Obama Leads Romney By 19% in CA

The Los Angeles Times has teamed up with USC and released a new poll for the state of California showing Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney in the state of California by a 19% margin.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 56%
Mitt Romney (R) 37%

This poll was done May 17-21 among 1002 registered voters.

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  1. AuthorLMendez says:


  2. DW says:

    Facebook trying to stay above $30

  3. jason says:

    ” If you want to bring something, maybe you could bring baked beans or a macaroni salad to the next cookout.”

    I guess that’s the difference between the A-hole and Hobo meetings.

    Outside of spiked watermelon, most contributions are liquid.

  4. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Obama leads in California. Sun rises in East. Water flows downhill.

  5. HoistTheColours! says:

    If Tim V isn’t a HOBO, he should be.

  6. Walt says:

    Did anyone watch the first of the three episodes of “The Hatfields and McCoys” that aired last night?

    I missed it.
    Reports are that portaryals by Kevin Cosner and others was very good.

  7. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – did you get the reduced fat Oreos and skim milk for MD’s afternoon snack? He is reviewing applications Philly A-hole College Interns today and I don’t want him in a worse mood when he is making decisions.

  8. DW says:

    Bitter, I wish we could swap ALL the polls out there for weekly tracking polls of these states:


    But instead we keep getting polls of CA and NY that tell us what we already knew.

  9. Walt says:

    See, Dave W. hangs on my every post.

    See how quickly he put up the CA poll in a new thread?

    We HOBO’s spike our watermellon with Metamucil. Mmmmm, Mmmmm good….

  10. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – I watched some of the show but I didn’t want to commit to 3 night s of it. How old are you? The show starts in the 1880s and Kevin Costner is playing your younger brother?

  11. Mr.Vito says:

    “Outside of spiked watermelon, most contributions are liquid.”

    Public urination is disgusting, you guys.

  12. AuthorLMendez says:

    @8 I 2nd that

  13. Mr.Vito says:

    “See, Dave W. hangs on my every post.”

    Dave W. wants to hang himself after every one of my posts.

  14. EML says:

    Some numbers on Northern Virginia. If you assume Arlington/Alexandria/Fairfax, Obama won 62/38

    add in Prince William: 61/39
    add in Loudon: 59.5/40.5
    (This is where I would assume “Northern Virginia” ends)
    add in Fauquier: 59/41
    add in Stafford: 58/42

    The most conservative estimate of “Northern Virginia” gives Obama a 16 point win in 2008. I assume it was more like the 19 point win ending at Loudon County. Obama up by 5 in NOVA? Forget about it.

  15. jason says:

    You know about the used car salesman convention being held in a ballroom adjoining the American Baptist Association convention ballroom.

    By mistake the spiked watermelon got served to the Baptists and the used car salesmen got the peach cobbler.

    On realizing the mistake the panic stricken food and beverage manager asked the waiters what was going on in the Baptist ballroom.

    “Everything seems fine”, said the waiter, except they are all putting the seeds in their pockets”.

  16. Walt says:


    64 years young.

    I live a million miles away from the Hatfield/McCoys part of the state. Have no genealogical links to either side.
    I will search around and see if I can see the first episode on line somewhere.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m only 20 years younger than Walt? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  18. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – History Channel puts everything on-line or On Demand within a day or two.

  19. EML says:

    I cant believe that incompetent boob McCotter ran for president. What a disgrace.

  20. DrJay says:

    “The Conference Board says its Consumer Confidence Index now stands at 64.9, down from a revised 68.7 in April. It was the biggest drop since October 2011.

    Economists were expecting a reading of 70, according to a FactSet poll of analysts…”–finance.html

  21. Apologetic California says:

    Obama won 52-38 in 2008, so this is an improvement!

  22. jason says:

    I liked the casino over there near Walt’s house. If I had 10 bucks I would go play.

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    DrJay – Did the economists say the drop was “unexpected?”

  24. Apologetic California says:


    Economy is fudging up again. I’m happy.

  25. Rockefeller Troll says:

    Romney can’t win VA because of NOVA.

    It’s true because I wrote this garbage myself on election night 2011.

  26. jason says:

    ” Economy is fudging up again. I’m happy.”

    I can’t bring myself to root for a bad economy just to help Romney.

    However, a bad economy is the logical consequence of Obama’s policies.

  27. DrJay says:

    Considering pretty much every number lately is “unexpected”, isn’t it about time to fire these economists and get some that know what the h*ll they’re doing?

  28. jason says:

    I am writing Chris Matthews’ reaction to Obama losing the election so that he doesn’t have to do it himself.

    “I am just heartbroken, not just for Obama, but for the nation. I love this country. It’s a travesty that for whatever reasons, latent racism, hostility to change, ignorance, lack of understanding of the issues, not enough people were willing to re-elect this great man. A man who brought hope to millions of the downtrodden, the weak, the helpless. A man who sought to bridge the divide in America between the haves and the haves-not. That this man has not been allowed to fulfill his mission of changing America into a fairer and more equitable society is truly an American tragedy. I fear for our country.

    Turns to Rachel Maddow:

    ” So Rachel, is hope dead in America?”

  29. Phil says:

    The senate race in Texas is driving me insane. Wall to wall ads 24-7. Assuming there is a run-off we can look forward to another 8 wks of this.


  30. jason says:

    Well you voted for Cruz, so you are to blame….

  31. Phil says:

    Yeah, it’s my fault.


  32. Brandon says:

    A bad economy makes you happy? Really?

  33. Walt says:

    If I had a lying, liberal, clueless daughter who claimed she was of Indian descent, whe would look just like Elizabeth Warren, (MA–American Indian).

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    While I understand the theory that bad economic news is good because it helps to get rid of Obama, theory has a human face. My brother was laid off with a few hundred other people a few weeks ago. I can’t be happy about that.

  35. Dances with Whoppers says:

    Stop making fun of me.

    Cease and desist or I will Sioux.

  36. DW says:

    27…its not so much rooting for a bad economy as it is rooting for Obama to lose. This election is a war, and there will always be collateral damage.

    Of course the next major event is not the election but the SCOTUS decision. This will have a major impact on the election I would think. Not sure which way. Which is most likely if the SCOTUS tosses it all out?

    1. Obama is perceived a weak failure, and is damaged by the decision.

    2. Obama is viewed sympathetically, as the poor black kid who tried so hard to succeed but was stopped by white folk’s greed that runs a world in need.

    3. The left is energized by the “radical” decision of the SCOTUS and he gets tons of money and boost in the polls.

    Which is most likely if the SCOTUS upholds Obamacare in part or in whole?

    1. Obama is perceived as a winner and thereby gains stature and increases his polling numbers.

    2. Conservatives are re-energized to stop Obama this fall.

    3. US economy collapses at the spector of the gov’t taking over health care, thereby helping Romney this fall.

  37. DW says:

    35…I have relatives who are without work. Its very painful. My hope is that their pain will be relieved with Obama’s loss this fall. It would be all the more painful to have gone through all that and then have Obama re-elected.

  38. lisab says:

    “Did anyone watch the first of the three episodes of “The Hatfields and McCoys” that aired last night?”

    i saw part of it

    it was good

  39. jason says:

    On the other hand, the MSM and the Democrats and the Ficus try to manipulate the economic data just to help Obama.

    That’s as bad or worse than rooting for a bad economy to help Romney.

  40. Apologetic California says:

    This has never been a good economy. We’re being fed lies about a “recovery”. The economy is sh!tty, I don’t have to wish for it to be.

  41. MD says:

    Anyone else just notice the sudden pull back from the market open?

    Look at the 10 year. That is all you need to know right now.

    Spain is phugged people.

  42. MD says:

    40 – Still WILDLY overvalued.

  43. DW says:

    41…WWII is a good analogy. Nobody on our side rooted for women and children to be killed in our fire-bombing of Dresden or Toyko. But we needed to have those bombs dropped to achieve the ultimate goal. People are suffering unemployment and will continue to suffer as long as Obama is POTUS. The sooner he loses the election the better. I suppose I could root for the unemployment of people who voted for Obama–but regardless how they voted, people are suffering, and its a result of Obama’s policies, and the first step toward a solution is to vote him out of office.

  44. Phil says:

    Spain gets lost in the pub over Greece. They are a MUCH larger economy and the are equally screwed, Then, there is Italy….

  45. DW says:

    46…I thought it was Ireland that gets lost in a pub?

  46. drive-byNYCmike says:

    Ireland is 1 BIG pub!

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    This election is a war, and there will always be collateral damage. – DW

    I understand your point, DW. Would you mind giving your job to my brother so he, his wife and 3 children won’t worry so much? She’s in remission from breast cancer so it would mean a lot to her. You could be the “collateral damage” and I wouldn’t be so critical of your statement.

  48. NYCmike says:

    I have Irish descent, so I can say that!

  49. DrJay says:

    MSNBC host apologizes after saying he’s ‘uncomfortable’ calling fallen soldiers heroes

    “On Sunday, in discussing the uses of the word “hero” to describe those members of the armed forces who have given their lives, I don’t think I lived up to the standards of rigor, respect and empathy for those affected by the issues we discuss that I’ve set for myself,” Chris Hayes, host of “Up With Chris Hayes,” said in a statement. “I am deeply sorry for that.”

    …In his statement, he went on to say, “In seeking to discuss the civilian-military divide and the social distance between those who fight and those who don’t, I ended up reinforcing it, conforming to a stereotype of a removed pundit whose views are not anchored in the very real and very wrenching experience of this long decade of war. And for that I am truly sorry.”

  50. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Should I walk over to the Cathedral near my office and pray for Roy Halladay’s shoulder?

  51. jason says:

    ” This election is a war, and there will always be collateral damage.”

    I don’t think we will get too many votes using the expression collateral damage to describe the unemployed.

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    “And for that I am truly sorry.”

    Obviously, he took my on-line course in how to apologize. I know he doesn’t mean it but at least he didn’t do the weasel move, “To anybody I may have offended…”

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – I didn’t meant to jump on DW. I know what he is saying makes political sense and is not mean-spirited. The personal experience is worse than being a statistic. My brother can’t stand Obama.

  54. MD says:

    55 – Yes, any good PR flak knows an apology cannot contain 2 words – If or But.

  55. MD says:

    56 – What is the difference between a recession and a depression?

    A recession is when the guy down the street is out of work. A depression is when you are out of work.

  56. DrJay says:

    #53 Couldn’t hurt.

  57. jason says:

    The point is that Obamanomics will bankrupt the country further and will increasingly restrict growth and opportunity.

    And that’s true whether GDP is growing at 1.7% or 2.5% or whether unemployment is 9% or 7%.

    We shouldn’t be staking the campaign on daily market indicator fluctuations.

  58. DW says:

    50…I too have a brother who is trying to stay afloat being horribly under-employed. Trying to help two, soon to be three kids through college. He is not filled with self-pity in any way, just trying to focus his anger toward Obama to see him not re-elected.

    As for cancer, my wife is also in remission. Like I said, I might be tempted to root for the unemployment of people who voted for Obama, because they did want change, and unemployment is change, but I will refrain from doing so. Nowhere did I say I was cheering collatoral damage, just observing that it is inevitable that there would be casualties. Its the price that must be paid because people thought it would be cool to have a black POTUS, disregarding the fact that he is a marxist.

    I don’t wish it on anyone.

  59. GPO says:

    analyst in Barrons this weekend said FaceBook worth around 16 dollars a share

  60. MD says:

    1.71 on the 10 year.

  61. jason says:

    I am not jumping on DW, in fact my original comment was directed at Apologetic California who said he was happy the economy was “fudging again”.

    I am not happy the economy sucks.

    And I assign blame where it belongs. Obama.

  62. SusyQue says:

    Four More Years? No Thanks
    Pete Du Pont, Wall Street Journal

  63. DW says:

    Jason, bitter, no worries, I am not feeling jumped on.

  64. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I wish the best for you, your brother, and especially, your wife. Cream soda.

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason, bitter, no worries, I am not feeling jumped on.

    Comment by DW

    Yet. We are always ready to pounce.

  66. Brandon says:

    I think you’re nuts.

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    Huckabee? Noooooooooooooooo!

  68. AuthorLMendez says:

    per PPP (D/Kos/SEIU/Hacks) Obama +14 in MI, last LV poll of the state had Obama +5

  69. jan says:

    My prediction was one point about Michigan.

  70. EML says:

    69 – not a chance

  71. AuthorLMendez says:

    actual tweet from PPP:

    38% of MI voters think the trees are the right height. 8% think they aren’t. 55% aren’t sure

  72. AuthorLMendez says:

    @75 thats not a parody post either, it’s an actual tweet from them

  73. AuthorLMendez says:

    another W-T-F tweet:

    Michigan Dems (48%) more likely than Republicans (34%) to agree with Romney about the height of the trees

  74. DrJay says:

    That has to do with some quote Romney made that was somehow a “gaffe” that apparently only lefties give a crap about.

  75. jan says:

    The fact that Tommy J actually asked that question tells us everything we need to know.

  76. Jake says:

    Romney thinks the trees in Michigan are the right height! What a looney toon!

  77. EML says:

    Jesse Kelly and Ron Barber seeing who can throw away the election. First, Kelly refuses to say if he will accept or reject an endorsemeny from a group backed by white supremicists. Then Barber says he doesnt know if he will support Obama. Now he’s saying he doesnt know one way or the other if he will support Pelosi for Speaker. If Kelly had half a brain, he would press the Obama issue although my guess is the national democratic party may threaten to cut off funding unless he says he supports Obama.

    Its going to be interesting to see what dems will do to distance themselves from obama.

  78. DW says:

    Huckabee would take the focus off the economy and put it on his baggage. I can assure you that Huckabee is not on Rommey’s short list, medium list or long list.

    My DC insider said Portman, Rubio and a few others. Not McDonnell. But Huckabee needed no mention at all–just not even on the radar.

  79. MFG says:



  80. DW says:

    83…more like Huckastrophe.

  81. Walt says:

    69.Backers See Huckabee Filling VP Niche
    What do you think?
    If there is a strong draft movement, I think I might be available for the VP slot. Have to discuss it with my wife first.

    If Romney adds me to the ticket, it would no doubt reduce Romney’s winning margin in WV by 5-10 points, but I would still claim I brought in WV’s 5 ECVs for Romney. Biden can only bring in 3 ECVs in DE.
    I would need a left handed gavel to preside over the U.S. Senate though.

    Don’t snicker. Goldwater chose Miller (NY state legislator) as his VP running mate. 🙂

  82. MFG says:

    Goldwater never had a chance and he knew it

  83. Walt says:


    I agree about AUH2O.

    Certainly you did not think I was serious???

    Here is what Romney said:

    [On Friday afternoon, Romney reprised the comment, saying, “This feels good, being back in Michigan. You know, the trees are the right height.”]
    HUPO says that Mitt says this a lot. I think it is some sort of code phrase like “Alas, Babylon.”

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    Just for the sheer entertainment value (because it will not happen), how awesome would it be if after Walker wins the recall election, Romney picks him for VP? Jake would have a heart attack and the unions would go completely insane.

  85. Mr.Vito says:

    HUCK NO!

  86. jason says:

    Speaking of Walker he is at 92.1% on Intrade.

    Jake is going to be rich. I am sure he sold all his assets to short Walker.

    I mean, he is sure Barrett will win, right?

  87. jason says:

    Huck won’t be the VP. You read it here first.

  88. Bitterlaw says:

    Vice President Walker? Jake would be on suicide watch.

  89. Walt says:

    Hey you gooses,

    NT–a MI poll…a stunner…
    plus it has naked pictures….

  90. jason says:

    Would Jensen ask if people agreed with Obama there were 57 states?

  91. Mr.Vito says:

    Would that make Kleefisch governor?


  92. Walt says:

    GF’s ‘C’ app just went off.


    will GF be denied? Or will he capture the C for a dead thread?

    Time will tell.

  93. MD says:

    Huck? Yea, the Dems would love that one.

    Nice, boring and competent. Has Portman written all over it. No reason to take any chance. This isn’t 08 where all the internals were pointing to a Dem victory. This is more of a tossup. Still think Obama is a slight favorite.

  94. Mr.Vito says:

    I know your game HOBO!

  95. Mr.Vito says:


  96. Mr.Vito says:


  97. Ted O says:

    Miller was a U.S. Representative from Upstate NY..not a state legislator.

  98. Walt says:

    Dead Thread
    Dead Thread.

    What you gonna do
    What you gonna do–is the ‘C’ for you

    Dead thread
    dead thread…

  99. Walt says:

    My bad Ted O.

    Pity me because I am old, and my mind makes things up sometimes.

  100. Walt says:

    So instead of having a 0.0000000001% chance of being put on the ticket, I guess the real number is 0.00000000000000000000001%.

    My tiny thread of hope has been snipped.

  101. Mike says:

    Why is this posted, any poll from LA Times is always at least going to be spewed +8 for the democrats!!

  102. lisab says:

    “However, a bad economy is the logical consequence of Obama’s policies.”

    there are two issues that i notice

    a.) the dems want much higher taxes. if they can put us in a very high debt situation, we will have to have very high taxes. high taxes will not affect the very rich who can avoid taxes and won’t affect the very poor who cannot pay, nor do they affect ILLEGAL immigrants who won’t pay them. however, they will keep middle class (mostly white) voters down and thus natural democrats. the more these voters are dependent on government student loans and other benefits the better. the last thing they want is people starting new businesses and getting financially independent

    b.) the dems correctly, but naively, point out the best time economically in this country was when the usa had VERY high taxes after ww2.

    the dems however forget that the usa was about the only country that was not completely destroyed from 1945 to 1970, and once other countries had rebuilt, the usa began to lose competitiveness, i.e. 1970 on