012!

  245. Brandon says:

    Tim, it may be fine for you, but for people my age?

  246. MFG says:

    Rise and shine on the new thread!