Open Thread Saturday

From a Newt Gingrich campaign email today:

…the Romney forces are worried, worried that the frontrunner’s weakness is surfacing again in the Republican primaries.

Yup, I’m worried….

Anyway, here is an open thread. I will be paying a visit to my baseball neighbors to the south at Nationals Park….

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  1. jason says:

    Hey Newt, even the MSM has moved on from the primary, that should be your first clue.

  2. jason says:

    I think my Southcentral PA vote on Tuesday will pull Romney over the top. I know MD will disagree.

  3. bio mom says:

    Apparently Newt is counting on my state, Delaware, to start his comeback. Two votes for Romney in my household.

  4. lt says:

    What is the “True Conservative” smoking?

  5. Brandon says:

    Reason 10023 that you shouldn’t trust Wikipedia:

    Wikipedia says Mitt Romney’s running mate is Chris Christie(right hand box):,_2012

  6. Waingro says:

    I see Barry is back up to 50% approval in Ras and leads Mitt for first time in a week. Looks like Mitt’s “presumptive nominee” bump is over. Time to roll back up the sleeves!

  7. lt says:

    John Kasich has always been high on my list though no longer a household name.

  8. Brandon says:

    The Constitution Party is holding their nominating convention today. From what I can tell, Former Congressman Virgil Goode is the front-runner.

  9. jason says:

    Gallup says Obama 13th quarter is up to 45.9%

    But the devil is in the details…

    President Obama’s job approval rating averaged 45.9% in his 13th quarter in office, recovering to where it was before his support dropped last summer and fall. His average remains below that of presidents who were re-elected.

  10. Waingro says:

    Kasich has been a disaster for GOP in Ohio. He overreached at the wrong time.

  11. jason says:

    ” Tax Bill: 46% in U.S. say their taxes are too high; 47% say about right”

    So even Kory the math genius would come to the conclusion only 7% think they should be paying more…..

  12. jason says:

    Kasich’s popularity has been recovering nicely.

    “Disaster” is a gross exaggeration.

  13. Waingro says:

    Ok, “disaster” was overstated hyperbole, but there is no question the collective bargaining push caused a lot of harm.

  14. MD says:

    Time for John to do some trolling.


  15. jason says:

    Fair enough.

  16. Jack says:

    John is out stealing Romney lawn signs today and left me in charge.

    But he wants you to know that Florida, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina are in the bag for Obama.

  17. MD says:

    Little known fact. Of the original members in The Band, Levon Helm was the only American. The rest were Canadian. The song “The Night They Drive Old Dixie Down” was written by a Canadian.

  18. Scott says:

    Yesterday,there was a discussion about how much Obama would carry the Philly area by in November.The range was a minimum of 300,000 to 450,000.Can anyone inform us by how much Sestak won the area over Toomey in the 2010 Senate election?

  19. MD says:

    3 days of rain coming. I just put down the fertilizer on my grass Thursday so this is good timing.

  20. NC Trolls says:

    We want to get our message in too. All college students will vote for Obama because if we don’t pay them back it’s not a problem, all will be forgiven. Since there are a lot of colleges in NC, it will be a slam dunk.

    Well we are off to see Obama now to see what else we can get for nothing. I am sure he will offering something in his speech, he does every time.

  21. NC Trolls says:

    Sestak got 357k against 68k for Toomey in Philadelphia Co.

  22. jason says:

    Hmmm… thanks trolls, I was just about to post that.

    Montgomery Sestak 155k Toomey 131k
    Delawae Sestak 113k Toomey 88k
    Bucks Sestak 107k Toomey 121k
    Chester Sestak 80k Toomey 92k
    Berks Sestak 50k Toomey 62k

  23. MD says:

    Sorry – my info was still with 98% reporting. Since the R won, the NY Times see the need to update the info.

    Still, that is a huge margin and will be wider in a general. It perfectly illustrates our problem in PA.

  24. bio mom says:

    For my #4: Make that 3 Romney votes from my family. My oldest daughter lives in Delaware too and will vote for Romney. And she is one of those unmarried women who supposedly should dislike him. She really dislikes Obama.

  25. bio mom says:

    Is ras using 5 day tracing like gallup? I find that really confusing.

  26. MD says:

    If montco and delco were still red strongholds we would have a much better chance.

  27. MD says:


    Check out Dave Leip’s site. R’s are blue and D’s are red:

  28. jason says:

    Therein lies the problem. Even though Toomey won counties that went for Obama like Berks, Bucks, and Chester he still only squeaked by.

    And Toomey won almost over 65% of the vote in bigger counties like Lancaster, Cumberland and York and 75% in the smaller counties in SouthCentral PA.

  29. jason says:

    Almost over? Where is my coffee…

  30. MD says:


    I still remember that night. I predicted Toomey by 4 and Corbett by 8. Philly always reports in first so I knew Shistak would have a big lead. However, I was stunned by the turnout. I had expected it to be about 15 to 20% lower. So, he had a much bigger lead than I thought. I started to sweat that one out. Toomey didn’t take the lead until around 10:20 pm. I was thinking 9:30. Phoenix was talking me off the ledge.

  31. MD says:

    jason – Romney is going to have to win by the same margin in all the smaller counties with increased turnout and is going to have to do very well in the inner ring burbs. It is possible but far from probable.

  32. Scott says:

    MD and Others:
    So what is the maximum number of votes in Philadelphia County that Romney can lose by and still win the State?
    I assume Romney will do pretty well in the western part of PA because of the coal industry.

  33. Scott says:

    #27- bio mom
    Ras uses a three day track for his diaiy tracking poll numbers.

  34. jason says:

    Yep, Allegheny, Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware are where the Dems build up big margins that are hard to overcome.

    Corbett on the other hand was able to tie Onorato in Allegheny and keep it very close in Delaware (53-47) and Montgomery (52-48). He even got 18% of the vote in Philly.

    His margins in the R areas of the state were huge, in neighboring Perry county here it was 80-20. Lancaster he won 106k – 43k, over 70%.

  35. jason says:

    34. Essentially Romney will have to try to do well in Montgomery, Allegheny, Delaware say not lose by more than 10. I think that is where the election will be decided. In 2008 McCain lost these counties by 20, 15 and 22 respectively.

  36. jason says:

    The four biggest counties for Obama gave him a lead of about 700K votes and he won by 620k.

  37. MD says:

    Scott – I have done about 15 different scenarios. I was able to squeak out a narrow (very narrow) win with Obama taking Philly by 425K but I was stretching the bounds of reality in a lot of other ways.

    Realistically, we somehow need to get that margin down to 375K to have a shot. It wouldn’t be a guarantee but it would be a very long night. Honestly, I don’t see that happening.

  38. Brandon says:

    Speaking of PA, Romney and Rubio will be having an event in Delco on Monday.

  39. MD says:

    jason – I sense that the more you look into this the more you come to my conclusion.

  40. MD says:

    Brandon – Where exactly? I have work (I work in Montco right now although most of my firm is in Chesco) but could sneak away.

  41. MD says:

    Everyone is all gaga over the Washington Nats. Well they have Strausberg at a 160K innings pitched limit. Halladay, Lee and Hamels have no such limit. Good luck surviving August and September.

  42. GeorgeIllinois says:

    I took a look at the 2008 electoral map for Illinois. Obama won a lot of Downstate counties that usually vote Republican in presidential years.

    I would be that this year he’ll be hardpressed to carry any county other than Cook and St. Clair. Might be enough to win–Quinn managed to do it in 2010.

    But I really don’t think Illinois will be a slam dunk for O.

  43. Brandon says:

    This ABC report doesn’t say where and I haven’t been able to find out exactly:

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will campaign with Mitt Romney on Monday for the first time this election, ABC News has learned.

    Romney and Rubio will hold an event in Delaware County, Pennsylvania on Monday, outside Philadelphia.

    Rubio endorsed Romney in late March during an appearance on Fox News.

    “It’s increasingly clear that Mitt Romney’s going to be the Republican nominee,” Rubio said. “We’ve got to come together behind who I think has earned this nomination and that’s Mitt Romney.”

    Rubio, who often appears high on lists of potential vice presidential candidates, said Thursday that he would turn down the offer if Romney asked him to be on the GOP ticket this fall.

  44. Scott says:

    Obama carried Philadelphia County by about 475,000 votes in 2008.Where do you see the 100,000 narrowing down to a net 375,000 votes coming from?

  45. jason says:

    41. Well, yes and no. You have to use the Corbett model for Romney, not Toomey.

    If Romney runs as well as Corbett he can win even considering its not a mid-term election, Corbett’s margin was that big.

    Even figuring the GE will bring a million more voters than the mid-term, and Obama will benefit mostly, he wouldn’t make up the 360k differential Corbett got.

  46. jason says:

    I don’t see the margin in Phila county as the key. I see the margins in Allegheny, Montgomery and Delaware as the key.

    There are swing voters in those counties, virtually none in Phila county.

  47. jason says:

    ” But I really don’t think Illinois will be a slam dunk for O.”

    Sorry George, but I do.

    Smaller margin, same result.

  48. michael corleone says:

    Can someone explain to me why the GOP hasn’t come up with a plan to counter Obama on the idiotic Buffet rule?

    Here is an idea: Next time Obama says we need to raise Buffet’s taxes from 15% to 30% for “fairness,” we should ask: how does raising Buffet’s taxes help anyone in the middle class?

    We should then counter by saying the better way to eliminate the inequity is to REDUCE everyone’s tax rate to Buffet’s rate at 15%. Pretty much a flat tax, but keep the 10% bracket.

    Of course, Obama will say that is a tax cut for the rich, but that will be a hard pivot since he has been running around for a year now saying the rich only pay 15%.

  49. jason says:

    Even Democrats and the MSM have admitted the Buffet Rule is a gimmick.

  50. michael corleone says:

    Yeah, but it is a great way to propose a large tax cut while putting Obama in a box.

  51. Hugh says:

    Must be an outlier with ras though no question the impact of the primary will linger with some permanent damage. We should have been up by 6 right now.

  52. Walt says:

    If Obammer makes an appearance at a ballgame, instead of the crowd booing him, I think they should all start barking and howling.
    If Obammer loses the election, then maybe he and Michael Vick could team up and start a restaurant chain serving dog meat.

  53. CAC says:

    Had Bush carrired Bucks, Lehigh and Northampton, and held Kerry to 54% in Delaware and Montgomery, he would have carried PA. That doesn’t factor in the gains McCain actually made out west in the Pittsburgh area.

    Romney’s challenge is in 4 steps.
    Step 1- flip back all the counties Bush won in 04 but McCain lost. Relatively easy with the current mood of the state.
    Step 2- build on McCain’s gains in the west, a la Corbett and Toomey’s performance. Also easy with the mood.
    Step 3 is where things get tricky- flip Bucks, Lehigh, Northampton. Toomey barely did it, match Toomey here at the least and you are almost there.
    Step 4 hold Obama to 54% in Montgo, Delaware, Allegheny. So match or beat Toomey in these counties.

    Romney would win the state by 50,000k.

    It is possible but requires a lot of effort. If Ohio continues to be stubborn I strongly suggest Romney invest heavily in PA with a good ground game and targeting the upper-middle class suburban vote in SE PA. If Romney comes within 5% of Obama here (down from the catastrophic 16% loss by McCain), he becomes a narrow favorite.

  54. bio mom says:

    With ras and with gallup, it is always just the math. So if there is a sample one day that is more positive for Obama, it will also make him score higher against Romney. Replacing a Tuesday with a Friday which for some reason always seems to be a good day for Obama more often than not, this is the result. I also think that the deadenders in the consrrvative family have not bought into Romney yet if they ever will and that hurts him in these trackers.

  55. SusyQue says:

    Yesterday, O. Hatch was on Greta and spoke of the disingenuous
    comments of Armey’s Tea Party. He said their accusations were completely false. He spoke of his record with specifics. Any comments on that?

  56. Tim says:

    High on your list of what?

  57. Tim says:

    You think the dogs would crap on the windshield?

    Oh, wait………

  58. Tim says:

    My guess would be they don’t have one.

  59. maelstrom says:

    Another survey this morning for the Lugar- Mourdock race. A likely voter poll. After ascertaining that I was a likely voter, and asking some filler questions, I told them I never heard of Mourdock.

    I really love wasting their time. Third time I’ve been polled in the last two weeks.

  60. DrJay says:

    By November, Tebow will hold a revival and will have converted a third of New York and half of Jersey. Romney will win Jersey and lose New York in a squeaker.

    Book it.

  61. DrJay says:

    Rasmussen is an Obama troll. Brandon told me so.

  62. MD says:

    46 – Scott

    I think you misunderstood me. Our margin of loss in Philly needs to be 375K or less to win the state realistically.

    We are going to do MUCH better in places like Chester, Berks, Lehigh, Daulphin and Bucks counties. Also, the very small counties we should do marginally better as well although the room for improvement is less. Increased turnout there will be key. The challenge is that the turnout is already very high in those places. We are going to have to have turnout exceed 90% in many of the smaller, dark red counties.

  63. DrJay says:

    Happy birthday to her majesty the Queen…

    Happy birthday to Thomas Kean…

  64. MD says:

    47 – this is where we disagree. I think he does run as a Corbett type but that makes it close, perhaps very close. If you do the math, county by county you will see that Philly really is the key. Madonna thinks 350K or less dooms Obama. He is right but that is an unbelievably tall order for the GOP to make up. Again, run the scenarios and look at all factors – 08 turnout included.

    Montco and Delco could be the key if they have 20% + swings from 08 (which I don’t see) plus 20% from Chester, Bucks and Lehigh (tall order but not impossible). All the makings of a close race again but another loss.

    If PA isn’t called by 9:30 though, then we will have a very good night despite a close loss. For the House, look at 6, 7 and 8. They will be the bell weathers for the overall House race. If we keep all 3 by healthy margins then we are in great shape in the House.

  65. SusyQue says:

    I don’t think Jeb Bush would be a wize choice for VP. Too early for another Bush in 2016

  66. MD says:

    66 – Allow me to amend 65. What I meant was decreasing Obama’s margin of victory from 478K to 350K is a very difficult task.

  67. SusyQue says:


  68. MD says:

    55 – If I had wings I could fly.

  69. DrJay says:

    MD, does voter ID shave anything off the top? or will it be ignored there anyway?

  70. dylan says:

    Every election cycle we have these fool’s gold discussions about PA, ME-2, WI and even MI being somehow in play. So tiring. So passe. Unless we are talking national landslide, these states are not in play and any discussion that they are is purely academic.

    And yes, I recall how toomey squeaked PA in a banner gop year. I am not seeing that same confluence of factors for the general this time around.

  71. mnw says:

    Romney’s biggest plus may be a dawning perception that the economy MAY be headed south again.

    But it’s kind of like Dr. Strangelove: will the missile deflect fast enuf?

  72. MD says:

    A mid-term does not equate to a general especially with a minority POTUS. The turnout for AA’s in the mid’s in PA was way down. That will not be the case this time and Obama gets 98% of that vote (probably closer to 100%).

    The scenario painted above in 55 in incredibly unrealistic. Spend money in PA, OK but understand why and it isn’t to win. A 30% shot here. Go all in on OH.

  73. dylan says:

    Was anyone else as utterly disgusted as I was with the DA’s grandstanding cross examination of zimmermann yesterday. Since when the phuck is it the accused’s obligation to apologize to the victim immediately in a case where said accused is claiming self-defense. This da needs to be disbarred for his racially incendiary and utterly worthless cross ex. Judge saw through the bs by setting bond at 150k.

  74. MD says:

    71 – Doc

    The powers that be in Philly have already said they would ignore the law and PA doesn’t have the resources to enforce it.

  75. MD says:

    That DA had an awful day. Honestly, based on everything I have now seen there is no way he will be found guilty of that particular charge. A lessor charge maybe.

  76. dylan says:

    For PA, hope for a nor’easter blizzard in philly coupled with a gotv hertofore unseen in size and scope and tech by romney coupled with a double dip coupled with a hail mary. I think that might do it.

