Cuomo, Christie Lead 2016 Field (Plus Another Poll Showing Romney Surge)

Pew Research becomes the latest pollster to show a surge towards Mitt Romney, contradicting CNN’s poll yesterday.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 495
Mitt Romney (R) 45%

This poll was done April 4-5 among registered voters. The previous Pew Research poll had Obama’s lead at 12%. I am sure public Policy Polling is hoping for an Obama victory in November and with that in mind, they have put out a new poll for the Republican race in 2016 showing Chris Christie as the early leader among a field of potential Republican candidates.

Chris Christie 21%
Jeb Bush 17%
Mike Huckabee 17%
Marco Rubio 10%
Paul Ryan 7%
Rand Paul 4%
Bobby Jindal 3%

PPP also gave us a look at potential 2016 primaries on the Democratic side. If Hillary runs, she gets 57% of the Democratic vote even if Joe Biden ran. Without Hillary, Joe Biden would lead the primary at 32% with Andrew Cuomo in second at 18%. Without either Hillary or Biden, Andrew Cuomo starts out the Democratic front runner for 2016.

Andrew Cuomo 27%
Elizabeth Warren 9%
Russ Feingold 8%
Mark Warner 4%
Martin O’Malley 4%
Brian Schweitzer 2%

Both polls were done April 12-15 among 620 Democratic primary voters and 742 Republican primary voters. By the way, for this year, with Rick Santorum now out of the race, Mitt Romney has gone over 50% in the Republican field and is now well ahead of the “Last Conservative Standing”, Newt Gingrich.

Mitt Romney 54%
Newt Gingrich 24%
Ron Paul 14%

Remember when people were saying that either Santorum or Gingrich had to get out so that self-proclaimed conservatives could line up behind a single non-Romney candidate?

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135 Responses to “Cuomo, Christie Lead 2016 Field (Plus Another Poll Showing Romney Surge)”

  1. SusyQue says:

    One Nation Under God…Indivisible!

  2. SusyQue says:

    With Liberty and Justice for All!

  3. NYCmike says:

    Well done SusyQue!

  4. NYCmike says:

    Elizabeth Warren?? Martin O’Malley?? Russ Feingold??

    Good lord!

  5. jason says:

    Wow, Andrew Cuomo catches pneumonia and the Dems will be left with a collection of dwarfs never before seen….

  6. MFG says:

    I think Hitlery will be the Communist nominee in ’16

  7. Walt says:

    Psih, Tish…

    Seriously? A poll about President race in 2016?
    Pretty useless poll. Nothing but name recognition. And Oh, by the way the 2012 POTUS race is sort of right around the corner…

  8. Corey says:

    Very possible Obama will be the 2016 Dem nominee.

    That does not necessarily involve the Chief Justice in chains.

  9. NYCmike says:

    Good point, Walt!

  10. Corey says:

    But it may involve Sonia Sotoyamor in leather!

  11. NYCmike says:

    #8 – please let us get through with this year first! The last thread did not end well for me, now we have Obama2016?? TOO MUCH FOR ONE MAN TO TAKE!!!

  12. MFG says:

    If he loses in ’12 a rematch with Mitt in ’16?

    Nah, the Communist women will demand Hitlery

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    From the prior thread:


    Comment by DW

    Post of the day as DW swoops in and steals the Century Mark!

  14. bio mom says:

    In 2016, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee as he runs for reelection!

  15. Walt says:

    Nothing wrong with laptop. I just type dislexic (“Pish”).
    New hard disc drive installed on my relative new laptopm and I am back in bidness…

  16. MFG says:

    Their nominees are going to get worse and worse and worse NYCMike

    One day they’ll either actually nominate Sharpton or someone just like him

  17. Scott says:

    As I mentioned last week,PPP’s “special source” in its head-to-head States’ Presidential polling over the past two(2) months is to show Obama leading everywhere on the strength of massive leads among the Independent voters.If,according to PPP,Obama is up by five(5) in Florida and up by 20% among Indies there,which constitute 20% of the poll,then 4 of the O man’s 5 point lead is attributable to the Indies.Ridiculous and manipulative!

  18. NYCmike says:

    Ok, young man, take your pick! Door 1, Elena Kagan. Door 2, Sonia Sotomayor. Door 3, Madam Ginsburg.

  19. NYCmike says:

    #13 – I though I was all alone, just taking my laps, then some bratty kids landed some cannonballs on my head!

