Romney Opens Up 5% Lead Nationally Over Obama (Plus FL Poll)

Public Policy Polling has released some new numbers for the Presidential race in Florida claiming Barack Obama holds a 5% lead over Mitt Romney. With some potential running mates from Florida added to Romney’s ticket, only Jeb Bush would help.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 50%
Mitt Romney (R) 45%

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D-inc) 49%
Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush (R) 46%

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D-inc) 50%
Mitt Romney/Marco Rubio (R) 43%

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D-inc) 51%
Mitt Romney/Rick Scott (R) 40%

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D-inc) 50%
Mitt Romney/Allen West (R) 40%

This poll was done April 12-15 among 700 registered voters. Meanwhile on the national level, while PPP is claiming Obama leads Romney by 5%, Gallup is showing Mitt Romney surging to a 5% lead over Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney (R) 48%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 43%

This edition of the poll was done April 12-16. Even I can’t imagine Romney being up this much and even if he is, this is probably about his ceiling and we should be prepared for the next few days of this poll showing a tightening and the ability for the media to claim Obama is surging. Plus, does anyone really believe Obama leads Romney by 5% in Florida at the same time Romney is leading Obama nationally by 5%?

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  1. mnw says:


  2. mnw says:

    In addition to my other talents, did you know I have psychic ability?

    For example, I was able to channel perfesser jason’s first post of 2014. Here it is:

    “We must re-nominate Lindsey Graham! We’ll give that seat to the DEMs unless we overlook this fine Republican’s very rare lapses. WE NEED MORE RINOs!”

  3. HHR Florida Field Correspondent says:

    “Plus, does anyone really believe Obama leads Romney by 5% in Florida at the same time Romney is leading Obama nationally by 5%?”



    Gas just hit $4 here and unemployment is still high — 10% in some counties.

    Obama is in trouble here. If he wins, he’d be one of the few Dems to do so this year. The rest of them are in trouble too.


  4. jan says:

    Why would Liberals put out misleading polls just to depress Republicans? Would that not also cause Democrats who tend to be younger and minority not to vote?

  5. GF says:

    Reposting from end of thread below:

    WSJ rpeorts on OH Senate; I had no idea that Mandel hailed from Cleveland and was reasonably popular there. Did he beat an incumbent in his statewide race?


    Ohio Senate Race Tightens
    By David Feith

    Want to know where Election 2012 will be decided over the next six months? Follow the travel schedule of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose presence on the stump will be coveted by Republicans nationwide. Monday found him in Ohio on behalf of Josh Mandel, the 34-year-old Republican state treasurer hoping to knock Democrat Sherrod Brown from the U.S. Senate.

    It’s been a long 18 months since Ohio Republicans so dominated the 2010 polls that they reportedly forced Obama re-election strategists to consider writing off the state. Today it’s clear that Ohio will be in the thick of Election 2012, with a heavy influence on both the presidency and control of the Senate.

    A senior state Republican has predicted to Political Diary that the Mandel-Brown race for the Senate will go the way of the presidential contest, with Mr. Mandel’s fate tied to Mitt Romney’s. Most recent polls suggest the same and show Republicans currently trailing. On March 28, Quinnipiac found President Obama leading Mr. Romney by six points, while Rasmussen had him leading by eight. In the Senate race, meanwhile, the Real Clear Politics average of polls has Mr. Brown leading Mr. Mandel by eight.

    But the Mandel camp is touting an end-of-March Rasmussen poll of likely voters that had the race tied. Mr. Brown should be concerned, Mr. Mandel argues, because his approval ratings have been below 50%, problematic territory for incumbents. Mr. Mandel also argues that Mr. Brown is considerably to the left of the Ohio electorate, having won election in 2006 thanks to national dynamics and a particularly weak year for state Republicans. Mr. Brown has been named the Senate’s “most liberal” member by National Journal magazine two years in a row, and Mr. Mandel notes that he has voted with Mr. Obama 98% of the time.

    A Marine Corps reservist and two-time Iraq War veteran, Mr. Mandel stresses his strength in populous and liberal Cuyahoga County, home to Cleveland and the suburb of Lyndhurst, which Mr. Mandel represented for four years in the state house. He was the only Republican to win more than 40% of Cuyahoga votes in 2010.

    Expect this race to be expensive. Both campaigns are flush—Mr. Brown raised $2.4 million in the first quarter and has $6.3 million in the bank; Mandel raised $2 million and has $5.3 million in the bank—and both are expected to attract major outside support, with Mr. Brown drawing on labor unions and Mandel on groups such as Crossroads GPS.

  6. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – Unless there are enough true conservative states to get 51 true conservative Senators, explain how the GOP gets control of the Senate (if Romney wins, we would need 50). Unlike the way slaves were counted in the census per the Constitution prior to amendment, RINOs do not count as 3/5 of a Senator when determining control of the Senate.