  77. MD says:

    61 – Mael

    The only problem is that it looks very likely that Lugar will lose and it may not be very close. All momentum and enthusiasm is on the side of Mourdock. I happen to think he can and will win quite easily in the general. Having done some research he is NOT COD, Angle or Buck.

  78. DrJay says:

    Will the panthers be back at the polls with their billy clubs? The precedent has been set.

  79. dylan says:

    Lugar is basically lautenburg. It’s time for him to go and enjoy retirement. He is exhibit a for term limits

  80. MD says:

    That was overblown a bit but they should have been charged. With Holder at the helm though that was never going to happen.

  81. dylan says:

    If I am the zimmermann judge, this case gets tossed at prelim. Shameful prosecutors. Utterly shameful.

  82. mnw says:

    He & Specter can split a suite at the RINO Assisted Living Center.

  83. DrJay says:

    I’m guessing that if the skinheads had showed up with billy clubs, they’d be in jail fast enough to make your head spin.

  84. dylan says:

    When these guys start to act like they “own” the seat until they literally die, it’s time to primary them.

  85. MD says:

    Dylan – I don’t think it will get tossed but that will be due to PC, not the facts.

  86. dylan says:

    I am having dinner tonight with a group of LA liberals who love Holder. I just don’t get it. Even if you are a die hard liberal, Holder is so substandard by all measures. I would rather have reno.

  87. dylan says:

    I so wish zimmerman had not gotten out of that car. I’m sure he does too.

  88. dylan says:

    I mean this in every sense, except racially—the martin family’s grandstanding lawyer is a joke and utterly embarrasing to the bar of which he is a member.

  89. JustinB says:

    I just voted in NC on yesterday for Barack Obama, Walter Dalton, and “Against” the “Marriage Amendment.” The new GOP Majority from 2010 has made massive education cuts in NC, and laid off thousands of teachers, as well as focused on social issues like this amendment. Romney will not win NC, because we are not that stupid.

  90. lisab says:

    i thin you guys are forgetting that trayvon was black and unarmed

    since when is it legal to shoot unarmed black men?

  91. DrJay says:

    So NC is stupid enough to vote for the the least qualified person ever to be POTUS and stupid enough to vote for the new GOP majority that supposedly ruined the state, but not stupid enough to vote for Romney.

    makes sense…

  92. dylan says:

    I forgot to give honorable mention to MN as the perennial fool’s gold for the general, although I have see folks here arguing for CT being “in play”. Good lord……

  93. DrJay says:

    NJ too dylan.

  94. Dustin says:

    NC will not be ignorant enough to vote Republican ever again- 2010 was a very low turnout which fueled the GOP gains, those Obama voters didn’t just disappear, we are still here and have grown in numbers. We will not be sitting anymore elections out, for the GOP has really screwed our state. They like to cut so much in education, to “dumb down” the population, in return to get these same peoples votes down the road.

  95. DrJay says:

    “They like to cut so much in education, to “dumb down” the population…”

    seems to be working

  96. MD says:

    Doc – All the NC people are the same poster. Dave has already confirmed that. He is a pathetic person.

  97. MD says:

    dylan – none of those are in play. I even heard someone say Vermont recently. Heh.

  98. EML says:

    Vermont went Republican for over 100 years straight. Reagan won in 84 by 17. Bush beat Dukakis by 3.5 in 88. Then Clinton took VT in 92 by 16 and in 96 by 22 and the rest is history.

    Things can change in a hurry. Don’t be so rash to say that we can’t win a state just because we haven’t won it recently. People move, demographics change and issues change.

    We really lost out big time on the rust belt states when the GOP started putting social issues first. With the Democratic Party turning their backs on the white working class, if we can put the focus back on fiscal conservatism, we will start winning back voters in PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, and IA. It may not happen this year, but it’s coming.

  99. SoHope says:

    Suck it dustin/melissa

  100. DrJay says:

    It’s your own fault SoHope… you nasty republicans dumbed them down.

  101. SoHope says:

    Didnt take much, drjay

  102. SoHope says:

    Dustin/melissa are either dumb college students, teachers, or AA’s….that is 75% of obama’s support in NC

  103. Walt says:

    I thought Dustin/Melissa said they were sure Zero had it wrapped up in NC, had torn up all the railroad tracks and bent them around trees and were headed to GA–like Gen. Sherman.

  104. DrJay says:

    Virgil Goode has squeaked out the Constitution Party nomination on the first ballot with 50.4%. His VP choice is Pennsylvanian Jim Clymer.

  105. SoHope says:

    Much of the remaining 25% are trasplant yankees that forget the crap they escaped when they fled to NC.

  106. MD says:

    Dustin/Melissa/several dozen other handles:

    You are right. Senator Marshall told me the same thing.

  107. MD says:


    A ticket only Jul could love. Then again, that love might last for just a day. Never can tell…

  108. SoHope says:

    If they were so sure that obama had it in the bag they wouldnt be deceptively trolling so hard for him on Maryland based blog with under 100 regular posters.

  109. Adam Clymer says:

    107- Watch out for that Jim Clymer; he’s a “major-league @$$h0le.”

    Oh wait, that’s actually me.

  110. DrJay says:

    #110 Ha!

  111. Enjolras says:

    Jim Clymer is a buddy of mine. Good for him!

  112. DrJay says:

    What?! I thought this was like the drudge report?

    But it won the mobbies!

    And Dave is a guest on Tim’s radio show!

  113. MD says:

    114 – what a shock 🙂

    Just got a mailing from Joe Corrigan Jul I guess I am on some list as still being a registered R.

    Will someone please tell me we are going to flip OK 2?

  114. EML says:

    Jim Clymer is a CINO

  115. MD says:

    Hope – we have 5x as many posters as the island.

  116. Enjolras says:


    Stood at the polls and handed out his lit when he ran for Senate in 04 against Specter-Hoeffel

  117. MD says:

    I am still sticking with a Dem gain of 10 to 12 in the House.

  118. DrJay says:

    I thought you couldn’t do that.

  119. MD says:


    You just love every losing cause. How is RTW going?

  120. Enjolras says:


    Funny enough, Jim is one of our donors.

  121. MD says:

    How about UT 4? We have to get that one, right?

  122. DrJay says:

    On the face of it, I would have to assume there would be a correction back toward the Ds in the house…

  123. MD says:

    So we all know I have a friend that was very involved in fund raising for the Dems and worked in Philly politics for a long time. Saw him last week. He saw a study that claimed TX would be a majority Dem state by 2020 due to the influx of Hispanics. Legal Hispanics represent the greatest growth segment in TX and they are having children at a much higher rate than white people. Anyone think it isn’t important to address them? Throw TX in with CA and NY and we will never win a national election.

  124. SoHope says:

    118….and 1/10 the sodomy

  125. Dan Boren says:

    It’s a sure thing, MD; I’m tired of fighting for this seat with losers atop my ticket.

  126. MD says:

    I agree Doc. The good news for us is that the D’s lost seats in MA, PA and MI. The new map favors us in NC greatly and will offset the IL and CA losses. Hopefully, we break even or lost just 1 in TX and FL combined. I see nothing changing in PA. It is a net 1 with the new map. NY and OH could be bad news at the House level. That is where a correction could occur.

  127. Jim Matheson says:

    Kos and Jensen tell me I’ll hold on, but I’m not so sure. Heck, half of the Dems I caucus with actually hate me. I need a white male to run against; that black lady will take me out, lickety-split.

  128. DrJay says:

    Nearly the entire leadership of the remaining Blue Dogs could be gone after this year…

    Shuler, Ross, Barrow, Boren, Donnelly, Matheson, Altmire, Schrader, Cooper, Chandler, Holden

    When do they disband?

  129. EML says:

    125 – 2010 was a correction from 2006 and 2008. Redistricting was basically a wash. We shored up the seats we held instead of trying to go for more seats. Dems made out well in IL and CA, while GOP counters this with doing well in NC and the south (GA-12, IN-02, NY-27, OK-02, AR-04).

    It’s going to come down to some marginal seats we won in 2010: NY-18, NY-19, NY-24, TX-23, NH-02, MN-08, FL-18 (West), NV-03. There won’t be anywhere near the number of switchable seats as there were in 2010.

  130. EML says:

    129 – I see two seats competitive in OH. OH-06 (2010 rematch between Bill Johnson and Charlie Wilson) and OH-16 (Renacci/Sutton). Both lean R (R+5 and R+4).

  131. DrJay says:

    132 sounds about right…

  132. EML says:

    126 – the fallacy is thinking that Hispanics vote as a racial group like African Americans do. They don’t. Like white people, they vote more along class lines. The poor vote D and the middle/upper class vote R. See: affluent Hispanics in South Florida and in San Antonio. The problem is, A LOT of Hispanics are poor. However, as they climb the social ladder, they are likely to switch to R. Being generally socially conservative doesn’t hurt either.

  133. Enjolras says:

    Sen. Hatch will have a Primary with Dan Liljenquist

  134. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, the Royal Blue Jays lost to the Lady Phillies of the Radnor Rookie Softball League. It was still a great day.

    The other team had a 3rd grade girl with autism. before the game, their coach told me that she used a tee to bat and might wander a bit. Well, she hit the ball hard every time and was thrown out once (I’m glad her coach made the call). the best moment of the game was when she was playing 2d base. A ball was hit to the pitcher and this girl ran to 2d base. She dropped the throw but the parents cheered her for making the right decision and trying her best. This is why I love coaching.

    Don’t worry. I am still petty and nasty and capable of being a jerk (just ask Jul). I am fortunate to have healthy children and there is nothing on Earth more important than that.

  135. DrJay says:

    If the numbers I just saw are correct, Orrin Hatch, I believe, has failed to avoid a primary with 51.7% of the caucus votes. I believe he needed 60%.

  136. DrJay says:

    or maybe that was a first ballot… I am not sure how it works..

  137. DrJay says:

    where’s Bunu when you actually need him?

  138. Dan Liljenquist says:

    I;m coming on like a freight train. Orrin’s going down; Mike Lee, Part II.

  139. Enjolras says:

    Hatch received 59.2 percent
    Dan received 40.2 percent

  140. Walt says:

    Rasmussen Tracking

    4/18 – 4/20…1500 LV

    Obama…47 Romney…45 (Zero +2)

    Gallup Tracking

    4/16 – 4/20…2200 RV

    Zero..45….Romney..46 (Romney +1)
    I don’t get it. Two polls, one LV and one RV and Romney is better by 3 in the RV?

  141. Enjolras says:

    40.8 percent for Liljenquist I mean

  142. DrJay says:

    So there will be a primary, Jul?

  143. GF says:

    143- Weekend samples are weird, Walt. I’d wait until Wednesday next week to get a better idea.

    Hit and run; out to a record show (LPs, 45s and 78s).

  144. Enjolras says:


    Yes, there will.

  145. DrJay says:

    very interesting…

  146. Jeff G. says:


    I remember the crap quite well and will be voting for Romney, McCrory and every other R I can find on the ballot.

  147. Tony says:

    Seriously, is there anything Newt could be helpful with during or after the nomination?

  148. SoHope says:

    Good deal, jeff

  149. SoHope says:

    Come out with pictures of him in a 3 way with obama and michelle

  150. Tony says:

    I just had an ice cream sandwich. A Fatboy.

  151. lisab says:

    California State university student gets a head start on his career as a politician by stealing 700 voter IDs to win President of Student Government

  152. MD says:


    He could detail Anne Romney’s Cadillacs.

  153. Emerica says:

    Cheating in Wisconsin 6th caucus..

  154. MD says:

    You really are fuc+ing nuts.

  155. Tim says:

    And, it gets stranger. Tomorrow, we have Scott Eliott from Election Projection.

  156. Emerica says:

    In Minnesota so far.

    Paul takes 3/3 in cd2 and 3/3/ in cd4


  157. Emerica says:

    Only four Minn districts today: CD1
    CD2, CD4, CD8

  158. Emerica says:

    Missouri is having each congressional district elect delegates today.

    They split it in half. Their previous caucuses were to send people to state convention to select at large missouri delegates.

    So Romney seems to be having a good day there.

    CD1: 1 Paul, 1 Romney, 1 Santorum
    CD2: Romney/Santorum slate (no count)
    CD3: ?
    CD4: 3 Romney
    CD5: 3 Paul
    CD6: 1 Romney, 1 Gingrich, 1 Santorum
    CD7: 2 Santorum, 1 Romney
    CD8: 2 Gingrich, 1 Romney

  159. Walt says:

    On HHR, can I say that “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” was a great song?

  160. Emerica says:

    The Iowa GOP central committee is more powerful than the Iowa GOP chairman himself so these elections actually matter.

    Winners of the Iowa GOP state central committee elections

    Paul wins 4 of 8 so far with the other 8 elections still unknown.

  161. Emerica says:


    Also Romney withdrew his challenge to Santorum official’s election fixing in Jefferson county Missouri so if those Santorum people are lining up behind Romney he may win the state convention Missouri eventually.

  162. MD says:


    I am begging you. Can you please go to a registration system?

  163. DrJay says:

    What time is the show again, Tim?

  164. Walt says:


    I think it was you who killed the thread, not me.

    So own it.

  165. Walt says:


    Make sure you get the cat in and have your windows down in your house.

    Raining hard here and it’s heading your way.

    You too, MD.

  166. hugh says:

    MD Mourdock wins the general easily. IN is not DE or CO, also he is not a horrible candidate. COD and Santorum did so much to hurt are brand as it makes us look like the party of stupid.

  167. jason says:

    161. So cutting to the chase Paul comes up holding the short end of the stick again….

  168. jason says:

    Count me as against registration. You can always ban the really unacceptable.

  169. jason says:

    MD, back to Phila. I don’t think you can cut the margin in Phila down to 350k because there just aren’t enough swing voters there to do it. The only way to cut down the margin in Phila Co. is if turnout is lower because the Messiah’s message is no longer resonating.

    That is why the deficit has to be made up where Corbett ran well.

  170. bio mom says:

    161: Didn’t Romney lose Missouri? So that you know I am consistent in my dislike of caucuses, I don’t think someone who loses should then win more delegates. Even when my favored candidate benefits.

  171. MD says:

    Jul – just had a visit to my house from Joe Corrigan. Spoke for about 5 minutes. Obviously, they are working off an old list. He was working by himself going door to door. I appreciate that type of willingness to pound the pavement. I still think Milne prevails.

    jason – there aren’t enough votes to make up the difference. That is the basic problem. It is a math problem.

  172. Walt says:

    “PA-17: Truce Called in Turbulent Race”
    Holden vs. Carwright
    Holden pulled his negative ad.

    But did they follow the Philly A-holes example and send each other cream sodas?

  173. Emerica says:

    I think Santo people will ally at the state convention and Romney might win Missouri.

    Minn and Iowa are looking a little better.

  174. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Go to South Philadelphia and the Northeast and tell those mf-ers to stop sucking FDR and JFK and vote with a brain. You have Irish and Italian blood. They will like you. I will ak my Irish blood up to Mayfair and the River Ward and tell them to grow a set and vote GOP.

    Brandon – Get the 95 people who live in th ePine Barrens to vote Republican. Pull them off their sisters if you have to.

  175. Enjolras says:

    UT Gov Herbert avoids primary with 63 percent of delegates.


    Corrigan ran indie 2 years ago and is a bit of a whacko but the PSEA is going all in for Milne so, maybe they know something.

  176. Bitterlaw says:

    Minn and Iowa are looking a little better.

    Comment by Emerica

    Better than what? Total defeat vs. Crushing total defeat for Ron Paul?

  177. jason says:

    We will have to disagree on that. There would be plenty of votes if Romney can perform like Romney. Corbett lost Phila Co by 280 k votes and won the election by 360k votes. So even if Onorato had won Philly by the margin Obama won in 2008 (470k) Corbett would still have prevailed.

  178. Emerica says:

    “@John_Rouleau: #mn04 adjourns without announcing who alternates are, who dep. chair is or completing voting & discussion on resolutions.”

    That worries me, could they unseat the RNC delegates?

    Also refused to honor 2/3 supermajority votes

  179. DrJay says:


  180. Bitterlaw says:

    What if you held a caucus and nobody cared? Would it make a noise? What’s the answer, Bunu?

