Obama, Menendez Lead in NJ

Some General Election numbers from Quinnipiac University for the state of New Jersey showing Barack Obama with a smaller lead than I would have expected and an even smaller lead with Chris Christie on the Republican ticket.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 49%
Mitt Romney (R) 40%

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D-inc) 49%
Mitt Romney/Chris Christie (R) 42%

In the US Senate race, Bob Menendez holds a single-digit lead over the lone Republican included in the poll.

Bob Menendez (D-inc) 44%
Joe Kyrillos (R) 35%

These Republican primary polls are somewhat pointless now with Rick Santorum dropping out, but here are the numbers for the presidential race showing how crushing a Romney victory would have been in New Jersey if it made it that far.

Mitt Romney 51%
Rick Santorum 14%
Newt Gingrich 9%
Ron Paul 7%

This poll was done April 3-9 among 1607 registered voters and 513 Republicans.

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  1. Tim says:

    Christie is not gonna be on the ticket, anyway.

  2. DW says:

    Wow, wake up to the drudge headline that Obama is attacking Ann Romney, mother of FIVE children, for never having worked a day in her life!

    Thanks Barack, for helping the GOP recover in the gender-gap.

  3. SoHope says:

    obama needs to check his sources again. I heard from somebody ann romney was once a community organizer

  4. Tim says:

    Neither the President, his campaign, or the DNC had anything to do with that.

    That was Hilary Rosen who did it, on Anderson Cooper’s show. She is not associated in any way with the President.

  5. EML says:

    Just like Mitt Romney has never said anything about contraception or abortion, but idiot Democrats keep harpingon the GOP war on women.

  6. SoHope says:

    Unlike etchaskwtch comment

  7. DW says:

    ok, the clever Drudge headline is “Obama and DNC advisor Attacks Ann Romney…” which easily can be understood to mean that Obama attacked Ann Romney, and a DNC advisor attacked Ann Romney, when it actually meant that an Advisor to Obama who also is an advisor to the DNC attacked Ann Romney. Dems are masters as this sort of carefully chosen wording, so I am glad to see someone like Drudge effectively using it here.

  8. Tim says:

    Uh actually, he did say plenty about both. Would you like links?

  9. EML says:

    Theres a reason why Axelrod and Messina have gone into full defense mode – they know these comments have the potential to be very damaging. Lets face it, Democrats have no respect for stay at home moms. It reinforces traditional gender roles and traditional family values which they hate, so they will take every opportunity to disparage stay at home moms.

  10. SoHope says:

    I think for the sake of fairness the media is required to have 3 or 4 days worth of this story just like they did on the etch a sketch story.. I won’t hold my breath

  11. SoHope says:

    Dw, being prolife is obviously being anti woman. Didnt you know that?

  12. Tim says:

    Yeah, we Democrats hate stay at home moms. I suppose I’d best tell both my daughters-in-law that I hate them. LOL

    On that happy note, back to work.

  13. MD says:

    I think the story should be played to the hilt. Rush has nothing to do with Romney yet they made that association. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways Tim.

  14. MD says:

    Not you Tim but a significant portion of your party does. It is the same as some R’s who are nuts in the other direction.

  15. MD says:

    Newt has lost his mind. They have actually given him more time than he deserves and have been more than fair with him. If anything, they haven’t been critical enough of him. The pressure has gotten to him yet his ego won’t allow him to back away.

    I hope Romney tells him to go scratch when Newt asks him to help pay off his campaign debt by making appearances.

  16. BayernFan says:

    I thought it interesting that the Obama and DNC advisor backpedaled on the “War on Women” nomenclature, blaming Republicans (YES REPUBLICANS!!) for harping on it.

    That tells me that the Dems polling shows that THEIR use of that sick extremist violent political demogoguery is backfiring on them.

  17. Tim says:

    Poster #3 said Obama said it. I correctly said he did not, who said it, and their lack of affiliation. That was my thing.

    Of course, it’s fair game to use it if it works. This is politics. Rosen said a dumb thing.

  18. EML says:

    17 – it all comes down to ego. Nitwit thinks he is the greatest man on earth and anyone who doesn’t cater to him is in the tank for Romney. It also helps his ego to blame his loss on someone other than himself.

  19. Phil says:

    Rosen got her talking points from the campaign. That’s how it works – for both sides.

  20. EML says:

    Sabato ranks VP candidates:

    First tier is Portman, Rubio, Jindal, Ryan. Portman is my leasr favorite choice, but he seems to be getting a lot of press lately. Also good to see Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, who went to my college, make the list in the fourth tier.

  21. Phil says:

    New drinking game

    Take a drink every time the special prosecutor says “justice for Trayvon”

    You’d have a helluva hangover this morning

  22. Brandon says:

    Gingrich: “In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than Fox this year.”

  23. Citizens United says:

    The President’s Failings
    You must have health insurance to be a citizen, but you don’t need proof of citizenship to vote.
    Profit is scorned, non-profit revered.
    A man is innocent until proven guilty, unless his guilt suits a convenient narrative.
    Arming foreign criminals with guns that kill our agents is unworthy of investigation or a staffing change.
    Forty million new patients will receive health care without increasing the number of doctors, but your doctor and your health care plan won’t suffer.
    The Constitution says whatever the man wearing the flag pin says it says.
    We betray our friends’ secret plans, while transmitting comfort to Vladimir.
    Fifty billion dollars of other people’s money is nothing between pals, GM.
    After a full year of receiving unemployment checks, you have 47 more weeks to go.
    If you give up trying to find a job, you are no longer unemployed. Congratulations.
    Dividing citizens against each other, according to union membership, skin color and wealth, is called “leadership.”
    Seizing money from the rich is called “justice,” and, for our present purposes, let’s call our great grandchildren’s generation “rich.”
    Murdering infants is a choice, a choice that will be funded by the American taxpayer.
    When money is needed, money is printed.
    It is possible to lead from behind.
    Up, henceforth, will be down … but subject to change.
    When he said “hope and change,” we should have asked for specifics.

    Read more:

  24. Phil says:

    If you weren’t finished before, Newt, that finishes you off once and for all.

    Good riddance

  25. Phil says:

    Mike Tyson on Zimmerman –

    “It’s a disgrace he hasn’t been shot yet”

    Thanks for playing, Mike.

  26. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Tim in full panic mode that his fellow big govt lovers just screwed up bwhahahaha wow talk about stepping in it.

    btw on another note, anyone elese just as scared as me that Santorum will have a convention stage prescenece? I say keep him away from there

  27. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    “I think the story should be played to the hilt. Rush has nothing to do with Romney yet they made that association. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways Tim.

    Comment by MD — April 12, 2012 @ 8:00 am”


  28. Tim V says:

    show and tell

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn.—A 5-year-old boy found dozens of bags of heroin inside a jacket he had taken to school and showed them to his kindergarten classmates, the school superintendent said Tuesday.

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    Democrats have no respect for stay at home moms.

    Well, not for married ones. The unmarried ones are key supporters of the Democratic Party.

  30. EML says:

    He’s the ultimate Washington outsider, a rare national celebrity who is beloved by conservatives and who knows how to draw a crowd. He would be the telegenic, young complement to the top man on the ticket, and, oh by the way, he made his name as one of the most famous figures from a key swing state. In other words, he’s Mitt Romney’s perfect running mate!

    But, alas, former Florida Gators Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and NFL sensation Tim Tebow is only 24 years old. One needs to be eligible to serve as president — age 35 — in order to be picked for the vice presidential slot.

  31. SusyQue says:

    Romney Trails Obama, but Key Numbers Break His Way

  32. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Barone is a God to amateur political handicappers like me

  33. jan says:

    The attack on Anne Romney like I said last night will have legs.

  34. jan says:

    P.S Hillary Rosen is a lesbian.

  35. Phil says:

    “the attack on Ann Romney will have legs”

    You better believe it does.

  36. bio mom says:

    Rs should not bring up homosexuality about Rosen. It will weaken the argument against her. They don’t need it. This is a real hit to Obama, even if he didn’t direct it (or maybe he did?)

  37. NYCmike says:

    Neither the President, his campaign, or the DNC had anything to do with that.

    That was Hilary Rosen who did it, on Anderson Cooper’s show. She is not associated in any way with the President.

    -So now we are to believe that the President of the United States has no influence over his party’s national apparatus? Does this guy, or his supporters, take responsibility for ANYTHING?
    Tim, you enjoy it when the MSM use 3rd parties to besmirch Republicans, now you see it goes both ways. Hilary Rosen is part of the re-election effort, she is an aide to President Obama. She is his right-hand woMAN! She is integral to the fight to keep Hope and Change ALIVE!! This is OUR TIME!

  38. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Im reading all on the deadender blogs and I gotta say this attack may make galvanizing around Romney happen quicker

  39. Phil says:

    A definite unforced error

  40. Phil says:

    …and a rather large error at that

  41. SusyQue says:

    Just thinking….

    I didn’t want Huckabee to be president in 2008.
    However, I think he may be a good VP for Romney.

    What do you think about that?

  42. Barrett says:

    #36 – She is an ugly lesbian

  43. NYCmike says:

    38.Rs should not bring up homosexuality about Rosen. It will weaken the argument against her. They don’t need it. This is a real hit to Obama, even if he didn’t direct it (or maybe he did?)

