PPP Polls From NC, SC and KY

As promised, Public Policy Polling was quite busy today, starting with the new poll they released for the state of North Carolina showing Republicans may have a tough time winning the US Senate seat there. Renee Ellmers appears to be their best bet as it stands now.

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 45%
Renee Ellmers (R) 39%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 49%
Virginia Foxx (R) 39%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 48%
George Holding (R) 39%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 48%
Patrick McHenry (R) 40%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 45%
Sue Myrick (R) 44%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 48%
Thom Tillis (R) 38%

Virginia Foxx 17%
Sue Myrick 14%
Patrick McHenry 13%
Renee Ellmers 11%
George Holding 9%
Richard Hudson 6%
Mark Meadows 4%
Thom Tillis 2%

Marco Rubio 21%
Mike Huckabee 15%
Paul Ryan 12%
Chris Christie 10%
Jeb Bush 9%
Condoleezza Rice 9%
Rand Paul 6%
Sarah Palin 5%
Rick Santorum 5%

This poll was done December 6-9 among 578 registered General Election voters and 462 primary voters. Meanwhile in South Carolina, PPP shows the current Governor Nikki Haley trailing the man she beat two years ago.

Vincent Sheheen (D) 46%
Nikki Haley (R-inc) 44%

Vincent Sheheen (D) 46%
Curtis Loftiz (R) 37%

Vincent Sheheen (D) 44%
Glenn McConnell (R) 41%

Nikki Haley (inc) 66%
Curtus Loftis 18%

Nikki Haley (inc) 58%
Glenn McConnell 26%

PPP also put out numbers for the US Senate race in South Carolina where I did not realize we will actually have two elections in 2014 – Jim DeMint’s open seat as well as Lindsey Graham’s seat. Today’s poll shows how Lindsey Graham matches up against potential Republican challengers head-to-head.

Lindsey Graham (inc) 67%
Tom Davis 17%

Lindsey Graham (inc) 57%
Trey Gowdy 29%

Lindsey Graham (inc) 64%
Mick Mulvaney 20%

Lindsey Graham (inc) 64%
Mark Sanford 26%

Lindsey Graham (inc) 54%
Tim Scott 32%

Apparently 26% of the Republican voters think Graham is so much of a RINO that they are willing to pick a scumbag like Mark Sanford…unreal. This poll was done December 7-9 among 520 registered voters in the General Election and 506 primary voters. Finally from PPP, a new poll from Kentucky showing Mitch McConnell supposedly only leading Ashley Judd by 4% in a General Election while she also dominates the Democratic field by double digits.

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 47%
Jerry Abramson (D) 43%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 48%
Matthew Barzun (D) 37%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 47%
Jack Conway (D) 43%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 48%
Adam Edelen (D) 36%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 46%
Greg Fischer (D) 41%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 47%
Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) 40%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 47%
Ashley Judd (D) 43%

Mitch McConnell (R-inc) 48%
John Yarmuth (D) 38%

Ashley Judd 29%
Jerry Abramson 16%
Jack Conway 15%
Alison Lundergan Grimes 9%
John Yarmuth 9%
Greg Fischer 5%
Adam Edelen 2%
Matthew Barzun 0%

This poll was done December 7-9 among 1266 registered voters.

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76 Responses to “PPP Polls From NC, SC and KY”

  1. W. PA Observer says:

    Plumline fool at WaPO is having a meltdown over the Michigan RTW law.

    “Greg Sargent
    Victory for right wing as MI passes law encouraging free riding off others’ negotiating. Now on to denying gays right to marry!”

  2. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    All is well. As my first official appointment, I appoint El Patron and Walt as HHR senators until elections can be held.

  3. lt. gov. jason says:

    Now that the election is over we can move towards RTW at HHR.

  4. W. PA Observer says:

    North Korea has fired a missile according to the Japanese. It’s passed over Okinawa.

  5. Tim says:

    I had previously heard that Gov. Haley was in some trouble. I suppose what I heard was accurate.

  6. AuH2ORepublican says:

    Didn’t Sue Myrick retire from the House due to her health? And people think she’ll run for the Senate?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Myrick, and she was my dream candidate for governor in 2004 and 2008, but she’s not getting any younger, and I do recall her having health issues. For that reason, I think that Congressman Patrick McHenry (a young conservative also from the Charlotte media market) is the best choice.

  7. Moderate Party says:

    Press Release
    The Moderate party will not stand for a Walt appointment.
    We ask that Gov. Bitterlaw appoint a commission that would advice the governor on 3 different choices for senator.

  8. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    The best choice is somebody who can win. That is my only litmus test until the GOP takes the Senate.

  9. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    Suck it, Moderate Party.

  10. Michael says:

    @7 she was my congresswoman, great person and she would have easily crushed Hagan in 2014. I called the Charlotte office, she is retiring for good. Ellmers I would say is the best bet, NC always wants one woman in the senate no matter what. McHenry, though good, I think would be a challenge for the asses in Raleigh to stomach.

  11. Moderate Party says:

    Governor Bitterlaw and his administration has decided to not take the second opinions of others and instead has decided to make the irrational decision of nominating two people for senate in the spur of the moment.
    There was no thought out process in finding credible senate candidates, and Governor Bitterlaw will have to one day answer why he made such a fast and non substantive decision.

  12. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    Who did you want, Michael…um…Moderate Party.

  13. SoHope - It's like 1824 all over again! says:

    Appointing Arthor and Walt as Senators?!?

  14. Moderate Party says:

    The Moderate Party would like Governor Bitterlaw to pick a person to review three of the Governor’s prominent candidates. The person would then review the candidates and give a recommendation of which two candidates the Governor should pick for senate.

    The moderate party will not however make the decisions bestowed to you for appointments, we are merely asking for you to appoint this commissioner to see which candidates the commissioner feels are qualified for the senate appointments.

    A few recommendations for possible commissioners, Tim, SusyQue, NYC Mike, or Michael.

  15. SoHope - It's like 1824 all over again! says:

    I would Michael wants himself as Rock Rep as the senators.

    I will withdrawl my grievance if I am appointed to the HHR school board just long enough to say “Suck it, Michael and Jul” and then I will resign.

  16. SoHope - It's like 1824 all over again! says:

    I would = I think

  17. Moderate Party says:

    The Moderate Party, Governor Bitterlaw, is not represented by Michael. However, Michael is the leader of the Republican leaning wing of the Party.

  18. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt has actually been a legiator. Author is an intelligent guy who speaks Spanish. We need Hispanic support. Walt is also a HOBO.

  19. Michael says:

    SoHope, I am not running for school board. I am saving money to give to Jul’s opponents instead so I can make sure he loses the next school board race

  20. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    I appoint SoHope as Secretary of Education.

  21. Moderate Party says:

    It seems Governor Bitterlaw that you have picked 2 of 3 people for a commissioner to look at. Please choose a third and then a commissioner and then the process can begin

  22. Moderate Party says:

    Press Release
    Governor Bitterlaw,
    The Moderate Party applauds the appointment of SoHope to Secretary of Education.

  23. SoHope - It's like 1824 all over again! says:

    I want to introduce a bill making the tethered pig our state animal

  24. SoHope - It's like 1824 all over again! says:



    OK, I quit!

  25. Michael says:

    SoHope what the heck? I am not running for office you idiot!

  26. SoHope says:

    So your not running for National Security Advisor?

    The nation just took a sigh of relief.

  27. Michael says:

    @27 SoHope, before you blow your gasket I am going to say that I am currently not seeking to run for any elected office, that’s it. Not until I am out of college at the very least do I feel I will have any real qualifications to run for office. So shut up about the darn thing, you are nothing more than a ass that won’t shut up

  28. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    I hereby abolish the HHR Dept of Education.

  29. Moderate Party says:

    The Moderate Party is asking for Governor Bitterlaw to draft a bill to require that an invasion of a liberal blog be communicated to the Governor and Lt. Governor prior to invasion

  30. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    The Moderate Party can suck it twice.

  31. Moderate Party says:

    The Moderate Party will not stand for such vile. Prepare yourself Governor Bitterlaw, the party has already drafted candidates for Treasurer and Auditor

  32. Tim says:

    You people do realize I’m supposed to be the only drunk here, right?

  33. Michael says:

    @Politics1com: NJ GOV 2013: State Sen Barbara Buono (D) announces her candidacy vs Gov Chris Christie (R).

    Here we go

  34. Tim says:

    She cannot possibly beat him.

  35. Michael says:

    @35 I agree

  36. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – That is why you are in charge of the booze. It’s your niche,

  37. Tim says:

    Governor, as you know, I am old school. And, let me assure you than an occasional pint placed in the right hands can serve as “walking around money”.

    No that I’ve ever seen that done, or anything………

  38. Michael says:

    @Politics1com: MARYLAND: State Comptroller Peter Franchot (D) announced he will seek reelection in 2014, not enter open Governor race.

  39. W. PA Observer says:

    For us- she can’t run again in her senate seat and the dem primary at the same time- if she goes through with it- the GOP could pick up that seat- she’s held it since 2001. Middlesex County, NJ.

    I think the Dems big fear is IF Booker does not run for gov (he has the best chance to win or at least keep it from being a disaster), they expose themselves to a the possibility of a true blow-out that could devastate them down ballot. The more open Dem State Sen. seats, the better.

  40. W. PA Observer says:

    The last ridiculous landslide in New Jersey for governor was probably Tom Kean Sr. being reelected in 1985- he won 71-24 and I think all but two towns in the entire state. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic Assembly was massacred. The best the Dems have done in recent years was Jimmy McGreevy’s 59-41 win in 2001.

  41. Michael says:

    @40 how many seats do you think at the moment the GOP would pick up in state house and senate without a serious dem challenger to Christie

  42. W. PA Observer says:

    42- No idea, it’s a Democrat gerrymander- the GOP picked up only 1 seat when Christie was elected in 2009 despite winning the assembly vote total. The Dems held 59% of the seats with less than 50% of the vote. Now THAT’s a gerrymander.

  43. Michael says:

    @43 wow, I wish the senate or assembly will flip

  44. Emerica says:

    Zerohedge: the five stages of democracy, and why austerity is failing in Europe (every single government who started it has been thrown out in Europe because democracy won’t accept it)

    Stage one: countries are poor and they think that they are poor.

    Stage two: Countries are getting richer, but they still think they are poor.

    Stage three: Countries are rich, and they think of themselves as rich.

    Stage four: Countries become poorer, and think of themselves as rich.

    Stage five: Go through deleveraging and relative decline, which they are slow to accept.

  45. Gov. Bitterlaw says:

    Stage 6 – Pathetic losers flock to pseudo-visionary who sells hating Jews and national weakness as platform.

  46. Michael says:

    @46 lol

  47. Cory says:

    Stage 7 – Those pathetic losers decide to ignore democratic ideals and try and cheat their way to power instead

  48. rdelbov says:

    RTW in Michigan will make me sleep easier tonight!!!

  49. W. PA Observer says:

    49- So the conservative comedian/ fox news contributor who got beaten by the union goon today (who apparently wore a jacket with his name and local hall # on it) has given him an ultimatum- Fight him in a sanctioned MMA match or he presses charges. Pretty cool.

  50. SoHope says:

    Stage 8: Unwitting reader accidently reads an entire post from Bunu b/c he didn’t see who it was from…bummer

  51. Michael says:

    Governor Bitterlaw, aren’t you going to do something about that thing called Bunu?

  52. lt. gov. jason says:

    I see there is already a fight for positions in the new administration.

    The general HHR population should feel assured that the Bitter/jason administration makes appointments strictly on merit, not political pressure or cold cash.

    Any cash received will be placed in the HHR building fund.

  53. Michael says:

    @53 you mean from advertisements from the $0.01 1776 books on Dave’s front page?

  54. lt. gov. jason says:

    Post 45 gets the coveted Drivel of the Week award.

    Sorry, Wobbie Troll, your post justifying your absence when nobody asked only came in second.

  55. Michael says:

    Where is this cash Jason?

  56. lt. gov. jason says:

    As Senator, Author should head the Chores and Errands Committee, he is obviously the most experienced.

  57. lt. gov. jason says:

    56. Don’t worry about it, it will be safe under the Amish accounting system: mattresses.

  58. Michael says:

    @58 what all the Swiss accounts closed? Why not try to convince Dave to lower the price for ads?

  59. lt. gov. jason says:

    So Bunu doesn’t believe in democracy?

    What was the first clue?

    Oh yes, do away with primaries, appoint Paulbots.

  60. david says:

    The SC and NC numbers are joke. Heck, you never hear anything out of hagan, No ways she wins.

  61. Michael says:

    Good night everyone, tomorrow marks the first day that Lord Farquad has taken control of HHR and his side kick of a Lt Governor

  62. AuH2ORepublican says:

    So, Michael, your argument against nominating Patrick McHenry for the U.S. Senate is that NC is a state in which voters will not countenance having two male Senators? Aren’t you aware that NC had two male Senators from 1789 to 2002? NC has elected exactly two women to the Senate–Dole in 2002 and Hagan in 2008–and I don’t think that nominating a male will sink the GOP’s chances. Whether we nominate a male or female, unless the GOP nominee talks about legitimate rape, Blanche Hagan is going down, just like Blanche Lincoln did in 2010, and just like will happen to Blanche Landrieu in 2014, and just as would have happened to Blanche McCaskill had Akin not opened his mouth.

  63. AuH2ORepublican says:

    #58, jason, that’s just silly; only the English sleep on mattresses.

  64. lt. gov. jason says:

    I have been saying all along Bunu is really a Democrat and is wasting his time here.

    Reason poll: Young libertarians favored Obama over Romney by 10 points.

  65. lt. gov. jason says:

    ” marks the first day that Lord Farquad has taken control of HHR and his side kick of a Lt Governor”

    Lord Farquad took control of the Lt Governor?

    It’s either a coup or horrendous grammar.

  66. lt. gov. jason says:

    PPP puts up ridiculous polls, and there are a lot of people playing straight men at HHR.

  67. W. PA Observer says:

    63- Eh, we also elected (often narrowly) Jesse Helms to that seat for 5 terms. However I doubt somewhat like Helms could win there in 2014- I do think an experienced female candidate might have an easier time tossing out Hagan.

  68. Walt, One of Two Appointed Acting HHR Senator says:

    To Gov. Bitter and all the citizens of HHR land–Dems, Repubs and other assorted creatures alike,

    I am truly humbled and honored to have been selected to be one the two HHR Senators.

    I pledge to uphold the fine traditions of all the senators who have preced…
    Wait, Author and I are the very first two? [strike this paragraph].

    I pledge to carve the curve and pave the path for integrity, hard work, and dedication to purpose that many future HHR Senators will no doubt strive mightily to match.

    Being appointed Acting Senator is quite a step up since prior to this I was only acting as a fool.

  69. Apologetic California says:

    Earlier I nominated WI GOP as the best badass state party in the country.

    Then I remembered that I live in California. I have to hand it to Democrats. That 2/3rds was just a f/kcing big “get”. They completely, completely, annihilated Republicans, and more than that, put a huge dent in the nominally anti-tax Californian populace. I hate them, but props is props. These b!tches are scary, you have no idea.

  70. Acting HHR Senator Walt says:


    Monkey should have ‘right to choose’ where he lives…
    Can voting rights be far behind???

  71. Apologetic California says:

    How they got to 2/3rds by the way is the story. ProPublica convincingly detailed how CA Dems poisoned the “Independent” Redistricting Commission and pulled all kinds of shenanigans to effectively made sure it’s the Democrats who are in charge, when the law specifically states that no party gets a majority. So they faked the bios of the “independents” on the panel.

  72. ??????? says:


  73. SoHope says:

    Everyone enjoy your last day on earth!

  74. lt. gov. jason says:

    Hello Moderate Party.

    We won.

    Deal with it.


  75. terry says:

    72. Sounds like something they would do in Mexico or South America. Rig the process just speeds up California becoming another third rate banana republic.