Weekend Open Thread

Going to be away from the computer most of the weekend…GO CAPS!

Posted by Dave at 10:45 am
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  1. EML says:

    Caps suck. Go Rangers!

  2. Brandon says:

    1 2 3 4 5 SIXERS!

    10 9 8 76ers!

  3. jason says:

    Don’t miss this skewering of “Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Crockagawea Warren”

    A highlight:

    Just in case you’re having difficulty keeping up with all these Composite Americans, George Zimmerman, the son of a Peruvian mestiza, is the embodiment of endemic white racism and the reincarnation of Bull Connor, but Elizabeth Warren, the great-great-great-granddaughter of someone who might possibly have been listed as Cherokee on an application for a marriage license, is a heartwarming testimony to how minorities are shattering the glass ceiling in Harvard Yard. George Zimmerman, redneck; Elizabeth Warren, redskin. Under the Third Reich’s Nuremberg Laws, Ms. Warren would have been classified as Aryan and Mr. Zimmerman as non-Aryan. Now it’s the other way round. Progress!

  4. mnw says:


    If you think Mourdock in the GE will be “a tossup,” I submit that you do not know, or choose to disregard, what many here who have followed the race closely realized months ago: Mourdock is an excellent, appealing candidate! PERFECT for IN in ’12, & that Obamacare-loving far left has-been DEM congressman Donnelly is going to get moidered by Mourdock in the GE.

    I still worry bigtime about Walker in the WI recall. Until a few days ago, I worried bigtime about Scott Brown. But I have NO worries whatsoever about Mourdock in the GE.

    Nor do I worry about Jesse Kelly in the AZ special, either, #1. That’s a great candidate! 30-yr-old USMC officer; Iraq war vet (mortar squad commander); for-real successful small businessman (Kelly Construction Company). He got beat by Giffords last time because he couldn’t match her FR. Now he can hold his own on FR. When voters find out who he is, it’s an easy sale.

  5. mnw says:

    I’m predicting that Elizabeth Fauxcahontas withdraws from the MA Senate race. Really. I predict that. No joke.

  6. mnw says:

    Spreading Bull Warren has done more to expose the stupidity of America’s racial spoils system than all the anti-affirmative action conservatives have done in 50 years.

  7. EML says:

    4 – Rep. Donnelly has successfully painted himself as an Evan-Bayh-like moderate Democrat. He is the best candidate Dems can put forward. One of the Indiana natives (maelstrom I think) has already documented why Mourdock is going to be a poor candidate. He still may be able to pull it out due to IN’s Republican lean, but we are really rolling the dice with Mourdock.

    As far as Jesse Kelly goes, he was a terrible candidate in 2010. He didn’t lose because of fundraising, he lost because he suffers from foot in mouth disease. State Senator Paton would’ve surely beaten Giffords in 2010. I’m having some hope for Kelly this year because he is backing off of some of his previous stances. In 2010, he said that Social Security and Medicare should be eliminated. Now he’s changed his tune and is saying that he doesn’t support eliminating or privatizing Social Security and Medicare. Of course, this means you RINO hunters will call for a primary challenge from his right.

  8. mnw says:


    You live in some alternate political universe.

    IN is not about to elect a former congressman who voted for, & still supports, Obamacare, over a two-term conservative Republican state treasurer.

    zero is going to get stomped in IN, right? Even you would agree with THAT, I imagine? Sowhat you seem to be positing is that Hoosiers will soundly reject Obama, but… split their tickets & elect a DEM senator who voted FOR Obamacare?


  9. jason says:

    I agree that Lugar would be much more of a slam dunk in IN than Mourdock, and I have yet to see a poll showing Mourdock ahead of Donnelly but they should be forthcoming soon.

    However, Mourdock does seem to be a viable candidate and like mnw says, Romney should carry IN and I doubt there will be enough ticket splitters to elect Donnelly. Mourdock should be able to hang Obamacare around Donnelly’s neck.

  10. EML says:

    9 – it’s not always about issues. Many times it’s about likeability. Mourdock is not particularly likeable. IF (big IF) he loses, that will be why. One thing is certain: this will be a closer race with Mourdock than it would’ve been with Lugar. Poll from March showing Lugar ahead of Donnelly by 13 and Donnelly ahead of Mourdock by 6:

    Donnelly currently has $800K cash on hand while Mourdock is down at $250K. Needs to pick up the fundraising.

    Mourdock is not the slam dunk that Lugar is. He’s probably a slight favorite, but I’m worried that he can say enough dumb things to lose.

  11. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Well, get over it, Lugar is toast

  12. BayernFan says:

    Mourdock will win easily in November.

    In fact, it is my opinion that Lugar would be the weaker GOP candidate in the fall. The Dems have a treasure trove of stuff to hit him with….

    his residency… the fact that he hasnt lived in Indiana since 1977 (the year he took office), his use of campaign funds for personal travel, etc etc.

    Mourdock is solid. No worries from this Hoosier.

  13. SusyQue says:

    Three days from now we will have 5 primary Tuesdays in a row. That will keep all the gurus on HHR busy. Am looking forward to it and all their prognostications which I enjoy reading.

  14. BayernFan says:

    Indiana will not go for a Dem in a statewide election for a LONG LONG time.

    So will will the Libertarians nominte for President today? It is on C-Span.

    Also, I understand that the polls in France close at 2pm EDT. I could be an hour off. I suppose those results will be on one of hte CSpan channels as well, as they were in 2007.

  15. BayernFan says:

    “Obama hold the record for the most children killed by a Nobel Peace prize winner.”

  16. Addisonst says:

    I concur. Mourdock will win handily

    An upgrade over the hack.

  17. lisab says:

    “Mass is so desirable that people can’t get in. People all over Texas and florida are desperate to move there.”

    they have to apply for a visa just like every one else

  18. lisab says:

    obama just won …

    “Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences”


  19. lisab says:

    Minority Voter Registration Falls

    The number of black and Hispanic registered voters has taken an enormous decline since four years ago and has the Obama campaign scrambling to sign up voters. The number of black voters dropped 7 percent, while Hispanic voters fell 5 percent, the first time it has dropped in almost 40 years. The decrease is being attributed to the struggling economy, which made it necessary for many to relocate in search of jobs. The strong turnout for Obama among the two groups is credited with helping him secure the presidency in 2008, and massive voter-registration pushes are starting across the country. That push is made more complicated by new legislation passed in eight states that require voters to show state-issued photo ID cards.

  20. jason says:

    ” That push is made more complicated by new legislation passed in eight states that require voters to show state-issued photo ID cards.”

    Why does that make it more complicated?

  21. jason says:

    I guess the best argument for voter ID is the fact the Democrats are saying the people they are trying to register can’t come up with one.


  22. Senator COD says:

    Remember – a 100% Democrat is better than a 50% Conservative.

  23. Senator Coons says:

    I agree. I can’t believe I demolished you, you are a genius.

  24. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – stop trying to say good things about Mass. You shouldmove to a great state like Illinois!

  25. jason says:

    ” Three days from now we will have 5 primary Tuesdays in a row. That will keep all the gurus on HHR busy. Am looking forward to it and all their prognostications which I enjoy reading. ”

    See I told you ssq likes me.

    I prognosticate her racist friends and family will not sin: they will vote for Santorum.

  26. jason says:

    If you boil down all of lisab’s convoluted and meandering posts about MA, you arrive at the gist of it:

    She and her eunuch could not make it there and have to leave with their tails between their legs.

    Two more victims of socialism.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – You ignorant slut. I t sounds like her husband has a job that depends upon projects. If there are no projects inMass., he goes where the work is. I wanted her to move to PA. The HHR Prom is coming up.

  28. Walt says:



    SO I AM.

  29. Walt says:

    Where be everyone?
    I spend an hour and half putting in a large air conditioner unit in one of my new windows, and got 3/4 of lawn mowed so far. Burglar proof, stink bug proof and rain proof.

    I guess lisab is packing up for her move to MS and reading books on how to speak Mississippian, and everyone else is at the Cinco De Mayo parades, picnics and celebrations.

    Hasta Luego, muchachatitas and muchachatitos.

  30. SoHope says:

    Murdock isn’t a COD-type candidate (DQed from the start) and Indiana isn’t a Delaware type state.

    I would prefer Murdock with the absence of any current electoral issues.

  31. Waingro says:

    It’s too late for Lugar to run as a write-in or indy in Indiana right?

  32. SoHope says:

    IN has a sore loser law

  33. Walt says:

    Walt Williams collumn today
    President Barack Obama and Wall Street occupiers, along with their allies in the mainstream media and on college campuses, have maintained an ongoing attack on high-income earners, people they call 1 percenters. Listening to their deceitful demagoguery, you would naturally think of them as 99 percenters, but you’d be dead-wrong.

    Last week, MSN Money posted a report titled “The richest counties in America.” According to the report, residents of those 15 wealthiest counties “have median household incomes that are double the national average.” Three of those counties have a median income of more than $100,000. The report goes on to say, “While many Americans struggle to find jobs, balance their budgets and get by with less, some folks are living high on the hog.” Let’s look at some of those counties.

    Loudoun County, Va., has a median household income of $119,540, making it the nation’s richest county. Virginia’s Fairfax County is next, with a median household income of $103,010; the median price of a house is $507,800. Third is Howard County, Md., where the median household income is $101,771. These three richest counties have seven nearby high-income neighbors, which include Arlington and Montgomery counties. The nation’s richest counties are close to Washington, D.C., where people come to do good and wind up doing well for themselves.

  34. Walt says:


    These 1 percenters are not wealthy right-wing Republicans; they are Obama’s liberals. How can one tell? It turns out that seven of the 10 wealthiest counties in the Washington area voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008. These liberals portray themselves as 99 percenters when they are really 1 percenters. They’re simply running a deceitful rope-a-dope, aided by the mainstream media, on the American people.

    During last year’s Occupy movement, truly seedy-looking characters camped out on the streets and in the parks of several of our cities, causing millions of dollars of property damage. They committed robberies, thefts and sex crimes. Some of their lowlife acts, such as defecating and urinating in public and on police vehicles, were filmed. These people also portrayed themselves as 99 percenters. It turns out that they weren’t that at all.

    Will Rahn, deputy editor for The Daily Caller, wrote an article titled “NYC arrest records: Many Occupy Wall Street protesters live in luxury” (Nov. 2, 2011). Nearly 1,000 protesters were arrested in New York between Sept. 18 and Oct. 15. Police collected information on each arrestee’s name, age, sex, criminal charge, home address and — in most cases — race. The median value of the homes of the arrestees was $305,000 — a far higher number than the $185,400 median value of owner-occupied homes of the rest of us. Ninety-five of the arrestees lived in homes valued at more than $500,000. Those who rented paid a median rent of $1,850 per month. Of the 984 protesters arrested, at least 797 are white. One Occupy Wall Street protester arrested — presumably, if you listen to the mainstream media, penniless and from a blue-collar family — lived in an $850,000 home in the nation’s capital.

  35. MD says:


    I like Mael but he has been singing the praises of Lugar for a very long time.

    Lugar has to go.

  36. MD says:

    Also, Mourdock has already won state wide elections.

  37. Bitterlaw says:

    NO DEAL! Welcome back.

  38. Walt says:


    Have you gone out an hugged a Mexican today?

  39. Walt says:

    Even if Romney takes back IN, NH, OH, NC, VA, and FL

    and O’Bammer takes all the usual marxist states plus NV, CO

    If O’Bammer wins the one CD in NE it is 269 to 269 and then we go to the House of Reps where the public demonstrations will be horrendous.

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    The Royal Blue Jays fell to 1-4 today. Apparently, a slumber party the night before the game took its toll on 3 of my players. I’m the coach so I accept the blame. Of course, when a runner at second does not run at all when there is a force out at third and the ball waas in the outfield, I have to admit that I also do not have great players.

  41. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – the only ethnic day that matters is St. Patrick’s. Actually, I’m pretty embarassed by it- especially since most of the people throwing up in the street are not Irish.

  42. Walt says:

    What about the tens of milllions who celebrate Juneteenth???

    Bitter, you RACIST!
    And then there is May Day

    O’Bammer’s birthday

    The day Kagen was appointed to the SCOTUS

    Election day, 2008

  43. Brandon says:

    Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party nomination.

  44. Bitterlaw says:

    Cool. Jul finally has a candidate.

  45. Walt says:

    Do any pollsters ask those who say they are voting for O’Bammer WHY they are doing that?

    Top 5 reasons?

    Top three reasons?

    Top ONE reason?
    I am embarassed for my fellow citizens that he is above 40% ANY WHERE, ANY STATE.

    The press would be hourly chewing any GOP president up if they had an R after their name and the same anemic results and record, etc. as “Too Cool For School.”

  46. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Walt, we have the same labor force participation rate now that we had in 1981 (!!!)

    If we had a republican president today, all the media would talk about would be impeachment 24/7/365

    The press costs us 10% minimum in national elections…

  47. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    I LOVE City Journal:

  48. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Gary Johnson guaranteed 0.000000001% of the vote in Pennsylvania.

  49. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    These third party people are idiots, running for POTUS when you have no chance makes you look like retarded fuuckwads

    These parties should exert all efforts to gain say, ten congressional seats then build from there…

  50. Marv says:


    I heard that they’re thinking about letting one of the LSU football players out on bail. Have you heard too?

  51. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    They all eventually get out on bail, Marv

    How do you think the Saints find free agents?

  52. Marv says:

    #53 MFG,

    Good point……I should have thought of that myself.

  53. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    East Texas Central Lutheran A&I

    I say they go 8-4 next year, what say you?

  54. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    Ravens’ Pollard: Football won’t exist in ’20, 30 years’

    By Marc Sessler
    Published: May 5, 2012 at 11:21 a.m.
    Updated: May 5, 2012 at 12:50 p.m.


    Bernard Pollard believes the end is near for the NFL. The hard-hitting Baltimore Ravens safety has watched professional football evolve with bigger, faster players and vows the violent nature of the sport cannot be tempered by continual rule changes. He believes the equation doesn’t work.

    “I just truly believe, another 20, 30 years — I don’t even think football will even be in existence anymore,” Pollard told KILT-AM in Houston, via “… We all know what this game is about. We know and understand that it’s a violent sport.”

  55. Marv says:

    #55 MFG,

    I figure them for 10-2 this year. Their Academic Appeal Board issued a favorable opinion in the QB’s reinstatement appeal case recently. Soon after that, alumni donations skyrocketed.

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    There are better helmets available. The game will always be violent and dangerous but they should try to make the equipment better.

  57. Marv says:



    I’ve come to the conclusion that Queen Lili’oukalani was in way over her head and should have been overthrown. If she were alive today she would be a liberal Democrat.

  58. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    Southwest Delaware State is my dark horse in Division III

  59. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Football can’t ever be made safe, I think the lawyers will end up shaping what it becomes in the future

  60. SoHope says:

    that is bull…worse case senario we outsorce football to the third world.

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    Football can never be safe. It can be “safer.”. If you don’t think that is a good thing, then take away helmets and all pads.

  62. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    The lawyers are going to decide this, these head injury lawsuits are an ever growing tsunami, could destroy the NFL in the long run

  63. godfather says:


    Presidential Election






    5-day rolling average

  64. Tim V says:

    MFG, The Bills will have 6 players vying for 3 QB spots- Fitz, Thigpen, Vince Young, Brad Smith, Aaron Corp and Tanney. Which 3 would you keep ?

  65. Tim V says:

    or really it’s 5 going for 2 spots.

  66. DrJay says:

    “Gov. Tom Corbett has added a new item to his agenda: the increasing costs of pensions covering more than 800,000 retired and current state workers and public school employees.”

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    DJay – I’m sure Jul will find something to bitch about.

  68. DrJay says:

    highly probable

  69. Walt says:

    MD governator OMalley called for a special session for May 14.

    Now he has cancelled the special session on May 14.

  70. Walt says:

    Asked this a week or so ago, got no response.

    In the key swing state that will decide this GE election, what ballot initiatives are there (if any) that will be on the ballot and how will it affect turnout?

    Anybody know of a site that looks at this?
    How many of those states also are like PA and have recently passed voter ID legislation that was not in place in 2008?

  71. SusyQue says:

    America’s Historic Cokehead President
    By Daren Jonescu
    American Thinker May 4, 2012

    Does it bother you that the most powerful man on the planet was a longtime drug user? Does it bother you that he has attempted to use his drug abuse to gain credibility with young Americans? Does it bother you that his acknowledgment of having been a serious drug user has been given a pass in the news media?

    If any of these facts do bother you, then you obviously fail to recognize their significance. Don’t you see? Barack Obama is the first U.S. president to admit to cocaine abuse, to describe it in a manner designed to impress the young, and to get away with it. It’s historic.

    Consider his most famous “admission.” In Dreams from My Father, the first of his two autobiographies (a historic number of pre-presidential autobiographies), he describes his college drug use this way:

    I had learned not to care. … Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though[.] … Junkie. Pothead. That’s where I’d be headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man. Except the highs hadn’t been about that, me trying to prove what a down brother I was. Not by then anyway. I got just the opposite effect, something that could push questions of who I was out of my mind, something that could flatten out the landscape of my heart, blur the edges of my memory.

    Where to begin? Why does a grown man (34 years old, and about to embark on a state senatorial campaign), looking back on his past from a presumably sober, adult perspective, feel the need to use street lingo like “pot,” “blow,” and “smack”? Perhaps it is true that his drug use — “by then anyway” — was not aimed at proving “what a down brother” he was, but this adult reversion to the hip language of the street punk certainly is aimed at exactly that.

  72. Bitterlaw says:

    Since I know nothing about horse racing, I will make my Kentucky Derby pick – Daddy Nose Best.

  73. Bitterlaw says:

    SSQ – I never used drugs. However, I bet a pretty fair number of HHR did at some point. ‘Fess up. stoners!

  74. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Tim V

    Fitz (starter)
    Thigpen (stiff – waive him)
    Vince Young (super stiff – waive him)
    Brad Smith (I thought he was a wide receiver?)
    Aaron Corp (who knows?)
    Tanney (your third string guy)

  75. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Although on reconsideration I guess you have to have SOME experience in your second string guy, so I guess you keep Thigpen even though he’s a stiff

  76. Walt says:

    Concerning the student loan issue:

    Why have we not heard anything from the MSM about how Obammer as a Senator apparently did not feel this was important enough for him to vote on–yet now he trumpets the issue as a showcase example to show Repubs don’t care about student loan debt?

    Didn’t the House pass it recently and Obammer said he would veto, because it was attached to some other measure he opposes?

  77. SusyQue says:

    When George Bush had a DUI, he almost lost the election. Look at this presidents background. There is more to the story than what I posted. Cocaine use is no small thing. It is a shocking story, and he never should have been elected. His bragging about being a full blown drug-user. Almost encouraging young people to emulate him. He jokes about it as if there are no consequences.

  78. SusyQue says:

    This president is a complete anomaly! 1. Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule. 2. One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, …

  79. John the Baptist says:

    “…a complete anomaly!”

    Me too!

  80. Joseph son of Jacob says:

    And me!

  81. Elijah says:


  82. Moses says:

    I got you all beat!

  83. Jesus says:

    Wanna bet?

  84. Walt says:


    For Obummbler, there have never been consequences for anything he ever did or did not do. He always got his the new fashioned way–somebody else paid for it.

    College, trips to Indonesia and Pakistan while in college, his pretend job as a “college constitutional law professor”, wife’s job in adm. at the hospital, his house in Chicago, his campaign for U.S Senator, his 500,000 fundraisers to run for POTUS IN 2008 AND 2012, etc.

    That’s why he does not think there will be any negative consequences for his failed presidency. Everything bad is always someone elses fault. Anything good that came about in large part because of the foundation laid by others, why he takes all the credit.

  85. DrJay says:

    “Everything bad is always someone elses fault.”

    Walt, a cartoon for you.

  86. Tim says:

    You think that was reason Bush almost lost in 2000? LOL

    Actually, he did lose……

  87. MD says:

    Unless I have a gross misunderstanding of how the electoral voting system works Tim, he did win.

  88. Tim says:

    I’m just trying to get a rise out of some people for pure entertainment reasons as usual, MD.

    They didn’t bite, this time…….

  89. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Sparse stadium crowd in OH today for the prez.

  90. addisonst says:

    Football helmets cannot stop the violent collision inside the skull.

  91. mnw says:

    Mourdock v. Donnelly

    The first GE polls will show a tossup, with Donnelly probably ahead.

    BUT… a week before the GE, this seat will be “safe GOP.” Mourdock still suffers from low name recognition. Mourdock will have to raise money fast, to avoid being defined.

    Jesse Kelly lost in AZ to Giffords (by less than 2%), because Kelly got outspent 3-to-1… and Kelly got defined before he could bring his bio to the attention of the voters in that district.

  92. Cory says:

    “Do any pollsters ask those who say they are voting for O’Bammer WHY they are doing that?
    Top 5 reasons?
    Top three reasons?
    Top ONE reason?”
    – Comment by Walt

    I’m obviously not part of any polls on the American election, but I’m a big Obama fan, so I’ll give you my top 10 reasons for supporting him.

  93. Cory says:

    1. His desired deficit reduction approach includes increased revenues as well as reduced spending.
    2. His foreign policy approach is to maximize American influence with minimal American military involvement. Libya is the best example of the effectiveness of his approach, but I’m also pleased with how he is handling the end of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the international cooperation he’s been able to maintain, in sanctioning Syria, Iran and North Korea.
    3. His spending reductions include significant military cuts, and reforms to SS and medicare that are not drastic. I would like to see a bigger committment to reforms in those areas, but his party are reluctant to support reforms, and his approach is still far better than the Republican approach.
    4. He does not support a continuation of the Bush tax cuts on the highest earners.
    5. I fully support Obamacare, and don’t see anything coming from the other side that makes a lick of sense whatsoever. A single payer system would be the best, and while Obamacare doesn’t do much to get closer to single payer, it has sensible reforms, and Romney would only take the system farther away from single payer.
    6. He ended DADT, and obviously supports gay people on other discrimination issues. I would like him to come out in full support of gay marriage, but politically that probably isn’t possible until his second term.
    7. He saved the American auto industry, in a move that I did not support originally. But, I have been forced to admit that the President of the United States had a better handle on things than I did.
    8. He is a good man, a smart man, and a pragmatic man. He makes a truly excellent representative for the American people internationally, and is an effective and persuasive speaker when he addresses the American citizenry.
    9. He at least tried for financial reform. He was handcuffed by the unpopularity of Obamacare, which had just been passed, and didn’t have much political capital left to move people. The end result was a tepid bill, but the Republicans want less financial regulation, not more, so quite obviously Obama is a preferred option.
    10. While there have been scandals with the secret service, and the GSA, the only part of his actual administration that I’m even leery about is the Justice department. I want Holder gone, but when I look at the quality of the rest of his cabinet and administration, especially his working relationship with Clinton, I’m very impressed. He has competent people in place, and I trust Obama’s moral compass.

