Obama Leads Romney by 4% in OH (plus Latest Look At Electoral College)

More from Rasmussen in the state of Ohio, this time the poll shows Mitt Romney moving to within 4% in the all-important state of Ohio.

PRESIDENT – OHIO (Rasmussen)
Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%
Mitt Romney (R) 42%

This poll was done April 18th among 500 likely voters.

This is a good as a time as any to take a look at The Hedgehog Report PollWatch Electoral College tally which currently shows the following:

Barack Obama (D-inc) 310
Mitt Romney (R) 228

In the latest polling, Mitt Romney would pick up the states of Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Virginia. BY simple math, adding Florida and Ohio to his column would add 47 electoral votes to Romney’s column and bring him up to 275 electoral votes.

The poll form Iowa is now two months old, so if we assume Iowa goes back to Obama eventually, that still would give Obama and Romney both 269 electoral votes. Now wouldn’t that be fun….

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  1. NedStark says:


  2. Emerica says:

    Iowa and NH are Ron Paul states.

  3. BayernFan says:

    A tie in the EC and Romney wins.

  4. BayernFan says:

    So Romney needs only 269 to win, not 270.

    Obama is the one who needs to get to 270.

  5. GF says:

    Let’s play the tie game for a moment like we do in every close election. The answer always seem to change since few know it; will the old House or the new House vote on the President? It should be the new House since the EC vote is counted on January 6th, right?

  6. NedStark says:

    Emerica=Jarjar binks

  7. ME-2 says:

    In the latest polling, Mitt Romney would pick up the states of Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Virginia. BY simple math, adding Florida and Ohio to his column would add 47 electoral votes to Romney’s column and bring him up to 275 electoral votes.

    Post by Dave W at 2:31PM

    Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

  8. jason says:

    ” Iowa and NH are Ron Paul states.”

    Dang, I thought Ron Paul came in third in Iowa and lost big to Romney in NH.

    Must of read it wrong.

  9. NE-2 says:

    Suck it, Maine; I’m the only one who bothered to be my own EC and break off from the others. You always along with the crowd in your state.

  10. BayernFan says:

    New house.

    Which will be GOP, and have at least 26 states with a majority GOP delegation in it.

    Each state gets one vote.


  11. jason says:

    Bunu, what year was your divorce with reality? Messy, huh? I can see it left lasting scars.

  12. NedStark says:

    Who is Bunu?

  13. Enjolras says:

    Fact: Sam Rohrer raised more money last quarter than Steve Welch

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – did you see the post about Terry Madonna on the radio this morning? Madonna thinks Obama has real problems in the suburbs. He said that he could see Obama only getting out of Philadelphia up 350,000 votes. Madonna spends his life polling PA. I have no idea if he is right or wrong but he was pretty clear on why he said what he said. I think you can look for a podcast on 1210 am from Dom Giordano’s show.

  15. Tim V says:

    When people attribute someone’s untimely death to a Coke overdose, they’re usually not talking about the world’s most popular soda.

    But experts in New Zealand say Natasha Harris’ 2-gallon-a-day Coca-Cola consumption “probably” contributed to her death.

    Bitter, how much soda a day do you drink ?

  16. GF says:

    8- No, jason, you read it right. They are so pissed that Mitt won them that both state will revolt in the GE and support Paul via Write-in. Thus, the count will be

    265- Mitt
    263- Zero
    10- Paul

    The new Dem House can reinstall Zero, while the 50-50 Senate can reelect Biden with him taking the unprecedented measure of voting for himself for VP. The Paulbots can then give themselves a big pat on the back for accomplishing what they wanted all along, to get rid of Mitt and open up the pathway to 2016.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Fact – Steve Welch doesn’t need to raise money for the primary. He can self-fund.

  18. BayernFan says:

    Romney’s April fundraising will, I predict, be eyeopening. At least 20 million.

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – 8 to 10 cans X 12 ounces is 96 to 120 ounces so . . . less than a gallon. I’m fine.

  20. lisab says:

    NH is NOT a ron paul state

    that is silly

  21. MD says:

    GF – I used to think that would never happen. After 2000, I realize anything is possible. In an EV tie, how many states would the D’s try to tie up in recounts while they “find” votes and convince old people they didn’t know the proper way to vote?

    We could have a big time crisis on our hands.

  22. lisab says:

    FL will go romney

    the keys are OH and VA

  23. BayernFan says:

    So Obama is still well under 50% in Ohio, and Mitt is hanging with Obama despite having been savaged there.

    It wont be difficult for independents to find Mitt an acceptable alternative to the worst American President since James Buchanan.

  24. MD says:

    14 – Bitter, I did. However, I think he is wrong. The worst I see for Obama is a 425K differential. It was 478K in 08. I addressed this on the last thread at the bottom in detail.

  25. lisab says:

    “how many states would the D’s try to tie up in recounts while they “find” votes and convince old people they didn’t know the proper way to vote? ”

    OH, FL, VA, NC, NH and MO


  26. lisab says:

    the trolls are getting worried

    obama is just getting caught flatfooted

    even ABC published the zimmerman photos

    and obama eating dogs

    this could quickly get out of hand

  27. BayernFan says:


    We could see many states’ legislatures do what Florida’s in 2000 was in the process of doing….

    awarding all of their states’ EVs to one candidate or the other.

    In fact, I was surprised that the S Ct took up Gore v Bush, given that the FLA legislature was on the cusp of making the whole thing moot.

  28. lisab says:

    will tghe OH union people still be pissed off enough to vote against romney?

  29. GPO says:

    as wisconsin has been electing R’s statewide recently, does Romney have a shot there, especially with the new voter id laws?

  30. MD says:

    I agree Lisa. We should win FL but can’t take it for granted either. I am 90% confident in victory there. Much less on VA. About 60 to 65%. Much less on OH – 40%. We need to fix that.

  31. BayernFan says:

    A new poll finds the president’s share of the youngest voting bloc has dropped dramatically compared to four years ago.

  32. NedStark says:

    MO will not be that close to even recount.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I hope you are not angry that I disclosed the proceedings of most of our meetings. Jason has built it up so much in his mind that I knew he would not be happy with the real club if he was admitted.

  34. BayernFan says:

    Obamas polling weakness among groups that backed him four years ago tells me that it is far more likely that the bottom will fall out on him as opposed to those groups coming out for him again.

  35. MD says:

    GPO – I think (not certain) voter ID was overturned by a black robe in WI. The libs are going nuts in PA over our voter ID law and the pols in Philly say they won’t pay any attention to it. They say it publicly. One of the candidates running for AG on the D side says he won’t enforce it. The libs are claiming that people simply can’t get ID’s and it is too much of a hardship. Bull chit. We point out all the ways they can get an ID and then they point out “cost” concerns because the bill will cost us a few million. I say, “great! Glad to see you so concerned about cost. So, we can stop Obamacare together and save several hundred billion dollars”. I then get the big FU in return.

  36. MD says:

    33 – Well, at least you left out the part with the strippers.

  37. jason says:

    I was ok with the proceedings except for the part MD hogs the Grey Goose.

  38. MD says:

    By the way, I am now 95% certain that we will take NC. We lost by 14K under very bad circumstances. No way that happens again.

  39. MD says:

    37 – He exaggerates. He IS a lawyer. Always keep that in mind.

  40. Phil says:

    “the keys are Ohio and Virginia”

    That’s pretty much all you need to know.

    Ohio and Virginia are the ball game.

    Flip Indana, NC, Ohio, Virginia, NH, and Florida and it’s the magic 270 right on the nose.

    I’m not counting on NM, Col, Nevada. Would love to, but we got killed in those states in 2008.

    I do give us a shot at Iowa, however. Considering the 9 pts we lost that state by last cycle, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at early polls in that state.

    Still need Virginia in the worst way.

  41. GF says:

    36- What? No strippers? Is this what I became an honourary member for?

    I may have to retract that steak dinner offer at Sully’s in KoP…

  42. Apologetic California says:

    BlS released state-by-state unemployment numbers. Wisconsin and Ohio leads in the largest gain in the unemployed. This is good/bad news depending on how you look at it.

  43. MD says:

    GF – I like Cost but he doesn’t get the fact that most of the limosine libs will stick with Obama. Some will defect but not enough. I have us doing much better in the burbs and I still can’t get the numbers to work. I’ll reprint my post from the last thread in a few minutes.

  44. Walt says:

    DRUDGE 1

    Secret Service Agent Joked About ‘Really Checking’ Out Sarah Palin While Assigned to Her…
    DRUDGE 2

    New ‘terahertz’ scanner lets mobile phones see through walls — and through clothes…
    So I guess the SS agent can now do this due to new technology.
    Wes and I want this mobile phone ap.

  45. Phil says:

    As for Wisconsin, I suppose we have an outside shot – very outside. Keep in mind McCain lost the state by about 13 points last time. The justice dept is holding up the Wisconsin voter ID law, BTW. LOL What a surprise.

  46. MD says:

    GF – We get them from Delilah’s. Only the classiest.

  47. Walt says:


    Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes…
    But would burning down all these homes cause MORE global warming????

    Do these folks EVER think through what they say?

  48. MD says:

    72.MD says:
    April 20, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I am seeing things posted here like “south central PA” will put us over the top. Really? I have run numerous scenarios with every county in PA and I have an awful lot of trouble coming to a victory. The one base case where I did squeak out a narrow win assumed the following:

    15% increase in turnout in red counties

    A swing of 4 to 14% in vote percentage between the Romney and Obama to Romney’s favor in every county except Philadephia.

    In Philadelphia, I make the assumption that the margin of victory goes from 478K to 425K.

    In that case I have Romney winning by a little under 20,000 votes. That is my most optimistic scenario and quite honestly I stretch the limits of reality to get there.

    In the base case that I consider to be the most realistic (OK a little optimistic maybe), Romney still losses by 122,000 which would be a dramatic improvment over McCain’s performance and would improve on 2004 as well. It still equates into an approximate loss of 2%.

    I am really trying but I just don’t see it. The counties in south central PA won’t do it. The issue is Philly. There is no way Obama will win by less than 425K. In my most realistic scenario, I have him winning by 450K which would still be less than 08?s by a statistically significant margin.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, at least you left out the part with the strippers.

    Comment by MD

    Strippers? This is why you are an mf-er, MD. I told you that the only night I can’t make a meeting is Tuesday because I coach my daughter’s softball team. Of course, you establish a series of meetings that ends when softball season ends.

  50. GF says:

    Delilah’s? Cool, maybe we can chat it up with Fattah since as he is a patron from what I am told. We’ll split a magnum of Goose with old Chakah and talk about his campaigns v. Bitter while he’s stuck at the softball games.

  51. dylan says:

    MD- true or false. If no “democrat” was on the ticket but a declared communist was running as the dem nominee, they would get 40pct of the electorate no questions asked. THAT is what gives me anxiety. Not NC or VA or IA.

  52. CAC says:

    I would argue Wisconsin is more problematic for Obama than Ohio. The economic picture there is looking better. But his numbers have declined in head-to-heads and Republicans are incredibly motivated in the state.

    Pennsylvania is another case. Pennsylvania has remained very unfavorable to Obama, he is struggling to hold onto his lead in the Philly burbs, losing voters in the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre region, and poll after poll has been better for Romney here than in Ohio.

    I say Romney would be savvy to target a belt of states- WI, MI, OH, PA. He carries two of these he has a very strong chance of winning.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    GF – MD claims they are from Delilah’s but when they submitted their expense reports, I traced their mileage and tolls back to The Box Car in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    GF – I doubt Fattah remembers me. I’m just another 12% loser in his rear view mirror.

  55. Walt says:

    You are coreect about voter ID in WI being overturned by a judge.
    It was yesterday that I posted that from the GOVERNING.COM site.
    Put down that Grey Goose and pay better attention, M-fer.
    BTW, I agree with you concerning PA in GE. Feel about 90% sure it will wind up in Obammer column. How different will the Pittsburg area vote be in 2012 vs. 2008?

  56. MD says:

    True. Sad to say it. The takers want everything for “free”. A commie would be perfect for them.

    In PA, many affluent R’s leave the state. People like my socialist sister who is actually living in MA maintain residency in PA so they can vote here. She came to PA in 08 to file an absentee ballot. Her friend works at a place where the clients are special needs people. They trained them on how to vote for Obama and bused them all to the polls. These poor people can’t even form sentences.

  57. DW says:


    Romney 44
    Obama 46

    500 Certain to vote – 4/19/12


  58. DW says:


    Romney 45
    Obama 45

    500 Certain to vote – 4/19/12


  59. MD says:

    53 – Really? The MI fantasy again. Maybe WI, maybe. Don’t waste time or resources on MI. PA is worth a shot because it just within the cusp of “could happen” if 5 or 6 things break our way perfectly. MI? No shot.

    Go all in on OH and turn that around.

  60. MD says:

    DW – the algo wasn’t ready for NV yet. I think we need a do over there.

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    These poor people can’t even form sentences.

    Comment by MD

    They live in the Lehigh Valley? Are they in Jul’s school district?

  62. MD says:

    Walt – we will make gains in Allegheny and the surrounding areas. I have no doubt about that. It is just that the target is to make up all the votes we lose in Philly. We won’t win Allegheny but will make it closer.

  63. Walt says:

    States that have passed voter ID:

    Indiana, AZ, TX, SC, WI, PA, KS, TN
    Courts have upheld IN voter ID.

    (AZ law which was upheld recently by U.S. 9th circuit)

    WI voter ID law stopped by a judge.
    These states have passed voter ID laws since last year, after Republicans swept many statehouses in 2010. The U.S. Department of Justice has blocked voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina. Legal challenges are also being discussed in Pennsylvania, Kansas and Tennessee, said Keesha Gaskins, senior counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University Law School.

  64. MD says:

    62 – I know. The description could fit all the North Penn students to a tee.

    Bitter – we were ranked 3 and 4 respectively in the PSSA’s. Wonder how Jul’s district did. Think they broke into the top 100?

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    People can do what they want with their money. I wouldn'[t drop that kind of cash on something that can be destroyed with a match in 15 seconds.

  66. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I think Jul’s district is in the top 1/2. That is why he wants to do away with proerty taxes – he needs to gut our schools to drag us down because he knows he can’t pull his up.

  67. MD says:

    Bitter – back in 1988 a friend of mine thought 10 of us should get together and buy the Wagner card. It was about 80K at the time.

    Trouble was we were 78K short of the mark. Now look at it. Unreal.

    Overall the baseball card market has collapsed. The only real value is in pre-1980 cards.

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    You can’t buy cigarettes or get into a bar without an ID but you can screw me at the polls without one. Great.

  69. MD says:

    NP’s board must be even worse than ours.

  70. DW says:

    61…the team also had a broader screen for regular likely voters in NV which was Romney 42 Obama 47. But when pressed for the certainty that they would vote, the numbers tightened. I send all the results back over to your design team for review, so that changes to the algo can be made if needed.

  71. MD says:

    Can’t get on an airplane. Can’t rent a car. Can’t even get into movies a lot of the time. Can’t rent a hotel or motel room.

    Yea, ID’s aren’t necessary.

  72. Ben says:


    You are wrong on NC and VA, Obama will hold both of them unfortunately. I am a truck driver and was driving through Virginia yesterday and then got onto Hwy 52 into NC, and once I got into the Winston-Salem/Clemmons/Greensboro area, about every three or four houses you would see Obama signs, and some “Vote Against Marriage Amendment” signs, then as I got down into the Charlotte/Lake Norman area, I saw loads of Obama bumper stickers, and more yard signs. I didn’t see one Romney sign nor bumper sticker anywhere until I got down into SC and GA. I would say Obama holds all states he won in 2008, except for IN. Just my thesis.

  73. MD says:

    Thanks DW. We are testing the new, improved algo in PA. Calls start on Monday. I plan to release results by mid-day Wednesday. As an added bonus we are asking how committed the voters are to their particular candidate.

  74. MD says:

    I see Dustin/Melissa is back.

  75. Bitterlaw says:

    One of my favorite shows is Pawn Stars. Two of the most frequent type of people who come in are people who think they have a fortune in a baseball card (they don’t). The other group has autographs. They use a handwriting expert on those. He said that at least 95% of the sports autographs are fake. He also said there are so many fake Babe Ruth items that some “experts” don’t even know what the real signature looks like.

    On another note, my brother had a box of football cards from the 1960s. My mother tossed them without telling him. What’s the big deal? I’m sure those Joe Namath and Roger Staubach rookie cards were worthless.

  76. Melissa says:

    Haha! No, but here I am! Obama 2012, NORomney!!

  77. rj says:

    Off by one on your electoral college calculation — 309 to 229.

  78. BayernFan says:

    Manchin says he might not vote for Obama

  79. Melissa says:

    Romney will NOT win NC, Promise you all that !

  80. I am not a NC Troll says:

    I drove by SoHope’s house the other day. I know that he claims that he hates Obama but I don’t think he is telling y’all the truth. He had 25 Obama yard signs around his house. He also had a hot air balloon with “Obama 2012” floating over his house. He even had a pig tethered in his yard that had an “Obama” tattoo.

  81. MD says:

    I had some cards from the 50’s that I sold for beer money in college. I actually got a lot of $ for them – around $500. Probably worth a lot more today.

    Cards after 1980 were mass distributed. Too much supply. A HOF guy like Ryne Sandberg’s Topps rookie only has a value of around $15. I have 7 of those. Big deal. I did buy a limited edition fleer update set way back in 1985 for $20 and sent it back home. For a while it looked like the all-time steal. Only 5,000 cards made and it was the true set of rookie cards for Clemens, Gooden and Puckett. Well, all 3 had issues that have destroyed the value of the set. Some had it as high as $1,000 15 years ago. Bet you couldn’t get $200 for it today.

  82. NcForHope says:

    NC will stay blue, we don’t want to elect someone that likes to lay off workers, to line his own pockets- NoRomney 12

  83. MD says:

    Yea, Obama won by 14k under the best possible circumstances in NC in 08. We have no shot.

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder where Dustin is? Is he making dinner?

  85. NcForHope says:

    Demographic changes, Amendment One has energized the youth, and Liberals to vote, AA population is 22%, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, that is where all of the people are at, Obama only needs 35% of the white vote, and he is getting that in all of the polls, even the Ramussen poll last week. Obama will win NC by 2 points, again Romney sucks and NC doesn’t like him like they did McCain.

  86. Transparent Dem Troll says:

    I am just stopping in to see how our “newest” NC troll recruits are doing. In the aftermath of the sudden collapse of our useful idiot, Santorum, we had to get a new strategic plan. The pilot plan a few weeks ago called for new trolls who would discourage conservatives on key battleground states. Phase 1 focused on NC as this was the closest state that Obama won.

    Unfortunately, our new recruit Melissa/Dustin was so bad that he was outed on day one. So we fired him and now have some newer recruits who might do a better job.

    In the coming weeks will be VA trolls, FL trolls and OH trolls.

  87. Enjolras says:

    My issue with schools isn’t performance. It’s taxation.

    Performance on state mandated tests is no indication of how much students are learning.

    Heck, I test very well and yet, was a C student.

  88. lisab says:

    “You are wrong on NC and VA, Obama will hold both of them unfortunately.”

    da xiang bao zha shi de la du zi

  89. Transparent Dem Troll says:

    I was driving through Maryland, and I came to the conclusion that Obama will most certainly carry Maryland.

    Did you know that I am now in Management at the DNC troll center?

  90. Enjolras says:

    (Testing very well herein being defined as a 710 on verbal and 500 on math on the SAT)

  91. MD says:

    Jul – on an individual basis that could be true. However, over a larger population that won’t be and the correlation between standardized test scores and actual intelligence will be very high.

  92. lisab says:

    “Performance on state mandated tests is no indication of how much students are learning.”

    yes it is

    a “C” is no indication of how much you are learning

    teachers give grades based on lots of non-learning items, such as how much they like the student or if the student passed in a report on time

    the more important thing is if the student can read or do arithmatic, not whether they turned in their homewor

    national testing is a VERY good thing

    which is why many teachers HATE it

  93. MD says:

    Funny. I still remember my scores. 680 verbal and 510 math. No tutoring or work books in my day. You just showed up and took it. Now, there is a huge industry centered on maximizing a student’s score.

    The original intent of the SAT’s was for placement. Obviously, those days are long gone.

  94. Enjolras says:


    Well. I don’t like that teachers have to teach to the test all year instead of being able to use their creativity to actually educate students.

    Before we have state mandated tests, I want every member of the legislature to pass them.

  95. Transparent Dem Troll says:

    I am working right now with one of our new VA troll recruits…I wanted to check with you all here at HHR, do you think this troll is ready for action? Here is one of her test posts I am grading:

    “I live in VA and I just got done reading McDonnell’s masters thesis, and it gravely concerns me about his ability to not drag the state down so Romney can’t win it.”

    What do you think? Is this troll ready for prime time?

  96. MD says:

    95 – I agree with you. Kids are taught how to take tests, not how to think.

  97. Enjolras says:

    The first time I took the SAT (5th grade) my score was a 680 and 390.

  98. MD says:

    96 – why not hire chek?

  99. lisab says:

    i would link teachers’ pay strongly to national test results


    force colleges and universities to admit students based on test results

    that would allow any student, even from the inner city, to go to the best school regardless of their neighborhood or race

  100. MD says:

    lisab – but you need to spot minority students at least 10 points. They still actually do that. Sad.

  101. Enjolras says:

    Increasingly, children are taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

    Thus the overwhelming propensity of young people to vote Democrat 😉

  102. GF says:

    Way back when (before calculators were allowed), I somehow managed a 680/620 split (verbal/math), but my grades were so-so at best. Thus, being accepted by a good college was hard, and ROTC laughed me out of their office (not really, I had a good package anyway, but ultimately did not make the cut).

    I retook it later and did even better.

    To date, I haven’t met another enlisted colleague who did as well. Needless to say, my lack of direction as a youth still perplexes and sometimes infuriates Mrs. GF.

  103. Brandon says:

    jason, when I said 10-15% of Conservatives would vote for Obama, I’m talking about self-identified conservatives(whether they really are or not). 10-15% is what Dems usually get of the “conservative” vote if you look at the exit polls.

  104. NYCmike says:

    My wife’s cousin homeschools her six children. I have never met more interesting, curious, and engaged children than them. It might help that 3 aunts who were teachers live within a mile of their house and look to come over and read and tell stories as much as they can. Thankfully, my son seems to be following in their footsteps, actually made a suggestion to his teacher on how to teach about a social studies subject in his school. They incorporated his idea into the program. Very proud!

  105. MD says:

    They can use calculators now? We weren’t allowed to do that. Add 30 points to my math total. Doing long division took a lot of time.

  106. Enjolras says:


    I bet the same children would underperform on standardized testing.

  107. MD says:

    The other side of the coin NYCmike is that justdrinkalldayandallnight home schools her kids. Teaching them the proper way to down bloody mary’s is probably not a great idea.

  108. Enjolras says:

    I asked this yesterday and, no response but,

    I have the opportunity to buy an Enfield 303 Jungle Rifle for $350 or:

    A Russian M44 (Carbine Verson of the 91/30) for $225.

    Which is preferable?

  109. Brandon says:

    You without a gun is preferable. 🙂

  110. NYCmike says:

    #109 – I don’t know about that. The oldest boy should be in sixth grade, already does algebra, and discusses calculus topics with his uncle, who is an engineer who graduated Cornell. The mother gets SAT workbooks through the homeschool association they are a part of. They know a lot of people, the parents are usually both very successful people (the families I have met at their parties), who can afford private schools if they wanted, but choose this way instead.

  111. Enjolras says:

    I already own a few Brandon and am licensed by the State to carry.

    Too late.

  112. DW says:

    my kids are homeschooled. Just two days ago we had a long discussion about the Doolittle Raid.

    Also discussed was the importance of our NUKING Japan. While our popular culture is so strongly against what we did, the reality is that we inflicted more casualties in Tokyo with conventional bombs.

    Furthermore, historians seem unmoved by the atrocities the Japs inflicted on China, for instance. When a small number of Chinese helped Doolittle and his men to safety, the Japs responded by going through the region and SLAUGHTERED 250,000 civilians. Historians shrug their shoulders—ho hum. But wow America was EVIL for dropping the a-bomb.

  113. Brandon says:

    Obama Campaign and Obama/DNC Victory Fund raises $45 million in March. Has $100 million COH.

    We need our Super PACS to at least help alleviate the cash difference.

  114. NYCmike says:

    #110 – I had seen that info posted here before, chose not to volunteer info which may have led to an argument. On a side note, there is a cousin on my side of the family who had homeschooled, but I think it was because she did not like to get up too early. Thankfully, she has relented, and started sending her kids to public schools. They are much happier, and so is the rest of the extended family.

  115. Tim V says:

    i wonder what add has to say about the zimmerman bloody head photo ?

  116. Enjolras says:


    Was your last comment directed at me or MD?

  117. NYCmike says:

    Good luck to you, DW. Homeschooling just seems so darn overwhelming to me. Maybe I am worried my temperament would not do with with teaching. Too high strung sometimes.

  118. MD says:

    Probably me jul but I actually am fine with home schooling. Just joking around.

  119. NYCmike says:

    #113 – was for Enjolras
    #117 – was for the good doctor

    Both of you are welcome to bask in my enlightening intelligence!

  120. GF says:

    Depends on what you want it for, Jul. I’ve nothing against the Russian piece, but having a .303 myself, I have to say that it is a wonderful rifle in every way. Power, accuracy, ruggedness; none of these come into question. The ballistics compare favourably with every other projectile in its class (I’d suggest a .308 Weatherby Mag if you want a a long distance sniper style shooter), and if you are getting one of the older infantry versions like I have, the detachable magazine carries 11 shots. Plus, you get the cool bayonet with it as well. The wood stock is easy to swap out for a lightweight hunting stock, which I did for field use (having the leather strap really steadies here in fire), but there is something about having the brass butt-plate to whack a Gerry over the head with that is appealing.

    Dislaimer: I am NOT responsible for anything illegal you do with said .303… 😉

  121. DrJay says:

    Did anyone look at the URL of MD’s specter link carefully? is someone from HHR working for yahoo finance?

  122. GF says:

    Plus, you can find an old .303 for way cheaper than $350, and it will fire beautifully (I got mine for $120 out the door; curio collectible, no waiting period -in CA!- and no DoJ fee).

    Some sporting good stores offer Mauser sales as well; you can get a decent rifle for less than $100 if you know where to look.

  123. MD says:

    Doc – I was 10 minutes away from admonishing everyone for not catching that.

  124. Enjolras says:


    Not planning anything illegal. About the most exciting thing I’d do with it, is shoot deer.

    Thanks for the input.

  125. NYCmike says:

    The “arlene”?

  126. DrJay says:

    #126 as I skimmed it I expected it to be followed by “spectacle”

  127. MD says:

    No way in Hell I was going to weigh in on that. I can already see the summons.

  128. Bitterlaw says:

    My total was 1290. I think it was 650 Verbal and 640 Math but it could have been reversed.

    Jul – I thought the scoring switched to a 2400 scale more than 15 years ago. Were your scores on that scale or the 1600 scale?

  129. MD says:

    1290 is impressive given the fact that it was harder in those days.

  130. GF says:

    No prob, Jul. No offense, but your East Coast deer probably don’t need anything as big as a .303 to take them down from what I have seen (a 7mm or .270 should be sufficient). Come out to CA, OR, ID or MT and see what a giant Mule Deer is like; you might want a .45-70 Marlin like mine. 🙂

  131. MD says:

    GF – which one has more accuracy from a bell tower?

  132. GF says:

    Not that I go hunting anymore; Jews (and those married to them by proxy) don’t spend much time in the woods as Corey and Add will be happy to tell you. If we do, it is at some lodge where firearms might spark cries of outrage form the Sierra Club types sipping their hot buttered rum.

  133. NYCmike says:

    Heh – 1290 for me as well. 680 math, 610 verbal. That was the 3rd time I took it, though. 1190, then 1230, then 1290. Beat my girlfriend from HS each time. It is amazing how certain “bets” can focus the mind!

  134. Enjolras says:


    That was on the 1600 scale.

    I took the “New” ones too but I really don’t remember the score.

  135. GF says:

    MD, given your last remark, I should probably stay mum on that, so I’ll just say that an area code in Nebraska will do the job nicely. You could use an M-1, but the ejection noise when your clip runs out will give you away more than the shot itself will (hence why Mausers held their fire until that distinctive *ching* rang out).

  136. Add in Chains says:

    i wonder what add has to say about the zimmerman bloody head photo ?

    Comment by Tim V

    It means nothing! Was there a bullet hole in the back of Zimmerman’s head? No! Were there any skittles in the alleged wound? Trayvon was unarmed! I stand with you, Reverend Al!

  137. DW says:

    From RedRacingHorses:

    “IL-13: David Gill (D), who at the moment is running against nobody, has an internal poll giving him the lead over Jerry Clarke (40-33) and Rodney Davis (41-31). Seeing as both Republicans are complete unknowns, it’s not necessarily a bad result. The poll also has Obama up by 4 in the district, which he won by 11 last time.”

    That last line is interesting. Obama drops 7 percentage points in this IL district from what he got last time.

  138. Enjolras says:


    Planning on trying out my 45LC carbine on deer this winter.

    A MilSurp rifle would be for if I go out west or a “Just in case” gun.

  139. NYCmike says:

    That success on the SAT did not guarantee success in college though. I should have listened to my father and enlisted for 2 years or so. I could have used the discipline.

  140. GF says:

    I think your 45LC should work for what you want. Plus, lots of shots in case your aim sucks at long distance.

    You could always buy a surplus French 6.5MM; “never fired and dropped once” is the common sales pitch. 🙂

  141. Enjolras says:

    MD, Bitter, etc

    The comments like that need to stop.

  142. Bitterlaw says:

    I think that my wife had 1280. Of course, she makes more than I do so the SAT is another worthless predictor of success.

  143. NYCmike says:

    #143 – making fun of the French is always a winner!

  144. NYCmike says:

    #144 – which comments?

  145. Enjolras says:


    Any deer out this way are 100 yards or closer.

    You don’t use 45LC at “long distances” for the same reason I wouldn’t use a 45-70 (Too much drop and velocity loss)

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    Which comments, Jul? I offend in so many areas that I need you to narrow it down.

  147. GF says:

    147- I imagine the bell tower, for one…

  148. Enjolras says:


    The “Jul on a rampage” jokes.

  149. NYCmike says:

    In NYC, just talking about guns can get you locked up, and you are worried about comments??

  150. Enjolras says:


    Yeah, that.

  151. John says:

    Reposting from last thread:

    Speaking of test scores and schools, I’ll repeat the story I mentioned a few days ago,

    One of my nieces took her SATs last year, scored 1850, and is planning to start college at a women’s school in VA in the Fall with full scholarship. The kicker: she is in 8th grade, and will skip high school altogether.

    Her elder sister, who is in 9th grade, took her first crack at SAT in Jan, and got 1850. After working on some perceived weaknesses, she retook the test a few weeks ago, and got 1985. She is not planning early college, at least not yet.

    Both the parents are PhDs in sciences, but we are still in awe.

  152. Enjolras says:

    Congratulations are in order. The new ladyfriend just informed me she was accepted into the Koch Associate program!

  153. GF says:

    148- Good point; then get a 45-120 Sharpes falling block. *Love* that rifle. It is my second fav after my .58 Enfield rifle.

  154. MD says:

    Lighten up.

  155. NYCmike says:

    #154 – an 1850 would correspond to about a 1230, no? what is the big deal?

  156. GF says:

    MD, what they have you use in infantry? Were the M-1A/M-14 the order of the day, or had you switched to M-16s yet?

  157. GF says:

    158- I don’t think the 1600-2400 conversion is a straight scale, NYC. Lord knows with my old scores, I could have gotten into colle at 12 if that was the case. I have no clue how the new system works.

  158. Joe J says:

    1230 on the old scale is pretty decent from what I remember. I think 1010-1020 was the national average when I took them in 2000.

  159. NYCmike says:

    GF – yeah, after I wrote it, I said that might be a simple way of converting it. If the parents can avoid paying for HS, good for them!

  160. DrJay says:

    I believe the rescaling in 1995 would raise your verbal scores by about 70 and math by about 30 if I recall correctly, if you are looking to compare.

  161. DrJay says:

    #163 is for scores in the middle ranges.

  162. GF says:

    163- Hence my belief that I could have combined a 1400 all things being equal.

    Of course, with my aforementioned lack of direction and drive as a youngster, I’d probably still be where I am at now.

  163. Bitterlaw says:


    MD was in the bell tower. I have not had you on a rampage in several months. My specialty is your absurd flirtation with every Presidential candidate not named Romney, ridiculous school tax proposals, and flirtation with felons. I will now add your stateement that as a School Director you don’t care about academic performance. I agree with MD that you should lighten up but you have ignored that advice for years.

  164. Enjolras says:


    There is a reason I have virtually no male friends. I can’t cope with the usual “male” ribbing and ballbusting.

  165. John says:

    158 – the big deal is the age. The girls are 13 and 14 on age.

    Their school district encourages early testing, and tracks progress. They see an average of 350-400 point increase when the students retake the test in 11th grade.

  166. Bitterlaw says:

    If the scores were changed in 1995 (17 yeasrs ago) and Jul is not 25 years old, how did he take the SAT under the old system? Work on that Math problem for awhile.

  167. MD says:

    GF – we were the old school but the very last ones. Ever worn a ghillie suit in 98 degree August Georgia heat with 90% humidity and be told that you have to hit specific targets and if you didn’t you would stay out until you did. They weren’t screwing around back then.

    Hell on earth

  168. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I respect people who have the discipline to homeschool. I would never choose it because I think that there is a value in the social lessons of school (good and bad). Can you homeschool Jul?

  169. MD says:

    172 – Stop it! No more teasing Jul for today.

  170. Bitterlaw says:

    Sure, tell your military stories. Rub your functioning pancreas in my face.

  171. DW says:

    172…we work around that by involvement in community sports programs, and other such activities. What we cut out is all the baloney that goes on in regular school.

  172. Enjolras says:

    The scoring was changed in 2005 not 1995

  173. Bitterlaw says:

    I respect Jul for coming here. We toughened up Brandon and made a Philly A-hole out of him.

  174. MD says:

    Now I am going to dream about it. Great. When that happens I wake up in a pool of sweat. It never really totally leaves you. It did improve everyones Marksmanship though.

  175. DrJay says:

    “In April 1995, the College Board recentered the score scales for all tests in the SAT Program to reflect the contemporary test-taking population. Recentering reestablished the average score for a study group of 1990 seniors at about 500—the midpoint of the 200-to-800 scale—allowing students, schools, and colleges to more easily interpret their scores in relation to those of a similar group of college-bound seniors.”

  176. NYCmike says:

    To John and Joe J – thanks for these other points, I need to look up things before I respond so quickly. My “C” problem from yesterday is a recurring nightmare!

  177. EML says:

    Hunting deer with rifles is cheating.

  178. Enjolras says:

    Dr. Jay,

    Yes but, they didn’t switch from a 1600 to the 2400 scale til 05

  179. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I still say that there is a valuable lesson to be learned in walking down the halls as a 7th grader with a bad haircut. It teaches many lessons:

    1. Do not go back to that barber. (market research)

    2. Hair will grow back (until it doesn’t). (science)

    3. People make fun of bad haircuts. (sociology).

  180. Enjolras says:

    I combed my hair over and gelled it in place (parted on the right) til I was in my sophomore year of college.

    …and I carried a briefcase.

    That’s the level of nerdtacularly awkward we’re talking about

  181. DrJay says:

    I have always been talking about the 1600 scale, so the guys could compare their old scores to the new math/verbal.

    I haven’t been weighing in on anything else.

  182. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – Jul the C student obviously bombed the SAT. His counseleror and parents softened the blow by telling him it was on the “old scale.” Let it go.

  183. NYCmike says:

    To Bitter and his social lessons statement –
    The children who can’t speak with adults really fluster me. I have to push my own child, but he is head and shoulders above some of the other kids. I don’t know how many times I have had to grab the cellphone from one of my nieces/nephews so that they would pay attention to their grandparents instead!

  184. NYCmike says:

    #184 – briefcase, ha?

  185. DrJay says:

    I have students stopping by and telling me how they had 8.7 GPAs in high school… in my mind, I’m like, okay, whatever that is supposed to mean.

    Apparently it does not necessarily mean you know what you’re doing.

  186. Enjolras says:


    -Adjusts glasses-

    Yes indeed. Briefcase.

  187. NYCmike says:

    #183 – sometimes you make a lot of sense!

  188. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – ummm . . . the revelation about the briefcase is . . . Let’s just say that you could buy a tank and you will never be cool. It’s ok. Not everybody can be cool. Monetarist used to accuse some of us of being the cool kids in the back of the room.

  189. DrJay says:

    Poor Jul… I’m not picking on you, bud. We were talking about two different things.

  190. Enjolras says:


    Never wanted to be cool. Always had a date to the prom and it was never a relative.

    I did just fine.

  191. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m sure that they just wanted to be friends.

  192. Enjolras says:


    Are you a Ph.D, M.D., or D.O.?

  193. DrJay says:

    The first one.

  194. Enjolras says:


    Judging by what happened after, and in at least one instance, during? I’d say not.

  195. NYCmike says:

    #190 – I am with you on the -Adjusts glasses- part, since 3rd grade! You have to see some of the glasses my Mom bought me. I still yell at my sisters for not coming and helping me pick better ones out. I probably should have stuck with military specs, at least people might have thought I was nuts!

  196. NYCmike says:


  197. DrJay says:


  198. NYCmike says:

    I thought with GF lurking…..

  199. Enjolras says:


    I actually see remarkably well without the glasses but, force of habit as much as anything at this point. I do look substantially less nerdy without them.

    At this point, i’m pretty certain I don’t care.

  200. Walt says:

    WV March jobs report:
    UE rate fell below 7% for first time since March, 2009.
    Now stands at 6.9%
    total non-farm employment fell 0.1 % which is loss of 800 jobs

    Number employed:
    gain of 2,508 to total of 748,686

    Number unemployed:
    fell by 2,139 to now stand at 55,409

    Number in labor force:
    gain of 369 and now stands at 804,095

  201. Bitterlaw says:

    Ph.D.? Do you make people call you doctor in social settings? “Hey, DrJay, pass the salt.” My brother-in-law is working in his Ed.D. I told him that if he ever asks me to call him doctor, I will laugh in his face.

    Bitterlaw, J.D.

  202. Emerica says:

    Writing portion was introduced in 2005 so 7 years ago.

  203. Walt says:

    I just got an email from the Untied Nations in my spam box–marked Urgent!.

    Should I open it?

  204. DrJay says:

    No, I wouldn’t do that.

  205. MFG says:

    Isn’t it interesting that as knowledge and education have proliferated throughout our country and the world people are exponentially more stupid now?

    Mind boggling

  206. DrJay says:

    I guess 208 works for 205 and 207.

  207. DrJay says:

    wow on 211

  208. Walt says:

    Dr. Jay–

    But it says URGENT!
    I may have been picked for a special assignment to bring world peace or something.

    (I already deleted it along with the others…)

  209. NYCmike says:

    #203 – my wife and I had a big fight once because I couldn’t see across the avenue where we live. I had contacts on when I left the house, but they bothered me, so I took them out on my walk back home. I walked past her without so much as a glance. What a ruckus!

  210. MFG says:

    Can Zimmerman sue NBC for the doctored tape?

    Can he sue the prosecutor?

  211. DrJay says:

    …or they urgently want to steal all your information and turn your computer into an expensive paperweight.

  212. GF says:

    202- Sorry, NYC; I’ve been in and out trying to contact my detailer to get a new assignment now that I have been cleared medically for full duty. Been a tough go as there are very few billets available, and I am not moving to BFE or Japan just to make some desk jockey happy that he can fill those slots with me. Going to a fun ride…

  213. Bitterlaw says:

    Contacts? I could never wear those. I say that as a man who injects himselfalmost 1000 times a year.

  214. NYCmike says:

    I can put them on in the dark. Throw them out after one day, when I wear them. Really only for hockey.

  215. Bitterlaw says:


    Tape? Maybe but he has at least a 50% chance of losing. Basis of suit – false light and defamation.

    Prosecutor? No way. Charging is discretionary and immune.

  216. NYCmike says:

    No problem, GF. Good luck with your situation.

    Cheers to all, have a good weekend!

  217. DrJay says:

    215 was funny… I’m heading out for a bit.

  218. SusyQue says:

    George Zimmerman Tells Trayvon Martin’s Parents ‘I Am Sorry’

    In a dramatic moment during the hearing, a detective, under questioning from O’Mara, admitted that it has no clear evidence that Zimmerman attacked Trayvon Martin first.

  219. DW says:

    Bitter, I concede the value of your points regarding regular school…but in my homeschool, my kids got to discuss with me for 30 minutes in great detail the importance of the Doolittle raid. Not sure that would happen in the public school. They would be too busy teaching the kids a new song about Obama.

    Barack Hussein Obama…Hmm Hmm Hmm…

  220. Mr Vick says:

    Barack Hussein Obama’S dog…Mmm Mmm Mmm… What’s for dessert!

  221. Tim says:

    You know, I think I need to say something deep. So, here goes.

    Beer is an excellent coffee chaser.

    Let us all consider that, for a moment.

  222. lisab says:


    chai neow

  223. Tim says:

    Wait. I just saw that.


  224. Tim says:

    Actually, I’ve seen his pic. With the briefcase, he could pass for a young professional. So………..

  225. lisab says:

    EdD is way more prestigious than a JD

    of course elephant dung is more prestigious than a JD

  226. Annie says:

    Just heard some Democrat governor saying Romney would have trouble because “he comes from a polygamist background.” I guess he was referring to ancestors of Romney’s that lived over 100 years ago. Certainly, neither Romney or his father were polygamists. However, Obama’s father – a Muslim – had simultaneous multiple wives, and his mother had several husbands. People whose candidates live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  227. Tim says:

    Well, they’ve been throwing rocks in this Country since political parties first reared their heads, Annie. So, I guess some things never change…….

  228. EML says:

    Tim, just have a nice coffee stout. Two birds with one stone.

  229. Tim says:

    Now, that is capital thinking, EML. And, there are some good ones, out there.

  230. BayernFan says:

    710 math
    700 verbal
    31 ACT

  231. lisab says:

    brain study: erotic movies make parts of brain shut down (especially the part that’s suppose to remember to clear your browser history)

    no wonder tm is sha gua

  232. Bitterlaw says:

    232.EdD is way more prestigious than a JD

    of course elephant dung is more prestigious than a JD

    Comment by lisab

    The Ed.D. is the joke Doctorate:

    “What did you learn?”

    “I learned how to teach.”

    “Teach what?”

    “Teach teaching.”

    It’s like a bad Abbott and Costello routine.

    As for the J.D., it kicks ass over “almost Master level courses in probability and statistics.”

  233. Tim V says:

    the case against zimmerman seems very weak to me.

  234. Add in Chains says:

    He said he was sorry! That means he is guilty. Everybody knows that “I’m sorry” means “I acted with depraved indifference to human life and I should be convicted.” The translation is in Black’s Law Dictionary.” Trayvon was unarmed and was only using his arms to move his hands in an up and down motion. The fact that the hands may have been grabbing Zimmerman’s head means nothing! Nothing!

  235. Tim V says:

    since we have a lot of sat disclosure today, I got a 676 on the math.

  236. lisab says:

    As for the J.D., it kicks ass over “almost Master level courses in probability and statistics.”


    how many of your clients have given you a christmas present?

  237. Tim V says:

    It’s hard to pick the lowest of the low, but the darker moments for the prosecution included:

    – The admission by co-lead investigator that he had not personally interviewed George Zimmerman;

    – the admission that he had not requested Zimmerman’s medical records from the hospital;

    – the admission that the state has no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that, following the advice of the police dispatcher, he headed back to his car;

    – the admission that the state has no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that Martin assaulted first.

    – the admission that the investigtors have not been “given any insight” by the voice experts at the Orlando Sentinel and the FBI who attempted to identify the screams on the 911 tape (My ‘told you so’ moment).

  238. Tim V says:

    a bitter/ lisab fight ? how entertaining !

  239. Emerica says:

    Another heads up for this weekend.

    MISSOURI – St. Charles County Delegation – District Conventions

    CD2 starts at 10am Twitter hash-tag #MOCon2

    CD3 starts at 1pm Twitter hash-tag #MOCon3

    CD7 goes tomorrow — at 10 AM CST

    Not sure times of the other ones

    Some of you may be wondering why they would be redoing the St. Charles caucus, but the last one was for sending reps to the state convention. County Caucus Delegates go on to Congressional District Conventions. CD Conventions delegates go to National
    County Caucus Delegates go on to State Convention. State Convention Delegates go to National

  240. Gay-ree Douchewell says:

    243- Never; he’d have to win for a client to be grateful.

    I got your number, A-Hole!


  241. Bitterlaw says:

    None of my clients is 10 years old, lisab.

  242. Bitterlaw says:

    Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach teach teachers after they get their Ed.D.

  243. jason says:

    ” You can’t buy cigarettes or get into a bar without an ID but you can screw me at the polls without one ”

    You can screw a lawyer without an ID in PA, according to Bitter.

    I think that will encourage people to move here….

  244. jason says:

    MD your analysis of PA is good. The person who said Southcentral PA will put us over the top was me, but it was a tongue in cheek comment.

    However the numbers I gave about Romney getting a 225k lead in Southcentral PA was serious.

    Obviously that won’t be enough, other R areas are going to have to come through.

  245. Bitterlaw says:

    I respect teachers. They work 180 more days a year than homeless crack addicts. That’s something.*

    *Stay out of this, Brandon. This is between me and lisab.

  246. lisab says:

    “Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach teach teachers after they get their Ed.D.”

    i did not say we were qualified to actually “do” anything

    i said we were more prestigious 🙂

  247. Bitterlaw says:

    251.What to watch for at Iowa district conventions tomorrow.

    Ron Paul still not getting enough delegates to even earn an invitation to the convention?

  248. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – I like you. I actually do. However, the smiley face is creepy and reminds me of Rock. that is not fair. it’s like throwing sand in my eyes during a street fight.

  249. Emerica says:

    The real reason Santorum quit

    2 million in debt.

  250. lisab says:

    and it’s 185 days more

  251. jason says:

    I will waste no time watching the Iowa conventions Bunu.

    I will either watch high school soccer or college bowling on TV, or maybe a Walter Mondale speech.

  252. lisab says:

    “and reminds me of Rock”

    the wrestler?

  253. bo says:

    I am only 5, what do you charge for a restraining order?

  254. jason says:

    ” Tape? Maybe but he has at least a 50% chance of losing. Basis of suit – false light and defamation.”

    I think if you show that a willful act set the entire country against you and made it impossible for you to lead a normal life I bet you could collect big bucks.

  255. Marv says:

    #174 Bitterlaw,

    I will share stories of my military career if you would like. A sigificant portion of it is classified, but that which isn’t, I’d be glad to tell you about, if you’re interested.

  256. Tim says:

    bunu is still counting delegates?

    We really must get a life………

  257. GF says:

    A sigificant portion of it is classified…

    Comment by Marv — April 20, 2012 @ 7:27 pm

    Certainly the parts Mrs. Marv would be interested in, right. 😉

  258. jason says:

    ” Some of you may be wondering why they would be redoing the St. Charles caucus, ”

    I doubt anyone here was wondering, Bunu.

    Paul is done. Kaput.

    Find something else to do.

    I hear they are organizing another flotilla.

  259. DrJay says:

    “What to watch for at Iowa district conventions tomorrow.”

    The backs of my eyelids?

  260. jason says:

    Where does Bunu live, I mean outside of Ron Paul’s ass?

  261. GF says:

    I reached the magic number of posts to win the HHR election. 😛

    Have a great weekend; probably won’t be back until Monday.

  262. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    How about the Packers schedule Acroso what do you think?

  263. Marv says:

    #266 GF,

    In those days, there was no Mrs. Marv………but, you’re on the right track.

  264. Gpo says:

    If we win bush 2004 states
    – Ohio
    + Wisconsin
    Does Romney win? If yes gotta be Ryan for vp

  265. Gpo says:

    Don’t know if this was posted- bank of America drops company because they sell firearms- WTF is going on in this country- god forbid Obama gets anymore sc appointments

  266. Tim V says:

    tim if you are over 60 then you are older than me

  267. Tim V says:

    everyone loves teachers, no one likes attorneys.

  268. JustADriveByEnjoyingTheComments says:

    #274 – Insert Ron Johnson where you have Paul Ryan’s name. That’s the ticket!

  269. Tim V says:

    greatest songwriter ever- Bob Dylan. discuss…

  270. JustADriveByEnjoyingTheComments says:

    279 – Ringo

  271. Tim V says:

    280- lol

  272. Tim says:

    I’d go with Irving Berlin…….

  273. lisab says:

    “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”. Pelosi: “Meh”

  274. MD says:

    MFG – it is now becoming very clear to that the Zimmerman thing was/is a combination of 2 things:

    1. A massive rush to judgement
    2. PC gone wild.

    MFG – you had it pegged from the start. I held back but should have known that Zimmerman was not a murderer when an idiot like Add started to make the case. He is the ultimate contrary indicator.

  275. MD says:

    Tim – I am still waiting for the links of the critical press coverage regarding Teresa Heinz’ wealth.

  276. MD says:

    Whoever doctored the audio at NBC should go to jail.

  277. Emerica says:

    MINNESOTA Congressional District Conventions for CD1, CD 2, CD 4, CD 8 tomorrow.

    Lots of caucuses this weekend.

  278. MD says:

    I held back before passing judgement on this and really studied what was going on. It is now obvious to me. Zimmerman has my full support.

