Hagan Leads GOP In NC, Tease On FL Gov Race

Public Policy Polling has given us their monthly poll they do for their home state of North Carolina and it claims current Democratic US Senator Kay Hagan leads a gaggle of Republicans in her bid for re-election.

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 47%
Phil Berger (R) 38%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 46%
Renee Ellmers (R) 40%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 47%
Virginia Foxx (R) 40%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 45%
George Holding (R) 37%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 45%
Patrick McHenry (R) 39%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 46%
Robert Pittenger (R) 38%

Kay Hagan (D-inc) 47%
Thom Tillis (R) 37%

Virginia Foxx 21%
Patrick McHenry 15%
Renee Ellmers 11%
Robert Pittenger 6%
Phil Berger 5%
Richard Hudson 5%
George Holding 2%
Thom Tillis 2%

this poll was done January 10-13 among 608 General Election voters and 449 Republican primary voters. PPP also teased their Florida poll they will be releasing tomorrow on Twitter.

We’ll have Florida Governor numbers tomorrow…Rick Scott trails 4 Democrats we tested against him…(poll was done pre-dog story)

Just search on Google News if you want to know what the “dog story” is.

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175 Responses to “Hagan Leads GOP In NC, Tease On FL Gov Race”

  1. Soo PPP releases several trolltastic polls a month.

    Harper Poll is where exactly?

  2. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Nobody knows.

    I think Ellmers is the best chance, a woman, moderate-conservative and young. Foxx is okay, but let’s face it, she’s old

  3. Brandon says:

    Not bad numbers considering Republicans don’t have a frontrunner candidate yet and also because no one has any idea who the hell they are.

  4. david says:

    Very sad poor. What in the heck has Hagan done for NC other than vote with the democrats 100% of the time, including ObamaCare.

  5. david says:

    Lets hope it isn’t Foxx. Nice lady…

  6. DW says:

    “New York state legislature approves more restrictive gun law, the first since the Newtown massacre; it now goes to Gov. Cuomo for his signature.”

    What a relief! Now all the gang members and hardened criminals will no doubt show up on day 1 to turn in their illegal firearms. /sarc

    What a bunch of fools. Now law abiding citizens will have to buy ten guns to get the ammo count they will need to defend their homes against a gang of thugs who attempt to break in. People will want to allow for several bullets per thug.

  7. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    What is the “pre-dog story” mentioned below?

  8. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @AnnCoulter: President Obama to surround himself with children Wednesday during gun control announcement. But enough about his cabinet.

  9. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Pascrell jabs Booker, says Launtenburg isn’t scared of the mayor of Newark.

  10. Phil says:

    So king Obamo begins his gun grab tomorrow.

    Best hand em over folks. Our emperor demands it.

    Fortunately, here in Texas, we don’t recognize The One as our lord and savior. Outside of lefty Austin we don’t take orders from that jackass. We won’t be disarmed.

    The rest of the clingers around the country I suspect will bend to King Obama’s will or be run over. Nice “President” you all elected.

  11. 10, Be happier. Gun grabbing will bite him in the ass big time.

  12. And y’all gotta remember, I got Romney losing here before all y’all b!tches were saying the opposite. I ain’t no denier. I call it like it is.

  13. Phil says:

    I’m plenty happy I get to live in Texas instead of the people’s republic of California.

    What a nightmare that must be.

  14. JulStol says:

    I love Renee Ellmers but she’s a firebrand, not a moderate. Points to Ginny Fox for voting against Boehner for another term as speaker.

    Electable candidate is McHenry. Go with him.

    I’d prefer “Senator Ellmers” but first we have to get to the “Senator” part and McHenry can achieve that.

    He’s electable and Conservative if not quite as Conservative as yours truly would like.

  15. Brandon says:

    Alright, who is the imposter in #14? That was much too reasonable to be from the real Jul.

  16. 13, national legislation against 2nd amendment doesn’t, you know, protect Texas.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Nobody at HHR would actually pull a gun on a Federal officer if they were there to seize weapons. Discuss. I say not one.

  18. Brandon says:

    Unless they had a death wish.

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    However, lisab might kick them with expensive Italian leather boots.

  20. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Jul, no. Ellmers is the best chance, McHenry was okay when I lived there. Probably didn’t change, I didn’t see any real drive for him to run for higher office. Perhaps Governor, I saw him as more of an executive figure. Ellmers and Foxx, both have the drive. But Ellmers is younger and more charismatic, Foxx is old as Walt and this pretty old.
    As long as Jones sings the candidate, what a fool.

    SoHope, what’s your opinion of Jones, f let he was stupid. Too bad Myrick had to leave

  21. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @politico: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul compared President Barack Obama to an absolute monarch on Tuesday

    And politico has a story about Rand’s probable run. This is why we can’t win elections, lunatics like this stand in our way and say this stuff that turns people off

  22. Bitterlaw says:

    I told Michael that if I had a time machine and 17 year old Bitterlaw came up to me I would probably end up punching him. Just for fun, if you could use your time machine and visit yourself, name 2 things you would do differently. For me:

    1. Become a meteorologist instead of a lawyer

    2. Nail Samantha in 1990 even if it meant driving to Rutgers to do it.

  23. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    If Obama has success at labeling the R’s, rational, true or not, as the party that wants to make Newtown happen again and again, it will be a very long mid-term. I am NOT on his side. I am just saying that he and the MSM are framing this issue in such a way as to the R’s look like Satan.

    His debt ceiling speech was humorous. Not a true word was spoken yet only 1 reporter called him on anything he was saying. Pathetic. We do NOT have a free press in this country.

  24. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    2 things when I was 17:

    1. Tell Cindy Dempol+++ “no” when she asked me if her butt was a little big. It was. Everything else was perfect and we were 3 sheets to the wind. Instead, I said a “a little”. Yea, wrong answer. A dream vanished in an instant.

    2. NOT say “your mother” in response to Mr. McCan’s question in 11th grade history – “what is your problem”? That ended poorly and actually resulted in a suspension which hurt me on college applications. One of the reasons (not the only one) that I decided to delay going to college.

    Then again, my life would have turned out much differently and that would most likely not be a good thing.

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    If the time machine had a third trip – visit the girl in Moldavia and do her, too.

  26. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    So, where are the people who will respond to my 23 by saying we will gain 50 in the House and 10 in the Senate? Guess, 2012 wore them out?

    The pretenders are gone. We are left with a few regulars and a couple of nut jobs.

  27. Brandon says:

    Nowadays it’s basically impossible to suspend kids for disrespectful things. They can get away with basically anything except killing the teacher.

  28. Brandon says:

    “We are left with a few regulars and a couple of nut jobs.”

    Aren’t these one and the same?

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    See. We learned about me and MD? Step up,

    MD – Cindy did have a big ass. We heard about it New Jersey.

  30. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    In a nutshell, that is what is wrong with the system today. The teacher’s really have zero authority and the kid’s know it. If you teach in a district full of punks, it is a lonely existence. I respect the teachers. I don’t respect their unions but that is another issue.

  31. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    There is some crossover to be certain.

  32. SoHope says:

    McHenry for senate…

    He headed up the NC redistricting. A bunch of elected republicans owe him some favors. Plus he drew himself into a seat the Charlotte market. He will be the nominee and will win. I am 5 miles from the college he attended. He is a catholic, and is very pro-business.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    Technically, Bunu is a regular and a nut job.

  34. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Of course the island makes this place look like a model of mental health in comparison.

  35. Brandon says:

    Oh the stories I could tell. All you need is a mother to come in bitching and the student basically is off the hook with a slap on the wrist. Some days it’s just brutal.

  36. lisab says:

    “However, lisab might kick them with expensive Italian leather boots.”

    i don’t own a gun

    the demographic most likely to own a gun is tea partier

    followed closely by evangelicals

    catholics are way down the list


    vegetarian rpcv’s are pretty much the demographic least likely to own weapons

  37. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Right after the election the retarded wing of the party was crowing that Romney received less votes than McCain. Of course, since they are retards, they didn’t understand that not all the votes were counted for Romney. When they finally were all in, Romney had a million more votes than McCain. The retarded wing went silent on that issue/

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    Many children are punks because they are told they are great starting at birth. My dad was 40 when I was born. I had to earn praise from him and that was rare even I did. If I received an A- he flipped out. Study harder!

  39. SoHope says:

    I don’t know what the 17 yr old ex-pat is talking about. McHenry is a rising star in NC. He has taken a lead in state politics. He is in the sweet spot of his career with a resume that is thick enough without being an entrenched dinosaur.

    McCrory (pro-business first) will have his back in the primary – b/c his brand of conservatism is more compatible to his and they are from the same region.

