Open Thread FRIDAY!

It looks like it will be an old Patrick Division Reunion in the Eastern Conference Semifinals after the Devils and Rangers won last night….

Not much from me to start this morning other than I received no less than seven letters in the mail yesterday from various candidates running for delegate and alternate delegate in addition to a number of emails. I am sure the lobbying will continue tonight at the Hospitality Suites at the Maryland Republican Convention….

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  1. Rockefeller Republican says:

    TGIF all!

  2. SusyQue.... says:

    President ooo weighed in the balance, and found wanting! May his days be few and another take his office. Psalm 109:7-8!

  3. Bryan says:

    So out of curiosity are the Paladin/CFP polls internal polls? How come I don’t see them used in the media?

    So what do all here make of the Rove, Larry Sabato and First Read electoral maps?

    I think Romney’s toughest swing state is going to be Ohio. Easiest, North Carolina.

  4. DW says:

    3…not exactly internal polls, but it is true that I cannot remember the last time the media has picked up the Paladin/CFP polls and publicized them. So we do that work for them here on HHR.

  5. Bryan says:

    What are the partisan weights that you use? IE 2010 turnout? Or like how Rasmussen weighs his surveys? Just curious I wish there was a way to get the data for the private polling the campaigns run.

  6. Rockefeller Republican says:

    First Read is an msnbc/Obama production – enough said.

    Rove has SC as a toss-up. He’s a fat nellie…Besides, he shares responsibility for Obama – during the Bush-43 years he was never interested in expanding GOP base – only wanted to win with 51%. Romney will expand the playing field.

    Sabato can’t afford a decent toupee – as such his political analysis is suspect.

  7. SusyQue.... says:

    The Washington Post actually printed this about Obama….
    Obama: The Affirmative Action President
    by Matt Patterson

    Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages. How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world’s largest economy, direct the world’s most powerful military, execute the world’s most consequential job?

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – My wife asked me, “When are we having dinner with your internet friend and his wife?” I don’t know if it is a good idea or not for worlds to collide.

  9. DW says:

    I will defer to MD to answer your question as he would have all the information, however I am not sure how much he would be able to share. Other polling firms are very reluctant to release their internals, so Paladin/CFP considers it a strategic disadvantage to be one of the few to release too many details…especially on the unique CTV (certain to vote) technique.

  10. DW says:

    7…I don’t think that Americans have been bamboozled as badly since the 1840 race between William Henry Harrison and Martin Van Buren.

    Van Buren grew up in poverty.
    Harrison grew up in one of the First families of VA–an aristocrat

    Yet the voters were duped into thinking Van Buren was born with the silver spoon, and that Harrison was a frontiersman reared in a log cabin and on hard cider.

    It was so bad that southern planter John Tyler was added to the ticket to “balance it out” even though in reality Harrison and Tyler were relatives and grew up in the same part of VA.

  11. Brandon says:

    2.2% GDP growth in Q1. Misses projection of 2.5%. Consumer spending up 2.9%(fastest since Q4 2010).

  12. Phil says:

    GDP UNEXPECTANTLY falls to 2.2%.

    “Unexpectantly” I say.

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    I challenge any political blog to have better Historians than HHR.

  14. Barrett says:

    Just found a great article on CNN which pretty much says all Christians are hate filled people.

    Right, because CNN wasn’t the one to post the article “are all men stupid?” the other day.

    It’s a pipe dream, but I’d love to see them pay for it

  15. Scott says:

    Good Morning to All.
    How much of that 2.9% consumer spending number is inflation related due to high food and energy coasts?
    The quarterly growth rate of 2.2% is NOT a good number so here comes Bernanke and the Fed to do QE3!

  16. MD says:

    Bryan – some of that is proprietary due to our CTV model. I won’t go into how we came to our weighting for 12 but we have it currently at an even split between D and R’s but I’s have also increased considerably since 08. Ras was spot on in 08 with his weighting. We believe that Paladin/CFP will finally break through after this cycle and be the gold standard against which all others are measured in the future.

    It really is the independent voters who are going to swing this election and it will be the independent women. If Obama takes them by double digits he will win a close race. If Romney can get the deficit to high single digits, then he will prevail in a close race.

