Walker Leads Barrett By 5% in WI

Good news for Republican Scott Walker is the first post-primary poll for the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin where he holds a five-percentage point lead over Democrat Tom Barrett.

Scott Walker (R-inc) 50%
Tom Barrett (D) 45%

This poll was done May 9th among 500 likely voters. You have to wonder how much Barack Obama is going to campaign for Barrett in this race. The national polls seem to still be all over the place. We have a new poll from Angus Reid Public Opinion showing Mitt Romney with a 3% lead over Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney (R) 49%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 46%

This poll was done May 7-8 among 769 registered voters. This was an “online” poll, so take that for what it is worth.

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71 Responses to “Walker Leads Barrett By 5% in WI”

  1. NYCmike says:


  2. Phil says:

    The Wisconsin Rasmussen poll is crap.

    Jensen will be along with a valid poll of Wisconsin any day now.

  3. jan says:


    Wisconsin Gov

    Barrett 75%
    Walker 23%

    “But Walker has time to turn things around and make this closer, but Barrett still has a slight edge”.

  4. Hmmm says:

    are you ready to see the 1Q GDP downgraded?

  5. Mr Vito says:


    Bitter is of course correct that I prefer Snuggle. However, the enjoyment level of my laundry romps are largely determined by the type and condition of the underwear that has been thrown into the load.

  6. Barrett says:

    Barrett 99%
    Walker 1%

    112 Registered Nurses

    “Poll demonstrates that Walker is in fact part of the hated 1%.”

  7. jenny-the conservative movement is dead says:

    Unlike some of the people who post comments on this site, I know some black people and Hispanics as well. They will not support Obama. Now, he will receive 90% but the number of black voters will decline dramatically. Romney needs to focus on the economy and leave the social issues alone. Romney should win by comfortable margin.

  8. Mose says:

    Angus Reid?

  9. SusyQue says:

    #7….I agree!

  10. Apologetic California says:

    Mmm, do they make Angus-Reid burgers?

  11. CAC says:

    Actually as DailyKos’ hired pollster PPP found Walker ahead in a LV poll three weeks ago. They will be doing another poll this weekend. Their sample last time was R+1

    Their end-of-the-road polling moves into reality.

    Brandon are you around? What is the PARTYID breakdown in WI and what is the independent vote splitting like?

  12. janz says:

    I actually think that is Romney’s strategy, to highlight the misery index of the economy, and leave the social issues alone, as much as possible. So far even his response to Obama’s interview yesterday was tight and perfunctory.

  13. jason says:

    The WAPO found 5 Democrats from Mitt’s high school to say he bullied a “presumed” homosexual. This in 1965.

    This from the same MSM that thinks anything to do with Obama’s associations is off limits.

  14. Brandon says:

    It’s an R+3 sample, Walker winning independents 51-43.

  15. jason says:

    Jobless claims dropped by 1,000.

    The Ficus will soon be here to tell us how great the economy is.

  16. SoHope says:

    Unemployment dropped to 4.2% among cartoon characters.

  17. Ron Burgundy says:

    WA Post article further evidence that Obama’s gay marriage announcement was planned all along and coordinated with MSM. Bidens comments that set off this firestorm were no accident.

  18. Phil says:

    The Washington Post now says in a story today that the Democrats are now slight favorites to hold onto the senate.

    The Washington Post is on fire today!

  19. jenny-the conservative movement is dead says:

    #17, duh!

  20. SusyQue says:

    Obama’s Seven States ofGay Marriage Grief
    By: Charles Mahtesian
    May 10, 2012 04:45 AM EDT

    If there’s been one constant over the course of President Barack Obama’s evolution on gay marriage, it’s this: The White House’s keen awareness of the radioactive politics of the issue.
    Obama aides fretted that delay would dent his new-breed brand, and likewise that plunging in could weigh him down in battleground states. They even hatched a plan to announce his support just prior to the Democratic National Convention — a characteristically all-in-good-time solution that acknowledged the minefield he was walking through.
    And the White House is right to be concerned. (NC, FL, CO, NV, IO, MI, OH)
    No doubt, Obama gets some political pluses out of supporting same-sex marriage Wednesday — energizing LGBT voters and donors, adding a new line to his Mitt Romney’s-a-throwback brief, kick-starting college turnout or in simply reminding people that yes, he came to Washington to do big things.
    But for all the polls showing movement toward greater public acceptance of gay marriage, for all the signs of increased tolerance and changing mores, there’s one undeniable fact: A full embrace of gay rights has never been a winner in the political arena.

  21. MD says:

    WAPO spent years ignoring Obama’s association with a terrorist and with an anti-semite but is now digging into Romney’s life even as far back as age 14.

    No bias though. No siree!

  22. Phil says:


    The Washington Post deserves a Pulitzer Prize for crack reporting on the Romney teenage pranks. Woodward and Berstein would be so proud.

    Great piece of investigative reporting. First Watergate, now this.

  23. janz says:

    It’s so disappointing how in the bag the MSM is in for Obama. That high school story about Romney is beyond ‘obvious,’ and a premediated plant.

  24. Phil says:

    MD, just when you think the MSM can’t be more blatant…

    Shows me they’re scared to death. I’ve now upgraded Romney’s chances to 50-50 in November.

  25. Barrett says:

    Sorry, but wasn’t everyone a bully in highschool? I got bullied like crazy. I even bullied some kids myself.

  26. janz says:


    Good point, comparing and contrasting the lack of the Ayers story to bringing out this stupid one on Romney. What it indicates to me is that, with all their digging, this is all they can come up with!

  27. Calvin & Hobbes says:

    Unemployment dropped to 4.2% among cartoon characters.

    Comment by SoHope

    Times are hard, Hope. It’s not easy being 2 dimensional in a 3D world.

  28. janz says:

    I’m getting PO’ed early in the morning…..

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    Nobody bullied me. Believe it or not, I used to be pleasant and likable.

  30. Barrett says:

    I was pleasant, but let a few statements slip. That earned me a few asskickings

  31. Phil says:

    Internals of Ohio Quinn show Romney up 6 with indies. Very encouraging.

    In 2004, exits showed Kerry winning Ohio indies over Bush 59-40.

  32. Bitterlaw says:

    As somebody who has seen a photo of MD at his Prom, I can understand why he got pounded every day for 4 years.

  33. Mr Vito says:

    Janz, what you do in the bedroom is none of our business.

  34. david says:

    From Bloomberg concerning today’s jobless numbers:

    “Claims are returning to levels reached in February and March, indicating a surge last month probably reflected difficulty in adjusting the data for an Easter holiday that came earlier this year than last”.

    What does Easter really have that much of an effect on the jobless numbers????

    wow, they do everyhing to protect this administration.

  35. NYCmike says:

    Look out your window and tell me how wonderful Northern California is this morning, you’ll feel better. And Mr Vito is correct, it is none of our business.

  36. Peeps says:

    What does Easter really have that much of an effect on the jobless numbers????

    Have you ever seen us sold more than a day after Easter? We don’t make ourselves.

  37. Barrett says:

    People are just happier now that they’ve had more easter candy

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t care how much insulin I need – I will never give up the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

  39. MD says:

    Bitter – I had a little of that in 10th grade. However, I had a father who knew how to fight both clean and dirty. Since the kid outweighed me by 50 pounds, my Dad decided it was OK for me to fight dirty. Taught me 20 different ways to take him out.

    The perfect opportunity presented itself when he went into the bathroom. When he was at the urinal taking care of business, I kicked him in the back of the knee then rammed his head into the wall. When he fell to the ground I kicked him 3 or 4 times.

    Then I ran like Hell. Got suspended for 3 days. Never picked on again.

    Funny thing is I became freindly with the guy 15 years later when we lived in the same neighborhood in Lansdowne. He would tell people the story and laugh. “I’m laying there with piss all over me trying to figure out what the Hell was going on”.

  40. youdroppedyourchocolateinmypeanutbutterNYCmike says:

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs


  41. SusyQue says:

    #23…janz…Imagine what could be said of ooo, but then all his info
    is hidden away. Hope it comes out 1 month before the election!

  42. NYCmike says:

    “I’m laying there with piss all over me trying to figure out what the Hell was going on”.

    -I was out with some friends from college last night, it sounds like the same conversation we were having.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – There’s a code in the bathroom. Some things are sacred.

  44. bio mom says:

    That drop in first time unemployment claims was accompanied by a revised increase of about 3000 or so the previous week!

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    For all those who hold out hope that some incredibly damaging story will come out about Obama that hurts him. . . Zzzzzzzzzzzz. The only people who will care are already not voting for Obama. Why is it so difficult to understand this?

  46. Phil says:

    Greatest political fundraiser in the history of the world at Clooney’s house tonight.

    Ocean levels continue to drop.

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    This topic could get us to 1000:

    My wife and daughter wash their hair last in the shower. My son and I wash it first. Is this just a coincidence or is it a significant gender issue? Discuss.

  48. Walt says:

    Don’t think we have a problem with the voter registration rolls?

    “2,700 Non-U.S. Citizens Found on Florida Voting Rolls”
    Where the “h..e..double hockey sticks” is Chek?

    (SSQ made me write it this way)

  49. bio mom says:

    Romney 49/Obama 45 today in ras.

  50. Ihopemywifeisnotlurking says:

    “wash their hair last”

    -a majority of women are ruled by emotion, logic is a foreign word to them

    Cream soda to a whole gender.

  51. Phil says:

    Robin Roberts said that in the WH yesterday she “got chills” hearing Obama make his historic pronouncement on gay marriage.

    More hard hitting journalism from the MSM.

  52. HOWTONYCmike says:

    Get in shower
    Turn on water and drench self
    Turn off water
    Shampoo hair, soap up the rest
    Turn on water, hitting head first, dirt runs down
    Turn off water
    Step out of shower soaking wet
    Run fast thru house drying off

  53. MD says:

    Hard hitting journalism. They wonder why less and less read and watch their crap.

  54. janz says:


    Actually, I’m in S. CA for the moment. Will be going back up to the northern part of the state next week.

    In the meantime, here’s a good Walker article:

    The Wisconsin boom: state economy soars after collective bargaining fight

  55. MD says:

    janz – don’t tell that to Tim. You may give him a stroke.

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Your wife also washes her her last. You knew that, right?

  57. Sir Alberto McDougalito says:

    Hot diggity!

  58. janz says:

    LOL, MD. Yeah, he’s always talking so critically about Walker. He needs to clean his glasses!

  59. Drive-by Tim says:

    Walker sucks. Y’all suck. Back to work. LOL

  60. MD says:

    I remember when Walker and WI legislature instituted the reforms. The moron Beckel was all over Fox with a huge smile saying “Goodbye Scottie”.

    Becket – seldom correct but never in doubt.

  61. MD says:

    With all the recalls and all the coordination of the protests by the unions, 10’s of millions were spent – for what?

  62. Waingro says:

    Somebody may have already posted this, because it’s a couple days old but FWIW (which is probably nothing), Dick Morris claims he did a poll of 600 “likely voters” in Michigan and says he has Romney up 45-43 over Barry.

  63. janz says:

    Beckel seems more and more like a poser. Very much like Juan Williams, it’s like he assumes the role of taking the liberal POV, whether it merits it or not. Few of his views are well thought out or even well-argued. They are merely positioned to be the opposite of republican’s, with no other rhymn or reason attached to them.

  64. Bitterlaw says:

    I hope the Wisconsin unions keep playing games. At this rate, they have no reserves to ever go on strike again. I bet the newspapers, tv stations, radio stations, and sign makers appreciate the ad revenue.

  65. janz says:


    Dick Morris is simply over-positive about the election. He is asserting this morning that if the election were held today that Romney would win by a landslide! It would be nice if true…but, I tend to think he overestimates the political landscape of today.

  66. Waingro says:

    #63, Juan just likes getting a pay check from Fox, so he’ll take whatever “position” they ask him to.

    Kirsten Powers is a much better guest for the liberal point of view on there. She’s very articulate and you can tell she is not BS’ng.

  67. Waingro says:

    Farleigh Dickonsin NJ Senate:

    Menendez: 42(!)%
    Kyrillos: 33%

    797 Registered voters.

    Menendez is in trouble if he can only snag 42% right now. I still think it’s a pipe dream.

  68. EML says:

    Had lunch with a friend who I just don’t understand. He is from Lackawanna County, so that may explain his Democratic Party leanings. He also suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome and is vehemently anti-war. Obviously, he voted for Obama.

    But he is also religious (I wouldn’t say evangelical but he takes it seriously), is anti-abortion, and absolutely hates the idea of gay marriage. He says at lunch today that with Obama coming out for gay marriage, the Democratic Party is now nothing but the party of abortion and gay marriage (why he didn’t realize this before, I don’t know). He will either vote Romney or not vote (he says Romney ‘looks too much like a televangelist’). Obama will not be getting his vote this year.

  69. jenny-the conservative movement is dead says:

    I believe Dick Morris because Obama is so desperate. If Obama had the lead, he wouldn’t pander to the gays. He needs their money because his fundraising is horrible.

  70. Bitterlaw says:

    EML – I once had a deposition in Scranton. I asked the injured worker why he would not take a job in Wilkes-Barre. They are 15 miles apart. He looked at me like I had asked him why he would not work in a Russian coal mine. His attorney said, “We’re not like those people in Wilkes-Barre.” There are some weird people up there.

  71. Bitterlaw says: