Louisiana Election Thread

Polls close at 9pm….

Posted by Dave at 8:00 pm
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  1. MFG says:


  2. MFG says:

    Beat me by a nano second

  3. SusyQue says:

    SusyQue says:
    March 24, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    #546..Jason..I know who I am, and I know I am not a bigot and I have many posts on this website to prove it. We are a nation of religious freedom and we cannot impose our own choice on others.
    I have taught students from all over the world of different religions. It is also part of the curriculum in World History.
    We have studied different religions and it’s beliefs. I always made sure my student’s had books about their religion in the bookcase for them to read.
    Moral of this post: ‘You cannot point one finger of bigotry at others and not have 3 fingers pointing back to you.

  4. SusyQue says:

    #6…MFG…loved reading your post on Tebow and Dawkins.
    Thanks for posting it.

  5. MFG says:

    Thought you’s appreciate it Susy

  6. Corey says:

    Caleb Hanie?


  7. MFG says:

    Elway is a genius

  8. MFG says:

    I am convinced the only reason he went after Manning was to get rid of Tebow

  9. SusyQue says:

    Hi Corey….you haven’t posted since you shook Mitt’s hand!
    Went to your blog, but there was no message. Just something about starting a blog.

  10. Corey says:

    Hello. I posted a lot here on Tuesday. I’ve been pretty busy at work though and with some added responsibilities, I likely will be for some time, so I may not be on as much…

    Susy, I am going to have an update on my blog a little later tonight, but you may not be looking at it correctly. You just have to click on my name here and it should take you to the link.


  11. MFG says:

    Your hyperlink doesnt work Corey

  12. Tim V says:

    syracuse looks like they will lose. i stopped watching.

  13. Tim says:

    Really? They’re only down by one point…..

  14. Tim says:

    So, CNN has already given La. to Santorum…….

  15. Enjolras says:

    Some bad news for PA Gov Corbett from #PLC2012 straw poll: 36/39 approve of job perf; 57% unhappy w state’s direction despite Rep control.

  16. Scott Allsman says:

    The new black panther party has placed a $10,000 bounty on the head of the man who shot Trayvan Martin. Wonder what Eric Holder will do about this?

  17. DrJay says:

    Early exits look like about 46-28

  18. Emerica says:

    How much was Santorum expected to win by before we knew any results?

  19. MFG says:

    12 or 14 I suppose

  20. Tim says:

    Most projections had it 12-14, I think…….

  21. MFG says:



  22. Tim says:

    Looks like Santorum won about every group imaginable, except for wealthy voters……….

  23. MFG says:


    If FatToad drops out now does he octuple down on stupid by endorsing Santorum?

  24. Emerica says:

    Clinton went to a vegan diet after two heart attacks, and he says that’s what is preventing more heart trouble.

  25. MFG says:

    Probably a lot of truth in that

  26. Tim says:

    Well, I hope that VP Cheney recovers from his transplant, okay……..

  27. MFG says:

    I didn’t know theyd give a transplant to a man at 71

  28. Tim says:

    He’s been on the waiting list for nearly two years……

  29. Emerica says:

    MFG- Is it too hot there for a sweater vest appearance tonight?

    Wasn’t he wearing it in Puerto Rico in 90 degree heat though?

  30. ONE last brag, b4 it’s gone. I’m winning the Hedgehog Report ESPN bracket. Since I have Syracuse, I’ll probably be dropping down soon.

  31. MFG says:


    Its about 75 or so here very nice weather

    Lets see if he wears his sweater vest

    Lets see if the psychopaths show up here shrieking that Santorum is back in the race!

  32. MFG says:


    I hope we can keep this under double digits how embarrassing…

  33. THE EGO won’t drop out. HE is confident he will win a contested convention due to his low opinion of Santorum. Even if Romney has the nomination wrapped up after California, THE EGO will claim he will find a way to contest the delegates. THE EGO is destructive.

  34. david says:

    Syracuse heads home. GREAT !

  35. MFG says:

    I got some nice mailers from Ron Paul in the last few weeks Acroso nice stuff actually about him delivering babies and his background

    Well done pieces

  36. SusyQue says:

    #19…What will Holder do?
    I believe they first have to decide if it is a hate crime.

  37. MFG says:

    I dunno Ray

    FatToad spent a week here and he’s third

    I mean at some point reality must dawn right…?!

  38. SusyQue says:

    #35..MFG…What is embarrassing?

  39. MFG says:

    From Acrosos link:

    “Dr. Richard Kobe, mathematician at the University of Alabama, was asked to compute the chances of Gingrich’s taking the presidency.

    “We tried,” said Kobe. “We plugged the election data into our computer system. All we got back was ‘LOL’ printed a thousand times.”

  40. MFG says:

    My home state going to Santorum so decisively

  41. MFG says:

    I am in Louisiana Susy

  42. Tim says:

    Well, MFG, mine went to Newt. That’s even worse………..

  43. Scooter Boy says:

    My wonderful (choke,choke) senator from Illinois Dicky Durbin wants to have congress investigate the NFL for teams placing bounties on players. I can’t wait for Little Dickies press conference monday morning demanding the same for the New Black Panther Party.

  44. MFG says:



    Yes, I guess thats worse…

  45. Emerica says:


    Ya, I saw that article a while back.

  46. MFG, Santorum is less than 50% and Gingrich is fading. Not too bad.

  47. Mark oh says:

    Re: NCAA tournament challenge

    I’m one of the few that has Kansas advancing.

    Go Bucks!

  48. SusyQue says:

    The chat on Fox is that Santorum was very tired with all lthe traveling, etc.and he spoke wrongly for that reason. Hmmm, Santorum was having a good time with the etch thing so he didn’t seem worn out to me. However…no one knows another’s stamina.

  49. MFG says:

    He was tired and let the truth come out Susy…

  50. jason says:

    ” Moral of this post: ‘You cannot point one finger of bigotry at others and not have 3 fingers pointing back to you.

    I will take my chances. You are a bigot.

  51. jason says:

    Santorum will get wiped out on Tuesday. This is his last hurrah.

  52. MFG says:

    Hopefully true Jason

    Are you still a Broncos fan? Or moving over to the Jets?

  53. SusyQue says:

    #57….OK…I will change my moniker to “Jason’s Bigot”

  54. jason says:

    I am a Broncos fan but I think they made a horrendous mistake in trading Tebow. Manning is a decrepit has been.

  55. jason says:

    60. Leave my name out of it. Just bigot will do.

  56. GeauxLSU says:

    At least I got to be on the winning side today. I know it won’t matter in the long run and I am ready to vote for Romney in November, but went with my conscience this time. I will toe the party line from here on out. Louisiana won’t be in play in November anyway so it will be up to hedgehoggers elsewhere to sell Mittens in their states.

  57. MFG says:

    Well I;m going to be a Jets fan hope they do well hope he gets to start

  58. jason says:

    63. Fair enough, at least you are not a deadender.

  59. jason says:

    Tebow is much better than Sanchez, he should be able to start.

  60. Emerica says:

    Romney is doing OK,

    He needs 25% to get delegates and he’s got a 2% buffer at the moment…

  61. Bigot hunter says:

    jason got one ?

  62. Bigot hunter says:

    I think there is one behind that tree

  63. Jason's Bigot says:

    This LA…Election Thread was the briefest ever since the primary started.

  64. Jason's Bigot says:

    #69,,,Yoo-Hoo,,,here I am!

  65. jason says:

    What are the biggest counties in LA besides Orleans? Most of the vote reported is smaller counties, Romney might improve.

  66. Jason's Bigot says:

    It’s amazing some people in Louisiana are voting for Romney even though he is a Mormon.

  67. Mark oh says:

    Mittens, Sanctitorum, Fat Toad; It makes you want to write a big check.

    There is a great case to be made against all our candidates, including those who have dropped out. Regardless, all would be ten times better than the current President.

  68. Jason's Bigot says:

    I did not post #73…but that is good news.

  69. GeauxLSU says:

    Re #72….we have parishes, not counties. East Baton Rouge —Baton Rouge; Jefferson–NO suburbs. Caddo- Shreveport; Bossier-Shreveport burbs. Lafayette; St. Tammany-north shore NO wealthy suburbs for the most part.

  70. Bigot hunter says:

    71- jason already caught you. i need to find my own bigots.

  71. Jason's Bigot says:

    Ssntorum is speaking so I am hitting the mute button!

  72. MFG says:

    Mitt will improve when results fro Jefferson & Orleans come in

    He may do well in East BAton Rouge PArish also

  73. Diamond Jim says:

    Fox News reported that one in five voters considered the “etch-a-sketch” comment to be important or somewhat important when deciding on a candidate. Seriously?

  74. jason says:

    Hardly any votes from Jefferson, Orleans, Calcasieu. East Baton Rouge behind the count. Romney should improve some.

  75. Jason's Bigot says:

    #71-77….I am sure you will find lots of bigots for yourself. Au revoir ….adios!

  76. jason says:

    ” jason already caught you. i need to find my own bigots.”

    Actually despite all the hype, the only bigots I have bagged so far were Labigot, Bunu, and susyque.

    But I wish you luck.

  77. MFG says:

    Tim V

    Are you a Jets fan now? Or still A Bills fan?

  78. Jason's Bigot says:


  79. DrJay says:

    Okay, so, wait… there are only 20 delegates at stake today in Louisiana?

    So if it goes 50%-25%, for example, does that mean Romney gets five, and Santorum 15?

  80. DrJay says:

    sorry.. I meant 2-1 so about 14-6, 13-7, somewhere in there?

  81. jason says:

    Romney leading 45-24 in Orleans. Nothing from Jefferson yet.

  82. MFG says:

    20 now and proportional and 25 selected later

    If Mitt gets 25% Santorum will only pick up a few net delegates tonight

  83. Emerica says:

    I believe that half the LA delegates roughly will be given out tonight and the other half at the caucus next month.

  84. MFG says:

    Jefferson likely will be his best Parish

    Losing East Baton Rouge Parish which surprises me a little…

  85. Jason's Bigot says:

    I told those ignorant Cajuns that it wasn’t a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon but I guess some people didn’t believe me.

  86. MFG says:

    This is as ugly as Helen Thomas and Yasser Arafat making out

    Goodnight all, I don’t want to see the rest of this…

  87. Jason's Bigot says:

    Zimmerman is hiding out….how scary that must be for him and his family. I hope he and his family will find some legal protection. The BP would be braking the law if they hurt him in any way.

  88. Jason's Bigot says:

    #95 *breaking

  89. DrJay says:

    Okay… I was playing around with the electoral scorecard to see just how bad Mitt could do and still win, and had Romney penciled in for only about 20 in Missouri and Louisiana total… looks like he’ll get more than that with Santorum’s caucus problems and all the unpledged delegates in Louisiana…

    this thing seems over… it would seem Santorum would need a big game changer and to miraculously learn how to caucus.

  90. Dingleberry says:

    The big counties are just waiting to see how many votes Romney needs so they can cheat.

  91. SustQue says:

    Jason, don’t throw the Mormon name around under pretense of another’s name. That is really disrespectful!

  92. Scooter Boy says:

    #95 Technically, they were breaking the law while standing outside voting stations with billy clubs, but Eric Holder didn’t seem to mind that much either.

  93. DrJay says:

    From the exits… head-to-head

    Santorum: 59
    Romney: 37

  94. MFG, my under 50% might have been too early. Gingrich is falling faster than I expected. IF he wants Romney to lose, his only hope is to drop out and endorse Santorum. Unfortunately for Santorum, THE EGO won’t let good Newt do that.

  95. bio mom says:

    Do not overreact. We knew Santorum would win this. Romney just needs 25percent.

  96. jason says:

    99. Those were your own words. As far as I know you never apologized for them. So live with them.

  97. SusyQue says:

    Lets hope Romney stays above 25% so he can get some delegates.

  98. Wobbles says:

    This is a disaster. We really need a brokered convention. Sorry to post, but I am off from work today.

  99. Scooter Boy says:

    You know I don’t like Newt for President, but he would make for one heck of a White House press Secretary. Can you imagine

  100. GeauxLSU says:

    Local news update said looks like Santorum on track to win at least 62 of the 64 parishes. Only losing Orleans and Jefferson could be close. Only thing left to see is if Romney stays above 25%. Looks like he will.

  101. SustQue says:

    #107…I understand what you are saying, but the press secretary has to be very careful with their responses and newt is a loose canon who wants to be the boss.

  102. SustQue says:

    #106..Relax wobbles…this is not a disaster…it’s the deep south.

  103. bio mom says:

    Wobbles, No. Hate to say it but these voters are not representative of the country writ large. If Rs let them decide, Rs will become a rump party.

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    Technically, they were breaking the law while standing outside voting stations with billy clubs, but Eric Holder didn’t seem to mind that much either.

    That is true. The 2 Black Panthers in the entire city of Philadelphia stood outside a Democratic polling place which usually votes 105% for Democrats and, in the election, the Democrats received 105% of the votes. It was a stunningdisplay of raw political power. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

    *The should have been prosecuted but the myth that they had any impact just won’t die.

  105. jason says:

    Most of the vote still out has Santorum under 50%, it might end up 49-27, which would be ok for Romney on the delegate count. Jefferson is strongly Santorum however with 33% in he is leading 49-27.

  106. Scooter Boy says:

    I don’t really care if they had any impact on the election or not. That wasn’t my point. My point was they were breaking the law, and Eric Holder turned a blind eye just like he will in this case.

  107. DrJay says:

    I don’t see any reason why Romney would slip under 25% at this point… looks like the exits will have been good again tonight.

    Looks like Obama will lose some parishes to John Wolfe…

  108. bio mom says:

    Cheney getting a heart transplant. Santorum will probably accuse him of doing it to draw attention away from his win.

  109. DrJay says:

    Obama lost Cameron, Grant, La Salle to Wolfe at least…

  110. jason says:

    Bossier is the only parish where Santorum still has some votes at over 50%. Orleans, Jefferson and East Baton Rouge have most of the remaining votes and they will pull Santorum down and Romney up a little.

    49-27 is my guess.

  111. Barrett says:

    How does one get a heart transplant when when never had a hard to begin with?

  112. Barrett says:

    meant to say HEART

    Oh boy, that could be read wrong

  113. SusyQue says:

    #111…bio mom…this is our last chance to grow the party and to win the 2012 election and save our Republic. Why is it I always see Michael Steele on MSNBC when I occasionally check it out.

  114. DrJay says:

    Looks like Orleans is the only parish Romney can win outright.

  115. DrJay says:

    Louisiana is pretty much done counting already… kudos!

  116. SusyQue says:

    It’s all OK as long as Romney gets some delegates.

  117. SustQue says:

    Santorum is under 50%.

  118. DrJay says:

    He will definitely win some delegates, SuZQ. I’m guessing it is 13-7 if I understand correctly.

  119. Michael1 says:

    The Pelican State has pretty much ended Newt’s “Southern Strategy” — such as it was.

    OK, NOW will THE SPEAKER bow out and let this two-man race run its course?

    BTW, Jeb Bush endorsement is going over VERY well in Texas. It makes the ‘Legend of the Two Ricks” a lot easier to ignore.

    Prediction: Texas will go for Romney, not Santorum.

  120. DrJay says:

    I just read here, that Romney and antorum do not split the 20 delegates…

    they get their share of the delegates… the share that would have gone to the othe candidates become unbound…

    So it would be like 10-5 or 10-6 Santorum-Romney with the other 4-5 delegates unbound.

  121. SustQue says:

    #126…DrJay…Thanks for the info on delegates for Romney.

  122. SustQue says:

    #127…Michaell…Very encouraging to read that Texas might go for Romney.

  123. SusyQue says:

    Good Night…All

  124. bio mom says:

    100 percent done.

    Romney made his threshold. All that could be expected here.

  125. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    Santorum gets 50%

    Well Mittbots, your guy wins areas OBAMA will win big, and he loses among voters making less than 200K big.

    Real electable guy you got there. We need someone who is not a walking class warfare kick me sign who can fight Obama for working class votes, which Santorum can and Rombama (since they are so alike in many way) cannot.

    I guess Mittens can use his etch a sktch to change this favorables among the jet set crowd and attract blue collars?

    Good luck losing in November when you would have won with a guy stronger in swing states when voters cannot tell the difference between Mitt and Obama so they keep the devil they know instead of risking it on one they do not.

    Maybe he can erase their perceptions with the toy?

  126. Annie says:

    Dingleberry – Certainly you are not so foolish as to think Romney would not carry Louisiana and the rest of the south against Obama in November. The fact that Romney does well in areas that Obama will be strong in is actually a plus – as Romney will be more competitive in those areas. The areas that are being won by Santorum now will vote GOP no matter.

  127. Bitterlaw says:

    Like flies on sh*t, Dingle magically appears when Santorum does well. Good night, Cheksux. Rant to yourself.

  128. jason says:

    ” with a guy stronger in swing states ”

    Santorum stronger in swing states???

    LOL… I guess all the polls are wrong about that.

    And didn’t Romney beat Santorum in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire….

  129. jason says:

    ” Mitt and Obama so they keep the devil they know instead of risking it on one they do not. ”

    Ah yes, the old canard, Mitt and Obama are the same.

    What a moron….

  130. jason says:

    Romney is going to win about a 100 delegates on Tuesday if he sweeps the 3 winner take all contests.

    That will give him about 700 delegates.

    With NY, NJ, CT, CA, UT, RI as probable wins, he just needs a small percentage of the other contests. CA, UT and NJ are winner take all with 262 delegates.

    The math is daunting for Santorum.

  131. DrJay says:

    Florida vote by income

    200K: 60% Romney

    Louisiana vote by income
    200K: 34%

    Florida=29 electoral votes+swing state
    Louisiana=Yawn… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  132. DrJay says:

    Florida vote by income

    und30K: 42% Romney
    30-50K: 45% Romney
    50-100K: 45% Romney
    100-200K: 48% Romney
    over200K: 60% Romney

    Louisiana vote by income
    und30K: 65% Santorum
    30-50K: 49% Santorum
    50-100K: 51% Santorum
    100-200K: 46% Santorum
    over200K: 34%

    Florida=29 electoral votes and swing state
    Louisiana=Yawn… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  133. new says:

    Santorum can’t win his past comments on working women alone should disqualify him in a general election context.

  134. Tim V says:

    MFG says:
    March 24, 2012 at 10:17 pm
    Tim V

    Are you a Jets fan now? Or still A Bills fan?


  135. Ben Romney says:

    Harris Poll
    National: in all swing states of `08(CO;FL;IN;IA;NV;NH;NC;OH;VA):

    Obama/Romney: 47/39 48/41
    Obama/Santorum: 48/38 51/35
    Obama/Gingrich: 50/31 52/31
    Obama/Paul: 45/36 40/39

  136. Ben Romney says:

    LA Times CA Poll:

    GOP Primary CA:

    Romney: 42%
    Santorum: 23%
    Gingrich: 12%
    Paul: 10%

    Obama/ Romney: 57/36
    Obama/Santorum: 61/32
    Obama/Gingrich: 62/30
    Obama/Paul: 59/31

  137. DW says:

    LA voters are a bunch of fools. Forcing the GOP nominee to continue to spend money in a senseless primary race that is long ago over. Here are facts that remain unchanged after last night.

    % delegates won so far:
    6% Paul
    14% Newt
    25% Rick
    55% Mitt

    % needed here on out to get to the magic number
    86% Paul
    80% Newt
    71% Rick
    46% Mitt

  138. Tina says:

    Thanks to the Obumbler:

    There is now a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman from the Black Panthers.

  139. bio mom says:


    Final La percentages. Mitt gets delegates and Santorum kept under 50

  140. bio mom says:

    Mitt got 5 delegates and Santo got 10

  141. Scott says:

    #147-bio mom
    Do you know the LA delegate allocation?

  142. Scott says:

    #148- bio mom
    You have faster fingers. Thanks for the info.

  143. jenny-former republican says:

    this primary needs to end as soon as possible. it’s damaging the gop.

  144. Scott says:

    I agree with your thought,but unless three of the remaining candidates withdraw,the GOP primaries will continue into June.
    Whoever thought of this elongated system should be tarred and feathered!

  145. Tim says:

    I wonder if a Press Secretary would be capable of starting a war? Newt would test that out……….

  146. John says:

    You folks do spend a lot of time discussing losers.

    Neither Romney not Santorum is going to beat Obama, neither has the appeal.

    Your focus should be on saving the House. (I think the GOP will win the Senate, given the states where the races are.)

  147. Wobbles says:

    It is Romney’s fault that he is unable to finish the primary season. He is the weakest GOP front-runner in a long time. Completely weak down South. He gives the President the ability to win several southern states, including Florida.

  148. Scott says:

    #155- John
    Are you sure you are not really George Will,who made the same statement last week?
    In today’s Ras daily tracking poll,Romney is up by 2(45%-43%) on Obama.Obama’s approval/disapproval rating is 46%/ 52% in today’s Ras poll.

  149. jenny-former republican says:

    Rubio will be Romney’s running mate so Mitt will win Florida. Also, the Trayvon Martin story will help the republicans. Apparently, he assaulted the Hispanic guy and the guy attacked in self defense.

  150. EML says:

    150 – I do not believe that interpretation of the rules. I think all 20 delegates were allocated last night, with Pope Ricky getting 13 and Romney getting 7.

  151. Wobbles says:

    I like the strategy of not fielding a Republican candidate for 2012. This is a winning strategy. I wish I thought of this.

  152. messy says:

    Some guy named John Wolfe beat Obama in three parishes in the Democratic primary.

  153. bio mom says:


    See 128 above. That is also the delegate allocation credited on the Rcp site.

  154. bio mom says:

    Real Clear Politics site.

  155. John says:

    157 – you are underestimating Obama. Any other president with 1.5% GDP growth, 8.5% unemployment, and $3.80 a gallon gas would be polling in the 20’s

    A credible challenger would be up substantially in key states at this point in the cycle, before the dirty billion dollar campaign kicks in.

    More tactically, a republican candidate has to flip about a half-dozen states – some combination of CO, NV, IA, OH, NC, FL, NH, VA – to barely sneak through. I have not seen any candidate with the broad appeal to do that.

    That is what the markets are seeing too.

  156. EML says:

    162 – I believe it is a misinterpretation of the rules. The first rule is that delegates are awarded proportionally. The second rule is that if no one receives over 25%, then all 20 delegates are uncommitted. These two rules are being combined and misinterpretated. Nowhere does it state that some delegates are awarded proportionally and some are uncommitted. I guess we’ll see when it all hashes out.

  157. bio mom says:

    Many are interpreting it that way. That is also the breakdown shown on the NY Times site.

  158. John says:

    To further my thoughts in 164, a good republican candidate would have taken states like OH, VA, FL and NC off the table, and taken the battle to IA, WI, NV, and CO by now.

  159. SusyQue says:

    For U.S. Presidents, Odds for a Second Term Are Surprisingly Long
    by Michael Medved

  160. bio mom says:

    Romney up 2 over Obama in ras today. Santo down 6.

  161. Scott says:

    #143-Ben Romney
    The Harris Interactive Poll is very Dem heavy.Here arethe crosstabs for the breakdown of Party Voting in the poll:
    Cand. Rep Dem Ind

    Obama 8%/ 83%/ 43%
    Romney 82%/ 8%/ 41%

    So everything is just about even,but Obama is ahead by 8%. Illogical.This is probably a D+8-10 poll.
    Also,although the Harris narrative shows Obama up by 7% in its Swing States,the crosstabs show Romney up by 8% in the Swing States.I have no idea where the mistake is.

  162. Scott says:

    #164&167- John
    Do not give up.Last year at this time according to both Gallup and Ras,Obama was doing a bit better in their daily tracking polls then he is now doing.

  163. EML says:

    167 – we don’t even have a candidate here yet. I have no doubt that there are many Santorum voters in these polls who claim they’ll vote for Obama in November but will eventually come around and vote for Romney anyway.

  164. Scott says:

    You are exactly correct!

  165. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    Annie and other moronic Rombots:

    Obviously Mittens will win generically in the south vs O, though in fact he’s gonna a have a few closer calls due to lack of conservative enthusiasm.

    You are having a fantasy by making the false assumption that Rombo is “more competitive in the ‘burbs and big cities in other regions so he’s strongest against Obama to compete for mods, indies, etc. to win OH, etc.”

    This fails to understand how elections between Reps and Dems work at the national level.

    Romney will be smashed in the Fall in the cities much like Santorum. Whatever small gain (if any) he has among voters as a bloc in placed like Cuyahoga county will be offset by dampened enthusiasm in all the small counties in OH and elsewhere. Rick will lose like 69 to 15% in Cleveland. Mitt will lose like 66% to 18% in the same place.

    It will not matter much in LA.

    It will matter in swing states, the ones Santorum leads, consistently.

    Republicans will not be competitive in IL, which Romney won big over Santy by, once again, doing well in that state you know where-Chicago by his ad share buys against Santorum to run up the score their among the ignorant deciding on 30 second commercials and no other independent research to decide.

    Romney will not possess this edge on Obama, who will carpet bomb him with about 1 billion dollars worth.

    You have to have a candidate with a personality, not one who buys it all.

    This is *contrast* election cycle.

    That means you cannot win with somebody too similar to the incumbent, like Mitt.
    Especially an untrustworthy one with no personality to offset his defects.

    The trouble is most of you buy into the media narrative on electability, without really understanding how it works beyond what Karl Rove tells you.

    You have not asked if this strategy of going after an electability meme edge with a person like Mittens has been done before, and what it’s success or failure rate has been HISTORICALLY.

    Mitt will not win or significantly east into O’s numbers in key swing states like OH in the big pop centers, and neither will Santorum. But while Mitt will carry most, or even all of the same small ones Rick did in OH in November, the total amount combined in those counties will be less by enough comparatively to Santorum’s pull due to a lack of conservative voter enthusiasm to more than offset any remote improvement Mitt gets in the big pop centers. He consequently will not be able to overcome O’s edge in Cayuhoga county and such.

    That means Obama wins OH, and the election. Republicans win national elections by running up the score in those small counties, cumulatively, as the Dems win by the same in a few big pop centers, going with the dance that brought them, using their innate strengths.

    It’s possible Mitt (or Rick) could win since Obama is quite weak, but it makes no sense to win with Mitt since the gains are so small given his lack of conservatism. He’s almost O’s twin ideologically…

  166. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Dingle has surpassed trolling and turned into a full blown comedy sketch

  167. Bitterlaw says:

    Good morning, Dingle/Cheksux.

  168. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    McCain lost indies in 2008 to Obama, he also lost by lack of conservative voter turnout due to an enthusiasm gap which he shares with Mittens. That means prolifers will not walk on broken glass for Mittens, and those hardcores are the worker bees that make the calls, GOTV and drag others to the polls.

    This election is a replay, likely with the same results, as 2008 in terms of the dynamic of the futile moderate trying to run by reaching out the them first and hoping the base will turn out due to hatred of Obama being so great, all of them will swallow and vote for Romney.

    Well, history shows enough of them will stay home to more than offset any pull Romney may have with moderates, this will be a wash, at best, and that means he loses. Most Repub rank and files WILL hold nose and vote Mitt, but just enough will say “no more, I am sick of being taken for granted” by the GOP and will sit it out and that gives O’ the win.

    The fantasy that it’s like 48% each side and then you go after the 2% that decides elections, the moderate undecided and indie voters, is idiocy since if you p*ss off your own side enough to draw away a few % of that vote, your edge among that coveted slice comes to naught unless it’s quite formidable. And with a personality challenged candidate like Romney, it’s all but impossible because he’s so wooden and plastic and inauthentic.

  169. jenny-former republican says:

    will someone explain to me why romney is leading obama nationally and yet, he’s losing to obama in almost every state poll? obama’s numbers are inflated because of california and new york. both states have huge populations. where is romney’s support and why is he leading obama?

  170. EML says:

    Dingleberry once again doesn’t understand demographics. Mitt wins the SWING voters in the suburban areas. He won’t win the far left liberals in inner cities (just like Santorum) and he WILL win the rural voters (just like Santorum). The difference between the two is that Romney takes the affluent suburban voters over Obama while Pope Ricky’s contraception and abortion arguments turn off suburban swing voters and he loses in a landslide.

  171. EML says:

    177 – there was no loss of conservative votes in 2008. That is a lie perpetuated by the far right to make such nonsensical arguments like you are making now.

    2008 was about hope and change and anti-Bush sentiment. Any other candidate would’ve lost to Obama as well.

  172. Bitterlaw says:

    Any alleged conservative who stays home is not conservative at all. Allowing Obama a second term should be unacceptable to conservatives. Dingle/Cheksux is an Obama supporter.

  173. Scott says:

    Buy a subscription from Ras and his data will tell you.
    You make an excellent point that true and accurate polling of Obama’s approval rating and his horse race against Republicans would best be stated by showing the information first with all 50(or 57) States and then a second one which removed the data from CA,NY,MA,IL,HI,VT and MD.

  174. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    I give a number of paragraphs of SPECIFIC argument points.

    You childish people with low I.Q.’a (mine is over 140, BTW) respond by no analysis to refute my points.

    Please do not disparage others with personal attacks that do not address the points, point by point, or there is no dialogue here.

    If you can post intelligent analysis, and not hurl insults designed to mislead others, then you will be taken seriously.

    Until then, you will not. Since I have posted here, not ONE OF YOU has ***intellectually*** refuted my arguments.

    Not one.

    You simply post and regurgitate crap you hear on TV and a few polls you think you “understand” about electability without actually asking full circle questions about HOW Mitt Romney is such a strong candidate in the fall given his weaknesses.

    Including those I just posted.

    Good luck winning with indies, in counties like Cayuhoga, where he will lose big to Obama, when he likely fails in small counties, winning them ultimately over Obama but by significantly less than a typical conservative republican would due to an enthusiasm gap which leads to his loss of OH.

    Good luck with that.

    And do not bother to respond please unless your response is not one line long, usually with “dingleberry is becoming unhinged” etc.

  175. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    Bitterlaw low IQ said:

    “Any alleged conservative who stays home is not conservative at all. Allowing Obama a second term should be unacceptable to conservatives. Dingle/Cheksux is an Obama supporter.”

    1) Not if the alternative poisons the well for conservatism and moderates our stances on key issues like AGW, NHC, etc.

    2) I am not and do not know Cheksux.

    Once again, these responses are designed to disparage and discredit (not by analysis but by low blows) the OP (me) not to foster discussion of the dynamics of this national election.

    3) I am not an Obama supporter. I am a hard right social and fiscal conservative, another “dingleberry is a mad hatter traiter do not listen to him because he’s the enemy forget electoral analysis arguments he is making” trick.


  176. EML says:

    Dingleberry, you are unhinged. You offer no “arguments” at all. They are only arguments in your mind. But if you must have evidence, here you go:

    The best place to see swing voters is in PA, where the far left libs in Philadelphia are pretty well insulated from the surrounding sururban counties.

    Philadelphia – 83/16
    Bucks – 54/45
    Montgomery – 60/39
    Chester – 54/45
    Delaware – 60/39

    Philadelphia – 83/17 (0 point swing)
    Bucks – 45/55 (10 point swing)
    Montgomery – 52/48 (9 point swing)
    Chester – 44/56 (10 point swing)
    Delaware – 53/47 (8 point swing)

    As we see, the margin in Philly remains exactly the same, but the suburban counties had huge swings to the Rs in 2010. This is where elections are won and lost, and Pope Ricky’s views turn off the non-religious affluent voters in the suburbs.

  177. EML says:

    But all you need to know about the race is this:

    Santorum has no money, no organization, and no discipline. He gets easily off track on questions about contraception, abortion, and gay marriage. This election is about the direction this country is going to take on the economy. Dems know that Pope Ricky’s view on social issues will turn off the swing voters who will determine this election. How does Pope Ricky overcome no money, no organization, no discipline, and no message?

  178. EML says:

    It is also nonsense that the reason McCain lost was because a lack of conservative enthusiasm. He lost because anti-Bush sentiment pushed swing voters to the Democratic side. All you have to do is take a look at Party ID polls from that time. Dems had a huge lead. Here’s some Gallup Party ID polls from 2008:

    IA D+18
    WI D+18
    OH D+18
    MI D+17
    PA D+16
    MN D+15
    NM D+14
    NH D+13
    CO D+11
    NC D+11
    IN D+9
    FL D+9
    VA D+9

    2011 Party ID poll:

    IA D+4
    WI D+4
    OH D+1
    MI D+7
    PA D+5
    MN D+6
    NM D+6
    NH R+4
    CO R+3
    NC D+1
    IN R+5
    FL R+2
    VA R+1

    Dems did well in 2008 and Rs did well in 2010 because SWING voters swung in one direction in those two years. We have seen 10-15 points towards Rs in the past couple years. The far right doesn’t swing, it’s the SWING voters that swing. Swing voters that Pope Ricky has no hope in winning over.

  179. Bitterlaw says:

    Poison the well? Mensa-membe Dingle apparently doesn’t know that Obama’s next 2-3 Supreme Court appointments will really poison the well for conservatives. Where did Cheksux go if it isn’t Dingle? The Coyote posts rambling crap, too, but is always the Coyote.

  180. Bitterlaw says:

    How does Pope Ricky overcome no money, no organization, no discipline, and no message?

    Comment by EML — March 25, 2012 @ 11:19 am

    EML – Santorum will be swept to victory y the massive support of all the “true conservatives.”*

    *You know, the true conservatives. The ones who won’t give him money now or work on his campaign now but just can’t wait to do it when he is the nominee.

  181. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    It’s not a lie they stayed home. I voted for McCain and swallowed, for the last time. I know others who did stay home, especially prolifers, some of whom swallowed by saying they voted for Palin.

    Reading polls of “self identified conservatives” and comparing them to that of 2004 in analyzing 2008 is faulty, the proof is in the county data itself, and it belies this defense.

    You are delusional if you think that with one of the worst candidates we have ever had, who his own side only picked due to mistaken views over his net electability and compared to Santorum-is likely to not have an enthusiasm gap that will mean many votes that could impact his chances in razor thin wins or losses in OH or FL.

    Obama won even among men, very narrowly, against McCain, and they tend to be more conservative than women of course. Bush won handily here in 2004.

    Bush won against Mitt’s reverse party twin (Kerry) over the big flip flopping trust angle, where voters may not have agreed with him all the time but knew where he stood. Romney has a similar problem. Nobody believes he believes his own line and will stick to anything except for expedience. That’s a killer.

    ****McCain did not perform enough better in critical rural areas ****

    …to pull it off, compared to what can be expected for a clear conservative. Romney has the exact same problem. That’s a killer.

    He only won by like 8% there.

    McCain nearly performed as well as Obama in the suburbs, but he still lost big. That’s Mitt’s fate as well.

    You guys need to turn off Michael Medved’s metrosexual bogus analysis quips, and do some real research.

    Romney runs strong in many of the same areas Obama does, but do not think that means he can compete there, chip a few votes away, and win by a razor thin margin in consequence. He under performs Santorum everywhere else, and that enthusiasm gap will net him wins in all those small OH counties as Santorum got in the primary but by smaller margins cumulatively against Obama which will offset any tiny eat in pull he gains from Cayuhoga county as compared to a Santorum.

  182. marc says:

    Why are you all arguing with it like it had sense and reasoning capabilities?

  183. EML says:

    McCain nearly performed as well as Obama in the suburbs, but he still lost big. That’s Mitt’s fate as well.
    This is just a lie. McCain got destroyed in the suburbs, and that’s the reason he lost. We saw double digit swings towards Obama in all the suburbs.

    More data from Gallup…even though Republican numbers have gone up since 2008, the data shows that the voters coming over are indeed swing voters. Compared to 2008, there are less churchgoers, more women, and less married people. Swing voters are not social conservatives and get easily turned off by the social conservative message. If we want to keep these people, we need to focus on the economy and not on the social issues Pope Ricky wants to focus on.

  184. EML says:

    Chekote, how come you can’t explain how someone with no money, no organization, no discipline, no message, and only has people voting AGAINST his primary opponent and not FOR him is going to beat Obama?

  185. marc says:

    P.S nobody with a high I.Q is a social conservative.

  186. Bitterlaw says:

    I know others who did stay home, especially prolifers, -Dingle

    Pretty odd since I always thought McCain was pro-life.

  187. bob says:


    A refutation of the premise that millions of white voters did not show up at the polls on voting day Nov 2, 2008:

    From Timothy Noah of Slate Magazine on his post-mortem on the presidential election and the white vote:

    Especially pay attention to his closing lines:

    “The percentage of Democrats who went to the polls increased 2.6 percentage points while the percentage of Republicans went down 1.3 percentage points. THE GREATEST FAVOR THE WHITE RACE DID OBAMA THIS YEAR MAY HAVE BEEN TO STAY HOME. That’s a far cry from Martin Luther King’s dream, but it’s a start.”

  188. Phyllis Macon says:

    Cheney got a new heart…he needed one. Maybe he will be a nicer person now??

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m too lazy to care too much but a 30 second google search refutes the idea that pro-life voters should have hated McCain.:

    Now, maybe some did but they must have been pretty stupid to think Obama as preferable.

  190. SusyQue says:

    #194…marc…I.Q. is trumped by WISDOM. Very smart people do a lot of dumb things. There is nothing wrong with being a social conservative. It does have it’s advantages.

  191. SusyQue says:

    #197…Cheney has served his country well since he was a young man in his twenties. He is an honorable public servant.

  192. Marv says:

    #197 Phyllis Macon,

    You and Susan Fluke have something in common. I believe, Mr Limbaugh discussed it recently.

  193. bob says:

    Here are a few more tidbits to explode some of the myths you might have about the 2008 election regarding Sarah Palin:

    1)The nomination of Palin on August 29, 2008 shifted the dynamic of the race making it more likely Obama would win:

    From the 2008 CNN exit poll:

    60% of the electorate made up their mind who they were going to vote for BEFORE the beginning of September and that vote broke 52% for Obama and 47% for McCain. (The final vote was 53% for Obama and 46% for McCain-the financial meltdown only shifted the remaining 40% very little). It was already a done deal by the time Palin was unveiled.

    2)Palin cost McCain votes

    Again from the 2008 CNN exit poll:

    60% of the electorate said that McCain’s decision to make Palin his running mate impacted their vote with 56% of these folks voting for McCain and 43% for Obama.

    On the other hand 33% of the electorate said McCain’s choice of Palin had no bearing on their vote and of these folks Obama got 65% and McCain 33%.

    In other words if you combine the two ideas together, a clear majority of the American voters had decided that it was time for a Democrat to be President and that Obama was their guy. And this would have happened regardless if Palin were on the ticket or not.

    What Palin did was to make the loss more palatable for Republicans by helping McCain not to lose by double digits. But in no way, shape or form could Palin have helped McCain to win the election, but by the same token she never cost him the election either.

    Based on these exit polls, there is simply no way McCain could have won the 2008 election regardless who he chose as VP.

  194. jason says:

    ” Cheney got a new heart…he needed one. Maybe he will be a nicer person now?? ”

    Phyllis, if you get a brain transplant I bet the odds are 1000-1 you will get smarter.

  195. jason says:

    ” winning them ultimately over Obama but by significantly less than a typical conservative republican would due to an enthusiasm gap ”

    So “conservatives” prefer Obama to Romney?

    Okayyy….they deserve him then.

    But I doubt it.

  196. jason says:

    ” Good luck winning with indies, in counties like Cayuhoga, where he will lose big to Obama ”

    No you moron, Romney might lose to Obama in Cuyahoga but he will run much better in the suburbs than Santorum. The suburbs of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy, Toledo are where the election will be decided. Keeping Obama’s margin down in the big cities is key to victory for Rs.

    Small counties don’t have a lot of votes. Romney will need to win them by big margins also, but the key is doing well in the suburbs.

  197. DrJay says:

    hi, jason, we might have another bigot for you…

    “marc says:
    March 25, 2012 at 11:55 am

    P.S nobody with a high I.Q is a social conservative.”

    have the broncos done anything to improve their defense so far this off season?

  198. Scooter Boy says:

    Dingle I think you are underestimating the disdain that conservatives have for Obama. I have friends who aren’t so enamored with any of the Republican choices but they still say they will vote in November not so much to vote a Republican in as much as to vote Obama out. When people go into that booth with gas at $4.00 to $5.00 and unemployment above 8% they are gonna take their frustrations out on somebody.

  199. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Dr Jay

    They just signed Tracy Porter away from the Saints he of the Super Bowl game winning interception

  200. DrJay says:

    That should help… but is he up for a possible suspension?

  201. DrJay says:

    I was thinking Goodell might lay the hammer on him for coming out this week and denying the bounties took place.

  202. lisab says:

    ohio and virginia will probably be the election

    what vp would help?

  203. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Mitts in great shape polling wise considering the deadenders scorched earth policy

    Basically tied after all this?


    Now the task is to grind this dirty bast@rds face into the pavement with crushing defeats

    Since he can’t withdraw from the race like a decent honorable man would he must be humiliated

    Let it begin…

  204. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Unknown Dr Jay

    My presumption is Goodell wants to destroy the Saints so it is possible

  205. Marv says:

    #211 lisab,

    I think that Gov McDonnell would be the way to go.

  206. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    I still can’t believe they tried to hurt people for bonus money

    I played football if for no other reason that retaliation from the other team I just can’t believe it

  207. DrJay says:

    MFG, it is hard to believe, but my father has been a football coach for 50 years, and you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that comes out of the coaches mouths on the college and high school sidelines and locker rooms. My father actually moved on more than once because of disagreements with a head coach. I don’t put it past nasty parents and boosters to offer up a little something for play that leads to a win, either…

    it starts young, and unfortunately, some of those players still have the maturity level of high school students.

  208. janz says:

    #202 Bob, I used to think that Palin brought voters to the table. However, in retrospect, I think while her addition to the McCain ticket solidified the conservative base more, who were anti-McCain, it ended up turning off indies, republican moderates and conservative dems. So, all in all, I think she proved to be a detriment to the GE bottom line.

    Whoever, is the republican nominee, will have to chose and vet their running mate more carefully, this time around.

  209. janz says:


    While I think McDonnell as VP would help bring VA into the fold, he seems too much like Romney, in demeaner, to add much contrast to the ticket. They are both button-down, polite, controlled speakers, hair-not-out-of-place northern state’s men. Martinez, from NM would add a north western, gender and ethnicity flavor. Rubio would probably lock in FL, and has more exciting verbal skills than Romney.

  210. Emerica says:


    If there is a lawsuit it can spread beyond the Saints to the NFL itself so they had to come down hard. Also the GM and coaches may well be criminally liable so one year pubishment is not that severe.,

  211. Dylan says:

    Martinez from nm is Palinesque. No exposu on national stage. No help to ticket. Only potential detriment.

  212. Annie says:

    janz – As much as I am in favor of women in elected office, I think at this point in American history, it would be a no-go for a general election win. Romney should pick a male for VP running mate.

  213. janz says:


    The only reason I could see problems in selecting a woman for VP, at this time, would be it might be construed by the voters as a “Palin” redo, being only the next election cycle since she ran with McCain.

    However, women are coming into their own, and I think, historically speakig, a smart, strong woman VP is viable.

  214. MFG says:

    Unquestionably there were payments made for good plays, football players gamble on everything, but actual financial incentives to INJURE people?!

    I don’t believe that, maybe I’m naive but I don’t believe someone said, “5,000 if you can break Bret Favre’s neck” especially when $5,000 to them is like a nickle to you and me

    I hope we eventually get the full story

  215. MFG says:

    Well thats it Acroso

    By lynching the Saints Goodell covers up the fact that the NFL knew for years that repeated blows to the head causes dementia in later life

    When the waves of lawsuits come the NFL can point to their discipline against the Saints and say “See! We did everything we could!”

    Covers up Goodells malfeasance in office regarding concussions

    Problem with what he did is its unfair to the FANS who did nothing wrong, the NFL waited past the deadline for renewing season tickets to drop the hammer as well, waiting for the suckers (whoops! fans) to re-up before destroying the team

    Paul Tagliabue would have punished those involved rather than injuring the fans but I’m not that surprised Goodell has been a horrible commissioner

  216. John says:

    Save six months of your angst and heartburn. Neither Pope Rick nor Mr Mitt “Gotdon Gecko” has a chance against Obama.

    The markets have already figured that out, only the blind can’t see the obvious.

  217. MFG says:

    Picking a woman VP might be ideal though

    You know they would try to Palinize her and that might backfire bigtime…

  218. Tim says:

    People vote the top of the ticket. A VP choice might help in one state, but that’s about it.

    For instance, no doubt that Johnson being on the ticket helped Kennedy to carry Texas………..

  219. MFG says:

    John you have to troll less transparently

    By the way, Obama was at 45.0 to be reelected two months ago was that set in stone as well?

  220. barry says:

    224 what would be the appropriate punishment for a Head Coach that lied to the Commish and had no problem with his players trying to hurt other players?

  221. Emerica says:


    OK. But if the NFL permits it (and even if they did punish) they are still potentially liable as is the Saints organization.

    Civil and criminal.

    Favre isn’t going to sue, but he could if he wanted to or someone else could. One of the reasons he retired is because the Saint’s permanently messed up his ankle. Perhaps some other person will sue them.

  222. jason says:

    206. Nah, that isn’t bigotry, just arrogance and stupidity.

    marc is a moron, not a bigot.

  223. MFG says:

    I would have fired Loomis and Payton if I were the owner

    The proper punishment from the commissioner was one that hurts the GUILTY and spares the INNOCENT

    Ie Sean Payton makes $8 million per year, fine him $8 million

    Do the same with everyone else involved hit them with devastating fines

    If the commissioner suspends 22 players what are the Saints going to put on the field? The LSU junior varsity?

    You wait until the fans have paid tens of millions of dollars in season ticket renewals then decapitate their team?

    Its stealing

  224. Emerica says:

    No one else other than Saints fans feels sorry for them MFG.

  225. jason says:

    I set a high bar for bigotry.

    So far only Labigot, Bunu and susyque have managed to reach it.

    Labigot: “Do not vote for those advocating a false religion” and “I am worried if Romney wins Mormonism will spread”.

    Bunu: A flaming anti-semite and Nazi sympathizer.

    Susyque: “Not a sin to vote for Romney EVEN THOUGH he is a Mormon”.

  226. MFG says:

    I agree Acroso there is the potential for civil and criminal liability I’m surprised Benson didn’t fire them all I would have fired them all

    But decapitating the team, AFTER season ticket renewals were in (they waited for one week after) is despicable

    I also resent the attitude that the Saints were the only ones who did this

    Goodell is going to shut the investigation down now then say “Everything is fine now, look no more problems anywhere!!” and maybe this gives him some sort of bulwark against the coming tsunami of player concussion lawsuits

    Tagliabue wouldn’t have done something this dishonest

  227. MFG says:

    233 Acroso I agree

  228. Emerica says:

    “I also resent the attitude that the Saints were the only ones who did this”

    If they punish all the players, they will start ratting on other teams if they know of it.

  229. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – I’m sorry but I can’t feel too bad for the Saints fans. Remember – I hate 31 football teams, some more than others. The Saints’ fans didn’t mind winning a Super Bowl with a bounty system in place so they can’t cry now that the team was caught. They still have a solid team and Brees. Spagnola is pretty high on the list of “Next Bog Coaches” so I think the Saints will be fine this year.

  230. barry says:

    Payton is a liar period! I would not believe anything out of his mouth for now on. As for the fans, which one’s are you talking about the Saints or the fans who star player is out due to the Sanits targeting certain players?

  231. MFG says:

    The players are being asked about this and they are potentially at risk civilly and criminally also

    Thats why Tracy Porter said the bounties didn’t exist

    His version of taking the 5th amendment

  232. jason says:

    ” People vote the top of the ticket. A VP choice might help in one state, but that’s about it. ”

    Hard to say. I think a VP who is a good campaigner and can win the VP debate helps in a way that is hard to measure.

    Cheney helped Bush by winning the debates against Lieberman and Edwards and providing gravitas to the ticket.

    If Romney picks Rubio, he might help with Hispanics in more than one state.

    My view is that a VP usually does not hinder the candidate, but can help.

  233. MFG says:


    Its not the fans fault they did this, how is it our fault?!

  234. MFG says:


    I would have fired Payton and Loomis

    The Saints fans are not responsible for this

  235. Emerica says:

    The players participating are at fault though.

  236. MFG says:


    MUCH less than the coaches

    The coaches set the tone of a team and anyone who pushes back would have been run up the street

  237. MFG says:

    Well to hell with it its done

  238. MFG says:

    I think Palin marginally helped McCain in 2008 I think that’s the best a VP can do marginally help

  239. Bitterlaw says:

    It isn’t the Saints’ fans fault but is there any sentiment among the fans that the Super Bowl win was tainted? Probably not. Before you say it, Buddy Ryan had bounties and sucked as a head coach.

  240. MFG says:


    Well that’s the key question

    And there IS some angst here over this

    Unresolved as of yet…

    Again, I played football and I CANNOT believe people paid bonuses to INJURE people I just CANNOT believe that

    Maybe its just that I’m at my “Say it aint so Joe!” stage

  241. Scooter Boy says:

    I agree that people usually vote top of the ticket and VP usually only helps in one state, but Rubio could be the exception do to the latino vote in other states.

  242. Scooter Boy says:

    Sorry Jason, didn’t read you whole post before typing.

  243. Bitterlaw says:

    I think the Saints still win the division.

  244. Emerica says:

    Probably the best way to understand the Trayvon Martin killing to listen to what Lindsey Graham thinks because he always seems to know stuff like this.
    Lindsey Graham: ‘We All Know There’s A Racial Component’ To Trayvon Martin’s Death

  245. MFG says:

    I’ve met Pat Swilling an all pro former Saints linebacker and a lot of the Saints offensive linemen over the years and its amazing how big and fast and strong these guys are

    I’m a big guy and was usually one of the tallest guys on the field at 6 4 (this is in the 70’s) and I have been taken aback by just how huge these modern players are

    I’m sure they could literally kill you on the field if they wanted to

    Injure people intentionally and have someone as big as Pat Swilling after you for revenge?

  246. MFG says:


    They still haven’t punished the players there will be suspensions of players

    There were 22-27 players involved

    If they’re all suspended…????????????????

  247. MFG says:

    Fuqq you Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, Greg Williams


  248. Brandon says:

    They’ll probably stagger the suspensions so they’re not all suspended at once.

  249. MFG says:

    I’d rather have them all at once

    Maybe after an 0-4 start the team could recover

    I’m ASSUMING the suspensions won’t be greater than 4 games

    Watch they’ll probably be 8 or 10 game suspensions…

  250. Brandon says:

    Vilma might get a big one…

  251. MFG says:

    Pretty sure the Saints will cut Vilma

    Maybe thats why we didn’t try to retain Tracy Porter

  252. addisonst says:

    Bunu: A flaming anti-semite and Nazi sympathizer.

    And the operative word there is flaming.

  253. Bobby says:

    RINO Mike Lee endorsing Mitt Romney

  254. jason says:

    Wobbie Troll claimed he contributed to Mike Lee to prove he was not a troll.

    So will he be asking for his money back?


  255. jason says:

    BTW, where is Wobbie Troll?

    Refresher course at troll school, new talking points?

  256. MFG says:

    From the HotAir comments section (I nominate this for comment of the year):

    We do not yet possess the bioengineering technology necessary to fuse Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul together into a single Not Romney entity, especially one driven to simultaneously commit adultery, condemn itself for it, and blame the Illumnati for causing it in the first place.

    troyriser_gopftw on March 25, 2012 at 2:12 PM

  257. mnw says:

    So RAS has Roboto +2 over zero again, after all the hell of the GOP primary season.

    OK. I like it.

    I suspect the SCOTUS will approve Obamacare inits entirety– mandate & all. Hope I’m wrong.

    What effect that will have on GE, I have no clue.

  258. Robbie says:

    I’ve read quite a few articles this week about the upcoming Obamacare hearing at the Supreme Court. What has caught my attention is the media’s efforts to shame conservative justices into supporting Obamacare.

    The media has decided a rejection of the law will be partisan, but never say the same when they note the four liberal justices will vote for the law.

    The press has also pushed the notion the Court won’t invalidate the law because it won’t want to invalidate Obama’s signature agenda item.

    Clearly, the press is attempting to speak to the justices through their stories. Liberal legal scholars are even predicting more than five will support the law.

    I’d been hopeful the Court would invalidate the law, but no more. I think Kennedy will not want the blowback he got after Citizens United. I even think Roberts will want to be in support of the law so he can control the opinion writing process.

    The reason I think the mandate survives is the opinions of two great conservative judges, Sutton and Silberman. Sutton clerked for Scalia while Silberman was nearly picked ahead of Kennedy for Scotus. They both ruled for the mandate.

    I just don’t think the Court will want to make what will be described as a political ruling right before an election.

  259. jenny-former republican says:

    #267, what’s next? a mandate to purchase the chevy volt?

  260. mnw says:

    -16, & 46/52 today. Pas mal.

  261. MFG says:

    My guess is the law is upheld only a wild guess

  262. mnw says:

    OK, so maybe Lugar CAN’T vote for himself– because he doesn’t live in IN. But so what! Look on the bright side for the oldest RINO POS in existence: today he got a ringing, unqualified endorsement from Arlen Specter.

  263. mnw says:

    I hear DeDe Scozzafava & Jim Jeffords are next in line, too.

  264. RINO Hunters says:

    We are so cool. We just mash at our keyboards while others put themselves out there for public office.

  265. MFG says:

    mnw what do you think of 271?

  266. SusyQue says:

    #234…Jason, you are just a darn right bully trying to denigrate and misrepresent my character. Those words you posted about me are completely taken out of context. That was my conversation with my fellow Christians. I was pressing the fact that the presidency is not a religious job…it is a secular job. The pastors were telling them it is a sin to vote for a mormon.
    I was telling them it was not a sin.

    Stop your misogynism and your untruth about me!

  267. Robbie says:

    #267, what’s next? a mandate to purchase the chevy volt?

    Comment by jenny-former republican — March 25, 2012 @ 5:36 pm

    I agree, but Kennedy is a liberal when it comes to social issues.

    I also think Roberts is concerned the Court will take a big hit if they vote to overturn the law.

    I predict the law survives 6-3 with Roberts writing the majority opinion in order to keep the result very narrow.

    Kennedy and Roberts would need to be willing to essentially overturn 80 years of New Deal commerce clause rulings and I don’t think they have the stones to do so.

  268. Wobbles says:

    I predict that it is not over turned by 7 to 2 margin.

    BTW – a tweet predicts a 47 percent chance at a brokered convention.

  269. Brandon says:

    Tiger is BACK!

  270. SoHope says:

    This is some March Madness!!!!

  271. Cory says:

    Kentucky wins… Tiger wins… if Kansas can win, I’m really liking today’s results!

  272. SoHope says:

    This game is intense

  273. jason says:

    Susyque, stop lying.

    You wrote those words, they were not in any quotes, not out of context at all. If you want to take them back that’s fine.

    And if you want to add liar to bigot, be my guest.

  274. jason says:

    Short Tiger for the Master’s, he will be rated much higher than he should be because of this win.

    One swallow doesn’t make a summer.

  275. Cory says:

    KANSAS baby!!

  276. SoHope says:

    Jason, HHR voted against that specific claim you made against SSQ.

    You were the only one that thought it was bigoted.

  277. SusyQue says:

    #283…Jason’s M_O

    Demeaning others is one example of character assassination .
    The insecure abuser feels empowered by spewing his debasing anti-social slurs to boost his own self esteem. Thus, he can be rightly called a bully.

  278. SoHope says:

    shut up Kory!

  279. SoHope says:

    There is no doubt we would have won with Marshall…no doubt at all.

  280. MFG says:

    Sports be heartbreaking…

  281. DrJay says:

    I’m a fan of the SEC and the old big 8 teams, so today was good for me.

  282. SoHope says:

    MFG, no doubt…well I am off to church…late…going to sneak in the back and get crappy glances from some lame dook fans.

  283. MFG says:

    Condolences to all whose teams lost this weekend

  284. DrJay says:

    Our Gators blew it yesterday, but I was surprised they got as far as they did… still disappointing, and they undoubtedly would lose now to Kentucky anyway.

  285. lisab says:

    ORLANDO – A witness we haven’t heard from before paints a much different picture than we’ve seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

    The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.

    Our sister station, FOX 35 in Orlando, has spoken to that witness.

    What Sanford Police investigators have in the folder, they put together on the killing of Trayvon Martin few know about.

    The file now sits in the hands of the state attorney. Now that file is just weeks away from being opened to a grand jury.

    It shows more now about why police believed that night that George Zimmerman shouldn’t have gone to jail.

    Zimmerman called 911 and told dispatchers he was following a teen. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to.

    And from that moment to the shooting, details are few.

    But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.

    “The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

    Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

    The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.

    His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

    “When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.

  286. jason says:

    ” Jason, HHR voted against that specific claim you made against SSQ.”

    Well you defended Labigot too, so I take your “vote” with a grain of salt.

    But be it as it may, I don’t base my opinions on HHR votes.

    Hitler has a lot of popular support in Germany.

  287. DrJay says:

    “Former state Sen. Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac has been found not guilty of drunken driving and operating left of the centerline.

    A jury of six women returned the verdict Friday afternoon…”

    “Hopper said on the stand Thursday that county employees were out to get him because of his support while in office of a budget reform bill and eliminating collective bargaining for most state employees…”

    “Defense attorney Dennis Melowski focused on how the [family that reported him] had what he considered a political bias against Hopper because they had signed the Gov. Scott Walker recall petition…

    Melowski also revealed to the jury that [the arresting officer] signed the recall petition against Hopper.”

    “Hopper said while on the stand that Fond du Lac Police Department Officer Keywon Brown told him on Oct. 16 that if he was in charge of the traffic stop it would have been handled differently. Melowski said the footage of Hopper’s arrest shows Hopper and Brown shaking hands and then “fist bumping” after a lengthy conversation…

    The footage of the arrest was never shown to the jury — a fact Melowski focused on during his closing argument…

    [The arresting officer] could not explain why the audio was not recorded during those tests…

    [The prosecutor] also did not explain to the jury why Venne did not procure a blood sample from Hopper. No blood alcohol content number was ever presented to the jury.”

  288. DrJay says:

    Hopper was one of the two that lost his seat in the recall elections.

  289. jason says:

    Hitler HAD I should have said.

  290. jason says:

    ” Demeaning others is one example of character assassination”

    You were the one that said it’s not a sin to vote for Romney EVEN THOUGH he is a Mormon.

    And I am guilty of character assassination?


  291. lisab says:

    breaking news:

    president obama has just declared that one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each red state will now be selected by annual lottery to participate in a new reality program

  292. lisab says:

    Kuwaitis mistakenly play Borat’s Kazakh national anthem at medals ceremony
    The scourge of Borat continues to haunt Kazakhstan after Kuwaiti officials accidentally played the fictional character’s mock Kazakh national anthem at an international rifle shooting championship.

  293. EML says:

    Well I guess I will have to be satisfied with 2 of 4 final four teams this year.

  294. CompassionateLiberal says:

    “Rick Santorum asks to take Cheney’s old dead heart to show to his family. #familyvalues”

    Read more:

    This is, a little, funny, no?

  295. Scott says:

    Over the weekend,7 shot in Chicago of which 2 died.
    I wonder if any of the victims or victimizers looked like Obama’s son,if he had one.
    This is,a little,funny,no?!

  296. CompassionateLiberal says:

    #305 – ????? – what about the spaces in between the words and the commas?

  297. SusyQue says:

    Sen. Lee to endorse Romney
    Posted by
    CNN’s Marlena Baldacci

    (CNN) – Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah will endorse GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday, a Romney campaign source confirmed to CNN.

    Lee, a popular figure in the Tea Party movement, will be the first member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus to endorse the former Massachusetts governor. Romney previously received the support of most of the Utah congressional delegation, including Sen. Orrin Hatch and Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Rob Bishop.
    Utah is scheduled to hold its primary on June 26.
    News of the endorsement was first reported by The Salt Lake Tribune.

  298. lisab says:

    In general, 72 percent of people are fans of the serial comma. But among those who prefer Tau as the circle constant over Pi, 90 percent are fans of the serial comma.

    Based on a survey of 102 people who prefer Tau as the circle constant over Pi and 526 people in general.

  299. jason says:

    Lee must be a RINO.

  300. jason says:

    What are you smoking lisab, really good sh…?

  301. jason says:

    Maybe SCOTUS will rebel against being pigeonholed into a position and reject the mandate just to annoy liberals and the MSM.


  302. lisab says:


    no, CompassionateLiberal brught up the commas

    some people prefer serial commas

  303. david says:

    The court is suppose to make it’s decision within a vacuum and not allow the media to influence it’s decsion.

  304. Walt says:

    I predict the Supreme Court decision will be that the gumbent has the right to force everyone to buy any anything the gubment says it should buy.
    I think for good measure the Supremes will decree that everyone has 24 hours to go out and buy a hoodie and skittles (the non-sugar variety) and hit the streets to join the rest of the folks shouting “no peace no justice”.