Romney Leads Obama in Two Tracking Polls, Dalton Leads in NC

The Gallup Tracking poll has shown a lot of volatility. When it first began, Mitt Romney ran his lead up to 5% over Barack Obama only to see Barack Obama eventually take a lead of 7%. IN today’s edition, Mitt Romney has moved back in front by a single percentage point.

PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Gallup Tracking)
Mitt Romney (R) 47%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%

This edition was done April 25-29. It is just hard for me to believe there is that much volatility in the general electorate. In Scott Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll, he puts Romney up by two percentage points.

PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Rasmussen Tracking)
Mitt Romney (R) 47%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 45%

This edition of the poll was done April 27-29 among 1500 likely voters. Meanwhile, on a smaller scale, the candidate Democrats in North Carolina want to lose to Republican Pat McCrory in the race for Governor is Walter Dalton, according to a new poll from Public Policy Polling.

Walter Dalton 36%
Bob Ethridge 26%
Bill Faison 5%
Bruce Blackmon 3%
Gardenia Haley 3%
Gary Dunn 2%

This poll was done April 27-29 among 500 likely Democratic primary voters.

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  1. Joe J says:

    gallup stinks

  2. SusyQue says:

    President Zero’s presidency has turned into
    a tragedy for the country, instead of an
    epic hope and change.

  3. Phil says:

    Internals on RAS today show Obama and Romney tied today among independents at 43.

    Obama gets 85% of Democrats
    Romney gets 82% of Republicans.

  4. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    anyone seen the official slogan for Obama’s 2012 campaign? “FOWARD” what a crock.

  5. Tim says:

    Agreed, Dave. McCrory has that NC race about wrapped up.

  6. SusyQue says:

    Repost for those coming later:

    Something to think about:

    In NYC this morning the new tallest building in this country
    is near it intended height. It will be named “One World Trade Center.”
    As soon as I heard the name, I got this ominous feeling about it because
    it reminded me of the The Tower of Babel, an enormous tower built in the
    plain of Shinar which was in Iraq.
    According to the biblical account, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to the land of Shinar, where they resolved to build a city with a tower “with its top in the heavens…lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the Earth.” God came down to see what they did and said: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do.” So God said, “Come, let us go down and confound their speech.” And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel “because God there confounded the language of all the Earth.”(Genesis 11:5-8).
    Now you can pooh-pooh this all you want. Note this line from the bible: God came down to see what they did and said: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do.” This is the
    pride of mankind who were exalting themselves. Another name for God is “The Most High.”
    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
    Satan wanted to be God. The Bible tells us in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that Satan has become the “god of this world”. And Revelation 20:10 tells us that he will be eternally punished for it. So, Satan shows up in the Garden of Eden to tempt
    Adam and Eve.
    God does not want a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Will
    this tower be destroyed like the twin towers were destroyed?

  7. Bitterlaw says:

    God does not want a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! -SSQ

    Well, SSQ has now officially departed for Crazy Land. I hope she has a safe trip.

  8. NYCmike says:

    #6 – good reason to ban re-posts!

  9. Bitterlaw says:

    this tower be destroyed like the twin towers were destroyed?

    Comment by SusyQue

    I always wondered what God looked like. Apparently, he looks a lot like Mohammed Atta and his box-cutter friends. Who knew?

  10. Brandon says:

    SUSY, is anybody in chains in this crackpot theory of yours?

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Seriously, NYC. I would rather read Tim V. posts on why the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon than SUSYQUE’s odd cut and paster musings.

  12. NYCmike says:

    She’s got me hoping Tim is here!

  13. Tim says:

    You are saying with a straight face that the Port Authority of New York owns a building, signed off on by the State of New York, the City of New York, and the Bush Administration, and it was built for these reasons you say?

    And, they’re all in on it? Who else? Fox News and CNN? Ryan Howard? Bette Midler?

    Honey, you need some treatment. That is just totally insane. I don’t even know what else to say.

  14. Bryan says:

    Romney will win the GE 50-48%.

  15. NYCmike says:

    #12 – references #13 Tim!

    Maybe susyQue is right!!??

  16. Tim says:

    LOL The woman makes me glad that alcohol is available in large volume……..

    If she comes back and tells me that Bush ’43 is the Anti-Christ because of this, I will run from the room, screaming.

  17. NYCmike says:


    Just to get back to normal conditions, tell me again why Obama should be re-elected?

  18. NYCmike says:

    14.Bryan says:
    April 30, 2012 at 1:42 pm
    Romney will win the GE 50-48%.

    -Git ‘er done!

  19. Tim says:

    You forgot, Mike. I’m doing a write-in.

    If he loses, he deserves it.

  20. lisab says:

    btw, what is the exchange rate for arkansas money?

  21. Tim says:

    Gotta go back to work. Darn! Oh, well…….

  22. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    Obama’s taken a hit in the weekend, the days after the GDP report came out. hmmm…

  23. Tim says:

    Do your relatives bark loudly, or are you the only one?

  24. Tim says:

    for you bitter…

    Historicist interpreters commonly used the phrase “Whore of Babylon” to refer to the Roman Catholic Church. Reformation writers from Martin Luther (1483–1546) (who wrote On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church), John Calvin (1509–1564), and John Knox (1510–1572) (who wrote The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women) taught this association.[30][31] The Roman Catholic Church denies the claim that it is being referred to by the Book of Revelation as the Whore of Babylon.[32

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim doesn’t like Obama because Obama isn’t liberal enough. YOu read that right.

  26. The Joker says:

    Susy is Right on!!! God Bless you Sister Susy!!! You can mock God all you want but there will be a terrible consiquence to your actions America has became too arragant we turned from God!!!! Now we are going to mock God?? God Help us!!! Come Lord Jesus get us out of here take us home!!!! We are no Longer a God Fearing Nation how can you justify the over 50 million babies murdered since 1973 and Sodomite marriage whats next God Help us!!!!

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, Tim V. Every post pushes SUSYQUE’s further up the thread.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    NYCmike is a fraid. He referred to the Port Authority of New York. Every New Yorker I know, including my 2 cousins who were firemen, called it the “Port of Authority.”

  29. Emerica says:

    CNN-Eyewitness to testify that there were TWO shooters that assassinated Robert Kennedy

    Los Angeles (CNN) — As a federal court prepares to rule on a challenge to Sirhan Sirhan’s conviction in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, a long overlooked witness to the murder is telling her story: She heard two guns firing during the 1968 shooting and authorities altered her account of the crime.

  30. Walt says:

    Does it factor in at all that NC is NOT one of the 32 states that requires voter ID?

  31. Barrett says:

    #25 – I’m fine with that. He doesn’t like Obama, good enough for me at the moment

  32. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @29 and bunu just proved what we knew all along about him/her

  33. NYCmike says:

    #28 – Did you call me “A Fraud” or “AFRAID”?

    Isn’t there a Knock-Knock joke that goes with that?

  34. SusyQue says:

    #7…Brother Bitter…you think that because you don’t read your Bible. TSK! TSK!

  35. NYCmike says:

    And I never mentioned the Port Authority. Now the Philly a-holes are mis-quoting people! Are there any levels they will not sink to?

  36. NYCmike says:

    Brother Bitter

    -We are all Brother Bitter’s here!

  37. Barrett says:

    #37 – Romney didn’t want her as a delegate….its a TRUE INDICATION that Romney HATES WOMEN

  38. Walt says:

    Other possible swing states besides NC with no voter ID include NV, NM. IA, NH, MN, NJ.

    Some states no voter ID but does not matter: IL, MD. NY, CA, OR, ME, VT, MA.

    Some of the other states require photo ID and some non-photo ID.

  39. Tim says:

    bitter, now just like me, YOU are related to SSQ. You are her brother.

  40. Tim says:

    bitter, i think the iggies had a decent draft. maybe they make the playoffs this year.

  41. bio mom says:

    37:: And the Ron Paul takeover of the country continues!! Seriously, just what is all of this supposed to prove?

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC- It was Tim and not you. I am sorry. I made a mistake. I would like to use this as a teachable moment.

    lisab- As you can see, the filter does not block the words “sorry” and “mistake.”

  43. Tim says:

    ssq, post 6 was a bit disjointed.

  44. Tim says:

    Tim V., you’re confusing me with your new handle. I’m reading stuff I don’t remember writing. LOL

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, I see Bunu has a new conspiracy theory. How exciting.

  46. SusyQue says:

    #26…agrees because he knows what the scripture says. Look…I just mentioned it because I am sensitive to what is happening in the world, and especially my country and Israel. The Bible is the only book that tells you the beginning of life on earth to the end of life on this earth….before it happens. Whether you realize it or not…the was a paradigm shift in the USA on 9/ll..a great change took place. We always felt safe…but no more. That is why it is important to pray for the safety of you, your family, and all of America. We are like a house without a roof!

  47. Mose says:

    “It is just hard for me to believe there is that much volatility in the general electorate.”

    The Gallup tracking poll has a margin of error of +/- 3% (presumably with a confidence of 95%). So even if the opinions of the registered voter pool were absolutely fixed at, say, 47% for Romney and 47% for Obama, you would expect the results to ocillate randomly between 44% and 50% for each candidate most of the time, with 1/20 results outside of that band. The numbers would appear volitile, even if the underlying opinions of the voter pool didn’t change at all. And, of course, the opinions of the voter pool do change a bit from day to day, so that change has to be factored in on top of the naturally ocillation of the poll results. Gallup has had Romney between 42% and 50% since the tracking poll started, and has had Obama between 43% and 50%. That would be consistent with each candidate having a true level of support around 46-47%.

