Romney Dominates in MD

You can pretty much be assured that I was not the person in Maryland who apparently won a portion of the $640 million jackpot last night because I am here this morning putting up this Saturday morning post ….

A majority of Republicans in Maryland apparently are really just Republicans in name only according to this morning’s tweet from Public Policy Polling.

Only real suspense in Maryland looks like whether Romney can get over 50%- my guess is yes. 25+ point victory quite possible

Reaching a majority would be great, but of course, that will still not be enough for some people….

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  1. NYCmike says:


  2. NYCmike says:

    That is enough for me today.
    Thread rule: Name the most conservative person from your state who you are glad lost a primary to a less bombastic foe.

  3. NYCmike says:

    Maryland ALLOWS Republicans? I thought you were always kidding around about those meetings, I thought you just wanted a good excuse to give to the wife, so you could go drinking.

  4. Apologetic California says:

    I hate Maryland, they took my Mega Lotto winnings!

  5. NYCmike says:

    Oh, I did win the MegaMillions, I will volunteer here to pass my time. I’ll be back later, after I collect. I may come back as an intern to the Transparent Dem Troll. And now that I have all of this money, I may adopt Tim’s policies where the “Working People” are the ones who collect stuff from the Federal, state, and local governments.

  6. SusyQue says:

    Santorum: ‘I’m Not Going to Run as a Conservative – I’m a Conservative Period’

  7. SusyQue says:

    The Mega-lotto extravaganza is pure unmitigated GREED. It is rare that gamblers of any kind end up beating the system. All those casinos in every town and in Las Vegas were built on the money
    lost by gamblers. Many families are destroyed by this addictive
    vice. When a gambler boasts of their wins…I ask them how much they have lost, but I don’t get an answer.

  8. NJConservative says:

    Out of the choices left, Rick Santorum is the only logical choice.

  9. Brandon says:

    *sigh*. Here comes another Susy morality rant.

  10. bio mom says:


    You have a different definition of logical then. Give it up already. This is over. Now help us defeat Obama.

  11. NJConservative says:

    Romney is just like an Obama second term anyway.

  12. Emerica says:

    North Dakota is voting on national delegates this morning. Basically Romney lawyers are running the thing, but it seems they don’t have the votes to railroad it so now there some sort of uneasy Santorum-Paul alliance protesting it out.

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    Thread rule – I am glad Toomey lost to Specter in 2004. Senator Hoeffel would have been worse than Specter. We just have to agree to disagree on this. Toomey was more focused on economic issues in 2010.

  14. Emerica says:

    The party hacks in the ND GOP are trying to railroad all the delegates for Romney basically.

    Old lady says delegates hv been chose based on whos been active in the party not those who just”walked on” #ndgop #ndgopconvention #ronpaul

    #NDGOP national delegate slate gives Paul 2, Santorum 6, Romney 20. Delegates voting now. Actual results coming.

    Convention floor fight over national delegates. Getting intense. #NDGOP

    Dustin Gawrylow ? @DGinND Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    The Romney lawyers are running the NDGOP convention according to former Chairman Gary Emineth. #ndpol

    Kristen M. Daum ? @kristendaum Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    Stein just told a delegate: “Get your eyes checked” – in response to delegate saying he can’t read the names on the screen. #ndgop2012

    Michelle San Miguel ? @michellesm22 Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    How committee selected original 25 nominees to be nat’l convention delegates: 40% volunteer work; 25% financial contributions #NDGOP2012

    Kristen M. Daum ? @kristendaum Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Parliamentarian: Willing to suspend rules and get printed ballots as asked. would delay vote by 1 hour . Voice vote divided #ndgop2012

  15. bio mom says:

    Not by a long shot!! He will not veto anything coming from the Republican congress. Obama would. He will not appoint liberal Supreme Court justices, Obama would. He is fiscally conservative, Obama is not. There is plenty more but diehard deadenders are just not worth the energy to argue with.

  16. Bitterlaw says:

    NJC is a rare poster who is only here to say Romney sucks. I think he loved Perry and then Palin.

  17. bio mom says:

    I confess ignorance about caucuses and how they work. They should all be replaced with primaries.

