Romney Leads Obama in NC

Scott Rasmussen has a new poll out of North Carolina showing Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama in teh state of North Carolina.

Mitt Romney (R) 46%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 44%

This poll was done April 10th among 500 likely voters. I think it is clear that North Carolina is one of those states Mitt Romney absolutely has to win in order to be able to reach 270 electoral votes.

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  1. SusyQue says:

    Let Freedom ring again in 2012 in our beloved country, the United States of America! 2012

  2. Stephen Wissing says:


  3. Transforming Obamabot says:

    Third bitches!

  4. Barrett says:


    Republicans in disguise!

  5. jan says:

    resist we much

  6. SusyQue says:

    This is to encourage those new to this thread:

    Just listened to a great speech at the NRA given by Romney on our freedoms and how ooo has and is taking them away, and why we have to stop him. It was well delivered with substance as he listed three main freedoms that ooo is taking away. Constitutional freedom; Religious freedom, and financial freedom. He expounded on each one.We are blessed to have this man represent us as the nominee for President of the USA. Get used to the name: President Mitt Romney!

  7. DrJay says:

    Happy birthday to Kim Guadagno and Nighthorse Campbell.

    It is also Thomas Jefferson’s birthday…

    “Tommy J” kickin it with Ben and George:

  8. John says:

    The whole discussion of tax results and college transcripts in the thread below shows how out of touch with reality some of the posters here are.

    The various posturings by campaigns is to set the narrative for summer and fall. Obama’s demands for romney’s tax returns are meant to set the stage for ads in swing states depicting Romney as a corporate raider who will fire everyone, to appeal to a large section of the middle class voters.

    That is why you won’t see the Romney campaign demanding the release of Obama’s college transcripts. What narrative can they set with such a demand? I am sure they are not planning to run ads depicting Obama as a dufus or a foreigner.

    And, btw, Romney will release his tax records, simply because not releasing them would keep hurting him.

  9. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    North Carolina will be red in ’12

    We will make sure of it


  10. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Well, lets see if a POTUS can get reelected shrieking about race, Mormonism and class warfare while he plays golf 150 times a year and his wife conducts herself like Marie Antoinette

    I think not, but we shall soon see…

  11. Emerica says:

    Funny video of fake tea party leader Allen West.

  12. NYCmike says:

    #11 – Ron Paul will endorse Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

  13. DrJay says:

    Ice melting

    I bet mine gets more clicks than Bunu’s…

  14. Emerica says:

    Colorado District two caucus about to start..

    District conventions yesterday and today, and the state convention tomorrow.

  15. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:


  16. pitchaboy says:

    From last thread Jan, I contend that Obama the underdog. He is at around 46% approval with RAS and in the last two or so elections, RAS approval = final tally. No way he gets 300 EV with 46% or even 48%. If the election were today he will be trounced; he is lucky there are a few more months for some good news on the economy.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Dr – I actually spent more time watching that than any of Ron Paul’s speeches.

  18. MD says:

    I think Romney’s lead in this poll would be wider if Ras assigned leaners.

  19. MD says:

    16 – Incorret. We have been through this before. A 46% approval doesn’t necessarily translate into 46% of the vote. Some of the displeasure is from the left who are upset that public executions of rich people have not happened yet. They will vote for him. The election will be very close.

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News:

    Ron Paul will conduct fake caucuses and internet straw polls in all 50 states to gather fake delegates for the fake convention that he will hold in August. Ron Paul explains, “I can’t win real primaries and caucuses but I own the meaningless ones. Fear me, mf-ers!”

  21. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    wasnt there someone here who saidf 49-43 w/ leaners?

  22. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – didn’t you read “Melissa’s” post that even a poll showing Romney in the lead “leans Obama.”

  23. pitchaboy says:

    Note that weekly UE claims is going up and this is not good news for the economy. Further earnings are dropping and these two are dragging the market down. Add high gas prices to that. And, what I believe will be the death blow, the summer knock out punch of the Supremes in the Obamacare case. When that happens, there will be a lot more at HHR wanting to bet against MD.

  24. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Pitch may I remind you that McCain, who got the Bush 2.0 avatar stuck on him, got 47% of the vote even w/ Bush’s approval in the late 20s to early 30s come election night.

    While I agree the lower the approval rating the better the chances for Romney, the election matchup numbers are better to look at then approval ratings. I think Obama is in the lead but that’s changing already as the primary is now in MOST folk’s rearview mirrors

  25. pitchaboy says:

    I wouldnt worry about NC and IN; they are done with voting dem in a Presidential race for another fifty years.

  26. DrJay says:

    #17 Actually, it was pretty relaxing… MFG fell asleep.

    pitchaboy prescribes Portman and Pawlenty for sleeping pills… maybe Paul is a possibility

  27. pitchaboy says:

    Translating Bush numbers to Mccain is like claiming you can do open open heart surgery because you can remove an appendix. Go back and see RAS final numbers on approval and the final vote. Dead on in the last two cycles.

  28. DrJay says:

    just a minute while I clean the spit off my screen from trying to say that…

  29. Emerica says:


    Some numbers to put Chris Paul in perspective.

    Chris Paul’s PER during the 2008-2009 season before he hurt his knee was 30.0, and he was still on an upward trajectory before injury.

    To put that in perspective..

    Durant’s current PER is 26.28

    Derrick Rose’s current PER is 23.73

    Kobe Bryant’s current 22.29 (Kobe Bryant’s best season for PER was 2005-2006 when he had a PER of 28 and he was ball hogging it with almost 39 points per game that inflated his numbers)

    Allen Iverson’s best year for PER was in 2000-2001 when he had a 24.0 PER.

  30. pitchaboy says:

    Yes I would love to go into Nov with Obama at 45; however, I dont believe he makes it if he is below 50

  31. DrJay says:

    My cats PER a lot.

  32. John says:

    Here’s why Obama thinks class warfare is a winning issue

    60% support Buffett rule, 37% oppose – Gallup

  33. pitchaboy says:

    To put it mildly, picking Rubio or Jindal could make the ticket more colorful in several respects.

  34. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Heres where I stand on MD’s electoral college bet:

    Worst Case Scenario via Obama win – Obama wins 332

    Closest Obama Victory – Obama wins 270-272

    Closest Romney Victory – Romney wins 270-272

    Most probable for Romney in a good scenario – Romney wins 306-315

    Best case scenario for Romney, I mean we’re talking the country clearly breaking for him and it’s just all GOP momentum – Romney wins 348-360 (I consider this very unlikely)

  35. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Chris Paul is fantastic Acroso

    Do you think he can ever win a title with the Clippers?

  36. DW says:

    19…MD, for some on the left, the only debate is whether Obama should just guillotine rich people or brake their arms and legs in several place, then twist their quivering limbs around the spokes of a wagon wheel, tie them in place, then leave them to die from exposure as they scream in pain for 10 days, as birds begin to eat their rotting flesh.

  37. Emerica says:

    That’s why I say Paul is probably underrated in the NBA since at his best he puts statistics about as good as Lebron’s

  38. pitchaboy says:

    When most people are on the economic “bucket list”, they are not going to vote on the stupid Buffet Rule. Go look at Fox poll, Romney winning on the economy 46-39 and his top line is 46. It is the overall flavor of the economy and if it continues this way. Obama is toast.

  39. DrJay says:

    “60% support Buffett rule”

    Is that the one where ‘Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but I know it’s nobody’s fault.’

  40. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Buffett Rule is a joke

    President JesusUnicornMessiah HAS NO AGENDA


    NO agenda for a second term

    Reelected with NO agenda?!

  41. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @32 this is true that taxing the rich polls well but the GOP leads in core issues like the debt, budget, deficit, and ECONOMY. a 3rd way Dem poll found that americans rather hear about jobs then tax issues 3 to 1

  42. DW says:

    20…you laugh, but that sort of organization actually exists in rural Arizona. I know someone who actually claims a government title. Their group has a president, and all sorts of administrators and leaders. They get together and play their game pretending they are the real US Government.

  43. pitchaboy says:

    I would love to see the left beating up on Ann Romney, a woman who has raised five kids and is battling two horrendous diseases, breast cancer and MS. The gender gap will vanish fast.

  44. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    He also elevates his team Acroso

    I was at a Hornets- Trailblazers game where we were up 20 in the third quarter, Paul got hurt and had to miss the rest of the game, the team utterly collapsed without him and lost

    Great, great leadership skills…

  45. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Maybe one of the press corps could ask him one day, “Mr President, what is your second term agenda?”

  46. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Debbie Downer gots a new look, I wonder if she overheard jabs at how bad she looks on TV since shes become the Dem talking head

  47. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Of course they’d have to remove his johnson from their mouths first, so I doubt that would happen

  48. Brandon says:

    I saw someone used my name on the thread below. I haven’t posted since about 10:30 AM.

  49. DW says:


    Obama: “First you have to re-elect me, then you find out what’s in the second term.”

  50. DW says:

    48…I hate it when people do that.

  51. Brandon says:

    By this poll if you include leaners , Obama would win 49/48 , sorry right wingers , this is not good coming from a Republican pollster . Civitas also released a new poll today which is in NC , validating PPP showing Obama at 48 and Romney 45 .

  52. Emerica says:

    Wade has been complaining about olympic players not getting paid.

    I think he just feels under appreciated or something since they get less than a two week break if they go deep into playoffs after the NBA and then play the entire off season.

    It ends up being like playing three seasons in a row: play NBA season, play olympic season, and then go right into next NBA season. ,

  53. DW says:

    link to civitas poll?

  54. John says:

    #41 – Does the GOP also lead on core issues of Social Security and Medicare?

    Because you can bet those will be key issues in Nov. And also why Ryan will not be a vp selection.

  55. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:


    Try the Mormon bigotry John thatll be a better approach for you guys

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    Translating Bush numbers to Mccain is like claiming you can do open open heart surgery because you can remove an appendix.

    Damn it. I told you, MD. Let Add of the table. We can’t give him a brain or heart because you know how to apply a band-aid.

  57. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    “Hi, I’m Barack Obama!”

    My second term agenda is:

  58. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @54 if there core issues I have yet to see a poll that shows that. jobs, the economy, bidget, debt, and deficits are on voters’ minds more

  59. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @54 if theyre core issues I have yet to see a poll that shows that. jobs, the economy, bidget, debt, and deficits are on voters’ minds more

  60. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @54 if theyre core issues I have yet to see a poll that shows that. jobs, the economy, bidget, debt, and deficits are on voters’ minds more

  61. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    shoot sorry for the triple posting

  62. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    So nice he said it thrice

  63. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    and after 3 posts I couldnt spell budget right lol

  64. Emerica says:

    Orrin Hatch ‘doggone offended’ by ‘radical libertarians’ trying to take away his Senate seat

    ‘I despise these people,’ Hatch says about activists opposing his re-election

    …you know because the senate seat should be his forever of course.

  65. NorthCarolinaParakeetsForMitt says:

    Time to go Orrin…

  66. DrJay says:

    I sense an imminent banning.

  67. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Hatch is in UT to stay, his biggest threat already backed down and endorsed him

  68. pitchaboy says:

    #54: This election will be fought on economy, jobs, debt and deficit. Those are the two scoops. The topping will be health care and entitlement reform. And the cherry will be the kicking out of Obamacare.

  69. Emerica says:

    Nueces County , TX County Republican Convention SD18 AND SD20 this Sunday as well

  70. DrJay says:

    I’ll mark my calendar.

  71. DrJay says:

    Darn, I already have plans…


    Ice melting

  72. MD says:

    Had to go home early. My mom was watching the girls. She had MSNBC on. A lady on there said Rosen was a non-controversy.

  73. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News:

    Bunu really does not get it that we do not care about Ron Paul.

  74. Bitterlaw says:

    MSNBC? Do you want to handle it “in the family,” MD or should I call Montgomery County Family Services?

  75. MD says:

    I think the numbers with leaners was posted by a false Brandon. Dave, can you ban the person who is taking the real Brandon’s handle?

  76. MD says:

    Specifically, I don’t think 51 is the Brandon from New Jersey. Probably EPH

  77. MD says:

    Bitter – you told me it was just like the game of Operation we played as kids. I mean, I can’t make him any more nuts can I?

  78. Joey says:

    Please IP ban this “Brandon” dude. There are no leaners in the Rasmussen poll and no Civitas poll has been released.

  79. Dave says:

    The “Brandon” happened to be the same person as Dustin/Melissa from previous.

    Dave W

  80. Brandon says:

    That was not me either. I only made one post in this thread.

  81. Brandon says:

    I’m posting from my phone right now.

  82. DW says:

    79…thanks Dave! I was suspicious that it might be the same as Melissa/Dustin.

  83. david says:

    I surprise here.

  84. janz says:

    The latest Obama campaign plot seems to be The Draperizating of Mitt Romney.

    Clearly the Rosen attack on Ann Romney was a preemptive strike in putting this strategy into motion. By painting Ann Romney as some kind of “do-nothing-never-worked-a-day-in-her-life woman,” adding the rouge of wealth to her lifestyle, you have a picture of a presidential couple you can throw to the wolves of the 99% crowd (which was also fabricated by Obama operatives, I’m sure). This was calculated to be a symbolically distasteful image to distract from a campaign having a huge vacancy sign as to listing any real achievements.

    However, I think this retro 50’s script, that is now being rolled out to make Romney and his wife appear like stilted, out-of-touch figures, will backfire, just like Rosen’s initial comment did. I think the Obama crowd is just not gauging the social climate out there well. People are unhappy, uneasy that’s for sure. But, many look at the 50’s rather wistfully, an era of stability and a defined family nucleus of Dad, Mom and children. Like the hit show The Wonder years, it dipicted a time full of dreams, wonder and endless possibilities.

    Thus, having a dignified strong man as a presidential candidate, along with a supportive wife, who is treated equally in their marriage, along with a large robust family is a positive image for this country. Therefore, IMO, people may be attracted to the very qualities that Obama is attempting to distort and highlight as being repugnant. Ironic…..

  85. zumpie says:

    Wow, all these comments and almost everyone’s ignoring the elephant (in more ways than one) in the room. This is a Rasmussen poll. Rasmussen is highly partisan and almost always skews considerally right.

    For example—during our 2010 Gubenatorial election, Rasmussen consistently showed the Dem trailing by 4 points. Guess who won? That’s right, the Dem. Granted, it was close, but Kitzhaber still beat Dudley.

    If anything, this poll is good news for Obama!

  86. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    to the troll in 85 EVERYBODY got that state wrong, btw Rasmussen nailed 2008 when Obama won and uses a smaple of likely voters which is more predictive of the outcome then registered voters. I know your freaking out that leftists policies dont work, calm down, join us in the dazrk side, no need to talk bs about polls showing your boy wonder down