Warner Dominates US Senate Race, Hillary Leads McDonnell in Prez Race

In the state of Virginia, Bob McDonnell may be a popular Governor, but he would trail both Mark Warner in a US Senate match up next year as well as Hillary in a Presidential contest in 2016 according to more numbers from the Public Policy Polling poll.

Mark Warner (D-inc) 53%
Bill Bolling (R) 35%

Mark Warner (D-inc) 56%
Eric Cantor (R) 37%

Mark Warner (D-inc) 57%
Ken Cuccinelli (R) 36%

Mark Warner (D-inc) 52%
Bob McDonnell (R) 42%

Hillary (D) 49%
Bob McDonnell (R) 44%

This poll was done January 4-6 among 602 registered voters.

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343 Responses to “Warner Dominates US Senate Race, Hillary Leads McDonnell in Prez Race”

  1. jason says:

    One, is the loneliest number…

  2. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    What, in the name of idiotic citizens, has Hillary Clinton ever done to deserve this lofty spot in voter’s minds?

  3. jason says:

    I never joined the NRA. Wondering if I should now. They have 100k new members since the new gun grab movement started. I don’t like some of their policies but feel I should do something.

  4. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    McDonald, that’s an okay showing against Clinton. Holding her under 50

  5. jason says:

    I don’t care what PPP-Fraud says.

  6. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Lew may not get confirmed, because republicans and the Socialist are now saying they will vote no.

  7. Corey says:

    Quick points-

    A. When all is said and done, I doubt Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016.

    B. We really have no idea whom the Democrats will eventually nominate, but it is not feasible that they will be able to find someone with the political skills and the ability to achieve the emotional devotion of so many like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. A sub-par Democrat politician has not won the Presidency in a very, very long time, which is why I think, that with historical trends, about what almost always happens after two terms of one party in the White House, Republicans will stand a very good chance of winning the White House in 2016 with a good candidate.

    C. It is far too early to know or to decide who should be the 2016 GOP nominee, but I am pretty certain it will not be Chris Christie. While it is too early, I think it probably will be (and should be) one of the following 11 Republicans, presented strictly in alphabetical order
    1. Jeb Bush
    2. Bobby Jindal
    3. John Kasich
    4. Susana Martinez
    5. Bob McDonnell
    6. Rob Portman
    7. Marco Rubio
    8. Paul Ryan
    9. Rick Snyder
    10. John Thune
    11. Scott Walker

    D. Before any of this matters though, we need to try to win as many elections as possible in 2013 and 2014. Some of the 11 names mentioned will be up next year, some will not, but all of them, and many others in the GOP should focus on the midterm cycle and proving themselves in regards to political appeal first before we care about any sort of 2016 polling data.

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    A Paulbot is trying to convince me that Zionist Jews caused the 9/11 attacks. Has anybody ever heard of James Jaeger?

  9. Brandon says:

    Yeah, Rick Snyder has a better chance of being the nominee than Chris Christie. Ridiculous.

  10. Phil says:

    Dems up 5 in a Virginia presidential poll?

    Seems about right in line with the last two presidential elections.

    Virginia gone.

    Bye Bye

  11. Corey says:

    I think neither Snyder or Christie will run, but that Snyder would be a stronger electoral candidate and would be a better President.

    However, it is far too early to have this “debate.”

    Chris Christie needs to get reelected this year and Rick Snyder needs to get reelected next year. That’s what matters now.

  12. Bitterlaw says:

    I can’t even remember who Rick Snyder is and I don’t think it is worth looking him up.

  13. Brandon says:

    Sarah Palin has a better chance of being the nominee than a lot of those people you listed.

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    Ok. The Michigan Governor. I will only consider him if Jul calls him a RINO.

  15. Corey says:

    I didn’t make a list of odds. I just said that one of those people is probably going to be the nominee and one of those people probably should be the nominee.

    I don’t know which of them yet, for either aspect, and it’s not something to focus on at this point.

    Bitter, Rick Snyder is the Governor of Michigan. He won there in a landslide in 2010. He recently signed the Right to Work legislation and has a tough reelection battle ahead of him, but if he wins, by virtue of being a two-term Governor of Michigan, would certainly deserve to be in the conversation about strong national prospects.

  16. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey – I do not want Lovey Smith as the next Eagles’ coach. I need to focus on important things, not the Governor of Michigan.

  17. Waingro says:

    #8, don’t count out Rand Paul. He is starting to get momentum from alot of conservatives. Many people were propping him up today at hotair.

    I’m not a fan, but he doesn’t appear to be as extreme as his Dad on foreign policy issues (at least not yet). Plus, he’s 123498123984 times more articulate.

    He’s at least a darkhorse.

  18. Waingro says:

    #11, Phil, you’re still in the “all hope is lost” hangover phase, huh?

    I was there too for about a month after the election but am now over it.

    It’s time to toughen up, bro!

  19. Corey says:

    I hope you get stuck with Lovie.

  20. Corey says:

    I think Rand Paul can accomplish things in the Senate that most of us can approve of, at least much of the time.

    But he will not, nor should not, ever be part of a national ticket.

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    Better Lovie than that p*ssy, Cutler. Diabetic loser.

  22. Waingro says:

    #17, I heard they spoke with Brian Kelly today too.

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    I would rather say that to Add but he ran away.

  24. Waingro says:

    #21, agreed. But I think you underestimate the level of support he’s likely to get.

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    Waingro – They are speaking with everybody they can find. I think that MD’s interview is Saturday. The speculation is that they are really interested in several different people OR they are pretending to be interested but are really going to hire John Gruden. I have no idea. A little known fact – Gruden’s son plays football for Lafayette. Also on the team? Vaughn Hebron (son of former Eagle and Denver Bronco, Vaughn Hebron).

  26. Corey says:

    The level of support he would get will not be nearly enough, but everyone who supports him, ought to focus on electing Republicans who have last names other than Paul to office in 2013 and 2014 first.

  27. Scott says:

    I joined the NRA after Columbine. Does anyone remember the million mom march?
    It appears that after today’s meeting with Biden, the NRA has thrown down the gauntlet and will aggressively fight. The NRA Rep at the meeting said that school safety was not discussed. The only discussions were about Second Amendment restrictions.
    I believe that the NRA wins this fight. What say all of you?

  28. Corey says:

    John Gruden is almost certain to stay on MNF.. I wanted him for the Bears I guess too.

    Brian Kelly is likely just trying to get a raise from Notre Dame.

  29. Brandon says:

    Gruden wants the Eagles but the Eagles don’t want him.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    I believe that the NRA wins this fight. What say all of you?

    Comment by Scott

    Did I mention that I don’t own a gun?

  31. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe, Brandon. It could also be a big dance that will end up with Chucky at the Linc. Or not.

  32. Brandon says:

    I say give this another month and this will be out of the news cycle.

  33. Phil says:

    Hopefully, they do.

  34. Scott says:

    #31- Bitter
    Many times you have mentioned that you are gunless. Your reasons are ones I understand and respect since I was there at one time in my life.
    BayernFan I disdain on this matter because he sees no utilitarian value to semi-automatics. I guess he has never heard of the concept of self-defense or that the Korean merchants,who defended their properties during the 1993 LA riots with semi -automatic firearms,survived the onslaught.
    As an attorney,you must have some opinion about Amendment #2 to the Constitution.As a political thinker, you must have some opinion about whether the NRA or the Obama Administration win s the gun control battle.
    My question is how would anything get through the House of Representatives?

  35. Brandon says:

    I’m sure there are things that can be done through executive order that he can bypass the congress in order to get done.

  36. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    My question is how would anything get through the House of Representatives?


    *just like throwing that word out there, so Michael can say how much he loves Susan Collins, Tom Collins sister. She makes a great 1950’s drink!

  37. Diogenes says:

    Virginia is 20% black. Obama was always a strong candidate in Virginia because of it.

    As an example of how black turnout increased nationwide, Black turnout increased by over 200k in Ohio whereas white turnout decreased by 200k. The Obama machine only got better when ours got worse.