  18. SusyQue says:

    It would be so great if all the ooo, Sentorum, Newt, voters who post on HHR would turn into Rip Van Winkle and have a long pleasant sleep!

  19. SusyQue says:

    #19…Not Tebow….maybe Emerica!

  20. SusyQue says:

    Mott Romney is not a perfect candidate nor will he be a perfect president…but neither was any president since George Washington.
    So, there will be gaffes…but don’t implode…you commit them, too!

    Think about this…from the beginning of this primary…Romney is the only one who hasn’t imploded. All the others have noted flaws that disqualified them…according to the voters.

    WE must replace ooo…it will take all of us to do it!

  21. SusyQue says:


  22. Emerica says:

    Romney is another John McCain only even worse.

  23. Emerica says:

    Polish Leaders break silence on secret CIA torture facility

    But the debate is sometimes tinged with a hint of disappointment with Washington, as if Poland’s young democracy had been led astray – ethically and legally – by the superpower that it counts as a key ally, and then left alone to deal with the fallout.
    Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Thursday that Poland has become the “political victim” of leaks from U.S. officials that brought to light aspects of the secret rendition program.

  24. Emerica says:

    Israel Earmarks 10% more of West Bank for Settlement Expansion

    Newly released maps indicate Civil Administration secretly setting aside additional land for Jewish settlements

  25. Emerica says:

    Polish Politicians conspiring with the Bush torture regime to be charged in Poland?

    Any officials who were involved could – in theory – be charged with serious crimes, including crimes against humanity.
    Former U.S. President George W. Bush writes in his memoir “Decision Points” that he ordered the CIA to subject about 100 terror detainees to harsh interrogation techniques, arguing the methods did not constitute unlawful torture and that they produced intelligence that prevented further attacks. Neither he nor the CIA have officially said where the “black sites” were based, but intelligence officials, aviation reports and human rights groups say they included Afghanistan and Thailand as well as Poland, Lithuania and Romania.

  26. Emerica says:

    North Dakota GOP is essentially just cheating at this point passing stuff without even counting the votes.

    It’s interesting that a Romney who took THIRD in N.D. behind both Santorum and Paul is rigging the convention.

  27. mnw says:

    |You’re nuts, bunny. Just America-hating nuts.

    And NOBODY HERE gives a dead ratz adz about Papa Doc’s situation in ND!


  28. Emerica says:

    Santorum should scrub out his vagina and not support Romney at the convention.

    I think Santorum will do the Buchanan thinking believing that the party will give him the next in line treatment if he just does what Romney wants though.

  29. mnw says:

    It is illegal for anyone not in the U.S. to join the U.S. armed forces. By law, to enlist you have to be a usc or a lawful permanent resident (LAPR).

    When the U.S. armed forces catches an illegal alien in the armed forces, that soldier is discharged from the armed forces forthwith.

    So… “a path to citizenship for those who serve in the armed forces” MAKES NO SENSE. To MAKE sense, you would first have to amend existing law to allow illegal aliens to ENTER the armed forces legally.

    Such a new law would put our armed forces squarely on the road to becoming a mercenary force… if that’s what people want. |Thereis probably no measure that would weaken our national defense worse than contracting it out to foreign nationals, a la King George & the Hessians.

  30. mnw says:

    first sentence should read: “not in the U.S. legally”

  31. EML says:

    Haha, Paulbots love gaming the system and rigging caucuses but when they get outmaneuvered, they turn into the biggest crybabies in the world. Go cry in the corner bunu. You lost.

  32. mnw says:

    Congrats, Dick Lugar!

    He won an appeal, so he can finally vote for himself!

    Hoosiers must be so proud of him today! /s

  33. bio mom says:

    New tweeet from ppp. ppppolls: We’re seeing Romney up by a wider margin in Wisconsin than the polls to date as well. Tuesday looks like a blood bath.

  34. NJConservative says:

    Of course PPP is pimping for Romney. They know he is the weaker candidate.

  35. Emerica says:

    Gun Owners of America gives Romney D- rating

    Ron Paul gets awarded only A+ rating.

  36. NJConservative says:

    Emerica, everyone knows Romney is a gun grabber. That’s not news.

  37. Annie says:

    Re thread rule: Tom McClintock’s defeat in 2003 by Arnold Schwarzenegger – Although he probably would have been a great governor – McClintock had absolutely no chance of being elected governor, and of course, Schwarzenegger was about the only one who could beat Gray Davis. However, McClintock’s defeat in 2003 lead to an unsuccessful run for Lt. Gov. in 2006 (Garamendi won, and he is now in Congress representing my newly designed district), and more significantly to a successful election in 2008 to represent the 4th District of California. Now, McClintock is a very conservative voice in the House, and judging by the district he represents, will be there for a long time.

  38. Annie says:

    NJConservative #12 – I hope you are being sarcastic – If not, I will once again post the Ann Coulter article about Romney’s governing ability, just for you:

  39. Emerica says:

    Obama giving away part of Alaska?

    The agreement was negotiated in total secrecy. The state of Alaska was not allowed to participate in the negotiations, nor was the public given any opportunity for comment. This is despite the fact the Alaska Legislature has passed resolutions of opposition – but the State Departmen

  40. EML says:

    37 – yes, Pope Ricky is definitely th stronger candidate. If there’s one thing voters can’t get enough of in the midst of an economic crisis, it’s talking about contraception, abortion, and gay marriage. Pope Ricky for Minister-in-Chief!

  41. Annie says:

    #31 – Santorum is becoming a political pariah. Rubio will be the next one the GOP will choose, if he continues to measure-up to expectations. (Too bad he probably won’t have the experience of a governor – for me, a big flaw.) Basically, Santorum has nothing more in his resume than Obama did 4 years ago, or even John Edwards when he kept running for president (but at least we can assume Santorum has no secret mistress and love child).

  42. Annie says:

    I think Santorum should be made ambassador to the Vatican – He’d love it, and we’d have him on another continent.

  43. Emerica says:

    I used to call Rubio the establishment’s anti-establishment nominee for the senate.

    If he keeps pushing comprehensive immigration reform, he will lose his seat just like senator Martinez did who he is ideologically similar too.,

  44. Emerica says:

    Prior North Dakota GOP Chairman talks about Romney’s cheating in North Dakota today.

  45. Annie says:

    #42 – Obama must be stopped! I believe the Senate must approve of all foreign treaties (and certainly a territory “give-away” comes under that umbrella) that an administration negotiates. Or, is the Democrat-run Senate that deeply beholding to Obama? Or, does Obama have dictatorial powers now?

  46. Annie says:

    47 – I seem to remember Martinez retired.

  47. SoHope says:

    If you hate who ronulans like and like who ronulans hate, who will have it right 75% of the time.

  48. EML says:

    When Paul games the system, its called playing politics. When Romney does it, its callwd cheating. Dry your tears yet bunu?

  49. Emerica says:

    Paul supporters play by Roberts Rules of Order which governs GOP caucuses.

    Romney supporters play by Sue Lowden rules of cheating.

  50. Annie says:

    I’m being dragged off to see “Hunger Games” – I didn’t stop laughing throughout “21 Jump Street” last weekend. It’s a rainy day here in California, so I guess sitting in the theater makes sense. Have a great Saturday, everyone –

  51. Emerica says:

    Pictures inside of Romney’s sham convention in ND.

  52. SoHope says:

    And I’m playing the world’s smallest violin, playing the saddest song.

  53. SoHope says:

    I saw it annie…it wasnt that bad.

  54. GF says:

    40- Actually, that is not correct. Lt. Gov. BustaMecha/Boostyourtaxes was as equally despised as Gov. Doofus. The LA Times poll prior to the recall had Arnold beating Cruz in a two-way 59-37; Tom McClintock lead Cruz 57-39 in the same question with the same sample. Other polls showed McC winning comfortably as well. Had he not been in the race, it is quite possible that many of his supporters would have sat it out, leading to the failure of the recall question which was more important than the replacement question that followed it i.e. the replacement ballot would have been moot had question #1 failed. We probably would have lost him in 2006, but the state would have been better off with an abbreviated McC term than the two lousy Schwarzenkennedy terms we ended up with since Arnie did nothing to build the state party nor did he have any noticeable coattails.

    Good afternoon, all. I’ll be out probably until Monday as I am heading up to LA for a concert and going to Griffith Park tomorrow. Hopefully some good Mitt numbers will come out ahead of Tuesday.

  55. GF says:

    50- Facts don’t matter to them, Annie; it’s exhausting trying to explain them to people who have other ideas in their head.

  56. bio mom says:

    Obama 43/50 today in gallup.

    No change in the gop numbers. Romney still up 15 over Santorum.

  57. On thread rule, here is where a “conservative” ran as a 3rd party and helped change Oregon to a BLUE state.

    In 1990, the Republicans nominated the state Attorney General, Dave Frohnmayer. This caused the incumbenant Democrat Governor to decide not to run for re-election. The Democrats put up the secretary of state.

    At that point, Democrats had only held the Governor office for 22 of the previous 81 years. They have held the position ever since. Now Democrats hold all statewide offices, both senators, and 4 of 5 House seats.

    A group who thought Frohnmayer was not conservative enough ran an independent candidate in the general election. I don’t think they bother to run in the primary, since they would have lost. Election results: 46% Democrat, 40% Frohnmayer, and 13% for the “conservative”.

  58. bio mom says:

    Let’s see. How many delegates did Ron Paul steal in Nevada by storming the caucus sites? How many in Missouri (at least he sure tried to). Same shenanigans in Washington State and Maine. What goes around comes around.

  59. Emerica says:


    Again, Paul supporters plays by the rules. Romney supporters cheat.

  60. Emerica says:


    You act like Paul supporters were uninvited to the 2008 GOP Nevada State GOP convention.

    Only ELECTED county GOP delegates were invited to the state GOP convention. We won because we had a majority of elected county delegates. The GOP chairwoman went rogue and shut the convention down and chose the national delegates herself because the result was not what she personally wanted.

  61. Walt says:

    Obammer and energy–

    How many lies can one guy tell in 3 minutes?

    Obammer says that oil companies get a huge “government subsidy”.

    ***Reality is that oil companies can write off before tax, expense of drilling exploration costs. Other companies also deduct cost of operation before they figure adjusted income on which they pay taxes.

    ***Who DID get a huge billions of $$$ of “government subsidy” were his pals who started up solar power green energy crap.


    He says that oil companies make record profits today.

    ****He is implying that all the increase in gas prices at the pump are the result of bigger profits for the oil companies.

    ***He ignores the fact that with higher prices of everything and lower dollar value that probably every company–even chewing gum companies stores and grocery–are bringing in higher amount of gross dollars–but are they really making “record profits” as a % of total operation costs including wholesale costs employee costs.

    ***He implies that all profits go to the executives of the oil companies and ignores the fact that anyone who has stock in oil companies that gets higher dividends or realizes capital gain in sale of inflated stock benefits–individuals, retirement system assets manmaged for active employees as well as retirees, etc.

    Also ignores the huge amounts that oil companies put back into exploration efforts, etc.
    He says that energy produced by wind and solar have doubled.

    ***Relity is that they have increased something like 15%.
    He says that total domestic oil production is up.

    ***Reality is that it is up, but only for “tight” oil that is more expensive to get to and produce.

    ***ignores the fact the oil incustry officials say that total domestic production will be down significantly by the end of 2014.
    ****************************************He says that the U.S. has very little proven oil reserves.

    **Reality is that U.S. has enough reserves to supply nation’s cuyrrent needs for over 200 years.
    Exactly WHEN will the MSM call him on these things?

  62. pitchaboy says:

    Mr. 45% will end March in Gallup around 46% or so and if he wins in November, will be the first President to ever do so with numbers under 50% in March. Unlikely.

  63. Apologetic California says:

    Nice to see Gallup polling showing Real America approvals for Obama.

  64. Scooter Boy says:

    Anyone else getting tired of seeing the Reverend Al Sharptons face in the media. Even the Florida NAACP said this week they can’t condone Al’s actions. Wishing this guy would just go away is like trying to pick up a TURD from the clean end. Just ain’t gonna happen

  65. maelstrom says:


    Indiana State Constitution Article 2 Section 4.