    -They better not bring up her choice of sexual pleasure, it has nothing to do with the statement she made. It is all about CHOICE!!!! Ann Romney chose one job, that of being a mother, the Toughest job there is (brownie points). Other women will choose work. Of course, in Obama’s and the Dems WAR ON WOMEN there are not many jobs to be had!

  44. Brandon says:

    Doesn’t look like Rasmussen is giving us any state election polling today. Weird.

  45. NYCmike says:

    44.#36 – She is an ugly lesbian

    -Those are the best kind. You don’t even think about turning her back.

  46. NYCmike says:

    #47 was a joke, just in case jason wants to call me a racist.

  47. EML says:

    43 – I dont think so. He has many of the same negatives as Santorum. Too fixated on social issues.

  48. EML says:

    Already notice how this story is being treated differently from the rush story. Most articles out there now are focused on top Democrats distancing themselves from Rosen. When top Republicans distanced themselves from Limbaugh, that was hardly mentioned in the media.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    Did this woman say she is a lesvian? I really don’t know. Do you guys have a database where you go to find this information?

  50. SusyQue says:

    #49…EML…Huck has a lot of experience and he plays the social issues when it is appropriate. You could say he is a “middle man” because many of his guest are lefties and he is wise to balance his program that way.

  51. NYCmike says:

    #43 – would rather not think about Huckabee as VP, he likes government to perform functions which I think are better left to private entities. It won’t matter either way, though, I will be voting for Romney in November. The VP pick will be to satisfy others.

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    We just dispatched Santorum who is onlyknown for social issues and SSQ wants to consider Huckabee, who is known for social issues (and releasing cop-killers).

  53. NYCmike says:

    51.Did this woman say she is a lesvian? I really don’t know. Do you guys have a database where you go to find this information?

    -I thought it was the way that they sit.

  54. Brandon says:

    Who the hell cares if she’s a lesbian? Jesus Christ.

  55. SusyQue says:

    Calling all Lawyers….
    Read an article which said Zimmerman has a word on his facebook that could be called racial. Sine his facebook is his private information, can the
    prosecutors that against him. I will look for the

  56. SusyQue says:

    Bitter…just saying….

  57. TheRisenLord says:

    “Who the hell cares if she’s a lesbian?
    Jesus Christ.”

    Speak for yourself, philly a-hole!

  58. jason says:

    I think we should call the attack on Ann Romney the first salvo of the Democrat’s


  59. Bitterlaw says:

    Facebook is the new best friend of lawyers. In civil cases, it can be used against people. For example, after the Plaintiff testifies, “I can’t even leave my house because of my back pain,” it is so much fun to play those Facebook videos of them dancing at their high school reunion.

    In a criminal trial, the prosecutor will argue that it is either an admission or statement against interest. You may think Facebook is private. Courts are finding that it is not.

  60. SusyQue says:


    the word is “datniggytb”

  61. jason says:

    ” just in case jason wants to call me a racist.”

    Ok, you ARE a racist, but if you don’t mind I will pick my own quotes.

  62. Brandonn says:

    This just leaked , Ramussen will not release NC Presidential poll bc it shows Obama leading by several points same as PPP

  63. JASON says:

    #62 – there goes SusyQue again, being racist!

  64. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – I swear that homosexuality is discussed here more than anywhere else in my life. I don’t care what adults do with each other. Go at it. Just leave me out of it.

  65. Phil says:

    My guess is we get a poll from NC today from Ras on the presidential race. They released the governor’s race results yesterday, and I presume he also polled the presidential.

  66. jason says:

    The idea that anything you put on the internet is “private” a fallacy. The idea that anything you have on the internet or even on your computer can be deleted is another fallacy.

  67. EML says:

    I think McCain did the right thing in 2008 by going for a VP that appealed to the base. Problem was, it was someone who also completely turned off the middle. Romney needs to pick someone who appeals to the Tea Party base, but won’t turn off the middle. Rubio is still my choice for this job.

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    That word (well, let’s say it is a word for argument’s sake) would probably be used to show that Zimmerman may have had issues with black people that motivated the confrontation.

  69. NYCmike says:

    I don’t agree with you Bitterlaw. At least since eye pee left, it hasn’t been that much of an issue.

  70. SusyQue says:

    Bitter…did you see the word on #62..that was zimmerman’s sign in name, I guess.

  71. jason says:

    Posting non-racist comments and then saying they are not racist does not mean you are not a racist.

  72. jason says:

    Wow, lisab really pruned the Ficus last night. The Ficus is now a leafless stump.

  73. SusyQue says:

    Jason…relax max…I want to know if that word could hurt zimmerman.

  74. Phil says:

    What’s the word?

  75. jason says:

    Since I am trying to get into the exclusive club, I will agree with Bitter.

  76. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – not aa much of an issue.However, whether Rosen is or is not a lesbian has absolutely nothing to do with the issue.

  77. Brandon says:

    #64. Thanks for showing up.

  78. jason says:

    SSQ does have a problem with sarcasm….

  79. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – you can not become a Philly a-hole by being nice to Philly a-holes. It weakens you. Break a bottle and come at me.

  80. jason says:

    I like my War on Families meme… while I pat myself on the back can somebody forward it to the Romney campaign?

    Hello Corey?

  81. SusyQue says:


  82. jason says:

    ” I don’t care what adults do with each other. Go at it. Just leave me out of it.”


    I am homophobic AND in the closet.

  83. Brandon says:

    I don’t know Phil about the NC poll, RAS doesn’t have it as part of the schedule of what he’s releasing today. Maybe it’ll come tomorrow.

    10:30 AM- Obama vs. Romney Trust on the Issues
    12:00 PM- Inflation update
    1:00 PM- Sentiments on Office Pools
    3:00 PM- Mike Wallace Favorables

  84. jason says:

    Now can I get in?

  85. NYCmike says:

    #78 – already agreed with you on that it does not matter what her sexual proclivities are

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    Insulting me is always a good way to impress MD.

  87. jason says:

    What happened to “unexpected”????

    “The number of Americans filing for jobless aid rose last week to the highest level since January, a development that could raise fears the labor market recovery was stalling after job creation slowed in March.

  88. NYCmike says:

    #86 – even I would say NO! Becoming a Philly A-hole is not a one-shot deal. It is a calling, a 24/7/365 occupation of A-Hole-ness, no friends, no happiness, no smiles!!!!

  89. jason says:

    ” Insulting me is always a good way to impress MD.”

    Thanks for the tip. Noted.

  90. SusyQue says:


    Is it or isn’t it????????????????????????????

    “datniggytb” Could this hurt zimmerman’s case

  91. Bobby says:

    Tim, Rosen is a chief strategist/adviser to DWS. So yeah…DNC/Obama camp all over that. Her war on women crap was false too in the clip…here is an email from Pelosi to the DCCC list serve –

    Bobby —

    We’re close to an incredible milestone in our campaign to stop endless Republican extremism.

    As of this moment, we are just 121 donations short of the most contributions we’ve ever had on a single day.

    Only a few short hours remain before the midnight Federal Election Commission deadline. Will you put us over the top?

    Contribute $3 before midnight and we’ll triple-match your gift

    Together, we’ll put an end to the Republicans’ unrelenting war on women, seniors, and the middle class.

    Thank you,


  92. Brandon says:

    Oh, I see the people from the Island want Rick Scott impeached over the Trayvon Martin case.

  93. NYCmike says:

    The “no happiness, no smiles” part is for the people who you come in contact with.

  94. MD says:

    Jason – you still have to attack the island. You do that and create a firestorm of panic and confusion with the misfits, then the committee will re-open your petition. I can’t guarantee anything but I would be in your corner.

  95. EML says:

    89 – lol, the Reuters headline us indeed “Jobless claims rise unexpectedly last week.”

  96. jason says:

    3:00 PM- Mike Wallace Favorables

    Wow, I don’t know which one I will be more interested in.

    This or Bunu’s update on Ron Paul delegates in Podunk County Missouri.

  97. NYCmike says:

    MD is really a master!

  98. jason says:

    97. There we go. Must have been a typo, someone will be reprimanded for the omission.

  99. NYCmike says:

    I guess that is why he is a leader in this exclusive club!

  100. MD says:

    Mike – nothing to do with me. Blame the committee. Being from NYC is an automatic dq.

  101. jason says:

    99. Stop kissing butt, Bitter already said it doesn’t work.

  102. DW says:

    97…these people have become a parody of themselves.

  103. Phil says:

    Just read the Reuter’s article on the jump in unemployment claims. They report it and then spend five paragraphs explaining:

    1. why it doesn’t mean anything
    2. “extenuating” circumstances to explain it
    3. quotes from economists telling us how great the numbers have been so far this year and how wonderful they will be after this week’s report


  104. jason says:

    The Philly A-holes want to send me on a suicide mission to the Island.

  105. MD says:

    There are no “leaders” with the Philly aholes. We all have a role and we are all just as important. This is in keeping with the spirit of the times.

  106. Waingro says:

    Barry down to 43% in Ras today….

  107. Brandon says:

    #109. Huh? He’s at 48%.

    “Overall, 48% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) at least somewhat disapprove.”