  48. Bitterlaw says:

    The Bible is the only book that tells you the beginning of life on earth to the end of life on this earth….before it happens.

    I must have missed the verse where it said that my mother smoking 2 packs a day was pre-ordained to die of lung cancer. Maybe it wasn’t cigarettes at all!

    SUSYQUE – you are veering dangerously close into the crazed territory of Westboro Baptist Church AND Rev. The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost” Wright.

  49. Tim V says:

    oops, sorry tim

  50. Tim says:

    No problem Tim V, my friend……

  51. Tim V says:

    tim, ssq asked me how the steaks were that you cooked. I didn’t have an answer for her.

  52. SusyQue says:

    #44…Look I had to get it down as briefly as I could. The scripture references are accurate. #26 said it in a correct and different way. It came as I watch Foxnews and they showed the new tower and the name of the tower.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    Here’s my prophecy:

    Some day, every single one of us will die when our hearts stop beating. Some will die before others but I foresee the death of all.

    No need to worship me. I just speak truth.

  54. Tim V says:

    bitter, ssq is right. none of the oher holy books have prophecies, wheras 1/3 of the bible is prophetic. prohecy is one way of showing that the Bible alone is true.

  55. Tim says:

    They were wonderful. Nothing like a good steak.

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s a street address, SSQ. The original complex had several buildings. mr brother worked in the 1980s in 5 World Trade Center. Does that mean that there was a move to have a 5 World Government? What about 7 World Trade Center. You can not possibly be this stupid? I have no doubt that you are very sincere in your faith but these prophecies are pure nonsense.

    Tim V. – Do you have any good “Mary was not a Virgin and she is a form of idol worship” posts just to get rid of SSQ?

  57. Tim says:

    Uh, I was kinda kidding. You mean, Fox News really is a part of this?

    I need a drink…………..

  58. SusyQue says:

    #49…Bitter…I don’t want the new tower to be taken down. I am not delusional. Remember…some
    called Jesus a devil for what he said. Your mom died because, like you said, she chose to smoke… which often causes cancer. “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I (Jesus) came that they may have life in abundance, till it overflows.” Satan kills. John 10:10

  59. Emerica says:

    Sirhan was a key witness.

    Rhodes-Hughes, now 78, claims the FBI “twisted” her statements to investigators after the incident in order to come up with the conclusion that she had only heard 8 shots, an account that was used as evidence that Sirhan carried out the act without an accomplice.
    With Sirhan’s legal team now revisiting the case, however, Rhodes-Hughes is coming forward with concrete allegations.
    “I never said eight shots. I never, never said it,” she told CNN, accusing California Attorney General Kamala Harris of inaccurately “parroting” the incorrect information on the original FBI report. “There were more than eight shots … There were at least 12, maybe 14. And I know there were because I heard the rhythm in my head.”

  60. Bitterlaw says:

    Believe what you want. This fight isn’t worth it.

  61. SusyQue says:

    $54…Actually, your body dies…but you are alive in a different realm. For some, Heaven, for others, well you will be alive in hell. We all hav a choice.

  62. SusyQue says:

    #53…Foxnews reported about the new building. All the other info is what I perceived.

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    SUSYQUE- Honestly, please stop your preaching here. Do you think anybody here cares? The people who agree with you don’t need it. The rest of us don’t want to hear it.

  64. Barrett says:

    awesome, a religious war! Can I join in?

    Pat Robertson is an a$$hole. That’s my two cents

  65. SusyQue says:

    I will say no more about this issue, unless, I am asked.
    Remember the student that is painting and repairing my gates, shutters, patio, garage door, well it is getting done and looks…so nice and fresh. I guess every
    6 to 7 years…painting and certain repairs are necessary.

  66. jan says:

    How come discussions hear are so easily distracted by religion talk? It really is so out of place in a forum like this.

    You’ll see the random bible verse out of no where. It’s so bizarre.

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    Barrett. I am withdrawing from the field. SUSYQUE feels a need to make many of us hate Christianity with her incessant preaching.

  68. SusyQue says:

    Bitter…people are more interested than you think.
    I am not preaching. You get to say whatever comes out of your mouth… Each of us has a voice. I endure you…so you endure me. I don’t usually talk about these things unless something important happens. So, if you take a trip to NYC stay away from the new tower! (:-)

  69. bio mom says:

    This Santorum guy acts like Santorum won not Romney. They will NOT be setting the agenda for that meeting.

  70. Bitterlaw says:

    OK. Let’s vote. Who wants to read SUSYQUE’s religious posts? I vote “No.”

    I predict that she may get some votes from Team Evangelical but I don’t see her pulling votes beyond that.

  71. Some things need to be re-posted! says:

    lisab- As you can see, the filter does not block the words “sorry” and “mistake.”

  72. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @71 I vote No. With all due respect to a fellow christian, She’s messed up this thread and I wanna read about politics that religious conspiracy theories

  73. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    politics, rather then religious…*

  74. Barrett says:

    As a devout Christian who takes a most of the bible at literal value, I still vote “No”.

    Methodists don’t tend to dwell on the bad things, at least in my opinion. I don’t think there are many Methodists who believe that

    #1 – The WTC means one world government
    #2 – God’s gonna knock it down cuz he’s pissed

  75. bio mom says:

    Jin Gerahty just tweeted that now, at a press conference with the Japanese prime minister, Obama attacked Romney over Osama bin Laden again.

    This guy is a punk, not a president. Even his supporters should be ashamed.

  76. NYCmike says:

    56.Tim says:
    April 30, 2012 at 2:18 pm
    They were wonderful. Nothing like a good steak.

    -I wish the guy working the fire this weekend at the Cub Scout camping trip had remembered those words. He ruined about 50# of USDA Grade A beef!

  77. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Early exit polls show SSQ trailing badly among voters who identify themselves as young and devout.

  78. Barrett says:

    This guy is a punk, not a president. Even his supporters should be ashamed.

    Comment by bio mom

    You know, you’re right. He really does come off as a punk sometimes.

    Remember, he single-handedly took credit for taking down Bin Laden. As a scholar he should know better than to make so many “I” statements

  79. SusyQue says:

    #67 Jan…I understand how you must feel. I feel that way when people here post using vulgar nouns that are often names of private body parts of men and women. Their interjections are names no one should call another person. The men seem to enjoy that. So we live on each day at HHR….

  80. jan says:

    It’s Obvious Obama views Osama Bin Laden death to be his ace in hole. It is up to Romney to push back and state that this election isn’t about one mans death but about what America is and what is means at home and away.

  81. NYCmike says:

    I don’t mind some of the talk about the Bible, religion, Islam, Koran etc, because some of it is appropriate. But the crazy ramblings about ONE WORLD Trade Center being ONE WORLD government crap is just silly, and not needed, imho.

  82. Barrett says:

    It’s a good thing I don’t live on ONE MAIN STREET. Otherwise people might mistake me for a dictator

  83. Marv says:

    Aloha folks.

    I’m on vacation. What have I missed? Did Wes show up again yet?

    Bitterlaw, you take the lead and give my a short briefing to get me back up to speed.

  84. Master Frank Bates says:

    “The men seem to enjoy that.”

  85. Marv says:


    I see that Jeter is flirting with .400 so far this year.

  86. SusyQue says:

    Bitter…I vote no for all your creme sodas and nasty references.

  87. NYCmike says:

    “Even his supporters should be ashamed.”

    -His supporters wake up on Nov 5th, 2012, and ask when is the next election.

  88. Marv says:

    Obama had nothing to do with Osama’s death. The was effected by an assault force consisting of US Army helicopter crews and US Navy Seals. Obama did not even issue the order to launch the mission, that was done by a US Navy Admiral.

  89. NYCmike says:

    “I vote no for all your creme sodas ”

    You had me at HELL, O that’s a hot place!

  90. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – I think Wes returned a few weeks ago for one post. Tina made a brief appearance and went black ops again. MD is on a “business trip.” Last week, we had 2 brutal fights. Addisonstreet battled the rest of HHR in a whirling street fight. lisab also took on HHR over teacher salaries and unions. jason is still begging to join the Philly A-holes. A group of old guys formed the HOBOs as their own club. That’s about it.

  91. bio mom says:


    He’s a punk because he has no presidential grace. Presidents do not launch into political hits against their opponents during a joint press conference with a foreign dignitary. He is an embarassment. No manners.

  92. Barrett says:

    Mitt Romney – Next President with 289 EV
    Senate – 51 R, 49 D
    House – 235 R, 200 D

  93. Barrett says:

    #92 – Agreed. He can be a bit sarcastic at times too

  94. Bitterlaw says:

    SUSYQUE – you are the only one who provided us with a very crude definition of “cream soda.” Not me.

  95. NYCmike says:

    To be honest, the NHL playoffs have been absolutely fantastic this year, have not looked much at the Yankees. My first love with sports is hockey, and even though my favorite team (Islanders) are not in the playoffs, the rest of the games have been really exciting! I have heard a little bit about Jeter, but more about the young pitcher they traded for and is now out for the year (Pineda). Bad news always sells more!!

  96. jan says:

    What Obama is trying to say is that Romney would not have given the order to go after Osama Bin Laden. He is basically saying that Romney would prefer Osama be alive and free. He is trying to attack Romney’s patriotism.