  40. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    I have heard that numerous times. That is why teacher’s leave those districts in droves. When our teachers were threatening to leave over taking slightly less in health ins benefits, I just had to laugh. 79K average salary, with a pension to die for, kids that behave, parents that care and health bene’s that are WAY better than in the private sector. Sure, go to Philly and make 40K, live with armed guards, be in fear of the kids punching you in the face and then watch your admin cave when the parent comes in bytching.

  41. Corey says:

    Does McHenry have strong enough campaigning skills to be viable in a big profile statewide race?

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    I have a few cases right now where teachers were attacked by students.

  43. lisab says:

    “Nowadays it’s basically impossible to suspend kids for disrespectful things. They can get away with basically anything except killing the teacher.”

    what happened?

    just fyi, it is much better when you have tenure.

    you do not necessarily have to back down to the principal when a parent comes in bitching.

    you can say, it is my class and the rule is xyz. so long as the rule is in the student handbook, you win.

    of course, the principal can take the child out of your class.

  44. Bitterlaw says:

    40 it could be worse, MD. I know a district where a college dropout votes on teacher contracts.

  45. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    SoHope, this was basically two years ago. That is why I am asking questions, I am glad he has found his drive. Because two years ago it wasn’t there! I feel that you are right that they need someone from Charlotte are to really compete. McHenry would be the best bet if this drive is there, if not, Ellmers is best.

    But as I asked, do you think Jones is a nut job. I always thought he was

  46. SoHope says:

    He seems sharp enough to me…he is telegenic and I believe that he was a real estate agent? Sales is sales.

  47. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    My father threw around praise like it was the plague. He avoided it. On the SAT, I scored a 1070 (before they watered down the test and before tutoring for it became a cottage industry). His response? “Enjoy Community College”.

  48. SoHope says:

    Nutjob? Jones who?

  49. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bitter – please tell me the island isn’t buying into this stuff:

  50. Bitterlaw says:

    My mom didn’t breastfeed me. It explains a lot. My wife’s mother was under anesthesia for the births of all 3 children. It was a standard practice by doctors back then. Why suffer? I wonder how ,any lawsuits were filed before that stopped.

  51. lisab says:

    “On the SAT, I scored a 1070”


  52. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    51 – when a perfect score was 1600 Lisa. Not on today’s scale. At the time, the average was around a 1000.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – I could see it but I don’t know. On my last visit to the Island, they were seriously debating why keeping quail is better than raising chickens as a survival tactic after the government falls and they have to live in the woods. I a, not making that up.

  54. Corey says:

    I have absolutely nothing against Patrick “Give Me McLiberty or Give Me McDeath” McHenry, but I am not sold that he would be the best candidate to run statewide in North Carolina.

    While his House seat is now secure, he had a few cycles where Republicans tried to knock him off in primaries citing character issues and unsubstantiated rumors about his personal life.

    The GOP could certainly do worse, but I would wish NC might also produce some other options to run against Hagan.

  55. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Even though experts have claimed that the test has become progressively easier over the decades AND parents pay hundreds sometimes thousands of $ in tutoring, the average (when adjusted for today’s scale) has hardly increased at all. What does that say?

  56. lisab says:

    yes i figured that, still …

    hit the vodka early that day?

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    1290! I always wanted 10 more points to hit 1300. So what if MD is rich and wears a top hat? I have a better SAT score. I think my wife also had 1290. We are perfect for each other.

  58. Emerica says:

    GOP civil war over party leadership in Minnesota

    With the contest for a new chairman, the Republican Party of Minnesota is headed for another power struggle between two blocs of activists — the Ron Paul supporters who have taken over much of the party’s grass-roots structure, and traditional conservatives who lost their hold at the state convention last spring.

    Two of the key players in this competition are Marianne Stebbins, not a candidate for chair but the chief organizer of Paul supporters, also known as the “liberty” wing, and Keith Downey, a former state representative with a business and legislative résumé, who is a candidate for party chair.

    The victor will determine nothing less than whether the Republican Party can return to dominance. Each group believes it has a vision that will lead the party back to financial solvency and organizational effectiveness that, in turn, will lead to the broad voter support that the party lacked in the 2012 election. For Stebbins, that means a radical retrenchment of party ideals.

    “We looked at the last election and the party just showed that it was genuinely out of touch,” she said. “They weren’t talking about the economy, they were talking about the constitutional amendments.” For Downey, the party’s principles are not the problem, but he believes they got lost in the translation to voters.

