Wednesday Morning

I see the Orioles are already reverting to form, blowing a three-run lead last night to fall again back down to 3-2. It may be even earlier than normal that I stop talking about the Orioles day-to-day…plus the Capitals playoff run begins tomorrow night….

Not a lot of time for me this morning, there is a new poll from the University of North Florida showing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied at 43% in Duval County in Florida, for whatever that is worth….

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  1. Barrett says:


  2. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:


  3. Scott says:

    I like the recent good news polling from PA,VA and MI.The trends show the Mittster rising and the O Man sliding in these key States.
    Phil,Brandon or Cory—which is the leading indicator(and the lagging one),national polling or States’ polling?

    Mr. Wissing—how about those Bronx Bombers last night?

  4. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Duval County Presidential History:

    1988 – HW 63% Dukakis 37%
    1992 – HW 50% Clinton 37% Perot 14%
    1996 – Dole 50% Clinton 41% Perot 6%
    2000 – W 58% Gore 41% Nader 1%
    2004 – W 58% Kerry 42%
    2008 – McCain 51% Obama 49%

  5. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    don’t take it too hard DW, My Rays lost last night too

    btw on the lagging indicators I could have swron Rasmussen did an article during the 08 election that states lag behind national polling

  6. Brandon says:

    I think it’s the opposite actually. National numbers tend to lag behind the state numbers.

  7. Brandon says:

    Not much interesting coming from Rasmussen today. North Carolina Gov and Massachusetts President. I guess the good news is that he’ll probably be releasing NC President numbers tomorrow.

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – I predict that the number of days that Carlos Beltran spends on the DL will be greater than the number of his home runs this season.

  9. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    about time we get Ras poll on NC Presidents race

  10. Real NC Voter (Not a troll) says:

    Obama will win North Carolina becasue we aren’t stupid like South Carolina. I live in Mayberry (the town in The Andy Griffith Show). Everybody has an Obama sign!

  11. Brandon says:

    Has anyone checked Carlos Beltran’s legal status? He does have the name Carlos…

  12. Scott says:

    If one reads the accompanying article about the Duval County,FL,one will see that it was nothing more than a classroom project/experiment.There are zero crosstabs.Chuck it!

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    Other than agreeing or disagreeing with the result, how do we determine whether a poll is valid or not?

  14. SusyQue says:

    Saboteurs Arising (Say it isn’t so!)

    Recent polls indicate that an increasing number of Americans would look favorably on the creation of a third or fourth party. Two pollsters, Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen, pulled together the results of these polls in an August 25, 2011 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece entitled “Expect a Third-Party Candidate in 2012.”

  15. Scott says:

    #14- Bitterlaw
    Realistic crosstabs are a good start.

  16. Bitterlaw says:

    Exactly, Brandon. Once you start letting people with names like “Beltran” into the country, you can’t stop. Can you imagine a Major League roster filled with great baseball players not born in America?

  17. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    We need a third party like we need pancreatic cancer

  18. It will take a few days for the GOP numbers to reflect Santorum’s exit and might have to wait to see if THE EGO will go back to hurting Romney.

    I am not in favor of Santorum releasing his delegates. Even in suspending his campaign he will should still finish 2nd in delegates. Despite what THE EGO thinks, Santorum voters were not really voting for him.

  19. Brandon says:

    When that happens, I think I may have to start boycotting games. Why can’t we just return to the days of Ruth where only fat white guys could play?

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    Scott – I agree. The problem is that there seems to be a reflex reaction to any poll that shows anything positive for Obama. This especially true with approval polls. We assume that if a poll shows that 50% disapprove of Obanma that 50% will vote against him. Some of those who disapprove are people who think he doesn’t go too far left. Do you think Matt Damon and George Clooney are voting for Romney even if they criticize Obama?

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    Why can’t we just return to the days of Ruth where only fat white guys could play?

    Well, the American League does have the DH? You could find a team there.

  22. Gary Massengill says:

    Still going on about the DH, Philly a-hole? Aluminum bats! Just wait! Just wait! GFY!

  23. Phil says:

    Obama and Romney are tied at 45 this morning in RAS.

    That’s the only national poll you need to watch this year. They nailed the number in 04 and 08. When I see Obama opening up a lead in RAS, I’ll be genuinly worried.

    The other national polls don’t concern me in the least. See yesterday’s ABC poll with a D+11 sample.

    Watch RAS. They tell you where the race actually is. Not nearly as high on their state polls although they are decent.

  24. Brandon says:

    That’s with RAS using an R+3 sample. I doubt this election will be R+ anything but I guess we shall see…

  25. SusyQue says:

    It Was Inevitable. Now Bring on President Both Ways (ooo)
    Eric Erickson….

  26. Bitterlaw says:

    Did RAS poll the effect of Chief Justice Roberts in chains?

  27. Phil says:

    True, but RAS bases his party ID on monthly interviews of 15,000. Pretty large sample.

    His party ID was right on in 04 and 08.

    Agree that a R+3 on election day would go against history, but that’s what his party ID numbers are currently showing.

  28. Brandon says:

    I think at some point, not calling cell phones is going to hurt, as a significant number of people don’t have landlines anymore and just have cell phones.

  29. Phil says:

    To me, Roberts in chains means one more liberal on the Supreme Court. In that case, Roberts might as well be in chains.

  30. Scott says:

    Sorry Phil,but Ras’ polling is too volatile to be trusted.Gallup,on Adults Only, has Obama’s approval at 44% and Ras with Likely voters has it at 48% and rising. It should be the opposite.

  31. Bitterlaw says:

    It should be the opposite.

    Comment by Scott

    But maybe it isn’t the opposite. Step outside HHR. Breathe deep. I know people who like Obama and people who hate Obama.

  32. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon: Maybe they don’t call cell phones because they know you and your Iphone-carrying friends are either drunk or living in their parents’ basements or shacked up with their girlfriend who go to work every day while they play X-Box or write poetry.

  33. Phil says:

    Scott, go back and look at 2008. During the fall campaign it was the most stable poll out there. I’d argue that was the case because of his stable party ID and the fact that he hard weights it.

  34. MD says:

    People here misinterpret the approve/not approve # to a great extent. In Obama’s case the not approve contains an element of the left who won’t ever say “approve” until Obama begins to execute rich people. They will all vote for him. That is why I think Obama can win with an approval of 45% or more. Even as low as 43%, he could win. Anything below 43% and the GOP can almost be guaranteed to take the white house.

    The primary season has been bruising. We have been labeled extremists. That is not going to go away quickly or easily.

    Yea, every single poll with Obama ahead is automatically trash. I do think the cross tabs should be realistic but for anyone to say we don’t have a huge problem with women is totally in denial.

  35. MD says:

    Took a stroll to the island last night. They seem to think that we think Romney is guaranteed to win. I guess the tards can’t read either.

  36. DW says:

    35…I would agree about women if they weren’t prone to changing their minds. But honestly, the only time you need to worry about how women are going to vote is the morning they head to the polls. Then on the way, they could still change their minds.

  37. Emerica says:

    LATimes: ‘Santorum says he was the only true social conservative in the race’ …not Mitt Romney.,0,2171937.story

  38. Brandon says:

    North Carolina Gov(Rasmussen)

    McCrory: 45%
    Dalton: 36%

    McCrory: 46%
    Etheridge: 35%

    McCrory: 47%
    Faison: 30%

  39. MD says:

    37 – I don’t think it will be quite that simple DW.