  94. mnw says:

    I get so utterly SICK of the “Senator COD” stuff; see 24 above. I assume that’s jason, & I apologize if I’m mistaken.

    So… I guess when some conservative tries to take down Lindsey Graham next time, we’ll start all over with “Senator COD!” & “we’re handing that seat to the DEMs unless we re-nominate Lindsey! He’s been a WONDERFUL conservative!” (horsezh*t), right?

    Btw, I want NO part of “replace Orrin Hatch.” That’s a bridge too far. Not a dime. Gotta pick your shots. |Do not even think of saying “OK, you were right about Lugar, but wrong about Hatch, mnw!” Hatch will be renominated, & I didn’t lift a finger for his opponent.

  95. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    How is any of this your business?!


  96. mnw says:


    Comrade CCCP! What’s happening in the Great White North, Grit-boy? You all tumescent about La Belle France Socialiste, I suppose?

  97. mnw says:

    “the quality of the rest of [zero’s] cabinet”? Obamacaregirl Sebelius? Comrade Van Jones? Anita Dunn? Big Sis at DHS?

    Anyway, CCCP. You are a foreigner! You can’t vote here (legally, anyway).

    Go annoy Harper instead of us Americans.

  98. Walt says:

    You forgot Lisa Jackson sterling performance at EPA.

  99. Mr. Vito says:


    Top eleven reasons Cory supports Obama:

    1. He loves socialism
    2. He doesn’t want to be wrong 101% of the time.
    3. He’s still pi$$ed about Stephen Harper kicking his a$$.
    4. He spent his pot and pizza money on Obama’s campaign.
    5. He is hoping to share our wealth.
    6. He’ll have something to rub in the faces of HHR posters.
    7. Obama promised a new mattress in every parent’s basement.
    8. He just got his bike detailed with the Obama forever paintjob.
    9. Canadians really are insane.
    10. He wants to add value to his Obama collector’s plate and commemorative coins.

    11. SOCK it, you american b*stards!

  100. Mr. Vito says:

    “He’ll have something to rub in the faces of HHR posters.”


  101. Cory says:

    Only numbers #4, #6, #8, and #10 are accurate.

  102. Mr. Vito says:

    Not #11?

  103. mnw says:

    Question: How did Cory prove he was stupid?

    Answer: He put an “Obama ’08” sticker on his car.

    Question: How did Cory prove he was even MORE stupid?

    Answer: He put a “Re-elect Obama” sticker on the bumper of his car.

    Question: Is there any way Cory can prove he’s even stupider that THAT?

    Answer: Yes, maybe. He could put it on the paint.

  104. Mr. Vito says:

    #104 This why Cory should always be welcome here… he is a great sport.

    #106 Cory owns a car?

  105. Cory says:

    Not really #11. I really like the United States, as a country, and I usually don’t mind Americans. But, conservative Obama-haters do get my ire up.

    But, speaking of #6… today is May 5th, 2012, and the President of the United States is Barack Obama.

    In your FACE, HHR posters!!

  106. mnw says:


    Sure! Mommy & daddy bought him a clapped-out Volt. The “RE-elect Obama” sticker is original factory equipment, btw.

  107. Diamond Jim says:


  108. Diamond Jim says:


  109. mnw says:


    “sh*thouse” WHAT?

    your comment is mystifying.

  110. Mr. Vito says:

    It refers to 111.

  111. Walt says:


    Let’s suppose you are elected president in the worst economic meltdown in 80 years.

    Everyone wants things done to stimulate private sector to create jobs and get people back to work.

    Your response?

    –$700 BB stimulus package to repave highways,

    –throw money at shovel ready jobs that are not shovel ready. Once the paving is done, workers unemployed again because no long term job creation with the money spent.

    –@$1BB give to solar companies that are part of your campaign contribution circle and all go belly up

    –government power increase in takeover of GM where you throw out century old legal rules and toss bondholders under the bus, put them at END of line and give a huge % of the company to the auto workers. Auto industry retools to make electirc cars that don’t sell. How long will auto workers continue to make Vots, etc that nobody is buying? GM builds new auto plants in China and Brazil. Less U.S. auto jobs.

    –new banking regulations increasing power of federal government but really does little to hold those accountable for finanical abuses that lead to meltdown

    How about job creation in the private sector? How do you help create those jobs?

    –first order of business is to expend a huge amount of energy, time and resources in passing ObamaCare. Instead of creating private sector jobs in U.S. you now have created a huge cost hammer to pound businesses with, so they are less likely to creat jobs so there are less jobs.

    –next, shut down off shore oil production, close federal lands to oil production, declare war on coal, pull permits, increase already stdringent air qualtiy regulations on coal fired utility plants. Costs $BB of dollars which is passed on to utility users, including businesses which cause them to contract not expand. Less jobs–both direct jobs in energy sector and indirect jobs lost due to higher energy costs. Everybody pinched with higher transporttion costs couassed by $4 + gas (been shopping at the grocery store lately?).

    –Begin a campaign to tax “the rich” which includes a huge amount of business owners. Another hammer of uncertainty and increased business costs hanging over them so they shelve any plans to hire people and expand operations. Less jobs.

    Rather than do things that really CREATE jobs, extend unemplyment benefits for 99 weeks for those who have been without a job for 2 years and then encourage people who are still unemployed after that to sign up for SS disability and continue to get monthly government checks. This will mean someone will have to pay higher taxes, including small and large businesses. That means less jobs.

    How many people in the last 3 1/2 years have given up and LEFT the work force?

  112. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    Cory? Who is Cory? And why do we say … Cory?

  113. Mr. Vito says:

    From the urban dictionary:


    A friendly guy who will always be there for you no matter how much of a b!tch you are.

    Travels often with girls and plays video games.

    He plays world of warcraft too…….watch out.

  114. Senator COD says:

    96.I get so utterly SICK of the “Senator COD” stuff;

    So do I. It’s like I cast a spell over some people.

    Everybody knows that when the Senate votes to determine control, it uses percentages of liberalism and conservatism to tabulate votes. I was 100% Conservative so I count as 1 Senator for the GOP. Senators Buck, Angle and Miller would have been 3 more GOP Senators. Because of those RINOS, we only have 42.3 votes and the libs/Dems have 57.7 votes.

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    Te Dallas Mavericks were swept. Hey, maxwell, are you going to do a drive-by about that?

  116. mnw says:


    Ashamed to identify yourself, are you? I can see why!

    So, jason… you really ARE the one who’s been posting FOR MONTHS that “Mourdock is just like COD,” right?

    Lindsey Graham’s GOP challenger will also be “another zany witch like COD” too, right?


  117. mnw says:

    For morons like 117, it’s always “Senator” COD, & “Senator” Angle, & “Senator” Buck…

    and NEVER, NEVER “Senator” Toomey, or “Senator” Mike Lee, or “Senator” Mourdock.

  118. Bitterlaw says:

    117was me, mnw. So, now that you made an ass of yourself, here’s my point. I want as many GOP Senators as possilble because there is no such thing as the Conservative Party. Even if there was, there would not be 51 Conservative Senators. If Mourdoch wins the primary and the general, great. However, if he loses, then we get further away from controlling the Senate. You think that Mourdoch can’t lose the GE? Ithink he can win or lose it. If he loses it in November, be ready to take the heat. If he wins, you’re a genius.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    Senator Toomey won in 2010 because he ran on the economy. Candidate Toomey would have lost in 2004 because he was Santorum before Santorum went off the rails.

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m out. I may be back around 12:30. We can fight it out tomorrow if you want.

  121. Waingro says:

    SNL is AWFUL

  122. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    SNL is awful. Can’t watch it.

  123. jason says:

    Hey, mnw, go screw yourself, I wouldn’t need another handle to point out you are a moronic ass.

    Toomey was not COD. Not Buck. Not Miller. Not Angle.

    Lee was not COD. Not Buck. Not Miller. Not Angle.

    Supporting someone just because they are the most conservative even though they are loser and incompetents IS STUPID.

  124. jason says:

    Wow, Cory just made his case for Marxism. Reading that garbage is like reading a Fidel Castro speech. Long on propaganda, short on anything meaningful.

  125. Susyque says:

    Space Weather Expert Has Ominous Forecast

    Mike Hapgood, who studies solar events, says the world isn’t prepared for a truly damaging storm. And one could happen soon.
    A stream of highly charged particles from the sun is headed straight toward Earth, threatening to plunge cities around the world into darkness and bring the global economy screeching to a halt.

    This isn’t the premise of the latest doomsday thriller. Massivesolar storms have happened before — and another one is likely to occur soon, according to Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England.

    Much of the planet’s electronic equipment, as well as orbiting satellites, have been built to withstand these periodic geomagnetic storms. But the world is still not prepared for a truly damaging solar storm, Hapgood argues in a recent commentary published in the journal Nature.

    Hapgood talked with The Times about the potential effects of such a storm and how the world should prepare for it.

    Read More:,0,5374082,full.story

  126. MD says:

    121 – You are wrong about this one Bitter. He will win the general and will do so fairly easily. He is in no way comparable to COD. It is beyond lazy to suggest otherwise. He has won 2 state wide elections. The Lugarites are losing their minds now because they know he is history. Sorry, he stabbed us in the back way too many times. He has to go. IN will elect Mourdock.

  127. MD says:


    True except Mourdock isn’t like those candidates either but some here have fallen for that Lugarite talking point. Lugar is history and it won’t be close. IN will elect Mourdock and that won’t be very close either. Our problems lie elsewhere.

  128. Tim V says:

    Bitter, You are lazy (129) and an idiot (119).

  129. MD says:

    I honestly don’t get why people are reflexively making the point that Mourdock is another COD. By the way, Lugar could lose a general as well. He reminds me of Roth at the end. We are better off in this case with new blood. That is NOT always the case. I didn’t support COD in the primary because it was obvious to me that she was a strange bird and in DE only a Castle type could win a general. Every situation is different. IN is NOT DE. Mourdock has a track record. I love when the Lugarites talking points though. Pure desperation.

    That always spells loser. Ask Tim about this. He has been around a long time.

  130. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I could not care less about Lugar. If Mourdock wins, great. If he loses, there is one less vote necessary to control the Senate. Mnw is probably part of the “20 pure Senators are better than 49 pure Senators and 11 RINOs” crowd.

  131. MD says:

    I don’t think he is Bitter. I don’t remember him casting support for COD.

  132. Bitter says:

    MD – My softball team is in a crisis. They are 1-4 but they are having fun. I knew that I should never have told them that the point of the game is to have fun. Maybe I should stomp on the post-game snacks after the next loss. I think the scene of spraying juice boxes and flying rice kispie treats may finally get through to them.

  133. MD says:

    Bitter – our team is 6 and 0 in league play. I thought. We lost 1 but it was out of our league. We have another game at 2 today that is not in our league as well. This was put together at the last second and we won’t have our 3 best players.

    Looks like we are headed for a championship.

  134. Bitter says:

    MD We don’t have playoffs until 4th grade. My team is a combination of 2d and 3rd graders. In 2 weels, the girls start pitching in games. That will truly be awful.

  135. Brandon says:

    I hope whoever’s idea that ad was never gets a job in politics again.

  136. Brandon says:

    It’s game day! I’ll be there again.

  137. Bitterlaw says:

    Why did I not type “law?” Maybe I’m telling myself something.

  138. Add in Chains says:

    Brandon- GFY. It means nothing if the Suxers win. Rose used to play 5 on 1 and win. The Bulls only had him and 11 high school girls.

  139. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe the genius behind the witch ad came up with the Julia campaign.

  140. Brandon says:

    Noah is definitely a high school girl.

  141. Susyque says:

    What Does ‘Composite Girl’ Tell Us About Obama?

    Within hours after Dylan Byers of Politico created a mini-firestorm on Wednesday with the article titled “Obama: ‘New York girlfriend’ was composite,” David Graham of the Atlantic had all but smothered the flames with his article, “Obama’s Composite Girlfriend: How Politico and Drudge Created Fake News.”

    Graham argued that since Obama owned up to using composite characters in the forward of the book in question, his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, there was nothing shady about the practice. Not surprisingly, Graham overlooked the real problem. So did Byers. So did veteran Washington Post reporter David Maraniss, whose forthcoming book, Obama: The Story, ignited the controversy when it was excerpted in Vanity Fair. No, the real problem with Dreams is the inexcusable dishonesty throughout the book. The promiscuous use of composites is merely a symptom of the larger problem.

    In the Vanity Fair excerpt, Maraniss profiles two former Obama girlfriends, heretofore unknown to Obama fans. One of them, the Australian Genevieve Cook, seems to have provided most of the grist for Obama’s white “mystery woman,” the only girlfriend mentioned in Dreams — and she only briefly.

    “Like many characters in the memoir,” says Maraniss of Cook, “[Obama] introduced her to advance a theme, another thread of thought in his musings about race.” What Maraniss does not say, and may not know, is that most, if not all, of the dramatic racial moments in the book are fully manufactured.

    With the help of his muse and co-author, Bill Ayers, Obama wove a series of racial grievances into the narrative to toughen up Obama’s life story. These stories aren’t “compressed,” as Obama claims. They are contrived. In his own memoir, Fugitive Days, Ayers likewise shows a casual disdain for facts. “Is this then the truth?” he asks. “Not exactly. Although it feels entirely honest to me.” When lesser memoirists do the same — James Frey of A Million Little Pieces fame comes quickly to mind — they get trashed on national TV by Oprah.

    In the case of composite girl, for instance, Obama tells of how their relationship came to a bitter end over her failure to understand black angst. “We had a big fight, right in front of the theater, writes Obama. “When we got back to the car she started crying. She couldn’t be black, she said.” Cook denies that this ever happened.

    MUCH More: at May 06, 2012 – 08:40:27 AM CDT

  142. Bill says:

    I think Elizabeth Warren is really a member of the Crow tribe. After all you are what you eat.

  143. Bitterlaw says:

    How can a state that is 99% Democrat settle on Elizabeth Warren as a candidate? Discuss.

  144. Susyque says:

    Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be “Julia”
    By Michelle Malkin

    Quick, hide under the covers. The nation’s storyteller, Barack Obama, unveiled a frightening new fable on the Internet intended to scare women away from supporting fiscal conservatives in November. But as is increasingly common with Obama’s social media propaganda initiatives, “The Life of Julia” immediately flopped.

    Why? Because 1) self-sufficient women voters aren’t as sheeple-ish as Democratic strategists make them out to be, 2) conservative activists are overtaking Obama’s zombie army online, 3) non-delusional Americans don’t want cradle-to-grave utopians turning their country into the next Greece or Spain, and 4) responsible grownups are getting sick and tired of radical Saul Alinsky-style tall tales from the progressive Pied Piper.

    Using snazzy graphics and interactive slideshow features, spins a glowing narrative of imaginary Julia’s life from age 3 to 67. But “Julia” is a pathetic figment of the progressive imagination. She simply cannot function without the lifelong intervention of federal patriarchs.

  145. MD says:

    The Sixers would have lost the series in 4 or 5 if Rose had not gotten injured. They will lose the next series. Still, it is a confidence builder for the future.

    Williams is going to opt out on his contract. That could turn into a good thing for the Sixers. They are one player away and Williams is easily replaceable.

  146. Brandon says:

    Just get a big man that can rebound and play tough inside. Their inside defense is horrible, Brand couldnt cover me, and Hawes looks absolutely lost out on the court sometimes, especially on D.

  147. Bitterlaw says:

    I always love guys who aren’t that good threatening to opt out. If your name isn’t Jordan. LeBron, Rose and maybe 5 others, cash your check and be happy.

  148. Susyque says:

    Romney Slowly But Surely Racking Up GOP Convention Delegates,
    May 06, 2012,

    WASHINGTON – Republican party leaders are starting to rally around Mitt Romney, but it’s not exactly a stampede of support for the expected GOP presidential nominee.
    With Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich out of the race, Romney is his party’s pick to take on President Obama this fall, barring a catastrophe. While Romney talks like the nominee, the former Massachusetts governor has work to do to round up enough convention delegates to make it official.
    Romney has 867 delegates, according to The Associated Press count. That’s 277 short of the 1,144 he needs to win the nomination. Romney could get about 100 delegates from Tuesday’s primaries in North Carolina, Indiana and West Virginia, if he dominates the voting in all three states.
    But unless he persuades a lot more Santorum and Gingrich delegates to switch allegiances, Romney might not clinch until the Texas primary May 29.
    “He’s the projected candidate,” said Peggy Lambert, a member of the Republican National Committee from Tennessee who endorsed Romney last week. “Let’s go ahead and get this thing over with.

    Read more:

  149. Brandon says:

    Does SUSY think the primary is still going on?

  150. SusyQue says:

    Brandon, this is up to date information. Read it or skip it. Delegates are still an issue. dependent women/girls are still an issue. Providing information is better than the one liners that carry little or no information and with urls to go to. So what is your point?

  151. bio mom says:

    Actually Susy has a point. Ron Paul is playing shenanigans at the Nevada caucus this weekend as well as elsewhere. He should be ostracized from the Republican party for that I believe. The people voted in these caucuses but he wants to steal the delegates despite not winning anything.

  152. SusyQue says:

    Rubio, the guest on FoxNews Sunday, is holding his own when Chris W. throws him a hardball!

  153. jason says:

    Mourdock is ok, a viable candidate.

    But if he was a COD, mnw would support him anyway because he has the brains of a gnat. That is the point.

  154. SusyQue says:

    #156…bio mom…I always look forward to you being on line! The HHR ladies are special!

  155. jason says:

    ” Providing information is better than the one liners that carry little or no information and with urls to go to. So what is your point? ”

    I don’t want to speak for Brandon, but I think his point is you are a twit.

  156. jason says:

    ” But unless he persuades a lot more Santorum and Gingrich delegates to switch allegiances, Romney might not clinch until the Texas primary May 29.”

    Wow, horrors of horrors. So maybe he doesn’t clinch for another 3 weeks. BFD.

    Even if Ron Paul ripped off ALL the delegates from ALL the caucus states it would still only be momentous in their own crackpot minds.

    The primaries are OVER. Hand wringing over how many delegates Paulbots steal is a waste of time.

    The party is over and Ron Paul is rummaging through the trash for some crumbs and empty bottles.

  157. Emerica says:

    Ron Paul and Son Team Up for Rally at Texas Capitol to win Texas

    Weekend roundup is that Paul swept all of Maine and Nevada. We also had the Iowa Central committee select its 13 delegates as a Paul slate with the rest to be determined at the convention. Paul also swept in district 6 virginia, which was the only viriginia election this weekend.

  158. Fauxcahontas says:

    Walking on a Florida beach I once stepped on some oil from an oil spill.

    So I have applied for membership in the Blackfeet Nation.

  159. janz says:

    Every once in a while George Will highlights a comment with a choice selection of words. This time it was Obama being ‘incontinent’ in his speechmaking by his excessive, narcissistic use of the first person pronoun “I.”

  160. jason says:

    My street needs sweeping.

    Bunu, is Ron Paul available?

  161. jason says:

    Sarko’s fate will soon be known. His hope is that the French version of the deadenders, the Le Pen voters, will secretly vote for him knowing that the socialist is for open borders. The Sarko/Le Pen vote easily outpolled the left in the first round, but Le Pen says she is voting a blank ballot.

  162. janz says:

    Well, apparently obama had it all covered should the OBL adventure turned sour and failed! Another example of the blame-game at work! What an abysmal leader(?) we have in the front office!

    Former AG Michael Mukasey: Obama officials drafted a memo to blame the military if the OBL mission failed

  163. Bitterlaw says:

    M? Hi, Jul.

  164. Bitterlaw says:

    I just bought my wife an IPad. Why will it only allow her to join my home network as a guest rather than the regular way like my laptop can? What am I not doing on the IPad!?! This is whu I only buy HP.

  165. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn you, Steve Jobs!!!

  166. Bitterlaw says:


  167. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    How bout that Sixer offense?


  168. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    France going Full Retard?


    Raise taxes! More Socialism!!


  169. jan says:

    Socialist wins French election.

  170. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    75% tax brackets!!

    Just want France needs!!!

  171. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Sing comrades!

  172. jason says:

    The BJG deadenders are alive and well in France too:

    “Like many other far-right party supporters, he sees Sarkozy’s UMP and Hollande’s Socialist Party (PS) as two sides of the same coin, and refers to both parties as the “UMPS”.

    “Sarkozy’s attempts to get the National Front vote are so obvious and so shallow they are pitiful,” he declared. “I will cast a blank ballot in the second round of the election because both the Socialists and France’s mainstream conservatives have progressively destroyed this country over the last 30 years.

    “But I predict a victory for Francois Hollande. What this means is that France will edge closer to the economic situation we see in Greece and in Spain.

    “This will be devastating for our country, but it will mean that the National Front will become the only sensible voice of conservative opposition in France.”

  173. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Thats like seeing the Democrat & Republican Parties both fail leading to the rise of David Duke as POTUS

    And thinking thats a good thing…

  174. Mr. Vito says:


  175. Monsieur Vito says:



  176. jan says:

    French result means bad news for Obama.  If the markets take a hit tomorrow, and if banks react by freezing up credit, it isn’t going to be good for the U.S. economy and Obama.

  177. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Spend! Spend!! Spend!!!

    The people from Neptune will pay our bills!!!!!

  178. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Futures are -186 interesting how the markets reaxt tomorrow

  179. maelstrom says:

    I concede that Mourdock will win on Tuesday. Yard signs favor him about 10:1. I wish Lugar had retired and we could have had an open primary with better choices than Mourdock. AS I have stated many times before, I don’t think 80 year olds should be Senators.

    Mourdock has a history of saying dumb things that he will need to overcome in the general. For example, he is on record saying he would eliminate one of the redundant Armed Services for budget savings. He did not specify which one. Last person to try that was Harry Truman who tried to get rid of the Marine Corps and Naval aviation.

  180. jan says:

    Of course German Leader Merkel has lost a key ally in saving the Euro.

  181. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Almost forgot, today’s Obama Unicorn pic:

  182. MD says:

    Well, Truman did win an election.

  183. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Let Europe crash

    Continent of jackassses

  184. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:


    When do the markets crash, me thinks the rally be done

  185. Walt says:


    Did your Cisco guy husband make this sale to WV?
    “The state of West Virginia is using $24 million in federal economic stimulus money to put high-powered Internet computer routers in small libraries, elementary schools and health clinics, even though the pricey equipment is designed to serve major research universities, medical centers and large corporations, a Gazette-Mail investigation has found.

    The state purchased 1,064 routers two years ago, after receiving a $126 million federal stimulus grant to expand high-speed Internet across West Virginia.

    The Cisco 3945 series routers, which cost $22,600 each, are built to serve “tens of thousands” of users or device connections, according to a Cisco sales agent. The routers are designed to serve a minimum of 500 users.

    Yet state broadband project officials directed the installation of the stimulus-funded Cisco routers in West Virginia schools with fewer than a dozen computers and libraries that have only a single terminal for patrons.”
    Looks like WV opted for overbuying.