    Obvious problems to fix and not necessarily a bridge too far.

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    Scott – Here is my take. Many people are sickened by the thought of children’s blood pooling in classrooms. They don’t care what is effective or reasonable. They just don’t want it repeated. Of coursem there really is no foolproof way to prevent it. If the NRA wanted my input, I would suggest proposing something that seems like a real change (limit the size of magazines) but really isn’t (buy 3 10 clip magazines instead of 1 30 clip one). Play the Left’s game. It doesn’t matter if what you propose actually solves the problem as long as it seems that you care.

  39. Scott says:

    #39- Bitter
    Agree 100%. Results are secondary to intentions and feel-goodism.
    Remember that Columbine happened during the first semi-automatic gun ban.
    Also, there is nothing being proposed by Biden that would have stopped the CT atrocity.

  40. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    They don’t care if you get RESULTS, they just CARE that you CARE.

  41. Bitterlaw says:

    Scott – People just want you to “care.” The Left know that foodstamps, long term welfare, and almost 50 years of the Great Society philosophy destroyed entire communities. It didn’t matter becuase they “care.”

  42. Scott says:

    So what gun legislation opposed by the NRA could pass the House? The Republicans have a 16 seat advantage and even with some peel-off by Republicans in NY,CA and NJ,how does anything pass?

  43. Scott says:

    CNN has an article that 61% of all cigarettes purchased in NYC have been smuggled in.
    This shows what high taxes and banning items do.

  44. Stef says:

    Haven’t seen Dave put up PPP’s mildly hilarious push poll comparing the US Congress to everything from Ghenghis Khan (Khan +4 but still under 50%) to gonorrhea (Congress by a landslide).

  45. lisab says:

    what has killed more American citizens sin the last year

    a. assault rifles

    b. illegal aliens residing in the usa

    when will illegal aliens be banned?

  46. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Off to a PSU basketball game on espnu best chance for PSU to win for awhile tonight

  47. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Conundrum. The very people that 3 months ago were telling me that the enthusiasm factor for Obama in 12`would not come close to Obama in 08 are now the same people who are telling me the next Marxist candidate will not illicit major enthusiasm in 16 like the Obama of 12.

    Kind of hard to reconcile that.

  48. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The takers want their goodies and they vote in general elections. There are more of them than there are of us.


  49. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I do think we can prevail in VA next year as long as we don’t do something stupid like keep this 3 way dance going. Oh…..

  50. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not feeling great. If I get the flu I will be pissed.

  51. Tulipomania says:

    Funny thing about Rand is that we have already won him Iowa. Or if Ron runs again, he will win Iowa.
    Whichever one runs, we still win Iowa.

    But Rand will get credit for winning Iowa rather than Ron, but that’s fine.

    It will help him in NH.

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    Or if Ron runs again, he will win Iowa.
    Whichever one runs, we still win Iowa.

    Tonight, in the bunker, Bunu plans what to do with all of the imaginary Iowa Delegates in 2016. Earlier today, Ron Paul rallied his remaining supporters:

  53. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    January 10, 2013 at 7:38 pm
    I’m not feeling great. If I get the flu I will be pissed.

    I don’t know if it was the several comments back and forth about vacation, but my head has been killing me for the last 2 hours, and I am getting the chills in a 80 degree office. Not a good sign.

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – My head is a little fogy. I thought that I read that Bunu said Ron Paul could win Iowa in 2016. Is that possible or am I really that sick?

  55. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Lentil or Minestrone soup, an apple, and a shot of whiskey.
    Then call me in the morning.

    If you still don’t feel ok, you’ll have to let it run its course.

    I’ll send you a bill.

  56. Bitterlaw says:

    If I go down, jason steps in. After that the succession is Walt, Author, SoHope and, if necessary, MD. It’s not in the rules but MD was born to be a mf-er at a moment’s notice.

  57. Phil says:


    Forget it. The people on this site will never learn. Election trends don’t matter. Numbers don’t matter. Demographics don’t matter. Wishful thinking is all they need. LOL

    Reublicans got 59% of the white vote – biggest percentage since Reagan

    Romney carried indies by 5 points……….

    and we lost by 5 million votes.

    What does that say? It says the takers have it and their numbers only grow every presidential election.

    Watching people on this site continuing to live in a dream world is sad.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil has now assumed the clear lead position as Doomer. Brandon has no shot at taking the title.

  59. Phil says:

    The site is still very useful, however. It affords all of us the opportunity to beat up bunu (which I enjoy).

  60. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    MD said he didn’t want to cheap-arse governorship on a blog (paraphrasing). If he becomes Governor, I will make a full-frontal assault with lisab to take over the committees. There will be mustard & ketchup on every cheesesteak made in that town!

  61. Tulipomania says:

    My point is that everyone thinks that Rand’s policy positions or maneuverings matter for Iowa.

    They don’t. If Ron were to run again, I think we could forty thousand votes = easy victory in Iowa.

    So any “improvements” or broader appeal is just adding votes on.

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    At least we can agree on that, Phil.

  63. Phil says:

    Thanks. It’s good to retake the title. I lost my marbles during the campaign, but have now come back over to reality.

    Long live our leader for life, Barack Obama.

    There is no god but Barack.

  64. Tim says:

    You had asked what I would cut from the Budget, in a previous thread. I do have some ideas.

    1. Let Medicare negotiate prices directly with drug companies. That would save several billion dollars.
    2. End the Drug War. It’s been going on for 40 years, it costs $150 billion, and it doesn’t work. Less money could be spent on treatment, education, and job training for depressed areas, and be more effective.
    3. Do some prison reform. We put $70 billion a year into our Federal Prison system. Time to rethink that, since it also doesn’t do much of a job. Perhaps, for one thing, non-violent offenders could do some restitution, instead of time. Building more prisons is just not smart policy, when we already incarcerate more people than any other Country in the World, per capita.
    I would also cut the Defense Budget, some. It’s the largest discretionary expenditure, at about 30% of the discretionary outlay.

    I would also have Medicare for everyone, and kick all Insurance companies out of Health Care. Not exactly a Budget cut. But, it would save billions in the Economy. Medicare is both cheaper and more effective than private insurance. There’s the real answer to the Health Care problem in this Country.

    Well, that’s some of the things I would do. Of course, not one bit of that would pass in Congress. So……

  65. Tulipomania says:

    Ron Paul loses Miami Dade chairmanship by 2 votes….but

    GOP Chairman Diaz’s contribution was to U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who since 2011 has been chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

    Two emails outlining that and various other charges of closet liberalism have gone viral in the days since Sunshine State News told the story of the gains made by the “liberty movement” at the Dec. 18 Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee (REC) election.

  66. Bitterlaw says:

    After losing in 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul could win in 2016? I may have bubonic plague if that makes sense.

  67. Tim says:

    Phil, when the President’s term ends in 2017, and he goes back to Chicago, who’s gonna be Leader for Life, then?

  68. Tim says:

    I thought that bunu switched to pushing Rand Paul. What happened to that?

  69. Phil says:

    Does it matter, Tim? Obama or another lefty clone of Obama. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    I’m sure your liberal friends will do everything they can to work around that nasty 22nd Amendment. How are you lefties planing to do it BTW? Declare some sort of national emergency? I’m sure Chrissy Mathews is devising a plan as we speak. Whatever it takes I suppose. Constitution doesn’t seem like that much of an obstacle to Hugo Obama.

    Get those guns, Barack even if it takes three or four terms.

  70. Phil says:

    Maybe Michelle can runin 2016 if the people insist on abiding by that stupid constitution. This electorate will probably give her 52 or 53% of the vote. Perhaps 55 if you can get those illegals registered. Holder is working on that one I’m sure.

  71. Phil says:

    Bill Clinton, ather of the year.

    What a country.

  72. Phil says:


  73. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Phil – you are being paranoid. You act like this administration told a non-gov firm that they could not move from one state to another.

    What? Never mind.

