Romney Within 4% of Obama in MI

It’s been a little slow on the polling front as it appears the combination of the Republican presidential race starting to wind down and the holiday weekend may have kept some pollsters quiet. We do have a new poll from EPIC-MRA for the state of Michigan showing how the statewide officials in Michigan showing improvement in their numbers. It also gives us this look at the Mitt Romney-Barack Obama match up in November.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
Mitt Romney (R) 43%

This poll was done March 31-April 3 among 600 likely voters.

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  1. SusyQue says:

    We want our beloved country Back in 2012!

  2. SusyQue says:

    Good Character vs. Bad Character
    I was a bit shocked to read that the Mormons are the largest religious organization after the Catholic Church. (my dear friends said they feared he would spread his religion if he were to become president…Hmmm) Whatever negatives were written in this article about Romney and his Mormon experience…OOO is a thousand times worse. Just comparing Mitt Romney’s character and lifestyle belies any notion that he will be more divisive and dangerous to our republic than our now useless, ineffectual, dishonest, plotting, thieving, inept, racist president OOO…Alinsky’s boy andSoros’ manchurian candidate.

  3. NYCmike says:

    84.NYCmike says:
    April 9, 2012 at 12:56 pm
    Should we wait for Romney to win PA primary before we start talking about a Michigan victory in the general? It always scares me when people get too confident at this site.

  4. Tim says:

    You do know that the other side has a site dedicated to lies told by Mitt Romney?

    Ah, politics, politics……….

  5. pitchaboy says:

    He does not need MI to win; if he does, it would resore some of my faith in the people of MI who continue to vote democrat despite the state being in shambles.

  6. jan says:

    Don’t fall for this. Michigan is not a competitive state federally anymore. 20 years of economic decline have left the majority of voters in that state to tilt Democrat.

  7. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    from the previous thread:

    I always considered MI a Dem leaning swing state like PA. It leans Dem but can vote GOP. Though I believe MI is more to the left then PA. MI almost went to Bush in 00 & 04 so if Romney can get momentum and a lead going, I’d consider it a state we can at least make the Dem lose money trying to keep

  8. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    and noted by GF is this excellent analysis:

    In a national tie, MI went to Gore by 5. When Bush beat Kerry by 2.4 nationally, the margin in MI was reduced to +3.4 for the Dem. If Romney can pull a 52-47 win (not outside the realmof possibility), MI just might flip, barely.

  9. GF says:

    Anyone see that former Mayor Ray Flynn of Boston endorsed Scott Brown? That should help with the blue collar vote. I keep feeling that he will retain the seat, possibly by more than 3 or 4 points.

  10. pitchaboy says:

    Obama under 45% in Gallup in Midwest and among people over 50 years of age. Cannot win with those numbers; no way. His average for March is 46% as I have said multiple times, that is his fulcrum.

  11. jan says:

    “The party has been co-opted by some folks who aren’t very good at raising money or winning elections,” said the California Republican. “As a political party that really renders you irrelevant, which is what has happened here.”

    Read more:

  12. GF says:

    “…(my dear friends said they feared he would spread his religion if he were to become president…Hmmm)…”

    Comment by SusyQue — April 9, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

    Is former HHR denizen La Zebra akak “Lazy Bra” one of your “dear friends?”

  13. GF says:

    13- That is awesome news. Lousy GOP organizations in Blue states have been endemic. They may not be able to swing the states overall, but having a functioning apparatus can help raise money and win some more local elections to help build a bench. Our groundgame in CA is horrible.

  14. jan says:

    No state party may be in worse shape, though, than the Minnesota GOP. Thanks to a disastrous previous regime, they had over a million dollars in debt and a negative balance in their federal account as of the end of February. They have even stop paying rent on party HQ.

    In Nevada and Iowa, there has been turnover at the top of party owing to caucuses that left state Republicans red-faced. New Hampshire, too, is recovering from a turbulent primary season, during which then-Chairman Jack Kimball resigned amid serious fundraising problems.

    There will be an election later this month in Nevada to find a new chairman.

    Nevada conservative activist Chuck Muth said “‘underprepared’ would be generous” as a description of his state GOP.

    Read more:

    Read more:

  15. jason says:

    14. SSQ has a record of bigoted and racist statements, including “it’s not a sin to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon”.

    The “my friends and family are racists but I am not” is a classic dodge for bigots.

  16. SusyQue says:

    Someone on the last thread asked if anyone on this blog works.
    I have this to say:

    A man works from sun to sun..
    but a woman’s work is never done!

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    People who believe that Obama will engineer a “National Emergency” to stay in office are no different than the Truthers. They just replace Bush with Obama. Discuss.

  18. jason says:

    ” Do none of you people on here work?”

    I used to. Then Obama took my job away.

    But I am glad you are still working to support me.

  19. jan says:

    The tea party and the GOP primary have left many state parties in serious confusion and trouble. We all know about California, New York and ILL but Nevada, Iowa, Minnesota are very concerning.

    Also in Ohio were the GOP head was forced out.

    The GOP infrastructure is what wins close election. Hopefully Romney and crew will take over all over the state parties in the swing states.

  20. jason says:

    Right, Obama may be a Marxist, but I think his plan is for socialism as a form of government, not an Obama dictatorship.

    The idea he would not leave after his term is over is ludicrous to me.

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    Florida Marlins was a stupid name. Miami Marlins is worse. Discuss.

  22. NYCmike says:

    And Tim re-appears, without answering any questions. He is like Obama, except Obama never lets the people ask the questions, that way he doesn’t have to answer them.

  23. NYCmike says:

    #23 – but the new, tax-payer funded ballpark is really nice, and will make a millionaire into a billionaire. Plus, neon is making a comeback!

  24. SusyQue says:

    #17…Oh no…here we go again…

    Get this in your head:
    #286 • SoHope says:
    March 25, 2012 at 7:02 pm
    Jason, HHR voted against that specific claim you made against SSQ.
    You were the only one that thought it was bigoted.


  25. jason says:

    ” Florida Marlins was a stupid name. Miami Marlins is worse. Discuss.”

    It’s not worse. It’s equally bad…

    It should have been the Florida Flounders btw.

  26. jason says:

    26. Sorry, there is no statute of limitations on bigotry here at HHR.

    And since they were your own words, no “claim” is required.

    So tell us again how your “friends” are bigots and racists?

  27. NYCmike says:

    Florida Flounders – I would have bought a hat if that was their name. I could have my head down and still see what is going on!

  28. Tim says:

    Did you ask any questions that originated on this planet?


  29. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe the Miami Humidity would be better. For a few months, the NBA and Baseball could market Heat and Humidity package deals for tickets.

  30. jason says:

    I am thinking something non-controversial.

    The Miami Martins.

  31. jason says:

    Anyone see the Holder headline on Drudge?

    No, we don’t need voter ID.

  32. jan says:

    Very worrying:

    In Iowa, A.J. Spiker, a top Ron Paul backer and real estate agent narrowly won election as state GOP chair – a development that has worried party veterans there.

    One Iowa Republican noted that Spiker, a former county chair, “has never run a campaign before and is completely ideologically motivated.”

    “I don’t think he knows how to execute a plan – communications, fundraising or field,” said the Republican. “He’s not a guy you have a lot of confidence in.”

    In Ohio, party GOP chair Kevin DeWine and Gov. John Kasich have been at odds since Kasich’s 2010 election. DeWine sought to stay on through the end of this year, but resigned last week ahead of a vote in which Kasich backers sought to oust him. Veteran former GOP chair Robert Bennett has taken the reins of the party again.

    “We’ve had this bump in the road and we have ground to make up,” Bennett told the Ohio News Network. “We’ll be relying on our county organizations to get out the vote.”

    Read more:

  33. NYCmike says:

    I passed a HHR law while you were working that said all questions, no matter how silly Tim thinks they are, must be answered.
    And since you think legislation is the mark of a good, progressive, helps the working man government, I hope you abide by this simple, one sentence law. It originally was 2700 pages of legalese, but then I realized NOBODY reads past the title of the law! Silly me, you have to pass it first, so then we can see what is in it!

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    By the way, for those who think that the habits of American Cubans and Hispanics can be predicted (for example, “Rubio as VP will generate support’) should check the mostly empty stands at Rays and Marlins games. MLB put 2 franchises in Florida because “Hispanics love baseball.” You can walk up at game time and buy Rays tickets at the window when they are in the playoffs.

  35. NYCmike says:

    Heat and Humidity is good! As long as there is air conditioning.

  36. NYCmike says:

    There should be legislation against Florida teams.
    Tim, start working on that!

  37. SusyQue says:

    28…My friends are not bigots or racists. They are decent people who help make this country great.
    They pay their bills and don’t expect handouts from the government. They have a right to their beliefs just like you do. They want a president who is a Christian. I can understand that. Different ethnicities often prefer their ethnicity to be their leaders. What we want, we don’t always get.

  38. jason says:

    ” You do know that the other side has a site dedicated to lies told by Mitt Romney?

    Ah, politics, politics……….”

    Yeah, there are always equivalencies.

    Because there is a site about Romney, the lies told by Obama are not lies.

  39. Tim says:

    Sorry. I’m tied up, trying here in Ga. to outlaw Braves’ management……….

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – There certainly is no reason to have NHL franchises in Florida. My rule for the NHL is very simple. If you can’t make ice by putting a bucket of water on the sidewalk in January, you don’t get a team.*

    *I know about the once a year one night freeze that gets a few orange trees. I’m working on the rule’s exceptions.

  41. lisab says:

    “my dear friends said they feared he would spread his religion if he were to become president”

    i am considering switching from baptist to mormon myself because of romney

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    I do not want another Irish Catholic President unless DNA testing can confirm that the candidate does not have any DNA from that dirtbag JFK or his family.

  43. NYCmike says:

    I don’t believe you are racist. There is clearly some prejudice in your statement which jason keeps bringing up, but I think that is natural amongst all humans towards those whom they don’t know personally. Most try not to put it in writing.

  44. lisab says:

    Barbra Streisand won’t sing at Obama’s L.A. fund-raiser

  45. GF says:

    Being married into the Tribe, I personally would like a Jew president. I have seen that level of political and fiscal acumen at work in Hollywood (my Jewess wife’s former area of employ), and frankly, we could use some of that in Washington. It’s not about money; it’s about intellect and shrewdness.

    It should be noted that my Jewess is “comfortable” with me. I cannot speak for Mrs. Bitterlaw.

  46. jason says:

    ” They have a right to their beliefs just like you do.”

    So your point is you have a “right” to be a racist and a bigot, because those are your “beliefs”.

    Hitler “believed” the Aryan race was superior so it was ok to exterminate others.

    Radical Muslims believe its ok to kill infidels.

    But in any case my point was you and your “friends” are wrong to be racist bigots. I do think it’s your right to say voting for Romney is not a sin even though he is Mormon.

  47. NYCmike says:

    #41 – I may extend my NO TEAMS legislation to Georgia as well!

  48. Bitterlaw says:

    The Yankees, Red Sox and Braves are a combined 0-9. Sweet.

  49. jason says:

    ” It should be noted that my Jewess is “comfortable” with me. I cannot speak for Mrs. Bitterlaw.”

    Don’t worry, she is “confortable” with you too.

  50. NYCmike says:

    #42 – I won’t disagree with you. I wish the NHL would get rid of about 6 teams. Their expansion was strictly a money grab by the other teams, it has hurt the game of hockey, in my opinion. Too much room for less-skilled players to fight and instigate trouble. (see Flyers, Philadelphia)

  51. Bitterlaw says:

    GF – Jews are shrewd? They are good with money? Why not just write about the horns on their heads? Mrs. Bitterlaw is comfortable with me. Well, I guess so. I can’t read her mind. That’s probably a good thing.

  52. GF says:

    51- I am glad, but I was referring to her situation at home. I believe that the Hall Monitor brought that into question some months ago. Bitter knows of what I am speaking.

  53. NYCmike says:

    48.” They have a right to their beliefs just like you do.”

    That sentence says nothing about a persons ACTIONS. Are you proposing a THOUGHT POLICE?

  54. lisab says:

    do you remember when canadians played hockey?

    it think it was back in the 1970’s

  55. GF says:

    54- If horns were part of the package, I’d take them. As I disclaimed, it is not about money, but damn, if I haven’t met a shrewder group as a whole. I cannot say the same for any other ethnic group with whom I have mingled (and living abroad in several countries, my travels have brought me into contact with many).

    It’s a mark of respect from me. Others are welcome to think of it as they will. I would submit that point to HHR’s resident Jews. I’ve seen Add around recently, where is Corey today?

  56. NYCmike says:

    I thought Canada gave up hockey, and now they just play curling. They figured that would be safe because Americans would never play something so boring.

  57. jason says:

    56. You missed the context. But in any case its not about whether you have a right to think something or express it. SSQ is free to be a bigot and so are her friends. They are free to hate Mormons. And you and I are free to think that is wrong.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    I was sorry that the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in the 1990s. I loved that “Nine-teeeeeeen For-teeeeeeee” chant.”

  59. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Hey Tim if you wanna pick fights it’s best to pick them in the latest threads not the old one everyone left. It make you look like a coward on top of being a nanny state lover

  60. bio mom says:

    This is all so silly. Romney was a governor of a liberl state, his father was twice a governor of a Midwest blue collar state. Harry Reid is a long serving senator and majority leader A(not for long we hope), Orin Hatch is a long serving senator. There are multiple other examples. All are Mormons. To believe there is some unusual danger in electing a Mormon belies the careers of these men and others. It can only be called ignorance. Sorry if that offends anyone but nothing else is logical. To think this is 2012 and some people still think this way is sad. Fearing someone of another faith is not the same thing as prefering someone of your own faith. The former is bigotry.

  61. NYCmike says:

    #61 – as an Islanders fan, 1940 was the only thing I had. Now, whenever they say “Potvin sucks!”, I got NOTHING!

  62. lisab says:

    “Anyone see that former Mayor Ray Flynn of Boston endorsed Scott Brown?” GF

    ray flynn drinks a lot

    even by my standards

    he probably thought brown was the dem

  63. jason says:

    I think calling Jews “shrewd” is like a code for “moneygrubbing”, although I know that is not GF’s intent. I prefer to think Jews are smart with money because they are generally better educated.

  64. bio mom says:

    Since Susy is a strong Romney supporter she surely is not a Mormon hater. She was trying to explain how some of her evangelical friends think.

  65. NYCmike says:

    “he probably thought brown was the dem”

    that might be a racist statement.

  66. jason says:

    ” he probably thought brown was the dem”


  67. lisab says:

    actually i would not be to happy with a muslim in the white house …

    oh wait … 🙂

  68. NYCmike says:

    “they are generally better educated.”

    All y’all else is more stoopid.

  69. jason says:

    67. Oh please. She supports Romney “even though he is a Mormon” and she is comfortable with her friends being bigots and racists. Give her a pass if you want, but let’s call it for what it is.

  70. NYCmike says:

    Tim is not a nanny state lover, he is just a Democrat who doesn’t understand why every issue gets politicized.

  71. lisab says:

    Indeed, no one was prepared to blow the whistle, especially since Flynn always seemed able to handle his booze. Herald political editor Joe Sciacca recalls a night when he, fellow staffer Joe Battenfeld, and the mayor closed down a bar across from City Hall. Sciacca and Battenfeld couldn’t make it home, and were painfully hung over the next day. Flynn was at a 7 a.m. event, raring to go. “Trying to keep up with Ray Flynn in terms of alcohol consumption is a mistake,” Sciacca says.

  72. jason says:

    Try going on a moonbat site and saying “I support Obama even though he is black”.

    Good luck.

  73. NYCmike says:

    Don’t the bars in Boston close down at like 11:00 P.M., like most small towns?

  74. GF says:

    Yes, I secretly hate Jews so much that I went so far as to marry one to hide my disgust. Soon, my ofrthcoming children will also be reared as Jews in keeping with tradition and ancient law. 😛

    Call it “shrewd,” call it “better educated;” I like to think that the former is attributable to the later, no? As a group, they value education, much more so than many other nationalities/ethnicities. Jews are reared from an early age to ask questions (again, tradition) and search for answers. Highly admirable qualities, and if observing them and lauding them makes me an anti-Semite, I’ll keep that in mind the next time I light the Channukkah candles and lead the prayers myself (as I was invited to do this last year).

  75. jason says:

    77. I don’t know if that was directed at me, I made clear I know you had no malicious intent.

    That being said, too many people use “shrewd” as a code to make me comfortable with it.

  76. Apologetic California says:

    Gallup’s monthly crosstabs shows that Obama’s cratering. Remember, this all ADULTS. An all adults poll show him with just 49% of women, 55% of Hispanics, 52% godless/heathens/Unitarians, and 37% of whites approving. Adjust for Likely Voter screen, and Romney may clean up all over the country.

  77. SusyQue says:

    One doesn’t stop loving family members and friends because they have a different point of view than you do. (political, social, financial, sexual orientation, religion or whatever) We are to love people as they are and not as we want them to be.

  78. jason says:

    80. Horsecrap. Nobody is talking about loving. We are talking about excusing bigotry and racism. You think its ok, I don’t.

  79. SusyQue says:

    #72…take another sip, it might soothe your hard heart.

  80. jason says:

    Yeah, bigots are known to have soft hearts.

  81. GF says:

    No, jason, no slap at you. I put that out as a general declaration as I have had to contend with my boundless admiration for that segment of society many, many times (most often from Arabs when I lived in the ME, but more often from college Pinkos right here at home; Bubu and I locked horns over htis as well). Part of it may be my English education (on par with what my in-laws receievd at their schools), so using a word like “shrewd” is a deliberate choice to succintly summarize what I am attempting to convey.

    Now, take away the “d” and you are left with “shrew,” which is what my wife’s step-mother is (as opposed to the wonderful lady who is actually my mother-in law, her birth mother). She is one of the Tribe, and not even a Shiksa at that.

  82. GF says:

    OK, I am out for now (off to yet another courthouse basement to dig up old arrest and conviction papers). I concede “C” and possibly “CC” as well to NYC if he is still around.

  83. NYCmike says:

    Ricotta cheese is the best!


  84. jason says:

    84. Reminds me of the joke about equating different male “lengths” with Shakespeare plays.


    Any guesses?

  85. jason says:

    6″ Much Ado About Nothing
    12″ A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    18″ The Taming of the Shrew

  86. NYCmike says:

    “We are talking about excusing bigotry and racism.”

    Words are much different than actions, imho.

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    They figured that would be safe because Americans would never play something so boring.

    Comment by NYCmike — April 9, 2012 @ 1:40 pm

    You have seen soocer, right?

  88. jason says:

    Soccer rules!!!

    I would rather watch Zimbabwe play Madagascar than a baseball game.

  89. Bitterlaw says:

    The Islanders? You must have been devastated when the Hartford Whalers left. You had not local team to look down upon.

  90. Joseph Goebbels says:

    “Words are much different than actions, imho.”

    You are right. They are even more powerful.

  91. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – you are only forgiven due to the fact that you spent your youth in the slums of Brazil . . . or Ecuador . . . or maybe it wasn’t a slum. Whatever.

  92. EasterSundayParakeets says:

    Eritrea nil
    Botswana nil

    Ceylon nil
    Borneo nil

    The excitement the thrills, the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  93. Bitterlaw says:

    Soccer is the only game where winning 1-0 is running up the score.

  94. EasterSundayParakeets says:

    Everyone remembers that fantastic Greenland-Seychelles battle a few years ago!


    Went into overtime and then Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  95. EasterSundayParakeets says:

    Penalty kicks deciding a World Championship…

    “penalty kicks” translated into English means “which teams goalie is luckiest in deciding which way to fall on each kick”

  96. NYCmike says:

    tIM ROCKS!

  97. Ghost of GF says:


  98. NYCmike says:


  99. Bitterlaw says:


  100. NYCmike says:

    I have no patience!

  101. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw has no timing!

  102. Bitterlaw says:

    Photo finish!

  103. NYCmike says:

    nobody opined on Ricotta cheese? What a bunch of heathens!

  104. GF says:

    …and I have no ethics. Got tied up in my office on conference call, so I went for the bit and chomped as quick as I could.

  105. GF says:

    106- Love the stuff, use it on pizzas and bolognese all the time.

  106. NYCmike says:

    #105 – will there be a Kentucky Derby thread in a couple of weeks?

  107. Bitterlaw says:

    Bitterlaw has no timing!

    Comment by NYCmike

    That’s not what Mrs. NYC says!.. Zing!*

    *That joke used to be used for MD but I brought it out of retirement.

  108. GF says:

    I don’t think that DaveW is into horses, but I could be wrong. I’ve only seen a couple of sports threads pertaining to baseball and football (maybe a college basketball, but I don’t remember).

  109. GF says:

    Bitter, wasn’t that the gist of MD’s tormenting of Maxwell?

  110. jason says:

    You guys are just jealous because the Faroe Islands are fielding a good team this year.

    Now baseball, that is really exciting. So much so that a no-hitter is considered exciting.

    I particularly enjoy the warm-up time between pitchers.

  111. NYCmike says:

    Thank you, GF. It doesn’t bother you at all? I can only eat it every so often, otherwise…

  112. NYCmike says:

    “*That joke used to be used for MD but I brought it out of retirement.”

    -Can you see me blushing?!!?

  113. Mose says:

    “If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, he would lead the president by nine points (49%-40%) among Hoosier voters, whereas it’s a closer race with Santorum (46%-41%).”

    This is the first poll I’ve seen that reports general election matchup results for Indiana. Parts of this poll were posted last week, but I didn’t see the GE match-ups posted.

    I think most people have assumed that Indiana would move back into the GOP column in 2012, but it’s nice to have some confirmation.

  114. jason says:

    I would say I like Camembert and Brie but that might attract the attention of the IRS.

  115. jason says:

    Ricotta tastes like soap.

  116. HHR Field Correspondent says:

    Obama in trouble in MICH!

  117. Bitterlaw says:

    Bitter, wasn’t that the gist of MD’s tormenting of Maxwell?

    MD’s offer to satisfy Maxwell’s wife on August 12, 2011 was the shot heard round HHR. It was in response to Maxwell’s request to MD to “GFY” that lit the fuse.

  118. NYCmike says:

    Back to curling, the reason I put that earlier was because I thought I had a link to “The Girls of Curling”, which is surprisingly NOT boring. I can’t seem to find it, will keep searching after work, which I have to get back to.
    Until later, Tim will answer any questions for me while I am away. (just kidding, Tim does not answer questions)

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    I would say I like Camembert and Brie . . .But I already surrendered my manhood by liking soccer. – Jason

  120. MormonParakeetsForRomney says:

    Lets see if there is another MI poll showing Mitt that close, I suspect this may be an outlier…

  121. GF says:

    Riccota is supposed to be bland so that the flavour of what it is being served with blends with the creamy texture. I like it best with slow roasted lamb shoulder and a thick reduction sauce on risotto. Alternatively, the bolognese option maes for a great way to spice up the cheese.

    Jason, at the rate we’re going, you could like sharp cheddar and find yourself being audited.

    OK, seriously gone this time. May not be back until your evening time (my late afternoon).

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    I would say I like Camembert and Brie . . . But I might spill them on my skirt. Can you imagine wine and cheese on my skirt? How dreadful – Jason

  123. DrJay says:

    Special Prosecutor in Zimmerman case will not go to a grand jury… I believe here that rules out (and only rules out) murder in the first degree.

  124. MormonParakeetsForRomney says:

    Who thought up curling?

    How high do you have to be to come up with this??

  125. MormonParakeetsForRomney says:

    I don’t see how Zimmerman can be successfully prosecuted for anything

  126. Jeff G. says:

    The Michgan poll was D+1 (D38/R37). I’m not sure how realistic that is for Michigan (meaning I would expect party affiliation to be more D slanted). Anyone out there have more insight?

  127. MormonParakeetsForRomney says:

    This will be the next big sport:

  128. EML says:

    131 –

    2008 was 41D/29R/29I

    For voter Party identification, Gallup has:

    2008 D+17
    2010 D+7
    2011 D+7

  129. SoHope says:

    Bitter, your 3 days is over. Your blasphemy against the Tar Heels is forgiven.

  130. SoHope says:

    Jason, dude…you have a serious fixation on SSQ.

    Your shotgun method of exposing “bigots” is what some may call….bigoted

  131. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – It is good to have that weight lifted from my soul. You shall be today’s Favorite Evangelical.

  132. SoHope says:


  133. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – If only lisab would order the “Bitterlaw Guide to Restoring a HHR Relationship,” we would all be better off. I would be happy to mediate the Jason-SSQ fight.

  134. SoHope says:

    I think I could get SSQ to the table…you work on Jason

  135. Bitterlaw says:

    It would have been easier before I called Jason a cheese-eating, wine-drinking, sjirt-wearing child of the slums. I will try.

  136. Brandon says:

    Yes! The Phillies managed to get 2 runs today!

  137. SusyQue says:

    Home Depot Co-Founder: A Second Obama Term Would Bring Despair to America

    Bernie Marcus said if Obama gets a second term it would bring great despair. Americans would be dishearted feel uncertain; know taxes will be increased; heathcare more expensive; firms unionized; and regulation will increase.

  138. pitchaboy says:

    The Phillies offense was on life support last season; this season it can be declared dead.

  139. SoHope says:

    SSQ, you onboard for a Bitterlaw mediation between you and Jason?

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    Pitch- The Phillies won 102 games last year without offense. They have 158 games after today.

  141. Barrett says:

    Be nice if Romney could pick up Michigan. He’s got the money and organization to run the ads.

    I know its partially a pipe dream

  142. Emerica says:

    Santorum looked like a beached wale in Puerto Rico vacationing.

    Drudge was just contrasting Romney looking normal on the beach.

  143. pitchaboy says:

    I know it is a long road to 162 but it is tiresome to pay money and watch the pitchers pitch for 1 or 2 runs and the bozos incapable of even scoring 3 runs time after time.

  144. SusyQue says:

    #144…SoHope, I do not engage Jason on HHR. He usually starts
    with a diatribe which is untrue and or insulting. I would rather
    not have a conversation with him. It is better to let sleeping dogs lie. (shouldn’t disturb a situation as it would result in more bullying.)

    Thanks for trying to help.

  145. MrsWebster?? says:

    (shouldn’t disturb a situation as it would result in more bullying.)

  146. MD says:

    11 – That is a major coup for Brown.

  147. MD says:

    12 – 100% inaccurate. You are misinterpreting the numbers. It will be a fairly close race either way but he CAN win with those numbers.

  148. HHR Supercomputer says:

    It is 52.7% inaccurate….

    blip bleep

  149. DrJay says:

    Ras Generic

    45-40 Republican

  150. Phil says:

    RAS generic seldom moves by more than a point or two.

  151. Brandon says:

    Ozzie Guillen: “I love Fidel Castro”


  152. DrJay says:

    Yeah, especially in Miami.

  153. Phil says:

    Yeah, that Fidel is sooo lovable.

    Ozzie, you’re a real moron.

  154. DrJay says:

    Jerry Clarke, the former chief of staff for U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, formally announced this morning that he hopes to succeed Johnson in Congress.

  155. DrJay says:

    One of the sites I like to visit for news on races is D.C. Political Report, but after the 2010 elections, it seemed it had stopped functioning… Not sure when this was posted, but I saw this today on the site:

    “We’re back! At the end of the 2010 election, I had planned to take a six week break before getting back to the website. Unfortunately, at the end of those six weeks we found out that my wife had stage-four cancer. Needlessly to say, my attention to this website was drawn away and occupied by taking care of her and my two daughters. Hopefully as we’ve been able to get her condition stablized I will be able to return to this site and get it ready for the 2012 elections.”

    So sad… I hope she makes a full recovery.

  156. MD says:

    I am surprised they didn’t riot in Miami after he said that. What an amazingly stupid thing to say. It is like being the Mayor of Sun City, AZ and saying “I really loved Hitler!”

  157. DrJay says:

    He has apparently also praised Hugo Chavez in the past…

  158. MD says:

    He also says that he loves the USA. The guy is a complete loose cannon.

  159. SusyQue says:

    #160…DrJay…am so sorry to hear that. I will pray for you wife’s
    recovery and healing.

  160. MD says:

    Uh SQ – Doc wasn’t referring to his wife.

  161. Brandon says:

    It has to be a crime to be that tone deaf.

  162. DrJay says:

    #165 It is not my wife SSQ, but the site owner, who is D.C. Finegold Sachs. I’m sure he would appreciate it.

  163. SusyQue says:

    #166….MD….I give up.

  164. Tim V says:

    Don’t fret Sis, just pray for the sick lady.

  165. SusyQue says:

    #168….OK…I will pray for her and the family. The Lord know her name and condition.

  166. MD says:

    So I am a bad guy for pointing it out?

  167. Maxwell's Ghost says:

    No, you are just a philly A-hole…

  168. lisaB says:

    NC President ( NC Policy Watch Reuters )

    Obama 50%
    Romney 46%

    Ouch !

  169. MD says:

    lisab – still not buying that Obama will win NC. I do think many here are underestimating him though. The infrastructure they have already built for the campaign is impressive. They may not have the enthusiasm they had in 08 (which can’t be duplicated) but they will have a very good GOTV program. The lasting primary has put us behind in developing the same. Despite what some think, it takes a ton of work especially when we are so far behing in that category.

    We will see. I think we take NC.

  170. Tim V says:

    172- no md, you are not a bad guy for pointing it out.

  171. Bitterlaw says:

    Can I point it out, Tim V.?

  172. DrJay says:

    NC Policy Watch is a progressive organization, but I can’t find the poll to see how it was conducted.

  173. SusyQue says:

    #170…thanks Tim V….we had a wonderful week remembering how blessed we are because we know in whom we believe.

  174. Bitterlaw says:

    So, if Tim V. and SUSYQUE are related and MD is my transgendered/post-op sister, Michelle, does that meanMaxwell is really his own grandmother?

  175. Wobbles says:

    This is a disaster. We are not breaking through anywhere. I see a repeat of 2008. We need a brokered convention to stop the madness.

  176. lisaB says:

    I’m trying to copy the link now , but it shows the breakdown D/R/I 44/35/20. Does anyone know how accurate that may be ?

  177. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – former gruff radio host, Steve Fredericks, died over the week-end. Missanelli gave him a very nice tribute.

  178. SusyQue says:

    #172…MD…You are trying to help me…I was reading that
    post and felt so sad for the woman and her family, I didn’t see the
    quotation marks. People in serious physical conditions need a lot
    of comfort.

  179. DrJay says:

    “D/R/I 44/35/20”

    If that is by actual registration, it should be okay.

  180. lisab says:


    #175 was not me

  181. lisaB says:

    Ok, thanks.

  182. Brandon says:

    Does that poll really exist? I don’t see it anywhere.

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    #175 was not me

    Comment by lisab — April 9, 2012 @ 5:09 pm

    lisab does not have a capital “B.” However, she claims to have capital Bs!

  184. lisab says:

    Dem. Senatorial candidate calls opponent ‘flat chested whore’ on live tv

    “I’m dealing with a whore here who sells his soul to AIPAC [The American Israel Public Affairs Committee], who will say anything for the job.”

  185. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    even if Romney wins as comfortable as he can electorally in November, I think NC will be kinda close. While I still think the state was won in a flukish nature in 08 there’s still an Obama base there not found even in the other fluskih like 08 Obama state, IN. Not to emntion the DNC will be hosting their convention there. I say if the election happened today, NC goes Romney but in a close one. Best case scenario in November he wins NC 54-46ish

  186. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    fluskish* mention*

  187. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:


    God I suck at spelling when I type fast :p

  188. DrJay says:

    NC Policy Watch did release a survey of questions, but I can’t find the Obama-Romney matchup…

    perhaps it was held back and leaked?

  189. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Id love Rasmussen to do NC, IN, MI, & NH Pres polls but they haven’t done them yet

  190. Brandon says:

    I see the poll on education issues, but no questions on national politics.

  191. DantheMan says:

    I’m in upstate SC and work up in NC , and I would say Obama is barely ahead right now , and either way thewinner will win by less than 2% . NC is much more Liberal than us down here in SC unfortunately . NC isn’t a liberal state by definition , but it would be considered ” Moderate.” I would say Obama 50/ Romney 49 and here in SC Romney 55/ Obama 45

  192. SoHope says:

    The only way that Romney loses NC is if he wins FL, VA, and OH first.

  193. Bitterlaw says:


  194. SoHope says:

    *if he loses VA, OH, FL first

  195. SoHope says:

    ** I meant to say CC

  196. LisaB says:

    The poll is there , it was released VIA email today , but I cannot copy link from my email . Perhaps it will be on their site later today.

  197. SoHope says:

    Dantheman…where at in upstate SC

  198. Wobbles says:

    Male Suspects Dressed In Muslim-Clothing Terrorizing Philly Banks…

    Are they the Philly A*oles?

  199. Bitterlaw says:

    Throw the flag. Either you post the Roman Numeral on time or you don’t.

  200. DrJay says:

    DantheMan, that sounds reasonable. Wes has said as much, too.

  201. SoHope says:

    I disagree with DantheMan’s prediction of SC. I was born outside of Columbia and most of my family lives there.

    Obama lost SC to McCain by 45-54 last election. I would say Romney by 13.

  202. SoHope says:

    Not that it really matters…b/c winning by 10 vs winning by 13 makes very little difference

  203. DantheMan says:

    Rock Hill , SC

  204. DantheMan says:

    I only say that because most people down here are saying they’re voting the same as 2008 , and I’m voting Romney BTW , of course . Obama doesn’t have any real ground game here though , he does have a little in Georgia, and A LOT , I mean A lot up in NC .

  205. SusyQue says:

    Conservative leaders want Santorum to stay in
    the Race. They are encouraging him.

    Conservative leaders, increasingly concerned that the Republican Party is about to nominate a presidential candidate too moderate for their tastes, met with Rick Santorum in Tysons Corner on Thursday to work out a plan to beat front-runner Mitt Romney.

    Their game plan: Find a way to convince Newt Gingrich to drop out of the nominating race so his supporters can coalesce behind Santorum and boost the former Pennsylvania senator over Romney.

    Santorum is the top choice of many so-called Reagan conservatives including Gary Bauer, head of the pro-life group Campaign for Working Families, former Heritage Foundation official Rebecca Hagelin and conservative activist Richard Viguerie.

  206. jason says:

    Ok so I didn’t miss much by leaving when Bitter started hurting my feelings and calling me a Brie eating wine drinking soccer loving pansy. My analyst said to ignore any such bullying from sweater wearing attorneys so I feel better now.

    Sohope gave the obligatory “stop calling susyque a bigot because she is a believer and therefore can be as bigoted as she wants” post and ssq gave the obligatory jason is a bully because he calls me on my bigoted statements post.

    So what is really new?

  207. SoHope says:

    Rock Hill is a nice city. Most of Obama’s ground game is in the big cities W.Salem, GRB, Raleigh-Durham, and Charlotte for the convention. I speak with working class people everyday in Charlotte. Even those that would support him are hesitant to speak out publicly. It is like GWB, it is unpopular to like him.

    The media’s first goal is to take the stigma off of being a vocal Obama fan.

    Thanks to the deadenders bashing Romney and jumping on all the social issue, their job is now easier.

  208. DantheMan says:

    Thanks man , yes I love Rock Hill .

  209. jason says:

    ” Your shotgun method of exposing “bigots” is what some may call….bigoted”

    How many bigots have I “exposed” here besides Labigot and susyque? Don’t say Bunu, he exposed himself.

    I told you ten million times to stop exaggerating.

  210. SoHope says:

    Sorry Jason…how did you say it? “I call it for what it is”

  211. MD says:

    180 – no, it means I am not a mediocre lawyer who couldn’t get his next door neighbor to vote for him.

  212. Wobbie Troll says:

    I am extremely concerned about Utah. I think many Mormons will not vote for Romney because it would look like they are playing favorites, so he might lose there. Same goes for Idaho.

    I think if Romney does not get 98% of the primary vote in Utah it probably means Obama will carry the state.

  213. SoHope says:

    I was a bigot in your eyes for awhile, when you were begging me to tell everyone where I believe they will go when they die…you eventually backed off.

    Now it’s just LaZ and SSQ. I will give you LaZ b/c so many have told me things he has said but I don’t see SSQ as a bigot anymore than Tim V or myself.

  214. jason says:

    217. I don’t remember saying that but if its something like “I call it the way I see it” it’s close enough.

  215. SoHope says:

    Jason, Control + F

  216. DantheMan says:

    You’re right about the cities in NC too , my girlfriends brother goes to school up in Winston-Salem, and he said if you bash Obama that you get hammerd and shunned lol

  217. jason says:

    ” but I don’t see SSQ as a bigot anymore than Tim V or myself”

    I haven’t heard you say your friends and family are racists and bigots but that’s no problem and perfectly OK because you love them and you “understand” how they feel. Or that it’s ok to vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon.

    But feel free to wear any label you like.

  218. MD says:

    I don’t think sq is a bigot. She does have reading comprehension issues. Never thought Hope was a bigot. Lazy bra I am 100% certain is a bigot.

  219. jason says:

    ” met with Rick Santorum in Tysons Corner on Thursday to work out a plan to beat front-runner Mitt Romney.”

    Amazing, I don’t understand why they didn’t work out the game winning strategy before the final buzzer.

  220. SoHope says:

    I have alot of relative that are racist or have prejudiced tendencies in SC and I have said as much in the past here…The best thing that ever happened to me was when my mother moved us to Charlotte when I was a kid.

    I love my extended family despite their flaws. They know better than to say certain things around me.

    I don’t know how you weigh these factors…does that make me half-bigoted or three-quarters bigoted?

  221. jason says:

    I don’t think Sohope is a bigot either but he wants to play victim so I play along out of courtesy.

  222. jason says:

    ” They know better than to say certain things around me.”

    So you just proved my point. You know it’s wrong, or you wouldn’t mind them saying it around you.

  223. MD says:

    Bigotry is taught or inherited. It is fantastic that you overcame those views.

  224. MD says:

    Hope – Jason has a point. You go out of your way to get defensive on this issue when it is clear no one is talking about you.

  225. jason says:

    I didn’t say ssq was a bigot because her friends and relatives are bigots. I said it because she thinks that they are justified because Romney is not a “Christian”.

    So you are not even 1/10th bigot, sorry.

  226. SoHope says:

    How did I prove your point Jason. I know “Certain things” are wrong and don’t let them be said in my or my kid’s presence…so that obviously means that SSQ is a bigot?

  227. jason says:

    I think Sohope doesn’t like to be left out of things.

    Maybe he was last to be picked for games in the grade school playground and it makes him nervous.

  228. SoHope says:

    “I said it because she thinks that they are justified because Romney is not a “Christian”.”

    I am sorry Jason, but you only people one word in quotation marks and attributed quite a bit to SSQ.

    Give me a quote from her that is clearly bigoted.

  229. MD says:

    She did say that

  230. jason says:

    ” so that obviously means that SSQ is a bigot?”

    Obviously you are uncomfortable with such positions.

    SSQ has not problem with them, because her bigoted friends and relatives have a right to demand a Christian, so it’s ok if they hate Romney.

    See the difference?

  231. SoHope says:

    234, maybe…maybe not…but that is irrelavent to your charge.

    back on the subject

  232. MD says:

    Hope – don’t ask for that. The comments can be found. Personally, I think she has moderated over time.

  233. jason says:

    Frankly, you can lawyer for SSQ by yourself. Her quotes are there for everyone to see.

  234. SoHope says:

    again…quote please

    Your dastardly quotes attributed to SSQ with only one word in quotation marks are a tad….loaded (with BS)

  235. SusyQue says:

    SoHope…has been very helpful to me in this Jason drama.
    Check this date:
    #286 • SoHope says:
    March 25, 2012 at 7:02 pm
    Jason, HHR voted against that specific claim you made against SSQ.
    You were the only one that thought it was bigoted.

  236. Tim says:

    Okay, I think I’ll do the prudent thing, and hide, right now……….

  237. SusyQue says:

    231…MD…You owe SoHope an apology. SoHope speaks the truth.

  238. SoHope says:

    I personally choose to ignore race. I normally ignore religion (to an extent).

    Everyone likes to SELF-IDENTIFY with their leaders. That is why many vote for their states favorite son, a hispanic republican can win as gov of NM, ect.

    It isn’t race, it isn’t religion, it is psychology.

    Me…I just want to win.

  239. jason says:

    Sohope, why don’t you exhaustively research ssq’s posts and come to your own conclusion.

    I correctly stated her points of view. If you don’t think its bigoted great.

  240. SoHope says:

    The early SSQ came off as judmental on a lot of issues, mostly on respecting women and was a major buzzkill on some of our more humorous posters….I butted heads with her on something she said to me, but that is it.

    She also struggles with understanding sarcasm.

    But in my opinion she clearly is no bigot.

  241. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    I hate the mentality of voting for “one of your own”

    I want the best person for the job and if they are a left handed midget lesbian from Duluth so be it

  242. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    I would say Susy has grown as far as some of these issues are concerned I apologize if that sounds condescending

  243. MD says:

    Actually sq, I don’t and I highly doubt that Hope thinks that. I actually don’t think you are a bigot. Perhaps not the sharpest knive in the draw though.

  244. Tim says:

    I actually know a Lesbian from Duluth, Ga. But, she isn’t a midget……..

  245. SoHope says:

    before I am called a bigot for my caveat on religon in #245…If the religion of a candidate cause the politics of a candidate to be unbearable then I don’t overlook it.

    Examples: Sharia law supporting moslems, militant atheists, ect.

  246. jason says:

    Sohope, I think SSQ is a narrow minded bigot because she thinks its ok to discriminate against people based on their religion. It’s something I abhor. I find her views disgusting.

    Everybody has their pet peeves. That happens to be one of mine.

    You are free to disagree, but I am talking about her, not you.

  247. MrsWebster?? says:

    sharpest knive??
    sharpest knife??

  248. MD says:

    Ok – bored with this. Might check in later tonight.

  249. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    These issues are difficult in the real world

    I had a sister in law email me a really ugly anti black piece some cartoon with a lot of anti black stereotypes I responded nicely told her not to send me anything more like that

    We didn’t speak for three years…

  250. MD says:

    254 – typing on an iPhone.

  251. MrsWebster?? says:

    #251 – if you know a lesbian, does that make you a woman?

  252. MrsWebster?? says:

    #257 – which one is right? Mr Webster won’t let me download.

  253. SoHope says:

    Well Jason, apparently as of March 25, 2012 at 7:02 pm, not one poster agreed with you that WHATEVER SSQ actually said was bigoted.

  254. bio mom says:

    “Movement conservatives” is the stupidest description ever. Along with “Reagan conservatives”. Get over it!! He is dead, it is 2012, live in the real world, and stop thinking you are the important part of the Republican party. You are not. You are just a part, like all the other wings. I am sooooooo tired of these people.

  255. Tim says:

    No, it makes her a relative. LOL

  256. MD says:

    1 more thing – we just had a training on how to interact with Muslims. Never ask about their wives or daughters. Never hand anything to them with your left hand. Always stand flat footed. Never give the thumbs up sign. On and on it went.

  257. MrsWebster?? says:

    I may ask my husband to change the definition of bigot if jason keeps this up.

  258. SoHope says:

    “You are free to disagree, but I am talking about her, not you.”

    But the problem is that I remember when you were talking about me.

  259. MrsWebster?? says:

    #262 – but I thought you said she is NOT a midget!??


  260. MD says:

    260 – disagree. Some of her early posts were clearly bigoted.

  261. jason says:

    Ok so jason thinks ssq is a bigot, MD thinks she is just not the sharpest knife in the drawer and sohope thinks she is wonderful.

    And people say conservatives are not diverse in their opinions.

  262. SusyQue says:

    I speak out very strongly for Romney. This bigot thing should have been squashed a long time ago.
    No one has a right to judge me nor should I have to dig up evidence. Jason has been harassing me for months. He has a bully mentality. First he was on the sex kick and now he is on the bigot kick. Hey everybody…I am not the enemy. I expect to be supported when I am being forthright in my posts. If you want me to print out all the instances Jason has attacked me for no good reasons. I will show you the proof. Fellow HHR patriots should not be killing their own!

  263. jason says:

    ” But the problem is that I remember when you were talking about me.”

    Oh please. You are grasping at straws now.

    But if it makes you feel better I don’t think you are a bigot.

  264. MD says:

    A solitary tear just fell from my cheek.

  265. mnw says:


    CFG & NRA are up against RINO Richard in IN. Hope it isn’t too late.

  266. SoHope says:

    Wonderful??? I just said 2 negative things about her and then said but I don’t think she is a bigot…I don’t understand you

  267. SoHope says:

    So you weren’t calling me a bigot and trying to prove it by begging me to tell people whether or not I thought they were going to hell when they died?

    YES or NO???

  268. jason says:

    ” First he was on the sex kick ”

    You are demented.

  269. MD says:

    I know I am going to Hell if it exists but this isn’t about me!

  270. jason says:

    274. I don’t remember calling you a bigot. If I did, I should have apologized.

  271. Tim says:

    He was up by less than 10. So……..

  272. SoHope says:

    …or was that just my test that all evangelicals must go through in order to get the “Certified Not a Bigot by Jason” seal of approval?

  273. NYCmike says:

    I agree Jason is being very touchy about the fact that by saying “even if he is Mormon” makes someone a racist. He is being ridiculous, actually, but please don’t start calling for support and/or start saying someone is harrassing/bullying you. I have shown support for you in the past, you can take this as a show of support, and would kindly ask Jason to refrain from calling someone a racist, which is a very serious thing to do.

  274. MD says:

    What is the maximum amount of $ can a wife spend on a pair of shoes without the husband blowing a gasket?

  275. jason says:

    ” Some of her early posts were clearly bigoted.”

    And I think some of the later ones were too.

  276. RickPerrysParakeet says:


  277. NYCmike says:

    #281 – It depends on what happened the night before. ** wink wink **

  278. MD says:

    Jason – I think she has moderated over time. Probably thanks to your calming influence.

  279. SoHope says:

    277, I would have and do accept…but strongly disagree with you constantly “giving the business” to SSQ.

    That type of hazing should be reserved for trolls and Bunu.

  280. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    What the fuqq do they do with these goddamned shoes MD?

    Will shoes be the new currency after they have gotten rid of all of the men?

  281. MD says:

    MFG – she spent $50 more than that. She is a tax accountant and gets really stressed this time of year. Think I will just forget about it.

  282. NYCmike says:

    #283 – My wife was born for me to marry her. She takes old clothes to the consignment shop for the owner to sell, and has actually made some money, which she then uses to buy other cheap ladies throwaways. It is a fantastic world these women live in!

  283. Brandon says:

    Peter Griffin with my thoughts on this whole situation:

  284. MD says:

    My wife has a collection that would make Imelda Marcos jealous.

  285. jason says:

    “and would kindly ask Jason to refrain from calling someone a racist”

    Why exactly?

    Bunu is a flaming anti-semite, is it ok to call him a racist.

    I just want to make sure who I can call a racist or not.

  286. Tim's lesbian relative says:

    What the fuqq do they do with these goddamned shoes MD?

    If she leaves them on, it may be worth it!!!!

  287. MD says:

    In every other way she is fairly frugal.

  288. SoHope says:

    nahhh jason, bunu is clearly an anti-semite, america-hating *astard

  289. NYCmike says:

    do what you want jason. I think the rest of her body of work has shown her not to be a racist. Prejudice is very different than racism.

  290. MD says:

    Who here clips coupons? I do. I figure I saved about $300ast year. Over 10 years it can really add up.

  291. NYCmike says:




  293. jason says:

    ” No one has a right to judge me ”

    ” I expect to be supported when I am being forthright in my posts.”

    Me too.

    Bitter, stop attacking me for liking soccer. And wine. And brie.

    And everyone should defend me from the sexual predator charge.


    CC C

  295. SusyQue says:

    I speak out very strongly for Romney. This bigot thing should have been squashed a long time ago.
    No one has a right to judge me nor should I have to dig up evidence. Jason has been harassing me for months. He has a psycho bully mentality. First he was on the sex kick and now he is on the bigot kick. Hey everybody…I am not the enemy. I expect to be supported when I am being forthright in my posts. If you want me to print out all the instances Jason has attacked me for no good reasons. I will show you the proof. Fellow HHR patriots should not be killing their own!

  296. jason says:

    ” nahhh jason, bunu is clearly an anti-semite, america-hating *astard”

    Even the blind squirrel finds an acorn I guess.

    I was mortally afraid of being wrong on everything.

  297. NYCmike says:

    I just keep wondering why you don’t capitalize the “j” in jason

  298. SusyQue says:

    302…****ERROR post

  299. jason says:

    ” Prejudice is very different than racism.”

    So now she is only prejudiced.

    MD thinks she is an ex-bigot.


  300. SoHope says:

    Jason, as far as I know your low threshold for bigotness is the only thing I disagree with.

  301. jason says:

    304. Because there was another Jason (Jason T).

  302. T J says:

    Ah, JT my buddy, now there’s a bigot…

  303. SusyQue says:

    NYCmike…I do appreciate your support and your kind comments.

  304. SoHope says:

    3 of my favorite posters were Wes, MD & Bitter (on probation b/c his anti-UNC post)

    One Catholic
    One Atheist
    One Agnostic

  305. jason says:

    ” Jason, as far as I know your low threshold for bigotness is the only thing I disagree with.”

    Well, maybe, but of the dozens and dozens of posters I have only accused 2 of being bigots and you even agree about Labigot.

    So it hardly makes me a bigot hunter.

  306. Walt says:


    Computer problems (I am on my OLD laptop), wife mad at me, mice are back and now in the laundry room, and I have baby rabbits wandering in my garage and getting lost in all the mess.
    Have not read this thread yet, but am heartened to see that in the last thread the NC trolls were absent.

  307. SoHope says:

    Well I am signing off till later tonight or tomorrow morning.

  308. jason says:

    SSQ just thanked NYCmike for calling her prejudiced. I guess you take what you can get… 8)

  309. jason says:

    BTW, where is ol’ JT?

  310. Brandon says:

    Just saw a Romney attack ad against Rick Santorum on the local ABC station.

  311. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Buy her shoes Walt

  312. SusyQue says:

    281…MD…$300.00! Italian leather….

  313. GF says:

    Good evening, all; just got back from a day at the courts. I realized that the quality of criminal in the ghetto east county suburbs of San Diego is miraculously better than those in the metro area. I don’t know if it’s the OWS crowd, but Superior Court downtown smells like a pit of BO and other bodily fluids. El Cajon,home to much gang violence and illegal immigrant crimes was exponentially cleaner. I now value gangs and illegals more than I do dirty hippie college students.

    Did anyone notice that the President of the PIC polling company is named Bernie Porn? Part of me is laughing at the poor guy.

    Are the Philly A-Holes still around? I need some comic relief after today.

  314. Tim says:

    Mice? Put cotton balls with some vanilla flavoring on them in your snap traps.

  315. Bitterlaw says:

    I know I am going to Hell if it exists but this isn’t about me!

    Comment by MD — April 9, 2012 @ 6:46 pm

    MD – It’s ok. I booked us a condo with Tim V., GF, and Jason.

  316. Bitterlaw says:

    Are the Philly A-Holes still around? I need some comic relief after today.

    Comment by GF — April 9, 2012 @ 7:40 pm

    Look in the mirror, D-Bag. Zing!

  317. Bitterlaw says:

    I believe that SUSYQUE has toned ierdict on thist down quite a bit. Does she know people with views I find appalling? Yes. However, she has been willing to admit that she does not agree with many of those statements. That is my view on this.

  318. Bitterlaw says:

    I just keep wondering why you don’t capitalize the “j” in jason

    Comment by NYCmike — April 9, 2012 @ 7:01 pm

    Wow! jason and lisab are using the same computer with a defective shift key!

  319. Rodney King's Cops says:

    We are glad to know that Lisa b is down with our struggle. Punk had it coming

  320. Brandon says:

    Where is addison at? I need my fix of crazy rants.

  321. OJ says:

    Lisa b is w me too. Nicole had it comin.

  322. Bitterlaw says:

    Let’s get JT back.

    JT -The Black Panthers are a joke and have no impact on Philadelphia elections.

  323. Brandon says:

    JT- Jay Cutler does not care about politics.

  324. Jerry Sandusky says:

    Lisa b let’s do lunch. Thanks for your support

  325. Bitterlaw says:

    JT – I’m not saying you’re a racist but I’m not saying you’re not a racist.

  326. Jerry Sandusky says:

    Jt is welcome in my basement

  327. Brandon says:

    JT- Why Do you Capitalize like You’re Writing a ransom Note?

  328. GF says:

    Dave’s filter is acting up again; this time, I made sure that there were no inadvertently obscene typos. I shall try splitting up the post instead.

  329. Tulsa 2 says:

    Lisa b much love. We need character witnesses. Bring it honey

  330. GF says:

    Bitter, whenever I am depressed, I look to Philly, and I realize things aren’t so bad after all. Free therapy advice for TimV, too.

  331. GF says:

    I will comment on the Sixers, however. Aside from a catchy yet still cheesy theme song that has not been noticeably updated in three decades, you haven’t got a thing on the Lakers. I might also add that Kobe was not exactly convicted, was he?

  332. James Byrds Chauffer says:

    I wish lisa b was there for me. She knows I was attacked.

  333. GF says:

    Hmmm…I am guessing that the filter does not like one of the follwoing words…

  334. GF says:


  335. Bitterlaw says:

    GF – my Jewess is hotter than your Jewess.

  336. Chas Manson says:

    Lisa b knows I wasn’t at the crime scene. She is a righteous fox. She should have been with me before the race pimps set me up.

  337. GF says:

    How about in tandem;



  338. DrJay says:

    Dave is trying to make sure “Vick” is kept away from “dogs”.

  339. GF says:

    348- I know, so I removed the key words and replace dthem, but it is not working. For the record, I am not going that route anyway.

  340. Bitterlaw says:

    GF – Whenever I get depressed, I eat whatever I want without bleeding, pain, or severe diarhea. Jealous?

  341. GF says:

    Not really, BL. Most of the stuff that would cause a problem is not good for me anyway, so eliminating those items has cut down my midsection and eased up on the scale. I have also re-enginered my favourite dishes to use coconut milk and have not suffered any loss in flavour and giving up most of the fat involved by substituting most butter with olive oil and using ghee sparingly for flavour. All in all, I am in much beter shape and still enjoy cooking.

    I do however have a killer deal on syringes if you need.

  342. GF says:

    What frustrating me more right now is that the filter apparently lets the keywords in 347 on the same post, but nowhere near each other even when translated into other languages. Very sly…

  343. GF says:

    I’d say something about the Eagles, but that’s usually covered by the stuff about that player who is not to fond of certain animals.

  344. GF says:

    Besides, I have not had to worry about a football team since the mid 90s, so it’s no sweat off my back. Just more money for LA to splurge on undocumented guest workers.

  345. GF says:

    That was way too tiring and unnecessary. I’m out for the night (time to go home anyway). See you tomorrow. CD conceded.

  346. GF says:

    New Thread, female dogs.

  347. Bitterlaw says:

    GF – I am happy that you were able to adapt your diet. Are your menstrual periods more regular now?

  348. GF says:

    No worse than yours formerly were. BTW, I see that menopause has been kind to you. Is it the soda binging or the donuts that made the difference?

  349. Walt says:


    The missus was gone all day, shopping with one of her girlfriends. I have no idea if shoes were amoung the many purchases.
    I did have a small gift I went out and bought for her upon her return to make up for something I did yesterday.

  350. jason says:

    ” Wow! jason and lisab are using the same computer with a defective shift key!’

    Uh oh, did I just get outed????

    Ok I confess, lisab is me.

    But I am not lisab.

  351. jason says:

    ” I know I am going to Hell if it exists but this isn’t about me!

    Comment by MD — April 9, 2012 @ 6:46 pm

    MD – It’s ok. I booked us a condo with Tim V., GF, and Jason.”

    Did you check their maintenance records? Reliable AC is going to be a must….

  352. Walt says:

    “MD says:

    April 9, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    1 more thing – we just had a training on how to interact with Muslims. Never ask about their wives or daughters. Never hand anything to them with your left hand. Always stand flat footed. Never give the thumbs up sign. On and on it went.”
    MD–I used to teach some of this in high school World Cultures class. Former students who later went into the miltary told me the armed forces taught them the same stuff I did and what I taught was dead on and very helpful. They even shared with me the U.S. military phamplets about proper etiquitte, etc. in the Muslim world. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but they have strange ways.
    One thing I hazily remember is that (if Muslims are entertaining you in their home) after Muslims offer and give you a second cup of tea/coffee that once you are finished you should turn the cup upside down. If not they will politely offer you a third cup but it is their way of telling you that you have extended your stay and “it is time for you to leave.”

  353. Walt says:

    this thread had me cross-eyed.
    Lots about bigots, Canadian curling, cheese and women’s shoes…