Wednesday Morning (Romney Sweep!)

Well you can’t say Maryland Republicans did not do their part to save the Republican Party.

I think the real surprise here in Maryland happened on the Democratic where a congressional candidate backed by Martin O’Malley lost the Democratic primary in the 6th Congressional District….

I wish I had more time this morning to wade into things but I am going to have to leave this as an open thread for now….

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  1. Tim says:

    That Election Night thread was not as lively, as usual……….

  2. Bitterlaw says:

    MD returned and the trolls are nervous.

  3. Brandon says:

    Yawn. Two more days until spring break. This is rough.

  4. Tim says:

    Ah, so MD has restored order, eh? Good. This place was getting sloppy…….

  5. Tim says:

    I almost got my wish, last night. Old Newt came within a whisker of bringing up the rear in all three contests.

    Life is good, in Ga……….

  6. EML says:

    The Dem establishment was firmly behind state Sen. Garagiola in MD-06. Then this self-funder Delaney dumped a whole bunch of money and claimed the nomination. He also apparently donated to very conservative Republican Andy Harris at one time. The Kos Kiddies are not happy.

  7. Tim says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all HHR folks who had a hand in putting that asshat down…………

  8. Tim says:

    Newt, I mean…….

  9. Brandon says:

    I think Clinton endorsed Delaney too.

  10. EML says:

    Since I was dead nuts on with my delegate prediction the other day, DW’s delegate breakdown currently stands at:

    % of delegates won so far:
    6% Paul
    12% Newt
    23% Rick
    58% Mitt

    % of delegates needed hereafter to win the nomination:
    93% Paul
    87% Newt
    76% Rick
    42% Mitt

  11. EML says:

    Three weeks to the next primary. Anyone drop out between now and then? Oh and the rest of April not looking good for the deadenders. My delegate predictions:

    CT: Romney 25
    DE: Romney 17
    RI: Romney 12, Pope Ricky 4
    NY: Romney 84, Pope Ricky 8
    PA: Romney 30, Pope Ricky 28

  12. Brandon says:

    Santorum is just trying to hang around until May when the states look a little more favorable to him.

  13. Tim says:

    He did, Brandon. Delaney raised a bunch of money for Hillary, so the Pres. returned the favor. He even made robo-calls for him.

    As for the KOS Kids……they’ll settle down when they realize the Dems have a great chance to unseat Rep. Bartlett due to re-districting.

  14. MD says:

    Santorum is working on his post run career. What a joke this has become.

  15. hugh says:

    During Rick’s speech last night he took a line from Rush that “you dont need a candidate that moves to the middle you need to convince the middle to move to the right. This illustrates what a moron this guy is. Yes there is truth in what rush says. However, it will only work if you dont tell the middle that. Ok O says in 2008 I am a social and conservative liberal, and let me tell you independents why I am right and you should vote for me. No you focus on issue where your conservative views appeal to the middle and you finesse the rest. Yes Rick you moron you finesse the rest. So Ricks plan is to win the election in a bloody floor fight (once again illustrating he is out of touch with reality) then he is going to preach at the middle for a few months and convince them they should voter for a very socially conservative republican. Good strategy. BTW we know that is his plan, because it is exactly how he ran his last PA race when he wrote his book which he thought would help him and it killed him. Come on Rick if you love your country get out now.

  16. hugh says:

    sorry I meant social and fiscal liberal. Some reason I could not go back and edit it.

  17. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Another nice night for Romney.

    Both Little Ricky and Eye of Newt have forfeited their right to speak at the convention. They must pay for their classlessness and recklessness.

    Mitt & Co. need to hang tough on this point: the last thing he needs is HIS convention showcasing these swine.

  18. hugh says:

    from the American Enterprise Institute

    The only reason Wisconsin is so close is that Santorum benefited from last-minute decisions by liberal Democrats to vote in the GOP primary, something the Badger State (which does not have partisan registration) permits. Santorum heavily carried the 11 percent of the electorate who said they were Democrats, the 12 percent who said they strongly oppose the Tea Party, and the 14 percent who strongly disapprove of Governor Scott Walker. Needless to say, there are not many states where liberal Democratic votes can deliver a Republican primary win.