    Thank you for allowing us at CFP/Paladin to share information with you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions in the future. We are here to serve.

  17. MD says:

    Scott – those #’s include a deflator. I spent hours trying to explain that to Sam. He never got it.

  18. Brandon says:

    Florida Poll(Rasmussen)

    Romney: 46%
    Obama: 45%

  19. MD says:

    2.2 is not enough btw to sustain momentum. We are going backwards. We would be in a recession if Ben wasn’t keeping the waterfall of cash on day and night.

  20. Brandon says:

    Whatever happened to Samnesty?

  21. MD says:

    Good number for Romney in FL. Still see a 3 to 5 point win there.

    OK – the scorched earth policy will start in a few months. Can Romney withstand it? Is he prepping the field now in such a way that will minimize the damage?

  22. MD says:


    He lost a huge bet to Wes and disappeared.

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I was a little disappointed in the Add-lisab showdown last night. I expected more from her but, to be fair, she had been fighting for hours and he pranced in at the end.

  24. SoHope says:

    But atleast obama has a big stick and a ram rod…

  25. MD says:

    Add is nuts.

  26. MD says:

    A day trip to NYC. The R5 to 30th street. On the Acela at 11:35, meeting at 2:30. Back on the Acela at 5 pm. On the R5 at 6:49. Overall, a pretty low maintenance day as long as it doesn’t rain.

  27. Brandon says:

    I tried to read his posts last night but half of them aren’t even coherent.

  28. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    no UE rate update?

  29. MD says:

    DW – we will see if I can get the funding today for 100 house races. The top 100 as we would like to call it. Cross your fingers. I will NOT give up any equity in our firm though. That is off the table.

  30. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Love to see Romney up in my state, no news on the FL Senate race Brandon?

  31. Scott says:

    MD and Phil
    So now the Fed w2ill move to lower interest rates even more.Will the 10yr. T-Note sink below 1.5%?
    The equities’ and bond markets will be pleased with this number since the market considers good news good and bad news even better because of the likelihood of Fed intervention.

    MD-no sweat,I understand the deflator factor.Be patient and continue to work on Sam.

  32. MD says:


    We joke about my drinking but I really think there is a problem. He has become more and more unhinged an incoherent. I can’t respond to some of his posts because they make no sense. I have a feeling a 28 stay in a “special” place will be in his future.

  33. Brandon says:

    Rasmussen today:

    48/51 Approval(no change from yesterday)

    9:30- Florida President Results
    10:30- VP Favorables
    12:00- Florida Senate Results

  34. MD says:

    Scott – Sam is gone. He lost a huge bet on Perry to Wes and promptly left.

    Right now equities are the only game in town. However, there are a series of events that are all going to take place by year end that could very likely throw the markets into chaos. The Bush rates expire, the exemption on the death tax goes to $1m, we hit the debt ceiling again and it is very possible that we could be in a recession before that point.

    If Obama gets re-elected, all Hell is going to break loose in the LD session. It will make 10’s look like a meeting of the manners society.

    We are being save from oblivion by Europe. There situation is so bad that the $ is being held somewhat firm. It is artificial though. The $ is in awful shape.

  35. DW says:

    Mitt 43/ zero 46 was the last Rasmussen poll of FL, so this is a turnaround

  36. Bryan says:

    MD, how would you rate the toss up states as far as Romney’s chances to win? Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvannia, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan?

  37. DW says:

    sounds good…maybe if you can’t get the 100, bargin down to 50. I think that might be more realistic, and in fact there probably are not really 100 races that are that close. Thanks for your work. When does Marv get back with the jet?

  38. lisab says:

    ” I was a little disappointed in the Add-lisab showdown last night.”

    i had to go to bed


    he really is not worth it

  39. SoHope says:

    I missed all of it. I watched part of the draft…up to the panthers, big bang theory, and a show on submarines from the military channel. #winning

  40. SusyQue says:

    Yesterday, I went to a prayer meeting. About 100 mainly Republican women were there to focus on the 2012 election.
    The group is called the V.I.P.s, Volunteers in Politics. Once every year a pastor is invited to speak. His name is Al Houghton and his ministry in Word at Work Ministries. He was a pilot trained in atomic warfare in San Diego. As he began to speak about how to pray for our coming election, a loud roar of jet engines kicked in for almost a minute. (The Bali Hai is near the airport and overlooks the bay.) It was like a “pay attention to what is being said, moment.” I brought my tape recorder
    so I could record the teaching. He pointed out the scriptures in the Bible that show Jesus as Judge against evil. Therewere a few men there, but most were women. These gals encourage poll watching, etc. because there is immense voter fraud in California and all the states. ( The Dems are forceful opponents who change and amend bills , already passed, to favor themselves. They are ruthless about it. There were all sorts of handouts. They are most excited about voting for Mitt Romney!