  108. NYCmike says:

    “Being from NYC is an automatic dq.”

    If “the city” ever knew I was having civil conversations with all of YOU, they would not let me back in!

  109. Waingro says:

    #109, sorry, looks like Ras flubbed his tweet. According to the actual link, Barry is at 48%.

  110. CharlesManson says:

    The Philly A-holes want to send me on a suicide mission to the Island.

    That is the only way to prove yourself!

  111. Waingro says:

    #112, HA! Now I see what the “43%” was. Ron Paul is somehow beating Barry 44-43. LOL.

  112. MD says:

    Jason – we conquered the island in 3 minutes. Bitter and Brandon will back you up if needed. I have been banned by justdrunkalldayandnight. We would never leave you alone. We even have applicants backs. The committee needs to see an extraordinary effort. Beating down the fiscus and bunu isn’t enough.

  113. Bitterlaw says:

    MD/Brandon/Jason – if you get 1210 am on the radio where you are, Dom Giordano is going to interview Niki Haley around 10:05 this morning.

  114. NYCmike says:

    I have to say congrats to the Flyers for their comeback victory last night. Great game! That is going to be a nasty series!

  115. Brandonn says:

    LOL , Hey Brandon , I had to POP in at some point . Obama is leading in NC per all polls including Ramussen .

  116. MD says:

    The Philly aholes want a nasty series. Plasma on ice!

  117. DW says:

    DEATH CITY: Homicides in Chicago soar; 120 dead in 2012, 500 wounded…

    link at Drudge.

    But how can this be? Based on the media coverage, there has only been ONE killing in America this year, and it was that poor, innocent boy in Florida who looks like the son Obama never had.

  118. Phil says:

    Romney will win NC

    I’m more concerned about Virginia.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – if you go, take out BloodyMary and JudyT first. They run that place. IP will just call you gay and Eph will just copy and paste what you post.

  120. MD says:

    Agree. Go after the bytches first.

  121. Brandon says:

    Bitter there is this thing called the internet where you can listen to any radio station that you want…

  122. MD says:

    The men on the island are weak. By now
    Justmary’s is probably on her 4th drink and JudyT is finishing…..well, I don’t want to be crude.

  123. jason says:

    “Trayvon Martin’s mom says she believes shooting was an accident”

    Wow, that will be a heck of a fight.

    The ficus who thinks Zimmerman is a blood thirsty killer vs. Trayvon’s mother.

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – I know. I don;t know where everybody is right now. I am in my office and have the radio on.

  125. Bitterlaw says:

    Add admits he does not have all the facts – except for knowing that Zimmerman was the aggressor and did not fear for his safety.

  126. jason says:

    I remember fighting with Eph here.

    I called him a lemming and he changed his name to that for awhile.

  127. jason says:

    128. Not really. He decided Zimmmerman was guilty because he shot an “unarmed man”, so the facts are irrelevant.

    That is so ridiculous it does not even merit discussion.

  128. Brandon says:

    I seriously believe EPH has a mental disorder where mentally he hasn’t gone past age 13.

  129. jason says:

    ” Romney will win NC

    I’m more concerned about Virginia.”

    I always feel reassured when Phil says we might win something..


  130. jason says:

    131. He sure had a fixation with the womb (filter won’t allow the various variations of the u word I tried). Freud probably explains it somewhere.

  131. DW says:

    Not a lot of talk here about the NJ poll. In 2008, Obama beat McCain 57/42 in Jersey. So the fact that Romney is holding him under 50% seems to indicate Romney does have strength in the north-east, which is all important for New Hampshire–the easiest state for Romney to win in this region. With NH, all he would then need is to flip IN, NC, FL, OH and VA.

  132. Brandonn says:

    Phil , Romney will not win NC or VA , mark my words . A lot of people on here are in denial .

  133. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    oh Timmy Boy, on that claim Obama has nothing to do with this woman…

  134. SusyQue says:

    Trayvon Martin’s mom seems to be a very gracious lady, when she said it was probably an accident that her son was shot and killed. (on Drudge)

    l cell this morning as the mother of Trayvon Martin, the teen he killed, revealed on national television that she thinks the shooting was an accident.

    Zimmerman is set to go before Judge Mark Herr at 1:30 p.m. today on a charge of second-degree murder.

    Asked what she would like to ask to Zimmerman, Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said on The Today Show that she wants an apology from him.

  135. janz says:

    There’s a more expansive article at HA about Hillary Rosen. If you scroll down to an update, there is also a link to comments she made ‘defending’ Michelle Obama’s role of staying home and backing her husband in 2008 — a totally reversal of the charges she made towards Ann Romney.

    BTW, Rosen is a glove-fit for JudyT’s gruff, in-your-face, sarcastic, nasty personality. There is even some physical resemblance to the two women.

  136. janz says:

    #136’s link shows Rosen’s presence in Obama’s campaign is not a minor one. The lies that dems tell!

  137. Phil says:

    The Black Panthers aren’t going to like Trayvon’s mom’s comments.

    What is she, some kind of Uncle Tom?

  138. Phil says:

    I would be amazed if Romney lost NC. McCain basically tied Obama there in a year when Dems had the perfect storm and won nationally by 7 points.

    They may win nationally, and in my estimation are now a slight favorite, but they won’t win nationally by anything approaching 7 points if they win at all.

    Again, Romney wins North Carolina.

  139. Waingro says:

    Ugh – Erick Erickson (sort of) comes to Rosen’s aid in trying to provide “context”. It’s probably because he has to work with her.

  140. Brandonn says:

    McCain was much better liked in NC than Romney is , again, Obama will win NC.

  141. Phil says:

    No he won’t.

  142. Waingro says:

    Romney is going to do very well in the deeper suburbs of NC–much better than McCain did.

  143. pitchaboy says:

    If Q can get Obama only to 49 in NJ, no way he is taking VA or NC.

  144. Bitterlaw says:

    Dispatches from the Island:

    Before I met my husband, I was working 2 jobs, because damned if I was going to take public assistance, even though I received zero child support from my deadbeat ex. – BloodyMary

  145. Phil says:

    “Romney is going to do very well in the suburbs of NC-much better than McCain did”

    Ding Ding

    We have a winner.

  146. Waingro says:

    #146, Barry will at least have to spend some extra dough in NJ it looks like.

  147. Phil says:

    In addition to the 23K jump in jobless claims this week, last week’s jobless claims were adjusted up 10K

  148. NYCmike says:

    Barry will have NJConservative walking the precinct for him.

  149. Waingro says:

    Great appearance by Anne Romney on foxnews. She is going to be a tremendous asset on the campaign trail.

  150. Phil says:

    Yep, and Dems know it, Waingro. That’s why Axelrod and company had an “oh s**t” moment the minute Rosen opened her mouth.

  151. janz says:

    Ann Romney has the personal appeal that eludes her husband. They balance each other out because of this — she has the warmth and he the business brains.

    Also, this Rosen attack is proving to be a God shot for the Romney campaign, as it is causing republicans to feel they need to circle their wagons around Ann. It’s amaziong how some calculated attacks can backfire and work out for the other side.

  152. DW says:

    Obama trying to distance himself from Rosen reminds me of him four years ago regarding Bill Ayers…”oh he is just a guy who happens to live in the neighborhood”

  153. Barrett says:

    Mitt Romney should immediately capitalize on this, and hold a press conference on how statements like this from the democratic party shows that if there is indeed a war on women, it is coming from the left

  154. MD says:

    They have no shame:

    Should The “Buffett Rule” Be Renamed…The “Romney Rule”?

  155. Phil says:

    Yahoo loves Reuter’s and AP and other various outlets firmly in the pocket of the Obama campaign.

  156. NYCmike says:

    #157 – too aggressive, imo. Let the surrogates do the dirty work, and let his wife be the charmer. Romney can claim to be at work campaigning and things like that.

  157. Barrett says:

    #160 – true. perhaps down the road he can make some sort of quip like “Unlike the Obama administration, I support mothers who chose to stay and home and do one of the most difficult tasks of all” etc etc

  158. jason says:

    I still say Republicans should start talking about Obama’s War on Families.

  159. DW says:

    Spinning the data to fool voters is of course nothing new in POTUS races. Probably one of the greatest that comes to my mind in the history of POTUS races was the race to determine the 9th president. William Henry Harrison vs. Martin VanBuren.

    Harrison was well known as one of the FFV (first families of Virginia). An aristocrat of aristocrats. Grew up just down the road from his Vice President on the ticket, John Tyler. And yet because he had moved to Ohio, the Whigs were able to pull off the notion that he was a rural hick–living on hard cider and assocated with log cabins.

    That lie stuck so well that they even put Tyler on the ticket to “balance it out!”

    They were able to paint VanBuren as the silver spooned priveleged son, even though the reality was VanBuren grew up in poverty.

  160. jason says:

    Obama is digging deeper

    “We could not afford for Michelle not to work”

  161. DW says:

    162…an excellent idea. Its a way to appeal to Social conservatives without bringing up issues that will turn away independents.

  162. SusyQue says:

    #140…Phil… Uncle Tom is not the “Uncle Tom” of the twenty-first-century dictionary definition, the “elderly slave” who behaves “fawningly” towards whites.
    In the book, he is courageous, his strength, and his heroism are all based in the Christian love — the good — that he freely chooses (as, he believes, God freely chooses him) throughout the book. He gave his life to save his family. He was a Christian Martyr.

  163. EML says:

    Yes Mr. President, under your administration, most families have to have both parents working, if either of them are even able to find jobs.

  164. EML says:


    It’s curious that Democrats have chosen this time to attack stay at home moms since the number of stay at home moms is at a recent high due to the inability of many to find work during the Obama administration.

  165. Phil says:

    Someone take the shovel away from Barry.

  166. Waingro says:

    #164, that was coincidentally BEFORE this Rosen gaffe. Barry is gonna be KICKING himself now for those comments.

    Romney/RNC should have a nice ad ready by the end of the day!

  167. Phil says:

    ….and Rosen is digging with a steam shovel.

    I thought that woman was supposed to be smart.

  168. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    check out the hole digging going on by Rosen:

  169. Phil says:

    Quite a speech by Ms Rosen.

  170. Waingro says:

    #172, oh this quote is beautiful:

    “Nothing in Ann Romney’s history as we have heard it — hardworking mom she may have been — leads me to believe that Mitt has chosen the right expert to get feedback on this problem he professes to be so concerned about.”

    You hear that stay-at-home-moms? Your opinions are INVALID.

  171. Phil says:

    Axlerod: She’s still talking about this? Someone gag that stupid b**ch

  172. jan says:

    Its so nice to finally be over the primary and finally all taking aim at Obama.

  173. EML says:

    I believe women should have the right to choose whether or not they want to work. However, with the oppressive taxation required by Obama’s big government vision, most will have no choice but to work.

  174. DW says:

    Santorum will quickly become a small dot in the rear view mirror.

  175. NYCmike says:

    #177 – Comment of the day! (excuse me if I may act like an unnamed philly a-hole who gives himself these jobs of awarding prizes every day)

  176. mikeSTEELE says:

    #174 was pretty good too!

    and #176!

    Good work everyone! We are ready for a General Election! See what the drawn out primary has done for us!!

  177. NYCmike says:

    Jason didn’t go to BJG yet, did he? Maybe he should wait until after the general election, just so we all stay on the same page?

  178. Tim says:

    Been reading all of these comments. Sorry I’ve been working, and missed all the fun.

    I see someone found that Rosen had visited the White House multiple times, in 2010-11.

    I have an admission to make. I once visited the White House.

    So, I’m an advisor to Lyndon Johnson. LOL

    Seriously, if I were you guys, I’d pound on this for a bit, too. Try to make this woman a member of the President’s inner circle. Make her a card carrying member of the DNC, too. Because, she works for the P.R. Firm that has advised them, on occasion. That appears to be what is going on in the blogosphere, and in Conservative outlets. And, make this a personal attack on all stay at home moms. See where it leads. See if it cuts into the gender gap numbers.

    At least politically, that’s what I’d do. You don’t get handed a gift of a dumb statement that often.

  179. Apologetic California says:

    Hilary is a bully bulldyke.

  180. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Tim she visited more then Petreus, keep whinning and digging that hole

  181. DW says:

    NO JOKING: Biden Hails Al Franken as ‘Leading Legal Scholar’…

  182. Tim says:

    I’m digging no hole. If I was wrong, and she turns out to be an advisor to the President then so be it. I will admit I’m wrong. I’ve done it here, before. But, if yo’re wrong, then I expect the same from you.


  183. Tim says:

    I have another confession to make. I’m really the Fox Mole. LOL

  184. Bitterlaw says:

    I visited DailyKOS. I almost never go there because its orange print gives me a headache. The line of attack is that Ann Romney is a hypocrite for talking about respecting women who choose to stay home because she does not respect women who choose to have abortions.

  185. DW says:

    “We could not afford for Michelle not to work” –Obama

    I wonder if Rev. Wright couldn’t afford for his wife not to work?

  186. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I never said she was an advisor, I said she was close. And you have yet to admit what a failure Big Govt is so I have yet to see you claim your wrong

  187. Marv says:


    Obama is fraud. The birth certificate that he produced last year is a forgery, and not a very good one either.

  188. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv is just joking about the birth certificate.

  189. jenny-former republican says:

    Erik Erickson is a jackass. He agreed with Hillary Rosen. Can we revoke his conservative credentials?

  190. NYCmike says:

    I have a friend in Colorado, big government, “compassionate” liberal reminds of Tim, almost exactly in the statements he makes. He works his arse off, employs several people. But he always complains about the help. I simply ask him if he gives them outrageous benefits, are they unionized, do they get sick leave/family leave, does he pay for college credits. When he says no, I tell him he is a heartless conservative Republican. The silence makes me laugh every time!!

  191. NYCmike says:


  192. Marv says:

    #193 Bitterlaw,

    I’m not really joking anymore, but it doesn’t much matter because Romney will take out Obama in November and then a blockbuster book will come out which exposes Obama fraud and all will be right again.

  193. Bitterlaw says:


  194. jason says:

    ” Yeah, we Democrats hate stay at home moms”

    Funny, Tim the hypocrite had no problem whatsoever with the “War on Women”, so I assume he was ok with the Republicans hate women theme.

    But when the shoe is on the other foot, he squeals like a stuck pig.

  195. MD says:


    What was the dim wits point bitter?

  196. Phil says:

    Tim, you’re smart enough not to dig. I don’t know what Rosen is doing. She needs to shut up and just let this pass which it will eventually.

  197. jason says:

    ” Erik Erickson is a jackass.”

    This is really old news.

  198. Bitterlaw says:

    Dems love unmarried stay at home moms That is their base! They just hate the married ones.

  199. MD says:

    Janz – that is what I pictured JudyT looking like except with shorter hair.

  200. Marv says:

    We should probably cut Hillary Rosen some slack, she is going through a tough time in her life right now. I read on the internet somewhere that she had a particularly roughy break-up with her girl friend recently.

  201. marc says:

    Interestingly Rush is fully on Anne Romneys defense.

  202. Phil says:

    In the for what it’s worth dept. I went back and looked at Ras numbers on party ID

    It was
    Dem 41.5
    GOP 31.7

    Dem +10.8

    Presently? Ras has it at
    GOP +3.

    Quite a difference. I’d say a couple of points of that is due to the fact that Hillary vs Obama was getting all the headlines.

  203. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I think she was trying to say that she worked really hard when she was at home with her child. I don’t know which person I pity more – her current husband, her prior husband who fathered her child or her child (who she homeschools). I guess I feel worse for her child. Imagine waking up every day knowing that while other children can escape to school, you have to deal with that woman as your teacher. BloodyMary 24 hours a day!

  204. Phil says:

    The first numbers are RAS numbers for April, 2008.

  205. jason says:

    Tim is spinning like a top. Not getting anywhere…


  206. DW says:

    Charlie Toupee Cook has an article out about the Santorum drop-out entitled “The Fat Lady Sings”

    Uhm….the fat lady sang after Florida, its just that Rick finally watched the rerun of it.

  207. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Jason I really like “Obama’s War On Families” you need to email the Romney campaign

  208. MD says:

    209 – I just shuddered. Seriously.

  209. MD says:

    213 – Agree 100%

  210. jan says:

    Bitterlaw the Democrats are in full damage control right now. They know that this White House/DNC aide really step into it.

    I said when Santorum dropped out Tuesday that the campaign would need to get Anne Romney front and center and thanks to the Democrats it has happen sooner then we could have hope under the best circumstances we could have imagined.

    Anne Romney is a breast cancer survivor and has M.S. This is the face of the GOP we want up against Obama.

  211. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Rush has been showing signs of the acceptance stage since yesterday

  212. jason says:

    Alsn Dershowitz thinks it will be very difficult to convict Zimmerman.

    Maybe the Ficus will make a bet with him….

  213. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Its all so predictable

    They overcharged him (murder 2!!), he can’t get a fair trial, nothing can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, he will be acquitted, there will be race riots and dozens will be killed

    A small child can see what Nifong 2.0 is going to lead to…

  214. jason says:

    OK fwiw I sent it in, don’t know if anybody will read it.

  215. jason says:

    Will there be a manslaughter option or is it all or nothing?

  216. Angry troll says:

    Anne Romney survived breast cancer? What about the women who didn’t survice? Anne Romney is mocking women who died every time she says she survived cancer.

  217. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    And the same b@stards who blamed Sarah Palin for OurSaintedGabby being shot will be silent about the deaths that will result from the President and Reverend Al and the rest of the race hustlers fomenting race riots

    Because, after all, President JesusUnicornBunnyRabbit has to gin up black turnout to get reelected

    So, if a couple of dozen people get killed in the race riots, we a\have to look at the big picture, right…???

  218. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    you know this is bad when Debbie Schutlz joins in the piling:!/DWStweets/statuses/190472007975051264

  219. Bitterlaw says:

    Where is Corey? Maybe Corey was really Romney.

  220. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    We’d be better off with Pravda and Iszvestia

  221. DW says:

    219…it will make the Rodney King riots look like church picnic.

  222. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I am listening to 97.5. Flyers fans are truly a unique group. The Flyers won last night so the callers think that they will sweep every series and win the cup. If the Flyers lose the next game, they will demand that everybody be fired.

  223. DW says:

    In the end, a jury will convict Zimmerman to save the lives of those who would be killed in the riots that would follow. Its playing out like a cheap B Western from the 1930s.

  224. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    She bypassed the Grand Jury because this is a political prosecution and she didn’t want them to come back with manslaughter or negligent homicide


    Murder 2 which can never be proven beyond a reasonable doubt


  225. EML says:

    Flyers came back from 3-0 down to win 4-3 in OT. I’m rooting for the flyers because they will be much easier for the rangers to beat.

  226. Annie says:

    #5 – Tim – Hilary Rosen is a big Obama supporter, and she and her partner Elizabeth Birch are very involved in the administration’s politics. Birch made a prime-time speech during the 2008 Democratic convention as a leader of an LGBT organization. Not exactly your “traditional” women, not really the best people to speak for your average American mom, working or not (though anyone with five boys works really hard – I know, I have three boys). Rosen and Birch have fraternal twins – whether either of them is the actual birth mother or not, I don’t know…but I’m sure their nanny thinks Ann Romney has done plenty of work.

  227. lisab says:

    “Yeah, and she (ann romney) only has a couple of cadillacs to drive. Oh, woe is her. She doesn’t feel rich! LOL” Comment by Tim

    yeah … if she only had woe she could have an opinin

    bama needs to give her, her fair share of woe

  228. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    I dunno DW

    How can there be any verdict “beyond a reasonable doubt”?

    Zimmerman MAY be guilty of something, but how could ANY charge here be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”?

    This is another Salem Witch Trial

  229. Annie says:

    Also – Birch runs Rosie O’Donnell’s KidRo Production company…which tells you about the politics of Rosen and Birch.

  230. lisab says:

    “Okay, start. What will you cut? If Defense is not on the table, then you might as well change the subject.

    Ryan didn’t cut one dime out of it.”

    everything 10%

  231. Annie says:

    Ah, just found out that the gay couple adopted their twins…so, they didn’t even do that bit of womanly labor. Again, their nanny must think Ann Romney has worked a lot in her time.

  232. MD says:

    Lyon mindlessly repeating talking points. Sad

  233. jan says:

    If you wanna see how badly the lefts think they step into it with Anne Romney. DailyKos has already devoted 3 stories on it in continued order for several hours now.

    They are now desperately trying to contact motherhood with abortion also.

  234. MD says:

    Lyon should be Tim. Strange auto correct.

  235. GF says:

    240- Yes, b/c nothing screams “motherhood” like electing the procedure that forestalls it completely.

    Good morning/afternoon, HHR.

  236. lisab says:

    “Lisab stays up on here all night b/c she doesnt work…”

    i actually do work

    with children with very severe disabilities

  237. Bitterlaw says:

    What about this theory? Maybe the prosecutor charged Zimmerman knowing that if she did not charge him things would get really ugly. She went with Second Degree Murder because she knows it can not be proven. After the trial blows up when the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Zimmerman (if it is), she pleads it down to assault or hopes the jury return a verdict of not guilty. If she had charged him with manslaughter, he might have been convicted. She has to know the higher charge is not likely to be proven.

  238. Annie says:

    Hey, Tim – Ann Romney has two Cadillacs because she doesn’t want to drive between California and Massachusetts. Geez…a lot of American families have a number of cars – my neighbor, head of the county Democratic Club, owns five Prius car 9oh, those tax deductions). I have four vehicles, though I admit one is old and not running. My BMW costs more than a Cadillac, and I don’t have the Romneys’ money.

  239. Phil says:

    As I said last night. Tough to be a juror in this case. If you’re white, you know going in that if you aquit, you or members of your family will be be in physical danger or at least face the far from remote possibility of physical danger. Perhaps a visit from the panthers.

    If you are black and vote to aquit, you will be called an Uncle Tom by black “leaders”.

    Again, thanks NBC, ABC, CNN…

    Real professional journalists all.

  240. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:


    Fantastic theory, Bitterlaw

    Its unfair, dishonest, bankrupts the man and his family financially due to legal bills but other than that its OK

  241. MD says:

    When will fiscus just admit that he is voting for Obama?

  242. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Why not send it to the grand jury, drag it out forever to calm anger, then let the grand jury decide what to do (likely manslaughter or nothing at all)?

  243. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – did it ever ocurto you that maybe not all black people want to harm white people? It’s a stretch but it is possible the jury will hear the evidence and render a just verdict.

  244. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Add is an Obama-loving Tea Party member. How dare you say that he will vote for Obama.

  245. Annie says:

    #178 – EML – Many women who have a lower second income within their family do not work exactly because of taxes and child care – The added taxes eat up a big hunk of the woman’s income, which added to the cost of having someone else watch the kids all day, makes the net income a wash (or a loss). So, why pay someone else to watch and raise your children, if the financial gain is negated? A single working mom is a different matter, paying taxes as a single earner. But again, the cost of daycare takes a big portion of income (unless the woman has a stay-at-home relative who can babysit for free or a token amount).

  246. MD says:

    Zimmerman cutting off is own counsel was a bizarre move.

  247. jason says:

    Tim is regurgitating class war garbage about the 2 Caddies.

    In 2004 he didn’t seem to mind John Kerry had like 5 mansions worth about 33 million. Nah, no problem.

  248. lisab says:

    “Why not send it to the grand jury”

    it is unlikely but they could refuse to charge zimmerman

  249. Phil says:

    Who said anything about “all black people”

    I never said that or even infered that. I did mention the black panthers – a small group who certainly aren’t “all black people”, but happen to be the ones that put out the bounty.

  250. SusyQue says:

    Hmmm…Rush is all Romney and his wife this morning. Defending them!

  251. Annie says:

    A working mother must use the labor of another person to help raise her younger children – someone (usually another woman) must be there – preferably at home – with the children.

    The old saying: A man works from sun to sun, and woman’s job is never done.

  252. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    like I said Rush hit the “acceptance” stage yesterday, Levin who worships him at his feet still has trouble coming to terms w/ it

  253. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – I’m sorry if I over-reached. I am just sick of people saying, “The blacks on a jury will do this” and the “whites on a jury will do that.” It is pure garbage. Almost every person convicted in Philadelphia was convicted by a unanimous jury composed of all races. The same is true of the defendants who were found not guilty.

  254. GF says:

    If only Romney owned German or British luxury vehicles, then the DNC could really go after him. Even a Ford/Lincoln would do. But, owning a bailout car (2 of them!!!) makes it just a little bit hollow. Mitt did his part to support Bailout Motors, no?

  255. jason says:

    When will fiscus just admit that he is voting for Obama?”

    He won’t vote for Obama. He just thinks Obamanomics is fabulous and the economy is growing. He thinks when it comes to race relations, you should always go with Al Sharpton’s view.

    But he gets Tea Party junk mail. He even showed it to Corey.

    So obviously he is voting for Romney.

  256. EML says:

    251 – I have a friend on facebook who claims he is a small government, constitution loving, tea partier who will vote Obama if Romney is the nominee. Some people make no sense.

  257. Bitterlaw says:

    EML – Jul is your friend now? He defriended me.

  258. jason says:

    261. Romney’s Caddies were built by the military industrial capitalist complex.

    This was before they were built by the proletariat and the government.

  259. SoHope says:

    Long wait to see the dec of ind and const….

  260. jason says:

    At DKos I am voting Socialist Worker because we don’t have single payer or the public option and we are still killing innocents in Afghanistan and Guantanamo is still torturing prisoners.

  261. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not a car person. Me and the Jeep are just fine. I wouldn’t ever spend $50,000 or more on a car. I know that some people would and, in America, they can do whatever they want.

  262. lisab says:

    “Not you Tim but a significant portion of your party does. ”

    tm hammered ann romney

    she does not have enough woe according to him

  263. EML says:

    264 – lol, no must be juls twin. This guy wants santorum or ron paul. Where does jul stand on paul?

  264. Bitterlaw says:

    Long wait to see the dec of ind and const….

    Add stole them so Obama won’t burn them.

  265. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul once said he could support Paul over Romney. This was when he was frantically bouncing from Trump to Cain to Perry to Gingrich to Santorum.

  266. lisab says:

    President Obama’s second-term agenda is the missing piece in his re-election plan. We could start with.. Where are the Fking Jobs?’s-second-term-agenda-is-the-missing-piece-in-his-re-election-plan.html

  267. EML says:

    272 – this guy is from here in ny, but now lives in UT and is deathly afraid that Romney’s plan once becoming president is to turn the country into a mormon theocracy.

  268. Tim says:

    Fair question….

  269. Tim says:

    “Hammered”? I thought I was having fun, the same way you were doing with the “Wookie” thingy.

    Why do you get to do that, and I don’t?

  270. Bitterlaw says:

    EML – Is your friend LaZebra? The real question is why would somebody afraid of Mormons move to Utah. It would be like me being afraid of angry Irish Catholic Red Sox fans and moving to Boston.

  271. Phil says:

    All I’m saying is that the jurors are going to be under extraordinary pressures thanks to the way the media has stirred this up and screwed up various facts. They are going to have unusual pressure which has, at least the potential to effect the verdict. It was more an indictment of the media than anything else.

  272. Tim says:

    I saw this story where most people are defriende on FB because of politics.

