Indiana/North Carolina Election Thread

Will we see our first sitting United States Senator go down in flames this election season tonight in Indiana? The polls start closing in Indiana at 6pm although there are some that will remain open until 7pm. C-Span’s Associated Press page for the results can be found here.

The polls in North Carolina close at 7:30pm and the main results to watch there is the question on same-sex marriage. Those results can be found here.

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  1. GF says:


  2. Ben Romney says:

    WV no link??

  3. GF says:

    Thread rule, slam Lugar in at least one post (but feel free to go as often as you’d like).

    Follow-up rule; slam any poster who gratuitously tosses out COD/Angle/Buck comparisons at Mourdock.

  4. Apologetic California says:

    It’ll be a good night for conservatives, bad night for RINOS and/or homosexuals.

  5. SoHope says:

    From the last thread…

    You are right, GF.

    Rep. Keith “Sharia Law” Ellison knows that you gouge out eys of people that look at porn, chop of hands of those stealing a loaf of bread, and cut out the tongues of those that critisize Obama.

  6. janz says:

    The New York Daily News reports that today Obama supporter Cher tweets:

    If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if i can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.

    Later she added:

    TOO HARSH? That’s me Holding BACK! They care nothing about the POOR The OLD The SICK The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better Life.

    This is from a woman who has a mansion sitting on a bluff in Malibu, CA. Someone who pissed off all her neighbors because of the extrordinary size and impact it had on her neighbors and on the viewshed.

    But, here she goes, being all lofty and liberal. I can’t stand the double standard hyperbole of this woman!

  7. SoHope says:

    Here in Gaston County NC the only campaigning is for the marriage ammendment (it will pass big time). This is McCrory country and have only seen one presidential sign in my town (for Newt).

    Sue Myrick was my congress woman. They redistricted us to Patrick McHenry. Sue is retiring and there is a vicious battle for her seat on the GOP side.

    Pendergraph vs Pittenger…it will go to a runoff.

  8. janz says:

    WI recall primary: Tom Barrett headed for victory

    …too bad, as he was considered the strongest of the candidates running.

  9. EML says:

    2 – WV doesn’t finish until later.

  10. janz says:

    The brand of the Obama reelection campaign, so far, is ruthlessness.

    Obama is already one of the most consistently polarizing presidents of the last 60 years. His current campaign strategy, win or lose, will deepen our national divisions. It was unreasonable to believe that Obama could reverse the long-term political trend toward polarization. But it is still sad when a leader ceases to fight the current.

  11. Diogenes says:

    Obama is a petty Peronista that belongs in a drive thru flipping burgers. That he is not is a testament to the ability of affirmative action to vaunt untalented people far above their abilities and of a vacuous celebrity-based mentality of many American voters.

  12. EML says:

    0.7% reporting, time to call IN for Mitt!

  13. Cory says:

    If Obama did belong flipping burgers, I’m trying to imagine where that would mean George W. Bush belongs.

    Standing outside in a burger costume, waving at drivers?

  14. SoHope says:

    “Cops: Man stabbed friend during argument over who has more sex…”

    well looks like he will be getting plenty of sex…in prison.

  15. Kory says:

    Yeah, Obama is smarter than Bush!

  16. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    watching Lugar go down will be the highlight of the night for me, i’m not typically a “RINO hunter” but I consider Lugar the exception to the rule.

  17. jason says:

    ” Obama is a petty Peronista that belongs in a drive thru flipping burgers ”

    And MD called me “angry”.

    Actually it’s funny how different some of us might be in real life, although I wouldn’t really know, don’t have one. But on the few moments I venture away from here, people consider me easy going, amiable and humorous. They don’t know the real me, I guess.

    But we don’t know if the real life personas are very different. For all we know ssq could be a lascivious tramp who could suck the paint off a doorknob. Or Kory could really be a Canadian tycoon who fires downtrodden workers for kicks. Bitterlaw could be a bricklayer and a wino. MD could be a Baptist minister and a teetotaler. Rockefeller Troll and the Ficus could be Republicans. SoHope and TimV could be atheists. mnw could be very intelligent.

    Bunu might not be a Nazi sympathizer…. nahhhhhhhhhh.

  18. Walt says:

    BOO HOO….Dave Wissing does not link a WV election results site. Is he discriminating???

    No sweat Dave, I got your back:

    MetroNews Election Results — Powered by Citynet

  19. Walt says:

    As per the rule for this thread:

    Lugar cannot hold a candle to a good Smith and Wesson.

  20. HoistTheColours! says:

    Let’s hope Uncle Orrin meets the same fate as Lugar come next month!

  21. SoHope says:

    If you believe in the Many Universes Theory, somewhere there is a world were Bunu isn’t an America hating *astard

  22. GF says:

    Indiana has been closed for over forty minutes, and they have all of 11,000 votes counted. Efficiency runs rampant. Actually, doesn’t the part of the state using CST close later, as in sixteen minutes from now?

  23. janz says:

    I don’t have problems with Orin Hatch. Lugar, though, merits retirement.

  24. GF says:

    They just updated; make that 15K and change. Mourdock staying steady @56%.

  25. jason says:

    Every Indiana update so far has shown Mourdock leading 56-44.

    Only small counties reporting so far.

  26. EML says:

    Lugar’s only hope is for the middle of the state around Indianapolis. Everywhere else will probably go Mourdock.

  27. Walt says:

    For WV results, you can also go to our crack WV SOS website and at the top are three things you can click on

    click here to watch the live web (yes)
    If you want to you can click on
    Berkeley County results and find someone named Walt running for the 61st House of Delegate District.

    This Primary could be the last election I will win. (running unopposed in primary–have an opponent in the GE) 🙂

  28. SoHope says:

    Lugar would probably do better in Chicagoland

  29. GF says:

    Lake and Marion will indeed be the key for Lugar. Meanwhile, Mourdock just expanded his lead, 57-43.

