Q-Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 4% Nationally

Quinnipiac University joins the parade of polls this morning with their look at the Barack Obama/Mitt Romney match up.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%
Mitt Romney (R) 42%

This poll was done April 11-17 among 2577 registered voters.

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  1. Bitterlaw says:

    People are used to Obama being a bad President. They are used to high unemployment. They are used to failure. This actually helps Obama. Discuss.

  2. Rockefeller Republican says:

    Quin shouldn’t waste time with registered voters.

    Likely voters are the key.

    Happy Thursday all!

  3. Will says:

    Most people aren’t thinking about this yet.

    Actually, most people don’t think….

  4. MD says:

    “Actually, most people don’t think….”

    That is what we refer to as Obama’s base.

  5. MD says:

    Bitter – you didn’t dream it. The Flyers gave up 10 goals AND the Pens took it easy in the 3rd period.

    Cliff Lee pitches 10 scoreless innings (there is that 10 again) and loses 1 to 0. He is now 0 and 2 (with 1 no decision) with a 1.9 era. This is going to be our whole year with the Phillies. Part of me wants them to suck so that I could afford tickets again in the Hall of Fame club. I used to get them on Ebay for $45 to $50 bucks a pop. They are now $200 to $300.

  6. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    noticed the none-likely voters polls (except Gallup?) tend to have Obama up 4

  7. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    the Pens are holding off the inevitable anyways

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    MD- my Dad was in a fraternity at college with one of the owners (Bill Buck). For my Dad’s 80th birthday, I contacted Buck to see if he could do something for him. I was hoping to get his name on the scoreboard or a signed bat. Instead, 8 of us were invited to have lunch and sit in Buck’s suite behind home plate. We had our own bar and lounge. Going to a game now with the common people is just not the same.

  9. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Brandon if you read this, any state polling from Ras today? (Yes I know I got an addiction) and why no post on the Obama-Romney tie in PA?

  10. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    2 Bitterlaw


  11. mnw says:

    RE: RV polls & “adults” polls:

    They’re perfectly valid predictors of the actual GE outcome… providing that the voter turnout in the GE is 100%. /s

  12. mnw says:

    RE: Mourdock now ahead

    Looks like another RINO will bite the dust soon, huh?

    Sing-along with mnw. Everybody now:

    another one bites the dust!…(Specter!)… another one bites the dust! (Bennett!)… another one bites the dust!… (Lugar!)…

  13. MD says:

    Bitter – that is the problem I have with my wife. The first dozen games we went to at Citizen’s were with in the Hall of Fame Club or sections 122 to 124 just outside of the Diamond Club. Had seats in 309 last year and she said, “you have to be kidding me”.

  14. MD says:

    MNW – I think Mourdock is going to win the primary by 3 to 5. I have also been researching him and I absolutely think he can and will win the general.

  15. mnw says:

    I haven’t been paying much attention to the Cards lately (a whopping lie). How are they doing?

    Is Beltran on the DL again… or is he batting nearly 400 & pretty much leading the league in HRs?

    Corey: “If I had ten bucks, I’d bet it on Lugar.” That’s why you don’t have ten bucks, dweeb!

  16. Phil says:

    Good, now Lugar can safely come out and safely do what he really wants to – namely, endorse his good friend Barack Obama for President.

  17. mnw says:


    Yep. Mourdock is the berries.

    It pizzes me off when “perfesser apples & oranges” constantly compares Mourdock to “Senator” COD & “Senator” Angle. I invite perfesser jason (or any other poster) to direct me to some outlandish gaffes by Mourdock, similar to those that COD & Angle made by the bushel basket.


  18. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @18 not from me mnw, I ma confident Mourdock can win the general. he ain’t no COD, Angle, or Buck

  19. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:


  20. Brandon says:

    Author, Missouri numbers will be out today. Senate numbers are:

    Steelman: 49%
    McCaskill: 42%

    Akin: 48%
    McCaskill: 43%

    Brunner: 45%
    McCaskill: 45%

    Missouri President numbers will be out later. R+4 sample.

  21. mnw says:

    “Futures Fall On Weak Jobs Report”

    HUH??? WHAT ABOUT THE RECOVERY? This isn’t supposed to happen!

  22. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Quin also claims Dems are ahead in the congressional ballot by 1

  23. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    thanks for the info Brandon, seems MO is looking like a Red one again

  24. mnw says:


    Are low-40’s good for an incumbent senator? I’m not sure. /s

  25. Phil says:

    McCaskill is the Blanche Kennedy of this cycle. She’s absolutely dead in the water.

    Time for Jensen to release one of his famous 7 month out propaganda polls. Sky Queen needs it.

  26. mnw says:


    “red again”? We were red LAST time!

  27. Scott says:

    The new Quinnipiac Poll shows Romney nationally down 4 against the O Man,but up with Indies by 7.It appears to be a Dem heavy poll.
    Does anyone know the Party ID.?

  28. DW says:

    Keep in mind that yesterday Paladin/CFP put out a MO poll showing Romney ahead of Obama 51/41, so we will see how close Rasmussen is.

