Romney Surges In Two Polls in MI, One Poll in PA

We have two new polls for the state of Michigan showing how badly the debate performance by Barack Obama is hurting him. We start with EPIC-MRA, which shows the presidential race down to a 3% margin.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 48%
Mitt Romney (R) 45%

Debbie Stabenow (D-inc) 55%
Pete Hoekstra (R) 35%

This poll was done October 4-6 among 800 likely voters. Add to this a poll from Foster McCollum White and Associates and Baydoun Consulting that also has the race in Michigan at a 3% margin.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 49%
Mitt Romney (R) 46%

Debbie Stabenow (D-inc) 51%
Pete Hoekstra (R) 43%

This poll was done October 5th among 1122 likely voters. Meanwhile, Susquehanna Polling and Research shows the race in Pennsylvania down to 2%.

Barack Obama (D-inc) 47%
Mitt Romney (R) 45%

This poll was done October 4-6 among 725 likely voters. i also received an email from Siena Research Institute indicating they will be releasing a poll for Pennsylvania tomorrow.

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216 Responses to “Romney Surges In Two Polls in MI, One Poll in PA”

  1. Polaris says:


  2. Todd King says:

    Most of the swing states look like near toss ups right now. What are going to be the primary factors that shift things in one direction or the other in the coming weeks?

  3. Rupert says:

    If its this tight in Michigan we have much reason to celebrate!

  4. Russ says:

    I live in Michigan and can testify that the race is close here.

  5. terry says:

    SUSA poll of Missouri later tonight will Akin up 6 per twitter

  6. Polaris says:

    Monday Night Pigskin for me. Catch everyone later.


  7. Mr.Vito says:

    #5 SUSA is all over the place lately… but I’ll take it.

  8. rdelbov says:

    PBS speak

    +3 Obama-President is ahead

    +1 Obama President is ahead

    Tied The President is in control

    +1 Romney Race is virtually tied

    +2 Romney Race is virtually tied

  9. Mr.Vito says:

    “Monday Night Pigskin for me.”

    Pork rinds for dinner, eh?

  10. Howard Dean says:

    I’m sensing the momentum.

  11. I still think Akin loses, but i’ve said it a million times, it will be closer then some expected. McCaskill is THAT unpopular there.

  12. Jerry Curl says:

    Not first!

  13. terry says:

    Mason Dixon shows a tie in Senate in North Dakota.

  14. Mr.Vito says:

    rdel, you forgot

    +4 Obama – It’s ovah!

  15. Tina says:

    Is this Sub-sahara poll or whatever it is called, accurate?

  16. Brandon says:

    Mason-Dixon has Heitkamp/Berg tied at 47%.

  17. Michael says:

    @5 that is good, maybe we can get the media to shut up

  18. OHIO JOE says:

    Mr. Akin will recover just like Mr. Romney recovered from his 47% remark.

  19. Tina says:

    Allegedly, both ABC and NBC evening news led with the Romney up 4 in Pew poll. CBS did not .

  20. Tina says:

    Akin may win this after all. Doubt it though.

  21. Marv says:

    Romney will pull Berg over the finish line.

  22. Mr.Vito says:

    This morning on the radio, the ABC update hit on gas prices…

  23. terry says:

    Romney is up 14 over Obama.

    Mason is showing Heitkamp pulling 8% of Republican. In a state like N.D thats is alot.

  24. Pitchaboy says:

    And so Gallup goes from O plus 5 on RV to tied in LV. Probably an even or D plus 1 and we will know tomorrow. RAS, you were the first to show R up in party ID. Now put up or shut up.

  25. Michael says:

    I have a feeling that in the end Heitkamp will fall behind during the election, many people will see it as too risky to help even the most conservative of dems.

  26. Waingro says:

    NumbersMuncher ?@NumbersMuncher

    In EVERY poll on the RCP avg, Romney leads with indys. (Gallup and NBC don’t have indy #s on topline). That’s huge no matter what sample is.

  27. Marv says:

    If the Gallup LV screen had Obama in the lead by a point or two, Susan Page would have said “Obama has a slight lead”. She likely wouldn’t have said “virtually tied”. That’s the way those folks think.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    Mr. Akin will recover just like Mr. Romney recovered from his 47% remark.

    Comment by OHIO JOE

    I agree. Separating women into legitimate rape victms and fake rape victims is identical to discussing recipients of Federal entitlement programs by those who don’t pay income taxes. It’s scary how similar they are.*

    *No. I will not drop it.

  29. Michael says:

    Okay I see it as this…

    Obama falters, Bobcats win games. I need Obama to lose for me to get really interested in Bobcats!

  30. Pitchaboy says:

    I can feel a RAS change in party ID coming. He will no longer feel all alone.

  31. Scooter Boy says:



  32. Apologetic California says:

    Andrew Sullivan, who unlike me, has a vagina and is dessicating quicker than you can type Pew.
    “The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating.”

  33. Greymarch says:

    Prediction time: What will the Gallup LV poll he tomorrow? The article said it would be a “virtual tie” came from PBS. Knowing that, I suspect Romney has a one point lead. I predict Gallup LV tomorrow: Romney 48, Obama 47.

  34. Apologetic California says:

    Akin by the way spent the last couple of weeks talking about more vaginas. Just vaginas vaginas vaginas and god’s merciful plan to keep that pu55sy shut. It was laughably and pitiably moronic.

    And yet….he’s ahead.

  35. azguy says:

    When the debate concluded last week the election was decided. Romney wins with 300+ electoral votes. Its over. Turn out the light democrats.

  36. Howard Dean says:

    If Akin would vote to repeal OCARE he belongs in the Senate.

    After that, I don’t care.

  37. Michael says:

    Breaking News
    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many other democratic lawmakers seen marching towards the Pew Research HQ, seems that they brought hand-cuffs.

    Good, maybe if they get hand-cuffed to the building positive things can happen in Washington

  38. Pitchaboy says:

    You could start seeing a drip, drip of Jenny’s red polls(tee HEE) as pollsters work for their reputations.

  39. rdelbov says:

    grumpy voters in PA:

    I am not predicting a PA win. Justsaying it was 10% in 2008 and will be much less then that in 2012.

    I note that one of the Michigan polls with a 2% Obama lead was +10D. Indies have shifted to Romney while some Ds are deserting the Prez. Not saying Romney will win Michigan but it will not be 16%!!!

  40. EML says:

    Now we know why Ryan was in MI. I suspect the Romney campaign knew how tight it was there before the debate.

  41. new says:

    I’ll wait for some polls from Ohio before I became “cautiously optimistic”. We still have 3 more debates anything could happen when the opposing party has the media on their side.

  42. Waingro says:

    What are the actual numbers for Gallup’s first LV model poll?? Is Romney up 1 or 2 or are you guys just reading the tea leaves from Page’s report?

  43. Mr.Vito says:

    “grumpy voters in PA”


    cream soda!

  44. mtvphil says:

    If MR is within 3 in MI, he is up 3 in OH. OH is never left of the nation as a whole by more than .5%. In 2000 OH went for W by 2.5% in a 50/50 year. In 2004 W defeated JFKerry by 2.1% in an election W won by 2.5%. In 2008, when the nation went to BO by 7%, he only won OH by 4.5%. IOW, if OH does not reflect the national mood, it will be to the right by a little bit. No reason to think it will be different this year.

    Even in 1996, Bill Clinton only defeated Bob Dole by 6% in a year he won nationally by 7 or 8%, iirc. That is a little tough to figure because Ross Perot took nearly 11% of the vote in OH that year, while he did not do quite that well nationally.

  45. Scooter Boy says:

    I was the first to say that Aiken should have stepped down and I still think he will lose. But I have to say from living just across the river from St. Louis and getting the feeds from the Missouri radio markets, I do see some Aiken momentum. Don’t know if it’s been posted yet but NRA endorsed him today.

  46. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m giving ROmney a 48% chance of winning PA.*

    *F off, MD. I’m not betting.

  47. Geez! EPIC-MRA has Stabenow up 20 but Baydoun/Foster (D) has her up just 8. Thats a big differental

  48. Pitchaboy says:

    If turnout nationally is R plus 2, even a bloke like Akin will make it as MO is likely R plus zillion.

  49. EML says:

    Did anyone mention the pew 2008 polls? 10/19 Obama +14, 10/26 Obama +15. But their last poll shows a remarkable jump to the right, Obama +6.

  50. rdelbov says:

    Bitter can I get back on your good side?

    Can I stay at your house if I get tickets to US open in 2013 at Merion?

    My favorite golfer is Philly Mickelson.

  51. Scooter Boy says:

    WOW! Cardinals kicking butt tonight. Baseball is a crazy game. Get 3 hits in the whole game last night and tonight have had multiple innings with 3 hits.

  52. rdelbov says:

    Never thought I would look at ND poll numbers.

    ND was +10R in 2008.

    This poll is abou +8R. I think this race is close but Mason Dixon just did not find enough republicans. Berg by 6 to 9% on election day.

  53. the M-D ND poll doesnt poll the Gov race?

  54. sickofdems says:

    Polaris…i read that link you posted in the previous thread about Battleground.

    One of the comments there was to re-weight all polls to 33/33/33 and assume you are close.

    That is interesting and i wondered what you thought of that idea? Any merit to it?

  55. Pitchaboy says:

    I might win my CA bet with MD.

  56. Mr.Vito says: Lead: “Michigan hybrid parts plant was built with a $150 million federal grant to make batteries for electric cars, including the Volt, but now before producing its first battery, it’s putting workers on furlough over lack of demand.”

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    rdel – Sure. I don’t live far from the course. I hear it is a great course but it really is not set up for huge crowds. You would probably end up taking a shuttle bus from Villanova or Haverford College’s parking lot.

  58. mtvphil says:

    A note about the Berg/Heitkamp race in ND. I don’t think there will be enough ticket splitting there for Heitkamp to win, though it will be closer than it should be. What I read from the state says that Berg has run a lackluster campaign while Heitkamp has been fairly successful in distancing herself from her wild eyed support of BO in previous years.

  59. Michael says:

    PA is in play…

    Centre county GOP have grown in numbers, tomorrow new numbers should be in. Predictions are that the GOP will beat out independents and democrats in this final voter count, today was the last day you could effectively mail in voter registration form and vote in 2012 in PA, tomorrow when counties release results we will see voter rolls for election. GOP expected to total over 41500, Dem 44750, NA 17500, Liber. 600, Green 275, Other 2215

  60. Mr.Vito says:

    DRUDGE: Military Times poll

    Romney: 66
    Obama: 26

  61. Scooter Boy says:



  62. Mr.Vito says:

    #61 They should split up… they have a lot of ground to cover tonight.

  63. Howard Dean says:

    Ryan’s in MI now?

  64. sickofdems says:

    “Philly Mickelson”?

    Cute rdelbov!

  65. Howard Dean says:


    Requiring ID for voting or political donations is racist. Forcing people to prove health insurance coverage is awesome.

  66. Scooter Boy says:

    About a month ago I remember posting a quote from Michael Moore basically saying that Michigan voters were pissed off at Obama. Maybe Moore was actually right about something for once.

  67. AC1 says:

    If GAllup is tied tomorrow, wouldn’t that give Romney the RCP lead? Of course, a huge Romney day falls from Ras. I would be happy to see Romney only down 1 tomorrow.

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    Pennsylvania is in play!!!!!!!

  69. Viceroy Argus says:

    Paul Ryan deftly handles local reporter’s slanted question on Flint, MI, news:

  70. Scooter Boy says:


    Dude played the entire second half with a ruptured testicle.

  71. MFG says:

    DV going red would be the cherry on the sundae, n’est pas?

  72. RB says:

    That was entertaining reading ‘I am a consevative’ Andrew Sullivan’s meltdown over the PEW poll.

  73. jan says:

    The lefts attacks against Mia Love continue

    New light on Love’s family history

  74. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael – These girls are 19 (and twins). Get off HHR for a few hours and relate to your demographic.

  75. Waingro says:

    Ace is BURYING Nate Silverfish in hilarious fashion on twitter right now:

  76. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – Indeed. At this point in life, I have 2 wishes.

    1. Pennsylvania goes for ROmney so you will STFU for the next 4 years.

    2. The Eagles win a Super Bowl so I can post stupid crap like Add for the next 30 years about football. If Add can end every Cutler argument with “The Bears won a Super Bowl and the Eagles didn’t,” what would he do then?

  77. Michael says:

    @74 Botter I will determine my social life how I want to, right now I am fine right here. Guess what you guys? Time to buy stcck, I recommend Duke Energy

  78. bio mom says:


    Gallup was a tie today in RCP.They used the previous 3 day RV data that did not include Sunday.

  79. Greymarch says:

    Big polling day tomorrow…

    1. IBD/TIPP starts their tracking poll. If I recall, that poll traditionally is mildly favorable to GOP prez candidates.
    2. Gallup switches to LV, and will show a virtual tie (I bet Romney +1)
    3. PPP, the dem polling firm dedicated to getting Obama re-elected, will show Romney with a small lead tomorrow.

    Tomorrow should be a fun day of polling madness!

  80. Michael says:

    @76 neither the Eagles or Panthers won last Superbowl attempts because of drugged PATRIOTS!!!!

  81. Greymarch says:

    #78: If Gallup is using their 3-day RV results for their LV poll tomorrow, and their 3-day RV poll shows a true tie, then their LV poll will show a small Romney lead tomorrow. LV polls tend to favor GOP candidates.

  82. jan says:

    Wonder when MSNBC is gonna start reporting this?

    Mia Love ‘not surprised’ by racist mail

  83. azguy says:

    #77. agreed . Coal stocks also,,,aci…btu. Mitt will not try to bankrupt them like obama

  84. Michael says:

    @83 true, I like Duke because it will soon be expanding into natural gas once McCory gets into governorship

  85. MFG says:

    I hope the Eagles win a Super Bowl for you one day BL

    It’s really nice

    Every team should win at least one for their fans, its very special…

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael – The Panthers beat the Eagles because Westbrook was out of the game with a torn muscle. The Panthers should have been nailed with multiple flags for spearing McNabb when he was on the ground or after he released the ball. You were 8 years old so I don’t think you recall it like I do.

  87. rdelbov says:


    I want to go to one US open!!! Bucket list item

    Yes many Phil fans actually call him “Philly Mick”

  88. Scooter Boy says:

    These polls are great news for Romney, but lets all remember there are 3 more debates and a month of relentless push by the media to get Obama re-elected. While we celebrate the ups of today there are sure to be some downs before this is over. You know Obama and the MSM aren’t going away quietly. I’m sure the next job report will show an even stronger trend then the last bogus report did. I don’t think we’ve seen the October surprise yet. I’m beginning to think both sides have one, and are just waiting to see which one pulls the trigger first.

  89. Bitterlaw says:

    I hope you are taking notes, Michael. On the face of it, MFG was being nice. Deep down, that Cajun mf-er is mocking me. I respet that approach. Well played.

  90. MFG says:

    Even the criminals stopped murdering people here for awhile in honor of the Saints win in 2009

  91. MFG says:

    Houston is going to end up 13-3 or thereabouts…

  92. Michael says:

    @86 I am not talking about that I am talking about when both of our teams faced the patriots in back to back superbowls and lost when the were drugged up! I was just saying that we need to have revenge on those no good New England drugiots!

  93. MFG says:

    No not really

    It was fantastic when the Saints won in 2010 every NFL city should get at least one

  94. MFG says:

    If I were going to rib you it would be about how pathetic does a franchise have to be to have fewer Super Bowl wins than the Saints?

  95. Scooter Boy says:

    Hey, you football lovers. How bout my RAMS?

  96. Michael says:

    Toronto and Clevland having trouble pulling away from non NBA opponents…

  97. Michael says:

    I will admit the rams are on fire this year, the lions opener should have been yours!

  98. Bitterlaw says:

    The Panthers are in the Top 10 of my NFL Hate list:

    1. Cowboys
    2. Giants
    3. Patriots
    4. Tampa Bay
    5. Saints
    6. Bears
    7. Redskins
    8. Ravens
    9. Panthers
    10. Dolphins

  99. um I have to say the feeling when my Lightning won the cup was more awesome then when the Bucs won the Super Bowl

  100. azguy says:

    Wonder how much of the WH furniture the obamas will steal on their way out after 11/06? Will they sabotage the computers like the clinton henchmen did? I fully expect the obama thugs to literally trash every room and take whatever their little fat hands can throw in to the moving trucks.

  101. MFG says:

    Or I might make a Rich Kotite joke or mention how McNabb “got tired” in the one Super Bowl they did reach

    Or how without LSU great Steve Van Buren they’d have literally nothing to mention as far as accomplishment in the whole history of the franchise

    But I wouldn’t say things like that…

  102. WTF Bitter, how the heck did we get into your list at #4?! did the 02 NFC title game hurt that bad?

  103. maybe that 04 Eastern Conference Final still stings?

  104. Michael says:

    @9 what’s to hate about us, we haven’t done much t you guys in the past few years! At least we both hate the cowboys, they come to Charlotte next week notthis week

  105. terry says:

    The left loves to go after black Republicans. They do it every time.

  106. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, at least the ‘Aints are back. They will probably win their division next year.

  107. Mr.Vito says:

    “Wonder how much of the WH furniture the obamas will steal on their way out after 11/06?”

    Apparently not Tony Blair’s bust of Winston Churchill…

  108. MFG says:

    Wow, the Jets suuck aardvark diick…

  109. Michael says:

    @106 the Panthers blew their chance against Sea Hawks, we would have had it if Newton did the quarter back sneak but instead his passes something he did terrible that day!

  110. Bitterlaw says:

    102 – Author – I didn’t speak to my family for 3 days after that game. I think Jurevicius is still running with the ball. I went to the playoff game the year before when the Eagles beat TB. 70,000 fans at the Vet chanting “Keyshawn sucks” was the highlight for me.

  111. Diamond Jim says:


  112. MFG says:

    Scooter boy

    To this day I sometimes say “Los Angeles Rams” for some reason

  113. Michael says:

    @110 did the jaguars ever make it to a Superbowl game? Just curious?

  114. MFG says:

    I had forgotten how many NFC Title games the Eagles have lost at home

    Was it four or five, I lost track of all of the soul crushing defeats…

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    I guess that I am the only person here is bothered by the possessive in reference to teams. “We would have won.” “We lost because . . . ” “Our defense . . . ” We all have pet peeves.

  116. @110 that was a very sweet win. we were basically the Eagles’ b*tch and nobody thought we could win and we went in there and shut the vet down. sweet memories.

  117. MFG says:

    No Jags have never

    In the NFC only the Lions have never gone

  118. Mike Jaguars have never been to a Super Bowl, they did lose a 96 and 99 AFC title game though

  119. MFG says:

    In the AFC

    Jags Browns Texans

    I may be forgetting someone///

  120. MFG says:

    Shaun King former Tulane quarterback or am I remembering that wrong?

  121. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s ok, MFG. I know that the Saints were the favorite team of all the Bush-haters. The most hardcore leftists cheered for your team after Katrina. I’m sure it made you feel even better.

  122. I must admit that the Saints were the team of the Bush haters in 09, though I was rooting for them because I’m a sucker for underdogs

  123. jenny-obama=george h. bush says:

    Is true that Akin is leading McCaskill? If he wins, there is a GOD!

  124. Sobbing Wobbie says:

    Wobbie’s postings have dropped 98% since the debate. 🙁

  125. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – I almost wanted the Saints to win that year but then I heard Rosie O’Donnell go on a rant about how Bush killed their fans and I just couldn’t do it.

  126. MFG says:

    You don’t know what failure is until you watch the Saints for 43 championship free years

    It was like being set on fire every week and thrown out a third story window…

  127. Michael says:

    Hey Bitter why not let panthers go and consider adding the useless “Jax” to your hate list?

    Hey author, do the Bucs pla the Eagles this year? I know the Panthers do soon, we are headed to Philidephia.

    We are liable to beat them since they can’t even get over 30 points in a game!!! Or make any of their scores exciting for their fans,,,

  128. Bitterlaw says:

    My Dad heard the 1948 and 1949 Eagles win on the radio and watched the 1960 game on tv. He isn’t suffering as much as I am. Of course, he grew up with the Phillies since 1927 so he served his time.

  129. EML says:

    Pretty sure cubs fans win that argument

  130. MFG says:

    I had forgotten the Eagles are 0-2 in Super Bowls

    Oakland kicked the shiit out of Vermeil & Co in 1981…

  131. Ron Burgundy says:

    Glad to see all is calm tonight at HHR.

    Faithful Hedgehoogers, stay strong and know that Mitt will prevail in an EV landslide, and yes, PA and MI will be red!

    Lay your head on your pillow tonight with peace about the election, do not be anxious.

    Sleep well. We will have new challenges to face tomorrow.

  132. MFG says:

    Was it 1974?

    We lost our home opener 62-7 to Atlanta then went to Washington and lost that game 40-7


  133. Bitterlaw says:

    I have the Jaguars at 32. The Chiefs are at 31. The Bills are are at 20 because they manages to lose Super Bowls to the Giants and Cowboys.

  134. Bucs don’t play the Eagles this year Mike. The inter-conference rivalry b/w the 2 is no longer. Not as fun to face them. Plus we are rebuilding these days, their still playoff contenders.

  135. 0-2? try starting out your franchise w/ a 0-14 year

  136. Michael says:

    @136 unfortunently we have to face them, at least we won’t have a rough crowd like at Atlanta in the Eagles stadium there is not much to cheer about, I can say the same thing about the Carolina stadium as well Bitter so don’t take offense.

  137. MFG says:

    Remember who the Bucs first win was against?


    You won by a blowout and the game was held in a place that rhymes with LooperHome…

  138. MFG says:

    Saints started 0-14 in 1980 or 1981 unfortunately we beat the Jets in week 15 to finish 1-15

    One win

    By one point

  139. Bitterlaw says:

    The Eagles are 3-2 and in first place, Michael. The Pantehrs are 1-4. For somebody who posts scores every 10 minutes, you might want to check the standings.

  140. Michael says:

    @140 as bad as the Colts last year, too bad the Titans couldn’t send them to 0-16

  141. MFG says:

    Tampa Bay lost their first 26 games in franchise history then came to the SuperDome and beat the Saints 33-14

    A happy day in Saints history…

  142. Bitterlaw says:

    137 – Yu weren’t even born when the Bucs started, Author. That would be like me being pissed that Chuck Kaline and Jimmy Foxx never won a World Series at Baker Bowl.

  143. Michael says:

    You know what I am surprised by, why Portland, Oregon and LA don’t have NFL teams.

  144. Ron Burgundy says:

    Het Author, electorate will be minimum of R+2.

  145. Ron Burgundy says:

    Hey not het

  146. MFG says:

    Los Angeles doesn’t support football

    It’s inexplicable…

  147. Michael says:

    @141 at least our losses are considered losses, yours might as well be considered losses due to the competition you were playing! The Browns??? It was about time your butts were whooped in Arizona

  148. Michael says:

    @149 How about Portland then? Salt Lake City?

  149. MFG says:

    Portland 600,000 people maybe not enough population

  150. damn Eagles-Panthers trash talking here

  151. MFG says:

    Salt Lake 200,000 population

  152. MFG says:

    Virginia needs a franchise

  153. Diamond Jim says:

    How about Chicago?

  154. MFG says:

    San Antonio was eyeing the Saints in the aftermath of Katrina

    A lot of people but not a lot of money in the community is my understanding

    And maybe yet another team in Texas isn’t a good idea

  155. Michael says:

    @153 no trash talk the truth, I have basically told Bitter the truth, the eagles better get ready the Falcons will be soaring over to take over Philidephia, I am hoping to read in the paper this coming Monday EAGLES GET ROMPED BY LIONS 28-3, and the field goal was earned by pass interferences

  156. Bitterlaw says:

    At least the Panthers got a win (sorry, MFG). They also lost to those powerhouse Bucs (sorry, Author).

  157. Michael says:

    @156 Richmond or Norfolk, VA? Oklahoma could use one

  158. MFG says:

    Saints have a win

    I think we’re tied for 2nd at 1-4

  159. Scooter Boy says:

    Adrian Gray: Also worth noting, Pew was the organization that Clinton’s pollster said had “systemic bias” towards. Dems.

  160. MFG says:

    Nobody in Oklahoma I have relatives there

    A LOT of empty space
    Maybe Oklahoma City could support a franchise


  161. MFG says:

    Thats right Tanpa Bay in 2nd at 1-3

    The Falcons must be amazed at their good fortune

  162. Bitterlaw says:

    In honor of the Texas team I didn’t hate as much as the Cowboys. Run and gun!:

  163. Scooter Boy says:

    Adrian Gray: Not sure why there is so much shock to Pew (Romney + 4). At 10:31pm last Wednesday, this seemed likely.

  164. Michael says:

    @160 true, the Bucs were prepared though (congrats author) while saints were not (sorry MFG) as we saw what happened a week later (Kansas City win in OT) but Eagles games are unpredictable in any quarter except for the fact that so far the Eagles have many tight games. A gamble that you lost in Pittsburgh and if they continue will lose them many more possibly, including against the Panthers who are skilled at one thing this year. Interceptions

  165. Michael says:

    @166 oh great his team might get 2-3 do to them getting Kansas City going to Tampa!

  166. MFG says:

    Eagles make the playoffs can’t see them winning NFC but who knows?

  167. Michael says:

    Clevland won Pre-Season match, Raptors are :59 away and up by 10

  168. MFG says:

    Saints are getting better

    Instead of giving up 500 yards a game they’re only giving up 425 now…

  169. INDIA PAPA 727 says:

    152.Portland 600,000 people maybe not enough population

    Comment by MFG

    Commies watch football???

  170. Scooter Boy says:

    Obama has now dropped below 50% in Michigan on RCP Averages.

  171. Michael says:

    Raptors win 102-95

  172. MFG says:

    Texans remind me of 2009 Saints

    Maybe they win it all this year…?

  173. MFG says:

    I dunno IP

    Seattle loves football and thats a pretty far left city

  174. Michael says:

    @173 tell author I send him my blessings when his team and yours face off in 2 weeks, I don’t know what that outcome will be!

  175. MFG says:

    I think the Saints should win that although we tend to struggle against Tampa Bay

  176. Michael says:

    @180 you tend to struggle, we have the same problem when it comes to a division game they tend to be closer

  177. MFG says:

    This alternating quarterback shiit is idiotic

    Ryan is a fuucking moron

  178. addisonst says:

    Want to play a fun gane? Bitter draw a diagram where Eli is as awesome as you say and the iggles still make the playoffs. Newsflash, your crappy division gets one team. Not likely to be yours.

  179. INDIA PAPA 727 says:

    Seattle loves football and thats a pretty far left city

    Comment by MFG

    schizoid personalities. Something as American pie as football, and the lefties like it???

  180. Bitterlaw says:

    MFG – 10-6 will win the NFC East. I think the Eagles can win it but the Giants have an equal shot. The Panthers? No chance at the playoffs this year. Early prediction that means nothing on NFC playoff teams:

    Packers or Cardinals

  181. MFG says:

    It is possible Brees has 800 attempts this year and throws for 6,000 yards

    The necessity to constantly score because of our dogshiit defense could make the above happen

  182. MFG says:

    I pretty much agree with that Bitterlaw not sure GB makes it though

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    Let’s play another game, Add. List everything the Bears have accomplished since Ditka left.

  184. the Saints game will hopefully be like the Gators-LSU game

  185. Bitterlaw says:

    The Saints will come closer to the 2d wild card than the Panthers or Bucs. Book it.*

    *But I don’t bet.

  186. MFG says:

    Saints have virtually no chance for the playoffs

    Dug a hole way too deep…

  187. MFG says:

    Saints are piissed Author

    Bet you a nickel we beat you

  188. Michael says:

    @185 the Packers shouldn’t be an option, I don’t know how the cardinals survive, I think Minnesota should be there instead.

  189. phoenixrisen says:

    Hmmmm, just got in. Noticed these two new Michigan polls showing Romney within 3. And MD beat me up for suggesting that Ryan going to Oakland County was making a good play. 😉 Just some good-natured ribbing MD. Speaking as someone who was born and raised in Michigan, Obama’s debate with Romney opened a lot of people’s eyes. Trust me when I say this, those white blue-collar Democrats in the Rust Belt look like they are swinging to Romney, particularly coal workers. That Obama foreign donor scandal could hurt very much as well. If there is even a chance that Obama is getting foreign contributions from countries like China and Iran, it will be a stampede away from him. The states may be blue in nature, but they are very patriotic Americans. It’s okay to disagree, but I’m just telling you the way they are up there. Strong union prescence up there, but they love their guns and country too.

  190. Sequndo says:

    Birds took the lead.

    Petitte is pitching petite.

  191. Mike M says:

    MFG- I’ve got you beat with the football hard-luck story- try being a Cleveland Browns fan for 49 years with absolutely nothing to show for it… last championship happened when I was still in my crib in 1964, just prior to the Super Bowl era. Sipe ruined our hopes in 1980 with the “red right 88” interception, and Elway crushed our nuts in consecutive AFC championship games in the late 1980’s… now my team is farther than ever from a Super Bowl… I’m starting to realize I may see the grave before my Browns ever win a Super Bowl…

  192. Michael says:

    @190 please, bucks and Panthers have better chance. No bet however

  193. addisonst says:

    Newsflash. The iggle is not going to win 10 games. Bitter I’m not sure you folloiw current events but the bear is 4 and 1 and has gone 21 and 9 when cutler has played. I don’t know why you want to go here. My team is better historically better currently and better anytime. Is rthere a point to your diatribe? You want to argue that the current eagle rteam is better than the bears? Bc its niot even close.

  194. Bitterlaw says:

    Mike M – The Ravens winning must have been a knife in the heart. Sorry, man.

  195. Michael says:

    Watchout everyone the last 100 posts have been about football Hunter and Brando. Are hyperventilating!

  196. addisonst says:

    I’m confused. Is bitter arguing that the iggle is better than the bear historically or today! Bc either argument is nuts. The current eagles are terrible

  197. Bitterlaw says:

    Add – You are a sad, broken little man. Your personal life would probably qualify for Federal disaster relief. If the Bears make you happy and briefly turn down the flames in that hell you are living, I hope you find peace. FIghting over which team that will not win the Suer Bowl this year is better is pretty pointless.

    One of my new favorite shows, Revolution, is on at 10:00. The star is is cute and sexy at the same time.×187&target_height=300&target_width=300

  198. addisonst says:

    Bitter I find it interesting that I talk football and you go personal. Your football team sucks. Your quarterback sucks. Mine don’t. Have a good evening.

  199. idk what Bucs will show up. We have a history of either showing up and shocking the Saints or getting beaten down by them

  200. screw the Browns Mike M, you need a championship period.

  201. what I meant by my last post was the city of Cleveland in general, btw thanks for Lebron!

  202. Bitterlaw says:

    Cutler took himself out of a playoff game and shoved his own player this year after he sucked as QB. Vick killed dogs. Cutler blew Obama and made it rain for him. Have a good night as well.

  203. Waingro says:

    “6500 At Ryan Rally in Rochester, Michigan”

  204. sickofdems says:

    #117….shut it!!

  205. addisonst says:

    I don’t hold anybody accountable for vixk but vick. You see your pathetic football team roasted you get personal. I don’t judge.

  206. Michael says:

    209 do we have a lions fan here?

  207. Michael says:

    VICK SUCKS, at least Newton throws incomplete passes, Vick completes then to opposing players

  208. Samuel Gifeld says:

    All this football talk blows. Good night, freaks.

  209. sickofdems says:

    Yup….life long Lions dork here.

    Lions…Wolverines…Red Wings…Pistons.

    Champions all……………..cept the Lions.