  20. Rockefeller Republican says:

    If things go as we hope, President Romney will render the ’16 GOP poll moot.

    That said, Jeb Bush will never run for pres…It’s unfair because he is so superior to his older bro and would have been a much better pres.

    But life aint fair.

  21. DW says:

    13…thx! I wasn’t even stalking…just refreshed after being away a while, saw the 99, and figured why not give it a try.

  22. Brandon says:

    Christie 2016!

  23. Phil says:

    The Obama campaign begins its rhettorical destruction of polls they don’t like.

    Axlerod gives the MSM its talking points “the Gallup Poll has methodology problems”.

    That will be accepted fact within 36 hours.

  24. jason says:

    I think Hillary will be too old for 2016. By inauguration she would be 69, tying Reagan for oldest President to begin office but she won’t be looking as good as Reagan.

  25. Ben Romney says:

    GOP Primary: National: Mitt Romney is the frontrunners now!

    Romney:49.7% Paul:16.3% Gingrich:15.3%


    Gingrich:GA KY MT NE NM SC WV

    Santorum:AL CO IA LA MN MO MS ND OK TN

    CT Primary: Apr.24: MR:36.7% NG:20.4% RP.07.8% 28 Delegates

    DE Primary: Apr.24: no polls available yet 17 Delegates

    NY Primary: Apr.24: MR34.6% NG15.5% RP12.1% 95 Delegates

    PA Primary: Apr.24: MR30.7% NG08.5% RP10.0% 72 Delegates

    RI Primary: Apr.24: MR39.0% NG13.0% RP05.0% 19 Delegates

    Mitt Romney: 647 + 32 +2 = 681
    Ron Paul: 068 + 01 = 069
    RickSantorum: 291 + 02 = 293
    Newt Gingrich: 140 + 03 = 143

    If the presidential election would be held today a Generic GOP candidate could get 310 EV!President Obama could get 218 EV! 10EV from MN are a toss-up!
    A candidate needs 270 EV to get elected!

    Mitt Romney 49.3% 47.1% Barack Hussein Obama
    Newt Gingrich 45.8% 50.3% Barack Hussein Obama
    Ron Paul 47.9% 47.2% Barack Hussein Obama

    If its Mitt Romney against Obama it would be:
    219 EV 210 EV 109 EV toss-up

    If its Newt Gingrich against Obama it would be:
    149 EV 374 EV 015 EV toss-up

    If its Ron Paul against Obama it would be:
    215 EV 221 EV 102 EV toss-up

    2010: GOP: 47 DEM: 51 IND: 02
    2012: GOP: 49 DEM: 46 IND: 02 Toss-up: 3
    Takeover GOP: MO MT NE VA
    IND: ME
    Toss-up: CT MA WI

    2010: GOP: 29 DEM: 20 IND: 01
    2012: GOP: 33 DEM: 16 IND: 01 Toss-up: 1
    Takeover GOP: MT NC WA WV
    Toss-up: IN

    President: Approve/Disapprove National: 46.6%

    State by state: Obama:218 Republican:310 Undecided:010

    Strong approve Obama:
    CA: (53.2/41.0)
    DC (85.0/15.0)
    HI (59.2/36.7)
    MA (56.0/38.6)
    MD (54.4/41.6)
    NY (59.2/36.4)
    VT (54.3/37.3)

    Lean approve Obama:
    IL: (51.9/42.2)
    NJ: (52.6/44.3)
    RI (51.4/41.5)
    WA (50.2/44.9)

    Weak approve Obama:
    FL (48.4/47.7)
    WI: (48.6/45.3)

    Strong disapprove :
    AL (59.9/39.0)
    AK (59.8/38.8)
    AZ (54.7/41.0)
    AR (63.7/33.2)
    ID (71.0/29.0)
    IN (56.0/39.7)
    KS (62.2/36.0)
    KY (58.0/35.9)
    LA (59.7/39.0)
    MS (57.8/39.7)
    MT (58.6/38.8)
    NE (55.5/37.7)
    ND (60.7/38.7)
    OK (66.4/33.4)
    SD (58.1/40.7)
    TN (52.4/39.6)
    TX (52.8/39.7)
    UT (69.3/28.1)
    WV (63.3/29.1)
    WY (68.9/30.4)

    Lean disapprove:
    GA (49.6/42.8)
    MI (49.2/47.2)
    MO (52.1/42.8)
    NH (50.0/43.2)
    NM: (49.7/44.3)
    OH (49.3/45.3)
    PA (50.2/43.8)
    SC (49.1/43.6)
    VA: (48.7/44.7)

    Weak disapprove :
    CO (48.5/46.9)
    IA: (47.7/45.7)
    NC (48.8/47.2)
    NV (48.0/46.9)

    MN:( 46.9/46.9)

  26. Corey says:

    *If* Romney were to be unpopular (which I do not see happening) the best anti-Romney candidate would be someone as ugly as possible.