    No person shall be deemed to have lost his residence in the State, by reason of his absence, either on business of this State or of the United States.

  66. sickofdems says:

    Post #68…..

    I dont know where you get all your numbers from…but i sure hope they are accurate. They always cheer me up and give me hope.

    I rarely admit to actually “hating” anyone, but damn, i truly hate democrats and especially the hard-core brain-dead liberals. I just utterly despise these people…..

  67. DrJay says:

    Happy birthday to Al Gore, Pat Leahy, and Barney Frank!

    (fake smile… blech!)

  68. EML says:

    Word out of North Dakota is that the slate elected to the national convention is

    Romney 20
    Santorum 6
    Paul 2

    RealClearPolitics, based on the earlier nonbinding straw poll, had it

    Santorum 11
    Paul 8
    Romney 7
    Gingrich 2

    Quite a shift to Romney (+13). Pope Ricky -5, Dr. Kookoo for cocoa puffs -6.

  69. Emerica says:

    No, the ND GOP convention got slowed up and they recessed until tomorrow.

  70. EML says:

    Thats what the reports are. Also being reported: Paulbots crying in the streets after being outsmarted at their own game by Romney.

  71. mnw says:

    Hey, bun

    Nobody CARES. NOBODY.

    The nomination is over, & whether your wretched little man gets 5 delegates or 55 or 150? Who CARES?

    We all get it that he’ll try to help zero in the GE. Great.

    Why do you POST here?

  72. EML says:

    They had a lot of hopes in ND. They were hoping they could game the system and win a majority of delegates. They are super pissed that the Romney people beat them at their own game.

  73. Bitterlaw says:

    When Ron Paul can’t even steal a caucus, it’s time to quit.

  74. SoHope says:

    I seem to remember scrolling past a bunu posting that showed a list of the precentage of total contributions Paul got state by state and bunu compared it to the how well he would do. He said that since Paul did so well in ND that would be the state that he would win…all that money and only 2 delegates…what a shame. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Jew-hating, senile, old coot.

  75. Gpo says:

    These people are disgusting- NBC edited the 911 call from Zimmerman

  76. EML says:

    Ron Paul has spent nearly $500,000 for every delegate won. I though he was supposed to be fiscally responsible?

  77. SoHope says:

    GPO, that is soooo wrong!

  78. Walt says:


    Obammer and energy–where I got my figures was from the John Gibson show on Fox News on my Sirius car radio.

    I beleive that was the show. I think I got most of the states pretty close.

  79. bio mom says:

    Always glad when Romney leads but I just do not understand the caucus system. You win but maybe you don’t. Seems strangelyunAmerican somehow.

  80. Emerica says:

    Caucuses are better because the voters who attend are smarter than the primary voters.

    Hillary who favored the Iraq occupation was a inferior candidate to Obama. If it had been all primaries, she probably would have won.

  81. Emerica says:

    Hillary has been wanting an Iran war as well.

    She is one of the problem politicians within the Democratic Party.

  82. Emerica says:

    Remember the “PUMAS?”

    Ideologically devoid white women demanding to put their white woman in office for no particular reason or cause.

  83. Smart Alec says:

    New thread, Dave! This one smells of Acroso and Old Fart!

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    If an America-hating bastard posts on a blog and nobody cares, did he really post? Discuss.

  85. jason says:

    ” Of course PPP is pimping for Romney. They know he is the weaker candidate.”


    PPP pimped for Santorum the whole cycle….

    And Santorum is the stronger candidate? Some people live in an alternate universe.

  86. jason says:

    ” Caucuses are better because the voters who attend are smarter than the primary voters.”

    Hmmm…. since Ron Paul lost EVERY caucus there may be some truth to that.

  87. Smart Alec says:

    Hey Randy and Ronnie, have you seen him yet?

    He’s so spaced out– Bunu hates the Jews…

    He’s got electric boots… a mohair suit

    I read it in Paul’s magaz-EEEEE-ne— oh

    B-B-B-B-Bunu hates the Jews

  88. jason says:

    ” Why do you POST here?”

    I asked Bunu that once, and the said he was recruiting here.