  30. jason says:

    No silver lining for Lugar in these results… the counties he is winning are close, the ones he is losing are not close. Now down 58-42.

    I would like to see some returns from Marion, Lake, St. Joseph, Hamilton before I call it though.

  31. GF says:

    Only 3% in…damn, Hoosiers are slow, it would seem to me.

    Anyway, expanded again, 59-41.

  32. EML says:

    The northern part of Lake and Porter, where all the Dems are, will probably be Lugar territory, but the southern parts around Crown Point (Lake) and Valpo (Porter) will be Mourdock country. It depends on how many Republicans are in the Dem areas.

  33. GF says:

    Any word on how local Dems were treating the race i.e. encouraging Dems to play havoc and vote Mourdock, stick with Lugar or remain neutral? Logic would dictate that they would want the candidate they perceive to be weaker and vote in the GOP primary instead of their own, but most partisan voters end up staying in their own primaries.

  34. GF says:

    4% in, now 61-39. If this holds up statewide outside Marion and Lake, we may be able to call this well before those two counties are halfway done reporting.

  35. jason says:

    The only county almost all in is Vigo. Obama won that county by 17 points, not a conservative area. And Mourdock is winning handily. Could be a bad sign for Lugar.

  36. GF says:

    I see that other small counties that Lugar took an early lead in are now flipping to Mourdock. Also a bad sign.

  37. HoistTheColours! says:

    Mourdock has more votes than Mitt.


  38. GF says:

    5% in, 61-39 holding firm. About a 9,000 vote lead right now.

  39. janz says:

    “Mitt Romney gave an excellent speech in Lansing, Michigan today. He went after President Obama’s record and cast him as a backward-looking, old fashioned liberal:”

    Romney pushes back on Julia…

    So far, the Romney campaign has been impressively agile and aggressive. This seamless transition from Twitter to the stump reinforces that impression.

  40. HoistTheColours! says:

    Ok, that was a bit unfair of me. There are 5 more precincts reporting in the Senate race than there are in the POTUS race.

  41. jason says:

    Romney is winning big in the same areas Mourdock is winning. I would say that’s another bad sign for Lugar.

  42. EML says:

    36 – Vigo is historically Democratic area. Lots of Dems = Obama wins. Republican voters there are very conservative.

  43. EML says:

    42 – lol, Romney is winning big everywhere.

  44. GF says:

    7% in, margin holds. 12,000 raw vote lead.

  45. maelstrom says:

    Indiana SecState office is slow reporting. WISH TV is doing better.

    Vigo County is Terre Haute. Vigo is just north of Sullivan where Mourdock was a coal executive. That part of the state is traditional Democrat (FDR, HST, JFK types). Turn out across the state was light. No contested Democrat races for President, Governor, or Senate so D’s were voting for Mourdock if they bothered to cross over.

  46. spirit of bunu says:

    We have 14% of the vote, and are expecting 98% of the delegates.

    If we can get to 16% we will have 100%.

  47. spirit of bunu says:

    AP calls it for Romney.


  48. EML says:

    48 – demand a recount

  49. What the $%#& is a "Liberterian"? says:

    watching Lugar go down will be the highlight of the night for me, i’m not typically a “RINO hunter” but I consider Lugar the exception to the rule.

    Comment by AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney — May 8, 2012 @ 6:33 pm

    You are very much a “RINO hunter” depending on the candidate, the moon cycle, the site at which you’re posting, and whatever you might have had for breakfast, thread-crapper.

  50. jason says:

    Marion is 50/50 so far, that won’t help Lugar.

  51. EML says:

    5% of Marion in and Mourdock ahead. That certainly doesn’t bode well for Lugar if that holds.

  52. janz says:

    Mitt Romney’s new hero: Bill Clinton

    Romney seems to be everywhere, these days, and hitting all the right notes in his speeches.

    In seeking to drive a wedge between centrist and liberal Democrats, Romney spoke here on Tuesday in glowing terms of the Clinton era’s balanced budgets and rosy economy.

    “President Obama chose to apply liberal ideas of the past to a 21st century America,” Romney said. “Liberal policies didn’t work back then, they haven’t worked during these last four years, and they will not work in the future. New Democrats had abandoned those policies, but President Obama resurrected them with the predictable results.”

    Romney continued: “President Clinton, remember, he said the era of big government was over. President Obama brought it back with a vengeance. Government at all levels now consumes about 38 percent of the economy, and if Obamacare is installed, that will rise to about half of the economy.”

    Praising Clinton is almost tongue-in-cheek kind of campaigning — using Clinton as a reflective mirror to negatively compare/contrast his leadership from Obama’s. In the meantime, Obama is trying to use Clinton, himself, as some kind of political cohort. This is putting somewhat of a kink in that relationship, I would think….

  53. GF says:

    12%, Mourdock still +22. If the big counties don’t tighten this up substantially, Lugar won’t even be able to say that he made a respectable showing.

  54. jason says:

    A few returns in from Elkhart, they are closer. It looks so far like Mourdock is winning big in the rural areas and holding his own in the cities.

  55. Mr. Vito says:

    Did Indiana hock the Lugar, yet?

  56. AuthorLMendez, Liberterian For Romney says:

    @50 geez the damn AOS stalker again? get off my ass already

  57. spirit of bunu says:


  58. BayernFan says:

    In johnson county, a large populated countyjust to the sough of Indpls, lugar leads mourdock by only 1971 to 1952

  59. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    *sighs* w/e i’ll just ignore Undead’s stalking, he can chew on his bitterness that I didnt back Mitt until late Jan.

  60. jason says:

    Marion is 10% in, and dead even. Lugar is screwed.

  61. GF says:

    Nearly 1 in 7 precincts reported, and it remains at 61-39. I really don’t see how this doesn’t end up a total bloodbath.