  97. Phil says:

    What bio mom just said.

    The man is classless and beneath the dignity of the office.

  98. Barrett says:

    Maybe I’m missing the reference or inside joke, but I always took “Cream Soda” here to mean “calm down/truce”

  99. Bitterlaw says:


  100. Phil says:

    Nobody believes Romney wouldn’t have tried to kill Bin Laden.

    Obama’s campaign is just wasting money trying to sell that.

  101. Bitterlaw says:

    Barrett- SUSY Purebread went to Urban Dictionary, typed in cream soda, and came back screaming at us about how vile we are. Your definition is the only one we ever used here until SUSY went looking for trouble.

  102. NYCmike says:

    “SUSYQUE – you are the only one who provided us with a very crude definition of “cream soda.” Not me.”

    Could you check that site again and make sure there are no derogatory definitions for egg cream/creme. There is a possibility it is.

  103. NYCmike says:

    101 – I didn’t know you went to school in Canada?

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – that site even grosses me out and that is saying something.

  105. Barrett says:

    Urban Dictionary used to be ok about 5 years back. It’s pretty screwed up now

  106. Marv says:


    I briefly considered planting the Confederate Battle Flag atop Diamond Head overlooking Waikiki Beach, but I decided not to because somebody might complain. Thank you for allowing me to retain my horse and side arm.

  107. NYCmike says:

    I don’t want to go there, because SSQ has been more vocal in her ravings since she “happened” upon that place! I am weakened living in this modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah-like city. I may fall too far.

  108. GPO says:

    Not holding my breath, but this would be nice

    The lefts David Souter?

  109. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – I try to live my life as the great General Sherman would have wanted. After I burn your house to the ground, I will be your friend.

  110. Barrett says:

    #109 – Be proud of the good parts of your city

    – The pizza
    – The architectural diversity
    – Central Park
    – ONE WORLD Trade Center

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC- I’m sorry that you live under One World Government. We’re still pretty free in the world outside the 5 Boroughs.

  112. Barrett says:

    I’m picturing “Escape from New York” in my mind right now

  113. jan says:

    Phil they are gonna try. With Europe going into recession again Obama can not actively run on the economy since the coming months will show the U.S is also headed towards recession.

  114. NYCmike says:

    We still have the underground railroad. We shall overcome!

  115. SusyQue says:

    #96…Bitter..we have a lot in common. You love your nice kitchen…I love kitchens. You love you children, I love children, You have a Jewish wife, I have a Jewish cousin, You don’t cheat on your wife, I don’t cheat on my husband, you coach young children in sports, I was a coach in La Jolla after school as one of my three jobs when I was working my way through college. You love you mom and dad and I love my mom and dad, and aunts and cousins. We both go to the same church. We both are going to vote for Romney. So…let’s be nice and have some understanding.
    and overlook our shortcomings.

  116. NYCmike says:

    When I think about it, One World Government may be a step up over the NY City Council.

  117. Barrett says:

    At least you don’t have the Baltimore light rail…what a waste!

  118. NYCmike says:

    Bloomberg probably has his foot in the door at One World Government as well.

    JEEZ, maybe SusyQue is on to something!!

  119. Marv says:


    The big controversy here in HI remains the overthrow of Queen Lili’oukalani in 1893. I got into a big argument at the local bookstore with the clerk over that issue. I favored the position taken by the Committee of Safety, the clerk, a female student at the University of Hawaii was aghast and favored the position taken by the Queen.

  120. NYCmike says:

    other places have light rail – we have NYC subway!
    other places have cream soda – we have Egg Creams!

  121. NYCmike says:

    I should get paid by the Business and Tourism Bureau!

  122. Marv says:


    You also have C.C. Sabathia.

  123. jan says:

    One World Government? Is it the 90’s again.

    With the UK and Spain going into recession and France likely to follow after the election of the Socialist this Sunday and with Italy in the economic situation it is in all the big European economies except Germany will be in recession.

  124. jan says:

    The European Bond market is gonna take a serious hit this time next week.

  125. Marv says:

    #125 jan,

    This looks like post-World War I Europe all over again.

  126. BayernFan says:

    For a five and three day rolling tracking poll, there sure are large one day variations…..

  127. Brandon says:

    She HAS to be a parody poster. She just has to….

  128. Bitterlaw says:

    This looks like post-World War I Europe all over again.

    Comment by Marv

    I liked “War Horse”. I thought you would like to know that.

  129. Brandon says:

    So Bitter and SUSY should be best friends because they both love kitchens and are related to Jewish people?

  130. sickofdems says:

    #91…did you just call me old??

    WALT is old….

    I am just….not.

  131. SusyQue says:

    #125…Jan, when Romney wins, think of the pressure he will have to undo all of ooo foolish wasteful mistakes. He will need a team of well informed and skilled men and women. He will have to deal with the mess that Axelrod & Co will leave in the White House. When Bush moved in, Clintons “gang” destroyed the computers and did other damage.

  132. jan says:

    Post War I is a little too dramatic.

  133. jan says:

    The push for more spending and more borrowing will be the reaction in Europe.

  134. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – technically, I am not related to Jewish people. Well, my children are jewish under Jewish law but don’t tell Bunu. He may target my house.

  135. Bitterlaw says:

    The Clinton gang took the letter “W” of some keyboards. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  136. Mr. Vito says:


    Go Romney!

  137. Marv says:


    Have you developed a position on the Queen Lili’oukalani overthrow deal yet?

  138. jan says:

    Susy We’re heading for a big dose of austerity economics next January when drastic spending cuts are scheduled to kick in, as well as tax increases on the middle class with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. But the U.S. economy isn’t nearly healthy enough to bear this burden.

    Romney is the man who is willing to make the hard necessary choices in Jan 2013 ! Some body has to act like a grown up and take the charge card away from the children! Tough Love !

  139. sickofdems says:

    I have stayed out of the SusyQue thing all along.
    I know you all appreciate that…

    But i almost have to agree with Brandon in post #129.

    Is she real or just EPH or MFG or even Wes (lol) yanking the collective chains here??

    Hard to believe anyone can be that pious.

  140. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    GOP still up 3 in congressional ballot.

  141. NYCmike says:

    #124 – CC

    He moved to NY, and he removed the periods. I think it was a nod to the OWG, aka One World Government. They find no need for periods. They only use commas, after every three zeroes!

  142. jan says:

    Obama bring up Osama and bashing Romney is no accident. News of the economic situation in Europe and bad economic news here must have the White House rattled and the desperately needs to change the news of the week.

  143. SusyQue says:

    #141…What is EPH/MFG? You are making a big deal out of nothing but an observation about the new tower in NYC.

  144. bio mom says:


    I believe Susy is an evangelical Christian. She is very sincere in her postings. Evangelicals are not shy to share their biblical beliefs with others, as she does. She does not try to force anybody to agree with her, although I am sure she would love them to agree. Most of us are not used to this type of speech. Even Catholics, such as myself, tend not to do that. But it is perfectly fine with me for Susy to express her faith here.

  145. Mr. Vito says:


    Eph is a former poster who was banned.

    MFG is the poster with the parakeet handles among other.

    In case you’re wondering, I am MDs sock puppet buddy.

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv – The Queen got a raw deal. Don Ho was her revenge. A 50 year career on a really bad song? “Tiny bubbles . . . “

  147. Urban Dictionary says:

    Sock puppet? That’s too crude even for me!

  148. DrJay says:

    Happy birthday to Stephen Harper.

  149. sickofdems says:

    Its just a very odd “observation” Susy.

  150. Tim V says:

    mr vito you might want to explain to ssq what a sock puppet is before she takes another trip to urban dictionary.

  151. SusyQue says:

    #146…bio mom…Thank you. I am a charismatic born-again catholic who clings to her bible. (:-)
    There is little or no news since the last primary. We will have five Tuesdays in a row of primaries. That will make me happy. I will
    also be happy when Newt steps (or stumbles) aside, so Mitt can
    can fewer distractions.
    What is Ron Paul all about? Why all the followers and he doesn’t care if he wins a state or not.

  152. Marv says:


    Don Ho was a US Air Force pilot stationed at Hickam AFB, HI prior to emerging as Hawaii’s best known entertainer.

  153. sickofdems says:

    Mr. Vito…what exactly was EPH banned for?

    I thought he was funny as hell.

    We have had some humerous posters here…Eph, MFG (of course) Bitter. I am sure i am leaving quite a few out….

    Sometimes even that “sickofdems” dude.

    But not Walt. He is just old.

  154. Mr. Vito says:

    Why… whatever do you mean, Tim V?

    Are you being a sick little sock monkey?

  155. DW says:

    “Evangelicals are not shy to share their biblical beliefs with others, as she does.”

    But she didn’t. She didn’t share a BIBLICAL belief. To be a Biblical belief, it has to be in the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible about God hating tall buildings. The Tower of Babel was all about ancient mankind attempting to make a name for themselves–without God. The building was simply a tool toward that end. God had no problem with an impressive building when it was one designed to be the Jewish temple.

    The Bible also doesn’t say that there were THREE wise men. And there is no mention of camels in the Christmas story either. The point is, there a lot of things put out there as “Biblical beliefs” that in fact are not in the Bible.

  156. Walt says:

    I be a Methodist (grew up Presbyterian) and the Methodists I know do not beleive the stuff you said about WTC and one world government.