  7. COD says:

    GFY, Bitterlaw. I sent a message!

  8. James Buchanan says:

    Lay off the 3/5th Compromise, Shyster! I thought it worked out pretty darned good until some uppity Yankees decided to mess with a good thing. It’s why I had to destroy the Union, you know, in order to save it. That fool who followed me had it all wrong.

  9. Phil says:

    The Gallup Poll is crap!

    CNN says it is.

  10. Bitterlaw says:

    President Buchanan – Can you provide any insight into IP? He lives on the Island now.

  11. MD says:

    Senator Elaine Marshall concurs that the most recent PPP poll on FL is spot on.

  12. MFG says:

    UnicornJesus is at 43%-45%

    Monumental problem for an incumbent, all the D+25 polls in the world won’t change that

  13. James Buchanan says:

    Mr. Shyster, all I can tell you is that all those rumours you may have heard about me, being a bachelor and all, apply doubly to that individual. It’s one of the reasons he is so well loved at that place.

  14. GF says:

    Answeirng my own question, it appears that Mandel defeated a statewide incumbent 55-41 in 2010. That trnaslates to just under a half a million vote margin. He is competitive on the money race as well.

    Don’t tell me that this race won’t be competitive. A Senator Brown may well go down in November, it just might be the one from OH vice the one in MA.

  15. GF says:

    Funny how adding Rubio to the ticket hardly moves the needle at all, in fact, it drops it. Jeb only bumps it up one point.

    Great job, Tommy!

  16. jan says:

    It must have been tough to fudge the numbers on that one GF.

  17. Phil says:

    Do NOT take shots at Tommy. He’s a professional!

  18. MFG says:


    You do understand the 3 5ths rule was done to DILUTE southern strength in Congress, right…?!

  19. MFG says:

    GF says:
    April 17, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Just heard on the radio that Sancto is putting out to voters that he has NOT endorsed any candidate, so how they vote is up to them. Way to help unite the party.

    He can kiss a Vatican appointment good bye, IMO.

    Although this shows yet again what a classless worthless piece of sh*t Pope Ricky is, this is actually good news for us, GF, an endorsement from him probably hurts us…

  20. lisab says:

    i am going to be rich!!!!

    hubby just got a job offer making scads of money … in indonesia!

    i will be a stay at home ann romney type … in indonesia

    we will have a huge house … in indonesia

    i will have servants at my beck and call … in indonesia

    i will be able to go shopping … for bugs … in indonesia

    bitterlaw … isn’t there some rule in the catholic church that if your hubby gets a job in a muslim country, his wife has to stay in italy or something?

  21. MD says:

    Governor Bull White weighs in:

    Great news on the PPP poll for Florida. We all know they nailed my race early on.

  22. MFG says:

    Are you joking?

    I wouldn’t go to Indonesia for $10,000,000 a year

    I wouldn’t even visit my brother when he was in Saudi Arabia

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – the Church will allow you to stay in the Phillipines or Australia. That’s the best I can do as I am not a Canon Lawyer.

  24. Bitterlaw says:

    You do understand the 3 5ths rule was done to DILUTE southern strength in Congress, right…?!

    Comment by MFG

    You do understand that the South viewed slaves as no different than cows and were lucky to get anything without treating human beings as humans, don’t you? Cream soda? We have had this argument at least 637 times.

  25. Barry says:

    20- Congrats, lisab Soetoro. Perhaps you can raise any little tykes as Infidels before sending them off to Black Liberation camp in the summer. It seems to be the pathway to power these days.

  26. EML says:

    14.Answeirng my own question, it appears that Mandel defeated a statewide incumbent 55-41 in 2010.
    He was an appointed incumbent. He was appointed by Gov. Strickland when Richard Cordray became OH AG.

    Still, Mandel will be a formidable candidate.

  27. Jim B. says:

    The 3/5 compromise was not done to dilute Southern strength in Congress. The Southern states wanted slaves to count 100% for apportioning congressmen, but not to count at all for apportioning direct taxes. In short, for representation slaves should be people; for taxation they should be property.

    The Northern states would have preferred the opposite: don’t count slaves for representation, but do count them for apportioning direct taxes.

    So the 3/5 compromise was a nice middle ground, giving each side some of what they wanted.

  28. GF says:

    Appointed or not, that margin is impressive (as is the 40%+ showing in Cuyahoga Co.). Cordray was also dispatched, though only by five or six as I recall.

  29. marc says:

    CNN exit poll for 2008 Presidential race in Florida shows party ID – Dem 37, GOP 34. That’s a 3 point Dem advantage for you libs. Shockingly, B0B0 won Florida by 2.8%.

    This PP “poll” has party ID at 41/41, yet B0B0 leads by 5? He wins the Independents by 19?

    I am worried PP sprained something trying to contort into this little gem.

  30. lisab says:

    “Are you joking?”

    no, not joking. however, he has not accepted the job.

    actually we passed on all jobs in the middle east.

    indonesia is not the same as saudi arabia, much less crazy

  31. MFG says:

    I’m not arguing Bitterlaw, I’m not in the mood

    Its just that the 3 5ths rule was a tool to decrease southern power not an assessment of their worth as people

    And of course slavery was indefensible, immoral and wrong

    And everyone involved deserves obloquy

    From the slave owner to the shipbuilders

  32. DW says:

    I sense that CBS/NYTimes is scrambling right now to get out a new Romney v. Obama poll, in order to respond to the unexpected Gallup poll.

  33. MD says:

    Indies by 19? No way. Not even the biggest fan of PPP could justify that.

  34. MFG says:

    I can’t imagine you in a country like that

    I VERY much doubt someone like you would be happy there…

  35. EML says:

    28 – Cordray lost by 2 to DeWine.

    Mandel is easily the best candidate we could put up.

  36. The Slaves says:

    So the 3/5 compromise was a nice middle ground, giving each side some of what they wanted.

    Well, not exactly what we wanted.

  37. MFG says:

    My brother worked overseas in a number of countries, he always thought highly of Germany

    Tell hubby to stay out of lunatic countries

  38. Phil says:

    John Zogby:

    “The PPP Florida Poll looks sound to me. Also, did I mention that our polling has detected a last minute surge for Kerry in Virginia and Colorado. Kerry looks to be winning with over 300 electoral votes.”

  39. MFG says:



    I was born in 1955 come on

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab lived with yak in Mongolia in the Peace Corps. Indonesia has beaches.

  41. Tim V says:

    SSQ, why doesn’t Dave post the palladan/cfp polls ?

  42. MFG says:



    The net effect was to dilute southern voting strength in Congress, correct…?

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – the more we discuss these issues, the more I am willing to allow you to secede. Go in Peace, mf-er. Cream soda.

  44. DW says:

    41….there is only one L in Paladin.

  45. MFG says:


    “Go in peace, motherfuqqers”

    I LIKE it!

    Cream soda

  46. SusyQue says:

    #41…Hi Tim V. hope everyone in the family
    is doing well, including yourself.

    I am not savvy on polls, you know that.

  47. MFG says:

    SusyQue keep praying for Mitt

    I think we’re going to win this

  48. jan says:

    Pew Poll


    Obama’s lead has narrowed since last month, when he had a 12-point advantage, though it is comparable to margins from earlier this year.

    Most interesting finding: “The gender gap remains comparable to those in previous surveys during the current campaign, as well as past election cycles; women favor Obama by a 53% to 40% margin; among men voters, 50% favor Romney, while 44% back Obama. Obama has lost ground among both men and women at about the same rate over the past month.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – you have to take Tim (Georgia) and the Texas twins – Bunu and Cheksux.

  50. DW says:

    Do you remember this story from 2008? There was a guy in the appalachain part of OH whose kid answered the door and it was a pollster asking who he was going to vote for in the election. The dad learns about it, so he hollers from the other room, “Tell ’em I’m going to vote for the niqqer.”

    I wonder if they could find this guy and find out how he is going to vote this time?

  51. GF says:

    SusyQue keep praying for Mitt

    I think we’re going to win this

    Comment by MFG — April 17, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

    And if we do, we’ll owe it all to her prayers and MD’s father canvassing the state of FL for votes to single-handedly swing it to Mitt.

  52. jan says:

    CNN looking more and more like an rogue poll done for political purposes.

  53. MFG says:

    Every little bit counts GF…

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – why was Ron Paul living in Ohio in 2008? Zing!

  55. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    so its ranged from Obama up 4 to Romney up 5

  56. DW says:

    I am praying for the election too. I have approach that “Faith can move mountains, but it cannot outspend Obama.” In other words, I believe that God is in control, but He uses means to accomplish His plan, so we are responsible to work like crazy to see Obama defeated.

  57. GF says:

    Totally unrelated t the rest of the thread, but just saw a number disparity in that OH election; 34,000 more people voted in the treasurer race than AG. I wonder if it is higher on the ballot, or people were really turned off by DeWine and either voted Libertarian/Constitution (about 6% did) or skipped the race altogether.

    DeWine is a POS, but we already knew that before he put it on display during the recent primary.

  58. DW says:

    54…ouch. Good one.

  59. MFG says:

    The key to take away from all these polls?

    Filtering out the noise hes stuck between 43%-45%

    Disaster area for an incumbent

  60. MFG says:


    Mitt may outraise UnicornJesus

    Mitt is a gangsta, he’s got that smile on his face but he can thug up when necessary

    I think he will match UnicornJesus in fundraising or come very close

  61. Phil says:

    Ok, Pew poll says Obama up 49-45.