  62. mnw says:

    Happy Mourdock Day, Hoosiers!

    Looks like an absolute BLOWOUT!

    Great day for Indiana, for the GOP, & for the country we all love.

    Sweet. Happy I gave early & often!

  63. BayernFan says:

    11% in in Marion county (Inpls)…

    Lugar 3741
    Mourdock 3704

  64. GF says:

    mnw, if you are happy now, just wait until you are rid of Sky Queen when she goes down. I remember you being reticent on that contest early on until the Sky Queen stuff came to prominence.

  65. mnw says:

    Congrats on a great new Senator, GF.

  66. GF says:

    NBC calls it for Mourdock. Silverfish almost calls it, but holds back a little.

  67. Walt says:

    Polls in WV close in 10 minutes–at 7:30 p.m.

  68. GF says:

    A pity he’s not mine, mnw; that’s BF (BayernFan) you’re thinking of. Sadly, I am stuck with Boxer and Feinstein. 🙁

  69. GF says:

    An early call, I would think, though. Just 17%, and the margin closed slightly to 60-40. Must not be enough votes out in Marion/Lake to change it even if they break heavily for Lugar.

  70. mnw says:


    I’ve come around to the view that she is dead meat. A write-off.

    What convinced me that she was differently situated from DEM incumbents such as Nelson (FL) & Brown (OH), is that Shy Queen loses to all THREE relatively unknown GOP challengers– one of whom (Brunner) has about the same name rec that I do– to wit: none.

    If Brunner is leading Sky Queen, the voters are saying “Anybody but her.”

    Also, zero has negative coattails in MO. Gov Nixon will be lucky to survive.

  71. mnw says:

    Sorry, GF. My mistake. I meant BF.

  72. GF says:

    You think so? I had though nixon had insulated himself fairly well. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to take himn out and boost our national governor count, but he seemed invincible given the recent Lt. Gov.’s troubles. Any chance we get a good self-funder in there to challenge Nixon (thought I heard that someone was giving it a go)?

    If we run a credible alternative, a Mitt landslide in the state could seal the deal.

  73. mnw says:

    Another one bites the dust (Specter!)

    Another one bites the dust (Bob Bennett!)

    Another one bites the dust! (Lugar!)

    Another one bites the dust (Lindsey Graham!)

  74. marc says:

    Dick just didn’t know when to call it a career. Is 36 years in the Senate not enough for some of these politicians. Lugar could of retired in honor after a long and accomplished public career but he got to greedy, wanted to stay long passed his sell by date.

    Senator Richard Lugar 1977-2013.

  75. mnw says:


    I still think Nixon wins, but I can tell he’s scared. Non-stop ads are running.

  76. GF says:

    Theoretically, Lugar would only have to win the remaining ballots out there by about three points to win (51.5-48.5). Trouble is, I don’t think he can do it.

  77. GF says:

    Lugar desperately wanted to be the Pro Tem in a potential GOP Senate. His salary would have gone up, as would have his prestige. Plus, his name would have gotten into the history books for a major position of power vice being an also-ran in the ’96 GOP Presidential contest. He gambled, lost andnow his name will indeed be in the history books, but as a casualty of the TP purification tour (and of his own ego).

  78. Walt says:

    Polls now closed in WV.
    I have declared myself the winner in my uncontested primary.

  79. mnw says:

    RE Scott Brown v. Fauxcahontas

    I assume RAS polled the race before the full impact of the Princess Spreading Bull story registered on MA voters.

  80. GF says:

    OK, so now Lugar has to win the remaining ballots by 52.6-47.4; yeah, that ain’t gona happen.

  81. marc says:

    Lugars defeat does mean he will now be free to vote more often with the Democrats and bash the Republican party has to extreme.

  82. mnw says:

    Lugar should have had a care for the views of his Hoosier GOP constituents, then. He didn’t. He was arrogant & dismissive of their petty concerns.

    I could list all of Lame Duck Lugar’s egregious RINOisms, but… too much typing, & who cares tonight anyway? He can vote his zero-loving little RINO heart as much as he likes now.

  83. GF says:

    82- If the Dems ever brought a budget to the floor, that might mean something. In the interim, our solid 41 will make anything he says moot.

  84. mnw says:

    Did you know I’m psychic? I just had a vision of Ms. Lindsey voting exactly like Jim DeMint for the next 2 years.

  85. GF says:

    Marion has swung back to Lugar, 54-46. Pity for him it won’t do any good now.

  86. marc says:

    The Democrats think Mourdock is some Sharron Angle/COD clone when he is a twice elected state wide official.

  87. maelstrom says:

    GF. Where are you getting county results?

  88. Tina says:

    no time to post every day, but what if Lex Luthor runs as an Indy in Indiana?

  89. MD says:

    A good, old fashioned ass kicking! Lugar earned it. Mourdock will win the general by at least 6. Not worried at all.

    This was the easiest call ever.

    Marc – did you provide example of Ras’ bias yet?

  90. maelstrom says:

    89. Tina. Not allowed. IN has a sore loser law.

  91. MD says:

    Lugar will be a burr in our saddles for the next several months. We have the House though so he can’t do much damage.

  92. mnw says:


    Geraghty has an interesting post at NRO Campaign Spot today explaining why Donnelly & the DEMs are kidding themselves about their chances of picking up the IN Sen seat– think “moderate” Ellsworth against Coates last time. The “moderate” lost by 10 pts– & zero wasn’t at the top of the ticket. zero’s neat appv/disappv in IN is negative 12 pts.

  93. MD says:

    Could he run as a “write in” and have proxies campaign for him?

  94. Cory says:

    Oh, wow. I thought the Couturier/Rinaldo sandwich on Volchenkov was clean at full speed.
    On slow motion replay, Rinaldo is gonna be gone for the rest of this series, if the Flyers win tonight.