  186. lisab says:

    he is up for a similar project in mississippi and arkansas

    not to schools though

  187. Walt says:

    6-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Singing ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ To Classmate…
    But he dodged a bullet because at leas he was not singing “Jesus Loves Me” which probably would have placxed him in a foster home.

  188. HoistTheColours! says:


    I am not M.

  189. Walt says:

    I tee it up for GF.

  190. Walt says:

    Too late, GF

  191. Walt says:

    I am not M.

    Comment by HoistTheColours!
    Does that mean you are female? F

  192. Monsieur Vito says:

    “I am not M.”

    The head of MI-6?

  193. Walt says:

    France goes all Holland–e on us.
    Impact on NYSE and markets?
    Not good.
    Looks like a lot of the wealth Frenchmen will be voting with their feet and crossing the channel and taking their wealth with them to escape 75% tax?
    How long will it take Hollande to end the very high unemployment in France–or until there are screaming for a new election?

  194. Walt says:


    Check out the voting results in France.

    Rumor has it that there were some Ron Paul votes cast there that were not counted.

  195. HoistTheColours! says:

    Someone upthread posted a pro Libertarian article and BitterModerate assumed it was me.

  196. Walt says:

    WV early voting ended on Saturday. Our crack WV SOS, however has not posted any totals past Friday.

    I guess she will have her people get the total results posted on Monday.

  197. Walt says:

    Obama’s Real Opponent May Be the Economy – Dan Balz, Washington Post
    That takes a lot of Balz to write that.

  198. Phil says:

    Anyone have a link to the current returns of the French election? I find lots of stories about the results but no actual repirting numbers.

  199. Walt says:

    Walt, be back later. Good to talk to you.

  200. Walt says:

    Phil, I have not seen any link.

    Even if you find it, the numbers will all be in French.

    Did seem that the French fried Sarkozy.

  201. Phil says:

    Two weeks ago they had some good maps of the voting as the results came in. Curious that there isn’t anything now. The numbers aren’t that far apart.

  202. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul calls me a moderate? Just remember that Mr. Conservative votes for Democrats.

  203. jan says:

    Go to its the state tv network like the BBC and they have an english section and live stream.

  204. bio mom says:

    Ron Paul is a hypocrite. He claims to be the voice of the Constitution yet he is working to deny the democratic results of the people and steal delegates. For Shame!! Let this senile disgrace exit the stage for good!! If he helps get Obama reelected his son should have no political future.

  205. janz says:

    How Francois Hollande won

    Hollande’s victory may only be setting the ball up for National Front candidate Marine Le Pen the next time around.

    Considering the fate reserved for other European leaders through the last years of crisis, Nicolas Sarkozy did remarkably well: only a few hundred thousand votes separated him from Francois Hollande in round one.

    Added to which is the awkward fact that the fastest growing party in France is the National Front. The country, in other words, is not moving leftwards. If anything, it’s moving to the right.

  206. Add in Chains says:

    It means nothing. Rose was hurt. The fact that Philadelphia didn’t win by 30 proves Philadelphia sucks!

  207. SoHope says:

    france’s right is getting righter and it’s left is getting lefter.

    It just looks like polarization to me. The National Front deadenders are more than willing to throw the election to the socialists in make their point.

    I hope Paulites and Libertarians don’t do the same with us with Goode & Gary Johnson.

    NM is definately off the table even with Gov Martinez as VP.

  208. Hmmm says:

    europe is clearly going down. germany is heading towards a recession.

    america is closely behind. the gig is up.

  209. jan says:

    The next big election before ours is in Mexico were the Liberals are expected to win after 12 years out of power. Its in early June or July I think.

  210. Tim V says:

    and it all comes crashing down, financial chaos, riots in the streets…

  211. Monsieur Vito says:

    zee Mayans, zay have raison!

  212. Apologetic California says:

    Bonjour putains! Les grenouilles a elu un mufftard socialiste, le premiere fois depuis le Grand Marxist M. Mitterand. Je fais le priere pour un upset.

  213. Susyque says:

    When someone says the primaries are over…they why do we have
    6 more primaries coming up?

  214. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Dogs & cats living together…

  215. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Oui, le socialisme pour toujours! Supérieur réglementation, plus d’impôts et de la haine des personnes financièrement prospères mènera à la terre promise!

  216. SusyQue says:

    Since no one is posting…I am going to post one whole interesting, informative article. Don’t get nervous!
    Campaign web wars 2.0: can Republicans strike back?
    By Michael Mathes (AFP) – 15 hours ago
    WASHINGTON — Tired of playing catch-up to the Obama Internet juggernaut, Republicans have rolled out a one-stop online shop for conservative activism which they hope will help them capture the White House.
    The Social Victory Center, which launched this week and allows Republicans to do everything from distribute campaign materials to ring up undecided voters in battleground states like Ohio, has been craftily embedded in the most comprehensive social media landscape of them all: Facebook.
    Call it the Republican National Committee’s newest weapon in campaign web wars 2.0, the virtual battlefield of the 2012 election. But is Democratic President Barack Obama’s huge advantage in Facebook, Twitter, digital advertising and online fundraising already unassailable?
    The web emerged as a star campaign player in 2008, and Obama used it to unprecedented effect to thump rival John McCain. Now Republicans are re-arming.
    “We lost the technology battle in the 2008 cycle, without a doubt, and we could not stand by and get away with just having (campaign) centers make telephone calls and knock on doors,” RNC political director Rick Wiley told AFP at the committee’s Washington headquarters.
    “We had to develop something that took on the Obama campaign’s presence on the web.”
    Romney, the presumptive nominee, needs a vibrant online presence to galvanize support as his campaign enters a summer lull before the party nominating conventions in late August.
    In its new app the RNC seeks to recreate the volunteer experience online, eliminating geographic boundaries to allow Republicans in red states like Texas to impact the dozen or so swing states that will decide the November election.
    Both sides have capitalized on YouTube to stream press conferences, weekly addresses or online campaign videos for free, making the medium the “fireside chats” of their era.
    But social media in particular will have an extraordinary impact in 2012.
    “I can tell you right now that social marketing will swing millions of votes in this election,” said Scott Klososky, an author and expert on social technology.
    “It will also allow candidates to target demographics in completely new ways and that will be key for the GOP.”
    Romney hopes to harness the power of Facebook’s 160 million American users, who spend an average of six hours per month on the site — but his main competitor got there first.
    The Obama re-election campaign’s Facebook page has been “liked” more that 26 million times, compared to just 1.6 million for Romney.
    “It is so not a gamechanger,” Michealene Risley, who is running for president as a third-party candidate on the Americans Elect web platform, said about the new Republican app in Facebook.
    Risley, an award-winning writer, director and media expert, said the Romney websites lack depth compared to the “seamless and engaging” Obama sites.
    “Obama is telling people stories in a very visual way,” she added.
    On Twitter, the president has 14 million followers. Romney has 483,000, and growing by just 15,000 or so per week. Even Newt Gingrich, who recently suspended his own campaign, has 1.4 million followers.
    “It’s important for (Republicans), now that they have a nominee, to make a big push to get Facebook fans and Twitter followers to try and help level the playing field with Obama,” said Andrew Lipsman, vice president of industry analysis of comScore, which tracks digital analytics.
    “It wouldn’t hurt for Romney to start promoting it on the stump or in subsequent primary victories.”
    Or to start ponying up for online ads. A new comScore report on how digital media is shaping the 2012 election puts Democrats squarely in the digital driver’s seat, with the Obama campaign outnumbering by 10 to one the combined effort last year by the top four Republican presidential campaigns.
    “The Republicans were almost nowhere to be found” online in 2011, the report said, with Republican candidates opting for traditional channels of TV and radio to get their message out.
    But to be sure, team Romney is all over Twitter, where a campaign war is in full effect. The immediacy of the platform has allowed top Romney and Obama aides to trade barbs on everything from policy and jobs data to the brouhaha over women’s issues or the way the two candidates treat their dogs.
    The Obama campaign recently released a web-based series of graphs, called “The Life of Julia,” which maps out how the president’s policies would help one woman over her lifetime.
    Republicans however quickly hijacked the meme.

  217. lisab says:

    “Even if you find it, the numbers will all be in French.”

    french numbers are the same as numbers in english 🙂

  218. Bitterlaw says:

    French-Canadian numbers are very different.

  219. lisab says:

    yes, one hundred and one percent diffferent

  220. Susyque says:

    #230…Bitter…Why do some say the primary is over when we have
    6 primaries coming up?

  221. lisab says:

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — George Lindsey, who spent nearly 30 years as the grinning Goober on “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Hee Haw,” has died. He was 83.

  222. Apologetic California says: has a Flash map of the departments that switched from Sarkozy in 2007 to Hollande. Hollande brought back the traditionally left-wing Northern France region away from Sarkozy in a big away as well as made inroads in the Midi, a traditional conservative area. Though the race is a lot closer than the polls were predicting.

  223. MFG says:

    The primaries are over in the same way that a football game is over when the fourth quarter begins with a team up 49-0 Susy

    All over but the shouting as they say…

  224. pitchaboy says:

    The Obama Osama bounce is done.

  225. Cory says:

    Did you just time travel here from May 6th, 2011, pitch?

  226. Scott says:

    You gotta love those LA Kings!!!

  227. Bitterlaw says:

    SSQ – Romney will get the nomination. That’s why “it’s over.” It’s like saying, “This game is over when the LA Kings were up over the St. Louis Blues with a minute left. The clock was still going but the game was effectively ended.

  228. Susyque says:

    MFG…thank you for responding. Don’t the state primaries give the voter the opportunity to cast their vote for the nominees of choice. Delegates have to be distributed.
    Data is collected on states as to which way they lean in all sorts of categories. There are a myriad of issues and offices to decide on during the primary.

  229. Susyque says:

    Bitter…see #241….A agame is one focus…but a primary has many foci!

  230. Susyque says:

    Top General: Obama Knew About OBL’s Hideout in Abbottabad Since Summer of 2010 – Refused to Act Until May

    General Jack Keane (Retired), the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, told Mike Huckabee tonight that Barack Obama knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hideout since the summer of 2010. But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted absolute proof first that Osama was living there. It wasn’t until May of 2011 that he agreed to attack Bin Laden’s compound, almost a year later.

    Read more:

  231. MD says:

    What did Biden say today?

  232. Apologetic California says:

    Arnie, the man who exploited conservative naivete and subsequently led the GOP to its near collapse by becoming more liberal than JFK, says that he’s not sure about being a Republican anymore. He’s complaining that the activists who brought him to power and whose backs he stabbed, are too extreme.

    Moderate Republicans give moderates a bad name.

  233. Susyque says:

    #244…this is what Biden said: ga-ga, dah-dah. Incoherent!

  234. Susyque says:

    Of course Schwarzenegger destains the far right. He has no sense of right or wrong…good or evil. He should be embarrassed to even speak in public. HIs vile adultery with the maid tells us his brain is located about 30 inches below his chin.

  235. jason says:

    ” Why do some say the primary is over when we have
    6 primaries coming up?”

    Let’s see if I can come up with an example ssq can understand, this is not easy.

    Say a football team is up by 4 games and there are only 2 weeks to go in the season.

    Or a golfer on the par 4 last hole when someone else has already finished 5 strokes ahead of him.

  236. jason says:

    Sarko loses 51.7 to 48.3. About a million votes.

    The far right hands the far left a victory.

    One should ask why its ok for Hollande to ally himself with the radical left but Sarkozy should forego the votes of the radical right.

  237. Diogenes says:

    Arnold didn’t have any balls. He tried to do what Chris Christie did but gave up after the unions gave him some pushback.

    Republicans should always be fiscally conservative otherwise there is no point.

  238. jason says:

    Nice win by Ricky Fowler at the Wells Fargo while Tiger watched on tv.

  239. jason says:

    Arnold was a minor speed bump in California’s rush towards the cliffs.

  240. Mike M says:

    RIP, Goober….. :<

  241. Diogenes says:

    “At home, Hollande has pledged to tax the very rich at 75 percent of their income, an idea that proved wildly popular among the majority of people who don’t make nearly that much. But the measure would only bring in a relatively small amount to the budget, and tax lawyers say France’s taxes have always been high and unpredictable and this may not be as much of a shock as it sounds.

    Hollande wants to modify one of Sarkozy’s key reforms, over the retirement age, to allow some people to retire at 60 instead of 62. He also plans to increase spending in a range of sectors and wants to ease France off its dependence on nuclear energy. He favors legalizing euthanasia and gay marriage.”

    Change we can believe in. France reverts to form.

  242. ParakeetsForRomney2012 says:

    Open mouth, insert shotgun, pull trigger…

  243. Susyque says:

    Huck had an interesting program today. An interesting segment
    on Romney and the type of VP he should choose according to whether he is
    He listed the VP types needed for each division and explained why.

  244. Jerry muthertruckin' Cruncher says:

    And…what vp’s?

  245. Susyque says:

    LEADING: Portman, Pawlenty, Daniels

    TIED: Rubio, McDonnel, Tooney of Pa.

    TRAILING: Huckaberry

  246. Susyque says:

    #257…what do you think of that?

  247. RickPerrysParakeet says:


    No Huckmentum

  248. Walt says:

    “french numbers are the same as numbers in english
    Comment by lisab”

    Are you blonde???

    I cannot believe you had to post a response to my comment about “French” numbers–WHICH WAS CLEARLY HUMOR BE ME!

    I am fully aware that France uses Arabic numberals like us.
    I did not post comments to “correct” you when you said things like you would have to bring your passport to MS, what is the exchange rate in MS, etc.

    Evberyone else on here raise your hand if you thought I was just being “funny” when I made the “but the numbers will probably be in French comment.
    See, lisab, everybody else (except Bunu) knew it was just HUMOR. It even got passed the SSQ humor filter.

  249. Susyque says:

    #260…Daniels has family problems. Wife and children do not want him to run for VP or Pres.

  250. Hmmm says:

    “We’re going to call France the new Greece,” said Laetitia Barone, 19. “Hollande is now very dangerous.”

  251. lisab says:

    arabic numbers are like numbers in english too 🙂

  252. Walt says:


    Still cannot believe you made that comment and it apparently flew by you that it was HUMOR. As did the last part of my comment about the “French fried Sarkozy.”
    How come you have not responded that
    “No, Sarkozy was not executed when he lost.”
    When I spent time in France in the summer of 1972, I assure you I was not “stunned” that they used the same numbers as we did here in America.

  253. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    What about Canadian numbers though?

  254. Walt says:

    “Sarkozy Gets the Boot – Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast”
    Quick, lisab.

    email Christopher Dickey and tell him that it is not true that the French gave Sarkhozy a boot or any other type of footwear.

    Or maybe tell him it is not true that Sarkhozy was given Italy.

  255. Walt says:

    MFG, those Canadian numbers are all based on the liter system, divided by Quebecian hectograms and Free Canadian pentameters.

    The 7 times I have been to Canada, I have had to take my slide rule and still could not make change.
    (lisab, this whole post is a JOKE–an attempt at HUMOR. No need to respond to ‘set the record straight’)

  256. Walt says:

    Dave has given us a clean sheet of paper.

    New Thread.
    Come on up, there is GOOD news tonight!!!

  257. lisab says:

    “As did the last part of my comment about the “French fried Sarkozy.”

    they don’t have french fries in france, they have pommes frites