    It’s now been a whole year since he was supposed to divulge who his converts were….

    Still waiting…..

  89. Bitterlaw says:

    Imagine a man who has lived and served in Washington for decades but claims he is an outsider- a man who hates Jews and loves Iran – a man who promises to win primaries and caucuses but who wins neither. Such a man is Ron Paul – Congressman for The Twilight Zone.

  90. jason says:

    ” She is one of the problem politicians within the Democratic Party.”

    Most are America haters like you right, Bunu, so they get a pass?

  91. Bitterlaw says:

    As somebody who did not care about the outcome of the game, that was a great game to watch. Congratulations to Kansas.

  92. Tim says:

    Kentucky is gonna beat those guys easily, as they did earlier, this year.

  93. Tim says:

    I don’t collect a damn thing from them. And, I never have.

  94. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim is a good guy. He is wrong in his beliefs but I would stand with him in a fight against the America-hating bastards like Bunu.

  95. Tim says:

    “PPP is pimping for Romney”

    LOL You are certifiably insane………

  96. lisab says:

    you would know

  97. lisab says:

    sooooooo … i am working with children with severe disabilities, mental or behavioral and sometimes physical, often caused by a genetic disorder and/or abuse … and when i say severe, i mean worse than addisonst. basically unadoptable because no one could handle their needs without 24 hour care

    i thought the girl i worked with that had schizophrenia was bad … these children would be happy if they just had schizophrenia

    anyway … these children need money from the state to survive. i cannot see how cutting health care for these peple can be justified by the gop.

  98. sickofdems says:

    Thank you Walt…..i did not realize that you and pitchaboy were one and the same.

    I guess i should pay more attention.

  99. Emerica says:

    Netanyahu quote of the day from when he proposed ethnically cleansing Israel of all Palestinian citizens.

    In 1989, while he was Deputy Foreign Minister for Likud, Netanyahu stated before an audience at Bar-Ilan University that Israel should have exploited the Tiananmen Square massacre (while international attention and media were focused on China) to conduct “large-scale” expulsions (i.e., ethnic cleansing) of the Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post quoted him to that effect on November 19, 1989. Netanyahu later denied making such a statement, but the Jerusalem Post produced a tape recording of his speech. He was also quoted in the newspaper Hotam advocating “mass expulsions” of Palestinians.

  100. SoHope says:

    Hey Jew hater, when claiming a Netanyahu quote why do you only have 3 words in quotation marks?

    I can quote entire paragraphs that prove Ron Paul is a racist!

  101. Smart Alec says:

    “quote of the day”… November 19, 1989

    I may need to adjust my “Swatch”.

    Put on your acid wash jeans and come on over… We’ll crack open my brand new Sega Genesis.

  102. Bitterlaw says:

    As today is Palm Sunday, all Evangelicals shall ne Favorite Evangelical.

  103. Scott says:

    Too bad the Israeli Prime Minister did not listen to Bibi!

  104. Brandon says:

    Had Kentucky vs. Kansas in my bracket for the championship. Too bad the rest of my bracket sucked.

  105. Brandon says:

    Actually, just checked and I’m at the 93.4 percentile. Not bad.

  106. Brandon says:


    Santorum aides say that the Senator is ready to depart the race on Friday if he does not win in Wisconsin on Tuesday Night. According to the aides Ssantorum said, “I shall leave this race on Good Friday, just like when our Savior left this world.”

  107. lisab says:

    gingrich drops out,

    will endorse santorum

  108. Pope Bene says:

    114 Brandon, it is never acceptable nor proper to jest about a Christian’s Savior. To say what you have posted is extremely offensive and insensitive. May the Lord you mock have mercy on your soul.

  109. Bitterlaw says:

    i cannot see how cutting health care for these peple can be justified by the gop.

    Comment by lisab — April 1, 2012 @ 12:10 am

    I have no problem supporting this child with tax dollars. I have a huge problem with supporting the lazy asses sitting home when they could be out working.

  110. Brandon says:

    SUSY was offended? Good. My day is complete.

  111. NYCmike says:

    Tim says:
    March 31, 2012 at 11:30 pm
    I don’t collect a damn thing from them. And, I never have.

    And you obviously need to improve your reading comprehension. I did NOT say anything about YOU collecting.
    Unfortunately, I did not win the jackpot, either.

  112. NYCmike says:

    Happy Palm Sunday to all!

    That won’t offend anyone, will it?

  113. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 1, 2012 at 8:47 am
    i cannot see how cutting health care for these peple can be justified by the gop.

    Comment by lisab — April 1, 2012 @ 12:10 am

    I have no problem supporting this child with tax dollars. I have a huge problem with supporting the lazy asses sitting home when they could be out working.

    I would think that children/adults with SERIOUS problems are the people we should look to help. I second Bitterlaw’s notion that the problem is supporting those who can do for themselves. The cheats should be flushed out and exposed. And the programs should insist on strong verification methods.

  114. Scott says:

    Scott Brown up by 2 over Warren(37% to 35%) in the MA Senate race in today’s Boston Globe Poll.

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    Happy Palm Sunday to all!

    That won’t offend anyone, will it?

    Comment by NYCmike — April 1, 2012 @ 9:02 am

    Only Jews, Muslims and Ancient Romans.

  116. Pontius Pilate says:

    I washed my hands of all this. Back the “F” off.

  117. Scott says:

    The Bloomberg Report says that in March 205,000 new jobs will have been created and the Unemployment Rate will have stayed at 8.3%.The Labor Department will release the figures for March on Friday.
    Can anyone tell me who is hiring? My area in NW North Carolina is economically sluggish.

  118. Bitterlaw says:

    I found a church for Mass in DC (St. Matthew.). Every year, our town’s school break is the wek before Easter. That way, they avoid the issue of whether or not to be open on God Friday (public school). This year, we are in DC. Since my wife is Jewish, I always have to hunt for a church to attend on Palm Sunday. I was in New York once and the only church was conducting Mass in Chinese. It worked for me.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    Good Friday

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    Scott – SoHope keeps hiring people. He is screwing up the UE numbers in favor of Obama. RINO.

  121. Scott says:

    SoHope should pay his new hires in cash to avoid helping the O Man! LOL

  122. Wesley Snipes says:

    You can’t beat the IRS. Trust me.

  123. SusyQue says:

    Now is the time to come to the aid of your country!
    Remember that sentence from typing class?
    Mitt Romney for President in 2012!

  124. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    Of course now that the media thinks Rombama is the nominee, suddenly Chairman Maobama is leading big over him in the polls.

    Amazing, eh?

    You guys fell for this again. A personality deficient stiff like Romney will never beat an incumbent with one.

    Will you ever learn?

  125. dinglewoodnorwoodbill says:

    A window into Brandon’s soul by his classless comment bringing religion into it WRT Santorum pretty much sums up many on this site.

    You people need to just change your party affiliation to Democrat…

  126. EML says:

    Dingleberry, please explain how Pope Ricky beats Obama with no money, no organization, no discipline, and talking about contraception and abortion instead of jobs and the economy.

  127. bio mom says:

    On Fox News Sunday that annoying woman on the panel from the Christian Science Monitor brings up that disgusting stuff about Romney building a car elevator for his San Diego beach house. Calls it a gaffe?? How? It was leaked by a rival campaign to cause trouble. But the worst thing is that the car elevator is for his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. Even the tweeters dropped that one as soon as that became evident. But this babe goes and brings it up. Disgusting.

  128. The Quick Brown Fox says:

    I’m pretty sure the typing class phrase was:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party…

    and that “country” perhaps was a later variant…

    but I suppose it is still apropos either way…

  129. The Lazy Dog says:

    errrrrmph… huff

    I missed him again… can someone hand me the remote?

  130. Brandon says:

    Sen. Ron Johnson endorses Romney.

  131. SusyQue says:

    #131…I left out “all good men” to…..

  132. SusyQue says:

    #136…bio mom…Thank you so much for that post.
    Envy reeks from all who are critical of a man who has the God given right to spend his money as he
    wills and wishes. What a wonderful idea…to include the elevator for his wife who suffers from
    MS. Good for Romney!

  133. Ben Romney says:

    NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!