  41. MD says:


    There is disagreement internally on this so my opinion is that of a senior member of mgmt and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of CFP/Paladin as a whole. The % listed reflect the chances I see of Romney winning.

    IN – 100
    NC – 75
    FL – 75
    VA – 60
    CO – 50
    NH – 50
    OH -44
    IA – 42
    WI – 40
    PA – 35
    NV – 20
    MI – 0

    These could and will change as we get closer.

  42. Scott says:

    As expected,the European market have melted up from the disappointing US GDP number,US equities futures have risen and the yield on the 10yr T-Note has fallen.
    The markets love BAD news!(The US equities markets have completely shrugged off bad rearnibgs reports from Ford and J&J.)

  43. MD says:

    Fords was mixed. Decreased sales a bit because they wouldn’t match incentives but better profitability. Didn’t see J&J.

    Again, it is nothing more than a rigged liquidity play. I still think it has some time to run (although a 10% correction is due) before the crap hits the fan again.

  44. SusyQue says:

    #37…bio mom…what a great set of photos. Mitt is certainly blessed with a good looking family.
    Thanks for sharing!

  45. MD says:

    The AP said the market was reacting in a positive way because it still expects 3% GDP growth for 12 as a result of the strong jobs market.

    Huh? These guys have no integrity at all.

  46. MD says:

    Last post before I head to the station. Shameless:

    Friend —

    Barack and I know how hard so many of you are working on this campaign — and we’re grateful for it.

    But sometimes you just need to have a little fun, too.

    That’s why I hope you’ll take us up on the chance to join Barack at George Clooney’s house on May 10th for what will be a pretty amazing event.

    Chip in with a grassroots donation today, and you’ll be automatically entered to join them:

    Thanks for all you do,


  47. bio mom says:

    Romney down 1 to Obama today in ras, 46/47

  48. Barrett says:

    I made my changes to MD’s list

    IN – 100 (agree)
    NC – 75 (agree)
    FL – 75 (agree)
    VA – 60 (75)
    CO – 50 (agree)
    NH – 50 (agree)
    OH -44 (50)
    IA – 42 (agree)
    WI – 40 (agree)
    PA – 35 (agree)
    NV – 20 (40)
    MI – 0 (10)

    Nevada was really the only difference in my opinion

  49. CAC says:

    These could and will change as we get closer.

    Comment by MD — April 27, 2012 @ 9:23 am
    I agree with almost all the assessments.
    I’d move PA up to 45% because Im more bullish and Obama’s # in NEPA and WPA are wrose than Kerry’s, but more importantly IA above 50- Obama has polled worse there than in OH, CO and now NH and the Republicans pulled off a miracle and drove the Dem’s 100k voter registration advantage down to negative 4k. Its lean Romney.

  50. DW says:

    There was a lot of buzz about Rove’s first map being so favorable to Obama. But here was how Rove ended the discussion: “Keep an eye on the “toss-up” and “lean” states where Romney now has an advantage: just about all of the “lean-Romney” states are generally Republican-safe states, while all of the “lean-Obama” states will most likely move to the “toss-up” or “lean-Romney” column as the campaigns progress.”

    In other words, Rove was admitting his map was bogus. Why he would just base it off current polls–blind to examination of poll internals or other considerations is beyond me. Even Cook understands that your map is not just a reaction to the toplines of polls themselves.

  51. Scott says:

    What Ras gives(in FL) he will take away(Romney dropping by 4 points in his head-to-head with Obama).
    Tomorrow,Obama’s approval rating will be back to 50% in Ras and his approval intensity will fall to -10 or even lower.He will be up by at least 4 on Romney.

  52. Brandon says:

    Rasmussen VP Favorables

    Condi: 66/24
    West: 27/27
    Huckabee: 44/40
    McDonnell: 20/26
    Martinez: 19/23

  53. bio mom says:

    Examining the trnd in the matchups on ras, +4, +5, +3, -1, and looking what day gets added and what drops off, it seems that Romney had good polling on Sunday and MOnday this week and Obama had good polling on Wednesday and Thursday. He went on Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night and on his college tour this week, that could have given him a bump. Romney winning big on Tuesday didn’t help him because it was already assumed he is the nominee. And of course, all of this is margin of error anyway and we do not elect nationally.

  54. 42ndSTNYCmike says:

    8.MD – My wife asked me, “When are we having dinner with your internet friend and his wife?” I don’t know if it is a good idea or not for worlds to collide.

    -Tickets, get your Tickets here!

  55. MD says:

    I think Portman is the front runner for Veep. Made it to he station withou getting rained. Won’t be driving my car at all today. Will someone call Al Gore for me?

  56. DW says:


    Romney 40
    Obama 52

    CD_02 only:

    Romney 43
    Obama 49

    500 Certain to vote, 4/26/12


  57. Scott says:

    #54-bio mom

  58. Diogenes says:

    I could care what Rove thinks. Like Wes, I agree that he was a pompous idiot that made a turkey shoot for the GOP into a close election. He also destroyed the GOP brand by forcing short-term wedge issues.

  59. Phil says:

    Seems like Obama might lose some support in western Pa due to his obliteration of the coal industry – I would guess it’s not a large chunk of votes, but every little bit helps us in the Keystone state.

  60. jason says:

    ” MD – My wife asked me, “When are we having dinner with your internet friend and his wife?”

    Can I come? I would like do deliver my resume personally….

  61. DW says:

    60…MD can correct me if I am wrong, but the only path I can see for Romney winning PA is if a strong noreaster or late hurricane blows up the delaware on election day delivering 70 mph winds and heavy rain across southeast PA. That or maybe if its colder, an early blizzard – a couple of feet of snow and ice covered tree limbs breaking all over the Philly area.

  62. Scott says:

    Today’s consumer confidence figure came in better than expected so the equities’ markets went down because it might give the Fed pause to do QE3.We live in a very warped world!

  63. jason says:

    ” He was a pilot trained in atomic warfare in San Diego. ”

    I suggest somewhere with more Democrats.


  64. jason says:

    ssq knows interesting people, I now see her circle goes beyond racists and bigots. A pilot trained in atomic warfare is very cool.

    I asked my son he hasn’t seen this Atomic Warfare video game yet.

  65. Bryan says:

    MD or DW is there a site or place or table where all the latest Palidin polls are listed? Dave do you use them in your EV update?

  66. maelstrom says:

    Early voting tomorrow in Indiana. My voting center opens @8:00.

  67. jason says:

    66. I think the Paladin polls are stored in the vault for the club’s archives by the historian, although as a prospective member I shouldn’t be divulging any club information.

  68. DW says:

    66…I will save you the trouble of looking them up. Paladin/CFP has a 20 state battleground plan. We will poll each state once a month from April through October. We are almost done with April, and here are the results we have had thus far, including the Maine poll released today:

    State Obama Romney
    MN 48 44
    NC 40 46
    OH 45 45
    WI 47 46
    NV 46 44
    FL 44 47
    IA 43 46
    VA 39 47
    CO 45 45
    NH 44 46
    MO 41 51
    IN 40 53
    AZ 40 45
    PA 48 46
    MI 46 45
    ME 52 40
    OR 45 42

  69. jason says:

    If you drive on the PA turnpike from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh there are a lot of pro-coal industry billboards along the way. Some don’t pull punches, they say things like wind dies, sun sets, coal is forever.

  70. EML says:

    60 – I’m not sure how successfully the GOP will be able to turn the Obama administration’s war on energy into votes, but NEPA is another old coal mining area that is now greatly benefitting from fracking.

    Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Carbon counties gave Obama 50,000 more votes than McCain. Lackawanna especially has a lot of white blue collar workers that the Democratic Party is leaving in the dust. Ds have a registration advantage of something like 66%-25% in Lackawanna. I think there are quite a few votes there that are almost ready to harvest.

  71. Diogenes says:

    The battleground polls look very, very accurate. Loved them in 2004 and 2008 (even if I didn’t like the results).

  72. jason says:

    Go easy on Karl Rove. If he shows a very pro-Romney map now it won’t have any credibility.

    The MSM has jumped on his map like flies on crap, later as he adjusts it they will be forced to report it.

    Rove you magnificent bastard.

  73. Brandon says:

    Florida Senate(Rasmussen)

    Nelson: 47%
    Mack: 36%

  74. Hmmm says:

    bryan the Paladin polls are fake.

  75. jason says:

    mnw said he drove 200 miles to vote for Romney in MO.

    I wonder how far he is driving to vote for Mourdock in Indiana.

  76. jason says:

    Not fake. They reflect current data subject to rigorous analysis in my view.

  77. DW says:

    75…and we have our first drive by troll today. Sure, and Gallup’s and Rasmussens are fake too.

  78. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    NH much higher I’d say 60
    MI 20 although I want to see more polling after all bush got within 4 here
    The rest is reasonable

  79. DW says:

    74…as long as nelson stays several points below 50% this race is one to watch.

  80. Brandon says:

    The previous Rasmussen poll had Mack 43- Nelson 36.

  81. DW says:

    Michigan is one state that MD and I disagree on. The state has been trending toward Romney in recent weeks. Just look at the recent polls from RCP:

    EPIC-MRA 3/31 – 4/3 600 LV
    Obama 47 / Romney 43 Obama +4

    MRG 3/14 – 3/19 600 LV
    Obama 49 / Romney 42 Obama +7

    NBC News/Marist 2/19 – 2/20 1546 RV
    Obama 51 / Romney 33 Obama +18

    Romney is closing.

  82. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @74 as a FL resident I gotta agree w/ that poll. Not that theres been momentum for Nelson, but they have been violatile for one side or the other. Right now it’s been swinging towards Nelson. Yet notice Nelson still can’t get 50%

  83. Walt says:


    Friday, April 27, 2012

    Emergency Manager Ballot Issue Rejected, Now Headed for the Courts
    Opponents of Michigan’s emergency manager law are headed for the state Court of Appeals after a state elections panel declined (by deadlock, 2-2) to place a referendum on the law before voters in November.
    Detroit Free Press | Read More

  84. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    Maybe we have an outside shot at WI due to voter fatigue with all of the recalls?

  85. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @85 not to mention demotivation when Walker survives

  86. Walt says:

    A 28 year old Democrat state legislator from the Northern Panhandle (Wheeling) was recently pulled over for DUI.

    He has announced today that he is resigning from the legislature and in withdrawing his candidacy for reelection.

  87. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    If we assume a win in either CO or NH (which I do) then the whole race becomes FLOHVA


    Must sweep these three

  88. Bitterlaw says:

    although as a prospective member I shouldn’t be divulging any club information.

    Comment by jason

    jason – Is there a club that you are not trying to join?

  89. Barrett says:

    #84 – What’s the emergency manager law?

  90. Brandon says:

    Romney staying neutral in Lugar-Mourdock race.

  91. Walt says:


    Foot-long cannibal shrimp invade Gulf waters…
    Me: “Waiter, please bring me a shrimp coctail of 6 of those new cannibal shrimp.

    And a doggie bag for what I am unable to eat here at the restauraunt.”

  92. MD says:

    Poor Jason. Always at the footstep but never makes it through the door.

  93. NYCmike says:

    a Foot-Long shrimp

    -God has a sense of humor!

  94. Walt says:


    REPORT: Man wearing gas canisters storms London office building, takes hostages…
    “Police say he calls himself “Bunu” and is on a mission to find missing ballots that were cast for Ron Paul.”

  95. Bitterlaw says:

    Another reason young people should stay away from the internet.

  96. Walt says:


    “If approved by voters, the proposal would repeal Public Act 4 of 2011, which gives Gov. Rick Snyder authority to appoint emergency managers with sweeping authority over the operations of financially troubled cities or school districts. Among the most far-reaching of those powers is the authority to nullify collective bargaining agreements, and public sector unions formed the core of the coalition that mounted the petition drive.”

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Federal agents have responded to a disturbance on an Acela train traveling between Philadelphia and New York. The train is currently stopped in the Meadowlands. A man can be heard screaming, “WTF? There’s no Gray Goose in the club car? Are you serious!?!”

  98. Scott says:

    #74- Brandon
    Like I said,what Ras giveth,he taketh away.An 11 point Nelson lead with a 1% Romney lead sure appears like there is a lot of ticket splitting.
    Can any of our FL experts explain this? How nasty is the GOP Senatorial primary?

  99. SusyQue.... says:

    #65…Are you dissing the military?
    “jason says:
    “ssq knows interesting people, I now see her circle goes beyond racists and bigots. A pilot trained in atomic warfare is very cool.
    I asked my son he hasn’t seen this Atomic Warfare video game yet.”
    Al Houghton trained in San Diego!
    Nuclear Weapons Training Center, Pacific, North Island, San Diego, CA (Oct 1958-71),
    ….. U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, Patuxent River, MD (1948- ), 48 weeks …

  100. jason says:

    ” jason – Is there a club that you are not trying to join?”

    Uhhh actually, yes.

    I am going to skip this one..

    “Yesterday, I went to a prayer meeting. About 100 mainly Republican women were there to focus on the 2012 election.
    The group is called the V.I.P.s, Volunteers in Politics. Once every year a pastor is invited to speak. His name is Al Houghton and his ministry in Word at Work Ministries. He was a pilot trained in atomic warfare in San Diego.”

  101. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    I wouldnt say that the Senate primary is nasty, Mack has it in the bag. However Nelson won’t be easy to beat. He’s not popular job wise but he’s very popular personality wise. I still have high expectations for Mack down here. Notice Nelson is peaking but unable to get 50%.

  102. Phil says:


    While not an encouraging result for the senate race, this makes me feel a lot better about RAS poll showing Romney up +1 over Obama there. RAS used the same sample in both polls.

    As you said, a lot of ticket splitting and Obama is in big trouble in the Sunshine State. The Internal numbers show Obama losing indies in Florida by 8 points.

    Compare that to the Florida exits in 2008 when Obama won them by 7.

  103. janz says:

    The WI courts seem intent to put as many road blocks in Gov. Walkers way, as possible, in order to shield himself from being recalled through voter fraud. This latest one seems over the top —-> Voter ID law blocked for Scott Walker recall

    #41 susy, enjoyed your post relaying the prayer meeting events.

  104. Walt says:


    When you have lunch today in NYC, order the cannibal shrimp cocktail, but don’t let those big city boys short change you.

    If they bring you ones that are only about 1/2 pound each then scream at the waiter, pound your fist on the table, yell NO DEAL!!! and insist he take them back to the kitchen and bring you the real thing.
    Tell them you are not some dumb HOBO from WV who doesn’t recognize the giant cannibal shrimp when he sees them.

    Oh, and be sure to ask for the 2 gallon cannister of the cocktail sauce.

  105. SoHope says:

    Although Team Evangelical disagrees with jason’s posturing, we have voted overwelmingly that he warrents no santions.

    Go in peace *igot hater.

  106. Bitterlaw says:

    102 – jason: I will add this post to your application. MD has a “business meeting” today so he won’t notice.

  107. SusyQue.... says:

    #102…not my post!
    ” jason – Is there a club that you are not trying to join?”

  108. NYCmike says:

    Bitter…..getting ready for bed.

    Did this go unnoticed?

    HOBO’S rule!

    (I am going back to school to make sure I can meet the stringent requirements, before I apply. Almost a decade, I should be able to fall aseep in the middle of the afternoon by then.)

  109. Bitterlaw says:

    Whenever you think you live in a boring town, you find out things you never even thought were possible.

  110. NYCmike says:

    “but don’t let those big city boys short change you.”

    We NEVER short change anyone. We just charge higher prices!!

  111. jason says:

    ” 65…Are you dissing the military?”

    No, just jealous as heck.

    I never got to do any Atomic Warfare when I was in the Army.

    Although I was told some of the hookers in Lawton, OK near Fort Sill were positively radioactive.

  112. Scott says:

    On further analysis,it appears that Obama and Nelson almost get the same percentage of the vote,but Mack seriously trails Romney’s %.

  113. Walt says:


    Members of Congress have just become aware of the WV Dem state legislator who has resigned his elected position today due to his DUI arrest.

    In a move of solidarity of support a total of 417 Congressmen have announced they will follow suit and immediately resign from Congress.
    Reports are that Obammer plans to harness the energy generated from Teddy Kennedy’s spinning in the grave and solve the nation’s energy crisis.

    EPA chief Lisa Jackson has responded saying: “Not so fast, Barry. We have to draw up environmental regs.”

  114. Bitterlaw says:

    SSQ – it was jason’s post.

  115. jason says:

    Bitter, it’s unkind to point out ssq is not too swift. Shame on you.

  116. janz says:

    From the RRH blog:

    “Arizona: Behavior Research Center- Obama 42% Romney 40%

    National: YouGuv- Romney 47% Obama 46%”

  117. jason says:

    ” a Foot-Long shrimp ”

    They can call it the oxymoron special….

  118. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – I forgot you were in the Army. I will add that to your application. I can’t make any promises.*

    *MD is always talking about “the Board.” The Chairman is a sock puppet on MD’s left hand that he calls Big Vito. I just adjourn the meeting s when they argue.

  119. DW says:

    Its Friday, so time for the weekly installment of Paladin/CFP’s POTUS outlook. States are sorted in descending order top to bottom and left to right according to GOP strength. Biggest change this week is several states that have slipped ahead of OH:

    Safe R: (77) TX WV SC SD ND MT GA
    Likely R: (21) MO IN
    Leans R: (11) AZ
    Wobbly R: (61) FL NH NC VA

    Wobbly D: (53) IA PA CO OH
    Leans D: (51) MI WI NV ME MN NM
    Likely D: (40) OR NJ CT WA
    Safe D: (34) MA IL DE
    Lock D: (108) CA MD RI NY VT HI DC

    Overall, Obama 286, Romney 252

  120. janz says:

    Foreign Policy Magazine is supposedly fielding David Patraeus’s name for VP consideration.

    Any thoughts on that?

  121. Walt says:

    TALCOTT, W.Va. — His eight-foot frame has been pierced by at least nine gunshots and dented by a dozen more.

    He lost a limb and later had it reattached after being chained to a truck and dragged down W.Va. 3 — an incident that nearly cost him his head.

    He has suffered the indignity of being whitewashed and repainted more times than his caretakers care to remember.

    After suffering many gunshot wounds….

    John Henry statue headed for restoration – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and
    If you go to the link at the Charleston Gazette you can see two VERY politically incorrect pictures that will get Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson all riled up.

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – just win PA and it is over for Obama.

  123. bio mom says:

    I’m not even sure Patreus is a Republican.

  124. janz says:


    That seems like a very credible EV map, seven months out of the actual election.

  125. janz says:

    bio mom

    I don’t think Patraeus has ever divulged his party affiliation. So, you are right about that.

  126. Bobby says:

    Rasmussen –

    Nelson (D) 47%
    Mack (R) 36%

    Brutal press for Mack in the past couple of weeks…not terribly surprised.

  127. SusyQue.... says:

    Bitter…I do not understand Jason. Whenever I post, he often responds with sarcasm, hatefulness and mockery. Most posters on HHR don’t make it so personal. I know Jason has two dogs and he must have a son, since he mentioned him. Does he have a wife?
    What is his vocation? Perhaps he had an unhappy marriage or is from a dysfunctional family and hasn’t resolved it yet. I often agree with some of his political opinions and sometimes he can be clever and humorous. Perhaps he detests my religion…gosh, that would make him a bigot…wouldn’t it. Dear me!

  128. NYCmike says:

    Big Vito – leave my Dad out of this!

  129. jason says:

    ” Poor Jason. Always at the footstep but never makes it through the door.”

    Not true. I was accepted here, no questions asked.

  130. NYCmike says:

    #129 – That was brilliantly done!

  131. jason says:

    ” Whenever I post, he often responds with sarcasm, hatefulness and mockery.”

    Hey guys, could you add this positive testimonial to my application?


  132. NYCmike says:

    #133 – both of you are at the top of your game!

  133. DrJay says:

    Strassel: The President Has a List
    Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney’s campaign.


  134. NYCmike says:


    -Everyone is too busy padding their resumes to try to get into various clubs. No time for dsicussions about the election anymore!

  135. DrJay says:


  136. jason says:

    ” Perhaps he detests my religion ”

    Nahh, I admire people of faith, all faiths. I don’t detest your religion, (actually I don’t even know what it is) I detest the way you use it to judge others.

    I abhor religious bigotry. I think when you use religion to discriminate against others it’s the lowest of the low.

  137. Bitterlaw says:

    SUSYQUE – I don’t try to understand anybody here. I should have walked away in 2004. Mow I’m afraid to leave. MD lives too close for me to notknow where he is.

  138. DW says:

    I don’t think that Obama can win re-election on spiking the “I killed Osama” football over and over. I mean really…George H. W. Bush lost re-election after decisively winning an entire WAR, not just for killing OBL.

  139. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – the mennonites know how to party. You are probably not cool enough for them.

  140. Phil says:

    He’s a Chicago thug. Always was, always will be. Also, look for Romney contributors to be audited in far more numbers than Obama contributors or noncontributors.

    Blatant targeting.

  141. jason says:

    ” I know Jason has two dogs ”

    Used to.

    But the Obama administration has decided nobody should have more than one dog, because some people have no dogs.

    One of my dogs was redistributed, last seen at the redistribution center near the WH kitchen.

  142. DrJay says:

    #142 I never would have ACTUALLY believed it until now, Phil… I’m a fool.

  143. jason says:

    ” SUSYQUE – I don’t try to understand anybody here.”

    Is that the best you can do to defend me?

    You call yourself a lawyer?

  144. jason says:

    ” Jason – the mennonites know how to party. You are probably not cool enough for them.”

    Yeah, actually when I joined I just saw the “Beachy” part, I hadn’t read this..

    ” An extent of practical everyday separation from mainstream society, especially in areas of social and recreational activities, personal adornment, amusement, speech, gender roles, and schooling.”

    I am particular worried about the gender role part.

  145. DW says:

    135…I read that, and I believe that Obama is over-reaching, which is nothing new. But one thing he needs to be wary of, and that is if you make something forbidden fruit (i.e. donating to Romney) human nature is to do it even more than originally planned. I suppose the ACLU will be right there to take up the cause of the poeple Obama has named so far on his enemies list.

  146. Phil says:

    The guy is capable of anything, Jay.

    I’m amazed at the number of people on this site who think Obama considers himself constrained by the Constitution or by anything else for that matter.

  147. Annie says:

    It’s the Chicago Way – a frightening use of power by the current POTUS and his team:

    More frightening are the comments by Democrats who agree with the tactics or make excuses for the Obama administration at the end of the article. Perhaps they are too young to remember Nixon’s “enemies list” or simply think Communism is “cool.” My stomach churns just thinking about Obama’s recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night. What incredible bad taste and lack of respect for the office of the presidency – by both Fallon (to be expected) and Obama (again, to be expected).

  148. Bitterlaw says:

    Fine, jason. Here I go:

    jason was ridiculed as a child because he was a pleasant youth with deep religious faith. He also was hobbled by a leg injury. He would stand on the street corner with his impish smile as the London fog swirled around him. He would declare, “God bless us – Every one!” When his leg was healed, his arms had withered from his non-participation in sports so he was forced to play soccer. It is a game that kills a man’s soul.

  149. DogsAndParakeetsAgainstUnicornJesus says:

    None of you TRULY understand (I apologize for sounding condescending)

    They will never stop until this country becomes Venezuela or (better yet from their standpoint) Cuba

    They care nothing for the rule of law, they are all gangsters all of them, all of the time

  150. jason says:

    n/t will respond there, although ssq already too it over…

  151. Annie says:

    There’s a new thread up –

  152. SusyQue.... says:

    Sorry guys and gals…I messed up on the NT!

  153. mnw says:

    “McCain Endorses Lugar In Radio Ad”

    That’s the ball game, then. Forget it, Mourdock. Lugar is NOT a POS RINO after all, because JOHN MCPAIN says so! So it’s over. Never mind! /s