  181. MD says:

    Dave – fix the filter or I am coming to Maryland to address the issue with you personally.

  182. jason says:

    ” I think Santo people will ally at the state convention and Romney might win Missouri.”

    Dadgummnit. If only Paul could win MO and then 37 other states he would be 38/38.

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m going to agree with jason that it is doable. Since I was the first to predict that Santorum would lose Pennsylvania and, y dropping out, he will, I now have unassailable Prediction Rights. Do not denigrate me.

  184. MD says:

    Onorato was a uniquely awful candidate jason. The guy actually ran on being the first Gov to have graduated from Penn State. He tried to position himself as a “conservative” in such a phony way as to be laughable.

    Sorry, I can’t see it happening. County by county. Check the turnout %’s for each. The deficit is too much to overcome unless some things happen that I can’t for-see today.

  185. DrJay says:

    While you’re in still in that alternate universe, Bunu, find CPA and ask him if the Mittbot meltdown continues unabated.

  186. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – what is the filter doing to you? Personally, I would love to see Ron Paul on the banned list.

  187. jason says:

    I think if Paul fights like hell to revert the popular vote in every state and is successful in subverting the process by installing Paulbots to disenfranchise the people who did not vote for him he could probably go from 67 delegates to 76.

  188. Bitterlaw says:


  189. Bitterlaw says:

    I was just checking to see if that is a banned word.

  190. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Secret Ron Paul supporter releases plan for Paul to get to 76 delegates.

  191. MD says:

    191 – Fuc u

    Now correct that as+wipe.

  192. MD says:

    The good news in my mind is that the Marxists are going to have to put up a strong defense here. Less resources for OH and VA.

  193. jason says:

    187. I think you are still missing my point, which is that the votes are there if Romney performs like Corbett in key counties. I get yours that Onorato is a worse candidate than Obama and that therefore that is a tall order.

  194. MD says:

    Funny how CPA disappeared huh? Same with Wobbie.

    I want HD back. Now that the primary season is over we need his opp research.

  195. Bitterlaw says:

    Bunu Predictions that sucked:

    Ron Paul would win Maine
    Ron Paul would win Iowa
    Ron Paul would win Alaska
    Ron Paul would win New Hampshire
    Ron Paul would . . . “f” it. I will get carpal tunnel syndrome trying toi type this list.

  196. Bitterlaw says:


  197. MD says:

    Corbett did that in a mid-term jason!!! How many times do I have to say that? The AA turnout was way down in 10. That won’t be the case this time. The 478K deficit might (might) shrink to 450K or if we are lucky 425K. Go find the votes. They aren’t there unless something very strange happens.

    Whoa – Patrick Murphy just aired a very damaging ad on Kane. That IS getting interesting.

  198. jason says:

    I think saying Ron Paul is completely irrelevant in the GOP primaries is unfair. He is totally irrelevant.

  199. Bitterlaw says:

    MD is good with numbers but I will say that even though Onorato was a weal candidate, the GOP could win for one huge reason. Onorato really had no record of screwing over Pennsylvania voters with failed policies. Obama is trying to kill Marcellus Shale. Romney needs to tell Obama to “Shut the Frack Up.”

  200. MD says:

    I actually agree that Romney plays more the Corbett role so I think the most realistic optimistic scenario is a 2 point loss. If he was a Toomey type, it would be 8 points. 15 points if he were a Santorum type. Romney is clearly our best option. I just can’t find enough votes. Not unless a shi+load of R’s have moved into PA and I didn’t hear about it.

  201. MD says:

    202 – I like that.

    Of course, weal should be weak but we can overlook that. You came on strong at the end of the post.

  202. jason says:

    ” Corbett did that in a mid-term jason!!! How many times do I have to say that? ”

    I don’t buy that argument, since it’s irrelevant to my point.

    And in fact I accept the fact Obama will probably win Phila Co with 400k+ votes.

    However, I don’t accept that Romney could not shoot for doing as well as Corbett on a percentage basis in other key counties.

  203. Bitterlaw says:

    I am torn on the AG race. If Kane actually won the General Election, at least she is a prosecutor. If Murphus wins, he has already pledged not to enforce the law (especially voter ID) and he is just putting in time until he can run for something else. Murphy is a hack of the highest order.

  204. MD says:

    Did you know that Kane supported Corbett and contributed to his campaign? Her family is also in the trucking business and is anti-union. Why isn’t she a Republican?

  205. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – if typing and spelling count, you are going to spend as much time as I do in HHR Summer School.

  206. MD says:

    My grammer is imppeclable m’fer/?

  207. MD says:

    Walt – just saw the weather radar. Looks like rain in about an hour at my house and an hour and 5 minutes for Bitter. It is going to be a soaking straight through tomorrow.

  208. NCIntellect says:

    In NC there have already been 21,000 people to cast votes early in the last two days, and the Democrats have a larger advantage than expected. It will be curious to see how this impacts the “Marriage Amendment.”- This also bodes well for Obama come November if this trend continues. This information can be viewed at

  209. Bitterlaw says:

    She is probably not a Republican because it is probably easier to make it as a woman with the Dems. Most of the Judges I know in Philadelphia are Republicans who register as Democrats because that is the only way to get elected.

    The only good thing Murphy ever did in Congress was to vote against a Resolution honoring the Giants for winning the Super Bowl. I think it passed 434-1.

  210. MD says:

    Romney wins NC by 3 to 5. Not easy but pretty much a done deal.

  211. MD says:

    The troll strategy is so obvious. Try to demoralize the opponent. So incredibly obvious.

  212. Bobby says:

    MD, I don’t know if I totally agree with you. I think you are too hung up on the 475k or 450k out of Philly and your point is taken. Romney needs to expand the electorate and replicate the composition of the electorate… Get 15% of Ds, 92-95 percent of Rs and win by 15-20 among Is….hard..yes…impossible…no.

  213. NCIntellect says:

    Romney will lose NC by about 2 points by projections, if nothing major happens between now and say October. He is a much weaker candidate than McCain was in areas like NC, and he will lose a lot of McCain voters in the rural areas of the state due to lack of excitement for Romney, and because of his stance on laying people off for more wealth, and his faith as well. Obama will shore up the vote in the Triad/Triangle/Charlotte/Asheville areas, which are full of the white highly educated folks, that will not vote Romney, I can promise you that, along with the huge AA and Latino vote as well.

  214. Bitterlaw says:

    Romney will have trouble getting 95% of Rs because Jul and his army of Deadenders will vote for the most obscure candidates they can write-in.

  215. Emerica says:

    Paul may be taking 21 of 22 delegates out of Minnesota today? I know we lost one in CD8.

  216. DrJay says:

    “Paul may be taking 21 of 22 delegates out of Minnesota today?”

    Where is he taking them? Road trip to Milwaukee?

  217. Emerica says:

    Gopal Krishna in 3rd (supporters were told to vote for him) and Chad Steenhoek in 4th (Ron Paul held a fundraiser for him in 2010) are maybes.

    2 more sympathizers on Iowa central committee?

    That would make 9/16 if true.

    Plus all central committeemen are auto-delegates for the state convention making it easier to take the at large delegates.

  218. Tim says:


    7 pm. But remember, you can download. You don’t have to listen live. They always put it up for download just a few minutes after we go off.

  219. Enjolras says:

    Kane is going to win the Dem nod for AG over Patrick Murphy.

    I may vote for her in November.

  220. Tim says:


  221. jason says:

    ” Paul takes 7 of 16 central chairs in Iowa. Note Tony Krebsbach is a RP supporter even though he’s not listed as one.”

    Here on my street all the squirrels are gray, although there is one who thinks he is brown.

  222. DrJay says:

    Charles Colson has died at age 80.

  223. Tony says:

    Here on my street all the squirrels are gray, although there is one who thinks he is brown


    ok that was pretty funny.

  224. jason says:

    One day Jul will learn that voting for Democrats only helps Democrats. There are no Democrats that deserve to win because of what their party represents. In the big picture, every vote for Democrats is a vote for Marxism, even if that particular Democrat is to right of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun.

  225. Enjolras says:

    Jack Wagner is our Dem Auditor General and he’s done a fine job.

  226. Enjolras says:

    Kane supported Johnny Mac in 08 too.

  227. jason says:

    ” Romney will lose NC by about 2 points by projections, ”

    What projections, moron?

    NCIntellect lacks any.

    Romney will outperform McCain in NC, you read it here first.

  228. jason says:

    ” and his faith as well.”

    So NCmoron, you think NC voters prefer Rev. Wright’s Marxist Black Liberation Church?

    Don’t think so.

  229. lisab says:

    ” Romney will lose NC by about 2 points by projections, ”

    jian gui

  230. NCIntellect says:

    NC will take a Christian, v/s a Mormon any day of the week, and there is no possible way in Hell that Romney will run better in rural NC, than McCain did- You are freaking insane if you literally believe that. Again, people with the real brains vote for the Democrats, and the people that are either racist, ignorant, or extremely wealthy vote Republican.

  231. Scott says:

    The NC Marriage Amendment will be approved overwhelmingly.How do I know? PPP already did a night of NC polling and has tweeted about th Republican primary.If the NC amendment had any chance of being defeated,Jensen would be in a frenzy.So far,nothing but silence.
    With 20,400 votes received,a small sum, the average age in NC’s early voting is 59 and the black vote is 16% of the total.In 2008,the black vote was 22%.
    So NC Troll,do these stats. bode well for the O Man in November? I do not think so!

  232. MD says:

    Want to wager something on (I love mismatches) it? We can exchange our real info through Dave. I won’t post it on here. You have my word on that.

    How much can you afford?

  233. lisab says:

    “NC will take a Christian, v/s a Mormon any day of the week,”

    too bad obama is not a christian

  234. Scott says:

    I live in Avery County,NC,one of the ruralist NC Counties.I know a bunch of 2008 Obama voters enthusiastically voting for Romney this year.They very much regret their 2008 vote and wanted to be part of the “history making” in 2008.
    Romney will seriously do better than McCain in 2012 in rural NC and in rural USA.

  235. DrJay says:

    “NC will take a Christian, v/s a Mormon any day of the week.”

    I guess the bigots vote democrat.

  236. DrJay says:

    “Again, people with the real brains vote for the Democrats…”

    so why do you choose to vote dem then?

  237. MD says:

    Scott – The AA’s oppose gay marriage by a large %. That is DOA. No chance and I mean none of the G&L getting their way. They will have to rely on the courts.

  238. Dr. Evil says:

    MD – I will bet you ONE MEELLLLLLION DOLLLARRS that Romney does not win North Carolina.

  239. MD says:

    Doc – why do you vote R then? You are probably the smartest guy here.

  240. MD says:

    242 – Bitter

    The challenge was to Dustin/Melissa/20 other handles, not you.

    Dave – can you confirm the IP of our current NC friend is the same as Dustin/Melissa?

  241. DrJay says:

    my racist ignorance negates it…

    thanks for the compliment though.

  242. Add in Chains says:

    I’m the smartest guy here, MD. I knew that Zimmerman was guilty as hell even before there was any evidence.

  243. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – lighten up. Don’t turn into Jul. Oh, damn. Now I am going to be dead to you.

  244. MD says:

    Slow moving weather system Bitter. Still 60 miles west from ruining the rest of our weekend. Hopefully, we can get to nightfall. At least that is something. If you have a game tomorrow, forget it.

  245. MD says:

    I just defriended you.

  246. Emerica says:

    Yep, Minnesota is Ron Paul country so far.

    CD1 – 2/3 Paul
    CD2 – 3/3 Paul
    CD3 – 3/3 Paul
    CD4 – 3/3 Paul
    CD5 – 3/3 Paul
    CD6 – 3/3 Paul
    CD7 – 1/3 Paul
    CD8 – 2/3 Paul

    Total: 20/24

    The rest will be from..
    13 from state convention + 3 party leaders
    Which no one knows yet

  247. DrJay says:

    In truth, though, I am still a registered D… I have only mentioned it twice before here. I am sure I would be called a DINO.

  248. MD says:

    Really Doc? Do you vote R now?

  249. DrJay says:

    I have always voted R for president and governor. Locally, I live and work in very D territory; sometimes my only say on the matter is in the D primary. Sometimes the Rs are kooky. My D votes are mostly local ones.

  250. MD says:

    So, you are like a Dakota voter then?

  251. North Cacalaki Trull says:

    I reckon all them thar repubercans dun werked hard to dumm us down.

    Yuns gonna be reel shoked wen we vote agenst Obamer.

  252. DrJay says:

    Yeah, probably…

    But, I admit I voted for Nelson over McCollum and Harris, both of whom I found creepy… Mack will absolutely get my vote over Nelson this time.

    Nelson is the only D senator I have voted for.

  253. Scott says:

    #241- MD
    Yes,I know that because I lived in California when Proposition 8–Marriage Amendment–passed after it was expected to fail.The reason is that older blacks and Latinos overwhelmingly voted “Yea”.
    I was responding to NC Intellect(Troll) who gives it a chance of prevailing.

  254. Emerica says:

    Oklahoma delegates sweep in district 4 for Paul.

    That puts him at 9 out of the 15 delegates elected so far in Oklahoma for Paul?

  255. MD says:

    I still have Nelson as a favorite in that race Doc. Mac could make it close. He could also pull it off and I would only consider it to be a slight upset. How is this for strange? I am distantly related to him. My Great Grandmother was a cousin of Connie Mack’s. I think that probably makes me like a 6th cousin to him or something.

  256. Emerica says:

    Most of the Most of the delegates at the state convention in Minnesota will be the same people at the district level.

    That means +10 delegates for Paul at state convention of all goes right in addition to the 20 today.

  257. SoHope says:

    bunu, you know our sodomy count would be zero if you didn’t post here.

  258. Wes-sexy says:

    Sodomy? Now you’re talking.

  259. Walt says:


    For God’s sake man, we implore you, go pos your stuff at:


    and quit irritating everyone.

  260. Emerica says:

    Oklahoma and Minnesota are going the opposite of Colorado and Missouri.

    Today’s results

    District 3 elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates, plus one elector and the alternate elector from the Ron Paul slate.
    District 4 elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates, plus both the electors and alternate electors from the Ron Paul slate.
    District 5 elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates, plus one elector. Rick Santorum picked up one alternate elector.

  261. jason says:

    “Again, people with the real brains vote for the Democrats…”

    I guess NCnointellect is the exception to every rule….

  262. jason says:

    ” Oklahoma and Minnesota are going the opposite of Colorado and Missouri.”

    Geologically speaking?

  263. Bitterlaw says:

    Don’t defriend me, MD. It’s going to rain. I will be trapped here. I need an escape plan if my daughter’s friends roll in and play Monster High Dolls all week-end.

  264. jason says:

    ” Ron Paul supporters who are IA and NV GOP Chairmen AJ Spiker and James Smack sitting together at RNC Chair meeting ”

    Spiker and Smack?

  265. Walt says:

    The goldfish in my pond just caucused and 3 of the 15 have come out for Paul. That was one more than was expected.

  266. SoHope says:

    Bunu’s conversation with God:

    Bunu: What do you think the chances are of Ron Paul or his progeny ever becoming president?

    God: Well, Bunu, that’s difficult to say. I mean, he doesn’t really…

    Bunu: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you, God. The least you can do is level with me. What are his chances?

    God: Not good.

    Bunu: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

    God: I’d say more like one out of 311,591,917.


    Bunu: So you’re telling me there’s a chance… *YEAH!*

  267. jason says:

    The storm rolled through here about an hour ago, it’s heading straight for Philly A-hole country….

  268. Bitterlaw says:

    Ok, you America-hating Bastard. Let’s p;ay thelinks game:

    Ben Stein calls Ron Paul and anti-semite:

  269. Bitterlaw says:

    Ron Paul supporters defend him as anti-semite by posting hisanti-semitic remarks.

  270. DrJay says:

    Nelson has done well not to really upset anyone. But I think his healthcare support is going to hurt, and his NASA creds don’t seem very meaningful right now. He’ll be 70 soon, which may not appeal to younger voters, while on the other hand the older voters may be turned off some by Obama and healthcare.

    I think he loses in the end. The coasts really came out strong for Romney here in the primary, while I think the interior and northern areas will go as republican as usual after warming up to him… may help in the senate race.

  271. Walt says:

    The reason I hesitate to pick MD to be one of the 4 on my island is that I think at some point in a whole month he would become unhinged, snap, go on a rampage and “off” the rest of us. Probably over some little thing like the bacon was not cooked the way he liked it.

  272. Scott says:

    Perfect game pitched by Philip Humbar of the White Sox against the Mariners today.The 21st perfect game in baseball history.

  273. SoHope says:

    bonus points from anyone that tells me were I stole the idea for #272 from.

  274. DrJay says:

    Melissa and Dustin…

  275. DrJay says:

    Sorry I mean Dumb and Dumber.

  276. SoHope says:

    dr. jay …potato patato

  277. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – here is video from the last meal we had at the Philly A-hole meeting. MD was in rare form at the head of the table.

  278. jason says:

    Ok I am completely resigned to being rejected at the exclusive Philly A-hole Club. I have come to terms with it and it doesn’t bother me anymore.

    Do you guys really have jackets?

  279. Hugh says:

    I agree with drj. Plus Florida changes its early voting laws which will hurt dems a lot. No more will the parish go with their preachers on Sunday to vote in a group. registration laws also change to cut out acorn type fraud. Dems are screwed here. Fools gold for dems statewide this time around.

  280. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I checked the By-Laws. If we don’t make jason a member we have to kill him. He knows about the jackets.

  281. jason says:

    Reminds of the movie line…

    Chevy Chase in Fletch.
    After being heavily slapped in the face by a woman he had just asked to sleep with him, he retorts, ” I suppose a BJ is out of the question then ?”

  282. MD says:

    Sigh – I will make another call to the head of the membership committee.

    Btw – that video was me in a good mood

  283. Walt says:

    #283 (video from Bitter)

    Oh my…

  284. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Maybe Jason could watch Brandon during the meetings. I am still worried that Brandon is a mole for the New Jersey Education Association.

  285. EML says:

    278 – I got to see Philip Humber pitch here in Binghamton when he was a member of the Mets. Very happy to see him throw a perfect game.

  286. Scott says:

    Has there yet been a conclusion to the recent New York SD-27 race?

  287. jason says:

    I can see the Philly A-holes opening chapters everywhere and becoming a national force for a-holerism.

  288. Emerica says:

    Also from Iowa, from my understanding although this is kind of murky, Paul took 3 of the 4 seats on the nominating committee. There are still 4 more seats up that haven’t been selected yet in other districts.

    Iowa gets 28 delegates total.

    13 chosen by the state convention.
    13 chosen by the nominating committee

    The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of 13 delegates to the State Convention. The delegates at the State Convention can then approve or reject the slate, but they almost always approve it.

    Obviously the goal is to have Iowa be 100% Paul

  289. jason says:

    ” Obviously the goal is to have Iowa be 100% Paul ”

    Obviously, since he can’t get enough people to vote for him.

    Third in Iowa, but he wants all the delegates.

    The little Nazis are ambitious.

  290. lisab says:

    Light beer has become to the current generation of youth what regular beer was just a few decades ago. In 1990, more Budweiser was sold than the top three light beers combined. Twenty years later, Budweiser has taken a backseat to Bud Light, which sold as much as the top four regular beers combined. The country has taken a major generational shift in favor of light beers, which now account for four of the five most popular beers sold domestically. As reported by St. Louis Today, Budweiser believes four out of 10 people in their mid-20s have never tried regular beer. In 1988, that rate was just 1.5 out of ten. Beer Marketer’s Insights editor Eric Shepard said when asked about young drinkers turning to light beer, “The heaviest beer drinkers are young males and that’s where the market had been going over the last decade or so.”

  291. EML says:

    296 – at the same time, craft beer has taken off exponentially. Macro brewery sales have been declining over the past 10 years. I myself just polished off a certain 18% ABV 120 minute IPA.

  292. MD says:

    Thanks a lot Bitter. I just spent 40 minutes getting my A chewed out the by the head of the membership committee. Among other things, he told me I wasn’t doing my job as a liaison from the members to the committees because I keep coming back with the same question. On and on it went.

    However, and I was shocked by this, he was willing to compromise. jason doesn’t have to take on the entire island. He must either take on JudyT or JustMary. Both post religious intolerant stuff on a regular basis so this shouldn’t be hard. JustMary recently talked about the one true church.

    Further, he must post about Maxwell. You don’t get to be a member without denigrating douchewell on a regular basis.

    That’s it. I am not going back to him again.

  293. MD says:

    Afraid of Palin being a heartbeat away? Read this and it could have been much different had it not been for OH:

  294. lisab says:

    ah-ah-ah-ah… stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

    Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb has woken from a coma after more than a week and begun to show signs of recovery.

  295. Tim says:

    Light beers are horse swill.

  296. EML says:

    302 – this is true. DFH 120 Minute IPA and Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA so far tonight. Gotta get home and try the Russian Imperial Stout I bottled 4 weeks ago.

  297. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – I have stretched the A-holes as much as I can. I’m not even from Philadelphia. I earned it. You have to earn it, too. Trust MD on this.

  298. MD says:

    Lee on the DL. Expected to miss at least 3 starts. Very bad news.

  299. MD says:

    Bitter – starting to rain here. Roll up your windows. Slow moving system but should hit you in about 15 or 20 minutes.

  300. charleypreacher says:

    292 NYS special state senate election still in court.

  301. Bitterlaw says:

    My r\wife rented The Girl with the Dragon tatoo. 20 minutes in and I am bored out of my mind.

  302. Walt says:

    Time mag rag issue out that has the “100 Most influential People in the World.” I heard of maybe 22 out of the 100.
    Bubu will be happy that Ron Paul made their list.

    George Soros did not make the list.
    Sadly, I did not see lisab or any other HHR folks on the list either.

  303. Walt says:

    “304.Jason – I have stretched the A-holes as much as I can…
    comment by Bitter.
    You say things like this you will get IP back here posting.

  304. MD says:


    I am serious. It is pouring here now.

  305. Walt says:

    I warned you the rain was coming…

  306. Bitterlaw says:

    It just started here.

    This movie SUCKS!

  307. EML says:

    Raining and 37 here now. Not nice weather.

  308. Walt says:

    They are calling for more than a foot of snow down at Snowshoe ski resort in S. WV.


    Also for snow in western MD (Garrett Co. etc.) and highlands of WV near there.

  309. Walt says:

    Did y’all know that last Monday WV Dem. Governor instructed the Dem. AG to join the lawsuit with 21 other states to fight the EPA coal emission rule for power plants.
    We Repubs in WV have been urging such action for a long time. Why wait until now?

    2012 is an election year for gov, Ag, etc, ya know.

  310. Walt says:


    I don’t want to ruin it for you, but in the movie you are watching, at the end they have to shoot the dog.
    (or maybe that was in Ol’ Yeller.

  311. MD says:

    1 to 0. Behind again. Can we score runs 2 nights in a row? I don’t know.

  312. Bitterlaw says:

    WTF, Walt? Maybe I will watch The Empire Strikes Back. I wonder why Luke and Darth Vader have such animosity. It’s almost like they are related.

  313. david says:

    It is good to see that Orrin (I think congress should get involved in NCAA football) Hatch will face a primary.

  314. david says:

    #315, must be climate change that Bush caused.

  315. jason says:

    Wow, it’s a lot of work to join the Philly A-holes. I feel discriminated against since nobody else had to do all this stuff, suicide missions and beating dead maxwells.

    I might have a lawyer look into this. Would it be a conflict of interest for Bitter to take on the case?

  316. Bitterlaw says:

    I need $500 to look into the case, Jason.

  317. SusyQue says:

    Santorum wants to be Seduced

    Rick Santorum is not going to give it up easily. He’s looking for at least a little sweet talk and some kind of commitment first.
    Eight days after suspending his own campaign for president, Santorum has yet to endorse the certain Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. It had seemed there was a perfect opportunity for a party unity event on Tuesday morning, when Romney visited a Pittsburgh suburb, but Santorum was not there.

    Indeed, the former U.S. senator from Pittsburgh had told 4,000 supporters on a conference call just hours before that event that he was fine if they wanted to vote for him in next Tuesday’s Pennsylvania GOP primary, or in any upcoming contest, for that matter. He declined to endorse Romney and did not even mention him.

    “As far as how you vote, that’s up to you,” Santorum said in response to question. “I haven’t supported any candidate at this point, so that’s really up to you.”

    Santorum did say he’d be “all in” on the GOP effort to defeat President Obama. He also allowed as how he’d be putting forward an organization to promote the conservative values he espoused during the nomination race. Of course any such PAC or foundation could easily serve as the proto-campaign for his next presidential run.

  318. MD says:

    Yea, he will probably endorse Obama. Their economic agendas are very similar.

  319. Walt says:


    Excerpt from a U.S. high school history book ten years from now:
    “One of the strangest things the U.S. voters ever did was elect a very ignorant man, Goerge Bush, to the office of president. (Actually he stole the election and that will be convered on page 263).

    Despite being one of the dumbest humans to ever walk the face of the earth, he was very smart in a diabolical way. It is a proven fact that he caused two wars as well as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, famines, droughts, stock market crashes and $4/gallon gasoline.

    Even after he left office he was still causing oil well disasters in the Gulf of Mexico (which was not too far from his home in TX), and also shot and killed Treyvon Martin who was the son of President Obama.”

  320. bio mom says:

    There will be no Santorum future. He has burned too many bridges. Same for Gingrich.

  321. jason says:

    F..k him.

  322. jason says:

    ” I need $500 to look into the case, Jason.”

    How much are the leather jackets worth and how much Grey Goose is in the bar?

  323. Walt says:


    They say when Obammer saw the Old Yeller he cried at the end.

    Zero was sad that they did not cook and eat the dog.

  324. jason says:

    Santorum is finished, his 15 minutes are over. If he is smart, he will lobby for payment of his debts and a good position in the Romney administration, and cut his losses.

    Not holding my breath.

  325. jason says:

    Cesar Milan: “Remember, it’s exercise, discipline, then affection.”

    Obama: “Yeah, but what temperature do I set the oven?”

  326. MD says:

    Why on earth would anyone want Santorum in their administration?

  327. bio mom says:

    Many twitters today saying most RNC members think Portman will be vp.

  328. DrJay says:

    Jul, you out there?

    How did Mia Love fare today in Utah?

  329. DrJay says:

    At PetSmart, we shop for dog toys…

    Obama shops for “bait”.

  330. jason says:

    ” Why on earth would anyone want Santorum in their administration?”


    My point is that from Santorum’s perspective, he should lobby for debt reduction and a job while he still has a little leverage (basically, stop being a pain in the ass).

  331. jason says:

    Obama: “I promise you: If you like your dog, you can keep him. Though I may ask you to share some with me.”

  332. Walt says:

    Thinking about how much race baiting is being done.

    Who do you think is the best at race baiting.
    Is Obammer the Master Baiter?

    Or is it Jesse J. or Al S.?

  333. Walt says:

    338–good one, jason.

  334. jason says:

    What irritates me about Santorum is that it’s all me, me, me, screw the country. He wants to be seduced to do the right thing, just like some of the deadenders that were here begging to be talked into supporting Romney.

  335. DrJay says:

    Love won 70.4% and will face Matheson.

    “Mia Love pulled a major upset on Saturday, winning the Republican Party nomination in Utah’s 4th District, advancing to face U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson in November.”

  336. Emerica says:

    Paul did well in Washington today. King County’s 34th LD. Total 20 delegates and 20 alternates were selected.

    Here’s the breakdown:

    13 Ron Paul
    6 Santorum
    1 Gingrich

    16 Ron Paul
    4 Santorum

    It looks like as long as Santorum and Paul ally at the state convention, we could deny Romney any delegates, and the Santorum people seem to be working with Paul unlike Missouri. We can’t afford another North Dakota occurring.

    We also got 4 of 12 national delegates in South Carolina which was unexpected it’s a very weak state for Paul.

  337. Tony says:

    Mia Love seems like an interesting candidate. Not that it matters, but is she a product of or pushed by the Tea Party?

  338. DrJay says:

    Pollster saves a life:

    “Marist Poll interviewers are trained in how to handle the occasional difficult caller. But, when a woman on the other end of the line sounded short of breath, Jason Sokolowski demonstrated outstanding judgment, alerted his supervisor, and helped save a life.”!/on-air/as-seen-on/Call-from-Marist-Pollsters-Saves-Womans-Life/148012685

    Un-freaking-believable… see was awakened from her sleep while slipping into diabetic coma.

  339. DrJay says:

    Not sure about the Tea Party, but the article above says Josh Romney campaigned for her, and she had support from several house members, including Cantor, Ryan, and Sessions.

  340. Tony says:

    Portman was rumored to be McCain’s vp choice too. Though that campaign was mismanaged, while this one seems to be humming right along.

  341. Tony says:

    This is just a hunch, but I would think the Tea Party would like candidates like Love, thus feeding her campaign with cash and support.

  342. Emerica says:

    Constitution Party nominated a fool today.

    …voted in favor of the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and voted against any and all amendments that would get us out of Iraq in 2006.

  343. jason says:

    Hey, sounds like my kind of candidate.

    I favored the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, the surge, and wiretapping against terrorists.

    But I think Romney does also, will vote for him.

  344. SusyQue says:

    Zimmerman apologized to Martin’s family…or did he?
    by Paul Jacobson

  345. SusyQue says:

    A Post at Washington Times about Zimmerman:

    If his head’s been split–you must acquit.

  346. mnw says:

    It always amazes me that posters (337; others) always ALWAYS think that when a politician loses an election (Santorum), that what he covets most is some job as a federal bureaucrat– Sec of Energy, or something.

    Santorum has in the past, & can again, make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Don’t you GET that?

    Not everybody lusts after a third-fiddle public sector job that pays a fast $150 g’s– before taxes.

  347. Tim V says:

    America has long been a country where almost everyone, including the poor and unskilled, could get a job. Given the will to do a reasonable day’s work, a job was a passport to economic and social well-being; it was the fount of self-esteem and the foundation of family life. Indeed, work was Life.

    More than 15 million Americans no longer have that passport to Life. Think of it as roughly the entire population of the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Arkansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma, all standing idle—every man, woman, and child. The traditional breadwinners, namely men between the ages of 25 and 54, are among those hardest hit. According to an Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll, some 25 percent of households include someone who is unemployed and looking for work. As well as laying waste to work, to the equivalent of losing every job created in the last decade, the Great Recession has visited us with reduced incomes, declining home equity, and a growing contraction in credit.

  348. SusyQue says:

    President Barack Obama, at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich., faces daunting poll numbers as he tries to keep his job in November.

    The conventional wisdom is that the election is President Obama’s to lose, but after the week he’s had, if I were his Chicago campaign office I’d be hitting the panic button.
    Three out of the five major polls released this week (CNN, Pew, and NBC/Wall Street Journal) had the president leading former Gov. Mitt Romney, but only by single digits.

    Read more:

  349. Scott says:

    MD and Phil
    Any thoughts on the equities’ markets this week.IMHO,here are the driving forces:
    (a) Election in France
    (b) Apple’s 1st qtr. earnings on Tuesday
    (3) 1st qtr. GDP growth on Thursday. Bloomberg News says 2.5%.

  350. SusyQue says:

    #356…Hi, Tim V…wonder if Mort Zuckerman will vote for ooo in Nov. 2012?!?

  351. mnw says:


    Interesting link.

  352. mnw says:

    Sen. Mancin sez he’s “unsure” he’ll vote for zero again.

    Somehow…I bet he does! Boob bait.

  353. bio mom says:

    Let’s see, Romney won Washinton by 12%. Yet he should get no delegates?? Seems fair to me (sarcasm).

  354. lt says:

    And sen manchin wasnt going to be a rubber stamp

  355. mnw says:

    “Manchin,” I guess it is.

  356. MD says:

    322 – that is utter horse manure. Our process for initiation was beyond brutal. Beginning with Brandon, you kids have had it easy. Trust me on this.