  27. bio mom says: is the entire analysis from the Pew Poll. Interesting. A very wide racial gap. Obama certainly has not been a unifying force.

  28. Brandon says:

    What the…

  29. Cory says:

    Shouldn’t you guys have nominated someone ugly this year, then?

  30. Scott says:

    The PEW Poll is a D+7 poll; 31%(D),24%(R) and 45%(I).

  31. jason says:

    “In addition to my other talents, did you know I have psychic ability?

    For example, I was able to channel perfesser jason’s first post of 2014. Here it is:

    “We must re-nominate Lindsey Graham! We’ll give that seat to the DEMs unless we overlook this fine Republican’s very rare lapses. WE NEED MORE RINOs!”

    I am glad mnw is thinking of me when I am not around, makes me feel special… And of course it’s always good to go back to RINO hunting since there is nothing important at stake in 2012.

    Let me return the favor and predict mnw’s post for 2014:

    “We must re-nominate COD, Buck, Angle and Miller. No they won’t win because their states will be infested with short dark skinned Indios and Mestizos who will take time off telenovelas and soccer to vote, but we will send a strong message that in politics losing with losers is not losing, only losing with RINOS is losing”

  32. Phil says:

    So the good people ar Pew think the electorate will be exactly like 2008 in Party ID.

    Wanna bet?

    D+2 or D+3.

    There is no perfect storm this time.

  33. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Re Hillary…she needs to start taking pride in her appearance again…she looks like hell!

    She needs to cut her hair for starters…

  34. GF says:

    I second Bitter’s award for POTD to DW. In my absence, NYC Mike attempted to rig the game by pumping up the count. You see, Mike, once can slip in a non-chalante comment at no.99 to tee up the big hit, but going five rounds if straight Romans is bad form. Cheaters never prosper.

    Bitter, I motion DW being allowed temporary membership to expire at midnight for his good deed. I know that I am only an honorary member of the Philly Society of A-Holes, but he pulled a good A-Hole move (deliberate or not) on a New Yorker. Surely, that must count for something in Philly.

    And I shall stop calling your “Shirley,” Susy. 😉

  35. Bitterlaw says:

    GF- I have to follow protocol.

    MD- are you here? No answer. DW is an Honorary Philly A-hole until 12:00 EST.

  36. SoHope says:

    So bitter is giving out temporary Philly A-hole memberships?

    If drafted, I will not run;
    If nominated, I will not accept;
    If elected, I will not serve.

  37. SoHope says:

    I would never darken the door of such a blatantly radical anti-pig tethering organization.

  38. SusyQue says:

    Rick Ankiel’s throw earns a standing ovation, spot on his growing highlight reel (VIDEO)

  39. GF says:

    No one’s perfect, SoHo; you tether pigs, we tazer students.

    Fair trade.

  40. lisab says:

    they eat cow nose in indonesia

  41. NYCmike says:

    “35.I second Bitter’s award for POTD to DW. In my absence, NYC Mike attempted to rig the game by pumping up the count. You see, Mike, once can slip in a non-chalante comment at no.99 to tee up the big hit, but going five rounds if straight Romans is bad form. Cheaters never prosper.”

    -Can we go up to the booth for a review? My honor is at stake here. The only reason I did that was because a new thread had started several minutes prior, and several different posters had already made comments. If you look, the last posts were several links that nobody looked at (sorry to throw you under the bus, MFG), and then I came on after about 5 minutes. So you see, esteemed members of the HHR tribunal, it was all just a silly game between a man and his dream, until that dastardly DW happened upon the scene and caught me swimming nekid with the Ginsburg widah!

  42. NYCmike says:

    “Bitter, I motion DW being allowed temporary membership to expire at midnight for his good deed. I know that I am only an honorary member of the Philly Society of A-Holes, but he pulled a good A-Hole move (deliberate or not) on a New Yorker. Surely, that must count for something in Philly.”

    -As if we need any more affirmation that we are the “center of the universe”!!

  43. Tim V says:


  44. NYCmike says:

    Tim V,
    I was just about to do XLV, but you would have beat me to it, in your own way!! Thank God I hit refresh first!

  45. GF says:

    I recuse myself from the tribunal given my status as a party of interest in this case (it’s only fair). I motion that the panel be composed of an odd number of judges so as to effect a decisive ruling vice a potential deadlock.

    My services as a prosecutor, are totally for hire. 🙂

  46. GF says:

    NYC, Bitter has corrected you on this matter a number of times; London is at the center of the metropoli universe. Indeed, time zones are centered on GMT, in which London happens to fall.

    No, go fetch yourself an egg creme since cream soda isn’t good enough for you.

  47. groucho jason says:

    I will not belong to any club that would accept the likes of me.

  48. NYCmike says:

    I have been looking for an egg creme all day! Thank you very little!

  49. NYCmike says:

    I may have to get Lynne Stewart or Ron Kuby to defend me against the likes of yous on this board!

  50. Tim V says:

    i thouht to be a philly a hole you had to invade the island ?

  51. GF says:

    Going back to the Pew poll, adjusting for a more realistic turnout model (where art thou, second fiddle to Betelguese and Rigel in terms of both size and luminosity?), the nunbers change quite drastically.

    With a 36D-32R-32I split, Obamamaintains a small 2.5% lead.

    Using a 35-33-32 model, Mitt is behind by 0.8%.

    In an even turnout scenario at 34% for each party, Mitt leads by about 1%.

    I will not nor can I predict the November turnout this early, but I am quite certain that it won’t be 31-24-45.

  52. NYCcenter-of-the-universe-committee-2012 says:

    London! What to do about London?

  53. Tim V says:

    I want a ruling from Jason. Is the Philly A- Hole club bigoted or racist ?

  54. NYCmike says:

    We got a little over 6 months to make sure we get at least an even turnout. I’ll be walking my precinct, not that it will matter much for President, but will do my part for down-ticket races.
    On that note, have a good night.
    Oh, and free egg cremes for everybody on the tribunal!

  55. jason says:

    56. Of course. They refused me. It was obvious discrimination against bigot hunters, at the very minimum. It also showed prejudice against Amish country HHR members. And finally, it was a slap in the face to all the jasons in the world.

  56. SoHope says:

    #56 obviously both

  57. jason says:

    However if they accept me they would of course no longer be racists. (hint)

  58. GF says:

    59- That claim has been noted and dismissed by the Jewess wives of the Philly A-Holes Auxiliary.

    Next up, why Jersey counts more for membership than the “T.”

  59. GF says:

    61- Scooped you up thread at #36.

  60. SoHope says:

    Palestinian prisioners in Israel are starting a hunger strick…

    I for one never understood this. If you don’t want to eat don’t eat. If you die, you die. It isn’t really a suicide attempt. It is more like a cry for attention. Don’t give it to them.

    Keep them in confinment give them their tray and let hunger take it’s course.

  61. jason says:

    For a guy who is supposedly a strategy genius, Axelrot is not doing too well. After basically endorsing Romney on national TV, not he slams the Gallup poll. It’s only one poll, with a shelf life of 15 minutes, he could have let sleeping dogs lie, but Axelrot could not resist. By attacking Gallup, he has now made it legitimate to attack the inevitable pro-Obama polls also.

  62. Tim V says:

    63- oopsie, i pulled a SSQ.

  63. lisab says:

    Michelle Obama: ‘This President Has Brought Us Out of the Dark and Into the Light’

  64. GF says:

    BTW, did it get mentioned here that Zero mislabelled the “Falklands” (which he attempted to fellate Argentina by calling them the “Malvinas”) as the “Maldives?” If we had a real press, that would rank up there with ANY Bush faux pas, and possibly up there with the Ford Poland gaffe.

    Biden must have been proud to have the spotlight taken off if him for a day.

  65. lisab says:

    Last year, almost 1,800 people renounced their U.S. citizenship or handed in their Green Cards. That’s a record number since the Internal Revenue Service began publishing a list of those who renounced in 1998. It’s also almost eight times more than the number of citizens who renounced in 2008, and more than the total for 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined.

    Many say they parted ways with America for tax reasons.

  66. lisab says:

    eight times more people renounced their citizenships this year than in 2008

    what could be different between now and then?

  67. lisab says:

    “BTW, did it get mentioned here that Zero mislabelled the “Falklands” (which he attempted to fellate Argentina by calling them the “Malvinas”) as the “Maldives?” ”


    do you remember when britain was our ally?

  68. Tim V says:

    will C become the next first ?

  69. Tim V says:

    britian represents “colonial power” obama is an anti-colonialist.

  70. Cory says:

    The entire point of a hunger strike is attention.

    Did you not already know that?

  71. jason says:

    I think we should nominate Bunu as the HHR representative who will go on a hunger strike in sympathy with his Palestinian friends.

  72. MD says:

    Of course DW is granted temp membership until 12:01 am. I just got off the phone with the head of our Membership Committee. This is covered in the by-laws. I guess it is asking too much for the head of our legal division (Bitter) to actually have some friggin knowledge of the by-laws. Yea, there I go again with expecting too much.

    jason – your initiation is dependent upon action on a very specific matter. F’n whiners throwing around the “racist”, “prejudiced” bs all the time. I will accept an attack on Free Republic as a substitute for the Island. That is me (and the committee) being flexible.

  73. MD says:

    I second 75!

    That matter is entirely different from 76.

    An ahole knows how to compartmentalize.

  74. SusyQue says:

    Tim V…there are some “strange” goings-on here at HHR.

  75. GF says:

    74- If they want attention, we could just waterboard them. Discuss…

    Off to counsel a mischief-maker; I’ll be back later.

  76. SusyQue says:

    #78…Tim V…THANKS FOR THE URL about ooo as an anti-colonist

  77. Scooter Boy says:

    Funny how Axelrod said today that the Gallup poll has Methodological problems. Don’t remember hearing anything about Methodological problems last month when Obama was ahead.

  78. Tim V says:

    sure thing SsQ

  79. jan says:

    Kos just basically admited that the race is now close and CNN and his own PPP are trash.

  80. Tim V says:

    at a minimum a philly a-hole should be required to make some swarmy and caustic comments but hey, it’s your club.

  81. MD says:

    The NY exception applies Tim V. I don’t expect you to know that. If would be nice though if the head of our legal department knew the by-laws. The membership expires at 12:01.

    Just saying.

  82. Tim V says:

    review maxwell’s exit post if you don’t believe me

  83. MD says:

    Maxwell is the founding father. He has permanent emeritus status. I know I don’t need to explain that.

    Remember August 12th will catch up on you if you are not careful.

  84. MD says:

    I don’t have time to debate this nonsense. I have to study the by-laws.

  85. Tim V says:

    But mostly I tired of the nonsense of a couple of posters. Now most folks here are great. But a couple can not help themselves with their smarmy and caustic comments. -GM aug 12th

    has dw made swarmy and caustic comments ? I say NO ! the a-holes have broken the by-laws. stealing a “C” is not swarmy or caustic. uinderhanded, perhaps.

  86. Tim says:

    I did. I heard it here.

  87. Tim V says:

    jason, on the other hand is well qualified with swarmy and caustic.

  88. Tim V says:

    The NY exception applies Tim V


  89. Tim says:

    So what? We eat mountain oysters, here.

  90. lisab says:

    not in massachusetts

  91. V says:

    Remember August 12th will catch up on you if you are not careful.

    Comment by MD — April 17, 2012 @ 7:00 pm

    You must, you must
    Recall the 12th of August

    -Guy Maxwell Fawkes

  92. Cory says:

    We call them prairie oysters out here!

  93. Tim V says:


  94. lisab says:

    Herman Cain on Gingrich: ‘I don’t know what’s going on in his head’

  95. jason says:

    ‘ jason, on the other hand is well qualified with swarmy and caustic.”

    Do I hsve to know what swarmy means to be qualified?

  96. lisab says:

    Microsoft to release Halo 4 on election day. This is bad news… for Obama

  97. V says:

    You must, you must
    Recall the 12th of August
    I see why from the A-Holes
    Maxwell fled in disgust.

  98. GF says:


    Are you using that as a combo of swarthy and smarmy?

  99. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I’m sorry. I left the By-laws under your wife’s pillow. You have to understand that a lot of people aspire to be Philly A-holes. An A-hole like you should understand that. I see potential in Jason once he stops being a pu**y and thinking that beating up on “Stop calling me Shirley-Que.”

  100. jason says:

    Mountain oysters are for wimps. Here in Southwest PA we eat scrapple and souse.


    Locally called “everything but the oink” or made with “everything but the squeal”,[3] scrapple is typically made of hog offal, such as the head, heart, liver, and other scraps, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth. Once cooked, bones and fat are discarded, the meat is reserved, and (dry) cornmeal is boiled in the broth to make a mush. The mush is formed into loaves and allowed to cool thoroughly until set.


    Cook hog head and ears well done, pull meat off bones, mash … taste, 1 1/2 cups vinegar, red, black pepper and sage to taste. Refrigerate overnight.

    Now that is good stuff, try if for breakfast.

  101. lisab says:

    “Mrs. Mitt Romney claims to have worked her toned ass off, raising five Romney males all on her own, as privileged wives often do,” Barr wrote in a column published on the Daily Beast on Monday. “But, no, Ann, I call bull—- on your Big Mama story, girlfriend.”

    Barr went on to accuse Romney and her son of misleading the public about the way she raised her children. “Your son may flash that ‘I adore my mother’ grin on cable TV all day as he backs up your claims that you did it all on your own with no help—except from a ‘lady’ who comes in one or two hours a week to help with housework,” Barr wrote. “…I say let’s find that ‘cleaning lady’ (if she is documented) and ask HER how many hours she worked per week over the years.”

  102. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    When I skim through 3 times a day, I always look for interesting breakdowns, poll-frisking, headlines…all the personal side dramas go unnoticed by me. Then, every now and then, I’ll see a drama comment and wonder for a moment wtf it means, but then I get back to skimming.

    Sometimes I also feel fat.

  103. Tim V says:

    I was ready to play the C but Jason snagged the spot and also scooped lisab

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    Jerry – Tim V. Is fat, too. You’re not alone.

  105. SusyQue says:

    Bitter…stop putting Tim V down. So he is fat, so what! Women can love fat men, too! More to hug!

  106. Tim V says:

    that’s ok ssq, bitter doesn’t bother me.

  107. Tim V says:

    he just wishes he didn’t have to jab himself every day

  108. lisab says:

    mine was a canadian


    meaning 101

  109. SusyQue says:

    #106…good idea!

  110. Tim V says:

    lol, good one lisa. very good. 🙂

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I reviewed the surveillance report from the Amish detective. I read some very disturbing items:

    jason is known among the Old Order as “The Kind Englishman.

    jason is the first to volunteer at a barn-raising.

    jason bakes and delivers shoofly pies to hospitals.

    Is this the behavior of an A-hole? I am troubled.

  112. FCW says:

    117- GFY!!!

  113. Maxwell says:

    119- Hey, that’s my line! I’ll get you…just you wait!

    And GFY!!!

  114. Tim V says:

    I nominate post 115 as the post of this thread. clever, witty, avoids being wrong, well played. also mocks cory.

  115. Cory says:

    Ok, I admit, I smiled at that one.

  116. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. is my Favorite Evangelical today. As for his comments about diabetes, his obvious prejudice is hurtful but I can take it. Tim V hates Type I diabetics. He is a pancreas bigot – a pancreatist.

  117. Tim V says:

    119- is bitter. could be fason but i’m guessin bitter.

  118. Tim says:

    Shortest outing of Santana’s career, tonight……..

  119. Cory says:

    An anti-pancrite?

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    Is pancreatism the last acceptable prejudice? Sleep well with your self-regulating blood sugar, mf-ers.

  121. Tina says:

    Who is head of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

    CNN and MSLSD rate high up there.

  122. Tim V says:

    Who is head of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?


  123. Cory says:

    I think there are still a lot of acceptable prejudices.

    1) Weight
    2) Age
    3) Speech impediment
    4) Ginger
    5) French

  124. lisab says:

    Warren Buffett Diagnosed With Stage 1 Prostate Cancer

  125. Maxwell says:

    130- Score on point 5; I can’t imagine what it is like having to share a country with those schmoes, especially where their tongue is given equal footing despite being spoken by only 23% of the population (and declining every year). You should tell them to man up and learn English. I say this as a French speaker myself and at risk of having myself ousted from the Philly A-Hole Society (Francophonics is a serious offense).

    Out for the night; cheers.

  126. GF says:

    132- Cr@p; it’s really hard to have any fun around here when the damned computer remembers each pseudonym.

    131- Prayers for him and his family, but on a morbid note, who wants to wager that he has made sure to shield his post-death estate from the bulk of Federal taxes? That would be rich.

  127. Bitterlaw says: