Romney Takes Lead Over Obama in MI

We have a new poll from the state of Michigan done by EPIC-MRA that shows Mitt Romney surging ahead of Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney (R) 46%
Barack Obama (D-inc) 45%

This poll was done June 2-5 among 600 likely voters.

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  1. DW says:

    PPP(D) tweet: @we are rushing a team to poll Michigan to prevent this state from showing anywhere as lean GOP. We sense already that Obama will have a great first night of polling there, and anticipate a strong lead in Michigan.

  2. DW says:

    I admit its tempting to move MI into wobbly R territory based on this poll, but I need at least one confirming poll first. But I did move it up to Wobbly D:

    Safe R: (41) NE SC TN GA
    Likely R: (25) MT AZ IN
    Leans R: (54) MO FL NC
    Wobbly R: (31) OH VA
    Romney: 266

    Wobbly D: (37) IA CO MI NV
    Leans D: (41) WI OR PA NH
    Likely D: (28) ME MN NJ
    Safe D: (79) WA NM CT CA
    Lock D: (87) IL MA DE MD RI NY VT HI DC
    Obama: 272

  3. AuthorLMendez says:

    w/ state polling coming out from other firms more frequently then before, PPP is starting to look like a joke more and more

  4. MFG says:


  5. AuthorLMendez says:

    I agree w/ DW. not calling it a Mitt state right now but def. in play

    like I say always take LV polling more serious then RV polling

  6. MFG says:

    Mitt is a native son, this state WILL be contested!

  7. OHIO JOE says:

    EPIC-MRA is become the GOP’s version of PPP or Q. Just like there is no way Mr. Obama is winning VA by a full 5 points. There is no way Mr. Romney is winning MI at the moment.

  8. Joe from Ohio says:

    And Kasich is a RINO too!

  9. Diogenes says:

    I’m sorry drive-by joe if I don’t buy your bullsh*t story. Only PPP can be PPP. PPP is the Zogby of this cycle only jensen is smart enough to adjust polls right before elections to save his credibility.

    MI is in play and Obama’s team is sh*tting bricks. If job growth doesn’t return to at least a positive trajectory and 150k a month by this summer they have absolutely no shot in the general and they know it.

    Many states will come into play that haven’t in play for a long time. Democratic incompetence in managing at the state level will come home to roost.

  10. SusyQue says:

    #9…John Kasich has been good for OHIO. He is turning Ohio into a productive state. More jobs than before he was governor. He is a good and decent man.

  11. AuthorLMendez says:


    PPP – Obama ahead by 4-5 pts!
    Other Pollsters – Romney slightly ahead


    PPP – Obama ahead by 1 pt!
    Other Pollsters – Romney slightly ahead


    PPP – Obama ahead!
    Other Pollsters – tossup


    PPP – Obama ahead by 13 pts!
    Other Pollsters – tossup


    PPP – Obama ahead by 1 pt!
    Other Pollsters – Romney slightly ahead


    PPP – Obama ahead by 14 pts!
    Other Pollsters – tossup

  12. Bitterlaw says:

    The liberal who runs the Franklin and marshall polls loves Jul’s school funding idea.

    If you don’t want to read the article, here is the quick summary:

    Raise the PA income tax from 3% to 4%.

    Raise the sales tax from 6% to 7%.

    Keep property taxes at their rate but only use those funds to pay for more local government spending (but not schools).

    Jul the True Conservative supports a plan for higher taxes and higher overall spending.

  13. SoHope says:

    He is a rino. The guys that are too conservative to vote for romney said so.

  14. AuthorLMendez says:

    from CAC at ace’s: PPP is so accurate it came in 6th out of 8 pollsters who released WI numbers.

  15. DW says:

    8 – OHIO JOE…I disagree…EPIC-MRA just polls Michigan, and they have a long track record there.

    Romney / Obama
    46/41 – EPIC – March 2011
    46/42 – EPIC – July 2011
    46/41 – EPIC – Nov 2011
    40/48 – EPIC – Jan 2012
    43/47 – EPIC – April 2012
    46/45 – EPIC – June 2012

    But look at 2008:

    41/43 – EPIC/MRA – April 2008
    44/40 – EPIC/MRA – May 2008
    41/43 – EPIC/MRA – Jul 2008
    41/43 – EPIC/MRA – Aug 2008
    42/43 – EPIC/MRA – Sept 2008
    38/48 – EPIC/MRA – Sept 2008
    37/51 – EPIC/MRA – Oct 2008

    Obama won 57/41

    and 2004:

    43/45 – EPIC/MRA June 2004
    44/47 – EPIC/MRA July 2004
    42/49 – EPIC/MRA Aug 2004
    44/48 – EPCI/MRA Sept 2004
    43/49 – EPIC/MRA Oct 2004

    Kerry won 51/48

    I don’t see any strong evidence that EPIC/MRA has their thumb on the GOP side of the scale.

  16. janz says:

    Yesterday, I asked the question why the markets were wildly up? Here is one answer —> Larry Kudlow: Why stock markets love Scott Walker

    Tuesday night on “The Kudlow Report,” two investment gurus predicted a bullish market if Walker won. Art Hogan of Lazard Capital and Mike Ozanian of Forbes both forecasted a Walker rally. And that’s just what we got Wednesday morning.

    The logic? Well, mainly, a big Walker win opens the door to a Wisconsin victory for Mitt Romney this fall. Think of Walker as the leading indicator for November.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    I submit this question to the HHR Council:

    I just heard that there was a home invasion in my neighborhood last night. 3 armed men targeted an Asian dentist’s home because, apparently, many Asian businesses keep cash in safes at home. The dentist and family were tied up while the house was ransacked. The men left without physically harming them.

    Now, the question. I do not have a gun. I have no interest in owning a gun. If I had a gun, I don’t think an armed Bitterlaw against three armed men would have a good outcome for me or the Bitterlaw family. Am I wrong for not being armed in a neighborhood where nothing like this has happened in the 10 years I have lived here?

  18. Walt says:

    Agate Beach, Oregon: Dock From Japan Tsunami Washes Ashore

    Is this part of the “Docks Without Borders” program?

    BTW I have been to Agate Beach, Oregon–before the Japanese dock invaded.

  19. AuthorLMendez says:

    other state that might surprise us: OR

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – I heard that the dock was allowed to sneak up on the beach because the Coast Guard thought it was a groupd of B-17s flying from California.

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    Do any of our “keep the government out of my life” absolutists have a problem with this:

    1 year in jail for killing somebody because you were texting while driving? I think the sentence was light.

  22. DW says:

    Bitter, its not wrong to not be armed, but a character in a John Wayne movie once had this dialog with Wayne…

    JW: If you are not going to avoid trouble, then you better get a gun

    –but Johnny Diamond didn’t believe in guns, he thought…

    JW: He’s dead. Give that some thought.

  23. SoHope says:

    I have no problem with someone being charged with manslaughter b/c of texting

  24. SoHope says:

    Bitter, post a sign outside your house that says “we may look rich, but we spend it all on our upside-down mortgage and at the shooting range”

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – I am not opposed to people owning guns. I was just thinking about the incident in my neighborhood. I think it could have gone very wrong if the dentist had pulled his gun and the three armed punks shot him. They clearly had not intention to kill him when he was unarmed because they didn’t. Obviously, the other argument is that they might have left him alone. Now, if I lived on a farm or far out in the country, I would probably buy a gun. I could also just call MD.

  26. jason says:

    18. Yeah, I think you are. You should have a gun because there might be a situation where it would make a difference.

    That situation will not be if there are 3 armed men already in your house, you are not going to have a shoot out in front of your family.

    But let’s say you see them still outside trying to get in. Call 911 and wait for the first one to climb through the window before you shoot him. The others will probably stay outside.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    I have no problem with someone being charged with manslaughter b/c of texting

    Comment by SoHope

    What about a minimum of 30 years for somebody convicted of killing somebody as a result of drunk driving? I would charge it the same as first degree murder because drinking and driving is an intentional and premeditated act.