  357. MD says:

    Scott – I see GDP coming in “unexpectedly” at 2.4%. However, that is now old info. By mid-March the economy was losing steam. The warm winter front-loaded some hiring and prevented some lay offs. Now, the correction occurs.

    The election in france will be bad news, very bad. Europe is going to Hell in a hand basket and there is nothing we can do about it.

  358. Scott says:

    Obama has a very poor Saturday in Ras’ polling.
    Approval goes from 50% to 47% and Romney went from 2 behind to 1 ahead.

  359. Bitterlaw says:

    Not everybody lusts after a third-fiddle public sector job that pays a fast $150 g’s– before taxes.

    Comment by mnw

    Can you get me an application, mnw?

  360. Phil says:

    Morning, Scott.

    Yeah, the French continue to dig their socialist grave deeper and deeper.

  361. Scott says:

    I agree about the negativeoutcome of the French elections,but remember that good news is good,but bad news is better for the equities’ markets; MORE MONETARY SMACK from Central Banks!!!
    Apple’s stock has been sliding on rumours of disappointing sales.Apple does this every quarter so expect an upside surprise and a spike higher in Apple’s shares(and the tech sector in general).
    Yes, the first quarter GDP will be in the mid-2% range and then get adjusted downward in revisions due to a bogus very good trade balance figure in February.
    I concur that most of the 1st quarter gains happened in January and February and slowed in mid-March through now.

  362. mnw says:

    As a private investor, & like most other private investors I know, I study the daily economic news like the proverbial hawk.

    I FIRMLY believe that the U.S. economy is NOT “recovering”! It is slowly edging backwards now.

    Whether Joe Sixpack will pick up on that before the GE? No idea.

    There comes a point, much before the G|E, when people tune out the latest economic news. The cake is baked at some point.

    I’ve had some small success talking with youngish, looking-for-a-job Obama voters about what zero means for their economic future PERSONALLY. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that I can & have created a few little glimmers of doubt.

    The UE rate among newly-minted lawyers– a year & a half after passing the bar– seems to be about 50%, imo.

  363. Scott says:

    It is amazingly perverse that the big problem in France and the remainder of Europe is spending discipline.In France’s inimitable way,by electing a Socialist,the country will “add fuel to an already existing ten alarm fire”!!!

    What is happening with the CME Index?

  364. MD says:

    I think the Apple thing is a distraction to bigger events. The firm is doing great and valuations are still very reasonable.

    Worry about France. Going far left is absolutely the worst thing that could have happened to the Eurozone.

    All Hell in going to break loose in Europe. The summer of discontent is coming. I honestly believe the continent is going to fall into a depression. The left’s idea of endlessly spending $ to fix the problem (OK, Euro’s) won’t work anymore. They have to accept a steep recession and then begin the process of rebuilding. With France moving so far to the left chaos is going to reign.

  365. mnw says:


    I’d apply too!

    But I meant from the perspective of someone with a famous name & LOTS of ways to make money– lobbying; celebrity lawyering (renting out one’s name to a law firm); speaking fees; publishing a ghost-written autobio; becoming a cable network talking head; etc.

  366. MD says:

    MNW – As Bitter’s agent, I am willing to negotiate down to 120K assuming the bene’s are juicy. Can you make that happen? Of course, I will take my customary 25% agent’s fee.

  367. mnw says:

    Love them or hate them, celebrity political has-beens like Santo & Huck have lots of lucrative financial opportunities… and NO interest in becoming a $150k bureaucrat.

  368. MD says:

    I saw the head of Disney films resigned after the John Carter fiasco and I thought of Wes.

  369. MD says:

    I was talking to the head economist for a VERY large bank last week at a dinner. He told me that he thinks there is a good chance of a negative jobs number for April.

  370. Phil says:

    Scott, I haven’t posted anything on Daily Absolute Demand Index because it’s been consistently about the same over the last month – currently running at 88% of the 2005 baseline.

    Their last summary at the end of March was not optimistic about the next quarter.

    “consumers less involved in the recovery than is generally accepted, governments continuing to produce major headwinds, and with trade likely to become a major drag into 2012”

    They should have the April summary out by the end of the week.

  371. MD says:

    All indications Phil and Scott is that the economy is headed backwards.

  372. Phil says:

    Negative job numbers of course will send a torpedo right into the hull of the MSM’s carefully crafted image of an economy in recovery.

    ….and the MSM has worked so hard to build this image of an economy on the rebound.

  373. Phil says:

    Agreed, MD.

    Economic Cycle Research Institute just reported two consecutive down numbers from their index – numbers that are leading indicators of what’s to come.

  374. Phil says:

    their weekly index

  375. MD says:

    Phil – I actually disagreed with him on that point. I still see 75 to 100K in April but who knows for sure anymore?

  376. Bitterlaw says:

    I watched The Girl with the dragon tatoo last night. It sucked! However, I also thought of Wes because I think he liked the book.

  377. Bitterlaw says:

    MD- The usual response of an agent to a $150k offer is not to demand $120k. Keep your day job.

    By the way, where is the rain you promised me? The 2 giraffes that I stole from the Philadelphia Zoo for the ark are getting annoyed and want to go home.

  378. MD says:

    MNW – we will take a 100K and I will cut my fee to 15%. Dear God, anything!

  379. Phil says:

    Any job number below 100K will certainly put another nail in the coffin of economic optimism that AP and Reuter’s work so hard to project each and every day.

  380. MD says:

    Seriously, I think Bitter probably makes more than the 70K that was my next offer. We are sticking strong at 100K. No more compromise. Compromise is for RINOs.

  381. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – NO DEAL!

  382. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m taking the giraffes back to the zoo. They are pissed. I explained the situation, Let’s just say you and your family should stay away from the zoo this year.

  383. mnw says:

    My concerns are that:

    1) The avg low-info voter doesn’t NOTICE the bad economic news much any more; &

    2) Thinks that what we have now is the new normal.

    This drives me crazy.

  384. phoenixrisen says:

    Scrolling through this thread and its hilarious some of the trolling regarding NC. Didn’t McCain lose NC by just 14K votes in 2008 if memory serves? That and McCrory is looks solid to win the governorship. Doesn’t compute on the logical side of things.

    Portman as VP would be a very sensible pick. I like Rubio but it’s apparent he doesn’t want the nod. I also like Ryan as well but we very well need him as Budget chair in the House. Ohio is a must win for Romney. I see the pick being either being Portman or McDonnell.

    I don’t see the House really being that competitive especially seeing House members who voted for Obamacare trying to upend the GOP incumbents who booted them out. Maybe a wash to Dems picking up 5 seats at the most. The Senate is the same way. Nelson in Florida, McCaskill in MO, and Brown in Ohio just to name a few are all in trouble and their votes for Obamacare make it all the worse so long as their GOP opponents highlight this.

    Going to be quite the election year this one.

  385. mnw says:

    RAS Sunday:

    -16, & 47/52.

    Roboto +1 over zero.

  386. mnw says:

    I submit that Sky Queen is in a FAR different category than FL Nelson & OH Brown.

  387. MD says:

    Phoenix – they should do a little better than 5 but won’t come close to getting the House.

    Totally agree on NC. In a perfect storm, they barely won. The troll was funny yesterday trying to convince himself that the G&L effort was going to go well. Yea, good luck with that.

  388. pitchaboy says:

    First time UE filings up two consecutive weeks; slow down in economy and hiring highly likely. My democratic friends are already depressed. Good signs if you are a Republican. Change is in the air.

  389. mnw says:

    I think the DEMs may not like what they’re about to receive in the “Gabby’s seat” special, & the WI “Recall Redux Part VII: The Saga Continues” election.

  390. MD says:

    396 – How so MNW?

  391. jason says:

    355. Really? If that was the case, why did Santorum come back into politics then? Even POTUS only pays 400k. And please don’t say he wanted to sacrifice himself for the country, I will puke

    I bet you Santorum would jump at any cabinet or high level position or ambassadorship.

  392. mnw says:

    Because he wanted to be POTUS, not Sec of Agriculture.

    Yeah. Really, perfesser. Really.

  393. MD says:


    She is to be referred to as “our sainted Gabby”. Don’t forget that – ever.

  394. mnw says:


    Sky Queen is dead meat, & the 2 others might win re-election.

  395. jason says:

    I like Drudge’s France headline… instead of saying the “conservative” is going down, he is implying the incumbent is going down. Clever.

  396. MD says:

    401 – He did it because he is a zealot and because it would increase his income potential after the inevitable loss.

  397. Phil says:

    Sky Queen = Blanche Lincoln.

    Put a fork in her.

  398. jason says:

    MD, yesterday Bitter was trying to milk me for $500 to throw the Philly A-holes under the bus regarding my anti-discrimination suit. Most real lawyers charge that an hour.

  399. MD says:

    jason – your case will get thrown out. The rules for membership are clear. Bitter and I had to go through Hell to get in. You lollipops have it easy today.

  400. MD says:

    She is really in that bad shape? I knew it would be close but I wasn’t thinking a Blanche like blowout.

  401. Phil says:

    My strategy for November is as follows –

    *put five thousand down on Obama to win

    *Obama wins and I have a chunk of money to cushion the blow and buy more alcohol for the comming four years

    Obama loses and I’m too elated to care about the money – figure with that bozo out of the WH my investments will do better and I’ll make up most or all of the five grand

  402. Phil says:

    Won’t be a Lincoln like blowout, but similar in that she’ll trail the entire cycle just like Blanche.

  403. Phil says:

    I need to check the odds on the Presidential race to see exactly how much I’d actually win in the event zero sqeaks by.

  404. pitchaboy says:

    Do not bet on Obama; his chances of winning now are below 30%.

  405. jason says:

    If we were going to list the mistakes we made here at HHR, and I certainly have made my share, I would rank backing Charlie Crist over Rubio initially as my worst mistake.

    Charlie Crist Admires Obama

    In this segment on NOW with Alex Wagner, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist called President Obama a “centrist” worth of “admiration.” Crist, who was elected as a Republican but lost his party’s primary in 2010, said he wasn’t endorsing Obama — at least, not yet.

  406. Phil says:

    I disagree. Looking at the state by state electoral vote breakdown he has an easier path to 270. He has more slack to play with than Romney.

  407. jason says:

    411. I advanced the same theory a few weeks ago. But you need more than 5 grand for the hit you are going to take if Obama wins.

  408. Phil says:

    Crist is the politician I hate the most.

    He needs to just shut his piehole.

  409. MD says:

    jason – we have all had our things. I really thought Angle was going to prevail until about 4 days before the election. Someone typed 8000 times here that the election was all about Reid and I fell into that.

  410. MD says:

    Phil – totally agree. A complete slime with zero principals. Let him support Obama. That helps us.

  411. Phil says:

    Wonder in what world Charlie thinks Obama is a “centrist”.

  412. jason says:

    Obama is at 60% at Intrade. IMO it’s a little high, maybe 55% is more like it.

    Romney is at 38% conversely a little low.

  413. jason says:

    Crist gives the standard Dem talking points that Obama wants to compromise but the radical right (yes, he uses those words) oppose everything.

    A real scumbag. If you want to risk barfing, here is the interview. Watch him being played like a fiddle by the MSNBC talking heads.

  414. jason says:

    419. Sure, when I first got here I would defend Chekote because I thought she just wanted a big tent R party and was being unfairly attacked.

    Then I realized her big tent was open borders and Obama as the Messiah.

  415. pitchaboy says:

    By July and August I will be proven right. Prognostication is looking into the future; he will be drowned by the currents of a lousy economy, bad employment numbers and SCOTUS. And having bought Romney, I will laugh all the way to the bank.

  416. Tim V says:

    Prognostication is looking into the future; he will be drowned

    Prognostication is looking into the future; he will be dogged to death and become dogmeat- they call it karma

  417. jason says:

    When I am depressed I read one of pitch’s comments and I always feel better.

  418. jason says:

    Perry endorses Dewhurst over Ted Cruz.

    Do I hear the first Perry is a RINO rumblings?

  419. Tim says:

    I definitely think he is. I wish he was a Liberal. I’d be voting for him, if he was one.

  420. Tim says:

    The average voter also thinks that Bush caused much of this to happen.

    And, they would be right……

  421. SusyQue says:

    Bitter…the PA primary is on Tuesday: April 24, 2012. What do you predict for Mitt Romney?

    New York
    Rhode Island

  422. jason says:

    Yep, never overestimate the intelligence of the average voter.

    The fact Obama can still run on this canard is testament to that.

    Obama is the 5 trillion dollar man. That is not Bush’s fault.

  423. jason says:

    Obama is a Marxist, not a liberal. Although the difference is becoming more and more muted. The traditional Democratic liberal is a dying breed. They have been replaced by hard core Marxists that believe in world government and don’t see any value in American exceptionalism. The Obamas, Pelosis, and Reids are the face of the Democratic Party. They have no interest in a capitalist system based on free enterprise.

  424. phoenixrisen says:

    #428, not from me jason. That is interesting though that my man Perry endorsed him. Phil has a much better handle on Texas politics.

    I think Obama is going to have a very hard time getting re-elected. The electoral math might look a little more difficult for Romney for now but the main question is what does Obama give people to vote for based on what he did these four years he will have been in office? Nothing. All he can do is smear Romney and play class warfare like he always does. So long as Romney gives a clear, positive alternative and vision (ahem, jobs) to vote for while of course highlighting all of Obama’s baggage he accrued during his term, he should win.

  425. phoenixrisen says:

    #434 — Kristol validates what I said almost to the T. That’s a very good article.

  426. SusyQue says:

    Wow….in May…4 Tuesday primaries in a row, followed by the first week in June.

  427. jason says:

    ” Because he wanted to be POTUS, not Sec of Agriculture.

    Yeah. Really, perfesser. Really.”

    But I thought you said he could make a lot more money in the private sector.

    ” Santorum has in the past, & can again, make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Don’t you GET that?”

    What is he doing running for President then?

    Take it to the bank, he would give his left nut for a cabinet post.

  428. jason says:

    ” #428, not from me jason. That is interesting though that my man Perry endorsed him. Phil has a much better handle on Texas politics. ”

    I lived in TX 20 years before I almost became a Philly A-hole.

    The reason Perry backed Dewhurst is because Dewhurst is backed by the big money concerns in Texas.

    For all his talk about the R establishment in the primaries, the fact is the Texas R party IS run by the establishment. And in Texas, establishment really mean $$$$.

    “Today, the Texas Oil and Gas Political Action Committee has announced its support of David Dewhurst’s U.S. Senate Campaign. The Texas Oil and Gas Political Action Committee is the largest political action committee representing oil & gas interests in Texas”

    Not rocket science.

  429. jason says:

    Oh and if oil interests are not enough..

    “This endorsement follows other major Texas endorsements in recent weeks, including three former presidents of the Texas Farm Bureau, BEEF-PAC, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Political Action Committee and the Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund.”

    He has oil AND cattle…..

  430. dylan says:

    The french are posed to elect the socialist–yeah, that’ll fix all their problems. Hope and change. What is with these people?

  431. jason says:

    If the socialist wins there are still the legislative elections in June that will elect the parliament. If the socialists win complete power Katy bar the doors. I am hoping that even if Holland wins, the June elections will restore some balance. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

  432. jason says:

    France has the largest percentage of public sector workers in Europe. That is one reason. 35% of people work for the government.

  433. janz says:

    Being that I live in CA, I found this article both interesting and depressing:

    The Great California Exodus

  434. lisab says:

    “but after the week he’s had, if I were his Chicago campaign office I’d be hitting the panic button.”

    clinton would have bombed an aspirin factory by now

  435. DrJay says:

    U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has blocked voting on a bill that would outlaw synthetic drugs such as “bath salts,” officials say.

    The legislation, which would include the chemicals comprising synthetic drugs under the Controlled Substances Act, has already passed The House.

    Other senators are pressuring Paul to lift his block on the bill so it can be debated on the Senate floor. Paul, who is a libertarian, has said criminal justice should be left to states rather than federal government.

  436. janz says:

    Bill Krystal seems to think that Romney can win, maybe even win quit easily, if he simply stays above the fray, by not being petty or reverting to name calling, but, instead, runs his campaign in an issue-oriented manner.

  437. Waingro says:

    Barry is back up by 3 today in Gallup.

  438. janz says:

    I’ve been playing the last few days, rather than focusing on politics, so I didn’t catch this until now —> that Mia Love won the republican primary.

  439. SoHope says:

    This is completely unrelated to politics but I wanted to tell you guys something good today.

    We are having a Spring campaign at our church and this week is bring a visitor week.

    I just got back from vacation and didn’t have much time to invite friends to church.

    As many of you may know, I drive a church bus for our Spanish ministry and as I was waiting for a spanish family to get on the bus a middle aged black man wearing a suit and tie walked up to the bus and said he saw carrying a huge weight and woke up and the Lord told him that he should go to church and he wanted to know if he could ride the bus. I told him of course!

    We were the only english speaking people on the bus. I sat with him and shared my Bible with him in Sunday school. He went to the main service, during which I preach in our children’s church. After church I had people tell me after preaching he went to the altar and trusted Jesus as savior.

    I was on my was to find him and congradulate him when my Sunday School teacher gave me a new Scofield Reference Bible for bringing the most visitors.

    I found him. He had been crying. I gave him the new Bible and a hug.

    Thing like that really make my day!

  440. bio mom says:

    Just Math #448. 5 day tracker.

  441. DrJay says:

    #450 That’s hope and change…

  442. lisab says:

    for 5 $trillion obama could have hired 10,000,000 workers for 10 years at $50,000 each

  443. DrJay says:

    40000 each… you forgot to skim a trillion of the top for cronies.

  444. janz says:


    Enjoyed reading your uplifting experience. It’s those cameos that often hold the best memories for us.

  445. Emerica says:

    First media reports of Minnesota. Paul takes 20 of 24.

    Paul did even better in Iowa although it’s hard to explain the results in tangible numbers.

    Paul will likely control both the Iowa and Minnesota delgations at the convention.

  446. Tim V says:

    no one cares about ron paul.

  447. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – your new friend shall be today’s Favorite Evangelical. Just do not let him come here. He is not ready for it.

  448. SoHope says:

    Thanks Janz & DrJay…the guy was a blessing to me. I thought I would share it with you all.


  449. Emerica says:


    3 more states and we are guaranteed one of the convention nights.

    …not to mention slowing the Romneycare folks path to the nomination down a bit.

  450. DrJay says:

    #456 If the convention were a human body, that would be like controlling the appendix.


    Ron Paul, the human appendix… you only remember he’s there when he becomes a toxic pain in your side

  451. Brandon says:

    #448. Meaningless. I read on HHR that Obama is toast.

  452. Bitterlaw says:

    3 more states and we are guaranteed one of the convention nights

    That would make a grand total of . . . 3.

  453. SoHope says:

    Bunu, I think your support of Ron Paul has “slowed down” the neurons in your brain a little bit.

  454. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder why Bunu posts here? Maybe he’s even too annoying for Ron Paul websites.

  455. DrJay says:

    “I wonder why Bunu posts here? Maybe he’s even too annoying for Ron Paul websites.”

    It’s the one place he hasn’t been banned.

  456. Emerica says:

    The way winning states are determined is by who controls the delegations at the RNC convention.

    Paul will in all likelihood control Minnesota and Iowa.

    Paul backers organize to take Texas.

  457. SoHope says:

    Let’s try Swahili:

    Hakuna mwili hapa wasiwasi kuhusu Ron Paul!

  458. DrJay says:

    The way the rest of us determine winning states is by who actually wins them.

  459. SoHope says:

    Too bad Dave’s site doesn’t recognize Klingon fonts….I bet bunu would comprehend that.

  460. Emerica says:


  461. SoHope says:

    When a car going full speed runs over a oppossum, you get a dead oppossum.

    When you slow down the car a little bit, and the car runs over a oppossum, you get a dead oppossum.

    The oppossum is Ron Paul, just in case you missed it, bunu.

  462. Bitterlaw says:

    Even though Ron Paul won no primaries or caucuses, Bunu thinks Ron Paul could be the nominee. Sad.

  463. DrJay says:

    Even if the car stopped, he would play dead.

  464. SoHope says:

    What does it matter anyway…the oppossum will die of natural causes soon enough.

  465. DrJay says:

    Santorum is more like an armadillo… it’s little legs scrambling as fast as it can and getting it nowhere…

    then at the last minute, when the car would just pass over him, he jumps up into the bumper.

  466. DrJay says:

    Perry was the deer in headlights.

  467. Line Painter says:

    #478 Hey, man, it’s not MY job!

  468. SoHope says:

    Perry was Dori from Finding Nemo.

    Newt is my neighbors dog that is alway humping people’s legs

    Santorum the annoying cat that meows all night

  469. SoHope says:

    #478…must have been a union job

  470. Tim says:

    Uh, maybe the present guy sux?

  471. LePen, Melechon, Bayrou, et al says:

    #482 What are we? chopped liver?

  472. DrJay says:

    So the NSA knows I’m bringing chips to the social on Friday?


  473. f9gopguyIN says:

    Personally glad to see that Mia Love got the nomination w/o having to go to the primary in yesterday’s utah convention.

  474. jason says:

    ” Paul did even better in Iowa although it’s hard to explain the results in tangible numbers.”

    Therein lies the problem. Tangible numbers are what counts.

  475. jason says:

    450. Wow, what would make my day would be a big discount on Grey Goose or my favorite Cabernet.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  476. Emerica says:

    We won every district convention, every leadership position, every committee.

    State convention should be a near sweep even if the other candidates combine like in Missouri and Colorado.

  477. jason says:

    Mia Love would be a great name for a Vegas hooker, just saying……

  478. jason says:

    Whoops, first exit polls show the right is doing better than expected in France, actually the Sarkozy + Le Pen vote is beating the left Hollande + Melanchon….

    To be confirmed….

  479. jason says:

    ” We won every district convention, every leadership position, every committee”

    Everything except the real live vote by real people.

  480. DrJay says:

    preliminary results

    François Hollande 28.4%
    Nicolas Sarkozy 25.5%
    Marine Le Pen 20.0%
    Jean-Luc Mélenchon 11.7%
    François Bayrou 8.5%
    Eva Joly 2.0%
    Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 1.8%
    Philippe Poutou 1.2%
    Nathalie Arthaud 0.8%
    Jacques Cheminade 0.2%

    Wow, 20% for Le Pen.

  481. SoHope says:

    le pen’s daughter doesnt come off as hardcore as her dad, i read

  482. jason says:

    ” François Hollande arrive en tête du premier tour avec 29,2%, Nicolas Sarkozy obtient 27,3%, selon les estimations de la Sofres.

    Marine Le Pen arrive en troisième position 18,3%, dépassant le score historique de son père en 2002.

    Jean-Luc Mélenchon obtient 10,1%, François Bayrou 9%, Eva Joly 2,1%, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 1,7%, Philippe Poutou 1,2%, Nathalie Arthaud 0,6%.”

    If this is true then the left bloc has 39% vs 45% for the right with the center at about 10%.

    The problem for Sarkozy is that he is loathe to ally himself with the far right represented by Le Pen.

  483. jason says:

    493. That’s a live vote?

  484. DrJay says:


    That is estimates from Le Monde, based on sources:

    Ipsos, Logica Business Consulting, France 2, France 3, France Inter, France Info, Le Point et Le Monde

  485. DrJay says:

    I understood #495 completely…

    Does that make me a bad American?

  486. Emerica says:

    Sarkozy has been attacking muslims for entire term so they are all voting against him.

  487. DrJay says:

    Bunu blew the second opportunity to score a “D”.

  488. Emerica says:

    ‘Fed up’ French Muslims mobilize to unseat Sarkozy

    “[French] Muslims can’t stand it anymore. They are fed up with these debates about national identity, halal meat, the veil or fundamentalism all over the place,” said Francoise Lorcerie, a sociologist with the Institute of Studies on the Arab and Muslim World near Marseille.

  489. jason says:

    Donna Brazile has elevated the Romney dog story into a “scandal”…

    This is a narrative, and for Mitt Romney, he has to be concerned about the Seamus scandal because it might fit into this narrative that perhaps he’s not like us,” Brazile said.

  490. jason says:

    Sarkozy is against illegal immigration.

    Is Ron Paul in favor?

  491. jason says:

    So Bunu, how come the candidate who has really made it a campaign against Muslims, Le Pen, is getting a record vote of almost 20%?

    Are they “fed up” too?

  492. Emerica says:

    Nope, Paul is against any national identity cards.

  493. jason says:

    Ok Dr. Jay, that’s an exit poll like the one I posted by Souffres.

  494. jason says:

    ” Nope, Paul is against any national identity cards.”

    So Ron Paul is not in favor of immigration law enforcement?

  495. DrJay says:

    tee hee

  496. Apologetic California says:

    Disappointed that Romney’s rally ‘bounce’ dissipated quickly, which wasn’t strong to begin with.

  497. Tim V says:

    I wanted the D. I missed it !

  498. Emerica says:

    No, you’re talking black and white issue, and he’s thinking about the issue in a completely different way. More like he doesn’t want the federal government knowing the difference between them since they wouldn’t have data mining, IRS data, social security, national I.D. cards, welfare state, etc. Paul has a strong record in opposing amnesty though.

  499. jason says:

    Live results

    Hollande 27.50
    Sarkozy 26.60
    Le Pen 19.90
    Melenchon 10.40
    Bayrou 9.00

    Left is not doing as well as expected so far.

  500. Tim says:

    Well, don’t panic. This is a close race; very close. I see nothing that will change that. At least, not in the near future.

  501. DrJay says:

    “Paul has a strong record in opposing amnesty though.”

    except for terrorists

  502. jason says:

    “More like he doesn’t want the federal government knowing the difference between them”

    Ok it’s official per Bunu.

    Ron Paul doesn’t want to know the difference between a legal resident and an illegal one.

  503. DrJay says:

    Drudge headline: Sarkozy loses

    Okay, so is that like really loses, or like how Ron Paul loses but really still wins.

  504. SoHope says:

    Paul doesn’t believe in enforcing immigration laws because the federal government never has in the past and shouldn’t have an army to enforce that on the states…or atleast that is what i read here a few days ago.

  505. SusyQue says:

    #450…SoHope….What a wonderful testimony. I am so thankful you shared it. It really touched my heart that this precious man believed and gave himself to the Lord. Now, each of you have a testimony to share with others. I love hearing how believers come to know the Lord, personally. I never get tired of hearing them!

  506. Emerica says:

    I listened to an hour long radio straight talk interview of Paul opposing McCain-Kennedy, and he also talked about the mistakes of the Reagan amnesty.

    Paul has the strongest record on immigration of any candidate in the race. You know where he stands unlike Romney who changes every day.

  507. SoHope says:

    I love the part were Paul said he is afraid to build fences b/c they can be used to keep Americans in….classic paul

    That dude is nuts!!!

  508. SusyQue says:

    Bitter….You forgot to answer my question in #431. I assumed you were in church.

  509. Emerica says:

    Need reminded?
    Any one who voted for the disaster known as John McCain should not complain about immigration

    The Senate immigration reform bill would allow for up to 193 million new legal immigrants — a number greater than 60 percent of the current U.S. population — in the next 20 years, according to a study released yesterday.
    “The magnitude of changes that are entailed in this bill — and are largely unknown — rival the impact of the creation of Social Security or the creation of the Medicare program,” said Robert Rector, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation who conducted the study.

  510. DrJay says:

    I predict a sweep SSQ… I assume Bitter does too, because he already said Romney would win PA before Santorum dropped out, and PA would have been the toughest to win.

  511. SoHope says:

    one more time:

    Bunu’s conversation with God:

    Bunu: What do you think the chances are of Ron Paul or his progeny ever becoming president?

    God: Well, Bunu, that’s difficult to say. I mean, he doesn’t really…

    Bunu: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you, God. The least you can do is level with me. What are his chances?

    God: Not good.

    Bunu: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

    God: I’d say more like one out of 311,591,917.


    Bunu: So you’re telling me there’s a chance… *YEAH!*

  512. DrJay says:

    So if Hitler ran against McCain and someone voted for McCain, they’ve lost their right to complain about immigration?


  513. Alternate Universe #311,591,917 says:

    Save us, PLEASE!!!

  514. SusyQue says:

    Mitt Plays the Victim Card
    By: Reid J. Epstein April 22, 2012

    Meet Mitt Romney the victim. And that may be a good thing for his campaign.

  515. Emerica says:

    Obama ran against McCain.

    If enough conservatives would have backed the Constitution Party it would have put the GOP in a bind.

    I believe in Colorado in 2008, the GOP actually had to endorse a Constitution Party candidate since their nominee was so unpopular with conservatives.

  516. SoHope says:


  517. SoHope says:

    There’s a Constitution Party??? you just made that up right?

  518. jason says:

    Exit polls still not panning out in France.

    Sarkozy and Hollande neck and neck, far left doing poorly, far right rocking.

  519. Constitution Party says:

    “We’re headed to the top!”



  520. jason says:

    “I believe in Colorado in 2008, the GOP actually had to endorse a Constitution Party candidate since their nominee was so unpopular with conservatives.”


  521. jason says:

    News for Bunu.

    Ron Paul not a conservative.

    Conservatives are, above all, patriots.

  522. Tim says:

    The Constitution Party got a grand total of 0.15% of the vote, in ’08. They are a total non factor.

  523. Emerica says:

    2010 then? or 08?

    Was it senate or governor. I can’t recall the race.

  524. Constitution Party says:

    “Ain’t no mountain high enough!”



  525. jason says:

    Bunu just reinvented history.

    Maes WAS the conservative candidate in Colorado, beating the scandal ridden “establishment” candidate.

    Tancredo is the opposite of Paul, he is one of the most anti-illegal immigration candidates in America, he wants a fence, and he only ran on the Constitution Party line because Maes also became embroiled in scandal. Tancredo was always a Republican.

  526. Constitution Party says:

    “Don’t find us in the urban dictionary, Susyque!”



  527. jason says:

    New exit polls…

    Hollande 28.6%
    Sarkozy 27 %
    Le Pen 18.3%
    Melanchon 11.1%
    Bayrou…. 9.0%

  528. DrJay says:

    Certainly seems to consistently point to a narrow loss for Sarkozy and a surprise finish for Le Pen…

    not sure how that translates to the run off

  529. bio mom says:

    526: Don’t forget the Gingrich plan to sweep in Delawhe nomination!!!!!

  530. bio mom says:


  531. SoHope says:

    if Bayrou is the ‘centrist’ guy…where do his votes go in the run off?

  532. DrJay says:

    Funniest thing about that is even Christine O’Donnell backs Romney and slammed Gingrich.

  533. jason says:

    He has not endorsed anybody for the second round. Will talk with both candidates.

    Probably “selling” his support.

    But I think his vote will probably be split fairly evenly.

  534. DrJay says:

    Here is a link to election results:

  535. SoHope says:

    looking at the map it seems that urban, industrial areas are more right and the wine country & vichy area is left.

    france is wierd

  536. DrJay says:

    I believe its an east-west thing SoHope.

  537. Apologetic California says:

    553, Europe is like that. The big cities are conservative, and the remainder are swingy to socialist. Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Rome, and London are dominated by conservative votes.

  538. Walt says:

    With the election results it looks like France’s “HOLLANDE DAYS” must be is the country’s future.
    I know, bad pun..

  539. DrJay says:

    Here are the 2007 results… Sarkozy won by about 6% in round one and in the runoff… difference is Bayrou and Le Pen are essentially flipped.

  540. jason says:

    Those google results will close considerably.

  541. Apologetic California says:

    Paris hasn’t counted yet and that’s where Sarkozy will cut the difference in half. Saves him some face.

  542. DrJay says:

    I don’t think Lyon and Marseilles have reported either.

  543. jason says:

    I have a feeling that the second round, which had Hollande winning 54-46, will tighten up some.

    The Le Pen votes will go mostly to Sarkozy and there were a lot more of them than the far left votes for Melanchon.