    They have a lot of good church dinners and also DO beleive a lot of “social justice” stuff that makes my eyes roll, since I believe the policy makers distort the Bible in regard to many “social” issues.

  157. bio mom says:

    This is what our punk president said today during his press conference with the Japanese prime minister.

    At a press conference with the prime minister of Japan this afternoon, President Obama said that Americans haven’t excessively celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden, and suggested that Mitt Romney would not have made the decision to kill the terrorist mastermind.

    “I’d just recommend that everybody take a look at people’s previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into Pakistan and to take out bin Laden,” Obama said, obviously taking a shot at Romney. “I assume that people meant what they said when they said it. And that’s been at least my practice. I said that I would go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him–and I did. If there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then I’d go ahead and let them explain it.”

    The president was visibly smirking as he made today’s statement. It also mirrors a campaign ad the president released Friday, which likewise suggests that Romney wouldn’t have killed bin Laden if he, as commander in chief, would have been in the same position.

    The Japanese prime minister, for his part, said that the war on terror continues and did not end with the death of Osama bin Laden.

  158. SusyQue says:

    #151…Sometimes what we call “odd” can be just something someone “ignored.” (so, they would be called “ignorant” They have no knowledge base on a particular field of study.

  159. Mr. Vito says:

    “If there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else,…”

    Rich coming from him.

  160. bio mom says:

    Let’s just stay united here and not get distracted. We need to defeat the disgraceful excuse for a president we have now. Every ounce of energy needs to go help Mitt Romney win. My disgust for Obama is at an extreme high today, after his pathetic performance at that press conference.

  161. jan says:

    162. Agreed, to offend people here are distracted when religion is brought up. They go soft in the head.

  162. SusyQue says:

    #157….DW…who said God hated tall buildings…he hated the fact that those people at that time wanted to be equal with God….no one can be that…not satan, nor the people that were building the
    tower of babel.
    At this point in time, Christians are not very popular. They hold values that others could care less about. It irks the ones who
    feel that way, so they castigate those who do hold to sound biblical
    values. Our culture today is very different from the culture of
    the 1940’s-60’s.

  163. Brandon says:

    It’s not that she talked about religion, it’s that her post was something you would hear from someone that lives in a loony bin.

  164. Brandon says:

    Christians are not very popular? Isn’t over 75% of the country Christians?

  165. Brandon says:

    Of course here is where SUSY tries to play the victim.

  166. Tim V says:

    Brandon says:
    April 30, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    Christians are not very popular? Isn’t over 75% of the country Christians?

    no. there are many cino’s.

  167. Mr. Vito says:

    Wind farms are warming the earth, researchers say

    I hear solar energy warms the earth, too. Someone should do something about the sun.

  168. DW says:

    164…it seems that you did. You connected the tower of Babel with the new tower in NYC.

  169. bio mom says:

    This update just posted about that Obama statement.

    UPDATE: The Romney campaign responds with this statement from press secretary Andrea Saul: “It’s unfortunate that President Obama would prefer to use what was a good day for all Americans as a cheap political ploy. President Obama’s feckless foreign policy has emboldened our adversaries, weakened our allies, and threatens to break faith with our military. While the Obama administration has naively stated that ‘the war on terror is over,’ Gov. Romney has always understood we need a comprehensive plan to deal with the myriad of threats America faces.”

  170. lisab says:

    Each of the world’s major religions contain Messianic prophecies. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Zoroastrian religion and even the Native American religions all foretell the coming of a Promised One. Each of the Founders of these great religions either promised to personally return himself, to send another like himself or in some instances…. the Founder promised to do both.

  171. bio mom says:

    Even though they responded, I believe they should not respond further. Obama is trying to draw the conversation to this in order to deflect the economic message. Romney should just hammer away on the economy and get distracted. Case in point, his brief answer today to a direct question stating sure he would have order the kill, even Carter would have, has now drawn a large number of twitter responses from the leftie-sphere. We do not want this to be a continuing topic of conversation. No more from Romney on this. Ignore Obama. It will drive him nuts and the election is not going to be about who killed Osama bin Laden. It will be about Obama’s dismal economic record.

  172. bio mom says:

    …not get distracted…

  173. DrJay says:

    Jon Lovitz doubling down on criticizing Obama.


    “Because I criticized the President, it’s news? Last I checked, he’s President, not King! This is America! Freedom of Speech. what’s the bfd?”

    Coretta Graham then tweeted her own obscenities, telling Lovitz, “U Sir are the F*** A-hole. The rich (people making over 250k) do not pay their fair share of taxes. That is a Fact.”

    “Well, you’ve proven my point,” said Lovitz. “You believe the propaganda. I know what I am paying in taxes. You are being lied to.”

  174. Brandon says:

    Can we get Romney to comment on whether the new world trade center is a precursor to one world government?

  175. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @176 that’s Ron Paul’s opinion you’re looking for. add in some religious references and it’ll be Santorum who wants to comment.

  176. jan says:

    Once again bio mom I agree. Romney’s comment was short and sensible, while also tweaking liberals.

    Of Course any President would order getting Osama if they had credible intelligence that he was were he was most Americans know that.

    Obama did nothing special that no other President including Jimmy Carter wouldn’t have done.

    It’s up to conservatives pundits and talk show host to carry the message.

    Romney continues to talk about what Obama has tried to avoid. His record.

  177. DrJay says:

    #175 He’ll probably still vote for Obama though.

  178. sickofdems says:

    #173….good post.

    Well said.

  179. Barrett says:

    Fair share in taxes? Entitlement mentality. I’d feel more patriotic about paying my taxes if the dollars weren’t being wasted on hot tub parties, unnecessary wars, and supporting other people’s lazy lifestyles.

  180. DrJay says:

    PublicPolicyPolling ? @ppppolls

    Tomorrow we’ll have NC marriage amendment, Virginia President, and Montana Senate numbers

  181. DW says:


    (Open R seat)

    Jonathan Paton (R) 46
    Ann Kirkpatrick (D) 44

    Paladin/CFP – 4/30/12

  182. Tim V says:

    But in the Koran, I am sorry to say that there are no prophecies at all, at all. And I do read of the Koran, again, and again. […]


    No known prophecies or events surround Buddha’s birth. The Tipitaka is their holy scriptures, do not contain any prophecy.


    While Hinduism has millions of deities, their Holy scriptures, the Vedas, do not contain any prophecy.

  183. Barrett says:

    Guys, I think we better tone it down before Susyque starts speaking in tongues

  184. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    PPP had to get a rescue poll together after Romney was leading in Ras’ VA poll

  185. SoHope says:

    McCrory will win by atleast 5%, marriage ammendment will pass in NC, the US will continue to build tall buildings, SSQ will continue to say stupid things…you read it here first

  186. SoHope says:

    it looks like TimV called out lisab as a FCW again…Factually Challenged Woman

  187. Tim V says:

    perhaps there are some prophetic scriptures in those other books but very few especially when compared to the Bible. More importantly what prophecies from other Holy Books have actually been fullfilled ?

  188. DW says:

    PPP(D) has not polled VA since December, and they had it 42% Romney, 48% Obama. This was at a time when Quinnipiac had Romney ahead by 2. Quinnipiac has more recently shown Obama ahead by 8 in VA.

    So I predict PPP(D) will show it…

    37% Romney
    55% Obama

    …as long as they are putting their thumb on the scale, they might as well go for it. Just poll downtown Norfolk for southeast VA, downtown Richmond for central VA, Blacksburg (VA Tech) for western VA, and then go heavy in the DC suburbs of Northern VA…and PRESTO! They will have a geographically diverse poll of VA that will find a huge swing in voter registration for the Ds, and a huge Obama lead.

  189. EML says:

    Rothenberg: calling NC a competitive state is a mistake. Romney will win there unless its an obama landslide.

  190. DW says:

    wow, RCP has taken a left turn with their POTUS states map. They now have MT as just a Lean R. Arizona, a tossup. They show Missouri a tossup, apparently because back in January, PPP(D) showed it tied.

  191. Barrett says:

    #192 – I don’t trust the RCP map as much as I do electoral-vote or EP

  192. SoHope says:

    NC is as much a swing state to Obama as NV is to Romney, IMO

  193. Tim V says:

    When times get tough, the tough get naked. At least that’s what a Florida motel owner hopes, as he turns his 32-room property into a potential magnet for nudists.

    The Fawlty Towers Motel in Cocoa Beach, Fla., is set to go clothing-optional May 1, after years of declining business and increasing competition from larger chain hotels, its owner told Florida Today.

    Going nude wasn’t a snap decision. Owner Paul Hodge first had to convince his skeptical wife. And he has yet to sway some of his concerned neighbors, who fear the soon-to-be nude motel will expose tourists, and local children, to some unwanted sightseeing.

    hopefully there will NOT be an all nude wallmart any time soon.

  194. Barrett says:

    Go to this site. I expect the “votemaster” Andrew is currently working on the programming. Ignore the senate count, I think he’s just toying with the numbers to make sure everything is in order based off polling.

  195. DW says:

    191…but the former DNC trolls Dustin/Melissa said NC was easy for Obama to win?

  196. Barrett says:

    Obama wont win NC. That is my solid prediction.

  197. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    I am not posting as SusyQue

    I do wonder if she is a parody, if so it is very well done

    I think she is on the level, my best guess…

  198. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


  199. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    CC (Canadian)

  200. SoHope says:

    wouldn’t Canadian CC be 202?

  201. Tim V says:

    Over 300 economists, including three Nobel Laureates, recently signed a petition that encourages the president, Congress, governors and state legislatures to carefully consider marijuana legalization in America. The petition draws attention to an article by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, whose findings highlight the substantial cost-savings our government could incur if it were to tax and regulate marijuana, rather than needlessly spending billions of dollars enforcing its prohibition.

    Miron predicts that legalizing marijuana would save $7.7 billion per year in government expenditure on enforcement, in addition to generating $2.4 billion annually if taxed like most consumer goods, or $6 billion per year if taxed similarly to alcohol and tobacco. The economists signing the petition note that the budgetary implications of marijuana prohibition are just one of many factors to be considered, but declare it essential that these findings become a serious part of the national decriminalization discussion.

  202. DW says:

    196…yeah, his senate map is a joke. He shouldn’t allow access to it if its in this sort of condition. He has ND and NE as Strong Dem. TN he has barely GOP. MA as strong Dem.

  203. Barrett says:

    What does CC stand for?

  204. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    Drug use needs to be stigmatized as much as possible

    We have enough fuccked up people out on the highway

  205. SoHope says:

    a girl I used to date just had breast enlargement done this morning. I sent her an e-card congradulating her on the birth of her twins 🙂

  206. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Roman numerals 200

  207. Barrett says:

    #204 – I think it’s from the 2006 Election, I recognize it. He hasn’t had that map up and running for 6 years. I’m sure he’ll get it fixed.

    It’s not publicly advertised though, the original link I posted was not the home page

  208. Tim V says:

    Oh YAH !

    There are two types of Rasta religious ceremonies: Reasoning and Groundation.
    A “reasoning” is a simple event where the Rastas gather, smoke cannabis (“ganja”), and discuss. The person honored by being allowed to light the herb says a short prayer beforehand, and the ganja is passed in a clockwise fashion except in times of war when it is passed counterclockwise, it is used to reason with jah.
    A “groundation” (or “grounation”) or “binghi” is a holy day;[21] the name “binghi” is derived from “Nyabinghi”, believed to be an ancient, and now extinct, order of militant blacks in eastern Africa that vowed to end oppression. Binghis are marked by much dancing, singing, feasting, and the smoking of ganja, and can last for several days.

  209. Holy Spirit says:

    207 – was that necessary? Sometimes you need to stop and think before you post.

  210. SoHope says:

    #211, When I do that my posts aren’t as funny.

  211. Barrett says:

    #207 – She had the whitest teeth I ever came across.

    I hope SusyQue is reading this.

    With that, I’m out for the day. Good evening folks.

  212. Tim V says:

    205- tell her when she comes home that you would like to visit her and play with the twins.

  213. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Think before typing?

    Nothing would ever get posted here if we did that…

  214. Rockefeller Republican says:

    That’s nothin’… that idiot Rove has SC as a *toss-up* in his first view of the fall electoral map. WTF?!!! SC will be solidly Romney.

  215. Mr. Vito says:

    F off troll.

  216. Mr. Vito says:

    “a girl I used to date just had breast enlargement done this morning…”

    Tell her she knocked your socks off… and you need to look into a new pair.

  217. DW says:

    At this point it is WAY too early for pundits and EV map makers to rank states based on heavily on polls. That is for later in the election year…like after the conventions. Right now, in my approach, I put more heavy weight on historical trends, demographics, and issues that can hurt an incumbant.

  218. Rockefeller Republican says:

    LOL. The negative nellies are hopeless, hapless closet cases.

    2012 Post-election line up – you heard it here first:

    Romney ELECTED w/ 302 EVs and 52% PV

    Senate: 53-R; 47-D
    House: 245-R; 190-D
    Govs: 33-R; 17-D
    State Legislatures: +200 R gain

  219. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    UnicornJesus has no rationale for reelection, the whole world is going into recession, he’s stuck at about 45% in the polls…

    I wonder how undecideds will break in this case lol

  220. Tim V says:


    Actor George Clooney said Saturday that a fundraising dinner at his Los Angeles home on May 10 would raise $10 million for the president’s re-election, the largest amount ever for a single Obama campaign event. If true, that would exceed the sum the Obama campaign raised from the entertainment industry in the 2008 presidential race.

  221. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Wahkeena you sure are a shiit stirrer aren’t you?

  222. noahwebster says:

    CC stands for many terms like Carbon Copy, Credit Card, Country Club, Country Code, Correlation Coefficient, Child Care, Coo-Coo

  223. SoHope says:

    What are Double D’s?

  224. noahwebster says:

    Bitter: Kelly Ayotte will be on Hugh Hewitt in about 2 minutes.

  225. lisab says:

    “Wahkeena you sure are a shiit stirrer aren’t you?”

    just pointing out every religion thinks it is the “true” religion

  226. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    How is your chanting friend?

    Still laying low?

  227. Tim V says:

    lisab, i reviewed your last link. the connections between the verses and the interpretations seem tenous at best but since you are never wrong, i will drop the matter.

  228. SoHope says:

    The Quran prophecied that there would be zoos…haha

  229. lisab says:

    are there zoos?

  230. lisab says:

    “How is your chanting friend?

    Still laying low?”


  231. lisab says:

    it is the koran which is never wrong

  232. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    I’m chuckling thinking about you living in YeeHaw, Arkansas


  233. SoHope says:

    …and air traffic control, books being published, and women’s rights

    Well, in the Muslim world 2 out of 3 aint bad!

  234. lisab says:

    “I’m chuckling thinking about you living in YeeHaw, Arkansas”

    it gets even better

    today he was contacted by a company in mississippi

    there is no god

  235. Tim V says:

    Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, about 2000 of which already have been fulfilled to the letter—no errors.

    lisa’s link list 14 prophesies fullfilled from koran, which are not very specific and stratched to make a fit.

    I rest my case…

    Hope, the case is yours now…

  236. SusyQue says:

    Nine Reasons obama Can Lose
    Rich Galen

  237. lisab says:

    but did the bible mention zoos?

  238. SusyQue says:

    In Nothing We Trust
    Feeling betrayed: Johnny Whitmire

    Americans are losing faith in the institutions that made this country great.
    Whitmire is an angry man. He is among a group of voters most skeptical of President Obama: noncollege-educated white males. He feels betrayed—not just by Obama, who won his vote in 2008, but by the institutions that were supposed to protect him: his state, which laid off his wife; his government in Washington, which couldn’t rescue homeowners who had played by the rules; his bank, which failed to walk him through the correct paperwork or warn him about a potential mortgage hike; his city, which penalized him for somebody else’s error; and even his employer, a construction company he likes even though he got laid off. “I was middle class for 10 years, but it’s done,” Whitmire says. “I’ve lost my home. I live in a trailer now because of a mortgage company and an incompetent government.”

  239. SusyQue says:

    The Map: Barack Obama radically changed the electoral map in 2008, picking up tried and true red states like Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. He also swept through the newly populous mountain west picking up Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. He won the big prizes of Ohio and Florida to cap off an enormous victory. However, this year his electoral map looks far closer to Al Gore’s or John Kerry’s to his own of four years ago. While he can win without Virginia or Indiana, the President can’t win without Ohio or Florida. He and his campaign will have to focus on those places they know have a strong chance of going their way in November. While they will have massive resources, they will have to be smart about how they spend them – and focus on winning where they can – not where they have before.

  240. SoHope says:

    “And when the wild beasts are gathered together.” (81:6)

    I am sorry Tim V, but lisab nailed it with that one. The Quran totally called that one b/c before 632 nobody could have ever guess that animal could ever be gathered together.

  241. SoHope says:

    That’s 632 AD or is it more correct to say AD 632

  242. RichGalen says:

    Debt/Deficit: A recent survey of swing state voters by the Democrat/centrist think tank Third Way showed that independent swing voters are extremely concerned about the state of the Federal debt and budget deficits. Most of us younger than 50 know that Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs will not be there for us when retirement eventually (if ever) comes for us. With Medicare’s own actuaries predicting the program’s hospital wing will go belly up in 2024, the President’s refusal or inability to address this issue in detail could have voters looking to Mitt Romney

  243. Emerica says:


    Looks like the pro-life, party-life scam lost badly to Ron Paul in Louisiana this time.

  244. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Pretty disgraceful since Grandpa only got 6% of the primary votes in LA

  245. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Wahkeena, you’ll like RoadKill, Mississippi…

    Or maybe you can get a place in MissingTeeth, Mississippi

  246. Emerica says:


    It’s the difference between having supporters and voters.

  247. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    So somehow a guy who got 6% of the votes should get the delegates?


    Well, it doesn’t matter anyway Grandpa be fuccked, it’s time for you to gin up the Paulians for Rand now…

  248. Emerica says:

    It’s time to Texas and California, and get rid of this guy Romney.

  249. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    It be over, Acroso, Grandpa be done, put down the bong…

  250. Emerica says:


    you don’t think we can win Texas?

    You said that about Louisiana.

  251. Emerica says:

    Warren Harding went into the GOP convention with 39 delegates.

    After the 10th round of voting, he was the GOP nominee.

    And if we lose, at least we’ll get rid of as many GOP chairman as possible.

  252. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    You’re not winning anything

    Grandpa is not speaking at the convention

    Grandpa is done

    They’re not going to allow you to embarrass Mitt at the convention no matter how many delegates you steal through underhanded bullshiit

    This thing is O-V-E-R

  253. RichGalen says:

    #258…RforR…Why is Paul in the race in the first place. He has not won any states. Please explain how he could be ignored if he has all those delegates.

  254. Emerica says:

    No it’s not. We swept Massachusetts, Minnesota, Iowa, Louisiana.

    We’re going to take Washington, Nevada, Montana, Texas and California.

    If we do that, we have an chance to stop Romney.

    And if we don’t, well we can take over party officials so GOP money and effort are not wasted on Romney and it’s a good trial run for Rand in 2016 like you said.

  255. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Jesus Christ Acroso get some fuqqing Zoloft or something, how can you function in the real world this detached from reality?

    Romney is the nominee


  256. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:



  257. RichGalen says:

    #264…please answer my questions: Why is Ron Paul in the primary race, but has not won one state?
    What will happen to his delegates?
    How does he affect Romney?

  258. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    What am I your assistant?

  259. Brandon says:

    Why is Susy posting as RichGalen now?

  260. RichGalen says:

    #266…no, but you are speaking about him and I just don’t know what ron paul is all about in this 2012 election.

  261. RichGalen says:

    #267…Brandon…these are Rich Galen’s words from his article today.

  262. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    150 asssholes subverted the will of the people of LA:

    The rub is that those delegates will be selected by Paulistas elected in the caucuses at the state GOP convention in June. Will the Paulistas settle for the five uncommitted delegates unclaimed from the primary plus the 18 from winning 4 of the 6 congressional district caucuses or will they get greedy and hijack the 15 Santorum/Romney delegates from the primary? If there’s an overreach, they could run into a seating problem at the Republican National Convention via a challenge before a Romney-controlled credentials committee, where the “ballots controversy” from the caucuses could be factored into the committee’s final decision as to whether the results of the caucuses were tainted through an organized effort by a camp to create systematic confusion to manipulate the outcome. It remains to be seen if the will of 91,321 Louisiana Republican voters who cast a ballot for Rick Santorum and the 49,758 Louisiana Republican voters who cast a ballot for Mitt Romney in a tax-payer funded election could be erased by 150 people chosen in a caucus that drew less than 10,000 participants.

  263. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Uh, Rich

    Read a bit and do a little research on the internets first…

  264. Brandon says:

    It’s Susy. Are you surprised that she’s not very informed?

  265. Walt says:

    Whenever we had members of the house opt to run for the state senate, our former speaker of the house would state on the floor that he hoped the members of the house were successful in their bid to gain a seat in the state senate.

    He said by their leaving the house and going to the senate, it would raise the average IQ of the house by 40 points and double the average IQ of the senate.
    So if lisab leaves MA to go to Arkansas, what impact will it have on the average IQ of those respecdive states?

  266. addisonst says:

    Mfg, you watched bear 2nd round pick Jeffry. He got fat and lazy last season but his talent is good what’s your take? Good pick or bad?

  267. RichGalen says:

    272…Brandon, I am here at HHR to learn. I am not afraid to ask questions when I don’t understand something. Smart people are curious and ask questions. Dumb people don’t want to expose their
    lack of knowledge on a subject, so they don’t ask and thus they don’t learn.

  268. SusyQue says:

    #275…Forgot to change moniker…sorry…

  269. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    He’s in the SEC East (South Carolina) so I didn’t see him much and have no strong opinion either way, Add

    Seems to me like your team is on the upswing though…

  270. addisonst says:

    Btw, we should not only have a giant wtc, it should be extending the finger. Ht mark steyn

  271. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Susy I apologize if I was rude, its just too broad a question

    I suggest you Google around a bit re Ron Paul and then I’ll give you my opinion on anything specific you may want to ask about him…

  272. Brandon says:

    Someone that posts on a political site doesn’t know who Ron Paul is? Come on now.

  273. SusyQue says:

    All Human Beings ask themselves five questions:

    Who am I? (identity)
    Where am I from? (heritage)
    Why am I here? (purpose)
    What can I do? (potential/ability)
    Where am I going? (destiny)

  274. addisonst says:

    Mfg, bear gambled in first 3 rounds. If they hit, huge. We still are putrid at left tackle. If that’s fixed, offense will roll. I hope they let forte hold out or trade him. If jeffry can play the cutler debate will be resolved.

  275. SusyQue says:

    #281…I know who he is. What is his goal and purpose for being in the race? Often, I read that people say, “Oh, don’t pay any attention to him, he’s crazy and will never be president.

  276. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    I think the Lions are a dark horse to win the NFC Add

    What do you think?

  277. addisonst says:

    I liked them last year. They are young and talented but didn’t fix cb problem.

  278. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    Depends on your POV

    One point of view is that Ron Paul is a principled person with certain beliefs that he means to push regardless of the number of votes he gets

    The other point of view is that he is a Lyndon Larouche type crank

  279. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Their secondary is awful maybe the worst I’ve ever seen

    NFC North will be interesting this year

  280. SusyQue says:

    #287…Thanks for responding. For some at HHR it’s a sin to ask a question. How sad for them.

  281. addisonst says:

    Lions will improve bc their core is still getting better. I see it as g bay then saint and nine followed by det. Bear giant dallas at the next cut and sea is a darkhorse.

  282. addisonst says:

    I left out philly who is div fave. I think vick proved last year he isn’t durable or good enough so I discount them

  283. Tim V says:

    jay cutler will take the bear all the way to the superbowl

  284. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Saints have never made the playoffs four years in a row and God only knows how many suspensions we’ll get hit with

    I’m tempted to pick Carolina to win the division

  285. Bitterlaw. says:

    It’s the difference between having supporters and voters.

    Comment by Emerica

    Whichoddly enough is also the difference between being the nominee (Romney) and crazed, anti-Semitic, racist a-hole (Ron Paul). Do I have to post the link of Ben Stein bitch slapping Ron Paul the anti-Semite again?

  286. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Eagles could be very good too I agree

  287. Bitterlaw. says:

    My son is 14 today. He grew 4 1/2 inches this year. Look out, MD. He will pass ypu next year.

  288. addisonst says:

    Well he’s no brad johnson, or trent dilfer or jim plunkett or broadway joe, or doug williams or mark rypien or bob griese so maybe not. Those guys were awesome.

  289. SusyQue says:

    #282…All parents and teachers should ask these five questions, especially to their teenagers:

    Who are you? (identity)
    Where are you from? (heritage)
    Why are you here? (purpose)
    What can you do? (potential/ability)
    Where are you going? (destiny)

  290. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Although, the Saints have all of their offense back except Nicks (granted thats a big loss at RG)

    But almost everyone is back from the most prolific offense in NFL history, over 7400 total yards last year (!!), 467 yards per game AVERAGE

    I have no feel for how this scandal is going to affect us though…

  291. Bitterlaw. says:

    The Eagles blew 4 or 5 4th quarter leads last season. If they had held just one of them, they would have won the division. They didn’t. They really addressed the defense in the draft. It was their biggest problem last season.

  292. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


  293. addisonst says:

    I forgot about the newtons. The eagles will not be good.

  294. SusyQue says:

    #296…Bitter…this is the honest truth…one more thing we have in common. Today is my son’s
    birthday, too.

  295. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Eagles are a very poorly coached team and I’m not saying that just to piiss you off

    Very undisciplined…

  296. Bitterlaw. says:

    MFG- How much of the Saints’ offense was due to Brees calling his own plays/audibles? I don’t know how gutting the coaching staff will affect him. Losing defensive players may make every game a 42-38 shootout.

  297. addisonst says:

    Mfg here’s one for you. If archie is on those phins and griese is on those saints he has 2 rings and griese is a loser. Agree or disagree? I think its true and that griese is a fraud.

  298. Eli Manning says:

    Listen to Add. he knows football. Excuse me. I have to go polish my rings.

  299. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Payton & Brees are basically co-coaches in designing & tghen executing the game plans, Vitt stepped in last year when Payton broke his leg and they got BETTER after that, so who knows?

    But I’ve got to figure the confusion of going from Vitt to someone else to Vitt again will be a goatfuuck

    I was hoping for PArcells to come in I think that would have been perfect…

  300. addisonst says:

    I forgot about atl too. At bear giant cowboy level.

  301. SusyQue says:

    Bitter, My son is six foot three inches tall! A
    graduate from the Catholic University of San Diego. He got a scholarship and played baseball.

  302. bio mom says:

    It was so refreshing when Emerica was not posting. Unfortunately he or she is back again. Caucuses are anti American and should be outlawed.

  303. Bitterlaw says:

    SUSYQUE – I don’t have it in me to fight with you tonight. I am sure that you are a good mother to your son.

  304. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Griese was OK

    Bear in mind with those Dolphins teams they just had to hand off to Kiik and Csonka and Morris and pass ten times a game

    But yes, Archie was cursed coming to the Saints, he might well have won multiple rings with a good team, say if he had been picked first by Oakland instead of Plunkett in 1970

  305. SusyQue says:

    Enjoy your little children because they grow up very fast…!

  306. Brandon says:

    Could you imagine if Susy was your mother?

  307. Tim V says:

    298- admiral stockdale asked 2 of those questions-who am i, why am i here ?

  308. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    I think Atlanta is slipping, maybe Tampa Bay will be good soon

  309. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Goodnight all

    I like our new collegiality here…

  310. lisab says:

    All Human Beings ask themselves five questions:

    Who am I? (identity)
    Where am I from? (heritage)
    Why am I here? (purpose)
    What can I do? (potential/ability)
    Where am I going? (destiny)

    Where is the scotch? (sobriety)

  311. Bitterlaw says:

    I am trying to not flip out on anybody tonight. I am still trying to figure out if I just don’t have good players or if I am a terrible coach. The Royal Blue Jays lost 20-18 to the Purple Pirates. The shame. The shame.

  312. addisonst says:

    Eli I forgot to genuflect. You have more rings than unitas your brother, young, rivers, brees favruh, tarkenton, stabler, bledsoe, brodie, graham, marino, rodgers, and fouts. You are their lord and master.

  313. Bitterlaw says:

    I like our new collegiality here…

    Comment by ParakeetsForRomney2012

    I do, too. It’s like after the SOuth was crushed and . . . No. Wait. I’m sorry. A case of cream soda. 2 cases of cream soda. Noooooooooo.

  314. SusyQue says:

    ##16…Listen smarty pants Brandon…my students often said, “I wish you were my mother”and or
    “You talk like my mother talks to me.” I loved them
    and they knew it.” Students of all ages…are precious and deserve your respect and the best instruction you can give.

  315. addisonst says:

    Mr bitter I need to educate you in the art of smack talk. It is unseemly to to talk smack as a one seed against an 8. It is perfectly acceptable as an 8 seed to talk smack. And the sixers now have a shot. Conversely your overrated and joke phillies appear to be on their way to salvaging a split w the Cub. We haven’t spanked u this badly since you gave up ryno for some magic beans. Class dismissed

  316. SusyQue says:

    Good for them!

  317. addisonst says:

    Whoops. I forgot. When cutler went into the linc and dissected the iGgle d that was worthy of smack talk. Or not. He always carves up the iggs.

  318. addisonst says:

    Brandon doesn’t think amnesty is coming if s4b wins. Neither does bitter.

  319. Mr. Vito says:

    “All Human Beings ask themselves five questions:

    Who am I? (identity)
    Where am I from? (heritage)
    Why am I here? (purpose)
    What can I do? (potential/ability)
    Where am I going? (destiny)”

    We socks also ask ourselves these questions, but when we find out the answers, we usually try to hurtle ourselves in front of an oncoming bus.

  320. Bitterlaw says:

    Mr. Add – The Phillies are not hitting. Losingthe 3rd and 4th hitters in your lineup will do that. The Cubs, on the other hand, suck. They always suck. They have defined sucking for more than a century. I’m sorry but you are not even eligible to type the word “baseball.” I sincerely hope the Bulls do advance just so I can watch the Heat sweep them. It would be interesting to see whether the Bulls could lose all 4 games by only 20 points each.

  321. addisonst says:

    Mr bitter the bullz are done. If you think the iggs are more successful than the cub let’s compare. Were you there for chuck van bednarik? I have seen twice as many hall of famers and almosts as you have. Fergie and Ryno came from where? Doh!

  322. Walt says:

    SSQ pointed out earlier today that she and Bitter have an uncanny amount of things in common.

    But I say, “Nay, Nay!!!”

    SSQ is actually Bitter in a bizarro world, opposite parallel universe. Who would have thought it.

    Bitter–prime example and paragon of inner turmoil ala “Death of a Salesman”

    SSQ–exemplar of inner calm and living a purpose driven life
    Bitter–sarcastically sacriligious

    SSQ–follows the straight and narrow
    Bitter–humor of various types drips from his tongue and his furiously typing finger

    I think SSQ is who Bitter would secretly like to be like.

  323. addisonst says:

    And bitter the cubs now have baseball moses. You have what exactly?

  324. SusyQue says:

    329…Mr.Vito…you will always find someone who is smarter, handsomer, and richer than you are; and you will always find someone dumber, less handsome, and poorer. Never compare yourself to others. Be thankful and use what you have wisely.

  325. Walt says:


  326. Bitterlaw says:

    Add – I have seen more World Series Chamionships in 4 years than the Cubs have seen in . . .. keep counting.

    Add thinks that Obama will b sworn in by the Chief Justice in Chains no matter how the election turns out. Wecan stay on sports or you can go off on another crazy rant about Sandusky and Vick and Cutler until you run way again like the pathetic pu**y you are. Cream soda.

  327. lisab says:

    tonight hhr is like deadwood

  328. addisonst says:

    And the phils gakk up a 4 run lead to the aforementioned cubs. Smack talk for everyone

  329. Bitterlaw says:

    You have what exactly?

    Comment by addisonst — April 30, 2012 @ 9:14 pm

    2 World Series trophies. Now, if you say the past doesn’t matter, then you can shut your moth about the Bears and Bulls and Blackhawks because it’s 2012.

  330. Bitterlaw says:

    Add – I know you are use to season being over by April 30 but it really does go longer than that.

  331. addisonst says:

    Bitter I’m confused on sandusky. Are you pro child rape? What did I miss? As for obama if he wins he will immunize illegals and amend the constitution right? Or are you really that obtuse? and if you want to talk trophies being a philly loser let’s count: you have one hoop 2 hockey two baseball. That’s 5. I have one football 6 hoop 1 baseball. One hockey. I know you are addled but 9 is more than 5 right?

  332. lisab says:

    “I know you are use to season being over by April 30 but it really does go longer than that”

    not for the cubs

  333. addisonst says:

    Bitter if you live in philly you need to limit your trophy arguments to people from cleveland and buffalo. Elst you sound like a blithering idiot.

  334. Bitterlaw says:

    Add – hear me again. If you accuse me of being pro-child rape again, I will give you my home address so you can say it to my face. I will then put you in the hospital, you pathetic mf-er. Now, since we are being so honest, are you pro-f*cking up your family and child that you made your wife hate you so much that she divorced you? Who spends more time in therapy – you, children, wife?

  335. SusyQue says:

    #332…Walt, that was fun to read. You do have a gift with words.

  336. addisonst says:

    Bitter you drooling loser, you brought up sandusky and I divorced my ex. If you aren’t pro sandusky wtf is your point? I’m anti sandusky and think his boss should be expunged off all buildings. You seem to find that odd. Which makes you pro paterno which makes you pro rape. What am I missing besides eagle trophies?

  337. Bitterlaw says:

    What am I missing besides eagle trophies?

    Your wife?

    I guess everything is all or nothing in your world, Add. Which would explain why you have nothing in your personal life. You are a joke here, Add. Your Chief Justice in CHains rant is in the top 5 HHR rants of all time.

  338. Mr. Vito says:

    “What am I missing besides eagle trophies?”

    Apparently a frontal lobe.

  339. addisonst says:

    Well congrats to the phils. they bailed one out tonight. They are done. Watch bitter implode as he realizes that failure is iMm

  340. Bitterlaw says:

    Good night, Add.

  341. Corey says:

    When Chicago sports teams get bashed, other people besides Add have to read it… : (

  342. addisonst says:

    Bitter, your anger is on you. Obama is going to grant immunity if he wins. That will then lead to an amendment on the constitution. You are very angry about something. I can’t help you. I don’t claim superiority except w your football losers. If trashing a font makes you feel better about yourself have at it. If you think obama wins again and then says never mind enjoy.

  343. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey – You are collateral damage. It was unavoidable. I hope you are ok.

  344. Corey says:

    Raise Mr. Miyagi from the dead and have him rub hands together and immediately heal Derrick Rose’s ACL and I will be ok.

  345. Bitterlaw says:

    You are very angry about something.

    Hmmmm. Calling me pro-child rape has something to do with it. Seriously. Do not come to my house.

  346. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey – I was actually sorry to see that Rose was injured. He was a grat player. That injury puts his entire career in jeopardy – at least in terms of being a superstar.

  347. Walt says:


    Next game when you coach the girls team, pull a triple steal.

    When I was in HS we did it two times in a row!!!

    First time I was the runner on third and when I saw the coach give the sign I thought he had lost his mind. No outs and we had bases loaded and heart of order coming up.

    But when the pitcher started his windup I broke h3ll bent for home. The big burly catcher (outweighed me by 80 pounds) stopped my slide about 3 feet up the line for the out. I though I hit a brick wall and limped over to bench to count my ribs.

    Batter walked on next pitch and my best HS buddy (also our fullback) was now on third. Coach signalled for triple steal again!!! My buddy did not slide and bowled the catcher clear to backstop. SAFE!!!

    40 years from now your girls could be fondly reminiscing about Coach Bitter calling the triple steal. You can make memories happen.

  348. lisab says:

    “What am I missing besides eagle trophies?

    Your wife?”

    ouch …

  349. addisonst says:

    You have a problem w my being anti sandusky and you post all day instead of spending time w your wife and children. Go read them a bedtime story instead of being online. Be a father.

  350. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – steals are not allowed at this level. Signs? I think the girls who still ask me “where is center field?” might have trouble with that.

    My favorite little league moment was when we put in the entirely left-handed in-field. My son was the left-handed catcher. The next inning, we switched him to pitcher and put in the other left-handed catcher. One dad was yelling, “Is that legal?”

  351. Corey says:

    Knock it off, the two of you, before we send SSQ and lisab in to mediate and make a reality show out of it.

  352. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m anti-Sandusky, too, moron. As for beinga father, I’m sure you are better than I am – at last 2 week-ends a month. maybe you have custody. I forget.

  353. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey. Add will piss himself if lisab shows up. I will stop out of concern for his safety.

  354. addisonst says:

    If you’re anti sandsusky then why do you have a problem w anti sandusky posts? When I’m fathering I don’t post, turn off the laptop and be a father.

  355. Walt says:


    Australian billionaire to build Titanic II…
    He better make some improvements in:
    1. identifying icebergs a little quicker and improved iceberg evasion strategy
    2. how those interior walls were built below the water line
    3. make sure you have enough lifeboats for all passengers aboard–ust in case.

    And also do not hire the captain of that cruise liner that ran aground and sank off coast of Italy.

  356. Walt says:

    I’m a southpaw. Put on the equipment and did catch for a short time during intersquad game in little league. Had to use my own outfielders glove.

    Did not like it. Fastballs hurt hand, foul tips off the body, batters swings coming dangerously close to my head.

    Gladly went back out where it was safer to play–either first base, outfield or pitch.

  357. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – they have youth sized left-handed catcher’s gloves now. My daughter is also left-handed. She likes playing catcher, too.

  358. addisonst says:

    Oh no. I will have to put up w pRo union and lectures on parenting from the parentless and the invisiible father. Scary. I wonder what bedtime story was missed tonight

  359. Walt says:


    Can’t steal? Bummer.

    Probably won’t let them wear steel spikes either, I guess.

    Then I won’t even go into the thing about why it is important to have your baserunners scoop up handfuls of dirt when they are baserunners and how it could help them when they slide during close plays.

  360. Scooter Boy says:

    Anybody read Stuart Rothenbergs piece today? He basically said there is no way Obama wins North Carolina unless he is ahead nationally by 6-7 points. I don’t see that happening.

  361. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – they can steal in 5th grade. It is a jail break until the catchers start learning to throw them out. My son was good at it – despite the prejudice against lefties. The joke was that if a runner got to first he was getting to third until the catchers learned to throw it.

  362. Bitterlaw says:

    I spent two hours coaching my daughter’s team, Add. My son and i watched the Phillies help the Cubs do what the Cubs do best.

    Do you count psychological counseling as family time or is that a separate category?

  363. Walt says:

    Washington Caps won tonight and even the playoff series at 1-1.

    Dave Wissing has tickets for game 3 in D.C. Hope he has the results that makes him happy tomorrow evening.

  364. Corey says:

    The Cubs have lost hundreds of fewer games than the Phillies.

  365. Phil says:

    Yes, I saw Rotherberg’s piece on NC today. He said Obama was toast in NC and that Obama didn’t have a chance. This kind of an article from a lib says a lot.

  366. jason says:

    ” Bitter, your anger is on you. Obama is going to grant immunity if he wins.”

    The ficus is full of crap as usual. The President can pardon people for crimes. He cannot make illegals legal.

    Theoretically, he could pardon all illegals for crossing the border illegally. But that would not really change anything, since he is not enforcing that aspect anyway.

  367. jason says:


    Wow, about half of all communist rags around the world are called that.

    Great slogan.

  368. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – but Add said Obama can make them citizens by waving his magic wand. Are you doubting him?

  369. Corey says:

    Many people want to fast-forward until January 20.

  370. jason says:

    Went through the thread, was on the road today.

    No really good fights, minor skirmishes with morons like the ficus and ssq.

  371. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey – I will not mention the Cubs again. It is not fair to hurt you like this. I don’t care that the Phillies have lost so many games. I take pride in the fact that a team that sucked so bad for so long was still loyal to its fans and vice-versa. Of course, a lot of Philadelphia fans would not have cried if the phillies had moved and the A’s had stayed.

  372. Scooter Boy says:

    Look for Obama to start walking it back on all this Bin Laden talk in the next few days. You know when Arianna Huffington says using Bin Laden in an ad for political reasons is “despicable” you’ve overplayed your hand.

  373. jason says:

    378. Ad also said Obamanomics was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Not even the Messiah can make illegals legal.

  374. DrJay says:

    Yes, let’s not mention the cubs.

  375. DrJay says:

    Do you have a link Scooter?

  376. jason says:

    Also, Obama cannot grant “immunity”.

  377. jason says:

    On the other hand Obama could pardon the ficus for being a total idiot.

  378. Corey says:

    Oh, don’t hold back on my account. I can take it.

    By the way, I believe your household is a loving place and you are a great father to MD’s children….


  379. Corey says:

    Dr.Jay, where are you from? How did you become a Cubs fan?

  380. jason says:

    I think the Bin Laden stuff will backfire. The Daily Kos crowd don’t even approve of killing him. And the non-moonbats know Obama benefitted from the intelligence structure Bush implemented. He is just feeding the narrative he will talk about anything except his record.

  381. DrJay says:

    My parents are originally from the south side… Dad was a sox fan. I watched the cubs on wgn despite being from missouri at the time.

  382. Scooter Boy says:

    Dr. Jay, I saw the video on Real Clear Politics site. She said it on “CBS this morning show”. Also heard Christie say today that he possibly could be persuaded by Romney to take VP slot.

  383. DrJay says:

    I started following the cubs in 1984… loved that team.

  384. DrJay says:

    #392 I’ll have a look.

  385. Bitterlaw says:

    I remember when the Red Sox won the World Series thinking that I wished it was the Cubs instead. I hate Red Sox fans more than any others with the exception of Mets fans. Hi, hellbelly.

  386. Corey says:

    I guess I became a fan in 1984 as well. Remember a lot about it, especially the horrible way it ended. I was six.

  387. The Joker says:

    I agree with SusyQ love her Christain posts we need more of it It convicts those sinners hear is a website cheque it out you get true bible preaching!!! I really believe Jesus is coming soon so this election between 2 heathens does not matter!!! Ron Paul just might win yet!! DONT COUNT HIM OUT!!!! If Romney wins!!! He will lose to Obama Obaba would get 330 EV’s I’m supporting Frmr. Va. Congressmen Virgil Goode!!!

  388. DrJay says:

    Everyone knows that when the Cubs are within a pitch of winning the series, that’s when the end will come.

    I guess we’re safe for another year.

  389. Scooter Boy says:

    Dr. Jay, I’ve been a Cardinals fan ever since I can remember. Even though I love to see the Cubbies get beat I have to say that I respect them and their fan base. I believe they are headed in the right direction with the new management and the good young players they are bringing along. If they could just get out from under Soriano’s contract, they’ll be alright.

  390. DrJay says:

    I didn’t choose the cardinals, but at least I didn’t pick the royals. All of my relatives who care about baseball are cardinals fans.

  391. addisonst says:

    Bitter I coached little leagur for 6 years. I see the economic illiterate is here to tell us the economy is shrinking. And tebow can play qb. Oh well. Time for nighty. After I short apple.

  392. DrJay says:

    “Remember a lot about it, especially the horrible way it ended.”

    We always hear about Bill Buckner… but of course Leon Durham accomplished it first.

    Incidentally, guess who Durham replaced at first base?

    uh… huh… and you thought there was no curse.


  393. lisab says:

    “I remember when the Red Sox won the World Series thinking that I wished it was the Cubs instead. I hate Red Sox fans more than any others with the exception of Mets fans. Hi, hellbelly.”

    curt schilling and steve carlton both die in a horrible car accident and go to heaven.

    god leads them both over to a small house with a few faded phillies’ pennants and some old faded pictures of the team on the wall, and says,

    god: “steve, here is your house”

    steve looks over at a mansion in the distance and sees it is covered in huge red sox banners and memorabilia. steve is so obviously disappointed that god continues,

    god: “don’t worry steve, most people don’t even get a house”

    steve carton: “but god, why does curt get such a large fancy mansion?”

    god: “no steve, that is my house.”

  394. lisab says:

    a few years ago my hubby took me to wrigey field to watch the cubs play. we got there early enough to watch the cubs take batting practice.

    it was really exciting because the pitching machine threw a no hitter

  395. lisab says:

    five chicago sports fans were climbing a mountain one day. each was a fan of a different chicago sports team and each proclaimed to be the most loyal to their team. as they climbed higher, they argued as to which one of them was the most loyal of all. they continued fighting until they reached the top. the blackhawk’s fan hurled himself off the mountain, shouting, “this is for the hawks” as he fell to his doom. not wanting to be outdone the bulls fan threw himself off the edge shouting “this is for the greatest team of the 90’s” then the bears fan jumped and said ” this is for DA COACH” the two remaining fans looked at each other in stunned silence.

    after a minute the Sox fan bellowed… “THIS IS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE!” AND THEN HE PUSHED THE CUBS FAN OFF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!

  396. DrJay says:

    That’s just dumb…

    Everyone knows the most loyal fans in Chicago are Chicago Sky fans… all one of them.

  397. lisab says:

    a young lad finds a genie who grants him three wishes

    boy: i wish for an xbox

    genie: done … and an xbox appears

    boy: i wish for a billion dollars

    genie: done … and a atm card appears that is attached to an account with a bilion dollars

    boy: i wish for ron paul to get the gop nomination

    genie: ummmmmmmm … i don’t think i can do that … how about something else?

    boy: ok … i wish that the cubs win the world series…

    genie: what was that ron paul thing again?

  398. sickofdems says:

    All the HOBO’s are left-handed!!!

  399. EML says:

    New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism

    The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

    Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name “Forward!” or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called “Forward (generic name of socialist publications).”

    “The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications”

  400. bio mom says:

    Annoying: Even the Wall Street Journal does not include the complete quote Romney me about Bin Laden 5 years ago. Changes the entire meaning of what he said.

  401. getallgold says:

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