    Interesting. The crosstabs show indies going for Romney by 6 points – and yet Obama leads overall by 4.

    Can you imagine what Pew’s party ID looks like?

  62. Tim V says:

    46- family is ok

  63. GF says:

    60- Mitt should openly try to seek cash outside the country (hint; Israel). When Zero and his cronies cry about it, he can retort that the O campaing makes no effort to filter contributions on its website from foreign sources. Touche!

  64. MFG says:


    Fight fire with fire GF

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    What is the origin of the UnicornJesus reference?

  66. SusyQue says:

    MFG…absolutely, I pray we will have a new president in Nov. 2012. I love the country of my birth and am so thankful I was born here.

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – WTF? I can never “unsee” that. My eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  68. EML says:

    57 – according to NYT, OH treasurer had 3,656,144 total votes while OH AG had 3,724,836.

  69. MFG says:

    I dont get the pancakes though

    wtf is that….?!

  70. Apologetic California says:

    The 19th Amendment needs to be repealed.

  71. GF says:

    57- Times is wrong (go figure, eh?). I added up vote totals off the OH state website. Mandel had about 2,050,000, the Dem had 1,525,000 and the third candidate had 187,000 (hence the 55-41-4 split).

    Out for lunch, back soon.

  72. SusyQue says:

    Tim V…this is the prayer our nation needs:

    2 Chronicles 7:14 (The Lord is merciful when we ask for mercy.) Notice the conditions.

    “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  73. Diogenes says:

    Apparently the difference between the polls right now is the “gender gap.” Does anyone with a brain think that some dumb comments by Rush Limbaugh are going to matter by election time? And are women going to vote on “gender rights” instead of the typical litany of issues such as the economy, foreign policy, and gas prices?

    I do enjoy the fact that the DNC and their cronies are wasting so much money on something that won’t even be on the issue focus radar come November. But then again, wasting money is a democratic specialty.

  74. Emerica says:

    Ron Paul: College should refund any students taught the Constitution by Obama

  75. SusyQue says:

    MFG…whose are is that?

  76. SusyQue says:


  77. Corey says:

    I really wanted to see a Biden unicorn.

  78. Elmo says:

    #79 – Ron Paul will support Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

  79. Apologetic California says:

    From the Pewww Poll, Obama’s approval rating collapsed from 50-41 last month, to more Real America numbers of 46-45

  80. NYCmike says:

    #79 – Ron Paul will support Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

  81. NYCmike says:

    Damn you Elmo!

  82. Brandon says:

    Ron Paul is going to take his ball and go home like he usually does.

  83. Phil says:

    Pew has the electorate at 54% female.

    It’s going to be 52-48 tops.

  84. DW says:

    87…its a long trip to the Andromeda galaxy, so he better get started soon.

  85. DW says:

    Michelle Obama On Trayvon Shooting: “There Isn’t A One-Shot Solution To This”

    I guess Zimmerman disagreed.

  86. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Much as he and his minions try, Obama won’t distract most voters’ concern with the economy.

    That issue will decide this year’s election.

    While it’s great to see Romney ahead now – we know that today’s polls are meaningless…we want Romney ahead by 5+ on Monday, Nov. 5.

    Re Ohio Senate race, Mandel will upset Brown 51-48% for a GOP gain. He will run strongly in traditionally Dem northern Ohio. Count on it!

  87. hugh says:

    FL is lost to Obama. I hope he wastes lots of time here. He will not get the youth vote, who will largely not vote this time around. He will get less of a Jewish vote and minority vote for two different reasons. He is anti israel and the life of the average minority in FL is worse not better after 4 years of this clown. Finally, there is not a republican alive no matter what the polls say who will vote for obama this time around.

    This is my Broward report for the day.

  88. MFG says:

    A guy called Dan Lacey SusyQue surprised you guys haven’t seen his work before

  89. NYCmike says:


  90. NYCmike says:


  91. NYCmike says:


  92. NYCmike says:


  93. NYCmike says:


  94. sickofdems says:

    The polls coming out right now are nothing short of amazing.

    If they are accurate is another issue, but they are amazing in that they consistently show the Zero in big trouble.

    What can possibly happen that could cause them to shift back to Zero? Or are we just being played?

  95. NYCmike says:


  96. sickofdems says:

    Well played DW!

    That was hilarious.

  97. DW says:

    the funny part was, I hadn’t even been paying attention, just refreshed, saw the 99, and figured, why not give it a shot.

  98. Scooter Boy says:

    Funny how axelrod said today that the Gallup poll has methodological problems. Didn’t hear anything about methodological problems last month when Obama was ahead.