  95. MD says:

    mnw – I still think the race for the Senate will be closer than the Coates race because of the expanded electorate for the genera. That only gives Donnelly 3 or 4 more points. Not nearly enough.

    Look northeast to Mass. Control of the Senate runs through Brown. If Lugar had been the Senator from Mass I would have supported him.

  96. mnw says:

    “net appv/disappv”

    adz-kicking it is, MD. Truly.

    Several GOP county chairs said they hadn’t seen Lugar in 6 years– until yesterday.

  97. GF says:

    Mael, the AP has a county link (it was posted upthread), but CAC over @AoS is live-blogging it and doing a darn good job, too;

  98. MD says:

    95 – Nate Silver? Could you possibly sink any lower?

  99. addisonst says:

    The tea scalps another hack. YES!

  100. mnw says:


    I agree. Closer than 2010. Also, I agree about MA. I can distinguish between IN & SC on the one hand, & DE & MA on the other. Gotta keep it real.

  101. marc says:

    I have no problem with Lugar, not really sure why the Teabaggers went after him but I’m always in favor of replacing an Old Republican with a younger one.

    I’m sick of the career politicians who spend 20/30/40 in the House and Senate it’s ridiculous.

  102. GF says:

    What is sad is not that a six term incumbent who has regularly won 60%+ (and once in the 80s) is losing his primary for a 7th term. What’s sad (for him) is that he is totally getting blown out. What an embarassment (and a lesson for all about the dangers of hubris).

  103. MD says:

    Hatch is safe. Lindsey will morph into a conservative. “McCain who? Never heard of him”.

  104. GF says:

    101- PAMPERS ALERT!!! 🙂

  105. Cory says:

    Nate Silver is the gold standard of poll analysis.

  106. addisonst says:

    I’d like to see hatch gone too. New blood is needed.

  107. MD says:

    Pampers is officially back in the House. I am sick of trolls who pretend to be someone they are not. Read 104. Pampers gave himself away.

  108. marc says:

    Nate Silver might be a liberal but this is an analysis of the polling matched up with the actually results. So it’s not bias or slanted in any way.

    Don’t be so closed minded that you dismiss any and everything from those who you disagree with politically.

  109. mnw says:

    Lugar enraged conservatives on purpose, imo. I think he got a kick out of being “Obama’s favorite Republican” on the smart D.C. cocktail circuit.

  110. MD says:

    111 – Are you using too much vaseline again pampers?

  111. GF says:

    Moving on to NC, it is encouraging that in a state where Dems have a big registration advantage, right now, we have more votes in our primary despite both of the nominations being contested (theirs heavily, ours, not so much).

    But don’t worry, Dustin and Melissa (and someguy named “Desi”) assured me that Obama will win NC handily.

  112. MD says:

    “Closeminded” Yea, from a total moron that uses the term teabagger and then tries to claim to be a Republican. Perhaps teabagger describes you a bit too closely. A Freudian slip?

  113. mnw says:

    I want no part whatever of trying to take down Hatch. I’ll wait for Lindsey. Yum.

  114. Ben Romney says:

    GOP Primary: National: Mitt Romney is the nominee now!


    Gingrich:GA KY MT NE NM SC WV

    Santorum:AL CO IA LA MN MO MS ND OK TN

    IN Primary: May.08: MR:74.6% RS10.0% NG07.5% RP07.9% 30 Delegates
    NC Primary: May.08: MR50.9% NG18.4% RS17.0% RP13.7% 55 Delegates
    OR Primary: May.15: MR32.8% NG09.2% RP08.0% 28 Delegates
    WV Primary: May.08: MR44.9% NG34.2% RS13.5% RP07.4% 31 Delegates

    Mitt Romney: 791 + 48 +2 = 841
    Ron Paul: 110 + 01 = 111
    RickSantorum: 247 + 02 = 249
    Newt Gingrich: 143 + 02 = 145

    Mitt Romney 49.4% 47.4% Barack Hussein Obama

    Mitt Romney191 Barack Hussein Obama:207 Toss-up:140

    Alabama (09) 37.9/49.9
    Alaska (03) 40/52
    Arizona (11) 41.9/48.7
    Arkansas (06) 33.2/53.0

    California (55) 58.8/39.8
    Colorado (09) 48.6/50.5
    Connecticut (07) 51.0/43.3

    Delaware (03) 62/37
    DOC (03) 90/10

    Florida (29) 44.2/45.1

    Georgia (16) 44.8/51.2

    Hawaii (04) 59/32

    Idaho (04) 36/62
    Illionois (20) 51.9/37.1
    Indiana (11) 41.1/48.3
    Iowa (06) 49.9/49.2

    Kansas (06) 35/52
    Kentucky (08) 37/53.5

    Louisana (08) 37/53

    Maine (04) 53.5/43.1 48/41
    Maryland (10) 50.3/38.1
    Massachusetts (11) 52.2/38.4
    Michigan (16) 48.6/47.8
    Minnesota (10) 49.5/42.7
    Mississippi (06) 38/50
    Missouri (10) 43.6/47.9
    Montana (03) 42.6/49.8

    Nebraska (04+1) 37.6/51 46.3/46.7
    Nevada (06) 48.8/46.8
    New Hampshire (04) 47.5/46.4
    New Jersey (14) 51.6/47.9
    New Mexiko (05) 49.6/45.8
    New York (29) 57.8/41.9

    North Carolina (15) 46.6/46.8
    North Dakota (03) 32/51

    Ohio (18) 47.9/47.6
    Oklahoma (07) 34/66
    Oregon (07) 49.5/44.5

    Pennsylvania (20) 46.9/46.3
    Rhode Island (04) 54/37

    South Carolina (09) 38.1/44.9
    South Dakota (03) 34.5/47

    Tennessee (11) 39.3/44.9
    Texas (38) 40.4/48.6
    Utah (06) 27.7/66.5

    Vermont (03) 54/34
    Virginia (13) 49.4/48.5

    Washington (12) 51.1/43.2
    West Virginia (05) 36.7/51.2
    Wisconsin (10) 50.6/49.4
    Wyoming (03) 33/65

    Ron Paul 46.3% 44.5% Barack Hussein Obama
    Ron Paul:215 Barack H. Obama:221 Toss-up:102

    Alabama (09) 00/00
    Alaska (03) 00/00
    Arizona (11) 44.1/41.8
    Arkansas (06) 00/00

    California (55) 59.2/38.1
    Colorado (09) 46.3/46.4
    Connecticut (07) 51/38

    Delaware (03) 00/00
    DOC (03) 90/10

    Florida (29) 45.3/46.0
    Georgia (16) 44.2/51
    Hawaii (04) 61/28

    Idaho (04) 00/00
    Illionois (20) 49.3/30.3
    Indiana (11) 43.5/46
    Iowa (06) 46.3/47.8

    Kansas (06) 00/00
    Kentucky (08) 00/00
    Louisana (08) 00/00

    Maine (04) 53.5/40
    Maryland (10) 00/00
    Massachusetts (11) 57.7/35
    Michigan (16) 51.8/42
    Minnesota (10) 48.8/36.8
    Mississippi (06) 37/52
    Missouri (10) 45/43
    Montana (03) 38.7/46.8

    Nebraska (04+1) 37/48 42.5/41.5
    Nevada (06) 47.1/48.5
    New Hampshire (04) 45.5/46.3
    New Jersey (14) 52.5/42.3
    New Mexiko (05) 52/42.5
    New York (29) 61.1/38.0

    North Carolina (15) 46.8/49.9
    North Dakota (03) 00/00

    Ohio (18) 43.8/47.9
    Oklahoma (07) 00/00
    Oregon (07) 48/52

    Pennsylvania (20) 43.7/44.3
    Rhode Island (04) 00/00

    South Carolina (09) 00/00
    South Dakota (03) 00/00

    Tennessee (11) 37.7/42
    Texas (38) 39.9/50.4
    Utah (06) 00/00

    Vermont (03) 60/30
    Virginia (13) 48.0/48.9

    Washington (12) 51/49
    West Virginia (05) 34/48
    Wisconsin (10) 50.8/48.4
    Wyoming (03) 00/00

    A candidate needs 270 EV to get elected !
    If the presidential election would be held today:

    Mitt Romney would get 191 EV!
    President Obama would get 207 EV!

    140 EV (CO FL IA MI NC NH OH PA VA WI) are too close to call!
    53EV barely Romney (CO FL NC)
    87EV barely Obama (IA MI NH OH PA VA WI)

    2010: GOP: 47 DEM: 51 IND: 02
    2012: GOP: 49 DEM: 46 IND: 02 Toss-up: 3
    Takeover GOP: MO MT NE VA
    IND: ME
    Toss-up: CT MA WI

    2010: GOP: 29 DEM: 20 IND: 01
    2012: GOP: 31 DEM: 17 IND: 01 Toss-up: 2
    Takeover GOP: NC WA
    Toss-up: IN MT

  115. MD says:

    MNW – he was the midwest version of Crist. A massive misreading. Lugar was the epitome of out of touch. Way too much time in DC and not enough at home.

  116. mnw says:

    And btw… this is NOT a good night for amnesty. Mourdock shoved that issue where the moon don’t shine.

  117. Cory says:

    Holy crap, Benny.

  118. MD says:

    MNW – Hatch is 100% safe.

    Graham should be interesting. He has 2 years of pretending to be a conservative. Kind of like Pampers pretending to be a Republican.

    Pampers – you gave yourself away when you used the term teabaggers. Just slipped huh pamp?

  119. MD says:

    119 – Sam said amnesty doesn’t matter.

  120. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    MD is this marc guy a troll? I have only seen his posts recently and he reeks of concern troll? Whats w/ the Pampers nickname?

  121. marc says:

    I’ve always use the term teabagger here, so no slip and my dislike of the Tea Party is also very well known here.

    Without the Tea party Republicans would have been elected Senators in Delaware and Nevada and Colorado and today we would have now doubt that the GOP would be in control of the Senate in 2013.

  122. mnw says:

    Really… have a care, guys, before you “reach across the aisle.”

    |Actions have consequences. Bob |Bennett gave amnesty a trial run in a GO|P primary too. Risky bidness.

  123. MD says:

    Expect to see 104 posted again and again and again….

    I knew if I was just patient he would slip without any help from me.

  124. maelstrom says:

    87. In 2010, he defeated an unknown 28 year old first time candidate Pete Buttigieg for Treasurer. Buttigieg is now Mayor of South bend, the youngest mayor of any US city with greater than 100,000 people.

    Up and comer in the Democrat party. Harvard grad, Rhodes scholar. Expect him to run against Coats in a four years.

  125. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    anyone who claims Rasmussen is bias has their head in the sand. he nailed the 08 election. Silver’s analysis is based on his miss in the NV senate race even though everyone got that one wrong.

  126. SoHope says:

    18% of Democrats voting in the NC primary are voting “No preference” in the presidential race and Dustin/Melissa/NCTroll 1,2,3 & 4 want us to think that he will win NC….hilarious!

  127. MD says:


    Bingo. He is a long time concern troll. The “pampers” name comes from him always whining like a baby and shi+ing his paints on a regular basis.

  128. mnw says:

    Hello, Cory!

    Socialism still alive & well a little bit south of Saskatoon, is it?

    What the hell do YOU want, Grit boy?

  129. marc says:

    MD labeled me PAMPERS b/c I was one of the right here to call out the complete ridiculousness of nominating firs Ken Buck, then Sharron Angle and then COD and I was also out spoken about Teabagger insanity and how they cost the GOP 3 very winnable seats.

  130. maelstrom says:

    94. MD. No. Can’t campaign as a write in plus very difficult to write in a name with the electronic voting machines we use now. You have to request a separate paper ballot.

  131. MD says:

    127 – I read about him and agree. In a different cycle, he could beat Coates. A definite threat down the road.

  132. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    teabagger? thats a label used by leftists. I have my issues w/ the tea party and never used that term. sorry dude you read concern troll all the way.

  133. maelstrom says:

    Lugar on TV now conceding.

  134. MD says:

    132 – I rest my case. A concern troll.

  135. mnw says:

    One would almost think you’re a fan of his, Mael.

  136. MD says:

    131 – Loved that song in Slapshot!

  137. jan says:

    MD your being unfair. marc has always been vocal about the influence of the Tea Party and how he thinks it harms the Republican Party. So calling him a troll when he is a loyal partisan here is wrong.

  138. EML says:

    I still have my reservations about Moudock, but hopefully he can at least fundraise for himself and knock out Donnelly without too much trouble.

  139. mnw says:


    Don’t forget! Toomey, Mike Lee & Mourdock too. Three more GOP seats down the dumper, huh, pamp?

  140. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    @140 I havent meet one right-center guy who has issues w/ the tea party whoever used the term teabagger. thats a term for leftists in my experience.

  141. Apologetic California says:

    I’m absolute shocked that a southern state is voting down homosexual marriage! Who do these hicks they are? Californians?

  142. MD says:

    1299 – 18% in a D primary voting NP? That is unreal. Of course Pampers had Obama ahead last week there and even gave us “analysis”?


  143. Bitterlaw says:

    Why do I need to endure a 10 minute interview of Sam Furlazo during a Phillies game?

  144. MD says:

    jan – this goes back years before you started posting here. He is a long term concern troll. Always the same crap/.

  145. mnw says:


    We have to talk about your lies.

    Explain what evidence you have that I posted something about “Obama would be less bad than Romney”? And why you called me a “deadender,” when I never had any use for Santorum– ever? And went to a lot of trouble to attend the MO caucus & vote for Romney?

    And why you said “either mnw or bunu” posted the “better Obama than Romney” comment?

  146. MD says:

    As gov he never gave a crap about this issue. Now, as a MSNBC employee he has found “religion”:

  147. EML says:

    Luke Messer is our candidate in IN-06. Jackie Walorski in IN-02. Still waiting on IN-05. In IN-08, 28K GOP votes vs 21K Dem votes. Good sign. It looks like Larry Bucshon is going to hold of a tea party challenge from Kristi Risk 60-40.

  148. jan says:

    Let me remind you of your anti-religious rant here several months ago which was one of the reason you placed yourself in exile for a bit. He isn’t the first here to call the Tea Party teabaggers in frustration and won’t be the last.

  149. Sam Furlizo says:

    Why do I need to read 1000 worthless posts from a bitter lawyer when I am trying to relax during a game?

  150. mnw says:

    Answer #148, EML.

    It was only yesterday you posted those lies. WHY?

  151. Sam Furlizo says:

    151 – Go ahead Jan. Find that post. Please. I never, ever made an anti-religious post.

    Find it. You are over the line on this. I don’t take very well to people lying about my posts.

    Now, go find it.

  152. Bitterlaw says:

    EML – If you were wrong, just admit it. I did. Mnw and I had cream sodas after I was wrong about him.

  153. MD says:

    Guess I get to have fun with jan now.

    Lying about my posts.

  154. marc says:

    MD is emotionally unstable and has been for years now. The Teabaggers are a harm to our party and I will stand by that. Just look at what they did during this presidential primary and the harm they have cause to Romney by support each and every fool that popped up one after another.

    Someone has to tell the truth here and I guess that will be me.

  155. MD says:

    Bitter – I guess I can go on the attack with this “jan”. She isn’t the classy one.

  156. mnw says:

    No, marc. Sorry. You are full of skit.

  157. Cory says:

    Everybody just needs to fill each other’s freezers with fresh meat.

  158. MD says:

    Really marc. You aren’t bright. The Tea party and the evangelicals certainly have overlap but the tp is NOT a religious movement. Man, you are seriously stupid.

    As for Jan, let her back up her post with evidence. I’ll wait. In the meantime, I will remind her of her post.

  159. marc says:

    mnw stay out of this.

  160. mnw says:

    GFY, marc. adzh*le pansy.

  161. MD says:

    Yea MNW. We don’t want Pampers going through product unnecessarily. Bad for the environment.

  162. addisonst says:

    If it wasn’t for the tea party nancy pelosi would still be in charge and the gop party would be in the wilderness,

  163. mnw says:

    yep. And my congressman would still be Ike Skelton too, add.

  164. MD says:

    I INTENTIONALLY stay away from the religious discussion. I only jumped in when it was obvious to me that many evangelicals (not all – not even close to all!) didn’t like Romney due to his religion. I have never disparaged their religion though.

    Jan is going to have to find that post.

  165. MD says:

    BTW – only a moron would equate the TP with the evangelicals and think they are one and the same. Yea, and vanilla is just like chocolate but different.

  166. marc says:

    Your so uneducated. The tea party and evangelicals are basically the same just re-branded for 2010 politics about the economy and the national debt. Why else do you think they pivoted so quickly from talking about the national debt to ban contraception. Give it a break MD.

  167. maelstrom says:

    138. I like the kid. He would have made a good treasurer. I’m pretty sue he would not have invested state money illegally into junk corporate bonds or lost track of half a billion dollars tax revenue. I see him as Bayh’s successor. If Coats looks unbeatable in 212, he might run for governor assuming Pence is the incumbent or will become someone’s DC go to guy. He’s the Democrat equivalent of Jindal but with a little more charisma.

  168. mnw says:

    I guess Senator Lugar’s newly-acquired lame duckism (“lame duck” is his Cherokee name)means that… reports of the TP’s demise are…exagerrated?

  169. MD says:

    Your should be You’re.

    You’re welcome.

  170. addisonst says:

    If the tea party stays home this fall, its a landslide

  171. mnw says:

    Congratulations on a fine new senator, mael.

    Now go vote for Donnelly. You obviously want to.

  172. MD says:

    Any links to the “tea party” talking about contraception? Sure, there is overlap.


    Forget it. You are a concern troll and too stupid to understand even the basics. You used Nate Silver! I love it. Pampers.

  173. SoHope says:

    So the dems have the high profile contested primaries but the Republican votes for pres outnumber votes for Obama even though way more democrat precincts are counted then republican…hilarious!

  174. MD says:


    The gloves were off once you threw out the term teabaggers. Maybe you will get lucky and jan will step in for you. She is busy trying to research a post that doesn’t exist.

  175. maelstrom says:

    Link to Buttigieg’s Wikipedia bio.

  176. SoHope says:

    #176 in NC that is…

  177. maelstrom says:

    174, Thanks mnw. I will.

  178. mnw says:

    hey, marc

    If you’re so educated, how come you can’t spall “you’re”?

  179. marc says:

    WOW MD never realize what a fool you were until this moment. Child like and dumb has a brick.

  180. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    the tea party tied to evangelicals? wtf? MD, this guy is making the case for being a concern troll by just the posts he has.

  181. mnw says:


    Figured as much. Vote for zero too, buddy. Maybe YOU will swing IN DEM in ’12. /s

  182. SoHope says:

    and that doesn’t count all the No Preference Dem voters that will vote against Obama in the general election

  183. marc says:

    Again mnw stay out of this.

  184. jason says:

    Only moonbats say teabagger…. another troll bites the dust.

  185. mnw says:

    again, pamp..GFY in the adz.

  186. MD says:

    Author – I know. It is too easy. Hardly worth the effort. At one point Robbie and Pampers were both posting. Talk about concern troll overload.

    I see jan is still in search of…

    I wish her the best.

  187. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    who are you to tell folks to stay out of it? keep digging that hole…

  188. jason says:

    The Tea Party is made up of people concerned about the debt and spending. That was the original idea.

    Saying the Tea Party is a socon movement is a Democratic talking point.

  189. MD says:

    marc – you are doing wonders at gaining supporters. Well, you have jan.

  190. maelstrom says:

    For the record I will be voting for Romney for President, Gregg for Governor, Donnelly for Senator and Young for Congress.

    For those interested, the Johnson County Library bond referendum lost 75-25. The “Voters APPOSSED to the Library” PAC was very persuasive I think they are also APPOSSED to literacy and education.

    I sent the news clipping to Jay Leno’s headlines.

  191. mnw says:

    Well, I’ve neen up since 4am. I retire from the thread for the nite. Tired but VERY happy.

    Happy Mourdock to all! Glorious!

  192. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    @193 i’m confused, what are you? a Dem not happy w/ Obama?

  193. MD says:

    BTW Bitter,

    Philabundance is doubling contributions. I have always thought this was a good cause.

  194. marc says:

    Yes just think the Teabaggers would have gotten the republicans Herman Cain or Newt. I’m sure you fools would have loved that.

    More tea with you humiliation, while you try to defend banning contraception, instead of talking about the economy.

    If that episode didn’t teach you quislings anything nothing will or do you need to go listen to Rush for how to think?

    Also what kinda of Libertarian is this AuthorLMendez anyways. Smells like a Paulbot to me. Bunu is that you?

  195. SoHope says:

    …and a dem not happy with Pence

  196. jason says:

    I feel bad for Lugar. He obviously did not know when to quit. At 80, he should have retired and now he is humiliated.

    Worse, he provides ammunition for the moonbats and sympathizers to say the GOP now only consists of extremists, their favorite word.

    Lugar is an honorable man. He has a distinguished career and a 77% lifetime ACU record. He served Indiana well.

    I hope he recognizes he will be gracious in defeat and go out with class by endorsing Mourdock.

  197. MD says:

    Mael is a good guy. He has been pretty pissed about the inevitability of tonight for a while. Donnelly isn’t going to win so I am not worried.

  198. maelstrom says:

    No. I’m a member of the Whig Party but we haven’t had a candidate since 1860. I’ve never voted for a Democrat for President. My first vote was for Jerry Ford when I was 18. Young is a freshman, Republican married to Dan Quayle’s niece, and a fellow Boat School grad. I vote for people I like and can support. I dislike RWNJ’s and jerks.

  199. MD says:

    197 – whoa. Pampers has a double load tonight. Stand back everyone!

  200. Tony- 2012 the GOP comeback the Red tide is coming says:

    Next race to target Is Texas !!! Let’s get Ted Cruz elected over David Dew Crist!!!!

  201. SoHope says:

    The Dem NC gov primary is closer than I thought it would be

  202. addisonst says:

    The tea party cares about spending and size of govt. Not contraception. The tea party leaves, there is no gop.

  203. MD says:

    marc is part of the party that has about a dozen or so members.

  204. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    @ 201 ah I see, well that aint too bad

    did the concern troll just say i’m bunu? I DESPISE Paul, but nice try.

  205. maelstrom says:

    199. Jason, I concur.

    200. Thanks MD. I appreciate that.

  206. Bunu Jr. says:

    Daddy is pissed! No one takes our fine name.

  207. jason says:

    ” Nate Silver is the gold standard of poll analysis.”

    Only a Marxist could think that.

    Nate Silver is a partisan hack. A glorified baseball statistician, he had his 15 minutes of fame when he predicted Democrats would win everything in 2006 and they did. But he has continued to predict Democrats will win everything and that is no longer working out.

    His 15 minutes were over in 2006. But he works for the NYT, accuracy is not a criteria.