  74. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Yea, his girl works for NBC and is beyond awful at the job. Before that, she faked it at a hedge fund. They had her leave that job because it could be a political liability in the future.

    Hey, maybe he is Father of the Year after all.

  75. Tulipomania says:


    Age is obviously working against Ron, and he doesn’t want to run again.

    And Rand is gearing up for a run.

  76. Tim says:

    Phil, were you like this the last time a Republican won? Or, are you only like this when you lose?

  77. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    Did you get new knee pads for Rand? The ones you used when servicing Ron are special to you, are they not?

  78. Phil says:

    F O Bunu

    I enjoyed saying that.

  79. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Tim – the numbers don’t lie. Further, they are trending even more that way. That is why even a guy like Hannity now wants to be reasonable on immigration.

    The R’s can win again but will do so when nat defense becomes the main issue. Since the election, Obama has outplayed the R’s at every turn.

  80. Phil says:

    Republican win? Since it is never going to happen again, Tim, what difference does it make.

    You are going to get your California at the national level. Guess what. I bet you aren’t going to like it nearly as much as you think.

    Own a gun? Turn it in. Your leader wants it.

  81. Tim says:

    But, you also know that 2014, just for starters, promises to be a fair year for the GOP.

    MD, all of my life, I have heard that this Party or that Party is finished. I’ve learned not to pay much attention to that.

    If Hillarry Clinton doesn’t run, the GOP has an excellent chance, in 2016. Provided, of course, the right candidate runs.

    I really believe that.

  82. Tim says:

    Phil, always remember, you are one election win away from being a happy camper.

    Trust me on that one.

  83. Phil says:

    Speaking of California, I see the California Teacher Retirement Fund voted to divest from companies that make firearms.

    What a fuking moron state in every way possible.

    I can’t wait to bail them out.

  84. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:


    I am leaning towards your way of thinking on #2 (drug war).
    #3 prison reform – If you do the crime, you do the time – PRETTY SIMPLE!

    “But, it would save billions in the Economy. Medicare is both cheaper and more effective than private insurance.”
    -I am not able to give enough details, but from what I have read, this is a simply wrong. I also look at what has happened since the government got into this business, costs rise when someone else pays. Medicare is broke, except the Federal government is able to run a deficit, so the bills get paid. Things that can’t go on forever, won’t. MATH wins out again!

  85. Tim says:

    Things change in politics, guys. You’ve seen it, before. You’re smart, political people. You don’t need me to tell you that.

  86. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:


    Thanks for your thoughts. At least we agreed on something.

  87. Phil says:

    Republicans will be competitive in the next two or three non presidential elections. I’ve said that. That’s because minorities and low information voters show up in much small numbers.

    In presidential years? FORGET IT. GOP with no chance.

    A decade from now? Republicans are cooked even in off year elections. The tidal wave of demographics will even have swallowed us up in those cycles.

    It’s math. Simple as that.

  88. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – People and parties never change. Phil told me. That is why Blacks voted overwhelmingly for the GOP in 2012 and the Solid South voted for the Demomocrat – except for the ones who voted for Breckinridg. Why can’t you see it?

  89. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    1. Hillary won’t run. She hasn’t been well for many months. I consistently said that months ago. Just look at her face. The “moon” face is an indication of steroid use.

    2. 2014 will not be a slam dunk for the R’s. Obama already got his hc thing through the middle has adjusted. He took that bullet already. I envision a fairly tight House election again. However, if Obama keeps outplaying the R’s, then it could get interesting a bad way for us. The Senate? We need +6 to take control. Look at today’s news. Frankel gets a free ride! Frankel!

    Yes, 16 is a long time away and things can change. However, this election cycle did some fairly significant damage to the R’s. Yet, the retarded wing wants to double down and keep insulting Hispanics and independent women voters. Hey, it is working so well, why not stick with it? The sad part is even if they want to be reasonable, it will not be heard now. Nothing will. BTW – I am NOT for amnesty but that issue should have been dealt with much differently.

  90. Phil says:

    The only way the trends change is if the increasing numbers of minorities start voting more GOP.

    Think the MSM is going to allow that to happen? Everyone here knows how the leftist media operates. There will be a Republican war on minorities forever. Just follow the “news coverage”

  91. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:


  92. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    good night!

  93. Phil says:

    Well, I agree the retard wing of the Republican Party will continue to inflict damage on the party. Remember, I warned all of you about Todd Akin. Buck on steroids.

  94. Phil says:

    I’m going to bed. Nite, comrades.


  95. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not sure that Phil is really a Texan. He’s too much of a defeatist p*ssy to be a Texan.

  96. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    He can be like Maxwell and tell all of us that 2010 could be repeated in 2012.

  97. Tim says:

    Goodnight, guys.

  98. Tim says:

    And MD, I am damn glad you rejoined us, buddy. Good to have you back where you belong.

  99. Bitterlaw says:

    Maxwell Day 2013 Planning is already starting. John “GFY” Boehner has already been invited.

  100. Brandon says:

    Looks like Rick Perry is going to get a primary challenge this year from the AG.

  101. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Person A stabs someone to death.
    Response: WTF is wrong with you, Person A?.

    Person A clubs someone to death.
    Response: WTF is wrong with you, Person A?

    Person A strangles somoeone to death.
    Response: WTF is wrong with you, Person A?

    Person A shoots someone to death.
    Response: We gotta do something about restricting guns!

  102. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    MSNBC: Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Represent Blacks…

    Funny, I thought peopel of the SC were supposed to represent everyone.

  103. Bitterlaw says:

    This place is more dead than my jokes about Ron Paul’s dead political career.

  104. lisab says:

    wow … 9:50 pm was the last post prior to this?

    yikes … you guys out hiding your guns?

  105. Stef says:

    “Hillary won’t run.”

    Anyone who claims to know a definite answer to this is full of it.

    I operate on the assumption that Hillary is close to the strongest candidate the Dems could field and will probably run. There’s a good chance she won’t run and even if she does she is hardly a shoe in.

    The bottom line is that the GOP has many of paths of victory:

    (1) a great R candidate who has a competent organization

    (2) unemployment reverses and a triple dip recession due to bad business environment (higher taxes, obamacare, etc.)

    (3) spiraling debt and open ended QE lead to high inflation

    (4) global recession due to China’s capital bubble bursting

    (5) another banking crisis and bailout round

    (6) Iran tests a nuclear bomb, Obama/Clinton approach a massive failure

    (7) major terrorist strike on US soil/planes

    (8) the same in Israel combined with deteriorating US/Israeli relations.

    (9) massive overerach by EPA trying to regulate coal blows up in Dems face

    (10) a major scandal

    (11) the Dems take the house in 14 (very unlikely yes but not impossible) or are projected to take it in 16 and voters don’t want to give both houses and presidency to one party.

  106. Stef says:

    (4b) Europe explodes and takes the rest of the world down with it.

  107. Addisonst says:

    Phil, hotter babe; ajs or johnny footballs? Back from cruise. Now I read that thune has a better shot than christie. This is the kind of cogent comm entary I missed

  108. Diogenes says:

    Phil is overly pessimistic. Parties can and do change platforms to fit the electorat. This electorate will never electanother George w. Bush but I don’t think it is one where Reagan couldn’t win.

    I believe that Sandy plus a fundamental lack of organization on Romney’s side took away any chance of a 2012 win. Even with them it was probably a bridge too far given Romney’s weaknesses as a candidate. He turned too far right during the primaries and didn’t turnout the base or appeal to moderates the way he needed to til the end.

    The top needs to moderate itself and stop enforcing ridiculous litmus tests. To do that it needs newer, younger members voting in primaries. It also needs to be able to field candidates in all 50 states. Too much is off the table right now.

    Sadly, I dont think this will be accomplished anytimme soon but I’ll do my part and stay registered as a republican and not be a ridiculous hypocrite like meghan mccain and threaten to leave the party.

  109. Addisonst says:

    I think Phil is a realist. Since 2010 taxes are up. Soending is up. The gops ran a pro govt health care guy. Id run on attacking big college, cutting bspending and taxes at the same telling the fundies gay marriage and abortion are here to stay. What do I know. Lets keep talking about rape

  110. Tim says:

    You think Phil is a realist? LOL

  111. Tim says:

    There’s gonna be a “Maxwell Day”?

    You attorneys have way too much free time…….

  112. Tim says:

    Do you ever sleep?

  113. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Good morning

  114. Tim V says:


  115. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    All quite on the western front.
    Too damn quiet…

  116. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Jerry Brown Says California’s Budget Deficit Has Disappeared
    Police have issued a Be-On-The-Lookout order, and photo of deficit has been placedd on milk cartons.

  117. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s good to see you back, Tim V. How are you feeling?

  118. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Alabama’s Dam Oversight Void Stirs Safety Concerns, Confusion
    That’s a dam shame…

  119. Tim says:

    Tim V! Good to see you back in the house.

  120. Tim V says:

    feelin better bitter. for 3 wks all i could eat was fruit

  121. Tim V says:

    allmost done with all treatments.

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – I’m not sure that being done with treatment is good or bad but I know you are strong in your faith. Did your son get engaged?

  123. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Suppose it was 1983.

    For those of you who were adults in that year, what would be your reaction to a prediction then that in 2008 a Black Dem Marxist with practically no government experience would be elected president for back to back 4 year terms and undertake the systematic destruction of America that has been undertaken in the last 5 years?

  124. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Glad to hear things are going well Tim V.

  125. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:



    Feds say it is because they moved resources to now begun a full scale effort to find the missing Budget Deficit in CA.

  126. W. PA Observer says:

    Jay Rockefeller (D-WVA) will not seek reelection.

    Walt, plotting a comeback?

  127. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Major Outbreak Threatens to ‘Slow Economy Further’…
    President Obammer responds that he is not about to let a good epidemic go to waste.

  128. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:



  129. Bitterlaw says:

    As Walt’s attorney, I can not comment upon his intentions regarding any future elections.*

    *Walt – I checked it out. You can serve as a Senator for a state and as Senator for a blog at the same time.

  130. Tim says:

    Well, Bitterlaw, if I were him, and running, I wouldn’t want anyone to find post #127.

  131. W. PA Observer says:

    Has this been known in in West Virginia that Rockefeller was planning on retiring, or is this a surprise?

  132. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    I called that about Rockefailure some moths ago when I was asked about it on this very blog site.

    I said I did not think he would run, and I was right.

    First time I have been right in..well..a long time.

    Ask my wife.

  133. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – I have been blasted and lectured here for refusing to call Obama a Marxist. I think that he is a hard leftist and meets the definition of a socialist in many ways. I do not think he is a Marxist because he knows that if the government owned everything, the economy could not generate the tax revnue he needs to impose and support his programs.

  134. W. PA Observer says:

    137- Right, I figured Capito wouldn’t run unless she had the skinny on the hereditary billionaire deciding to not run.

    Obviously the last three or four cycles have taught us that the NRSC and Republican Senate candidates have found every conceivable way to lose winnable US Senate races. Still, an open seat in a state where O got 35% in Nov., during a midterm, without a popular Dem governor to run for it definitely has to be a top pick-up chance.

  135. Mrs. Walt says:

    Walter was right on June 3, 1991. I did like it. That was the last time he was right until now.

  136. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – COD, Akin and Santorum racing to establish residency in West Virginia.

  137. david says:

    Mark Warner is Virginia’s Joe Manchin. He keeps on folling Virginians…I guess I have to stop calling West Virgininas stupid.

  138. david says:

    The way things are going in VA, Mark Warner may not have a Republican foe, just like John Warner in 2002

  139. david says:

    I really didn’t want Warner to run for VA Govenor…However, would be one way to open his senate seat up.

  140. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    My defeat for reelection in 2012 has liberated me. I have no intention to run again for anything, so I can now speak and write unfettered.

    I had planned or the 2012 campaign to be my last one–win or lose. I do still have about $8-10,000 in surplus campaign finance funds that have accumulated that have accumulated over ther years. I intent to either give to worthy candidates, local or state GOP group or qualifying charitable causes.

    In 2014 I would be 67 and besides that I see no path to victory in running for any local or statewide elective office. wife intends to be retired in two years.

    However, one can never anticipate every eventuality, so I guess the (run again) door will always be open a very, very tiny crack if for some reason an opportunity and circumstance does appear for a viable race of some sort.

    I would like to stay involved and do feel I have some experise to offer.

    I never enjoyed retail political campaigning, raising money, shaking babies, and kissing hands (or is it the other way around?).

    I am a research and results oriented problem solver type of person and do not like to deal with the 24/7 political shenanigans monkey always hanging on our back.

    It is amazing what other elected officials will do to torpedo legislation of one legislator simply to politically harm that legislator and keep them from recieving credit for a good public policy measure that would benefit the citizens and the state.

    I cannot count the number of times in our legislature that an R proposal was shelved in one year only to reappear word for word as a D measure the next year and the Ds fall all over themselves taking credit.

  141. david says:

    Really sad, the last Senate election we won in Virginia was John Warner’s race in 2002.

  142. david says:

    #140, how about Ken Buck and Mourdock

  143. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt is not really older than dirt? Who knew?

  144. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Do not be surprised if the hard right wing folks (in WV or in rest of U.S.–Club for Growth?) do not field a candidate to challenge Capito and muddy her up in a bruising primary.

    Which could open the door for a credible D to win that senate seat.

    Seems I have seen that movie before.

  145. Waingro says:

    #148, close:

    Aaron Blake ?@FixAaron:

    Senate Conservatives Fund already calling for more conservative primary candidate than Capito.

  146. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I have seen a number of state legislators from safe R or D districts be reelected and serve forever and were in their 70s and 80s. While nice enough people, I have never seen any of them that were worth a crap as a legislator.

    If you are serious about doing a good job, you better be a very energetic late 60s, 70s or 80s year old.

  147. Brandon says:

    They’ve already said Capito is unacceptable.

  148. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – Jul will donate to any candidate willing to take down a Republican so a Democrat can win. Book it.

  149. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I would say there is a 90% or better chance that Capito will have a contested primary by someone who will get some mamor funding.

    I support Capito–though she has not always voted the way I thought she should have.

    I would like to have a moderate to conservative R be elected to the U.S. senate from WV. Rather than have a litmus tested hard right R run and end up with another Rockereller or Manchin.

  150. Waingro says:

    This is why Capito’s vote on the fiscal cliff was a no brainer politically for her.

    The CFG et. al. would have been able to run ad after ad blasting her vote.

    Let’s all hope she survives this and flips a seat that has been blue since the 50’s.

  151. Waingro says:

    #153, she’s against raising taxes, for repeal of Obamacare and will be a fairly big antagonist against the environmentalist wacko extreme leftist causes.

    That’s conservative enough for me and should be for all West Virginians.

  152. Bitterlaw says:

    Waingro – You ignorant RINO slut. The only way to advance a conservative agenda is to elect 99 Liberal Democrats and Jul to the Senate.

  153. Bobby says:

    Capito is perfect, she will knock down the liberal reign in WV forever. It opens the door for way more conservative candidates down the road.

  154. Waingro says:

    Meanwhile, Scott Brown still hasn’t announced his intentions re: the special election in Mass.

    I think he is legitimately on the fence. Why I think he could definitely beat Markey in a special, I understand him not wanting to go through another brutal campaign and then ANOTHER just over a year later.

  155. Waingro says:

    Chad Pergram ?@ChadPergram

    Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) says he’s interested in running for the Senate seat vacated by longtime Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV).

  156. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Capito for senate

  157. Waingro says:

    Could Rahall give Capito a run for her money? It looks like he has struggled to win re-election in his own district the last few cycles.

  158. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @152 I believe it

  159. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @161 GOP holds two congressional districts, I feel those voters will vote loyally GOP

  160. Wes says:

    To see whom JulStol, Howard Dean, and Bunu support, ask yourself who the most overtly corrupt, unelectable Republican in the primary is. It seems to me Republicans actively want the Dems to have a permanent Senate majority with all the horrible candidates nominated the past couple of cycles. Yes, I know Berg, Rehberg, and Thompson–all supposedly good candidates–lost as well, but moronic Republicans in other races hurt them by taking winnable races off the table and letting the Dems pour much-needed resources into those races.

  161. Waingro says:

    #164, woa, when did Wes come back? Good to see you back on here! Your analysis has been missed.

  162. SusyQue says:

    Obama Signs Bill Giving Him Armed Protection For Life
    Paul Joseph Watson

  163. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Wes, you are right. I am going to and everyone on hhr to fund every candidate that is a GOP against the illogical of juls picks

  164. jason says:

    ” Age is obviously working against Ron, ”

    Only for the last 15 years or so.

    Before it was racist newsletters, pork barrel politics and insane foreign policy views.

  165. jason says:

    One consolation is that Jul’s candidates never win and Bunu’s candidate was 0-150 in primaries and caucases.

  166. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @169 juls candidate moudock won primary

  167. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Have you ever heard of this armed rebellion against corrupt local officials in TN in 1946?

  168. Bitterlaw says:

    One consolation is that Jul’s candidates never win

    Some of the Democrats win.

  169. jason says:

    So Tim wants socialized healthcare and no private insurers.

    You take the best health care system in the world for most Americans and water it down to make it mediocre for everyone, instead of figuring out how to provide good care for those that don’t have it.

    All Tim’s plan would do is to institute a Soviet Union type approach to healthcare, where physicians were merely low ranking employees of the state with no stake in the outcome of the treatment, and medical research and development was left to government agencies with zero incentive to produce anything of value.

  170. jason says:

    ” One consolation is that Jul’s candidates never win

    Some of the Democrats win.”

    Good caveat.

  171. Senators Buck, COD, Miller, Angle, Akin, & Mourdock says:

    ” @169 juls candidate moudock won primary”

    How could we forget?

  172. jason says:

    ” Or if Ron runs again, he will win Iowa.”

    I thought he was going to win last time.

    Or was it the time before that.

    You know, you don’t have high expectations in life if your ambition is to win one primary out of 200 by the time you are 95 years old.

  173. Bitterlaw says:

    I had almost as many delegates as Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and I spent no money. Does that mean that Iowa is really Bitterlaw Country?

  174. jason says:

    Heck I have won as many primaries and caucuses as Ron Paul myself.

    So make if Bitterlaw-jason country.

  175. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    jason says:
    January 11, 2013 at 12:04 pm
    So Tim wants socialized healthcare and no private insurers.

    You take the best health care system in the world for most Americans and water it down to make it mediocre for everyone, instead of figuring out how to provide good care for those that don’t have it.

    All Tim’s plan would do is to institute a Soviet Union type approach to healthcare, where physicians were merely low ranking employees of the state with no stake in the outcome of the treatment, and medical research and development was left to government agencies with zero incentive to produce anything of value.

    Next election, go for Governor. You are the only other person to respond to Tim’s statement about getting rid of health insurance companies, in favor of the STATE. I hope everyone else did not respond to the statement because it is so wrong, that they thought it was a waste of time to speak about it.

  176. Waingro says:

    #173, that’s what ramming through Obamacare was ALL about: opening the door for single payer socialized healthcare down the line.

    Once Obamacare skyrockets premiums and rations care to absurd levels, the libs solution will be to point their fingers at all the EVIL private insurers and argue that single payer is the only way to solve it once and for all.

    Get ready.

  177. jason says:

    So let’s forego a sure winner like Capito for another COD or Akin.

    Like MD says, the stupid wing of the party will do us in,

  178. jason says:

    ” -jason,
    Next election, go for Governor.”

    Thanks, but I am worried about being primaried out by the stupid wing of HHR.

  179. jason says:

    ” I hope everyone else did not respond to the statement because it is so wrong, that they thought it was a waste of time to speak about it.”

    Well, Tim loves big government and has never seen an entitlement or government program he didn’t like, so a complete government takeover of healthcare is par for the course.

  180. Chekote says:

    Just dropping in to remind ya’ll that I was right about:

    1) immigration
    2) gay marriage
    3) women’s rights

    Keep listening to the usual loud jackasses and the GOP will be extinct.

    Happy New Year!

  181. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Rahall cound never win statewide race for U.S. Senate in WV.

    Book it.
    Gov. Earl Ray Tombin might be the D candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014. Ran and won two statewide races. Wins big in CD 3 in WV.

    Machine would back him. Pro coal, gets labor support. Ties to gambling.

    Don’t know how interested he is in it, but in 2016 he would be done as governor and could not seek reelection as governor.

    But he would be near 70 yrs. old? Wife is long time president of Southern Comm. and Tech. College in S. WV pulling down $150K or so.

    Education reform on front burner in WV. Teachers and school employees want none of the reforms, so Tomblin has that ticking time bomb to contend with so as not to irritate teachers.

    Also consider Clarke Goodwin, Manchin temp. appt. as place holder in U.S. Senate when Byrd died. Big D family.

  182. Bitterlaw says:

    I doubt that is the real Chek. She didn’t curse out MD.

  183. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    184, ewwww.

    Why do I now feel soiled and dirty.
    Gotta go take another shower.

  184. jason says:

    I may re-register from Walt’s house so I can vote in the West VA primary. Walt is probably only about 60-70 miles from where I live.

  185. jason says:

    1) immigration
    2) gay marriage
    3) women’s rights

    1) Wrong. The AZ law turned how to be popular as hell and you were wrong.

    2) I doubt the GOP lost any votes on this issue, any more than it gained anyway.

    3) What right? to have free birth control pills paid by taxpayers?

  186. jason says:

    The real Check would have talked about how Bill White is a formidable candidate and how Romney lost the Dallas and Houston suburbs.

    Oh, ROmney didn’t lose the Dallas and HOuston suburbs?

    Who knew.

  187. Bitterlaw says:

    If Bunu would disappear, I would welcome Chekote back.

  188. Chekote says:

    It is the real Chek.

    How many more losses at the polls before the GOP gets its collective head out of its ass? BTW, Obama is staging a victory on guns too.

  189. Chekote says:


    tell David not to ban me.

  190. MD says:

    I do think how we handle 1. may have hurt. It absolutely hurt us with legal Hispanic voters. Having said that, it is a matter of the nature of the rhetoric of some on the right. On substance, I still think it is the correct position. No amnesty.

    Where Obama is cleaning the R’s clock is over the assault weapons issue. I know, I know….the rest of it doesn’t matter. The political reality is what it is. Instead of the R’s focusing on the Senate’s lack of ability to pass a budget and Obama wanting to raise taxes again instead of compromising and cutting spending, all the bandwidth is being taken up on the assault weapons issue. With the average American, the R’s will lose on that. Yes, I am pro second amendement but I doubt that the average American thinks assault weapons should be readily available. Further, certain R’s are opposed to any controls or measures to check on who is buying. That is a position that seems extreme to many.

    No one wants a reality check here but the numbers do not lie. Obama is clearly winning the battle right now. By a lot.

    Wes – good to see you post here.

  191. Bitterlaw says:

    I still need an anti-MD rant to confirm it. Chek knows which buttons to push.

  192. MD says:

    Chek – Dave banned you?

    There may just be a God yet.

    JK – not interested in a war with you

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    The only person I ever wanted baaned was the creepy Tom Gordon. I on’t want Bunu banned. I just want him to disappear into a van driven by Mossad agents.

  194. Chekote says:

    Keep listening to the same voices… is this how David plans to expand the GOP? Shutting down dialogue? The party is so effed up it is hilarious to watch.

    And Romney turned out to be the loser I said he would be.. if it weren’t for gerry mandering the GOP would have lost the House too.

    Great going guys!

  195. Chekote says:

    Now go along and console yourselves that you are fighting for freedom and to protect the Constitution while Obama racks up victory after victory.

  196. Chekote says:



  197. Bitterlaw says:

    It might be Chek or Eph. I don’t remember a single post where Chek ever sign off In Polaris fashion with the name in the post itself.

  198. Chekote says:

    It is me Bitter…

    have fun.. just know that I am laughing my butt off watching you guys hitting your head against the wall.

    The only one with a brain is Brandon…

  199. lisab says:

    woman sees Les Miserables 957 times. no word on who was taking care of her cats

  200. lisab says:

    ‘The Bible’, airing in March, promises to be a faithful adaptation of the stories of ancient peoples and their alien sky-wizards

  201. Brandon says:

    It’s EPH. He’s the only one whoever called him “David”.

  202. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    This chek figure is strange

  203. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    There goes brandon and his good memory

  204. Chekote says:

    No.. Brandon… it is me

  205. Bitterlaw says:

    204 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  206. Chekote says:

    I need to check out BJG so I can have more laughs

  207. Bitterlaw says:

    The real Chek had certain points that she used to hammer MD. The real Chek can do it. In the alternative, the real Chek should know what movie clip I used to post against her. Name the movie and the line.

  208. Chekote says:


  209. Waingro says:

    I think it’s the real Chek. Just the right amount of hyperbole and nonsense.

  210. Chekote says:

    I am not going to waste my time with Mdefl “Hedgehog RIP” MD

    he is just a gnat! 🙂

  211. Chekote says:

    Look at the election results and tell me where is the hyperbole..

  212. Chekote says:

    Is Victr still pushing Palin?

  213. Bitterlaw says:

    Welcome back, Scissors. Stay around. It has been quiet lately. If you can drive Bunu away we will try to find an appropriate reward.

  214. Chekote says:

    the best part was watching people falling for Polaris’ prediction that Romney would win… people just do not learn

  215. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Chekote you idiot shut up you are equal to Bunu.
    Governor Bitterlaw do something!

  216. Chekote says:

    I can’t… got better things to do… I just needed to get the “I told you so” off my beautiful woman chest.

  217. Chekote says:

    Bunu will never go away… now he has Rand Paul to support

  218. MD says:

    That is not Chek.

  219. MD says:

    Anyway, the GOP needs to regroup.

  220. Brandon says:

    It’s not Chek. Chek had good grammar. She wouldn’t leave off periods at the end of sentences.

  221. Chekote says:

    Regroup? You have chased every person that did not meet your purity tests out of the party. Now all you have left is the SoCons and the nativists. What exactly is regrouping that crowd going to do? Do you honestly think that it will yield different results MD?

  222. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    For Chek’s sake I hope it’s not her because if it is then all the hype I heard about her was wrong.

    It seems like EPH. The posts remind me of “Fake Bunu” during the campaign.

  223. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Chekote I am a moderate so “everyone” is a bad term

  224. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Flu outbreak is big in all states except:

    CA–not even the flu wants to go there

    DC–too much hot air keeps the flu bug away

    MS–Either can’t compete with malaria or else their Garmon/GPS system has a bug.

  225. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    I got my “6 month employee evaluation” today. said I gotta get my indexing numbers up but overall they think I’m “courteous to my all” and doing good with everything else

  226. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    “courteous to all”*

  227. Chekote says:

    I guess Michael you are one of the few left in the party that doesn’t mind being called RINO, liberal. Anyway, most people like me have said “the hell with the GOP” and left the party. That’s why more and more states that were red are rapidly becoming blue. Next up Georgia.

  228. Author's girlfriend says:

    I gotta get my indexing numbers up

    I know I put you under alot of pressure with running my errands and doing chores. You’re tired. It happens.

  229. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Maybe, to hell to you Chekote

  230. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @231 zzzzzz

    @232 i’m not even gonna touch that

  231. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    that’s EPH Mike. refer to it as such. I wasn’t even around when Chek was but from all the stories and what others have posted it’s pretty obvious it’s not her. Like I said, if it is i am incredibly dissapointed

  232. Chekote says:

    Does the GOP truly thinks it has leverage with the debt ceiling? Obama will just threaten to stop Social Security checks from going out and GAME. SET. MATCH.

  233. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @236 zzzzzzz

  234. Chekote says:

    It is me… I dunno what they represented. They are not exactly in touch with reality these days. Romney was going to win. Remember????

  235. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @238 zzzzz. My God after all the hype, I really hope it’s not her. this is just sad.

  236. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Eph. Wasn’t around for it either. Go away Eph

  237. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    trolls don’t go away because you tell them to Mike. they go away when they get bored or something. it’s better to just zzzz at their posts

  238. Tim says:

    “Next up Georgia”……

    Well, I am in Georgia. No tide has turned, here. Every elected official in sight is a Republican.

    So, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  239. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @242 well not EVERY official Tim, plus GA was a single digits race in 08 & 12. There are still some of you around there.

  240. Chekote says:

    Obama lost by what 300K votes… not bad since he didn’t even campaign there. Look at the trends in demographics. More urban. More minorities. Same that happened in Virginia.

    The GOP doesn’t appeal to Latinos, women, Asians, urban white, young. Where the hell will the votes comes from? The nursing homes. LOL.

  241. Chekote says:

    Wait until the Obama applies his electoral machine in 2016. If the Dems get back the House, I think it is a safe bet that Obama has put together a lasting coalition.

    In the meantime, the GOP is busy introducing bills to strip birthright citizenship and giving personhood rights to fertilized eggs.

  242. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @24 zzzzz. not impressed. not impressed at all. for Chek’s sake I truly hope my hunch it’s EPH is true.

  243. Folks In 2004 says:

    “I think it is a safe bet that Obama has put together a lasting coalition. ”

    I think it is a safe bet that Bush has put together a lasting coalition.

  244. Tim says:

    Well, Author, every Constitutional office is filled by a Republican. They have super majorites in both houses of the Legislature. Most country officials around the state are GOP.

    No, not every official. But, most of them are.

    Romney won here by 8 points. Hillary Clinto could make it a ’16 battleground. But, she’s about the only one who could.

    Right now, this state is deep red. We are a one-Party state. The Dems are struggling to get 20% of the white vote, now. They can’t win here statewide, like that. Not yet, anyway.

  245. Chekote says:

    Not here to impress you HHR Senator. A little less self-importance will do you good.

  246. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @245 zzzzzz. my God I might actually like lisab’s posts compared to this.

  247. Tim says:

    I don’t think that’s Chek, either, btw. Doesn’t articulate like her.

  248. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:


    What is the budget like down in Georgia? Surplus? Structural Deficit? Is there an income tax? Property taxes low or high? Sales Tax?

  249. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    “Not here to impress you HHR Senator.”

    clearly not. zzzzzzz

  250. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    NYCMike i’d try to get you down here to FL but Crist will prob our Gov again, so…

  251. Chekote says:

    300K is not that hard to overcome. Look at Virginia. Look at North Carolina.

  252. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Brandon, MD, Bitter, and now Tim all agree with me. EPH sucks at this.

  253. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    I am in the not-Chekote camp, although this poster knew the movie Bitterlaw spoke about. The one that used to be on Polipundit was a real loser. This one is mildly amusing.

  254. People making the same stupid arguments says:

    300K is not that hard to overcome. Look at Rhode Island. Look at Delaware.

  255. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:
    January 11, 2013 at 2:34 pm
    NYCMike i’d try to get you down here to FL but Crist will prob our Gov again, so…

    -I thought Scott had made some headway?

  256. Chekote says:

    Loser? Well this loser warned you guys about the Latino vote. Now the GOP can’t parade enough Latinos on stage trying to undo the self-inflicted wounds. Suerte amigos!

  257. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    “-I thought Scott had made some headway?”

    if polling is right he’s seen a nice little bump but he’s still not liked job and personal wise. polls claim he’d make it competitive but Crist is still the fav. if Scott is re-elected he’ll have to make a bigger comeback then the small incremental one thats barely happening right now.

  258. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @260 zzzzzzz. this is getting sad to watch.

  259. Chekote says:

    Are Rhode Island, Delaware experiencing a growth in white people over 65? If not, it not a fair comparison. But then again math and demographic trends are not the GOP’s forte. Obama hovered around 300 EVs practically the entire general campaign and yet people here thought Romney was going to win big. You just cannot imagine how much fun I had reading the threads on election night.

  260. Chekote says:

    Grab a tissue HHR Senator…

  261. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @263 zzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzz. make it stop, somebody make it stop. I need to be awake for the next couple of hours damn it.

  262. Tim says:

    Right now, the Budget is pretty tight. I heard just the other day that the Governor is struggling to close a $600 million shortfall, before he submits his budget to the Legislature. We do have a state sales tax, but not on groceries. Zell Miller got rid of that. Property taxes are moderate, compared to some other states. The state income tax is not too high, either.

    Our UE rate is higher than the national average. We’ve lost a lot of our old industrial base here, due to foreign competition, and to companies here moving there. Most of our job growth is in the service sector. We are hampered a bit, because we have no statewide light rail system.

  263. Chekote says:

    Another Republicans that thinks women can shut down their reproductive system when raped:

  264. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    it can’t even insult good. Christ, this is…you people feared this boring thing?

  265. Chekote says:

    Now go regroup… MD

  266. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    lisab needs to get on here and make her stupid cheapshots at christians stat. even breaking my vow to ignore her will be worth more then having to refresh and find more zzzzzzz comments from this bore. Bitter get on here and insult me about my running errands and rooting for Lebron. Bayern get on here to rant about gun control and how awesome Robbie is. Somebody, anybody.

  267. Chekote says:

    They were the ones insulting me. I dunno what they told you. Anyway, I will drop back in once Obama wins on gun control and immigration reform.

  268. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    wait a second…POLITICO whoring and whining about who insulted who first?

    Robbie is that you?

  269. Waingro says:

    The Hill ?@thehill

    Report: Mark Sanford will run for his old House seat by @cam_joseph

  270. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    oh Thank God. Waingro with an insightful link to talk about. So will the former Mrs Sanford run?

  271. Author's girlfriend says:

    Author – This is a weak Chek imitation or she sought medication to deal with her abusive past. As Governor, I would like Mr. Wissing to confirm or deny whther this is Chek.

  272. Bitterlaw says:

    Author – I like Lebron. He is the best player in the game. I hope your girlfriend lets you watch him play someteimes. Zing!

  273. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    This Chekote is much more impressive then this one:

  274. Waingro says:

    #275, ha! Now that would be awesome.

    To think, he may well have been the nominee for POTUS in 2012 if not for the, um, downward spiral.

  275. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    the Gov is bad at turning off a sock

  276. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    2 more hours of work. after that i’m out for the weekend and off to having some friday night pizza

  277. jason says:

    The right approach is to increase penalties for illegal possession of guns, not restrict the rights of law abiding citizens.

    I have no problem with background checks, or making it more difficult for criminals and nutcases to buy guns.

    However the “assault weapon” issue is a complete red herring. There is no such thing as an “assault weapon”, a media scare mongering tactic, what you have is a semi-automatic rifle.

    But if you call it a semi-automatic rifle it doesn’t sound ominous like “assault weapon”. It implies it can only be used to “assault” someone”.

  278. MD says:

    Who cares who it is?

  279. MD says:

    Well, if elections were held today, I do think the GOP would be in trouble. They have time but they have to change tactics quite clearly.

  280. jason says:

    Chekote “left the party” when she supported Obama 4 years ago.

    The lies continue where they left off.

    If Chekote couldnt support Romney, who was hated by the deadenders here and everywhere and probably lost because he wasn’t conservative enough, who could she support.

  281. MD says:

    The guy who wrote that, Oakleaf, turned into a ultralib who Polipundit allowed to ruin his blog. This was AFTER Poli had kicked off 4 very good writers because they didn’t agree 100% with him on every aspect of immigration reform.

    Oakleaf was a POS. Poli finally woke out of his stupor and canned him but it literally took years.

  282. MD says:

    285 – No one. She was a Dem. Quite clearly.

  283. Author's GF says:

    ” 2 more hours of work. after that i’m out for the weekend and off to having some friday night pizza ”

    Sorry, honey, no no no….

    There are the chores, remember? And errands? And laundry? And pressing?

    You can have pizza Sunday night IF everything is done.

  284. MD says:

    The best was when she “supported” Santorum over Romney although everything Santorum stood for she claimed to hate.

  285. Author's GF says:

    286. Exactly. I never cared for Poli’s posts that much, but hung around for Varone and Lorie Byrd and the others. Oakleak was a real jerk, but he kissed Poli’s ass on the immigration issue and got “promoted”.

    That whole coup thing destroyed a pretty good blog.

  286. jason says:

    Wow, Author’s GF knows as much about Polipundit as I do.

  287. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @288 my gf is in OK for a family funeral, only ‘chores” I have are laundry and groceries

  288. jason says:

    She also supported Bill White and said he was a “formidable candidate”.

    I hear he is suing Chekote for the millions he poured down the drain.

  289. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    sounds like this website was ripped apart on the immigration debate. I posted the link because it clearly showed the difference in writing style.

  290. jason says:

    Hey Chekote, we can see all those talking points on MSNBC if we wanted to. Or Daily Kos.


  291. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    per MD’s info I decided to go back and look at the Poli archives. wow, talk about being one step from a full-fledged LGF-like conversion

  292. MD says:

    LGF – what a friggin shame. Is that blog even around anymore?

  293. MD says:

    Boston on Monday and Tuesday. Then CT and NYC the week after from Tuesday through Thursday. Make up for it with 2 trips to Bermuda in Feb and 1 in Cayman.

  294. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @297 last I heard it was but with barely anyone visiting/commenting on it. I wasn’t around in it’s peak but I heard it used to be VERY influential w/ our side

  295. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    MD, this blog has kept tabs on the downfall of LGF:

  296. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    per the stats – LGF had 1.7 million comments left in 08. in 2012 it had 410k

    in 07 118 posters made 50% of the comments

    in 12 21 posters made more then 50% of the comments

  297. Apologetic California says:

    Texas has a $9 billion surplus, observers say probably an underestimate of surplus.

    California has a make-belief ‘surplus’, projections that came from the same governor that understimated its deficit by $7 billion last year.

  298. Diogenes says:

    Doesn’t seem like chekote. She at least tried to pretend to be a republican. Just some troll who hijacked another troll’s name.

    Biggest problem with the GOP now is the primary process. A smaller GOP means the GOP primary voter is mostly aggressive social conservatives. We’ve seen the combination of this fact and aggressive outside money doom the GOP in winnable races. The mainstream media constantly focuses on extreme elements and deters more moderate voters from registering GOP and act as a counterweight to extremism.

    Like it or not citizens united was a terrible decision for the GOP. The dems still raise more money and the GOP is held hostage to big donors wrecking havoc. How much of the fat cat image was perpetuated by Obama and how much by newt and his Sheldon adelson money?

    If the GOP had fielded Scott Brown in every race in 2010 and 2012, we’d have super majorities in congress and the presidency.

  299. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    I don’t know, so was it the infamous Chek or was it the eph character?

  300. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Talk of the downfall of the GOP is crazy bu Chek or whoever, the thing is that after the GOP gains in 2010 everyone saw that the democrats were in “serious” trouble. So I find it hypocrical for liberal chek to just look at one side of the coin.

  301. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Going to meet with my state rep in a few weeks. Going to be exciting

  302. Big East Conference says:

    It is only fitting that America died the same year I did.

  303. Big East Conference says:

    I just cannot understand why powerhouses like Connecticut, Georgetown and Syracuse couldn’t get behind the addition to our league of great schools like PUKE (Paducah University of Knitting Enterprises) or DUMB (Dakota University of Master Basketweaving). I mean who in their right mind would watch MI vs OH St when PUKE vs DUMB is on?

    Its like up is down and left is right.

  304. Big East Conference says:

    Like I was saying, the decisions I have been making have made just as much sense as the decisions the majority of voters made in November.

  305. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    @306-10 strange…

  306. Lemmiwinks says:

    We’re screwed. All hail Queen Hillary.

  307. Lemmiwinks says:

    Face it, we have no hope until at least 2020 when a 73 yr old Queen Hillary will be running for re-election. Until then, this country will suffer and suffer greatly under Marxist rule.

  308. Big East Conference says:

    The other thing I don’t get is Syracuse Jim Boeheim complaining about having to join the ACC now. After all, the ACC will have Pitt, Louisville, Notre Dame, in addition to VA Tech, Miami and Boston College–all former Big East schools.

    So there will be 7 former Big East schools and 8 original ACC schools. The least they could do for me is rename the league the BIG ACC.

  309. Big East Conference says:

    312 – the country has about as much hope as the Big East has in getting a lucrative TV deal for the next 10 years.

  310. How small are you? says:

    The nearest star to our sun is so far away that if you put the size of our solar system into a box, you would have to line up end to end over 4000 of those boxes to get to the nearest star.

    And if our solar system was reduced in scale to the size of a quarter, then our galaxy on the same scale would be the size of North America. Our galaxy is just one of billions out there in the universe.

  311. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Wes, MD, Chek, and Tim V…!

  312. Bitterlaw says:

    SoHope – if GoDuke and KeyBored show up it will really be a party. Kwame was great, too.

  313. SusyQue says:

    Senate Democrats to Obama: Bypass Congress on debt limit ‘if necessary’
    by Rosalind S. Helderman

    In a letter, Senate Majority Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) and the Senate’s other top three Democrats encouraged Obama to “take any lawful steps to ensure that America does not break its promises and trigger a global economic crisis — without Congressional approval, if necessary.” The statement represents a shot across the bow of congressional Republicans, who have insisted that they will not lift the country’s legal borrowing limit without deep spending cuts, including to entitlement programs.

  314. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Bitter guess you are saying we are all boring without them?

  315. Bitterlaw says:

    No. Just different. The old Hoggers like to reminisce. Jul was your age. MD was drunk. Lisab talked about Italian leather boots. Jason only knew the English he learned from watching Perfect Strangers and Diff’rent Strokes (What chu talkin bout, Meester Beeter?). Good times.

  316. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Great, I can’t wait to say that in three years or so.

  317. Tulipomania says:

    Men armed with “assault” rifles walk through Portland to educate public on gun rights

    Several calls were made to 911 on Wednesday afternoon, with alarmed residents reporting two men with guns strapped to their backs walking through the area of Southeast Seventh Avenue and Spokane Street in Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood.
    When police arrived on the scene, they found two 22-year-old men carrying rifles openly on their backs. The two were also holding valid concealed handgun licenses in Oregon, according to Fox affiliate KPTV.
    The men reportedly told officers that they were seeking to educate onlookers about their Second Amendment rights.

  318. Tulipomania says:

    Progressive admits immigration depends on whether Boehner wants to do that or not.

    Lofgren expressed hope that immigration reform would be able to get past partisan gridlock, arguing that the election was seen as something of a mandate for fixing the immigration system and Republicans won’t be able to forget their post-election promises to work on a bill. “In the end, immigration reform is going to depend very much on whether Speaker [John] Boehner wants to do it or not,” Lofgren said.

    But this is Boehner we’re talking about here. He normally does whatever the Democrats want anyways.

  319. SusyQue says:

    Response to the Presidential Elections of 2012
    Dutch Sheets


    There are times when God, in His perfect balance of mercy and justice, can save through the prayers of a small remnant. However, I believe He is asking more from us at this time in our history. Until the desperation and commitment of more believers is commensurate with our condition, I don’t believe He can heal us. Obviously, in order for this to happen, we will have to change the watered down, make-it-quick-and-easy version of American Christianity we created to grow our churches.
    Finally, I want to address the question, “Were the efforts and prayers of those who did offer them simply wasted?” The answer is a resounding NO!
    I woke up Wednesday, the morning after the elections, thinking of Wilberforce, the great English statesman who spearheaded the effort to remove slavery from the British Empire. It took him 40 years, but he and his co-laborers won the battle. They did so incrementally. God gave the same one-word encouragement—“Wilberforce”—to two other friends of mine on the same morning. Just as He did for Wilberforce and his fellow reformers, God is storing up every prayer we prayed, and every act of obedience we performed. Nothing was wasted.
    It would also be appropriate to think that our prayers and worship accomplished nothing at the present time and will only be used later. The Holy Spirit spoke to another friend of mine the morning after the election saying, “Your prayers and worship did prevail…though not in the way you wanted. Because of them, however, I will now deal with this man who has mocked Me and My laws.”
    Two more friends of mine had dreams in which Barack Obama was named Belshazzar (see Daniel chapter 5). This was the ruler in Babylon who saw a hand writing on the wall of his palace—as he and his friends were mocking God. The ominous message written by the hand of God was, “You have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.” The writing went on to say Belshazzar’s reign would end.
    I don’t know what form the judgment of the Lord will take, but I am quite confident that God has put up with all of the mocking He intends to from Barack Obama, and that Daniel 5 is now his passage. I say this without malice or ill will, but nonetheless, confidently.
    I encourage those of you who prayed and worshipped over this election—your prayers were not in vain. Just as surely as slavery became illegal in Great Britain—the day Wilberforce died!—we will prevail in our efforts to see America awakened. “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary,” (Galations 6:9).

  320. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Sacramento Kings sold, to play in Seattle for two years. The Seattle Sonics making a comeback?

    Really no, they have to play there for two years until a new location chosen.

  321. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    Susyque, lets kept this god speech off of here for one day. I can honestly say I don’t read anything that is over 500 lines on here.

  322. Tulipomania says:

    Jesus Walks

  323. lisab says:

    the gop is making inroads among women voters fast!

    Pat Robertson: “Awful-looking” women are ruining marriages

  324. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    @330 1964 Bunu is a long time. He was in his youth and unaware, stupid to make that claim. But wait this information is coming from Bunu…

  325. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:


  326. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:


  327. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Treated my wife to Burger King and the a movie. Saw Lincoln.

    Entertaining. (but what do I know, since I only see about 2 movies a year).

    From an historical viewpoint, there was no evidence or sighte of Ward Hil Lamont (who is buried in Berkeley Co., WV) who was Lincoln’s personal body guard who always traveled with Lincoln and slept outside his bedroom door at the White House.

    No mention or hint of the fact that Lincol’s plan for what to do with freed slaves was to send them back to Africa.
    Lincoln died at 7 something on the morning of April 15. Is that why April 15 is the tax deadline date?

  328. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Lamon, not Lamont.

    Lamont was on Sanford and Son.

  329. fladem says:

    Lincoln had no plan to send African Americans back to Africa. He on occasion expressed support for the idea – and floated the idea when he met with some Blacks in the White House – but saying he had a “plan” is nonsense, and by the end of his Presidency he supporting giving African Americans who had served in the Union Army the right to vote – which is hardly consistent with the idea that he had a “plan”.

    Lincolns views on African Americans were complex and clearly evolved while he was President.

    Where do you conservatives get this crap?

  330. GF says:

    Although I’m a bit late to the movie review, I finally saw “Les Mis” tonight, and I don’t know what all the criticism is about. The acting was great, the screenplay admirable, the singing fine (if one reasonably expected actors who could competently sing vice singers who could barely act), and best of all, the pretensious, entitled “Occupy Paris” knuckleheads were all gunned down by the army before they could crap all over some gendarme’s carriage. Honestly, what wasn’t there to like?

  331. Bitterlaw says:

    Most people don’t cheer for the army in Les Miz. I knew that Jason was a great choice for Lt. Governor. I might see Lincoln this weekend.

  332. Michael (Christie For Governor) says:

    @341 why do you post question marks?

  333. bio mom says:

    Hope Booker beats Lautenberg.