  544. NCIntellect says:

    Yay!! Gallup Tracking

    Obama 47%
    Romney 44%

  545. Bitterlaw says:

    Bitter….You forgot to answer my question in #431. I assumed you were in church.

    Comment by SusyQue

    I was not in church. I say ROmney gets 60% in PA and the deadenders split thre rest.

  546. DrJay says:

    Incumbent at 47%? I concur.


  547. SoHope says:

    can we debate how stupid the French/German/et al are for using the comma for the decimal separator and period for thousands seperator?

    I say very stupid

  548. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Ron Paul wins all delegates at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. Islamic Terrorist Convention Chair says, “Ron Paul understands us. Not only does he understand why we want to kill Americans, he agrees with the destruction of Israel. He is our kind of American politician.”

  549. Brandon says:

    Gallup is an Obama plant.

  550. SoHope says:

    I again call on Dave to ban the IP of the fake Brandon

  551. DrJay says:

    The French probably have it right:

    Three hundred forty-four thousand. Two hundred seventy-six. AND one hundred thousandths AND two hundred twenty millionths AND …


  552. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m more annoyed by the Day Month Year dating in Europre. 22 April 2012 or 22.4.2012? Enough.

  553. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m more annoyed by the Day Month Year dating in Europre. 22 April 2012 or 22.4.2012? Enough.

  554. Brandon says:

    No that’s really me. It’s just funny to me how people like to quote Gallup when it shows what they want, but when it shows the opposite the poll doesn’t matter.

  555. jason says:

    ” Yay!! Gallup Tracking

    Obama 47%
    Romney 44% ”

    Wow, the moron is celebrating the Messiah at 3 pts ahead of Romney…a really bad number for an incumbent…

    How far we have come from the Greek columns and stopping the rising seas….

  556. Scott says:

    Does anyone else find it coincidental that since Axelrod criticized Gallup’s polling methodology on Wednesday, Obama has surged in its polling?

  557. SoHope says:

    I don’t make a habit of trashing many polls. I just keep my mouth shut and hope they are off.

    That said…I are confident Romney wins NC

  558. DrJay says:

    Le Pen actually won the area around Nimes.

  559. SoHope says:

    For millions of former Obama supporters The Thrill is Gone…

  560. jason says:

    ” It’s just funny to me how people like to quote Gallup when it shows what they want, but when it shows the opposite the poll doesn’t matter.”

    Yeah, real funny since if there is one person here that does “selective” polling analysis it is you. It’s the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    But don’t worry I am sure there will be a PPP-DKos out soon you can suck up to.

  561. Brandon says:

    Yawn. You’re boring me. Get a new act.

  562. jason says:

    Let’s see how Le Pen does in Marseilles, she should do well there too. Bouches-du-Rhône still out.

  563. Brandon says:

    I know you’re just jealous you’re not a member of the A-Holes, but come on now.

  564. Bitterlaw says:

    Everybody knows that only polls that show Obama doing poorly are accurate. Obama is pretty much despised at HHR and everybody is like HHR, right?

  565. Brandon says:

    Bingo, Bitter. You got it.

  566. jason says:

    Yeah, Brandon accepts all polls.

    Well, as long as they don’t show Obama doing poorly in MA. Then it’s trash.

    I love hypocrisy.

  567. Bitterlaw says:

    Ouch. Brandon, that was cold. Good job.

    Jason – attack the Island.

  568. SoHope says:

    Now thats some Philly A-hole solidarity right there…way to circle the wagons.

  569. Brandon says:

    But nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

  570. SoHope says:

    jason, youre not cracking that nut

  571. I (am not gay) P says:

    jason, youre not cracking that nut

    Comment by SoHope

    Nut? I knew you were a pickle puffer, Jesus Freak.

  572. jason says:

    I think the tracking polls are accurate btw. I have no problem with Gallup showing Obama up by 3 or whatever. And I don’t think Axelrod had any influence on the poll.

    The daily ups and downs should not be any cause for panic. The fact Obama’s poll numbers are not good for an incumbent President 7 months before the election.

  573. SoHope says:


  574. Bitterlaw says:

    Sweep the leg! Do you have a problem with that, Mr. Brandon?

  575. jason says:

    Bunu, congratulations on the Guantanamo vote. I guess persistence pays off after all, I was truly pessimistic Paul was going to win anything.

  576. jason says:

    I don’t mind giving credit where it’s due, Paul deserves the terrorist vote.

  577. jason says:

    Sarkozy is still closing on Hollande. Let’s see when Paris comes in.’

  578. SoHope says:

    french political campaign videos need some help…big time!!!

  579. SoHope says:

    jason change the last 2 letters in your link to us and you get it in english

  580. Bitterlaw says:

    Ron Paul is a joke. I’m sorry I don’t have a link for that.

  581. Bitterlaw says:


  582. DrJay says:

    Toulouse is still out, but otherwise

    Nice, Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lyon
    I believe are Sarkozy territory.

  583. Brandon says:

    Isn’t Tim’s radio show on tonight?

  584. SoHope says:

    drjay, the fact that I care how close of a second place finish he comes in what amounts to a french primary shows just how bad of a political junky I am.

    I think we need an intervention.

  585. Apologetic California says:

    Was right. Sarko cut Commie lead to less than two points, well within what the polls were claiming. Thats right haters, you should love Paris after this! J’aime Paris!

  586. mnw says:

    It would be gratifying if this GOP AA woman takes out Matheson. He’s the biggest blue dog fraud still standing.

    I wish Le Pen pere et fille were less anti-American.

  587. DrJay says:

    #603 No, you’re talking about a pretty important election.

    Once you are talking about how many Ron Paul people were selected at Podunk caucus in Nowheresville, we’ll intervene.

  588. SoHope says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Mia Love in the house.

    NAACP/CBC types hate mixed families

  589. Tim says:

    It is. But, why aren’t you people watching the reruns of Frozen Planet, like I am?

  590. SoHope says:

    from what i understand, is the socialists won in france it would split the franco-german eu power alliance and would stress the euro even more.

    …bad for Obama’s reelection.

  591. lisab says:

    the part i never understood is why paul is a dem

    he would be a major player in the dem party

    the occupy movement loves him.

  592. jason says:

    I think Hollande’s shrinking lead of 600k votes is going to shrink even further. Since some of the Paris districts are heavily socialist I doubt Sarkozy can catch up, but it might be a lot closer than some polls and even the exit polls showed.

    Polls were also way off on Le Pen and Melenchon, they were supposed to be tied and Le Pen is getting twice the amount of votes.

  593. lisab says:

    the muslim problem in france is growing

    back when i went to france in the 1990’s topless beaches were the norm

    now the french do not favor that anymore

  594. jason says:

    ” the part i never understood is why paul is a dem ”

    He IS a Dem. Just doesn’t know it….

  595. SoHope says:

    that explains where Wes has been…he has been in france fighting for France to return to her roots.

  596. lisab says:

    Joe Lieberman plans to call hearings on Secret Service prostitution scandal. Hearings to be aired on C-SPAN, Cinemax,0,4121896.story

  597. SoHope says:

    well, I’ve got church…hold down the fort and insult bunu for my while I am gone.

  598. Tim says:


    Yeah, because the Dem Party is full of Libertarians from Texas.


  599. jason says:

    ” jason change the last 2 letters in your link to us and you get it in english”

    Why? I am fluent in French.

    I say this only because it might get me an ambassadorship at the Philly A-hole Club.

    I think I could do a good job handling the club’s interests in Paris given my linguistic and wine imbibing talents.

    I will need a modest entertainment budget in addition to housing and a stipend.

  600. lisab says:

    Topless activists of the Ukrainian women movement Femen hold placards as they protest against anti women’s politic of Islam on March 31, 2012 in front of the Eiffel tower at the Trocadero in Paris. The idea of protest is to call muslim women to fight againsts Sharia laws. Getty

    no link because nsfw

  601. jason says:

    Hollande lead now 500k, 1.9%.

  602. DrJay says:

    Nice came in solidly for Sarkozy and Le Pen

  603. Brandon says:

    Don’t Hollande and Sarkozy go to a runoff anyway?

  604. DrJay says:


  605. jason says:

    ” Yeah, because the Dem Party is full of Libertarians from Texas. ”

    No the Dem party is full of isolationists, America haters, and anti-military types who think terrorists and foreign combatants should be given the same rights as US citizens.
    People who think Bush is a “war criminal” and waterboarding is torture. People who think Iran is not a threat and Israel should be thrown under the bus. People who believe Bradley Manning is a hero, not a traitor.

    Paul would fit right in.

  606. DrJay says:

    As expected Toulouse just came in for Hollande by about 60000.

  607. DrJay says:

    Strasbourg, and the three biggies (Paris,Lyon,Marseilles) all that’s left.

  608. jason says:

    All three should be net for Sarkozy.

  609. Walt says:

    “569.I again call on Dave to ban the IP of the fake Brandon
    Comment by SoHope”
    You have to put this into the form of a motion:
    “I MOVE that Dave bans the IP of the fake Brandon.”

  610. jason says:

    622. Yes.

  611. jason says:

    Wasn’t the fake Brandon using Brandonn?

    That should be enough to differentiate.

  612. lisab says:

    “Yeah, because the Dem Party is full of Libertarians from Texas.”

    no, but it is full of anarchists



    open border crazies

  613. Walt says:

    It is not nice for your neice to knock the gneiss of Nice.

  614. jason says:


  615. Tim V says:

    DCL minus 17

  616. jason says:

    Thanks lisab, I missed those.

  617. DrJay says:

    Strasbourg strikes first 80000 net for Sarko

  618. Bitterlaw says:

    now the french do not favor that anymore

    Comment by lisab — April 22, 2012 @ 6:41 pm

    Do they favor razors yet?

  619. Bitterlaw says:

    DCL minus 17

    Comment by Tim V

    Well, really DCL imus XVI when you posted but good effort.

  620. Tim V says:

    nice job on snagging the dc bitter, i had my eye on that one

  621. lisab says:

    “Do they favor razors yet?”

    the topless ones anyway

  622. DrJay says:

    southern portion of paris area nets Hollande 30000

  623. Conner says:

    There is nothing unusual about an incumbent not getting 50% in polls.

    During February to June of 2004, there were 96 public polls of the Bush-Kerry race. Bush reached 50 % on exactly 2 of them. (Also, just FYI, he tied or trailed Kerry in 46 of those 96 polls.)

  624. Bitterlaw says:

    There is a new show on Showtime called Old Porn. They show clips from old porn (blocking out the best stuff but you see plenty of breasts and can follow the action . . . I mean plot.) Comedians make jokes throughout. The 1970s and 1980s were a hairy era. Today’s youth would run screaming.

  625. DrJay says:

    Two more areas of Paris come in at a net wash.

  626. EML says:


    1. The vast majority of pollsters are in the tank for Obama. If they are showing him under 50%, it’s a HUGE problem for Dems.

    2. It is a much bigger problem for Dems to be under 50% than for Republicans at this point. When pollsters go from Registered (or Adult) Voter polls to Likely Voter polls, there is a few point shift towards Republicans.

    So in summary, Obama being at 47% in an RV poll in April is a big problem for Dems.

  627. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Ron Paul doesn’t win French election, either. Supporters vown to fight for delegates by taking over a French restaurant in Ames, Iowa.

  628. jason says:

    Marseilles nets Sarkozy 30k, difference now 1.6%

  629. DrJay says:

    Marseilles area nets only 30000 for Sarko… Le Pen with a ton of votes there.

  630. jason says:

    Yveline and Rhone went big for Sarkozy in 2007. They are still out.

  631. Tim says:


    Well, two points, here.

    1. I am none of those things. Nor do I know anyone who believes stuff like that.

    2. You’re a dick.

  632. Tim says:

    Actually, I’m just having a bit of fun. I get to do that.

  633. Tim says:

    That being said:
    Scott Eliott is an interesting dude. If any of you ever get the chance, he is one fun political junkie. He’d fit in perfectly here, with us.

  634. Bitterlaw says:

    A Tim-Jason fight? Well, jason needs to train for the Island.

  635. MFG says:

    Let France go Communist

    I think only another depression can wake these people up…

  636. Tim V says:

    jason won’y go to the island. he’s a coward. but he IS an a-hole.

    cream soda ?

  637. Emerica says:

    Veterans march at End the Fed rally in Philly followed by Paul speech to 4000-5000 people.

    Much bigger than the Romney crowds.

  638. DrJay says:

    Tim, did he talk about his parents at all?

  639. Tim V says:

    take a free shot jason as i violated the truce

  640. DrJay says:

    west paris (versailles) net 5000 for Sark

  641. DrJay says:

    50000 sorry… missed a zero

  642. MFG says:

    Yes elect a socialist because what France needs is MORE spending


  643. jason says:

    Looks like a 1.3% final difference, 430k votes.

  644. DrJay says:

    Lyon nets only about 35000 for Sark

  645. MFG says:

    “Well honey we both got fired are heavily in debt and cant put food on the table lets go buy a yacht!”

  646. MFG says:


  647. Conner says:


    No, it is not.

    Just by the way the pollsters run their polls, they get 10% undecided. Which means that , unless it is a blowout, anyone poling above 45% is getting 50% of those who are registered to vote. Add in the fact that only about 75% of registered voters will bother to actually vote.

    The example of 2004 I gave earlier has more data. Out of about 250 polls in 2004, only about 42 showed either Bush or Kerry to be above 50%. And more than half of them were in mid to late October.

    A better indication of the race as it stands today is the state polls.

  648. jason says:

    ” I am none of those things. Nor do I know anyone who believes stuff like that.”

    You haven’t taken a look at your party lately.

    Those are the people in control of the Democrats. Marxists and moonbats.

    If you don’t believe it you live in fantasyland.

    Check out DKos or the Progressive Caucus sometime.

  649. Walt says:

    Bitter, MD, Juls, other PAD folks– Did you know that Romney is speaking at the Franklin County GOP Dinner tonight?

  650. Tim V says:

    and the mark of the beast goes to mfg

  651. MFG says:

    Conner go fuqq yourself eat sh*t and perform an abortion

  652. MFG says:

    I didn’t typeout the three numbers so that doesn’t count

  653. Walt says:

    PAD? = PA

  654. jason says:

    The two rightwing candidates got 45.4% and the two leftists got 39.3.

    Warning bells for Hollande…..

  655. DrJay says:

    “Out of about 250 polls in 2004, only about 42 showed either Bush or Kerry to be above 50%.”

    Yes and we heard over and over how Bush was in trouble… so?

  656. Emerica says:

    Louisiana caucus in 6 days..

  657. jason says:

    ” Much bigger than the Romney crowds.”

    Funny the big crowds don’t show up to vote.

  658. DrJay says:

    Hollande just kicked butt NE of Paris +100000

  659. MFG says:

    On to 1000 I suppose…

  660. MFG says:

    Ron Paul’s people aren’t even registered I will bet half of them arent

  661. Tim V says:

    bunu, what will it take to get you to stop posting ? money ? a convert ? romney’s officially being the nominee ?

  662. Emerica says:

    Only 10,000 people voted in the thing in 2008.

    Louisiana has 48 delegates.

  663. MFG says:

    Getting him to talk football or the Nba is the only thing that stops it

  664. lisab says:

    george bush’s approvals were above obama’s

    obama’s are about where ford’s were

  665. Conner says:

    Only to your demented mind was Bush in trouble.

    His entire 2004 campaign was based on winning the red states. The only surprise to his campaign was the loss of Wisconsin. There was no question of him losing states like NC and VA. (unlike the current bunch like McCain and Romney.)

    Obama is in the same position as Bush was in 2004. He starts with a base of 246 EVs, which have a very low probability of him losing. He then has about 6-8 states that he has better than even chance of winning.

  666. MFG says:

    A lot of poll respondents don’t want to say they disapprove of a black president this bumps him 2 or 3 points

  667. Tim says:

    He did. For those who have never heard about his parents, they were killed in Iraq. They were missionaries. It is a moving personal story.

  668. lisab says:

    ford’s approval avg. 47.2%

  669. MFG says:

    Conner shouldn’t you be performing an abortion or fomenting a lynching of Zimmerman?

  670. Bitterlaw says:

    I could only find one story on Pon Paul’s pathetic rally in Philadelphia. Even the reporters didn’t feel like coming out in the rain to watch somebody who won’t get the nomination.

  671. lisab says:

    “Obama is in the same position as Bush was in 2004.”

    obama’s approval is much lower than bush’s

  672. Conner says:

    Mfg, shouldn’t you be sucking yourself?

  673. jason says:

    ” Which means that , unless it is a blowout, anyone poling above 45% is getting 50% of those who are registered to vote”

    No it doesn’t that is a bunch of horsecrap.

    Polling under 50% is toxic for incumbents because they are unlikely to get the undecided vote. An incumbent at 45% is very unlikely to get 50%.

    Ask David Corzine.

  674. MFG says:

    What was the unemployment rate under Bush you @sshole?

  675. Tim says:

    I know we have our nutcases. So too, do you have your own.

    Please don’t send me to KOS. Those people frighten me.

    By the same token, you stay here, and don’t go to BJG. Those people are nutty.

  676. MFG says:

    I’m going to laugh like a motherfuqqer when Obamacare is overturned and you @ssholes come on here trying to spin it as good news

  677. jason says:

    ” Obama is in the same position as Bush was in 2004. He starts with a base of 246 EVs, which have a very low probability of him losing. ”


    Funny. His base is a lot closer to 180 EV’s than 246.

    Dream on, troll.

  678. Conner says:

    691 – and despite that, Obama is in much better shape in more states than Bush ever was.

    Bush never won in supposed battleground states such as PA, WI and MI. Obama is holding serve in so-called red states.

  679. lisab says:

    “By the same token, you stay here, and don’t go to BJG. ”

    the people at BJG do not know ayn rand was pro-abortion

    they named their web site after an abortionist

    how incurably stoopid are they?

  680. jason says:

    Tim, there you go with your false comparisons again.

    The difference is that your nutcases are in power.

  681. DrJay says:

    “Only to your demented mind was Bush in trouble.”

    Hahahaha! Tell me another fairy tale.

  682. Bitterlaw says:


  683. lisab says:

    “Bush never won in supposed battleground states such as PA, WI and MI.”

    none of those are needed for 270

    obama is vulnerable in all three

  684. jason says:

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden….

    These ARE the radicals that should scare you.

    Anthony Weiner was the spokesman for Obamacare with the press. Officially. He was mainstream.

    He posted at Daily Kos.

  685. Bitterlaw says:

    Mfg, shouldn’t you be sucking yourself?

    Comment by Conner

    I wish I had that ability. Maybe. It is an interesting dilemma to have

  686. Tim V says:

    703- lol, your timing is off

  687. MFG says:

    Half pf the long term unemployed out of work two motherfuqqing years and we should

  688. MFG says:

    Reelect this guy?


  689. Tim V says:

    my dog can do it.

  690. MFG says:

    Conner your mother made the wrong “choice”

  691. Emerica says:

    Rick Santorum has a plan. He wants all those people to work in a factory of some sort.

  692. DrJay says:

    From the demented mind of Bob Shrum:

    ”Can I be the first to call you Mr. President?”

  693. Emerica says:

    Or a farm.

  694. Tim says:

    Oh, the Teabaggers didn’t win the last election, jason? I only imagined that? Surely, you can’t think that bunch is mainstream. Please tell me you don’t believe that.

    And, they are in power too, you know. Your own House Speaker can’t even control those crazies.

  695. Phil says:

    Sure Bob. You also get to be the last.

  696. Bitterlaw says:

    Just one comment from the CNN article on the Ron Paul non-event:

    Wow the fist 2 comments are so over the top it’s not funny.. You two need to wake the hell up. Apparently you have no idea the state this country is in. Ron Paul cares about ending wars and taking our troops back home. I’d hate to have a warmonger for president, like Romney. Ron Paul has been winning county district caucuses across the country. You’ll be shocked to see how many delegates he will have by the Tampa convention.. Don’t be a “sheep” and follow what everyone else does. Old people in the Republican party are almost a thing of the past. It’s the younger generation that actually has a clue what is going on in the real world. You old people vote for the most bland candidates. RON PAUL 2012!!!!

    COunty district caucuses? Bunu promised us that Paul would win Iowa, New Hampshire and Maine. WTF, Bunu?

  697. jason says:

    Nah Bush was never in trouble.

    Check the polls between 7/1 and 8/15.

    Kerry only led in 31/36 polls.

    Bush won because in October he had 49% and above the whole month. If he had been at 45% he would have been history.

  698. Diogenes says:

    Liberals are stupid. That’s why they waste so much time in using government to inefficiently still money from other people and give to themselves. All the people with brains focus on their jobs and families.

  699. DrJay says:

    “It’s the younger generation that actually has a clue what is going on in the real world.”


  700. Tim says:

    But, I know my place. This is a Conservative site. You get the last smackdown, jason.

    I’m going to watch tv, and drink alcohol. LOL

    Goodnight, HHR people.

  701. Conner says:

    Even Dave W knows where the race lies. Go check ev his projection.

    It is the losers and deadenders among the posters that are a hoot. The laughs just keep coming, when some idiot says PA is on play, and another moron pipes up that we will win NJ.

  702. jason says:

    ” Oh, the Teabaggers didn’t win the last election, jason? ”

    No, actually they didn’t. Many Republicans won because they were supported by teapartiers, but the vast majority was mainstream Republicans.

    And yes, I consider people who are concerned about spending and the debt mainstream.

    There is nothing “radical” about teapartiers.

  703. Tim says:

    And finally, soem of you please go look up the story of Scott Elliott’s parents. Great story.

  704. DrJay says:

    Conner is quoting our trolls and sarcastic posts now… ROFL, keep it coming!

  705. Conner says:

    Tim, I have visited Scott’s site since the very beginning. He is a gentleman. I remember the week his parents were killed. It still brings tears to my eyes.

  706. jason says:

    Conner is full of crap.

    Dave has Romney at 228 but Florida and Ohio at 45-43 and 46-42 Obama respectively.

    Neither would go for Obama with those numbers, at best its a dead heat.

    If those go Romney, that’s 275 right there.

    Yep, Obama is comfortably ahead.

  707. jason says:

    Tim is comparing teapartiers with the moonbats at DKos… 8)

    You can make a case for BJG maybe. Not teapartiers.

  708. Bitterlaw says:

    Conner = Cheksux? I just find it hard to believe the pathetic bitch is gone. It’s like Michael Myers in Halloween. You can’t kill the Boogey Man.

  709. SoHope says:

    Conner is a bad Chekote sequel…think Jason X (Friday the 13th in Space)

  710. jason says:

    Conner was probably here saying Toomey had no chance against Sestak.

  711. janz says:

    Romney seem to be finding his voice, one that is similar to what Bill Krystal was advising him to do — don’t demean the president, just the job he is doing!

    Indeed, Mitt Romney went out of his way to compliment the guy: “I think he’s a nice person. I just don’t think we can afford him any longer.”That is smooth.

    You don’t have to be in full attack mode 24/7.

    Romney is not playing to the base. Obama is. The candidate who plays to the base the most loses. You have to reach out. Not just for votes but to disarm the other side and make them more at ease with staying at home on November 6.

  712. janz says:

    Another article alluding to substance over style between the two candidates:

    Oratory, bore-atory: Obama, Romney and political rhetoric in 2012

  713. MFG says:

    Conner is Robbie

  714. jason says:

    I like Scott Elliott. He has Obama at 303-235. Only a small swing needed to reverse that. He has Rs netting 3 seats in the Senate, losing 3 in the house and picking up 4 governorships.

    In the senate he has Fl staying blue, I think that’s a winnable seat. He has Brown losing MA.

    I am hoping at least one of those events does not happen so we get a clear majority in the Senate.

  715. jason says:

    If Election Projection is right, Dems will come out with only 16 governors.

  716. Diamond Jim says:

    Conner is Robbie

    Same thought occurred to me

  717. DrJay says:

    Paris proper gave Hollande another 25000…

    99.9% reporting… perhaps a small territory we missed?

    Hollande 28.6
    Sarkozy 27.1
    Le Pen 18.0
    Melenchon 11.1
    Bayrou 9.1

  718. lisab says:

    “Oh, the Teabaggers didn’t win the last election, jason? ” tm the toady

    nice homosexual insult there by tm the toady

    it does show his true colors …

    but nice

  719. DrJay says:

    Dupont-Aignan at 1.8%, I believe, is right-wing

    I think the others are on the left… they total about 4% and change.

  720. MFG says:


    I say let em crash…

  721. lisab says:

    obama is in real trouble

    he can easily come back, but clearly his supporters are nervous

    when barney frank criticizes a dem president, you now the dems are worried.

    i think barney is afraid the dems will pay a high price again if obama loses

    which is probably correct

  722. MFG says:

    Wahkeena, they are obviously trying to start damage control as they expect ObamaCare to be overturned, its no coincidence Frank and Webb have dissed the law, they’re expecting it to be repealed

  723. MFG says:

    Wahkeena, can you post any funny/nice videos?

    My hip is killing me, I re-aggravated an old football injury Friday and I’m in a grumpy mood

  724. MFG says:

    Thanks, Wahkeena…

  725. DrJay says:

    AP: 1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed

  726. jason says:

    At least they don’t have to pay back student loans….

  727. jason says:

    741. If Sarkozy could get all of LePen’s votes he would win with just a few of Bayrou’s votes. The problem is if he gets too close to her he loses votes in the middle.

    There is a poll out tonight 54-46 Hollande for the second round.

    Does not seem insurmountable.

  728. Bitterlaw says:

    All those dollars and no victories? Ron Paul really is a joke. Well, if you find a racist, anti-Semitic, truther to be funny. I love the thought of his moron supporters pissing away all that money on a broken, pathetic loser. How much have you wasted on Ron Paul, you America-hating Bastard?

  729. DrJay says:

    #751 I wouldn’t dispute that. He’s got some work to do, but he could come back.

  730. lisab says:


    here is a meeting between bitterlaw and MD at their club

  731. Bitterlaw says:

    The truth from Bunu’s article:

    Disclosure forms covering March, made public Friday, show that Mr. Romney received 18,461 donations of at least $200, while Mr. Paul received 18,835, though Mr. Romney overall raised far more money than the Texas lawmaker — nearly $13 million compared with $2.6 million.

    Ok. Here’s a math problem for you, you America-hating Bastard:

    Which is more – $13 million or $2.6 million?

  732. jason says:

    Romney got 4.6 million votes so far against 1.2 million for the racist porker.

    If Romney doesn’t have support, what about the racist porker?

  733. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – wives are not permitted at the club. MD invited some . . . uh . . . “women” who also had transgender surgery when he underwent his operation.

  734. DrJay says:

    MD and Bitterlaw (in a couple decades) take on Milton Berle 30 seconds in… Brandon gets in a shot at 3:25.

  735. jason says:

    I don’t think Bunu comes here to sell Ron Paul or to get recruits.

    I think he just likes attention poor lonely bastard. I mean there is just so much fondling of Ron Paul dolls and staring admirably at Ron Paul posters you can do.

  736. lisab says:

    number of donors $
    130630 $86,776,145 romney
    90535 $35,902,568 paul
    118813 $147,881,393 obama

  737. jason says:

    ” wives are not permitted at the club.”

    Are Amish dancing girls ok?

  738. DrJay says:

    I keep my Ron Paul action figures in the original box, so its value can only increase.

  739. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – will the Amish churn the butter?

  740. jason says:

    The one on the right is going to be really valuable, it’s missing an “I” between the R and the P.

  741. jason says:

    Absolutely, and they will only be wearing a ladle.

  742. DrJay says:

    #766 LOL

  743. Walt says:

    My wife’s first grade workbook directs students to draw various shapes, like small triangle, large circle, etc. One shape the book tells the 1st graders to draw is a fat rhombus.**************** Firstly, is this a politically correct term?****** and secondly, why not just say draw a big parallelogram or draw a big ldiamond? ***************Thirdly, should rhombus even be a word?

  744. Walt says:

    “661.50000 sorry… missed a zero
    Comment by DrJay”
    When Romney is sworn in in January of 2013, I know one zero that will not be missed.

  745. DrJay says:

    #770 nice

  746. Tony says:

    Whats up HHRers?

    I have to catch up to with the comments and see how the Amish were introduced, but first a question:

    Who will be the first Republican with enough guts to ask the president why he doesn’t pull in some extra help from the TSA crowd to cover because of the SS firings?

  747. Walt says:


    If RonPaul gets all of LePen’s
    le votes, will he have le chance?

  748. jason says:

    Bunu, how much have you flushed down the Ron Paul toilet?

    Don’t be embarrassed, I have piddled away a lot of money myself.

  749. Tony says:

    RPers are a strange lot. They want support for their guy but state vehemently they will not give support to another candidate. If you read their comments throughout the blogworld, most will write in Paul.

  750. Walt says:


    Do you think that 1st graders ought to be directed to draw a “fat rhombus”?
    I think it might psychologically scar some of the overweight snowflakes.

  751. jason says:

    When you watch Ron Paul speak, you can really see that he considers himself sane.

  752. SusyQue says:

    #769…It’s is just another slanted shape…it had nothing to do with a body part.

  753. Fat Rhombus says:

    I prefer the term “diamond in the rough”.

  754. Fat Rhombus says:

    Just another slanted shape! Just another slanted shape!


  755. Fat Rhombus says:

    Are you saying we all look alike? jason, you were right about ssq!

    boo hoo hoo sniffle sniffle

  756. Walt says:

    Why not say “large” rhombus instead of “fat” rhombus?

    Do we use that term
    and call people FAT?
    I thought we banned the F word.

    When people go to class reunions and see fellow classmates who are now very large, they don’t say “My look how FAT you have gotten over the years!”

  757. Walt says:

    ” Get your fat rhombus off that couch and help me carry in the groceries!”

  758. Walt says:

    I’m surprised we still have Fat Tuesday.

  759. jason says:

    What are you drinking Walt?

  760. jason says:

    ” take a free shot jason as i violated the truce”

    For calling me a coward and an a-hole?

    Nah, coward is schoolyard stuff and a-hole is a badge of honor here.

    No violation….

  761. Tim says:

    No, here’s my true colors.

    Kiss my a**. You bore me.

  762. Tim says:

    He told me that he thinks Brown will eventually win.

  763. Tim says:

    LMAO! Allen West, a favorite of these Teabaggers, recently said there are a bunch of Communists in the Dem caucus. Yeah, nothing radical about that. The man’s an idiot. Anyone who believes anything like that is an idiot. Or, they are Joe McCarthy reborn.
    He and his Teabagger devotees remind me of the John Birch Society. They go around screaming that their opponents are “Communist”, “Socialist”, “anti-American”, etc. And, they’re wearing their little tri-color hats and referring to themselves as patriots. They brandish signs, referring to my Party and the President of the United States as Nazis and Soviet-style Commies. What next? Black helicopters? Kenyan birth certificates? Sharia Law? I mean, some of these people have actually brought firearms to their rallies. Who are they gonna shoot?
    They make me sick. They are a disgrace, and belong nowhere near the political process. I mean, Christine O’Donnell is their poster candidate!
    I tell you what. You keep that bunch in your Party. I don’t want any of them in mine, even if it costs the Dems every last election.
    And, if you had any sense, you’d run that bunch off. But, don’t try to sell them to me as mainstream. You’re wasting your time, and you’re wrong. I know the local ones. And, they’re a bunch of crazies. They’d think you’re a Commie because of where you live.

  764. mnw says:


    Why don’t you go post among like-minded pro-zero leftists, then?

    Is Van Jones a communist? Did zero appoint him as his Green Czar anyway? Am I a McCarthyite if I say zero admires & appoints communists to high positions, then?

  765. Emerica says:

    Ya, I wrote off Colorado after that convention. Romney won the convention even though he was outnumbered by Paul people. Not worth worrying about.

    Slate: write up on Minnesota.

    Paul will take Iowa and Minnesota in near sweeps. We have several other states we may win.

    Also the best way to define winning a state is by who controls that state at the convention not really by AP reports or CNN projections.

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