  29. Scott says:

    By the way,yesterday’s New York Times/ CBS poll was a Dem +8 poll.

  30. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Dem+8 and still a tie?!

  31. Brandon says:

    Obama approval at 49/50 today according to Rasmussen.

  32. EML says:

    Is Beltran on the DL again… or is he batting nearly 400 & pretty much leading the league in HRs?
    Meh, not much different from other years.

    In 2009, he was over .300 the first two months of the season, then on the DL for 2.5 months.

    In 2010, missed the first two months, then got in a groove in Sept, when he hit over .300 with 5 HRs and 13 RBIs.

    In 2011, he was picked up by SF, went on the DL, came back and hit .378 with 6HRs and 14RBIs in September.

    Enjoy your good month out of him while you can. After watching him for years, I know he will either tank or get hurt soon enough.

  33. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @27 thats what I meant mnw lol MO looks to be once again going red

  34. mnw says:

    zero will carry MO when the Pirates meet the Orioles in the World Series.

    (sorry if I hurt your feelings there, Dave)

  35. Phil says:

    Scott, nice find on the Quinn polling of independents. Means every poll , but one is showing Romney up with that group.

    However, CNN shows Obama winning indies and that’s the definitive poll. CNN says so.

  36. EML says:

    At this point in 2010, Quinnipiac had:

    Strickland 44% Kasich 38%
    [Ras had Kasich up 1]

    Crist 32% Rubio 30% Meek 24%
    [Ras had Rubio up 7]

  37. Bobby says:

    Sarah Steelman’s Numbers are really strong…wins men by 11, women by 5. By far the strongest internals out of the lot.

    I really like Steelman too…big potential for her!

  38. This will go up and down at least through early September.

    Remember, Axerod has already indicated the unemployment rate will be minipulated to drop under 8% in time for their convention.

    And, while gas prices might still go up this summer, they will drop (at least a little) when the summer driving season ends.

    Lastly, the stock market will be confused as to whether to soar with a potential Romney win, or not because that would help destroy our economy further by helping Obama win.

  39. SusyQue says:

    The Trayvon Martin Nightmare (MLK’S I Have a dream…over?)
    By Arnold S. Trebach on 4.19.12 @ 6:08AM

    Attorney General Holder has been even worse and I assume that he is working with the active approval or indeed the encouragement of Mr. Obama and the White House staff. Of all the sins committed in recent months by the Obama-Holder Justice Department, one of the worst is the refusal to curb the blatant criminal activities of the New Black Panther Party. This hate group has taken to the Florida streets and has openly put a $10,000 bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, dead or alive. If the attorney general needs legal advice on what federal statutes have been violated by the Panthers, I will seek out some freshman law student in Washington and send him down the street to the Justice Department.

  40. Scott says:

    If you are correct,which I have no doubt you are, about Ras’ numbers for Obama’s approval/ disapproval today,then Ras’ approval number of 49% is the highest for any pollster in the past 10 days.
    Ras ‘ polling is inconsistent and contrarian.

  41. 2.
    “People are used to Obama being a bad President. They are used to high unemployment. They are used to failure. This actually helps Obama. Discuss.”

    Comment by Bitterlaw — April 19, 2012 @ 7:46 am
    Bitterlaw, that is a well known necessity for the socialist to take over.

    Their professors lectured that there has to be a transition time as the economy adjusts to their utopian dream.

    They thought they had this during the Great Depression” and hope the “Great Recession” will finally be the turning point. They have to make sure they keep blaming the economic malaise of their anti-business policies on what they are trying to destroy.

    In some ways, it is true that it “our fault” for not just surrendering their intellectual dream.

  42. Of course, while socialism (Communism/Nazism/Statism) has never worked and ALWAYS leads to dictatorships since it requires a loss of personal liberty, the “intellectuals” continue to believe it just hasn’t been done right yet.

  43. MD says:

    43 – 100% correct.

  44. MD says:

    Even the Canadians think there are problems:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits for the first time fell only slightly last week, dampening hopes of a pick-up in job creation in April after March’s slowdown.

    Initial claims for state unemployment benefits slipped 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 386,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. The prior week’s data was revised to show 8,000 more applications received than previously reported.

    The four-week moving average for new claims, considered a better measure of labor market trends, rose 5,500 to 374,750.

    Economists polled by Reuters had forecast claims falling to 370,000 last week.

    “The number suggests that improvement is slowing down,” said Subodh Kumar, chief investment strategist at Subodh Kumar & Associates in Toronto.

    By the way, I wouldn’t even venture a guess as to job numbers in April. This could get very interesting. Even if we lose jobs the UE will go down. Bank on it.

  45. SoHope says:

    What is the opinion of our resident utopian socialist?

  46. DW says:

    43…true, but I believe some of them know it doesn’t work, or at least that it cannot be made to work right, but that is not their goal–making it “work,” as some of them have only the goal of power. They want power to control as many lives of others as possible. They may not utter it out loud, but many of these people look at the life of a Stalin, or Lenin, Castro or even Kim Jong Il, and they are jealous and wish that they could have that sort of power here.

  47. read thru the entire quinnipiac poll. Even with registered voters, the independent voter information is devastating to President Obama.

    His only glimmer of hope is how much he will be “liked”, especially as an ex-president.

  48. Phil says:

    Nonsense. The CNN poll indicates Obama is poised for a solid mandate in November.

  49. DW says:

    Here are the first two Paladin/CFP polls for today.

    North Carolina

    Romney 46
    Obama 40


    Romney 47
    Obama 39

    500 Likely voters in each state. 4/17 – 4/18

  50. jason says:

    ” Well, you are wrong. The media said plenty about the wealth of those people.”

    Sure they did Tim.

    I just googled Teresa Heinz who has a billion dollars to see how the MSM wrote about her. Here was the first article I ran across on USA Today:

    “At that, 10,000 college students bathed in spring sunshine at the University of Pittsburgh erupt into cheers and applause. Heinz Kerry is doing this campaign her way, and that means addressing 10,000 people at a rally as intimately as if they were 10 girlfriends hanging out in her kitchen. It’s one of the many ways she’s unique as a campaigner and a potential first lady.

    How different is she? She grew up in a strict Catholic household in Mozambique when it was ruled by Portugal. She protested apartheid at college in Johannesburg. She speaks five languages and pronounces her first name Tuh-RAY-zuh. She swathes herself in scarves and shawls and lets her curly hair fall in her eyes and face.

    Heinz Kerry says she never wanted either of her husbands to run for president. A race, she knew, would mean little time to cook, garden, see her grandchild, sit on her boards, run her philanthropies. But with the country “in such bad shape,” she decided her husband had to run.”

  51. DW says:

    heinz kerry also spends a lot of time looking up at the ceiling peering over the end of glass bottles.

  52. jason says:

    “The number suggests that improvement is slowing down,”

    Improvement is slowing down???

    Did Addisonst write this? His real name is Subodh Kumar?

  53. RickPerrysParakeet says:


  54. SoHope says:

    ketchup bottles?

  55. DW says:

    55…lol…no, from what I recall from the 2004 campaign, I think it was Budweiser.

  56. SoHope says:

    ketchup or catsup…discuss

  57. janz says:

    There has been little to no reporting on the Conrad fiasco that just took place in the Senate.

    Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad tried to bring up a marked up version of Simpson-Bowles for a Senate vote, as some kind of a budgetary gesture from a branch of th government who has failed in this matter for some 1080+ days. But, it was foiled by Reid, and has dropped out of sight with nary a whimper.

  58. janz says:

    A nicely placed comment:

    “The debt number is alarming and gives you great concern, of course, because we’re moving toward the Greek-type numbers. My guess is, by the way, at the Democratic convention, he will not be appearing in front of Greek columns like in Denver. He won’t want to remind people of Greece.”

    — Mitt Romney, in an interview on Fox News.

  59. Scott says:

    Besides the high unemployment claim number released at 8:30 this morning,the Existing Home Sale number for March disappointed as well as a Middle Atlantic manufacturing number.
    It appears that high petro prices are beginning to have an untoward effect on the macro economy.

  60. lisab says:

    who here thinks obama needs another nobel prize?

  61. janz says:

    Another straight forward Romney response to Obama’s snide, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth” remark:

    “He’s always looking for a scapegoat, particularly those that have been successful like my dad. And i’m not going to rise to that,” he said. “This is a time for us to solve problems, this is not a time for us to be attacking people we should be attacking problems. If I’m president, I will stop the attack on fellow Americans, I’ll stop the attack on people and start attacking the problems that have been looming over this country.”

    “Attacking problems and not people” — what a novel concept!

  62. lisab says:

    sooooooooo … my hubby asked for clarification on how much money the indonesian job was, you know … are we talking obama money or just 1%-er money

    so far no answer …

  63. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    im, starting to think well see the UE rate go up in the enxt report, the .1% drops each month may have just been nothing but outliers thanks to the winter hiring

  64. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Just good news

  65. Marv says:

    #64 lisab,

    I came in late…….are you, or your husband, thinking of accepting a job in Indonesia?

  66. lisab says:

    ” the .1% drops each month may have just been nothing but outliers thanks to the winter hiring”

    actually the have been caused by people leaving the wrk force

    i happen to know the workforce will now be limited to people in congress for unemployment calculation purposes

  67. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I have a salp bet going with my brother that UE won’t be below 8.0% come November regardless who wins the election

  68. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:


  69. lisab says:



    the islamic element does not thrill me

    not to mention

    indonesian #1: hey, did you see the thin blonde woman in surabaya yesterday?

    indonesian #2: yeah, she is mean

  70. DW says:


  71. Marv says:


    Who has the job offer and what is it?

  72. SusyQue says:

    Gingrich’s Secret Service detail likely costing taxpayers tens of
    thousands of dollars a day.

    “As a former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich should understand better than most how important it is to spend taxpayer dollars wisely,” said David Williams of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance. “Speaker Gingrich needs to give up his taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection to show people that he understands that every tax dollar saved is important.”

    Read more:

  73. lisab says:

    hubby has the offer 🙂

    it is actually with a minerals exploration company. he would be setting up computer networks with projects all over asia.

  74. lisab says:

    i would be in bali drinking mai tais

  75. Phil says:

    I keep looking at that CNN poll and shaking my head.

    Zero’s up 9 nationally (won by only 7 in 2008), but he’s running worse in every individual state poll I’ve seen in comparison to how he did in individual states in 2008.

    Oh well. You’ve got to accept the CNN numbers because that cable network is run by professional jornalists.

  76. janz says:


    Just another sign of Gingrich’s hubris.

  77. MD says:

    59 and 63- Janz

    Those are classics!

    Tim was 1000000% wrong. The coverage on Heinz was drop dead, over the top fawning. Prove otherwise.

  78. MD says:

    I find it hysterically funny that there were people in the party who thought he could be POTUS.

  79. jason says:

    Obama is really tanking on the economy.

    “The president has a ten-point edge with women voters, 49 percent to 39 percent. But Mr. Romney is viewed as better on a number of pocketbook issues that both sides agree could be critical come November. On the economy, according to the survey, voters rate Mr. Romney as the better candidate by 56 percent to 38 percent.”

    That is huge 56-38. You have to figure even Fidel Castro running as Democrat will get high 30’s on any issue.

  80. SusyQue says:

    #63 Janz….am enjoying both your Romney responses!

  81. jason says:

    There are no vegetarians in Indonesia but I hear the dogmeat is really good.

  82. lisab says:

    romney is so far doing just fine

    early days of course … but still he has gone after obama much more strongly than mccain ever did

  83. Phil says:

    Let’s not forget to factor in the immense personal likability that our leader has going for him.

    CNN says that is a huge advantage Obama has over Romney. After all, success at governing is always trumped by whether or not you like the guy personally.

  84. jason says:

    Looks like the French are going to fight the fire with gasoline.

    They are going to elect a socialist as they are about to go over the economic cliff.

  85. lisab says:

    half the country is vegetarian

    but … that in no way means i want to go

    the tropics are not fun

    bugs the size of obama’s ego …

    well … not that big …

  86. Marv says:

    #74 lisab,

    That sounds exciting. Since he will be traveling all over
    Asia, perhaps you should consider setting up yout home base in Bangkok, the American section of Manila, Guam, or some other relatively safe place in the region…….maybe Singapore would work. Indonesia isn’t suitable for westerners on a long-term basis.

    I’ve had some experience in the area and that would be the way I would approach it if I had a similar job offer……just thought I’d pitch in with a suggestion.

  87. lisab says:

    “After all, success at governing is always trumped by whether or not you like the guy personally.”

    actually romney is very well liked as a person

    the dead enders hated him because he was/is not a social con

    but … he is very likable.

  88. jason says:

    Singapore is safe too.

  89. jason says:

    Oh I see Marv mentioned Singapore….

  90. DW says:

    87..its just as well…rather have socialists/communists at the helm as the country goes over the brink and into economic chaos.

  91. SusyQue says:

    Janz…Hannity is enthralled by “big ideas” Newt.
    He encourages him to stay in the race.

    Yesterday Hannity asked Mitt about the dog thing.
    Mitt answered, “I am interested in discussing jobs.” (paraphrase)
    Hannity looked embarassed for asking such a foolish meaningless question.

  92. Marv says:

    #91 jason,

    Yes, Singapore is very safe, I mentioned that option in my list. Perhaps Australia could be an option.

  93. lisab says:

    unfortunately his office would be in indonesia

    they would not pay for housing for us elsewhere

    i agree, i am not thrilled with being an ex-pat there. hubby is a giant, i am thin blonde …

    we blend … in ireland

  94. Phil says:

    Hannity needs to pull his head out….

  95. jason says:

    Newt keeps telling all these radio and TV hosts that “he is the only conservative” and NONE of them call him on it.

    Nobody brings up his support for national mandates, Nancy Pelosi’s global warming initiative, cap n trade, lobbying for Fannie Mae, the fairness doctrine, etc.

  96. Diogenes says:

    Hannity’s a retard. The “conservative” press is dominated by ignorant blowhards.

  97. janz says:


    While I don’t watch/listen to Hannity much. When I have he always seems to be pimping for Newt, and before that Santorum. This is confusing, as Newt seems to think Fox is in the tank for Romney???

  98. Marv says:

    #96 lisab,

    Is there a western compound in the area where your husband will be working? For example, there is one in Jeddah,
    Saudia Arabia.

  99. lisab says:

    still … if the money is big enough

    i could just hang out in asia

    i just don’t fancy being away from him 9 months of the year

  100. jason says:

    Hannity keeps asking everyone since the Dems accuse Romney of dog torture shouldn’t it be fair to attack Obama for dog eating.

    Neither case merits discussion. Romney placed the dog in a kennel with a windshield and nothing happened to the dog. Obama ate dog because his father served it to him.


  101. lisab says:

    “Is there a western compound in the area where your husband will be working? ”

    there is an ex-pat area in the city, but not a “compound”

    actually housing there is surrounded by high walls with broken glass on top, and each family has their own security guard

    which naturally sets off all kind of alarms in my mind

    especially when obama bombs iran in late october

  102. lisab says:

    later, gotta run

  103. Bitterlaw says:

    ketchup or catsup…discuss

    Comment by SoHope

    Ketchup. Why is there a discussion?

  104. MD says:

    83 – A horrible situation we are in with no easy or obvious answers that are realistic.

    I disagree with the author on his contention that another round of stimulus can be achieved with infrastructure. We tried that and it failed. The bump in 09 had nothing to do with infrastructure.

    He also missed the point entirely on why business is slow. It is because they have no confidence that there costs won’t increase dramatically and regulations won’t become even more burdensome.

    The author tries to play it down the middle but he clearly is a Keynesian.

    I happen to believe that if we take the handcuffs off of business and target tax cuts to businesses while at the same time stopping the nonsense of excessive regulation, we can begin to grow our way out of this mess a bit. That does not mean we can grow out of it 100%. Tough choices still must be made. His solution has already been tried and failed.

  105. Phil says:


    CBS has a party ID among registered voters at D+3, but then chooses to weight their poll at D+8??

    Yeah, that makes sense.

    And all Obama can get from that is a tie?

  106. jason says:

    Infrastructure is a Democratic code word for spending.

    They just want free money to hand out to special interests that will vote for them.

  107. MD says:

    We need to shift gears 100% from what we are doing today in order to get the economy going in the short run and prevent unimaginable disaster over the short to medium run. It is no longer a long term problem.

    Please don’t worry about how the deficit will affect your children or grandchildren. Instead worry about how it will affect YOU.

  108. Marv says:


    Ketchup is mandatory on scrambled eggs, either that or Tabasco sauce.

  109. CBS Polling Division says:

    Phil – Back off. What are we supposed to do? Trying to get a lead for Obama is like trying to get children to support broccoli over ice cream.

  110. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – the only thing that belongs on eggs is salt.

  111. Scott says:

    Get a life,man and stop obsessing about the recent CNN Poll.
    Easy for me to say since I obsess about Ras’ Polling!

  112. Bobby says:

    MO President –

    Romney 48%
    Obama 45%

  113. NedStark says:

    I agree but its a battle for the clueless independents who only hear soundbites and have the attention span of 140 characters. So while Obama the dog eater will not be something Romney talks about, many of Romney’s supporters and staff will. The liberals have used Alinsky tactic #11 quite well over the years:
    11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside… every positive has its negative.”

    With the Bush is dumb and now Romeny is rich and out of touch, and tortures dogs, the Obama eats dogs is just a counterattack using Rule 11 and also just happens to be true about Obama according to his own words.

  114. MFG says:

    You’re insane if you move to a country like that

    My brother was in an American compound in Uddaliah (sp?) Saudi Arabia and he didn’t even feel safe there

  115. Marv says:

    #113 Bitterlaw,

    Try a splash of Tabasco sauce next time. I learned that in Air Force pilot training in west Texas.

  116. MD says:

    You can also put pepper on eggs.

    I want to shoot people who put ketchup on steak.

    I had a friend ask for some last year at bbq I had where I grilled filet mignon and New York Strip. I said no. He went and got the ketchup anyway. He will never have another steak again at my house. I told my wife that and she didn’t disagree. This is something that drives me nuts.

  117. Diogenes says:

    There are so many things wrong with the democratic mindset.

    We should definitely invest in the future, but focusing on roads and highways is moronic if not counterproductive. In a modern service-based economy the most important form of capital is human capita: the skills and knowledge attained from higher education and working complex jobs.

    Thanks to the Dems, secondary education is crippled by the teacher’s unions in many states, and higher education costs spiral out of control due to massive government subsidies.

    Human capital formation for those not naturally inclined to intellectual pursuits is terrible in this country. The german model recognizes that not everyone needs a college degree to do well in life and sends people off to vocational schools early. Why can’t the US adopt a similar model?

    This is big picture though.

    In the short run, the economy is moribund because we received a systemic shock which raised the rate of unemployment from 6% to 8%. That combined with an idiot President who has absoutely no fluency in economic matters, the economic picture has become worse and worse. Even typical republican prescriptions of lower taxes will not solve our woes (we are already at historically low federal income tax rates).

    The US needs a smart, pragmatic president who can use what little room we have left to maneuver (thanks to Obama’s idiotic massive deficits) to implement policies that unlock entrepreneurship and innovation. That means not having the government subsidize crony industries or pick winners and losers on dubious merits. It means creating conditions in the economy that can unlock the next generation of Steve Jobs and put us back at 6% unemployment.

    Obama is completely and utterly clueless on how to do this. He lives in a world of ivory tower illusions with meaningless catchphrases like “social justice” and “redistribution.” Even a normal republican president may not understand the predicament we are in; another round of tax cuts will not solve our woes. However, Romney has the business experience, raw intelligence, and executive experience we need at the moment to fix the United States. He may be a mediocre candidate but I think he will be a fantastic president.

  118. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Good news only

  119. MFG says:

    Well said, Diogenes, well said!!

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I didn’t get the invitation to your BBQ. Did you send it to the wrong address again?

  121. NedStark says:

    I completely agree Diogenes. Nicely done.

  122. DW says:

    115…is that Rasmussen?

  123. Jeff G. says:

    I love seeing all these RV polls with the president barely in the mid-40s and with huge D+ advantages. Just like many of us were late to catch on to the heavy shift to Ds in the electorate’s composition in 2008, many of these national polls have not adjusted to the big shift to Rs. I think RAS’s last party ID number showed R+3. I’m very encouraged by these numbers especially when the MSM narrative is that the “bruising and negative” GOP nomination fight has “significatly tarnished and weakened” Mitt Romney.

  124. MFG says:

    I’m actually shocked Jeff that there doesn’t seem to be any residual damage to Mitt from these primaries

  125. Scott says:

    The MO numbers are a bit disappointing because it is an R+3 poll.
    This continues Ras’ pattern of Republicans outperforming Romney in the Senate races State by State.

  126. DW says:

    The prior Rasmussen poll was 50/41 in MO.

  127. NedStark says:

    Missouri is solid red, West STL county and St. Charles county will go even stronger for Mitt than it did McCain especially with the fight with the Catholic church hanging over Obama. The closing of the Chrysler plant has dissipated a lot of union cohesiveness in STL. STL City will go for Obama obviously but not at the rate it did in 2008. Southern Missouri is going to break even harder for Romney than McCain. Overall, I expect a 5-6% win for Romney.

  128. Marv says:

    #116 NedStark,

    You are exactly correct in you assertion.

    Also, Obama is a fraud who published a counterfeit birtcertificate. He would not be accepted into OCS because he would fail the background check. It is likely that he attended Occidental College on a Fullbright Schlarship (intended for Foreign students). His Social Security number was issued in Connecticut at a time when Obama had not yet been there. Obama has spent >$2,000,000 in order to hide public viewing of his original long form birtcertificate, his application to Occidental College, Columbia, and Harvard, his transcripts, his thesis, and any other record of what he wrote while a student.

    Those Obama characteristics are clearly understandable by
    independents and would disqualify him in their eyes.

    I say we should pound Obama with those inconvenient truths and let Romney talk about jobs, the economy, national security, and Obama’s public policy failures. A multi front attack is the way to take down Obama.

  129. jason says:

    Ketchup on steak is a heresy. So is A-1 sauce, same difference.

  130. janz says:


    I’m chiming in with the others in giving your post above a high-five. I particularly agree with your comments about our educational system here, being dragged down by the unions. Thusly, it has been encouraging to hear that the Dept of Education was one of the ones mentioned by Romney as needing to be reformed/condensed, along with HUD.

  131. SusyQue says:

    MD…What’s wrong with a little side dish of WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE (LEA & PERRINS) and Ketchup to dip a piece of steak into? My parents owned a restaurant in downtown San Diego. It was common for
    customers to ask for those condiments.

    Perhaps you paid good money for the steaks and you wanted them to enjoy the taste without condiments.

  132. Scott says:

    It says more about Ras’ inconsistencies then anything else.He now has Romney basically ahead by the same amount in MO and NC.

  133. jason says:

    123. The Philly A-hole club has BBQ’s too???

    Don’t tell me there is a tree house too, I will sulk all day.

  134. Enjolras says:

    A1 is perfectly permissable on a delmonico steak sandwich.

    Other than that, I concur.

    Port Clinton Hotel (near Cabela’s) has a great steak sandwich with onions and mushrooms.

    Medium rare with a side of cajun-chedder fries with gravy?


  135. NedStark says:


    What did you fly, I was in the AF also, stationed at Sheppard, Guam and Hurlburt Field.

  136. SusyQue says:

    #131…Marv…right on! (and pass the ketchup!)

  137. jason says:

    If I owned a restaurant I would throw out any customers that ordered steaks well done or put ketchup on them.

    I probably wouldn’t be in business long but oh the satisfaction….

  138. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Did you order the Philly A-hole leather jackets yet?

  139. jason says:

    A sandwich is not a steak. Put anything you want on it.. I won’t throw you out.

    Of course, if I owned a restaurant, I wouldn’t serve sandwiches.

    Or dog.

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    Port Clinton is a dump on the way to Pottsville.

  141. Marv says:


    Ketchup on chicken fried steak is common in Texas. Ketchup on steak served at truck stops is also common in Texas. That’s another thing that I learned that while I was in Air Force pilot training in west Texas.

  142. jason says:

    141. You sure know how to hurt a guy….

  143. Bitterlaw says:

    Meat is meant to be well-done. Everything except cereal, cake and ice cream tastes better with salt. I put salt on my food before I taste it. My blood pressure is “better than great” according to my doctor.

  144. Marv says:

    #138 NedStark,

    Super Connie’s and KC-135’s.

  145. jason says:

    I lived in Texas.

    Chicken fried steak is not steak. And that horrendous sawmill or whatever gravy they put on it is even worse.

    Btw there was a Texas governor who was once asked his recipe for chili.

    He said make a big pot of chili. Set it aside. Take a 16 oz steak and fry it in butter. Eat it.

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – go attack the Island and reapply. Look, I think you are a serious A-hole. You live in Pennsylvania and have a strong claim. Brandon got in during a moment of crisis when MD snapped and disappeared. He has done a very good job so far. He even has a troll-stalker.

  147. jason says:

    Well done meat is like eating shoe leather. Anthony Bourdain says when you ask for well done meat in a restaurant the cooks laugh at you, reach into the fridge and take out an old piece of meat they overcooked previously. Nobody can tell the difference.

  148. NedStark says:

    Oh wow, I once took an incentive flight on a KC-135 and got to see it refuel 4 or five F-16’s. The boom operator let me lay back there with him as he fueled them up. I remember the pilot of the F-16’s all flipping off the the boom operator when they were done. Must of been an inside joke.

  149. jason says:

    I don’t want to register at the island. MD said I could go to Free Republic on a suicide mission there. I am currently scouting out the terrain.

  150. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – I do not know who Anthony Bourdain is and I don’t need to know. I have concerns about men who discuss food. It’s worse than discussing wine. Only chicks should discuss food.

  151. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – find your battle and be an A-hole. Actually, that is our motto.

  152. Marv says:

    Steak is meant to be eaten medium rare. That is fact generally agreed to amongst cattle ranchers. I saw a program on the Food Channel once wherein the subject was discussed. I agree with the ranchers.

  153. Enjolras says:

    A steak should be served with a couple of grill marks on it and that’s about it.

    Cooking it any further is a sin against God.

  154. Marv says:


    I really liked Guam. I’d like to go back and spend time there.
    Did you visit Saipan and Tinian while you were there?

  155. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – the Food Channel? Unless you are forced to watch that by your wife in exchange for sex, you have dishonored yourself, your gender and the 27 baseball teams you support.

  156. Marv says:

    Point of clarification, I meant to say that steak is supposed to be cooked rare to medium rare according to the cattle ranchers.

  157. bio mom says:

    I have read two articles today about some stupid focus group Peter Hart did with Republican and Republican leaners in Tampa, asking what I am sure are push poll type questions about Romney. Most say they will vote for him or are leaning that way. But, of course, the usual memes about him being out of touch, an unknown quantity (how// He was governor of a state, became famous for his olympics role, and ran for president last time coming in second to McCain. But they claim they don’t know him?? That goofy Bill O’Reilly said something similar last night about we still have to see if we think Romney would be able to be a good president.) One of the focus groupers said he didn’t think Romney ever had gotten his hands dirty; another said that he wouldn’t likily choose a greasy spoon to eat at in D.C. like Bush did. I wanted to throw up. How do these people know any of these things?? Romney strikes me as pretty down to earth for someone with multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. Not an ostentaious lifestyle at all. I despair.

  158. Marv says:


    The sex part was the condition. I did actually learn something though. Medium rare buffalo steak is my preference.

  159. NYCmike says:

    “Ketchup on steak is a heresy. So is A-1 sauce, same difference.”

    Try the Peter Luger steak sauce. Much better than A-1. Rather just have my steak medium rare with carmelized onions, smashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and a bottle of Cabernet, with Tiramisu for dessert. My wife could sell the house and I would not care.

  160. MD says:

    Medium rare or, at worst medium. You might as well eat your own sneaker if you are going to ruin a good steak by over cooking it

  161. NedStark says:


    No, I never got the chance to visit Saipan or Tinian. Guam was really great, I loved it. Many people did not but it is all how you look at it.

    I spent a lot of time at Tarague beach or would snorkel the Piti bomb holes often. It was really fantastic and I would love to go back.

  162. SusyQue says:

    NYCmike…watch out for your tummy with all the
    trimmings on your steak!

  163. The Obama re-elect is burnt toast as of now. Mittens is getting sharper on the trail, and alternative media is now an equal match to the corrupt and biased MSM in the narrative shaping contest.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  164. Bitterlaw says:

    Discussing food? Why don’t you “men” go shopping for new skirts? Of course, I would move to London for the food so I’m not exactly a gourmand.

  165. NYCmike says:

    #165 – Susyque, be careful, to some on this board, that looks like a proposition.

  166. Marv says:

    #160 bio mom,

    I wouldn’t sweat it too much. By the time it counts in November, we’ll have enough voters with their minds right and we’ll take down Obama. I’m fairly sanguine about the election, including the House and Senate.

  167. NYCmike says:

    what the heck is a gourmand? A lawyer who wears a sweater vest?

  168. Enjolras says:

    No Mike, that’s a Rick Santorum.

  169. NYCmike says:

    #173 – Gourmand means “the True Conservative”?

  170. MD says:

    Well. Why don’t you start a discussion about one of your favorite topics: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    You might want to give more thought to your own history here next time before accusing other guys of being girl like.

  171. Marv says:


    I’m a WWII history aficionado and am quite interested in the Pacific War. I’ve been to Wake Island too……the “Alamo of the Pacific.”

  172. Enjolras says:

    If Rick Santorum is a True Conservative, then I’m a Nazi

  173. NYCmike says:

    #177 – I like your Brown shirts.

  174. Marv says:


    There is nothing more manly than discussing how to cook steak. I drink beer with steak too… ’bout that……manly enough for you?

  175. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – perhaps gourmet is better suited to your reading comprehension.

    Today’s free lawyer language lesson:

    The difference between “may” and “shall.” May is permissive and allows something to happen. It is discretionary. Shall means “must” and imposes an obligation. Example:

    The landlord may inspect the property two times per year. (The landlord has a right to inspect but it not required to do so).

    The landlord shall inspect the property two times per year. (The landlord has an obligation to inspect two times per year).

  176. MD says:

    Bitter is too busy now reading Teen Beat.

  177. Enjolras says:


    If I lived in NYC, after having this conversation, I’d head to Artisanal (2 Park Ave.) and start with the Artisanal Blend fondue, the hanger steak, rare (medium rare, if you must) for my entree, and a piece of their exceptional, even by New York standards, cheesecake for dessert.

  178. NYCmike says:

    Is Newt Pelosi Gingrich “the True Conservative”?

  179. Bitterlaw says:

    If Rick Santorum is a True Conservative, then I’m a Nazi

    Comment by Enjolras

    Given your voting record, nobody will ever accuse you of being a Nazi or a True COnservative.

  180. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Caufield, and a bunch of hotties. It was eye candy with chicks who could fight.

  181. NYCmike says:

    #182 – that sounds tasty. The cheesecake will be compared to the ones made by my Grandmother and her sisters, the ones with the moustaches. Man, could they cook! Of course, you had to give them all a kiss first, and let them squeeze your cheeks.

  182. SusyQue says:

    #160…bio mom…I share your frustration, and I too do not appreciate O’R’s comments. I think he went soft on Santorum (catholic)Book of Santorum, ha!, what a farce) I find both Kraut and O’Reilly too critical of Romney. Notice
    O’Reilly, Laura Ingram and Hannity talk loudly over their guests. Am becomming disillusioned with all if them. Then there is M. Barone who is suggesting Mitt pick a “double vanilla” VP. I think that sounds racist…but I don’t think he realizes it.

  183. Marv says:


    In the military, “shall” is considered a command requiring compliance.

  184. Bitterlaw says:

    Of course, you had to give them all a kiss first, and let them squeeze your cheeks.

    MD makes us do that before the Philly A-hole meetings. It’s a little awkward but it means so much to him.

  185. Enjolras says:


    If you go, let me know your thoughts.

    I live 75 miles from NYC and my father was the multi state chair of a certain international gourmet organization.

    Been going to their events since I was like, 10.

  186. Marv says:

    Speaking of “eye-candy”, so is an LPGA tournament. BTW, they’re playing one now in Hawaii.

  187. NYCmike says:

    #187 – double vanilla is racist??


  188. NYCmike says:

    Have you heard of the James Beard Foundation? My Dad’s cousin is pretty well known in that.

  189. Marv says:


    Cheesecake!? No self-respecting southern gentlemen would ever consider eating cheesecake. It is, of course, apple pie that is served as the dessert following a steak dinner.

  190. NYCmike says:

    And will let you know what I think if I go.

  191. Enjolras says:


    I know it well. Wonderful events!

  192. NYCmike says:

    Cheesecake wasn’t my idea, although it works for me, and I like your idea of the apple pie!

    I guess I am pretty easy!

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought NYC’s wife was the beard. Zing! Case of cream soda.

  194. SusyQue says:

    #169…NYCmike…I don’t think “tummy” is provocative. Then again, only the Shadow knows what lurks in the minds of men!

  195. Enjolras says:

    Next topic of discussion:

    “Barbeque” sauce is really just maple syrup and ketchup and should never touch REAL barbeque, which is properly cooked low and slow with vinegar and spices. MAYBE a little worchestershire sauce.

  196. NYCmike says:


  197. Mrs. NYCmike says:

    Shot too soon again, NYC?

  198. NYCmike says:

    #200 – Name the movie –

    “You Romans have a god for everything. The only thing you don’t have a god for is premature ejaculation….but I here it’s coming quickly!!

  199. Enjolras says:

    History of the World Part 1

    Also, NT

  200. NYCmike says:

    Reminds me of a Diceman routine.

  201. Enjolras says:

    And the correct quote is

    “We Romans are rich! We got a lotta Gods! We’ve got a God for everything! The only thing we don’t have a God for is premature ejaculation! But I hear that’s coming quickly 😉

  202. SusyQue says:

    #203…can’t it’s in you nasty head!

  203. DW says:

    48 Romney
    43 Obama (1)

    Gallup tracking