    Well then I guess there aren’t that many “true social conservatives” since he got his as+ kicked and was going to lose his own state.

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    MD- How is Eph? Does IP still think you are dating Wissing?

  41. MD says:

    As long as McCrory doesn’t stumble or commit some huge gaffe, I honestly think he brings Romney over the finish line in NC. Not saying it will be easy because I know it won’t be but I just have a good feeling about NC despite what all the “locals” claim.

  42. MD says:

    41 LOL

    Didn’t know he ever thought that. I guess during our conquering of that site in 5 minutes most of my attention was focused on justdrunkallday and butchjudyt.

    IP and EPH I just ignore.

    Always found IP funny at this site. Dave didn’t appreciate his humor though.

  43. MD says:

    I picture butchjudy with thunder thighs.

  44. Bitterlaw says:

    I had 7 of 12 players at practice last night. Even my daughter claimed she was “sick” and stayed home. Our first game is on Saturday. Too bad the good hitters who couldn’t make it last night will be buried in the batting order.

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    MD: IP didn’t actually say “dating” but you get the idea.

  46. Bitterlaw says:

    I will also have a very talented outfield filled with last night’s no-shows.

  47. DW says:

    MD, I honestly don’t know how the election is going to turn out. I am not even tempted to speculate, because the events that will determine the outcome have not happened yet. I think the boundaries are to the left, Obama winning like he did before minus Indiana which flips back red, and to the right, Romney wins flipping IN, NC, FL, VA, OH, NH, IA, WI, PA, CO, NV, and MI. Those are the boundaries of possibility right now. It could change. But I am not going to get tempted to be overconfident, nor do I see any value in eeyoring at this point. Romney can win, and he can lose. Nobody knows how its going to play out.

  48. Brandon says:

    IP’s creepy obsession with gay sex is just outright weird.

  49. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Demonstrating that he intended to remain a voice for socially conservative voters, Santorum then railed against amniocentesis tests for pregnant women, saying that the diagnostic tool is promoted by the medical community to avoid medical liability and to promote abortion to cull the population of children with disabilities while they are in the womb.

    “Frankly, I don’t care” about the flack Santorum said he expected to receive. “I know what they are used for.”


  50. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    When did this become social conservatism?

    This is sexual Stalinism

    Just exactly who does this motherfuqqer think he is?

  51. SusyQue says:

    Delaware Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson to Endorse Newt Gingrich for President

    (NEWT dreams of debating ooo.)

  52. Scott says:

    Ras’ polling numbers for McGrory are not as favorable as those in the last PPP Poll on the NC Governor’s race.

  53. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Let’s send him to Puerto Rico to campaign

  54. MD says:

    50 – that is just very odd. The more he talks the worse it gets.

    There is a reason he lost by 18 to a pieceo of cardboard.

  55. MD says:

    Don’t worry about it Scott. McCrory is in great shape. If we have to worry about that race in the last week of Oct then we are in real trouble. I don’t see that happening.

    Recapturing the Senate though won’t be the slam dunk everyone thinks it is today. The chances for a net +4 still favor us but I can see several different scenarios that result in net +3 which would be a tie.

  56. MD says:

    My wife is absolutely a social conservative and she had those tests.

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    Delaware Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson to Endorse Newt Gingrich for President

    Delaware really loves awful candidates (see COD).

  58. Waingro says:

    On DRUDGE:

    “BREAKING: U.S. files antitrust suit against Apple, e-book publishers over pricing… Developing.”

  59. GF says:

    46- Did it have anything to do with a pickle?

    Good morning, all.

  60. Bitterlaw says:

    I remember that there was some test we did not order when my wife was pregnant because I would not have considered abortion and my wife didn’t want to have to face that choice. Thankfully, all was well. I absolutely would not rail against women who choose that test.

  61. MD says:

    59 – they asked for this lawsuit. It is clear to me that they colluded to keep prices on new ebooks at 12.99 to 15.99 which is absurd. I have even seen them try to get away with 20.99.

    Basically, the competition in the market was taken out. That is one of the reasons why I actually like the idea of health insurance exchanges and allowing all quality ins. firms to compete in any state.

  62. MD says:

    We are both pro life and would have never gone that route. It is more to be prepared just in case. Thankfully, it wasn’t an issue in the end.

  63. Phil says:


    Romney won’t lose Pa by 10 this time, right? Maybe 4 or 5 with a better performance in the suburbs than McCain?

  64. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    You guys are too doom and gloom

    Wait three weeks and see what the polls look like then

    I expect us to be in the lead by then

  65. MD says:

    Phil – that shouldn’t happen this time around.

  66. MD says:

    To say that you shouldn’t get a test because it might lead to a certain outcome is the opposite of what a true conservative would believe.

  67. Brandon says:

    Allen West: 80 commies in the House

    Rep. Allen West channeled Joe McCarthy in saying that he’s “heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are Communist Party member a town hall event in Florida, the Palm Beach Post reports.

    The Florida Republican, and tea party favorite, was speaking at the Florida Atlantic University on Tuesday but didn’t go as far as to say names he’d heard or from whom.

    Read more:

  68. MD says:

    So much for any chance at a veep nomination.

  69. DW says:

    I still have yet to hear the trolls respond to yesterday’s VA poll where Romney is beating Obama 46/41.

  70. DW says:

    69….that is probably correct….its just something you cannot say in public.

  71. NC Jim says:

    ” I think at some point, not calling cell phones is going to hurt, as a significant number of people don’t have landlines anymore and just have cell phones.”

    I doubt it. That makes zero sense from a statistics standpoint, unless you are saying that you will never find x number of people in a certain demographic group because they don’t have landlines.

    This argument was used in 2008, that “young people” don’t have landlines, so they will be under polled. Nonsense.

    If for example you are polling 1,000 people and you need let’s say 100 in the 18-25 demographic, it really makes no difference whether 50% or 25% of them have landlines.

  72. DW says:

    I meant West and his source are probably correct in the number of Communists. I mean even the Communist Party USA had claimed victory when Obama won the election. This shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone that they are well represented in the house.

  73. Wobbie Troll says:

    ” I still have yet to hear the trolls respond to yesterday’s VA poll where Romney is beating Obama 46/41.”

    You obviously missed my post. But I will be happy to repeat it.

    Romney is under 50%. All the undecided and all the women will vote for Obama.

    I am very concerned.

  74. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    any thoughts by anyone on the Drudge Obama n’ Bones stuff? I know the President qalways tends to get stressed out and age faster

  75. Brandon says:

    #72. It does if Democrats are more likely to have cell phones only and you only poll landlines meaning your 18-25 sample will be more Republican than it should be.

  76. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    btw on the reaching 50% thing, NEVER in the RCP average has Obama gotten 50% against Mitt not even in the rally the flag bump of the Bin Laden killing

  77. Brandon says:

    Massachusetts President(Rasmussen)

    Obama: 51%
    Romney: 40%

    I kinda doubt this…

  78. DW says:

    78…why doubt it?

  79. Mose says:

    #72 – “‘I think at some point, not calling cell phones is going to hurt, as a significant number of people don’t have landlines anymore and just have cell phones.’

    I doubt it. That makes zero sense from a statistics standpoint, unless you are saying that you will never find x number of people in a certain demographic group because they don’t have landlines.”

    From a statistics standpoint, it would matter if there was some kind of systemic difference in political leaning between the young people that only had cell phones vs. the young people who only had landlines. I don’t know if such a difference exists or not.

  80. Brandon says:

    Obama at 51% in Massachussetts, really?

  81. Bobby says:

    That seems like a pretty fair margin…he was governor of the state…

  82. Barrett says:

    #81 – I would expect Mass to be something substantial, like Obama 58, Romney 42. I think Romney will break 40 in the state. 51 for Obama? That’s a little low I agree.

  83. DW says:

    That number seems very sensible to me…Romney used to be governor there. Even G.H.W. Bush got 45% in Mass even though Dukakis was the local. GW Bush got 37% there even though Kerry was the local. So that Romney gets 40% seems very reasonable. I am actually a little surprised it was not a little tighter.

    This does illustrate how important it was for Brown to have Romney on the ticket.

  84. MD says:

    Brandon – I agree with your skepticism. We all need to keep in mind that any sample is subject to variation and an outlier is always possible. In this case, I think we are seeing that. I expect Obama to get a minimum of 56% in Mass. That is my low end.

  85. Brandon says:

    The previous poll in March was 55-38.

  86. EML says:

    Obama approval when he won by 7 :
    Ras: Approve 65% Disapprove 30%
    RCP: Approve 63% Disapprove 20%

    Obama approval on 11/1/2010 (days before the tsunami):
    Ras: Approve 50% Disapprove 48%
    RCP: Approve 46% Disapprove 49%

    If Obama heads into November with a mid-40s approval, no way he wins.

  87. Brandon says:

    #82. He didn’t exactly leave very popular.

  88. Brandon says:

    In November 2006 when he left his approval rating was 34-65.

  89. MD says:

    Sigh. People will never understand this.

  90. DW says:

    This MA poll also illustrates how easily Romney may end up winning New Hampshire.

  91. DW says:

    90…never understand what?

  92. Brandon says:

    This is just like that Rasmussen poll in 2008 that had McCain within 3 points in CT.

  93. MD says:

    The approval thing. The pretzel math doesn’t work. You can’t equate the candidate Obama or first month POTUS Obama’s approval #’s and try to extrapolate to today. A completely apples to oranges comparison. It has been explained a million times but some stick to it like Polaris sticking to Ras having bad party ID numbers.

  94. bio mom says:

    I am from Delaware and a registered Republican and I have no idea who Gary Simpson is!!

  95. jenny-former republican says:

    according to yahoo news, obama is having money woes!

  96. DW says:

    94…oh ok. I have no interest in approval ratings…I believe an approval/disapproval poll has little to do with the vote in the election. That’s why we have polls asking how people are going to vote. Approval is a different animal.

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    bio mom – after the COD disaster, I don’t even like to see the word Delaware. My wife is from Wilmington so I didn’t always hate Delaware.

  98. Bitterlaw says:


  99. DW says:


  100. Bitterlaw says:

    Good job, DW. It’s like riding a bike.

  101. janz says:


    Regarding cell phone demographics… I think there is one. Younger people tend to obsess about their smart phones, using them for everything. In the rental business we’re in, most people under 30 never bother to get a land line anymore, and use their cells as their only phone line — it’s cheaper and more of a fluid way to get all their calls wherever they are.

  102. jason says:

    Brandon believes every partisan poll put out by PPP-DKos, but he thinks the ones that aren’t favorable to Obama are suspect.


  103. DW says:

    Some gags just don’t get old Bitter. Even 80 years later we all laugh when Moe says to Curly “pick out two [fingers]” even though we know what’s coming next.

  104. jason says:

    Following their Obama rescue poll, ABC now says Obamacare has he lowest approval ever…

    ” Fifty-three percent of Americans now oppose the law overall, while just 39 percent support it – the latter the lowest in more than a dozen ABC/Post polls since August 2009. “Strong” critics, at 40 percent, outnumber strong supporters by nearly a 2-1 margin in this poll, produced for ABC”

    Considering the source, it’s probably lower than that.

  105. Brandon says:

    You’re delusional.

  106. jason says:

    Even McCain got 36% in MA in 2008 against Obama in a very good Democratic year.

    The idea that Romney could get over 40% considering he is a former governor and its his home state is not that farfetched.

  107. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – a remake of the Three Stooges is coming out. That is just wrong on so many levels.

    As for comedy, I believe that as long as baseball exists, “Who’s on First?” will make people laugh.

  108. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I dont consider MA gettable in any way but I expect Romney to break 40% in November there and help Brown

  109. Brandon says:

    I never questioned Romney at 40%. Obama isn’t at only 51% in Massachusetts.

  110. DW says:

    108…Who’s on First is one of the all time best. Never gets old.

  111. Phil says:

    Obama beat McCain in Massachusetts 62-36.

    I look for the final Mass numbers to be somewhare around 57-42. Romney doing 5 or 6 points higher than McCain is probable. In fact, it’s a lock.

  112. jason says:

    Post 84 is a good read on why Romney at 40% in MA makes a lot of sense.

  113. jason says:

    ” I never questioned Romney at 40%. Obama isn’t at only 51% in Massachusetts.”

    Why? Because you say so?

    That puts the undecided at 9%. My goodness, that must be impossible.

    You are a moron.

  114. Brandon says:

    Okay, Mr. Tough Guy. Obama is at 51% in Massachusetts and Romney is well on his way to 400 electoral votes.

    Trying to play internet tough guy doesn’t work well for you, FYI.

  115. Brandon says:

    It just makes you seem small and simple-minded.

  116. Brandon says:

    Why don’t you pick on SUSYQue some more, Mr. Muscles?

  117. Bitterlaw says:

    Hmmmmmm. A Brandon-Jason fight? This should be good. A Philly a-hole against the Champion of the Amish!

  118. SoHope says:

    I hate it when cheap, unreliable, unskilled labor is unreliable and unskilled.

    It seems like I go through 10 losers to get one decent person that I can pay more.

  119. Brandon says:

    Let’s make a bet $1000 on whether Romney gets within 11 in Massachusetts.

  120. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @120 if Romney gets w/in 11 in MA it will be a landslide

  121. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    an electoral landslide I mean, popular vote landslide I dont see happening even in the best case for either Romney or Obama

  122. Brandon says:

    Apparently, jason thinks it’ll be a close one in MA so he should be willing to put his money where his mouth is.

  123. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Im a rookie here and don’t wanna join in on any commenter rivalries as I was in plenty of them at AOS but I gotta admit while I enjoy Jason’s posts most times he does tend to be looking for a fight

  124. Marv says:

    Every time that someone mentions Delaware, the pain and disgust of the DE Senate election of 2010 returns. Chriistine O’Donnell was cheated out of that election by a clearly biased and liberal media in DE and eastern PA. Even though she lost to Coons, the fact that she won the GOP Primary was a good thing because she was more conservative than Mike Castle.
    Castle was just too moderate and would have damaged the GOP brand.


  125. janz says:

    The coalescing around a Romney nomination has started. Pat Toomey, Gov. Jindal have joined earlier people like Terry Brandstad, Rick Scott and Lyndsey Graham in endorsing Romney. Also Foster Friess, Santorum’s big donor, has now switched over to Romney, indicating a willingness to give money to some of his big PACs. I wonder if Newt’s Vegas money source has any intention of joining in funding Mitt as well?

  126. jason's wingman says:

    Brandon, why you little bigot!

  127. DW says:



  128. Brandon says:

    Too bad SUSY isn’t here for jason to pick on, he really seems to get off on that. Maybe it helps to stroke his ego.

  129. DW says:

    124…my advice is just speak your mind. If someone slams you over it, just let it go and don’t hold any grudges.

  130. Brandon says:

    #127. Yes, I am clearly bigoted against Mitt Romney doing well. I am denial that he is headed for a landslide victory. Good thing jason the Bigot Hunter is on the case.

  131. Marv says:


    The fact that Santorum surrendered near Gettysburg does not even come close to easing the pain of the bitter defeat suffered there in July 1863.

  132. Phil says:

    Obama’s final national number will be skewed higher by the changing demographics in Calif. If you look at Obama’s state numbers in Ca, they are significantly higher than even lopsided numbers he had there in 2008. The Last Survey USA poll showed Obama up 61-31 = a 30 point gap!

    That won’t matter since that state is out of play, anyway. What I’m looking at are states like Iowa where Romney is running waaaay better than the 9 pt loss McCain had there.

  133. Senator Coons says:


    Who cares? I was a political nobody who was supposed to be a sacrificial lamb against Castle. Now, I’m Senator for life! Only in Delaware can miracles like this happen!

  134. Brandon says:

    California is a lost cause cesspool. Obama is winning Hispanics there 70-22 and they are now 30% of the population. That state is gone for good.

  135. MD says:

    I think Jason might be pissed that we didn’t ask him to become a member of the Philly aholes. This is an exclusive club. Brandon was on probation for several months. Jason falls a little outside of our desired geography.

  136. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – I’m not pained by the brilliant success of the Americans at Gettysburg. The other side? It would be like crying over dead Germans at El Alamein or Japanese on Iwo Jima.

  137. MD says:

    Sorry, our books are closed.

    MD – Membership Chair, Philly Aholes

  138. jason says:

    ” Okay, Mr. Tough Guy. Obama is at 51% in Massachusetts and Romney is well on his way to 400 electoral votes.”

    Actually, I believe you started the name calling in # 106.

    But be as it may, since you squeal like a stuck pig every time anyone questions a PPP poll, I thought it hypocritical that all of a sudden you have a problem with the MA poll.

    The fact I think Romney could break 40% in MA does not mean I think he will have an easy win. Find anywhere where I said Romney will have an easy time against Obama nationally with 400 electoral votes and you get $1000.

    Now you can run back and nestle under ssq’s wings, since you chose to name her as your ally.

  139. Apologetic California says:


    My thoughts exactly. Obama’s lead is anchored by his yawning gap in two states: NY and CA. His support is not efficiently distributed.

  140. jason says:

    136. Uh, can you buy your way into this club?

  141. Brandon says:

    “since you squeal like a stuck pig every time anyone questions a PPP poll”

    Find me a quote within the past year that backs up this claim.

  142. jason's wingman says:

    yeah…what he said, you SSQ loving bigot.

  143. jason says:

    I could rent a P.O. Box in Philly, would that work to establish residence.

  144. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – during your absence, Jason was on the shirt list of possible replacements. He is certainly an a-hole. However, the level of competition in Lancaster just isn’t the same as Philadelphia. The Amish and Menonites are pacifists. The students at Millersville and Franklin and Marshall just want to drink beer and not engage townies like Jason. He has potential but he has to move at least to Reading.

  145. Tim says:

    Are you glad I’ve been quiet again today, rookie?

  146. MD says:

    I think if we win the ev we would still lose the pop vote. That would be awesome.

  147. jason says:

    ” Find me a quote within the past year that backs up this claim.”

    Thanks, I have better things to do.

    But if you are saying you no longer think PPP is a legitimate and non-partisan pollster I will accept your word for it, better late than never.

  148. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @146 yes I am now if youd stay that way, id be fantastic Dem

  149. DW says:

    Bitter, over the weekend, I got to go to Sherwood Forest, near Charles City, VA, which is the presidental home of John Tyler. Tyler’s grandson is still living in the home. It was very intersting to learn about his life. He was a HUGE states-rights guy, so much so that by the time he tried to run for a full POTUS term (he became president when Harrison died in office), he had no party that would take him. The Whigs had cast him out and the Democrats would not take him back.

    He then retired from political life, only to be called back to serve the Confederacy.

    But when he died just prior to being sworn in to serve the confederate states congress, he was used by Jefferson Davis as a political pawn (like the Wellstone memorial), to rally the south.

    What was most interesting was that Tyler had a chosen spot on his property where he would be buried, but he was buried in Richmond because by the time of his death, Union troops were occupying that part of VA, and they could not get his body through.

  150. MD says:

    Let me ask the VP of membership disputes what he thinks Jason. He’ll get back to you.

  151. jason says:

    “I think if we win the ev we would still lose the pop vote. That would be awesome.”

    That would be fantastic, I wonder how many moonbats would jump off tall buildings?

  152. Tim V says:

    Brandon, Jason needs someome to fight with. Today, it’s you.

  153. jason says:

    ” during your absence, Jason was on the shirt list of possible replacements.”

    You guys have shirts too????

    Wow, that really is cool……

  154. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – very interesting. The Union troops should have let him through and then hanged the body from a tree. I would have left it there to rot but I suppose burning it and throwing the ashes into a latrine would have been an acceptable alternative.

  155. jason says:

    Forget Brandon. I am now trying to get into the exclusive club.

  156. MD says:

    The answer is still no. The books are closed.

    MD – VP Membership Disputes, Philly Aholes

  157. Brandon says:

    Should we tell him about the secret handshake too?

  158. Bitterlaw says:

    Short list.

    MD – Should we get shirts? As for Jason, maybe we can sell him the Central PA franchise.

  159. Marv says:

    #150 DW,

    My point exactly. The conduct of Union troops was atrocious.
    I learned that very early in school. I wonder what they teach now.

  160. DW says:

    An interesting question to through out to HHR folks here…Which POTUS homes have you been to, and which POTUS graves have you visited?

    Here are mine:



    By far, Jefferson’s property was tops. I mean Mount Vernon was nice and all, but the view on top of Jefferson’s Monticello was incredible.

  161. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder what they teach now.

    Comment by Marv — April 11, 2012 @ 12:13 pm

    Don’t start wars you can’t finish.

  162. Marv says:


    I think that you and I went to different schools.

  163. MD says:

    I take umbrage with Jason’s tone. We are the keepers of the flame for the annual August 12th celebration and remembrance. A sacred duty.

  164. DW says:

    155…Tyler did own slaves, but historians concluded that he treated them with respect and didn’t beat them…I am sure that was a great comfort to the slaves.

  165. SoHope says:

    I am taking my kids to DC tomorrow for a long weekend vacation. We are going to the Smithsonian, monuments, ect…any other suggestions?

    My kids are 8 and 5

  166. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I think both sides had their unfavorable moments but i’m inclined to be happy the North won as much as I enjoy southern culture and food

  167. Brandon says:

    The Newseum was pretty interesting.

  168. DW says:

    166…do not take them to Mount Vernon unless you enjoy standing in line for 1 hour listening to a 5 year old say over and over, “Daddy how long is it going to be NOW?” every 30 seconds.

  169. Bitterlaw says:




    John Adams

    Places that are cool but most people will never visit:

    Ben Franklin’s grave

    Commodore Barry’s grave

    Daniel Boone’s homestead

    General “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s grave near Radnor Township. He has another graver near Erie but we got the bones!

    The house given to General Meade by the city of Philadelphia (it is now apartments).

  170. Marv says:

    #166 SoHope,

    The National Air and Space Museum is a must see……so is Arlington National Cemetary and the US Marine Memorial (aka, The Iwo Jima Memorial).

  171. NJConservative says:

    RINO Romney won’t get rid of the Lilly Ledbetter Act. And you expect me to support this guy.

  172. SoHope says:

    I was thinking about taking them to Arlington cemetary…mostly for myself. I have never been there and it is a powerful place.

  173. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    NJ just linked to a lib site, thanks for ousting yourself buddy

  174. Marv says:

    #165 DW,

    What’s the big deal?…………. three squares and a cot should be enough for anybody.

  175. Brandon says:

    How about you actually look at the substance? Genius.

  176. SoHope says:

    I’ve been to DC twice and only had a day to sightsee. There is so much there.

    I hear the mint is cool that you can see them printing money. I have to see the Dec of Ind & Const.

  177. jan says:

    It’s gonna be funny watching the deadenders the next few weeks. NJ you can always support Newt. His $500 check to get on the ballot in California just bounced so he could use the support.

  178. Brandon says:

    WTF that was supposed to be a text.

  179. DW says:

    By far the best grave of those I have been to was Lincoln. None of the others have a permanent guard standing at the entrance, and you actually go into the grave. You walk around the middle part which is the base of the obelisk, in a narrow hallway, and then come to the back where you see the marble box that contains the coffin.

    The worst I have seen so far was actually Washington’s. Just way too plain for a POTUS of his stature.

    Hayes just had a plain stone marker too, but it was a nicer setting.

  180. Bitterlaw says:

    SoHope – we were just in DC last week. You have to pay but my 9 year old daughter loved The Spy Museum. Children love Air and Space Museum. If you love to make fun of absurd modern art (and other than lisab, who doesn’t?), the Hirsh-something Museum is fun.

    A great Italian restaurant is Luigi’s (I think near 19th and M). We stayed at the Embassy Suites because of free breakfast, cocktail hour and twice daily feeding of the carp in the lobby.

  181. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – one more;

    White House Visitor’s Center. It is about a block from the White House. They have models of the house and displays on the families of the Presidents. My daughter liked the section on Presidential pets. My son is almost 14 and was a typical teenager.

  182. jan says:

    Romney made the right call on the Ledbetter Act. He needs to claw those swing female voters back to him.

  183. Phil says:

    I could seriously see Romney losing the popular vote by about a point, but squeaking by with 270-275 electoral votes, primarily because of California.

    Can anyone imagine how Obama would handle that? I think he’d create a constitutional crisis. Move out of the White House without being forced out? Not a chance.

    There would be race riots, and he wouldn’t do a thing to defuse them.

  184. SoHope says:

    thanks bitter and others for the suggestions.

  185. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I thought Washington’s grave was pretty plain but that’s what he wanted. I believe that that the tomb only says “General” and not President.

    There is a great show that pops up every few months on the History Channel about Lincoln’s grave. They kept trying to rob the body for ransom so it was placed in the original tomb. The original tomb was built on soggy ground and the entire thing had to be moved and rebuilt. At one point Lincoln’s casket was covered with construction debris and tools. His son Robert was appalled. The final burial included placing Lincoln under tons of concrete so the body could not be disturbed again.

  186. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Lincolns grave in Springfield is impressive as is the Lincoln museum there

    Andrew Jacksons home in Memphis was interesting as well

  187. Brandon says:

    I think Roberts would definitely end up in chains if that happened.

  188. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    I like the four statues on Lincolns grave, commemorating all four branches of the service at that time


    The attention to detail on each is impressive

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    There would be no crisis Phil/Add. Obama’s term would end at noon on January 20, 2013. He would have no authority to issue orders. The military would not support him – unless there is really a secret cabal of marxist career officers who have waited decades to serve Obama since before he was born.

  190. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Mitt wins with exactly 270 and loses the popular vote by 48%-52%?

    That would be a dream come true…

  191. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    I put nothing past Obama


  192. jenny-former republican says:

    #184, i agree with you. romney will win the south but with a smaller margin than mccain or bush so obama will probably win the popular vote. romney will win the electoral college. the media and race baiters will go nuts!

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    Who cares what Obama wants? His term ends at noon on either January 20, 2013 or 2017. That’s it. End of story.

  194. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    You’re naive

  195. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    If he could he would

    And the press would cheer him on

  196. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    I;m not sure Mitt’s margin will be smaller in the south jenny you might be surprised by that

    The retards are loud but my guess is the vast majority will get over it and come out big time to evict Captain Communism from office

  197. jan says:

    Phil that’s why we have a military.

  198. Phil says:

    The media and the left will indeed go nuts, and zero will do nothing but stroke the fires.

  199. DW says:

    My trip to Lincoln’s tomb was interrupted by a huge tour bus of Japanese tourists who sped through. I just waited until they were done snapping their pictures.

    I never understood why they would find it significant. I can understand hoards of blacks going through to see the casket of the first Republican POTUS, and the one who gave them their freedom, but I don’t know what Japanese foreigners would see in it.

  200. Marv says:

    #183 jan

    If Romney panders to female swing voters, or any specific ethnic group, he will probably lose to Obama. Republicans win when they sick with conservative core principles, ie, strong national defense, pro-growth economic policies, low taxes, and reduced burdensome regulations. GOP candidates lose when they allow themselves to be embroiled in faux issues such as the membership policies of the Augusta National Golf club and the alleged “war on women.”

  201. Brandon says:

    Come on guys, if you’re gonna go all conspiracy theory on us, at least give us some interesting details about it like addison did with his Roberts in chains line.

  202. DW says:

    Another tomb worth seeing is in Norfolk, VA, the tomb and museum of Douglas MacArthur. He and his wife are buried under the central rotunda, and then all around the perimeter is a two-story museum of his life and the wars he was involved in.

  203. jan says:

    Marv spoken like a true Rush Limbaugh ditto-head. I’m sure you believe that Any Conservative would defeat Obama also right?

  204. Bitterlaw says:

    People always make the mistake of thinking that the current President is the greatest/worst President and his supporters are devious and evil. This always ignores history. The campaign of 1800 was so vicious that John Adams didn’t even attend the Inauguration of Jefferson but he left office. Andrew Jackson? Adored and hated? Taft didn’t hold on after he lost to Wilson. Gore went to Court, lost, and left.

    I think Obama is awful because I am living through his term. here are some of the other President who inspired hatred/admiration:

    J. Adams
    Andrew Jackson
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Lyndon Johnson

    *I omit Carter because I don’t know if he was admired by anybody. He just wasn’t Ford or Reagan.

  205. Phil says:

    Not saying Obama could pull off that kind of coup – only saying he’d try by trying to seize on some technicality to do so – For example, picking some close state and claiming the voting wasn’t on the up and up, or they needed recount after recount….you can just imagine. Actually, he’d sit back and let his lackees on the left do all the dirty work – while he refuses to move out.

  206. janz says:

    Now I’ve heard everything….

    Obama admirer to teach Understanding Obama class at Harvard Law School

    I wonder if this could be considered a Continuing Education Class for law licence renewal?

  207. Phil says:

    janz, that pretty well sums up the left.

  208. Bitterlaw says:

    Janz – I would take that class. I already don’t pay attention to the CLEs i have to sit through. I could just read a book.

  209. Marv says:

    #184 Phil,

    Terrific!!!!!! That would make for great television during that week between the televised football games.

    I expect that Gov Perry would order the Texas Rangers and the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets to put down any civil disorder that might occur in Texas. That being the case, the riots would be over before the TV cameras showed up.

  210. Bitterlaw says:

    I forgot that i also visited Eisenhower’s home near Gettyburg. Fascinating for how simple the house is but he had nice cows. I have also been to Lenin’s tomb. I was annoyed that it was closed so I couldn’t see his body.

  211. jan says:

    Romneys new campaign talking points:

    There’s been some talk about war on women. The real war on women has been waged by the Obama administration’s failure on the economy

  212. DW says:

    My rankings of presidents is an ongoing project of mine. I take pride in the fact that my list is vastly different from the rankings of so-called expert presidental historians who base their rankings on the advancement of liberal agendas and big government increase. I am toying with the idea of changing the format into separate epochs of presidental history. This is because, really how do we honestly compare John Adams with, say, Richard Nixon? But for now here is my current ranking:

    1 Geo. Washington
    2 Ronald Reagan
    3 Calvin Coolidge
    4 Warren Harding
    5 Tom Jefferson
    6 James Madison
    7 John Adams
    8 James Monroe
    9 Dwight Eisenhower
    10 James K. Polk
    11 John Tyler
    12 William McKinley
    13 John Q. Adams
    14 Rutherford B. Hayes
    15 Teddy Roosevelt
    16 U.S. Grant
    17 Grover Cleveland
    18 Abe Lincoln
    19 Martin Van Buren
    20 Ben Harrison
    21 George W. Bush
    22 Gerald Ford
    23 George H. W. Bush
    24 Richard Nixon
    25 Franklin Pierce
    26 Bill Taft
    27 Millard Fillmore
    28 James Garfield
    29 William H. Harrison
    30 Zachary Taylor
    31 Chester Arthur
    32 Harry Truman
    33 John F. Kennedy
    34 Andrew Johnson
    35 Bill Clinton
    36 Herbert Hoover
    37 Andrew Jackson
    38 James Buchanan
    39 Franklin D. Roosevelt
    40 Lyndon Johnson
    41 Woodrow Wilson
    42 Jimmy Carter
    43 Barack Obama

  213. SusyQue says:

    Predition: Newt will begin hassling Mitt about debating him. He wants to show he is the only one who can debate ooo and win.
    What a pest!

  214. SusyQue says:


  215. Tim says:

    I’ve got a better idea. Since I’ve been here for 6 years, how about your ass going away instead?

  216. Brandonn says:


    Obama 49%
    Romney 44%

    Obama 51%
    Gingrich 41%

    Ouch !!

  217. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – All I will say is “interesting list.”

  218. jan says:

    Nobody is paying attention to Newt but Hannity. So who care. We are on to the General Election.

  219. NYCmike says:

    The spokesperson for romney said they won’t repeal, or they won’t change?

  220. jan says:

    Down only 5% in PPP. That means Romney is tied or ahead by a little in reality.

  221. Brandon says:

    I see I have an imposter.

  222. NYCmike says:

    216.Tim says:
    April 11, 2012 at 1:03 pm
    I’ve got a better idea. Since I’ve been here for 6 years, how about your ass going away instead?

    -Make it a double!

  223. Tim says:

    Well, that is, uh…….different.

  224. SusyQue says:

    #213…DW…that’s a noble endeavor. Washington and Lincoln have been my long time favorites.

  225. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    DW I LOVE Coolidge

  226. DW says:

    224…I already said it was different. It is based on presidents who actually got results in improving America’s economy, defended liberty, and did not work to make the federal government even bigger, and did not want a nanny welfare state. I didn’t expect that you would like my list.

  227. Marv says:

    #204 jan,

    The generic conservative GOP candidate would not necessarily defeat Obama. Obama could be defeated quite handily by a conservative who articulated basic conservative principles in a clear and unambiguous way.

    The Lily Ledbetter issue, Trayvon Martin, and Susan Fluke are all virtually irrelevant to the core problems facing the USA. The economy and our national security matter, just about everything else is a nuisance issue that should be dismissed as such, including whatever “women’s issue” that pops up. Most of that stuff is manufactured out of whole cloth and driven by a media invested in Obama’s re-election.

    Incidentally, why are some women and liberal men so upset about the Augusta National Golf Club membership procedure? Do those people have the same level of concern over the all-female member policy of The Junior League, all-female gyms, or all-female colleges?

  228. Tim says:

    That’s okay. You wouldn’t like mine, either. Those lists are totally subjective.

  229. lisab says:

    “Maybe they don’t call cell phones because they know you and your Iphone-carrying friends are either drunk or living in their parents’ basements”

    cell phones are not related to the area code you live in

    i have a IL area code, but live in MA

  230. lisab says:

    “Incidentally, why are some women and liberal men so upset about the Augusta National Golf Club membership procedure?”

    that is just lesbians …

    other women don’t play golf

  231. SusyQue says:

    President Obama Is on Thin Ice (hope-hope)

    What to make of this?
    Well, for starters, the poll has an inexplicably large Democratic advantage – the party breakdown in the poll is 34 percent Democratic, 23 percent Republican, and 34 percent independent. As a point of historical comparison, the party spread in four of the last five elections since 2002 has basically been an even split between the two sides. In 2008, a “perfect storm” of bad news for the GOP, the party ID advantage was “only” +7. So, a Democratic advantage of +11 is an unjustifiable number, at least in terms of what the electorate is thinking.

  232. DW says:

    Look at John Tyler. I bumped him up to #11. He was never elected POTUS. He had no party, but he had principles by which he lived and died. He hated the idea of a national bank of the USA. He hated the idea of a strong federal government. He hated the idea that states would be overshadowed by federal regulations. When it became apparent that he had no political party that agreed with him, he stood firm, rather than compromise his positions, even though it meant he would not be elected for his own term. Marv will like this. He worked tirelessly on the project to annex Texas and bring it into the Union. Polk, his successor ended up inking the deal, but it was all Tyler’s work. He got a lot done in less than one full term, and did not compromise and held the office with honor and dignity. He had no major gaffes or mistakes as POTUS. Nobody can make the claim that while John Tyler was POTUS that the federal government grew in its intrusion into people’s lives.

  233. janz says:

    LOL Bitter, I was actually thinking of you when I posted the link about that Harvard class.

    Having a nursing licence, I am looking forward to some kind of CEU opportunity dealing with “How to diagnose Obama,” or something along that line.

  234. Marv says:

    #231 lisab,

    Anikka Sorenstam is married with kids. Please don’t tell that Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis are lesbians. Say it ain’t so.

  235. janz says:

    #226 Amity Shlaes, author of The Forgotten Man, is coming out with a greatly anticipated book on Calvin Coolidge.

  236. NYCmike says:

    #228 – your argument is exactly right. That is why Romney (thru a surrogate) just simply said no changes. Takes the air out of the issue. If there is a problem with that legislation, let Congress take it up, then President Romney will look at the issue again, under the right circumstances.

    Why should he be defined by these issues which will not be central to his campaign?

  237. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – Lincoln?

    Improving America’s economy – pushed through land grants for railroads and state universities (great idea until they went left in the 1960s)

    Defended liberty – pretty easy to state that. Don’t waste my time with the writs of habeas corpus for the traitors.

    Federal government even bigger – well, that was pretty much to fight the war.

    Nanny welfare state – no evidence for that at all.

  238. lisab says:

    ” Santorum then railed against amniocentesis tests for pregnant women, saying that the diagnostic tool is promoted by the medical community to avoid medical liability and to promote abortion to cull the population of children with disabilities while they are in the womb.”

    that is actually somewhat true

    and for gender selection

    both china and india have horrible gender ratios

  239. Phil says:

    Rather than beating Obama by a significant 3 or 4 points, I’d much prefer losing the popular vote to hi, but having Romney eek out 270 electoral votes.

    Watching the left go nuts would be the most wonderful entertainment possible. Watching Obama react would be awsome. The media meltdown would be sheer entertainment.

  240. lisab says:

    “Anikka Sorenstam is married with kids. Please don’t tell that Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis are lesbians. Say it ain’t so.”

    you mean those ladies at the dinah shore classic?

    yeah … they are straight …


    perry is good at debates too

  241. Bitterlaw says:

    He hated the idea of a strong federal government. He hated the idea that states would be overshadowed by federal regulations.

    He hated the idea that black people might not have to follow his orders and die in the death camp that he called a plantation.

  242. janz says:

    I’ve been going around various conservative sites, and reading comments following articles, talking about the foregone conclusion that Romney is now the nominee, following Santorum’s exit yesterday.

    What I’m gleaning is the tremendous animosity that remains out there from dyed in the wool social conservatives. They are brimming with hatred and venum towards Romney. You would think he was the second coming of Hitler, by how they describe him. It’s pretty disturbing….

  243. DW says:

    238…well, I have him 18th, that isn’t so bad. I probably should have him ahead of Grant however. But Lincoln did have several flaws. He was terrible at managing his cabinet and keeping them doing their jobs effectively. In that regard he was a poor executive. But come on Bitter, have some mercy on me here…I am living in VA. If word got out that Lincoln was in my top 15 here, I would have to hire a bodyguard.

  244. NYCmike says:

    #240 – let’s just win, outside the moe.

  245. NYCmike says:

    #243 – after listening to Levin for a little while last night, I believe you.

  246. lisab says:


    plantations were not death camps like auschwitz

    they were slave camps like dachau

  247. DW says:

    One of the first things I noticed when I moved to dixieland was that while all across the mid-west and northeast you find every other elementary school or street named for Lincoln, his name is not surprisingly absent here.

  248. lisab says:

    “What I’m gleaning is the tremendous animosity that remains out there from dyed in the wool social conservatives”

    yeah … those mormons are a wild bunch …

    sometimes i hear they drink lemonade or even caffeine free diet coke

  249. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – that is true. They worked the slaves to death but tried to keep them alive long enough to be useful.

  250. janz says:


    Far right and far left people usually have the same degrees of becoming unhinged, IMO.

  251. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I understand your list better now. I did notice some pretty high grades for the Virginians.

  252. lisab says:

    ” let’s just win, outside the moe.”

    imagine the election comes down to VA or OH

    the gop is ahead on election night by say 5,000 votes

    and then over the next three days the election is overturned!

  253. Marv says:


    Lincoln? Liberty? If he would have simply let us go our own way, everything would have been OK. We would have President Perry and you folks would be stuck with President Obama for life. I’m surprised that you can’t see that.

  254. Marv says:


    Gov Perry was very good in the debates, after he got off the pain pills.

  255. SusyQue says:

    Thinking out loud:
    Am listening to the news on radio. Supposedly Romney is considering one of his primary rivals to be his running mate. Hope is is
    not Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, etc….perhaps he is considering Pawlenty. I hope he won’t choose any of them.

  256. jan says:

    Looks like the Romney tactic of turning around the war on women smear on Obama is starting to rattle the Democrats.

  257. NYCmike says:

    251.janz says:
    April 11, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Far right and far left people usually have the same degrees of becoming unhinged, IMO.

    -That is the thing. Levin is not far right, he is able to give good, solid reasons for the things he believes in. I am troubled by the fact that Santorum/Gingrich is who he is relying on to be the conservative spokesperson for him. He has consistently said whomever the nominee is will get his support, but the tone he speaks with towards Romney is ridiculous.

  258. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – Lincoln did you a favor. Texas without the civilizing influence of the North? It’s too horrible to think about.

  259. NYCmike says:

    #257 – how is that?

  260. lisab says:

    Harvard to offer new course, ‘Understanding Obama’…

  261. jan says:

    The reaction from the left today from house organ MSDNC, DailyKos, TalkingPoints memo etec. Do a scan of the lefty site it’s very telling.

  262. janz says:

    #258 I guess Levin just can’t help himself.

    I can understand the gloominess, to a point, when the candidate you’re backing doesn’t make it.

    If either Santorum or Gingrich were where Romney is today, I wouldn’t be happy about it. But, I would try to keep the negativity at bay, and at least not continuously torpedo the nominee we would have going up against Obama. The goal is to defeat the current president, not to undercut the person we have going up against him.

  263. lisab says:

    “Obama isn’t at only 51% in Massachusetts.”

    he could be

    massachusetts was a hillary town

  264. janz says:

    I think Obama is seriously worried about Romney being his opponent. The DNC and Obama were crossing their fingers it would be Santorum or Gingrich. But, now it’s no longer speculation, but reality that it’s going to be Romney. This is a man who has tenacity, money, fortitude, and has a picture-perfact family. Romney will gain strength, as some of the conservative naysayers get tired of their own diatribes, and he can then aim his focus directly at Obama’s wasteland of a record.

  265. SusyQue says:

    Can someone please tell me what Romney is truly lacking that other “conservatives” are not?

    #243…Most of them were going to vote for him in 2008. It is irrational that they feel so strongly against him. He lives a decent life; He is a man who fiscally conservative; He respects the constituion, He is a man who is a problem solver.
    What is their problem!?!

  266. Bitterlaw says:

    I think that Romney will go after Obama. He dispatched his primary opponents efficiently. Santorum just didn’t have the sense to leave sooner. I bet Romney is hoping Obama’s supportersgo after Mormonism. That’s when the gloves really come off.

  267. janz says:

    The democrats are making the case why social conservatives should be pleased with Mitt Romney by having this political ad be the one of the first ones out of the opening gate, following the narrowing of the R field.

  268. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:


    Interesting DW

    I would likely put Andrew Johnson dead last

    But your rankings are interesting and thought provoking…

  269. lisab says:

    MA is gettable btw

    but only after romney has reached 350+

    gas prices have hurt obama a lot here

    my prediction

    55 – 42 obama

  270. SoHope says:

    I am seriously considering buying a $2000 lasik groupon. Anyone here had lasik?

  271. MD says:

    214 – SQ

    I 100% agree with you on that.

  272. lisab says:

    “The fact that Santorum surrendered near Gettysburg does not even come close to easing the pain of the bitter defeat suffered there in July 1863.”

    meade kicked lee’s butt

  273. MD says:

    217 Brandon

    jason has 1 solid point against you. It is very clear that PPP has a way of always favoring the D when the election is not close at hand. The real polls seem to comport with reality within the final week.

    Would you agree that Tommy J fudges the numbers for elections that are more than 4 weeks from happening?

  274. lisab says:

    “Anyone here had lasik?”

    cut rate surgery on your eyes is not a good idea

    go to a good clinic in canada if you must

    their top clinics are about the same price as a cut rate place in the usa

  275. Brandon says:

    I wouldn’t use the word “fudges” but I definitely see the point and would agree.

  276. jan says:

    Lisa that would be enough to pull Brown to victory.

  277. SusyQue says:

    Rich Galen’s Take on Newt (this is good)

    • On Sunday, Newt was conciliatory toward the concept of a likely Romney candidacy. He was charming about it. He was smart about it. He was accepting of it.
    • On Tuesday, after Santorum’s presser, Newt recoiled into the strange and frightening World of Newt and proclaimed himself the last standing conservative alternative to Romney.
    • Newt, by his own accounting, is $4.5 million – MILLION – in debt. In his version of reality, Santorum’s supporters will immediately pivot to Gingrich, hoisting him on their collective shoulders to proclaim him their conservative savior.
    • They will not.
    • If voters loved Newt that much they would have been voting for Newt that often.
    • They did not.
    • Everyone on this continent, with the possible exception of Newt, noted that he did not win in DC, Maryland, or Wisconsin last week.
    • He came in FOURTH in DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin behind Ron Paul.
    • Most normally wired human beings would find that result, at a minimum, embarrassing; and, at a maximum, cause to run into the sea and attempt swim to Portugal.
    • Not Newt.
    • Newt, having watched Santorum’s presser, had Sugarplum Fairies dancing in his head telling him that he, Newt, is the fairest in the land.
    • He is not.
    • Not in this land, nor in any other land on any planet in any galaxy in the known universe.
    • In typical fashion, just when you thought Newt might have redeemed himself, he does something that proves your original opinion of him was correct.

  278. lisab says:

    i expect brown will win

  279. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    So, lasik is not for everyone

    Make sure you get an independent assessment first

  280. SoHope says:

    it is at one of the better lasik centers in Charlotte.

  281. DW says:

    270…thx…I worked hard to create this list. And I do change it from time to time. I guess the overall governing principle that I heavily weigh is the president’s view of the office itself and his view of the role of government in people’s lives. That’s way a guy like Hayes, that most people feel was a yawn as president ranks higher on my list than most. The president was NEVER supposed to be the first thought on people’s mind when they awake and the last thought when they go to sleep. That’s what Obama wants. But the Washingtons, Jeffersons, and others like Tyler and Hayes viewed the office as small. And government itself was supposed to be small. They governed as least as possible, which is the way it was supposed to be.

    When Tyler was sworn in as veep to Harrison, he hung around only long enough for the other necessary swearings in, and then he promptly went back home to Charles City, VA. He never saw President Harrison again. Even when he got the news that Harrison was dying, he stayed home rather than going to Washington, lest he be viewed as eager for the president’s demise. Now there is a politician who does not view himself bigger than the office. Can you imagine Newt acting that way?

  282. janz says:

    #267 susy

    I guess it’s just (immature)human nature to dislike all choices but your own.

    #271 cute! Always loved Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

  283. SoHope says:

    I would assume they give the money back if I don’t pass the screening…I am plain old near-sighted with no astigmism

  284. Brandon says:

    Sarah PAC buys space near the Tampa Convention:

    The PAC also paid $4,500 to reserve space at Channelside Bay Mall in Tampa, Fla., near the site of the Republican National Convention, suggesting that Palin plans to have an independent presence at the event separate from the formal proceedings.

    Read more:

  285. MD says:

    278 satisfies me. Brandon has come clean. His membership as a philly ahole is in good standing. We are not accepting additional applications at this time.

  286. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    283 So

    I inquired about lasik for myself and my doctor said I definitely shouldn’t do it (I forget the reason)

    I think safety lies in a second opinion

  287. janz says:

    #280 susy — great time-line on Newt’s fallacies. He is such a phony blowheart. Why does anyone fall for his ‘conservative’ lines?

  288. lisab says:

    “it is at one of the better lasik centers in Charlotte”

    too many jokes …

  289. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Wahkeena, when are you going to regale us with some new videos…???

  290. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Where will they move the venue?

    How could he ever be convicted?

  291. SoHope says:

    no lisab, one of the better lasik centers in charlotte isnt a van in a piggly wiggly parking lot.

  292. lisab says:

    trayvon may be in trouble, guilty or not

    look at the prosecutor

  293. MD says:

    IMO – there is enough to effect an arrest in the Zimmerman case. An arrest does not mean you are guilty. Let the facts come out in court.

  294. MD says:


    Well, Trayvon is dead so it is hard to get in more trouble after that.

  295. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Purely a political prosecution, looks like Duke lacrosse team redux

    Tell me how can you get to “beyond a reasonable doubt” under these circumstances

  296. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Why not give it to a grand jury?

    Probably because even a grand jury wouldn’t indict

    Prosecutor wants to make a name for herself conducting a lynch mob

    Again, how could “beyond a reasonable doubt” EVER be reached with the facts as they are in this case?

  297. Bitterlaw says:

    They governed as least as possible, which is the way it was supposed to be.

    DW- you are correct but I think that you discount the impact of the time they lived in. A trip from Boston to Philadelphia was an 8 day journey at a good clip. The internet was the quill pen. MSNBC was the Pennsylvania Gazette and the New York Post. People didn’t ask much of the government because they didn’t expect much from a government located hundreds of miles away that almost nobody would ever venture to see. People also died younger so they didn’t live long enough to need a nanny state.

    It would be like saying that people had better, simpler architecture back then and forget to note that they didn’t have steel for constructing buildings.

  298. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    So because we CAN now have larger government we SHOULD?

  299. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – I know people who love the lasik that they received. As a diabetic, I can’t get it. My wife looked into it but decided against it. She one one eye that has poor vision that could not be helped (yeak – she has bad eyes and that’s why sho chose me). Her other eye would likely have a great result but she is not going to risk her “good eye.”

  300. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:


  301. Bitterlaw says:

    No. I did not say we should have larger government. What I am saying is that ignoring the limits that technology placed upon people in the past and pretending it was a virtue when they really had no choice is simplistic. It would be like saying “The Founding Fathers never imposed a gasoline tax.” Technically true.

  302. lisab says:

    “Wahkeena, when are you going to regale us with some new videos…???”

    just for you

    all about my dreadlocks