    That is just silly. My Fb page has every political persuasion practically that America has to offer. Why would anyone choose their friends based on politics?

  273. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – I’m not part of the bash-Michelle’s weight crowd. I don’t see what is wrong with her appearance. her politics and preaching about food annoy me but I never understood the “Moochelle” tag.

  274. jan says:

    In the nest couple of week it would be a good idea for Romney to layout out a Motherhood agenda, making it easier for mothers to stay home.

    Obama can not counteract b/c such an agenda would drive the liberal feminist insane.

  275. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – I have to admit I dropped a few facebook people because I got tired of them posting something political about everything. If I said “Happy Birthday,” they had to respond with, “How can it be happy when 60 million people in America don’t have health insurance?” After awhile, it’s not worth it.

  276. DW says:

    Bitter, thanks for your input on the Zimmerman case. When I was a juror several years ago, the defendent was black. I was the only white guy among the jurors. There was 1 male black juror, and 1 male of Indian descent. Then there were two black ladies, and the rest were little old white ladies. These white ladies wanted right away to make me the foreman. I would have nothing to do with that, and instantly deferred to the 1 black man. If someone was going to have to read a guilty verdict, I wanted it to be him and not me. He agreed. Our first straw poll only got 3 guilty votes, and the rest went not-guilty. I went into “prosecutor” mode and a day later had pulled them all around to a guilty verdict. One of the black ladies said I missed my calling and should have been a lawyer.

    After we lowered the boom and put the guy away for 30 years, we learned that the defendent had already violated all sorts of paroles and had been guilty of a bunch of other crimes involving firearms. Some of the other jurors looked at me with that “wow, you really were right about this guy all along!” look.

  277. Tim says:

    She annoys me with the food thing as well, Bitterlaw. I am, after all, deeply into Southern cuisine.

    Of course, she is right about healthy eating. But, it still annoys me.

  278. jason says:

    274. Don’t look now, but your friend is a moron.

  279. DW says:

    274…Yeah, Massachusetts is only now starting to recover from the years they were a Mormon theocracy.

  280. Tim says:

    I guess I just enjoy all the diversity with the political stuff, Bitterlaw. Part of the reason I enjoy this site, so much. Many of my friends think I am absolutely crazy for posting solely on this site. But, I truly enjoy reading what the other side has to say.

    That being said, you do have a valid point about some FB patrons making everything political.

  281. lisab says:

    “Yeah, Massachusetts is only now starting to recover from the years they were a Mormon theocracy.”

    my sister-wives and i love massachusetts

  282. Tim says:

    Has anyone here heard, by the way, how Huckabee’s show is doing?

  283. jan says:

    If you read the redstate comments it’s becoming clear to the readers how much Erick Erickson has turned himself into the CNN prop. Its not going over well.

  284. lisab says:

    “Many of my friends think I am absolutely crazy ”

    1.) you have friends?

    b.) they are correct

  285. jason says:

    ” Of course, she is right about healthy eating. ”

    Michelle Obama is about as credible as an advocate for healthy food as I am for quitting alcohol.

    Her campaign is not really about healthy eating, it’s about government deciding what it best for you based on the opinions of people who are way out in left field on nutrition.

  286. NYCmike says:

    #290 – I was listening yezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  287. lisab's husband says:

    I thought it would be great to have 4 wives. They are all like lisab. Help me.

  288. SusyQue says:

    #290…which one? He has one on Sunday or has he changed that?

  289. EML says:

    Every first lady has their “thing”. Frankly, this is a country of fat asses and we could stand to lose a few million pounds.

  290. GF says:

    Michelle Obama is about as credible as an advocate for healthy food as I am for quitting alcohol…

    Comment by jason — April 12, 2012 @ 1:32 pm

    I’ll bet you know plenty about booze. What, you want to fight about it? If you want into the Philly club, you gotta play a little chin music to do it. 😉

  291. DW says:

    “We could not afford for Michelle not to work” –Obama

    Well, with Michelle’s obvious addiction to flying all over the world and spending money as fast as she can, I can see how Obama’s statement might be true.

  292. NYCmike says:


  293. Tim says:

    No hinting. I will absolutely not quit alcohol.

    Good zinger. Your quick thinking capabilities are improving.

    I bet you can now watch “60 Minutes” in an hour and a half.

  294. TickTickTick says:

    “I bet you can now watch “60 Minutes” in an hour and a half.”

  295. Tim says:

    I was talking about his new radio program, on opposite Rush.

  296. NYCmike says:

    Good one, Tim

  297. lisab says:

    Study finds strong men more likely to vote conservative — to enjoy crushing their enemies, seeing them fall, and hearing the lamentation of their women

  298. jan says:

    Ann Romney, The Republican’s Secret Weapon, Has Been Activated

  299. lisab says:

    Rick Santorum is not planning on endorsing Mitt Romney anytime soon. And by anytime, we mean never. As in, “From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee. To the last, I will grapple with thee”

  300. Emerica says:


    Ron Paul polling better than Romney.

    Romney tied with Obama. Paul leads Obama GE.

  301. NYCmike says:

    #307 – Romney should just put Santorum’s endorsement from 2008 in a commercial, and say thank you for your everlasting support.

  302. NYCmike says:

    Ron Paul will support Romney for the General Election.

  303. Bitterlaw says:

    For those of you expecting to see 60 Minutes at 7:00 during football season, stop expecting that. Seriously. Has 60 Minutes started at 7:00 on the East Coast since 1972 when the NFL is on? The games take at least 3 hours and start at 4:15. DO the math. . . . tickticktickticktick

  304. jan says:

    Why are we talking about Santorum?

  305. Bitterlaw says:

    Ron Paul and his angry game of misfits will disappear into their bunkers and parents’ basements until 2016.

  306. Phil says:

    I’m just glad my district will be rid of Ron Paul at the end of this term.


  307. EML says:

    308 – thanks for letting everyone know you dont understand MoE

  308. EML says:

    314 – you’re glad? I live in the most republican county in NY but I have never had a Republican rep. Now that we’re rid of Hinchey, I finally have a chance to get one.

  309. Annie says:

    My tome for the day:

    Rush was talking about how CNN women anchors were cackling about how Ann Romney “had the choice to stay home, while many women do not.” Then, he pointed out that these women had no children, which stresses how they do not had an inkling about the amount of work it takes to raise children well. (Rosen and Birch both earn enough as individuals that they could fire that nanny and have one of them stay home with their adopted children, but they choose not to…)

    Personally, I stayed home with my sons while they were younger – and I have several graduate degrees. There have been many studies showing that the IQs and ability of children to flourish depends upon the educational background of the parents, especially the mother (usually, the primary care-giver). This does not depend particularly upon the amount of money the family has, although having higher incomes does allow for better schools and extracurricular activities. So, throwing money at school districts does not mean higher tests scores or better learning in children. Having “Head Start” programs and ever younger pre-school participation does not mean students will do better than children who did not go to the programs before elementary school. What does matter for better educated children is having parents who can talk with them from day one about what makes the world go ’round – about history, science, reading, and writing – having parents who stress the importance of learning.

    For instance, my father came from a poor, working-class family in Chicago – However, his father and mother (a stay-at-home, highly intelligent, hard-working woman with a high school education and mother of six children) always talked to their children about how things worked and about what was going on in the world. Conversation was frequently deep and philosophical. My dad said the kids were taken to the airport in the 1930s and 40s, not to travel – because they could not afford that – but to sit for hours watching the planes take off and land, and to talk about how the airplanes were constructed and functioned. All of their children went on to earn graduate degrees – several in aeronautical engineering.

    Many feminists, such as Rosen and Birch, will tell us that working outside the home is a necessity for many women (true, in some cases) – whether for income or for sanity. However, they fail to note the sacrifice that stay-at-home parents (notice that I did not limit that role to women) make to ensure that their children have the upbringing that only unconditional love can provide, both physically and educationally. Indeed, people like Rosen and Birch see stay-at-home labor as having less value than their executive wheeling and dealing. But really, who is more replaceable, the stay-at-home parent or just another working cog?

    Children learn from day one, even before leaving the womb. I have always felt that no one else could give my children the quality of knowledge and love as well as I or my husband could. That is also why children who are put into the daily care of a non-parent do better with care-givers who are relatives (such as a grandparent) – people with a vested interest in seeing the next generation flourish. A nanny might be hired because she/he has a decent educational background, but they usually do not love their charges as much as a parent does, and the information they instill into the minds of the children might not be what a parent would consider.

  310. Phil says:

    Hmmm. Arkansas football coach Rick Petrino sent his girlfriend 4300 text messages over the last 7 months – over 20 per day.

    Well, given the situation, that’s not much of a surprise.

  311. Phil says:

    Make that FORMER Arkansas football coach….

  312. Phil says:

    oops – make that BOBBY Petrino.

    Apologies to basketball fans

  313. lisab says:

    does michelle “the wookie” obama work?

  314. SusyQue says:

    Lisab…if Santorum doesn’t endorse Romney, it’s his loss. He may know all the family values that are important…but he doesn’t seem apply them. Notice, Romney is a classy gentleman. Santorum, well…we will see how he responds in the next month.

  315. MD says:

    Romney is net positive if Santorum doesn’t endorse him.