  28. jason says:

    I have always said Michigan is in play. Not just because of this poll.

  29. jason says:

    The reason the union goon Vig Bernero got crushed by 18 point was because of 8 years of Jennifer Granholm. Like Wisconsin, Michigan is beginning to feel comfortable electing Republicans again. Romney will be very competitive in Michigan.

  30. sickofdems says:

    I have lots of guns Bitter.
    But i am a hunter and a target/skeet shooter too.

    I am a lifetime member of the NRA since high school too. I love guns and would never be without one.

    But dont buy or keep a gun unless you are totally comfortable with it. If its really not something you want in your house…dont do it.

    I seriously doubt it would do you (or me for that matter) any good at all in the instance you mentioned.

  31. jason says:

    Texas to allow 85 miles an hour. I am moving back there!

  32. EML says:

    17 – someone on NRO predicted that if Walker won by more than 5 points, Romney would win in November.

    Remember how the McDonell, Christie, and Scott Brown victories pointed to a tsunami in 2010? We could be looking at the same thing here.

  33. Brandon says:

    Bitter, if you don’t own 17 guns, you’re a RINO.

  34. lt says:

    In ssome countries drunk drivers are executed

  35. SoHope says:

    Dont think I would go that far. I could see leaving 1st degree on the table is the person is severely drunk.

  36. jason says:

    Well I agree with sick… if you own a gun you should know how to use it and you should be comfortable with the idea of using it.

    I am perfectly comfortable shooting intruders in my house.

  37. sir Albert says:

    Get a 1911

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    In some countries drunk drivers are executed

    I could live with that.

  39. GF says:

    Bitter, my contract is up in December. I am a trained marksman as well. I can come work for you as a legal assistant/personal bodyguard when you start taking up more controversial cases.

  40. SoHope says:

    Make sure to hold it sideways when you shoot.

  41. GF says:

    BTW, I agree on the 30 year mando sentencing Bitter proposes; too many innocents have paid the price the stupidity of others.

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – even criminals don’t want to come to your house. You need to show that fun-loving A-hole side to the community.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – I thought only East European hit men do that in movies.

  44. GF says:

    41- I tried that once with a .44 Ruger Super Blackhawk (being silly out on an open range). Yeah, practically took my wrist off. No sideways shooting for me unless it’s a .22 short. 🙂

  45. SoHope says:

    Bartenders would be acessories to murder.

  46. GF says:

    Out to lunch; back in a while.

  47. GF says:

    If a bartender knowingly continues to serve someone who is well past the point of inebriation, they are guilty of negligence at best and aiding/abetting at worst. That part would be tricky, but they share a role unless they demand a customer surrender his keys.

  48. sickofdems says:

    Virg Bernero got whipped here because he is an old fashioned union hack that turned a lot of people off including lots of democrats.

    Snyder is not a hardline conservative and ran as the “nerdy” republican. He is likeable enough but hardly conservative.

    Mitt is indeed a native son and that may play a role in november as well.

    I am not yet convinced he can win here, but i am not convinced he will lose here either.
    Either way….this is a state worth contesting if for no other reason than to make 0 work for it.

  49. SoHope says:

    Slippery slope…i wouldnt make 1st degree/30 yeas mandatory b/c there is little difference between .08 and .079.

    .1+ and now we are getting somewhere.

  50. zorkpolitics says:

    Nate Silver has his prediction out base don national economic data, national polling and state polling.
    As I’ve observed before Obama is doing better in swing states than national polls (In 2008 McCain would have had to win the popular vote by 2.5% to win in the Electoral College). However, Nate attributes the better showing by Obama in states due to the “house effect” i.e. bias of polls like PPP.
    He has reweighted the polls to balance out the house effects and comes up with the following states in order of likelihood to vote for Romney, I also included his model’s predicted margin for Romney. Overall he gives Obama as a 62% chance of winning. Despite Walker’s win, he has WI pretty far down the list.
    Favor Romney
    AZ 8.5%
    MT 7.9%
    IN 7.1%
    NB2 6.6%
    MO 5.8%
    NC 3.2%
    FL 2.2%
    This would give Romney 235 EVs
    Toss-ups but currently slight lean to Obama
    CO -1.0%
    OH -1.0%
    VA -1.3%
    These are 40 EVs, if Romney won all three he wins
    Favor Obama
    IA -2.4%
    NV -3.0%
    NH 5.4%
    PA -5.6%
    OR -6.7%
    WI -8.1%
    MN -8.4%
    ME2 -10.3%
    MI not calculated >-10%

  51. jan says:

    Anyone see the lame story the Democrats have running on Romney today? If the high story and that is all they have they must be really desperate.

  52. sickofdems says:

    Jason has a “fun-loving A-hole”??

    Somehow i knew that…….

  53. AuthorLMendez says:

    Romney takes a +2 lead in Gallup btw

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    .1+ and now we are getting somewhere.

    Comment by SoHope

    Hope – I believe that you are just as dead if the driver was at .08 or .1. I know that most people will not agree with me because most people have probably had at least one drink when driving somewhere. I have never had even one drink before driving. Ive been driving since 1985. I can live with being a nerd.

  55. Bitterlaw says:

    Wow. Wes must really be gone. I thought for sure that the DUI discussion would bring him back to HHR.

  56. SusyQue says:

    18…Bitter…Most Asians are robbed by gang Asians.

    They scout them out and know where they hide their
    gold, etc. Most Asians gamble, it is part of the culture.
    The gansters scout out casinos and follow people home.

  57. RickPerrysParakeet says:

    The Saudis behead drunk drivers

  58. SoHope says:

    The amount of deadness is irrelavent so I conceed that point. You are also just as dead if you have a heart attack.

  59. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m fine with that, too. If Wes was here, he would say, “Why should the government have the right to punish people for engaging in a legal acction like consuming alcohol?”

  60. AuthorLMendez says:

    Real Clear Politics has Obama +6.2 in MI, throw PPP trash out and it’s Obama +3.7, only count polls done in the last month w/o PPP accounted for and it’s Obama +2

  61. SoHope says:

    I only slightly disagree with you, bitter and I dont drink at all. I would leave 1st degree on the table but not manatory.

  62. Kung Fu Panda says:

    Exactly, Susyque. The evil monks of the Shaolin Temple are always starting trouble.

  63. SoHope says:

    57….that actually was a bigoted statement

  64. AuthorLMendez says:

    whoa check out this last tweet from PPP:

    “We find Obama up 54-39 in Minnesota, very similar to @surveyusa finding of 52-38 last month”

    the fact they quoted another pollster lets you know their feeling the heat from others on why their findings are so different

  65. SoHope says:

    It is also legal to be blindfolded but if you drive while blindfolded you open yourself up to prosecution.

  66. Bitterlaw says:

    SusyQue – I can only speak to the attack in my town. it was black males attacking the Asian.

  67. ssq says:

    8…Bitter…Most Asians are robbed by gang Asians.

    They scout them out and know where they hide their
    gold, etc. Most Asians gamble, it is part of the culture.”

    I am not a racist. This is what my racist friends and family say. I just repeat it here.

  68. ssq says:

    My friends and family think the only thing worse than a Mormon is an Asian. Of course, they are not crazy about Muslims. blacks and Jews, but we are talking about those gambling Asians at the moment.

  69. SoHope says:

    SSQ, have you ever seen Grand Torino?

  70. bio mom says:

    Romney 47. Obama 45 in Gallup today

  71. jason says:

    I think we should be careful with a one size fits all punishment for drunk drivers. That’s why we have trials. I see a huge difference between a habitual DUI offender and someone that has an accident while drunk without any history of drunk driving.

  72. NYCmike says:

    57.SusyQue says:
    June 7, 2012 at 1:59 pm
    18…Bitter…Most Asians are robbed by gang Asians.

    They scout them out and know where they hide their
    gold, etc. Most Asians gamble, it is part of the culture.
    The gansters scout out casinos and follow people home.

    -How is this a bigoted statement??

  73. OHIO JOE says:

    “And Kasich is a RINO too!” BS. He is about as Right-Wing as Mr. Walker. Under Mr. Kasich, Ohio has created more jobs than the national average because of his Right-Wing capitalistic policies.

  74. Bunu's Avatar says:

    My Woodland Knobgobbler has devoured your Enchanted One-eyed Giant!

  75. ssq says:

    70. Yes, nice car. My cousin had one in 1972.

  76. SoHope says:

    Anyone that can bring themself to vote for Romney is a RINO.

  77. AuthorLMendez says:

    just a heads up, PPP’s rescue polling this weekend will be in NV & NC

  78. ssq says:

    74. How is this a bigoted statement?

    Uh, do you know that most Asians are robbed by Asians? Can you back that up? I would hazard that is probably wrong.

    Uh, MOST Asians gamble? Do they really? What percentage exactly?

  79. phoenixrisen says:

    LOL SoHope, you are one sick puppy. Romney’s electoral strategy should be simple. FL, VA, OH, NH, MI, WI, IA, CO, and NV should be the focus of his campaign time with a sporadic visit to PA. That will really keep Obama in a defensive posture. I consider Rob Portman, Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal for the VP short list. I would have to believe that someone from the Midwest would have an edge. going to be interesting. By the way, Michigan will be competitive.

  80. NYCmike says:

    In NYC, where large populations of the same ethnicities usually live in the same areas, yes, it would be true. A black person walking through Chinatown, or Little Italy, or in sections of Flushing which are majority Korean/Vietnamese, would set off alarms, for the simple reason that groups of people usually live amongst themselves in big cities. Hence the name Chinatown, or Little Italy, Little Havana, PoleTown, Leningrad-by-the-sea, etc!!!!
    Also, having attended about 12 weddings where one of the families was of Asian descent, gambling is a natural part of either the engagement, reception, honeymoon, etc.
    To put it a different way, if there is a cash card game going on in Bensonhurst part of Brooklyn (majority Italian), do you think the winner will be robbed by Mr Chin, or by Mr Guido?
    And as for Asian gambling, are you kidding?

  81. SoHope says:

    if romney wins michigan then he never needed it in the first place

  82. Bitterlaw says:

    I see a huge difference between a habitual DUI offender and someone that has an accident while drunk without any history of drunk driving.

    Comment by jason

    I don’t see any difference other than a matter of time. The habitual DUI offender had to start somewhere.

  83. NYCmike says:

    #80 – the term “bigoted” leads one to believe somone is denigrating another. They could be labeled stereotypical, and I would be fine with that. Pointing out to SusyQue that her statement is more stereotypical as opposed to factual, no problem from me, But to say that statement was bigoted is ridiculous.

  84. DW says:

    83…probably…but you never know. Who would have thought last time that the Republican would lose IN but hold onto MO?

  85. DW says:

    PURPLE strategies is now released!

    Obama 49
    Romney 46

    Obama 45
    Romney 49

    Obama 48
    Romney 46

    Obama 45
    Romney 48

  86. SoHope says:

    Good point, dw

  87. jason says:

    So NYCMike does not think susyque is a bigot. Neither are her friends and family who would not vote for a Mormon because he is not a real Christian.

    Fine with me.

  88. jason says:

    “I don’t see any difference other than a matter of time. The habitual DUI offender had to start somewhere.”

    I disagree. I would not give 30 years to an 18 year old who got drunk for the first time and had an accident with a fatality.

    I would give 30 years to someone who had 5 DUI’s and had an accident with a fatality.

  89. DW says:

    Other numbers in this poll have some states combined:

    CO, NV and NM:

    Obama 46
    Romney 48

    IA, MN, and WI:

    Obama 54
    Romney 38

    NH, OH, and PA:

    Obama 47
    Romney 45

    FL, NC, and VA:

    Obama 45
    Romney 48

  90. jason says:

    “In NYC, where large populations of the same ethnicities usually live in the same areas, yes, it would be true”

    Yes it could be true, although we were discussing Bitter’s neighborhood in PA.

    However, I doubt most robberies/burglaries against Asians in America are perpetrated by Asians.

  91. Joe J says:

    look at the Ind numbers, particularly in FL and VA, Romney is up double digits with Independents and losing 11-12% of R’s to Obama.. ha! good numbers all around.. Only in Ohio is he losing Indys by 2 but well into the 90s with the R base. I’ll take it.

  92. sickofdems says:

    Combined state polling?

    Is that even remotely accurate??

  93. Ben Romney says:

    Romney improves across Purple States and
    leads in Ohio and Florida; Obama still leads
    in Purple America, Virginia and Colorado.

    National: Obama:47/49
    Obama/Romney: 48/46

    CO: Obama: 48/48
    Obama/Romney: 48/46

    VA: Obama: 45/51
    Obama/Romney: 49/46

    OH: Obama: 43/52
    Obama/Romney: 45/48

    FL: Obama: 45/50
    Obama/Romney: 45/49

  94. Bunu's sidekick says:

    Most robberies are perpatrated by da joooos!

  95. DW says:

    CO, NV and NM:

    Obama 46
    Romney 48

    This is the one that really caught my eye. By all accounts, Romney is doing terrible in matchup polls of NM. So what would this look like if it was just CO and NV? But they already said Obama was up in this poll in CO 48/46!! So does this mean that Romney is stomping Obama in Nevada??

  96. Phil says:

    I’ trying to think of a way to 270 without Virginia.

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    So, jason, what would be fair to the 18 year old killer (which is exactly what a drunk driver is.). If you think a DUI is an accident then we just don’t see it the same way.

  98. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – lose Virginia but win PA. Problem solved.

  99. Brandon says:

    Romney ain’t winning PA. Problem not solved.

  100. PA says:

    103- Let me decide that for myself, Jersey Union Tool.

  101. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not so sure, Brandon. This is purely anecdotal but I have seen about 1/100 of the Obama stickers that I saw at this point in 2008 – and that is in Philadelphia. In the suburbs, I have seen 5 in the last month. Does it mean something? MD will tell me I’m wrong.

  102. Brandon says:

    An unenthusiastic vote counts just as much as an enthusiastic one.

  103. DW says:

    Very easy to win without VA.

    WI + IA = VA
    CO + IA = VA
    WI + NV = VA
    CO + NV = VA

    But fortunately, we are going to win VA.

  104. Conner says:

    99: what this means is they are making stuff up.

  105. Todd McCain says:

    What is purple strategies?

  106. Todd McCain says:


  107. DW says:

    109…a polling firm…google it

  108. Todd McCain says:

    is it affilated w ur polling firm?

  109. AuthorLMendez says:

    so if the recent trends are to be believed, Romney has now taken a small lead in FL & OH. meanwhile VA remains barely Obama. CO meanwhile is a pure tossup.

  110. Conner says:

    Pollsters show close races early on to generate more business. Nobody pays for polling a blowout.

  111. PPP says:

    “Nobody pays for polling a blowout.”

    excuse me?

  112. Apologetic California says:

    97, Hi Mitt’s son! I don’t like Purple polls, they’re based on terrible geography.

  113. DW says:

    112…no affliation between Purple Strategies and Paladin/CFP.

  114. Fake SusyQue says:

    “Nobody pays for polling a blowout.”

    Let me check out what this means at Urban Dictionary . . . Aaaaaaarrrgghggghghhghh (silence)

  115. Union Goons says:

    “Nobody pays for polling a blowout.”

    We’ll be happy to pony up some taxpayer cas…err…union dues for that!

  116. Bobby says:

    I wonder what would happen to the IA, WI and MN poll if they pulled MN out/or added Michigan.

    Minnesota voted for Mondale for God’s sake.

  117. PPP says:

    @120 agreed. MI is much more in play then MN

  118. AuthorLMendez says:

    oops, sock off/

  119. lisab says:


    had the dentist had a gun and shot it before they broke in, they probably would have fled

    my cousin said one of the things pump shotguns allow is frightening people away

    the sound alone will frighten most people off

  120. lisab says:

    my cousin is a cop in boston

    i probably should have mentioned that 🙂

  121. DW says:



    Romney 44
    Obama 45

    500 Certain to vote – 6/6/12

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – the dentist was jumped in his driveway. He had no chance to pull a weapon even if he had one.

    This kind of thing wouldn’t be happening if I had been elected. This is my Ward.

  123. jan says:

    PPP is out with more garage Florida Senate numbers.


    Nelson – 48%
    LeMieux -35%

    Nelson (D-inc): 47%
    McCalister (R): 33%

    Nelson (D-inc): 47
    Weldon (R): 31

    GOP Primary

    Connie Mack IV: 34
    George LeMieux: 13
    Mike McCallister: 10
    Dave Weldon: 6
    “Someone Else”: 9
    Undecided: 28

  124. AuthorLMendez says:

    I pointed out earlier that PPP knows it’s being caught on to. They quoted a Survey USA poll from MN to justify theirs. When all the other polls say you’re off, and you stand alone, people notice.

  125. Moe Szyslak says:

    “PPP is out with more garage Florida Senate numbers.”

    You call it “garage;” I call it a “car-hole.”

  126. HoistTheColours! says:


    Yes, you should own a gun. I understand your reluctance but most criminals are cowards. If they see you’re capable of defending yourself, they usually turn tail and run.

  127. DW says:

    130…even if you got a realistic looking toy gun and pulled off the orange tip, it could save your life if you wave it at an intruder. Of course you cannot do much with it if the intruder starts shooting at you.

  128. SusyQue says:

    How do I know about Asians….because I taught in their neighborhoods . I have close friends who are Asians. I eat Asian food and music. I have Asian accessories in my home. They look terrific with upscale Country French. I have been to their weddings and eaten in their homes.
    My former Asian students visit me when they are in my city. I know intimately Asians who are Lao, Hmong, Filipinos, Thai, Chinese,

    I love them all.

  129. lisab says:

    “the dentist was jumped in his driveway. He had no chance to pull a weapon even if he had one.”

    i was thinking of the situation mentioned before, where you notice the thugs while they are outside or in the process of breaking in

    if you say, “i have a shotgun!” and then pump the shotgun … many people would think twice about coming in

  130. SusyQue says:

    #132,,,Oops…forgot Vietnamese!

  131. SSQ says:

    Most asian gangsters know karate.

  132. DW says:

    133…I prefer, “I have a shotgun, and I don’t miss!”

  133. HoistTheColours! says:


    No need to announce that you have a shotgun. The noise speaks for itself.

    Worth pointing out that a levergun makes the same noise, just a different action.

  134. Fashionista says:

    “I have Asian accessories in my home. They look terrific with upscale Country French.”

    Major faux-pas; mix the accoutrements with deco instead.

  135. HoistTheColours! says:


    With a 12 gauge, you almost can’t miss.

  136. Gunny Highway says:

    “The noise speaks for itself.”

    Listen to the boy, lisa. That sound is known world-wide. It’s much like the distinctive sound made by a Kalashnikov assault rifle, better known as the AK-47. It’s the weapon of choice for most of our enemies.

  137. GF says:

    A 12 ga. with bird shot or buck? One can miss with the latter if he is shaky or just plain blind. Of course, bird shot will likely just annoy the assailant.

  138. HoistTheColours! says:

    Truly though, if guns make you nervous, that’s your prerogative.

    Personally, I love the peace of mind that the weight of my CZ82 gives me. Going to need to buy something smaller for summer carry soon…

  139. lisab says:

    “The noise speaks for itself.”

    that was my cousin’s point

    the sound alone might prevent an encounter

  140. HoistTheColours! says:


    Load it with PDX rounds and you’re covered on all bases.

  141. sir Albert says:

    Someone needs to investigate PPP.

  142. Bitterlaw says:

    I have children in the house and I annoy my wife at least twice each day. It is not a good environment for firearms.

  143. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul: Did you see my post earlier thread about how lefty G. Terry madonna loves your school funding plan:

    Increased income tax. Increased sales tax. Porperty tax does not go away – it just funds other government spending. That strikes me as a liberal horror show.

  144. HoistTheColours! says:


    I saw. I ignored.

    I’ll gladly pay 7 percent sales tax and 5 percent income tax if it eliminates my school property tax. You disagree. That’s ok.

    By the way, I’ll be on WHYY on Monday morning.

  145. Mose says:

    Looking at the Purple poll, the results for the “Heartland” (WI, IA, MN) seem off. They have Obama up in that region by 16 points, 54-38. Obama won those three states by 12% in 2008 (weighted by votes cast). I don’t think anyone believes Obama is doing 4 points better now than he was in 2008. Plus, (most) recent polls in IA and WI have Obama’s leads in the low single digits. So those results just seem off. Otherwise, the data is very interesting, and tells a fairly positive story for Romney.

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – it won’t eliminate the property tax. It will just allow the property tax to go to fund more government spending. Do you honestly believe that the property tax would disappear?

  147. Bitterlaw says:

    What are you going to talk about, Jul?

  148. GF says:

    Interesting load, Jul; I have a Remington A-500 that could use it. Despite being limited to 5 shots, I do like the auto load function. Hasn’t jammed on me once in the fifteen years I’ve owned it.

  149. Apologetic California says:

    150, Heartland in this poll includes Minnesota. Stupid but true.

  150. HoistTheColours! says:

    For summer carry, Ruger LCP or NAA Guardian in 380?

    I like the solid steel of the NAA but I know Ruger’s reputation.

    Keltech is an absolute hell no.

  151. DW says:

    Mose, Nevada is the head scratcher. CO, NV, and NM are said together to be 48/46 in favor of Romney. But we know from the same sample that in just CO, Obama is ahead 48/46. So this means that Romney must be doing much better in NM and NV, but other pollsters show Romney getting creamed in NM. So the NV numbers must be great for Romney.

  152. HoistTheColours! says:


    Property taxes are already used for local government as well as for school tax.

    HB 1776 will eliminate the school tax portion (80 percent, as Dr. Madonna so correctly points out.)

    I’ll be debating some Union boss on Right to Work.

    Can anyone in the Philly media market give me the lowdown on Marty Moss-Coane as a host?

    Will I be debating the moderator too?

  153. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – You are naive. I can guarantee that the local governments will say, “Hey – they are used to paying $XXXX already. We will cut the property tax by 10% and then find ways to spend the extra money.

    I have no idea what the moderator is like. I can honestly say that my streak of not watching WHYY debates is over 20 years long and will continue.

  154. HoistTheColours! says:


    They’re seperate tax bills. People would notice.

  155. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – You also ignore the fact that it will be necessary to drag down good school districts to match poorly performing districts. The poor districts will not be brought up to the better districts’ level.

  156. HoistTheColours! says:

    No school district would get dragged down. Philly, Reading, and Allentown are some of the best funded districts in the state and they all suck.

  157. MFG says:

    Should people in their early twenties without significant life experience be making decisions like this?

  158. Jake says:

    Yeah at least wait until you’re 35 you Rethuglican!

  159. HoistTheColours! says:


    Not your place to say. Apparently the voters of my school district have been confident in my decision making abilities since I was 19.

    They had a chance to throw me out last year. They did not.

  160. Addisonst says:

    I thought Mitt couldn’t win Michigan b/c of his auto bailout stance LOLLLLLLLLL

  161. HoistTheColours! says:


    I am the 99 percent. I stand with the 1 percent.

    I believe everyone should pay their fare share. Right now the poor pay nothing. Time for a flat tax so they pay too!

  162. Tim says:

    What are you even talking about?

  163. Mose says:

    156 – I can see your point about NV/NM. That said, the sample sizes for just NM and NV (which are both small states) might not be large enough to support conclusions about each state individually.

  164. RIBO money says:

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. -Abraham Lincoln