  208. Bunu Jr. says:

    I am sure that Lugar did a lot of good things for people individually over his decades in office. However, these last 4 years have been 4 years too long for him. He had Cristitis.

  209. Bunu Jr. says:

    210 – jason

    Pampers provides endless material.

  210. maelstrom says:

    I also supported now Republican Congressman Marlin Stutzman over Coats in the last Indiana Senate primary.

  211. MD says:

    Bitter – my daughter’s softball game was cancelled tonight.

  212. jason says:

    Some people don’t take well to being outed as trolls.

    marc, good luck in trying to make most of us here into deadenders.

    And please name which one of us advocated banning contraception?

  213. SoHope says:

    GOP voters for Romney/Santorum/Paul/Newt: 324,612
    GOP votes for No Preference: 16,501

    Dem voters for Obama: 301,812
    Dem voters for No Preference: 64,457


  214. MD says:

    Smell that? Smells like blood!

  215. Cory says:

    Anybody who wonders if my opinion of Nate Silver is accurate, or if jason’s is accurate, just give him a read.

  216. SoHope says:

    who’s menstrating?

  217. jason says:

    203. Good luck with that. Dewhurst is no Lugar.

  218. sickofdems says:


  219. jason says:

    Right, believe the Marxist.

    Natehack is paid by the NYT to spin for Democrats. Not that when he had his own website he was not a partisan hack, but at least he was his own boss.

    Natehack has one principle: Democrats will always win until its obvious they won’t.

  220. Apologetic California says:

    With just 9 of 100 counties reporting, Homosexual Marriage is going down in sequined flames: 60-40.

    For 623,469 60.2%
    Against 411,405 39.8%

    Basically NC is comprised of 9 counties.

  221. AuthorLMendez, Libertarian For Romney says:

    SoHope those numbers are from NC right?

  222. Bitterlaw says:

    ” jason – you are one mean bastard.”

    Another positive testimonial to add to my application.

    Comment by jason — May 8, 2012 @ 5:49 pm

    jason – even a quick hit at the island would strengthen my case with the committee.

    Comment by MD

    MD – I will support jason’s nomination even without a raid on the Misfits. Attacking s drunk and a lesbin shou;d not be the requirement for admission to the most exclusive club at HHR. Seriousy, jason is our kind of A-hole.

  223. HoistTheColours! says:

    Convicted Felon currently getting 35% against the Messiah in WV.

    God damn it’s beautiful.

  224. SoHope says:

    They were right as of 3 minutes before I clicked say it.

  225. MD says:

    OK – I have a conference call scheduled with the Chair in 1 minute anyway. Good timing. I’ll see what I can do.

  226. jason says:

    I actually don’t blame Natehack. He is probably well paid, and he is not going to piss off the NYT by going outside the reservation.

    Would Kory like him if he was fair and balanced? Of course not.

    The reason Kory likes him is that he is a flaming liberal posing as a analyst.

  227. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I had parents calling me last night trying to get me to cancel the game. I told nicely it is an outdoor sport and we played. We won. Tonight would have been a mess.

  228. jason says:

    This is exciting. I haven’t been admitted anywhere since graduate school and a couple times to the emergency room.

  229. SoHope says:

    834 of 2895 Precincts Reporting – 29%
    Barack Obama 367,652
    No Preference 81,939

    768 of 2895 Precincts Reporting – 27%
    Romney, Mitt 264,968
    Paul, Ron 42,839
    Santorum, Rick 41,115
    Gingrich, Newt 33,010
    No Preference 19,762

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw stay out of this.

    Comment by marc

    Look out! marc has a keyboard! He might type at you, mnw!

  231. jason says:

    Convict is winning several counties in WV…..

  232. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – It’s getting pretty nasty. Mr. Vito just came flying out of the room screaming, “I voted, mf-er! GFY!”

    Ijust heard MD break a bottle. I assume it was empty.

  233. EML says:

    Susan Brooks has moved ahead of McIntosh in IN-05.

  234. SoHope says:

    36% of the dems(3822) in my county voted No Preference…haha

  235. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – we are going into Double Secret Executive Session. I don’t even know what that is. Where’s the manual, MD?!

  236. Mr. Vito says:

    Man, what a night… I just came out of the room screaming “I voted, mf-er! GFY!”. Then MD broke a bottle. It’s getting ugly.

  237. Mr. Vito says:

    Ah, Bitter covered that.

  238. maelstrom says:

    Like Lugar, McIntosh faced residency questions. Since leaving Congress, he and his family lived out east and he had a VA drivers license. Been a nasty campaign. His wife is a looker though.

  239. sickofdems says:

    “the most exclusive club at HHR”????

    I don’t think so.

    HOBO’s rule!

  240. HoistTheColours! says:


  241. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn it. MD just cut his hand on the broken bottle. Voting will be delayed until the bleeding is stopped.

    Mr. Vito – Sorry, puupet. We need you to apply pressure.

  242. EML says:

    241 – all outstanding precincts are in counties where Brooks is well ahead. It will be good to have another strong female republican in the house.

  243. sickofdems says:

    Jason….they will never admit you.

    Yes…you certainly qualify, but no way MD takes a chance on having to share any booze. And Bitter is just a bitter sock puppet.

    They are just stringing you along.

    When you turn 50….i guarantee your admission to the HOBO’s.

  244. jenny-the conservative movement is dead says:

    Please Obama support gay marriage so Romney can win in a rout!

  245. Diogenes says:

    The Tea Party was more popular when it meant people concerned with fiscal issues. When it became the defacto super-conservative wing of the Republican party its numbers cratered. Lugar had many faults but on fiscal issues he didn’t do anything that contradicted the Tea Party and the ads Murdock ran mainly attacked Lugar working with Obama and his conservative credentials on non-fiscal issues.

    As it is, the Tea Party means super-conservative base of the GOP and everybody knows it. Too bad, a missed opportunity to reach out to those who might not agree with the GOP on other issues.