  316. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Ive been following Obamas failure to get to 1 billion closely, 2008 is a once in a lifetime perfect storm

  317. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I want Santorum away from Romney as much as possible

  318. SusyQue says:

    Look at this picture of Zimmerman. He looks so much thiner.
    He cried his first night in jail. I feel sad for him.

  319. Bitterlaw says:

    I would cry in jail, too. If I lived long enough to cry.

  320. Brandon says:

    From Eph:

    “Because of Gov Scott the people of Florida will wind up with a walking ute rus in the name of Alex S(t)ink the next time around.

    Thanks Governor Scott. The unborn children of Florida thank you.”

  321. MD says:

    328 – Yea, I think most of us feel that way. Do we know any history on Zimmerman?

  322. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    as much as I think there was a witchunt and I wish Zimmerman well in proper justice, he should have never gotten out of that car and tried looking for trouble

  323. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @328 wasnt there some legal issues w/ him in the past? and something about him being a 911 addict? I know hes a registered Dem

  324. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    oops that was meant in reply to comment 330 not 328

  325. MD says:

    He is a registered Dem?

    Off with his head then!

  326. Brandon says:

    I’m just curious what a walking ute rus is?(the filter won’t take the word so I had to split it up)

  327. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @335 Im suprised no one mentions that fact enough. Just like they call him white when he is half-Hispanic. neither has the fact he was being pounded into the ground been widely reported

  328. Bitterlaw says:

    I would be the guy in The Shawshank Redemption who gets killed the first night in prison. On the other hand, I could perform free legal services for the inmates. I hope that MD and I get locked up the same day:

    Hey, Bitterlaw, what can you do for me?

    I can file your appeals and lawsuits when you are not served creamy peanut butter.

    Cool. MD, what can you do for me?

    I can manage your multinational pension accounts and Canadian investment strategies.

    Anything else before I kill you?

    I can hold down Bitterlaw when you . . .

  329. lisab says:

    “neither has the fact he was being pounded into the ground been widely reported”

    but he was unarmed

  330. lisab says:

    the massachusetts tax department just sent me a letter that i made a mistake on my taxes for 2011

    instead of owing $0.00 i owe $0.00

    they felt the need to send me a letter to tell me that

  331. MD says:

    Bitter – You are the type who can easily adapt. Within a couple of days you will be happy being the big man’s bytch.

  332. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Because you are a Philly a-hole, I will try to keep you alive in jail. Just make sure my toilet is shiny clean.

  333. janz says:


    Wonderful ‘tome,’ Annie. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about mothering, and agree with them 100%.

    I was a hands on Mom as well, although it was easier as my husband and I are self-employed. Parenting, IMO, is one of the most challenging and rewarding time-consumers that there is.

    In a way, Rosen has opened up Pandora’s Box by the casual motherhood comments, that were meant to demean Ann Romney, as millions of women can identify with the likes of a stay-at-home, devoted Mom. On that Fox news segment Mrs. Romney came across as self-effacing, direct, and totally authentic-sounding, taking this minor hit from Rosen with both graciousness and grit. In the process, this little skirmish has put a warmer glow around the Romney’s, giving them greater human appeal, and assessed more by their mutual family values rather than just their wealth. People, IMO, will gather around Ann Romney, liking her more, and in the process they will see her husband through her eyes, finding a down-to-earth quality that has said to be missing in Mitt Romney on the campaign trail.

    Ironically, this event had been one of those odd political blessings…..

  334. MD says:

    I threaten to drop my kids off in North Philly. It is really all the parenting technique anyone needs. The rest of the stuff is garbage. Find the fear and exploit away.

  335. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Stepped in it

  336. MD says:

    Bitter – I will be running the gambling book in prison. I add value. You are an insurance lawyer. I can buy protection. You?

  337. Bitterlaw says:

    My son would think it was cool to go to North Philadelphia. He would think he could meet Jay-Z.

  338. MD says:

    Drive him there, drop him off and wish him well.

  339. Bitterlaw says:

    Insurance lawyer? Those mf-ers file Federal lawsuits if their breakfast is cold. They kill the bookies. I will trade you to the biggest con for a cream soda. How’s that for irony?

  340. MD says:

    344 – Janz

    I totallly agree with you. People are being introduced to the Romney family in a way that the Obama campaign was hoping would never happen. They want the Romney’s to be thought of as out of touch wealthy people. This helps to dispel that myth.

  341. Bitterlaw says:

    I relate to the street, MD. I see alot of them in court. Kill me and the settlement checks stop.

  342. janz says:


    I finally scrolled through earlier comments and found your’s on #205 —> “Janz – that is what I pictured JudyT looking like except with shorter hair.”

    You must be psychic, as the only photo she posted of herself was a younger one where she did indeed have a short, butch-type of haircut. You’re amazing, MD!

  343. MD says:

    I am still laughing at Zimmerman being a registered Dem. I don’t know why I find that so funny.

  344. Bitterlaw says:

    Anne Romney is a perfect example that no matter how much money you have, you are only one bad biopsy or MRI away from being very human and vulnerable. That should dispel some of the class warfare.

  345. MD says:

    352 – Oh yea, you are “street”. j e s us – I have tears running down my cheeks over that.

  346. MD says:

    janz – I have a gift for that sort of thing. She also has thunder thighs. I am 100% certain of that.

    justmary, on the other hand, is a stick.

  347. MD says:

    355 – She had better healthcare though. A poor person in her position would be dead.

    Want to bet you see that talking point soon?

  348. EML says:

    Romney’s campaign made this an issue very quickly:

    Anyone think that no money, no organization, no discipline, no clue Santorum wouldve pulled this off?

  349. MD says:

    EML – he would have wasted the opportunity by veering into something strange.

  350. janz says:

    I have to hat tip the bjg site, as they are warming up to Ann Romney and seem less hostile to the whole idea of where this nomination is going.

    There is hope…..

  351. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – You got soft in your old age. Gray goose. Cabernet. New roof. You are not the brawling pot smoker you were in your youth.

  352. Bitterlaw says:

    Tough Guy MD – When is the last time you were on the Broad Street Line or the Market-Frankford Line?

  353. MD says:

    362 – well, that is very true.

    Not sure how new roof fits into the analysis but OK. The new siding will be finished tommorow. 14K light now.

  354. MD says:

    363 – Broad Street Line – 6 months ago

    Also, rode the subways in New York 3 months ago

    There is absolutely no reason for me to ever ride the Market-Frankford line.

  355. DW says:

    “We could not afford for Michelle not to work-” –Obama

    They forgot to include the rest of the quote:

    “-out. Otherwise she would three feet wide by now.”

  356. janz says:


    I thoroughly enjoyed reading that article posted about Romney’s quick response to Rosen’s attack. Just the immediate bio on Rosen, her extensive political linkage to the Obama administration, blew her out of the water as being some minor player.


  357. janz says:


    That defensive remark by Obama about his wife is telling. He is treading water on this one!

  358. MD says:

    Obama was busy being a “community organizer”, who only knew Ayers as “some guy in the neighborhood” and Wright as “my mentor”. Of course she had to work. Obama couldn’t make any money on his own. He does know how to spend every one elses. You have to give him that.

  359. DW says:

    368..I messed up that quote…Obama finished it by saying “-out. Otherwise she would be three feet wide by now.”

  360. DW says:

    Obama doesn’t know when to keep his trap shut. Should have stayed far away from this. but he couldn’t help himself.

  361. Bitterlaw says:

    I used to ride the El in bad weather or when my car was getting fixed. There is a high-speed line that stops at my street (Route 100) and goes to 69th Street in Upper Darby. I would tranfer to the Market-Frankford there. It was not bad.

  362. Bitterlaw says:

    I must be blind. I don’t think Michelle Obama is overweight. She is tall.

  363. DW says:

    373…that is correct. That is why Obama said they couldn’t afford to not have her work out

  364. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not MD Moneybags. My life would suck if my wife didn’t work. I’m on her health insurance since it is free for partners and their family at her firm. My firm’s policy is expensive and sucks.

  365. MD says:

    “free” huh? So, the rank and file at your wife’s firm get screwed. I knew you were an elitist. The islanders told me so.

  366. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife has been there 14 years. Unlike me, she is successful. As for the associates, screw ’em. Lazy child-lawyers.

  367. Bitterlaw says:

    The Island told me you are Dave’s boyfriend, Milk Dud.

  368. DW says:

    “We could not afford for Michelle not to work-” –Obama

    This just seems to be a quote with endless options for humor. Here is another possible end to that quote:

    “We could not afford for Michelle not to work, otherwise if she was around the house all the time, I would have smoked 3 packs a day instead of 1.”

  369. Brandon says:

    Now EPH is predicting Romney will win 60% of the vote. He thinks the Zimmerman case will have an big effect on the election.

  370. GF says:

    380- Maybe 60% of the white vote, and a possible bump in Hispanic support if this starts to devolve into a black vs. Hispanic thing (doubtful, but possible). This case had best drag on until after the election, though; an acquittal could fire up restless blacks, and not in a good way.

  371. Barrett says:

    eph is an idiot. ignore him

  372. janz says:

    Here are two good reads:

    Demolishing Paul Ryan by Danniel Henninger of th WSJ.

    This second one is called a “flash from the past” on Drudge, denoting an Obama truism of “don’t do unto my wife what I can do unto your’s.”

    An oldie but a goodie, back from 2008, where Obama told the MSM to Lay off my Wife!

  373. janz says:


    Post of the day!

  374. Barrett says:

    he really is. ive stuck with Mitt this entire time, while eph spews verbal diarrhea

  375. Bitterlaw says:

    BloodyMary homeschools her poor child. I guess she has time to post during “school.” The only people I know who homeschool their children are my brother’s wife’s sister and her husband. They do it because the public schools are wicked and Catholic schools are not much better in their eyes. These are Catholics who think Santorum is not Catholic enough.

  376. Tim says:

    “Milk Dud”? LOL

  377. Bitterlaw says:

    That was what one them called MD.

  378. SusyQue says:

    Against All Odds, Gingrich Donors Want Him to Stay In (Ho-Hum….)

    The mainstream media may have given Romney the Republican nomination, but some conservatives are holding on hope for Newt Gingrich to have an upset victory come convention time. Some of his top donors, elderly Southern conservatives, are still keeping him afloat: “Giving money to him is money well spent,” says one. And if he loses, Gingrich said on Thursday that he probably would not take a Romney administration position.

  379. janz says:

    Rosen gives Romney a chance to closer the presidential gender gap

    What this snafu might end of being is the following:

    Both parties seemed to sense that the veteran Democratic strategist’s criticism of the stay-at-home mom could be a game-changer in the fight for female voters.

  380. janz says:


    Low-lifes just can’t help themselves. They sustain themselves on basically being crappy.

  381. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    The continuing attempts to portray Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” are hilarious

    My wife and I have been going through our whole family trying to decide who’s “white” and who’s not

    What a motherfuqqing disgrace the press is

    Prediction: Fairly soon Hispanics are going to get very VERY upset at the lynch mob directed against Zimmerman…

  382. lisab says:


    i would send you smokes every month

    so you could buy protection

    no worries

  383. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    I should start a website

    A real laugh riot…

  384. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – you are a true internet friend. MD would shank me the first chance he got.

  385. janz says:


    I think the racial implications being raised by the white/hispanic label will backfire much like the stay-at-home Mom seems to be doing. The dems have been behind so many efforts to alienate groups of people, create social wedges, that it’s starting to wear thin, IMO. Black versus white, rich versus poor, career woman versus stay-at-home….it never ends.

  386. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    MD would rent you out to the inmates for “services”

  387. Bitterlaw says:

    I liked watchign Chico and the Man when I was young. Does that make me an Irish Hispanic?

  388. Bitterlaw says:

    MD is a small, soft 1%er. He likes his Gray Goose and comfortable shoes too much to have an edge in the joint. I can live on soda and insulin.

  389. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:


    My wife and I are laughing when we’re not so angry

    What is a “white Hispanic”?

    What exactly is that?

    We all know this is a new term coined solely for the “Whitey wants to kill you, you better vote for Barack again!” meme

    If they need to start a race war to get President JesusWonderfulUnicorn reelected then so be it


  390. MD says:

    Milk Dud is the best they can do? Sad. Very sad.

  391. MD says:

    Bitter – I would revert very fast to the old ways. Plus, within 2 months, everyone would owe me money.

  392. Tim says:

    I like Gray Goose, too.

    And, I’ve been in jail.

    Take cigarettes, and plenty of them.

    Don’t get put into the drunk tank.

    Watch the eggs. They’re lethal.

    Don’t draw any attention to yourself.

    And, you’re innocent. Always remember that.

  393. SusyQue says:

    Did anyone see Jessie Jackson daughter on O’Reilly last night?
    She spoke very well and is a very attractive gal. She was recently hired by Fox to be a commentator.

  394. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    I heard Hannity interview her, SusyQue

    She’s nice but a Communist…

  395. NYCmike says:

    #403 – Shawshank Redemption?

  396. Tim says:

    Speaking of Communist…….everyone should cross Rep. West off the short list of VP possibles.

    The man is crazy. Or, he thinks he’s the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy.

  397. Tim says:

    LOL. I wish. Unfortunately, personal experience.

  398. SusyQue says:

    The next primary is in Connecticut….when Newt thinks he is going to win….on April 24.

  399. GF says:

    404- Would you say that she was clean and articulate? Don’t worry, such words won’t get you in trouble with our press corps much less the Jacksons themselves.

    Bitter, I stumbled across videos of a philosophical French cat. Knowing of your love of felines, I submit them for your review.

    Out for the day; courthouse hijinks in store. Be back tomorrow.

  400. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    What did you do Tim?

  401. NYCmike says:

    I have to agree with Tim about Allen West. No reason to speak like that, if you want to be VP. He may not want that, though.

  402. NYCmike says:

    That said, Rep West is probably correct.

  403. NYCmike says:

    #411 – don’t ask, he might get mad!

  404. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    DUI I guess

  405. Cory says:

    Somebody was playing Neil Young’s “Southern Man” on their car stereo, and Tim ripped the guy out through the driver’s window and pounded him to a pulp in the street.

  406. janz says:

    Two pro life groups endorse Romney

    Susan B. Anthony List and the National Right to Life PAC…..The former originally endorsed Santorum. The latter had refrained from any endorsement. It is thought that their immediate endorsements of Romney is another indication of organizations wanting to close ranks around one candidate.

    In the meantime, Gingrich continues to rankle:

    …..this endorsement looks significant indeed. Gingrich, after all, continues to insist that he’s still in the race — and this morning insisted that he wouldn’t work for Romney even if Gingrich was offered a job, although he’d be happy to advise him.

  407. DrJay says:

    Tim strangled a party switcher.

  408. bio mom says:

    Fox News Poll just released. Romney up 2 on Obama. Up 11 with men and down 8 with women. Just heard it on Bret Baire’s show.

  409. DrJay says:

    “Rep. Chuck Kruger (D-Thomaston), the Democrat chair of the Maine legislature’s Moderate Caucus, used his Twitter account to express his view that former Vice President Dick Cheney should be executed.”

    saw this on drudge…

    and now the link is down for me…

  410. pitchaboy says:

    Fox News confirming what I have been saying. No way, no how Obama up unless you cook the polls. No doubt there are some idiots in this country, but overall, the country is not going to be fooled again.

  411. Robbie says:

    The Fox Poll is essentially the first non-Rassmussen/non-Gallup poll to show Romney in the lead. It’s too early to say if this really means something, but it’s nice to see Romney finally leading in something other than Ras and Gallup.

  412. lisab says:

    “And, I’ve been in jail.” tm the toady

    stupidity is a crime …

    as a member of the jury i said he should get the chair …

    but i was out-voted

  413. lisab says:

    Republican Mitt Romney holds a slim edge over President Obama in a head-to-head matchup, a Fox News poll released Thursday shows. In addition, the poll finds the president’s job rating has dropped to its lowest point of the year.

    In a presidential matchup, Romney tops Obama by 46-44 percent if the election were today.

  414. DrJay says:

    We shall look forward to the first non-Rasmussen, non-Gallup, non-Fox Poll showing Romney in the lead.

  415. Emerica says:

    Mayor Bloomberg says that none of the candidates except Ron Paul have credible economic platforms.

  416. lisab says:

    Obama on Reagan: a ‘wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior’ and nancy never worked too

  417. DrJay says:

    Fracking Tied to Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U.S.


    Where’s Al Gore to lead this charge?

  418. pitchaboy says:

    Romney winning in Fox because of men, because of indies and because of the economy. Meanwhile, jobless claims hit a new high of 380k this week. He wont get four more seconds, let alone four more years with an approval rating of 42% in FOX poll.

  419. pitchaboy says:

    Who will handle economy better; Romney 46, Obama 39. Romney’s topline in poll 46%. This is the narrative he builds; Iam the guy to fix the economic mess.Rest of the stuff is nonsense.

  420. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim was arrested for texting nude photos of himself to Newt Gingrich.

  421. Brandon says:

    They have his approval at 42% which is lower than anyone else has shown lately(even Rasmussen). Obviously he would lose with a 42% approval rating.

  422. Brandon says:

    Hey North Korea apparently just launched a rocket.

  423. Bitterlaw says:

    402.Bitter – I would revert very fast to the old ways. Plus, within 2 months, everyone would owe me money.

    Comment by MD

    Great Plan, Mr. Bojangles. As we all know, the one person who is safe in prison is the guy the other prisoners owe money to.

  424. Tim says:

    Which time? LOL

    Let’s just say I was a reckless youngster…….

  425. Bitterlaw says:


    It’s ok. North Korea is not a threat. Obama said so.

  426. bio mom says:

    419 Up 14 with men.

  427. Tim says:

    You again? I have an idea.

    Let’s play “Horse”.

    I’ll be the front end.

    You be yourself………..

  428. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim was arrested in 1966 for saying, “That Motown sound is pretty cool.”

  429. Tim says:

    Yep. That’s exactly what he should do. The rest is base issues. And, he’s okay, on those.

  430. bio mom says:

    ABC says the rocket failed.

  431. Brandon says:

    Haha, dumbasses.

  432. Tim says:

    New thread.

  433. RickPerrysParakeet says: