Wednesday Morning (Polls From VA and CT)

This whole Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow situation reminds me a lot of what happened to my Baltimore Ravens in 2001 after they won the Super Bowl. In 2000, the Baltimore Ravens were struggling somewhat winning games and decided halfway through the season when they were only 5-3 to replace their starter, Tony Banks, with Trent Dilfer. Trent Dilfer came in and went 7-1 and then rolled to a Super Bowl victory. Sure the defense had a lot to do with it, but Dilfer did his job and won the Super Bowl. Then in the offseason, the Ravens decided Dilfer winning a Super Bowl wasn’t good enough and decided to replace him with Elvis Grbac. To this day, the number of Super Bowls Elvis Grbac has won as the starting Quarterback of the Ravens is zero….

Now the Broncos are about to replace a winning Quarterback, Tim Tebow, with a supposedly better Quarterback in Peyton Manning because they have decided Tim Tebow bringing a team that was 1-4 and winning a playoff game was not good enough. Good luck to them, but do not be surprised if Manning doesn’t win as many playoff games as a Bronco as Tim Tebow did….

Mitt Romney wins big in Illinois….

We have some new approval numbers from Quinnipiac University for the Governors in the states of Virginia and Connecticut.

Approve 53%
Disapprove 32%

Approve 44%
Disapprove 45%

The VA poll was done March 13-18 among 1034 registered voters. The CT poll was done March 14-19 among 1622 registered voters.

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  1. Bitterlaw says:

    Didn’t Tebow lose 4 of his last 5 games? Maybe it was 3 of 4? Just sayin’

  2. mnw says:

    A quick cruise around the MSM this morning reveals the obvious, agreed-upon journO-list meme for the IL GOP primary outcome:

    “Romney wins IL; Turnout Extremely Low; Romney’s Problems Worsen”

  3. EML says:

    Romney delegate % by CD:

    IL-01 49%
    IL-02 45%
    IL-03 49%
    IL-04 56%
    IL-05 65%
    IL-06 54%
    IL-07 66%
    IL-08 51%
    IL-09 61%
    IL-10 58%
    IL-11 50%
    IL-12 35%
    IL-13 53%
    IL-14 47%
    IL-15 36%
    IL-16 42%
    IL-17 37%
    IL-18 42%

  4. mnw says:

    “Beltran Homers In Cards’ Win”

    Washed-up old faht! Another gd Berkman! I can’t BELIEVE they wasted all that money on these 2 ancient has-beens. /s

  5. EML says:

    Delegate count from last night: 42-12
    IL superdelegates: 2 Romney, 1 uncommitted
    IL At-Large (to be decided June 9): I can’t see how Romney gets less than 8.

    IL Total should be somewhere around 53 Romney, 16 Santorum.

    Romney wins IL = 3x Santorum’s delegates.
    Santorum “wins” TN, MS = delegate count tied with Romney.

  6. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Obviously, Elway was never sold on Tebow. So I hope the kid finds a better situation with Miami or Jacksonville. I feel badly for Brady Quinn who has yet to get a fair shot (and you can’t call his time w/ the Browns a fair shot).

    I doubt Manning will turn the team around – he’ll be playing more outdoor games. Indoor QBs are always suspect.

    Three cheers for Mitt!

  7. jason says:

    The logic of replacing a winnner with a future with a decrepit has been with maybe a couple years of playing time at best only makes sense to the Tebow haters.

  8. RoboRobbie says:

    The fact Romney could not get to 20, huh, 25, huh 30, hut 35, huh 40, huh 45, huh I mean 50% in IL is fatal to him.

  9. Scott says:

    Can some IL political pundit on this thread edify us on the following competitive November Congressional races in the Land of Lincoln:?
    District Dem Rep

    8th Duckworth/ Walsh
    10th Schneider/Dold
    11th Foster/ Biggart
    12th Harriman/ Plummer
    13th Gill/ T. Johnson
    17th Bustos/ Schilling


  10. Scott says:

    mnw & EML
    It appears that the GOP may have taken a Senate seat in New York State.With 100% reported and over 21,000 votes cast,the Republican is in front by 120 votes.
    Where and when will 125 Dem votes be found to overturn the result?

  11. jason says:

    “Didn’t Tebow lose 4 of his last 5 games?”

    LOL, Tebow hate derangement syndrome at its worst.

    The guy basically plays for one season and you can’t even mention his record for the season, you have to select a piece of it to make a point. He was 1/5, that must make him the worst QB in the NFL…

    Ok, I can play that silly game. He had a 6/6 record before that. So that makes him the best QB in the NFL?

  12. BayernFan says:

    Peyton Manning >>>>>> Tebow + Grbac + Dilfer

  13. SusyQue says:

    Rick Santorum loses, his campaign is unhinged.

    NATCHITOCHES, La., March 21, 2012—Mitt Romney won decisively in Illinois last night. According to CNN, he earned 43 delegates there, and Rick Santorum, ten. The total up for grabs was 54.
    The Santorum campaign argues that Romney’s victory was simply a matter of money and organization. That argument is bizarre to the point of being unhinged. The eventual Republican nominee will need large amounts of money and a solid organization to have any hope of defeating President Obama, and they think that Romney’s command of both is irrelevant or a negative? That’s completely absurd.


  14. jason says:

    “Where and when will 125 Dem votes be found to overturn the result?”

    In a car trunk, behind some shelves. If need be, affidavits will be provided by 125 people who swear the voted Republican by mistake.

  15. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – You are guilty of Tebow-love. His first 6 games are just as relevant as his last 5. Do you think the last 5 games mean nothing? I think Mark Sanchez of the Jets is not a very good QB. Does that mean I hate him?

  16. mnw says:


    I can speak to Plummer (R) v. Harriman (D) in the 12th IL CD.

    This is Costello’s old seat, altho the bew lines are slightly less-bad for the GOP.

    Harriman is a former football Cardinal (in St. Louis, not AZ). He’s a former elected regional scholl supt. He is well-known & popular.

    Plummer is still in his late-20’s (I think). The scion of a wealthy family (lumberyards), & unsuccessful GOP nominee for LG in ’10.

    I consider Harriman to be the clear favorite, alas.

  17. mnw says:

    “new lines”; “school supt”

  18. Bitterlaw says:

    Only Santorum could argue the fact that nobody gives him money or will help him get delegates on the ballot is a sign of strength.

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason, if you are an Evangelical, I will designate you as today’s Favorite Evangelical.

  20. mnw says:

    That is odd, bordering on deranged.

    Santo, you should’ve considered those factors BEFORE you announced, see?

  21. mnw says:

    “Mortgage Applications Drop As Rates Jump”

    Those darn ole oil prices are about to ruin everything!

  22. Scott says:

    A wishful thinking question–can Obama be defeated in the Land of Lincoln in November?

  23. jason says:

    18. The point was that just picking his last 5 games is not an objective assessment, just like picking only his win over the Steelers wouldn’t either.

  24. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Delegates are for RINOs

  25. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    It’s done

    Hope the kid catches on Jacksonville would be best place

  26. Emerica says:

    Tim Tebow’s underwear sponsor jockey still has his back though.

    “A Jockey rep says, “Jockey brought Tim Tebow on as a spokesperson before he took his first professional snap and even before he finalized his contract with an NFL team. Jockey supports him 100% and we look forward to continuing our great relationship with Tim.”

  27. Emerica says:

    Maybe Tebow can be an extra running back for Payton if they can’t trade him.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t care if Tebow ends up winning 4 Super Bowls or living in a box under a bridge. I don’t love or hate him.

  29. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    He’s a top quality person does a lot of charity work and does it from the heart

    Hope he catches on somewhere and his new team eliminates Denver in a playoff game

  30. DW says:

    So now after Illinois, here is the percentage each candidate has won, and the percentage each must get to from here on out to secure the magic number of delegates:

    7% Paul
    14% Newt
    24% Rick
    55% Mitt

    85% Paul
    79% Newt
    71% Rick
    46% Mitt

    So now Rick has gone over the 70% mark, of the share of delegates he must win form here on out, even though he has thus far gotten only 24%.

  31. Bitterlaw says:

    Conventions are for RINOs!

  32. mnw says:


    No, imo. (GOP can’t carry IL in ’12 or any other POTUS yr any longer– gone like CA & MA)

  33. Phil says:


    Electoral votes are gone forever.

    Nevada is getting there.

    Ronald Reagan is looking down and just shaking his head.

  34. SusyQue says:

    Romney dominates Santorum in Illinois primary

    Unofficial results showed Romney dominating Santorum by double digits thanks in large part to Romney’s overwhelming support among moderate voters in the Chicago suburbs who made up 70 percent of Tuesday’s vote. In exit polls, Republicans said the ability to beat President Obama in the fall was the most important quality in their choice of candidate, a position that favored Romney.
    Romney made no mention of Santorum in his victory speech, aiming exclusively at Obama. He did, however, make a pitch for Republicans reluctant to get behind him to do so now.

  35. SusyQue says:

    GOP leaders urge candidate truce on social issues
    By Hayley Peterson

    With the Republican presidential contest dragging on longer than they’d hoped, party officials are urging the remaining candidates to refocus their debate on the economy and to put aside arguments over divisive social issues that party leaders fear cou…

  36. Walt says:

    If Santo wins a state where the state rules are that the winner gets all the delegates, does that make it a

    “Whinner takes all” state?

  37. EML says:

    IL-08: Likely D gain
    IL-10: Lean D gain
    IL-11: Tossup (R seat)
    IL-12: Lean D hold
    IL-13: Lean R hold
    IL-17: Lean D gain

  38. Scott says:

    So in IL,the Dems will probably gain 3 to 4 seats according to your analysis.Correct?T. Johnson may have caught a break by getting Gill as his opponent.Correct?

  39. Tim V says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    March 21, 2012 at 9:15 am
    I don’t care if Tebow ends up winning 4 Super Bowls or living in a box under a bridge. I don’t love or hate him

    you hate him.

  40. Marv says:

    Rick Santorum is beginning to irritate me. It’s time to just settle on Romney and get on with it.

  41. Marv says:


    You should care that Tebow might wind up living in a box under a bridge.

  42. J R Richard says:

    I would have to agree that if one doesn’t care if someone ends up in a box under a bridge, then one probably doesn’t care very much for said person.

  43. Tim V says:

    Marv says:
    March 21, 2012 at 10:32 am
    Rick Santorum is beginning to irritate me. It’s time to just settle on Romney and get on with it.


  44. Bitterlaw says:

    No, Tim V., I don’t hate Tebow. The reason people even discuss him is largely based on his religion. I think the Jets’ QB. Mark Sanchez, is mediocre at best. However, he did get the Jets to an AFC Championship game. If he started praying the rosary on the sidelines, would he suddenly be a better QB on the field? I don’t think so.

  45. EML says:

    40 – yes +3 or +4 for Dems in IL.

    IL-08: Joe Walsh is a gaffe machine. Can’t see him winning again.

    IL-10: Dold’s district is now D+8. Even accounting for Obama home state factor, that’s a tough district.

    IL-11: It’s a D+6 district, but if anyone can hold it, it’s Biggert.

    IL-12: No time like the present for Republicans to take this D+2 seat. But the Dems nominated a decent candidate. Should be a good battle.

    IL-13: It’s D+1, so that means it actually leans Republican. I can’t really see Johnson losing it, but rate it as Lean anyway.

    IL-17: Now a D+6 district, but I can see this part of the state moving to the right over the next decade. We’ll see how good Schilling is, or if it was just that Phil Hare was that bad.

  46. Bitterlaw says:

    There are plenty of people I don’t hate who I don’t care if they live under a bridge. Why? Because the Bitterlaw Rule is very simple – live your life and let me live mine.

  47. Scrooge says:

    If they want to die they had better do it and decrease the surplus population.

  48. Hot Shot Lawyer says:

    I only care if you live under a bridge due to someone else’s negligence…

    then we’ll talk.

  49. Tim V says:

    The reason people even discuss him is largely based on his religion.

    not really. it’s his running ability as a QB.

  50. Mose says:

    Assuming this is the Quinnipiac sample in VA that produced an eight point lead for Obama over Romney, that’s a particularly nice set of approval numbers for McDonnell. Assuming Romney is the nominee, then McDonnell (in my view) is the early favorite for VP, and I think he’d be a very good choice. McDonnell has been one of Romney’s most effective (and gaffe-free) surrogates.

  51. GPO says:

    you people who know Virginia agree with this ?

    But general elections are not won solely in the leafy suburbs of the meritocratic class. They are won in the middle-class neighborhoods and small towns that provide the bulk of GOP general-election votes. And even last night, Mitt Romney showed weakness among these voters, particularly those of southern heritage. Romney carried voters earning less than $100,000 a year by slim margins, and he was shellacked in far-downstate Illinois (“Little Egypt”), which was settled by southerners over 150 years ago.

    To those who dismiss this point as mere psephological quibbling: Let me introduce you to Virginia. I don’t think any serious analyst thinks Romney can beat Obama without carrying Virginia, and a Republican coalition in the Old Dominion rests on carrying Southern Baptist rural “Old Virginia” by large margins while running even in the “new Virginia” of the D.C. and Richmond suburbs and the Newport News/Virginia Beach region. Every vote here matters. If Romney can’t count on rural southerners to vote for him in huge numbers — margin and turnout — he will not carry Virginia and hence he will not win the White House.

    A new Quinnipiac poll shows President Obama leading Romney 50–42 in Virginia. This is not an outlier poll: The two prior polls in Virginia in the last six weeks also show Obama with a strong lead.

    So Romney should savor his hard-won victory in Illinois, but he should also look hard at the results and see the warning signs. He says he wants to start focusing the campaign on President Obama; perhaps he should take his own advice and start to figure out how to shore up his weakness, while he still has time.

    — Henry Olsen is a vice president of the American Enterprise Institute

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    I only care if you live under a bridge due to someone else’s negligence…
    then we’ll talk.

    Pure stupidity and lies. I do not represent injured people.

  53. GPO says:

    Sanchez actually got to 2 AFC championship games- I agree he is completely mediocre

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    not really. it’s his running ability as a QB.

    Comment by Tim V — March 21, 2012 @ 10:55 am

    Really? I don’t recall SUSYQUE mentioning Tebow’s running ability when she was praising him.

  55. Emerica says:

    Romney got the Jeb endorsement!!

    -5 points

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    I agree he is completely mediocre

    Comment by GPO — March 21, 2012 @ 11:00 am

    GPO – it’s not right to judge a QB by his abilities as a QB. We need to judge his faith and heart.

  57. EML says:

    58 – lol, Widdle Wobbie on suicide watch today.

  58. RoboRobbie says:

    Jeb endorsed Mitt.

    I don’t want to live anymore.

  59. NYCmike says:

    47.No, Tim V., I don’t hate Tebow. The reason people even discuss him is largely based on his religion. I think the Jets’ QB. Mark Sanchez, is mediocre at best. However, he did get the Jets to an AFC Championship game. If he started praying the rosary on the sidelines, would he suddenly be a better QB on the field? I don’t think so.

    -While I don’t mind Tebow being different, his extreme confidence w/o being arrogant is what inspires me. It has nothing to do with the rosary. Sanchez would get my support if he WORKED at his job as hard as Tebow does, and if he told Kate Upton “I’ll see you in February, after I win the Super Bowl. Until then, I am married to the JETS!”
    Screw Sanchez (the lucky bass tard) if he thinks Kate Upton is more important than winning!

  60. DrJay says:

    “…it’s not right to judge a QB by his abilities as a QB. We need to judge his faith and heart.”

    This bit of sarcasm could be made by both sides of the Tebow argument.

  61. jason says:

    ” The reason people even discuss him is largely based on his religion.”

    No the reason they discuss him is because the guy is WINNER. Stellar college career all kinds of records, passing and running. Heisman Trophy. In what in effect was his first season as starter brought a losing team to win the division and a playoff game. The guy has guts, skill and drive. Exciting to watch.

    I could care less about the religion part.

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    Why can’t Tebow be a great human being, a person of deep and sincere faith, really awesome in every way AND have suspect skills as QB? Both can be true.

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – You are a Broncos fan. Do not pretend that SUSYQUE and people like her care about Tebow as anything other than a symbol.

  64. bio mom says:

    Guess Jeb Bush wants this thing over. I think Michelle Bachman will endorse Romney once the Pennsylvania primary is over. She says she is waiting because she wants to play a role as uniter of the party with her endorsement.

  65. SusyQue says:

    Let This Be Known:
    Tim Tebow’s life is much more than football.
    That is just one facet of his life. This young
    man honors his God…and his God honors Tebow.
    Tebow will continued to be blessed in all his
    endeavors including football. Everything in Tebow’s life will work out for his good and God’s glory. Even when things look bad for him, it works out for good. This is not my opinion…it is a fact written in the Bible. (Romans 8:28)
    New International Version
    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

  66. DrJay says:

    No one has ever suggested Tebow does not need to improve his QB skills for NFL play, least of all Tebow himself.

    He has an incredible ability to break down offensive schemes, and played the college QB position as well as anyone has played it.

  67. Tim says:


  68. jason says:

    “Jason – You are a Broncos fan. Do not pretend that SUSYQUE and people like her care about Tebow as anything other than a symbol”

    Well, I didn’t like Cutler and I don’t care for Manning.

    Regarding susyque’s view, I cannot disagree, she probably does like him for some irrelevant reason.

    But susyque is hardly a reference.

  69. GF says:

    54- I suppose then that we can blame rural VA voters for sticking us with Obama come November, then. I take comfort in that, actually, for if they don’t show up to get rid of the nemesis in the White House over petty feelings (which is really what this nonsense boils down to), then they have an inflated sense of self-worth vis-a-vis our political system. As I’ve said before, they can go with the whiners all they want in the primaries; that’s what these races are for to some degree. But, come the GE, it’s time to stick together so we can stick it to the other side.

    Anyhow, if they bail on us later this year, I will forever brand them as losers, whiners and make them the target of my ire. In Hawai’i, there is an unofficial “Beat up Ha’ole Day” whereby local swarthy schoolchildren take out their misguided frustrations on their white schoolmates. I will adapt this underreported yet all to real ethnic tradition to deal with such voters.

  70. jason says:

    “Tim Tebow’s life is much more than football.
    That is just one facet of his life. This young
    man honors his God…and his God honors Tebow.”

    So who cares???

    I care about his playing ability.

    Stop making Bitter’s point.

  71. Is Gingrich syndrome now affecting Santorum? Do they really think they would win a contested convention?

    Therefore, Gingrich’s goal obviously is to make sure no one else has enough time to run an effective campaign against Obama. Then, when our country has decended into a great socialist depresssion, we will all turn to THE EGO to save us.

    Santorum has a chance, IF Gingrich drops out. Santorum would have to sweep all the major states including Texas, New York, and California AND win most of the other remaining states as well. It would be nice if he wins Pennsylvania, but even that is not a sure thing.

  72. jason says:

    Having an “ally” like susyque is like putting on a 100 lb weight on someone running a hurdles race.

  73. bio mom says:

    74 Give it up. This think is over.

  74. DW says:

    Santorum has no chance…he has only gotten 24% of available delegates so far. But now suddenly, he will need to get a MINIMUM of 71% of remaining delegates. Not. Going. To. Happen.

  75. bio mom says:

    Can one of the Illinois people here tell me the overall turnout in the Republican primary compared to 2008? Thanks. All the talk about low turnout mixes together both Dem and R primary to just give a total, but the Dems were not picking a presidential candidate. Thanks.

  76. jason says:

    “Santorum has a chance, IF Gingrich drops out. ”

    No he doesn’t. Romney would have had over 50% of the Illinois vote if Gingrich had dropped out, considering he got 47%.

    There is a poll showing Gingrich’s support splits evenly between Santorum and Romney, and even if its 60-40 that would still not help Santorum.

    Santorum is not getting 70% of the delegates left. He is not on the ballot in DC. He will get no delegates in Utah. He is going to lose in Maryland and New York and New Jersey, probably California.

    Santorum has ZERO chance. The 2% he gets in Intrade is generous.

    But if you believe he has a chance, you can get 50-1 odds. Go for it.

  77. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Someone give me good news today. Please. I need positive news. Anything.

  78. jason says:

    ” AND have suspect skills as QB? ”

    It’s possible.

    But considering Tebow’s record in college and so far in the NFL, I would say his skills look pretty good.

  79. Scott says:

    The New York Times had a good article in its paper today about that very close NY Senate race.Two(2) things sttod out:
    (1) Even though the Republican is ahead by 120 votes,the Democrat claims he has prevailed by 207 votes because he knows the voting preferences of the remaining 750 paper ballots which have yet to be counted.This is NY and the Democcrat Party so do not pooh-pooh what the Democrat candidate says!
    (2) We have repeatedly been informed that same-sex marriage is a great issue for the Democrats.Well,the primary reason why the Republican was able to make a race out of this was because of his opposition to same -sex marriage!

  80. jason says:

    80. Romney at 96% on Intrade to win Maryland.

  81. Bitterlaw says:

    Jerry – I’m tied for first place in the HHR Tournament Bracket. That’s good news for me.

  82. jason says:

    ” he knows the voting preferences of the remaining 750 paper ballots which have yet to be counted.”

    I am sure he does, they are probably custom designed.

  83. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – You are a worthy adversary. It is not fair to weigh you down with SUSYQUE.

  84. jason says:

    Looks like Bitter is not a good judge of QBs, but when it comes to college basketball he could earn a living as a bookie.

  85. jason says:

    86. Thanks, nobody deserves such a burden.

  86. jason says:

    If I could only exterminate the susyque mole from my pro-Tebow campaign I would have a fighting chance.

  87. DW says:

    jason, as an Evanglical who values faith and respects people who share their faith, I agree with you that this is all about football, and not religion. Just like this website is about politics. Of course other things like Religion, Civil War debates, etc., occasionally pop up.

    But the only question there should be about Tebow as it relates to the NFL is whether not he can play the game, and get results. I think the evidence is strong that the kid can play, and the Broncos have made a mistake. Tebow took over just ONE position in a team game for a club that was like 1-4 and had a big enough impact in that ONE position to turn the team around, make the playoffs, and defeat the Steelers. In his first year.

  88. Bitterlaw says:

    I am starting to think that Santorum knows he can’t win but wants to cripple Romney. Then, when Romney loses to Obama, he and his social conservatives can argue in 2016 that 2012 “proves” that only a candidate who talks about abortion, contraception, and opposition to gay marriage can win. look for this trainwreck to be repeated in 2016 if Obama wins.

  89. DW says:

    But if the Broncos go 6 – 10 under Manning, the anti-Tebow folks will claim that if they had stuck with Tebow, it would have been 4 – 12.

  90. Scott says:

    Rick Santelli took on 4 or 5 eggheads at CNBC this morning about TARP.This was Santelli at his finest.
    It is must viewing and I saw it at
    All I can say is WOW!!!

  91. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – and if Manning goes 14-2 and wins the Super Bowl, the pro-Tebow forces will claim that Tebow would have been 16-0, cured 3 blind children and won the Super Bowl 72-3. It works both ways.

  92. Waingro says:

    UGH. Eric Fehrnstrom just created an instant DNC/Barry ad against Mitt. Awful.

  93. DW says:

    Bitter…my view of Santorum has gone down-hill thoughout this process…

    November: Nice guy, wish he would lose the vest.

    December: Yuck…a union hack, wish he would lose the vest.

    January: Oh wow, he wants to make this all about contraception! Wish he would lose the vest.

    February: This guy is irritating…doesn’t want to help the party…a train wreck….wish he would lose the vest

    March: What a self-serving, Newt-like idiot. Keep the vest, it fits you fine.

  94. DW says:

    94…I wouldn’t say that. I would simply say, we don’t know what Tebow would have done. If Tebow leads his new team to 14-2, then I might be tempted to conclude he could have done that with the Broncos too. If Tebow takes over a great team and goes 7-9 or worse, and stinks up the field, then I will be the first to say Elway made the right call.

  95. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I voted for Santorum 3 times as Senator. I wish he was still a Senator since Casey is terrible. I can not stand his as a Presidential candidate.

  96. Bitterlaw says:

    Some people want Tebow to go to the Eagles. Is this God’s way of laughing at me?

  97. SusyQue says:

    #96…clever narrative!

  98. SusyQue says:

    Tebow discussion coming up on Fox TV-football
    and pwesonal life.

  99. EML says:

    Tebow was a great college player surrounded by a lot of good players in a good system. He is not a good NFL QB. I think he had some breaks go his way because defenses weren’t sure how to play him. Once they figure it out, he’s in trouble unless he can get his 46% completion percentage up at least 10 points.

  100. EML says:

    78 –
    2008 Republican primary turnout: 895,247
    2012 Republican primary turnout: 921,765

  101. janz says:

    #96 DW

    Wonderful rendition of your personal estimation of Santorum sinking with the passage of each month. It pretty much mirrors my own.

    Initially he was my second choice to Romney. But, the more he has battled Romney, appointed as the last in line for the title of ABR, the less I have liked him. Like Marv said earlier in the thread, he irritates me now.

  102. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    new poll from Ras has Alllen leading in VA Senate race

  103. janz says:


    Wow, so turnout was higher in this R primary than it was in 2008! It’s too bad those numbers can’t be posted in ordinary news narratives, which would then put some context into claims about “low turn-out.”

  104. jason says:

    ” I think he had some breaks go his way because defenses weren’t sure how to play him. ”

    Oh please, what horsecrap.

    You mean after Tebow won six games the Steelers didn’t watch any of the tapes?

    Don’t like the guy? Fine.

    But don’t make up this nonsense.

    Tebow is difficult to play against because even if you know he is going to run he is still a threat. Several of the defensive players said look the whole stadium knew he was going to run and we still couldn’t stop him.

    Being difficult to play against is a plus for Tebow, not a minus.

  105. PPP-D-DKos-SEIU-Brandon says:

    “new poll from Ras has Alllen leading in VA Senate race”

    Ras is a Republican.

    Trust us. We are non-partisan.

  106. jason says:

    ” If Tebow takes over a great team and goes 7-9 or worse, and stinks up the field, then I will be the first to say Elway made the right call.”

    Really? So it doesn’t matter what team he plays for, if he goes 7-9 in his second year as starter he is finished?

    You guys certainly have some high expectations for Tebow nobody else in the league ever had….

  107. jason says:

    Whooops, you did say great team. Sorry.

  108. Brandon says:

    You know you’ve made it at the HHR when you can get a mention without having posted all day.

  109. jason says:

    I thought you needed 5 mentions. But its still early.

  110. DW says:

    111…no worries…I am on your side in this discussion…:-)

    my thinking is if Tebow gets a great offense, with solid receivers, a great offensive line and then performs poorly, then I have no argument with Elway. But I think that Tebow will only improve as time goes by. I think Elway blew it.

  111. marc says:

    The Jets locker room is a power-keg of discontent and distrust. Tebow would not be a good fit there and Sanchez would suffer great having the Tebow mania breathing down his neck.

    The best place for Tebow is at an elite team with an elite QB like New England or Green Bay were Tim can establish himself has a solid back up and take the necessary time to work on his throwing skills and reading defenses.

  112. marc says:

    ESPN: Tebow to Jets.

  113. DW says:

    “take the necessary time to work on his throwing skills and reading defenses.”

    Yeah, it was such a shame he couldn’t throw against the Steelers in the playoffs…it would have helped Tebow had he been able to win that game.

    Seriously, anybody can improve, and I think Tebow will, not that he is that bad now.

  114. addisonst says:

    Nfl dropped the hammer on saint and tebow is a jet. For 4th rounder

  115. addisonst says:

    Mfg the nearest analogy I can find for saint punishment is ncaa probation. They are gutting the franchise.

  116. marc says:

    Tebow enters the Lions Den that is the Jets and New York City. Pray for him.

  117. marc says:

    NFL suspends Saints Coach for entire NFL season.

  118. Brandon says:

    Gregg Williams suspended indefinitely. Not really a surprise.

  119. Brandon says:

    Payton suspended for year. 500k fine and loss of 2 second round picks.

  120. marc says:

    Jets give up 4th,5th,6th,7th rounder for Tebow.

  121. Brandon says:

    No. It was only a 4th round pick for Tebow.

  122. jason says:

    Highest TD percentage in red zone
    By QB, last 2 seasons*
    Broncos Tim Tebow 28.6
    Jaguars David Garrard 27.2
    Colts Peyton Manning 25.7
    Packers Aaron Rodgers 25.7
    Patriots Tom Brady 24.6

  123. marc says:

    Stephen A Smith on ESPN NY radio is going off on the Tebow trade right now.

  124. Brandon says:

    Actually apparently 4th and 6th for Tebow and a 7th.

  125. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    A year is excessive I think

    I would have thought the draft pick damage would have been more

  126. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    What happens to Loomis ?

  127. Brandon says:

    8 game suspension and fine for him as well.

  128. marc says:

    correction 4th and 6th round pick for Tebow.

  129. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Goodell trying to destroy our fanchise people here are not happy half a year would have been ok full year is ridiculous

  130. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    We need to win the super bowl this year and make that mother fuqqer hand us the lombardi trophy in the super dome

  131. marc says:

    The Jets locker room situation is the worse in the NFL and the last thing Sanchez needs is the mania breathing down his neck after every snap.

    Also the NYC media will have a field day with Tebow.

  132. bio mom says:

    This new brouhaha about what the Romney advisor said on CNN this morning about how the campaigns change like an etch a sketch as they shift to the general election from the primary was in response to a question from Soledad O’brien who asked how will Romney be able to appeal in the general when he has had to move so far right to win the primary. The emphasis of the answer was actually about the campaign message shifting but was jumped upon by Romney’s enemies (including Santorum) as evidence that he doesn’t mean what he is saying now and will shift once he gets nominated. So on and on we go once again.

  133. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Why do the jets want tebow?

  134. marc says:

    Drudge has Tebow and Sanchez on the front page now .

  135. jason says:

    Because Sanchez sucks.

  136. Apologetic California says:

    Commiebama falters in Gallup daily. 46-46. He hasn’t reached 50% approval since June 11. Though he’s breached 50% disapproval several times since then.

  137. lisab says:

    for a 4th round?

    definitely worth it

  138. lisab says:

    LIMBAUGH: ‘Maybe the conservative alternative to Romney is Romney’…

  139. DW says:

    Another illustration as to why the SCOTUS matters.

  140. DW says:

    142…isn’t that a little late? Too bad he wasn’t saying that back in December.

  141. Diogenes says:

    Why be interviewed by someone like Soledad O’Brien? Black race theory affirmative action idiots have no place in society.

  142. GF says:

    Goodell trying to destroy our fanchise people here are not happy half a year would have been ok full year is ridiculous

    Comment by RickPerrysParakeet — March 21, 2012 @ 1:03 pm

    That family is good at destroying things; just ask his father, who helped destroy the NY GOP (along with Rocky).

  143. janz says:

    #136 bio mom, appreciate you providing more context around the comment by Romney’s guy, that is now being used as a wedge issue in the R primary. The MSM never gives up on just trying to report the truth, in it’s correct context. If they can extrude a sentence, that would be damning to someone, they will do it in a nano second for ratings, or to give their politician of choice (Obama) an extra edge.

  144. DW says:

    Huge jump in Gallup tracking

    Mitt 37 (+3)
    Rick 27 (-3)

  145. bio mom says:

    As I said yesterday, it just follows the headlines.

  146. janz says:

    So, is Limbaugh suddenly jumping on the bandwagon, by saying Romney is now a conservative?
    Or, has he just time-traveled backwards, where he anounced the same thing in 2008?

  147. NYCmike says:

    a COUPLE of things:

    #95 – that was terrible! that guy should be fired for looking like he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us! What a D-bag!

    #116 – I wish I could buy stock in the sportstalkradio stations here, they were going crazy this morning, BEFORE this latest news. The GIANTS Super Bowl has been forgotten, unless they win again, which is possible, because ELI(te) is better than Cutler and Peyton.

    #126 – Tebow made some great throws, and with very few mistakes (interceptions). Good decision maker, a sign of confidence and preparation. Understand why Denver did what they did, I hope it blows up in Elways face.

    #95 – I had to mention this again. This guy MUST BE a VOLUNTEER, right??

  148. bio mom says:

    Here is the video with that etch a sketch comment. Decide for yourselves.

  149. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    They must have zero faith in Sanchez

  150. bio mom says:

    Sorry, it was a different interviewer than O’brien but she was discussing the interview on CNN this morning.

  151. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    How the fuqq do we function for a year without a gm or a coach?

    Vitt out too

    Who will coach the team Spagnola?

    Fuqq you Goodell you b@stard

  152. GF says:

    148-149- Yup, the post AL/MS bump fell off the tracker. Might have a post LA dip, but I’d be surprised if Mitt doesn’t break 40 soon.

  153. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    The reaction here is very very very bad

    People were ready for half season suspensions not this assassination

  154. EML says:

    126.Highest TD percentage in red zone
    Talk about an obscure stat. How about the fact that he had the lowest completion percentage in the league? 28th in passer rating? Third to last in QBR? Last in yards per game? He is just not a good QB right now and the numbers show it. I like the guy, I love seeing him win, but thinking he is anywhere near a serviceable QB with a 46% completion percentage is insane.

  155. Bitterlaw says:

    Cheater Bill in New England didn’t miss a game after cheating to win 3 Super Bowls but the Saints’ coaches are suspended? Wow.

    Will the coaches count in the March unemployment numbers?

  156. Brandon says:

    Well the suspensions start April 1.

  157. EML says:

    They gave up fourth- and sixth-round round picks, and they’re paying $1.1 million in salary, for a specialty player that doesn’t play special teams and probably won’t be on the field more than a dozen snaps per game. At least Brad Smith, the Jets’ old Wildcat, contributed in other roles.

  158. NYCmike says:

    Maybe they will run the A11?

  159. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Tebow will coach the Saints from the sidelines of Jets’ games using his I-Phone! Brees will call his own plays for the 5 plays per game when Tebow is on the field.

  160. GeauxLSU says:

    Ok…I am ready to accept that Mittens is our candidate. I didn’t vote for him in early voting here in LA, but I agree it is time to move on and let him cruise the rest of the way. I still have a hard time believing he will win in November, but I will vote for him gladly over Obama. My focus will be on helping take over the Senate by as large a margin as possible.

  161. EML says:

    Hopefully he can text better than he can throw.

  162. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    That’s what everyone is saying Bitterlaw they never would have done this to Belichek

  163. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Will tebow compete to be the starter or will he be a gimmick player?

  164. Tim V says:

    I’m glad the Jets got Tebow. I hope he sees plenty of playing time.

  165. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Well to hell with it it is what it is

  166. Tim V says:

    Will tebow compete to be the starter or will he be a gimmick player?

    most likely he will start out as gimmick player

  167. EML says:

    Jets just gave Sanchez a new 3 year contract. They also just gave the backup QB a $500,000 signing bonus. Tebow will be a Brad Smith like gimmick player. BUT everytime the Jets lose, Tebowmaniacs will be clamoring for him to start. This is going to be a clusterf* of a season for the jets.

  168. Bitterlaw says:

    If he you go to the New York Post website, read the comments on the article about Tebow. Some are happy. Some are not. Typical comment – “Great. Now the Jets have 2 QBs who can’t throw the ball.” The Jets just signed Sanchez to an extension so who knows why they did this.

  169. Bitterlaw says:

    Start the betting:

    Who wins more games in 2012?

    Tebow as a starter or the Saints? I say the Saints.

  170. EML says:

    I think diehard Jets fans are trying to put on a brave face and get excited about something after their team got outmaneuvered all offseason. Everyone else pretty much thinks this is a joke. I wonder – Patriots were reportedly interested in Tebow. Maybe Rex Ryan just didnt want them to get him.

  171. Tim V says:

    I hope Tebow eventually beats out Sanchez.

  172. mnw says:

    I think GF’s comments in #72 above about VA are correct!

    If rural conservatives want to put zero back in the WH b/c they have issues w/ Romney? f ’em!

    And f the AEI (post 54) too– & the horse they rode in on.

    I’m down 2day about:

    1) Nitpicking “conservative” criticism of Ryan’s budget plan… benefits only zero; and

    2) More importantly, Chris Carpenter apparently has a serious, perhaps even season-ending, nerve/disc neck problem.

  173. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – why do you hope that? Is it because Tebow is a great person of faith or is it based purely on football?

  174. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Carp out?

    Ugh that’s bad news…

  175. Tim V says:

    via nfl reports

    Picture this: MetLife Stadium. We’re 72 seconds into the Gang Green’s first preseason game and Sanchez unfurls a duck, missing Chaz Schilens by 15 yards.

    The cheap seats come to life. The sons of men who once showered the house with cries to fire Joe Walton are calling for Sanchez to be carted away. And it begins: Tebow! TEBOW! TEBOW!

  176. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – The Baseball Gods can be harch. Carpenter’s neck and now Chase Utley’s knees. I know that alot of people think that football is the toughest sport on players (and it does ruin a lot of people). However, when baseball players start downhill, they go bad fast.

  177. Tim V says:

    based purely on football bitter. he is fun to watch.

  178. EML says:

    177 – maybe its a “I hope he improves to the point where he can be a starting QB in the NFL.”

  179. Bitterlaw says:

    Ok, Tim V. I know lisab enjoyed watching Tebow play the Patriots in the playoffs.

  180. bio mom says:

    A sensible analysis of the etch a sketch kerfuffle. (And it is the righties who started all of this. The same righties who are heartbroken that they must accept the inevitable: their imaginary Reagan conservative is not going to magically appear. It will be Romney who gets nominated).

  181. GF says:

    Oh no! Mitt’s going to shake up the GE and revert to RINO form! Only a RINO would use an Etch-a-Sketch! We ned a true conservaytive to Etch-it-in-Stone and scare the bejeezus out of single women when he grabs them by the nose and kicks them in the arse for being single mothers.

  182. mnw says:

    BL & Parakeet

    Looks like the Cards may make another run at Oswalt.

    Seems logical: The Cards need Roy more now than they did before, & Oswalt didn’t get the kind of offers he expected, apparently.

    Seems like a match to me. Oswalt said he’d like to play for the Cards. If Carp is out for the season, the Cards are aa obvious post-season candidate… but with one big, glaring hole.

  183. Tim V says:

    watch tebow highlights

  184. mnw says:

    Dr. K strongly prefers Rubio for Romney’s VEEP.

    I may have to re-think my coolness to that idea, then.

  185. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – Oswalt is a good pitcher. The knock on him is that there are times when his back gives out and he heads to the DL. He might be really good. he might not be really good. You never know.

  186. GF says:

    188- Dr. Kevorkian? Seriously, I am slow today; please enlighten me to this Dr. K…

  187. NYCmike says:

    #190 – probably means The Hammer of Kraut

  188. GF says:

    Got it; makes sense.

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – the Tebow highlights ended before the Patriots’ game. Why is that?

  190. Tim V says:

    Why is that?

    because that’s when the highlights ended ? cause he sucked at the end ?

  191. jason says:

    ” 26.Highest TD percentage in red zone
    Talk about an obscure stat. ”


    So obscure I took it off the front page of the ESPN NFL page, and so obscure only some good QB’s are keeping Tebow company. Let’s see Garrard, Brady, Rodgers, Manning…. real obscure guys.

    And btw, getting TD’s from the red zone IS one of the key to winning games.

    But keep your head in the sand, good echo chamber.

  192. Marv says:

    Biden said that Obama ordering the killing of bin Laden resulted in the most audacious military mission in “500 years”. I say BS……what about Washington crossing the Delaware River or the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo?

    Biden doesn’t know his US military history…..that’s because he is a liberal Democrat…..same as his boss.

  193. Marv says:


    We are officially on the same side again!!

  194. Marv says:


    #197 was related to political issues, not necessarily sports teams.

  195. EML says:

    But keep your head in the sand, good echo chamber.
    Pointing out his 46% completion percentage and bottom of the league stats in just about every passing category is keeping my head in the sand?

  196. EML says:

    I like Tebow and I WANT him to be good. But he just isn’t right now. And saying you’d rather have Tebow over Manning is kooky.

  197. Tim V says:

    Marv says:
    March 21, 2012 at 2:42 pm
    Biden said that Obama ordering the killing of bin Laden resulted in the most audacious military mission in “500 years”. I say BS……what about Washington crossing the Delaware River or the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo?

    Biden doesn’t know his US military history…..that’s because he is a liberal Democrat…..same as his boss

    marv, listen to the white house press corp, laughung at biden

  198. DW says:

    200…I am a kook for saying that I want a guy with a future versus a guy whose best days are behind him, and is injury prone?

  199. EML says:

    Jets have a pretty difficult schedule. If it gets frontloaded with the Patriots, Steelers, Niners…they could easily be like 1-4 and fans will br calling for Tebow.

  200. LaZebra Parody Post says:

    I have to vote for a Mormon and, as I am bathed in the blood of Christ, I have to become a Jets fan? God didn’t ask this much of Job.

  201. MFG says:

    Resounding vote of no confidence in Sanchez pretty remarkable

  202. Bitterlaw says:

    EML – ust remember. If Sanchez starts 1-4 and then Tebow goes 1-4, Sanchez sucks and Tebow is awesome.

  203. EML says:

    You can have Brady Quinn. He’s another guy with as much a future as Tebow.

  204. MFG says:

    People are getting carried away with Manning

    He’s old, he hasn’t played in a year, Denver has little talent and a brutal schedule, honestly I don’t think Denver even makes the playoffs

    And the talk of them being better than the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots?

    Come on…

  205. MFG says:

    I just want to see the Jets play Denver in a playoff game and have Tebow kick their ass

  206. EML says:

    And it wasnt like it was either/or in Denver. They couldve let Tebow develop behind Manning for a couple years. Obviously they dont think he has the skillset to have a future in the NFL.

  207. Bitterlaw says:

    Sure, MFG. As we all know, the Denver defense would have no idea how to stop Tebow after watching him torch other teams for 10 to 13 points.

  208. MFG says:

    I want Tebow to get his revenge

    For what he did for that franchise he was treated very shabbily he won’t want revenge but I want it for him

  209. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – do you wake up every day looking for new things to be angry about? I only get worked up over the teams I support.

  210. Bitterlaw says:

    For what he did for that franchise he was treated very shabbily – MFG

    Weren’t you one who thought the 49ers should sign Manning? Wouldn’t that have been wrong to treat Alex Smith that way?

  211. MFG says:

    Oh, I’m not going to stew over it, all I’m saying is I want Denver humiliated over what they did, hope this ends up being a giant sh*t sandwich for them

    Although I like Manning and he, unlike Elway, has some class so I hope manning does well

  212. Bitterlaw says:

    What about you wanting Alex Smith to be dumped for Manning?

  213. SusyQue says:

    I bet Wes and MD felt good about Mitt’s win in Ill.
    or am I wrong?

  214. bio mom says:

    I haven’t been reading NRO much since the primaries unleashed their anti-Romney vitriol but once or twice I tiptoed over to the Corner and unfortunately read an article occasionally by Michael Walsh. This guy is totally unhinged. Today is no exception as he overreacts and overinterprets the etch a sketch controversy. Evil Romney is plotting to turn his backs on the conservative yokels that he has fooled, etc. Good grief. Transference anybody?? He looks for things that reinforce his own preconceptions and misses the obvious. The guy was talking about campaign strategy changing for the general. When has it not in any presidential run?? Someone call for the straight jacket for this guy Walsh.

  215. DW says:

    Elway holds grudges…no doubt about that…for years he held onto that 1982 stanford loss to Cal on the final play that had 5 laterals.

  216. MFG says:

    You might have a point there

    I think what annoyed me was how relentlessly and desperately Elway tried to dump Tebow even after Tebow took over a horrible 1-4 team, won seven games in a row, won the division, won a playoff game and tremendously outperformed any prior expectations

    He never gave the kid a chance and I think if they had won the Super Bowl he still would have dumped him

    There’s just something about that that’s personally dishonest

    I actually think Elway never wanted Manning and just saw signing him as a way to get rid of Tebow

  217. janz says:

    RNC rule means hurdle for Gingrich convention strategy

    Nominations(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.

    Where is Gingrich going to win a plurality of delegates in the states remaining to hold their primaries?

  218. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – if you concede that I may have some validity to my point, we can no longer engage in vicious personal attacks. Civility would break out at HHR, dogs and cats would hang out together and lisab and Tim V. might reconcile. The consequences could be dire.

  219. janz says:

    #218 I’ve seen some of Walsh’s commentaries. They are totally gauged by his own bias, and not with any even-handedness to what really is playing out there in the primaries. Basically, he doesn’t like Romney, at all. Hence, he marinates himself in looking at any negative angle that presents itself. He’s not worth the read….

  220. MFG says:

    My first instinct was to automatically disagree with you, but the Nine did disrespect Smith by flirting with Manning


    Cream soda

  221. janz says:

    #222 …and, maybe MD and wes would return. Just a thought…

  222. Bitterlaw says:

    i only have contact with MD. I don’t know if anybody has the ability to reach out to Wes. Maybe SoHope could start searching the Chili’s restaurants in North Carolina.

  223. SusyQue says:

    #221…janz…Newt makes up his own rules or ignores the ones already in place. Yesterday, I read that he a Callis. go to all the parks and zoos instead of hustling votes. Newt is not serious about becoming president. He gets all the money from Mr. Casino and shows up when and where ever he wants. He’s wants to stop Mitt from getting his delegates. Destructive , vindictive thinking.

  224. bio mom says:

    So this etch a sketch thing is ablaze on Twitter for now. Jokes galore. Much ridicule of the Romney team as well as genuine angst from true blue deadender types. I don’t like it but I wouldn’t trade a 12 point win in Illinois for my candidate for any short-lived glee designed to cover up said loss for the others’ candidate who lost and having to admit the nomination is essentially over. Have your fun while it lasts guys. Won’t be long now.

  225. bio mom says:

    And I am sick of hearing about the poor “conservatives” and what they want and need. The country is a lot more than them, even the Republican party.

  226. DW says:

    Rasmussen says that only 22% think the GOP nominee should pick the veep from the also-rans…so apparently 78% of republicans hate santorum.

  227. addisonst says:

    So manning is too old to win if he’s healthy? He’s younger than elway was when he won super bowls.

  228. SusyQue says:

    Romney Juggernaut Sets Up GOP Endgame

    After the walloping they took last night in Illinois, Rick Santorum’s supporters are hopeful that the next stop on the Republican primary calendar will cheer them up. Santorum is favored to win Saturday’s Louisiana Primary but that won’t change the fact that on Tuesday, he lost one of his last chances to win a state whose GOP is not dominated by evangelicals. The 47-35 percent beating he took in Illinois — which allowed Romney to win all but a handful of the state’s convention delegates — does more than merely reinforce the sense of Romney’s inevitability that is now acknowledged by all but the most diehard of his opponents’ supporters. The pattern of voting is such that there is now no longer any credible scenario that can be put forward in which Romney is denied a majority of the convention’s delegates by June.

  229. Bitterlaw says:

    Now that I have reconciled with MFG, I am going to double down:

    Add – Cutler is a better QB than Tebow and Sanchez.

  230. bio mom says:

    Susy, Can you email Rush Limbaugh to correct his misunderstanding of the turnout of the Republican primary. As usual, he is too lazy to check his facts and is spouting the low turnout meme. The Republican turnout was up over 2008: 2008 Republican primary turnout: 895,247
    2012 Republican primary turnout: 921,765 (see post 104). I know you have said you have emailed him before? I don’t think I can but he should correct that. It doesn’t just hurt Romney, it hurts the Rs overall in the general to keep saying enthusiasm is down all the time. Thanks if you can.

  231. janz says:

    Bitter, if you are in contact with MD, does he ever talk about coming back to this site? Basically, is MD on hiatus, or is he done with HHR?

    bio mom — agree with your sentiments about the the far right lamenting not getting their candidate of choice — even though their choice is not a good fit for the party as a whole.

    susy — I am hoping against hope, that somehow Romney sails into Louisiana with some wind to his back, after winning Illinois so handily, helping to change some of the diehearts down there to voting sanely for him, rather than Santorum. If Santorum doesn’t do as well as expected, it might slice some of that ego away, leaving him with more insight as to what he is really doing to the party by sticking it to Romney.

  232. Bitterlaw says:

    MD has taken a vacation from HHR. He promises to return.

  233. SusyQue says:

    #235…bio mom…I will do that. I will use what you have written telling him what he has overlooked. I will keep sending it daily until he corrects himself.

    #223 is an encouraging read and ends the way we
    want for Sentorum and Newt.

  234. MFG says:


    Mitt has gone silent here in LA I’m sure he conceded the state to divert resources to IL

  235. DrJay says:

    jason, are you really Piers Morgan?

    Piers Morgan ? @piersmorgan

    Why would an NFL team trade a brilliant, improving 24yr old QB #Tebow for an ageing, deteriorating 35yr old #Manning ? Weird.

  236. SusyQue says:

    #236…bio mom…I think Jeb Bushes’ endorsement
    spoke loudly this morning! You know the “only true conservative” guys and gals on radio heard it, too. Palin will probably be on radio tonight or tomorrow trying to stop the Mitt bullet train.

  237. DrJay says:

    Jets have hit a snag in the Tebow trade because of a contract clause… it is not finalized… may not happen

  238. DrJay says:

    “One league source said he believes the trade will go through. Sources also said that, if the trade falls apart, the St. Louis Rams could be in play for Tebow.

    The same money issues in Tebow’s contract caused complications for Jacksonville trying to complete a trade for Tebow earlier, sources told [ESPN].”

  239. MFG says:

    The Rams? wtf?

    Jacksonville is the obvious place for him

  240. EML says:

    Why would an NFL team trade a brilliant, improving 24yr old QB #Tebow for an ageing, deteriorating 35yr old #Manning ? Weird.
    They didn’t trade them for each other. They could’ve kept both. They just think that Tebow doesn’t have the tools to be a good NFL quarterback.

  241. addisonst says:

    There isn’t an obvious place for him. He can’t play qb in the niffle.

  242. MFG says:

    “Perhaps Tebow will be used in the same backfield as Sanchez. This could be the start to Tebow’s transition as an H-back/quarterback.”

    Will the Jets run a two quarterback offense?

  243. MFG says:


    You’re back to that tack?

  244. DrJay says:

    wow! saw this the other day and assumed the guy had died…

    “LONDON — Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba was essentially dead after he suffered cardiac arrest during a match last weekend and needed 15 shocks to get his heart beating again.

    Bolton team doctor Jonathan Tobin revealed Wednesday that doctors tried unsuccessfully to revive Muamba for 48 minutes before he arrived at London Chest Hospital, after collapsing during an FA Cup game March 17 against Tottenham. It took another 30 minutes before the 23-year-old Muamba’s heart started beating again after 15 shocks.

    “In effect, he was dead in that time,” Tobin said.

    Muamba started breathing independently again Monday and remains in serious condition in the intensive care unit, but is communicating.

    “I’m glad to say that the early signs of recovery have continued,” Tobin said. “I went to see Fabrice last night. I went in and he said, ‘Hi, doc.’

  245. DW says:

    I assume that if Rasmussen put out a VA senate poll, they will also shortly release POTUS matchup polls. They had Allen up two over Kaine, and if their difference between the two races is the same as Quinnipiac, then I would expect Rasmussen to say that Obama is ahead of Romney in VA by just a couple of points.

  246. Tim says:

    Well, I’m in your same boat. MD, I can talk to. But, not Wes. I surely wish that Wes would return though, if he should read this.

    Hello, Wes?????

  247. GPO says:

    237.MD has taken a vacation from HHR. He promises to return.

    Comment by Bitterlaw — March 21, 2012 @ 4:04 pm

    What about howard Dean? where is he?

  248. Tim says:

    Wasn’t Howard going by the handle, HD, for awhile?

  249. GPO says:

    yes he was- but i havent seen that handle either

  250. Brandon says:

    The Rasmussen poll of VA had a party ID of R+3, so it might even have Mitt ahead.

  251. Tim says:

    No, he hasn’t been around, lately. Several of the group that joined us in ’08 kind of drifted away.

  252. GF says:

    I don’t remember if Howard/HD was a refugee from Poli or not. We had a number of people flee the carnage over there (Scissors, most prominently, but Knightawk used to be a regular there as well). I used to have Wes’ contact info, but I lost it after I left my previous ship when my LAN profile was wiped out before I could copy anything over. I’ll have to ask DaveW to forward him my info again. CAC, if you are reading, I’d like to catch up as well.

  253. Tim V says:

    bitter, i don’t think you selected a fav evangelical for yesterday or today.

  254. EML says:

    Joe Namath doesnt agree with Tebow trade; thinks its just a publicity stunt.

  255. MFG says:

    Namath is pretty level headed in his assessments

    Hopefully the Jets trade blows up and the kid goes to Jacksonville

  256. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – I made a provisional selection of Jason as today’s Favorite Evangelical if he is, indeed, Evangelical. For your spirited defense of Tebow, you shall be today’s Favorite Evangelical if Jason can not meet the requirement. I thought that DW was appointed yesterday.

  257. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – Jacksonville sucks in all respects. I thought you liked Tebow.

  258. Brandon says:

    Was Namath sober?

  259. DW says:

    I should get an honorable mention for my month by month rant against Santorum in which I mentioned his vest each time.

  260. T J says:

    Does anyone actually miss JT?

  261. Tim V says:

    i thought jason was catholic ?

  262. SusyQue says:

    This was one of Rushes’ topics in his M-F e-mail.

    “Nudge to the Right Produces Mitt’s Best Speech Yet”
    Rush needed to add the word “right”!

  263. EML says:

    Going to Jax is probably the best thing for him. One of the few places he can start.

  264. MFG says:

    Its the only place he can start Bitterlaw

    The Jaguars have no real identity and may have to leave Jacksonville for another city because their ticket sales have been awful Tebow is so loved in that part of the country he would sell tickets and have a chance to prove himself

  265. addisonst says:

    Back to what track? He completed 46 percent of his passes. His qb rating was 70. They had to ditch a pro set for him , the team that had him is dumping him and the team acquiring him just extended their starter for 3 years. Other than that he’s amazing.

  266. Black Panthers - Phila. Chapter says:

    Does anyone actually miss JT?

    We do. He was the only person who actually thought we had an impact on elections in Philadelphia. Seriously, man. We get no respect. Just because we went to a 100% Democrat precinct and tried to get people who have never voted for a Republican to vote for Democrats doesn’t mean we are not intimidating.

  267. Emerica says:

    If Tebow doesn’t get to play then the evangelicals will have to go back to NASCAR.

  268. Brandon says:

    Isn’t that why McCain lost PA?

  269. Tim V says:

    President Hamid Karzai called the Americans “demons” during a meeting with relatives of a massacre by an American soldier

  270. Bitterlaw says:

    Ron Paul is just jealous that he doesn’t matter enough to get Secret Service protection.

  271. Emerica says:

    He said he rejected it in the article.

  272. Emerica says:

    Paul wants to et rid of CIA and FBI and NSA as well so shouldn’t be a surprise

  273. MFG says:

    Christ Acroso why do you bother?

  274. Emerica says:

    Because Romney should get rid of it.

  275. Emerica says:

    Who Did the Saints players manage to actually injure anyone in the past few years?

  276. MFG says:


    Mitt didn’t say it

  277. MFG says:

    Not really

    The tragedy is if we were going to be thugged up animals why couldn’t we at least be successful at it?

  278. GF says:

    281- Why? B/c it would be easier for one of your fellow-travelling nutcases to whack him and then blame dem Jews for the hit?

    People need to get over the Etch-a-sketch BS; it’s nothing. They never hesitate to make our side look like total morons. It’s an analogy, and it was not meant to indicate that Mitt would turn 180 and abandon the GOP for the soft, mushy middle. One can tone their rhetoric just right to get that middle portion that is a MUST for the GE. If the dead enders cannot get that, then they ought to retreat to their mountain redoubts and start whittling more arrows and stock up on canned food.

  279. Emerica says:

    Because we have 10 trillion in debt.

    Why waste more on Santorum, Newt, Obama and Mitt who want to make it worse?

  280. addisonst says:

    You got a Lombardi mfg. They can’t take that away. Unless Calipari is the coach

  281. Emerica says:

    Article on villagers saying troops were threatening them with violence prior to US massacre.

  282. Emerica says:

    If confirmed, the threats would also appear to support the Afghan probe’s version of the massacre, which had an organized group of over a dozen US troops carrying out the massacre, as opposed to a lone man, as the US maintains.

  283. MFG says:


    Everyone is shocked Payton got a year

    Six months everyone was expecting…

  284. SoHope says:

    If Mitt Romney is an Etch a Sketch then Rick Santorum is a Glow Stick.

    He has broken his own neck to brighten his prospects in the primary…now he is utterly useless in the General.

  285. SusyQue says:

    Dollars and endorsements shifting toward Romney

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Fresh off a decisive victory in Illinois, Mitt Romney won critical establishment support Wednesday from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and got new help from former Sen. Bob Dole as he looks to unite the Republican Party behind his candidacy. Romney said he’s “almost there” after pursuing the GOP nomination for six years, and there are fresh signs that big GOP donors and other party figures will follow Bush’s lead after sitting on the sidelines for much of the primary season.

  286. GF says:

    Floozy Fluke says she might run for office;

    Better be in a solid Blue seat; I doubt she’ll win over the middle when she expects them to pay for everything.

  287. Emerica says:

    Greg Williams could potentially go to jail.

  288. Emerica says:

    Maybe we’ll get rightwing Tea Party against Sanchez in NY.

  289. Scott says:


  290. GF says:

    Anyone here? Or did the witching hour arrive?

  291. GF says:

    CCC can also stand for “Consortium of Crappy Countries.” It’s what I generally think of the United Nations as a whole.

  292. Apologetic California says:

    Purple Strategery Poll shows O leading Etchy 48-44–a marked improvement for O since their last poll in September. However O still is disapproved by a majority 50-46. Only “swing” states (12) are polled. Swing states that include libtard centrals of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, which are probably goosing Obama’s numbers significantly.

  293. Brandon says:


    Romney: 38%
    Santorum: 31%
    Gingrich: 14%
    Paul: 9%


    Obama: 50%
    Romney: 39%

  294. Brandon says:


    Santorum: 34%
    Romney: 26%
    Gingrich: 18%
    Paul: 10%

  295. GF says:

    So, Mitt gets only 72% of Republicans in OR while Zero gets 18%? I’d like to see that in a GE. Zero still well under 50 with Indies.

    The state is going to be tough to win, no doubt. I doubt it will be anywhere near 11 points, though. Bush nearly took it from gore and lost to Kerry by about 4 with no Nader to screw with the fringe left vote. I’ll bet Romney ends up with at least 48% at the end of the day.