    It is time for Santorum to do what Romney did last time bow out gracefully and work to unite the party. Unfortunately, Santorum has not shown one ounce of that type of class or judgment.

  19. Phil says:

    How dare an unelected group of judges deny health care coverage to millions.

    Thank God for our president fighting every day for the common man.

  20. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    I agree rr

    No speaking spots for either of those vile lunatics

  21. SusyQue says:

    The American Spectator byRobert Stacy McCain

    Dear me! This article is totally biased. Santorum from the beginning, pounds his chest and states that he is the only conservative. Conservative, what? He wines, complains and begs for votes. Frankly he is using evangelicals as if he is one. He is a die hard Catholic with much different religious views.
    There is nothing wrong with that because we do have freedom of religion in this country. Unfortunately, Romney’s religion is a stumbling block to many evangelicals. It is unfair for his religion to be on trial. Government jobs like the
    presidency is a secular job. It is time to drop all
    the negativity toward Romney…we want to defeat
    a man who is destroying and ignoring our Constitution. It is time for unity for all who love this country to unite. “A house divided cannot stand.” Santorum is young enough to run for the highest office in the future.

  22. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    And the irony is I know people with pope rickys religious views

    They DESPISE evangelicals…

  23. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I want to thank the GOP for keeping me from having to vote for a man who spits at my wing of the party. Santorum doesn’t need to be anywhere near the Presidency

  24. Scott says:

    To: David Wessing and Other Maryland Experts
    1-Why was GOP participation yesterday down by about 30% from the 2008 Republican primary?
    2-Is there any chance in Hades that MD will go Republican in November?
    3-Will the anti-same sex ballot initiative in November pass? Will it have any affect on the Presidential and Congressional races?
    4- Will Andy Harris have any problem maintaining his Congressional seat?
    5- How will Roscoe Bartlett fare in his re-election bid in his re-configured district?

  25. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Scott you don’t have to be from MD to answer #2 – Hell No

  26. MD says:

    ADP report slightly below expectations. During the Bush years the headlines would have been awful. Now, they are “How Low Can UE Go”? “Is the Economy Just Picking Up Steam”?

    The money report will be NEXT month. That is when we are going to begin to see the effects of the gas prices. ECRI is absolutely sticking to their prediction of another recession. CMI’s indicators are all falling. The only thing keeping this going is the dollar pumping by the Fed.

  27. MD says:

    26 – Art

    You beat me to it.

  28. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Robert McCain has been in the tank for pope Ricky for quite some time Susy

    I’d be embarrassed to put out claptrap like that

  29. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Robert McCain is also proud to have voted 3rd party in 2008 and thus help Obama

  30. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Did you notice the ten year yield tick up yesterday MD?

  31. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    I used to read him daily Author he just got tedious over time…

  32. SusyQue says:

    Sarah Palin’s ‘rogue’ pick for VP: Allen West
    By MACKENZIE WEINGER | 4/3/12 10:29 PM EDT

    Sarah Palin says there’s one name at the top of her list if the Republican Party wants to “go rogue” in its pick for the vice presidential nominee: Rep. Allen West. Palin cited the Florida rep’s military experience and knowledge of the constitution.
    The former vice presidential candidate told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday that the Florida Republican would be a great choice for the 2012 ticket. She argued that the eventual presidential nominee shouldn’t “think they have to go with somebody necessarily safe.”

    Read more:
    A conservative black candidate, like West does not need to be exposed to the lashing Dems would torture him with. He would become a distraction which we don’t need for the 2012 race. I always appreciate, enjoy and agree with his commentary on TV talk shows.

  33. pitchaboy says:

    If Maryland goes R, Romney will win 50 states or 57 depending on how you count them.

  34. Phil says:

    Worry about Ohio and Virginia. There’s plenty there to keep our side busy.

  35. Scott says:

    Phil and pitchaboy
    Winning Maryland in November shows that my thinking is becoming warped! It was a political fantasy!

  36. MD says:

    Romney won’t come within 15 of winning MD. I wouldn’t even spend a dime there. Nothing in CA either. Save the $ for where they really count. I would go as far as to say we should spend some in NV and NM just to make the other side do so. No to MI.

  37. Bitterlaw says:

    Pennsylvania drew its Congressional Districts so MD would not have a Representative. Neither the 6th nor the 7th CD wants him. Discuss.

  38. MD says:

    I am right on the line. If you look at the line, you simply can’t tell where I fall. I hope it is the 6th since the 7th is full of Delaware County Communists.

  39. MD says:

    MFG – I did notice that. Actually a little surprised given the horrible auction in Spain and the cost of high gas prices to the economy.

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    The 6th is full of horses, sheep and wine drinkers. Stay over there, MD.

  41. DW says:

    So we are just about right on the half-way point as far as GOP delegates. By my count, 1127 delegates have been chosen thus far, and there are 1159 remaining. Romney has won 58% of them and stands at 649. So the question is, why did I waste two days a couple weeks ago, debating with Robbie over the question of whether or not Romney would reach 1144 by the convention. Of course he would, and its playing out just as I had argued.

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    The guy running against Meehan is an ambulance chaser. I have had cases against him. He is not a bad guy but he is a Dem party hack. He was quoted on election day 2011 saying that Dems won our School Board election because people rebelled against the party of Sarah Palin and opposition to stem cell research.

  43. MD says:

    Bitter – I already sent him an email. On his website, he tried to claim that Meehan constructed his own map. He is an outright, down the line liberal.

  44. bio mom says:

    ras today:

    Romney 47 Obama 44
    Obama 46 Santorum 43

    45/54 Obama approval/disapproval

  45. MD says:

    41 – Better that than the Commies on your side

  46. Bitterlaw says:

    I might see him in court next week. Do you want me to “send a message?”. I predict he will lose 60-40. If he wins, I will declare to run against him the next day. I’m serious.

  47. hugh says:

    I like West his is my congressman. However, typical Palin showing a lack of political wisdom. West is a straight shooter who has a bit of shoot first aim later. He is not of the temperment to be helpful as a VP. Much better suited for where he is today.

  48. DW says:

    “He is not a bad guy but he is a Dem party hack.”

    I am scratching my head over this one. Years ago, I might have uttered something like this, but with the Dem party completely overrun with people who would have fit right into Joseph Stalin’s regime, I say if someone is a Dem party hack, he IS a bad guy.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    We have the bowling alley, you elitist, sheep-loving, wine drinking snob.

  50. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I wonder is Ras’s recent showing of Obama losing ground is the beggining of something…

  51. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I see your point. I have to grade lawyers on a curve. He does not cause me headaches in court.

  52. Bobby says:


    Tea Party 44/49 Fav/Unfave
    (Really unfav among women)

    OWS 36/55 Fav/Unfav
    Supported by 40% of women….

    There is something terribly wrong with women in this country right now.

  53. lt says:

    Nothing like Obama trying to brow beat the Court.

  54. Barrett says:

    What’s wrong with women in this country is that 30% of them still support santardum

  55. DW says:

    52…lol. I see what you mean. I remember when I was on a jury once, the public defender seemed like a really slimy sort, twisting words, condescending, etc., whereas the prosecutor seemed like a great guy. I could just tell the public defender was a big lib, and the procesutor was a Republican…I could just tell, but in the end, I had to admit that the public defender was actually better at his trade than the prosecutor, and it was all I could do turn things around in the jury room. Went from only 3 votes for guilty, to finally getting a conviction. One of those whose mind I had changed said I did a better job than the prosecutor, and I should go into law.

  56. DW says:

    Did anyone else talk about this result in Maryland last night, CD_01? It appears the two dems who were fighting to take on Republican Andy Harris are in a race too close to call.

    John LaFerla raised $88k, and got 42.8% of the vote.

    Wendy Rosen raised $47k, and has 43.3% of the vote.

    Does anybody know what the best outcome of this one is?

  57. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @57 interesting problems. How do you do voter fraud when you’re on the same side? hehe

  58. SusyQue says:

    #53…Single women want entitlements. Single women with children want even more entitlements.

  59. pitchaboy says:

    I believe RAS is picking up the fact tht Obama overstepped with the Supremes. Overall, he has hung around 47 to 48 in RAS. Interestingly, RAS tracks employment numbers and is predicting a downtick for March as compared to the first two months. We shall see.

  60. SusyQue says:

    Obama losing ground among Jewish voters

    Are Jewish voters trending Republican—or at least becoming less heavily Democratic? Evidence is accumulating that the answer is yes. The benchmark is the 2008 exit poll, in which Jews were 2% of voters, they voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by a 78%-21% margin. In House races they voted for Democratic candidates over Republicans by an 81%-19% margin. The slightly higher margin for House candidates is in line with the national trend and also probably reflects the fact that most Jewish voters live in congressional districts which are heavily Democratic and which are not seriously contested by Republicans. The 2010 exit poll did not have enough Jewish respondents to provide comparable numbers for the House vote in that election.

  61. EML says:

    57 – doesnt matter. MD-01 is Safe R.

  62. DW says:

    60…a downtick in employment or a downtick in UNemployment?

  63. Barrett says:

    Funny, I got drawn out of MD-01 in the new redistricting. In MD-02 now.

    No Democrat is going to beat Harris

  64. Barrett says:

    When are we getting UE numbers for March?

  65. DW says:

    62…that’s what I would expect…just not sure if by chance one of those two might be a Blue pup who hopes to grow into a blue dog.

  66. MD says:

    65 – Tomorrow

    I predict 195K with a tenth of an uptick in U3.

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    Author – in Philadelphia, almost all voter fraud is in the Dem Primary. The Dems always win the General Election and don’t need to cheat to do it.

  68. MD says:

    The Dem lawyer Bitter is in love with is a Commie

  69. Waingro says:

    #65, this Friday. Be prepared for a a drop of about .1 or .2 and a subsequent Barry bounce.

    Gallup’s unadjusted numbers have been going down all month.

  70. MD says:

    69 – I have to agree. Unlike Chicago, Philly reports first in state and national elections. That started with Rizzo so that Philly would stop being accused of manipulating the vote.

  71. RickPerrysParakeet says:


  72. MD says:

    71 – You think? I am looking for an uptick because some of looking again. Who knows though?

  73. Waingro says:

    “Hiring at U.S. Workplaces Jumps in March”

  74. MD says:

    OK Wain. They had a different story in the first 2 months. I really think the surveys are FUBAR.

  75. jason says:

    Notice that except for Rockerfeller Troll who was not exactly at the top of the troll gene pool, all the trolls and Wobbies and Dingleberries stayed away last night.

  76. Waingro says:

    #74, yeah the workforce has increased, but that just means the BLS will “adjust” their numbers accordingly. Book it.

  77. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – there are several MILF lawyers I know. Some are Dems. All are female. Go back to your sheep, wine-lover.

  78. DW says:

    67…great link. My favorite part:

    “Wisconsin will send a sound around this country, like the sound of Lexington and Concord,” Santorum said at a rally in Beaver Dam. “You will be the shot heard ’round the world.”

    That shot was never fired, because the Santorum coalition actually voted for Romney.

    Big sweep for Romney

    Evangelicals, tea party supporters, those supporting “traditional values” and people calling themselves “very conservative” went Romney’s way, exit polls showed.

    And one of Santorum’s key messages — that Romney can’t stand up to Barack Obama because of his support for a health insurance mandate in Massachusetts — also fell flat.

    On the exit poll question of “Who do you trust to handle health care?” it was Romney who came out on top.

  79. Bitterlaw says:

    Sheriff MD scared away the trolls.

  80. DW says:

    Drudge is great today…presenting headlines that basically have confirmed that the primary is over, and that its all now Romney v. Obama. Basically that Santorum is a dork who doesn’t realize yet its over.

  81. DW says:

    Oh and last night, Obama secured enough delegates to clinch the DEM nomination. So I guess that formally puts to rest any notion that he would just give up, quit and allow Hillary to get the nomination.

  82. SusyQue says:

    #67…bio mom…Thanks for the URL. Two great photos of Romey and Santorum.
    (both are handsome men)

  83. Barrett says:

    DW, he could still pledge his delegates to Hillary, lol

  84. jason says:

    ” And still the majority of people in one more state said they wanted someone other than Romney.”

    I looked at BJG to see who was in suicide watch and saw this comment.

    Poor bastards are really clutching at straws now.

  85. DW says:

    Here is a Dem poll conducted for the Dem in NY_01, for what its worth, which may not be much:

    “A Democratic poll from late last month showed New York Rep. Tim Bishop, who won a squeaker of an election against businessman Randy Altschuler in 2010, faring quite well in their likely rematch this November.

    The survey, done by for Bishop by respected firm Global Strategy Group, found the Democrat led Altschuler 53 percent to 36 percent among likely voters in New York’s 1st district, with 11 percent undecided.”

    This is a rematch on one of the contested races after the 2010 election.

  86. Bobby says:

    New Mexico – RAS
    Heinrich – 46%
    Wilson – 42%

    Wilson – 43%
    Balderas – 42%

  87. Waingro says:

    So I see Romney is up by 3 today over Barry in Ras. I’m liking the trend.

  88. jason says:

    Intrade has Romney at 68% to win PA.

    I wonder if Santorum will pull out rather than risk losing PA if the polls are bad for him.

  89. jason says:

    Newt was talking to Hannity yesterday about who Romney should pick for VP and what should be in the platform. Although he is scum, at least he is not living in lalaland like Santorum and isn’t pretending he still has a chance.

  90. Phil says:


    Romney up three over Obama in RAS.

    Bad news. It means we have to endure another round of partisan desperation rhetoric from zero.

    All this crap coming from Obama and we’re 7 nonths out. I don’t know if I can listen to zero’s nonsense much longer. He’s been so over the top over the last two days, it’s been nausiating.

    Oh well. I’ve had to endure it three years.

  91. DW says:

    90…he won’t. He is like the unwanted distant relative who dropped by for a visit, and no matter how many hints are dropped, doesn’t get the clues that its time for him to leave.

  92. Tom says:

    My wife and I are election judges in Maryland. We work at a heavily Democratic precinct. We are not allowed to discuss politics with voters at the polls, but many voters want to discuss them with us. We had at least a dozen people say to us that they were life-long Democrats, but were changing party affiliation. Were a closed primary state so they had to fill out a voter update form for the general election in November. In addition to these we had others who changed from Democrat to Independent. This is very unusual and significant for a precinct like ours. This has never happened before since we have been judges (last four election cycles).

  93. jason says:

    Interesting, Tom.

  94. MFG says:

    They can’t help themselves:

    I welcome the anti Mormon bigotry in the GE it will backfire bigtime on these pieces of sh*t

  95. MD says:

    That is interesting Tom. Maybe we are seeing a shift in the heartland. Too early to know though. I have to say that what we have heard from Obama is only the beginning. This will be the ugliest election cycle ever. Book it. When we respond to the hateful crap we will be labeled hate mongers. That is not new. What will be new is the absolute vitriol we wil see.

  96. MD says:

    96 – Aren’t all religions “invented” at some point? I actually agree that I find the mormon thing to be kind of wierd but who cares? They aren’t hurting anyone so why should I give a chit?

  97. MFG says:

    By the way isnt Harry Reid a Mormon?

    How I despise the press…

  98. MFG says:

    Its as bad as Pravda was in the Soviet Union

  99. bio mom says:

    He should read up on Mormonism, even in Wikipedia. The main faith rejected polygamy ages ago. Only a rump group of fundamentalists still think it can be practiced. Also, does this #### know that Harry Reid is a Mormon? I am sure Reid is held in great regard by ####
    This will not fly as a hit in this election of any real consequence. I agree that it is more likely to backfire than not.

  100. jason says:

    ” he won’t. He is like the unwanted distant relative who dropped by for a visit, and no matter how many hints are dropped, doesn’t get the clues that its time for him to leave.”

    Well the thing is that for better or worse Santorum managed to get a second 15 minutes and has somewhat revived a political career that was deader than a doornail.

    If he loses PA, however, he will be finished once again.

  101. jason says:

    ” By the way isnt Harry Reid a Mormon? ‘

    Democrats are not part of the “invented” wing of the Church.

  102. Walt says:

    I do not think Paul will win the votes from Mars.

    Mars, PA that is. Near Pittsburgh.
    The majority of PA Martians will probably vote for Sacto since that is in his old district.

  103. MD says:

    LDS dropped plural marriage for political reasons. They aren’t stupid. From what I can see 99% of Mormons live life in a way that others should aspire to live. O’Donnell is a typical leftist scum bag. I am so tired of these people. Them and the retarded types in our party like JustMary and JudyT drive me insane.

  104. Phil says:

    Obama says GOP will make weather prediction less accurate.

    No, I’m not kidding. Add this to the other nonsense he’s said this week.

  105. Walt says:

    Considering inflation, what is the real value of the stock market compared to 5, 10, 15 20 years ago?
    Anybody find a chart aas to the inflation adjusted value?


  106. MD says:

    Romney and Alito are responsible for the Holocaust. 🙂

  107. DW says:

    Every POTUS election cycle I end up having the same argument with someone who has a totally confusing and confused idea as to what it even means to vote for a POTUS candidate.

    I have already had this argument and expect many more. Here is the line of reasoning these people follow:

    1. My vote is a very, very serious matter.

    2. My vote can never be taken back, and I bear the responsibility if the candidate I vote for wins, and then does a terrible job.

    3. My vote is a wholehearted endorsement of the candidate for whom I vote.

    4. My vote then must be cast only for a candidate with whom I find total agreement.

    5. If there is no candidate on the ballot with whom I totally agree, then I must write someone in.

    6. I cannot therefore vote for [Romney this time] because it would violate my convictions, although I do hope [Obama this time] loses.

    And so then, here are my responses.

    1. No, actually your vote in all liklihood is not that big of deal, unless enough people feel that way. Its important to vote and its important to get the best we can get, but don’t wring your hands over this too much.

    2. No, you do not bear the responsibility if the candidate you voted for bombs. That candidate does. We all make decisions that later bomb. Many have chosen to bring a child into the world only to have that child determine to ruin his/her life and they end up in jail for life. It isn’t your responsibility, and you are not liable.

    3. No, your vote is not a wholehearted endorsement of the candidate you select. You are presented a ballot with names on it and a checkbox by each name. Only TWO candidates in the list of names have ANY shot at winning, and everybody knows that. So when you look at those two names, you check the box indicating that of the two options, you would prefer one over the other. Its not more complicated than that.

    4. No, you don’t have to totally agree with a candidate. If that were the standard, I would never vote once in my life, and the left would win everything.

    5. No, if you are going to write someone in, just stay home and watch re-runs of Gilligan’s Island. There are two and only two candidates who can win, and you must choose between the two, and select the one you feel would be better than the other.

    6. No, this has nothing to do with your convictions, and it has everything to do with preventing a horrible candidate from being elected, and the only way to do that is to vote for the mediocre candidate.

    I will point out that I only rarely win this argument, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

  108. MD says:

    no chart but we are way under water over a 10 year and might just break even on the 15. Even that is going to look much worse in a year or 2. What are the viable options now though?

  109. MD says:

    110 – Don’t waste your time on the dead enders.

  110. Phil says:

    MD, that can’t possibly be correct. Philly is run by leftists, and we all know how that couldn’t possibly happen under such enlightened rule.

  111. MD says:

    Phil – the right wing machine in Harrisburg stole all the nutritous fund in a conspiracy concocted in conjunction with Mitt Romney.

    A Romney Presidency means more strokes!!

  112. MD says:

    fund should be food.

  113. Walt says:

    …”What are the viable options now though?
    Comment by MD”
    Dear Leader says to invest in gov’t. backed solar enery companies. But make sure they can also run on unicorn poop as well.

  114. janz says:


    Thanks for the anecdotal information. I would think that conservative and even moderate dems would be tired of Obama’s so-called leadership by now!

  115. jason says:

    ” the right wing machine in Harrisburg ”

    I see MD is taking potshots at me again….

  116. DW says:

    112…well, I do sometimes win them over. A vote is a vote.

  117. MD says:

    A nice example of how unhinged the crazy leftists are in my area over voter ID. The comments are a classic hode podge of illogical thinking:

  118. jason says:

    Obama told the press yesterday they should not give “equivalency” to Democratic and Republican arguments.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I like Philadelphia. Even as a diabetic who drinks 8-10 cokes a day rather than eat lunch, I’m still healther than most people here.

  120. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    changing votes will be HUGE this election, Ive already got 4 none-2008 voters going GOP this fall and 2 Obama voters going GOP, thats a net gain of 6 in the important state of FL that will be votes against Obama this time around

  121. Tim says:

    Six whole votes? Wow………

  122. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @125 so you think doing my part to change votes in a swing state is no big deal? what’t the matter Tim still sad that your big Govt ideas keep proving to fail

  123. Tim says:

    Oh, can’t I have a little fun, now and then?

  124. DW says:

    124…its a job we all have to do. That’s why elections are a lot of work. I am happy to report that someone I know moved from CA to VA. That is two wasted votes now counting for the GOP potus and the contested VA_02 race, as well as the Kaine/Allen senate race.

  125. Phil says:

    Glad to hear Obama is instructing the media on how to report the news.

    Don’t worry, Barack. I think they’ve got it.

  126. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @128 we need more GOPers in VA, too many Dems filling up North VA

  127. DW says:

    Tim, the point is, if everyone who votes GOP can convince just six people to join them, then the results would be HUGE.

  128. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @131 especially getting Obama voters to switch

  129. Bitterlaw says:

    Here is an odd finding in the article MD cited:

    In the Garden State, South Jersey counties trail their North Jersey counterparts, losing ground on health behaviors and mood.

    North Jersey is suburban/urban. South Jersey, with the exception of Camden (urban) and Cherry Hill/Mount Laurel/suburbs along the Delaware River, is rural/beach communities. It is opposite to what you would expect.

  130. Phil says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Romney pick Kelly Ayotte as his VP nominee.

    It would be entertaining to see how long it took Obama’s hacks to try and Palinize her. About ten seconds I’d guess. We can’t allow any conservative woman to be left unsmeared.

  131. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Ayotte is not Palin so it’ll be tough to Palinize her

  132. jan says:

    “Republican” Joe Scarborough up to his old tricks again.

    Joe must be angling for a contract extension with MSNBC so the attacks on his “fellow Republicans” will increase.

  133. Phil says:

    Agreed but look how much fun it would be to watch them try.

  134. Bitterlaw says:

    Kelly (Senator Ayotte to the rest of you) would blast those mf-ers. She can start with the death penalty convictions she won as Attorney General and her argument in the Supreme Court when they call her a light weight. Her combat pilot husband won’t be quiet like Mr. Palin.

  135. Brandon says:

    Montana President(rasmussen)

    Romney: 49%
    Obama: 40%

  136. Brandon says:

    “It is opposite to what you would expect.”

    Why would you expect the opposite? More people live in North Jersey which is closer to NYC, a major population hub.

  137. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    NM senate poll up, still tight

  138. gwb says:

    “Six whole votes? Wow………”

    Every vote counts. I won the Presidency by 500 votes in FL.

  139. jason says:

    Montana poll is not good news. If Romney only wins Montana by 9 he won’t make it.

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – I would think that people living among the cows and farms would be healthier than those living in cities since the study also included crime as a measure of health.

  141. jan says:

    Jason over 10% is undecided. Stop eyoring.

  142. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Jason last Ras poll had Romney up 7 in MT

  143. Bitterlaw says:

    I am going to disagree with the common wisdom. I do not agree that if Montana or Ohio or Virginia votes one way that other states will always fall into predictable outcomes. For example, Ohion and Pennsylvania share many of the same demographics but Ohio has voted for GOP candidates for President than PA since 1988 (the last year the GOP won PA). South Carolina and North Carolina can do what they want and often do.

  144. Joe J says:

    Romney wins MT by at least 15 come November. He will run well ahead of McCain out west with maybe the exception of AZ.

  145. Brandon says:

    Access to better medical care in North Jersey is part of it I’m sure. Also, people are more educated, which tends to lead to healthier lifestyles.

  146. DW says:

    143…that poll is one point to the good in each direction over their last poll over a month ago which showed it Romney 48, Obama 41.

  147. Emerica says:

    Steve King not a conservative

    Rep. Steve King Becomes The Latest Republican To Waver On Norquist’s Anti-Tax Pledge

  148. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – relax. I just wanted to rip South Jersey. Have you ever been to Brick Township?

  149. DW says:

    147…I have been trying to make that point over and over even though I routinely am disagreed with.

    Bush won Indiana 60/39 in 2004, and in the same election he won Missouri only 54/46. So clearly in 2008, if Obama took Indiana, then for sure he would win Missouri by at least 10 points, right? What’s that? Oh, McCain won Missouri?? How is that possible??

  150. Bitterlaw says:

    I remember in the 1980s, some South Jersey residents discussed forming their own state of South Jersey. Politicians in North Jersey pointed out that South Jersey really only has an economy between May and October. The secession movement died.

  151. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @ 147 & 153 I absolutely agree, I still think we can win this election kinda comfortably in the electoral count and still see trending blue VA barely go Obama, demographics and states change

  152. Emerica says:

    Hotair is pushing tax hikes too.

    Maybe this is part of Romney’s agenda after Romneycare.

  153. Brandon says:

    That’s a bit of a drive from me. Heard of it, never been.

  154. Brandon says:

    Well after your Pine Barrens insult the other night, I take umbrage.

  155. todd says:

    Scarborough is nothing but a lawn jockey for MSDNC. His only purpose is window dressing and he does what he was hired to do and that is attack Republicans.

  156. MFG says:

    Agreed Todd he gets more disgusting by the day

  157. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – it’s a dump. Don’t waste your time. If anybody ever says that poverty and crime are only problems in black communities, send them to Brick. They put the white in “white trash.”

  158. Joe J says:

    Most of these state and national polls at this point are not bad news at all for Romney. Look at some of the internals, Obama is already pulling his 85-88% of dems, his ceiling is not much higher than that, if at all. Romney, at least nationally is only attracting 76-78% of R’s which means most of the undecided voters are squishy R’s waiting to see how the primary unfolds, diehard right wingers who think Romney’s too moderate or just not ready to commit to Romney, yet. The R’s will come home this year and Romney will attract close to, if not the 93% of R’s that GWB got in 04.. once the polls start reflecting a more unified republican party, Romney will pull ahead 4-5 nationally and the states will be a lot more favorable looking

  159. Bitterlaw says:

    I never slowed my car down in the Pine Barrens. I’m more afraid of the people than the Jersey Devil.

  160. MFG says:

    Joe 162

    What you typed above is what I have always thought as to how this plays out

  161. Brandon says:

    My side of the street isn’t classified as Pinelands but the other side is, so I guess that means I’m safe.

  162. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – of course you are awesome in every way. Cream soda.

  163. jason says:

    “Jason over 10% is undecided. Stop eyoring”

    I am confident Romney will win by more than 9.

    It was a statement that 9 points would not do it for the GE.

    Stop being neurotic.

  164. MFG says:

    “It is propaganda. This is what being in a Chinese factory during the Cultural Revolution is like,” the source said. “It’s offensive. It’s saying that we’re all on the side of Trayvon Martin, or whatever Sharpton is doing, and the people of Labor should be for it.”

  165. Joe J says:

    MFG, exactly.. I wont be worried until sept, after the conventions and we’re still only pulling 78% of R vote.. then we’re screwed. Plus I see the electoral landscape being a lot closer to ’04 than ’08.

    VA and OH do worry me a little however, more VA. It sucks that so much money and time is going to be poured into that state when 8 years ago it was a 9 point R state with little to no campaigning

  166. DW says:

    Is it safe to say that the people I described in 110 are now all at Be John’s Gall-bladder? I seem to recall when I posted something similar in 2008 that several here stood up and took that argument with me.

  167. NYCmike says:

    #121 – I backed you up on that Kamff website, or whatever it is.

  168. Brandon says:

    There’s a new thread, BTW.

  169. Tim says:

    Well, they won’t. Duh……..