    “The basic Republican message of relying on Minnesotans and not bigger government is an appealing one,” he said. “If we can animate the activist base and make people understand we do care, we can excite the public.”

  59. Bitterlaw says:

    Just because I took the PA bar before they made it more difficult does not mean anything. I almost felt bad for the people behind my year. Almost. Pa used to be known as the “Candy Bar” exam.

  60. SoHope says:

    Ron Paul is a pedophile

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    Great. The America-hating bastard is here.

  62. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    SoHope Congressman Wlater Jones. You know the guy on the coast

  63. SoHope says:

    ok, maybe not, but he is an anti-semite, racist old coot.

  64. Bitterlaw says:

    I bet Party Chairman don’t think they are as important as Bunu does.

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    Hope – I don’t think Ron Paul is a pedophile. Sure, he might laugh if Iran killed thousands of Israeli children, but I don’t think he would molest them.

  66. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I was very good at figuring out how to make money. At a young age, I always seemed to find the job that paid more than what the other kids were making. Not sure what that means to be honest. I made some serious money gambling in the service. However, some of those guys were so stupid with their picks that I almost felt bad about taking their money. Almost.

    Then again, I did have a grandfather who taught how to play craps at a young age.

  67. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    RP would be OK with exterminating them but molestation is just a step too far in his mind.

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    67- useful skills. I can unhook a front-close bra with 2 fingers.

  69. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Vitter, don’t let Bunu know that. The Paulbots might go after bigger fish

  70. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @70 vitter=bitter

  71. Bitterlaw says:

    See, Bunu? We were fair to Ron Paul.

  72. SoHope says:

    Re: Jones…he is in the Akin/Buck wing of the GOP. They almost hold a monopoly on saying stupid things in front of the cameras.

    Isn’t he the NC rep that endorsed Paul in the primary? If so then yes he is a nutjob.

  73. marc says:

    The name in the North Carolina race I’m hearing is state House speaker Tom Tillis. He’s a big power broker Republican in N.C and would have the backing of the establishment especially in a state that is now 100% run by Republicans.

  74. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    69 – I can do it with my mouth.

    Top that.

  75. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @73 actually yes he is

  76. Bitterlaw says:

    The Paulbots are looking to go 0-150

  77. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @77 let them squander their resources in one final attempt in trying to win the Virgin Islands

  78. marc says:

    Also the PPP poll shows that Hagens ceiling is 47% and in a midterm where she cannot count on the black vote to turn out that spells trouble.

  79. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    73 – well then, we will most certainly nominate him! Say it more!! Say it louder!!! The retards mantra.

  80. Bitterlaw says:

    75 – I…..we could blow up the filter real fast on this exchange. Better stop. We’re scaring Michael.

  81. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @73 he can’t be possibly nominated, there has to be someone worse in the state…

  82. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    It really is too far out to know how the NC mid-term will turn out. NC and VA should be OK in mids but are going to be a problem in general elections. Still, I wouldn’t bet $ yet on her losing.

  83. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Bitter, I have not been chased off. But it seems it is keeping jul away.

  84. marc says:

    Jones isn’t exactly in the vein of Akin and Mourdock his obsessions aren’t about rape and abortion by the federal reserve.

  85. SoHope says:

    74, Not a chance that he wins the primary, Marc

    the state speaker is probably looking forward to welding power in NC with a new NC gov.

  86. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @83 nope, not yet

  87. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    I am making an announcement, I am calling the Arkansas governor election. Republicans will win it in 2014

  88. marc says:

    Barring another GOP disaster candidate I think it’s 50/50 she does lose. Her record and her lock step report of Obama will make it hard for her to separate herself from him when his numbers start taking a dive next fall.

  89. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I am not so sure that his numbers will dive that much to be honest. The Obamacare thing is now an accepted fact and many of the sheep have been brought back into the flock. It is sad but it is true.

  90. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    I will be making a full announcement later tonight, I will be calling all my 2013-2014 governor races

  91. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Today, they are raiding the federal workers pensions, tomorrow it could be yours.

    Still, I think the R’s should stay strong on the debt ceiling and get real concessions. Again, they will never have more leverage. The RNC should be playing Obama’s 2007 video where he was against the debt limit increase all over the country.

  92. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    92 – can’t wait. Don’t make me wait long. The anticipation may kill me.

  93. Bitterlaw says:

    Is marc a Paulbot, too?

  94. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    MD didn’t realize you were over the hill.

  95. marc says:

    Research shows that second years of Second terms are always awful for a 2 term president. With the exception of the Clinton impeachment it has been a recurring theme in US politics.

  96. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Oh and the philly aholes IS just a stupid internet club. No apology will be issued. Ever. Well, unless I am sufficiently bribed. Then, maybe.

  97. marc says:


    Tillis could win a primary. Especially if he’s the only major candidate running.

  98. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    97 – Don’t be so certain that trend holds. Remember the “no sitting President has ever been reelected with…” crap we heard over and over again.

    Obama would be smart to moderate but he is too much of an ideologue to every do it.

  99. Bitterlaw says:

    Read Michael’s 2013-2014 governor predictions or jerk off with sandpaper? Ummmmm? Not an easy choice.

  100. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    101 – I just threw up a little bit.

  101. House passes Sandy bill by adding $30 billion in pork. Houses votes down Mulvaney Amendment to offset Sandy pork.

  102. Bitterlaw says:

    98. Go choke on that little bra, mf-er. The Philly A-holes are real. GFY.*

    *What kind of bribe are we talking about?

  103. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn. No sandpaper. I guess I have to read the predictions.

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    Now I can add Kyle Bass to the list of people to ignore. Thanks, Bunu.

  105. marc says:

    This doesn’t exactly correlate. The 2012 election turnout of 57% was actually down compared to 2008 and 2004. The race was won on the margins. For example black turnout was up 4% in Ohio while white turnout was down 5%.

  106. Brandon says:

    What exactly is the $30 billion in “pork”? I’ll wait.

  107. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    We all want to know what the Obamaphone Woman has to say!

  108. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Alabama: GOP Hold
    Alaska : GOP Hold
    Arkansas: GOP GAIN
    Arizona: GOP Hold
    California: Dem Hold
    Colorado: Dem Hold
    Connecticut: GOP GAIN
    Florida: DEM GAIN
    Georgia: GOP Hold
    Hawaii: Dem Hold
    Idaho: GOP Hold
    Illinois: GOP GAIN (without dem primary problem)
    Iowa: GOP Hold
    Kansas: GOP Hold
    Maine: DEM/IND GAIN (just depends)
    Maryland: Dem Hold
    Massachusetts: Dem Hold
    Michigan: GOP Hold
    Minnesota: Dem Hold
    New Hampshire: Dem Hold
    New Jersey: GOP Hold
    New Mexico: GOP Hold
    New York: Dem Hold
    Nebraska: GOP Hold
    Nevada: GOP Hold
    Ohio: GOP Hold
    Oklahoma: GOP Hold
    Oregon: Dem Hold
    Pennsylvania: GOP Hold
    Rhode Island: DEM GAIN
    South Carolina: GOP Hold
    South Dakota: GOP Hold
    Tennessee: GOP Hold
    Texas: GOP Hold
    Vermont: Dem Hold
    Virginia: GOP Hold
    Wisconsin: GOP Hold
    Wyoming: GOP Hold

    Party switches: 6

  109. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    I am not as confident as the youngster with those Gov races

  110. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    SoHope, we must be confident if we want to win!

  111. Bitterlawm says:

    SoHope – if you could go back to 17 year old SoHope, what would you tell him?

  112. Bitterlawm says:

    Same question for Tim.

  113. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Richmond County, GA —
    The eligibility of more than 30 Richmond County voters is being challenged because they don’t appear to live where they are registered.

    Most of the voters were registered to vote from vacant lots or business addresses… which can be considered voter fraud if the voters don’t actually live there.

    Are these 30 people friends of yours?

  114. Bitterlawm says:

    Walt – at least they are alive. What else do you want?

  115. Bitterlawm says:

    Since lisab has never been wrong or made a mistake, she has nothing to tell 17 year old lisab.

  116. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    Hey, 17 yr old SoHope, sew your wild oats

  117. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Bitterlaw, what is that m doing on your handle for?

  118. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Md, you like the predictions?

  119. Tim says:

    I’d tell him to do one thing I didn’t do.

    I won’t say what that is.

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    I fixed it.

  121. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Tim, what do you feel about the perfection a? Bitter?

  122. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @126 predictions

  123. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    CT will be Dem
    MI worries me
    OH worries me
    VA worries me
    FL may be ok if we primary Scott

    Of MI, OH, VA, FL, I say we lose 2 of 4, atleast

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael – You worked hard. I have no idea if you are right.

  125. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Bitter, commentary? Like if VA is right, or if CT doesn’t feel right?

  126. Bitterlaw says:

    I can’t even pretend to care about that many races. Virginia probably goes Dem because the GOP Deadenders have a suicide wish.

  127. JulStol says:


    Comment 14 was indeed me.

    “Nobody at HHR would actually pull a gun on a Federal officer if they were there to seize weapons. Discuss. I say not one.”


    I may get shot down like a dog but I’d die in a bed of brass and take a couple of the SOBs with me.

  128. lisab says:

    “Since lisab has never been wrong or made a mistake, she has nothing to tell 17 year old lisab.”

    i would tell 17 year old lisa to have sex earlier

    it is rather fun

  129. JulStol says:

    At age 17 I was posting on here.

    I was also having sex (not just with myself or at the same time).

    It’s been a fun 8 years.

    No regrets.

  130. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – you would piss yourself and spend 5 to 10 years being traded for cigarettes.

  131. lisab says:

    Navy’s $670 Million Fighting Ship Is ‘Not Expected to Be Survivable,’ Pentagon Says

  132. lisab says:

    “I’d tell him to do one thing I didn’t do.

    I won’t say what that is.”


  133. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    There I fixed it for ya.

  134. SoHope (the one percenter) says:


  135. lisab says:

    It Begins: Bundesbank To Commence Repatriating Gold From New York Fed

    In what could be a watershed moment for the price, provenance, and future of physical gold, not to mention the “stability” of the entire monetary regime based on rock solid, undisputed “faith and credit” in paper money, German Handelsblatt reports in an exclusive that the long suffering German gold, all official 3,396 tons of it, is about to be moved. Specifically, it is about to be partially moved out of the New York Fed, where the majority, or 45% of it is currently stored, as well as the entirety of the 11% of German gold held with the Banque de France, and repatriated back home to Buba in Frankfurt, where just 31% of it is held as of this moment. And while it is one thing for a “crazy, lunatic” dictator such as Hugo Chavez to pull his gold out of the Bank of England, it is something entirely different, and far less dismissible, when the bank with the second most official gold reserves in the world proceeds to formally pull some of its gold from the bank with the most. In brief: this is a momentous development, one which may signify that the regime of mutual assured and very much telegraphed – because if the central banks don’t have faith in one another, why should anyone else? – trust in central banks by other central banks is ending.

  136. lisab says:

    John Rocker writes in column that Holocaust ‘would have never taken place’ if Jewish people had guns
    Rocker, infamous for racial and homophobic shots at New Yorkers in 1999, has weighed in on the gun control issue and the Holocaust.

    Read more:

  137. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Holy Crap!

    Maybe I am more important than I think I am.

    Got a long email from an unknown person saying they are aware of a plot to kidnap me for $150,000 and ‘off’ me.

    Said they have already been paid part of the money to do the job. They said their research said I was a good person and the who plan discusted them now and they felt I should be warned.

    I thought the war between the HOBOs and A-Holes was over.

    And BTW, if it was just a kidnapping, it would be like the “Ransom of Red Cloud”. I am so goofy they would pay the wife to take me back.

    Lawyer Bitter,
    Should I contact the authorities?

  138. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    If I was still a member of the legislature, standard practice would be to turn the threatening email that warns of an evil plot against me over to authorities.

    But now that I am just a commoner again, I do not think the same rules apply.

    Perhaps I need to get me a pair of those sun glasses to wear with the mirrored section on the side that allows you to see what is behind you.

  139. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    “…if you could use your time machine and visit yourself, name 2 things you would do differently.”

    Well for one, I would have never allowed them to take that picture of me riding the cash cow.

    #2 Not driven that 326 Pontiac LeMans all drunken up and thereby tearing out the transmission (but I was 21 then)

  140. lisab says:

    when you say cow

    are you still talking about the kate upton video?

  141. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Riding that cash cow (that I apparently did sometime), the photo of which my opponent successfully used on his direct mailers to defeat me.

  142. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Vote for which is the best Doritos ad. Winner to be run during the super bowl.
    DAVE W.,


  143. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Only other person here on this shift is lisab.

    I have had bad luck all day.

  144. lisab says:

    The 3D scan of a disabled baby’s smile that convinced his mother not to abort him – and why she is grateful she was able to cuddle him with joy for a few precious hours

    Katyia Rowe was told her baby would never be able to walk or talk

    But real-time moving scan showed him blowing bubbles and waving arms

    She decided to go through with the birth but he died nine hours later

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  145. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Don’t worry Walt I just took a break I am back on shift

  146. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    I hope you were not involved in the gmail email I got warning me that my life was in danger.

    You were one of the first persons I thought of.

  147. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Walt, I didn’t know about this. Life is in danger? Oh my gosh, Walt that nees to be reported to the authorites at once.

  148. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    I must get ready to go to bed, but I will stay on for a few more minutes

  149. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Am I the only one left on here tonight?

  150. W. PA Observer says:

    As I’ve said before- PPP polls will matter to me once they get to about 6 months before the election at minimum. Particularly on NC as it’s their base state and they will cheer-lead for the Dems there as late as possible- the Burr- Marshall election was classic- “Burr leads by 5, but once Marshall starts advertising we predict she will close”…”Burr leads by 10, but once Marshall with her high favorability rating starts advertising and her recognition grows, we expect it will become competitive”….”Burr leads by 15 but Marshall still may have a chance with turnout…etc”

  151. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    WPA, Ellmers and McHenry are our best shot

  152. W. PA Observer says:

    Frankly, in NC in a midterm electorate (or any electorate without Obama on the top ticket), considering the GOP shift in the state’s governance- I think as long as a good Republican nominee appears and doesn’t commit any major blunders, they should have a fairly good shot of beating Hagan- who doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact and who has some unpopular votes under her belt. I do think a female office-holder will probably have the most good will starting out. It’s a very long time until 2014 – so there’s obviously going to be some twists and turns there.

    That being said, coming from PPP, Hagan’s numbers do not look that great.

  153. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    WPA, I agree! I think Ellmers should get it.

  154. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    WP, if you saw my gov predictions above, are there any that conflict with you?

  155. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @159 WPA

  156. W. PA Observer says:

    Alot of my opinion is – “We don’t know yet”. At this point in 2009, Jan Brewer was a placeholder – she later wound up an Arizona juggernaut. Rick Perry was considered DOA to a primary challenge- he wound up dispatching a sitting US Senator and then demolished the top Democrat recruit in Texas in many years without much sweat. Rick Scott was considered as likely to win a Florida governor’s race as Lex Luthor. Marco Rubio was an impossible long shot in a primary challenge for name recognition. Jerry Brown was a washed-up laughing stock, etc.

    I think barring some major shift, Paul LePage in Maine is probably screwed – I also think Illinois could be a hell of a race. The Dem party in Arkansas might well be finished. In Massachusetts Scott Brown may have to choose between a Senate special election against a very flawed opponent or an open-seat run for Governor in which he’d likely be a favorite. Alot of the Midwestern GOP govs that engaged in all out policy brawls in their first two years look much stronger than anyone expected. What more is there to say on popularity this far out?

  157. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    PPP was polling the shelter-dog

    Oh brother this is how stupid they truly are.

  158. W. PA Observer says:

    162- The dog did not go over well at the mansion- so they returned him to a grooming business and replaced it with a more even tempered dog. A bit embarrassing with the “Reagan” name- but as long as no harm came to the original dog- I don’t see it as huge.

  159. Diogenes says:

    As long as the GOP elects someone that’s not a mouthbreather they will do fine. I hope Ken Rove gets american crossroads off their ass and starts attacking these crazy Christin Akle primary candidates before they have a chance to ruin even more elections.

  160. ??????? says:


  161. Tim says:

    I posted this morning, so that Bitterlaw wouldn’t ask anyone to call 911.

  162. Tim says:

    Hey, I missed lisab, last night! ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  163. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, Tim. We need to protect our New Deal Democrats. They are very rare.

  164. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    It is like finding an old ear-loom in the attic

  165. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim is going to be part of Vanished Political Parties exhibit at the Smithsonian. mnw and JT will represent the Know Nothings.

  166. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Good morning!

  167. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @Politics1com: MA – US SENATE: Cong Mike Capuano (D) says he will not run in the 2013 special election.

    @Politics1com: CABINET: US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar resigns, will leave office in March.

  168. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Lisab tries her best to represent the “Know Everythings”

  169. Michael (Christie for Governor) says: