A whole mess of states polls close at 8pm.

Posted by Dave at 8:00 pm
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  1. first says:


  2. DW says:

    GO MITT!!

  3. BayernFan says:

    Dinners over. How are we doing?

  4. Eric Dondero says:

    This just came over from Ali:

    Ali A. Akbar ?@ali
    CNN’s exit polls have #Ohio, 1 pt less Dem and 1 pt more Republican. This math ain’t looking good for Obama.

  5. Rupert says:

    Penn shaping up to be tight. Not sure that means anything. We’ll know FL and OH soon enough.

  6. david d says:

    It is just a plain ahame that anything is too close…Where has America, the beautiful gone? Romney should be spanking O right now. I pray he will prevail in the end.

  7. Eric Dondero says:

    I’m also hearing Ace just called both Virginia and North Carolina for Team Romney. Going over to check to see if their map is updated.

    And Florida news is getting brighter. Looked a little shaky there for a few minutes.

  8. Corey says:

    Go Romney!

    Pray for the best.

  9. mtvphil says:

    Big dump of NE and Mid-Atlantic called for O. All expected.

  10. Jeff G. says:

    A lot of ticket splitters in NC voting McCrory (R) for gov. but Obama for Prez.

  11. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    Ali A. Akbar ?@ali

    Florida, Obama beat McCain by 11pts in early voters. It looks like Obama 1-2pts in early voters. 28% of the population. Romney will win

  12. MD says:

    That is NOT a big enough lead in KY and what is going on in FL? Also, looks like OH ev was greatly in favor of Obama.

    Oh Eric – your DE and IL were just called for Obama. Nice.

  13. Viceroy Argus says:

    Prince William county in VA keeping polls open until midnight

  14. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    The media is trying to influence and discourage Panhandle voters…. again. It’s disgusting.

  15. Dylan says:

    NJ and CT are lightening calls for obama

  16. hugh says:

    5 what does that mean?

  17. Waingro says:

    Romney starting to quickly close gap in FL with election day votes.

  18. Todd McCain says:

    PA Exit poll looks like an Obama win, but obviously that can change.

  19. EML says:

    Upset alert
    KY-06 57% reporting
    Barr (R) 51.6%
    Chandler (D) 45.5%
    Fayette County 33% reported
    Romney ahead by 3.4
    2008 Obama won by 5

  20. MD says:

    Eric – whenever you type anything, I wonder about your accuracy. Saying DE was in play pretty much made anything you type now questionable.

  21. ac1 says:

    PA not too close to call…it is too early to call.

  22. Brandon says:

    Exit polls:

    Florida 50-49 Obama
    Missouri 53-44 Romney
    New Hampshire 50-48 Obama
    New Jersey 53-45 Obama
    Pennsylvania 52-47 Obama

  23. GPO says:

    MD- please remind me to go dark in 2016 during exit poll hours

  24. MD says:

    Sandy prominent in the exit polling.

    Chris Christie

    Dead to me.


  25. EML says:

    Now we have Cuyahoga early vote: Obama +104K. OH will be close.

  26. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    Ali A. Akbar ?@ali

    The media is trying to influence and discourage Panhandle voters…. again. It’s disgusting.

  27. The Vorlon says:

    Obama by about 3% in Ohio say exit polls

  28. Uncle Salty says:

    EV in Fla. was very pro-Obama.

  29. hugh says:

    and they say +7 dems in OH. not a chance

  30. lisab says:

    va 59% romney per cbs

  31. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    These exit polls being published are stupid.

  32. Robbie says:

    CNN exit of Florida is 50-49 Obama. Geesh. Wasn’t expecting that.

  33. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    Ali A. Akbar ?@ali

    Thinking Romney gets 52-53% of Florida when it’s done (even here in an half hour or so). Could even go up.

  34. Big D says:

    +100k for Obama in Ohio I think that is early vote in. Doesn’t seem good enough for Obama. Thoughts?

  35. MD says:

    GPO – best hours of my day. I wasn’t here at all. I am being honest. FL looks very shaky.

  36. Waingro says:

    Ok, O’Reilly is depressing right now.

  37. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    Ali A. Akbar ?@ali

    #Ohio will be a D+ state. Below D+8 but above D+3. At least, looking like that. Romney wins in many of those situations.

  38. MD says:

    O’Reilly basically stated that Christie handed Obama the election.

  39. Rupert says:

    Nobody changed their vote based on the Obama and Christie love fest. Get real.

  40. hugh says:

    MD florida looks good. Early voting adv way down. We will win by 5

  41. Bitterlaw says:

    I worked in the polls in Philadelphia for 8 elections. They have not even opened the machines 10 minutes after they close.

  42. Robbie says:

    Some of these exits are just hard to phathom.

  43. jharrison12 says:

    Any remember this – WI Recall Election – CNN exit polls say its tied:

    What happened here again?

  44. rdelbov says:

    I think VA and FL will go Romney

  45. GPO says:

    any words barone , rove last hour or so

  46. hugh says:

    Rupert, you are so wrong there is abundant evidence polling etc on the impact. It sad, but it mostly low information women.

  47. Waingro says:

    Someone give O’Reilly the hook and get him off my tv screen.

  48. MD says:

    EML – what about the rest of the EV in OH?

    O’Reilly has this country nailed – “people want things. Who will give them things”.


  49. Diogenes says:

    It looks bad for Mourdock. Imbecile.

  50. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    I can’t believe there are morons here when told about numerous exit polling debacle, are still pining for exit poll results.

  51. Bitterlaw says:

    Remember when people were mad at O’Reilly for pitching softballs to Obama in the interviews?

  52. Waingro says:

    Jonathan S. Tobin ?@TobinCommentary

    NBC says Obama won FLA early vote by only 50K. Not much of an advantage. Good news for Romney. #Elections2012

  53. MD says:

    Nelson already projected as the winner.

    Folks – I don’t think we are getting the Senate tonight.

    Chris Christie framed the issue for Obama.

  54. Todd McCain says:

    Romney ahead in fla now

  55. hellbelly says:

    MD….love you brother, but you seem to fixate on any possible negative outcome you either a) see or b) pre-suppose.

  56. Todd McCain says:

    Md, you are right. Christie is dead to me as we’ll.

  57. Tina says:

    Up 2 in fl

  58. Diogenes says:

    We already know from polling that the main effects of Sandy were on the East Coast. Independents swung for Obama big time. I was afraid it would swing Virginia independents but it doesn’t look like it has. We’ll see.

  59. Sy says:


  60. Rupert says:

    Anyone ready to call VA for R?

  61. david d says:

    O’Reilly has this country nailed – “people want things. Who will give them things”.

    100% correct. And I will add that more Americans are ignorant now than ever before. This isn’t going to be a landslide for Romney like I was really hoping for. There are just too many ignorant liberals in the country.

    We have killed ourselves from the inside out.

  62. Todd McCain says:


  63. Albert Hodges says:

    Really, you concern trolls need intense therapy.

  64. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    David Freddoso ?@freddoso

    Youth turnout in VA, per exits, fell from 22% to 16% of the electorate.

  65. Jeff says:

    Connie Mack has ran the worst campaign in the history of politics. I never saw an ad, a flyer, nothing, he just allowed himself to get shellacked by Nelson in the advertising on TV etc. Nelson when asked a question: “A long time ago, I went to space.” What a maroon….

  66. Go Duke!!!! says:

    I’m checking in… Wanting to see my hedgehogs calling race for Mitt so I can go to bed and get my beauty rest.

  67. Tina says:

    Philip Klein ?@philipaklein

    RT @SeanTrende: Would be very surprised at this point if Romney wins VA. Not getting the swings he needs.

  68. GPO says:

    MD- one thing i will disagree is that Gallup said all movement toward obama was in NEast- Christie still dead tome – but until barone says we lose ohio i am wobbly confident

  69. Ameister says:

    Its nice to hope but you gotta look at the numbers ,Not good. D turnout is there and so is ours.
    Too many takers

  70. MD says:

    The exits say 73% white. Can that be right?

  71. hellbelly says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Go Duke!!!! is in the house!

  72. brucefdb says:

    exit polls are done by and for liberals, no different than PPP polling.

    Trying to depress us and suppress our western vote.

  73. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    We lost two Senate seats so far.

  74. moon doggie says:

    We need to show ooo that his time wasn’t wasted and let him use his concession speech.

  75. Pitchaboy says:

    R leading FL now

  76. RB says:

    Hard to really tell what is going on with all the early vote being released first.

  77. Rupert says:

    O’Reilly is bringing me down. About ready to turn him off

  78. Whereismycar? says:

    Foxnews punditry is saying Obama’s chances are good….maybe they need to not follow the exit polls

  79. MD says:

    WTF is with O’Reilly????????

    Romney did sprint to the finish line!

    Fox is just awful. Awful. Awful

    O’Reilly is right about the direction of our country though.

  80. moon doggie says:


    Do it.

  81. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    For some reason Mitt is winning Broward 2-1 per CNN.

  82. Waingro says:

    DW, where are you? Virginia sounds bad.

  83. Go Duke!!!! says:

    I’m watching CNN, you can already tell media is wishing it was still 2008.

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    Go DUKE!!! is back! Full panic mode is on. She has seen it before.

  85. VictrC says:

    Fox in general is a total downer. If you didn’t know any results you would think that Barack Obama has won easily. WTF

  86. EML says:

    63% reporting in KY-06. Barr lead up to 8%. Almost ready to call a Republican pickup here.

  87. jaichind says:

    One good sign in VA. Goode vote is tiny.

  88. rdelbov says:

    Obama won lake County OH–Bellwether OH county by a 1000 votes in 2008.

    Obama only won the early vote in Lake county by 1000 votes. He won the early vote much larger in 2008. I don’t I have the exact number but it was much larger.

  89. Rupert says:

    We need Hannity

  90. MD says:

    Trende says we lose VA. WTF????

  91. Rupert says:

    TN. Suprise! 😉

  92. Redneckman says:

    Hillsborough County in Florida just flipped to Romney

  93. Rupert says:

    Romney way up in VA

  94. Mr.Vito says:

    Sorry I had to leave for a few minutes.

  95. Go Duke!!!! says:

    HELLy BELLY!!!!

  96. Tina says:

    Pause in va vote coungting

  97. MD says:

    So where is Polaris?

    Where is DW to tell us VA will be OK????

  98. jason says:

    Romney up 100k in FL.

  99. barry says:

    O Reilly defines a running campaign by appearing on his show. BS

  100. Jeff G. says:

    #94, Big N Va. counties have not reported yet, neither has Richmond.

  101. jaichind says:

    fairfax county is reportin in VA. know we will know if the obama gap there is enough to overcome rest of state.

  102. Ryan says:

    Romney is running way ahead of Allen. Surprising to hear he may lose

  103. Tom Gordon says:

    Fox sounded really gloomy in 2004 as well.

  104. DW says:

    I don’t see VA looking bad. Long way to go, but the margins look OK to me so far.

  105. Tina says:

    Philip Klein ?@philipaklein

    RT @SeanTrende: Would be very surprised at this point if Romney wins VA. Not getting the swings he needs.

  106. Emerica says:

    Oreilly really is a moron.

    He’s the Fox News version of Chris Matthews.

  107. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    Romney ahead in Prince William Co. (VA) by 19 pts. Obama took it by 20.

  108. moon doggie says:

    Polaris likes to be absent during this time.

  109. Robbie says:

    Dick Morris?@DickMorrisTweet

    #election2012 so far I see nothing to disabuse me of the notion that Romney will win by a lot. Nothing to confirm it either

  110. hellbelly says:

    Fox is, has been, and apparently always will be unwatchable on election nights….its more important for them to get BOR his air time (spouting whatever the last tid-bit he heard before coming on air) rather than doing any hard, continuing analysis.

  111. MD says:

    Mourdock is running 16 points behind Romney? Do you hear that dead enders? 16 points. Imagine that on a national scale? That would equate to a lose of, oh, 70 House seats.

  112. Waingro says:

    Dick Morris ?@DickMorrisTweet

    #election2012 so far I see nothing to disabuse me of the notion that Romney will win by a lot. Nothing to confirm it either

  113. Tina says:

    Dick Morris ?@DickMorrisTweet

    #election2012 Fox news is saying that the exit polls show a high minority turnout. but that is based on weighting rather than real data


  114. moon doggie says:

    How is the tingler?

  115. jharrison12 says:

    It is way too early for gloom and doom. We do know that Obama way underperformed on early voting. We also know that exit polls grossly exagerate D participation – as they did in 2004, 2008 and WI recall.

    Chill – the numbers actually look good.

  116. hugh says:

    I agree with that last comment by morris

  117. Tina says:

    BOR is pissed that Romney would not come on the air with hm.

  118. MD says:

    Yea, they should keep the talking heads off. Just go straight news with analysts. Would love to hear from Barone.

  119. rdelbov says:

    In rural areas Romney is getting the margins he needs in VA. Urban and surburban is still too much out to know.

  120. Michael D. says:

    I remember watching Fox on election night in 2004, they were so depressing until it appeared that Bush was clearly winning. What is the problem at Fox?

  121. Todd McCain says:

    Fla way too close

  122. MD says:

    19% of OH vote in and Romney behind by 19%. Is that good news?

  123. Mr.Vito says:

    My CNN page went haywire so I’m blind right now in florida

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    112 Great post MD.

  125. Tina says:

    More VA #s coming at 8:30 EST. They suspended the count.

  126. Emerica says:

    “Fox is, has been, and apparently always will be unwatchable on election nights….its more important for them to get BOR his air time (spouting whatever the last tid-bit he heard before coming on air) rather than doing any hard, continuing analysis.”

    Good point. gotta change to CNN. first thing I see….gloria borger

    Not sure CNN is much better.

  127. Jeff G. says:

    Dick Morris sounding very decisive right now.

  128. Rupert says:

    I’m confused. Fox depressed. People posting here depressed. Numbers look great for R. What am I missing?

  129. hugh says:

    MD I believe Cuyayoga reports early as is EV

  130. STLScott says:

    CBS just moved Ohio to Obama

  131. Bran Don says:

    stop attacking my boyfriend! Christie 2016! Go Obama!

  132. MD says:

    Thank God for Rove.

  133. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    Rove says VA swing counties look good for Romney

  134. moon doggie says:


    That seems to just be the early vote numbers.

  135. GeauxLSU says:

    Fox shows Romney up in MI with 1%. I assume that is early vote.

  136. GPO says:

    131.CBS just moved Ohio to Obama

    Comment by STLScott — November 6, 2012 @ 8:24 pm

    called it?

  137. david says:

    Rove just mentioned my VA county

  138. WillBest says:

    @ 131 and by moved that is a leaner not an actual call

  139. Eric Dondero says:

    #108 – if that’s true, over 20 point swing to Romney in Prince William Cty VA that’s huge.

  140. jharrison12 says:

    MD – that is where the numbers are coming from – that is bad news for Obama, where he won Cuyahoga county by 40%..if that keeps up, Romney wins Ohio.

  141. SusyQue says:

    Am Listening to Hugh Hewitt show…he has several
    fellows with him discussing the votes. Hugh is the main commentator. I feel more comfortable than I do the cable networks. Hugh still feels good about Mitt Romney. Mike Medved speaking…he makes sense. Want Romney to win…wrote a book that Romney will win and why.

  142. Barrett says:

    Still hope…

    NC – Romney in the lead
    FL – Romney in the lead
    VA – Romney in the lead
    OH – Obama in the lead, but big blue areas already reporting results

    I’m feeling confident

  143. Tom Gordon says:

    Rupert — nerves.

    You are missing nerves.

  144. moon doggie says:


    Which way?

  145. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    Ohio looks bad. EV has him up by the same margin as 2008. Looks really bad.

  146. STLScott says:

    Moved to lean Obama

  147. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    Rove bullish on Mitt in Ohio

  148. jason says:

    123. THere is a huge amount of Cuyahoga votes in with Obama up 100k.

  149. Emerica says:

    Fox News is like an Romney obituary right now.

    so sad.

  150. hugh says:

    with Karl its been all upbeat

  151. Emerica says:

    Everyone on Fox all think Obama has won.

  152. EML says:

    We’ll know nothing about VA until NOVA starts to roll in. Romney needs to do well in the wealthy suburbs.

  153. RB says:

    I don’t know what to think

  154. Bitterlaw says:

    Every election we go through this. If HHR had been around in 1984, we would have had people freaking out, too.

  155. hellbelly says:

    re: 131

    STLScott…..step away from computer….2 hours for premature nonsense.

  156. Jeff G. says:

    Romney is winning Wake County, N.C., with 89% in 51-47. McCain lost that county 57-42 four years ago. Raleigh is in that county.

  157. jharrison12 says:

    Cuyahoga netted Obama 250K votes in 2008…he is underperforming there!

  158. Waingro says:

    Karl Rove is picking me up!!

  159. hugh says:

    very upbeat Karl is high on oh fl and va. we will see

  160. Eric Dondero says:

    For all the VA doubters:

    Adrian Gray ?@adrian_gray
    VA: Henrico county O+4 is 8% behind 2008. Montgomery county R+11 is outperforming Bush 2004. Still early.

    Don’t have any idea where Henrico county is, but it sounds good.

  161. Todd McCain says:

    Guys, what is gong on w fla?

  162. Sasha says:

    Hi all, I am/stressed….I am praying for Mitt

  163. MD says:

    FL just moved to Obama by 3%.

  164. Jeff G. says:


    We wouldn’t have had time to fret in 1984. It was over too quickly.

  165. brucefdb says:

    Looking good in Ohio.

  166. david d says:

    Rove is giving me hope once again…wow what swings we are going through. Keep the faith

  167. GeauxLSU says:

    Rove seems optimistic.

  168. Toledo Steve says:

    In 84 it was already over by now. I remember it well.

  169. LinthicumTodd says:

    Fox needs to just keep Rove on…did great analysis just now on VA, Oh and FL….says Romney ingreat shape!

  170. Travis says:

    Emerica GFY

  171. MD says:

    NC looking very good.

  172. Mr.Vito says:

    Romney is doing well in North Florida… this may bode well in Virginia and Ohio…

  173. david says:

    #162, Basically, Henrico surrounds Richmond.

  174. Waingro says:

    Adrian Gray ?@adrian_gray

    VA: Henrico county O+4 is 8% behind 2008. Montgomery county R+11 is outperforming Bush 2004. Still early.

  175. Diogenes says:

    @apologetic Ca – Where are you getting those numbers from? When they first released Ohio numbers it was all EV and Obama was only 100k ahead.

  176. david says:

    #164, Lets all pray for Mitt and our Country.

  177. MD says:

    167 – Bruce

    Give me your thoughts on that. Pick me up brother!

  178. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:

    We may need WI

    When does WI polls close?

  179. Waingro says:

    #167, yeah??

  180. Cory (O 290 R 248) says:

    Somebody needs to tell Wolf Blitzer that it’s “project”, not “preject”.

  181. hellbelly says:

    …in the Hellbelly household we’re watching the “Big Bang Theory” on TBS and reading the HHR.

    Helps keep my sanity (well, the scotch doesn’t hurt either).

  182. EML says:

    158 – the numbers aren’t right. IT’s not 90% reported.

  183. Barrett says:

    We’re doin it folks…we’re gonna do it

  184. Russ says:

    Karl Rove just now on FOX says good things about VA, OH, and FL for Mitt. Sounded encouraging.

  185. jones says:

    so,epne give me the Spark Notes summary. been gone.

  186. RB says:

    We really need to know where the vote is coming from in FL. If it is all the Gold Coast that may be OK, if not-not so good.

  187. moon doggie says:

    Any word on VA tidewater region?

  188. Rupert says:

    @185 LOVE IT!

  189. The Vorlon says:

    Rove actually thinks Mitt will win… or he spins really, really well 🙂

  190. azguy says:

    If watching FOX…ONLY turn the volume up if barone or rove are on.
    The rest are idiots.

    Romney 350

  191. Tom Gordon says:

    Of all the fox people, perhaps with the exception of Barone, Rove is the one to listen to. The rest spout conventional wisdom.

    He is a very smart guy.

  192. Peasant says:

    Wow. So many panicers here

  193. jharrison12 says:

    Rove is seeing what I am seeing – that Obama is significantly underperforming and Romney is overperforming…we are in great shape.

  194. Diamond Jim says:

    Ben Domenech ?@bdomenech

    RT @mattsheffield: @bdomenech Virginia numbers are looking good for Romney. He’s outperforming McCain in every county but 4

  195. arcangel says:

    Our results system is almost perfectly set up to maximize Republican despair:

    Early votes? Favor D’s, counted first.
    Big cities? Favor D’s, reported first.

    Y’all need to learn to stay calm for a bit longer.

  196. Peasant says:

    193. Agree. The Fox pundits are Uninformed.

  197. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    177, sorry I was looking at CNN’S OH. I just assumed the gap is EV only. I could be completely wrong since most counties haven’t reported anything, but the EV is mucking up the number of votes that are “in.”

  198. MD says:

    Obama seems to be doing very well in FL. What don’t I know?

  199. rdelbov says:

    henrico on North and Chesterfield on south of City of Richmond

  200. DW says:

    Chesapeake VA:

    Obama won it by a whisker in 2008.


    Romney 55
    Obam 43

    80% in.

  201. moon doggie says:



  202. Waingro says:

    Philip Klein ?@philipaklein

    I think @SeanTrende may be overly neg on Romney’s chances in VA. Just 24% in, and he’s even outperforming Bush in a few cos

  203. LouisianaParakeetsForRomneyRyan says:


  204. hugh says:

    would be good to know how mitt is doing in tampa

  205. Tim V says:

    wb go duke

  206. Rupert says:

    @201 pan handle

  207. Mark2 says:

    it is only 8:30 people stop we will know better around 10 pm

  208. Apologetic California (Rombot 267 - Commiebama 271) says:

    I don’t know anymore, I’m checking out.

  209. WillBest says:

    Only concerning thing about FL so far is that Obama is up 5% in Tampa with about 40% left to go. Everything else looks okay.

  210. GPO says:

    i care about one thing only what does Barone think is happening in ohio

  211. jaichind says:

    The % in and EV system is totally messed up. In FL Obama has a massive lead in Miami-Dade but is 0% in. I assume % in is election day voting but is totally inaccurate. Makes it impossible to figure what is going on.

  212. lisab says:

    romney leading 51 to 47% popular vote

    that makes the math really difficult for obama

  213. GPO says:

    new thread

  214. RottiLargo says:

    Critz (D) campaign sounding less than confident

    “7:50 pm: Mikus also says that every target precinct for the Critz Campaign in Johnstown is over 70 percent turnout

    4:40pm: Critz spokesman Mike Mikus said he’s heartened by universally strong turnout, in Dem as well as GOP areas. He said Rothfus’s numbers among independents and Republicans as strong, so turnout in areas like Johnstown and Aliquippa (Beaver Co.) will be key”

  215. WillBest says:

    @ 215 they haven’t begun to count NY or the pacific coast yet.

  216. Mr.Vito says:

    The liberal areas in North Florida are basically done… there is still a lot of red out there versus se florida

  217. dave says:

    I’m not panicked at all. Fla is one sexy beeeatch. s. fla hasn’t even posted numbers and BAM is up pretty solid. I better get drunk fast. don’t wanna be sober when they call the whole card game.

  218. Sasha says:

    I hate the stress….Please, Lord, preserve our nation. Please let Romney win.

  219. Jake says:

    O’Riley lied. Obama not up 8 pts with Independents in NH. Only up 2