  279. Tim V says:

    288- it’s over bunu, mitt is the nominee

  280. Tim V says:

    just cause i enjoy irritating bitter, i declare lisab the victor in their discussion.

  281. Bitterlaw says:

    Whoever doctored the audio at NBC should go to jail.

    Comment by MD — April 20, 2012 @ 8:19 pm

    Don’t say stupid things like Add. It is not a criminal act to defame somebody or place them in a alse light. That is why the civil and criminal courts split centuries ago.

  282. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – I’m glad tht you are happy. It won’t last.

  283. EML says:

    MN doesn’t matter anyway. Paulbots will just be taking delegates from Santorum.

  284. Marv says:


    See #263.

  285. MD says:

    Bitter – it wasn’t just the case of applying spin. The audio was “edited” to create an impression that was false and had to do with someone’s life. I think there could be something criminal in that. That is completely unacceptable.

  286. Walt says:

    277.everyone loves teachers, no one likes attorneys.
    Comment by Tim V
    Well, these days at least a lot of 13 to 17 year old boys seem to “love” their female teachers–according to arrest records.

  287. Tim V says:

    Tim V. – I’m glad tht you are happy. It won’t last.
    i know but let me enjoy my few moments of delight

  288. Add in Chains says:

    That is not blood! It is melted skittles! You lie, MD.

  289. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – You’re wrong. Editing a tape for broadcast does not give rise to a criminal case. The only way it would even come close is if somebody had edited the tape to be introduced into evidence at the criminal trial.

  290. Bitterlaw says:

    Briz made a save!

  291. Tim V says:

    The hearing was also notable for the extensive grilling that O’Mara gave one of the investigators for the state attorney’s office, Dale Gilbreath, who helped prepare the probable cause affidavit that was the basis for Zimmerman’s arrest.

    The affidavit says Zimmerman “confronted” Martin, after which a struggle ensued. In a likely preview of the defense strategy at trial, O’Mara questioned the use of the word “confronted.”

    “Do you know who started the fight?” he asked the investigator at one point.

    “Do I know? No,” Gilbreath said.

    “Do you have any evidence that supports who may have started the fight?”

    “No” Gilbreath said.

  292. Bitterlaw says:

    Briz really sucks.

  293. Bitterlaw says:

    Where is everybody? I feel more alone than Bunu in a straight bar.

  294. lisab says:

    At Red Sox game, President Obama comes on big screen to recognize Fenway’s 100th anniversary, followed by loud chorus of boos.

  295. lisab says:

    Obama Booed at Fenway Park

    “go eat a dog”

    we here in massachusetts aim to misbehave 🙂

    if obama gets this reaction in massachusetts, he is in DEEP DEEP trouble

  296. Walt says:

    I’m here, Bitter.

    Does anybody here consider that the Mayans may have killed off Dick Clark so that 2013 new year could not be rung in?

    So 2012 WILL be the end of the world?

  297. Wildcat says:

    Romney will win in a landslide. He will win NC, VA, NH, FL, OH, PA, MI, MN, WI, NM, CO, OR. NJ will be a toss up on election day. This election will be devastating for the democrats.

  298. Bitterlaw says:

    Obama is a White Sox fan. They would burn the stadium in Cleveland.

  299. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – it makes as much sense as that DaVinci Code crap.

  300. lisab says:

    “Obama is a White Sox fan. They would burn the stadium in Cleveland.”

    fenway is next to an irish pub, “the lansdowne”

    no one is going to risk a fire near there

  301. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m watching Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic Channel. American prisons are playgrounds compared to the rest of the prisons in the world.

  302. lisab says:

    and you know this because…?

  303. DrJay says:

    Bitterlaw, is there no circumstance in the realm of “inciting a riot” or “clear and present danger” that would apply?

    or is the onus always on the people who hear the speech to act responsibly?

  304. Walt says:

    A. Suppose you had to be stuck in a house (fully stocked with food, etc,) on a small island (say 1 acre in size) and you had to live there with 4 other HHR posters of your choice for one whole month.

    What other 4 posters would you choose and why?
    B. Suppose you got put there with the 4 posters who would be most likely to cause you to be miserable. Which 4 would that be?
    To situation “B” my list would be:
    can’t think of anyone else except maybe drive by trolls

  305. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – was there a riot? Did I miss that?

  306. DrJay says:

    No. But if there had been, could the tape editor be found responsible?

  307. MD says:

    A. Janz, Tina, MFG, Phil (Bitter – you are first alternate – cream soda)
    B. Bunu, Chek, Add, Michael Corleone (really any Santo supporter)

  308. MD says:

    GF is second alternate

    We have a lot of choices because we still do have quite an array of people who comment at HHR

  309. DrJay says:

    (I don’t see how the editor could be charged with anything criminal in the current circumstance.)

  310. lisab says:

    what about slander?

    clearly they had the tape

    and several editors, producers, directors etc.

    do they have a duty to not edit tape in a way that makes someone look like a racist? or are newsrooms pretty much immune?

    the thing that makes me wonder is that the edited the tape, and presumably benefited

  311. MD says:

    323 – You are probably right Doc. Just wishful thinking on my part. It was a good point by you Doc.

  312. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – I really doubt it. How do you prove that the editor intended to cause a riot? I know everybody hates the media but don’t go off into DailyKOS territory.

  313. MD says:

    slander is a civil matter lisa. By the way, I was thinking of you for group b but you haven’t gotten on my nerves that much lately.

    Dr. Jay would be third alternate for the island. A fellow Ron Santo fan.

  314. MD says:

    Bitter – you were dead to me the moment you made the Add comparison.

  315. DrJay says:

    #324 but I think Bitterlaw is saying that it is a civil matter in the case of slander and we are trying to establish when your speech can become a criminal matter

    some countries will jail you for hate speech, right?

  316. Bitterlaw says:

    NO! First, slander is spoken words by a speaker. Using somebody’s edited words is not slander:

    Zimmerman is a racist – slander

    “He looks black” by Zimmerman – not slander.

  317. DrJay says:

    #326 so the burden of proof would be in the intent?

    I am strictly asking a legal question…

    at what point will you send me a bill? 🙂

  318. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I thought you were starting to lose it. I was worried about your mental health. I needed to snap you out of it. The Add comparison was harsh. It was excessive.

  319. DrJay says:

    Coroner: Breitbart Died of Heart Failure

    “A press release issued by the Department of Coroner (below) notes: “No prescription or illicit drugs were detected. The blood alcohol was .04%,” a negligible amount.

    The press release concludes: “No significant trauma was present and foul play is not suspected.”

  320. lisab says:

    it would not be considered a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words then?

  321. MD says:

    Ok, I forgive. You are un-dead.

  322. Bitterlaw says:

    I believe you have to have intent and the ability to incite a riot. Screaming “Kill Zimmerman” in your basement by yourself is not enough.

  323. MD says:

    Doc – you KNOW the left was praying he had drugs in his system.

  324. lisab says:


    “illicit drugs were detected. foul play is suspected.”

    is an acceptable edit?

  325. DrJay says:

    #338 they said as much openly on various sites

  326. MD's Liver says:

    The blood alcohol was .04%,” a negligible amount.

    Punk wasn’t even trying.

  327. DrJay says:

    #337 thanks for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity, Bitterlaw

  328. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not playing your games, lisab.

  329. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – what is your field?

  330. DrJay says:


  331. Bitterlaw says:

    Mathematics. Hmmmmm. That is probably “Dr. DrJay” worthy. Sociology? No way.

  332. Walt says:

    You win the prize for being the quickest responder to the pick 4 theoreticals. 🙂
    I think my 4 I would enjoy spending time with would include fellow southerners MFG and Marv. Not sure of the other two.

    Would not add lisab to the mix as she hates anyone and anything south of RI.

  333. lisab says:

    “I’m not playing your games, lisab.”

    it was a serious question actually

    how badly can a news show purposely mangle your words before they are liable?

    i assume they have huge leeway, but they did misrepresent him as a racist.

    i am not saying it is slander, i was actually asking for an explanation.

  334. lisab says:

    “Would not add lisab to the mix as she hates anyone and anything south of RI.”

    that is a common misconception

    people in massachusetts hate people in rhode island just as much as we hate anyone else

    there are just fewer of them so it seems that way

  335. lisab says:

    seriously … have you ever actually met someone from rhode island?

    are we sure it really exists?

  336. Bitterlaw says:

    Four people I want to spend time with on the Island:


    Four peoplewho would annoy me:


    *I only chose lisab because watching her go at those 3 would be awesome entertainment.

  337. MD says:

    It does. I watched a TV show called Brotherhood on Showtime that was set in RI. If it was on TV it must be true.

  338. MD says:

    No Chek Bitter on situation B?

  339. Bitterlaw says:

    Do we really need Rhose Island AND Massachussetts? Can’t we combine Vermont and New Hampshire? Dowe need 2 Carolinas and2 Dakotas?

  340. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not even sure Cheksux is still alive.

  341. MD says:

    Put West Virginia back into Virginia.

    Bitter – the Phils scored a run. Bet you missed it again.

  342. MD says:

    GF – why no fans at the game in San Diego? They have a new stadium and great weather. I don’t get it.

  343. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – my tv has it 0-0.

  344. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe because the Padres suck? Does anybody live their whole life in San Diego or is it just military and retired military from other places?

  345. Bitterlaw says:

    So, Briz only gave up 3 easy goals instead of 10. Yeah!

  346. DrJay says:

    Romney on Keystone: ‘I will build that pipeline if I have to myself’

    “One of the most dangerous aspects of the road we’re on is represented by a president and party who unfortunately take their direction far too often from union chief executive officers,” he said. “That’s where they get their money, hundreds of millions of dollars, and that’s where they pay their obedience.”

    “He is very clearly out of ideas, out of excuses,” Romney concluded after a laundry list of Obama’s failings. He went on to reiterate that when he met Obama in person he “found him to be a nice guy,” a repetition of what the Romney campaign has clearly signaled is the candidate’s intention to stay civil toward the president on a personal level.

  347. MD says:

    Bitter – I guess I hallucinated that. Switching back and forth.

  348. lisab says:

    “Do we really need Rhose Island AND Massachussetts”


    we got the best baseball team, basketball team, football team and hockey team in the nation

    we have the best beaches, the prettiest fall, the crispest apples, the freshest fish, hoppiest beer, greatest politicians and most beautiful women this nation has evah seen

    our accent is propah, our schools are the schooliest, our universities are the ivy-est — mit is only our second best school —


    we are the most friendly and modest people you would evah want to meet

    ok ok … the traffic sucks here, but other than that …

    we can out jump, out run, throw down drag out and whip any one in the world.

    which was the first state to drive out the british?

    the commonwealth of massachusetts!

  349. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – you said you liked Verizon better than Comcast. I just thought maybe the Phillies scored more runs on your tv than mine.

  350. lisab says:

    we even have the bell from harper’s ferry 🙂

  351. DrJay says:

    The Spirit of Massachusetts is the Spirit of America

  352. lisab says:

    comcast is the cable provider from hell

  353. bio mom says:

    Some Liberty U students protesting Romney speaking at commencement because he is a Mormon. Unbelievable! In 2012!

  354. Bitterlaw says:

    Ben Franklin fled Boston as soon as he could escape from his brother.

  355. lisab says:

    just a bunch of evangelicals

    romney probably forgot to bring his rattlesnake

  356. DrJay says:

    Next January President Romney will swear to uphold their right to idiocy… no such guarantee from the Marxists.

  357. MD says:

    I am smelling another no run game for the Phils.

  358. DrJay says:

    An awful, awful man (sane or not)…

  359. MD says:

    In Norway, he will probably get probation.

  360. DrJay says:

    not sure why the link didn’t ‘link’

  361. DrJay says:

    “He called al-Qaida “the most successful revolutionary movement in the world” and said it should serve as an inspiration to far-right militants, even though their goals are different.”

  362. Bitterlaw says:

    Did Knova contribute to his legal fund?

  363. DrJay says:

    yeah, that would figure, MD. They haven’t ruled on his sanity yet from the sound of it.

  364. DrJay says:

    was it ever determined whether knova was that poster that showed up around that time…

  365. MD says:

    Phillies era is the best in the NL
    They are second to last in runs scored.

    Last place.

  366. MD says:

    I think it was Doc. He just became unhinged over the Fort Hood thing. Went all Add on us.

  367. lisab says:

    nova posts here under a different name now

  368. SoHope says:

    what I’m not on anyone’s list…all of you can suck it!

    I don’t want to be on an island with you guys anyway!

  369. Walt says:

    I actually taught with a girl who said she was from Rhode Island. I think the first one I ever met from there (or so SHE says).
    When we have traveled across the country 3 times. The kids kept track of license plates from other states. We always got Alaska and HI. And one time we even saw a car with a RI plate.
    RI is only about twice the size of my county. Should not be a state and be allowed to have 2 U.S. senators.

  370. MD says:

    There is a lot of folk-lore around Gibson Doc, but it is clear he was one of the greats. It is a shame that the records are spotty and that he died so young. My Grandfather when he was very young worked on the railroad with some black guys and they would bring him to the Philadelphia Stars games. Said it was fantastic baseball. Saw them all – Buck O’Neil, Gibson and Paige. What a disgrace they were kept out of mlb.

  371. MD says:

    What name is he using Lisab in your opinion?

  372. DrJay says:

    It appears today was Adolf Hitler’s birthday… may he rot in hell.

    re the phillies, are the cubs last? I won’t be watching much baseball this year it seems… I can’t take the heartache. Maybe I’ll try to catch a game when in Atlanta.

    I have heard a lot of great things said about Gibson.

  373. Walt says:

    And speaking of counties, RI has 5 counties, but no county government. All local government rests in hands of cities or towns. How weird. Go figure.
    Smallest state geographically, but I think they have the longest official name:

    “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”

  374. MD says:

    Time for Hitler’s daily pole up his ass.



  375. DrJay says:

    And happy 4/20 to the potheads… not my thing, but there it is.

  376. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – I didn;t want to strand you in the island. I’m counting on you to get me off the island.

  377. MD says:

    The Cubs are awful Doc but they will turn things around in the next few years. The Phillies are a very old team all of a sudden. Great pitching but almost no hitting now.

  378. MD says:

    C’mon Lisab! What handle is Knova using?

  379. SoHope says:

    Hitler and Saddam are Satan’s *itches…I saw it on South Park so it must be true.

  380. DrJay says:

    If Obama is ousted, will you change your moniker, SoHope, or will you wear it as a badge of honor?

    Wow, I just saw that the phils only have 6 homeruns this year… the cubs only have 5.

  381. lisab says:


    well obviously i cannot say 🙂

    he uses a different handle and behaves himself …

  382. Walt says:

    lisab spelled backwards is:


  383. MD says:

    Doc – the Phil’s really can’t hit.

    I think I know who Knova is Lisa.

    Is NS his initials now?

  384. Walt says:

    Hey basil–

    Has he (Knova) posted today?
    Was Knova a brother of Herman Cain?

    [making him Knova Cain?]

  385. lisab says:

    that’s true, and i like basil, but i’m afraid it just stands for lisa elizabeth

  386. SoHope says:

    Bitter, by time I got there with MD’s stolen yacht, you would have a shaggy beard and be talking to your imaginary friend the coconut named “Husky”.

    You would find out that your wife gave you up for dead and married Gary Maxwell.

    The final straw would be when you come back to HHR and find out that Add had been trolling under your moniker the whole time you were gone and nobody noticed.

  387. DrJay says:

    Willard Mitt Romney anagrams to:

    “mortally midwinter”

  388. MD says:

    401 – that is just mean.

  389. SoHope says:

    If and when Obama is defeated, I am reserving the new handle of “TheThrillIsGone”*

    *Subject to change

  390. DrJay says:

    #404 nice

  391. MD says:

    Yea, we have a poster here who I thought was new who referenced Polaris in 08. Dead give away.

  392. Walt says:


    Then you should be lisa-e, not lisab

  393. SoHope says:

    That song would be kickin’ in a Romney ad against obama showing crappy economic stats

  394. MD says:

    The Rangers are 11 and 2. Won’t matter. They will find a way to blow it again in the Series. Baseball’s answer to the Buffalo Bills.

  395. Walt says:

    #401. by SoHope

    Good one. Brought a chuckle. 🙂

  396. lisab says:

    lisae, the character from disco bloodbath?

    surely you jest

  397. SoHope says:

    Bitter, we could then head to Eastern NC to hunt down Wes. I am sure he wouldn’t be that hard to find. He is a god with quite a few Chili’s female bartenders. We could beg to be his wingmen and the night would be….LEGEN…wait for it….DARY!

  398. Bitterlaw says:

    GFY, Hope! Me and Husky will be fine without any of you.

  399. SoHope says:

    MD…thank Santorum, Newt, and all the idiots that said a long primary wouldnt hurt the GOP

  400. MD says:

    This guy is the head of the Senate:

    Harry Reid fights for junk mail
    By Alexandra Petri

    Aw yeah, junk mail! (J. Scott Applewhite – Associated Press) With friends like these, the U.S. Postal Service needs no enemies.

    “Seniors love getting junk mail,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Wednesday. “It’s sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they’re part of the real world.”


    Act now! If you don’t, seniors will stop getting junk mail, the only thing that makes them feel human.

    After all, telephones do not exist. There is no television. And no one over 60 is capable of using the Internet.

    Some people send birthday cards. Other people telephone their grandparents. I just fill out company mailer forms in their names.

    Nothing says, “You are a part of the real world” like bulk coupons from Red Lobster. There’s no feeling like that feeling when you open your mailbox and get that glossy mailer addressed to Occupant or Current Resident. A phone call pales in comparison.

    Are you kidding me? This is part of the case for the USPS? That without it, no one would send junk mail to seniors? And seniors love junk mail? And a world where seniors do not receive large quantities of junk mail is a world too horrible to imagine? Is this a real argument?

    The best case against allowing the Postal Service to fester unreformed might be the arguments of those who want to do just that.

    Nothing inspires inane remarks like the USPS, that hamstrung, lumbering institution desperately trying to cut costs as the world switches to digital forms of communication and it hemorrhages money. Remember when Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) suggested a marketing campaign to promote letter-writing?

    Mail hasn’t been the most cutting-edge form of communication since the telegraph came into vogue. Yet it lingers. And the Postal Service’s boosters, time and time again, mistake any effort to cut costs, rethink workforce size and benefits, or reduce the number of post offices for a Devious Existential Threat that will Kill the Postal Service. If such steps will kill it, it’s only because it’s on life support now, artificially preserved long after it ceased to be viable as a private business.

    In March, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) complained: “Is it futile to move ahead on postal reform legislation? If the Postmaster General chases away his customer base with price hikes and service cuts before we can enact legislation, will our bill be effective in saving the Postal Service?”

    Another way of referring to price hikes and service cuts, when the Postal Service is charging too little for extremely expensive and labor-intensive services that fewer and fewer people are willing to pay for? Saving the Postal Service.

    But never mind that. There’s junk mail to protect.

    “I’ll come home tonight here to my home in Washington and there’ll be some mail there. A lot of it is what some people refer to as junk mail, but for the people who are sending that mail, it’s very important,” Reid noted.

    That’s certainly one way to look at it.

    By Alexandra Petri | 05:47 PM ET, 04/20/2012

  401. Bitterlaw says:

    lisa elizabeth? That’s like being named Mary Maureen. It’s too close. Change it.

  402. DrJay says:

    This paragraph made me feel better MD…

    “Still, an anticipated fire hose of cash from major Republican “super” political committees and the Republican Party is likely to bring some financial parity to the general election, for which Romney only recently started collecting donations. Super PACs like American Crossroads and its nonprofit arm, Crossroads GPS, raised $100 million this election cycle, and the groups plan to flood the airwaves in coming months with ads critical of Obama.”

  403. lisab says:

    actually i wanted to be named india

    but you have to pick a saints name when you are confirmed, so i settled for elizabeth

    (after india von halkein)

  404. MD says:

    1 to 0 Padres, 5th inning. Game over.

  405. SoHope says:

    I remember the good ole days when a GOP victory meant senior citizens would be eating cat food.

    …now they will not get their junk mail!

    That is a bridge too far…We have officially just lost FL

  406. Bitterlaw says:

    Phillies down 1-0 in the 5th. It’s going to take a miracle now.

  407. MD says:

    The Phillies have scored 2 runs in their last 25 innings.

  408. DrJay says:

    421, 423… ha! you two are scary

  409. Bitterlaw says:

    In that same stretch they gave up no runs in 22 straight innings. Weird.

  410. MD says:

    Best ERA in baseball. Second worst in runs scored. Only the Pirates have scored less.

  411. Walt says:


    I’ll giver ‘er a try.

    Should not worry about Obammer’s big money advantage because if it is used as “walking around money” lots of it will be eaten up and simply pocketed by the corrupt folks who are supposed to pay off voters to go vote for Zero. After all, this is Obammer’s 2nd and final time running. If the money does not get turned into votes, and Zeroloses and is p*issed about it–so what?
    If Zero use the money to buy ads to highlight his accomplishments during his first term, the money will languish in the checking account.

  412. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – Philly A-holes think alike. We can finish each other’s thoughts. Let’s try it:

    MD, Gary Maxwell was a …

  413. MD says:

    f’n moron.

  414. MD says:

    Je sus Ch rist! Hit the friggin ball!

  415. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, I guess that proves it, DrJay.

  416. DrJay says:

    I expected “d-bag”.

  417. DrJay says:

    sorry… “f’n d-bag”

  418. Bitterlaw says:

    Considering the Padres have to play 81 games at that massive park, why even bother having real pitchers. Just have a few in-fielders pitch. The ball isn’t leaving that yard.

  419. NcForHope says:

    NBC/WSJ had Obama up by 6 points, why wasn’t that shown?

  420. Bitterlaw says:

    That was the expected answer, Doc. This proves only MD and I can do it and it wasn’t a lucky guess.

  421. Dustin says:

    NC posts lowest unemployment rate in over 17 months ! Obama coming to UNC- Chapel Hill this Tuesday to let all of the Tarheel state realize that the REPUBLICANS are wanting to make a HUGE HIKE in student loan interest rates- Again, Romney will not win NC, nor the Election, thank God !

  422. DrJay says:

    I’m convinced.

  423. Bitterlaw says:

    I would like to stay up until Tuesday to see if the Phillies score a run but I’m calling it for the night.

  424. MD says:

    It was still my greatest accomplishment at HHR. Seeing him go in such a bitter way and becoming the longest running joke was worth all the idiotic posts of his that I had to read for 3 years.

  425. DrJay says:

    No parting shots?

  426. Bitterlaw says:

    One shot before bed. Did Melissa tell Dustin, “Put your pants on. It’s not your birthday. Go troll.” Discuss.

  427. MD says:

    Wanna bet on NC Dustin? I will have Dave get your address and email address for me. I promise I won’t post them here. Are you OK with that. What do you say? $100, $500 or a $1000. Name your price.

  428. DrJay says:

    THERE it is.

  429. Bitterlaw says:

    August 12, 2011 was the day I became a Philly A-hole. Maxwell may be a pu**y but he made an a-hole out of me. I can’t deny him the credit.

  430. DrJay says:

    I have basic cable and NetFlix is screwed up tonight… who needs it?

    I got the HHR late show.

  431. Bitterlaw says:

    Every game is a pitchers’ duel with the Phillies. The opposing pitcher looks like Cy Young even if his usual ERA is over 10.

  432. Bitterlaw says:

    Bases loaded and nobody out. That is usually the kiss of death fot the Phillies batters. I will predict strikeout, pop-up, ground out.

  433. DrJay says:

    If it were the Cubs, it would be outfield assist, double-play.

    you have to imagine… what would really take the wind out of sails right now?

  434. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m driving over to MD’s house. The Phillies scored a run. We should be together at a moment like this.

  435. MD says:

    Bitter – I think Thome needs to get back to the AL where he can get regular AB’s.

  436. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder who . . . . Wait – there’s the strikeout . . . . has less hope. A Cubs fan or a Ron Paul supporter? Neither one can really expect anything good to happen.

  437. MD says:

    3 runs! We are good for a month.

  438. MD says:

    Is Polanco washed up Bitter?

  439. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe the Phillies could trade Thome to . . . who cares? I think he is a grat guy. He was one of my favorites but he is done – at least in the NL.

  440. DrJay says:

    Juan Pierre is one of those guys that isn’t talked about much but has a chance at 3000 hits.

  441. Bitterlaw says:

    Polanco was good on a team that could hit (when Utley and Howard were healthy). he can still play defense and gets some hits.

  442. Bitterlaw says:

    3 runs in one week . . . I mean inning . . .wow!

  443. MD says:

    Doc – it is going to be hard. He is 34 and is not considered to be a full time player anymore. Almost a 1000 hits away.

  444. MD says:

    Contreras in now. Well, so much for the lead.

  445. Bitterlaw says:

    One of my favorite things on sports radio is when somebody calls up and proposes a trade that makes no sense:

    Do you think the Mets would trade David Wright and Santanna to the Phillies for Polanco and a minor league pitcher?

    Why would they do that? Would you do that?

    No . . . bit I was wondering if the . . . click.

  446. Bitterlaw says:

    He threw a strike, you f’ing hater.

  447. DrJay says:

    Yes, only an outside shot… but if he can come close to matching his output over the last two years, he can make it by 40… big if.

    He can also crack into the top 15 or so in SB.

  448. MD says:

    Bitter – Freddy Galvis can really play.

  449. MD says:


    Sounds like a good trade. Fair, equitable. Your class win – win.

  450. Bitterlaw says:

    Freddy Galvis can play the position. Time to give Utley a car on Chase Fu**ing Utley Day and move on.

  451. MD says:

    Omar Vizquel is still playing! After Jeter he is the active hits leader. 158 hits away. 44 years old. Don’t think he will make it.

    Ichiro and (puke) Arod look like the next to get to 3000.

  452. MD says:


    How about an empty golf bag like Braman gave to Mike Quick? That was a classic.

  453. Bitterlaw says:

    It is scary that you typed about Galvis while I was typing about him, too. We must only use this skill for good. Ok. Good and f’ing with Jul but that’s it…and ripping Maxwell. For good,f’ing with Jul and reaping Maxwell. Got it?

  454. Jamie Moyer says:

    44? Punk kid.

  455. MD says:

    Jimmy Rollins has 1880 at age 33 and plays full tim e. A lot of wear on the tires though.

  456. MD says:

    F’n with Add as well.

  457. MD says:

    These umps are ridiculous tonight.

  458. MD says:

    Didn’t allow a hit by pitch (leaned into Doc) so he hits a home run instead. Victorino that is.

  459. MD says:

    7 HR’s for the year now! We have 2 guys with 2 HR’s. The 27 Yankees have nothing on us.

  460. Add in Chains says:

    You want to mess with me, MD. I will bust your head like Zimmerman’s head if it was really busted but we all know that the photo was a fake because Al Sharpton is a man who speaks truth to power!

  461. Bitterlaw says:

    Where is Add? He seems very quiet since that photo came out.

  462. MD says:

    This is as quiet as he has been since Lisab beat him like a rented mule.

  463. DrJay says:

    4-1 maybe the phils are going to keep the cubs from having the worst record in the league.

  464. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, I’m out before Bunu shows up and starts linking twitter posts from the third round of non-binding Iowa straw polls.

  465. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – you can only ask so much of the Phillies. Keeping the Cubsout of the basement? C’mon. Be reasonable.

  466. DrJay says:

    If only for a day… sigh.

  467. MD says:

    Galvis makes another great D play!

  468. MD says:

    Strangest big league career ever. Here is my pick:

    What are your thoughts?

  469. DrJay says:

    That’s tough to top. Eddie Gaedel is the only other one that comes to mind.

  470. DrJay says:

    Steve Howe had a VERY strange baseball career, for different reasons…

  471. DrJay says:

    Ken Hubbs had a strange career, again for different reasons… rookie of the year and dead 2 years later at age 22.

    That’s all I got.

  472. jason says:

    Wow, a choice between baseball talk and finding out where the next Paulbot meaningless delegate selection will be.

    Hope I find a good soccer game on TV.

  473. Bitterlaw says:

    Real fast reconsideration:

    If a prosecutor hid or destroyed exculpatory evidence (evidence that would support a finding of innocence or provide a defense), there MIGHT be grounds for a civil suit. However, interpreting the evidence to charge a crime is discretionary and is not a basis for a civil suit. I’m off to softball. Go Royal Blue Jays!*

    *I did not choose the name. The players did.

  474. Scott says:

    The fabulous Ras does it again.
    For the first time in five weeks,he has Obama’s approval rating at 50% and is the only pollster to show him at this level except for Washington Post/ ABC which showed the O Man at 50% in a D+11 General Population poll.
    Also Omama 47% to Romney’s 45% in the Ras Saturday Daily Tracking Poll.

  475. Marv says:

    #491 Scott,

    That’s RAS’s weekly sop to the left. It keeps them from harassing him all the time.

  476. Tim V says:

    roger that marv.

  477. Brandon says:

    I heard Scott Rasmussen is on Obama’s payroll.

  478. Tim V says:

    I heard Iran is donating heavily to Obama’s campaign and funelling the money through Corzine.

  479. Scott says:

    You are probably correct,but the left will continue to criticize him. Here are some of the internal for the 50/50 approval/ disapproval split:
    Approve Disapprove

    Dems 89% ?

    GOP ? 83%

    Indies 45% 53%

    So according to Ras, Obama is beloved by more of his base than he is detested by the Republicans.
    What does anyone think of the 8% Indie net disapproval?

  480. Tim V says:

    What does anyone think of the 8% Indie net disapproval?

    I’d prefer an even larger #, say 12%

  481. Tim V says:


  482. Tim V says:

    I believe I just scored the first hhr D

  483. Brandon says:

    Reason 10023 that you shouldn’t trust Wikipedia:

    Wikipedia says Mitt Romney’s running mate is Chris Christie(right hand box):,_2012

  484. Brandon says:

    For the A-holes, Romney and Rubio will be doing an event in Delco on Monday.